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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1818
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NUMIJER 4961 . '. '" fXRSALE, tk. 'artie. EVENING POST, burthen Lu..., i in imil nilol - boal budt. coppcr - rT"ej.per fastened ; built in 1817 I has just lt,a ou 1 cnuiked. and cu be wot to a A small expense if not previously told, will IToflcreJ at public auction on Tuesday next at h. fouline Coffee House For particular ap - ZiL , FRD.GEBHARD, - .,. W 93 Greenwich - . Onhani, A t" very wperioc Dutch shirting Im" 'Mack galloon may 6 3t - - ; u i nr. a ;i tii IUJI HI F.H.. M Rriliah teasel of 200 W 450 ?. . ..., inri frooa thit port to Kvc, Jumaica, and from thence "London, frulrto ,T. HAWAIIAN mWrtjwt.. fP y' Or to ANDERSON & SHEARXW, - - ., . ' 131 VYaler - et. Who have for sale few pohsone of well. (Unwed oW J - rnVir". Hum. i .' 1 Snaf 5 r': u. i.j.,ii()Ar. 4 3v The ketch MA IUA, Kainey ; will ail V4,Mon Wednesday tsrxt, and ran aceounno - ? 5 or 4 pnttengers. Apply pn board, at pier " LirKtUlTdl.. jHttmmijjnl on brunt thi (coppered British brijr POflSBK, capt. An - Jrrw ,u ai' " l"c iiMi Apply 0" ann as Pr no. so, s. st. or mvSlw' ' ' - ST Fine, Hine - eUeet tXfitii.iLtC, ( if nnplirJ for in 4 dayO ., .Ilia verv aa4ianlial ami fast eailioerfiip to i KT," copper fateed and coppered, it 2 veart old, bai a full inventory and may be lent ' - . . a .1,. lla. ul Murray' wharf. For Urm apply to 'MAWS. PHKLPSSlCO.ot MP LEY, Vtm'KRtiCO. mrv4 1w ' - " .... . ii. - iiii inn . ! iil 1 100 urrei, X yeart oia,' a nni raw vk.xl ul' her tlan. aid in complete order to re - cclre acergoi lyiii!eat tide feck - flip j will be ioU reaMioit)Ie.f pply to JLkC. If. DA V EXPORT & CO. may 4 FOR. HALE. - If itnnlied for within 3 or 4 day , the coppered and coi)per fastened liip tKl tTENDEN', 314 tons t tails well, carries i larre carco, mid may be sent to sea bt a small expence. Iiavinir within VI months been new rigged and maated. Apply to . P. KKMA'EV & CO. tp 29 26 SfHith - irtreet. I A rood retsel. of 800 to 000 barrel, J for a bort voyage, tliat is ready to re - ciitvt a cargo. APP'T " N. It D. TALCOTT, ap 29 ' ' '64 Bonth - rtreet. TL. Jh.w tl.RIOV. cant. Cnmr.l .in fwfww'i r - kin Kn1 n nearlv luadeai vill Uka 100 tons frai(ht if oflerad miBMdiately iri. OODHtE r CO. ip29 . s, , - 4.1 Soath - st - , ... lALLUtV, MJrt tie. LANDING 52 ceraoa bouth - Aaerican tallow . In ttore, clean St. Petenborrh hemp, and Gentian steeL eatitlad to drawback For talc by JAMES D WOLF, Jr. 57 FronttrMt - For OPORTO, vtl 4 , The good brig Ajenoria, to sail in ."i.rfr11 to week ' 3 passengers can he accommodated on moderate terms, for which, apply as above, or to the master on board, at pier no . 15. - . ap8 . ( tCHAHLI&lVf, . ' The regular packet ship TELE - J2iiGRAPH, J Fanoine, twsator ; it aoly wwtriig a bit wind ; can take a few too store freight, and accemasodata 10 mar pimtcrTt. Anoiy tm board, west tide Fly - mwrk wharf, or aptt 1R3 Froiit - ttreeC ft (UHARLKaTUX, : ,i Thtelecot and fun tailing packet :schoooerT?T1tlE. 8. Hoyt, matter : Will meet with immediate diipatch, having hall' her freight ready to goon board lor resaamder, arpajtage, haviog comiiioliHii nccootaKxltiooa, apply oo board, cut side Hurlinr alio, or f ' SAUL. ALI EfV ap 13 88 Fiae - tt. r BtHBICJL nut DKM&RArtA, The British brie FAVORITE, J. .neetnan. .master, to stul 13th May ror passage, apply u . GEORGE LACV, , No 4 Fuhonlip. sA few Horses will be taken on freight. - kp'88 tf - - ' - .' AlOLAeSri ic x8U DaaUMooifiM Bvourca l ounco kub M ' ' . M . " 42 do retailing jrloiastea, received per brig ! jBwiaoum . - 190 puorheoM Rum, received per brig Ante wpe, iruto ioooKO,auu tor vaie oy , GOODHUKkCo. Ml 1 " - ' 44 Kneltf - street 1 A M Ea D' rV OLF. J nor. bat resaov - d Iron 67 J F root - ftrret to 54 boutii - tret, and offers for we. 6t eeroon south American Tallow ) 16 tout thian St Petertburgb Hemp, lew . ... . polls first Quality Kusialockt Ger man Steel tn boxes, entitled to draw - track. leOOO lbs. Grew Offee do - . its hoxet Chioa Utilt tetU 173 pieces each iu onaa pure spuK I case (intillaa. - 1 .' v my 6 CMMi TVHNE, IKO.M Win.., WHllC tJ l.tAL), Jfec. 4 ck Lobdno Bimr Twine : ) toei LonUoii Wiiite Lead, t3 k U. kegs a no aa (Try oo ' - , Ml hhdt. Copprrae . tons lroaVirr If a 1 to 1S ? T : W tierces Wkitiitf ' Litharge, Spanish BrowB, Veoetiai Red . ReHLMrfliV: . With s general aHort merit of eab'ee aadcord - v o! any nit, at tljortevt wrXire. ySi JO.XE3A CUtCH. wmuuiiwn. mut1 . . I. u.iij , Cxlcstta, will uwnmeejee Undinx this day, - Javli buear, white and gratoed Inlia CiXtoa, Some , . u fin, dhellack, and " hi: K ir.Al bJJ k. S.mI. nll fhM 2"rj forntf on 'th aarf, by Hoffmaa et . at I) oVtock ApHf to - ' ' 1(1 's X.EAL - tlLlfiS.''' 