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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, May 7, 1818
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NKlf - YOKK EVENING POST. THURSDAY, MAY 7 Walk Dictionary in an abridgtdfc Weare always well pleased to see editions of this excellent work maltlplied la tbU country , A correct and elegant pronunciation of the En - ' glish, language cuM be obtained from any pub - licilioa extant to certainly mi from this. W subscribe to fully to th opinion of iti merits, expressed is tbe English Critical Review, lhalw trail ourselves of it without dissenting syllable, ' &ac the sxaennftc labours of Mr. Walker kin Nnuil Pn'lUh orthoeor from the artrttra - rr dictate of pedantry, ad the fluctaaUioii ofj caprice, a correct pronunciation almost to have become a criteri of good braeding and fihrn ariiuil'uin. There Will alway be, it it nrobahLt. mu word of proDonciatioa to am ligoous, that arm among poiiU speaker, a - diuerence will prevail, aad each mu ba to tbe guidance of hi own ear: but, it i mock to . be doubted, wbetberaay lsxicognipnoe will evsr approach Bearer Uiao Mr. waucer, to in ' 'hhMr of a correct standard. . li a baa exhibited v - oth pbilotophical knowledge of language, luch 'sHXensire observation, mcb profound investiga - tioa of analogy, with tuch clearness of method aad Danpieuitr ofitvl. a to render any mate. rial improvement, at present, rathtr toba wished, than expected. Although w do not cont - der Jkfr. Walker's dictionary infallible, yet it ariMan to eminently tba belt guide to a cor - 1 rtct ao J elegant pronuadatioii of our laojoa." Y'3?atlua Luken wai triad and convicted in ,' ladeirJiia Utt week bebra tba circoit coart f the United States, for forcibly resisting the proper officer from (00101 upon bint judicial S process to recorer a militia Una. ' The coart sen - J, 1 traced htm to pay a fine of ISO dollars, and lis aoooth's iaprboomeot - '1 Tba account of the death of antral Chris to;he, aaat ua by our corretpondent lit Fhiladtl - f - bia, wo axe inclined to beliere It premature . OtlFlfTWOlifOlOfl. : Tba citlten of New - York are again toba fa - Tored with tba rocal power of Mr. philipp , JttlM tbe grave attractions of tragedy, aad tba pleasantry and mirth of comedy, tba delightful strain of vocal nunc will ba doubly welcome to lha car of the If aw - York audience. At to be - ' stowing iodiridual encomiumi on this geotUman, . when bit meriti hare attracted universal ap plause from crowded audience, would be super - fluMM. " Wa can only anticipate tba tame anrou - ' rafamcnt bestowed on him, ai at biiArttand second aojagementt. A friend to th Dram. Frtm At Richmond Compiler, May 2. - It h tttid that Ale lender M'Rae, Eiq. of thit city hat been appointed by the pretideut of the U. State, Conml General to Holland. The latt rentleman who Ailed that offica wa Silai bourne, Eaq. who reiided at Amtterdam. Ai Dr. Eut - ., tit, our pretent Miniirter to Holland, U returning homo, and ai the Georgia Journal intimatet that tba mittion to that country it about to b , ditcontinued by our goeeronient, it it probable tbat Mr. M'Rae will occupy a vary retpootiblc character to Holland. , Erem Hit MUlrdgniilt Journal, a April 1 1 . The army hating arrived within a few milct ol Mickaaukie on the night of the 31 tt ult. arrange - ' Mti mh.iiIi tnr altark earivnext morn - ' iua. t - m 4alar4 k ahnrt time, hv ordpr o( general Jackton, to give culonrl KIImI, with 400 volunteett from Tentiettre, - time to come ap. A Junction being formed, the troopt moved furward a the following order :60 rrgulart and 100 01 . central Glucock't brigade o Georgia militia ' lormed the advance guard, commanded by major an iivni uf nuica were ine tpft, contuiiog ci a rew inaiant, 1 ennetaaeaM and ueorgiunt a little in the rear of the van, wai the artillery, tnp - poneu oj we via rei, - imcnt 01 reg'iian aeii . came the baggage, followed by the 4th regiment of regular - - then the rear guard, competed ot 100 Georgia militia. The 1ft and ii regiment of general Gleacork'i brigade formed the risht and left flank of the army, covering the artillery the friendly Indian occupied a ttatioo between tba roralara and Georgia militia the Tennet - aeeent flanked the rieht and left of the advance . guard. When the tptet were within half s; mile U uc town, uiey at errtea a number 01 iiictunt, apparently guarding tome cattle tba fact wa iattantly communicated to the commanding gen rat, but before the flank could be thrown out, and the necettary meature adopted to encircle ' L them, and thut prevent their ctcape.the tpie fired t tie ladiaaa, after a (harp tkirmuh fled. Th Ktottitr Wa have never witnetted to backward a tprine in Georgia a the pretent . ' Vegetatioo of every kind it nearly a mouth later " tnao utaal. uur loreit tree, which are com mooly in full folisg at tbit Katon,' are jutt be - '4nin tA nnl a,iI KnrulaAmalit Vmn fhm 1 hardy poplar hat been in leaf but a few dart . The mercury in Farenbeit'i thermometer ttood ettcrday morning at 35, beuur but 8 decree a bora freenng point. Water which had been ttanding the preceding night wa mcrurted with ice. ' Mont of lha tender plant aad ihrubbrry have neeu Kiitca. nearly all in col too up bai . anarea ine tame cm. . From tht Ptlenburgh intttligenctr. May 4. Hydrophobia. A melancholy instance of till dreadful disease occurred in Richmond a few weeks ago. A boy of fourteen, who was bit in the hncL was attacked with all the symp. torn of the disease about rix weeks after the wotiml wa entirely healed, lie died in the i crate. Bfronj upon uie touna uar. i ne in1 a I iL wa - .s h 1114 siviiw iviui mtim wiiiiwi 11a 11 via ,ma,m w , fUced upon the wound a few hour after the accident happened, ami other medical reme - rtiica wero also riven. It appeared to eipe rience 110 uneasy sensation from the time he was hit until the symptoms of the Hydropho bia appeared 1 but attended school as usual. 