The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1937 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 7
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, MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 5 · 1937 I E T Y 9 YEAR OLD BOY DAWDLES DURING HIS MEAL T I M E WIFE PRESERVERS DR. GARRY C. MYERS, PH. D. Child Psychologist Writes a Minnesota mother: "Dear Dr. Myers: I have a boy 9. He does fine work in the fourth grade at the State Teachers college, but he just will not co-operate . . . I have to tell him again and again to hurry, but it falls on .deaf ears. When I finally resort to force he gets angry and argues. I give him plenty of time mornings to dress and eat--but it is the same every day--a last minute rush to school. It gels on my nerves to have lo do [his all the time. He sils at the table and fools ^ his time away, then just before x the bell he gulps his food down and runs. "When I ask him to do anything he will nol do it without an argument first, and goes into a fit of rage if I command him to do it." Mother Is Nervous. 1 My answer: Yours is the old problem of a dawdling child and a nervous mother. All the emotions of anger he experiences in connection with eating impair his appetite and promote his poking. Years ago Professor Cannon of Harvard university demonstrated that such emotions as anger and fear retard the churning move- ments'of the stomach, decrease the flow of the digestive juices, and therefore impair digestion and diminish appetite for food. More recent investigations at one of the medical schools indicate that disturbing emotions can even cause stomach ulcers, especially in adults. It seems that under emotional tensions, a certain chemical is created in the stomach which "eats holes" in its lining. Therefore correction of dawdling over food-and most cases of school morning dawdling grow out of dawdling over breakfast--will come best by way of serenity in the family atmosphere. Don't Say Hurry. If you can muster up the courage and self-discipline to quit saying "hurry" for a whole month, and can even avoid revealing by voice or gesture any fear of his being late, he eventually may solve the dawdling problem himself.--all tensions being released. Cut down his assigned jobs In a very few that are definite, and see that he cannot escape these ' few. Set specific penalties, not involving tongue lashings, and enforce them without exception. , V,''"-'. ''·:" Be Appreciative: ' · ·'·" Concerning matters not .belonging to his regular jobs, make requests and then treat his responses to them as if he were an adult. Be very appreciative when he ae- BUY FOR LESS BROOMS. 22c Wn have just received a large shipment of Brooms. While they last we will sell them at 22c each. We could easily get 35c each for them, but we are making you this*offer in order to prove to you what wonderful buys we arc willing and capable of giving you. 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Rarely make a command and never until yoxi are very sur he will obey or that you hav. available the means, in that in stance, to render him ready to obej "next time." Anyway, it is the nex time we are most concerned about in any present problem. And be sure to have more gooc times with him when all is goin well. I am always happy to hea from my readers in care of thi paper. LICENSES TO WED GRANTED COUPLES NEW HAMPTON--Licenses to wed were issued to Clyde McDoiv ough and Inez Koch, both o Schaller; Benjamin E. Aukes o Woden and Frances Carole Lub- bcn of Buffalo Center. --o-II. AND D. CLUB IS ENTERTAINED Women of the H. and D. club were entertained at the home o Mrs. Ed Campbell Thursday afternoon when the lesson on nutrition was given. Meat cookery wa studied by the 12 present who represented districts 7, 8 and 3 in Owen township. --o--BITS ABOUT 'EM William Baird of New York City is visiting al the home of hi' mother, Mrs. W. H. Baird, BO', Adams avenue northwest. *· * = Mrs. C. O. Dawson, 320/4 Eas State street, has returned, from a visit in Chicago. OFFERSlLL TO CURB PARENTS Gallagher Files Measure to Protect Iowa Children From Neglect. DES MOINES, OT--Iowa parents who through neglect misguide and fail to properly direc their children, were the subject of social legislation laid before the Iowa house Friday by Rcpresen iative J. P. Gallagher (D), Williamsburg editor. A measure he proposed for passage would subject such parents to jail terms of 30 days, or fines o $100 at the discretion of presidin. judges before whom the defaulting fathers and mothers would be taken. The bill is aimed at "parents who through neglect to teach 01 rear a child properly or through omission to correct such mistakes may be