The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 7, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1818
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D,.)r. Bam ws'f Church. IOB SALE, Pew eligibly ituUd me " - - . - , m loo Church, Broad ay. - lUvi;ir. INSTITUTION 3 m BE 8ubribr. having mad. e . . - 't jvi - f lurrmtimr and Printing Eel'b - hdlenU particularly m th. Standard or Emi Jenibrace this method of respectfully in - fonniD gentlemen connected with banking com - '. Jut, hlrh thav mat be entrusted, witn Lmptilude and elegance. They have mail. krranemeuts for conducting the printing or note iu ihe'inxmailiate preeenc of one of tha concerned, Tha additional security resulting from this BMMare, is evident. No part of the business ef mora importance than that of the printing aada rvstem which U calculated io prTt.ui j Bcadsut alaut wmco migni larougn u.iw.i - ""j"' mail it be duly appreciaieo. oy uwse ww . . . . i 1 . . I I aiin. - .. l I Tb. sobjowaa aocumenw are r - P" - " - ' - uitUd to the coniujeratwn oi inos. - had au opportunity of examining the notes re PfcLbAhAut. f4.24, iota. .. si. ir rr.itr havinr exhibited aud ex vJinA n oa the utditr of hii invention for pre venting tli counterfeiting of Oank Bills, now wed by Messrs. Tanner, Kearney and Jieboul, on the aotes engraved by Ihem; and having carefully examined the specimens subsniltcd to us for mat purpose, w uo nimuj u - tbey appear to us emmer.tly calculated to pro duce th efleci mnnueu. , (Mgned) William Jones Pr't. Bank U. States, ' Joos Smith, Cashier Bank V. Wales. jHM H.inatnn. AssH. Cashier of ditto. ' a. Bmvard. Pret't. of Commercial Bank of PuMmtvania. . J. Tagart, Pras't. f Fanners' and Mechaa - jes' Banc, rniiaatipma, Henry Kubl, Cashier of ditto, H. Drinker, Cashier Bank of X. America, . Th. Parker, Pres't. of Mechanics' Bank, O. Simpson, Cashier of S. Gerard's Bank, Jo Norrfc, Pres't. Bank of Pennsylvania, D. Lenox, Pres't. Philadelpbia Bauk. Philadelphia, Aug. 24, 1816. The atderiigned, artutf, be. oi tha city of I Tlulsdelphia, do hereby certify, that havuig carefallT examined Mr. H. 8. Tanner's inven tus of a standard for preventing the counter - feit'wr of bauk billi, ar fully impressed with the I belief thai tbe saia tianaara or rna pieca, urea i If Mers. Tanner, Kearney and Tiebout, are, from their difficulty of imitatioa and elegance of execution, calculatsd us a pre - euiioeiit aegree to check the alarming progress of counterfeit - (3igod) John Vallance, Engraver. John Boyd, do. Thomas Birch, Painter. Alex. Lawron, Engraver. 'Jos. II. Seymours do. WilliMn R. Jones, do. William Allen, do. NOTES havine tha above standard have been - i J : u: - kl iu cirvuiiiiHin nvnriy inrra jvinn, uuitug wmii time no attempt within the knowledge of the pro prietors have been made to coiuitcrie.t them. , Letters addressed to th rutecriben, will meet nroniDt attention, TAMVF.R, KEARNEY It TIE BOUT, No. 10, Library - street, I liilauelphia. - Tha editors of the Kreoiihr Post and Albany Arrus. are requested to iuarrt'the above once a week for three weeks, and send their bills for payment to Messrs. Tanner, Vallanc, Kearney and CO. ruuaaeipiua. r i iiwow MLDICAL RKPOslTORy, No ill fOSWH tolmi - iiw aKftiXl - fXIXofthecolleiUoo.) riONTENTS Original A'Wtrjri - ReflectioDi Kj oat even on ttie uuutcal character ; oo , tbe oi salivary gianas ; on lasting. Renew. Yellow fever of Charleston I apho risms of ilippoc rates ; aisseitatioa oo iniauti CMS. . Medical and Surgical Corrtipondtnce.fllW riwents on the liver : malignant sporadic fever in Maine; Erysipelas on Ihegeoitals , paraiilrgy rjtrsH liv nn tanira t a vreetahl.9 temenv lor caacer. InleUigenet Atmospheric constitution of New I oa i ora, annual diiioi monanrv ; cne oi ine rnn - cess Charlotte .of Wales ; New - York deaf and dumbinstitattnn ; forensic medicine in tbe care of Abraham Kesler medical commencement ooituary. Appendix. Translation of Lancisi'a work, oo marsh efflu via continued. Sold at the publisher's 486 Pearl street $ at T. J. Swords j C. Wiley 4c Co.; and Kirk it ww.em, iew iora. - my 7 61 THE GREATEST DISCOVERY TH the memory of man, is uuiversully allowed A to be Uie celebrated cordial . air sf rt a eit v a r, Which is a certain and effectual remedy for asrvous tKtorders, juvenile indiscretions, low - asss of spirits, female complaint, bead - ache, debility, loss of appetite, relaxations, indigestion, coughs and colds, billions caea, consumptions, rout in the stomach, impurities of the pioou, weaKne, c ; prepared only oj a. solomo. m n. Author of the Guide to Health, and other valua - hie works, Gilead Hoe, near Uverpool. 