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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1818
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' '1 ' 1 t V As act to 'cV riT tive t district altormes. IWd April 81, '"' 1 ft 1 8 V a. :t - nrtaJ bw tha people of the (late oi - - r - Vix. repraotedmsrruate aod assembly. That the person administering the goyernmeat oi this itale, shalt, as tooo at may d 'i'fu F" io - of this Hit, by ml wins jTic " council of apiioiatmeut, apppoiut and commiuioo proper person to th olfice of ilUlrict atlon - ty, ; k nftha counties of thit state, whoihall en - terea the dntMJofbi eilcerm th Am day of July next ch of whom thall be a the egre af counsel m the eupreui ccirl, bo J resident tie coaaty for whieb be ahall be appointed and it shall be the amy ot we sever.u mum " tswt, to attend tha courttofoyerand terawiier wad gaol delivery, and genera peace, to De irons nam " . . " r, i louotie for which tby art or hall be appointed fitocTcty. jd to conduct all pnsectioat for ' crimes aad otkoce ooguuab'.e m tne tarn couru , ana lh coo - mission b fuller to - " - f' - district attorney, UaU detigoaUthe name of th coauly for wbrf be .ball be .0 "' . ...i I.. .1 further .netted. That It thall be ' the doty efwe district tiortiya the county of f rnnkjio, to parsorsn ui , fey law of th tustrict attorney of th filth district, remuv to the M. Regit Indians. . Aiid bH further emoted, 1 nal from M nf. tr the first dy of July nut, tbe first tectioo of Um act, ea titled " an act rslaU to district at tartwes," ihall bo and too tamo it hereby ro - '' pealed. ' . - . - '"'..' ("' AoJ U It fariSwr eaactnl, Thnt IT thera dmll U any cea!y in Un itava, in which thtrt shall rJ. Kft" of nM of thi JTeo of councilor at law in th tuprfcoia cpurt, br whero no district - Uoruy (hall bue toco appointed, itiballbe lawful fof tot courtf oyor and terminer and no! de!icrr or general (miani of th peace, to ' appomt tout perton, irora uu u uuic, i imu - act tko buMMM of diitrict atloroy, durir; the then uuii?ofuKbauft and Uie panoo to up Kioted, iball be entitled to the .nn romponaa I tio for the ierric ba hall periartn, ai any du trict attorney appointed by virtue of thi ac and bit nccouU thell ba mniiua ana pw J in uxt man ner ai the account! of dutrict attomie ara audi tcJnodciid. ' ' .' ' . And ba it farther enacted. That oo - lratvl feet ball bo allowed to any uVOritt attorsey appoiuU ctl pumtant to'buact.'. r . . i. v.. ; , . .. And be It further enacted, That tha compen. eation wblcb U alliwtd by Um to the etid district attorniei, ball bo paid by the respective coon - tie for which the (aid tliatritt attorniM ibail be appoiatrd, and that their acconuU, to be Used ly aoy oUcerawUMrieeaio taxewj in ine (u - preme court, thall ba allowed by the (dpenri. ton of the nld coontiu reipectireiy, and the a. mount theraof auctted and collected a part of tba coatoipnt atpouwtolMiiiieouniy. . - . . JuA be it furtlM - r enacted, That ail finee and racofnuancet whcb may be impoica and forfeit ad In any of tha couoliei wilhiu thit ftate, shall ba collected by tba district situ mi si thereof, aud ' paid to tba count treaiarer, for the tse of tha cotmty. - ' " ' - ' '' ; - And be It further enacted, Tint tba coarti of common pleat of tba several counties within tVi data, of which the first or presiding judge shall always be one for tha purpose herein etjirasted, shall potou tha like powers rehtive to the collection and remission of fines and forfeited recognizances, at ara bylaw for that purpose vested In the court of eichequ - r. A ud be it further enacted, That no district at torney shall eaact, demand or receive, or be al lowed any greater or ether fee or reward for tU ervtcet herein upeciDed, than efnir tha rate Ibl - ' lowing, to wil t for diawlng every indictment actually arrvad to by the faod ury, at any court of oyer and terminer and gaol delivery; ami ga lernl scniom of the peace, nhictt tn cents for avert Mo contaii.ajr ninety words and fur en growing, twelve and a haif coots per folio ; but ne allowance to be made for any indictment which shall be quanted, ar upon which the judgment is arrested by reason oi' itsmsnlficieocy ; - every bench warrant actual and oecastarily issued b bring in a dafriulant, twenty - five cents ; ' but no allowance to be made for mora than one ' warrant on every indictment agint several do - fendaets who reside m the tame county, nor a second warrant upon the tame indictment, unle . the previous warraut shall have been duly returned not served, after a reasonable time for the service thereof .ball Lava been allowed ; arguing the mstter, where the dtfendunt shall sub - mitone dollar and twenty - ire cents I butooal Inwance to ba made, unless the tame is In fact arfftied i every subposna actually braed, twen ty - five cents t but no allowance to be made r more tnan one luopasna lor cacn witnen on any one indictment. . An Act to vest certain powers in certain judges of the courts of common pleas, and for other purposes. rawed April 9L 1B1H, tie it enacted by the people of tha state of new - lort, represented iu senate and asttmMy, , That any Judge of the several courts of common pleas la Um state, Ming of the degree or coun seller at law of the supreme court, shall be and ha is hereby authorised and empowered to do and perform all the duties and exercise all the ' powers wtucn are or may be done and perlorm ad by the several commissioners appointed by virtue of the