The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 19, 1931 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 4
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 19 1D31 Tax Revision Endorsed by FarmBureau Cerro Gordo Members Hear Hearst at Y.M.C.A. A resolution endorsing tax revision was adopted , by the Cerro Gordo county Farm Bureau at u meeting a t ' t h e Y.'M. C. A. Wednesday afternoon following a talk by Charles R. Hearst, president of the state federation. The resolution also endorsed the 'efforts of the state federation in trying to get the measure thru the present assembly and endorse the income Lax bill and the · county assessor bill as steps in gaining a revision. "We are interested in seeing ths tax burden spread over the people as it should be spread," declared Mr. Hearst. Property Stands Load. Experts provided to study tho tax situation in the state found that · 5395,000,000 of income came from the use of property and that amount, had to stand 95 per cent of the taxes while the rest of the income of a billion dollars did not have to stand any tax, according to Mr. Hearst. "The difficulty in Iowa is that we are not progressing in tax matters as we are in other things,' Mr; Hearst said "and recounted the progress made in -transportation sidce 1853, tie' date 1 in which, our tax system was founded. With the exception 'of the gas tax and some other taxes, the system in the state has not been changed since that ; tirae, be said. i I . .'··· Passage Doubtful. ' · The "passage of the income tax bill is 'doubtful, Mr. Hearst said. The passage of tri,e.measure is contingent upon the house accepting: the, county ^assessor'bill, Mr. Hearst explained. · "I hope you will go on record as saying you will-not let a detail stop the tax revision program for two .pears," Mr. Hearst declared. "The resolution adopted .recommended members notify state legislators from their district concerning their stand. · lowan Killed by Train. CHICAGO, March- 19. UP--Fred Ebecht, 35, Relieved .to be from ; Fort Madison, Iowa, was killed when struck by a Burlington train in Western Springs, a suburb. Cards in his pocket indicated he was from Fort Madison. . OPTIONAL DRILL WHERE VIKING SANK Vote Comes After 7 Hours of Debate by House Members. DES MOINES, March 19.,W--A jroposal for optional military train- ng in Iowa's state educational institutions has been erased from the legislative calendar for this session. The house late yesterday da- fcated the Torgeson-Pattison bill to remove compulsory drill by a votj of 42 to 63. The vote came after almost seven lours' debate in which more than a score of members spoke. Just before the vote, the call of :he house which had been removed it the start of the afternoon session, was again placed in effect, so hat -all members were in their seats, except three who had been excused because of illness. Discussion hinged on compulsory raining in its relation to preparedness, peace and educational curricula. , · · v Proponents of the bill argued that optional training was a movemeul. "or peace , and that compulsory Mining did not have a place in the educational program. Opponents contended that compulsory training was in line with the national defense act and taught obedience anJ discipline. · This was the second time such a bill has been defeated, in the legislature. In the 1929 session, the senate committee on military-affairs voted indefinite postponement on the measure and was upheld by a vote of the members. if*- ^-^S^r^f^t^ Hofcse""' Hjjip shows the .scene of the wreck of the ill-fated sealing vessel Viking, which was destroyed by an explosion in the. outer reaches of White Bay, Newfoundland. One hundred anil eighteen survivors struggled to safety on Sainto Barbe Island but no word was heard from Variok Frisset, Yale graduate a n d , scientist wlio was making a motion picture of scaling activities. engineer be employed for the work was stricken, out. Proponents said trie survey first ·was suggested by Jay N. Darling, Des Moines cartoonist, and .that it had the approval of the American Legion, the fish and game' department and others. The resolution now goes to the house. Streams Polluted Need for the program was expressed in the resolution with the assertion that "thotless" encroachment of commercial and private ownership has polluted too many of our streams, unwisely drained our lakes, destroyed many of our beauty and scenic spots, and cut 'off the approach to the natural playgrounds of our people." ', The senate again deferred action on the bill to provide funds for the legislative investigation of the university, placing it at-,the foot of. its calendar. More than 100 measures now stand between it and consideration in regular order. ^ .Cities would be permitted to use shale as well as soil for improving streets under the Berry bill which the senate approved without'opposi- tion. The pharmacy bill also was passed, as was a bill by the judiciary committee, correcting · errors in the motor vehicle law. UNION OFFICER SHOT TO DEATH Man Steps From Parked Car to Kill Chicagoan Just Outside Home. CHICAGO, March 19. W--William J. Rooney ( 42, for 10 years business agent of the Sheet Metal Workers union, was shot to death a few doors from his home today. Rooney had just emerged from his apartment and walked a few step? down the street when a man steppei from a parked automobile and ran toward him. He fired three shots all three striking Rooney, who fell dead. The slayer ran back to .the car in which two companions waited, anc drovo away. i^eggy Ann Hoover Can Radio Grandpa at Sea WASHINGTON, March ID. ;?)