43 r. A. Kradlrv. MiHlk Ntm fir. Rnnvh Soaare, London, will satisfy the most scrupulous inquirer, as to the authenticity or friend of his deriving a treat benefit Irom tlie Cordial Balm I wmiS aJII f U'e r?. been k nfflKted ' wnlcn D" alr.L. Piercy, High street, vouches fortne surprising cure cV. gentleman lona a dera ' Hs? I dine, bavin? t.k.n e. ht.u. sJ - .s7J r 'LaT, dine, having taken five bottles of the Cordial iWb of Gilead. The spirits, strength and appe - titeof the vaunt? man were vuibi iuui lerially improved ; and by continaing the use of j.iiw waeas longer, ne was, Wlln tiofl'l bles - ing, and to the great comfort and astonishment ramiiy aud rrteods, restored to perfect health. - ' nr. o. Donrnmvo. of ronlerranf. swnnrta rl that most danjr - roui disease the Phlhi. Plml sahs, or Consumption. He had a cooaiderable degree ofbectic fever, profuse aicht sweats ex - scctorated much, and was reduced to a sUte of .rcmeueoiiiry. Having had the best medical aavic be could procure, without obtainisrre - ne oaa recourse to the Cordial Balm of Gil - "V r"evenog in the ase of it, all the nravo. rsNe symptoms gra.tually abated, and he has "; " i;orous siaie otnealth. The virtues of th Cordial Balm of Gilead, are daily demonstrated, in eradicating the worst jad most dangerous system of nervous debility ; sua nothing has teuded o much to establish the Joftlii satfdicine, a its certain success in nose complaints which strike their roots so deep A IK. . .... .. . , uuun ana aie so i.iui 10 ine nanut - ess ot mankind. 'or sale in bottles, nrirm ench. br HULL e0WE,l46PMr.treetTf. . IMew - lork : Sam. 1) n , ?lerJ. ' Vomit b Co. Troy ; J. l'fcCo. Hariford ; Hall ft Weld, Boston, - "1 ruirrs, riuiaUeiphia ; and by one or 1 on i r lawvt A! taiytlb. 1000 Alutkets ilh Bayonets. .ntif I.J ... J - L . . . . - iu ueiipniurr, lor S"ie ry HIHUK Sc.VAL, 65 South - street. MOLASSES. 137 bluls. Havana mohees of superior quality, landing at Rot - street wh whrtrf - fj" rji - !uh Isiarvl do, landing at Wbitehall, Wis Constellation, for side bv WALSH fc GALLAGHER, 66 South - it. llr : J j,o - 30 cases best tuigal Indigo, new ir - Ts tor saie rv 7 PETER RMSE!f & CO. ' . , 31 for 1 a. rJ W Il 11 1 4 ,u'1 a. tified v 4 5 3 t 8 V 2 1 3 3 3 '2 I 1 9 rd COUNTERPANES 3 aM ee - UIning 7 - 4, 8 - 4. 9 - 4. 10 4, 114, and 12 - 4 counter panes of fine, superfine and Mper quality, fur may 4 4tw - ' WUIIW St. 1,0 W WOOLLi.NS. J JUST rec'd par Mercery and Atlantic, a few r jyjo. o. nan.ruoui. ku 87 . 67 Pine - street. ifELLJ' fc UPSON, lao Fearl - stret, hav ft received by lata arrivals, Fine ivory, self - tip and real buck - handle knives and forks Fine peokniver, bolster pistols, fine gan locks English silver watches, plated spoons, 4c. fcc. us haud, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, boon L, and shear steel With a large and general assortment of hartl - ware, lesl enemeiu awi oirmingnam piaiea ware, fur sale low, Dn rMMiramenL received ner Ann from Liver - pool, 150 boxes tin plates, my S - rr .1 J v m w jVk'W H A If 1 1 V A K KTI1R h'. mHE.sobscribers bav now open and for sale, on, of Urf mo, eiten.ive and complete as sortments m iiarmvara anu cuiiery to ne lounu id the cilv. contuttnc ot Guns by the caw ; bell metal ketliei Hoes, usorted in casks Anvils, vices, trace chaios, scythes ar - d sickles : beruiao anu case sieei Miit, pit andcross - cut saws Frying pans, shovels and spades Waffle irnnt.nlesof all kinds, steelyards Drawing knives, rurry combs, shoe knives Coffee mills, locks in every variety Thumb latUies, butts and screws Brass wires, panoel and band saws Pocket books, ink pot Walkden's centime ink - nowder Siatct, buttons, plated and common saddlery Iron, plated, brais anu japan'd candlesticks Jaiwa'd Wans, Spectacles, combs knives and rtirki, Pen, pocket and two Mado knives Kators and Kiisors, sheep shears Straw kni ves, brau cocks Nail and shoe hammers, irimblets Pack and pound pins, razor houes, awl blades choe pincers anu nippers Plated cruet frames, lancets Kaiwr cases and strops, shovel and tongs rlrass andirons, stand and toilet glasits Hair sifters, screw augers Club axes, sledges, bellows pipes Castings of all kinds Enelish blistered steel. &e. be. &c. All at reduced prices and the most extended credit Merchants front the southern and west ern states will find this stock worthy their atlen tion, as tbe foods are laid in on llie very bes lerins, anu win ue soia in nuamiues iu urn j ur chasers. F. B. W INTflROP 4: CO. my 63t No. 131 Pearl - street. iATAURASS HDKr a. ic. 4 trunks real IV L Madrass lidkfs. entitled to dtbenture 6 caies I.unare Koinalls o uuica usia9. aiu a gruciai pnwiuwut v. r A . ..... . 