4wUUlW w - dsVtM, for sale br ; - ' .CLARK, MOORE At CO. 11 K0! FiUil - - 80 kbla. variety r "Jiu.Mjr HAti Hi m r,. y -, MilAble ' - biker, for vale by I5 LHYLE BETU0 I CO. JjfEHrjrjAcraouiji. SIX cases of new and elegant tacy articles, tuck as Ladies work boxes and dressing cases, very elegant ..... Writing desks, elegantly gilt mm plain GUI and paHtad card racks, Fan rikt Fire and caodle screens, painted la a superior aiwoer, with gilt and colored kaadlet Backganaoo boards . Maliue and mwocco work baskets , Geutletuea't thaviiig apparatus, Pouches and dressing cases, complete Morocco and mftbogany purtabU desks A few R - uuia leather do. very superb Some very elegant portolios With gilt lock and . pockets Elegantly gilt borders and plain Morocco, Rns - is ana roan pocne ooocs, oi vartoas oescrip tions ' ' 9pring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many otbor let too nutnerout to meutjon. For sale wholesale aod retail, by . N.SMITH DAVIES, - : . ap 21 No. 161 Broadway. - u fri.AiD a fcV - OiLLtAiiib COTIOAI. . 54 bales prime Ui4and Cotton, landing from sloop Wave, irom iavannab VS hales New - Orleaos Cotton, lauatns uoui tliip Maria Caroliue, for sale by run s jn'Kiinc., 66 South - street. Slore, ' 109 bblct ITpl. - .ad Cotton SJ do Mou' - 0ri,iiri to 3 ceroou? Cuoa T"liocco , 36 boxes Wimlo t GL - ii 6 pipes CatalofiT) Wiue ; ; 11 ipes O. L. P. Madeira Wine ;LasLeen . ' iinKried 5 vears 9 of. coskt Malaga Wine ; 3000 DemiiobiM 111 toniSudct Iron, assorted sizes. 'apt7 , - ., - 58 CAoEb CAMOAI. GOO Lid, vus 12 cases col'd Cunton Crapes ' Mack do do col'd Sankin do ... black - do do Crupa Shawls block Cnmblets - mia'd Silk do' Chang'blt Sannets do LevRntines black do SilkHHkfs Birdt Eye do Col'd Concans Sewing Silk, (Italian ityle) Puirhews Sarsnett.' ALSO, Company lone and short Yellow Nan. kiot. for tale by MARCH It LOW, ap3U x iu Broadway. Irith Liiicru,, Hheetingt, Diujitri, Ac. 'I'HOMAa 8UFFERN. No. 6 Depeyiter - .t. .1 has iutt received icr Aiexnuer Mhoi - 6eld, I'roni Belfatt, and Dublin IVket, from Dnblin, 1 1t pnrkseet corapriiins; a liandaoate aMortaeotorlrithLinent. Mc which, with hit formrr usortment, will be sold ou reasonable term. - ' 44 and 7 - 8 Lineo, in whole and half pieces, fine and cuarte assortments .( S - 4 Linen, .brown and ;tached 7 - 8 Lawns, 4 - 4 Cotloa ShitU' gt Jaconet and Mull Muslim. , "J - 8 ftowtas, 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 Linen Remnants , 3 - 4 Cllack Linen, 7 - 0 Colerain Liuca ' . 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Sheetings, Blue and black coloured Linen Thread 3 - 4 Diapers 7 8 half bleached Linen, very t troog 6 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diapers, assorted ' 3 - 4 Lioea, in demi pieces Also in store, a few hampers of the very first quality Irith apple Potatoes, for isle, my Jttw. IIOBACCO. LOTI ON U iUUAR. ISO lihdd. Virginia Tobacco 90 bales Jallooa tattoo, superior quality 60 ban double boiled Calcutta Sugar, for sale at 67 South - street, by any 6 CAMBKELEHU at rxAKsufl. IMS PLATE, tc - l78 boxes Tin Flate, as , sorted ., 10,000 lbs. India Block Tin 8.000 lbs. Iron Wire, assorted from No. 1 to 18, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, ap39 - 183 I'loot - street. flOFFEE, FLOUR. TOBACCO, Ac Kj 940 bags St Domingo Coffee, 61 do green Havana do. entitled to drawback 373 bbls. Mprrftae Richmond Flour . 30 fahde old Richmond Tobacco , 15 do new do do 18 do do Petersburg do - 7 do .old do ' do 10 whole and tO half tierces Rice . 7 bales Upland Cotton 6 qr. casks Madeira Wine , Red auri white Port Wine in hhdt. ' Claret f a superior Qitnliiy . iu boxes, for sale by ROB'T GILLESPIE, apzy )w us irwi - w. - COFFEE k RUM. - 64 htMls. fiae green coffee, and 80 hhda Runs, laadiag from brig Favorite, aod for sale by MICH. KKARNKX, or 4 GEO. LACY, up 20 4 FelfoB - street IMIOKTAN I TO THE fUBLIC. " THE snbscriher begs leave to inform hit friends and the mhlic that be bat taken a room at the corner of Franklort and Chatham - streets, aear Tammany Hall, as aa l.XTEL' uuintb urntb." vvnere lamiiies may be supplied with tervaats of every description ; servante with ptacea i Kentkmea wistrinf eer - taata, for travelling, rapplied at the shortest otic t merttantt with clerks, and clerks with employ l wetaursel wiih places merJiaaics with I rovraermefl. Lvsrv informatioa nvea to strao gets and othera, la his boa, who win uvor un an in a can. - . Fasniliet, beooming subscribers, nppued with servants at one dollar per annum. " ' Abo, tfooks posted, Accouott nanutea, ra - pert of every description, copied with aeatnets, correctnen, nod dispatch.' Personal attendance, from 6 to z o'clock A. II. and from 3 to V oxiocx P M. He flatters himself that his assiduity and attca. tioa to