The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1937 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 12
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TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 5 · 1937 Mason City's Calendar March 6--Monthly meeting U. C . T., People's Gas and , Elector! auditorium, 6:3D supper. March 8--Mason City school elec tion. March 18-20--Convention b North Central division of low State Teachers association. March 16-17--High school oper elta,- "Vagabond King," to b given at school auditorium at i p. m. Here In Mason City Glenn Fcsscnden, in charge o the Friendly Indians, announcec a "follow the arrow" race as feature on the Friendly Indian program for Friday. This is oper to any boy between the ages of 9 to 11% .years. Clarke Gage Roger Orr and Curtis Skoglanc will help with the race. The Y. M. C. A. boy's Tvork committee held its monthly meeting in Dr. C. E. Chenoweth's office Wednesday evening.- Plans for the boys' hobby show were discussed and summer activities were also brought before the committee. The Y. M. C. A. physical committee will hold its regular monthly meeting Friday night a' 7:15 o'clock in the physical director's office. Charles E.. Gass- wirit is chairman of the committee. Margaret Handel, daughter of Mr. and'Mrs. John A. Handel 1051 Fourth street.southwest, was listed this week by the Cornell college registrar as among the students on the h/mor roll lor the first semester of the academic year. Miss Handel is a senior the Mount Vei-non institution. M. J. S. Towel!, manager of the Mason City office o£ Lamson Brothers and company, will leave Saturday afternoon for a vacation at Excelcior Springs, Mo. The parent-teachers organization placed solicitors in the three banks of the city Friday to solicit memberships to the Cerro Gordo County Safety council. They will be at the banks Saturday also. A car owned by J. HI. Stevens, route 3, caught fire at the John Gallagher, Inc., garage, 27 Second street southwest, late Thursday afternoon from a short circuit. Employes of the garage extinguished the fire before the arrival of the fire department. 'Gepree:Zanios,~..629 Sixth street southwest,^ accompanied' by ; his father, James Zanios, left Friday for the University of Iowa hospital at Iowa City, where he is to undergo observation. The boy's father also is to undergo an examination at the University hospital. Garner Theater "AFTER THE THIN MAN" ON AVERY SCREEN · GARNER--Myrna Loy and-William Powell are teamed in the latest M-G-M production, "After the Thin Man" which comes to the Avery theater, for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It is a story of mysterious happenings,. dicta- phones; black-mailing and eternal triarigles. The scene is laid in San Francisco where Nick Charles and his wife, Nora, have gone for a rest after solving "The Thin Man" crime. The play picks up in high gear where "The Thin Man" left off. Not even the members of the cast knew the solution .of the mystery until the last scene and then they were sworn to secrecy. It's a good show to try out one's Sherlock Holmes tendencies and, incidentally, be deflated in the process. The supporting cast includes James Stewart, Elissa Landi, Joseph Calleia, Jessie Ralph, Alan Marshall, Teddy Hart .and Asta, the little wire-haired terrier who steals the scenes from Miss Loy and Powell again and yet again. SOCVJOIiN/GERRp GORDO COUNTY SAFETY COUNCIL JUNIOR CHAMBER AND P, T. A. HELP IN LOCAL DRIVE Campaign Field Enlarged in Effort to Get Community Back of Movement. Membership in the Cerro Gordo county safety council went to the 300 mark Friday as enlarged efforts v/ere taken to reach motorists in the community. The parent- teacher organization, in charge of Mrs. T. E. Davidson, established stands in the banks of the city Friday. By means of these a number of memberships were gathered through the day. Solicit Members. Another move to strengthen the ffectiveness of the drive, was the placing of 10 members of the jun- or division of the Chamber of Commerce as membership solicitors m the business section of the city. . , ,. · · F. W. Vorhies, chairman of trie- membership committee, expressed limsclf as pleased with the progress ot the campaign. It is evi-- dent he said, that the movement is gaining momentum and that the public at large is becoming more and more