guilty of contributing to child delinquency." Let Children Suffer. Gallagher said he aimed his re form legislation at "bridge play ing, dancing and night clubbmu mothers and fathers of the present age" who find ample time foi selfish personal diversions and lei their children suffer from ne ;lect. The fiery Williamsburg newspaperman, always outspoken in legislative debate, took time ou from consideration of homesteac tax exemption, to tell newspapermen the juvenile faults of th present day could be traced li modern "pleasure-mad homes." He said city juvenile court records bore out his contention and pointed to 50 such cases docketec in DCS Moines in a recent brie period, but added "these delin She's De-Lightful, She's De-Lovely, It's Delicious I Any little bride can follow this snre-firc, ^ fool-proof, low-cost recipe and bake S something as thrilling as can be I 5 COFFEE CAKE ~ Batter 2 cups TOWN CRIER Flour 2 teaspoons bakins powder ',4 teaspoon salt Vt cup butter ^ cup susar 1 cup milk 2 ess whites Batter: Cream butter and add sujrar craduali^ iHt *!,,,,,. Mi with baking powder ana salt. Add^ematSy with Pmlffc. stiffly beaten tee whites. Pour hito well " top and bake in -» Topping . *i cup TOWN CRIER Flour Vi cup sugar 1 teaspoon cinnajnon M cup butter -ess yolks a " d Clnnamon - Cut «» Butter. Add 'TM-"l"inr. low cut r«!p«. If you .end »«"· .roc.r'. n.m« ,,* .fcirM. t. Town Crier Flour. J100 Board O t TnJ, Buildinr. Kanu* City. Mijsonri Town Crier New Books for Lenten Reading Period Listed SEVEN FRANK EMMERT, LOCAL FARMER, IN RADIO TALK Gives Roosevelt Credit foi Better Times on KGLO North Iowa Forum. "As a farmer, do you think that these more prosperous · limes are the result of policies of the Roosevelt administration?" That was the lead-off question of a representative Cerro Gordo county farmer on the KGLC north Iowa Forum at 8:05 p. m Thursday. The farmer was Frank Emmert, living two miles east of Mason City, and he answered this "Return to Religion" Most Used Religious Book of Past Year. question and others put to him by Arthur Pickford, farm editor o f t h e Globe-Gazette . . . i n an interesting and complete manner. "I think the Roosevelt policies are making for more prosperous- times on the farm," said Mr. Em- merl, and he enumerated some o these benefits: (1) The bank holiday gave people a new confidence (2) Pegging the price of corn a 45 cents was the pivotal point on which business began to show an upturn; (3) Crop control stabilized the price of grain, t, Farmer Needs Government. When asked whether.the mattei of soil conservation might no' more wisely be left up to the individual farmer, Emmert said that unless the government encouraged soil fertility on a unified plan, many farmers would nevei take any steps to conserve fertility. The evils of the Iowa system of farm renting were pointed out by the local farmer by saying that tenant farmers rarely are considerate of soil fertility and that on the tenant farms there is usually no planned program as to the numbers of livestock to be kept on Hit- place and what improvements should be made on the properly iTrt. .- ^ : j i\ i · » _ _ _ .. ^ i- ···-·»./ He said that long time would remedy the matter. leases After Mr. Pickford queried his informer on matters perlaining to the supreme court, Mr. Emmert replied: j( Knocks Supreme Court. I refused to condemn the supreme court on its AAA ruling, as I thought there might be some legal question involved about class privilege . . .' but after the supreme court ruled to give the processing tax to the packers, I did not hesitate to criticize -the cour severely . . ." . He added that he believed supreme court justices should be retired at the age of 70 Then PI.ckford asked: "When you survey the number, of Roosevelt s projects, some of which have not been so practical, would you call him a successful president?" The local farmer replied: "I will answer this question in this way: If s man who was considered a mechanic drove a car down the road and it stopped for him, and he admitted he could do nothing lo start it, and that all -he could do would be to wait until it started of ils own accord at this lime another And if mechanic came along and got it started, although it did not run perfectly I would have to admit the second man was a successful mechanic. Danger in Too niuch Aid. On being asked whether he saw any danger of letting farmers get into the habit of leaning too much on the government for correction of such evils, Emmert replied that such a danger existed but that it applied to all classes of men who have been helped by the government. "The government should only give help in emergencies but should give every man