The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 7, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1818
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ST At OF aSff - TOB, u. Tnitrr:ince Of a decretal order of Una honor 1 bit cori, bearing date Uie sixteenth day of Ot"hr lnt,wui o toia ptimic aacuoo, miuw 'foaly Cotfce tlouso, lathe city of New - J or, amler the direction of the subscriber, a one of the scatter of lb court, o Wednesday tb lerentk dy of Jauaary next, at I we're o'clock, at noon, all tLai oertaiu lot, itmci or parcel 01 lano, w led ia th coantv of Dataware, in (lie ttate of 'New - York, and in Evans' Patent, and known by i i r .. .1 i .!.. i r.iui k. giomag at a Kak and heap of tooe near a heech tree, warned no. 34 and 37 v being ine Boruwan corner of lot thirty seven j thence along th north bound thereof outh eighty nine degree, wait one hundred aod twenty eight chain and ninety ix link to a beech tree marked No, M aod 34 ; being thesoutlieast corner ol lot lo. aum - be thirty three i tbeoce amo the cut bounds thereof. Mirth three derree. east eighty MM ' .; m - A .ii link n . lMrli tree marked 1 OJlU i tBCIH.Sftiviivivff - ii , W (No. 31) numher thirty one, north euhtyDinr degree, eat the distance of pne huudred and four chains, to itaka and heap of rVx I U aoath 1 bin live chains and twenty four hnki . a beech tree marked Set 6 S tiieoce north eighty nine degree. eat twenty chains to the - bound otlot thirty fiv I thenca along the awe south forty four chain tad ninety u bnkt to bt place of bcgiwiing l containing nine hundred and fort aint acrt aod three fourth of ac acre OJ tend, with "he appurtenance. Aad I abo, all thai certain other lot, tract, or parcel of land, ilua led in the county of Delaware, io the ,tate cf New York.' in Event' Pa trot, and low M great Jot thirty seven, and is bounded a .fot - few '8 Begumm. at a hemlock tree . mark - ad No. 91 ami 40. twine Uie northeast cor ker of lot No. (40) numher forty ; thence along lle noitli ibouadt . thereof, outb, igh. ty ie - degreei, west ope hundred and tbirty - fuur chain and ten link to a beech aapling .....uwl Sn. !U1 & VI i thence north three ! - greit, east seventy, eight chain to a Deeci) tree wifeMnnM round it thence on tlie south bounds XH lot vnirxy lour norm eigmj mum uclii, one baadred aad thirty chain to Birch tree marked thirty (even ami Ihirty - eighl i tbeace oa tit wet buarela aflat thirty - tiijrht, iouUi lerenty - eiuti chain to the Dlate of hecianiac. coatainlnc ooe , thoaad aad twenty - four acre aod one fourth of aa acre of lam with the appurtenance. Dated, December t ? '.. JAMKS A. IIAMILTOW, Dee 3 1w4&dta Mater ia Chancery. (ry The le of the above prierty i potpo - DedTo the eighteenth dy nf Febraarj neit at lb aaaie botir and place. Uatediaa. 1, iki. y.. - a . . JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan? Cawt i .' . Matter ia Chancery, The tale of the abo property i otpnoed to n Itut day of iay Mil, ai we lane nour aau place. Dated Tel). 18. ICia. 61 - - JAMta A. HAMILTON, , a. a. a r a . ft.a - - X PL...M - At a Court ol Clionceiy, held for Uie ttai of - ew - ork, at we cnaoceiior vweumg llouae, iu the city of Albany. on lit twenty - third day of Mitrch, ia the year ol our Lord ' one thouiand euht hundred and eighteen. fKieal Th liua.Vame Keat, JUquire, C'ban - , Philip Behuyier, Ptiilfp Jeremiah Schuy - er, Kenluer Behuyier, Btphen Van 1truelai, Jr. Philip Church. I'etur Crater end Catherine hi wile, John Church, Rodolph Bunaer and Elizabeth hi wife, Kkhnrd Church, an ioiaot by the aid Phi lip Church hi neit friend, tliiabeth Hamilton, Aleiandrr Hamilton Morton, Philip fcbuyler Moiloa, Cornelia Lr. Morton, ai Tlecioa Mary Morton, infant by the aid Philip JereruinheVhujIer their neat friend - acd Catharine Vaa Kenelaer Malcorae. ' ' 1 1. - John H Bleerker, Eliiaheth Brincker hoff, Morri 9. Miller, and Maria hi wifi , CharU . Uadlci ar.d Blaudina hi wit - , iManha Bradilreet. bamuel Oradalreet.' .'i'homaa Morri. ihomas. Biddle, John i barton aad William Uale and Catherine ,V Kxiurlui trliuvler hi wife. ritllt: comniainanU aloa oanied haviiut filed X their bill in the above mentioned cant for the partitiou of th following parcel of land, that t to 11 a nrallclormm in tlie coontie of Onei da and Herkimer, in tbit tntr,on the tooth ide of a patent granted oa tne tecond day 01 Januit' rr. IT14. to Jorrb Worrell and olhert, commua If called Cob't Manor, lying along and upon the omh boundary ol the laid patent at H bate, being xo chain and Ml unk more or lew in nrwami" aini wm nimic hwhi v. wv v.m nu. or boundary of the laid patent, i. e. 483 chain ontr n in leagth, aad Philip Schuyler, noe ofthecornplainaatt, having mode anafliJarit an lmed to th laid bill of tbe I ruth oft h alltgaliont 'tlx rein contained ret pec ting tbe unknown ow - acrtor" tb imd parallelograra. It i thereupon. ,a motioaof Mr. J. V, Henry, of coanael lor the .coroplainant't ordered that all partie interotted in tlie aid parallelogram of land appear and an - tka rnmnUinanPa hill fileft in the hote caute, by tlie eleventh day ol July neit, to the 'rut that in cate of default, th complainant1 hill mav he di - creed to be taken pro roofcuo againtt - all uch unknown partie a thall not appear and anwer bv the aid dav. And let a copy of thil 'order be pulitithed for three calendar month. ne at Matt ia avery weea. in a newipaper prin - ia lb city of Ktw - York and in the city of Albany. A