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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, May 9, 1818
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i 1 J ) i, . h f ? ,".V. V i if v. - xtw - tokic eveikq post. ' gATVRDAT.MAY . (Wtt - tMi - W tjoderttsnd' that thee - cretarrat war, in March last, itsned arderto thai eosrrt, requiring teem to clote Uieir tminet, make rtUtfM of th proceeding, wd dolv ins lh ewert w the 6ret ef l'T - v - w pruoiM ; that tbe tecewd command will be comptied with, which w3l tCd the aggrieved e opportunity to be beard and recessed ; but a the torn MwiiMHN it reiUMtM, itmottbe eop - posed' (bey have tUioei an extemsoo of the time. lnfetdmwJllwJ tomellliog DOT. ' ' " ' ' 1 t BriHACmmuitrKrTire& at Boston '. tot Thursday forenoon, in tie schooner Gene ral Brewer, from Lubec. the boo. Ward Chip - mannd to ton, Wai - a Chip, jan. c. British agent under the 5th article f the Treaty of Cheat, end tt'n. F. Odell, esq. principal j surveyor on the part of the Britiab gorern - j meat, also, the lady of Mr.CLiptai,jwi.witE servants, x their way to Xew - York; to wet the American Cominmioners, and resume their labor m fixing the boundary line between as and the British on the river It Law rence sad the Lakes which, is to divide the United States and the British possessions In Canada. - . . "A Terr ttxom? representation of federalists . w31 succeed in obtaining a seat in lbs legislature jiext tendon ; and, if th alliance is continued by Mr. Clinton, the whole state wfll be fsdsral after the itrat election, unlets the republicans draw - the line, and act with energy and effect." . (., fi'ationalAdtoeatc. . " Ho state in the Union can present an aspect Bore consentaneous to the patriot tcniuul t while co ether possesses so many means of doing sn much and such permanent rood." ' . With such prorpect o;ht not the rirtoonr men of our ttee to be content.' let aim tney are contest and we nay look with confidence as well as pride in the administration of our state udgeMrolffsrerBaseot." .muimi. Our readers are here presented with extracts from the two papers published by brethren of the tame principles. .We eatrart them without a word of comment. As to the charge of the onion between Clntooiaasand federalists, which the Advocate stoutly advances, and upon which be riap the change every morning, I would merely ask, if so, bow happens it, for instance, that Mr. Street carried bis election for member tf congress, in the district composed of part of Dutchess and Putnam, where the " republicans" bo it of a majority,againtt Mr. Johnson, who bsi always been' a decided Clintonian? Again, in this county of Schenectady, where the Yates or Clintooian interest hat ptcvailod, the ticket nominated by that interest has foiled, and the opposite ticket, consisting of one federalist and one u genuine republican" hai prevailed ? Jlttatre Last evening Mr. Philipp was greet 4 on bis entrance upon his fourth engagement, by a brilliant and crouded home, with Ave rounds of applause. Tlie returns for box tickela alone, we are informed, amounted to 10O6dolla He wat in at flue voice at we ever heard him and perhaps finer. The well - remembered touads were no sooner, once more, recognized, than in' etantly they made their way to every heart which the audience ware not backward in fondly testifying. His principal torp were loudly encored, and among the rest Fancy's Sketch," which, however delightful, cannot be repeated without abturdlty. Toraldi is called upon a te - condtime to itart not," although hit representative, last evening, had no lilra of starting a all i be merely looked round in a tort of stupiil wonder. But in jutlice to Mr. Trilchard we mutt say, except in this particular, he untamed the part with very great credit to himielf. TIh original here wat not minted. Barest certainly b excellent 1 but we are grieved to tee him to indulge bis favorite propensity, regardless of the ad rice of Hamlet to the playeri. When he ap - peered m character to announce the entertain mcnts for this evening, his appearance wat to irresistibly ludicrous as to throw the audience in to torh a fit of laughter that it wat tome lime be fore he could be heard. We ark again why are we not favored with the beautiful duett M Rett triary traxfUtr1' I For the JYiie - i'erfc Ertning Poit. Mr. Coleman. ' Sir I am an old bachelor; and 1 frequent the Battery regularly every floe morning, forths nurane ofeniovin the beauty of the view, th j)liaure of a whIIc, and the healthfulnem of the air, on one of the finest promenades which I have it with ia any country. I am not a litllo n - touished, however, to find, that this enchanting snot, with all its charms ef view, and beauty ol situation, is so little frequented by my lair coun try women i and I greatly regret that a walk on tlie battery it not mere iu fashion, nt I havo always remarked, that early out - door eeerwe, rives to the female eye a brighter luttre, and to the cheek a brighter bloom. The corporation of the city have tnkei uncommon pains this seatou to put th v?tks in the best order and 1 was greatly delighted this mernmg to find, that a soda water establishment bad Just been opened at the lower end of Broadway, which to many will he truly - ratifying. At you bare become, Mr. Editor, the leader of taste in many of our fMhionable amtuements, I