1 hia turn another proof to many outers, of the tnefficaey of the India atone, which has frequently sold for several thousand dollars FRANKFORT, (Ken ) April 17. Murder .' - On Friday eveting the 10th iost. a loat four mites from this towa at the forks Ek - orn fit beinr mutter dar.1 an - unlbrtanato oc currence took place, ahich resulted is) the muraVr of Abraham Carter of this county, aod two others by tbe name or Kendal's wounded. Oa Satarday the five person who were con - rmeni0 ine not, were BMrerieuod ana tneo lieiore the civil nuilimity of ihi town, when three were reltdttd. . aixlthe reroaiuing two, vis. Jack - r - n ana nantnaM oin; louml guilty, were con1 ' Aned 10 jail for a further ii.vetligatiuo on Mm oajr : when, witwithttKndina tbe eiertioot o ttieir roansel, from the circems'anrei o( the cae, tJ,f roagistrl. t who tat, 11 : Nieisrt. Todd a::d Wae - 'ner, were of oinnioa that bml . mifvt - le, and remaiided ibe prisoners to iuil to await their trial at the ntxtteiia of the Circuit Court. It it with frelio't of the decpeii MM tut w are calletl apoa lo record aa act of to airociout a , nature wt tbat of tAurtftr in the vicinity ot" our . towa. From tbe evidence and corroborktiiiscir - cumstanret. we are "t cpini tbat the courHvl ro'tued ny me mai;ittra(tn wat entirely correct. - If ft should ap,ear, uihm a further investigation that the accused are ittrf gvillj, then let t!em be arrpntred. - w he plr ,ea at such a re salt. - . Eut ci the coorrary, if it should apptn . that tbey are tyiitsr, kt them meet a just reward, whatever that reward may be. SALEM, Miy 5. Mr. Prince Eavnders, (a black man,) of Bos - wm, came paaseorer, 10 the sch A J '.'cut are, frora Gape Henrr, ki had teit resUnf fcr soma titna, and labariog (under tba palrouaga, wa believe, of the Loodoo - EibU Society, and r - th ctrrn and protection of the tove - reigaof the toontry, king Henry) to piant ihe taeJi of itiioiioa and relicioe) among tba pao plaofhiskjigdomofblack. From lord Tejgn - nth h emrtimd oat a bibla. tpecialtv for kmg Henry, which was thankfully received, and a numUrfrMl th ritV. for lllttnOUtlOB. Oir. Eaaoder bas effected the establiibmont of four national schools (lupported by th king) under Eogluh scboolmstters, and ia which the English language is taught. A gentleman in this town lately purchased uoe of Collin' saost highly An. uhed bibles, price 15 dollar, and seat it out to king Henry. . BOSTON . Mar 6 Onr reader will doabtless recoUact our having nahliihrd a few dav iince. an account of the kw of the snip Mary ft Betsy ,of Charleston C which it was stated founderad in the latitude of the Grand Carman. 00 the 3d Dec. laat. on her pat ace from Baltimore to New - Orleans, aad when attempting to gain the Mutouito thorn in th loog beat, 25 oat of 38 on board, perished. Two of tt crew arrived here in ti Mary, 1 ate, from Honduras and two others arrived 00 Sunday latt, ia the favourite, Shaw, from the tame port. r torn circumstances which nave tine transpired it I suspected the account poblithad, and wrucn wa given by the two first mentioned seamen, is a fabrication. - There can ba Kitle doubt that the ship 1 lost, but ia what manner cannot be ascertaiaed perhaps, until alt - gal investigation is had upon the subject. It is to be hoped tbat the story of the iota of so many lives may provs to oe untrue. Wa learn, by Mr. Belcher, who was on board renr. reoruin, 01 pi. Toric, on ine coast or era til, that on the 8th of February, a mutiny broke out on board that rettel, in which the cayU was wounded with a tabre and handpike, but got into the cabin, where were the armt and the am - muuilioo, ami where be, the lupercargo, doctor, mate. Mr. B. it wad and boy, secured thfnv selves against the seven mutineers, who held the rest of the rettel, and the water and provmon. At length the mate wat sent up to negotiate, but ba was seized, bound, and thrown mto the tor' castle. Tbera were about 1 1 0,000 m sperie on board s but lbs mutineer taul they did not want the money, bot only revenge 00 the captain, for what they called ill - treatment and they meant to carry the vestal into oma port, where they would nave Justice. 