The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 8, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1818
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- 7rV ' G B AtTBSTutofpriiM 3J As wingV - Nos. SSW. tlQOO , 1813. t5M' - sml 3 of S ,00 one of 'b,c1,,, WM iold 41 fiATTK'S, where been lJ w ftKn,er ivi 000. 3 of .0u0, wd a great many of A iflflJ Aoteu. 2(1 dy'lrawin. No .,c? tMOOOt flSl RJ00 , 4657 1301 15 - 5 siid $100 each.' Will draw again . Thursday next. t 4 o'el.ick. Tickets and Shares. r sal at AIXF.XS' Truly Luck j OF L km RHudwar. Hr - fi!)ff prize. AII dd t ALLEN'S', my 8 0il Road iMiery W Dtaieing, in i i - n. Ii, !' Pr.i.. - 9rl day. I? s.3a3.filW)0i 1813,500; 1301,4657, CJ43. 8908. 4100. I k kets and share la viieyof onmbers, lurelehv , '" , lAil - ri' i.inf. l.tfl RroadwaV. Who told od paid Uie higlusf prise, yet drawn i. thi. l.otterv. vi. 4oou, samnr. snj fiTFORDK OWEGO LOTTMtT. i "I I drawing : e drawing ; grand capital priie S7JyX' 7 GILLESPIE'S correct tmi.i i'VHib'i t'frrtrj. nil a Nil oi pnj, u . JIM, drawing, juj ""' w - - 4857. 4675, 63, 8908, 100 each. At OIL - LESI'lE's Office, lHBrojdwy, oppoja.e the City Hotel, will be received priie Ticket at par for Warranted undrawn one, and premium will my 8 be paid for epsmsn uonr. I landing and for Kile by ' 1 . PETER REMSEN CO - i iltV WOOLLINS, limT iw.'d ner Mercury and Atlantic, a few ,1 trusses of low priClothi, andC.imerfl, forsaleby auo. o. jiiv.w.., mi 47 67 Fine - street. Wfcl.La Ai UPSON, ua reari - su - eot, nave received by lato arrivals, !.;,, irorr. li" - lip and real buck - handle imira. and forks ' ' "' Yiur penkui w bol.ler pistols, fine goo lock English silver watches, plated rpomis, &c. Sic, " oa HARD, Komad vitriol, card wire Cast, Loop I and shear steel With a laree and central amrtment of hard ware, bct (sbelfMld aud fliraanglniu plated ware, for wle low. On cwmjiimeoi, receiveo per aim irom iiir - pool, 150 hnxc tin platei. my 6 TTilVV UAKlJWARt. SIORK, THE uhcriberi Lave now open and for tale, nf the most eaten'ive nnrt complote at - turtnenti oi hardware and cutlery to he found io tlcily,ciKiiMtiDKO Gum by the caw ( bell metal kettles lln. sunrlvd in caitll Anrilt,vicei, tnce chains, scythes and sicklet uernao ana can sieei Mill, pit aadcroii - cut saws Fryi pans, shovels and spades Willie irons, 6!esof all kinds, strrlyards Drawing knives, curry combs, shoe knives Coffee wills, locks in every variety Thumb latches, butts and screws Bran wires, paonrl and hand aws fockrt book i, ink pots Wal k Jen's fenuins ink - powder . Slates, buttons, plated and common tadl!ery Iron, plated, brass and jupnn'd candlesticks Japao'd Want, Spectacles, combs knivesand forks, ' J'en, pocket and two blade knives iUxors and scissors, sheep shears Straw knives, brass cocks Jtail and shoe hammers, gitnblcts .... Pack and pound pins, rasur hones, awl blades Shoe pincers and dippers Hated cruet frames, lancets Kazorcase and strops, shovel and long - Br.iss andirons, stand and ioUet glasses . Hair siiters, screw aiiRers Club axes, sledges, bellows pipes Custiiigsof all kinds , . ' " Gnnuine iu;lisb blistered steel, tic. &o. &c AH at ivdurtid prices and the most extended credit. Merchants from the soutlic rn und western statrs will tiud this stock worthy their attention, as the e;oods are laid in on the very best farms, and Vii!l be sold inonntitici to snit purchasers. F. B. WINTHROP S: CO. my 6 3t ' iNo. 131 Farj - street. I'JiTEJTf FLOOR CLOTH. ACOtfalGNMEBT of first qnality patent floor cloths, of various patterns, iu sheets of 21 by 60 fert, ilhout a w am, just received and hir sale ar 8.5 Frout - strert, bv CURTIS, CKOM'vlELIN k CO. A person employed to fit the cloths to roomi aad entrier, if required. Any uuaiber of yards sold. may 6 Sw tittlTlH DUYGOOUH, OF THE LATEST IMrORTATIOSS. LONDON superfiue ckitlis and caiimetes ' Yorkshire do do Fine aad low priced tanaels, assorted colors Bnmbazelts, black and tolor'd Black booibaieens Cotton cords and velvets 7 - 8 black sarsoetts Fttniture dimities 6 - 4 cambric do Imitation Russia sheeting brown linens Chinls and plate furnitures Shawls and biitanni llcJks. ' n - Madrass ami pH. - ket do 9 8 IrishM shirtings . ' V 7 - 8 and 9 - 3 steam loem do . .. . Cotton hosiery :, - ' Common and fine calicoes Ginghams Black cotton ferrets. Lc. The aliove are offered for sale hj the package. mu uocrai rerms, ai no. ma rean - strt, rr my 8 tf JOHN TAYLOR SONS. rill IN a GOODS. black Sintbew, coloured V - urn niacK crape s, Jllaek and checked Sarsnets I eory aad black hrikfr. Assor led sewing Silks Blue Kankeens, for sale by HURJJ H SEW ALL, my 6 65 South - street piDEK UrvA.DV. - 30 barrs - K laartiug and w sor saw oy , my 5 1U3 f mut street U AN A.N A MUoCOYAOO SUtiARS XX 100 hhda. Havana Muscovado Solars, or - . - uHuiuj, now on iinf ktto woari, anu ior sale reason aWy, if app!d for this day before