would suggest the propriety of yoar taking health and exercise oo - ciiiouHlly under your cognizance I and I beg trnt you will ute your influence le peruade the Vuliti of tbit city to take a morning wulk, particularly srhen they have to beautiful a spot to retort to. If jou t - vn only pen - usde theni to go steadily each moruio; fur out wek, I wil! an. swrr for their continuing the ploasing pp cticr for the retnaiuiW of the teamn. A great advantage will result irom thelai'.ies taking en.rve at so early an hour at?oMick in the mornine. as few or none of thi (taring vmio' buck are etirriugattbat ti - jac of dar; and bcocs the lu !ir mav rely on no) eing trnublel r,h their impertinence. The truth is. Mr. btlitor, Uiey will only luij oil the Battery, lelore lrr - ,kiu,t, a lew rlece(it old b - tchalorv, like myteif ; but perhap, Toe had b't conceal this circunutan'.e, at the word ei'i b(iAe!ar may prereot a lew of Uitm from taki.'2 the tronMe to nait m I .virile tpit four's, truly, MANNE0.ING. log as the as in bet 3 the in of a the the and ry in Sr. Ctlefim, . Travelliaf asl.ort bme sioce through some ntth niiidia end soaliem states. I took my passage in the neim - Doeu, gcmib ana rriuna a Uiroechtbe ii,leriour j aud being a ttranrer, uiy tnrouot was arresrra ny uie iramBersim weresting obweta w bjch, ia coiuuuit mcctstioo, prewaUd Oiemselns U eiew : AaJ "JV lofcihly streek with the weederf I fWT' ,e?J seatesMe end ekjec with wl b, to om as - etences, we were conveyed Irene one poM I o aecther, I couM not evoid "n'Z' ciency whkli. if seppberf, would re nr Journey - a sourre M - wsriirs. - - " . a . nrsaMthine to iaww es of toe nam tos !? . . .i:. ..i.y fremeacb oilier we pats them, Ibe eoauaaiHeri of boats and drrversef stage. b..iiro.oa. orf soawtunes perhaps WWjJlS,1 1 ioibnnation. end it is not tbe fo - od " J Urriora, a list of piece., ate as Is vchpr - reewrd, were fereisp - d by '0 IhedinVrent roebs, it 1 greet receoisaes - latioei of these, as st would sseet Hie decided epprobehoe of every wtelligeat traveller, bet especially that of strangers, and woeld be alien (led with very little troable or es - penie. A Friend to lmfrtemad. " Eatract of a letter, dated " M HAVANA, April 10. We are stronTty of opinion that sugars will experience shortly a material decline in price, latterly the extraction has bee by no means toual o the expectations formed, what might have been looked lor from the numher of rejects port. The exportation, during loebot three months, bat only been Unas notes, wnereai w 1817, in the correspoading period, was up ward of 45000 boxes : thi. with the additional anantitv exuected at marks, must natnraDr at - iti once sreatlr. unrticuwrir wnen we . ' T . . . thcraia at nrwnt bnt little demand. Co0"e continues without Txriation, and the qnanlity remaininc of this crop is very Inning, "There a ererr protmlwiity ot me unorgenu being entirely snbdued in Mexico. Our accounts from thence Utterlv. nave 0e n ol uie nvti ia - vorable deaenption, and, we onaemana, mai - " a M iL .i roads mtolhe mtenor from vera urns are nearly free. We shrill be l.sppy to re able to advba sou. that the are sere lor trawieri, as thai event our market will be immediately cleared of all German and French linens mil other articles adapted for that country ; tome hiDments are makinsr for that ooarter now, but they are not great. " All ioeeices should be certified by the Spa niih consul, otherwise there is an additional duty 10 per rent, on the amount or the invoice." Markets at Hwne. AnM 31 tonr, trniro, boT, $9 a 10 1 - 2; brown do 7 a 8 I t Mpjoo - vsila 8 a R : coOVe. 1 C a V) n'i ; mnixw, tv 10 1 - 2 bitts per ke; ; ike, 9 1 - S ; Dour, rtii - tadclphia, SO a SI. Frem Ihf Kentucky (leulte. NKW - OKLKANS. Extract of a letter to a gentleman in tnii place, . date't, New - Orioaus, March 10, 1310. Tin's rite is dfiiwd at no distant ctrio - l to become to the United Stale - , what Aleaamlria was to Egypt, or what Paris it to Kranrc ; the emporium or its commerce, us wrann, us population, and its political gratne, in relation to rest ol the worlds and alio the hot bed ofpn - tncioo, luiorr,effeminacy,crime, treachery, and civil di'cord. A plirlTinphrr standing on an eminence at the source of Allegheny or Monongaliela, bnd carting eye of fanry down the ttupendnut plain in - cliiiina to Uie Gull' of Mexico, would rerognire New - Orlrnns as the great reservoir oi in overflowing cpnlrr re ! the. Ohio, Illinois, Missouri MiiMMippi, together with all their coniti - tuent branrhei, would only be rrpratded at to many natural hishwayt, throuh tvlikh tlie trilmta - truitt ol tlioie vnt ann leniie cr.unirici umi they witter, muit :v. pound into tliit i! pf,t of the coinmnri - e 01 ncnniiiirui. The more we contempl:te the prrsrnt rind prn - tpccttve rciouixes of e.w Orlcnnt, the lew will we be prepared lo vt limit lo it increato. The city it built in the thape of a crescent, the carve nrihit river r.oiwlitutiiiE a tnfn ond commotliout liirlinr in whic h there are at thit time tr.O tail ol vettelt. With what In - ntportt does the eye of patriotirm f :vat: on tliit tpectai lc! It it the nujuit evidr nee of the prisent protierity of or country, and the earnett of her future political glory. Defended on one tile by Hie river, and oo Uie niiu - r hv mibd thai bo labor can reclaim, and no e nVt can