The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 8, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1818
Page 4
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- 1 CHS TORD r. waived m now .1 Urre aaecrttuent of Load . V 1 ,n. t.'Mton. Rotaiu. and UmI drca't luti r "l of which he i now ofcrtextof '.,, - l hi WlloltA M WMU asur - .A SELECT and privet Clkal Scheoi b XX natelIubed at u rxrx, uwnww ty,ataof Pew - York, WMIM oiiwcunwas inttniclion M BEN J AMI A LLEX l 1 l. Tbs iiwti(atMiiwletiKMdtrBi(aUktte(o V Ths classical coarse will coorrn'! tU l.nUa and Greek lgunee, Aaciant History Md t ocrty, MjUuitotr, ftowt and trtM tnrliih row ;wil c ipriw torick. Geography. Penmaosbip, Jemsmtotrnaj' praclic.1 M.theuiatJoa, and wotuuwui ' Mod. m Lanrmg wffl comprise the French, SpsiiUb and ktHaa. ' . ' ' Moral mod rehcimit MracUM wW be Mteo - ded to, at youth ri proper f" lalcata Ana fix tho prwilpletof irw ami Pie - tv. whkh o .!, - AiloM life Snaft TjUBU - r .t - f a:ttmilm Mltt "otihe IWjfwTi Cimily, aad aedar hi imniedi - . are caia, ani govururuesiur i will nai.1 lu their aaoralt and manners,. In government wilt I Mrict. tort miki atf pw?b , i - iu aim Ull I to gba hUU of order Md jaminry, aaa laipirao jcerv Tha uotiialioa will fiusiAad wiib A Libra, navttsa. the aa si wiuch ba MpiU wW - bc tMuMLjad awda taaiHai witb (ba ( iaWMt - it. TtMaa - UlbaMaidardM rawarda oTI good coodact Md Atteaiia to tlMdjr, Md oa ainm aa oi vm m ipibiwui www w mmmmmtA nH rtf matiOO. ' it la k.DTVa frM X - . perkmw tli4t mock itefai knowbdp mj bf : Tbt ttnni a llrc Madmf donan per M - atrm. mrabla n ArterlT watbiM iaclodM. v r r - . . - vaaiicai intoeaia ww wany lira vuuera caAscf,wiO bacbtrgad lOdoUan par qfitf . Tt itwJwiU llad tbaif badl and baJdui. Th Bum bar of itlulrlrtj k Kmltrd. Gatl mea tlvreIMt b are de.irout of placiaff tMir arry appneauoo. . . - AU lettert rela to tht iattltutloft. aWra - d to Um Mbacnbcr, nyna ran ron uraca, ' JJatcbtMCOUBW napranmiyanMa ' Tba wMtr term wii' wuMti ! Mth, OTMV) I., )lf ..1 - v - i ; T W : 7fl CtalJiMWtraa. nflHE auhacriUv ratora Ua thaoltt to tha X irablio fcr (Mr loraMr patronafa ia tM lluW lib prqfeaiioo.' Md bopaa fcr tbair rtitura - anpiwri." Ha UcsartM bubnaa lha Hut ba fcat hand a oemtaat lappir of cnrlcd aaur, aaaau - foetanf axprMjy for MtraiM, oa u naproTad dbcmU t Sod likwa raarantaai IM Bairaaw bjr hi to txt frea froiq aar iapura aaMll, baiof wau (oonra, Datica ana eaxau, ana Mtna; ara - nofiuHurad bjr attcbiaory, baa aa adraatapa over Mr atbar hair MatactaraJ la Aaiancaiti very toitara aad alattScky aakin it a aarior a tvaaty - ira par cant (a lb parcbaatr. - . t . . . WILLIAM JACK805. It, B. Marchaub and Um trada in gaaaral will And U to their advaaUca iocaUaaabova., W balaa of hair la ita tough rtato t 6 balw of Lm hMktmik i annn it of imm bait dnn lachaatCabbaa QUO dotea aair Hero dmiobm. rar aaUaaabaa. - aiy 6 9m "" AJAbEMY r - I.ANUUA0K8, A1 38 TtlDtWU, MKA FBAaX - ST, . by r. tacuirrELY, Ttachar Md I mitator ol the raanca, OK mab. ita li a a aad kioliih lancaaae. It. d era trial tor ua aauoaaaa Da ni r - ceived Iroa bit Irtnd aad tha pahhc la eeaeral talaa tliit otmortanit to rctara hit aia - cara Ibiikka. aad to inform tbcta, that ha hat coaiiaeaced teacbiaa; thatald laagaagea at the abora rifitoa, trftera M b raady to cair tadiea ana laoiwaaeai aa IM iouowhni oajrt aaa oow .TCKA11. I Vpnm Ho'clflck. A. M. . 'TBOAiaat 1 f ATCXBAT t I daSta 0 do l M. WBDaaaoAt'ay At tba MM boon aa abora - X. B. Uarioa tba auaawr aeaam a cla of KetVaM battaadad - to avary caorawa troea 6 to 8 o'clock, - ' , For lrma. afiolT at the AeadeiBt. Mr. 8. ci Ukawita acconowdala with board few fratleejaa, . .. . . , i ay Iw KAU Mr.Dt;iMAL U'HUeSOfiv TNK Kaa Mtdiciaab b ba simple at tract of - a plMtwboea pronertie were before aa known in medicine, it hat tha moat I insular andalmoet tofalliblo Influence over the gout, of which it reliavet tbe eeverettpeia W aiew noura, aad commonly carrie off lot moat violent pa roiTtma in two or three day. The aitoaithlnc relief obtained b a multitada of tuflorert in thu country aad ia Europe I sad the great repute - tiua k baa raoidly aconired art prooft of its ex traordinary tfliency ia thatditeaie. A small par cel 01 uut mtdiriBe jom receiveo ana tor aain oy . HULL. U liUWWfc,. imcootiTi, my 5lw '144 Peart ttreet. BERG Erf OKPtlANS COUttf. - Of tba Term of March, ISIS. Catharine Scmrytor, Adminittratria, Ac. f '" ' , ot John A. Scheylet Rale, Mder Statuto. d created. . 1 - THEeoort order and direct, That Catharine 8c be rler tdminiitratria of tha coodt, chat ted aad c red ita of John A. Schuyler, deceased, ' pivt public notice to the crrditora of the decadent to brine Hi their claim and demand against the estate e? the said decedent, oa before the Arttdaw of May, In the year of oar Lord eirfc teea hnadred and aiaeteen, by putting up notice ' to that effect ia eve of Vie mott public placet ia tha coenty of Betren, for the specs of two moatba, and adverUeine; tba tame for tbe like imea of heat in a newtDaner nriated aad Dob - iithsd la the ttato of Mew - Jersey, aedio anew, rper printed and rmb lithnd ia the city T A'ew - .A Iroe traatcripf from tba record. eptatm JQ1I.1 A. BO I'D, Bnr'rate. t of few fark - JCuephnUarH OJu. 1C NOTICE m hereby given, that ana X ed propotali will be received at this office aui Momiay ine Xouof Jiy mxi, tor ut pur chase of the whobor ofany partof 840. 