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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1818
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TOE NEW - FOR ffiJG POST. . NUMBER. 49o5 SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM STREET. nfd v rpn TO CHAR lER. a JL Itritish vessel o( UUO to 250 ). iolr b rarra from this port to , i Liuw w e vSC, Jatte - S and fmm thence to London lv(a ! MANAMA;', "ur - sw OT Or to ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 Water - Whhv frr sale a few puncheons of well fUarcd ed Jamaica Rum. may 5 1 'nr iJStiO.V. Thm ketch MARIA. Rainev ; will fail V'IZoa Wednesday next, and ran accommo - JJjTor 4 passengers. Apply on board, at pier ' 67 Waihington - st uiwnr A.v l.llKHfOOL. wlStV' - 51t cabin pwienRcra ean be hand ltViomely accommodated on board, tin i' j n - !,;.l hriL PCXK1IE. cant Ar line cuwvuu o - - : .i uiL i .u:t f.w l.iirriKKil about the 15th init. Apply on board, at pier no. 18, fc. It - to CALDER, M'LEA it CO. mv5 iw ' 57 Pine - street or t, fit nnnlied fur in 4 Jars') ' nbatantial and fist iailiiizh Ai'Sv iv rnmwr fastened and copocred, is ytars old, hai a full inventory and may be sent . L. tmifl'.t.m fttianullMI lit'. At U Ma wuu ui Murray's wharf. For terms apply to ZiM U'S. PUH.tS k CO. or HIP LEY, CtJTLH A: CO. may 4 1w l - hnlir;? HOPE. 130 tons: carries i i mi hnrrcl. 2 vear old. h first rate ..r lp rla.i. and in complete order to re ceive cargo; lyiti eat side Peck - slip; will be old reasonable - - A pp!y to . & C. jD - 4 I ZtfPOliT ti CO. ma 4 1 far tit.RBtCL and - 1 nA, y The untisn orif rAfuitiib, a. .Bcemaii. master, to sail 15th May. lor passage, apply to GEORGE LACY, ' ' X. 4 Ftillon - alip. A few Horses will be taken on freight, tp 28 tf KUiVI, MOLASSES ic. i8u puueheous fine flavoured Tobago Run) 43 do retailing Molasiej, received per brig fienjamio 190 puncheons Rom, received per hrig Ante lope, from Tobauo, aud u?r sale by ; GOODHUE k Co. my 1 ' 44 South - street. lAMKa U'rtOLK, Juor. baa removed tmoi57 r'roiil - stnet to 64 bouth - atreet, and oifcrt lor S2 coroons south American Tallow 55 tons clrati St. Petersburg!) Hen p, few belts hrt qiinl,ty Kuia l.'uclt ; Gur - jnanbteel ra boxes, entitled to draw - hack.' 16000 lr. Green Coflcs do 25 boxes China tatile aefts 17 5 pieces each 10 luids pure Spirits . . 1 case natiHaa. my 5 Kit H - VIOAH K'.OUtt ti't bMa. variety Mills, suitable for bakers for sale by n,y,S . U1VIK Hbl HUNr. to. CO. FAtfCY GOOlA. - SIX case of new and elegant fancy articles, tuch , , . .' . Ladies? work boxes ami dressing cases, very ele - esnt Writing desks, elegantly pilt and plain Gilt and painted card racks, Fau racks Fire aud caudle screens, painted in a superior manner, with gUt and colored bandies Back'amon boards Maliue and morocco work baskets Gentlemen's shaving apparatus, Touches and dreviug cases, complete Morocco and mahogany portable desks A fesr Russia Uathcr do. ery superb 5ome very elegant portfolios with gilt locks and pockets Elegantly gilt borders and plain Morocco, Russia and roan pocket bouks, of various descriptions Spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many other articles too numerous to mention. For sale wholesale and retail, by " N. SMITH UVIES, apW No. 151 B'twlsny. f'.A.NU L ,MkV - UKi.KA S3 CUl'iO.t. &4 bales prime Upljnd Cotton, luudu;g fromloop Wnif, from Savannah 63 hales Nen - Orleans C'ntton, landing from ship Maria Caroline, tor sale by POTT ss M'KIN.VE, 66 South - streit In Utore. 109 bales Upland Cotton - - !9 da .New - Orlean do 35 ceroons Cuba Tobacco 3d boxes Window Gl s 6i pipe CatalcnU Wiue 11 pipes O U. r. Madeira Wine ;batbeen imported 5 vears 9 or. casks Malaga Wine ruuo Uemijohns lit tnosdiivedes Iron, assorted sizes. ant7 CO tAata CAM TOM GOUUS, vii: IO 5 easel col'd Canton Crapes - 4 do blsc - k do do 2 do col'd Nankin do 1 do bUck do do 3 do Crape Shawls . . 1 do black Cnmblcts 1 1 do mix'd Silk do do Chang'ble Sarsnets i . do do Levantines I do black do 4 do Pilklldkr 1 do Birds Eye do . t do Col'd Cone an . 2U do $ewin Silk, (Italian style) 2 do 5iiH.'uetri 1 do Sarsnets. '' ALSO, Company lone and shnrt Yellow Nan - luAlnrsalo by MARCH It LOW, . P30 J10 Broadway. a'OBACCO. COTlX)N k 5lGR 150 bbd. Virginia Tobacco 81 hales Jalloon Cotton, siinerior nnalitv SO ltcs double boiled Calcutta Su - ar, lor sale i ouum si reef, oy V5 CA.MBhKLE.VG At PEARSON. TIN i'LA I E, e:c 17J boxes I in n.ic A sortel 10.900 lb. India Block Tin ,R.0OO lbs. Iroa Wire, assorted from "'o. 1 to siwrsale hy A.NsOM G. I lit - Lr, P30 IKl f'r.H.t street lUU.M AUttM. WiLL.i.Nk U CO. oder for cnes superior Bengal Indigo ' ""eril rasks smalts, partirnlarly desirable for bleachers and paper maker : ks hardware . baks cauimeres and shalloon's, shawls 6 ilpU. Juit received 40 pckages. Those, L, s"1" wiin a ranrt ana cenrm assonmem V otea, ea reasonable tnn, hy J,' THOS WITT, - - No. f75 rearUtrecf. Y'ltjlMA TOBtCCO. 