1 her, at length, however, came to a compromise, agreeing to take $ 100 each to defray their eipenteo home, and written discharges from the vcsmI, which were given 1 and they spiked the two larg guns, put the tailt aback, anil left the veiitl in the long boat. Their names are John Maxwell, an American, Mal colm ratton, a Scotchman, John Johnson, an Englishman, John Roberts, do., Magnus Vin - thip, an American. John Fraiccr, cooper, a Scotchman, and Walter Bray, carpenter, an En glishman. It appear tba mutineer landed at raraibo, aod were afterward arretted, and iuprifoned at reroambuca, to ba rent to tbe U. a. by the first I, for trial. A very novel scene was exhibited last March, in Liverpool, (England) which greatly amused several thousands of spectators. It was the tight of a Curricle, to which four Cats were harnessed, that drew Mr. Uther, the clown of the circus, (in the carriage) 751 paces, in nine minutes and a half, to the great astoniih - ment and gratilication of the spectators. After the rats had performed their travel, they were oiiharncMtd aod ratted in the air, for the view of the unmo crowd, by whom the cat were greeted by loud and repealed huixas ! S HUDSON. Mav 5. In this county, the four candidates nominated by tba federalist for anembly, ware elected Jame Strong, Ktq. federalist, it elected a mem ber of congrttt from thu dwtrict. , PHILADELPHIA. May 6. Soma villain or villains attempted on Monday oi'ht between the hours of B and 9 o'clock, to set firs to the dwelling houte of Mr. Benjamin b'merkk, In 8th tt. betweeu George and Walnut street, by placing matchet In a small houte in which there was a quantity of wat shavings : happily the sharing! being wet, defeated their vuiatnou purpocet. 8W4.NXAH. April 27. It i taid that Arbuthnct who wa taken at the rapture of St. Mark hat bren placed in rlote con - nuement by Oenerai Jack ton, awaiting the return of the army to et. Mark, when be will be irwa oy we court martial. . No arnt.ic, May 4. Cant. William R Ituster. for whose aonre hensinn a tewanl of five hundred dollars was offered by the Marine Insurance Company of tins town, was apprehended at Eluabe b City, on I nursday last, by the shennof Pasquotank coumy.. Cant. II. after sailinz from Charleston, proceeded to Newbem, where he left the brig and came on to Klixabelh City in the steam boat Norfolk. We understand that he dt clares his intentions to have been honorable, and thut he h(vuchcr to proe that hi conduct in the Wnole transaction haa been strictly correct! On this head we shall offer no opinion we mrrely state feet. Ccaioos laciDKRT. The following relation it riven by ecntlemen who were witnetwt of the fact while going up James River, on Friday last in tbe Steam Boat Powhatan. In passing Day1 I'oint ttw.y oorerved an t.ACLr, which, alter hovering aboat the thore lor some time, made a tudden dart into the water, where lie remained out of sielit, about two (econda. and then re - ap pran - d bearing in bit talout a Fitb apparently three feet in length. In a minute or two, how - over, he plunced again Into the water, and again appeared with bit prey. Thu operation he re prated a second tint tti'l holdinz the fish in hit cluwt ; a third lime be decended with it, bat wa teen no more ! The conjecture was. that the fca gle had got hit talons (0 deeply inserted in hit scaly prise that be could not txtneate thtui, and his strength was not tdtuuale to bear it a way to the shore. . Ciublutos, April 28. Darinf Outrage. K French Gentleman, who arrived in this city from Savannah, on Friday last, as he wa reluming from the Theatre to his lodgings on the Bay, between the hours of ten and eleven o clock, was unexpectedly, in the most treacherous and base manner, attacked, ai the corner of State - street and Unity Al ley. by a person who, unperceived, came up behind him and gave him a violent blow on the back part or his head with a D'ujgeon, which felled him to ihe rrouud; the assafsin then drew a poignard and attempted to plunge it into the prostrate gentleman's breast, who was fortunately shielded from the murderous in - tent by his pocket book, which wa in hi tide pocket, dlunned snd stupiiied tr ine oiow lie had received, though nut totally deprived of hit faculties, vet. from the obscurity of the oifcht, he was prevented from dUiing - uishing all precision, the viiluui who baa commuted this atrocious ami dastardly outrage againsi both himself and the community. From some circumstance that hare since occurred, and the leral step taken by the in lured person, there is some 1 10 pes 01 in is ne farious act bring: brought to licrit, and the per - pur.ior receiving that punishment wiin is due from tbe violated laws of the country, to so unprincipled and inhuman a m - joster. KIVG3TOV. J im. Marrti 1ft. I taaietv's brie Pchran nflt. In Coroo,tvrrivedatPonIU.valyc - twdfrcTialS145, tw.g 57. spoke sch BeUey, Evans, 51 - " The Pelican it from i urlrt IsUi - d. last (days fr m CibiaHaj, bound to Buents Ayre. c nofir, wnere it w un?tuy rep - 'rtd, Piit the British govtntatot had asked fcr lie uland of Cuba, of thecoartoCWaUTd. v? a ett - orjimltiedtbtof! - pau. FREXCn COLOSUL RECULATIOX. Louis, by tba grace of God, kiog of Franc andNsTSrrs: ' ' '' Takinr into coortderaUoa the ttat of the par vest ia th southern department of our kingdom, tht bit rests of our maritime commerce, aod the want of our colonies Wa have order td, and do hereby order a fol lows: Article 1. French vessels are authorised to bring mto