toring. Samples may be seen and term made wwn, on appuraTton to G. G. &S. UOWLAND. hS - ' No. 77 Washington lre - t. A A MERINO SHAWLS and MUSLJN' t: Tt BANDS, for sale bv my 5 MARCH k LOW, 210 Drondwar. fRACES, SPIKES, Xe. - 20 casks 10 link - e irace rnaias 40 rnsksdeck EnilrM. fmm A In 8 inrSiM. Jt received irship Merrory end for sale by HENDERSON 4i CAIRNS, ' Bl t'lne - street , IN STORE, "XI casks derlt SniliH J In K inrhva i - iJ? ,on ,1"fe At bolt I too, assorted siix - s, en - 10 nrswDxck. my 5 CUTLERY IS HARDWARE 8 casks cast kaWeS fkT.ft L.lLa ,un,l.i l 4 csiks wronght do do do wrought knives and forks with, pocket - end penknives, scissors and lai'jrs no a,soll, of scissors, mors, pn and , Pocket knives ?bksSectacks fwlis iron Spoons J trunk lorks : thumb aud Norfelk LMchet ee Kanhury and fine olate Lo ks do eo Waled Brackeu cast Iron Butts . e os ft do ms assorted Padlx)cks runod luiti . Iroa Candlesticks fined Sadler .j,, . . RICHARDS TAYLOR - TStw 14S Pwl street. . UfE AStTLlACJP, tu. ' , fty The USIONIKSURANCE COM PAN T, iocvrperaled b? tiie Lt - tulatvat of tlu Siale At u lurk, wild a cuarur os aaiiautea aontioii, (or saaking - LtrE INSURANCES and granting AftJNL'U 11, wui com nj sues Duamesaoii loe firetdsy of Aay ueit, al no. 50 Wail - street, The' aort momioeat objects embraced by I hi company, (dlbough tbay are prepkred to enter oa favorable terms into ail contracts in aay shape coouecteu with tne views ol their mitilu tido.) are as follows : To Iht luimrutg tlm of tht ammunity, to Mechanic, lo Cltrktim public and rsea It offieet, to CUrgmot, lo Praftttortin Collrga, lo AlUttury men, aud ail otfccrt potsetsea ot oxea incomes. which will term male with, thsir oan bves, they ooer a secure means oi providing lor their lami lies, by setiii); apart a small portion of their an anal savings to that purpose. To capilaUtU, they offer the safe invettmcnl and certain improveoieut of their aarplus iu come to the Deuem ol tneir uetccutl.mla. To married men, they offer a rovisiou to their widow, by an appropriation to that purpose of small annual sums, uunogihecontmuanceor the marriage, and on the same principle they offer to the uuigneet y bankrupt timet, and the pur chasers ol proii - ty, subject to the ne - ht of duu er. a mode of c - xtiuguuhing that claim, by giving an equivalent lor the surrender ol the right of Ibe wUe. To partnti, they present a mode of endowing - ineir iniant cniuren, aoordiiij; to; the in, it lby rvnea accniuo asc, a wuco larger sum compar ed with the preminm, than can be ac quired by any mode of accumulation at iuterosu lo ttnzle verioni, who may have no heirs. they offer the means of greatly increasing their annual income Uirouju the purcbaso ol We au BllltlCS. To tvun? people, of active cmulovmcnt. whose exertiwu aud earnings must diuiiuiah with their increasing years, th. y ofltra support for the de cline of life, by payments of comparatively email amount, while their season of industry shall continue. The Company has provided Tables calcu late'! vpon true principles from the mod lorrect data, which at the same timeenmbine the suftty of the olfits, and the iulcrtst of the customer Of the results of thee I'stbis some specimens are subjoined, from which the advantages to tho holders of Contracts wih them may bo estimated. A hralUii vtr$cn, of the age oi twenty - seven years, by au annual payment of 'J wo 97 - 100 dollars during his life, may secure to his heirs the sum or One Uundrot IJolluri, or a larger amount by a proportionate premium. Jt H uttarid, age J thirty, whose wife's age is iweniy - nve, may, by (he annual paymcut of IvrO AO - 100 Dollan, while both live, secure to bis widow the sum of One liimdied Dokars, which the company will exthange tor an equi valent annuity, if required. . Jll the ace of lylv an aunuitv lor tne remain der of the lile may be bought r about tm and a quarter vrirr's tmrchatt, or at the rate of nine end 3 - 4 per tent on tbe turn invested. .1 futlter may. by the payment of one nun - artd dollari at the birth ol a child, sncuro to that child, when it shall reai h tne ngc ol twenly - oue reiirs, the sum of ttx nwidrta ana Jurlu - one tart. from the age of lieenlw'one, an annua pay ment of r.Vmert 18 - 1(10 Dollan till the age ol V?y, will secure lo (he party an auuuitv of One Utu Jrtd Dollar ior (he residue of his or her lile. If person folding a Policy of Life Insurance Cor any period beyond one year should feel desi, roas lo relinquish it, (be company will be ready at ail umes to treat tor a re - pdrchase. A it adequate portion of Hit Vapital nf mis Com puny it id ayartoy charier, and may bt increased, tf oeeanon require, for the purpote of Ljt In - rurance and jSfnntiiitef, and secured vpon rm Estate vilkin the state ef JVetc - Xork, nf the value or at least JUly per cent aboce Uie amount loaned. I he Capital Ihu set opart and tecurtd, together aim tne aecumulalum of