The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 8, 1945 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1945
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 1945 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Texas Labor Law Is Ruled Out Washington, (JP)--Texas legislation requiring paid labor union organizers to register with the secretary of state before soliciting for members was Monday declared unconstitutional by the supreme court. ' -Justice Rutledge delivered the court's 5-4 opinion. Justice Roberts wrote a,dissenting opinion in ·which Chief justice Stone "and Justices Reed and Frankfurter concurred. R. J. Thomas, Detroit, a CIO vice president and president of the United Automobile Workers, challenged validity of the statute. He appealed after being adjudged in contempt of court for violating a Texas court's order which enjoined him from soliciting for union members without registering -with the secretary of state and obtaining an organizer's card. The state court sentenced ; him to 3 clays' imprisonment and fined him $100. Bah Order Limiting Western Union Hired Employes Under 16 Washington, (/f^-The supreme court set aside Monday an order restraining Western Union from sending interstate messages from offices where it has employes under 16 years of age. Justice Jackson delivered the' court's 5-4 decision. The southern New York federal district court ruled that transmission of messages under such circumstances violated child labor' provisions of the fair labor standards act. Its order restrained Western Union from handling any interstate message produced in an office "in or about which within 30 days prior to the transmission" of the message there was an em- ploye under 16.. The 2nd federal circuit court upheld the order. Western Union "·contended before the supreme court that congress did not Intend to require telegraph companies to cease employing messengers under 16. It argued the lower courts were wrong in deciding that telegrams are "goods" and are "shipped" in . commerce and a telegraph company Is a "producer" of messages. SPOTTED EMPOSTER --Sally Sears, 21 year old Boston society girl; is being credited with bringing about the arrest of William W. Holt, alleged bogus Army captain, who had been wined and dined by cafe society in the east. Miss Sears' suspicions were aroused when her much- decorated e s c o r t , whose picture she Is holding, began bragging of bis German ancestry. (International)' 3 Cargo Ships Follow Powerful Ice-Breaker in Historic Lake Trip ' By GEORGE H. TAGATZ Sanlt Ste. Marie, Mich., The U. S. S, Mackjnavr, new and powerful 'addition 'to'" the' coasf guard ice breaker fleet Monday ushered 3 cargo vessels southward on a Great Lakes-to-Gulf- voyage after an . historic c l e a r a n c e through, the Soo locks. Behind the Mackinaw in Its journey through pelting snow and the 10 to. 12 inch ice in the lower St Mary's river and the Straits of Mackinac were the U. S. maritime commission's 4,000 ton war freight carriers Penuscot, Hidalgo and William L. Nelson. They were built for the army, navy and war shipping administration iii the Butler and Globe yards in Superior, Wis., and Duluth, Minn, They cleared the Soo Sunday, aided by the ice breakers Chaparral and Sundew. The locks passage was the 1st for cargo ships of equal size ever recorded here in January. The previous last wintertime passage from ice caked Lake Superior into the lower lakes was on Dec. 26, 1904: Cmdr. E. Roland of the Mackinaw said the convoy should clear into open water of Lake Michigan Tuesday. Eventually t h e 3 cargo ships will be moved from Chicago through the Illinois waterway into the Mississippi river and on to the Gulf of Mexico. 2 PRIESTS ARE GIVEN TERMS Romanian Publisher Sentenced by Judge Detroit, (iP) -- Two Romanian Orthodox priests and a Romanian publisher were given prison terms in federal court Monday for failure to register as agents of exiled King Carol of Romania in an alleged effort to bring him into the United States and ultimately restore him to the throne. Judge Edward 3. Moinet, Upbraiding the 'trio-from the bench, sentenced them to : terms ranging from 2 years to 5 years and imposed fines of $500 to $3,000. They had pleaded nolo contendere (no defense) and last week had been ASKS WARD'S NOT INTERFERE Seizure Case Taken Before, Federal Court Chicago, (IP)--The government sked the federal court Monday to es train Montgomery Ward and company from alleged Interference with ,army operations of 16 com)any properties in 7 cities, con- ending a situation existed which 'threatens the outcome of the war." Hugh B. Cox, assistant solicitor general, began the government ar- ruments for an Injunction In the xmrtroom of Federal Judge Philip Z. Sullivan, packed with leading Chicago lawyers and virtually all the principals In the company- labor-governmeat controversy. At the outset government and