80 bbda. good r Rxlimnd a - id 1'etersbarg Tobacco , "? d d.l new rtn do 'SyVarn's.cturedilo do of various "as a. - . Hi,i,f,es, for sale Mr B06&MAN c J01LN3T(W. ' HOEti A lew rasks of Fateut and Cominoa Carolina aud Virginia Hoes, of the Biudes manufacture, just received and for sale by ANDERSON At SHEARER, op30 jr At No. 131 Wtr - street. ' lAAOLtS. - 50 boxes Easleru Mould Caa - dice, for ssie dt ap 30 J03. OSBOR.V. $8 South - street. Richmond and Lynchburg muHuaeturtd TU B.i CCO. g 1" Q jCJktgs, now landing frem sundry ves - sets, of the following qualities and brands : 63 kegs, Shelton St Williamson, 8 hands, 1, 2, 3 45 do F. Miller Co. U 1.X.3 38 do J. P. E?e, , 8 l,t 45 do George Fletcher, 8 1 108 do John Eodore, . U 1 144 do D. K. Rom, U 1,2 53 do P. tloltz it Co. 8 1 CI do Anderson, lilair k M'Keage, 8, 1,2 m do Jesse Hare fc Co. H Ml do R. H ughes & Co. 8 1,2 6 1 do It. Cantor, 8 1,2 45 do F. G. Cremliaw, 8 1, 3 21 do R. I'utton, 12 2 87 do J. & I'. Labby, ' 8, 1 lady's twist CI do H.Starr, 8, it hall Ib.rolls Moat of the above brands are well known and approved of in this market, on account of the quality, and uniformity of the didorent numbers by which the qualities are designated. For sale by CORNELIUS l)U BOIS, ap20 30 Front - street. UO.vitsnCJtOTllfcK WARES. THE suivribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, vu : Dutrh and Eiiss'ish Gunny Bag l'opes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy aud common I in lor Blacksmiths Hall ano Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves uniouis Duster, or Counter Bri'shes Heurth Rruslies, fun cy and common tie.iii cto no no Cloth do do do ' Weavef do White Wash d.i Shoe Ai Scrulibir.g do Paint Brushes and Sash I'ools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furnituie Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Suth Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought' and Cut Do Hair do Whips of every de scription . boiue, sewing, wrap ping, baiting ana bail i wiue Fit:. Lines Shoe It aadlTj Thread Dearborn's ' Balances, fcc. .vails and liraus , Which they will sell wholesale or retnil on 1 bend terms. CEB11A & CUMI.NG, np 28 78 Peart - stnct. Q17 IKU 'J OR A CCO ii fliUL'H. O hlids old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do niiiidling do. For sale by VA.SQUE4, MEL' ROM fc CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Wa - hinston - sf. HUHltiRY, PUiAJst.L, l'L&, hie. MKN'5 and woairn's cotton sturkings A few baits superfine white flannel, very wide do do red and yellow . do Berlin ami military cords ' Green table covert, different sixes ' - Best London pins, 3 I S, 4, 4 1 - 2,5 oi'st pins, . 1 - 4, 1 - 2 and 111) .' Mourning pins and short whites VVhite chacl needles, assorted ; Brass wire No. 84 aud 25 Card wire No. 27 and 'Si Hooks and eyes. Thimbles Also on ha'id, Eudish look in r glass plates, unsilvrreJ For salebr ATKINSONS & FLEMING, ap 20 3w 167 rearl - tt. PITAsITkOK rlUi manufactory! At the loot n llarnson - street, Morth - River. KJ HERE mnnutactured Plaster, forcorni - V V Les and nttwr pu - poses, mat be bad. war ranted of the first quality, a t ene hilar and twenty Jirt ctntt per buthcl. 1 ne inauuiui'iory is conducted ny nr. onn Tucker, who has served a reeilar apprenlice - sliip to the tuason business. mil 51 JOHN BYERS. AMERICAN GOODS. WM. F. i 4AM L. MOTT, No. 166 Pearl street, offi r lor sale the folluwinc Ameri can cotton a"d woollen goods : 5 cases Ilrown sinning 4 do bleached do 5 do 3 - 4 Check ; 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton B - dls 2 do Hewing Thread 2 do Knitting Yarn 2 do Sattinetts 20 rate Plaid 5 do Blue SI ripe 1 5 do Bed Tick 1 do Denim ; I ii Milinels 40 do Twist and Filling, assorted from No. 10 biilrs Candltwick. 5 to 12 4th mo, 24 5w, Mr. BALLET U Madame No. 7 Nassau - street, HAVE the honor to inform the public in general and the ladies of New - York in particular, that they manufacture and have constantly on hand an assortment of artilkul flowers. At their store are also to le found, and to be disposed of by wholesale and retail. Perfumery of every description, among which are the celebrated La it r'trzuial, and the mo.t approved essences and pomatums for the complexion. Tortoise shell combs and thimbles A complete assortment of worked dresses, shawls, Gchus and hands Umbrellas and pars.mli Merino, knit and velvet ridicules ; silk fichus Stnckmjs nnd glove for laJiesand gentlemen Indies' elastic prters .Spring and ball silk dresses - Ball do. embroidered with chenille and ornamented with (lowers t silk scarf Prunella a::d silk shoe Levantines, floreeces, satins, taffetas, Lr. And in short, every thing connected with the ladies' toilette. ap25 lot tT