penetrate it is only to be ap - nroirhed Ihrooch a deble three fourths of a mile width, which beieg protected by a breast work, manned by 5000 men, (for a greaternkm - ber could not operale) New Orleans in point of strength,! anotlier Gibraltar i slus laughs dtfi - anot at the most powerful invudrrs. The wealth of a muntry is to be estimated by the nuniber ami wealth of its inhabitants ; or io other wenlt, by Ihe extent of itt agriculture and commerce. The citizeutof MiiMippi and Leu - nixnn will vend at this port during the pretrut ycur, 2,000,000 dollars worth of mtton and iu - far, llm fruits of their lt ycir'i indn - lry, be - ikle rrent nuautitic ol rice, iik'H", vr. u is not uncommon for the planters of thec tlalrt to rcrrive an annual income of 30,000 dollars irom their farms there are instances of their i omes amonntinc to C0.OCO dollar", and that or H.imp - Ion u conjcUured lone upsvartitoi izvi,uw dollars. The humble lalmrer, whie nil con'htt ol 8 or 10 mulef, hat been knowu to m:ike 100 dollars per day during the pretent winter, by drag - fflns cotton from the levy to the warehouses, u - miallv alout 800 yardji for which he wat paid the enormout turn of one dollar per bale. The aijgreate increase of llio comuiorco of Ihit port, during tho late twelve monlht, according to the report from the cnttom - boute, was more than one fifth. Where the earth is thus bountiful, where Industry is thut rewarded, what human prescience can fix boundi to Uie proipcrity of the country ? Though already a rallying point for the luxuries of the world the theatre ol enier orize for Pernio of all towrues and nationi; nl though the ensigns of every country are proudly preMing forward, in competition lor her commerce, New - Orleans it but the germ of what the mutt necessarily licrome. Bobold Ihe nuappropr'iHled landt of Ohio, In diunn, Kentucky and Tcnne.ce; look to the linun:ll;i forrststhat wave ovrr the waters ot Die Illinois and Mufouii ! They hre dcttinrd to surrender their dominion to the theerlul village and the cultivated farm. I - one before they as - nime the diversity of European population j long before every rood of ground will be required to support ilt nian, this city will embrace an era, and atsuine a magnificence, such at the world has rarelv wUne.'ted before Kvery advancement which U made in nrt, every stroke whkh it striken by the haod of industry in these countries will proportionitbly advance htr rpolenre, sod iucrease her imp - Ttiuce ; for their wohI'Ii, like their water, must di orge itself throogli the cliaooel of the VtssiMipp, ai'J wli he con. - irna i innir tributn belore it pasMit. From a short space relow the mouth of the Ohio to the Walnut Hilf, an extent of near six t..,nHrd mils', the bankt ol the Mitsitupiu pre i.i the eve one suiilonn aad dreary waste, un varied by a ainrle vestige of culture, without ., In, linn hut to enliven the sceue ; the an - .i . .A...;,, ni'ih - liter hasinz deterred the fi - eniernnis Inm nlantuie tlie standard of ...:i:.,i;..n n.iii ihoret. lit the reien of na i..,.. ,Ln. it aimoet at au end. . This proud mo - nan hef rivers has ton long tj rannixd over the r...i nnrfinn of tiic American cootHient. 1 be axlt, i.'ing i their majtsty to aisert Cieir rights, will ere Ions sav to this great western ile. thus Ut shall it o xo, but no lurUier." 1 hen (hull its shores, which teen now to be eoitamp d with a Ian ci pR - petual desolation, teem with v.n oi i.muirj, uie caiucns oi irce jjciu ment. Thit it not a ficlioo ni aiw - .y,but raiional calce Intion. founded open t fi Jictt princiiilcvof anal' xj. XVbene Scotlo discovered Ihe MiHissip - pi, he miMixik it Tor a great inland Irke such wist'.ir u.urrMi'i i ofits waters. WouiJ be have beta - fr,u:1:; - ,l U,t at tliis time, thnt lrameaso - rahle os'e r.i inun t ,inn coutd be truntlormed intia continued vl.lece fi.m New Orleans to ii - .'on Koujte, frooled ay dehnlitful oran gloves anu' ganeas ooraeriu; ue ryaxtrui ol 11' watrr ; ind It.i; o okum ol tlie steam cn - giue, that srapcadous discovery ia mechanical pU)eory, to traveller would be propelled v. MM ef tlie ti, ed of to of in tic for rout who ly and r wat eJ. I at the rale of four nikt aabour agaiaet m sr.r? aad verwhelasirfr. current, rr oeoded by alt the etecanrie and faxunee ef a wodera hM . fcWm; the things, ca welecejed etrre - nt for iodalRicC the anticipation, Jba ta than half a century, a new source of opekecs wUl op a St w Orieans, by all the sjoappro - . M L - uWa tr - ITtel fnuuvzz lil ) Mihservirat to the nerpoeee oi nerlrjndry T. . i kMluiHrv ? The erentest extent el loina nirij;iira n - knowa to the world, is between the cities nt n. Orleans and New - fork I there being but V milee land carriage m all tint great oonncro miis rt iir 4000 miles. Thit commoiiK alion, thouzh atpretent but Utile, if at all ue J, was evidently ioteadedto answer tome ie furp.MC, naloro never extns nerrau 10 "iu - , the cosine of human eveatt, neomie a social anion, and a hrh road of commarre. between those remote sections of our vast aud erowinr iwablic. Ieke fnocbartram, approaco nr m ' "J west, and commonicaling with it through a canal iolo the Payou St. John, although already important, will awnme a new enararver ra rsi - in N'wieaM. when the Kloridas are made a eomnonent oart of the Uarted States. With the most unparalleled eodowmeats, Wew - Orieans langm'fhes under an unwise adrni - niirftii. 