473 17 100 dollar of the three per cent Stock - of the raaded debt of the United States, owned by this tote, ' - 4 ' ' Tbe fftork, if told, M be traasferred on the first day of July next, at which time, par moot M,0 ao by the purchaeer or parcbaarri, at the Bank of New - Tork m the city of New - York. Tbe propoaah will be opened on tha ixtd 25th day of May next and tbe heat offer or .flert will be accepted ; provided the nVn be each as ahall, coatiateiit with tbe interetts of tbe stata. warrant theacwtanceofaiworii - m wrr tfany offtr or offers thai) be accewtL urM. marion thereof shall be immediately communicated to the person or Danon n nru . a b expected and required that such person or prr - aona snail men give satnrsctory security for Hie - ARCH'DI'IMTYRE, ComptrolVr ; Albeay, April 27, 1818. , ap30 tM25 G SAUNDERS retnectrully inform hit former casromers and the wiMirv thnt Sm i. ki length, by the assMtaoce uf some friends, so tut recovered from his late mitfortatif by fire, as to nav resamennis otaeM at no. is WnH - atjeet i where be cnatinues to msnurnCTkre rarer atmn M a brintiple ioveated by feiaiseif, and which m allowed by all who bare triad them,. Jeered anything brtherto knowat at they - never, by ever eo long rae, mske the edge of tha rasor round, and thrrfire render (ba use ofany bone aary. - Tba ptoduMeraocas arty a air! V J AtaYtwaaoryf tioeet at d abevt Wi a, i n uttMv fiiaaaa ma iiw muwmum. fcioaiaicziajo oad. For piri aowa . aa)ltlr - ' . fcar iM rrrMaa. i i jii mn i ii i hi 1 1 I i Sitaatod abaat S 4 aaUae fraai tba Qty - b.4, m tha a4i Porf - raaA aad adjeiatea; tba hnaaaa at O, At ft. Waito. Tha hoarM It a WMt - lyuiahadMaaa4fitfaraaBall toily baa a kiicbaaaadcaUaivS fatW, ba - raat, ad tptadeaitoifa' YMfabaeaaannrUaay and a atabla al fc a bene aad rf - laqtMra at dour to tha praMtaa, ar at 64 Maaka - toae. t t OH MLLOk' JO LtT, I 3 At a War raat. aad fttiiwlaa givaal duiaiy, tha larga and alagaot 3 ttorj brick hoate na. 10a Uiaaawica wraiw, rspma wnn every ciiawiilaaea fca a aura thaaQy. titaato at ooaoi Ihaantl healthy aad pleaaaat parte mt the city: awd bteif apea to Waehtogtoa atreet, cogaaaodi a faa view of the Httdtea Hirer aad Janet bore. If aokl, tba Urau will b rery rr, a Mtof the araaey atay rnnaio oa aortrtjr for 10 er IS yaara - Apply at Aa. 133 or 148 l ean rift at. ap18' S 1 TO LA3E.ffterm e. L J" The boat and lot No. tO O r . ton ovtLt. Q caQ cauau Q Ttwhoi TmThoase run. ar ttreet. coiiituaingiia rootut with fire placet, betidea tbc kttcnea, paauiet, vaunt, ex. ana a wen oi gooo aralar. ' For tale, tha aaeipwed terau eletea yart, of tnckrtNa.eV' marray - euaeif in me occapaiioo of William ratterfrm, oa leate from the tpieco - pal Vbarcbda m. Mpnt - laqmre or; - , . . . . ' at aaaa. a H t we fch dtf No. 44 PUie - ttrect. a " TO LET, - - , A rofrreBit two ttory hoate, pleat ant It MiaaUd ia Ubanaairacf, Uraaawicna oeu ralda retideaca for a cartoiaa or aaecbanid rani 9 Murray - nurra low. ar pawtkaUn eaqtnre at Klo 6S irwl. . HtiOUH T VKKNON HOTEL. TUB tuUcriber takat tUa Method to in font tha public that ha hat tikta fcr the cou kif teeaoa that well kaowa ttaad forattrly occulted by Drda, abaot fira aUlea from the City (Jail, oa tba Boat oil road, and inteodtto open it at a public hoate tor the recaption of company. oa the trtt at May next, whan retleaiea and la. diea will ba actseaiawdatod with every comfort aad elefuce to ba expected at audi a bouie, on the moat raatoaablo tarmt. The beat of Uaaort of erery tort Will ba id - wayt kept raaay. If. B. Wanted a rood woman cook. apf let ' COLUMBIAN FICTURE GALLERY, 140 rsLToa - iTar BT, I lUet't Beildinxa, Bear Broadway.) To eoaaoitaean aad aaalcure of Mia Fioe Arte, and to the eaiicnteeed public of new - York. I'HE proprft - torof aa eiteeaire collection ( Dictarea. tba workt of the moat eminent paiottn, barincjaet arrived from Europe, where he bat percbatod them from the cabinete Of nome, Nanlea, rtoreace. rant, AaMterdam and Lcadoa, at a very coneidcrahle esDrnce. ptodo tea to exhibit thtm to the larfiee and tmlkimru of thbeity aad rtt varinity. The exhibition will beria oa ilrartdart ISlh of April. It will be far apertor toany at yetofTured ia the V. btatet, the picture being undoabtedly contiil - rnf oi apwarat oi suu ptciuret, by tiie bett AdoMatioa 60 ceata each, or one dollar rer month. Hour from 10 ia the inoniint to aevca in the evening. Catalogue may ba bod at the Gallery. Q Tha atore 61 Fultoa - ttrcet. Enquire oa the itrtnaiaae. ap4Sw t.. .i!