premium, - can be made liable for no other losses of Iht Institution than thott arising from its Lift Policies and annuities. thus affording to tlu Customer tht most labstasUiat security. U ritten applications for insurance and annu ities, stating (he name, age aud place of birth and residence of the party will be received aud answers givf.n preparalory (o openii j policies on the day aboye named. SAMUKL. A. LAWRENCE, President JAMES RESW1CK, Actuary. . ap It DtCloi DRY GOJUa. FANCY plat Calicoes Marseilles Quillings, royal ribhs White and printed sateens Cotton brown hollands Swpns'lown, loilunetts, silk stripes Cotton and woisted ho siery Irish linen tc sheetings buttons, bed ticks . Fine and superfine cas - simeres Yottshire fine and u - putine cloths Loudofi do do , Supeifine ladies rloths Buiubarelts,' ratlLetts lmeria cords, Vigo - nia csssimerev ' Stock inetts, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baizes Ferretts, worsted bind - ' i6 Shirt buttons, cotton late Taii nctts and souffle gause ' Black and whits fhuile lace Lena suawls, Eitopil - la Sewing silk, asiorted colors Lineo cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 ti 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, ic figured Muslios Cambric Trimmings, V ' Flounces Seersucker Ginghams Romall Hdkls. Silk Check Giniham til 3 col'd Caaibnc garments OU Cloth Brown Linens ' Merino Shawls Otton baadannoe - 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jaco - netts Superfine calicoes and chintses 4 4, 0 - 8, 6 4 cambric muslins Cambric jaconets rlain tainbor'd tc sew ed mulls Plain and tamborM book muslins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black and col'd cambrics ' Velrr.ts and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled an. I plain Madrass bdkfs, pins Hair ford cambrics, cotton balls .. White tt coPd thread 3ilk, kid, and cotton - gloves - Siik hose, 'silk floren - tines , Black bosBhaseens Florence silk, ribbons, srallooas - r'mreoces, plala aad fi - Wuinia satins, plaid lustrings r'nug'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bob bios Furniture calicoes, and chintses 4 - 4, 9 - 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambric shawls 7 - 4 k 8 - 4 imitation do. 14 csuimere do. Bandaonn, lonee and svtersoy Ixlkfj. Pocket hdkrs. while and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cassimere striped Florentines Black do Madapollum and s(eam loom shirtmgs India muslins, ic - be Received by thelatearrivals and for sale by llAGliERTY it AUSTEN, : luh54d.Vr?m C7 Pearl - street Liverpool new pit CoeU, - A FEW chaldron of the first quality of Liverpool new pit Coal lor sale in lots tu suit purcliasers. Apply to JOHN VAN BUSSUM, ,206 Fulton - t: or At the Yard, 84 Warren - st my 5 4te RE SUf OOOIiS. Just received by the Ml Comet, from Havre, ' Habit ploves, pruneile shoes RicJi Ggured sattin and UlTeta sSbboos . ) Embroidered and plain silk hose, shawls . . Suspenders, fans, artificial flowers - 6.1k setts, colleretu, threud hose, and for nle at 140 Fearftreet, by " a? 2H F. H. SHKLDOV a CO. LETTER PAPER. 6 cafes, tiw priced, for sale at TT Wishioetoc - sUeet, hy apt) G.G.S.LlOWLA.'tCX 1 fi iS Ci CXboizite to Loan o I V.UUU MORTGAGE, of prof ertj in thi city. Apply to ISJJ3C O. OODFJf tt Co. . I - 48 WsJUtrvet' y7 II AKOvVAitK, Ct.'TLEKY oic caste 1J. ecoirh spring Locks t. a casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest hoodies. Sic. 1 tin M - tW IiI.Im k.l. 1..UII f ... I do brass cocks, fce. 1 do bell metal k. tiles ond skillet 2 do tin'd pots and sauce ant S la fine padlocks 4 do Uaubury locks, binges, etc. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, be. ' 4 do 11L hinges. Vc. 4 do anvils 1 do hummers and sledge - 2 do black k bright vices, 2 do files ' 4 do pocket, pen and double blade kuives 4 do slum buck and bone tabic knives 3 do buttons , 100 do cut euils and brad, from 3d. to COd. Also, a large and general asortmeut b( good opeooa the shelves, for sale at the most rc - tuced prices, by . ADAMS bl ULACKWEI.L, may 7 15 Pearl - st, MORRIS'S KLOCK UN L1Q.LOH COCKS, A supply ol the noove article, lor saie wholesale and retail, by CLBRA & CUMING, . roy 7 " 76 Pearl - street. ptOTl ON. 4 bales Upland Cvttvu, prime j quality, tor sale iy , R. k C. V. DAVENPORT k CO. my 7 rUiVl, CHOCOLATE, Ale. - 5 hlids. 1st Xi - prool "iew ttum 130 boxes Hill's U.nton Chocolate - 80 do John Wutl's do do 150 do superior quality brown Soap ' 10 i bests hyson skin Tea 120 kegs grouud Ginger 300 hall'&i nr. boxes panish St - gars 20 bbls low prirt'J iirnu n Sukar. For sale by JACKSON U WCOLLEY, niT 7 4t 75 Wall - strict. RUM, bUGAR bi MOLAfadKS. 62 puncheons Rum 55 lihils. Molassus 6V barrels and 6 hbt's.Snsar, Will be Unded on Monday I'tuui the brie Ame lia Iroui Antigua, tor sale by 1 12 KrontstK et . Who has also for sale. Havana. Porto Rii - n and Jamaica Uonue. my a ''IN FLATE, TEA to. 160 boxes Tin X plate, assorted 12,000 pouuds India block Tin 8,000 do Iron Wire, arsorlud . 