1 nf Lantoo nlK goodi, lor sale oy ISA AO O. nUHL, my 6?t 47 Fiiltow - strtet. PA'tHMT A7.00 (LOIHS. CONSIGNMENT of fii - st quality patent L floorcloths, of various patterns, in sheets of bv 60 feet, without a seam, just received and sle at 85 ront - street, Dy f.'IIKT IS. CIUIM.V CURTIS, CROMMFXIN b CO. A persou employed to fit the cloths to rooms and entries, if required. Any uumber of yards sold. may 6 3w BRITISH DRYGOOD.S. or THE LITEST IMPORTATlOIfl. LONDON superfine cloths and caFiimeres Yorkshire do do Fine and low priced Hansels, assorted colors uomDaxetts, black and color'd Black bombaseens' Cotton - cords and velvets 7 - 8 black sarsnett . . Furniture dimities ,. 6 - 4 cambric do Imitation Russia sheeting Brown linens Chinti and plate furnitures Shawls and Britannia Hdkfs. Madrass and pocket do 0 - 8 Irish'd shirtings 7 - 8and 0 - 8 steam loom do Col ton hosiery Common and fine calicoes Ginghams Black cotton ferrets. Sic. The above are offered for sale by the package. loerni terms, ar no. iho rean - sireei, ny y6tf JOHN TAYLOR ft SONS. riHINA GOODS black Sincnews, coloured and black Crapes, Black and cbecked.Sarsneti Funry and blsck hdkfa. Assorted sewing Silas Blue Nankeens, for sale hy HURD k 8EWALL, my 6 . 65 South - street TriRGIMA TOBACCO 80 hhds. rood T old Richmond and Petersburg Tobacco 30 do prime quality Richmond do 190 do do new do " do 10 k gs Manufactured do do of various nraoas ana qualities, lorsaie ny my 5 BO&RMAN b JOHNSTON. OiCHMONU FLOUR. 80 bbls. variety By mum, suitaoie lor Daxers, lor sale By my 5 DIVIE BETHuNK b CO. OCOTCli GOODS. 4 cases fancy Aiuslina, just received ana tor sale by HENDERSON ft CAIRNS, may 5 81 Pine - street. 1 1 L' U 1111 1VI1V W lor sale ry AaU.v u. r HLLrs, nr5 183 Frout street. AAiAMA MUSCOVAIX) SUGARS - 100 hhds. Havana Mu:ovado Sugars, of M TV. r r rr"w j V SSjsrS mWa:' ,f fot aj Mor !fonn. Samples may be seen and terms made kaowo. on anulicstion to ti. U. S., mh 5 No. 77 Washington street. - 4 MEKIiNO SHAWLS and MUSLIN BANDS, for sale hy MARCH fc LOW, 210 Broadway. my 6 Li - "T00' new P'1 .C - sbr sale in lob loU to Purcnsei APP'y ,0 JOHN VAN BUSSUM, 206 Fultont. or At the Yard, 84 Warren - st. my S 4t 'IRACES, SPIKES, Ic. - tQ casks 10 Uok - ea trace caaio 40 casks deck Spikes, from 4 to 8 inches. Just received per ship Mercury and for sale by nr.3L.Jtsu?i ax UAIKIS, 81 Piae - streeL IN STORE, 100 casks deck Spike from 4 to 6 inches 10 tons sauare ft bolt Iron, assorted sizes, ra to drawback. my 5 P1UTLERY ft HARDWARE 8 casks cast xniTes ud lorks, assorted cukj wroueht do do do wrought knives and forks with pocket and penknives, scissors and raiors dj assoi ted, of scissors, raxors, pea and pocket knives . trunks Spectacle Casks iron Spoons do trunk Lock do thuiLb and Norfolk Latches do Bmibflrv and fine plate Locks do plated Buckets do cast Imu Butt dj Files, aworted do Pad Locks do round Bolts do Iron Candlestick do Tined Sadlery Fur sale at verv redaced Price 1 and a Lb - credit, by UVllAilUS TAsLUK. may 5 Jw 145 Prarl - ttreeL t T0R8At vfrK TbscLf, EVENINOP05t,buHiien 1 iabnat 1 10 toos, pilot - boat budt, copper - ed aud copper fastaaad. bailt in 1817 j hasjutl been dot out and caulked, and can b sent to sea at small expense if not previously solJ, will b offered at public auction on Tuesday aeitat th Tontine Coffee Hons For particulars apply to, FRO. CF'BHARD, 83 Greeawich - it. On hand, A box vary superior Dutch thirling linen Black galloons may 6 3t WAJfiEO TO QUA H i H. A good British vessel of X) to 850 toos to take a cargo from this port to ktug - ioo, Jamaica, and from thence to London. Appl J to T. MANAIIAN, 172 Water - it. Or to ANDERSON & SHEARElt, 131 Water - st Who hare for sale a few puncheons of Mall - flavored old Jamaica Rum. may 5 lw t ar Llano. Th ketch M ARIA, Rainev: wiUsail on Wednesday next, and can accommo date 3 or 4 passengers. .Apply on board, at pier no. o, h. ft. or to O. O. k S. HOlVLAJtn, may 5 , 7 Washington - it, PAHH - lGEfor LIVERPOOL, Six cub in passengers can be hand Usoimly accommodated on bosrd the hue coppered Untish brig POCEUEL capt. An drews, to sail for Liverpool about the 15tb inst. Apply on board, at pier no. 13, E. 11. or to CALDLK, M LEA & CO. mvS 1 57 Pine - street fOUSHLt, i (if applied for in 4 days) . J. The very substautial and fast saiiiog shir CUJttP, copper fasteurd and