1h In I tommer. they were scourg be the vellow fever : stdl no eflbrt ia made to rove the streets or improve their clean Uo wt..n HridMniMt of 100.000. water niirht t mnirmrA In the door of every citiita. Cadia is bnt little more - remarkable firthe number of assassins who infest its comers ; Uiere bat scarcely been a night durinjr tlie six weeks I have been here, that one or more murder, have ruA been neroetrated.yet the bodies the murdered are thrown into the ground. and there is not enoujjh of police or puhlic epirit or justice once deigning to turn her head see who committed the outrage. The Hospital, a tolerab'y commodious build ing, an institution that might be extensively useful here, is the mrrUmeiancholy lazar house that ever generated contagion a mcrenur serv for the erase. Tho reneral government, could they see their sailors dying for the want audi on institution, would not hesitate io build a marine hospital in this vicinity. So rapid is the increase of commercial intercourse between the western country ana mis pori, that public policy will unite with public mercy apetitian to the legislatures of the interested states, to enlaree tlie sphere of their pat io - munificence, and erect a competent bouie the reception of their sick boatmen from the MaUimort federal Guttle. Mag 5. i'panish Gratitude. A statement of the im portant and humane tlertiooi ol captain A.o. Dungun, in rescuing the terrified inhabitant! of Lagaayra and their property from, as they oe - lieted. impending dettrectioo : and 01 hi gene refuted lo teteive any compensation lor hit highly meritorious and ate lul exertions, asctr - lifkil by three rexcthie residents of that piste, were wilneises ol ine irantacuou, was puu - lithrd some tnre tince in the Gazette. The fol lowing narrative, from a letter written by Cpt. Uungar, willexolain how gratelullyacdhumauc - he wat treated by Uie very people wbotu live property lie preserved at tie risk ol hit own. 11 was my unhappy lot to be iu La tiuay - at the embarkation on the l'Jtli and 19th of February. I was anxious, Ircm ra 'tive ofbu - mauity, lo assift, at much a w.u in ray power. ineouircsscu iiiiiimii.ims. 1,1171m requested by Mr. rredk. l,mey, mrrthant ofCurncoi, tome time reiidcnt at Cararr. - u to Mtiit him with my boat to take on board liU pro perty, coowting of levcral truuki; which I tea - diiy complied with, and by great exertion elici t - 1 he surl was unusually hign, auu we were cotirteHed to heave the trunks into the boat, fre - uuently at a great distance ; tome of them were consenucntlv broken, and m tmt manner put on board the fcliza William, uuder my command. More effectually to secure them, I took all m; men, except two and lha mate, into tho boat, and attended myself to facilitate the embarkation. Such unlimited confidence did I repose ia my tteward, that I confided those articles to his chartre when on board. On Ibo SUth tbe alarm lUMiueu, ana me wna - bitantt ditrmbarked. Mr. Leny requested me to re - laod his trunks i immediately complied, without iupec;ig that any property had been taken out of them. Nothing lurther occurreu until itiarcn sin; when, about to leave the port, and every preparation making to expedite my departure, my vessel wat taktu possession of by the authority of the commandant of La Guayra. Mr. Leny had, during the embarkation, put onboard, without my consent, the bagyige of a colonel iu the Spanish army, one of whose trunks was broken by the violrnce oflliroio into the boat, roiitaiuin;. with his clothes. flatr, value Doubloons Klackakena of the country 200 This lemnUtion was too treat an induce ment for my steward'a honesty ; who, with the seamen on board, took this amount from the trunks. This robbery was discovered immediately after the trunks arrived on tliore, yet, astonish ing to relate, nothing was permitted lu transpire relative to the circumstance, tiut'.l I 'a about to leae the port. They took this ad vantage, well aware that, liuwo cr unjnsi then - proceedings, at that time I would be coripclied to pay the amount, or commence, a sui. where the injustice dccisioni it proveibi;d ; and, even if not adjudged to p" tlie an ount, the detention would be more n jm ion io ine and the owners. This it the maimer iu nhich I was treated, after straining every nerve to isrve them, and without any pecuniary niotivet. I' i true they offered mo payment, which I refused : and, to help me heaven, never did, nor would, receii e from them one fnrthmg, altho' I destroy ed a boat valued at $100. Hut to return : On be 4th my vessel wat seized, searched, and, iu the posscnion of my steward, was found the plate and doubloons ; nothin; then remained unturned to difcover Uie remainder of the property but to no effect. I gave Ihe steward, and all concerned, up to the authority, and requested permission to proceed on Ihe voyage. ' his wa refuted me wiihout paying the following amount : Markakena fJH The bottom cf a candlettick, silver 50 Silver Coriwcrew 120 Uazor case broken open, without any injnry, except the bap 40 310 :il. ll .It.,... ttlf aM)in lh tirn. - MI. Tnis nil just charge f refuted to comply with, and was uun'miy oracreu io pay me amoaui or rcwam With tlOMU. Mr. Iny, posetsin irflurnce sumcieat to have relieved me. was a caim pectat"r ol tint unjust proceeding