copy. , . MOSS KENT, RegUler. tub 30 Iaw3m a' - .. . . - . NOTICE O - The creditor of John Bleakley, of th city of New - York, intolvent, ar hereby ootifkd to attend at In offlc of the tj.'ftcriher, assignee nf lha said insolvent, under tlie act entitled M en, act for giving relief In cue of iusolven - c. at the Law BuiWintrs. No; 1. odlce No. X ituate in Nassau - street, in the city of New - York, to ascertain and etamina the 'account due to : thens letrjectivetv. on - the twenty fifth day ol : April next, between tlie hoar of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M And lb taid creditor are. further notified, tht adiviilend of the estate of said insolvent will - ba sn - vle hv the subscriber, at the ulace afore said, and between the hour above mentioned, no th twenty fifth day of May next. New - York, ' Feb. 4tb, ICltt. - i; . EZBON SLOSSON, r.' febfilawSoi . Assignee, ate. t)R SAL to. Between foer and Sve hundred acre iTnd, t'gfher wilh two dwelling houses, nl umilr nut home, a aaw - asill. and two or threw, fi t aaiU - eeata, euitabl lor any description at factories; all compactly situated, in tlie tnwaof Canaan, in the county of Columbia, in IQ i y le of I A , - this tte, and about Sf tuileadittnnt, from both - Albany and Hudson. - The land, for the mott trt. it of arim tnialitr. aad ia food cultivation and will neaosd ii division to ait purchasers. The inter - privilege ar kacb cannot often be met wilh.aod wormy in aiienuoa ot maeuiuc turec. Tb greater part ol the purchaH money n. v remain oa mortsraee evra rear, if detl - ' red, or property in the city of New - York would be accepted in exchange. As the premises, in part at least, ar to bm disposed of AT ALL KvzaTs, tne y will oe sold pa vgay uuut blb Txasis require or - - ' H. W. WARMER, NewYork,r . JASON WARNER, on th piemite. : ap4 01iC lawSm BY order of John Garretsoo, q. first judge o' th ronrl of common pie of Rsrhmoad county, and state of New York, not ire is hereby . gn ea to all the creditott of N adianiel M artin. ol Us county aad Mate aforetakl, aa ia solvent debtor, to appear before tbe said Wrtg, at the court house ia the Iowa of aoaihf.iit . ...a county, on the thirteenth dsyof next, at two o'clock in tb afleraooa of said cause, i. say they bave, why an assignment ofl the said latolreu's estate shoaWl n 4 h made. .... i. Ci .r ll l i . . , I vm utkui n u mi unimrs, ana lie be discharged, according to aa act oft! legislature of the sis' of New - York, entitled an act for ei.. I ing rrtret in case of insolvewry," and 11m - acts amending tlie urn. ' Dated Kichmood count. wuuui nwiif H' loin. - - NATHANIEL MARTIN, t apt7Plawwt briAY Eft HA1. . JOHS fUrvU hj test nceuej and is bow opening A large assortment of liondin and t Asneuvaa Be . vers, Castors, Rorams, aad Children' Hat ; all of which he Is now offering lor aide st tut wholesale and retail Hat Store, No. 11 Maidea - laae. ap 11 In irmSJT.r.AA 7X1 LET. large two etory, IIobm and ahoat 10 land, belweea the 6 and 7 mile (tone. Woowacdaia Koad. Kor particular entire of " ' .K1CK.9. DertiS I Ml, .aplllm Wear the f reni'jea, pT ! HOUbt TO tUi LtT, L 5 Bitnated about X 3 - 4 mile from thaCty Hail, oa the otd port road, aad adjohucg the bouMtofG. All. Waita. Tb hooiaaat - lr &niAA an. and Kibra loaQ family; bat a kitcbes and cellar, t parlor, 3 b4 - ruoB, and S good iied (arret. IbaroMkMiaunraea, aad a etablo It horaa aod gig. Inqoire oett door to the preau, of at 44 duaMlan - lane. Pl3 " - ' . - ' ' ' JOtii.ii.LOH TOLL J, At a low rent, aod pofeioo given Leme - dikitdy, th larg and ttegaiilS I tor J brick boa Mo. 104 tirecuwicatreet, replete wua every coarenience lor a large family, tituate ia on o' th anxt healthy and pleamot pari of tb city ; and beui open to Waihiogtoo - atreet, coamaudr a fine riw of tb Hodaoa Rirer and Sent) hor. If told, th teinu will be very eatT, at no 'of the money may remain on mortgag for 10 or 13 reaia Apply at So. lXt or I4Z rtri - treet. - - . , aplO (T TO LtiAHK. form term Twtmr, The boute and lot So. 20 Cedar atrect, coii'aioinril room witnnre piace, dciiuc ine kitchen, paatrie, vault, ic. and a wtll or good water. t'ortale, the mieipired term, eleea yr ar. ol ttit lot No. 69 Murray - (treet, 19 Die occupauoo ot Williant Patlenoo, oa leae irom the tpiico - pal Church da St. Liprit Inquire of febS5dtf No. 44 I'in - treet. TO LET, A ronvenieat two (lory boute, pleatanl - ly Mtuatcd io Charlet ttreet, Greenwi b a dei - rahlu ietidem for a cartman or mechanic ie( low. f or parlKUlar euuuire at !o o Miirray - tlreeL ap 14 II f , MOUMT VtKNON HOTEL. 1lJtHE tubcribr Uke tbu method to in form tb public that h ha Ukea for (he ea,u - mg aon that well known liana formerly occupied by Dfde, about fir mile from lb City llalL oa the Botoa road, ami intenruto open it a a public boom br the receptioo of company, on the Bnt of May next, when getlemen and la - die will be accommodated with every comiort and elegance to b eipected at tuch a bouie, on tb moat reatonabl tarm. . Thabett of liquor of every tort will be al ways kept ready. - I.2HJI tALUrVthL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook. ap lm COLUMUIAX PfCTUHK CALLEKY, 148 rxi - Tos TaaT, . ( flott'i Boildinat. near Urcadwar.) To coDooitteurt and amateur of tlie Fine Arti, and to tlie enlightened public of Ac w - York. rilUE prupri'torof aneiteotive collection of L picture, the work of the moit eminent painter, baring jutt arrived from Europe, where be ha purchawd them from the cabinet ol Mom, napiei, t lorence. rani, Amiterdam and London, at a vert contiderahle eiDence. prono - tet to eihihil them to the ladiet and gentlemen of thitcirV and iu vicinity. The exhibition will begin oa 1hundav. 