WHITE LEAD, c. fcc, JJ J kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Leac 8 Ion Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre SO do Venetian Red ; 2 tons tine Litharge 80 hnsgheads Whiting 60 casks Paris Whit ; 3 hhds. Verdigris 50 tierc s r rem h Yellow Ochre 5 keps Vermillion' 4 rasks Prtitian Rlee, 4001b. Cmme Yelliw; Patent Yellow . Spanish Urnwn, Venetian Red, Y.llow, VINOIU , Blrtck, i 1 Verdigris J . - . Lampt.l - H - k ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; LinueedOU 400 boxes Wiod w GUs, asaorte I Foro on the lowest terms, for cash or at short rn - dit. bv PEI'CR SCHERMERilORf fc SONS, my 1 S4J Water - UeL 'IMAi "LATE. TEA tic. 150 bexe Tib I p'ate, assorted 12.100 poaads (odi block Tin ' 8.000 do . Iron Wire, assorted 1,500 dr o'd Cvpper 40 chests Hnoo fchiw Tee, for tale by ANcON G. PHELPS. my 184 Fro - - treet. I OLASSKS 60 hhds and I tierce retailing i.f I Havana Molasses, landing from schr Vn - n,uipi. t.iis, i rom Havana, ai curling - sup, est pier, lor sale by N & D. TALCOTT, mv 6 84 Sooth - street. HOWLAND, 77 Waahingloost, I. off r for sale 60 boxes brown Havana Sugar. 40 bags Rare Ginger 7 'pipes old Sherry Wine - . 2 do do. Lisbon do, 12 boxer Claret 400 oval Demijohns, 5 casks Antimony 100 bbls ground Camwood 10 tons Lignumvitae 3 cases Toys, 6 kegs Vermilion 400 India round floor Mat 50 slabs India block Tin 35 hhds first quality.Quercitron Bark Writing, Wrapping and Printing Paper A small invoice n( Calcutta coorls. inst receiv ed, consisting of Baft as, Bnnnuli, Mamoodies, U urrans ami k s. my o (.VNOI - IMi BluA VLR HA lb. - 3 casts Loo - M2J don Beaver Hats, mst received, and for sale by TUCKER as LA U Kits, my B . S9 Sonth - slreet. C f & H 1. 1. T MA LA OA MJSK.iiC JjT twenty gnllon casks sweet Malaga wine 100 boxes bloom rainns 37 rasks soft shelled almonds, landing this morning, Iroin schr. Anadue, at t ly - market wharf lor sale by ' U.G.Si S. HOWLAND, : may C 77 Washington - st. CI OKN MEALMKI iibas. IH barrels lira quality kiln dried yellow Cum Meal, fresh irom uie mills, lor s ue i y , TUCKER it LAUR1F.S, my 4 29 South strict. I ESS and rr.lMF. PORK. - 34 and an half lv I barrels, said to be a very superior lot, will be sold liorp tlte vessel at Uie lowest market price. Apply tu my 6 CORNELIUS DUBOIS. ALL orders received and aUeuded tolorbiy - ins aud ft pairing Uie .Muuhattan lead ami wood pipes, umtcisU'in or sink pipes, rieaa pumps, by SAMUEL 8TARKEY, myrtlw No. 13 Chumbet - stnet IJUGAR. 34 hlitU. SJdqual. Muscovado, lo sale at 3 Peck - slip, by my 2 R. & C. W. DAVENTORT I CO. iV,fe of .tw - ork Comptroller'' i I'lice. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, Uiat sealed projuiials will he received at tins office until .Vion.l.iy Hit Vjm 01 .May next, lor live purchase ot the whole or of uny part of 840. 4?!l 17 - 100 dollars of the three pit cent. Stork of tin I'unded debt of the United States, owned hy this strife, The Stock, if fold, will be transferred on tlir first day of July next, at which time, payment nnut lie made hy the purchaser or purchasers, nt the IjMikof Aew - York 111 the city ol .vew - York i he proposals wid be opened oi the si id 55h lav of Nlay ni xt and the best oiler or "(To is H ill lie Deceived ; provided the ' ftVrs tic surd as shall, consislent wrth the interests of the state, warrant the acceptance ofany of them. If any rlfer or cfTers shall be accepted, infor mation thereof shall be immediately cominimi - cated to the person or persons so offering 1 and it is expected and required that such porson or pe rsons shall then give satisfactory security for the payment at the time stipulated, ARCH'D M'INTYRE, Comptroller. Albany, April 27, 1018. . ap30 tM55 . FC)H - fjf.E or 7T) LKT. Inisl And DOitesion given the 1st of May, a new ano convenient iiouse ui inu oatcuirm uinu, finished in the best possible manner, situated in reari - street, near ir unuery, ana aujoming uie new house 01 jvir. ursries. For particulars enquire of KOUKRT R. HUNTER, No. 135 Greenwich, corner of Liberty - street. np 28 2 iv rOH HALK, A fann of between sixiy and seventy at its, situate on the a est bank of Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperstown. On it are a new stone house 54 ftct square ; a new lurm house, barn, eVc. It forms a desirable es. tabiishuient lor a gentleman wishing to retire into Uie country, as its situation, as pr.,spert. convenience to market, tic is not surpassed bv any in the interior ol the state It will lie told low forcaih, one credit or exchanged for property In thiscity, goods, tic. Apply to ' 11. U a R. SEDGVA ICK, my 7 tf Law Huildingi. REAL ESTATE. IN pursiiar ce 6( an order of the honorable tlie coerl ot chancery, dated the 24th day of April, 1818, we, the undersigned, truth e of the esta'e ol Henry IMer, deceased. Hill sell at public auction, on Thursday, the Sll'hdny of May instant, the lolloHing real estate : Ut No. 7 Dover street, nineteen feet front and eighteen feet rear. 56 feet deep on snu'hcatterly and 47 It - it on northwesterly sides, be the same nvrenr less i and r mm in h stetion nl Mi. William Arnistroni: : subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, I8i!fi, at a ground rent ol 60 dollars per annum. Lot No. 12 Dover street, i!0 feet front, 25 rear, 46 leet 4 inches deep on southerly and 51 leet on northenv side, be the same more or less, a now or late in possession ol Col. Wm. Few, sun - eel to a 'rase, wniciiwiii expireon me isi iy, io:4, at a t round rent ot 40 Uc liar per annum. 