The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 16, 1944 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1944
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 100 With One Eye Inducted at Camp Dodge Last Year , Des Moines, W)--Camp Dodge induction station authorities said Tuesday the station has inducted approximately 100 one-eyed men for limited service within the last year. Such men are not accepted for overseas service but are given the regular 6 weeks basic training course and assigned to various clerical and administrative duties m army posts throughout the country, Capt. N o r m a n W Flaherty, chief medical ofiicer saicl. The medical officer also reported that the station accepts loi limited service men having one or 2 fingers missing on either hand. - · Caplain Flaherty added that men with missing legs, arms or hands are not accepted. ENDS WEDNESDAY "SING VOUB WORBIES AWAI" HITLEK'S CHILD n c TUX 6:00 - THEN «1 Fill Tax - Child, ICc Z I Venus is the brightest planet. · NOW SHOWING · * A TUNEFUL SPOONFUL ROMANCE! XUIOTT **-HUB MKJBKTS LATEST WORLD NEWS A Mystery that Defies Solution! A THO OF masms 0 nsmc ^"^"STAGE DOOR CANTEEN" · ^' * FIRST RUN HITS .M«(. 21c 25c STARTS THURSDAY A fate from the oU West of hBifel MI aid pitted women! CECIL Mason - Cliy'j - Beit - Theatre IT'S - A - REAL - HIT -Now - Playing Follow - the - Crowds 1.\ A STORY AS BiG AS THE *jjV . BROAD PACIFIC! »l Gary GRANT. John GARFjEl jJflBE*. . trt _a(fi^H IT'S - MOST - TIMELY! -STARTS-SATURDAY- GREERGARSON AND WimPIDGEON MADAME CURIE . »««by«a\iTNU«OY.h»*«*db y SIOWRn(ANKiJN »» MNKY TKAVWS. AUKTIASJHMAN ' ,«OiaT WAIKR .^C AUMEY SMITH CAME MAY WMTTY.; VTCTOK P1UNCEN tlSA ·ASSBIMAN/*TMGt4AU OWtM VAN ;JOrWSON/;jMAKGAttT,mifN HE - SEASON'S - MOST Hogs Steady to I0c Lower TOP OF $13,95 PAID SPARINGLY Choice Steers and Yearlings Are Steady Chicago, (XP) -- Hogs failed lo hold to the high prices paid Tuesday and sold steady to 10 cents lower on some classes Wednesday; strictly choice steers and yearlings sold steady, topping at $17.00. Slaughter Jambs gained 10 cents, shippers paying the top of $16.60. Although hog prices broke slightly Wednesday on some weights, the majority of the stock sold steady and sows were up 10 cents. Wednesday's top of S13.95 whs paid for only a few of the 2^0 to 240 pound butchers, the bulk selling for $13.75 to S13.85. Good and choice 170 to 190 pound- ers lost some of Tuesday's gains and brought $13.25 to ?13.75. Receipts at major midwestcrn markets were higher than a week ago, wiih I41,fiOO unloaded Wednesday compared with 129,890 last Wednesday. Locally there were 19,000 head plus the 8,000 /billed direct to packers. (WFA)-- Salable hogs 19 000- total 27,500; moderately active, sows steady to ,10 cents higher; good and choice 200 to 240 Ibs S13.75 to $13.85; only load or so S13.90 and $13.95; 240 to 330 Ibs., $13.75; good and choice 170 to 190 Ibs., $13.25 to $13.75; better grade sows mostly $12.75 to $12.90, few choice light weights . . Salable cattle 12,000; salable calves 800; strictly choice fed steers and good and choice yearlings steady; all others weak, slow- several loads 1,150 to 1,350 Ibs. choice to prime steers topped at $17 .00; best long yearlings $16.90; bulk all grades $13.75 to $1650- not very active at $16.50 down- stock cattle scarce, steady heifers and. bulls strong to shade higher; cows steady, but slow vealers unchanged at $15.00 down; finished weighty fed heifers