1,500 - do old Cr pper , 40 chests Hyson Skin Tea, for sale by ANSON . PHELPS, my 6 183 Fi out street. , I OLASSKS. 60 lihds d I lie'iieie'U.iliiig 1TJL JI;.vnna ,tl(iluses, landing Irom sctir un ion, capt. I. Its, Irom Ha vaba, at burling - slip, W tsl pier, lor sale r.y . HUM. I aiAUl i, mv 6 f!4 S'liith - strtet i G. aca.. HOWL. AND, 7 Washington. bl, VJi . cffV.r 1 for sale1 . - 60 boxes hroHn Havana Sugar. 4li l;as UaceOirigcr 7 t.iposold Sherry Wine 2 ' do do Lisbon do, 1 1 boxes Claret 400 oval Demijohn, 5 casks Antimony 100 bblt ground Cniuwoed 10 tons Lignumvitue 3 cases Toys, 8 kegs Vermillion 400 India round floor M it SO slabs India block Tin 35 hints first quality Quercitron Bark Writii.g, Wrapping aud Printing Paper A small iuvoire i.(Catcu((agoiiils,just received, consisting of BafUs, SaiuiaLs, Mamoodies, Gurrahs and Checks. " my 6 1 ENGLISH BkiAVER UAlb. - J cases ixn - Li don Beaver Hats, iut received, and for tale by - TUCKER m L.AUK1ES, my 6 - - . - : 20 sjontli - street. 50 bWk.liTMAL.1UA 7 f., tVc. twenty gallon casks wcvf Malaga wide . 100 t oxes bloom rai.ius : . , 37 csuks soft shelled almond, landing this morning, Irom scar. Ariadne,, at J - ly - niarkct wharf for sale by G, G. k 8. HOW LAND, may 6 .77 Wasliin'loii - st. CI OWN MEAL. 100 hhd. Ii0 hanels lira quality kiln dried yellow Corn Meal, fresh from the Mills, lor sale by TUCKER k LAURIES, . my 4 , , kOdouUi street. A1 ESS and PRIME PORK. 34 and an half lv I barrets, said to be a very superior lot, will be sold from the vessel at the lowest market price. - - Apply lo - ' UUSSIA SH EE! IN G. 50 pieces yard wide Russia Sheeting, oft fine Quality, for sale at 180 Front street, by mveiw SlHHi;a 'THOMAS DIXON, 77 Piue - eireetfil - r for X sale on libera! terms, of recent import.! ions. to close invoices. 6 bales very low assorted cloths 2 cast s Saxony Cloths and Cassimere 1 bale Venetian carpeting, 2 - 4 and 5 - 8 1 do Wilton rugs, shell, basket and assorted 2 cases snperl. cloths, assorted 2 do Dowlas's i 9 do extra Carlisle ginghams 4 do superfine, I do stnpe. 1 do lustre 1 bale red and white flannel 3 do Bennet's patent drab cords. 2 cases black and blue snperfines 1 do black Bomhaieens. And, of former importations, 2 bales flannels, assorted ; I bale swaa - skirtf 6 do Sagathy's, or blue and white kerseys 2 do blue kerseys ' 6 do coatings 2 cases Wonted hose 30 hides fine assorted cloths 16 Ao low do do Bedstead, with Bennet's joints. my 6 10t A LL orders received and attended lo lor lav - xl ine aud rcpairins the Manhattan lead and wooo pipes, ana ciseero or biok Pipos, or K'aa pump, by SAMUEL STARK SAMUEL STARKET. my 6 lw No. 13 Chamber - street MUbKE'l S. 1000 Muskets with Bayonets, entitled to debenture, for sale by HURD as SEWALL, . my 6 65 South - street 137 MOLAHStXH. hhds. Havaua molasses nf superior quality, landing at Pine - street wharf 45 do Fai'lisb Island do, landing at Whitehall, from sloop Constellation, for sale by WALSH k GALLAGHER, may 6 66Sooth - t SCOTCH GOOD - :. 4 cases fancy Muslins, 3 just received and for sale by . HENDERSON & CAIRNS, " ma 5 . 81 Pine - street lLOUR. 200 bbls. New - York supenii V flour ' - i 200 bbls. Alexandria superfine that "150 di Rirlajiond ik) do .100 00 , Fin midlifigs - r ' 't 1 100 doi Hiiladi Iphia Ry floor, S. P, Flag - ou ao new - 1 wk ,o,co,rca HAV fe won it. roy71w4 - ' 50 3 .Bag prim green LCiira coffee AS lenrivih.VaIil KiiaiM ' ; 173 ve tin put I - 3J (J. .' 84 bundle? sugarloif paper l 1 ' 50 reams blue wrapping do;. . . v v A general assortment of cut nails .,, Just races red and ior sale by ', . r ' , .ROGEIU Si POST, 'my 7 6t 61 South - . OTR'.PES ic cases Aoserfcaa blue 1 do sapcrone bleached Shirtimr. for sale by tbe, - vuniusDiu'ftuvinuii,, - my 7 DiC 143 Parl street, - t t .tr vl , Jor WSlJlAVTOX, A'. C. The schr. EAGLE, Ruielt, will f.r - fta Saturday next. For fraught asi VS "l'l" " WOillTl, nUlHvlB IN (4l ll,DIlll i.. i . i . i . 1 1 i i . r. :yol board, esutMdet'erk - liD,er lo t ' for H.H RH. may 7 forH.HRK. , The fut - miling eoppend ship ADO - Ma, H. L. Chami.liii. muter, will com - umk.s loe ling (his day, and be diatchd about 151a utvtaul, her cargo being nearly au engnad. For frei'bl of Iho remainder, or uaMAge br five cabin pusengen, apply ou board at Joues' wharf, or w POTT & M'KINNE, or ' my 7 GRISWQLD3 k C0ATE5. 1 UM. Sli hlxls. N. t. Hum. lauouix and ii for sale at 111 South street lv my 7 J03EPH O3E0tt2f. I) O.MAN VUKlUL.. I cask lUuian Vitriol Li iuat received aiui fiirle bv - ' JOSEPH OSUOR, . v 28 sxiuth street QKlVt - " Cc.muoily on hand, a (unrai O sorti'ient of fine, extra fine, and common tlair an. irv skives, fr sale by V - CEttllA Ir CUMING, - . 