-- 3 eggy Ann Hoover can ring up Grandfather Hoover at sea anytime she likes. She's in Asheville, N. Car. Her father, Herbert Jr., has radio sending apparatus and the battleship Arizona 'has receiving sets. Tomorrow? Here's a way to be rid of constipation 'and its ills--often overnight!- A candy Cascaret at bedtime--to- ·. morrow morning you're feeling fine. Breath is sweetened; tongue cleared) biliousness, headaches, .dizziness, vanish. Repeat the treatment two or three-nights to get every particle of · the souring waste out of your system. See how appetite and energy return) · how digestion improves. The action of Cascarets is sure, complete, helpful to everyone. They are made from cascara, which doctors agree actually strengthens bowel muscles. AH drug stores have the handy boxes. Try Cascarets tonight. 140 Demonstrators Against Government Arrested in Battle. 'TOKYO, March 19. UPM-Eleven participants in an anti-government demonstration were injuVed in a clash with police and several officers also- were hurt when they attacked the demonstrators near the parliament buildings 'today. The demonstration was arranged by the Seiyukai, or minority, party as a prelude to introduction in the diet tomorrow a motion of non-confidence in the Minseitq (majority) cabinet o£ Premier Hamaguchi. The demonstrators were attempting to reach the diet after marching thru the streets carrying banners reading "Dissolve the corrupted diet," and ''pverthrow the reactionary Hamagdcbi cabinet." About 140 demonstrators were arrested Simultaneously, the aocial-demo- cratic and proletarian parties held mass meetings and parades and endeavored 'to .match to the diet to present petitions but, like the Seiyu- kai sympathizers, were unable to get within'two blocks of the building, which was 'guarded by 6,000 policemen. Optometrists to Meet Here Thursday Evening A joint meeting of the North Iowa Association of Optometrists and the ladies auxiliary of the organization will-be held at the Cerro Gordo hotel .Thursday evening at 6:30 o'clock. The principal speaker will be Dr. W. B. Baker of Rochester, N. Y. N. W. Knutson and K. V. Mace are in charge of the local arrangements. Sunday School Head Arrested. OELWEINi March 19. (A 1 )---William Luce, Sunday school superintendent and father of eight children, has 'been bound over to the grand jury on a bond of ?10,000 following his identification by Walter Scott as the man who robbed his filling station of $30 last December. By G. E. EUTTEUFIELD Associated Press Radio Editor (Time is central standard thruout) NEW YORK, March IS. (/B-Leopold Stowkowski, conductor of /the Philadelphia orchestra, is making p]ans to broadcast an opera with the aid of television. With that'idea in view, b,e intends to make the presentation of the second act of the premiere of the opera "Wozzeck" in Philadelphia on the WEAF network on Thursday night, the first of a series.' President Hoover is to be '-heard on the radio eight times within two months after his return from a tour of American outposts in the Caribbean sea, the National Broadcasting company announces. The first of the talks is set for April 13, the next on April 14 and the third on May'4. On May 21 the president will speak again, with the fifth address on Memorial day: During his brief excursion to the middle west in mid-June, he is to be heard in three broadcasts. Vincent Lopez and his orchestra opens a Broadway theatrical en gagement, his first in two years, on Saturday. Gladys Rice, soprano, has signed a - 2 2 week contract to appear as guest artist with Nathan Shilkret's orchestra on the WEAF chain Wednesday . night, beginning April 29--The cantata -"The Seven Last Words of Christ," is to be presented by WABC and otheis at 4 p. m , April 3 VIKING COMPANY GETS FOOD, HELP (Continued From Faffo 1). t counted, for 18; making 144, the number supposed to have been aboard the Viking when she blew up. One of the two bodies, found amid wreckage of the Viking, and picked up by the sealer Eagle, was identified as that of Patrick Bartlett of Brigus, N. F. The other body was not identified. American .Physician ·- Finds Duce Healthy . NEW YORK, March 19. /P--H Duce Mussolini, says a : Boston phy siciari, will live his three score anc 10 years--"and then some." Dr Gualtiero de Amezaga said on his return from Italy that the last tinr he examined the premier he founi him ''incredibly healthy." iccusations leveled agUnst him by he city affairs committee were nothing more than were used against me in the campaign of 1920. Tammany Hall Reported to Have Stopped Walker's "Wisecracking." NEW YORK, inarch 19. UP)--The charges against Mayor Walker were swallowed in a great void of siience today as the city awaited Governor Roosevelt's decision. . The New York Times said that Tammany hall had advised llr mayor by telephone that the timf for "wisecracking" was past arc that he should refrain from all comment until he returned here. Tammany representatives in the- city government similarly were ordei-et to maintain silence, the- paper said They did ^0. Nevertheless, the mayor was quoted by the New York America as saying a telephone interview from Palm Springs, Cal., that the vhen I was re-elected vhelming plurality." by an over- VES GUILTY OF Jury Favors Life in Prison for Man Convicted at Des Moines. DES MOINES, March 19. Chester Ives, 29, was convicted today of slaying George Cordaro, grocer, by a district court Jury which recommended a sentence of life imprisonment. The nine women and three men jurors deliberated six hours after being locked up all night. Ives will be sentenced Saturday by Judge O S. Franklin. When he heard the verdict, Ive.= said, "now they will have time to find out who killed Cordaro." The grocer was s!ain by a bandit who entered his store. TRIAL OF BEAUTY |, EN TO BE SET Mrs. Nixon-Nirdlinger Will Face Lesser Charge Than First Degree Murder. NICE, France, March 19. UP)-The fixing of a date for the trial of Mrs. Charlotte Nash Nixon-Nirdlinger on charges of killing her husband was awaited today by he? counsel. A magistrate decided yesterday that the former beauty queen should be tried, but on a lessee charge than that of first degree murder, for the slaying last week ·cf her husband, Fred, Philadelphia theater owner. Her plea will be self-defense. , Police Doctor Peaudelieu, who I performed an autopsy on Mr. Nixon- .// Nirdlinger'a body, confirmed today that he found evidences of a cranial operation. It has been indicated the operation might have some hearing on the case. Hurt in Dynamiting Stumps HARLAN, March 19. WB--While, dynamiting stumps on a farm near here, Frank Rold was severely burned about the face and hands. He is expected to recover, physicians said. DANDRUFF I Kft PLANE PREPARED BOSTON,.March 19. (VPJ--Berut Balchen, who arrived early this morning to pilot a relief air expedition to Horse Island, N. F., where the Viking survivors are marooned, after looking over the plane saiJ that he "could not leave before midnight tonight! The pilot of two polar expeditions needed only one look at the big amphibian being prepared for tiie flight at the East Boston airport to decide that she was. unfit for the flight in her present condition. Additional gasoline, tanks to'give her a capacity of 400 gallons and a cruising- range of at least seven hours must be installed, he said. Finn on Stops. The flight to Horse Island will be made in from one to three hops, the last stop to be made at either Harbor Grace, St. John's, or Corner Brook, N. F. Four men will make the trip--Balchen, -Merlon Cooper, mbving picture photographer .who orgapjzed the expedition -SEpr, TJr " ' ^ PRESIDENT ON WAY , TO VISIT ISLANDS (Continued From rage 1). miral's barge and as the* cratt shoved off, the president's fiag was run up the main truck of the Arizona. . Overhead, an army blimp and two pursuit planes circled the party and, as the president strode up the gangway, 21 bombers fron) L,angley field droned out of the distant sky to join in the navy's welcome to thn chief executive. ; \ The planes continued flying in formation until four bells -- S o'clock --when the signal for the departure was given. The presidential salute, 21 guns. boomed forth and was answered by the belching batteries of Fortress Monroe. Secretaries on Board. With, the president were Secretaries Hurley and Wilbur, who?" departments have supervision o£ the islands "to be visited; Lawrence Rickey, one of his secretaries Capt. Joel Boone,! vviilte hous.^ physician; Capt. Russell Train, nav Lewis'" FrisseU, father Frissell, one of the Americans mining from the Viking, Roy Gates, who made the sealing trip on thd Viking last year, and either Ralpn Enslow or Barney Barbin, New York pilots. . . * They will carry packages of med · ical supplies rations. Muy Use 'Chutes. Balehcn wants to fly in, daylight over Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. By setting midnight as the probable ( hour for departure he would be over Nova Scotia after dawn tomorrow. Enslow said that food and other supplies would be dropped by parachute ' i f ' landing was not possible. He said the flyers would survey the ice fields around the island for any trace of those missing and notify ships of. the positions of anyone they might see. No Place to Lund ST. JOHNS, N. F., March 19. UP)--Experienced sealing captains who know "Horse Island say there is no place