(Or exchanged for property in thia eity) A neat country Hotue in the vicinity of Eli - labethtown, (ft. J.) beaotlfully aititated on the Poet - road i at prcaent m the vecupation of Dnct Grant. It contain eight room with a tiuzaa ia front and rear, a good kitchen, waah - bonie, milk - room, and ccller there it aim, a coach - houee, atabla for two honen, and other convenient out baildinra, all in trod repair. about an acre of land, laid out m a handaome garden and orchard, which afford a variety of clio ice fruit, atnaram. iio. and a well of ex cellent water, with a good pump. Terms will m made liberal. Apply to JACK0ON If WOOLLKY. ap2J Im 75 WtH - ttrect. IrtONT - ALTAr For sale or to let, the beautiful place Mont - Alta, aevaa mile from the Citv Hall, oathn North River, adjourn lord Cour tenayH. - It oontaios SO acre ol land under Im provement, vita a - large tardea aa rood condi tion, a variety of frnit treat, and every convenience a family mae raquir. For Urau. which are reasonaute, ana if told a long credit given if wuaeu, sppry to . . . .. ' ' H. U. TALCOTT, ap0 .... 64 8outh - rt. r to Ltr. VJl .Th store aad cellar room ol tliotc three story hostel No. 10 aad It Broad - ttrvet. Alto, a good hoate at Greenwich, and one at Harlasm, with two aad a hall arret of ground, aear MuanatlaaviMe. Apply at 55 Broadway, or to - CilAS. OAKLEY, apStf 141 Front - tteeet. The Wlowio Houres. viz: N e tS Joha - strect The house No. 17 do Tbe boas aad store No. 395 Fesrl - ttrcet Tbe house and Itor No. 131 Cherry - ttreet ' . , JAMES W. SHAW. fehtl No. S flowery. D AN AWAY from the tuUcriberoo tha l7lb JLtV mtt. a BLACK BOV, named Ptttr Rut gsrs, age4 19 y tart, I, about & tost, & inches high, wen made, and a ptearant good looking black. Ha was dretsed iu a abort oh re colored velvet Jacket and blue puntaloonsb supposed to ba working about tome of the wharves in tnit city, or harbored by some few oeonl of color. tvnosoever wm itnog tht said servant to ha aiastor, no. 6, Marrsy ttreet, ar wiU give in - lonnauno waere ne may be lonnd, shall ba libe rally rowardod for their treuble. And all Der - tont are beraby cautinoed a gainst barboring er amployiag aaid lervaot, u they wilL in inch case, subject themselves to th utmmt rvgnr of war., t. . It. iYHILEi apSOtf : a A bouse and farm on Thros't Neck, in he Iowa and county of Weetchrtier. fourteen miles frock New - York. Tlie farm contain! a - boat OM band red acre of excellent bad ia rood sencay a larg bam and other convenient oat - batldmg. a good hrmse tw.i etorict high, with fcer rooms on each door, elegantir situated oa the baaka of the frt Rrer i tbe situation mv comloonly healthy j th netghlioavrbontl ttse most respectable t aBandanm ot trait of the beat aetee - traa i txaa and heH kWi in grant variety taken neiore tia ooete. i or furtlver wtormauoti appty teu taDacnoeron the rreme. STEl'HEN B. HOFFMAN. myl lot "" - ,. - - ... . - r OJt SJLE OR TO l.KA JAY talsia the S. 6. B. and 10 WmttIsi manv of which are oa regulated and paved ttmett. 'o oney win ne icq - need aader ten year. If toid, nd three story' hotrtes, an which a - r;' " - e saoney remain on nwrtgag LANDING AT RED HOOK? , . of uV. SJ. ? with ten acre house and bam""' """ Wl V M MANUFACTORY, Ww - Jlawn, with 40 acres arUnd, aad a Sjj!!Ut1 "P0 which 20 mill, may hr rnotod, with a taficienry of water for each.' pyjn no. g ueeca wiU street. . JM 13 IT Ur - "Tm vi' - 'be jKoyrieiorm, witn a f I 1 view of acuMamodating the a ( i - ., puMic, hy exteading the line Q jta norwicn, iniead inaauig m..u. .... witntbe Keitoa. Cant. Law.aM mta roata iti t'oaad practicable) witloc coBliiuied danDglbaaeaton. . .. t L liw hna will in Ware be from Sew York to! Horwicb, a ftkwe : Tbe Connnciitet, Capt Banker, will leara Mew - tork erery JVemtetf, WUmUa and Fn4y, at H o'clock, ia the iMMat. or Nerllaea. The FuKoa, Cavt Law, will leave AeiwteA at 6 o'clock ia toe aaomiag of toe tame d - )t, toacb at Sfc - Lon4an and depart from thence tor Jfm Htt at 8 eVtock. The boat will meat at Acw freren, ami dm - art from theitca ercrv Mtndan. H'tdut - dan aad t'rida. at 7 o'clock in the evenine the Connecticut lor Vr - 1 era, and the r'altori tor WeW'LQndon and A" at u trn. - nh 17 WILi.UM, Am. 2U - ate. - l comer of Fulton - itreet, New - York, bar. ing received a large eopply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day it Martin, 97 Hieh Hoi - born; London, effar tbe tame, in wholesale or retail, for exparution, or noma contumpuoo, ou term tha nutt liberal and adrantagooui to pnr - chaaert. Thb inestimable MrnpoHlioo, with half the n taal labor, prudocet a mott brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japen varnwh j allordt peculiar nourifntnent u ine leainer j ii win noi toil the fined linen ; ,ii perfectly free from any onpleaaaut until ; and will retain ita rirtuet ia an climate. At aa incontrovertible proof of the luperier eiceltence of tbii blacjtiog, it hat ttood lue tctt and commanded the mott extrmive Kile ia all quartan of the globe, for upwards of half a cen tury. ... . renin FOURTH STREET NOTICE. NOTICE it hereby given to all pertont inter - etted, tint the Cominitiinncrt of ettiniale and attetrment, appointed ty ine euprrme uoun of Judicature of the Male oi New - Vork. to per form certain