conscious of the necessity for a unified drive against the ipavy tolls of accidents on the highways. . Membership 50 Cents. Soliictors met little resistance to :heir efforts. The low membership fee' of 50 cents was'readily paid by residents to whom the proposition ,vas put. Upon signing up, members pledged themselves to the safety rules of the organization Mr., Vorhies addressed members of the Rotary club at'Clear Lake Thursday, pointing out the merits of the safety council program. He outlined the comprehensive pro:ram that is before the Iowa itate Safety council, with which he Cerro Gordo county organiza- ion is affiliated. "They Gambled With Death" The accident pictured above happened on a clear day while two men, who were in the overturned truck, were on their way to deliver goods to a customer. As they neared a corner the driver saw a RED traffic light. He slowed down until close to the signal, when it turned to GREEN. As he started across the intersection, the sedan coming out of a side street from his left struck the front part of the truck, hurling it over against a telephone 'pole. The sedan continued on about 25 feet and almost entered the house. The truck driver received numerous cuts and bruises on his face and head and a fractured knee that caused permanent lameness from shortening of his right leg. The driver of the sedan, who was responsible for the collision, escaped with only minor injuries. His companion was thrown out on to the road, and knocked unconscious. A doctor found that he had multiple abrasions, a wrenched spine, and contusions of the chest and shoulder. An investigation of this accident indicated that the sedan, going at an excessive rate of speed in an effort to catch the GREEN signal, was actually running against the red light when it entered the intersection. On the other hand, although the -truck driver had the signal in his favor when he entered, he could have prevented the accident if he had had his speed sufficiently under control to allow the other car to pass in front of him. Few automobile drivers deliberately disobey traffic lights, but many accidents occur as the result of hurrying to get through an intersection before the light changes. You can avoid serious accidents at stop-and- go signals if you will approach at moderate speed, prepared to stop if the light should change or if another driver should disregard the right-of- way, F. W. Vorhies, chairman of the Cerro Gordo county safety council membership campaign, points out. It is also dangerous, he said, to "jump .the gun" when a red signal changes. Impatience in starting or stopping at controlled intersections endangers both foot and vehicular traffic. Never mind the debt. We dig up past civilizations; why shouldn't future ones dig up for us?--Cedar Rapids Gazette. EXPLOSION CASE COMES TO CLOSE Graven Sustains Board's Contentions in Death V:' of Wright. The case of Roy Wright, admin- trator of the estate of Clarence /illiam Wright against H. F. unkelberg, Andrew Nelson, Dick ummings, M. H. Rodemaker anrt . A. Koehler, members of the oard of supervisors of Floyd ounty, came to an end Friday so ar as the district .court is con- erned with the filing in the ot- c e - o E the clerk of court in Main City of the ruling of Judge !enry Graven upon the demurrer f defendants in which he sus- ained the principal contentions .of IB board and in effect dismissed he'petition of plaintiff. Clarence Wright was killed by blast of dynamite . on July 6, 93G, and his administrator claims hat his death was caused by the arele-is conduct of county em- loyes, Chandler and Woodward, "i the handling of the explosive; lat these workers were unfit and ncompetent to do the work for vhich they were employed, t h a t le board knowingly, willfully nd "wantonly"" employed them nd that their incompetence at the me of the accident was its prox- mate cause. The suit is for S10,- 000. Our + + .