76 Pearl - stresjl. my 7 13 RAADY 2J pines, for sate ny JAAIES D'WOLF, jr. r may 7 ' - 64 South streciy I EWfcLkY i case of Fancy Jewelry, lor J sale by GEO. M. WILSON, my 7 i . : 12H Water - street. Jklical reiusH'ory, AO HI S - OtBTH VOI.OMI W SER1KS. I MX of thi coilwliort.i riONTFJii'S : Orssnarti - Aww - Reflections on Fevers ; onr the medical c - linravler on the ue lis sabvnry glands t on tastiHg. rttrii - if. Yellow lever of Charlestont apho risms of Uippacrales ; disseltaliuA ui infaiiti - cliln. Medical and iwvtVm Corrrspimtienre Ex pe - riments on the river : inalienant sporadic lever in Mnine t Erysipelas ou therenitals , caranlegy cured by nux vomica t a vegetable remedy ior cancer. ' InlelU'tnet Atmospheric constitution or New York lamiual bill of mortality ; case ol the Prin ces Charlotte of Wales ; New - York deaf and dumb institution s forensic medicine in the case ol Abraham Kt - slcr ; u. - dital couimencement obituary.' .ivnrndix. l ranstatmn ol uancisi'i worn, on mniiieiiiiviaconiiiiuei. , i . . . fi .ltl tt the publiiher', 4I!C Ptarl itreet ; at l 1 - J. Sword : C. Wiley Co. ; aid Kirk k Ver. - rin. ' New York. my Ct ttw in JJr. Homtyn't Church. FOR SAI.K, Pew - 61. eligibly situated in the North West aisle nf Dr. Itomevn's Church, in Cedar - street. Apply at No. 199 Uroadwny. mav 7 31 - TO l.V.I , A (hree - tlory brick house, opposite the park in Duane, and next to Uie corner of Una - oii - slrect. - EAqdire at No. 2 Oreeuwich - slreet. my 7 ' r is WO or TllttLE aentlemeu can be hand - X. somely siconimoouted with board, in one ol the pleAtaiiirsU' parts ol Broadway, the laruily is (mull and iilu,iun delightful. Apply at No. 239 l road way. my 7 4tt tOH SALK, thiti A funn of between ixty ami seventy ant, situate on the west bank ol Lake Otsero, end oj.e mile from the village of Cooiierstuwn. On it are a new stone house 64 feet square ; a new farm house, barn, :o. It forms a desirable i - s - tabliditiM - ui for a gentleman w ishing (o retire into lliu country, as its situation, as lo prortiect. convenience to market. &. is not surpassed by any in (he interior ot the stale. It will be sold low for cadi, on a credit or exchanged for pro - mv 7 tf '.. Law Buildings. . - - HOARDING. - FOUR, or Ve entleniro wtttr their mmilies, ' or, ten or fifteen single gentlemen, can be ru - eommMlald with board aad lodging at Mount Vernon Iloii - I, about five mile from the city el flew tiw bank or tne .ast mver, and one of the most pleasant situations on Uie island. The room are spacious sod airy, having a full view of ilia river coach house and stahlrs Terms libcralund every utteution paid, by tbe public' nuinuie servant, my 4 1m F.ZRA CALDWELL. - IrAJYT&O, A sin 1 1 limtsua vt nrrsnlclvn. nr in Iht nn u. nuffi rt Hi. rltv. in sVI'lillP'a fiiria It .Mr ft ftf D . 1a ri.ii .asiinsv ahunr fit. sar rents nf s - pitrviuiuusArcf v.'iiiiaiiuu, uu - w ernuna ; on wmcn ia a u )uic very jjicaiaiiuj ui a s I : . . .. A ess - II UulvUf COinuJiiiKiiii a hub icf vi mo aiumiuii ttiifli rnntf niftit toiit - huiliitiitff. Uclt. Mer - chanrtikW, tl - rck", or a iiauutn vessel, oeiween M) ami B0 too would not be objected to. Ap l . . n i u . I . . ' n. A I . REAL ESTATE. 1 N pursuance of aa order of die honoraLle the I court ol chancery, dated the 24th day oi A pril, 1818, we, (he undersig.ied, trusses of th estate of Henry Dyer, deceased, will sell at public auction, on Thursday, the 28th day of May in stant the following real estate : Lot No. 7 Doyer street nineteen feet front and eiehteen feet rear. 56 feet deep on southeasterly and 47 feet on northwesterly sides, be (be same mnreor lets; ana a now id possesion oi iir. William Armstrong l subject to a base which will expire on the 1st May, 1826, at a ground rent of 50 dollars per annum. Lot No. 13 Dover street, 20 feet front, 51 rear, 46 feet 4 inches deep on southerly and 51 feet oti northerly side, he tbe tame more or less, a now or late iu poswssionol Col. Wm. Few, subject to a lease, whichwill espireon tha 1st May, 1824, at a groun l rent ol 4AI dollar per annum. Lot No. 13 Doyer street, 20 feet front and 2t rear, 5 1 teet deep oe loutbrtly and a leei o incn - e on the norllierlv side. Ke the same more or less, as no w in the possession of M r. David M unsoa ; subject to a lease which will expire en the 1st May, 1824, at a ground rent of thirty six dollars per annum, - - Lot No. 15 Dover street. 