1,' t No. 13 Dover street, 30 leel front and St rear, 51 feet d.epon southerly and 54 leet 0 inches on the northerly side, be the same more nr less. as now in tlie pocsionof Mr. David Mnnsoa; siiiiiect m a it use men win rxptie on uie isi May, 1 854, at a ground rent ol thirty six dollars per annum. Lot No. 15 Doyer street, 2 feet front and 33 feel rear, 54 feet 6 inches deep on Southerly and 68 leet 3 inches on Northerly side, he the saint mote or less, as now in p session of Mr. William Chattel ; subject to a lease which will expire on (he 1st Mar, 1824, at aground rent of forty dollars per annum. Lot No 16 Doyer street, 26 feet front and VI fret 6 inches rear, 21 feet deep on southerly aini 51 feet en norttierly sides, be the same wore or less, and as now or late in possession ol Col. Win. Few ; subject to a leaie which will expire no the 1st ol May, 1824, at aground teat ol 16 dollars per annum. Lot No. 13 Pell street, 29 feet front and 9 fret 6 inches rear, 50 feet deep, be tlie same more or iess, as now iti'pnsstssi. - M of the estate of Wm Gray, deceased ; subject to a lea which will expire on the 1st May, 1851, ata ground rent of thirty dollars per annum. Lot No. 21 Pe!lireet,2t feet front and rear, 6 feet 8 inches deep on easterly, and 5il feet 4 inches on westerly siiles, lie tlie same more or iess, as now in pseskion ol Mr. Wm. I. Wal - .If ; subject 1 1 a lease, which willexpirena the 1st da' oi May, 1024, at a ground rent ol 40 dollars per annum - Lot No. 25 Pell street, 31 feet front, 5 feet 3 inches rear. 60 feet deep on easterly, and 64 leet 5 mrhr on westerly aides, belle same wore or lets, as now it. possession of John fleyer ;sob - ient to a ltae which, will expire on the 1st May, llif I, at a ground real of 30 dollars. House aud lot No 31 Pe l street, 21 feet front and rar, and 5!S eet 4 inches der - p oa eai crly, and CO feet on westerly siJ.s, be the same more or lei, as now ia possession of Mr. Joseph But ler. The improvement no the leased lot to he valued and paid for by the purchaser, at the expiration of the lease. Terms of sale, rash, oa the delivery of tlie deeds. Any farther information which may he requirrd will be given by either of the suui - bers. ' ;; ISAAC S. DOUGLASS, ' ADKIAA II VAN BOKRTLE. " The above property will be told at the Tontine CiffVe Host, on the above - rtitirH"d dn, by Messrs. FRANWJN ft MINT URN, A.Tioo - , eers. , ay7to Sheppmrd's rft of t.tigland clotki, be. At LW rasst of extra soperflue cloths and ingle cassimeres ol axoov wool W Iso, a few cases of superfine cloths of lower quality, caicaiatea tor the country trade, just recesvea iroa u manulactory at Uley in tog. land. Likewise, 1 rase of vest pattern, from Reste vint Bedlord's manu factory. London. Oder will be received by the subscribers for goods irom either of the above manufactories. J. II. LAURENCE tl CO. my 6 2w . No. 65 Fine - street. COLUMBIAN PICTURE MLLERy7 146 rci.Ton - STPiiET, ( Rossis Buildimrs. near Broadwav. To connoisseurs and amateurs of the Fine Art, and to tlie enlightened publico! New - York. 'I 'HE proprietor of an extensive collection of L picture., the works of the most eminent painters, having just arnved from Europe, where he tin purchased them from , the cabinets ol Rome, Naples, Florence, Pahs, Amsterdam and London, at a very considerable ex pence, proposes to exhibit them to the ladies and gentlemen of this city ami its vicinity. The exhibition will begin on Thursday, 16th of April. It will lie far superior to any as yet offered in the 0. States, the pictures beins undoubtedly oriirnmls consist ing of upwards ol 200 pictures, by the best master Admiiiion 50 cent each, or one dollar per month. Hour from 10 in the mornin; to seven in the evening. Catalogue may be had at the Ixallerv. ' 7TJ Lr.T, The store 61 Fulton - street. Enquire on the premise. np 4 Hw HYDE - PARK liNslll'UTiWN. A SELECT nnd private Classical School is xi. established at tiyde Park, IJutrhess county, state of New - Yoik, under I he direction and iostruction ot BEN J AMIN ALLEN, L. L. D. The institution is designed to unite with a cla - sical and English Education, the modem langua ges. .'