wiihout inlerpoting bit power to relieve roe from the payment, or irom the creel imputation of being myself a partner in the transit aa ; ana wncn I expostulated wiui ine - mm.wwlant. was ordered Irotii hit pretence. Had Ih - y havedoi.o me luttite, they would when tli"y ditcovered tbe robbery, immediately informed me, tlie a - .'ieles woild Uien have been found without difficulty. Hot t'nev look thit op - oortunity and exulted 'a atteuiutiug to brand withiufamy, a man wU. ritqued ev,ry Ihiag to serve them, from no other cam than kit biing an American. lil.wrard r'ruia,myeousirie - , rat ejually uncoocerned at lo my lata or feel. in9; and when requesting his assistance, he de - r1ed himself thu friend of tbe colooel, and 'Ii?. however u. - ijirt, he would tee him reimlm' - od before be uflered my vest - A to dej - art. vh - 4 1 would accost ie Spani . - bin the street. .me ot whom I had served, ad fUle Lie . - nioit 'pre - ceding'i they would i.ioew;e. their injo. lice, an J lament the cat. : yet, whew stran - er imtiUl nass. tbev Would f. - 'mt me oof at (he A who had plundered Ibe trunk ef U)e Spanish, colouel. deU Uie we to not pre at at ter the is of of of it ... k.. twn (be ceodurt U eai da, who, - the day of bark.ticw. wwn xteoont 10 nave reu - - - - I wasfre,aeoU, offered JI00 to Uk. mi family en board, Putrerosea, vr .n. , ... poec of more enectuaUy assisting those that were anabU to pay for boaU. from the Frnl!n Gautte. The pleasure expected from ftlw. French't - htful voice, was entirely Interrupteu py ine .n:.. Awn of a nurl ft the Stucco worx ot i eeilii of the soloon cf the Wafbington Hall ; injury was not so great, as the immense concourse of people and great ruth of the crowd would have induced us to believe, bnt still enough to take even from harmony its power to charm. Almost every body left the room, but understand, as tome did remain, Mrs. Flench exerted herself to conclude her tongt - I w. mi la add Uiat one lady had her arm broken and some other ladies and gentlemen srrre injured. Those who have the management of Ihe WaJiington Hall, ought forthwith have Ihe building examined by architect", and atisfy the pnblic as to its strength. If thit be done the public will not crowd the saloon as Ihev have heretofore donet This we should re - as we conader it, decidedly, the mort elegant public room in Philadelphia Pern. PrtaJ From the Washington City Gaeette, May 6. JV military post on the Mtouri.Wt are informed, from a respectable source, that orders have recenUy been issued by our government, for the establishment of a military post the mouth of Yellowstone River, (latitude 48.) where it enter the Missouri, about 1,800 mile above Ft. Itwis. The contemplated ob ject of this poet, it is stated, is to control the communication of the Indian nations within the boundaries of the territories of the United States with the North West and Hudson's Bay companies : Lord Selkirk lias, it is said, become proprietor of both of the: establishments To keep open the line of communication betwixt Fort Clarke (at pretent the highest military post on Uie M ssouri) and the intended settlement at the mouth of Yellow, stone River, it is conjectured that two additional intermediate posts will be necessary; that is to say, one at the Great Bend, and the other at the Mai dan villages, a'jout 150 miles from, and due south of. the Britinli Factory the mouth nf the Moose river, where it en the Assiniboin. Thus'a complete check might be given to all attempts at violating the laws prohibiting the British from trading with Indian nations within our boundaries thi rendered the more esteiitiat at the present moment, in order to curb the views of the aspiring and ambitious Selkirk, who hae of late years given such a bold direction to the affairs the fur trade companies. Maior Bradford, with a detachment, or w riflemen, are ss'ul to be orde.ed to repair to this point, where a fort will be iltmediatety constructed. The Missouri traders will there by, in future, be protecied for Indian I ostilily and British interference in their lawful pursuit within the proper jurisdiction of the U - nited States. eiJurincr Lord Selkirk' visit at W aslungton last winter, he is said lo have requested permission of the go eminent to draw l;.. supplies provisions, for the ute of the North v est and lludion' Bav companies, trom ine uuuca States' territories, which proposal, we near, was immediately rejected. BOSTON, May 7. We were last evening favored by the keeper the Exchau - 'e Coffee - Houe Books, with 11a - i.ifex mwri to the i'7lh utt. Some shipm:i2 in telligence, extracted from them, will be four.d under Ihe proper head. At a ereucral mectidz held at Halifax on the 17lh alt. it was moved, seconded an ! carried (hat it was the amnion of the nioetin, that the establishment of Halifex at a Free Fort, would essentially promote the interests of tbe province. A committee wat appointed to prepare a petition to be presented to hit majerty's ministers on tbe subject. News of the Navigation let ma reen receiv. ed at Halifax. The editor oiiscrve ' that it amounts alcvwt to a non - iotorcourse act, as lar as concerns this colony." The earl and conntess cf uamouiie nau re turned from Bermuda. Xavaxxah, April 29. Firr aznin! The distressing cry of (ire so otten of late heard in our city, was again re sounded about half