company counsel agreed to defer temporarily argument on the merits of'the case in which the government seeks a declaratory judgment to establish legality of the seizure Dec. 28. They proceeded on the injunction question itself. ! Cox said the company contended it had given no physical interference to the army forces under Maj. Gen. Joseph W. Byron but the government felt interference need not be physical and believed it had established a case of interference through affidavits filed by army officers. "The real issue is whether the United States* has the power in time of war under the statutes and the constitution to take possession of properties where an existing situation threatens the outcome of the war," Cox said. "We have here a dangerous situation which threatens the outcome of the war. , ' . 'There is no issue of confiscation here. These people (the company) are entitled to fair compensation during-" government control of the properties." Sewell L. Avery, chairman of the board of Ward's, arrived early in court with members of his staff including Clement D. Eyan, Ward's president, and H. L. Pearson, vice president and treasurer. General Byron, his labor relations officer, Lt. Col. Daniel Boland, and other staff members, also took seats in the crowded courtroom. ' Cox reviewed the wartime labor disputes settlement history. "The campaign Ward's has carried on against the machinery lor settling wartime labor disputes threatens · to break down the whole structure of that machinery," Cox said. "Once labor becomes convinced that any employer or group of employers can successfully defy the war labor, machinery, then labor will come to . the conclusion that'that machinery is a one way ilobombs Probably Will Hit Sf. Y. or Washington-Ingram An East Coast Tort, U.R)--Adm. Jonas H. Ingram, commander-in- chief of the Atlantic fleet, said Monday that it was "possible and probable that New York City or Vashington will be hit by buzz bombs within the next 30 or 60 days." Ingram ress conference aboard his flag- hip. said he woud take CANTERBURY CHOICE--New archbishop-designate of Canterbury and 98th primate of all England, .the Rt. Bey. Geoffrey Francis Fisher, 57, lord bishop of London, is an ex-schoolmaster who has had little more than 12 years o( active clerical service. The prelate, known far his tolerance and unconventionally, has been named by King George to succeed Dr. William Temple, who died last October. . ' charge of coastal defenses of New York and Washington and that he lad moved "plenty of forces" to take every possible precaution igainst the attack. He said the bombs would come in one of 3 ways: 1, surface ship; 2, Submarine; . ' 3, Long range planes., He said the bombs would probably be smaller than the V-one or V-twb lauched against Great Britain. He said the greatest danger to expect was from .fires, and tha the bombs were not expected to seriously damage any large buildings. He warned against panic, which he said could increase the damage "The next alert will be the rea McCoy," he said. t The danger area, he said, wa in a 300 mile arc from which eith er New York or Washington couU be hit. He said the Germans ha 300 submarines "at least" in the Atlantic and that the navy was prepared to keep them from coming close enough to lire, or to stop them before they fired very many, bombs. He said 6 or 8 subs would be needed to bomb New York. "I consider that adequate measures have been taken to protect New York and Washington," he said. . He said that he "didn't, think protective measures were adequate earlier," indicating that protection will be largely naval.. He made his statements at a owa's Share for ? irst Portion of Road Plan to Be 11 Million Washington, (/P)--Iowa's por- ion of the first $500,000,000 of the $1,500,000,000 highway program authorized by congress will be $11,139,077, the federal works agency revealed as it announced the state-by-state apportionment. O£ this total, $5,567,200 will be allotted for the highway system, $3,979,710 for feeder roads nnc $1,592,107 for urban highways. Congress still must appropriate the money. DESTROYED BY FLAMES Des Moines, (/P) _ The Des Moines terminal of the Bos Truck Lines, Inc., and an adjacent apartment house both were destroyed Saturday night in a fire, loss from which had been estimated at be tween. $30,000 and $40,000. Thre trucks and a tractor belonging t the company, a Marshallton, Iowa firm, were destroyed in the blaze the company, a Marshalltown lov/a, firm, were destroyed b'y th blaze. . RECOGNIZED BY REDS--It has been announced that the L u b l i n National Committee, headed by Premier Edward Bloravvski, has been recognized by Russia as the provisional government of Poland. Both the V. S. and England recognize the Polish Government-in-Exile in London as the government of Poland. First Contingent of British Troops Home Frorri Burma Front London, (IP)--The first