The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 19, 1934 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CASUALTIES ARE MUCH REDUCED Northern Iowa Division Has Part in Decrease for North Western. By reducing casualties, both killed and injured, from 7 in 1932 to 2 in 1933, employes of the Northern Iowa division of the Chicago and North Western railway played a big part in helping the Chicago and North Western railway maintain employe safety leadership on class A railroads for the fourth consecutive year, according to G. B. Vilas, general manager of the road, Chicago, who directs all safety activities. A report from the American Railway association to Mr. Vilas shows that the North Western Fat Men! Here's A Red Hot Tip Safe Way to Get Kid of Surplus Fat and at the Same Time Gain In Vigor, Energy and Mental Activity--Feel Younger. "Yes, Gentlemen:" Writes W. R. Daniels of Richmond Hill--"I have finished my second bottle of Kruschen Salts and have obtained the following results: "I have removed 3 inches from the belt line--Get up in the morn ing feeling 100 per cent--I am 25 per cent more active--My mind is clearer--My wind nas improved 25 per cent--All skin eruptions have disappeared--My face and lips have color--When I go to bed I am motionless--sleep like a brick. Am 46 years old and feel 20 years younser." Millions of men the world over are taking the little daily dose of Kruschen because they know that it keeps them feeling fit and active --life really becomes a glorious adventure--well worth living. Get on the scales today and see how much you weigh--then get a bottle of Kruschen Salts which costs but a trifle and will last 4 weeks. Take one half teaspoonful In a glass of hot water every 'morning--cut down on sweets for a while--persist in this method every morning and when you have finished the contents of this first bottle weigh yourself again--and note how many pounds of fat have vanished--the 'six mineral salts of Kruscnen have presented you with glorious health. To take off fat harmlessly and SAFELT, take Kruschen every morning--don't worry--it's the SAFE way to reduce. But be sure for your health's sake that you ask for and get Kruschen Salts. Huxtable Drug Co. was first again among the large railroads in America. There were no passengers killed in train accidents on the Chicago and North Western railway in 1933. Employe casualties, including both killed and injured, on the Chicago and North Western railway during 1933 were the lowest in the history of the road. There were only 5 killed and 89 injured, a reduction of more than 23 per cent over 1932 when 15 were killed and 101 injured. Kate Greatly Reduced. "In the last 10 years," Mr. Vilas said, "we have been able, through the co-operation of our supervisors and empolyes, to reduce our casualty rate (killed and injured a million man hours worked) from 30.15 in 1923 to 1.65 in 1933, or a reduction of 97.8 per cent "We received the highest safety honors in 1930, 31, and 32, winning the National Safety council's class A plaque twice (no railroad can win it two years in a row) and the Harriman gold medal in 1931. "One of the outstanding accomplishments during the year was made on the Sioux City division where no reportable accident happened during the entire year. Listed for Other Lines. "Taking the railroads as a whole, as shown in the statement released by the American Railway association, there was a decrease of 26.60 per cent in the casualty ratio for the calendar year 1933 as compared