past even o'clock lat eve - ning. It proved to be the bouse of Mr. Smith, at the east end of t'ue Bay This fire was ac - eidcntil throueh caielesnejs. the candle caught one of the curtain of t!ic window the second uory. it was, however, nappiiy extinguished w.thout any iujut - y. 1 his mornine abo - .t 12 o'clock, anotlier at tempt was made to fire the town, Combmti - ble mutter was put into stable adjoining the dwelling houte of .M:Course. at the wwt end of the Bay. It took, hie, buttortunatciy twa discovered, and the progresj of the flames ar rested, II d it been late at night, much injury oul ! have been done. Translated far the A mrrienn Centinel. Consulate of the United States, ) St. I'ierre.fllh April, 1818. j Sir I beg leave to inloim, that Ihe governor of St. I.uciehas ! - v prm lamatiou, declared the port open until tho 2ltt October, forneutral vit - teli in amity wi!h tlre?t - Britain, fur lumber and proviMous, except bcel, pork, un, puller 'M lanl. At it n.ay be of tomn service to our commerce, please make it known. Alto, thnt dour ill be admitted here in FrencH reueXs, utilil the end of October next, tubjret to a duty of two per cent on valuation. I am, with perlect esteem, ir, your most oDe - lieut tervaii i. JOHN MITCHELL. John Steele, Eq. collector of custom?, Phila delphia. PROCLAMATION, fjy hit excellency lieutrnant - colonti Eward U'Hara, memher ol the most honor - .tnie military order of the Balh, governor and com - ' mander in chief of the iiland of St. Lucie, ice. Whereas teveral representations have bteu mte lo me by the committiouert of Ihe different quarters, respecting the state of the colony, and Ihe disastrous effects produce - 1 by the lata hurricane, whereby it appears, that notwithstanding Uie permission granted for the admission ef every kind of provuou into thit blaud, in neutral vessels, the inhabitants still experience much diffi culty in pro win; iulric" - ntly (or the subsistence of their negroes, aud thai the y of vic tuals bat never prevailed to such a degree at at present, but a very small portion ol the production f Ihe earth naviog beeu preserved from the disasters of the ttorm. 1 bit privation ol kiod, and the want of shelter from ibe inclemency ot Uie weather, have beta the cause of a very great mortality amou; their titivet. ConsiJeriue, that if the pert of Castries should be cloted against foreiu vettelt at the period prescribed by ny proclamation of the 8th of No vember latt, tbe evd would increue to a much greater degree, seeiug that, at least seven months will cusp tictore any bemfd can be derived from Uie pcoductioiit of th tsAh, particularly from casmda and na.nas, which are Ihe princi pal lood, not only of 'he tlavta, but a'm of the free people of cufour, au J even of a CMsUlerable part of the whites. Wherefore, hav r.rr consulted his majesty's council of thi Ulanc, by virtue of the poen and i've aiiih. - ritr with which 1 Ti invest, d atxl wrh Uieir j, - ice, 1 netey proloi.g tue ppenifj of Uie port of Caitric. to the ship i of an I I of all nalioRt ,' basing cot.1 undcrsUndir.g uitt riMf Urttam next, tor tbe importation of rice, Indian corn, .!;... .vl everv otlitr kind of provi - ion. except salted heef, pork, butter, eltih. and other aalted fish s wc also permit the en trance of anima, aucb a liorses, muies, aim homed materialsof every kind. I moreover, authorize and permit u;r c. portation of rum, molasses and su,:ir in the proportion and on the conditions stipulated in of the 6ih of January last, in Ui'e ships of every nation winch thall import any of the articles herein meni ioned. Given at the Goi eminent House, Castries, tbe 26th day of March, 1318, andoftliercigii hi maiesiy the hi iv eiRian rvinedi EDWABI) CI1ARA, Lieut, col. of the 63d regiment, commander and administer of the crvil government. Cy order of his excellency, (Signed) J. K. RUNEi Sec'ry. CWner'f Rrvort. On Wednesday the core 1 in view the bodv of Henrv Wilkes, a muli tto, aged about 26 vear. who came to hi death bv accidentally falline into artr in Warren - t. Tlie man is said to have been sober and steady, and was a servant in the home of Mr. Greene in Wall - st. The circumetance of the death of this man were peculiarly solemn s he fell while leaning against a rotten railing, near wtiere a ninerai was to move from, for which he, with many others, were, the railing gave way, and be fell on the top of his lirid, and dislocated his neck, and immediately expired. Tbe sloop Gen. fcwifr. from Georgetown (S. - J wa catt away oo Blue - Point, on Wednesday moroinr last, abcut 2 o'clock Ihe crew aud passengers were all landed tale. Cel. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Freeman' Journal,? Wiilade!p!.ia, May 8. 5 j The ship Toutine.'Tiirlev, from London via Cowes, was detained in the Downs and Channel by heavy vest winds 6 weeks. March 4 and 7 experienced a tempest, and finally run into Ranmate lor a .laibour. Many vessels were totally let, a - id other rec. ived great injury. 17th, put into Cowes. Same day, the Favourite, from Charleston, sailed for London. 