coppered, is 2 years oia, Mas a full tureutory and may la sent in sea witn very tnniuz expense sh lies a Murray's wharf. . For terms apply to 111 AD'S. PHKLPSb CO. or HI P LEY, CEJYTUi Si CO. may 4 lw - t'OH HAI.h, The brig HOPE, 130 tons; carries 1 100 barrel, 2 years old. a fW rate vetx - l of her class, and in complete order tn re ceive acargo; lying east side Peck - slip ; will be sold rearonaiin - 4pply to it. s t. ir. UArtjsi'oiiTSivu. may 4 tor Lll hRPOUL, (To sail 5th inst. positively ) rl. l . ; i l i nc tHiiJcrcu hiiu ci'(iicr lasicncu ttiip II A. MIL I ON, J. Ureenouifli, mas ter; some cotton oruther liijht freight, equal to S00 barrels, is wanted to complete her cargo. Two or three cabin passengers can be accommodated. Apply to - MARCH & BENSON, my 1 lw 47 Soiith - stieet. tUH SALE, 11 appiiea tor wiuiin a or 4 (lays, me coppered and copper fastened slnp CHU'i TESDE.V, 314 tons 1 saiis well, curries a large cargo, and may be sent to sea at a small expence, having - within 12 months been new rigged and masted. Apply to P. KEMAEN Si CO. ' ap 29 26 Soutli - strrrt. tVAXTLD, A good vessel, of 800 to 000 barrels, for a short voyage, that is ready to it - coivoacargo. Apply to N. D. TALCOTT, ap 29 64 South - street. tor AMSTERDAM, TO.. at uiav ..... r - . . ship and bow nearly loaJedi will takr 100 tons freight if offered immediately ripply to GOODHUE fc Co. ap 29 - 44 South - it. TALLoiV, lit JAP, Sic. LANDING 0i ccrouns South - American tallow in store, clean St. Petxraborgli hemp, and German steel, entitled to drawback Forsaleby JAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Frout - strtet, For OPORTO, Tlie gwxl britf Agcnoria, to sail in Jafiaiall this week 3 pasentrers can be ac commcdated on moderate terms, for which, ap ply as above, or to the master on board, at pier no. 13. ap28 EorCUARLESIOJV, The regular packet ship TELE GRAPH, J Fanning, master ; is only waiUig a fair wind ; cau take a few tons more freight, and accommodate 10 mer passengers. Apply on board, west tula r ly - market wharl, or to Aau.n u. 11 if. LI S, ap 23 183 Front - streot tor CHARLESTON, w,M Th elegant and fast tiding packet &2i schooner TONTINE. 9. Iioyt, master: will meet with immediate dispatch, having half L. . r : i. . I . i i . , ne i ireuciii rcauy uieoon uoaru lor remainuer. or passage, having commodious accommodations, apply on Doaro, east side uuriing slip, r - r to SAVL, ALLEY, ap 18 98 Piue - st. . for RERBIOE - and DEM ERA HA, 'ine British bria - FAVORITE, J. Beeman, master, to sail 15th May. ror passage, apply to GEORGE LACY, No. 4 Pulton - slip A few Horses will be taken on freight, ap 28 tf For BERMUDA, Tbe substantial sloop WM. HENRY; la will meet with despatch. For freight oi zoo bbls. or passage, bavin good accommo dations, lies at Stephens' wharf, apply to VVM. i, FURMAN4:Co. my 5 eod3t 230 Front - strict. rtEER SKINS. - 5000 lbs. sheared audio the xJ hair, trimmed ekins 3 bales Bear Skins, hist received and fer saieoy halskt h 8t 1 iin, mv 4 4t 170 Water street, T'LOUK. VUO bl la. Rkhmood hue Hour, L laooing and lor saie oy 8. fc E. BLANCHARD, my S 3t No. 35 Burling slip, RUM, MOLASSES ftc 280 puncheons tiue flavoured Tobago Rem 42 do retailing Molasses, received per brig oenjamia 190 puncheon Rem. received per brie Ante lope, from Tobago, and for sale by UOUUHUbhU my 1 44 South - street. AMES D'WOLF. Juar. has removed from 57 Front - street to 54 South - street, and offers for sule 62 ceroons tooth American Tallow 25 tons clean St. Petershurgh Hemp, few oc its nrat quanry nussia uuc t uer - man Steel in boxes, entitled todraw - lack. 16000 Iti. Green Coffee do 25 boxes China tahlesettsl72pieceteach ' 10 hhds pure Spirits . 1 case Platilho. . . . my 5 1EINE TWINE, IRON WIRE, WHITE ) LEAD, ftc. 4 casks London Seine Twine 3 toasLondoo White Lead, 28 fc 581b. kegs 5 do do dry do 10 hhds. Copperas 3 toe Ire Wire, No. 1 te 18 . 50 tierces Whiting Litharge, Spanish Brown, Venetian Red Red Lead ftc With a general assort meat of cables and cord age of any site, at shortest notice. . my vii u.iuc v.u.tvui v RUNT, SUGAR fe 5I0LAB3E3. 1 It paacbeoM Rasa . . 65 UrtU. Moiaises ' 62 barrels and 8 hhs. Sugar, - Will be lunded on Monday fruu the brig Ame - Ua from Antigua, for sale by - ROBERT GILLESPIE, Hi Froetstrtet . Who has also for sale, H.van, Porto Rico and Jamaica Coffee. ay t riMli rLATE, TEA lie liO Uxu Tin JL plate, assorted . 