16th of April. It will be far uperior to any a yet offered io th U. State!, in picture Deing undoubtedly origiiioli contiit - ing of upward ol tlX) picture!, by the bttl Adminioo 60 cent each, or one dollar per month. Hour front lOiathe mornin; toteven in the evening. Catalogue may be bad at tlie Gallery. 71 iU LET. da The (lore 01 Fulton - itreet. Enonire on vie premne. ap4 5w ap is tmay i t on SjI ia - 5; Trv. ...1. c. ... t .1 . A neat country nouse 111 ine vicinitv oftli - xabethtown, (N.J.) beautifully situated on the Poet - road ( at present In the occupation of Hoct Grant. It contain eiirht room with a piata iu front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - house, milk - room, and celler there ia also, coach - home, (table for two hone, and other convenient out building, all lit g iod repair, about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome cellent water, witli a good pump. be made liberal. Apply to JACKSON k WOOLLKY, ap25 lm. 75 Wall - itreet. MONT - ALT A.' TUB SOUXO STEAM BOA T - LJXS. ' 1 For sal or to let, the beautiful plac M can he heard Ihtreon. caueu moni - Aita, seven mile rroui th City of April, 1818. 11.11 . IL. aU D - ... I 1 f" I I ' 'urATL - II all, lb North on River, adjoining ford Cour tenay't. It contaiot 20 acres ol land under im provemenu with a large garden in good condi lion, a variety of fruit tress, and vry conv nienc a family may reauir. For terms, which ar reasonable, and if sold a long credit given il wisoeu, appiy io . K U. TALCOTT, ap SO 64 couth - it FOH8AI.E. Eight lott of ground pleasantly tituatcd 1 laotti Th (tore and cellar mem of those three story house ,No, 0 and It Broad - street. Alto, a good house at Greenwich, and one at tlarlasui, with two aud a ball arret f ground. near Majihattanvill. Apply at 55 Broadway, or to kUA9. VAMibl, apt If 141 Front - street. S3 TO LKT, The following Houses, vis: Thehoas Ne. VSJohn - tUeet Tbe bouse Ne. 97 do The house and store No 3S Pearl - street The house and store Nn. 131 Cherry - street JAMKS W. SHAW. fcbtl No. 5 Bowery. RAN AWAY from the subscriber on the I7tb intl. a BLACK P.OY. named Peter Rut - gtrt, aged 19 year, It about 5 feet, 5 inches high, well made, and a ple;ant good looking black. II was dressed in a short olive colored velvet Jacket and blue pantaloons Is supposed to be working about soma of the wharves in this city, or hftrbored by some few people of color. Whosoever will bring tb laid tcrvant to his master, No. 60, Murray street, or will giv in formation where be may b found, shall b libe rally rewarded for their treubl. And all pel' sons r hereby cautioned against harboring or employing (aid servant, as tfy will, in such case, Mbject themselves to the omvwt rienr ol' thelaw. 11. wiium. apSOtf fXJR SAI.C K house and farm on Tin' Neck, in Hie town and coentv of Wettcfiester. (nerleeii i ne proprietor, wita a view 0 acoomatodating th Iputxic, By extending uteiine io Norwich, intend making iti t kuutMf, Miihthe rnlton, Ca4. Law,aid Uiu route (if found practicable) will he cootinued during in eaoa. Tbe line wiU ia future be from New - York to Norwich, a follow i The Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - k ork every Jltndtg, Wtinttda) and frUp, at 8 oVIock, ia the morning, tor w - lleo. The t'ulton, Capt Law, will leave Ifontith at $ o'clock io Ue morning ol tlie ame day, touch at A ttc - lMnian and depart from thenca for A'tm - Havrn at b o'clock. The boat will meet at JVrte Tier en, and depart from thtuce every Monday, tYUmt - day aod Friday, at 7 o'clock iu the evening tbe Connecticut tor A'ew - l'erA, and tbe Kultuo for ltcw - Lonaon and A mv - ieh. ' nth 17 WILLIAM HOOKe - R, No. 204 Mr - ti. corner of Fulton - treet, Nw - York, hav ing reoivtd a larg inpply of th real J A PAN BLACKING, of Day it Martin, 97 High Hoi - born, London, offer th tame, in wholesale or retail, lor exportation, or bom coruumption, on term tb mot liberal aad advantageou to Tlut mcttimable comiieeibon, with half lb u - tual labor, produce a mott brilliant jet black, fully equal to th highest japan varnith ; aflbrdt peculiar aourishmeul to tbe lenlftcr ; it will not soil (h fioast linen ; is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell and will retain it virtue in any climate. At an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it hat stood th test and commanded the mott exteotive sale in all quarter uf the globe, for apwardi of half a cen tury, r en id ROOSEVELT - STRKET NOTICE. NOTICK. it hereby given to all person interested, that the commissioner of estimate and assessment, appointed by the supreme court yf judicature of the stale of New - York, to pei - form certain duties relative to the enlarging and improvine, a iart 01 tiooteveii (ireer, oetweeu Batavia Lane and Eront - atreet, in tlie (aid ciiy, have completed the estimate and assessment, us well of the lost and damage sustained, over and above tlie beoefit and advantage receiv ed, by the owner of the land and premises re quired wr tlie said improvement, a also 01 uie benefit and advantage received of and in certain land and premise not required far said improvement. And that we the laid commission ers have dV posited a true annyofsuch estimate and assessment in