23d, ship Latona, arrived from Charleston, and sailed for London. Both, mied slup itooert Edwards. Sherburn, for Charle ton ship William, Coffin, for N York ; brig Ventrossa, At - well. of Boston, from Antwerp for Havana. Capt. Turley left at Cowes, 29th, brig Cannon, for ? York, came day; ships ten Hamilton, Fellows, do do i Galen, Tracy, lor Boston, do 30th. Off the Lizard came up with a fleet of 300 sail t saw the William, and brig Hope, the latter from l - ondon for Boston. April 14th, lat 41, long 50, spoke brig Caroline, of .V York, 20 day fn ni N Orleans, fcir Creenock same ,L,w saw mixh ice. 21st, tat 51, Ion 62, ship Jane, Banc - ift, from Liverpool fur Philadel phia, 23 days out, all well. 23d, at noon, the June in sig'it, laying too under f resil. 2oth, lat S9, Ion C8, ship Cdward, 5 days from Norfolk for Falmouth. Palladium Office, ? Boston, May 7 1P.M. J Arrived, sch Rolla, Lunt, from Richmond. Sch Betsey, Smith, 9 days from Philadel phia. Vcli Tluimas & Llwa, Mavo, trom rreder - icksbure, Sch Vititor. Memman,3 nays iiom rsioric A iichr. from a Southern port, for Boston, cargo flour, corn, and gin, parted her cables, and went ashore on thesmithsideof - the Vine yard, 1 - st Tuesday it h s.aid she belongs to Portland, and is a new vessel . Hi ig Waterloo, Finhy, S3 days from Bermuda, via Halifax, ar ived' bvsi evening, 40 pas sengers. We hare papers of the latter place, to 28tli ult. and send you Uiose of 2th and artb ! Shin John Jay, Coffin, from Bonavista, has arrived at Nantucket. ; FROM OUR .ORRF.SP0XDFJVT. Office of the Baltimore American, . May . S Arrived, sch Lawrence, File! - 17 tfays from Port - ati Pi ince. Sailed a few day af er the hrnr M mer. Left sch Leopard, llript', from C jltunore, a few day, and a brip trom bavan - nab, arrived Uie evening before. Sloop Caroline, Allen, 38 day from Cayenne Left Zvtli March (poke nothing. Vessels advertired in (he Ncw - Orloant Ga aettc of April 10, received this morning by the schooner Llixabeth Ship Willhim, for Liver pool brie; Abigail, Havre; Imogen?, Liver pool; tcii Huntress, New - Y'i'k; ship Mary, do; bnz Lliza, Liveniool ; on 'tarot - iof Welling - tou, tireenock ; brig l.eaxiler, Livorol ; Ame rican brig Kntanniti, cap', tpear, Ii.ruibraltar French ship Ata'auta, Nuotz; clir Feoelen, N York; tchr Com. Haruey, Providence; brij ?aI riot, Havre; chr Aam, Diltinioee; bri Hannah ii Rebecca, I'hila'lelpl.ia ; 'bin Caro line, Philadelphia; ship Ohio, PhilaptlphU ; tchr Industry, do ; brig Ann - Miirm, Uattimore ; packet e uanxia, iew - iors nng tiecirr, Liverpool hng VVeteauwiskcag, Boston ; ship Erin, Live jpool jtliip Th"r - ia Gordon, Botoo ; brig The ini, do ; "hip Edj;lo. Falmouth ; brig Satnnna eudoxia, IVew - York; hng Hector. Livcrpnol l.iver o - nnnah Phckel. NYork : tmioiie Mary, do; ship Reco very, Mverpoul ; tlocp iouuoma, Baltimore hria Otwi'gn, do. MARRIED, On Wednewlev cenin lar, by the Rev. Mr, Cooper, Mr. Alteu White, of this city, to Miss Nancy Warner, of Viiiksrs. Last evening, by the Rev. Archibald Maclay, .Mr. JofiahJ. rrr.r.k', to Mux t ranees Hunt, dangnierol widow Aice Hunt, all of this city, lllK.l), Yesterday .lAernoon, in the 44th year of his age, Josepli 1 - amctti,' a native of.Modena, in Italy, and many years a remdent of this city, His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend lm funeral from his hito resi dence, Ho. 145 Cb.atham - street, to - morrow morning, at half past 8 o clock, precisely. 1 1 - H VjVt? POST MARUtE LIST. CLEARED, Ship William Carletoo, Carleton, Savannah Schr Kimbler, uiancnard, iew - iiru;iswick Kagle, Russell, Waslungton N'C Hannah, Fessendcn, Boston Aurora, White, Corunna Frank, Cole, Madeira Bailrv k Russell Andrew Jackson, Gillet, Bermuda Merserole Ai Webtter. Schr Ilcvetice, Rollins, South America Kobert Cartmel Lydia & Mary, Jacobs, Philadelphia Sloop Gen. Jackson, Fisher, S Brunswick ' t ictory, Hawley, Jlostcn Comet, Bradley. Boston Lark, Bertram, Boton Paragon, Barnes, Middletowo ARRIVED THIS fORF.MM). SchrJEliiabetli, Crothy, 17 days from Ne Orleans, and 16 days from Uie Balire, wiUi cot ton sod pork to 3. Kotrinson Uo. IN. ti. Mm Um b Co. E. Iudlv, 1). Crowther. W Crig, R.M.EJ. Runell, J. & C. Williams Colus. Bridle, J. I Bowne, and Anderson &: sbenrer. Sailed from the 13. lute ia co. with stun Mary , Shaw, for N York ; brig Com Barney, for Providence. The Leader, Allej, tailed 7 days bcfoe for N York ; th - hrig Alrt Fro't,' sailed 10 d - jift before for N i nrk - Left oo veili at tie Bahze. Tbesl.ipCr. Tiii'n - . - f Philadelphia hud c - 't I ore on Uie mida.'e eiourd. 6 miles a - hovet'ie Bante. Left at Ortetns, ship Tbo i i"fdff., IJoerl, for Hwt.i, ie 7 days : bn Sa - UjuU, Packet. Fowler. hJinefor .Work. 0 dayt, - May t, I MaiaoiUa rtf, spoke brig TUztoe, from Cat) ftu.lj tea sndto New - Torlt. uie Jrloro Cattle fichr Why - Nol. Bircbmas. 4 duvt frnm k. folk, with tl)inlt.ii lo tlie matter. tk. p SparrcK, Weir h, lOdajt from Edentoa. Willi Cb and nntntitrvree, to T II Isichnrs. isloop Liberty, Slnde, 3 days from 11 N.C. with cotton, d.ixseed, lohaccoami in.i Mor.a to Trs dwell i 1 horiir, Blunt U. Jarkw ... n.iniii.H,i '!; inn uie tnasvT. B ELO V, a brig nod si hr - Aiiiayy.i) ltur F.rExixG, Sch New Packet. Crosby, 4 day from Wfl. mir.gton, N. C. with rice, tcbi..i, flour, cot, ton, and lumber, t O. Gibh. the master nA Other. GEORGETOWN, .vprilQ9. - .Arriied. iloon Catharine, Caldcr, 21 days from. NewS'ork. Tbe C. wat bound to Daricn, Geo. and pat hi here in discrete, be ing leaky and injured in rie. ging. CHARLESTON, May 1 Arrived yesterday br'g Commerce, Mcsservey, 5amana IS days - sch South - Carolina, Allen, Xew - York 10 dayt Cleared, ship Montgomery, Ward. Liverpool ship Rebecca - Coffin, Watt, Gre . ock. ' Two k!i oncers and a sloop were in the ofCue last ereninr, bonnd in. BOSTON, May 6. Arrived, Brig Sally Eames, 4" day from Liverpool. Sokr, lat 4f loruc 62, tchr Ca - sar, 4 dajs from Marbleia sJi Mar - eilles. Pattemcers, tapt. J. Hopkins, of 'hip Sarah.) and It in tlie steetage. Brig Milo. Merrill. 