act. entitled "an act to anooint com missioners to perform certain duties of judges of the supreme court," passed February &, 1813: and alto to do and perform all tba duties and exarciie all the powers which are given to tuch commuiionert oy any subsequent acts or the le ' gislature, and they shall be entitled to receive therefor tlie like lees. Aud ba it further enacted, That the person julminlsteriag the government of this state, by ad with the advice and consent of tha councd of appointment, shall froaa time to lime appoint iUim proper penoo as a commiwumer, to re aide in tha town of PlMUburjh, in tba county of Luntoo, ana also a nt aou proper person, as a commiisioner, ia tha town of Kinribury, in the county of Washington, lad also a fit and proper person, a a commissioner, in the county Orange, Who, by virtoe oi this act, shall respectively be authorised and required to perform the duties of a judge of tha eu preme court, and to do and cxtcite every power and truit which ac - ooritni to the practice of the said court, the jud; - s thereof may perioral and execute out of court in all cues both ciril and criminal, to allow writs of iiabeat corpus, and writs ol certiorari and alo to esecute an act, entitled "an act tor rtlicf against absconding aod absent debtors," and ftlto the act, entitled " an act for gir - toj.relisf iu c;tss of ioKlvency,n and lbs several acts amendatory thereto, in like manner as jud - ti of the supreme court may or might allow acd extent the sunt. And be it rurth - r tuacted, Thut each of the aid. comanViooert nhall be counsellors of the supreme court, and btfora they euttr upon the Uutiet of tl.rir office J.sU tkt aoa solwribe before th clerks or one of the judce of tlie court of cofflmon pleas in the counties of Cbutou, Washington aud Orange, ia which tare tfoV.l r! tide, aa oath, well and truly to execnta and tu.r. form the duties prevrihed in t.J bv tha act which oath thill be filtd in tlie olfice of the clrrk - - , Of said counties. . And be it farther enacted, That it sliall be Uoful for the said comeilssuwers to ak and receive the tame fees for the sen ices uerforinel hv virtue ef tliis act, as the recotilers of the set - ral cities in this state are allowed for the like ser vice. And be it further enacted, That any ude or jidgesof the lunnai court, v - ho ha'l rectdain tba city of XYew - York,' sriiu Jc entitled l re ceiva fees lor chancellor business u the supreme ccmrt. an) for other rtmcm aiinorUicmg to ihei otlioe, ia the rune manuer as any other officer - pjjBowue iut lussernoci. to'ratatW'Tofnlioj'li' caiT HalldAprasi, lUtU. Akct Be It enacted by the people of the ttaU i of Kew - York, repren - oted iu aeuata aud mnenbly, That In any county ia Uiit ftato, tcept in the city and county at New - Tack, wUre U a by law reuuiioel to poblith in one of the Bewqmpcn, ti ... itv.r. lv nriniail in taid coontr, a notice of auy tale by irtoa of a power coataioed ia tey mortgage, or a nouce of a sale of aoy rral rrtate, to be made by rirtue of a writ of eri facial, or any order of the judreof prooaiee, or any wvr - R.n.ta. la annear before (ucb judse or lurroeau, to ahew ctOM why the real estate of any decea. norma tbaiild not be sold, or any notice of the !eof any real ertate, by Tirtueof any order of! the Jail. - e ol probaus, or any surroair, n snau not be lawful for any pi - liter or proprietor cf such ne wMper. to demand or receive lor print tnr; and publishing any such notice or order more than thirty cents for the first insertion of publica tion of each and aver folia containing seventy - two words of such notice or o - der, nor mora than fifteen crats for erarr insert ion or poblicatioo after tho first, of every folio of aoch sot ice ar order; and in caa such printer or proprietor sfaall refute to print and publith any such notice or order, for snch price or coeapansatioo, than i( thai) be lawful to puhliib tha same in the news paper printed by the printer for the state, aoy law to the contrary notwithstanding ; and it shall not be lawful for the state printer to demand or receive any grea'er price or eonipeDsatioQ for the publication, of any socb notice or order than above stated: Provided always, That when notice of a sale, by Tirtueof apowsr contained in any mortgage, ihnll be publulud In the state paper by virtue of this act, a Copy of tha said notice shall bo served oo tha prnoo in posseMioo of the Bi n tRjtd premises in all cases where tha ismc are occupied, and ut cases where tlie mort - fared iMmises are not occupied, and the mort rnffor ihall re - ide in the county where they lie. then i cnoy of said notice shall be served on the mortenr - ors and in aitliercase such notice shall ba farvej at least sis weeks before the time of nch sale ; and proof of socb notice may be made certified and recorded in the same manner, and tbali have the like power and effect, as it provid ed fur tha .proof of other botiret of mortgaged talcs. - . (KWYORK ErtWIJtQ POST. FKIDAf, MAY 8. M The Columbian Insurance Cootpany, of AI eiaudria, bare been in cperaiiun for three years, un have paid to the uocUiolurr vrenlv - Uurtt pertmt. of their capital out of the profits." .,... . .1 uratuirut titraU. BCXARK. This pptarsioite a fortunate f peculation, at first si;ht, but to enuble ut, at a distance, to judgohow far their capital has been properly and prudently laid out, wa should like to know what was its real amount. In New York wa have had several instances of similar institutions, which, after