the clerk's office of the city of New York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. And notice is heretiy lurther given, that the corrected and revised report of tlie said commissioner of estimate and assessment, will be presented to the luprenie court of judicature of the atate of New - York, at the city hall of the city of New York, on Thursday, the seven ih day of May next, at the opening of the (aid court on that day, or a soon thereafter as counsel cub be heard thereon. Dated this 2Jd day of April, I3IK. nuur.n 9 nunu, 1 JOHN I'ORBKS, Commissioners. NOAH J AH VIS, ) ? I4t KOUIl'l II STREKT NOTICE. "VTOTILE it tierehv eiven to all certon inter - UN rttcd, that the Commissioners of estimate and isesment, appointed by the Supreme Court of Judicature of the tate of "New - oik, to per form certain dutie rel ttive to the opening ol Fourth - street from the Bowerv toad to the sixth avenue, in tlie eighth ward of the said city, have completed their estimate and assessment a well of th loss and damage sustained over and above the benefit aad advantage received by tlie own er of the land aad premise required lor the said improvement, a alto of the benefit and ad - vantace received by tbe owner and partie in terested of and in the land and premises not required for the aid improvement, and that we Uie taid Commissioners hav deposited a true (opt of such estimate and aneMment in ine garden and orchard, which afford a variety of I Clerks office of the eitv of New - York, for tbe in choice fruit, asparagus, lie. and a well of ex - spection of whomsoever it may etneera. And Term will I "ice it hereby given to all perton interested that the report tn in uommiswooerioi estimate aad assessment will be preseotad to the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state of New - York, at the city halt of the city of New - York, on F ridsy the 15th day of May next, at the opening of the Court on that day, or aa ooa thereafter a coun - PETER II AWES.) uated, un z'Jtn aay PETER bTAGG, Commisiionen. JOHN TARGEE. S ap 19 14t INVENTION OF MR. DE SPRANG!!. Superior plan of teaching leriltxg, without paper, ink. tlatet or neneUt. 'PACHYGRAPUY or the FLYING PEN, 1. and mercantile band writing, taueht in tix letons bv a peculiar movemement of the Deo. This new and approved method taught with great success in London, at the University of oa tne north side of Slautoo - street. and extendi. Cambridge, and recently at Charleston, (S. t.j . i' . . - r 1 1 . I will . n . 1 1 1, .n nimn ir Mrh.lau.p . . . .nil nnl irorn uei to isonoia - sireeis Also, lour lot l j i; - - ; - , ri n nin ih. ...i i" . i wwiiiAnuiox anv oao naiut tnev mav navu coo each lotT)eiiig2j feet front and rear, by lOOleet write well, and with rapidity, after n t . t . . . I harm. rM - AirffH IhMa Ii.mimi,. inuepui. inesetweiv sot may D purchased ' ,V , .7 : .. ... . .i,; r..i ..f;r.u:. I Mr. De S. will receive pupil at his sppart F "vw art tva aa .Mfa null I nut uip" . t an n I t - is as 1 a . . . , ... .1 mnnl a ! r AVI Krnul atlraat ami aartll f f ni an itofcaoiai rnvtie uw be ore in itfi diiio M,V'",W, 7W ",W"M j tt il - .s . .J I luilaf n TMtlIaBsin af f hat if Itntsaattl jiay, iriey win winat day Dold at public Auc - 1 " - V . jiT i IT. . j a ii .i th T.n,in. I'rjrl. ii .it.i,ii. I Aoademie bad boaniine tchooli also attended h ULl'lflflK ii rirrv ,i.h' . !l The best reference can be riven to most res - of the ground is lett, for the inspection cf thote Rctt?.t,le P - ""nf "1 ,Md Charletton, as who may be dispotcd to purchase. it wiU be proved by the following letter. But UK vuiiu uiiiii uirrii, ui ,iic ajitrin Mau w;.. seen in its practical result in those beautiful and various ipecimrnt it has produced, and which may ne seen at wr. ne a. leacning room. r m i i.e. i i r.n.. CHARLESTON, tith March, 1018 To Uu Uir. Dt Spraneh. . Sir I beg leave to inform you, that a meeting of the committee of the German r riendl v Socie ty' school, was held on the 4lh insU to examine the progress of the scholars in writing, who were placed under your ere. ii anords me great piea ure to express to you. in unanimous and noe. qtilvocal approbation or that committee, ann oi x6 srbolsrs committed to your charge. There is not one who hit aot mad coasiderabi improve ments, and must of whosa hav far exceeded our most sansuine expectations. I unite with the committee in returning you many tfuuikt for the heoents wiitcn Uie acliolars have denied irons vour system of writuur. and Uie tudicious man ner ia which they bave beea made acquainted with it. tvesnectlully, your, Kc. JOHN BACHMAN, Chairman of th School Committee. SECOND LETTER. New - York. 18th April, 1&18 7k the Chv. De Svranrh. Sm From the D rot - re r made hv your pupil in thi city, aod that in a very short time in the art of writing, I not only unite in the approbation of your manner of teachinr, which i expressed in Ihe preceding letter, but entertain no douiil that il is much superior to any which has yet beea uitroiiuced among us. ... . Y . , , .. . a I . . inn not wruioui mucn nrsiiatiun mat t ac quired conhdence enough in your proposals, flattering as they were, to commit to you tlie tuition of two boys. My relunce on vour pro fessions was smply repaid by the rapid improvement, wh;ch, although it had not exceed ed that of your olltt r scholar, moat surpassed sir motrt sanguine anticipation, iincerely, bout one hundred arms of excellent land in good therefore, do I wrh you better