14,000 pounds li,dia block Tin ti.000 do Iron Wire, assorted 1,600 do old Copper 40 chests Hvsou t - kia Tea, Cor sale by ANSON U. PHELPS, my 6 H3 Front street. OLASsW. tlo hhds and I tieice retailing Havana .ilolaws, landing from schr Union, crf. Llis, from Havan.i, at Uurling - slip, West pier, fur sale by . . W. b D. TAIXOTT, ro? 6 i - ' 64 Soulb - strf eL 4 G. ii 6. HOWLaND. 71 Waiimigtou - .l. J. offtr for sale ' . 60 boaea brown Havana Sugar. ' , 40 bags Race Ginger , 7 pipt s old Slierry Win . ,t '. ' 2 do do Lisbon do, It boxes Claret , , 400 oval Demijohns, 6 casks Antimony 100 bids ground Camwood 10 toiis Lisnumvitae 3 caves '1 oys, 6 kegs Vermilliun 400 India round door Mats 20 slubs India block Tin 'M lihds first quality Quercitron Bark Writiiig, Wraptaiig and Printing Paper A small invoice of Calcutta aoods. iust receiv ed, consisting of Baftas, Sunuahs, Mamoodies, Iruiratia and Checks. my o .1.GLISH UtAVEll II A CS. 3 cases Lon - A2J don Beaver lints, 1111I received, and for sale by TUCKbRts L.AUKILH, my6 f U Soulli'Street. 50, v SWEET MALAUA WIXE, be, went y ration casks tweet Malaga wine 100 boxes 1 100m raieiut 37 casSM soft shelled almond?, landing this morning, from schr. Ariadue, at Fly - market wliail lor tale by G. O. fc S. HOWLAND, may 6 77 Waehington - st. OtlO.i - Ju,l rtf eived 40 pai knxes. 1 hose, O together a ith a large and general assortment nelore on nana, are ottered for sule by the pack - ago or uoztjii, on rcasonuDie lerins, uy THO.. WITT, mv 1 2w No. 272 Paittret. 1UU; itlLAl. loO hlids. 1x0 iianels firs KJ qunlily kiln dried yellow Corn Meal, frtssh iruui uie mills, lursajtt ny TUCKER & LAURIES, my 4 29 South street, ,l ESS and PRIME PORK. - 34 and an"half 1.1 1 barrels, said to lie a very superior lot, wil1 be sold fiora the vessel at the lowest market price. Apply to my 6 CORNELIUS DUBOIS. 1500B SEAIs - SKlAS. air seal skins, for tale by CLARK', MOORE ft CO. 41 6'oulh - st. my 6 3t KU.olA SH ELI ING. - SO pieces yard .vide Kiimia Sheeting, of a fine nuulitv. for sale at 1U0 Front street, by 1 "'T o iw PI'rJPilKN AM.C.N. ND(A SUGAR ft COTTON. rjHE cargo of the ship Ramdololldny, from .L Calcutta, vvi!l commence landing this day, at per No. N. K ner It cunsisti of - I ' . 1 inula cunr, wiuia auu greuueu India Cotton, Some Pig Tin, Sliellack, and Patna Goat Skins Which, if not sold bv Saturday next, will then be offered for sale en Ihe wbaif, by Hatful an ft Glass, at 12 o'clock Apply to rosy 6 St )BF.RT LENOX - r - ,or rmiOMAS DIXON. 77 Piue - street, oilers X sate on liberal terms, of recent importations, to lose invoices, 8 bale very low assorted cloths 2 caws Saxony Cloths and Casinf res 1 hale Venetian canwtinir. 2 - 4 and 6 - 8 1 do Wilton rugs, shell, basket and assorted 2 cases super', cloths, assorted 2 do Dowlas's 9 do extra Carlisle ginghams t 4 do superfine, I do utripe. 1 do lustre 1 bnle rvd and white dannel 3 do ilennet's patent drab cords. 2 cases Mark and blue supci tines 1 do liliick Bomhaxeeni. And, of former importations, 2 bales flannels, assorted ; I hale swan - skiu 6 do Slight hy's, or blue and white kerseys 2 do blue kerseys . 6 do coatings 2 cose worsted hose 30 bales line assorted cloths lt do low do do Bedstead, with Bennet's joint. my 6 10r A LL orders received and attended to for lay iiia and repairing the Manhattan leud and wouti pi its, anu cumin or huh iit, "ticau l . l I I pumps, by SAMUEL STARK EY, my 6 lw No. 13 Chamher - street, aiASHINGandMANGLElNG, don with v f care, by Mrs. IRESON, No. 71 Cross rtret. may 6 at - I LST received and for saie by JOHN J THOMPSON, 128 Pear! street, Supplement to a Treatise on Pleading, con tainine a copious collection of practical prece dents of pleadings and proceedings in personal, real, and mixed actions, by J. Cbitty, rq. with American precedents. may 6 2t E. Stirpp' - ird'i ttat of England eletlu, ke. A FEW cases of extra superfine cloths and XX siriL - le caulmcres of Saxony wool .4 1 jo, a trv! cases of supcrftn cloths of lower quality, calculated for tb country trade, just received from tbe manufactory at Lley in ug - land. Likewise, 1 case of vest patterns, from Rests vin 6 Bedford's manufactory, London. Order will be received by the subscribers for goods from either of the above manufactories. J. H. LAURENCE fc CO. my 6 2w No. 55 Piue - street. The subscriber off'.Ts for sale his rest aenc in me lowo n; ra:iueiu. raw . ! .... . O.LtlJ Connecticut, ft is pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, about ball mile from Long Island Sound. 