with 1930. One hundred railroads were covered in the report, the mileage amounting to a total of 211,000 miles. The total casualty ratio is 8.33." The leading class A railroads had casualty rates (killed and injured a million man hours worked) as follows in 1933: Chicago North Westrn railway Union Pacific railroads The Milwaukee road Pennsylvania System The Burlington Road Rock Island Lines New York Central Southern Pacific Northern Pacific Illinois Central 1.65 2.17 2.20 3.95 5.41 5.76 7.24 7.92 8.07 10.23 RUBBISH BURNS . Rubbish burning in the basement caused a lot of smolte with little fire at the home of Robert Ericson, 1446 Madison avenue northwest, about 8:30 o'clock Wednesday evening. Firemen extinguished the blaze with a hand" pump. The fire started near the furnace. Good News for Kidney Suffeiefs! Here ia relief that coca right into the irritated kidney and bladder organs §o quickly, you eaa actually SEE results within afewfaoura, Husliei out poison*, neutralises burning *a'da, brinrt prompt noo thing comfort. No more ftchlBfl bacc. -rent bladder, sore painful joint* from Ii.dc ef kidney activity. Aak dmxst for Foley PiH»-- take no other. Money l»ck cuaiaate*. O192I SHOULD CONTAIN COPIES OF CODES Employers Under Permanent Rulings Should Post Provisions. All employers of labor who are under permanent codes and who have not already done so should immediately obtain the official postcard and make application either to their code authority or to the state NRA compliance director at Des Moines for the official copy of the labor provisions of each respective code. It is required that these labor provisions be posted in every establishment. The local compliance board has been informed by J. J. Hughes, state compliance director, 421 Old Federal building, Des Moines, that employers now have an extension of time in which to apply for these official copies of the labor provisions. Cards on which the applications may be made are available at the Chamber of Commerce and may be procured by calling for them. Employers operating under .the Wholesale Food and Grocery code have already received their cards through the office of C. H. Barber, secretary of their local code authority. All merchants operating under the local retail code authority, of which Mr. Barber is also secretary, will receive a card from him within the next few days and need not apply. . , All others who have not received these cards and made this application and are employers of labor and under a permanent code should get them at once and make application for the labor provisions which they are required to post. SAVE ON PERMANENT WAVES! Imperial Reconditioning Oil Wave Regular ?5 Value Complete Beauty Service Ann GBbert - Mr. Plttman GILBERT'S 103 1st St. S. E. Phone 3180 Avoid Overheating" Underheating INSTALL Automatic GAS HEAT! Only $5 Down CALL US NOW FOR A FREE HEATING SURVEY PEOPLE'S GAS AND ELECTRIC COM1NY MEN ARE GOING TO WORK Employes leaving one of the gates at Hudson Motor Car company factory during a change of shifts. Total employment has now reached 20,000 persons, about .five times as many as a year ago. Shipments of Xerraplanes and Hudsons likewise are greater than since the early months of 1930. It is estimated that during the month of April .alone this factory wUl build half as many cars as it did during the entire 12 months of 1933. BOY INJURED BY DYNAMITE BLAST Twelve Year Old Finds Caps Near Excavation and Examines One. Alexander Ringus, Vi year old aon of Mr. and Mrs. John