where a plane could land, as the whole surface is hum- mocky. It is considered a night there would be hazardous with the present gale of easterly wind and snow turning to rain. from within with this new strength Miss Mary Rank, Clearwatcr, N. Y., writes: "My face was .blemished with many pimples. No treatment I used did them any good. I also bad boils. Sly appetite vras poor. My weight was oil and'I felt nervous. After taking S.S.S. my complexion cleared up beautifully. My appetite improved. I now rest wen at night and am greatly benefltcfl In every way." You, too, win want to take SSS. Select tSo larger size as K holds double the quantity and represents a price saving. © B.S.S. Co. al aide; Col. Campbell Hodges, mill tary a'ide; and Mark Sullivan, political writer. There were · also 18 newspaper writers and six photographers. . The voyage will be in the nature of a vacation for the president, al- IJio he will visit the island for the purpose of gaining first hand knowledge of the conditions there. While the president ' is away in the warm southern waters, Mrs. Hoover will go to Asheville, K. Car., for a visit with their son, Herbert Hoover, -Jr., who is convalescing from illness. v e r y r i n g t a k S . S . S . T o n i c CatchesCjnighonTraui Better by Next Station "James was on a trip to Canada with me. He caught cold on a train platform. We got some- Smith Brothers' Cough Syrup and gave it to him. In about two hours there ·wasn't a sign of a cough left. My boy wns smiling again--quite recovered."--Mrs. K. V. Badman, 2G51 Monroe Street, Toledo, Ohio. LSOOTH1NG-Z.MIIDLY LAXATIVE · 3.CLEARS AIR PASSAGES- SMITH BROTHERS COUCH SYRUP SENATE DEFEATS LOAN RATE CUT (Continued From I'aRC II. tion under the board o£ railroat commissioners; the other was tho Wilson byi extending property condemnation rights to pipeline companies. · · ' The senate committee on compensation of public officers recommended for indefinite postponement tho ·Anderson bill to reduce the maximum amount which could be claimed as expense money by a'legislator from $500 to $200. Senator Anderson's bill to reduce the annual salai-y of state highway . commissioners from $4,000 to $3,000 received tho same treatment. Survey Approved. A survey which would serve as the basis for a 25 year Iowa conservation program and the preservation of fish and game refuges was approved by the senate today, 42 to 2.. ' Employment of a' park expert and regional planning engineer to mako the survey and draft tho conservation program is provided. A fund of $25,000 to come from the fish and game department and the board of conservation la authorized. A provision that an out-of-state FARMERS CROWD HOUSE CHAMBERS (Conllniieil From PaEc D - sation during the assem- jly's recess and that he thot the bill had been killed in the house. As soon as he learned 'otherwise, the governor said, he notified Moore a hearing would be held. He declared that in talking to Moore he directed attention to the fact that it was his duty to see all laws were enforced. .Must Be Enforced. 'I called Moore's attention, aa I do yours now, to the fact that there can be no selection made in the laws that are to be enforced," the governor asserted. "For your protection and the protection of all our people, and law and order maintained, there must be no qualification in the manner of lav/ enforcement. 'This law was placed on the statute books when I was a private citizen and 1 you would not ask me to make any exception when'it comes to the vital matter o£ law observance. There is a channel thr.u which you can register your opposition, that is, thru your legally elected representatives." The house passed, 57 to '46, the commerce and trade committee bill requiring anti-freeze substances for automobiles to be colored to distinguish them from other alcoholic preparations. Coloring of ingredients which would produce illness if taken internally also would be required. The advice of your physician is:Keep out of doors, in the open air, breathe dteply; take plenty of exercise in the mellow sunshine, arid have a check-up on the health of your body. LUCKIER to your throat Waterloo Man Hurt in Runaway May Not Live WATERLOO, March 19. W)-Frank Miahler, whose skull was fractured Tuesday in a runaway in which Charles Reinhart wa.s killed, was reported in a critical condition today. Everyone knows ffaat sunshine mellows--that's why the "TOASTING* process includes the use of the Ultraviolet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE-made of the finest tobaccos--the Cream of the Crop--THEN -!FS TOASTED"--an extra,, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOASTING/* These irritants are sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. TUNE IN-The Lucky Strike Dance Orcfiej. (ra, every Tuej- day, Thursday and Saturday evening over N. B. C. net' tcorkj. Your Throat Protection--against irritation--against cough © 1331, The Amerlcaq ToBacco Co., Mfrs.

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