oar colonic, until tbe end of October. IB1U, th ooar woicn tney tnaii nave irauw .... ' ' ' ....... Irticle Z. uur miuuier, srcreiary 01 uaiv, for tbe department of tbe marine aod colonies, is charged with, the execauon 01 ine preteni orui - nance. '' ' ' ' ' ' . Given at Par'u. palac of TnilUriea, th tenth of September, on thousand tijbt hundred SB J seventeen, and of our reign Im twanty - third. .. IUU1. By th king: Oetirtion St. Cyr. PROCLAMATION, ' is - ms awi or Ten kimo. The gtsrernor and administrator, for tba king, at Martinico, Having seen the ordinance of tba king, dated th 10th of September, 1817, authorizing the importation of foreign Sour into tba French colonies. Issues the following order : Article I . In execution of the above ordinance and the instruction! of his excellency the minister of marina and the colonies, dated 18th September, 1817, all French retails which shall import foreign flour into Martinico, until the end of October of the pretent year, thai! be placed on the ame fooling, as regards the duties, as vessels arriving from French ports with French Sour. ' Article S. This regulation to take (fleet in case of French vesselr, already arrived in the port of Martinico, with foreign Sour, and the inward duties shall not have been rattled. Article S. Tbe intendaut commissary of the colony is charged with the execution of the present proclamation, which shall be registered at the office of the government house, and at the registry of lha marine. The Lieutenant - General, DONZELOT. By th Governor and Administrator of lha Kiog, th secretary - general of tba government : GUILLAUME. Fort Royal, Slat March, 1818. A true copy : The principal iutendant commissary, DE KICARD. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Freeman' Journal, ) Wednesday. Mar 6 noon. I Death of Chriitopfit.A tetter received by a rtpcctable mercantile houte in this city, from Port - au - l'rinre, dated April 13, says : " We havo lust received authentic new of tbe death of CHKISTOPHE." Itissinaular. that both the rival sovereigns of St. Dorniuco, should have died within a few day of each other. Will not Franca eventually obtain poitestlon of that Island i Arrived, schr. ueiaware, House, 7 days irom Boston. Two ship below ' From our Cmrtrpondtnl. Steam - boat Hotel, Reading und News - room, ) Norfolk, May 4 - 9 A. M. Arrived British brig Kale, Tynea, 17 day from Barbados!. The schr Jane ft sarsh, from this port, and tbip Indian, from Charleston, en tered at lha custom - houte - at tsndntown 3d of April, end ship llipson, Moorthead, and brig Jane, Ford, arrived there the 13th being the only vessels from the United States noticed in any of the papers whirh I have received. Brig John fc Adeline, Folger, Sxdayttrom At. Martins. Le - tl brig Franklin, Smith, of and for Ksnnebunk, to sail lGlh April; and brig Adeline, Souther, of and for Coorgetowa DC to rail in a few days via St. Thomas. Spoke April 13, lat 34 6 Ion 72 20 brig Flixa, of and from Baltimore for Cub, out 3 days. 27lh, lat 31 60 too 73, ship Ceres, of and from Charleston bound to Boston, rut 3 dayt. Schr James Monroe, Ilipkins, 3 days from N. York. Sloop IVunbler, Lynch, 3 days from N. York. British sloop Suiannah, Wainwright, 23 day? frcai Antigua. Spoke, 27th ult lat S3 Ion 73 30 schr Packet, from Port au Prioca bound to N. Carolina, out 24 days, in distress, beiug short of l - ro - L - sons, with which capt. W. supplied him as tar a? he was able. The P. Intended to put into the fii - t port In Hamilton Roads, waiting orders, brigs Ar - o, Drmkwater, and Castor, Window, from Portland in ballast. Schrs Ossipee, Townton. and Lucinda, Ben son, 10 days from Sato, Me. bound to Rk - hmonJ. schr rally, bheldnn, 7 dayt Irom rrovidence, Schr Coaster, - Vau Name, 38 hours from N. York. Brig Mount Hope, Smith, 8 days from Provi dence, H.I. Sloop Brothers, Runell, 3 day from N York. Schr Union, Ditbrnw, H dayt from NYork. Sloop Mary Ann, Beont t, 8 da t from Charleston, bound to Philadelphia; put in leaky. Sch. Mary, l)ri - cr, 14 dav from St. Croix, (Bits end.) P - iileJ in cn with brirrs Indepen dence, Barnard, (of Hartford) for Turks Island and Martha, .Smith, for Wilmington, N, C 1 wo schr (regular trader) rapt, i - owler and Little, from .V York, had arrived at St. Croix a few days before the M. sailed. Flour f 10. Came up sch. Molly, Keele, 19 days from St. Thomas Left brijr F.liia, Winkle', tor Boiton in a few days 1 schrs Sea Serpant, Andrews, of Baltimore, for Mayoquez, do Klia, Brown, of NYork, unc , Renown, of Falmouth, do; Spy, Reardon, of Baltimore. dicli; sloop Agenora. forAew - York, ntxt dav. The sloop llenr'. Monroe, sailed same day for Connecti cut 1 and sch. Mr: traid, sailed the day pre - vimi for Boston. Spoke going in, sell ferry, Taylor, nf nd from Baltimore, 15 days out A pilot boat from below on Saturday, reports, that she spoke on Thursday evening, a little south of the capes, sch. Ilcsolution, from iv York, bound to Alexandria. MARKIKD, Lsut evtnmr, by th Revd. Mr. Bork, Mr. Abraham B. Kk h, to Mitt Sarah Butting, daughter of Mr. William Bustiofr, both of this city. tricxiAXi rxsr M.iRLYE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Albion, Conway, msterdom Goodhue Si Co Carrier, Hitchcock, Brie; Levant, I) Wood, Liverpool F Thompson Savannah Thoe. Barren Schr Lady Washington, Eaten, Norfolk Sally. Gold, Ncwbern Retrieve, Lewis, - Cadit Peter Harmony Sloop Juno, Tripp, Piovidence URKtt'Elt THIS FORF.XOO. Brig Psyche, Erskine, SI days from Dundee, with dry goods, to I) S Kennedy, Boomian and Johnston, and others, failed in Co with brig Jane, Brown, for N York. April 6ih, Lit 53 52, long o 34, spoke ong Northumberland, from bhieUls, bound to n tork, Ttrig Charlotte, Bartlett. 