having declared large dividend", became bankrupt. And wa have heard of a case where, when a gentleman, upon being informed by a director of an extraordinary divi dend, replied in a whi'per, " between you and me my friend. I would rather have the dividend than what is left," and the event shewed ba was rHit In his calculation. . Thtalrt.' For two evenings, tha audience bava been much disappointed by the non - appear ance cf their favorite, Mr. Philippe, after being successively announced. But bis arrival was impottible before a late hour yciterday after - uoon, having been for three days oo board of the east river steam - boats, which were unable to make head against the weather. He will make his appearance this evening hi 8lino. Indum tror. By the schr. Phoebe U. Elua, we have received SavannaU pspers to tlie 1st inst containing a letter from g - n. M'lutosh, which will be found below, giving an account of a battle he bat bad with the Indians. Ssvinrah, May 1. "ire Another diabolical attempt was made yesterday (a let fire to tins c.ty. but was timely detected. Being in an out - lmililinir, no doubt can be entertained of its being the work of an incendiary. Our cituens cannot be too much mi their guard. 1 he greatest viirilance should be used to detect tha villains and the most prompt and decisive means resorted to, to stop the ravages or the devouring element. winch has so otttn, within a short lime, threat ened us with conflagration. Mort Indtqu Aurdtrt.tiy a gentleman who arrived in town lut evening, wholefl St. Johns on Saturday fait, wa loam that a party or Indi ans killed sis men (names not recollected) and wounded laverol ottiers nt a place callc - 1 XI Gilt's Creek, aUut.OO utiles up tha 1. Jclui'i River. . J be inhabitants in that quarter are much alarmed. About 15 families have retreat' ed to Fleming's litand, at which place several men are employed In cutting live - oak umber, AtfQTHEli toDMX IiJlTTLF.. Copy of a letter from gu. William M'fntoah, commanding the t - ree wamnrs, to 1). u Mitchell, esq. a;eut for Indian affairs. Camp 30 milrs from Mickatukie, J (oo tho way to Suwanue,) , 13 :h Ai - ril. 1818. S IR Since 1 have left you 1 hare not sent you a talk of what we have done, and I now send i ou this. I heard yeilerday of fcter M'Qnecu btiug near the road we were tJHvelim, and I took my warriors and weut out und (night him i here teemed to be a coniiJcrable number col kcted there. When we first began to flcht them, tliry were in a bad swamp, aud fought ui there for about an hour, .when they ran and e. - e followed theui three miles. 1 hty fought as in all about three hours. We killed 37 of them, and took 98 wnpien and rh.Mren and six meo prissier., and kbeat 7(H) he;.d of rattle aud number of horses, with a good many, bogt and tome corn. We lint 3 k i'lrd and had 5 wounded. Our prisoner! tell us that there ores 120 warriors from six different towns. From wliu! we taw, I belreve'thcre was two hundred of them. Tom Wooda - ard and Mr. Broun, nrul your ton our agent, and all the white men Uiat live in our country, wrere wiiii us uirougn the whole fijrht, and fought well. All my officera "fought so well I do not know which is the bravent. They all fought like men and mn th ir enemiet. Gen. Jackson wailed for us about six miles from where we fought. After the - fight 1 went and joined him, and we are goine; this mornin) to fihl the Negroes toj - eiher. - They are at Suwannee, and w e shall be there in four daye. There was ernong the hoktiles a Woman that was in ine boat wiien - our f.iends the white nenpie were kit ed on the river brlow Fort e'eott e t'ave her to hrrfi iriuls her husband and tithcr are vilh Gen. Jackson Maj. Ki m - jd loi - kberliimself. This is all I l ave to tell you. I wish vim - ov!d fnd a cop of U:ia tu tho Big NVan - ior and LtUe Prince. You. - friend, W1UJM I.ri.NTOSIl, ... ... . Sr OumniV. C W.v Uy WootWdof lUldwio. Extract of a lf.ter to tue Editor of the Bjeton Cefltinc cUtod Ner - li - lean, Aril 9, 1818. " That you may funa some Urue iOraofUit of property (fir It can liwy U J Sffi real wtate) to tl,. a ty. lnow KliSymnimmbinunm aboot which part of Ibe Livingston DatUM - e. you have fiyeai heard so mucli;; I1.e whole liMiture ss now under wau - r, ana coverca wnn flat boats loaded with' the produce of tha up - ner uuintrv. and ihe land of eouiae cannot br possessed bv the purchasers till the water sub - lacs. . , i nrce very rn.ii uiu - mwiuwuw fnw tend to claim a part of what Mr. Livinjrtim recrvered, and lave irufiluted suits which are now pending; and at tlie opening of Die ale protested acaiiut it. Notwithstanding which people bid boldly, and fourteen lota out of two hundred, havinr'40 fret fi ont and 90 feet deen. were aold at tlie enormous turn of 124,000 dollars 9050 dollars were puitl fur the first, and not of the oUiers biouirlit up wards of 10,500 dollars, at one quarter cash, i tne otuer tnree quarter iu ctjuai paymanis ui 6, 12 and 13 months ; the. title to be secured bv a sufficient bond or indemnity to tne pur. chaser. It i considered by many that the remainder will sell nearly in the same propor tion. - Mr. I .irinsstoa bos repeated' offered it te tlie City Corporation for Jii.OOl dollars, which they thought too much. Y"U will perceive that if the residue tell at well, the sale will a - mount to an enormous sum ; anu should the whole averace 5.000 each, you see one million of ool lart produced from what lesenibles more the Boston sooth tad oats than it does. laud. Yet such is tlie race for speculation. 