. The clntsionl course will comprise the Lntin and Greek Lnnuaes, Ancient History and On ography, Mylliology, Roman and Grecian Anti auities. ' The English course will comprise English Gratnmer. Elocution, Elements of History. Rhe toritk, Ucoraphy, Penmanship, elementary and practical Aiatht - iualics, and the outlines ol Aat urnl PhUosonhv. Modern Languages will comprise the French, Spanish ana Italian. Moral aud religious instruction will be attended to, as youth is tlie most proier time to inculcate ann fix those principles of virtue a id piety, which oubt to direct and influence the conduct of future life. The pupils ol the Instilulirn will he memliers of thosPnncipal's family, and under his immediate care and coven, incut. Particular attention will be paid to their morals tind u antiers. The govemiiient will he strict, but mild and parental its aim sha'l he to gic hahiis of order and industry, and inspire a generous emulation. The insli'ution uid l furiii'liel with a Libra it, Maps, Glolies, and select I hilosopfiicni Ap - parntus, the use of which the pupils will be taught, and made familiar with the most important aud stiikim; experiments in Natural Philoso phy. These will he considered as rewards of good conduct and attention to study, and con slitute one of the most interesting sources of a roiisement and recreation, it is known irom ex periem e that much useful knowledge may be thus incidentally communicated. ine turins aru three hundred dollars per an num, pasable quarterly washine included. Classical students who study the inotlern language , will be charged 10 dollars per quarter exiri tor uiesiimc. Tlie simlents tlnd their beds and bedding. ' The number of students is limited. Gentle men therefore who are desirous of pluciiiK their smi in uie insuiuuon, win piease 10 inane an eariv aon icaiinn. All letters relative to the institution, addressed to the subscriber, Hyde Park Post Olliee, Dutchess County N. Y. will be promptly attended to. BENJAMIN ALLEN. The siimmer term wil' commence oa the 20th, of May, my 5 5w CiiiiLEU HA Ui MAAUtAU'iOM, , ; 76 t halhmii - stri et. rriHE subscriber returns his thanks to the JL public for their Jormer patronage in the line of his profession, and hopes for their future support. He likewise informs them that he has on haud a constant supply of curled hair, manufactured expressly for matraiiei, on an improved principle ; and likewise guarantees the hair sold by him lo be free from any impure smell, beiug well scoured, boiled and baked, and being manufactured by machinery, has an advantage over any other hair manufactured in Amaru aits very texture and claiticity making it a saving of iweoiy - nve per cent lo the purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSON. N. B. Merchants and the trade in general will find it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bales of hair in its rough state ; 6 bales of long horse - tails ; SOW lbs of long hair drawn 30 inches, c ubbed ; 600 doaen hair sieve bottoms. For sale a aliove. my 5 2rn ACADEMY OF LA:GU.Or.a, at no. 38, iskar rn.Aai. gT. BY F. ftt.'HlKFELY, Teacher nnd i r.mslator of the raciicn. ger maw, ITAl.fXit and F.holisu lariguacc - - Y K 3 tralrliil for the natronaee he hr re - 1V1 reived from hi tiiends and lh put lic in general, take this opportunity to return hi sincere thanks, and to inform them, that he has commenced teaching the said lang'i.iges at the above pluce, where lie is ready to receive ladies and gentlemen, on the following days and hours, vix: LADIES. THFIUDAT't ' 'V" " , ' '" it's AT'S S G A1CHDA uu io o uo r. ill. GENTLEMEN. MOHDA lt' i r moat's At WKDXRS the same hour a above. VRIOA N. li. During the summer season a class of gentlemen is attended to every moroir.e from 6 to 8 o'clock. For turns, apply at the Academy. Mr. S. ran likewise accommodate with board a few gentlemen. my 5 1w fjtty FOR HALL, OR JO LKt AljiU A ,arKe wo story, House at.d about 10 a res of land, betweeo tlie 6 a id 7 mile stone. Bloemingilaie Road. For particulars enquire of NICKS. DePEYSTER, iplllm Near the Premises. HATS. JOSIAII WILSON in - formi his friend and the public, that he has removed hit hat warehouse to 160 Broadway, between Maiden lane and Liberty - street, lor the better accommodation of his retail custom ers: where be has constantly on hand, an exten sire tuii'lv. fmm his manufactory, of Ladies' Beaver 11 ts, comprising every fashkwi and de - script ion of color, quality, and variety of pattern the workmanship excellent, and aJaoted to this or any other market. lie keeps oa band ( which h receives reauiarlv. once a week, Irom bii factory) a constant supply of the first quality of Gentlemen's American Beaver Hats manufactured ouder his own msiertinn, of durable and excellent materials finished in the neatest and most faibionahle style. J. W. also