75 days from Buenos Avret, with hides, tic. to Pa.mer ft Ham - ilton. and Robert Ballett. o vestei had ar - I rived incc the Or - ia sailed. March 12. lat Paeiger, c.'pt Barney, and A Andersor. ! Mn Uisha, Winkler, of Portsmouth, N. H 21 oan from t 1 honias. with rum. sugar i and iwuiin, to A Warnock, A S Hallett, and j iv nLa. Left, sch Renown, Eldrmge, fbr PbUwielphia 3 dayt 1 sch Eliza, Brown, for th Main l brig Ocn. kiorr'ton of Gteu - erater, fcr Smyrna 10 daya 1 brig Olive, from lu:im:jwwsmk Arhmrrmr lumber. Pusetiger, eapt G Guuert, formerly of the American brig Dove, conaeoinea at ou s nuniu, snd J Mauri. The brig Comet, of Bath, eapt J. Hunt, bound fiom Baa End, St. Croix, to West End, to take in a cargo ror isoswn, meeting with westerly wind L bating2day, put off for 9t.Thoma for a harbour, but keep - ing too far to the eastward during the night, took a small bay to the windward for St Tho - mas harbour, atood in very nigh, when 11 oieo .w. r.lm hiring - discovered the breters. and let go both anchors, the vHsel iwung head to the sea, her stern part struck a rock, when she immediately went to pieces, crew saveu. iRRlVt.O LAST KFEXISG, British Packet Francis Freding, capt. Ctuv nins - ham. 54 davs from Falmouth, via Bermu - ,t. 11 dva from the latter place, with the February and March mails, April 27, lat. 35 4a Ions? M 20. tncke sell. Jenny, ofSaco, 14 days from Moeton, for wew - urieans nao ran with bad weather, and wa then returning for the first port, hiving been ob'iged to throw over her deck load 7 days be&re, and bad sprung a leak. The matter declined receiv. ing assiatance. saying ne wouiu keep uer irce, and hoped toon to get into port Shin Gotconda. fcmith. 38 days from Havre, with dry goods, tc. to Fish tl Grinnel. C. M Sifflet, 8 V Bouland, Pigelet, Mantin. Robert fcCo. Richards. Taylor & Wilder, J Gaillard, Champins & Fessot, VChsppius,D R Lambert, Col. Gibba, E Genet, B C Ward tl Co.Curcier, Ravesies tt Co G V Hersan, F k H Sheldon & Co. I)e Rham & De Lessen, N tt S Delongue - mare, H Colombel, the captain and to order Snoke April 7. lat 43. lonz 30. ship William. of Baltimore from Batavia, for Amsterdam. 15th, lat 43. Ion 40, ship Asia, of New - York, from N Orleans for Havre. .Same day saw a number of Islands of ice. 20th, on the eastern edge of tbe Bank, received a stroke of lightning, which lifted every man two feet from the deck the ship was in a flame for three minutes the liehtninir descended the main spring stay, and set the union staysail on fire, but be.ner wet soon went out vvm. wiuie was so severely wounded tbat his life is de spaired of. A heavy shower at the time probably saved the ship from destruction. chip Com. Itodgers, Sands, 7 days tram at. Marys, Geo. with ship timber, to il Eckford. Left, brie Com. Porter, Doane, for N York, in 2 weeks. In Cumberland Sound, U. S. ship John Adams, and sch Lynx. On Tuesday, at 10 p. m. 16 leagues from handy Hook, spoke ship Fanny, Forman, from N York for Gree nock. Passengers, Messrs. Wm. Loner and John Vanderbilt .Ship Rosalie, Merry, from Canton, via Phi ladelphia, with teas, silks, nankeens, &c. to Cole ii Morris, owners, 11 A ft J G Coster, and other. British sch Spring Bird. Edwards, 13 days from Halifax, with fish, potatoes and glass, to Rowland & Braine, and P Kemsen k Co. 20 passenger. Left sch Dough lass, for N York in 7 day. ich Abeona, Griffith, 15 days from Matan - in, with sugar and molasses, to NLau Gritwold. Left, ships Fox. Bassett, for New York, in 8 davs 1 Gen Jackson, of Bristol, for Gibraltar, in 10 ; brig Betsey, Smith, for Bristol, in 10 ; and a sch arrived the day before, rrom Uie eastward. Sch Reindeer, Jones, 23 day from Port - au - Prince, with coffee, to J P Durand. Left tame a reported by the Hebrut at Boston. Sloop Packet, Daskom, 1 1 hours from rf or - walk, with 35 passengers. .Sloop Onlv - Daiiehter, Ireland, 3 days from Philadelphia, with flour, hides, Ate. to Peter Care, jun. NORFOLK, May I Arrived, schr Olive, Burns, 10 dayt frora Gloucester. Sloop Barilow, Baretnw, 8 days from 8alem. Sloop Express, RacklmT, 15 day from Portland. ' Schr Brothers, Do Hart, 60 hours from New - York. On Tuesday last, about 20 mile south of Sandy Hook, pasted t sloops, having in tow the steam - boat Massachusetts, lately ashore at rj - Harpor. Schr Juliet, Latourette, ?8 hours from New - York, bound to Petersburg. CaARLesTOR, April 28. Arrived, ship Pierse - Mannintr, Prati. Havana 5 days. Ves sels left at Havana, 17th inst ship Native, Drummond, for Greenock, to sail next day , sch Enterprize. Call ret i. for Philadelphiain 1 1 days. The Odora, Vincent, 2 days before for mis porx ; snip sterling, norwjn, lor