25 feet front end 33 feet rear, 64 feet 6 inches dorp on Southerly and 68 feet 3 inches on Northerly side he tbe same rooie or less, as now in poeeision of Mr. W illiam Shatxel ; subject lo a leae which will expire ti (he lit May, 1824, at a ground rent of forty dollars tier annum. Lot No. 16 Dover street, 26 feet front and 29 feet 6 inches rear, 21 feet deep oa southerly and 21 feci on northerly sides, be the same more or !!, and as now or I Hie in possession or col. v :tt. Few subject tt a k - at which will expire on the 1st ol May, 1C24, at s ground rent of 16 dollars per an:usm. Lot No. 13 Pell street, 29 fret front and 9 feet 6 iuebe rear, 50 feet deep, he the same more or less, as now iujpos - session of the estate or Wm deceased i subiect to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1021, at a ground rent of thirty dollar per annum. Lot No. 21 Pell dreet, 21' feet front and rear, 56 feel 8 iar he deep on easterly, au.l 68 feet 4 ini hes cu weifnly tide, be the same more or lest, at now m possession oi mr. v m. s. ni - droo ; subject lo a ierte, wliicH will expire on Uie ls( day ol Jiny, iw, at a roumi rtni w i aoi larsperauuniu. .... . , Lot No. 25 Pell street, 31 pet front, 6 feet 3 incur rear. 60 reel deep on easterly, enao'. iei 5 inches on westerly siuc s, be the more or less, bs now itt possession of John llerer :sub iect to a lent e which sitl eipire on te 1st May, nil. at a srrouod rent of 30 dollars.' r Jlouse and lot No. 2 J Tell free t,' 21 feet front and rear', aad 5S feef ldcbe deep on eesicny, and 80 fcel on westerly side), be Uu' a,ne more or lest, as now in posse von oi Mr&' Jossph JJut - Tli JmprotcmenU on (tifl fea4 lots to be valued and paid by tl pufchaier, t Ui expi - ruuon oi uiq iuae. Term of sale, caslw on the delivery of the deeiU. . Aoy further information whschmay oe required will be. given by either of (be sebscri - Ul?T,' ", ISAAC B. DOUGLASS, - ADRIAN U. VAN BOKICELEN. . Th. m Wa r rorwrtr will be suld at the Tontine Tf - .. ik. hara - Bu - nticd day, dti Mesn. rRAiKLl.t MlNTCRN, AyJi - en. at or ol of of at . ha v tt tbe raa or REMOVALS. C rr i'lsHER W resatwsnl to Ko. - 51 Ill . a.f, Jii " ' , V , . una fiotary Fet.lie, hss icuioted bis oace - fit KmiM .u .fro.l iu,it - V cotsm of h to No. a'.deo Lace. r , . . i - mj lw ay JOHN I'KOCi'Oil, jusw bar removed from No, Ct Beekaian In 106 laborty - strsst, where be slill eiTsr liberal aaUdpaUons on pro perty coii'igacd to ha tnessUv ia the ftld.Urr - uau.. For further lmrtienlara, apply as above, or to . .. . - .y ABHAtiAaa vt - ui, my 7 I w - w corner of CUtT Fulto - ts AT Dr. BAXi'l.R lias'remoed to No. M Molt - slrcct , - V ( ' - . : .. Wanted aa almirs, a quantity t Leech os. . n ii eit4t.. ... . ' - llr.MOVhi. . tjt JOHN . KEYcEU ho N TM Srnnttlreet c. - . y , t:.ju 6 6t - i UTfh - Sid rciuoved to No. 174FtLuattet, west urnenw - Ky, may 6 xwf , (J - DR. HI H tlCCl K bus removed from 49 erry street to 3J0 Greeuwicb - slreet i - in my tt oi M A' 'I' U l.l l 'UMllUl I.... i - iv. i iv r roni - sircci, wm - re nicy inuaa coo - tlnliil!r llt,.i.tL'a In riiMtiiiuiftn nminMi t.t will make liberal advances on goods consigned oO 'lli New - Yora Fin - asHi Insurance Cntv - pauy nave rtuiovtu irom no. 58 W .o. 54 Wall, street - - . a - , may 4 lw t4t i'Kl lr.lC UK UUT, .has ruinoved bis UnVo to No. 30 l.ilurty - ttrett, a t - w doors a hove Williain - slreet, may 4 0t. : tt MACKlr; MI1.AK CO. Ved to No. 61 Pin - treel. me rttno - Inxy 4 fJtr JOHN R. bCOTi, Us reusosed hie f. tire, lo43 rine - sreet. , . may 4 Sw Mr. WADE h.ts reu.ovi - d ta No - 15 lion, and her house is buw ready for the rrcrp - . tiou of Hoarder. mar 4 1 Itt DR. MlLbOJs tiasrenj'.ved to tlieaoith west coiner nf Greenwich ami Lilierty streets, nearly opposite his lormer rcsiauce, r,4 my 4 lw 1L a HsXA'HX LOU hasrimovedhom Ho. 219 to 171 l'earl - stieet, comer of puislruut. , COPARTNERSHIP. V , - . IIKVItr LOTT aud .3 HAD DKVS SHt - ltMAJf having formed a rounecuou iq be siuev, under tbe llrui ol LUI I K MU.K. M A. , have opened a handsome assortment of dry gpods, which they oiler for sale by the piece or pack mje, (or cash or approved credit, at, No. .171 Pearl - street, corner of Pius - street. , HENRY LOT T,' my4 6t . THADDEUS HERMAN.. 'Jr' Or. U. A. COOPKH has removed to So. 325 Hrondway, third boUe above the ho pitalgate. . . my 2 lw , XS" k i. HILDHETil, have reniisved (heir OFFICE to Law Buildings No.' 9, Nusnu - s(reet. . - '"." - : mv 9 lw ' try J. 4 - LE - MEM'f, Veit - Muury burge - on, removed to ISo. 7 Warren struct. . ' - , - ; - , MV 2 1 W - - r - v . - . - . lilt SPKI IIEN P LEMOI N tu ha reUMiied his othce to No. 21 Wall - street, m - xt door to tbe Manhattan Hank. iivt lw 111 WM. G. BUt'K.MOK has removed hi. r.Oice from No. 64 to 37 Wall street opposite the City Bunk. my 2 2w OCT THOMAS PI.Ok.MX ha removed hi street. . anSU tut QJ T. A. EM M ET7SEM M KT It WHITE, have removed their olhce to No; 25 rioe - Slrcot ati302r , . ; Ay - - , - ,. ; 0 UA Yll) SMITH, inn, has removed r - counting - mom to 3 2 Peart - street 1 .mylSw ' , " Db'J Kti. D. J L'KCOT inlortus in JrieM.d, X and the public in genernl that be bat removed his L'tilmMery Ware House from No. 115 fn No. 6J Maiden Lane where 1.4 offer for ale some elesnuV liattern of Paper Hangings, just received by ins ii'est arrivals irom r race, on tne most ret.smatiie terms. ray I i m r KENCH Tbl'IION. JB. DESEZE respectfully informs the pub . lie, thai he contiaues to teach French, ac cordinc