succes than fc - nre. a larrn h.m .a AMnr,.Mi .af. I you nave yet naa in srwiori, uu incroiwr buildin's. a good house two orsi hifh, with vour own Mke, but trom a persuasion, that tlie iir rcMirat on each floor, eleeantiv rtated oa more eenersL your mode ot mitruction nau the bank of ttie Kast Rrvrr ; the situation an - become, the more it will be approved of, a it commonly bnjthy s th aeifhoueho.l Ih most cmA but greatly diminish Uie Ubor and time fMnefArUt ltvaa.lUsai 4 i.aliAflk. mIu. 1. .. . . i . lion i scale ail VaTsT JLI een horetorore emp.oyea in uie ar ra v lapiaiv ituatii . . . ... - before the ho, - . Kor furtlr intmuatii .d cqn"" of a good hand. ..I rr to th ubcribtro the p - eniiet. my i tm STEPUEN B. IIOFFMA.N. I am, sir, with great respect, your obedml tervsnt U. ULU9tu.t. piy t 6t Ht'wBfAoa and cAirTiAlCAatAtt - lTAi raaiKTiaja . wxnc t - 1 - LCA VU WWDrgn ere - ry uaday, Taeaday, k, Sana naraoay oomop, r - ' - . ' lliree o'clock, ran through MM.timaa.rv. BloominEbaricb. Montkello, by White Lake, Coshocton, Mouut Pleasant, Great Bead, Cheoango rcmt,uwe;a, iinica, anuwe - net a, trCaoasdaigaa. Returnine leave Canarulaigua every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrive at newDurgo,.tue uuru day ih time to take the Steam - boat which arrive in New - York the following montinf;. ccr ll mav be ttvtstti Uial at alt lima vhm Hie tleam - bvali alter their day of running, that Oat use will niter 10 sneef them. The whole route will be nerfomed in three day, from Uie ilrat of May, until tlie first of November and liom tne urt 01 iovemucr urn il the fifteenth of December, and from tlie fifteenth of March un il the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, un til the fifteenth of March tlie ame line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cana.laigua in four (lays. Px&senper travelling from New - oik to Canandaieua, Niagara or Hufi'ilo, c:n leate N York In the evenine steam - boats, and arrive in Canarulaigua in three days a distance of three hundred mile. Hie line is well turnuuea itli good, new carrie t good horses, and careful and experienced driver Every atten tion w ill be paid to render tlie passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it is believed that tlie accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the atate. (17 PA UK from Neu buran to (Jananaaigua FOUItTEEN DOLLARS ' N. B. A branch of the ame line ruu three time a weak from Ithaca to Auburn. AU, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Paimed Post, to Uatli, Aic. owners. BACGACE, as usual, at the risk of tlie Ddrid Godfrey, Bloominghnrgh, E. ('. St. John, Mount Pleasant, L. & ft. Manning, Chenango, .' .Proprie - Luther Gere, III ica, . tori, ftaniuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 d6m INUIGES'IION, oa SOUK STOMACH, S acknowledged by medical writers to be a L complaint of stubborn kind, and at all times verv difficult of cure. This is sufficiently illus trated in tin disapiiointment of those who unfortunately suffer under it, as the j , for the most part, fiud that after having tried many thing to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to use (for perhBi tlie remainder of life) tuch article at can at best but palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of remo ving trie complaint, mutt uriy oe an arucie higfily deserving the attention ol all th ise who are afflicted with it ; such a combination it to be met with in DR. MEAD'S ANTl - DYeEP - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the tuccesi of which ha never vet been equalled, for the cure of dyspia io il most complicated form, such a lost oj appetite, naua, Heart burn, natuieo - cy. knawing pain in the stomach, pain in tne side, great costiveness, paleness in the countenance, languor, lownes of tpirits, pain in the head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pill in tlieariove disease, according tn the direction, will never be disap pointed, a they bave never been once known to ihii in producing a radical and permanent care. The use of a single box will convince tbe most unbelieving of their efficacr. They will most effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely uy neutralism the acid, mil tiy cor recting that luormn state ol the secretion which gives rise tn it. and at the same time will restore to tlie debilitated organ of digMiou, that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per box. For sale by JOHN C. MORRISON, Druggist, No. 188 Greenwich - street. Where may he had. wholesale and retail. large and general assortment of genuine Drugs and Medicines : Surgeon Instruments; A poll cary's Glas Ware ; English and American Pa tent Medicine. Alto, Dyer' and Fuller' aiti cles. Medicine CbesU, tic. On liberal terms. mhz5 2ns eOOTHER DISTKICT OF RKW - TORB. 18. BE it remembered, That on tbe second day of Anril. in Ihe fortv second tear of Ihe Inde pendence of Die United Stales of America, Wil liam Johnson, of Ihe Sold district, bath deposited in thit office tbe tide of a book, the right whereof he cLiimi at author, io the words and figure following, to wit : " rleportt of case adjudged in the court of Chancery ol new - 1 era : ny William Johnson, Counsellor nt Law, vol. 1 1 ; containing the case from January, 11)10, to September, lb 17, luclu - re." in conformity to the act of th consres of the United State, entitled. An act for the encou ragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and pro