dutiet rel ttire to the opening of Fourth - iirect from the Bowerv road to the tixth avenue, in the einhth ward of the taid city, bale cempieted ihciretumaieana ntieMment at wen of the lott and damage imtaiued over snd above the benefit and advantage received by the own - art of the land and premitet required for tbe taid improiemeat, at alto of the benefit and ad - vantace received by the ownert and nartiet in - te raited ol nod in tlie landt and premitet sot required for the taid improvement, and that we the taid CommiHiontit have deposited a true copy of tuch estimate and aaieitment in ft Clnrke office of the city of New - York, for tbe in - tprction of whomtoever it may ccocern. And notice It hereby given to all pertona iuteretted that the report of the Commitionert of rttimate tad amrttment will be presetted to the Supreme l - ourt of Jedicature of tlie ttnteof New - York, at the city ball of the city of New - York, on Friday the Ijfhdsy of May next, at the opening of the Court on that day, or as soon thereafter at counsel can be heard thereon. Dated, this 29th day . of April, 18 IU. . I'M r.u iiAvvr.a, j PETER STAGG, Comniiiiioners. JOUNTAKGEE. ) apgfl I4t . Q TOLUT, For one or 'more years, the following Houtet at Harienvit)e,near the five mile stone, BloominKdaie roau. A pfoasantlt sitaated aad convenient two sto ry Iloute and Stable, with a Garden and four a - urai of land. ' 1 " Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two itorV Iloute aad Stable, withe lance Garden and three acre of land, both of the above placet are well ttocked with different kinds of choice Fruit - tree. - ,,,.,, Alto A pleasantly situated aad convenient two story Houie, with a Stable and two acres ol land, ror further particulars enquire of - ap38 1m Near the nremiaee. TO LHT, Tbe store No. 30 WeJi - itreet. Potaea - sioa may be bad immediately Apply at no. is. apltf a TO A 4. 7 , From the firtt of May next, the two 3 ttory brick Houses, No. 492 ami 4'J4 Green - wkh - at. in excellent repair, with or without stables in the rear, and will be let on very reasonable term. - Abo, to Let or Lease, from 1st May next, a very convenient uweiimg nnuse, opposite Love lane, near the 2 - mile stone; Bowery, at present ocenpied by Professor Adrain. It b well adapted tor one or two families, navmg two kitchens, 8 rooms, pantries, vaults, a stable and coach house, a well of good water, and two citterns. The garden U very large, and well stocked with fruit tree and shrubbery, and may be taken possession of immediately For terms, apply to t HALSEY At GOSMAN, 31 Old - slip, or to GEO GOSMAN, ap 29 496 Greenwich - street Lltt. Of tA THICK Ht. riP, . " By Wm. Wirt. Esq. 44 00. f'lIHE pobliiher dtmj it urweceatary to tay JL My thing in favor of the merit of thit work, contenting himtelf with mentioning that the first edition of 2500 copies were all disposed of in a few aioolh. The 1J improved edition for axle by . ROB. M'DERMUT, ap 25 3w 22 Pearl - sL sT - - . TO LET. l . 3 A very coaveaient house, with about hall aa acre of ground, about a asile from lb city, adjoining the house occupied by Mr. More - wood, betwixt uraenwtcn. and tba Broadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, mh25tf HuJoo - aquare rrtHF. 8WIFTSURE MAIL STAGE OF X FICE, b removed from No. 6 to 79 Court. taadt - street. Northern Hotel. BW1FTSURE MAIL STAGE FOR PHIL A DELPHIA. Fare throurb. live dollars. The SwifUur Mail Stare will leave the Ofhc No. 79 CourtJandt - atreet. every day (Sunday excepted) at 8 o'clock in tlie morning;, by way ot Newark, fodca at Somerville. aad arrive at Philadt bitua the next day, about oae o'clock. r. .... .. - - L ' r or oean in uie aoova cine, apiny ai uie vrora. No. 79 Coertlandt - Strret. All Goods sad Bag gag at th risk of the owners. may 2 1 w PROSPECTUS ' yon yvaxttniaa ax toascntrrio! ' A MAP or MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. rI,HE publication of thit Map ht been under. I taken with the Impression, that it wiU ex bihit rniorasation, bichly interesting at event' fat crisis . aad the valuable Maps which the - tbor has pracared, darinr his several tours tbmogh Mexico, in tha years lot S3, 1807, lHlt, 1813. 1815, 1818, and 1817. taduc him tohefoivettrat tba Man, with even an its uapsrtucUona, will tie macn toe moat paneci wtnen aaa appcarca oe - Snr fho nuhi - r. i - . Thia Map wiU coataia the rafeat and heat information roea tbe disrnverkt and r"" saioos of tbe Ameriraa, Spanbli, Resaian. Britlrh and rrrark trareners and aavtgaiors and re per ven ting the claim of their rrepectire governeaaati bo lbs Northwertere coast of America. .The Map wiB iaclad that portion of Norm America, which lie between tts Ivthma of Da - Hen. and tbeaSth deem of North ljititade, aad from tba Aluwuaipt Rivet westward to tht Paeific Ocean. ' . . ' . . Ia ue th Map wiU ba about six by Irs ftet, aad will he avomctod M a tcale of 40 mile to tU inch, to be delivered to the sobacriben at fifteen dollars ach. , SatcJx, MarchT, 1618, ap7Ual Swc6 and "caAllllAlffllAArk, a nan A WIM. ' fcA V t.O newoorsn c rv