business, will gain him a share of the pub lic patronage. my 2 tm II. PADELFuKL). ,1,1 K. GRAHAM retpecUuJIy aaaooaces tua LvJ. tntent ioa to rontinue his cUMttal temiaf ry at flev 1 1 UMmwicli rtreet. la compliance with the wi toes of some ot brs patrons, a I reock (lepartment has been added to the inlitution. A lew asMtiewal pieces, sumo of which are ret unengaged, have brew ocean oaed by a recent eo - kwBkeeA otifcn clamrooas. Mr. G basin honour to refer to IVsr Wilson, L. L. D. t John M Mason, JX D. John R. 0. Rodgers, M. . i J osian Ugn HotTman, tn - 1 lwrjre unmn, tso.i Hanr M. van Souncen. M. u. I nil liam lleadertEtq.;JatAada,Ls(4.tGar - rw o. aoxi, x,q. . .. ssry t .t 1 ANTEDtopnrcriassLasscendkemdeennt T f tot - house maaorasy DESK. Apply at Unsofficn. apSO MAXtHl rTAJT ttCHUOL. ' MANHAt l - f.N Female School is at 194 Greenwickwtt. Male ochooL 14T Cumber - street. . . u c la these adtoUs are taaght all the branches which coestitutea tutful awd fmisaed WoenOJoo. Wo.forbenr to (tescend to tmitscwlars s - Hta uOW fwrcrtmsssdstinitt, or to ake treat prsmi ii. Our tA:rno are left to redre of the samlet of iortracGoi both aieraf awdsmsrtfryk, ry the lav provomeKM taetrrsotars. - : . .s. . ALURRT PICWT, w - - : JOUf ft'. PKKM.T, 4 do 5 do 1 do 3 do 1 do 1 do 2 do t do 1 do 4 do 1 do 1 do SO do 2 do 1 do FRIDAY V - YORK EVENING POST. TOHNABR5LW1LUSK ft Caofler for 35 cases superior Benaal Indlco ' ' Several casks imalts, particularly desirable - Kir oieacoeraano paper matters 4 casks hardware A law bales cattimtres and shalloon's thawls ap zj TJOAHD & L01)C.l G. Three or four Gen - M.3 tlemen, can be gvuteelly accommoda ed with permanent. Board and Lodging, or boat d wiuioui maying on rcatonapic terms, at no iou uroaaway. an zs J4t" OtlOLte. JutrKMved40 pvckaici - t. 1 hose. kj together wiih a large and general aaicrtment before on hand, rs offered for sale by the pack age or oosen. ea rcasoaaoie lerms, my THOS. WITT, my I w ' No. 7i! Peorl - ttreet T"IRG1AIA T OB ACCO. UO hldt. good T old Kichm ma and retertburg Tobacco 30 do prim quality Richmond do toil tin An iiwur tin tin 1160 kegs Manuiacturcd do do of various brands and qualities, for tale by my 5 . BOftRMAJV ii JOHNSTON. IN pursuance of the art entitled " An act to rcg'tlMe ami improve the finances of the city o! Alinuy, pvred March J4lh, 1818, the com musiojert of the .Albany city stocc, give notice, tbht prouosals wi!I ne received in the city 01 n York, by Myndtrt Van Schakk, Etq. and in the city of Albany by the tubcribr uutil the 15th day ol May neat, ror tabtcriptious to a tiocit, not esceedio? two hundred and five thousand dollars, bearing interest at (even per centum per annum, payame Kmi - nnnunlly, at one ol tne Vaults in the city of New - York, to such' of the subscriber a retido totith of the city of Albany ; and at one of tbo banks in the city of Albany, to all other tubscribers, oq the first dart of May and November l the principal irredeemttble un til ton years ltr the dxte of the certificates to oe ncrealler nsueU. , i The most ample funds, consutior of the reserved rents uu lauds heretofore told bv the cor poralion ; an annual tai of $8000, and all their unsold land are pledged, until the stock created by the laid lnw it redeemed aod paid. ' The terms most favorable for the corporation will be accepted, that it to say, the higheit sum oflsred in money, for every one hundred dollars in stuck, Tor the whole or turb part ol the sain ttnek, at may uot be applied for, by the holders of the securities of the corporation, a preference having been given to them by the act alorrtaid iuuecriptiont to the said stork will be payable as follows : I wemy - nve per cent on the first day ot June, and the r&idufi in throe equal mital menlson I be fin - 1 day of July: AueuilatMl Sep tember following, witli interest from the first of Mav it pcreu per cent. ttiruui atcs ottlic stork wui be deliveretl on the p.iyiiiMiit of the tost instulmelit, bearing Mr forest fioin the first of May. By order oi me boam ol cnnniisioners. JOHN BOG ART, CliaiuUrlain. Albany, April ?3d, 1D1R. ftr Applications for the above Stock will be roctived by the subscriber at the store of J. Si P. - Hone & Co. the corner of Wall and Pearl streets. M. VAN SCHAICK. Wew - York, Ap.J8lh, 18IU. , v ap29d2teodtMl5 . v ft BOS WELL it LEMOINK fsuccetnon to siul recommended by William It Heary Has all) transact treuiiue and conimission business, retertDurgI(VirKiiua. - Tbev occationslly make advances upon con tignmentt committed to their charge. Reference in New. York to Meters. Camp hell & Laurence, ana wm. ana earni. v;raig. - - dm m) eonow s! . t OR SALE. IXiJ A very valuable FARM, near Eliza - betlitown, in New - Jersey, containing 109 acres, with every, improvement necessary for a farm. Will be sold very reasonable, and the terms made accommodating or will be exrhaojred for porperty in New - York. Possession may be had at any time. J. II. LAWRENCE, ap 17 r.tawlm No. 55 Pine - street. FOR SALK, A very profitable FARM, of 110 acres. two thirds under cultivation, the residue woodland, situate on the tea shore, a quarter of a mile below the narrows, oo the Staten Inland side and a short ride from the ttearu boat ferry landing. It gives a very extentive view of the bay and environs of Jiew - York, within the Narrows, and ol Sandv Hook and the ocean For Prospect is equalled by none. The title it unquestionable. 