lo the DriniJplctof the French academy hit house No. 290 Greenwich street, between Reed nr:d Duane, where scholars may, throughout the day, be attended in classes or iiidtviduss Iv. He also eivet lessons In town to such ladies gentlemen as msy And it more conveaietil to beatlcndud at Iheirowa houses. Tracslatloo from diflercot languages don with accuracy aad aespaieo. ..... . N. B An elegant room to let. with or with out the privilege of boarding with th family I apply as above. ' my V lw BLOOMLNGDALfi LAN Da FOR SALE AT ABCTlOa. ON Wednesday next tne 1 3th inst. at twelve o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee Hon, will he sold 30 acres or valuable lami, 7 miles irom the city, lying ou the east sid.? of the road, between Manhattan village and (lie new etylam now building by the corporation it joiu on both, is about 3 - 4 of a mils along - the road, divided into three parts or let, each with abundance water. The lot next the asylum ha on it one of die finest springs of water in the state, supposed by many to be capable of supplying the west side ol this city, being ss high as the dome St Pauls. The centre lot has on it Uie chain defence (ut up in the war, and the one nearest the village a fine meadow. - Terms of sale 1 - 4 cash, or approved indorsed soles at 3 months with interest other paymrjirts 2, 3. and 4 years, secured by bond and mort gage, Interest temi - annuaiiy. ' ' J ' '.. A mop oi ine prupeisy nay oe aueis nuivnvc - tion Room, of Messrs. Hoffman ft Glass, l itis indisputable. say lw - A. Shrppard's vest of England ttcths, tie. - A FEW cases ef extra superfine cloQi and single tusslmeres ol Saxony wool - v ' AUo, a few cases of superfine cloUis ef lower quality, calculated for the eouutry' trade, just received from the manutaclory at Uley ia England. , r, : - .. . Likewise, 1 case of Test patterns, from Baste - yin & Bedford's manufitctory, London.' ' Orders wilt be received by the sahscribart for good from either ef the above sTtSnnfactorles. i. Ii. LAUllbNGt; bl LU. myO 2w No. 55 rme - rtreet la SHOIWXMEJf k MEUCHJIfiTS. TOSEPH FINCH, gun - maker, respectfully J Inform his fnelids Slid tbe cubbr. inai rx cmcmsnced bminessiu Iho store No. 3 Wall - ttreet, near Broadway, where be bat for sale a very handome assortment el aogie nn - i oou - - . - - barrelled gunr, floe rid, fiuee, h.c I bujo, shooting tackle generally. ' J. F. still retains his old stand. No. 2CI G - wh - stret fi the working dpartmtf and sh.tming burioew. Orders leu as ci - nrr p.r. ill beatleofleo: w wiui mu po my 7 DfcClm . - ' The subrneroflers for salt his resi - K'2deoco in Ibe town of rrrocw, nruo oi Conneeticot. It i plcasasuy titoatea, rm ir Boston road, nboethsll a mile, from Imglslaad cy,r. a milet from New Yerk. and 20 from flew Haveo. Th hiuse snd CHit - lunisrt are In ..,.,Jiil renair. 1 be mulyard m weD stocked with a vsncly of peaenev.apricois, - tiV.rrie, pran and ttrwberrit: "perr are ia (he vicinity academies for the education of yoalb of berth eset. r rota one tonx acrti u excueai land, tbe ODboi of (be purchaser, caa he bad will bouse, and the purchase money, if desired. remain interest. I or terms apply to ISAAC M. F.LY, Esq. 76 John rtftt N, York, to the Hflo.. JONATiUH iTURGES, Fair: lfieM.necticct, ;. ( - Tno txr; U. be . f PUBLIC SALES.., . ; M MLL3. MLVTQ.Y k CO. j , - ;. ' v v ; ' - . ,0"dey : ' iV ' ' ' .' ' At half Ps 9 o'clock, at their atittion stof e , Ko.,.l4J I'cart street general assortmens French and English dry good. - - - . . , - . r . Wednesday, " '.' At half past 11 o'clock, m front bftlitlrauo tron store. No, 148 Pearl - street, 100 cask cut nails, aasorted Irom 3d. to 300. ot the maau factureuf 9 Colt k Co. Terms at sale. MAHJtLK tOH JiUILDlAG, as. 7 TH E proprietors of (he southern marble qaa riss, aear KiujV Bridge, give notice, (hat, they hay on baud, and ar receivin;, at tha . k'inx'liridgt Marble and Lime - i or d, toot of Bel) - tr4, Use Hudson river, an sxtentlve stock: ef marble 1st bail ding, ef the following de Mirrfum. rf ! i t - . ' aiiit - - - - w i "Coplhs; .' ' ' '' . FouodatioB Slob ' Chimney - rise) s rctugt ., t WatetUbls Stejit riatiorms .Sills, Lintsls Colu Arvuc - , u - Aho Lisaf Um Dest quality . XT' A constant supply of tha atm toateriatl may be calculated npoa ; stvl those dtsiroti of purcoatiog, or making er.fragrmentt, will apply te ' v - EZRA LUDLOW. , rebtc : AttuYai - d.;; ; Dlc&OtU 1 ION OF COPARTNERSHIP. - ' fr7 hcoMMiBrs tJ .siu itMia tj : ' John Ssartb, the bvsb f Smith. HlancKnrd ii V. it dissolved. The ceoeems of tbe nrm wiM be ' adjusted by tbe sabse n hers, and thehssimlssir i future h conducted under the arm of S, tmtK. - Blanehmid, at No. 36 flsrline - sltp. s , u . l'J '" " neismel Hianehard,' - - M ; my S 2w tank Btanthnrd. ' " $ T7Z - ' ORATORIO, . " SMlht llandcl and Hemtn Asne.'' ' t vl Ti committee or tbe Handel and Haydn for an oratotio this