BaadoT. Tueeday. ry Sendoy, Tu - eday and Tbanday aMwairnta, at Tlmndav aaorainiis. al ihw nVlnrk. rant tbroasb M.tgotmry, tmingnurgn, oew., j .w. nniiim. Moauit Putaaani. Ureal Bend, Cbeeango PointVdweg 4 Ce - Returning leaves CananJaigna erery Mow - day, Wednesday and Friday mornmg at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, tha third day in time to take the Steam - boat which arrive in New - Yoik the fid I o ing mornim. - - ir h muni kr erorrUA Ikal ml U ftv trhtm the M - enf miter Iheir dtvt f mnmnr, fAaf tUii lu tmill oiler mm at te auef KtM. ' n,. whole rauta will be nerfomerl in three diva, from the first of Mar. until tlie first of November and from the first of November .til the fifteenth of December, and Irons ue fifteenth of March the firtt of May, in r.,r ilmn and from the l5Ul iKcemlier, nn til the fifteenth of March the same line will be rnntimieil to the citr ofNew - York and run from thence to Csnandaiiriia in four day. 1 1 r fc ...I - n ramnriaiirua. Niagara or nufilo,can leave N Yrk in the evenine tteam - biiat, and arrive n Caniiiulaiinia in tin ee days a distance of three hundred milte. The line it well furnished witb good, new carriage good liorses, and careful and experienced driver Every atten tion will be paid to render tlie pattageof the traveller tafe, easy and cxpeditiuu i and it is believed tbt the accommodation! on thia line ire canal toanv line in the state, fjrJ - aKARK from Newburgh to Csnantlaifjua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. U. A IxancU of the time line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Oweeo Tiora Point, thence through Newtown and Painied Pott, to Bath, ice. ' ( HAuUAijrj, as usual, ai uie r vi uic owikrs. David Godfrey. Rloominebargh, F.. II. St. Jnlnu Mnuat I'lfasaiiU I.. Ac U. Manning, Cnemuigo, - iProprie LuOier Gere. IthHa. I tort Snmuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phel)t, Latiting, mh 14 dCin VALUABLE RBttL ESTATE FOR SALE, in tub citv or axw toxk. 11 VE Intt ot ground on the weit tide of Green - r wich - treet, between Vertry and Detbros - set - ttreels, 25 by 80. f our do in the rear oi trie anove, ironung ou the east side or WathiDgtoor street, 55 ny Wt. Eisht do in tbe block below, between Wash ington and VVett - streett. in monienmerv L.nunrv. 8000 arrei of Land in Lawrence's purchase. nesr East Canada Creek, oa tbe north side of the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15.162 acre of Land, in the town of Mount Morn Md Dayton. In Essex County. 7C3? acre of Land in the town of Barry more. In the County of Lewit. ' 1350 acres ol laod io Casterlaod. Chattanit Purchase. la Saratoga County. 3600 acres in Pulmer't purchase. Enquire at the office of the tubscriber, 34 Ce dar - ttreet. EEV. ROBINSON. mh'.7tf t.LlGES'ilO.N. on &OCrl SlOMACii, IS acknowledged by medical writer to be a complaiutpl stvbburn kind, snd at all timet very difficult of cut. This is sufficiently illustrated in the disappointment of those who uolor - lunaieiv aunr under it. aa met . lor ine moti nan. r. j l . . . r, . t . . i : V " . I . una nwii aiier iiuviuk ineu many ilhiv w ihuc or no nurnoae. tbev are at lastoblised to use fl'or perhutie tlie ramaiiidcr of life) iw u article at can at best but palliate live disease. Under tucb circumstance, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, mutt tartly be an article highly deserving the attention of all th vaa wba are ulilitted wiih it ; tuch a comhiuation it to be met with m DR. MEAD'S ANT1 - DYSEP - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the, tucreti of hich hat never vet been aaaalk - d, for the core of dytietitinia itt mott complicated form, such at lost of aptietite, aauita, lieart hum, flatulency, knawing pain ia the stomach, pain in. the tide, great costivenets, paleness in the countenance, languor, lowuett of luirils, pain ia the head, virlign or giddinctt, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pill ia the above disease, accordins to the directions, will never be disap pointed, as they have never been once known to rail in prodecinjt a radical nnn permanent cure. The use of a single box will convince the most anbelievim of tlieir effienry.. Tliey will most eiTectuntly remove all sourness of tbe stomach, aot merely ev neutrahfioe the aciu, nut oycor reeling that morbid stote ot theiecretions which sivet rue to it. and at the tame time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion, tlmt tone and vigour which b absolutely necessary to the well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per onx. ' r orsnieny b at mt mm r w rs y SkV wrx . A, jvun v. munivisviiv, urugi'T, No. lBBGreeuwich - ftreet Where may ba had. wholesale and retail, a large and general assort merit of genuine Drngt nd Medicine t Soreeoot Instrument l Apotlie carv's Glan - Ware ; Enclish and American Pa tent Medicines. - Also, Dyer's and FuHVfi arti cles. Medicine Cbetts, lie On liberal termt. mb Im ' ' - t 'JO LKT AT BLOUMUiOIJALK, 4JJ The bout and eroumlt belonzinr to tbe estate of John Shaw, tituated on the eighth ave nue. On tlie premueaare so excellent doul.le Iloute, ttaoie, coacn Md ice Douse, wiio eve thinxtlse requisite for tuch no ettahlitbraent. is rj resumed any other deschotion is unnecessa rv, as linn incline ti io rem will view ine mare a iu v. I . - . r. u ..