1 wo tnirat oi me purcnase money may remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on the premises, or to . w. a. ar.ii.ij 1, 113 ureeowica - ttreet. TO. LET. a convenient new 2 story bouse. adjoining the above, with a garden and about an acre of (and.' For terms apply at above. - mh 3 eodtf Tratupvrlatum PUUburgh, through ihc ilatt . f ..... . . cfJfew - loTk. - fJlHE sub. scriber, who bst been engaged fir JL several years in torwaruinir mercluiliuize to different parts of the United States, oiler his services to the merchants and traders oil the western states and territories, as agent to transport property of every decription from the city of New - York to Pittsburgh, in the stale of I Pennsylvania. liooaa shipped at New - iork, onboard "thk wkstebn una " of sloops fur Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in as short a time, as by any other route yet uwcovcred i the price or transports tmn tor the whole distance never exceeding six dollars per cwt Proper care has been taken to select rentlemen of respectability as agents on the several routes communicating with the Allegany rtveri and where extraordinary ex ertsons are required, a confidential person thoroughly acquainted with the country, vill accompany tlie goods. All comniunicationi on this .ibject, post paid, will reccivr the earliest attention of the subscriber, who for apprtwed seenrity will give a credit of six months an a Urge proportion of the account. CHARLES SMYT1. Albany, state of New - York, 2d Feorgary, 18W.' i Reference to Messrs Satteileest Co: and Messrs. L Hyer.and II Rankin, New - York. feb7 2aw ' fl ATS. JOSIAH : WILWJ in - Cjcmt bia friii Js aid the public, that he has reeovod bit nat wrehoue U IbU tsrjaasray, Between iifamfn ineand Librtv - stret. for th bettor auxommodatioo of his retail ctstoav era where be bat constantly oo band, an sxien - slre swpply, from his manufactory, of Ladies' Rmm, HiIl fnmuruitif evrrr lathion aul do - LrnnM of mW. aualirv. and rarietv tf nat - r . j tern too Wpruoaouxp exctuieoi, ana uiipif - a to this or any nlber market. - He keeps i hand tmirit h rMMivBt reeufarl v. owe a west, from bit factory) coattaot of the firstquality or tientlomaot amencaa neaver nauj manu. luixJ nubr bi osni itmwctiosi. of lurabis Lad rxrwltoat matnriabv fiaithed in the neatest hand most thioihl style, ." j . W.atsMfMleatlMWarahouska large smaMgnlarly syplmirnad astortnjent of grotie - eacn't kshionable twkm Reaw - r Hats, nlecled with great care, at to workmanship and qtahty. Likewise, AaMfiraa manuucwea ', o. every description and kind, suitable to Out or any other market. nrchSO Ziwtf MAY C 1816. tT'S.t, TO LET,' JUil. Those two fire proof dwelling Bouses No. ,4 and 78 Mott street, about ten minutes walk f rom the Coffee Home. Tbeywil) be put in complete repair, and well calculated for genteel families. Apply at No. 137 Water - street. Q - ' ' LET, And immediate possetsioa given. One of Uie best stead lor a Boarding House, in thit city, orit may be converted into office's, if more agreeable, and a more pahlic and pleasant situation is tot to be found. Enquire at the office of the Ewtiinx Pott, . apt4 TO Lc'l, A part of the store. No. 81 Pine - street Apply n the premieee. . . ap 17 . ' . FOR SALE, TUB time of a smart Black Girl, that can d all kinds of house - work and cooking, such necestar) for a lamlly, ortuitable lor a publichouse. She understands cooking nfoyt ten, bf aftteskt, Vc. and would be a valuable acquisition to any public house , a prelereot e would be given to any person keeping the. tame, thai resides in the country. Sold for no other reason than the waat of a matter. For further particulars, inquire at the comer ol Broadway and Grand - street, Mount Social. N. B. She is sold at her own request. apOtf JfiEAP CASH GROCERY S I ORE, Coras of Grand and Rymler streets, directly opposite Centre MarUtt. JAMES P. AiDOt. rvspuctfully informs his trieiidt and the public ra geiteial he lias removed from corner ol Bioad way and Reed - tt. to hit present ttand, where he solicit! a continuance of MibJic patrouago, and hopes by hrt unremitted rxerttont to obtain the best of Liquors and other articles in hit line ot business, thereby to render the raottrfitct tatitfi - tion. N B. J, P. A. keeps constantly for tales reoeral assortment of fiitt rate Teas, Sugur, (Jul - lee, ripices, Liquors ol all ktndt, tic tin. which will be all disposed of at a moderate advance, m y 2 I in I'KusrBCTCt or thb IIEMP8TEAO ACADEMY., The Key. 