1 ha coose auencet aitdcioated by many observing inhabit ants oo building a new levee are apprebcuded will lie dancc - rous to the present harbour where I lie snippiu He - oomeure oi opinion u win oestrus' iu while otlers think Ihe contrary ; and ma ny lertiw Miuit.ippi will fort e itKf through tl.o risl.tbaekol' iIm - river, and Cud a shorter pat - ae to the ocean. I will venture no opinion, not having been here long enough to nidge with nronrihtv on this important subject. " This city is new in the enjoyment of fine health ; a very pleataot heat, at 0 n 7io, bas been for several days l an immense deal ol produce of the weiterc country in market : and ex - cept cotton, every thing edit briskly and at high prices ; a great proportion of Uie vetse!. in port are taken un. ami niauv more will be wanted. and probably at - better ireiiit, 1 l - 4d. sterling per lb. being tne price lor cuiion, ana 1 1 - 4 i I 1 - Jf cents per lb. for tobacco. Respectfully yourt." ( ' . From Ihe Pottm Crnlinel, .Vo.y 6. Wa are requested by capt. Graves to give in sertion to the following statement : " Five days before mv arrival at Gibraltar, on my lata voyage ia the Cxiar, vis. on the 20th of Nov. last, I had Ihe muJcrtuue to wound my right nana severely witu tne main Doom, ry which my third fingor was jammed off, and on my arrival was in danger of losing my hand, if not my life, through want of medical assiiUince, which the regulatiousof quarantine, being then extremely rigorous in couaequeoce of the plague news - oo the coast ol uarbary, r re vented ms from receiving in the hospital, or oi jbore as usual. From this perilous situatiou I was relieved by the benevolence of com. Chauncey 'and the officers of bis tquadroo, then lying ia tho bay, who ou learning my situation, immediately or dered me every assistance which generosity and humanity could dictate, or kindness conceive. io making this puti:c acknowledgement, I iiope not to oiTeud tha delicacy of my beaafacton iu particularizing the names of these whose situ ation enabled them to reuder me peculiar servi ces, viz i Of Dr. Washington, ol the ship Franklin, who came on board my vessel as soon as an chored, and dratted my wound, and auerwardt rendered every n?iisary usiiitance: ' Of capt Georze llogers, or the sloop or war Peacock, who brought his ship into the quarautiue ground for the purpose of taking me on board, where 1 remained nineteen days uode - r tha medical earn of Dr. John Cadr.ll, surgeon of the ship, whose un. emitted kindness, wi'h tha attention of tba o tber eeutlemen ol Uie wardroom, lieuts. Cassio. Liughtoo, lielmily and Evans, Mr. Wilson, sailing - mater, Air. Beals, purser, and Mr. Lord, lieut. of marines, who vied with each other, in reoclenn? me evert possible afnstance to pro mote my health and happiness, I shall ever remember with 'sincere gratitude i alio, to every olficer and miibhipman of the Peacock and Ibe squadron, for their kiudnns and attention. EoENLZbK uKAVr - S." fiVem ihe Albany Daily Adrerititr if April 7. Olteio roitnlu The following paragraphs, Uie first I rout the Freeman's Journal, a federal paper printed at Cnoperstown, and tho second from tho Watch - Tower, a democratic paper printed nt the tame place, afford all the additional election Intelligence we have received tinceTuvaday morning. " iie eiechen It would be worse than non sense, to hazard an opinion upon tha result of Uie lata election in this county. So dirk - rent ara reports from the same quarters, thai it is imponi bletosay which has sucrended, the Itgttimalr, or Ihe pcoplu's ticket. From Chenango they are at vagne aou uncertain." " The late election ii this county was con ducted with greater moderation than any that ever preceded it. One half of the electors, wr venture to assert, did nut vote at nil. rrnm the information received from scvrcl towns, it is pretty certain that Ves.r. Nichols, Eldred. Chae, Howes and Van Ben - st - l ei , ire elected members of assembly and. r understnnd. Messrs. Mete ilf aod Strong, we. - c generally supported for scnatDrs.' This, wc believe, it what was termed Ihe Union, or People1. Ticket, Kot up iu o - roiitini to the caucus nomina'ion. Two of the gnt lemon supposed to ne elettcdj we understand arc federalist, f d. Daily Adv. Scltoharit C'eunfv. Our corresnonilrnt wri'ei (hat in Hrhoharie county. Jedediah Millrr, Tetr r'wart Jun. and Aaron Hubbard. Hie Clinlonian candidates arce'itte:! uir'nliis of ibe Aseiubly. l wo oi mete gentitmen wc bull; ve are lederul ists. In conrqiicace of the heavy r.iins - the river wasaaiu very hifsh the siholu ol yrtcrday. The water was about three feet lub in Dot' street, and (he cellars in the lower parte ol the town werd tiled. From Ihe Laniiugbvrgh Oaicllt, Xtiy 5. F.lertion. The federal ticket has rain snc. ceedud io this county, kai;it tlie most desperate effort ever mnd by democracy to defeat L Jolm D. Dickinson, Lq. is elected member ol cxmsreesi and llonry fiatt. r - leihen Varren, Andrew Finch, IHmcl fimmonr, ami Oeerelt. Davis, members of assembly. Mr. Dickiu - on', majority in Uut St) ; and the majorities fr r the other cuidalatci from 100 to 300. But the o(5 - ciul returns finrn nil the towns not having beep received at the cleii's office yeiterday in t'.me for us Ij obtain tUcm, we cannot give a tatemeot ol uie vo'.es until n:xt wek. In clienectadv, one federalist and 036 demo crat are thid to 1 - 4 elected. Io Wathinton, t!ic