prietor 01 sucn copies auring ine timet tnerein mentioned ;" and alto to an act, entitled, " Aa act, supplementary to an act, entitled, an act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors aud proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other prints." J A. lit 3 UIL.U, Clerk of Ihe southern district of New - York, ap 13 4w OTO LILT AT B LOOM IAO It ALL, The house and grounds beloneinc to tlie estate of John Shaw, situated on the eighth ave nue. On the premises are an excellent double nouse, stable, coacn and ice nouse, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment. It ii presumed any other description it unnecetta - ry, as those inclined to rent will view the place. Also, the large fireproof ttore iu the rear of houses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - itreet i where there it fot tale tome old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. r ur mruier uariicuiora, ai'iny o ANN M. SHAW, Jan 39 II Pearl - street. rK. DE ANGELIS, formerly practitioner of j ftlediciue in tlie military Hospitals nf and admitted a member of the Medical - So ciety of New - York, where h has resided since tbe year 11UU, aad hi reputation and lucres in practice, it now established in the knowledge of uie pumic iiy near w tears experience, contin ues to oe consulted ai nil nmce, .o. 213 Water street, opposite crane wbnrl. in Rheumatic and Venereal cases. Dr. De An relit hat been wonderfully successful j and tbe most terrible effects ot thote disorder hav frequently been cured by him in a short space of u us wnuoui inconvenience to in patient. wnsiruc.tioos. u cers in me throat anil na ate. stiffuess of tbe joint, pain in tlie limbs, eruptions ol tlie skin, together with a numerous train of evils arums fruru aerlect or tmnronerlv Iretn.r of th most insidious ol maladies, have i nn uiwie ui uekinent in an almost incredible manner. His extraordinary lucres it. in a creat ucu.uiq auriouianir to ins well ao.iwn Anti rheumatic and Anti - si) philic Syruiis, which whim ihey eradicate every lorru ol disease, re. luic im emu iuieu paiieut io vigor, aud beoltn ap io in - 4War LEE'S ITCH OIXTMEXT, I V AlltlAM 1 Ui an infallible remedy atoo - t V v applicatioa, may be used with perfect safety no intuits a week old, not coulam' - n? a particle ol mercury ,cr any du?rou iugredk - ol whatever, aod not acc.4u;iuir J with thM offen - siv smell wbkkattted Use applkution of other remedies. The above medirioa ar prepared and sold at LEE'S Mediciae Store, No. 46 Maiden Lane, and told by S. CARLE, cornet of Fallon and Water - tlreels. ' Druggist and country store - kcereri supplied on UBcrxi terms. Jans? Lift AStfMACE, tc. tCTTU UNION INSURANCE COMPANY, incorporated by tbe Legulatw of the Stale Act fort, wun a charter ol unlimited uurauon, for making LIFE INSURANCES and granting ANNUITIES, will commence businets on the first day of Aay aext, at no. 66 Wall - etraeL Th more prominent objects embraced by this company, ( dthough they are reiartd to enter oa favorable term, into all contract ia any shape connected wilh the view of their institution,) are as follows : To tlit laboring tlau f Oit temmunity, t Me - ehaniet, t Clerki tn public uni pnratt itffieet, to Clergymen, to trifeuonin CtlUgu, t Military mtu, aud all other puasested of hxed incomes, which will terminate with their own lives, they oOcr a secure meau of providing for their families, by setting apart a small portion of their annual savings to l!iat purpose. To eaiuuluts, they offer the sal investment and certain unpiovement or their surplus iu come to the benefit of their descendants. To moiTied men, they offer a provision to their iculoyM, by an appropriation to that purpose el imall annual sums, during the continuance of tlie of at least Jiflu per tent abate the amount laanid. The lanital tliut tet apart and teeurtd, together with the accumulation of premium, tan be made TAW HOLLA HH RhWARl) OTOLEN from Powle Hook, last Thursday Skiff, budl like a whale - boat, with square item, paimed red liismu ann outside, wat stolen irons r ly Market Uock. The above reward will be paid on the recovery of tlie two boat, or five dollars lor either ol ihem, by applying to my S 6t WILLIAM SI VKVIU.S, 159 r'ly Market. IMfOKTAN f TO THE PUBLIC THE tuhscrilier beg leave to inform his friends and the public that he hat taken a room at tlie corner of Franklort and Chatham street, near Tammany Hall, a au u INTEL: LlUbnur. urriit.." wnere lamiiie may be supplied with servants of every description I servant with place ; gentlemen wishing ser vants, for travelling, supplied at tlie shortest notir ; merchant with clerks, and clerki with employ ; wet nurses with prices ; mechanics with lournevmen. Kverv information eiven to slran k caoit pabnc kaaw k to diagk t. DOCTOR HORNE, brmerl of tbe city of London, a rnnber of tbe faculty ofpLyiu mnii Mirr u - - V ' - - - ' 1 ":", ucems n nit a. ty to repeat some ontervation oa tb abuse of MERCURY A rash, uiojeriminate, and tmonah. fied use thereof, ba. hee0 prodT live of infinite ain - kl.r r tl. sauu are annoally mercurialixed out of eixV cm e. 1 ba dueaw we Uve ia 0w. iUfii isl reuU cluefly to thu .ource. What . niST that a young man, the hope. 0f hi. cLiffij the darling of f,,, pare,s ,hou!d be way from all the prospect and enjoymenUof li. by the consequence, of one nnparid rwrneii and by a disease aot in .U owa'nature fataffi .hich only rirovco from neglect or improI reatmenl." A gnat lemur, , (lala Dr. iWSI! Uent) now perfect jyhearsy and well, bri best aarltr physicians of general practice, iTvlv? and repeatedly talivat, d j when recmenSeuta Dr. H. (by a ewtleman of thi riiv iJ. leuu were carious, and hit beth dropping. 