'li.Mornv ci.owxs, a. m. Principal - onoOuoa - H AVISO purchased that large and commodious building in the village of Hemf stead, Qtiee lit County, lately occupied by Mr George rinwei, me luDtcriner proposet toopn an Aca demy therein, on Monday, the 27th inttant, lor hoarding young gvntJemu and instrui ting them in any of those hranchet of science aod iiteia. ture usually comprehended in an academical course. That every scholarmav he under (he rontant and immediate fiiperintendance of (he Priniipul, none will headinitltd into tiiit academy as students hut (hose who are also boarders. A very few students from the village, or its immediate vicinity, trill be the only exception lo this rule. I r t . .i i ........ i ..i. .1 i.l ceed the means of accommodation iu the acade my, board may hn procured u private families in the neighbourhood. BhoiiKI the iiuohc natronnee he extended to tliit intifiitionsiilurnri)tly to warrant the mea sure, additional teacher, will fie procured. The year will be divided into two term of tuition. The summor term will commence the last Monday in April, and will continue twenty - li rM I I, a ,i inl.f lurm n.ll i'nnniiini'i the last Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty three weeks. . Hut arrange ment will leave a vacation of about three wtekt alter each term. ' The price of boarding, tuition, candles and fuel, both in school and rooms will be 100 dollars each term.' But, two or more scholars teul by the tame perton, the children of clergymen, or4'ioae who are intended for the ministry (of Spy denomination) will be hoarriod and instructed for 90 each pertersn. - In all cases, a deduc tion of 5 per cent, will le made for mnjun( in aotancs. hooks, waaniftg, auenains;, aiui any necessary article or clothing, will be furnished by the subscriber at the most reduced prices. A cot, niattmss or bed, and beddine, to tie lur nisht'd by each tfudent. The patront of thit institution may be assured that itt system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rules of the academy mutt be strictly complied with, by every schoUr. (7 FOREIGN KK3, desirous of acquiring a grammatical knowledge of the English language. will be admitted at boarders into the rlempsieaa Academy. Private apartments and separate la hies will be furnished on the most reasonable termt, and every facility will be afforded to a speedy and thorough acquaintance with the language. For (he information of strungert it may hetta - trd.that Hempstead it a pleasant village nod pott town, remarkable for itt healthiness, ooly twisty one miles east of the city of New - Yora: t that it enjoys the advantage of public worship in the rrethyierian, episcopal, and Meinouui lorms i and that a ttage runt from tiie city three timet .a week, on one of the best roads in America Parentt desirous of plAcing their children at school, or foreigner wishing to he instructed in the English language, are respectfully requested to visit ue siinscriner, at Hempstead, Where they will receive fuller informal o respecting the proposed institution. Il.tlUlllI tbUITU. Hempstead, April 3, 1 818. ftT - Ihetuhtcriher heretiv declares .his an - qualified approhaiion of the establishment proposed by the Revd. Mr. Clowe? . Convinced as be is of Mr. Clowes ample qualification, IxdhiH tne hean ana tne heart, lor urimciiaing turn an institution, he doet not he litate to recommend him to publio confidence, and hi academy to public pstrooage. 6ETH HART, - IVrctor of6t. Geo. Chuich, itemptlead. Hempstead, 3d April, 18l8. fj The above prospectus meets with my beaity concurrence. CHARLES WEBSTER, Piistorofthe rreshyleriun Church, Hempstead. A bar lettered "Hempstead Academy" will be left at G. C. Langdon's Long - Island btitam - Boat Hotel, for communications with any person at - tache'd to the institution. A Female department is connected with the Academy. Young Ladies lo be boarded in the village ap7 P3wC;wir WANTKU, to a small reectMbis launly, a middle ared womao, well acquainted with plain cooking, washing and ironing. : She must produce a reference from Iter last place for ber iionesty and tobriery. ' There - would be no objection to a Scotch or Welch womaa. Eu quire at this office. : ap29 tf WH EATON'S ITt:H OI.NTMENT. 