Ringus, 841 Polk avenue southwest, lost the thumb and index finger of his left hand, when a dynamite cap, which he said he had found near the Stacy-Friesner Fruit company, exploded Thursday morning about 9 o'clock. The accident occurred at the home of the boy where he was examining the cap near the stove and finished a search by police that covered practically the entire south end of town Wednesday evening for the missing caps. Worker Misses Caps. Henry Smith, 413 Twenty-ninth street southeast, reported to police late Wednesday afternooa that a box of caps had been lifted from his jacket as he was digging- in a hole. Mr. Smith reported that he was digging a hole for a tank at the rear of the Stacy-Friesner Fruit company at Fifth street and Delaware avenue southeast. He had been working in rock and was using dynamite and had a box of about 15 caps in his jacket. The jacket had been left at the edge of the hole. Boys Near Hole. Two small boys had been, near the hole about 15 minutes before Mr. Smith missed the caps. One boy, about 5 years of age, was dressed in cream colored pants and another APRIL 19 Ml 1934 of 6 years was wearing overalls and a. jacket. The boys went north Into the alley near the Fauley tin shop but could not be located. The Ringus boy is confined at the Park hospital. Police warned parents to search the clothing of. other youngsters of the neighborhood who might have picked up some of the caps. ·\m i Piles Go Quick Without Salves or Cutting , Thousands of sufferers from itch- . ing, bleeding or protruding piles i; have learned that quick and lasting relief can be accomplished with an internal medicine. Neither salves nor cutting remove the cause. Bad circulation of the blood in the lower bowel causes piles. The veins are flabby, the bowel walls weak--the parts lifeless. To end Piles an internal medicine should be used to stimulate the circulation, heal and restore the affected parts. Dr. J. S. Leonhardt was the first to discover a real internal Pile remedy. He called his prescription HEM-ROID, and prescribed it for hundreds of patients wtih a marvelous record of success and then decided every Pile sufferer should be able to get HEM-ROID tablets from their own druggist with a rigid money back guarantee. So why waste time on external remedies or worry about an opera-, tion when Michael Drug'Co., says "No matter what kind of Piles you have, one bottle of HEM-ROID tablets must show you the safe clean way to get rid of your Pile misery or money-back." I' 1 ' · *m|TH ·· MrmB v*r |(Rv//ianType) WINER; RO/E WATER] AND I GLYCERINE [PULL [PIHT WW FOR Whistling TEAKETTLI ZfUU PINT] MINI" IP*" H0N*V ANDAIMOND WATER BOILS 2 Quart Capacity FULL PINT L WITCH, HAZELi Double Di/till«d !.»·* [CREOSOTE FLOATING SALE OF TOILETRIES CARRfl Guirwittcd Tooth Brushes JFUIUilTURE 10 'FULLPOUHD MAR-O-OIL $1.00 Shampoo SHAMPOO ' 50c Cocoanut Oil ' CLAUDE 506 Brllllantine ' HENNA OJ. Egyptian Powd HAIR BRUSH i 51.50 Hughes Ideal.'..' VEGETAL $1,00 Ulac Odor _,,.' PO-GO , 60c riounc ,, 66' I P 36« 47« FROSTILIA 39e Hand L*li«n -- JEkSEN-S 50c Hind Lotion '_ POND'S 65c ereafhB . ALMOND 50c Hand Lotion _ HUSKER'S 07e SOe. Hand Letleni ... ·"* ITALIAN- BALM44e 1= Ca^pana * f KLEENEX" ICif Size --.- . ·* MARROW 35c Cuticle OH ~-. . NIPPERS Per CiKkU , ORANGEWOOD Stick.