maiiui - xu m a day ; brig Mary, Brewiter, tor Mew York in 3 dtys Lucy, Spackfor, for Boston in 4 day 1 Hope, Bryer, N York on the 15th 1 sch Commerce, Eveleth, do do ; brig Charles Si Ellen, Tupton, for Boston, une 1 sell Ze Ion, Miller, do; brigTuro, Bradbury, Boston in 3 days t ch Brtsry, Grapton, fbr Providence, R. I. waiting a cargo brig Antelope, Lew, for do unc i orig Mary Ann, Salby, for N Orleans hrst wind 1 brig buno, Juno, Talbot, for Providence 20tli 1 brigs Mary, Archer, repairing, uncertain where bound ; Rebecca, Dimen, for Salem, unc Florinda, Kittson, for N Orleans in 10 days 1 Sail & Hope, Rhodes, for Providence, R. I in 4 or 5 days. The brig Homer, M'Kown, sail ex 1 in co. ; British sch Friendship. Wiley, Kingston, Jam. iy days. bcrt Calvpso, Hilnard. Havana 7 days. Cleared, shin Octavia, Wilson, Liverpool 1 brig lloruon, Johnson, Liverpool. isuaiuiv, May 4. Arrived, bne Boston. Knowls, 45 days from Cadis. Ift two brixt in quarantine, ooe of .New - York. Spoke, April 13, lat 40, 8, long 59, 30, thin George Washington, from Savannah, bound to Liverpool. April z3d, lat 44, long 60, schr Juhann, (understood from ootion inr uinrauar. Stbr Mornior Star, Piltburv, from N York Sloop Sally, Cook, from N York. Cleared, ships .Minerva, Bates, Rotterdam and India ; Bramin, M'Grtror, India. CHARLESTON, April 29 Arrived, schr Ludora, incent, 9 dayt from Havaait. I 1 .1 1 i n 1 vicaicu. uiij 1 iiiinm, nnucrsoD, ounjesas, Ser - r. Uudaunted, 12 dayt from New - York bound to Savannah, oatted the bar vetterdav. HAVANA, April 11. Arrived, brig Sea Itl - to - r, icx dayt rrom N York : late hermaphrodite b.ij Galen. Portland, 14 days. SAVANNAH, April 27. Cleared ship Lucy, VVsbli, Liverpool; ship Montgomery, Riley, do; htp Commerce, Peterso, do ; brig Mara, Hall, Ainaterdam. BEVERLY. Mar ?. Arrived, schr Dove. Woodbury, t'J dsys from St. Pierres, (Mart) Apni iy, lat m . ton ol U4, was tpoken and k. - .44 a . . I. - .. ... - 1.. II I . I . of.N't - wb'iryport, having a white ar.d blue striped colour flying; two officers came on hoard, who called Usruttelves the 1st lieutenant and prire - 01 aster; reported themselves 34 drys frnut Savannah ; that tbey hJ hd a mutiny on hoard two d.tys before, and that two n en v. - ere ki'lod in tlie affray; and that their crew were much diaffe ted, io coow - q - ieace of which they mutt at ke a port toon '1 bey remaiued ' - o board two rx.cra, and lettat, having treated ut p.::' 'y. (TJ JOHN TROCTOR, jna. bas rmvcd irom 'o. 62 Beekman to 106 Liberty - s'.reet, wLer be ttiU offers liberal ar.tiTipaiiori on ro - pertr - ccosigned to hit frienils ia Uie MeJiterr - ataa. For further particulars, ap;'ly - u above, or to ABRt'l V j BELL, iny 7 Iw corner of CUlf ft rolton sts. of TheAss.iatioofi.rtlicreiie(o: Retptct - Hj Ared Indigent Fru.3ei, ocknoH'led$e with macb gratitade, the rtcerpt F't r;acj iroot to late Mr. Abltn, by Iter i - xtcutcr, Mr. Notroway. A. CHURCH, Sec'ry. THEATRE, ftT The public is respectfully iafortned, that MrVThilipp it engaged for a few eight, and will make bis appearance this evening. On Thursday evening, May 7, will he preat - ed, the comic opera of the . CAB f NET. . Prince Orlando, Mr. Philipr In which character he will sing "The Beautiful Maid," aod thepolacca, No more by aor - row," Tbe Bird Duet, with Mis Johnson ; and the Duet " With a friend aad a wife," with Mr. Drley; aod also introduce the Ballad of " Eveleeu's Bower," Whimtkulo, Mr. Hilsoa Peter, Barae Florette, Miss Jolmson To which will he added, the farce or THE DEVIL TO FAY. Johson, Mr. Barnes Performance to commence at a quarter past seven o'clock. Soutn'street FISHER bas removed to No. 61 . . my 7 3t t9t JOliN A. SlUELL, Attoraer at Law and Notary Public, bas removed bis office to No. t6 Nassau - street, eext to the comer of Maiden Lane. ' my 7 Iw Auxiliary Mtv - York Bblt and Common Prayer Book Soeiely. rjy An extra meeting of the Auxiliary New - York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, is requested by the board of manager on Friday evening next, at 8 o'clock, in the vestry - roem of Trinity church. By order of the board of managers, EDWARD N. COX, my 7 St President Two prizes of One Thousand Dollars each were yesterday paid at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Lottery Office, No. 122 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel, one was held by a gentleman residing in Chamber - street, and the other by a French gentleman residing in Church - street. At the same office hut born sold and paid within three month more prises than by any other office in the U States. my 7 Annual Medual Commencement in Vtuoer. $Uy of Aete - York. & Agreeably to a resolution of the honorable lb regents of tbe university of the state of New - York, the annual commencement for the purpose of conferring th degree of doctor of medicine in the college of physicians and surgeoos o thit city, was held on Tuesday the 7th of April, lata, 'ine exercue took place mine hall of the college, and were honored with the pretence of a numerous and respectable audience, and former graduates of Ibis school ; be tides the trustees, professor, and other oficert of the inrtitulion. The degree of