'rUl kcg and successful use of this oinfm'ni J. is a sultcirnt recommendation, at it has been found to be a pleasant, tale and certain le - m. dv for that disairecato disease iu all its tta - y" - n - - "s - - uHinir Ihr ciMmt ce ot i,ft Hook, the Na. rows, tt 'rbr I ana is believed tliat uo House in the eoiinlr) essence C4ju it, either for elegance of Uwcture or sit - UAtion and no exranse been spar - (.i hv ,i.. owner to make it c - implrte fiir . . . .. . . ... .... I John Feafl'fd, No. 4 Fletcher - street luryee fc ir. sa lVarl - ttreet; Jot C - Mornton, Greenwich street: John P, Fisher. 11)6 Broad . l Waller A? SeamoB. rurnei of Chamber - st and Broadway, and also toCbaUiam - tret j and in sr.ori it may ne procureo ai m ui "iw ktnrmt i iki. ii Ska in I'hiUd.'lodia. of Withered k h - Mi t George Hanell , North it Rote rs, and almost a5 (be dru.giU ia Oiepnoapal towns in the United State. i,IKBVI8S, WHEA10?r'3 J AUNDICE BITTERS m - y be had at Uie above ideees. . jn6m HOES. I'un a (.mrnki of Piteot sad Commoa CaoIiBaaud Virginia Hos of IbeBradet bmu&Trson shear?, - K. It I iof sale in the city or flew - lorn, liy J. A. c W. R. Post, No. 41 William - strert; f. S T. Clark, No. fi5 Mai.lo - Lae II. if. Schieffelink Co. No. I3 Pearl - street Law - , Ket, No. 19i Pearl - strett ; Hull t Kowno,i4PBrl trest; R. L. M irr .y, 313 Pearl - tre4 I J. M. ftradherst, 314 Pearl - streel NO. Engineer Department. " Washington. Hth Aoi mil. iam. d7 Pmposalt will be received at this ue - partwent, until first AueuttaexL to furnish by uniraci I rom oae fn ail millioaa at hrirk - Fromoait intara millinna nf rnlnr t af bniL disc stone From tea thousand to fifty thousand bushel of none line. To be delivered to good order at MobMe, Lake PontchartrHin, River Mississippi, and Lake Da - raUria the time when the first delivery ran be uimir, ana ine quantity wmcn caa be delivered in each month tucceeding the first delivery, must be stated with the terms. - . Proposals will alto be received for from fifty to one hundred carpenters i for from one hundred to one hundred and fifty masons i aod from two hundred to three hundred laborers, lo proceed to Mobile and Louisiana, to construct buildings ol various descriptions at the before mentioned places. II would be preferable to have the masoos. carpenters, and laborers furnished and acompttn - Mid by inbiicr workmen. Arrangement would be made to employ the persons eiiaazvd to exe cute the work, from July to November, at tlsne positions embraced in tlie before mentioned dIs - cea, which border upon the Gulf of Mexico tagngtmenti would not be made for a shorter pt riue) than eight months. Satittactorr securit v wo.ld be reouired for the faithful performance of any com raci uiai may oe mane, i re termt up on w men worxmansnip ana inoor would oe par formed, mott be tUled in the propnsnis. J. SWIFT, Brigadier General find Chief Engineer. The printers of the Portland Gstette, D M. t the Ccntinel and Patriot, Bott(a I the Evening Post aod the Columbian, New - York ; the Commonwealth, Pittsburgh, Penn. j the Reporter, Lexington, Ken.; and the Gazette, New - Orleans, yv ill please to insert the foregoing for one month ana torwora loeir accounts to me tngi ner Department. ' apI3lm AO I ICE. .... . The master and owners of vcmcIi 'be - louH.g to the citiet of Albany and Troy, with to iuw a brttin, lor a number of' years, cn the :ortli River tide of this city, for the aciomino - dutiim ot these vessels exclusively, for which a literal compensation will be niven. 1'he subscribers aie a ccu mittee ajpointed lor Uie purpose of receivins; proixwal for the same. And I he proprietor of the wharve on the North River are requested to hund in their proposals to either ol ihesuhtcnoert, stating me suumuod ami ti.eit termt, respectively. N. B. A note addressed toeillierof the tub tcrihen. left at Joseph C. Cooper's, Lent's fia sin, or at R. at L. Reed's, Coentlet Slip, will be attended to New - York, 25th April, 1818. BaRNUM WIHPPI.F, GEORtjE MONTEATH, PETER DONNELLY, RICHD. II. FITCH, ' B. nUSlliELU GURDON GRANT. ap 25 lm - For n.'ifirf rut Halifax, A'. t. try Letters for His Uritannic Ma!estya Pai ket Duke of York, will be received at the Post Office, till Wednesday afternoon, tlie Oth of May. i'. W. mouius, Agent. ap27 - ' , Tlte Jimtrieanlnmrmt C'vmiNsne. frT - l'h btockholders are notih.d, that (he annual election for Directors will lie held at tlie office, on Tuesday, the 12th day of May next. Tne poll will open at 12 and rlrte at 2 o'clock. ny oroer oi me i resident ana i nreriors, ap V7 P. HOYT, Set'ry. jV' ulu t to Tavern Kerptrt and Uroeeri. . (r Licenses to Tavern Keepers and Gro cert irons the Mayor and Commissioner of Ex rise, will he issued at the Mayor's Otike, in the City ilall, between the hours often and one o'clock, on the several days, and for th differ - ent wards in tuccessioo, lo the order following, vis : 1st ward on the 6fh May 2d do do Cth do 3d do do 7th do 4th do do 8th At 0h do 1 6th do do llthft 12(hdo 6th do do 13th ft 