0ln tits friend declared be could not poJublv nrl;J. t wo months longer. Thousands exrieriWnfTI itnow wnn what esse aad tasetv Dr. h .JTl mariiase. aad on th sam principle they offer rtr. th. .r.rt - ..I ... '.f1' erd - - tutinn. The. Ihvtof. nln i.A ontl. - lutjon. Tbe Doctor plan (advert to th auignceiof bankrupt ettata, and the pur - wnri chasers ol prorty, tuhject to tbe right ofeWer, cenary to guard the public againtt the abut l.ip fit .lirec - iiMei nl Ih. ritrlit. nl Ih. renvni. tnereinrf. nnvinA. .mft.. i N. B. All letters must ba post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Augt7 x ? I a. t. a n.ntlo of extinpuifthin tliat rlftim. hv clvhir An mprcurv. anil n(hr fnlal ifulmiu.. l - t . . " f T B ' J n C 1 j, - " - .buMiuui. UltHJ f.lTtl , i - . .... . w. 1 . ' f b vuuu:iia ,M - I sale disorder, or ausnecLuv Im - n .i . . , f m laririinoiaheri not to lmnr miUU ' ivjjurniiiy inrj - ic. - ui a nioua w eouowioz i . 1 "I mj uicir Constita. their mlant tUldien, aflbrdiug to them, if they 1,00 . co?ca' "der, till past recoi. reacb a certain age a much larger turn compar - STV i?e of ed will, the ordinal premium, than can be ac - K. .tu.l,. r . A M ." quired by any mode of accumulation at interest. ... ilf ..., ,r,mr "V .u,'.we 1 o tingle yntont, who may nave tx they offer the means of greatly increatii ... - vwcaaa aim rin in.1' heirs, ho their cou ieiice, by making armlicsi g their to Dr. U. at hi old and respTculFJ Jt annual income tnrougn uie purchase ol lil an - usiiment, no. 04 vvatcr - dreet, four hou.e njiues. " oi uid - siip, tii oritain Uiat prompt attiitanr. . To young people, of active employment, whose l,ine calculaied th prevent disclosure. And Lett exertions and earnings must dimicich with their '!'" your senou auemion Kenitmbti increasing years, they offer a support lor lite de - 'uperccini c - un. ,, no cure at mi ; m,es, din. of life, by payment of comparatively small TZrrAi 2? aif . . .il:i: fi...:. .... r :..A. 'n lhc disorder break out again witliredoul.fet .... .rt .uuu,u, lfmty t ,0U)e futurt ,.,,0,1 . nerha, UBUC. Iictuolauifor I li .n'l rn ail. . . TlieCnmpany ha provided Tables enku - die ttresu miserable, mutilated Iwiiu,. lated uputi true principles from Ihe most correct even a.bit ol nose on their face i TftJt waiLi data, which at the tame time combine the safety I hetcerh you. c of the r.lhce. and the iuterrst of lha cuslomr - r Dr. il?. Character for skill and sfuhhr. .. rous to relinquish it, the company will be reauy al all times to treat for a re - purchase. A nademiate portion vf the Capital of thit Com pany it let apart by charter, and may it intreattd, tf accanvn require, for the purpute oj L.itt in surance and Jtnnuititt, and tttAired upon real t.tlatt within the ttate of Airtr - 1 ork, of lit tatu u - ; : n 1 '" Ul Uie reollt ol Uiese rabies some srccimen, J - K1B uuurnMij bhukd ininucily, tine area atldwsti.m frTvnri nKsr - K f flak lilcQnltiflFAi I. a tit a 1W4, guarantee to ptieiitt that delicac n.i 1...1.1. i ... :.u .v. i . ... - 'ecv hitherto unknown, and havinir conrtn,! k:. Ahtalthy person, of Uie age ol twenty - seven ii,r.. ,if,. h, , .' ,. "7 'V?'? ..... t.. . ....I 0.n.. i 07. ini I ' . " - jv - - 7 - jioaitiyca. 1 ' - , " f w ... . u i I .hi nil' nn lii n.n.l tiuriii.ii dollars during his life, may secure to hit heirs the tuning i3r. H. co sum of One Hundred Doltart, or a larger amount Gleets eradicated in tw or three weeks oy a proponionate premium. i oiricmrej iliiiuibu wiiiioui oongie nr any olh A Husband, aged thirty, wbose wife' age is cr instrument ; nna an debiiibtii likewise al cr instrument : nnn an ueDilitittt liken i ,u twenty - five, may,' by the annual payment of iireUu - 100 I Mian, while both uve, secure to hit widow the cum of One Hundred Doltart, which the company will exchange for an equi valent annuity, if required. II the age of fifty an annuity lor the remain der of th hie ma; be bought for about fen md a old ulcerations, fistula's &i. A plurality ol oflices are provided, anrl an lita. ated that patients are not exposed to each other's io5eruoii. upen uu nan pnst in ihe etenine. All . I : : . . mi pciauiis bvuixiircu am lu.iuru o oe ire ullint, and siieakins with Dr. II. which it irea of cost. And here :ioe Doctor cannot avoid the expression ol gratitude lor innumerable recom - quarter vtarU purchase, or at Ihe rate of nine oiendat ions, end forth decided preference fit is end 3 - 4 per cent on the sum invested. presumed with just cause) long given him by a .1 Jollier may, Dy the payment ol one nun - uoicius punuc, area doltart at the birth ol a child, secure to that child, when it shall reach the age of tweniy - nue years, the sum of six hundred and forty - one, del - lari. from the act of luenty - one, an auiiual pay ment of Kleren lit - 100 Dollatt till the age of Fifty, will secure to ihe party an annuity of One Hundred Dollurt lor th residue of his or ber life. If a perton holding a Poliey of Life Inrurnnee for any period beyond one year should leel dea XlLllllLH QUACKKRY tfOJt 1MPUX - k - DR. EVANS' supenar method of curing a certain Disease, isnow'univer - ully acknowledged in thi city ; his mode of treatment i perfectly mild, tale, - peiiiiioui, aed lutcuargia