doctor in medicine was granted to the following 35 gentlemen, who had been students of the university, had undergone tbe several examinations required by its laws, and publicly defended their respective inaugural dissertations. After the candidates were vested with their academic honors, the venerable and learned president Samuel Bard, M. D. L. L. D. delivered an interesting address to the graduates. John B. Aycrigg, of New - York, on Sphacehu. Abner Ald'en, of New - York, on Pluritu. Charles P. Allen, of New - York, on Diabela. Joseph Baxter, of Massachusetts, on CulancuuM Ptrtpiratim. i zekiel Robins Paudoume, A. B. ofN. lorlr, on tin Diteasei of Dentition. Kemi seraph in liourdaget, of Canada, our rinflamation aigue da tytteme muqueur. t redeno Bunaham, of New - York, on Mtmt - latianand Life. Joseph Canby, or Ohio, en Tuanut. Stephen C. Farrar, of Virginia, on Emetic. Jeremiah Fickling, of South - Carolina, Phlig - matia Dolent. - ilUosnss Fortier,ef Canada, Sur he fheno - menet de la ouberte, ehe Ut t'emme. David H. Frater, A. M. of New - York, on tin Medical Police f the Nary. John F. Henry, of Kentucky, on Puerpural rever. Herman L. Hoffman, of Kew - York, m th Steal Cornatum. Benjamin F. Hickman, of Virginia, on Typhut Fever. Abraham Hopper, of New - Jersey, on Epi - lepty. Abranam 1. Hunter, of New - York, on the Plethora of the Aged. Jesse bier, of North Carolina, on the l.piiemc. ui it appeared in TarboroHgh, North Carolina. John G. J.ance, of South Carolina, on the Ytllw Fever f Charktlon. Thomas G. Mower, of Massachusetts, on Gan grene. Jacob J. W. M'DonaU, of South Carolina, on tht Yellow Fever of Charlatan. Archibald Nicholson, of Georgia, en tlepatitu Richard B. Owen, of Tennessee, on Hydroce phalus. James M. rendletoo, A. B. of New - lork, en Puerpural Ferer. David Quackenbush, A. B. of New - York, on Pneumonia Typhodet. Chaunccy E. Perkins, of Ohio, on the late Malignant t pidenuc of the United btate$. William rronnet, ol iriiland, on fuerpurai revtr. Mote J. D Rossett, of A. B. of North Caro lina, on Anthrax. Elisha Sheldon, of Vermont, on tht nature of A rt'rial Circulation in Typhu rever. John Torrty, of New - i ork, on Uyttnlery. Daniel H. Trexevant, of South Carolina, on Cold. Adrian Vanderveer. A. B. of New - Jersey, on the Human har. John S. Wiley, ol New - York, en Me Vie of Setoni. John Q. Wynkoop, of New - York, on Epilepty, my 7 It ror WASHINGTON, N. C. The schr. EAGLE, RusselL will sail on Saturday next, i or freight or pas - "Pr'7 0,1 board, eastvde Peck - slip, or to tt. k t. v . ua v ajYrum ft tu. may 7 For CHARLES ION, Th elegant new packet schooner CHARLESTON PACKET, S.B. VaiL master, will positively sail to - oorrow, weather permitting. For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on board, at Ste ven' wnan, or 10 . oaui. alle.v, may 7 It 98 rioe - ttreet ForH - ifRE, The fast - sailing coppered ship ADO NIS. H. L.ChamDlin. master, will oun. mence loadiog this day, and be dispatched about 15th instant, her cargo being nearly all engaged. For freight of the remainJer, rr passage tot fire cal'in passengers, apply on board at Jones' wharf, r POTT h M'KINNE, or my 7 QRISWOLDS t COATES. tiM. atS hl.dt. .N. K. Rum, landiiu; and for sale at XB toutn street, by my7 JOSEPH OSBORN' ROMAS VI rRiOL). I cak Roman Vitriol, jun rkbeived aod for sale y JOSEPH OSBORN, my 6 28 South street. SEIVEj. Constantly on baod, a sjorerni it - to - tireot rf fine, extra fine, and common Hair nad Wire Seires. fbr tale by CEBRA ft CUMLVC. my 7 78 Peartatrcet. B lor sale ty AMES D'W OLF, jr. may 54 5, - iili street. J EW ELRY. - - cases of Fancy Jewelry, for rJe by GEO. M. WILcO - t. lay 7 IW Watr - treet. MORRIS'S BLOCK TW LlQlOR COCK8? rk 'oyyij n ut aoove arucie, tor late wboie - XX sale and retail, br v CEBRA At CUMING, my 7 78 Pearl - street COTTON. 4 bale Upland Cotton, pritae quality, fbr sale by R. ii C. W. DAVENPORT h CO. my 7 RUM, CHOCOLATE, ace. Si fahds. 1st proof New Rem 130 boxes Hill's Boston Chocolate 80 do John Watt' do do ISO do superior quality brown Soap 10 chest hyson skin Tea . ' 120 kegs ground Ginger 300 h.lf & qr. boxes Spanish Segars 20 bbls low price'd browa Surur. For tale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY. mv7 4t 75 Wall - ttreet. FLOUR. itO bbis. New - York superboe flour 500 bbls. Alexandria superfine flour imj do itKiunono. do do 100 do 100 do 50 do Fine midlings - Philadelphia Rye floer, S. P. Plog New - York do do For sale or HAY tt WOOD, 13 South - street. my 7 Iw pLf COFFEE, RAISINS, Hit. J Vr Bag prim green Laguira coffee 45 kegs fresh Malaga Raisins . 173 boxet tin plate 1 - 3d I X 84 boodles sngarloef paper 60 reams blu wrapping do A general assortment of cut nails - Just received and lor sale by ROGERS t POST, my 7 6t 51 South - tt. STRIPES ftc. 20 ease Ameiican blue tripe . 1 do (uperfin bleached Shirtings, lor sale bv the COMMISSION COMPANY. my7 DftC 148 Pearl - street innn DOLLARS TO LOAN ON 1 U,U J J MORTGAGE, of property ia this city. Apply to ISAAV U. VUUILiT ft Ct. my 7 48 Wall - ttreet HA KD WARE, CUTLERY tic.t caikt Scotch spring Locks 5 catks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do sliest handles. Sic. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, ftc. 1 do brass cocks, ttc. ' 1 do tli metal kettles and tkillett 2 do tin'd pott and la'uce pan S do fine padlock 4 do Banbury locks, hinge, 1c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do HL hinges, ate. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges ' 2 do black It bright vices, 3 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do button 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to SOiL - Also, a larg and general assortment of goods' open oa the shelves, for sale at th most reduced prices, by AUAMs S UL.ACK.wrXL, mav 7 ' zio ran - su Q TO LLT, A three - story brick bouse, opposite the - pai k in Duane, and next to the comer of Hud' ton - street. Enquire at No. S Greenwich - street. my 7 ' rpWOor THREE gentlemen can be hand - J. (omely accommodated with board, in ooe of tbe pleatantetft' part of Broadway, the family i small and situation delightful. - Apply at Nu. S39 Broadway. my 7 4tt OFOR SALE, A farm of between sixty and sevesty acres, situate on the west bank of Lak Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperstowa. Oo it are a new store bouse 54 feet square ; a aew farm bouse, bare, tic. it (ones a desirable, as tnblishmaot for a gentkmta wishing to retire into the country, as it situation, a to prospect, convenience to market, Lc is not surpassed br acy in tbe interior of the state. It will be sold low for rash, oa a credit, or exchaaaed for pro' perty in this city, goods, jArjr to - my 7 tf - Law Buildings. T. SPrtRTSJHILV b. MERCHANTS. W narPU riNrH .iin.inlk.r. rasnM - lflillv - Jvwm. , - ... w s - r wfbrm bit friends and the public, that be ha commenced business in the store No. 3 Wall - street, near Broadway, where he has fbr sale a - rv hanriinmaaiunrtnitnt of linrla and doubl - barrelled guns, fine rifles, fusees, fcc. t also, shooting tackle generally. - ; J. t . suit retains nu oio tama, no. zo i urssf wich - itreet, tar tbe working department and hiretins. bniinM. Orders left at either place will be attended to with all possible expedition. my i uxuiia REAL ESTATE. ' IN pursuance of an order of the honorable the court of chancery, dated tbe 24th day of April, lOlQ - llu..lulaMi.uil tnicl.o. rf l MlStft of Henry Dover, deceased, will sell at public stant, Oie following real estate : iim ito. I iroyer iires, uunicm j eighteen feet rear, S6 feet deep on southeasterly s more or lest;od a now in possession of Mr. William Armstrong ; tnbject to a lease which will expire on the lit May, 1826, at a ground rent of 50 dollars per annum. I ... V. 1 , Ik . - .., BA ft. IWkfit OO MtftS. 46 fret 4 inches deep oa southerly and 61 feet eo nortneny aiae, oe ine inme more or mi, u - or lat io potsetriooofCol. Wm. Few, Mibject to a lease, which will expireon the 1st May, 1814, at a ground rent of 40 dollars per annum, i Lm No. 13 Doyer street, 20 feet front and Jt . ci r UnA. BAulhrlr .tut &4 feet g inclH - es on the northerly side, be the same more or less. as now in thepostessionoi inr. uaviu tubiect to a lease which will expire oa the 1st May, 1 834, at a ground rent of thirty six dollar per annum. ... . Lot No. 15 Doyer street, 25 feet front and 23 r.i ci r. n iMn nt Pmitherlv and 68 feet 3 incbei on Northerly side, be the same more or lets, as now in pweinon r Shatiel ; subject to a lease which ''lP'feon the 1st May, 1824, at aground rentof forty dollar per annum. - ' . . Lot No. l6Uoyer street. 26 feet front and 29 feet 6 inchet rear, 21 feet deep o outhrly and 21 feet on aoilherly sides, be the same more or less, and at now or late in possession of Col - wm. Few ; subject to a lease which will exptr mm roe lit of May, 1824, at aground rent of 16 dollars per annum. Lot No. 13 Pell street, 29 feet front and9 ftet 6 inches rear, 50 feet deep, be the same ssore or leu, as now i Jpossessioa of the etote ot nm. Gry, deceased ; subject to a lease whichwiu e spire on tlie 1st May, 1821, at a grouad rent oi thirty dollars per annum. m . UtNo.21Pellstreet,21 feet front "f 56 feet 8 inches deep oo easterly, and 5H ieei inches oa weiterly sides, be tlie same more or lest, a now in possession of Mr. Wm. " droo ; subject to a lease, which will Psr"j! 1st day oi May, 1824, at a ground rent ol 40 doi - lart per annum. . . . Lot No. 25 Pell street, 31 feet froot, 5 fee 3 inches rear. 60 feet deep on easterly, end68le" 5 inchef on westerly sidet, be the same mort i or le:, as ipo iu porwf ion of Walter Heyer .taxied to a lease which will expire on the ltaij 182 1, at a grooad rent of 36 dollars. House and lot No. 2J Pell street, 21 feet front , ... . i i . am f - ttsteriy. j aoc rir, ana oa rai sn.ire "r mnr and 60 feel oo wesieny siaes, w orUrts, asnowio potsessionof Mr. Josepa "The improv - menU oa tbe leased lots to be i valued and paid for by tb purchaser, at the expi ration of the lease. . , ri Terms of ale, cash, on the delivery oftj deeds. Aay further information wbich may t" required wilil given by either of the subscn - bt - fla ISAAC S. DOUGLASS, , ADOIAN H. VAN BOKKELEJJ - The above property will be old at tbe Joeia Coff - e Iloote, rn th above - mntfooed Mf.v - MetsrVVTiNKUXJ: MINTURN, A -

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