contingent of British troops from the Burma front arrived in London over the weekend on brief furloughs and sections of the press indignantly demanded M o n d a y morning why they had not been given a proper welcome. Only about 200 persons were on hand to greet the troops when they arrived at the station, and there were no bands and no flags flying. Some relatives were frankly disappointed at the Jack of fanfare, but the troops themselves seemingly shared the war office view that they did not want any of the precious time at home cut short by an official reception. All had seen long service on the Burma front, and most were granted home leaves of 28 days on pleas they wanted to start raising families. TWIN CHILD DIES Wancoma--Jerry Lee, 2%, twin son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mumby, died suddenly Friday night following a short illness of lung congestion. Joice Farm Boy Hurt in Hunting Accident Joice--Dennis Holtan, 20, was seriously injured when a bullet accidentally hit him while he was hunting Sunday afternoon. Dennis, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Holtan, who live west of Joice, was with a companion when a bullet fired by one of them, struck a tree, glanced and penetrated young Hoi- tan's head. He was taken to a hospital at Forest City where the full extent o£ his injury had not been determined. IS ACCIDENTALLY SHOT Davenport, (/P)--Ernest Seitz, 51, Butler township farmer, who lived northeast of Eldridge, was found dead Sunday night of a gunshot wound which Coroner Frank C. Keppy said was incurred accidentally while hunting. There will be no inquest, Keppy said. Goo-dell -- Catherine Halfpap submitted to an appendectomy in the Belmond hospital Friday. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH, a pleasant alkaline (non- acicJ) powder, holds false teclh more firmly. ;To eat and talk In more comfort, lust sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your plates. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug store. More than two billion pounds of aluminum were used in U. S. munitions and airplane plants in 1S44. Kidneys Must Clean Out Adds Bo j«a suffer from Getting T.^ _ nets, Swollen Anfcl*t, Rheumatic =TM»- - - -- - lesj/r-Jiinful! refused permission to withdraw the plea. The Rev. Glighaeri Morani of SS. Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox church of Detroit, told by Judge Moinet "you should be unfrocked," was sentenced to S years and fined $3,000. The Rev. Stephan Opreanu, dean of St; George Romanian Orthodox cathedral, Detroit, was given 4 years and'ordered to pay a $2,000 fine. George Zamfir, publisher of "The Voice Of Romania," was sentenced to 2 years and fined $500. ' The overnment charged the 3 led a movement in this country to restore the exiled king to his throne. Last word here of King Carol was that he was in Mexico. In each instance the fine was a "committed fine." This means, it was explained, that each defendant must pay his fine before becoming eligible to parole. "I do not know what kind of a minister you are," Judge Moinet told the Rev. Moraru, "but if you are a minister, you should be unfrocked." Addressing the 3 together, the judge said they "must have been very ambitious" to endeavor to help Carol "get into this country through you and to establish himself on the throne again through you." . street and that undoubtedly would lead to f evocation, of the no-strike pledge." Cox asserted that Ward's took the attitude that "it can ignore the settlement machinery and carry on labor disputes as though the country was not at war." . BrtrVMtf ' , STeeytL-- et Cm« (» ptmlcua'i Bmcriptkmi TUU- *ny foes titht to work nfiplng tfie Kidmyrn fiush oat excess acids mid vnstcs which znay ban caosed your trouble, so take Cy^tac exactly u directed «nd watch for qulcjc help ·lad A rapid Increase In pep, more youtMol feeUng lad Joy o! living. Cystex mast surprise svnd delight you and satisfy completely or you simply return the empty package and your money feftcfc is guaranteed. Don't suffer Uy without trying Cystex--only thit out: tce to soar aroffstyt; toe t fttoTORteer! Crstcx. O'DEA . . . COMPLETE FINANCE service for retailers, distributors, jobbers, manufacturers individuals. FAST. EFFICIENT LOW COST SERVICE r.Hji. Title 1 Farm Imple- mtntl AvtoraobDe* i Atrenn Heme Appliances · In amlrta! Equipment · Account* Bceeltttl* !