--10e and NAIL FILES 25e, 15= ind SCISSORS 4Q 0 Manlcurlnf, ,_V«' CUTEX «f| J5c LiouM Nil! PoH»h-~VI CHERAMY ZSc lyebrow Pent!! ,,·_ .77e 11.00'FC* PmMr DJERKISS 47* FK» Powder *· IBATH POWDER 07* |1.00 Valui, In Glait Jtrl LABLACHE JJ. 50c Face Pewder -_TM^ LADY ESTHER TT C J1.10 Faic« Powder II SEVENTEEN 7Q. S1.00 F«c« Powder _-- I w* LIP.'lVO Special ,, _ PINAUD MQuttune WITH - · -1.ounce bottle of Pinaud's Lilac and a ten-day tube .of jPinuicri Lilac ShtvingCrea ISION 50* DEODORANT PEBECO NEW size dAOE.OF E/H,UV6 RUBBER Genuine AM 13. -- g CrRAIN PINT f* A «·*»·» BJ w MBLKOr fA|mi TMACNHI .Ifi Cety'« Perfume *[!* ffvrcbaM' M Coty'i Fact Pewdtr 98' "Kwlk-WMi" Bathroom Scale .T^ 1 -I? 33« ,, 8*« PETROUC 59* §lFITCH9.| · ·f I ruAiLiDnrk I [SHAMPOO \ENQS DWDKUff} nf MP/TICK 25*WHYTE-FOXI HAIR l i OIL ii HOME REMEDIES . AND 31.19 LI SULPHUR j FOP Dormant Spraylnjj 1 Pound 27C cul.r SI:. EQ C NUJOL ..... - ........... - ............... W B ] In ai»l Vial 4ft STYPTIC PENCIL ---------------- V 1 Pint Full 6tren;th ' *)4| PEROXIDE ................. --------- **" ! 3!.!! Sin Tonic fiQf BEEF, IRON WINE .......... W 6 j »1.00 Sl: for Doucf.e COft PERA POWDER __________ ....... OS 8 I 2!c Size Can -I o ZINC STEARATE _________ ,,,, IOC LIVER OIL .......... 87« **3t,J PowdsrIf? Clinical rmometer EASY READING 31.25 Value Guaranteed |25c Zinc Stcarate 18t I BlOc Nurssrs, 3 for IGc BEar.Ulccr Syringe 23c |23c Infant Supp...I8(i BORDEN'S'^ fEagle SMILK i_-- 10= ANTI-COLIC Of ^ SANTRO N1PPLESB g3 Oz. Pachape IBORICACID.: W 01. Btttle I CASTOR OIL ,. F Oa Sdien« «l 'PEPPERMINT ,.:...., AHllsOLSuppositories ^jlM-tiff lmpcrt«il orwejUn raCQD LIVER OIL, Pint -^ , SlecMc KITCHEN CLOCK STEAM I PROOF. EASY 'TO HEAD. 19 C 2So Sin with Appllttter MERCUROCHROME )S' »oui« el ARQM. CASCARA lit lo* el UuU« COLD PHXS !!e J.r Hot nub VAPOR SALVE FMIer Thin A«plrlr. NEOPHEN PILLS IROCHELLE SALTS tu? NiHet (er tlemlcH \1NKOLAMEDICINE 85: Sl» PETROLAGAB -.Pint Otnulnt Hnvy Rictun MINERAL OIL 3te »lnt liltti MILK OP MAGNESIA .*- raani link lmurti PSYLLIUM SEED Pound tax Pun EPSOM SALTS , For KUney Rillil PROSTEX PI TrythtNta Cigarette TIME Bosrs TOOTHPASTE REMOVES "SMOKER'S »TAINS ARSENATE QFLEAD In Meltturo Proof CitrtoIlB- ^ 1,1 PdUniS --196 ^ 4 Pounds 69^ K-JUPC-R REFIHECX IN I PROOF BAGS t* IPSOM 5ALT5- BARBA/OLJ CLEWSIW CREAM *'- /HAVING BRU/H4! fl.90 TEXA/i 604 POMPEIAN POWPER41* PEBECO SOc Tube COLGATE'S Ribbon Denial DR-WEST-jfcrOK !5= Tube * «W 19e HOUSEHOLD NEEDS Formaldehyde Full »int 07n RINSO *·* Lsrj-Packigt « '""For Wall Paper ^ APEX Moth Cakes 1§ c LIFEBUOY £ C DRY CLEANER 3St Sfis Pc' Body Ot!or_ " 55c--Lcawe« No Rinfl .,-.,..* ENOZ Moth Sproy flQcLUX 5 for 1fflcVILSON Cleaner 60; Siie - ~* Toilet Ooap ** '*' (15c Can . BLACK FLAG 11 C PALMOIL for IQc^UTNAM'S » Ot. Powitr , ' * Ccmr.l:xion Sosp ~ "* ,«0c Dry Cleantr ____ BLACK LEAF 40 flSs Cream Floating for || C! ENOZ 51.00--5 01. Powder W " 1.3^, Cakes ~ S l 35e Can -- rtif pSMS^"^TM- 3 Dr. Edward KolarM. D,, calil: "Ourlne helped cases I had given up as iiopeltw. A truly remarkable sctenUfle remetiy." No matter how severe your deafness or beadaoisea are a few i ol Ourinc la eacl; /guaranteed to help you. ' ft. I*. iiajL-ntlJ, Deputy Sheriff lay*: "Have jaat finished my first - _ .bstCe. glad to »Ute I can now te*i?!y/^j*^**?.'x*v *** CHICKEN DINNER WITH FRESH COOKED VEGETABLES, CRISPY HOME MADE ROLL5,WHI1 sWJ $ JOHNSON'S WAX PASTE OR LIQUID J l 6 Oz GLO COAT or LIQUID WAX _ t 32 Oj. GLO'CftAT OR LIQUID WAX...._ 98C I 8 Oi. DANCE POWDER 39C--16 Oz _ 59! bell ring to two j wrcrylag;, use Ourlae, ·-- 500,0 ptople iisn^ajastg prompt i )ENTORIS )OTHBRUS! e 27C "19'34-

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