+ Home Town By D. W. M. WE'RE BEING SUED by one of the BIG RAILROADS because a BOX CAR full of our high germination GRASS SEED got WET GREW so fast that it BULGED THE SIDES out . when the car arrived HERE all that was LEFT was the floor the WHEELS they want us to pay for the CAR but we hired SHORTY LORING as our ATTORNEY he found that the GRASS SEED leaked out over about FIFTY MILES of track GREW SO FAST that they CUT TEN CROPS SOLD THE HAY for enough to PAY ALL BILLS had 38c left SO WE'RE SUING THEM for 38c NOW as T. Pipe says SPRING MUST BE HERE as our annual GRASS SEED story is the ONLY true harbinger of that welcome season IF YOU WANT your LAWN to be the ENVY of the TOWN come in get some VIGORO a LITTLE of our HIGH GERMINATION Kentucky BLUE GRASS SEED right now I THANK YOU. Don McPeak, Mason City Hardware. Five grounds were stated in the demurrer: (1) That in employing Chandler and Woodward, the board was engaged in a governmental function on behalf of Floyd county; (2) that the sole remedy of plainliff is under the workmen's compensation act; (3) that plaintiff failed to allege that Clarence Wright was free from negligence on his part contributing to his injury and death; (4) that he was a fellow servant at Chandler and Woodward: and (5) that the negligence complained of was the negligence of a county employe engaged in , a governmental capacity and that the board is not liable for the negligence ot those who were negligent, if any one. Judge Graven overruled grounds two, four and five and sustained grounds one and three. The principal contention arises out of the different rule as to liability on highways of a county than that of a city wherein a county cannot be sued therefor while a city'may be. Appeal may be taken from a ruling on demurrer. Unless the district court is overruled by the supreme court, no further proceedings are expected in the case as any further pleadings on plain- FELLOWSHIP OF PRAYER Daily Lenten Devotional Prepared by Dr. Wlllard L. Sperry for the Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America. Fourth Week--"The Greatest Thing In the 'World" . LOVE AS OVERTIME SERVICE. Friday,'March 5. "We are unprofitable/servants:, we have .done t h a t : which was our duly to do/ Read Luke 17:7-10. DR. SPERKY- The Book" of 'E c c 1 esiastes-- which has been d e s c r i b e d a "religion at a rather low tem- ·perature"--a d- vises us to "be n o t righteous overmuch." I is hard to se£ how calculated goodness can be r e g a r d e d a s having much to do ' with ' the Christian life . Christianity something more you tiff's part made. are not liable to be than the bare decency, the square deal, 'and keeping within the law Christianity is over-doing duty. \Vhen Thomas Mott Osborne decided to attempt the reformation of the prisons of New YorK lay he chose as the foundation stone for his Mutual Welfare league a stubborn and surly "lifer," known as Canada Blackie. His choice was bold, but in the end was lustified. Years later, as he lay dying in the warden's house Canada Blackie said that there had been some men in his life who had helped him. They were nol the preaching and praying kind. But now and then some one treated him better than he deserved, "with the result that this made him better than he naturally wanted to be or would otherwise have been. Here is a simple description of the Christian religion about its characteristic business. Christianity is a religion which shames men into goodness by treating them better than (hey deserve. Prayer: Almighty God, who h a s t given each his duty; give us strength to do that duty well and faithfully, but vouchsafe to us beyond the measure of our duty a vision of uncalculating love which knows no measure. Amen. $15,000 Paid for Farm at Faulkner FAULKNER--Nick · Kearney sold the 120 acre, farm 1% miles northeast of Faulkner to Louie Shultz of Ackley for $15,000. Mr, Kearney bought this farm about five years ago. He will ·remain on it this year and then move to the Kearney estate, 1 'A miles soulhsvest of Faulkner, where they will build a new home and make other improvements. Donald Jenkins Dies at Hospital; Rites to Be at LeClaire Donald James Jenkins, four months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ora Jenkins, eLClalre, died at a local hospital Thursday following an illness. The child was born Oct 31, 1936, at LeClaire. Surviving the child are the parents, a brother, Robert, 11, three sisters, Norma, 13, Darlene, 5, and Rosmary, 2, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Dyer, 519 First street southwest, and. William Jenkins, Manchester. Funeral services will'be held at LcChire Catholic church Saturday. Burial will be at LeClaire. The body was taken to the Patterson funeral home. Americanism: (1776 to 1037) Facing a common enemy or danger; taking it on the chin while we .spend our energies trying 1.0 lick one anolher.