a fighting chance," the farmer add- The final question in the forum presentation was: "What justification if any is there for appropriating public Farm Bureau? money for the None whatever," Emmert -answered. "The Farm Bureau has no more right to public money for ils support than the labor unions or retail merchants would have!' He concluded by saying that the organization should be supported by farmers themselves . . . and farmers only. quencies are not centered in any one Iowa locality." Stay Out Nhrhls. ( Too many times," he added parents stagger home from night clubs or all-night revels and then wonder why their older children do the same thing." Gallagher, a 73 year ok! bachelor, is no stranger to j u v e n i l e problems and the duties of child raising.. He has he proudly admitted, eaied a family of 12 youngsters, boys and girls born lo his sister- n-law who died in child-birth The father died a year later One of 20 Piled. His measure was one of °0 dumped into the house file Friday as the introductory period neared an end. They included a plan for ac- -ording official recognition and latus to the Iowa state planning board which would be composed of 10 members, empowered to carry on a progressive campaign of tudy and survey for Towa, and to ssist various stale bodies and the egislature. They would not be on salary basis but would be given easonable expenses. Another would exempt radio stations from liability in the broadcast of defamatory stale- ments unless the stations had failed lo exercise due caution. "Return to Religion," by H. C. Link, has been the most used religious book added to the Mason City public library during the past year, according to librarians. The author, who has been practising psychologist for 15 years recently returned lo the church he had left 20 years ago. He is now persuaded of the necessity of religion in men's lives. On Feb. 25 a new "Life of Jesus" for modern readers was published, having been announced as the Catholic book of the month selection for March and as recommended by the Book of the Month club. It is written by Francois Mauriac of the French academy and more than 100,000 copies of the book were sold in France. It is illustrated by 32 remarkable woodcuts by George Buday, director of the department of graphic arts at the Royal Hungarian academy. A few sentences give an idea of the style of the book: "A Jewish boy of 12 had already put his childhood behind him. This Jesus who astonished the doctors must have appeared lo the Nazarenes a very pious boy versed in the knowledge of the Torah. But between the incident in the journey to Jerusalem and his entrance into the arena 18 mysterious years flowed by. Because childhood is sometimes so pure a thing the child Jesus is imaginable; but how can we picture Jesus the young man, Jesus the man?" A number of new books selected from prepared Lenten lists have been added to the library during the past few months. Among the new books are the following: MEDITATION AND MYSTERY OF LIFE "Experiences of Facing Death,' by Mary Austen; "Meditations on the Cross," by-Toyohiko Kagawa; "Devotional Passages From the Hindu Bible," by D. G. Mukerji; "My Rendezvous With Life," by Mary Pickford. FAITHS MEN LIVE BY "Faiths Men Live By," by J. C. Archer; "Getting Help from Religion," by J. G. Gilkey; "Victorious Living," by E. Stanley Jones: "Testimony of the Soul," by Rufu: Jones; "Brotherhood Economics,' by Toyohiko Kagawa; "The Fool Hath Said," by Beverly Nichols; "Enduring Quest." by H. A. Overstreet; "God in These Times," by H. P. Van Duscn. JEWS '·Thus Religion Grows," by Morris Goldstein; "Anti Semitism," by L. J. Levinger; "Anti- semitjsm," by Hugo Valentin, .lecturer, in -history"in .the.,XJniversity of Upsala, an excellent historica and critical book on the feeling against the Jews. The book is a gift from the Bnai Brith lodge. RELIGION AND ART "Pilgrim (Artist in Palestine," by P. F. Anson; "Bible in Art," by Clifton Harby. SAINTS "Catherine Tekakwitha," by Daniel Sargent; "St. Francis Xavicr," by. Margaret Yeo. RELIGION AND HEALTH "Arl of Ministering to the Sick," by R. C. Caboit and R. L. Decks; "Physician Pastor and Patient," by G. \V. .Jacoby. BIOGRAPHY "Mactin Luther," by Abram Lipsky; "New Faith for Old," by Shailer Mathews; "Herod," by J. S. Minkin. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS "Battleground," by Hilnire Belloc; "Clash of World Farces," by B. J. Mathews; "Crusaders of the Jungle," by J. F. Rippy and J. I. Nelson. CHURCH SCHOOL "Our Pupils," by E. L. Mudge; "Worship in the Church School," by J. S. Wallace. BIBLE "One Hundred Bible Stories," by L. S. Albright; "Bible and Spade," by S. L. Caiger; "Little Known Women of the Bible," by Evcleen Harrison. OTHER RELIGIOUS BOOKS "Outline of Religion," by E. R. Appleton; "Catholic Looks al His World," by B. I. Bell is a book of the Episcopal church rather than Roman Catholic; "Testament of Light," by G. W. Bulliett; "Great Religious Orders," by Peers Compton; "Good Fight," by R. L. Goldman; "No Place Like Home," by Beverly Nichols; "Famous Hymns of the World," by Allan Sutherland; "Art of. Leadership," by Ordway Tead; Catholic Buyers' Guide, 1937 edition, gift of Holy Family church; "The Easter Radiance," by Carl Glover has just been ordered at the library. It is recommended by E. Stanley Jones on his list of Lenten reading published in Christian Herald. The thing that makes us ashamed of man is not so much what he does but the reasons lie manufactures to justify it.--AVal- erlon Courier, Have your Diamonds reset in modern mounting. Use the old gold value of your present mounting for part payment. WATCHES DIAMONDS SCARLET FEVER EPIDEMIC PAST, HEALTH REPORT Milk Report for February Was Good; Phone Hours Set at Hospital. Belief that the peak of the scaiiet fever epidemic in Mason City has been passed was expressed by Dr. C. M. Franchere in his monthly 'report to City Manager Herbert T. Barclay. He based liis belief on the fact that the number of cases has lessened and those reported have been mild. "I have instituted at the isolation hospital a period of 'calling hours' during which parents and friends may call the hospital to inquire about a patient's condition. The hours are from 1 o'clock until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Mrs. Jarvis and her assistants are very busy and the large number of calls are usually unnecessary. Parents Informed. "It Ihe patient is serious]}- ill the parent will be kept informed accordingly. The two hour period in the afternoon should amply suffice for the general trend of inquiry and information. Patients will be allowed to phone from the hospital as they desire, providing it does not interfere with the hospital business." Snow made it difficult to get milk into the cily two days during the past month. The shortage was not acute, however, and the quality of milk brought in during the month was reported good. Producers have been responding wholeheartedly t o I n s p e c t o r Claude J. Pfow's suggestions, according to Dr. Franchere. Interest in Laboratory. Laboratory facilities are in shape for taking care of all kinds ot public health work and Dr. Franchere expressed satisfaction at the interest manifested by the community in the clinical laboratory work being done by Miss Mabel E. Sucher, bacteriologist. Twenty-one deaths and 515 births were reported during the month oC February. A total of 382 tests was made at the health laboratory during February. Of -this number 258 were milk analyses; 14 of ice cream; 16 water analyses; 14 diphtheria tests; 1 T. B. sputum; 11 G. C. smears; 41 blood counts; 27 urinalyses. The number of cases of commu- nicable diseases has been considerably higher during February than any preceding month this winter, according to Inspector Pfow. Nineteen cases of scarlet fever were sent to the Isolation hospital; 10 quarantined at home; and 8 cases .were released from quarantine. One case of whooping cough,,one of measles and six o£ chicken pox were placarded. Commends Meeting:. Mr. Pfow criticized the failure of a few milk producers to cool the milk in cooling tanks. He also commended the producers' meeting held at the Y. M. C. A., Feb. 26, when Dr. Stouder from Ames spoke on "Mastitis and Bangs Disease Relative to Quality Milk." Thirty-one samples of milk were collected for bacterial count; 85 for sediment tests; 85 for Methy- lene Blue tests; six samples of ice cream were tested; 20 plant and 10 farm inspections were made. Fifteen complaints were cared for and two sanitary inspections were made. Inspections were also made at four grocery stores; two meat markets; eight barber shops; and two inspections were made al the comfort station. Americanism: Happily feeding our wages to a two-bit slot machine; growling "Soak him!" when a lucky lad hits the jackpot.--· Davenport Times. Musical Services at - Local Church Sunday The Young People's society of the Church of the Nazarene, 331 West State street, will present an all musical service Sunday evening, starting at 7:15 o'clock. Several instrumental numbers will be offered. There also will be vocal numbers including mixed quartet, sextet and ducts. Following the Young People's musical program will be an evangelistic service. If only nobody had thought up that ugly phrase, "packing the court."--Dubuque Telegraph-Herald. 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