anti - Clintonian Assembly ticket has probably iuacee'ed. In Saratogn, wliat vrs CAlltd tlie pcop'e's ticket," coiisiiliui: ol two fedi - rtilists aud two democrats, and wtsrh was sup;uTled gun' what wascalicJ the shav:ng tK - k - ;," coasiM - iug entirely of lieraocratt, ssidtole elected by an overwhrlmirif; m)ontv. - From the other cumilita we have no information. Von ihtH vim Whig, May 5. The result of the l: - .te Election in thia conoty and in this cottgretsica; - .! I istrict me - c b' l ie!. - ly gratiiyingtui'tery lr U .id cf the ' - mj, - tried ard ti - tb'iiurd pn.K i let uf .'cdiralism. iSotili tar. - ,i.ig tie ex :rti'Wt whic h wei't made to c too th. nnnotof thi party frcm that nodivii'. i support of ?be sVi!frJ tjcVet which Tier rUie HjO accul"j 'l t g:e, u e Coer.ty of C .lam - hte c - till I' - - st a cv.ial.e tni - f majcii'.yor nvn ho jin - coosntcnt and Vicchajigwg "io their politic cj K - UJiciU. - ful fit ibr oihw au. . . . Ticket m - er ll Democratic it about 6 jO, aud SM - erage oinfonij oi ine r "JT v, over the MuleTutct about 7SO. - Mr. Strong's majority over Miller h in I hit county 547, - in tbe district ndef Liv lesion it ii in His connty 37, - ln the district rVhStrontftmajorityoTerMr. Rot Is 441 in tlus county. from On Prnt - kkftyi r"uie Herakt, nu n,.it.... Th tAuiion. Certain baw i.. - rS,,, irvna will take their word for it, are men of great consequence, and ahle p"liti - ciaos, have been suffered to aaanace the affairs of U is county in their owo way wis year. recommenced the campaign by calling a convention to recommend a civil list for Dutchess. They M en called a mnnty meeting to nominate candidate! for atsemhlv, and to appoint delegates to attend a convention at Tammany nan www Tba conductor the convention won mane ri the civil list, wnt far, very far, from meeting the approbation of the people. And ihe rielrtrntrl InT.imnanT Hall, were not the mottoi'tin - guished for talents, age, respectability end ex - pe.'ience. But the asceraniy iick cnpi - ru u climax of folly a few of their candidate! were men whom the people oein io nonor , um d - tf - ers were abeolulelv di - sustinr to thebigh - mind ed republicans of thit lartte and populous county, to much so. that many refuted to vole for any per. on whatever, or evea to go to Ihe poll!. I ne appointment oi a correvponuw t.imuin - lee who either oosaessed not the capacity or in clination to do any thing, affords another evi - neftr.e en ine snsracirs' oi iiwiti sjrcniiurn. The result of the election haa already proved the happy effects of Uie sapient measures of these wise men oi sinuiam. Th federal assrmhlv ticket has beea elected by a majority of 750 and Randal Street, Esq. Ihe federal congressional candidate has obtained in Detrbess a majority of 485 votes. - In some ofthe towns not a republican senatorial ticket was to be found we lieg pardon, the federalists hid plenty for Mr. Montagnie io others no republican assembly or congrettional tickets. In fact, me of the editors ot thit paper attended tbe poll in the large republican town of Fishkill, on the second day of the election, and wrote and distributed more than forty tickets for Mr. Johnson, the republican congressional randidate, and Hid not tee a single printed ticket for the republican assembly or coiigrestional candidates at that poll. - ' Federal and Montagnie tickets, and federal and Monfarnie Orators were to he found iu a - bundance there, but only now and Iheu a respect able and staunch old republican, whote indignation wat with difficulty n - pretseil,' wns found to raise Ins voice in favor of the regularly nomina ted republican Senatorial and Congressional tickets. Ofthe Assembly ticket litt'e wat taid there was a portentous tileoce on Uua tubjeel that spoke volumes. And several venerable character! who have grown grcv in the republican ranks, whispered to one uf the editors, that the republicans of that town had determined to vote only for inch of the republican Assembly candidates, at htnorablt and eomulenl rrpMirimi could support and fhev were arcordinelv found wntine their tick ets on chairs, tahles, benrhes, 6c. but this pic ture it too humiliating to be long dwelt upon, we therefore dismiss it. From Ihe Wathington City GattUt of May 5. Don Vicente Pazot, the South - American de puty, set out from hence on the 3d inst. tor Phil adelphia. The committee in coueress, who were appointed at a late period of the session, on hit memorial praying indemnification tor . sustained in the teicure of private property ofthe patriots at Amelia - Island, by tha U. 6. forces, did not report thereon : it is understood, how ver. that he will, neat session, endeavor to nave hearing on this subject. Every mark of at ten - tin - .i, during hit visit at Washington, from a num ber of respectable citiient and stranger, bat been shown to Mr. Paxos, and it is but justice to add, that bis general deportment has rendered bun highly esteemed, and no doubt worthy. of tne confidence reposed in nini oy tne patriot authorities, from whom he is delegated. - Fran the National Inlellisencer, May 5. We have observed, that one of Uie correspon dents of the Boston Palladium question! a fact advanced in support of our act concerning navigation, recently passed, and calls upon Mr. rorsylh (as chairman of the commiltce ol tne house of representatives by whom the bill wat reported) to establish it. It is not necessary to trouble that gentleman to support in tha news paper! what he hat