( 1 ,, no inipv hi, .nwvi aiui. .u uiv mrvi houses 11 and rs rean - ttreet ; where there it (oi sale torn old iviadera Wine, by the Dcmijuhn. r us iuiuici huuuiiiw, oi'inr iu , m. crzA w, Jan 29 11 Pearl - street DE ANGEL1S, formerly practiUoner ol U medicine in Uia military Hospitals or Nan let, and admitted a member of the Med. - jal So ciefy of Mew - York, where be bM resided since the year nan, and IRi reputation snd success in practice, ii now eitatilisried in the knowledge of we punnc uy near iu years experience, coijii aes to be consulted at his office, No. 222 Water st'eet, oiiposite Crane wharf. in Kheuraatic and Venerea cases. Dr. De An gelis hat been wondcrlully successful and the' mott terrible effects ol those disorders have Ire - quently been cured by him io a short tpace of ti ae without inconvenience to the patient. yotiruciiont nicers in me throat Md palate, it iB nets of tbe joints, paint in the limbs, eruption' of thetkin, together with a aumerou train ol evils arising from neglect or improperly treating h we uiotimsHiious oi mniaaies, navegirea way w mi raone oi uvauneni in an aimott incredible manner. Hit extraordinary luccast is, in a great measure attributable In his well known Antirheumatic Md Anti - Si'jfiilic Srrup. which. whilst tbey e rutin at every form of diteaae. rea - vm uie enariaieu paireni io Vigor, and health. P io iro - . i ) li? iio imp jjiMili LtLPS iTCH OlSTMfJfr; u WARRANTED m infallible remedy atone Y application, may be used - with perfect mieiy m inlantt a week old, not coiitawng particle ef mercaryrMy dangerous iogredienl whatever, and not accnmpMied with that nflan - sive small which attend tha t. plicauoa of other ratnediat. Tha aaore nsedVtoet ar prspared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 48 MaiJea - Laa. Md toll by S, CARLE, comas of Fulton and Watr - trtw Drcrts and ooaotry stors - kaapsrs awppked mm biMrai tsrwt Ian 29 HANDLES. 50 box Eastern Asnsiiti Caa - v - r u, ror aiie by ap 30 JOS. fJSBOSJf, 23 8ovQ - 'xet. rOST COACH LINE t ok PfJILADELPHlA , ' ax wa of fowita - moon; ., larronf At to rAtaaaoxai. . No conertioa with the post chaiae hoe. PARTS JCR6H IP DISSOI.VKO, AftDOFPO - - an ion revived. A NEW Line of Pott Coaches witb every coe - r. veateara forspasaeozer and bagsaga, oa Spnogs - TH ROUGH IS ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from tbe Coach of fice, ofd No. I Court hmd - rtreet, N. York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) al half past five o'clock, by way of Newark, Jiew - Brunswick, rnnceton.Trrnion and unttoi, ana rnve ai Phiradeliihia the tame afternoon, at 5 o'rlcck. Tlie new Steam Boat Line Industry will start from Ntw - xork every mornic, tumdHys ex cepted. at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atslan ta, lodge at Trrnton, iud arrive at rbiladelplua, in a siteam Boat, next uiommg at If o'ciock. Fare 5 dullart. P. 8. Pastenfert are requeifed to call and take ineir sests at tlie u.d no. i wtun landt - ttreet. New - York. United States Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience lor patwr.Ktrt end baggage, ou springs. The U. S. mail coach will start from the coach ofbee, old No. I Couit.andt - streH, New York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrivt at Philsdtlphia next m .rrasg at 6 o'clock. Only S naateneert admitted. - For ieal in tin stave earned Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old eslai.lithed Coach, St ae;e snd Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - sliret, the secood office from Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T. GOOD RICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Ce dar - street. New - York. Brr All goods and baggage at tha risk of tha owner. JOSEPH I i On'l CtlAiSt.. SONS U CO. N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Con tinent, by Tii0.dA3 VVU1TF1ELD., 'apl AfOai CiiAiac. win leave Abw - Vurk every day (Sunday excepted) at half putt 5 in the inoniint; by way of N wark, only tix patten - gen admitted, and arrive in Philadelphia the same evening. Fare through, $2 The new Steam Boat Line Experiment, will leave New - York every day (Sunday excepted) at half part o'clock, ia the Steam Boat Atalaa - ta, and arrive at Philadelphia the next day at 4 o'clock, by the Steam Boat iCTNA from Bristol. For Seats ia the above lines, apply at the Post Chaise Stage and Steam Boat Olhce, 1 18 E road way, oppoaite the City Hotel. fj3 All goods and baggage at tha risque of the owner. JOHN N.CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK & SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON & HOWELL, Philadelphia. A. B. trprtisa tent ta any part of tht Union. p8 STEAM - BOAT FIRE - FLY. day to dinner. an 2 fT Thit boat will com - uce running between New York and Newburl., ou leiday, tlie 14th April. bhr wtli leave tw York every Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday, at 9 A. M. and Newburgh on Monday, Wednesday ana l nciaj , ai a. ai ap ii . JfUhTH Hiy.HlU t.tiM liOslli. 