--Dubuque Tclc- Herald. Joshua Did It Once; Western Union Ditto Clocks Stopped at 5 A. M. to Cause Repairmen Busy Morning. Not quite as remarkable in effect as Joshua's "Sun arid I" stunt, time did stand still in Mason City Friday morning, however, foi about 5 hours while Western Union repairmen hurried hithei and yon setting the town's official timepieces. '··'·' '·'.·.!?,' ·."··"· The clocks stopped about 5 o'clock Friday morning when high tension of some sort hit the circuit of the master relay temporarily and froze on the setting contacts, according to officials of the company. Although this seldom happens it' does not allow the clocks to run when it does occur It was 7 o'clock before the officials found the clocks had stopped and they were not all set in motion again until about 10:30 o'clock Friday morning. SERUM AGREEMENT An order regulating the handling of hog cholera serum and hog cholera virus has been signed by Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace. The agreement, whicli became effective Dec. 7, is intended to insure the maintenance of an adequate supply of serum and to aid in making improvement in trade conditions. Correct this sentence: "I'd rather do without dividends," said the little stockholder, "than to see oui workers underpaid."--Cedar Rapids Gazette. Tooth Cutter Younjr Jimmy Willis McGee of Lancaster, Ohio, Is pretty Sood at cutting' teeth. In fact, he claims to be the champion of the world. Jimmy, you see, had 16 teeth when he was IS months old. True, a baby In Honolulu had 20 tctth when she was 20 months old and another one In Boston hart 16 In 16 months. Jimmy's Icelh cutting, however. Is a hit faster than that.,The lad Is now 17 months. Ice Gorges Blasted Out at Bridges Not All . Explosions From 'Strearns;- Some Marking- Clay Pit Opening. Several ice gorges near bridges were blasted out Thursday evening between the Forest Park bridge on First street northwest and the South Federal bridge in anticipation of rising water, according to City Engineer C. H. Stevens. The street department was in charge of the blasting. Ise near these bridges would hold back water in the case o! rapid thaw like Thursday's, explained Engineer Stevens, and would result in floods. Water has not been high enough to cause much worry here yet, according to in the pond Mr. Stevens. Blasting ot ice above the Pennsylvania bridge was continued, Friday in an attempt to break up the four-foot thickness of ice there that has been holding back other ice broken up in Willow creek further upstream. Large blasts occurring Thursday afternoon and Friday were not those discharged in the ice, however, according to Mr. Stevens. Many of the blasts that were heard were from the Mason City Brick and Tile company clay pits, where activity was resumed preparatory to reopening- the plants. FOSTEfiFINED S100 IN COURT Held After Crash on Charge of Reckless Driving- Others Fined. James M. Foster, 9 Jefferson avenue northwest, was fined S100 and. costs Friday by Police Judge Morris Laird on a charge of reckless driving. Foster was arrested by police Monday night after the car he was driving had collided with a truck at First street and South Federal avenue. Henry Dotson, 600 Jackson avenue southwest, was fined S25 and costs on a charge ot intoxication Dotson was arrested at his home late Thursday afternoon. James O. McDonald, 1303 North federal avenue, was fined 510 and costs on a charge of intoxication He was arrested at 11:25 Thursday night in the 100 block on South Federal avenue. VICTORY DINNER HELD BY LOCAL DEMOS IN HOTEL Cerro Gordo Gain Larges Proportionately in Last Election. V Cerro Gordo county democrats Thursday night not only celebrated the -victory of the last election but also pointed with pride to the fact t h a t this county showec the greatest .proportion of democratic votes gained of any Iowa county in the last election. This increase, it was stated, was an important factor in the election o. Representative Fred Biermann and Gov. Nelson G. Kraschel. Meeting at Hotel Hanford for a banquet, some 75 party workers heard a program of talks and entertainment. S i m u l t a n e o u s l y throughout the United States victory dinners were being served The local banquet may not have had the pomp of some of the dinners, and