14th do 7th do do 16ihlothdo 8th do do Hith it Ifiih do 9t h do do 20th do Kith do do 2lstfef?d do Ail person who know of any obiecti' a a gaiutt the granting of licenses tn any of those who now hold them, are respectfully requested to give information at the Mayor Office, be tore the lime lor granting inem as aoove - mea - tionedi and tliote centlemen who have taken paint to iuvettigate this subject, and consider it of sufficient mcmeut. are particularly iavitedto assist ia furnishing all the information in their power. vj oroer, J. El DELL, F. M. Ap27tf - HkMUFAL. try J A. GUT T W ALD I', bat removed Irom No. 44 to No, 75 JVaidtn - lane, where he coo tin - uet to manufacture bit PIANO - FORTES on an entire new and improved coastructioo, the result of many years close application and atody, for which he now hu obtained letters tent. On examination by rounoisseurs of music, be flatters himself (hat they will tweet with their approbation, and msrit public pati - nag ; and he feels proud, that his pUno - fortes have met With the unanimous approval ol uie most eminent pro fetwrs of mnrici the following testimonials of which they kuully bare granted him, te meet the public eve : " We, Ih siititcrinrr, protestors ol music, oo certify, that we have carrfolly examined Mr. J. A. Guttwaldt't piatKwrortot, wbicn, tor ingenu ity aod excellence of workmanship aod uniform brilliancy of tone, wo deservedly recommstid lo pahlic patroakge. 1tsr. Gilles, Elicnns, Rd. yieetz, u. i oitmuu, un.nes.uien." e' TO LET, on the ' tame premises, a larie and commouious afore and bvck room adjnioing, with or without a front 'cellar. ' ap 26 Im GKMtKl.JiO.iliUlu. FRANKLIN HOUVK - This new, spacious and splendid Huildinc situated in Bnwui - wuy, the great and fathionable street dividing the centre of tlie city, at the corner of Dey t now bribe absenbrr. MM re centum of Boarder. ' .. - s II MM IlllCU. aU1(l lUrillaMik an .... a. f . .1 I a r..l. .1 Id ex msltftP ' iiiiL MirnjtMed. fir convenience nivi ele hw nv ni - ivateilwellinir in Uie city. It occupies the most eligible situation, bring central, in view of thr Park and City - Ilall j the arertndLm the wlol tosrn, "PP apartmenU OYertocing u e - no. , MAw.Mn.l.ntf V1W MI IIIC I cvrry respect, it otTera to ' ,,n,tlcmeii.anlfaiiiili.vliUnr ihc citv. the most genteel, pleasant n 1 retired av - r i. . r et"... .t i paruneots. 1 he choicesaoi inena ajquors arc famisl ed. and no trmiUe or expense will be make Uc enlrrta'mnKni plea sant, me and excellent Thi. . .labiiabment is mtKfded excluwvety tr rrnrst; iit srumg mv 2 DATt If MR. lir..ND,R!i'J. ,4 very eone; pairof horse FOR SALE, if sp - Za ruiod for snog Uvry cau be teed at Mr. EI.UO T8 stables, corner of Gai Jen and Nw streets. Lfe'"'. j 49 WILLIAM - STREET. FROP08ALS. Otr Tlieaxent of the btate - Pritnn. Win re - . reive proposals untillUie 21st instant, for furoitb - ' inc for ote year from the 1st of June next the convicts conlintd therein, with the fcllowing rations, to be delivered at the State - Pnson. at the contractors expense daily, or at such timet as snau pc egieefl upon, vis, jo ox. tvorna aliens, tor every juu ratios s, 3 pec kl Potatoes do do , do , do 4 quarts Salt, do do do do 12 do Beans or Pras, do do do 3 ot. Pepper. ' do do do , do 1 - 211 anltid Fish per man, once a week, . ' 1 gallon Vinepar per 100 rations, do do do 1 - xlb talfid prime Pork per wan, do do do ' 1 lb. Rye Hour do do per day ' ra. Indian do do do do 1 - 2 gill - Molattet) d do . do do The above lo be of rood tmallt v and approved by ihe neent, when delivered. Beef it imt men - , UsAcd. tne reatoa of which, the azent will stato , to whomsoever may contract. . - , t, . Pmnotali will be received, until! the flat int." for furnUtiing the ilntjiital department of tuid Prison with Medicine, Fond, aud Hospital stores, mr oae year irom ne lit oi June ntxi, agteva - bly to an act Of tlss - islstura. coBreruiMe tha 7 Slate Prison, passed the 15th of April 1817... - ruk :n w m. - . l f. . r... i.c r r , two to three Thousand loads of store, suitable for buildh g ao additional wall to IU State Pn - 00. ALEX. COFFIN, jr. Atent. New Ynrk Stato Prison Oulce. May 4, 1818. my4dtmtl - - f ' ' HAJfJCOF i tV.l'nRK, . , . fjj Ths5tockhoWer are requested to meet at tlie bank on Tuesday the 12tb pf May next, ta choose thirteen directors fur the ensutng year. The poll will bo opened at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. . By order of the board of directors, CHAS. WILKES, Caslir. ap 28 tMav 13 . . . i ICT" Notice is Iw.rehy aivra to the stockbolo era ot tlie West Cliester Turnpike Poad Company, that an election will ha Im44 on (ha third Monday of May next, at len o'clock in Ihe lore noon, at the house of David Wood, I an - Keeper, at Mamaroneck, for the purpose ol choosuig