at $16.50; bulk heifers $13.00 to $15.00; cutter cows to $8.00 and weighty sausage bulls $12.00 Salable sheep 7,000; total 7,000- very active, slaughter lambs strong to mostly 10 cents higher; bulk good and choice fed ·wooled western lambs $16.50 to $16.60 top $16.60 to shippers on 10 loads with better than 5 loads Colorados at the price; 2 loads merely-good lambs S 16.25 to $16.40; 3 loads mixed medium to good mostly medium grade light lambs $lo.oO; deck good fall shorn lambs $lo.60; yearlings and older classes very scarce, quoted strong; deck medium to good yearling wethers §14.00; aged slaughter ewes salable $8.75 down.- Hides - BEEF HIDES ..... - 3u!l hides ..... *_ From 15 ibs. up .I:::::::" ......... ,,£ From 15 Ibs. down _____ . ..... £·!£ ? hi ^ es Ic a lb - h '8rier. Also'lc'a d«l« Si K ? r= ^ n h ' des to wholesale dealers in wholesale quantities. Miscellaneous CHICAGO FOTATOCS OVedn»tf*y Market} .Chiciio, MV_(W. F. A.)-- Potatoes, ar- nval* 51; on track 172: total U. S. tliip- mcnts 1.058; supplies rather light- ' for sood quauiy Colorado McClures demand moderate, market steady; offerings ThS S '° W ' V" 1 "* . T S ' V"" sliehtly aker; Idaho Kusset Burbanks U S Clu X r-* 3 -! 0 ® 3 45 : Colorado Red McJ Clures l. S. No. 1. S3.47; Florida Elks kTM^^ 5 - N f', : - *»·« Per SO Ib 5 K. $3.2a per pushel crate. L A K C i f : - ' , . K r WEDNESDAY . THUKSDAT Olivia BeHavilland Ann Shirley "GOVERNMENT GIRL" ALSO CARTOON . NEWS DANCE RUDD, IOWA Saturday, Feb. 19 MISIC BY MAC AND HIS TRUCKERS DANCE TONITE (1VED.) TO DEHEN-TURNER'S ORCHESTRA MALEK'S BAND Fri. CHUCK HALL Sat. Members of Armed Forces. In uniform, are admitted free except for "name" bands. J.ATE BUS WF.n., FRI.. SAT., SUN. Midwest Livestock (WEDNESDAY'S PRICES) Trend Good Butchen 140-150 Ibs. . 150-160 lb«. . 160-170 Ibs. . 170-180 Ibs. . ISO-ZOO Jbs. . 200-220 Ibs. 220-240 240-270 270-300 300-330 itx Ibt Jbs Ibs 3M-3SO )ta. Good Packing- Sow 270-300 Ib*. 300-330 lbs I 330-360 Ibj. ......; 3WMOO Ib. I. MO-450 Jbs. . 450-500 Ibs. .'.,".'" 500-550. Jbs. ...:... Albert Lea Minn. Steady ... t 9.60 ... JI0.7D ... $11-10 ... $11.70 ... I12.M ... $13.40 ... $13.40 ... 513.« ... »13.40 ... 913.40 ... S12.5 . $11.79 Jll/IO .... $11.00 .... Jll.SO ..... $11.40 .... 911.W Austin Minn. Steady t 8.60 , $10.60 ; $11.10' $11.60 · *12.20 $13.40 $13.40 $13.40 $13.40 $13.40 $12.K $11.70 *11.70 W1.10 111.70 Waterloo Steady $12.15 $12.95 $13.45 $13.45 $13.45 $13.45 $13.45 $12.90 $11.75 $11.75 $11.75 $11.50 $11.55 $11.45 Cedar Rapids Steady to oc higher 811.50 $11.90 $12.95 $13.45 $13.45 $13.45 $13.45 J13.45 ftt.M 511.76 $11.75 $11.75 $11.85 $11.55 $11.45 Local Livestock Stead; HOG!! MASON crTV--For Wednesday Good light lithtj 140-150 i 890 Good light lights 150-160 $ '9 90 Good light lijhts 160-170 S10.90 Good litht lights 170-180 »11.W Good light lights 180-200*12.90 Good liiht lijhti IOO-220 |13 40 Good med. wt, butcher* .. 220-240 91340 Good med. wt. butchers .. 240-270 113*40 Good med. wt, butchers .. 270-300 tuilo Good med. wt butchers .. 300-330 313.40 Good rrtfid. wt. butchers .. 330-360 $12.90 Good packing sows 270-300 sll.70 Good sows .300.330*11.70 sows 330-3M $11.70 MWI 360-400 $11.70 ---- 3° ws 400-450*11.80 Good sows *50-aoO $11.50 Due l» exeeislve r«» «f h«it. · lca» «I1 tke tl**e beftr. j,[[r.rln« nj IMII. JACOB E. DECKEK J. SONS. CATTLE ' MASON CITY--For Choice steers and; heifers .. Good steers and heifers Med. steers and heifers Com. steers and heifers Cows, dry fed Com. cows ' '" Wednesday SU.00-15.oo S12.30-I3.50 51000-11.50 S 3 00- 9 50 $ g^ 0 - SM * i so Rnn I SJO^SM 9 8 0 0 - 9 0 0 | 7 :oo. 8 00 S 6 00 7 00 S s'.OO- e'oo S 4.00- 5 M 312.00-13.00 S 0.00-10.00 ..... .. Bologna hulls ........ . ..... Bologna bulls. light ...... " Cutters ..... Canners. heavy ..... '....'.'."'. Canners. light ............... Fancy select calves ...... Ca ves. gd. to choice 130-lii Calves, .fair to good 130-190 SHEEP r * i "ASON CITY--For Wednesday Genuft" iD ' ^ m l B ~ gd ' '° ctl - ««-W-JS.OO Genuine sp. lambs, gd. lo ch. $13.00-14 00 Fed ewes, good to choice .. S 5.00- s.oo Common ewes s i no ·? nn Bucks :::::::. I 1 :??: Is" GRAIN PRICES MAKE RALLY Advance to Around Previous Day's Close Chicago. (£)--Grains rallied from early lows late in the session Wednesday when previous short sellers in rye took to the buying side. Rye, which had been' off about a cent at one time, came back to around Tuesday's finish An upturn in rye at Winnipeg had a favorable influence on the local market. Wheat and oats, down fractionally earlier, also advanced to around the previous close. The Canadian board of grain commissioners reported that shipments of wheat, oats and barley to the United States have reached nearly 147,000,000 bushels so far this season. At the close wheat was % lower to % higher, May $1.69 3 ,' 6 , oats were Vt-Vi higher. May 79y«, rye was aliead %-%, May $1.27%-%, and barley was 1-1% higher, May $1.22%. The market had declined at the start of an announcement that the war food administration had purchased no flour on offers received Feb. 8. v Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For Wednesday Eggs, current receipts 29c Springs, heavy breeds .. 24c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over 21c Heavy hens -i c Hens, under 4 lbs ...IBs Cocks, heavy ...I7c Cocks, Leghorns ig c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at retail sec Butter, Iowa State Brand . 49o Butter. Corn Country 48c Butter, Brookfield . . 49 C CHICAGO CASH GRAIN* (W«dn«d«r Market) Chicago, (^--Wheat, none. Barley, raiting Si.25ff:.«ii nominal; teed Sl.lSSlJJ'.i nominal. Field seed per CHT: Timothy SS.7SSS nominal; Ted top $14@15 nominal: red clover $31.50 nominal; sweet clover $10.50 nominal. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Wednesday No. 2 white oats 70c No. 2 shelled corn (15%% moisture) 51.02 No. 2 ear corn (15% moisture) ggc No. 2 soybeans $1.80 Barley 73c-$l CHICAGO GRAIN' CLOSE (Wednesday Market) . -WHEAT-- Hi K h May ......... 1.69'i July ......... 1.66?1 Scot .......... 1.65?i Dec. ......... l.M'.i OATS-- . ,751 i .13\i .731 i July Sept Dec RYD- May July ..,,.. Sept. , Dec BAHLEY-May July Sept l.SS'i -1.66 1.6«1 . .74»4 ,72'A .73 !4 . 1.19'i 1.16V, C!r«e .79!'. .73 .73T1 1.27=1 1.26H . 1J6U 1.52V. . 1.16','. CHtCAGO POULTRY Chir»,o. M_Poultry. live, firm: no cars. 4 irwcks: market unchanged. .VS1V TOBK PRODUCE (Wednesday Market) Tork. in-- Sutler 139,631: firm. Prices trachanzed al ceiling. Cheese 165.1M: nominal, no airotaliani Eggs 23.8«: steady. Current general ,'holcsalc scllini; prices follow. Blixcd colors, snccial No. I to No. 4. 47 lbs and over 36!4S37!ic: special jv'o. i to w ?' , 4S J 6s - »«»«« 35l4e36c; extra No. 3. to No. 2. « lbs. and over 35^ 36c: extra No. 1 to No. 2. 45 Ibs avcr- 3BC 34'.i'?35c: extra medium 40 Ibs fv cra , EC Mi Mc : ' !rtr » P«11«U 35 to 37 lbs. 26c; current receipts 43 Ibj avtr- age 34 C 34Uc: dirties 43 lbs. SJgSuc- checks 32®32'/.c. White, special No i " 0 !. 