05 - On the 11th of May, tbeBoatt will commence running four time a week, BatTi mii ., ,mfmmrnUnvn : A boat will leave new - Tr - rK on l uesday, at 9 A. M i Wedaeaday, at 5 P. M. Friday, at 9 M. and Saturday, at 6 P. M. of each week t and a boat will rente Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Md Saturday, at 8 A. M The almve arrangement will cornmnrc by the Chancellor's leaving Alboay on , Monday, tlie llth .Mav. at 9 A. M. and tlie Kichuicnd h - arine New York oa Tim sdny, (he 1 2th et 9 H. M. Therire - lly leavti flitw - York on I uesriay, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. hi. for New burgh, and returnt on Monday, wedtietdav and Friday, at 8 A.M. ' my 2 SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, ' run rBiLSDti.rHia, r - . ffj" lrave New - York IV? eveiy inorning (Sunday'tex - . .... . ceiitcd) at B o'clock, and ar rive in Philadelphia next The publick houei are good, and rrasonanie in their charge, me onvert, nortes ana coacn - es am not interior to any others now running between these two cities. Tbe beautiful roontry, and the excellence of the roans on this rout, con nected with the safety, condbrt, and reasonable expences, are hcleived to he strong inducement to travel ers in eivinr tins line a decided prefer ence. The strictest httentioo will lie observeu by the proprietors in giving general satfsfai tioo. All baggage and packagti will go at the risk ol the owner unlets insured and receipted for by U clerk of taid office. Slace fare only X5, with a generous o'lowanre of baggage. ' Parties wishing to travel at their irisare. may enn(o mr vujitu uo icaniuauir terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one ! KamtsriAaa Ia laxrfinia' JL r . ii ,k wt" . - tA yropriHoTii 1 :j2a1 r u ., u I L A D L L fii 1 A . Twt ty - five mile land carriage, via New Brunswick aad iTanloo, In new pest coaches Do. good stages, 4 0 Do. forecast e or deck panengcrs 3 0 Connected by th statm boats OLIVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The steam - boat Oliv tfraach will loave New - York every duy, Sun. day excepted, from th north tide of tha Batte ry. at II o'clock A. M. Passengers will lodge at Trenton, and taae the stenm - boat fhiiMdci phia, sons to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next mornmg, in tune to lake th L'nioa Line BtuTiffiore tttam - noats. , This line has a connection with the best broU on the Delaware andCherapeake to Norfolk; at alto those of the North River and Sound anl their several arrivals are calculated to cause lUtla. If nav dalav. i Thia u a speed, and certainly the most eon venieot root, at the paw.njrtrs win lesv New York Slier the ranks opto, - and arrive i;i rbila delphia be fort tbe hours otbnsintm, without ia tigoe in travelling or want of sleep, the land carnage being much less thaa by aiiy other root between the two cities. . Far seals io the above line apply to WILLIAM b JAQUES, At tbe Union Line Steal 1 Boat OuVe, in Mar ketfk id street,, aortb side of the Battery, be tweea Graeawith fc WaV lnc' - in - streetsor to The CAPTAIN on boaid. OCT All goods aad bugge at the risk of tlie owner. .; - ap 4 rl Ta lM fyrortt ar more en. - K ii Tbe following houses - home No. C94 Bnmdway, two donrs above Wevidnston Il.t witb a coach htmse in the far if rrquircd Ali - o. a thrre Hory bnrk boase No 415, laaald street AIsa, a new Md genteel two ttory brick hoee comer of Ljspeiitrd and Chiirch - ttreels. the term, moderate. For further particulars, tpiy atAI5Broadway . , rnh W M HORSE FOR SALE. A PLEASANT ttfift(;Hort win be told cheap by a genlleaM ahut ta arave town. Apply at tfcis office, my 4 A tlbMnug pabhc kaaw hew to dlitinr.i.h DOCTOR HORNE. fora.rl, of the eity of lndon, a member of tha facaltr tJ nh - t. . and sargery thefl, deems it Lit'ds - tv ta repeat soa.e oosovMioot es tl nhsiae of MEilCURY. A tawTtmTlaV V1"1 ttBMi' - aea ate Uweof, ha been prodoe - tire of Hifiniut Alar hi.r ' ii?? nuC' ".V',oa,iT "rcwriaiiied out of et, f euce. Theriucaae wa bate in view avm 5. i talr!t.tnieflytotlu.aourcV that a young man, tUiKinea of hit coiatrt.' - " i. "c fvmi aaa entoymeatanf lif. by theeiiaeeneofcne angairid momeLL aad by a disease not in iu awVnatare fouTa which only prove so from neglect or inJ!S! lremnt." A - iU.m. 7,V,1 .17P', tvmt) now patfeciiy heary xnd well, 'tM lZ . . y, MX in rear and repetediysahyat,ds when recoim.VH?: Dr.H.(Ly " of tti. city) Vi TbtlZ were cariout, Md Ida ffcth dropping fixmiiht his friendl declared be coald liiJJ '.""J two montht longer. Tboutaaib rxtierirtitaif.H. know with nbul ease f nd .asety Dr. H citot the teverett case, end cotdirnii UecoMu! tution. The Uotlor'i plan (advertitin - l 4 T cetsary to guard the public againat the tiZft mercury, and other fatal deliaiona, held SorihJ' Persist tlierefore, having contracted va( disorder, or uicting latent poison, ill" admonithedaot to tamper with their cowtri tioo, or conceal the disorder, til ,,njt rer0 ry oilier having the reouuns of M old c." or other lmpnritie of the blood, a well at e' er complaint of a delicate nature, in tex. should remember posterity, and do iui to their consciences, by making erpucaho. to Dr. U. at hi. old and rerp?clat . 