the charge was $1 a plate as compared with $100 at the one in Washington, but it did provide a good vehicle for looking back with pride at the campaign Continued Standard. George Ludeman, county centra committee chairman, presided and pointed out that the organization should continue at its high standard. Tad Martin, after mentioning the friendliness he had encountered in moving to Mason City said that the Cerro Gordo county change to the democratic column was the result of much labor, Leo Carle described his baptism as a democrat at the age of 21 and said he had always been proud of his choice. Following a program of tap dances and songs presented in charge of Jimmy Fleming Dr S. S. Westly of Manly said that he hoped that the tendency in recent years of democrats to get together would continue. He said that to be a gracious winner is as fine as a good loser. Dunn Gives Address. Stanley Comfort, president of the Young Democrats, pointed out the part the young men and women had taken in the last campaign. Mrs. W. C. Carrol], district committeewoman, emphasized the importance of organization and hard work in the victory. ~~"~ E. G. Dunn, United States district attorney, said the battle of a century for humanity had-just begun. Other leaders will have to come forward to carry on, he said. Raymond Keister to Serve as Temporary Guardian for Govig Judge Kenrji Graven Friday afternoon approved Attorney W. L Bliss' application for appointment of Raymond Keister of the First National bank as temporary guardian for the property of O. Burton (Obie) Govig, confessed wile slayer. Dr. C. M. Franchere, Sheriff Tim Phalen and Mr. Keister testified at the hearing. Hines Mount on order of the court, acted as guardian ad litem. 'Mr; Keister estimated the value of Goyig's property at between 510,000 and $18,000, contingen largely upon the number anc. amount ot bills outstanding at his grocery store in Mason City and the one in Clear Lake. the Hospitals Naval leaders never clamor for war. You see, admirals can't sit in oomb-proof shelters forty miles from where the shooting is --Lincoln Siar. NUMBER 5,000 With the signing of a certificate for Mat Brunner, 5,000 Wisconsin dairy herds have now been certified as free from Bang's disease. Under the stale federal co-operative plan for Bangs disease testing, 40,301 herds have received 'the initial test in the Badger state. A son ; weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces wa's born to Mr. and Mrs Harold Aldinger, No. 5 Holahan apartments, at the Story hospital Friday. Jack Riggels, Corwith, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Thursday for treatment. W.' L. Gaffney, 1102 President avenue southwest, was admitted to the Park hospital Thursday for major operation. Charles Osborne, 61G Delaware avenue southeast, was dismissed from the Story hospital Thursday following treatment. Willinm Ward, Wesley, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Friday for a minor operation. Nan Hewitt, Northwood, was admitted to the Park hospital Thursday for treatment. John Boyd, 224 First street southwest, was dismissed from the Story hospital Friday following a ma.ior operation. Naomi Witwer, Hanford hotel, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Thursday following a major operation. Ida Marie Klaassen, Mason City was dismissed from the Park hospital Thursday following a major operation. Mrs. Dorothy Schoonover, 425 East State street, was dismissed from the Park hospital Thursday following a minor operation. For Diamond Values . . . See Murray Perfect blue white 'A carat diamond with two diamonds I:, mou "':.:.. $59.50 CONVENIENT CREDIT M U R R A Y JEWELRY CO. .FORESTERS BLDG. Church Speaker The Rev. S. E. Engslrom, Des Moines, will be the speaker at a home mission festival at the Immanuel Lutheran church Sunday evening. The Rev. Mr. Engstrom is secretary of stewardship and field missionary of the Lutheran Iowa conference. 