4 ' 4T ""· an1 ov " 37*4e38c: s'pc- No. 1 to No. 4. 46 Ib" averile STc; sp«UI medium 41. 43 lbs 32H,S33c; ««r» No. 1 and No. 2 47 bi and over 3SK«37c; extra No. 1 and TM 5f- ,TM m x e 35V4S36C! extra mc, . ' pullets 33 to 37 lbs. 27c. Bnw-n.spccl, «o. I to fto. 4, 47 Its. and over 355r3fii'.c- S'"»J. No - » «» N °- · « Ibs. avcragi ^-y- ««ral msdium 42 to 43 Ibs. 1'.i632c: extra No. I and No. 2 47 bs. and over Sofiij'.jc; extra Ko. i and rto. 2. 4-j Ib*. average 34634'.ac- pxtr* medium . 4O Ibs. averanc 29S30e;' extri pullets 35 lo 37 lbs. We. STOCK MARKET IS STYMIED Rising Efforts by Rails, Oils Blocked New York, (IP)--Profit taking stymied the stock market Wednesday, blocking rising efforts by rails and oils and studding the list with minus signs. Carrier shares got of£ to a fast start but ran into persistent liquidation. Oils spurted about midday, then lost support as the pace slowed toward the close. For a time dealings kept nearly even with Tuesday's million- share turnover, but the tape idled intermittently in the last 2 hours for a total of about 800,000. The temptation to cash in on recent advances, particularly amon" rails, overcame bullish sentiment engendered by a favorable flow of dividend announcements including the regular $2.25 quarterly declaration by American Telephone. Some investment reluctance could be traced to the question marks still overhanging the tax bill and the Italian front. Resistant in the final hour were Standard Oil N. J.), Texas Co Houston Oil, Santa Fe, Canadian Pacific, Sears Roebuck, J. I. Case and International Harvester. Under water occasionally.were U S Steel, Bethlehem, Chrysler, Du Pont, and Atlantic Coast Line. Selling hit some of the more popular speculative r a i l w a y bonds. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS nvedn(!d»y Mtrket) CMc«t«,-W»--nv. F. A---Officially estimated salable livestock receipts for Thursday: Hogs 19.000; cattle 5.000- sheep 6,000. ' ' CHICAGO PRODUCE C.Vednesaay Market) Chicago, HV-- Butter, firm; receipts 366.278; market unchanged Eggs, receipts I3.M9; specials 35'i (,, as'/.c; extras 34'.i to 33c; standards 33 " * · dirti Norland Files Again for Iowa Legislature Des Moines, (rP)_Hep. Norman Norland (D-Kensett) Tuesday requested nomination papers ior re-election as state representative from Worth county. Death Notices I . Harry H.. 61. lifetime resident of Cerro Gordo county, died suddenly Monday evening at his home. 115 6th S E. Funeral services are to be held Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the McAuley and Son funeral home wilh tlic Hev ·«»« °- Sfereh ' »"""· °* the Tint Christian church, officating. Burial mil be in Elmwood cemetery. The McAulcy and Son funeral home in charge. De«th Notices 1 H fNSrORD, William, 73, chef ,t (he 1- O. O. F. home fw 33 years died suddenly at the I. O. O. F. hosp"Il'Tues- day following a brief illness; Funeral services will be held at Ihe I. O O F B^f^-'Vo 0 p ; "5- T ' lu 'sday. with U,c ?, G ;, K ; Baralord . P"tor of the Grace Evangelical church, officiating. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemttery. The afaior funeral home In charge Card of Thank* \VJS wish to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the acts of kindness, menaces ot sympathy and beau- t i f u l floral ofterinss received from our kind friends during our recent bereavement In loss of our beloved son and brother. We especially thank Ihe Rev Dugger, the American Legion and their Auxiliary, the V. F. W.. and (heir Auxiliary and Ihe Navy Mothers Mrs. Minnie Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. Butll L. Gilbert In Memoriam A2 IN lovinj memory of our mother who left un one year ago February Win: And when the stream which overflowed the «oul was pansed away. A consciousness remained that It had Iftft, Deposited upon the silent shores of memory, Images and precious thought that shall not die. And cannot be destroyed. The Wallz family. Funeral Directors PATTERSON Funeral Home. Known ior service. Ambulance. 322 North Washington. Phone 1140. MAJOR Funeral Home, 209 Second N. E ElCdent Service pluj Beverence. Ambulance. Phone 511. HcAUIIY and Son Funeral Home. Com. pltte service Day and Night- 8 South Adams. Phone 651. KET'ER Funeral Home. A beautiful Mrvtc *-5 eKl not 1* costly. Ambulance service. Phone 1505. SPENCER CORSETIEHE. Phone, for appointment, S114-W. evenings. Personals WANTED--to contact owner of white rabbits. Write J-16. Globe-Gazette. DRIVING to Los Angeles, cal.. around Feb. 20th. Would like lady companion Hef. exchanged. Ph. 3231. Lost, Found LOST--Silver gold rim of man's wristwatch on Fed. last week. Ph. 2673-W. LOST--Black and gold cross, about 2 in. long. Screw in bottom. Ph. 5162-J Reward. LOST--Will parly who mistakenly took brown Calif, vvt. overcoat, site 44 from Bus Depot Sun. niahf cither return same to Depot or call 17-F-21. Has tan PIE skin gloves and car keys In Docket LOST --Lady's black cloth coin purse In postoffice Monday. Contained locket P"°tos and money. Phone 925. Reward Money to Loan 8 Phone or Write Ior a PERSONAL LOAN Quick Action--Courteous Service. First National Bank Come First to the First CASH LOANS When You Need Cash YOU DON'T WANT RED TAPE! Through our Personal Loan Service, you can get money WHEN YOU NEED IT-. Prompt, Courteous. Dignified. United Financial Service Family Finance Counselors 15% North Federal Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store Don't Cash War Bonds, $30 - EMERGENCY LOANS - S300 LOW COST. QUICK SERVIOE Esiabliihed 20 Years SECURITY LOAN CO. P. M. SIMON. Mgr. Room 32] Phone 412 First NMI. Bldg. ATNEA Farm Loans. Low rates No commission, appraisal or title examination costs to the borrower. It is u-orth J? If, lnt0 ' Mason Cit 5' Loan and Inv. Co.. W. L. Patton. President. Coming Soon, March 15 ABE YOU PREP ABED TO PAY YOUR INCOME TAX? We can loan you the money Loans from §25.00, S50.00, $150.00, $250.00 and up. Federal Discount Corp. 1914 N. Federal Ave. Ph. 516 R. G. HA1NES, Manager FARM MORTGAGES, 4% No Commission, 20 Yrs. pre payment privileges. Come and talk it over. W. L. PATTON 109 East State BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN NO EVER SEE BOW LIKE THIS/--K3R.AIW HAVE.TO. .,, SHOOT ARROW THRU PIPE/ * - V. HEAP CRAZY-bOOKlNG BOW/ Or BRASS. AND MUST GO Vf^TTW THAT BOW/-- · LET'S SS HOW A REAL. !D!ATJ SV.OCTTS A "BOW AN' CRYPTOQCOTB-A cryptotnm tjuototton C U C O Y K Y G G X Y G G C N M L P E Y O G M X C K C E E Y C O C X U Y N Y U M J Y G J Y X -- M R H F Ve»t*rd-« Crjplosuote: DARKNESS IS MORE PFODUC- TIVE OF SUBLIME IDEAS THAN UGHT-BURKE. OpfoiiMtrith 11 POOR eywlght lowers your child's ef- bldif Knutson. Opt., Weir Chiroprocton Al 1 ', hrou *S normal nerv '' Dr ' LuC Radio BEAUTY SHOPS IN NORTH CENTRAL IOWA Catering to the Permanent Wave Business FOR RENT 01- will pay a salary and divide lnterertert ar f nan e JP wirac *d operator and interested in making money, you can't .. R-14, MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, Mason City S««d«, Feeds 17 FOR SALE--10 ton baled aUfilfa hay^ Paul Douglas. Vj ml. East of City limits on Highway No. 18. FOR SALE--10 tons ot baled alialfi hay. Baled at the barn. Nicholas R»d- loff, 5 ml. West on 12th St. road. FOR SALE--Corn fodder. Don Blair, . 