The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 19, 1934 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 19 · 1934 US I JEANETTE BEYER SUGGESTS MENUS FOR SPRING DINING DINNER ON SUNDAY SHOULD BE SPECIAL Globe-Gazette Food Expert Offers Wide Collection of Recipes for Convenienve of Homewife. Sunday dinners are an American institution and in many cases offer the only opportunity for families to be together for any length of time. Jeanette Beyer, Globe-Gazette .food expert, has prepared a number of menus for dinners on springtime Sundays. The menus call for a number of interesting dishes and recipes are furnished for these by Miss Beyer. Jeancfle Beyer Sunday Dinners at Home. In the.cookbooks of 40 years ag French cooking is highly feted, an American dinners descried. "Gen erally speaking," writes a Victorian author about America, "there is al ways a great abundance of food, bu it is not well cooked or attractive! presented on the table; and it i only in certain families, whose mem bers have traveled, and whose taste and opportunities have led them specially to observe the arrange ment of a dinner in a first-clas French restaurant or private house that we yet find the matchles, cookery and perfection in all th details of table service withou which a dinner is a failure." Though I do not care to cast as persions on any excellent cookin; and am willing to admit our deb to the French, I believe that th American kitchen has now come o age, and can stand on its own mer its. No longer is it necessary fo us to copy the cookery developed t suit the needs of a country very different from ours. Haven't we al ready developed a distinct cookery which is far more suitable to ou lives, built on the foods our climate grows best, and fashioned after our own tastes, and in line with the Tender, Aching, Perspiring Feet Amazing Relief In 5 Minutes or Money Back methods which science has taught us are most healthful? Modern French Cookery. Unfortunately I can judge modern French cookery only from cook books and restaurants which call themselves French. I like the cheese and black coffee desserts, but find their pastries pretty and tasteless. Coffee au lait and croissants may be a satisfying breakfast in bed, but for our arduous lives not nearly hearty enough at 7 o'clock in the morning. I like their simple green salads dressed with oil and vinegar. They may also teach us much about the use of herbs, the art of sauces and of omelets, some variations in fish and much of economical cookery. But after all, our food is so abundant and so excellent in itself, we have little reason to disguise or to dress it up. I wish our Victorian author, Theodore Child, could sample some of these American Sunday dinners. I know what delightful family, friendly meals they will be. Here will be the "delicate feasting" he so much admired: The tables laid, with snowy linen, the finest of silver china and crystal; a few choic "lowers, or a plant, or forced forsythia and pussy willows which the children of the family have fathered. The food will be delicious and j'et so simple and easily prepared that every member of the amily has been able to enjoy choral music and church services. Now see what inspirations the mail man has brought us: A meal which might be a. lunch- Don't worry about how long you've been troubled or how many other preparations you have tried. Moone's Emerald Oil is the one preparation that will help to make your painful aching feet so healthy and free from ; corn and callous troubles that you'll be able to go 'anywhere and do anything in absolute foot comfort. Huxtable Drug Co. and druggists everywhere. sliced tongue, sliced cold roast chicken. Escalloped potatoes with crust of Parmesan cheese and rolled bread crumbs. Creamed diced carrots. Devilled eggs and stuffed olives as relishes. Lettuce with French dressing. Orange