2S? !hmeot. No. 64 Water - strect, fourhoute ia - ol Old - slip, to obtain that prompt ajsitfanc.aJ lone calculati d tts preve. - rtditcloeura. And fc let m claim your serious alteti.ioa Rerneniulf superficial it no core at nJJ ; rmleti lUhl sinettit radiiilly sione, yoa wi;l cerfuinlr hai; the clisordet break out again witn redoubled " pw sun i prriisns then srilt be too late for rt iuedy. Don't cji tut . 7? tbe streets miserable, mutiialed Iu itiki. wui Js even a bit c! nre n leir fcca Tate wsi oesetrn yon. , Dr. H's. character for akin and ttublmni i gn'y being nmvi rtally known in Oittcitr. nwa (804, guarantee to pariinft that delicacy ind is! ciecybitierto unknv.n, end rming coiuaed his practice for years part, rttlmivtily to the cure of aistases of Ihe blood i)iuin, tfcey esb ulate on the mott deuJui auvaaUire u coL suiting Dr. H. " " Glcett eradicated in tws or three weeks ! - !" Strictures removed without bougirs or any v'fh - er instrument ; and all debilitim iiU.u... ,u old ulreraticun, ritu!b't Axe. A plurality of nfheet are prorided, Md so tit, ited that patients are not exposed tocach other's ihservation. Open till half past 9 in tha eveuitc. til u.ann. .nr...amu.l k ... .... J ... L r alline. and t:eahJii2 witb Dr. H. which tr. of cost. And liere the Doctor cannot avoid the xpression or grauiuue tor innumerable recom - tendationt, and for the decided orefereare fit is presumed with just cause) loot; givtohim by a UIIJUUP IUIllll... . i; .. . u. At! leitert mutt oe toil paid. - Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 l tllUtJi qUjilkt.RX SfOR.iMrosl - mm DR. KVA mjieritr .method of caring a certain Disease, itnow universally acknowledged in this' city : nit mone of trestiueni t perrectly mild, tafe, e - ii:moui. and hi charg. reasonable. ' In every u 'lance he warrant a car. and will return th pay ii'ha dnc not perform agreeable to contract. I I. a . t - I ' F . . . I t.r.,M. ntl..t . nL. I a.' .Hi' "...v 1 T . VIIBCrTVQ. There are many r"ons in this city and its vi. . cinity, laboring under various cJiAjuic disease, ' such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, srrofola, or kiftgs evil, fistulas, diseases of the urethra, ,. bladder asd kfdnies, old complicated complaints of a certain nature, bilious and other obstructions, rheaiuatiatn, aco. wljch they consider isca - rabln, tbey can caatainlv bncuied fin general) byappiyux'ai'r.r.oaiin - o iTicaicai oture, no. 9. recktiip, Imvuii practised in extdistv io Europe 12 years, aiuler sura n( th firtt Surgeons and PhyticiMs ia the world, and for 30 vt art. , . , , . 0(., rCT Tb tubscriber bavin r recentlv rrraraed from England with an important improvement on the artificial tpriDg LEG, he lake! thb method of informing his frieudi and the pobjic, that all - those who are to unfortunate at to be in waet nf leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 barclay - ilreet, New - York.' Jan sz WM. TORVIS. ssssat,. a rrw 3 " ,frr WIIEATON A DA Vis, Fnncv Chair Manutsc turert, No. 153Falton - ttrert, optiotite St. Pault Ckarch Oder for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant at sortment . of. Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament ed ingald hi brnme, Bamboo, Plaio and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Cwvefsa - tron Chain. Sofa. Settees, Loungeet, .Music Stoolt, kc. ' ' ' - : urdert iron any part or the continent executed With nratneift and dispalrh. ' ' . Uid L - huirt rejiairtJ, pamted and ornamented. rub 9 I y J. i 4 s a 4T or v ir nivefVrb nnnitt. i AFRU - MENTO, No. t Wnll - tireeUjott re - . tu i ncd from Italy, bat tbe honour to Ularra Uie gentlemen, that he ride Mil dresses bait ia the l.ilcit sty le, Md in a niar - eer so as U it to tlie plurionotiiy., He la for sab anueati - fy of RA20KS oi Ine firt .quality, if 'hey not plkase, the parchwen ate at J"1" ' to return tiiem, and receive Hie money. He hat likewise prncurod a very liue lion, and ,n?sifJ to iisfore rasors lo - m very kecn - 'cilge and tlioukl ' thty nol cut be will receive no ' rw:omptiice. - - I centlemi wtio may piea io .pou.i with thair patrowxe, tay depend o uis Irliciibr nnd r.t ptrtful aiiendhijcc. N. H. Gentlemen wbn subscribe by the quarter will have their lasors, Ac. kept eadasmiy for tbcmselve. 1 . i ' P. S. A good journeyman wanted. ATPI7' above. mh otf . tiOAUL'i.Vi. renth - mm run be. arcnm mod.ilcd . with Piwrl, iua private. rt mily. in apleas nt part of the r.ity ol' Jersey, nfiire Enquire at this ap ill" ntlTTOX. 35 hal' - a N"V ?f X U l,y LE KOV, BAYARD is CO. ap; , i i - ' - NEW - YORKt JflCUA Kl llUfUAM A f " ' " ' Nov 49 tVitMAM - trnxav orroiT ta " hn Corrxx - Hocta.

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