10 d lyt from Baltimore. British brig Watcreoo, Koth, Sdays from Halifax. HALIFAX, April 27 Arrived, Swiftmrt ' Packet,, New - York, 11 dayt; Sum. Morriton, do ft I Jesse, Williorot, Dumfrip, dayt, with 165 parte i gert, bound to lluladtf. phia, put in for water. Sailed 54th, Oukeof' York Packet, for .N York with Feb. and March ' mailt. 17th, sailed Elizabeth, Walker, New York. - ., THEATRE. THIS F.VEMNG, olay 9, 1818,. ' Will be preteciied, the comic opera of lha CABINET. . Prince Orlando, Mr. rbilipo , Iu which ct.nrrtcr be will ung " 1 he Beastital Maid,1' and Ihrpnlncca, M iSo more by sot - iow," The Bird l'iir;t, silh Miss Johnsoo ; and Ihe Duet " Witii a friecd end n wife," with Mr. IJurleyt uad also introdoce the Bailad ol Exeleeu't Bower." a . Wbimsicuiu, . Mr. Hiltqn - Peter, Biiroe Constanlia, , Mi. Parley rloretia, Mist Johnson ' J o whirh win re aaned, the farce of . . THE DEVIL TO PAY. Johson, Mr. Barnes On, Love in a Village, aad the Falsi of Clyde. i Peiiormance to commence at a quarter past Kven o'clock. (XT CLARK, ti KIT I KillGE have remised their office from fio. l8tVrry, to Mo. 331 Pearl street, a few doors above Peclt slip. mv at ftT - ELltfHA AVtKllX, Attorney at Law and Aotnry Public, hat removed hit ofuce to the Law, touth entry, No. 5. my 3t SHU JAM liU MO.VHUK. irr Tbe ship JAMES MONROE. Jame Wilkinson, master, is intended to sail for Li verpool to - morrow, at 12 o'clock. ' 1 he passengers are particularly requested to be at Wliii eliall prertttliiU that fteur, where ti e sloop Ebcurt will be in readiness to take . them on board the ship. The Letter Baa; will, be taken irom the Coltee - llouse at Uie ssmcr tinie. 5mo th It ' MISSlOtfA H Y AOriCA'. rrT A tUted meeting of the "New - York'1 Evangelical Missionary Society of young men,M " will be held in tbe lecturo room of tho brick - church on Monday Eveniug, the 11th iust. at . oVIoek. '. . '. At butinoss of wusval interest will come be fore the society, members are reijuested to be ' punctual m their attendance. , .Verniers Elect, who have uol tignea ine con stitution, are requested to attend early for that' purpose. ' r , it. J. 11 U I Crll.xcU.A, Cierx. may 9 2t - JJm (IntenJod a; a regular trader) AufiaThe substantial and fat srsiling th'.p . EUl.M, Newcomb, mastr , is now loading at Pine - street wharf and will sail, weather permitting, on the 17th a few toot of freight can be Istksa , f applied for by the 12th inst. and a few mora cabin and stecraje pauengcrscan becomfottably accommodated. Apply to the captain oo board, or to JAVES M'BRIDE, 82 l.iterty - tL Who ha just ceceived by the Dublin Packet and babel la, frcm Dublin, 74 packages, confist - , ing of 4 - 4 'ud 7 - 8 tlr hed lintns, 3 - 4 brown do. 7 - 8 dro;he Jat, & 4 diApcrs, 5 - 4 ueetup, 4 - 4 5 - 4 co'ton chce.kt, 7 - 8 shirtin;s, and 10 bhds tu - . uerieir old claret wine ; which, with I us previous assortment of l'nens, lawr.t, kc. ic. are offered lor Me on mouciate term. nay V tor.'iSmuiA. Tk. 0:. ' U U. . Ac - t I ft ...1 a. Jfctffibout thfi IGth inst. For freight only, - mss good accommodations, apply on board at pier 13 catt river, or to It. GILLESPIE, my 9 liaFront - ttreet for SAV AMAH, 1 he strong substantial ship filAJHH, uevolL master. Will tail on rnuay next, i.nd tale freight very low. Apply ta ' y mav 9 56 South - street LYNCH, )un. (at No. 40 William - street,) MJ. has on hand the following WINES and LIQUOR?, selected wilb judgment by himself, whit h he offers at wholesale and retail, tmr - rantrH pvre, as imported - ' i wfu ( Madeira, from 5 to 18 X'cask, J - rsinwood. Old Madeira, in bottles, from 3 to SO year Champninc, Borgnndy, Claret and Sauteruer of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Liibon, 7 yean old 7 de Sherry, nine years old, anil free from - . Boracha tatle Port, in pipet and boUlet 1 , Table wine, for it quality, the cheapest itt America - , . - i TenerifTe, in hhds. " . ' Oi l Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced jjOO demijohns, contaiuiug five gallons each i 00 jroce wine bottles " j N. B. Those in the trade, aid country dea era, will find it to their account, to tnppiy w selves with wines ami liquors at the above estV blisbment, as they wiU be certain to optauiwru - . cletoftbe first quality, at the lowest pi ices, pure as imported. my v Hirmr LUMticH. , lU UU Rough hickory handspoke 30,000 feet wide boarJ 20.000 do yellow pius plank . ' 10,000 do clear boards aud plank ,' ' 400 R. O. hbd shook ' ' 20,000 hoops With a general arsortmenl of Inmber. . i . For tale by WILLIAM PRODIE, : " Corner of Beaver - laue and Wajhingtotvit. N. B. All kinds of lumber yarded, and bougati and told oa commission. may 9 3t C1ALCUTTA l.OODi. - S bale upehor Company G - irrah , ''' 1 bale Tandah Coia ' , 1 do Rangpore Coiiat " - j do Chardrllaa Mamoodie ' 2 do Tancah do ' Landins and for tale by ' ' B,y J. OSBORy, 23 South - iUj

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