*r Indl* rcqmlr*- C F. KRIZ Local Representative P. O. Box 3Z -- Phone 2259 Mason City Mild Epidemic of Bubonic Plague Fought With Serums, Vaccines Kunming, Jan. 3--(Delayed)-(IP)--A mild epidemic of bubonic plague which has been developing since last'May now is being fought with mass innoculations and -other preventive measures among a quarter million people inhabiting the threatened area along the Burma-China border. Thus far the number of cases probably does not exceed 300, with about 100 deaths, but Chinese and foreign agencies, including the U. S. army medical department and a Friend's Ambulance unit made up chiefly of American, British and Canadian conscientious objectors, is waging an unremitting fight to contain the disease. There have been no cases reported among American personnel, but the proximity of the threat has made it of vital concern to Chinese and American authorities. Serums and vaccines, much of them of Chinese manufacture, have been flown into the area along with a powerful American- made flea powder. The plague is transmitted by fleas carried by rats. HEARING HELD IN MURDER CASE Witness Faints on Stand in Waterloo .Waterloo, (IP) -- One witness fainted on the stand and a spectator left the crowded courtroom wailing hysterically at a murder hearing to determine the degree of guilt of Elmore Elder, 24, Waterloo, Negro, who pleaded guilty in district court Monday morning to the fatal shooting of Cleveland Nolan, 45, also a Waterloo Negro. One of the eye-witnesses to the shotgun shooting, which occurred early on the morning o£ New Year's day, George King, Negro, 21, of Waterloo, fainted on the witness stand, as he traced the events leading up to the killinig and was about to tell of the actual shooting. , While the slain man's 9 year old daughter was testifying tearfully and pointed to Elder as the man who shot her father, a Negro woman, friend of the Nolan's began wailing, "Oh, that poor child," and left the courtroom and wept loudly in the lobby for several minutes. County Attorney Paul Kildee and Assistant County Attorney Charles Swisher are prosecuting the case. Johri L McCartney was appointed by the court to represent Elder. , SCHOOL PUPILS TO EXHIBIT ART ' 8 Pupils Planned to Begin Early in April Iowa City--Evidence of the vitality and adaptability of the art program in-Iowa high schools to the war effort will be displayed during the University' of Iowa's 15th annual art exhibition next spring. . The ; affair, scheduled for April 1 through 15, will be open .to .'students of all high schools .v/ho can submit works in 8 classes of entry j-according to Prof. Edna Patzig of the art department, exhibition manager. "In art classes, pupils are contributing effectively to the war effort. Posters are aiding in conservation and in sale of war bonds and stamps. Thousands of articles are being made through the Junior Red Cross for men and women in service and in the veterans' hospitals," Professor Patzig said in the announcement of the 1945 exhibition. No awards or high ratings will be made but for the 6th year experienced critics will make an analytical evaluation of all entries. Last year 804 pieces were entered by 447 pupils. In the current exhibition entries will be due March 27 and will be displayed in the art building, Professor Fat- zig said. As a wartime measure,' the art conference will be presented over radio station WSUI April 7 for the benefit o£ teachers and pupils who cannot travel to Iowa City. Authorities in art education will speak. , These are the classes of entry: Drawing, painting, design (decorative, advertising, industrial, costume); applied design, sculpture, caricature and cartooning, civic art, and pictorial photography. Hiqh BloodItasure . mM Jh v^P: 2 :v*v * -*tag^:l. JLZJ. *·" A WARNING OF DANGEROUS For 25 yean the Ball specialized, in the treatroentof Chronic Diuuu. -Tens of thousands of. people suffering from these diwuu have bwn successfully treated. Treated at World's FamousHealfh Resort "\ Real Estate Transfers Cerro Gordo County to Win. Eiler $100 (SWD). Lots 1. 2 3 Blk 4 Clear I^ake Camp Meeting Assn. Grds., CL. 1-2-45. Kearney, B. J., to Mrs. Mildred Potter $1 OVD). Part of Lots 2 3 in Elk 4 Paul Felt's plat MC. 12-21-44. Schreckengost, Orin D. et al, to William J. Birch et al jt ten. etc. $1 (WD). N% of Lot 1 in Blfc 11 Brice Ong Land Co's St. RR. Add to Mason City. 12-29-44. Poultry Council Inspects College Research Project Poultry research projects at Iowa State college were inspected here Thursday by-40 members of the Iowa Poultry and Allied Industries council.' In a morning meeting which preceded the tour, the council met with President Charles E. Friley, Dean R. E. Buchanan, of the Iowa agricultural experiment station and Dean H. H. Kildee of the division of agriculture to discuss industry problems and how to better them. Friley, Buchanan and Kildee spoke of the work being done at the college and its relation to the poultry industry. WOULD* MOST FAMOUS HEALTH WATERS I A bounteous nature has provided here in Excelsior Springs, within » half mile radius, a greater, variety of mineral waters than in [ any other mineral water Spa- in the world. Hulth seekers from all parts of the -world in ever-increuing numbers are confirming ! th* startling stories of almost miraculous re, tforeriea to be found-in these waters. Above is a sketch of a mineral water pagoda located ] i on our own grounds. High