advanced on the floor of Ihe hou - ie. But, as the correspondent m the Palladium appears siucerely to wish for information, Inch wa have pleasure in imparting when in our pnssetsioo, wa will answer bis query by presenting the evidence of the inequality of footing, to aur disadvantage, on which American aod otberforci'o vessels are admitted into the Brit - sh West India Colouies. The act of the British parliament of the 27th June, 1Ufl5, consolidating the former actt on Uie subject, admits into the West Indian ports, a va riety or articles, wool, cotton, tobjeco, specie, Ate. Sic. the produce of aoy colony or country in America belon nbg to or under Uie dominion of any f irrign f un peon Sorereign or i'are," jn in nay IWi - h'ti . - higle - derktd vessel, being owu ed aud iiavigalod by persons inhabiting any of the sva colonies or plantations Iu America, or c - nnlrirton the ccntinent ef America, 6ionin? fi'.or vtdcr Ihe dominion uf, any foreign .tire - ptan tcreriign or ilaltV The privilege of reA exportation of all imported articles except navil stores, and of ei.portiug rum, is granted in the same act in tho same terms, to the complete ex clusion of vets tit of Uie United States, iu all ases, from th it trade. The title of another act which lies before nt. amendatory of that just referred In, sufficiently explains its object. It it " an act to permit the i cr tatiou of nee, grain aod flour from any fo reign colonies on tbe continent of America, iuto certain ports ut the West - Indies, and to allow eeriain articles to be Imported from the United states or America into the Brituh provmc - sm Norli - Amerira, for the purpose of exportation to Ike British islands iu the Weft - Indies." Thus in U.a very tame section of the act, a full per - niiaeoQ j, given toi.uport into tha We - - t Indies article, without witich tin y cannot subsist, from othercountrk' of Am'rica, whilst from the LYi - tcd .States the - .Bine articles, may not be imported eirrpt in casts .if absolute danger of famine, and n only ciixuitoudy through the British northern provinces, ia enter thai our navigation niay ant hire the advantage of carryiug to them even H e artiUet which are to keep them from ttarr.g. . , It i presumed ihat Uie enquiries of the corre.' - pocdeit of the Palladium art satisfied. I Front the Dtclon InteUifncer. "Prtlnnlien of nuUete in vuch frees. A ren - tleenns in England bat dicovrcd a met'iod of prevctfing mildew in peach tiees, which hut never failed ef tuccett in an experience of niae years. An January and February, if the trees - n in - i sickly ttate, (the mouths of March or pril . ew - England w h answer as well.) Uc. - ivjir all Uie mould from tbe roots at rare - .ul' y se istihie, and pu' in its olaCe freh rotten ;jri f - ot an old rusturage wnnont anv uqdst tx .till aot ooiy tk ever their health, a m.pot Bni - swelled fruit, rdtr Ao Improvement, bas been irt - ei the oouf .clare of e - ienowder at e grain, ore rpberirL ofthe size of wlt grtw I, aod cemtosrd at 'joiie - i - rb - new - eaole ef taanatactursi it li. jre r4'd that the UraUc, ' T FrmtheBrlenCenhneL and tbe I OIK proJKre I traduced Iowa aua rrra. til' CtjL f JttVtAP.ftwy. etc. - it appear by the last iiifbnr.atiori . from Uf arpool, Tjni, tlttl Miss M'Avoy, the younr lady who wai aad to aea with her fingert." haa been for a long time siangerotitly. sick. A London p:.per eon - taint the following article respecting ber iu - nwa. - " ' ' 7' "Since the 15th of Nov. she haa acarcely ever been free from one species of convuUion or another the attach whiclf commeneetj that night, lasted nearly eleven day! and nighu, during which (he was almost constantly insensible, with inability to take any food, except a little coffee and after the recovered ao far at to be capable of speaking, the whole ofthe right aide (except the hand and ana,) remained totally useless, eontlnubtj equally ao until this hour, even rendering her incapable of mo - ring from the bed or chair in which her afflicted parent place her. Dr. Renwick ha this mouth directed her to be bled frequently, which produced a alight improvement in lier condition alas! It eoon disappeared,' leaving us almost no hope of a better ttate of health but except thit doe take place, aitnougn ner highly excited touch, bearing, taste and smell, - pay remain, no power or cuiKiuar perception can, 1 think, be reasonably expected. " Diderot cive a very curious account of Mademoiselle Melamede Salignac, a young lady who bad been blind ulmoit from her bu tn. Her feeling, heaiingand iroell, were exqtii site. he coitad distinguish by the impression of tbe air - whether it wa fine or cloudy, whether she wm in an open place or a treet. and whether Uie atreet wa open at the end also whether she wa in a room or not, and of what size It wm. Having once one over a house, the became to well acquainted with the different part, a to be able to nam other of any clanger they were exposed to by Uie existence of a step or the lowness of a door. She could thread tlie smalle - .! needle with the greatest dexterily, and cmld execute every sort or needle - work, sue played very wen ai many games at cards, which she distinguished bv some little mat k. known to herself by the touch, but imperceptible to. the tight of any other person. She had learnt and understood very well, music, geography geometry and dancing. She was indeed extremely clever what made her more interesting, the wa mo. dest, mild, cheerful ami aflectiotute. She