sherbert. Angel food cake. Black coffee. Yellow and white mints. -- Mrs. W. H. Townsend. Another menu which doesn't forget the children, is also simple, satisfying and quick to prepare. I know everyone would like to have the butterscotch pudding recipe. Sunday Menu. Ham and Eggs Garnished With Parsley Mashed Potatoes Buttered Peas Cabbage and pineapple Salad on Lettuce Mustard Pickles Bread and Butter Butterscotch Pudding with Whipped Cream (Sprinkle Whipped Cream with Colored Sugar) Wafers Milk for Children Coffee Chicken is always popular and a rather nice turn comes in the salad of this menu: Mrs. Ernjst Thomas Menu. Tomato Juice Cocktail % Fried Broiler Peas Mashed Potatoes Baked Squash Stuffed Cherry Salad with Cheese Apple Dumpling with Cream .A gay luncheon with receipes comes from Mary H. Williamson. Spring Luncheon. Yellow and green is the color scheme. Use daffodils and pussy willows in a low green bowl,, a yellow cloth, green glassware and green china or peasant type of pot- Globe-Gazette's Quilt Pattern tery. Chicken Consomme Croutons on, or a buffet supper or a Sun- ay dinner is most delightful, and ns were all the specifications admir- bly. Here is the spring yellow and hite color scheme, simple fore- anded preparation, and excellent ombination of flavors and texture, nd the little twist of differentness hich makes a menu go. By the reamed carrots, does the author mean a thickened sauce, or the real rtieles.?"1 would prefer the latter, lie relish would make a handsome arnish for the platter. Menu I Platter of cold meats (sliced ham. Ia Mushrooms and Macaroni Endive Salad Hot Whole Wheat Rolls Orange Marmelade Pickles, Olives Ice Cream Puff Coffee Asparagus Supreme. Hot buttered asparagus on toast. Place egg baked in bacon ring or poached egg on top. Top with rich Dream sauce to which generous portion of cheese has been added. Eggs a la Creole. Nest of hot, buttered, well seasoned rice. In the nest place an egg baked in bacon ring. Rich cheese FLANDERS POPPY The "Flanders Poppy" quilt was first made on Long Island shortly after 1800. Home dyed greens and reds were used, with a tiny circle of yellow for the stamen and black for the pistil. Twenty-eight appli- que and twenty-eight plain blocks comprise the quilt, and the result approximates perfection. This pattern is from Quilt Book No. 21 which contains six other patterns. For your copy send 10 cents in stamps or coin to Quilt Department, Mason City Globe-Gazette, 200 Fifth avenue, New York, N. Y. Be sure to ask for book No. 21. ordered from baker. Place ball of vanilla ice cream inside. Top with pineapple sauce and whipped cream, mint flavored with pale green. Ham seems to be a general favorite. Mrs Albert Stone of R. D. 5, .in- auce on top. When not desiring his color scheme, this dish is very 'ood with tomato sauce instead of heese sauce. Eggs, Macaroni and Mushroom Sauce. In a casserole place a layer of ooked macaroni, then sliced hard ooked eggs. Use canned cream of mushroom.soup for sauce. . Endive Salad Add chopped celery and onion to ndive, top milk or cream and little in-egar to mayonnaise. Ice Cream Puff Cream puff shells may be made or SPCRT SHOES turn i/owi sse comfortable snugly fitting shoes budgets. GAME GALLERY! LEATHERS · Two-Toned · Beige · White SOIfS · Leather · Rubber eludes .two variations: Mrs. Stone's Menu I Tomato Cocktail Ham and Eggs Peas New Potatoes in Cream Sauce Spinach Salad Strawberry Mousse Tea or Coffee Mr. Stone's Menu n Celery Hearts Olives Baked Ham with Pineapple Asparagus Baked Potatoes Wholewheat Rolls Chocolate Ice Box Cake Coffee Mrs. Grace. Hamlin's menu, (R. D. 4), is particularly attractive. Spring lamb is always a happy thought: Spring Dinner Roast Leg: of Spring Lamb and Mint Sauce New Potatoes and Gravy Dinner Rolls Crab Apple Jelly Green Peas or Spinach Ambrosia Your Own Favorite Cake Coffee Ambrosia 2 bannas 2 -pineapple rings 1 orange 1 cup seedless grapes 2 tbsp. cocoanut Peel and slice bananas comes from Maud Hines of Cornell Infiimary: Scotch Woodcock. 