thirteen Director for the laid comny. , . . , p30 ; ; ItSr The Directort o! dm New - Kurk lusnus - lion lor the instruction of tlie deaf and dumb, an - . nounce to (he public (hat it will be opened on ' the second Monday of May next, under the tu - perintHiidance of the Kevd. A.O. Nnnshury. ' Application! for admission are requested to ho v mntleatthe institution, corner of Chatham aod ' Chamber - streets, or nt No. 10 Pine - street. " 1 ji.nin o. Koinr.xn, i it vice Pret't. - , JOHNR.fsCOTT.fec'ry. ' - ! r J note person who hnv subecrfotion Barters to, their bamlt, are requested to retuiu them to the Treasurer, at toon at (hey have executed what , appears to tliem to he their doty. - ap 30 " ty jNOTICL is hereby tivea to tlie slock holders of Ihe Associate of the Jersey Coiupa.., ny, that a dividend has been declared of two aoiiars r snare on tne capital stock or me company, wnicn win ne pasa oo uie ixia instant, Ul No. 181 Broadway . 7 ' HARRY C ALU WELL Treasurer.' wry 1 aw MARINE INURAMJlL. (y The Oftk e of the Union Insurance. Com - ' pan), it now open, at No. 66 Wall - tlrert, and am4icatinn for Marine Risks will be received from 10 o'clock A.M. w 3 P.M. . my 1 2w OXy Mercantile Insurance Cotnpnny ol New Yuru, incorpoiatod duriac the late session of Uie Lceitlalure of thit state, being orxanised and npplfcationa, on Marine His out, al their office. itaawfiiaa t istwuifcuvi. u imnui mi ) tseau iv aer rj w No. 4J Wall - slmtL. . ' may 4 2w . socraxan sisrnicr ot new. toast. . BE it remembered, 7 gat on Ihe second day of April, fa the forty second year ol the Inde - Kndence of the United States oi America, Wiles Johnson, of the said district, hath deposited .' in this office the title ofs hook, the right whereof he claim t at author, ia the words and figure fol lowing, to wit t M Reports of cases adjudged in the court of - Chancer of New - York i by William Johnson. Counsellor at Law, vol. II t rootoiainc the case I from January. 1810. to September. 1817. inclu sive." ..... .j la conformity to the act of the concrete of (hn United States, entitled. " Aa act fur the encou - ragement of learning, by teenring the copies of, maps, charts and books, to the authors aed pro - prietors of tuck Copiet during. Use time therein mentioned " and alto to an act, entitled, M An art, supplementary to aa act, entitled, ao eel for (be encouragement of learning, by tecurii the copies of map, chart aod hook, to the author - and proprietors of tm h copies, during the times fhercfa mentioned, and eitendiiia; Uie benefits ' thereof to tlie am o deslxnin riigrawnc, and etching historical and other pnnts." Clerk f He southern district of New - Vorlt. apIS 4w ' - - i rRANwla M'GOWAiS. Ao. i2 Fly Mar - F art. sensible of the very liberal tnrr - urare - ' meat he ha received snv bis eommencetnenlia 1 basinets, and tVeiinst coafldeftt that no exertiona oo his part shall he wanting to tnerit a contin uance, iniormt m irtenuiana tne purwie that no pain or exprece ha beea avoided lo oUum a stock of tlie beet liquor of every description, " which can be de utied on for their purity. Havtog madearrnugfmenls, while at Charleston, lor a constant upp'y of G REE N TV RTLK m their season, be will be enabled to furnish oup of aa excellent quality. ' A book will be npentd for subscriber to an ORDINARY, to ba oa Ihe (able every day at a staled hour. - ' Rooms, for private pari ies, at a short notice. N. B. Soap. Beef - Bleaks, Oysters, Mutton Chop and Relislies al all times. ap23 . e - 1 FVR HAl.K 'fO LIT. And pWs - lnfl givea (he 1st of May, a new aadconienienl lloeteofthe basement plna, finished in the rt po'le msnner, situated in Pearl - street, arsr the flattery, and adjoioieg tba new house of Mr. Graciet. iv narfwu uarnoaire or 1KCrNBWichf con of Lirtr Mrf . H Ihr. t R. HI H 1 P IT. nuoeni n. i.e.. I c n, ' ! LEI, At a low rent, a three story brkaV ingin Notfolk - st. Enquire of tilt . COX. mh 26 96 WaU - sveet. ."' DUt. LA n. A . i A hD. Siwi.l.11 innsivwFi nws, cisi. tiar - .tr mght. hwcefkifflW, with s a l and 5 (Ktri; pasntcd Mark oirttliWj and trn irni lr ; 'he puint mm h worn. On Tnirtdav eweine. another Skiff, bwift like a whale - bust, wth aquae stern. patnico red swwde aan, was stolen irons r ly Market Dork - The sViv reward will be aid no Use recovery of tlie two boats, or five dollars lureitrwr or inem, ny apply latjio WILLIAM v!l.O.V3, IS riv Mt'fcet. ILEPHATHUSF.ALSKiVi:ff.4ltU If las cargo of the shir Sea - rex, eUtjC . ) eleptuiit ml, for ard hair ssl nw, aod mother of parl, it wow laoJg at l eu - id wharf, aad for ale in lots to suit pnrecrs by J. BTEtWlor, E.FAJI.X.XG, mj tf Wo Barlirg - tTipb ASHINOaud MAG1.E1NG, dot, with care, tf jars, lauv.i, i. s v - iistt io. 71 ere aaaye & 'KreeC

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