has for rale at bis warehoos. a large end regularly replenished assortment of gentlemen's fashionable Loodnn Beaver IaU, selected wilh great care, Mto workmanship and quality, lakewre, Auterican asaaiifactiiredhata, of eve - ry descrip'ioa a. - vl kind, suitable to thia or any other market. men 30 Sawtf i''ii A eftee to Totem Kttptr mud Ortm. ' OtT Lirener to Tavern Keeper and Gro cers from the .Mayor aad Commissioner of Ea - ctse, will he issued at Uie Mayor's Office, ia the Chj ' Hall, between the hours of ten and eee o'clock, on the several days, aad for the differ - eat wards in succession, in the order foliowiag, via: 1st 2d 3d 4th Sib 0th "th 8th bih ward do do do rln do do do do on the de 5th . May 6th do 7lh do hth fc 9th do llthfc 12th do 13th Ac J4thdo l.Mkft 16th do lathttlSlbdo do do do r)o do do do 20th do 2lstfc22d do 1th do do All persons who know of any obitcttons 'a - gainst the granting of licenses o any of those who now hold them, are respectfully requested to give information at the Mayor's Office. I tore the time for granting them as above - mentioned ; and those gentlemen who have taken pains to investigate this Mliieet, aad consider it ol su the lent niouiant, are particularly invited to assist in furnishing all the information ia their power. By otder, J. SI DELL, F. M. Ap27tf i - - SOITDKHH DISTRICT OK KW - IORK. Ill, BE It remruiliertd. That nn the second day of April, in the rorty second year of the Independence of the United states of America. Wil liam J l.nson, of the said chdrk.t, hath deposited in tins oil the title of a hook, the ri - t.t whereol he rLuuit as author, in the word and figures following, to wit : " Reports of caret adjudged in the court of s - .nnncery ot new lor : hy William Johnson, Counsellor at Law, vol. 1 1 1 rontniuiii the cases from January, 1816, to St ptcmher, 1817, bwlu ive." In conformity to the act of the congrrts of the United btitles, entitled "An act bir Ihe encoy - ragenent ol learning, hy securing tlie copies ol inapt, charts aud hooks, to the authors and pro prielnrs of sm li copies during tho times therein mentioned ;" nndnlsotoan urt, entitled, An n t, supplementary I i an act, entitled, an act for Uie encouragement ni leanimg, by securing (he copies ol maps, t hnris and book, to the authors and proprietors ol su h copies, during tho tirni therein mentioned, and exteuding the benelits the'eol" to the artt ol driiening, cniira tine, anil eicning nitioricai ana outer prints - " Clerk of the southern district of New - York ap13 4w LMlANUa Al'GOWAN. No. ito ri M M? ki t. sensible ol the very liberal rnrournire inept he ha rescind sne his cnmiuenretiieiit in business, and helms confident that liu exrrliuns un his part ihall he wanting to merit a c nlin u nice, informs his friends and tlie public that no iiaiat or rxpeute lias Deen avoided lo olilain a stock of the best houort of every descriptinu, which tun oe nepei.ueu on mr ineir purity. , Having made arrmg merits, while el Cliarlrs - Inn, for a roi.itant supply ol GREEN TURTLE in their season, he will be enabled to furnish soup of an excelltnt Quality. A iinoa win he opened lor suntenner lo an ORDINARY, to he on the table every day at a SMien iiour. , Rooms, lor private pnrtiet, at a short notice N. B. Siip, Beef bleaks. Oysters. Mutton Chops tuid llelithes at all times. ap tj HUHJir.ii. A very no pair nf horses FOR SALE, if p - 1 vc olied lor soon; they cau be seen at Mr ELLIOT'S stables, comer of Garden and Hew streets. Also, a remarkable light family CARRIAGE built by one of the best workmen. mv4 1w CHEAP CASH GKuCEKY siUKl' Corner of Grand and Ryndrr slrerts, diieclly urinosiie venire ivinraei. AMES P. ANDOr. rcspectlully informs his w irieniis ann trie in Keneral he has re mured from corner ol Broadway and Rred - st. to in present stand, where he solicits a continuance ol public patronage, and hope I hy his unrenut ted exertions to obtain the best of Liquor nnd other articles in his line of business, thereby rentier uie nrm peneci sausiamon. N. B. J. P. A. kerns constantly for sale a reneral assortment of first rate Teas, Soger, Cnf - ire, r pices, Liquor oi all Kindt, He Mc. which will be ull disputed of at a uiodtrate advance. my s lm iVHKAltlN'b 1ICH tll.MMLNI. 11 J E long and successful uie nf tint ointment J. it a tuliic.irnt recoDimriMiati(o, a it hai )een sound to be a pleasant, sale and rertiun re medy f ir that disagrecnble disease io all it stales. It is for sale in the city of New - York, by J. A. ta W. R. Post, No. 41 Willinm - itreet; I. tl T Clark, No. 85 M: idea - Lane ; II. II SchicfTi iin it Co. No. 193 I'efirl slreel i Law rence At Keese, No. 195 Pearl - street Hell It Bowse, UO Pearl - street ; R. K L. Murray, 313 Pearl - street : J. M. Bradhurst, 314 t'eiirl - street t John Penlbrd, No. 4 Fletcher - street t Duryee At Po, in Pearl - street j John C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich street; John P. Fisher, 106 Broadway ; Walter Ai Seaman, cornel of Chamber - it. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street i and in thort it may be procured at most of the Drug Morel in this ci'y Also in Philadelphia, of 8. Withered A Sons i Georre Hanell . North ft R gert, and almost all the drugjitt in the principal towns in ine Jiuiru rtaies. W II EATON'S VaLNDuIe BITTERS mn he had at the above places. inn 22 6m IMPORTAN r TO THE PUBLIC. IJE subKiihrr begs leave to inform his . liien'ls and the iuilic that be ha taken a room at the corner nl Fr.irjkiort and Chatham - streets, near T - nunany Hall, at an4 INTELt I.IOENCE Or I ILL." Where laniiliet mv be supoJied with servants nl rvery description ; servants with places gtnticrueu wishing ser vants, lor travelling, supplied at the shortest notice j Dier - hauls wilhck rks, aad clerks with employ wet nurses with pbces ; ofchanics with iournetmen. Every inloriuaiion aiven to stran gers and other, in hi hue, who will favor him with a call. Families, harominz subscribers, snpplied with servant at one dollar per annum. Auo, Book posted, Account nlmt' iL Pa. pert of every description, ropiod with neatness, correctness, and dn - j ate h . Personal attrmlanie, irom 5 to 2 o'clock A. M. and frost 3 to lr o'clock M. He flatters himself that his airiduily and a I ten. tioo lo busnites, will gam bin a shar ot ibe pub lic patronage. my 2lm II. t'Ain.Lumi. G SAUNDERS resp ctltilly lelormshiilrmer . customer and die publir, that lie ba at length, hy the assistance nt some friends, si far recovered from his Inln mnlortnne by 6re, n lo bate - sat'. I" Wnll - streel ; where he coutinee tt msinifsclnre ln.j t a a prim iphj invetrd by him - ", and wh I. i allowed by all who have tried them, to excel anyOiing hitherto known; e thty never, ly ever so lor ee, make the ed - e if the ri"i - roend, arxl ihereh - re rmxUrr the tse of any hne onnecessnry. Tt purchaser m eds oa'y a single leston at lo its use. ap 58 .VAAIIA TTA.V SCHOOL. MA.NHAT IVN Female - St - hoel U at 194 Greenwkli - street : Mala tfdieol, 148 Chamber - street. In these schools are Unght all tlie which constitute a useful awl Cni. - hcd education. We forbear te descewd to particulars ;i - W otfer recotn eod a tiooi, or to mike great rroiajtes. Our patrosM are left lo jadge of the amies of ii1rectn both mora and otitntfirt by the im peovertetit of Ci scholars. - . ' , ALIIFRT Ptrk'F.T. tf JOlltf iV. tlcKnTi PRO)SALt. - - ' ? ' - fj - The agent of the fttam - Prison,, will receive proposals antill U.e 2 1 it instant, for furnish - , ing for one year from the 1st ot June next. ih convict couliued tbi icin, with the a. - M iwsnf ration, to he delivered at tlie state - Pri, at tlie - contractors expense daily, or at tut h time aa shall be agreed upon, via, - '.., ,: . , . .; .18 el. Cocoa siiellf, for every 100 ration, , 3 eck Potatoes do do do do 4 quarts Salt, do do do do . 12 uo Beans or Peas, do' do do . 3 os. Pepp' r, di do do do l - 2ll sailed Fuh per man, once a week, 1 gallon Vinegar per 1 On rations, do do', do l - lh t:tltd prime Pork erBiau,da do ' do ' 1 lb. Rye Hour . do , do per day , 6 ox. Indian 1 l0 do do do , 1 - 2 gill Molasses " - do (lo do do . The above lo be of good quality and approved hy the agent, when delivered. Deefis not men - tiened, the reason of whii h, the agrnt' will stntc to whomsoever may contract. . , , . , , ALSO. . Proposals will be received, untlll the 2 1st inf ; lur lutnistimg the Itospttai ctrpartment ol snia - I'risun wnh ivledicinr, r ood, and llo - pital stores, . i.. . - . .t, i . . , ...i. u blv to an act ol the. I.ecislatnre. CMMenunr tha." Slate Prison, pasted Uie 15th ot April 11)17,. . ', A1.?V, Proposals will he received, for frnhinc'fretJ ' two to three Thousand lauds ef itoi e, smtablu - for building aa additional wall to the State Prison. ALEX. COFFIN, ir. Arent. iSew York State Prison, May 4, 1818. my4dlm5t - - . w flAAK OF .VHf YDHK. (J The Nto kholders are requested to meet at the bank on Tuesday the 12th of May next,,' to choose thirteen director for'thrrcmiug' ; jear. .. , I he poll will be opened at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. ' 1 '. By order of the board of director, CHAS. ll.KK. - , Cashr.' ' ap 28 tMav 12 ' . k (trT - N.itu e it hereby mveu to the si - iCf.hoiti - ers ol the West Chester Turnpike Itond Conipn - ' ny, that an election will hu held mi the third Monday ol Mav next, at fen o'clock in the lore - ' noon, at the house of band Wood, Inn Keeper, at Mnnmrouerk, for Him piiroie ol ihootirti; thirteen Directors for the uid cumpany. np ju tiT7 NO'l'ICr. H lieiebv tlvei. lo the "Iota - - holder of Ilia Associate ol toe Jersy Colupa - . ny. that a dividend hat been dtcl.irtd in two dollar pt rtharo on Ilia capital stock of the company, which will he paid on the Ulti in - ttniit. At iNo I H I Hroadwny. HARRY CALDWELL, Treasurer. ' my 1 3w ' til Art INE l - UitAACf.. ' 0 - The t'fliie of tin' Union Insurance Com - ., pany, is now cpen, nt fln. oft wall street, and applicntions for Marin Risks a ill be Ictciied from 10 o'clox k A. M. to 3 P. M. n.y f ifw itr7 Mercantile Insurance Coinoanv oi ,mw - Yora, Incorporated clurins the late session of Hie ' Legislature of this state, being ohcanixed and having commented business, is ready to receive application - , on Murine Uisques, at their othtt, o. 4.1 sv nll - auevt. ,, ; - : muv 4 'Zw Mip inter I'epariuieiii, Wasliinetoii. 