4 hard boiled eggs 3 tbsp. butter. 1% tbsp. flour 1 cup milk Vi. tsp. salt F. G. Cayenne and anchovy sauce. Make a thin white, sauce of butter, flour, milk and seasonings. Add eggs finely chopped and season with anchovy sauce. Serve on buttered toast. Anchovy sauce may be omitted and one cup of asparagus tips added. Bits About 'Em Mrs. Raymond Morgan of Jefferson, formerly Margaret West of Mason City, has been visiting at the home of Mrs. Raymond Willson, 709 East State street. * *. * Miss Dorothy Kreger of Minneapolis is a housegucst of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Richer, 321 Third street northwest. * * * Holton Bristol of St. Paul, formerly of Mason City, has been visiting friends here. * * # Mrs. George Hobbs, 117 Carolina avenue southeast, has left for Cleveland where she will spend the summer with her sister, Poland. Mrs. Denver and oranges. Dice pineapple. Mix all fruit with cocoauut, add sugar if desired, and chill thoroughly before serving. Serves six and is very good. A Nice Dinner for Six Pork Loaf Peas Au Gratin Creamed Turnips Baked Sweet Potatoes Egg Salad Floating Island or Apple Pie Pork Loaf 1^2 Ibs. ground pork 1 cup cracker crumbs iy« tbsp. chopped onions 2 tsp. salt % ciip milk 1 egg 2 tbsp. good tomato sauce 1 tbsp. butter % tsp. pepper Mix all the ingredients together except the butter. Place in a loaf pan, cover with the butter. Bake in moderate oven 1 hour. Peas au Gratin Soak one pint dried peas or splil peas in cold water over night. Simmer five hours with half an onion and a little celery. Drain, put through a colander and add one cup bread crumbs, one and one-half tablespoons butter, salt to taste, one cup of milk and put in baking dish with a little grated cheese on top. Bake one hour. Creamed Turnips. Cut peeled turnips into half inch dice. a very small quantity of water. · When cooked · pour over cream sauce made of one cup hot milk poured gradually over one tablespoon each of butter and flour rubbed together. Season and serve. Scalloped Tomatoes. Take 6 large ripe tomatoes. Skin and cut into small pieces. Spread layers in bottom of baking dish. Season well. Put a layer of coarse bread crumbs to tomatoes. Cover with bits of butter. Do this until dish is full, having* bread crumbs on top. Bake one hour. Egg Salad. Cook six eggs until hard. Carefully remove whites from yolks. Mash the yolks and mix with one minced onion and a little parsley. Salt and pepper. Add salad dressing until the right consistency. Cut the white into small pieces. Place a spoonful of the salad- mixture upon a plate. Sprinkle the whites over the top and serve. Deep Dish Apple Pie. Line a deep 9 inch round baking dish with pie crust paste. Pare,, core and slice 12 medium sized cooking apples and mix 1 cup sugar and 2 tsp. cinnamon with them. Fill the unbaked crust with the apples. Dot with 2 tbsp. butter. Sprinkfe with a little water. Cover with top crust and bake. A casserole 2 inches deep may be used in place of the large dish.--Mrs. O. P. Baxter. A very good egg luncheon dish MISS EVELTN WEBER HONORED AT SHOWER Miss Evelyn Mortenson and Miss retchen Weber entertained at a inen shower Wednesday at the Weber home, 203 Twenty-first street southeast, honoring Miss Evelyn Weber who is to be an April bride. The evening was spent informally and Miss Weber received a number of gifts. Mrs. Clyde Trevitt of Venice, Gal., was an out of town fuest. At the close of the party the lostesses served refreshments. V. F. W. AUXILIARY GIVES CARD PARTI' The first of a series of card parties was held by the Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary Wednesday evening at the V. F. W. hall where both bridge and 500 were played. High score bridge