wrote with a pin, by prioking a sliettor paper attached on a frame, and read a hat she had written by feeling the pin - mark on the other side of the paper. She cbuld read a book printed on one side only some were printed exprely for her in this manner. ' In a piece of 12 or 15 line,' If tbe number of letters in each word, together with the letter which it bepan with, wa given her, she could tell every word, however oddly composed. Thi fact, say Diderot, was attested by every, one of her family, by myself, and twenty otuer persons still alive." She died at tbe age of twenty - two. She was the daughter of M - dame de Ulacy, " a woman distinguished tor tit - , enn . . i , i r i . nence of her moral qualities," and moving in a respsctable sphere of life." B ALTIMORE, May . We are concerned to ttate that nenrly all the floats frafti with plank, tcanUing, &c.) that had collected during the winter 00 either bank of the 6'ttsquehannah, extending nearly to the Lakes, with between S to S millions feet, valued at w to 100,000 dollars, after braving the descent of the dillereot rails, c. in coming down the current on their way to this market, unfortunately encountered the N. W. Gale of runday evening and Monday, and - were driven from their anchorage near North Point, immediately across the Bar to Swan Point and the neighborhood - several of them mot a similar fate at the head of the Bay, acd were brought np at Turkey Point of the number engaged in navigating them (about 50) we have not beard of a single life bemg lost. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Olflce of Uie Freeman's Journal, . - . Philadelphia May 7 noon. I Arrived, ship Tontine, Turley, 35 days from London with diy goods ana specie. .1 , Sloop Snsaoa, f ulford, 26 day t from St. Tier , , - . ' . - ...: - . : FKOM OOR COnRESPOJWEtfT. , . Office of the Baltimore American, I May 7. J, , Arrived, Bnenos Artwn ship Louisa, lira Drew, 65 days from Buenos Ayres. Spoke a brig from Turk's Island for Loitoo, name unknown. iliip Chcsapenke, Grosh, from Balaria, aod 115 days from r - amarang. Left tt bamaraiig brig Retrieve, of Newburyport. Spoke noth'.ug. MAllRlr.D. - On the 13th April latt At Lewittrn, by Rev. James C. Crane, Mr. Jauiet Yoang, by the to Miss Olive Hubbard, late of this city. iilKD. Yetterday mornir;, ol a lingering illness, Mr Robert fctewart. baker.' Hit friends' and ac qunintance are n quested ' to attend the funeral thit alteinoon, ai o o'clock, irom H0..1BU l ean lu.1 fnFftuvr inL - ifitliiin 1 At Richmond, Vir. Thomas VVilson. Efq. late mayor of that city. fiyjvijfa post maims list.' CLFARKI). . S iip James Monroe, Watkinton, Liverpto) i : . i.J Wright & Son. Crittenden, Turner, Boston Brie !ueedr Peace. Fosdick, , , - Savannah , ,., . David V. Smith, v i'chr Olive Branch. Fibr, - , Curracoa MarvRose, Dimock, Middle town, Conn Sloop I'oliv t Sylvia, Weeks, Alexandria ' Jaae, Tnylor, Kcw - Prunswick . Rose, Wyer, ' ' - ' Nantucket 1 A KM fifi THtS FORF.tXHk: - Schr. Pl.tfhe x Elim, Greene,' 6' dnva from Savannah, with cotton k staves to f. White." ffchr. Alegro, Welch, 7 day from Savannarf; srfth sugar, to order. - - - Hloop Antelope, saitM the day ! efore fof New - York. I'asjf - ot - er - Wm. Woodruff, und J. Ilonsinger. . JS Sloop Protector, inilh, 5 days frora Rtchrocnd with coal, to J . Van Uuom, i ' - Sloop Klixa,Gillett, 6 days from Alexmulrlc, with fish to the roaster. , - , 1 .. - ,,, - ,. tloop KoickerbuUcer, Webb, Sdavt from Phi - ladtlphix and V4 liour from Reedv JiOaud. with hard arc, lea, whiskey, He to L'Homniedie 1C Brown and other. - . Sloop Bee, Teale, 2 days from Philadelphia, with lumber to L Jeymcur. Sloop tlixa. Steward, 2 from Philadelphia, - with corn meal to Buck.eyfc .bhntt. ' Sloop Sillers, Weeks, 3 days from Ocracock, with naval stores to Waring c Kimheny' J . , . Sloop Kagle, Wright, S days fiom Aiexaadria, with flour, wine, ic - to sundries. . . , , - . y. PORT CF SAVANNA II, Mny 1 Arrived, brigAlonto, , Havana, iS days. . , ; bchr Bell, Jones, Havana 10 days. , THEATRE. 'j fO" The public is rctpecrfully fpformed, that Mr. bilipf is engaged lor a few airf n, end Wk! make bit appearuce this eveniu. '. . f On Friday evening, M?y fi, wiH be preteiited, the comit opcia of tha Count Bbhaa,, . . - Mr. rhiiinn. la which Character fi? will iatrtJucu (b liavarUe - - cncUrtt or . WILLIAM TFXI - , or the SWI3S PATRIOT. sTowhic - eillbeBiWtrl. - - - .' - AUTHt WORLD'S A STAGE. DizKiTjf i '' - t ' M BwnKt l' tnmmence a a quarter past seven ,ciacn. - k, ) ., r Jm Jtsstia Iron, P.b.l. I lr tale by y - .r i 7 - . . . "tw UURD ftSEVVALf., r ejSouth - faeet. taj Piize ef 6.000 doilara, drawn on Uie first da? - in Use Milforrl and Owego Road - Lottery. tA sold by KOb - KRT WAITE, Jaor. wa jisto! day pretexted to him and promptly paid. R, Waite, Jun. hasrerrtitly sold awl paid a prise oi iu.uuu, s oi o,uuu, i oi - ,iaaj, ana 9 of I.OOtt my 8 (Cy - The aunnnl iihlin examiNtion ol the New - York Fite - Sehool Chihlrea, will Uk pbee on sccoiw day Mond) xt,t Itjo'clvck, A. H. in Uie acbool loom, in Chatham ttreet 5thmo8,h.!?:N1JLEYMUR1UY'S; INDIA SUGARS, COTTON, tic. VTf Tho sale of Uie aboea artirl :ii place to - morrow, (Saturday,) at 1 o'clock, on ..v.u. ....t. jim loiiueu irom slup Ramdelolday. Term at tale. my 8 HOFFMAff b GLASS. - IN srjPKKWK COURT. r ' 7lh May, 1BI8. . ftjr Ordered, That Ibe next Circuit Court in tha cotintv cf Oneida be lielil at lha m Whitestown t And, that the next Circuit Court in tbe county