reasonable. Ia every a stance he warranbi a cur, and wilj return the pay if h doe not perform uieeabk to contract. . liw .v. ..... t Kiwov. vwcrnn. Tner are many persons in this city aod it vi cinity, laboring under various chronic disease, sucn as cancers, uiu mveueiaie aiccr, (ctmbms or king evil, fistula, disease of the arethra, k.AAa .nil IrtHnln.. nlit comnliratjid Mannlninfa iiauujor m outer sumcj ig mc iwnwm of a certaia natare, tiiuou aad other ootrac thote anting from itt Lift PlUii and annuities, raeumatism. Ac. which taer coatider mca - Ihutoffwdisig to lu Customer the mott stiosianiuil ,able. they can certainly he cured (ia general) tteunty. ' Uy applvlnr t Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, i Written applicatma lor in sort nee and annu - 9, reca:Hp, navsna pmuwi iu exicnsif itiet, stating the name, age and place of birth hosptala in fcurope ix yea, man mama oi im - . i - .l . ' . ... lu.i Kuirnini and Phvsiciaa m the word, mmd auu rejiueoce oi ine party win o receiveu auu i ( , . . . . a,wer,eiven oreraritorv to ooeninr policies on made those obttmate diase his constant U4, . ' ' I 'or 3U rears. . unu iUVUtfJ ttiyv uaiuM SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, Pretident. JAMES REN WICK, Actuary, ap II DfcClm ' O uisht, a lai re Skiff Boat, with a tail and 3 fTP The subscriber havine recently returned oars ; painted black outside and red inside i tb I from England wilh an important improvement en paint much worn. On Thursday evening another in. artificial spring LEG, h take thi tntthod of mformmg tut friends and the public, that all vers and oiiicrt. in oil line, wno win lavor mm i.nun?ees. Music Monti, nr. witnacaii. I Orders irom any partofthecontioeniexecuiea a. . . , II... . 1 . . . I amine, becoming ruuscnoers, suppiieu wun t with neatnest end dispatch. servant! at one dollar per annum. Also, Books posted, Accounts adjusted, Pa pen of every description, copied with neatness, correctness, and dispatch. Personal attendance, from 6 to 3 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock M. Ho flatters himself that hit assiduity and atten tion to business, will gain him a shar of th pub lic patronage. myZIm ' H. rAUtLrORD. MR. GRAHAM tespmtiully announces his intention to continue his classical semina ry at o. 1 1. Greenwich street. Incompliance with the wishes of some of his pattons, a r'renc department has been added to the inttitutioa. - A lew additional Places, some oi wmch are yet unengaged, bave beeuoccasioiied by a recent en - Ihrceuient oi the class room. Mr. G has the honour to refer to Peter Wittoa, L. L. D. ; John M. Mason, D. V. ; John R. II. Rodiiers. M. 1) J osi ah Ozden Huffman. Esq. ; George Griffin, Esq. : lieury Al. Van iaoiinceu. M. I). ; Wil liam Henderson, Esq. ; Joseph ands, Es. ;Gur nt o. AUel, fcsq. my lot & f AN T ED to porchae, a second band ceuut - V y ing - house mahogany DESK. Apply at this nflice - . MJ'U . i V I V vl ,11111 hp SO i riSUII'OM Krnmle Srhnnl ! at 194 ill Greenwich - street : Mai echool, 14U Cbauiberstret. Ia these schools ar laugbt all th branches which constitute a useful and finithrd education. W forbear to descend to particular ; to offer recommendations, or to mike great prumi. Our patrons are left to )ui'e of the mods of instruction both moral and icieatfic, by the im prorcmcutof Unschn.irs. jILBtLKT rtUAKT, ap i9 j'l'ix iv. fa'f.r. ll'ulnuisburK Tun.ptle Huad and Bridge Cvmvmy. ftT" "1'be stockholder are reouettfd to at - lenl at the store of Mile tlitchrurk. corner of Maiden Lvne and Nassau street, from 13 ti o'clock ou Monday, the i 1th day ot May next, for the purp - .ie o - electing nine direr tort, to manage the affairs of the company lor ooe yeur from thaltlay New - York, pniUh, 1SI8. SAM. OaBORN, Sccretsry. p9 law5 those who ar to unfortunate at to be in want of a leg, or arm, fhey can be accommodated by ip - plymg at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 5 Wil, PURVIS. Itt - WHEATON DA VIS, Fancy Chair Manufac turers, No. 153 Fulton - tret( opposite St Pauli Church offer for tale, wholesale and retail, a large aad elegant s - sortmeat of Curld Maple, plain painted and Ornamented in gold ScKroore, Bamboo, Plain and Gill Balls, Rocking, Sewing, aad Conversa tion Chain, Sofai, Settees, Old Chain repaired, painted and ornamented. mn JtEW DttESSLYQ room. , AFRUMENI O, No. 1 Wall - itreet, Jsj . turned from Italy, bat tbe honour to rnform , the gentlemen, that be cutt and drese the latest tyle, and in mat ner o a to adopt it io tne Miiiocnomj. n uu ppi - , ty of RAZORS ofthe first quality, if T not please nn trial, the purchaser a at J"1"' to return them, and receive inemoneT - likewi - e procured avery fine bone, Mderares to ustorc raxors to a very keen edge and shouio they not cut he will receive bo recompense. Those eenllemea who may please to honor Dim with their patronage, may depend on the mo rtnaaf is - i.l.r anrl rai ru - af fill allMlriaDCC N. B. Gentlemen wlio subscribe bythean' - ter will have their mors, Ac. kept exclusively for Iht - aitek. , , P. S. A rood lourneyman wanted. . ApP'J as ahove. ' 0 . t - rw run Im arcommodviea - i. n...,i in.nrirair iamilv. in a pleas - dm part ot Ihe city of Jersey, tuquir fi um ii'ii TiVV 3S bales Aew Orler.s, lor saa ap30 No, .E ROY, BAYARD CO. NEW - YORK: . PRl.TED AXD PVBLISUED MICHAEL BlihxHAM CC. ' '. 43 Aii.i.i am - orrotiT th ' Hill lorVKK IIOBSSt.

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