'Previous to his election to this office three years ago he served a church In St.. Louis. INSURANCE MEN HOLD MEETING Huffman-Gilchnst Agency Host to 40 From Territory. W. M. Huffman and Lester H. Gilchrist o£ the Huffman-Gilchrist agency, representing the Mutual Benerit, Health and Accident association and the United Benefit Life Insurance company of Omaha, were hosts Thursday to 40 of their representatives from 12 North Central Iowa counties at the Hotel Hanfcrd Friday. C. R. Dewitz of the agency department of the home office of the companies, addressed the group on the new line of policies being put out. ire also announced lower life rates were going into e f f e c t ' a n d pointed out the policies were on a 3'A per cent reserve basis. The uniting of the Huffman and Giichrist agencies has just been completed following the, merging of .the; Cedar Rapids Life arid the United Benefit Life at the close of Annouriceemnt also was made at the meeting that the agency would start a series of . weekly broadcasts which will be on KGLO at 7:05 o'clock each Monday evening. An audition of the initial broadcasts was heard at the meeting. The program included a nnbn luncheon. Mr. Huffman and Mr. Giichrist acted as presiding officers. EXPOSITION HELD The annual Northwest School Farmers' Week and Red River Valley Winter Shows was held at Crookston, Minn., Feb. 8 to 12. There were exhibits of livestock, poultry, farm crop's, 4-H club work, industry, also meetings and judging contests. J. B. Fitch judged dairy cattle. Dr. A. A. Dowell, superintendent of the Northwest Experiment station, is president ot the Board of Managers for the fair. PICTURE FRAMING UBRIEN PAtNTS Wholesale-Retail Live. As You Go Yes, enjo.v yourself as you KO alonr. Take an enjoyable (rip. And for pleasure and economy, (to by BUS. We'll help you plan your tour. ' Jefferson Transportation COMPANY BUS Depot at 16 First Street Southwest, Mason City REPORTS HEARD ON CONFERENCE OF LEGIONNAIRES Legion Post Members Urged to Support Safety Council Drive; Reports on the Cerro Gordcl county safety council membership campaign and the recent commanders and adjutants conference at Des Moincs featured the March meeting of Clausen-Worden post of the American Legion at the Forty and Eight clubrooms Thursday evening. Mr. Boyce, member of the council membership campaign committee, urged members of the post to support the drive. "The 50 cent membership fee is small enough so it would seem that any car owner would give that much in the interest of safety of life and limb," he said. Earl Walters, post adjutant, gave what was commented upon ns-the most complete report from a state conference ever given the local organization. Mr. Walters presented a resume of the discussion at the conference on graves registration, veterans' employment, hospitalization, ' compensation for dependents, safety legislative program, community service, national defense, Boy Scouts and war orphans. T h e adjutant complimented Ralph Lloyd Jones, chairman of the Boy Scout committee, for the brevity and directness of his report compared with some which he said were one and a half hours in length. R. C. Patrick, post commander, who presided at the meeting, spoke briefly on the conference. Mi'. Lloyd Jones announced a scout leaders' training course would bo. held and invited Legionnaires interested in scouting to attend. St. James Lutheran Brotherhood Meets The St. James Lutheran brotherhood met Thursday evening, the new. president, Ernest Meyer, presiding. On the program were: H. Pape, "Socialism" Life Time:" and "Savings of Ernest Meyer, "Psalm of Life" and "Mother;" P. Schmidt, "A War Song," and Frank Schwartz, ;"German,:Reading." Ernest Meyer served' lunch. assisted by Mrs. E. Meyer ana Mrs. O. Mall. A t - t h e April meeting Edward Pearson will be the rost. i 666 Liquid. Tablets Salve, Nose Drops checks COLDS and FEVER i first day Ileadiche, 30 mlnulct Try"itub-MjVrism"-TVJrld'« Beit Liniment NOTICE! · Commencing Morch 15, 1937, the Painters' scale in Mason City will be 85c an hour. THE COMMITTEE G. GRUPP MEAT MARKET 401 South Federal Ave. 25c 12c 18c 18c HOME MADE BOLOGNA and SAUSAGE- LARD, i a Pound l*iC LEG OF LAMB, Pound LEG OF MUTTON, Pound LOIN OF FORK* Pound RIB ROAST, Pound EXTRA SPECrAL BEEF ROAST, 1 O J. Pound : l £ 2 C VEAL ROAST, Pound RIB BOIL, -i n Pound A U C SOUP MEAT, r Pound DC H A M B U R G SAUSAGE, Pound 5 FOUNDS Q(\ BACON OUC WE S M O K E MEAT FOB FARMERS 8c GASOLINE WEEK-END SPECIAL 7 GALLONS OF REGULAR Or ^ gallons FREE with each $8.00 motor fuel users" certificate purchased this week-end. This co-op, plan b saving owners over 5c per gallon. UNITED OIL AND GAS CO. . 16 SECOND STREET S. E. » ' 'M! y J. ip y. ·A r * 1 « .11.

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