of Mndioo be held at lha court bouse in said county, where the last Court ' of Com moo Pleas in said county wa held. By the Court - mylldtclt ' JA9. FAIRI.IE. CUrk. . . r - i .a .ww M un 4 - V3 J - f, V Tha - hln KII.FMI. - S. ftinJ. A .JV'i'l'Lll U If 1 f ' r w - , w ulwu, ij n, iaVter, will be dispatched without delav For freight of 60 tons apply at 67 tfontb - st. to my 8 UAWKKKLKfrsj it PEIRSON. CALCU'i'i A titvoDsT ' Gr G. ft S. HOWl.ANIJ, 67, lute 77, Wajb - ' . i i rt oo ttreet, ofler for tale bythebalaA otherwise, . . ; 50 bale Calcutta uood. just received. rn. sittirg of i ' Hal Us, Uurrabs, baaatit, and , , .. Mamoodiet, I'rmcipall low priced. nT g UlCt. I!, Ueictt and iu half , tiercrs. lur sale by - ROliT. GILLESPIE. niy 8 " 1 19. Front - street' ' INDIA BU.ND3. For tahj hv Cf.BKA I CUMING. mv 8 ")& fearl - itrtft n t - . TIX H.A'I r'H. sinn boxe 1 2 yx Tin Plate, jutt reeeiTed MmtfJyJ per ship Jauiet Monroe from Liverpool, for tale by u. i r.iiiuixr - it CO. " my 8 ' 9t Ci.Hee - Huuse Slip. ' l I D.Avl - .h V cUGAR.lt6 hhds. firtf" IV I quality inolnste S47 do first Quality browa clnved unr. Nn,l. i ine from tcbr. Abtoua, east tide Burling slip, lor sale bv ti, L. tl G. GRISWOLI). my 7 86 eoulb - streat. RU'E, JAMAICA RU.M, sVc 0 tiercel prime new Rice . : . . - , 10 puncheons old Jamaica Rum 900 btmiiohns, for sale by PALMER It S A IDLER, my 8 31 " 104 Froot - ttreet. LlFKllPuOL CO.iL.. A QUANTITY of Livenwol new pit Coal, very large and of a superior oualitv. just received by the Tnomat Nay lor, lor tale by sViAIAU i K A ! IXJL.11J, niy 8 4t OS Vesry - street. COTTON 40 bales prime Upland Cotton, just landed and for sale by KETCUL'M & WEED, may 8 !w CI iouth - st. ' STRAW PLAIT. 5,700 yard Bermuda Straw Plait, for making summer hats, for sale by . TUCKER Sc LA CRIES, - my 9 29 Southnitreet. 4fr WANTED IMMEDl - fTELY, ( dU - l White women cooks, 10 coloured and 15 white girls for house - work Also, a few nurses. chamber maids, men and lad waiter. Apply , at th City Register Office, No. 52 Ma - doa - iaae. . may 8 at TU BE LEASED, ' ON arorabla terms, for along term of years - 4 lott of grouad on Broadway, 800 feet deep, extending to Crothy - ttreet, between Hes - ter and Grand - streets. ' 1 lot in Water - street, Bear Catharine - mar Iret. , ; Alto, several other loU in the 6th, 6th, 8th..' and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Caatham street. may 8 , BOARD. . - A pleasant anfunmhed room to let, with board.' A gentleman and b!s wile mav be well ac - commodatad in a family where but few boarder 4 are taken, at no. IS Veey - strett. , my 8 Jlw . ' CARPETING. - ESECOR k CO. 130 Broadway, have lust . received by' the late arrivals from Lendotv Liverpool an Greenock, a new supply of Uru - - via aad EngrainM Carotin' ; likewtae a large - , assortment of Patent Floor Oil Cloths of dioer - v. enl width, colnrt and rigoret ; do Rugs, isc. p Table Cloth of different tites, with pointed bor - , der docarpet bindiogt. All of which, together with a Urae assortment on hand, recently re - - ceised, will be disposed of a usual, on the most reasonable terms. BltUt - , A FRENCH LADY, who speak and write equally well tbe French and English Ian - goages, is expert With ber needle and ha ether useful acquirements, whiles a place as teacher ' in an established academy, or at instructress In ' private family the latter would be preferred Satisfactory references will b given Enquire. atUib office, or address to Mr. ; B. Pott - olfice, New. York. ' : ' ni may 8 lw - iy fi IX) LET OH LEASE, KtSLiM And possession give immediately, ft' coiaiiiodioui and pleasantly situated Home, at Greenwich, on the bank ofthe river, about 1 l - Z miles from the C'ty Halt, and a short distance above the State Prison, withitnhle aad ntt boast. There is attached to it a tine - garden wift fruit tret, shrubbery, and pasture ground tuflia cient for ahorse and cow. For particnlan, Eu - . mire f' 1 LOTT ft SEAMAN, ' my 8 Iw C; Water - street. HKAL ESTATE OR SAL.. - . .ii Toe tMH - . and 5 lutt of ground, titualo on tba corner of Bedford und Ardeo tlreeti, in the Tillage of Gm - nr. Tch. I he boose it large - raid com enici.t and built of the beft material - and ft every way calculated for a genteel farm - ' ly. TU ot nr 85 feet front and rear, and 10f rt - et deep. IfnJt told at private tale before the - 14th day of May , they will on that day be sola - fit jubljc auction, at the Tontine Coffee House. r or terms enquire or . . ANDREW HEGEtfAN, my8 6t . Oa the prem'te. , 7 ryUBOlSi begt to inriirm fhepo'iu'c Ibat V V he bat just received, per brig Bacchus, ahin frfmp,.. frnm I .nnftriiL. a aaiii - rsd altOTt - men! of articles in th mutical line,' emonpst wintn are soma very eiegam smau rutno - and a particulurly e'.cganl rewootf grand cabinet Piano - Forta. - ' " t . tiuiia in - Mtil Maimnnwi' or nateat self - time beater, with a fanre aMortment ofnetf ilusic, which rbey ofler tor sole wholssaJa or retail, oo tbe utott reatonabte terms. - ' ' my a ' , - RACIEA" 146 Broadway, list of prizes the Aliiiirtf aad Ose Road Lottery, S5l diy' drawing Noa. 3892 (floating) $lW0 s 1HS f 500 1301 557 4Jr5 5303 634? $100 - e?i " Dnsi affain on Thursday next , 1st drawn number entitjed V $1000. t. Warrsnteit unriiiyn Ticket i4 Saareji, Tor sale at t v 1 CIO , 1,46 Broalway, where foreig'i Bnk Wte aad Prixetat paV - iU be received in nii mnii - lct iltnarn ' number. tSold at my 8

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