55 miles Irom new York, and so from New Haven. Tbe house and out - bouse are in excellent repair. The fruit yard is well stocked with a variety oi peacnes, apricots, merries, nears and strawberries. There are in the vicini ty academies for the education of youth of both sexes. I rom one to six acres oi exctiieni iano, at the option of the purchaser, can be bad with the house, and the purchase money, if derind ran remain oo interest, ror terms aptiiy to ISAAC M. ELY. fca. 76 John street, n. or. or to the Hon. JONATHAN STURULS, Fair field, Jonnecticuu my 6 diicu UAV1U t.L,T, O WANTED, A snuc house at Brooklyn, or in the up mr oarts of this city, in exr.hause for a pla - .e at BloominEdale. cootaininr about fire acres of pround; oo whKhis a house very pleasantly sit uated, comman'iing a line view oi u iiuosnu, with convenient oat - buildings, well, ftc - Mer chandise, stock, or a staunch vessel, betweee 50 and 60 tons wouldtr.ot be objected to. Ap ply at 31 Sooth - street. my I FRE.tCil TUITION. TB. DESEZE respectfully inforras tt pub . lie. that he continue to teach French, ac cordin? to tbe principles of Ihe rench academy, at his house No. 290 Greenwicb street, betweeo A riin lvr. uiiolara mav. throueb - ogt the day, be atteaded in claaseaor individually. He alw sives lr?is io towa to such Lidies orgentieinea as may find it more convenient to be attended at their own houses, lransla ion from different languages done with accuracy and despatch. . ' . . . ... li. B Ad elegant room to let, with t without th privilege ofboaidisg with the 'ni.y ; apply as above. - . my lw I ly i REMOVALS; 1 1 aa ni mi 11 1 1 . REMOVED, tit JOHN KLYSEH has removed to No. 213 Front slreet. ray6Ct (tTr - N. ROGKRe, Mtniaturt Pander. itotorfK) to IHo. I a.. B. A I bV.. 174 r u ton - street, west si de of Broadway msysxwi fOr DR. HI I CHCOCK bas removed from ii Terry street to 300 Greenwich street. - my 6 6t S. ft T. WHiTTEMOKE have ruaoved to No. 110 Kront - street, where they intend eoa - fioeing themselve to comauisaioe Dullness, and will make liberal advances oat goods consigned them, for sale. my S tw tCT Mr. 4t Mrs. p.vRDl'd ORATORIO is postpom J to Thursday night tbe 7th inst. mav 5 3t ' SOT The iew - York Firnuen Insurance Com - pany hav rtmovtd from Me. S6 to No. 54 Wall - street mav 4 lw HT PETER HE WITT, has removed his Oili. e to No. 30 Liberty - street, a few doors a - huv William - street, may 4 lOt. tt MAtKlK., MiLNE ved to No. 61 I'ine - street. . CO. hav reino - may 4 0O - JHN R. SCOT 1 , has removed his of - fice, to 41 Pinereet. may 4 2w Mrs. WADEhus removed to No. 15 Com Hand street, a pleasant and central sitna - liou, and her house u uow ready for tlie reception of Kouiders. may 4 lw llR. AEll.MI.S Ims removed to (lie north west corner of Greenwiib and Liheity streets, nearly onpoiilc his former resideute. mv4 liv HEAR LOU' k.urcuisVdliomNo, 2ly to 171 Pearl - alract, coruur of i'iuc - slrect. COPARTNERSHIP. . HF.YRY tJTT and TtlADDEUS SllERM.iff having formed a connrctlou m business, under the firm of LOTT fc SHF.It.VlAN, hav opened a baudMn assortment of dry gorda, which they ofler for salo hy the piece or pack age, for cash or approved credit, at i. .17 1 Pearl - street, corner of Pine - trt. HENRY LOTT, my 4 6t THAHDEUS SHERMAN ILr" Dr. G. .'. COOPER has removed to No. 325 Bioadway, third house uhove th hoi pitalgate. my 2 Iw fXy - P. G. & J. HILDRE'i li, have removed their Or r ICb to Law Uuiluubgs Ao. S, iva - ssu street. mv 2 lw (T J. CLEMEiYi'P, Veterinary Surgeon, rcmovea to io. 77 warren street. . mv 2 Iw lilt SJ'EPHEN P 1. EM CINE has removed his dike to No. 21 Wall - street, next door to the .vianhattan Hank. myx iw IVt WM. ( BUCK NOR ha. rtuiovtd his omco from No. 54 to 37 Wall - street, opposite IheCity Bnnk my u tw NOMCE. frt - ABRAHAM BtLL ha removed his business to a new store in Fulton - street, a few doors from Pearl - street. my I lw THOMAS PHOENIX has removed his fte from No. 11 Murray, to No, 60 Chatham - street. ap29 lot Oj T. A. EMMET, & EMMET ft WHITE, have removed their ollir to No. 25 Pine - street. ap 30 5w fLJ UAVll) SMITH, jun. has rsmuvtd hi counting - ruom to 312 Pearl - slrt. my 1 Sw ' ' ' 1)ETR D. TURCOT informs his Iriends 1 am and the ntiblic in teneral that be has remo ved his UDholsterv Ware House from No. 85 to No. 6J Maiden Cane where he oilers lor sale some elegtnt patterns of Paper Hangings, just received by the latest arrivuls from Frunce, on the most reasonable terms. myz nil BOARDING. TT'OUR or five sontleinen with their families. 