8th AnnU 18 ftj Proposals will l.e riceived at ibis De partment, until first Aiiguil mat, to lumiehby contract , ) Fioin one to six millions o! br is k From one to two million of cubic feet of building stone . , f rom ten thoumnri to fifty Ihousaod bu.hcltof stor e lime. ' ' To be delivered in good order at Mobile, Lnke Poiittiiartraiii, River Mississippi, and Lake ba - raf aria - the time alien Ihe'fiisf delivers enn Ite ' made, and theuunntitr which i an hn ijelivi red - in each month succeeding Uie In si delivery, uiiisl. br slated with the lerm. 'J'Mnosals will also he received for from fifty ' to on, hundred cariiertcrs; lor hum one hundred to one hundred and Uity luns'msj and iron, two Imndred lo three hunched laborers, to proceed to .Mobile ami L.i ninana, lo rnnsiruct liuildini; ci various dein riptions nt the lelore mentioned pla ces. It would lie prrreranie lo have the masons. caretiter, and laborers lurtiiilu'daad scouipaa - , itdby master workmen. Arrangeaient wwuld he made toi mi'loy the persons etidred to ete - cule the work, irom July lo November, at those position rmhraced I'l u.e iieiore mentioned pla cet. whi h border titnh the Gull ol Mexico Ensasemetits would not be made for a shorter pt ri'.e! than e.lit inontlit. fntisiaclory tecunty m riuuiriti mrtrie ta.iiiiui pericruianie oi any ronirai t that may lie ni(. 'J he term V - m which workmanship and labor would beptr - lornieu, ruutl i - t ii.itu m u.e pioposais. J. u. nin, Brigadier General nnd Cl.iol Engineer. - - The nrinU r nl Hie Portland Gareite. D. M. ; the Cintinel ni d Patriot, Iloit' n the Evening Cost and the Cmiiniblaii, Aew lorkj the Com - ' nionwealth, Piltsburgli, I'etin, I Hie Ueporur, Lexinclrri, Ken. laud the Gazelle, Nt w Or leans, n ill please to insert the torrenirs for ene month and limvard tl.tir accounts to lite tjtgt - er Depart nielli. ap I J 1 in iU WCE. ft7 - The musters and owner of vrstel be - Inniig tolhecitiei of Albany and Troy, wish to hi't, lorn number ol )ears, oo tho Nortli River tide nflhitcilv, for the acron.tno - daiinaol llieae vessels exclusively, fur whsth a liberal com sliw will l given. The subscriber aiea cossiniittee point d lor Hit purposei of receiving ptojoiall lor the ssme. Ami the pcoprii toit of the wharves on lite North River ate requested to hand in their proosnlitiriti r of ihe subscribers, stating Uie Situation and their terms, respectively. N. B. A note addressed to either of the sub. srrihrrs, ;kit at Joseph C. Cooper's Lent' basin, or at K H L. Reed's. Coeotiss shr, will l a attended to - N.w - York, 25th April, 1CIS. n It iRM.W VHfirrLE, GLUlKiE Mti.V'P.SATif, pKIKR;'OVf:LLV. KICflD. n. nun, n. PLtiion.i . GUI! DoN tin A NT. ap ?t Ire " J'hr .Imtiiruu liumuiue Cewyieriy. trf I he Slot kl.itWen ere iv.titad. that the aiiHuat election for Direetma Will beheld at th olfi"e, on Taesdev, Hie 15th day of May rxt. : lot pou w:u on ii IX and !" at x otlock. hy order of Ibe piesidcat aad Directors, ap 57 P. IIOYT, BeVry. HKMOfAU i yj A.GDTrWAl.DP,hairrmovsvlfrf.m Tin. 44 to !Sn. i j .Vmikn - l.ine, wheee he mntin - ues to n.suufar tore hit PI ANO - FORTES oa an entir - new noil improved ronMriclicn, the result otuntv yaata close ariplk - .tlioo and stivtr. for' whith h Vow leas olit onitl le'trs ralesit. On aaaiim,tion 1y ( - otiixisiirs cf r.iMic, he f il lers Inntselt lntt they will ntcel with their ap - probation, ant merit public pr - tmM" t ana bei' feel proud, IhM. his y'uiiMvfrir! hive met with the utnaamif uppmralof the most nimentpr (rrSjrt ft Rific; the folio win; leti;Boo"l if which they klnd'y have granted h. - n, ' to met! the rm'dic eye : ' We, the auhscriher. pre - sor t,(wff ,? certify, tliAt ws have swinco Mr. J. A. GutlwaidlS phme - C.'Irt, whJ' ii, i - r in .ieM - ity and txcHliice of wnrkoii'hip and uniform brilliancy vrione, we de - r rv. t'y trc - imstnl tc pnblic patros?e. Messrs. fi lls', l.'.iehne, KJ. Mrr, C Thihivlf, Charlet (r.f':ri,w ' arit TO LET, on rr.i'e, si afj?fcrt - '?ndcooaviuioittoreanJbackrtotl ajjosnin;, with or without J KObt CeUar, , i p Zj la y i 'X ... ( 1 1 1 1

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