Blood Pressure, "The Killer," leads to tragedy in a higher percentage of cases than any other chronic ailment. It may be associated with stroke, paralysis, hardening ot the arteries, Bright's Disease, Heart Trouble, and many other grave complications. Since it is the nature of the condition to grow steadily worse until properly treated, you cannot hope to escape the consequences'by ignoring it or depending on ineffectual treatments. In addition to the foregoing-, there are usually many other disorders of the system and diseases associated with High Blood Pressure. It is invariably an indication of a complication of ailments--so complicated in fact, that few doctors understand it or know how to treat it successfully. It is an unfortunate fact that most doctors sincerely believe High Blood Pressure to be definitely incurable. Yet, we have found that in the entire field of chronic ailments, none will respond more favorably to proper treatments than High Blood Pressure. Aside from drugs that temporarily reduce the blood pressure, the usual recommendation is rest in bed. Both of these procedures are for relief of symptoms only and in no way have any value in correcting the condition. Nefther is a cure. To successfully treat High Blood Pressure, it is necessary to understand the real nature of the ailment--the underlying causes anil administer the proper treatments to correctthem. Then, and not until then, can you resume your normal activities, eliminating .the constant threat of sudden death or paralysis from a stroke. JOINS Garner--Miss WAVES Delphine Yohn, Cryolite is a quartdike sub- tancelthe Eskimos thought was a I special kind of ice. daughter of Mrs. -Howard Yohn, has joined the WAVES at Hunter college in New York City taking her training. Miss Yohn served as chief clerk of the Hancock county selective service board since it was organized. Her place on the board is taken by Miss Virginia Townsend, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Townsend of Britt. Early War Paint South Dartmouth, Mass., (U.R)-- Beside the well-preserved, 500-year--old skeleton 6f an Indian found under a dwelling here was perhaps America's earliest makeup kit--a clam shell containing a small mass of war paint that regained distinct red, yellow, green and blue hues on exposure to air. Illustrated FRfE BOOft The shipbuilding industry of the United States has constructed more new combat ships than the entire tonnage lost by the combined allied nations thus far in the war, says Ships Magazine. "Hand" Snatches J100 Cambridge, Mass., QJ.PJ--As the door of a subway car were closing, a harid reached in from the station platform and snatched a handbag containing $100, from, the lap of Mrs. Anna Smith. The train moved away before she could catch a glimpse of the thief. Large numbers of insect eggs are destroyed by parasites so small that the adults are one-twenty- fifth of an inch or less in length. I Keeardlni bf how you have been treated or how long you have tuMefed from High Blood P.-iKttrt do not give up until you have vvritlw for a FREE copy ol our ntw book entitled "Good Health. Lilt's Greatesr Bleating" ftnd our special booklet on High Blood Preisure. II may be the mean* of adding rnanjr years to your life \Vriti today tor your free copy HOME TREATMENTS USUALLY PROVE FUTILE The old style method of treating Hfffh Blood Pte«ure by periodic resting !rt bed or by the UK of drug* or medicines at home usually proves fatile because the suffctcr it merely treatcnff the symptom, riot the cause* or dueJSCE that led to the development cf Hiffh Qlood Pressure . t There art. many ferioaf conditions that will cauir. High BIcwd Pressure, a few of which are Syilenic Acidity, Systemic Toxemii. Kcervacion. Hardening of the Arteries, Kidney Disease, fJucttess Gland Failure. These conditions can only be detected by the most highly skilled clinical examination The sooner you avail yourself of l complete clinical examination and the hind of treatment your condition requires--the sooner you will be oa the roid to tetter hcahh FREE DIAGNOSIS AND EXAMINATION On your arrival here we first make a complete examination without charge. Each doctor who examines you ii an experienced specialist in his line. There it absolutely no chatet for this examination. You are told frankly what treatments you nted and what it will cost. YOU DECIDE THEN WHETHER OS NOT YOU WILL TAKE THE TREATMENTS WE ADVtSE LOW COST TREATMENT The cost of treatment viriei according to the severity of your cue ind thf iecommt J*tioni th»( you K.tct We veil! always »Uvi»4 you tht tbit of treatments. BALL CLINIC Department 1070 Excelsior Springs, Mo. Gentlemen: Pleue send by return mail FREE and postpaid a copy of your-new book, "Good Health, Life's Greatest Blessing." and your special booklet on High Blood Pressure. Name . A'ddress City.. ..Stale-

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