17 or. ten or fineen siuele centlcmen, can be accommodated with board and lodging at Mount Vernon Hotel, nhout five miles from the city of New York, on Un bank nftlin r.ast Hirer, and one of the most pleasant situations on the island. The rooms are spacious and airy, bavins; a lull view of the river l coach house and stables Terms liberal, and every attention paid, by the public's humble servant. mY 4 101 V,JILUivl,Li. WANTED. A GOODfi ma: mi vant, to do the Cooking LX. and other work of a small lamily, where is to be no other help. None need apply unless they can bring a satisfactory recommendation fiom their last place ; to such a one good wage win be paid. Apply at lo franklin street. my 5 NEW LOTTERY OFFICE, 114 BSOABWAY. D GILLESPIE informs his friends and the public that ha has opened a Lottery aud Exchang Office, 114 Broadway, opposit City Hotel, wher he offers for sale Milford Road Tickets, which lottery commences drawing this afternoon at 4 o'clock first drawn number entitled lo 5000 dollars ; there being ako a floating prize of 10.000 dollars, may also b drawn. Titos that wish to purchase, better apply soon a above. may a m AYOUNGmao acquainted with doing busi ness in the country, wishes a situation ai clerk with a wholesale arid retail merchant, io this citr : his present obfect is not compensa tion. Reference had of Mr. L. Tibbals, at tbe Mechanics' Baak. my 6 6tt - A HI1A WL LOST. T1BT WEEN Courtlandt and Murray - streets. tJ a small striped cause Shawl, the finder will confer a favor by leavinc it at ao. 3 counianoi street, anJ if requlrsd will receive a reward my 6 BLOOM1NGDALE LANDS FOR SALE AT AVCTIOST. O N Wednesday next, Uie 13th lost, at twelve o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee House, will be sold 30 acres of valuable land, 7 miles from the city, lyiag oa tli east aide of the road, between Manhattan village and the new asylum now building by the corporation I it mini on both, is about 3 - 4 of a mile alone the road, divi ded into three parts or lots, each with abundance of water. The lot next the asylum has oo it one of the finest SDrines of water ia the state, supposed by many to be capable of supplying tbe wevi siuc of mis city, iieni aa iuro as uie uoine of 8t Pauls. Tbe centre tot baa oa it th chain of defence put up in the war, and tb one nearest Uie village a one meauow. Terms of sain 1 - 4 cash, or approved indorsed notes at 3 months with interest other payments at 2, 3, and 4 years, secured by bond and mort gage, interest semi - annually. A map oi ine property may oeseen uin ac tion Room, of Messrs. IloUmaa C uiass. i juc inilispntnh!. "iy AUl.ECS LIST OF PRtZE. MILFORD fc OWEGO ROAD bun KB I. 1st day's drawing No. 4650 $ W 1J01 s 3365 J 6816 9699 100 Will draw again on Thursday, at 4 o'clock, vt Ticket and Shares l. sale at ALLEN'S tru luckv office. No. 122 Broadway i where was sold and immediately paid the largest prise ever drawn m America, viz. No. 3330 g 100,000 , 1954J 12061 .10053 25,000 20,000 20,000 19596 10323 2,000 30,000 25,000 12129 8710 15,000 Several of 10,000, 5.000, 9.000, fcc fce. Cash paid for all pruet sold at Allen's. Pnxe mi tlu ami all ether lotteries, aad lo tii bank note, rectired for tickrts. may 6 2t 1 PUBLIC SALES. rtu ie k riccti at taormajr and ei.ass, and rmaaxusr Md ( MIBTcair. FRIDAY, at half past 10 o'clock, fa front of Um store of Mr. J'vha Jacob Astor. No. 141 Greenwich - street, between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, th entire cargo or teas lust arrived u tb ship Wiiuaai aad JuU,Capt. IHakeman, itvm v,auiun, COUMSUOg 01, Vll wvk i cheats Rohea 664 chests ) a 868 halichesUS So,,CB, 395 chests j 1 1 2 half chests Hysoa Tea 271 boxes ) 370 chests I 100 half Young Hyson 400 boxes V 2181 chests Hyson Skio 30 chests) 100 half Imperial ' . 200 boxes 15 Chests ' , - 100 10 - catty boxes I 25 boxes contain - VGan - Powder . log each 20 can - 1 bisters 2lh each 1772 bundles Cauia. Catalogues on Wednesday, and tbe lea ma be examined at the store on Thursday and Fri day morning previous to the sale. The above teas are an iresti and of a very superior qaaaiy. 1 erms made (now at the time oi sale. jf MILLS, MUtTOJt & CO. Friday, At half oast II o'clock, front of their auction store, 70 casks cut nails ; 30 kegs black, yellow, - Muinrn Lrfmaou ramu, inons. MARBLE EOR hUlLDim, ke. MM 11 E proprietors of th southern marble qnal JL ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that Oiey have oo hand, aad are receiving, at the Kwjfi Bridge Marble and 'Lvne - lard, foot of Baach - streat, on tha Hudson river, an extensive slock of marbl lor building, of tb following de svnpvHJtu, via , - Ashlar Coping Foundation 8 ton Chimney - Pieces Facings ' Columns . , Watertabl Steps Platforms ' Sills, LinUli Arches Also Lim of th best quality. jy A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon; and those desirous of purthininj, or makibf engagements, win apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 AttheYard. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. . 07 In consquence of tlie death of Captaia Jul.u Smith, the urin of Smith, Bianehardb Co. is ditsolved. The concerns of the firm will be adjusted by the subscribers, and th business ia future be conducted under tnu firm of 5. and . Blanchaid, at No. 35 Burl ine - slip. Samuel tfiunenara, my 5 2w Etitha Blanthard. ORATORIO. T - " By Ihe Haudtl and Haydn Setittf. t.t 1 he committee of Hie liar.del and Havda Society eive notice, that th subscription bst for au oratorio this month, will be closed oo tlie ltiib iust. in order to their forming en opinion, whether the amooat subscribed will defray the probable expence. Until the 10th inst.. the subscription lists will be left at Messrs. Swords', No. 160 Pearl street) at Mr. Dubois' Music - Store, Broadway, and at Mr. Goodrich's, comer of Hroailwnv ana Cedar - street, Messrs. Kirk Ik MERCMNd, 22 Wail - street, F - artborns Co. corner of Pine and Broadway, and Otib'l Ma ' i. ma V I MklHiM..l.n. my 5 116th my - . . COLUMBIA COLLEGE. May ai ii as a naw cauMoaae ia bdous io d maae of the books belonging to th Library of Colem bia College, persons having in tlrtir posaesstoei tiooks bclimging to said Library are requested to rtum Uie inine wstjtwii neiay, m Muacrt ber, at his chamber, No - 4 College Greeo. n.v5 6t WILLIAM HARRIS. Merclumlt Bank, Mag 6, 1818. fT Th aanual election for Director of this Institution will be held ou Tuesday the id day I of June next, at the Banking House, betwsen to hours oi iu and Z oh lock. ' By order of the Beard of Directors, G.B. VAOOM, Cash'r. mav 5 tjS ' ' . To tkt Patrvnt and Latere of the t'm Artt, rr Will baeald at public auction oo Thurs day th 7th inst. at No. 7 Chatham - stxeet, la comment' at half past ta o'clock, a large collection of Marble aud Uabaster Vases, Group and Figures, Just imported from Fkroce a taong which are The Graces, Cammed, Cleopfctras, Locr - liai Rom, Ebi of Canovo, Tbe Muses, Fmale Dsacer from litrcuiaacuca, Uacbsasls, Kc, Some of tbe above are executed by tbe an matters. may 6 at NOTICE. ffj - The subscribers bate formed a conaeilon in th Dry - Good business Busier the firm of Daf - Ion at ObnUed, at tbe store formerly occupied hy Mr. Aaron Smith, No. 209 Broadway, corner of Fulton - street, wher the offer for al a general assortrjicnt of lane goods ca nasooabl terms. C. W.DAYTON, my 6 St T. OLMSTED. A CARD. ITT' Mr. WH.fl.E has tha honor of making known to th Ladies aad Gotlmi of tb city of N. York, knat hi Grand, Ball will take place en Friday evening next, at Mr. Moses Roll's Ball Room, Newark Tickets oa uouar each, to be had at the bar of the Hotel. aay 8 3t CARPETS. ft PRIEST b HOOT hav removed thair carpet stor to No. 196 Broadway, oppoatt Franklin ilout, where they have just opened and offer for sale a handsome assort ssent of Am and superfine ingrain carpeting, of tha Mtt patterns. Likewise, on hand, ., Vcnetiaa tair - crpung, taoie covers, Hearth rags, door mats, fcc Patent floor cloth for entries sod halls iaa variety of petterni and widths. my 3t MUTUAL INSURANCE COMCA u THEClTYOFNEtV'tOK. . The President and Director five no tice that a dividend of few and a half per eent. on tbe capital stock of this Company, tor six. months, will be made on tne uto aw. anu nd on demand to the s toe - holders or their attomies, at No. 52 Wall - street. my 6 lux JOHN pin i akjj, aec - ry. fiftti FRANKLIN FIRE tNBLRAca . COMPANY have their ObV at No. 41 Will - street i where tbey art read to nceit a spplicaliobS for loaaranr. lb. CAPITAL STOCK of Haifa Mlfflo - af Doilars. is all sabsenbed and paid, at satiafacto - nly secured' DIKKCTOa. Eliaha TibMts. Philip Brasher, Henry 1. WyckofT. Tboosa Fran alia, . James Walsh, Stephen Whitney, Js. P. M'aUab. Peres Joeea, - Joha Adsaas, Thomas tackier. Georg Giiswold, W. B,vard.Jr. John T. Lawreaca, ame Boorsaan, Beai. L. c waa. Jeha I. Palmer, EUSJTA TIBBI'IS, PreskteaL J. WORTHINGTON, oec'ry. may 6 la WANTS A SITUATION, N a wholesale and retail drygood store , a a aalesmaa. a yoeac married aaaa, woo na been regeiarly brrd to the bassoes ST" tiedertake tbe cat - door fetine f "ft"' h, - . The wi - wt resce table reiereace wlU be given a iocb.rcter aud abihlj. A ha rea. tlloil. I.H aidlert attBiscfic, w,5 mediate !y atteaded K v

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