prizes went to Mrs. Walt Odegard and Mrs. Marion Millard and 500 prizes were won by Mrs. Matt Barren and Mrs. Minnie Taplin. The auxiliary will hold another party the first week in May and will send a box of candy and cigarets to the veterans at Knoxville on April 27. LINCOLN RADIO 1 S. C. MEETS WITH MRS. BAPPE Lincoln Radio Child Study circle met with Mrs. .Ray Bappe, 625 Maryland avenue southeast; Wed- .nesday afternoon for a lesson on "Sex Education" by Dr. Harold Anderson of the University of Iowa, The next lesson will be on "Emotional Development of Parents" and Mrs. Stella Byerly and Mrs. C. A. Williams will be hostesses. At the close of the meeting Mrs. Bappe served refreshments. Mrs. John Nelson was a guest. FRIENDLY CIRCLE CONDUCTS CONTESTS At the meeting of the Friendly circle at the home or Mrs. Alviu Bidwell, 1222 North Federal avenue contests were conducted by the members with prizes going to Mrs. F. Calkins and Mrs. Marie Phillips. The remainder of the time was spent informally. N. D. A. Causes Much Grief In fact, serious danger may follow if it is not stopped. N. D. A. (Nocturnal Disturbance Act) or bladder irregularity at night can be relieved by flushing_out the impurities and excess acfds which cause the irritation that wakes you up. Make this 25c test. Get a box of Bukets, the bladder laxative. They contain buchu leaves, juniper oil, etc., and work on the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. After four days if not satisfied go back and get your 25c. If bothered by burning, leg pains, backache, frequent desire, you are bound to feel better after this flushing and you get your regular sleep. Bukets guaranteed by Casey Drug Co., Michael Drug Co., and Huxtable Drug Co. THE UNFAILING SPUING OMEN . . . Laird's Shoes are as much a part of the Spring Season as the soft breezes that blow and the buds that bloom. THEY ABB the TRUE INDEX of fashion. White shoes were never so beautiful and our prices are mighty reasonable. L A I R D ' S ^" 14 E. State St. ^^ Where Shoes Are Really Fitted SPECIAL ONE 8x10 PAINTING for $1.50 RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Ph. 3272 Bagley-Bech Bldg. Banish Body Odor This New Odorless Way Leaves No M. 5. ("JTM!!") It isn't the smell of a soap that gets you clean-it's the lather. Ordinary toilet soaps don't lather freely enough in this hard water. They form a sticky soap-scum ..; and this soap-scum works into the pores and dams up stale perspiration. Strong-smelling soaps--no matter how much they lather--can't keep a secret. Kirk's Castile, being a 10055 pure vegetable oil soap, lathers abundantly, even in hard, cold water. It goes deep into the pores, mixes with the stale perspiration curds and sets them free. In a twinkling your body is as fresh and clean-smelling as a woodland breeze! "Lathers Wonderfully in this Hard Water" --ayi citizen of Ro.well, New Moxlco, wher« water li hardeit in th« Hale. Try Kirk's Coco Castile today.It's odorless. And half again larger than average toilet soaps--an exceptional bargain. Be sureloask for Kirk's by name. OCEARS OF LATHER-EVEN IN HARD, COLD Procter £ Gamble WATER I THINK ED OUGHT TO BE TOLD ABOUT HIS BODY ODOR/ 1 JUST 2 MORE DAYS BANKRUPT SALE OF THE L. C. COHN'S DRESS and FUR STOCK FORMERLY ONE OF IOWA CITY'S FOREMOST SHOPS REMEMBER: · DO NOT BE MISLED · WE ARE CONTINUING IN BUSINESS · WE PURCHASED THIS STOCK FOR OUR CUSTOMERS' BENEFIT--IT WAS A BARGAIN · BETTY JANE PRICES HAVE BEEN CUT PRICES CUT SILK DRESSES · Pastels · Reduced · Most All Sizes · All Styles WORTH UP TO $8.00 PRICES SLASHED SILK DRESSES · Sweater Dresses · Pastels · Prints · Chiffons $r95 WORTH UP TO $10.00 PRICES KNIFED SILK DRESSES · New · Different · Unusual · Smart 90 WORTH UP- TO $15.00 BETTY JANE DRESS SHOP 1 ' ' \ · I'l 1 Ww ml i' S fl 111 114 NORTH FEDERAL AVE.

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