3 1 /-! ml. West on 12th St. N. W. CONTROL Seed Oals for «ale. Germination 98tt. cmrity ggrj. Truck load orders delivered in lh« state. Burl Grain Co.. Clarion. Iowa. Help Wanted, Male 20 ~-~---- ^ . - ...,,..,..., Wanted--Salesman to call on Retail Grocers. No Experience Necessary. We will train. Salary, expenses, car furnished. If interested see L. J. CLARK Room 110 Eadmar Hotel NASH COFFEE CO. Under 50 Years COMMUNITY SALE ROCKWELL, IOWA-- FRIDAY, FEB. 18 LIVESTOCK -- FEED MACHINERY -- FURNITURE NUMEROUS OTHER ARTICLES LIST ITEMS AT CREDIT UNION OR WITH WM. HEJLIK Oro Bayle.,, Auet. Rockwell Credit Union, Clerk SPONSORED BY THE ROCKWELL COMMUNITY CLUB : ---' ~~^ ^^ ^" ·^^r- «w -^ ^ AT THE Kanawha Sales Pavilion Kanawha, Iowa, on Highway No. 11 Friday Afternoon, Feb. 18 H. Brummund, Auctioneer Manager LIVESTOCK AUCTION FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18th-- 12-30 P M 3 ;^ TOK-1 orn stcers 15 WUte Face ^n'd Sh" 0 ^TM ^ Weieht 70 ° lbs - t IK Wh!f» » v ?"? Sho'thorn steers, weight 600 lbs., thin. 16 White Face heifers weight 500 lbs 85 ° veal calves cows an "eifers, bulls and Brfnr i n l h ls fw « h "e stronger on all classes of cattle ?»£ * tho ^,"fhy cows anfl heifers. All cattle met with buvtrs t^'i t K Wee V Ve loade(1 «= a '"* *" cars lor our as manv !oadt° t" 5 ^ C " y - J °"' a City and Chica W as "ell a " sows and boars. e market Clear Lake Auction Co, PUBLIC SALE Having rented our farm , vc are holdinra closing out sale on the fant, located i/ 4 mile nor th of Burchinal; or 5mi",« «.'.£. _2 miles west of Mason City; on miles south and Wednesday, Feb. 13 AT 12:30 NOON, SHARP HORSES 1 black mare, smooth mouth; 1 pair roan mares, 6 and 9 years old 38 _ CATTLE -- 38 purebred H . r x « . Heref( "-a- 9 ·« m * nowvl Hereford bull, lone yearling; 3 two-year-old heifers- 3 herfers; 9 calves; 12 ficifers and steers on feed HOGS 12 brood sows, Spotted Poland China, average weight '75 ibs CHICKENS 150 White Rock pullets. FEED Some timothy and clover hay in mow MACHINERY t-jt tractor on rubber in good condition; I H r trarim- valor; 8 ft. John Dccre srain binder in good condition 3 Galloway elevator with power and jack; John Deere ma spreader m good condition; John Deere !·/. hor£ po,"? cmone; McConmck Deering corn binder; 12 ftf Bradley SJ-h*!^? 1 Si anter , N l- 9 ," W " h 80 rods wire = 3 ^vide ti 16 tePh P it T 1 S ^ ee V 80 " and rach; Ea sy-way hay loader 16 inch sulky plow; 2 single row corn plows; 20-whcel disc- 4 section drag; John Deere tractor plow, 2 bottom" U ^nch Gallo" 1W Cream Master electric cream separator; 2 sets breeching harness; several horse collars; 1 brooder stove and other articles ^numerous to mention. Most of this machinery °s practical^ TPR«c ^ ^ S °\ IE HOUSEHOLD GOODS TERMS: Cash or make arrangtments wHh the clerk before date of sale. 3\o property lo be removed until settled for PATTON BROS. Or» FUytess. Auct. First National n, nki MatMn CUy " inch annr^ gas i i m i iW .. i w

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