monUj, will bv cloKd the Ibjli inst in order to their tormina; an opinion, ' whether the amount subscribed will defray tha iwubable expences. Until the lflth intt tha. ' ul.M - riptioo lint will be left at Messrs. Swords', ' bit. Irin faorl tract, nt Mr: ftuhnl.s Mn.lo. Stor, Broadway, and at Mr. Goodrich's, corner of Broadway and Cudax - sireet, Messrs. Kirk It.' MERCMNS, 22 Wall street, Ea.tburns tt Co. , corner ot Pine and Broadway, and Udlb'i Mu sic store, i"J Maiden - Ian , aiy Stluili my . COLUMBIA COLLEGE, May 5. - 1 . tt As a new catalogue is about to be mad ol ine liflokt belonging to the Library of Columbia College, periim having in their poise stioa books belonging to said Library are requested to return the same without delay, to the subtcrv ber, at hit chamber, No. 4 College Green. mv SM - ' WILLIAM HA RKI8. 'X. Mtrrliants Bank, May 5, 1818. ' ' VCr The annual tlrctiou for Direitors nf this : r institution will be held on Tuesday Ihs 2J day , of Junensxt, at (he tlanking House, between ho hours or 10 snd 2 o'clock. ' , , ' Py order of the Board of Directors, " ' '" ,,. , u jj VROOM, CtMrS ' mvtg " ' ' . . .. NO'J IOL. . " ftrTU sutisrrilieis bav firmed a romiexwn . in tb Dry - Goid business undue th firm nf Vajf ton H Vaulted, at the store formerly occupied by Mr. Aaron Smith, ho. 209 Broadway, ro ber nf Fulton street, where they onf for 1 a general assortment of las y geods a rtasooabt) , lorms.' - ' - - i v' ' 1;" - 1 1':! ' " fmy 3t T. OLMSTED. . ; - ,, i . CARD. n ' IT?" Kf" WHvl LE has tha hooorof making ,v known b tha Ladies and Ganilemen of tha city of ff. Yest, Jlliat his Craad Usll wiU lake. ida - e en Friday ylrif next, at Mr. Mose lloff'i Bull Room; Newark TickeU one dollar, '...i. 1. 1.. i,.,i .i n.. i... r it., ' ' DINT D J t - " CARPtVTS.' - PRIEST k RrWTbaia removed thelr'i carpet store to Nr. 796 Broadway, opposite Frauklio House, where they hare just opened ' and oiler for sale a handsome assortment of flae and uperfipe lograin rarpelinf, at the newest patterns. Likewise, on huso, , . t ; Vntietian stair - carpeting', tebis covers, ' Hearth rum. door mat, tic Patent floorcloth for entries and kails ia myg 3t ' " ' 1 " MUTUAL iMXhHAffCK. COMi'AAX Of ; iHEvnrorjfEfr'ioRK. ' Th Prttklett ami Directors give , (ice that a dividend of four and Asdper sent on tht capital stock of this Company, for six months, will bemadsoatke J lib Inst - aad; paid on demand to tht tock holder or their attornies, at No. 53 Wall - ttreet . Limy6 1m JOHN P1NTARD, 8ecrryi JiusiUary fitwUrk UibU and Common "rawer ; Book botirty.. - . 1 37" An extra meeting of the Auxiliary New. York Bible and Gommea rrayer lie eocwrry, Ora uioie nou uafiww s "7 - " i requested by the beard of managers ea Friday venuig next, at 8 o'clock, Is the yestry - rooai ef ill evenmr I Trinity church. By order of th board of managart, . , ' EDWARD N.C0X, - my 7 2t rresidsnC ' rTiTE" fraSkWn FfkE inslrancIj, X COMPANY have thsir Pflica at No. 41 1 all - street where they ar ready to rtcaivo applications for lusuranre. - Tlie CAPITAL STOCK of Haifa Million of Dollar, is all subscribed aud paid, or saUtlactO rily secured - BIBECToas. PJUha Tihliil. rlulip Brasher, Thomas l isnklia, '. James Walsh, - Stephen Whitney, , Jos. P. M'Kinos, Psres Jones, . . . , Henry 1. Wvckoff, . Guorge Griswold, : Wm. Bayard, Jr.. John T. Lawrence. . fjoortuaa. lleaj. L. Bwaa i , Joiso 1. Palmer, John Adaass, Thomas tluckky. - ; v ELleHA TIB BUS. President J. WORTU1NGTON, otv'ry. ' . may 6 1m ' . WAMSASdlltATION, N a wholesale and retail drygood tore, a , altsmsn. a young married man, who has been regularly bred lo the business j or. wou a ilertake tbe out - d - wr besisess of a wlwleal k.... TI - mimt resnecuiirr reierencs win n girrn at to c .'mracter aad sbility A Ur.edirect - "d tt H. f. H - and left at this offlcs, wdt be Ira - mediately sttemled to. say 6 lar . . . Al I S.V. ' i - . VGOODlemsls servant to do the Cooking. . and other work of a email family, where is be noethci help. None need apply tmless they. csn brw g a saUaiactory recomnedauoa troia their leu place i to such a one good wsgea will paid. Apply al lo I ruaiia street. my s ' A YOUNG man acqesmted with doing bosi - ness lftbecfu - .try, withe a ituatira as clerk with a wholesale and letail saerchant, ia this cltv ; hi present obtect is ivot competisa - uon. neiereace baa oi nr. i . i looais, as Km Mechaiucs' Bank. s . - . jny 0 61T . . . . . A SHAWL LOST. B8TWF.EN Coortiaadt sikI Marrsy - stroets, a small striiied sauxs ShawL the Buder will cooler a fovor by leaving it at No. 39 Court laodt - itroet, sod if tcquirsd sTill a rewarw - mye) . . . . 1 1 WO Legl oms. from 53 to JO, jo A. received end for sjI by . - , i.. a. II liLUA.ip et ' - " - - may 5 30 Pine - street, CIG Alt - 34 hhu. XJ qu - i Jdoscov - sdo, lo . .sJat3SPsc - Jubv Vjt 4Kt.W.sVA.vMrs - w..

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