Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 18, 1931 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
Page 18
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18 CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 18 1931 EARLY HOG PRICES STEADY TO STRONG CUT IN RECEIPTS HELPTO CATTLE Interest Quickens as Delay in Railroad Service Cuts Supply. CHICAGO, March 18. (S--A steady to strong price schedule kept the early , hog top stationary at $8.30. Estimated receipts of 16.000 hogs fell below the number indicated by advance railroad · reports and arrived late due to a new snowstorm.- Local packing plants .-received 3,000 hogs direct and 6,000 ·were carried over unsold from the previous -day. Initial trading- was not extensive, but as the buying movement g a t h e r e d momentum 'price's strengthened and $8.20 to 58.30 were paid for selected 180 to 190 Ib. weights. Heavy butchers were wanted at $7.50 to $7.65. ; Interest in cattle was quickened "by the fact that railroad service was delayed so that more than 100 cars of stock out of 550 estimated to arrive failed to unload before trading got under way. Adverse weather conditions slowed down local switching facilities. Packers showed a mild interest in offerings estimated at 7,000 and eastern. operators wanted good to choice, steers and light butcher stock. Initial demands were for stronger prices. Packers reported 1,500 Iambs received on direct consignment, a substantial portion of th'eni from Texas. Open marke^ offerings amouil ted to less than 10,000^,and a broad potential shipping demand keyed sellers to demand the highest figures of the season for choice fat lambs. Hogs closed steady to 100 higher. CatUe finished steady to 25Q tip and eheep with most of the early, advance lost. Local Hogs MASON " March 18.-- Beat sorted lights,". 180 to 230 Ibs., $7.30; "best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 .Ibs., ?7.10; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 .Ibs., 56.80; beat prime heavy butchers! 310 to 350 Ib?., $6.60; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Iba.. $6.00; best heavy sows, 360 to .400 Ibs., 55.80. KANSAS CITV IJVESTOOK. KANE A3 CUV, March 18. WJ--U. B. department, of agriculture-HOGS 5,500; "790 direct; market uneven, 2HQ Ibs. down £trong to lOc higher; heavier weights dull; top $7.85 on 170-210 Ibs. Good and choice 140-160 Ibs. S7.15O7.75; 160-1BO Iba. $7.35@7.85; 1BO-200 Ibs. $7.45@7.!5; 200-220 Ibs.'57.5007.85; 220-250 IDs. $7.«5 07.85; 250-280 Ibs. ?7.25@7.70; 280-350 Ibs. S7.10®7.40; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. $6.2C@6.85; Btock Pigs, good and choice, 70130 Ibs. S6.00S7.65. , CATTLE 3,500; calves SCO; killing classes steady to 25c higher; In-between grades steers end yearlings up most; stockers and feeders firm; steers, good, and choice, .600- I'OO Ibs. 5S©10.25; BOO-1100 Ibs. iE@10.25; U00 : 1300 Ibs.' 58@10.25; 1300-1500 Ibs. SSS 10; common and tiiedlum 600 Ibs. up. 55.25 08; heifers, good and choice 550-850 103. $8.75@9; common and medium 550-850 Ibs. £i.25®6.75; cows, good and choice, $4.753$ B.25; common and · medium- S434.75; low cutter and cutter $2.75®; vealers (mil* fed) 'medium to choice .$5@8; cull and common $3.50@5; stackers and feeders, good and choice -(alt weights) $6.7508.75; common and medium (all weights) M@8.75; SHEEP 8,000; lambs stead to weak; stitfv steady; top .fed lambs ;9; native spring lambs 512; lambs, good and choice 90 Ibs. down S8.25@8.10; medium 90 Ibs. down; S7.25'(88.25; common; all weights,' $5.50® 7.25; medium to choice 91-100 Ibs. $7.25 i» 9.10; ewes,- miedlum to choice 150 Ibs. dowu S3.25®4.75. . t UVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, March 18.--Estimated receipts of hogs, 25,000; cattle, 8,000; sheep, 12,000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. March 18. tm--Of/lclnl estl- GRAINS ADVANCE ON NEW REPORT Estimate of Domestic Wheat in Elevators and Upon Farms Bullish. .CHICAGO, March 18. Market Notes By TICKER TAPE . Grains developed a more distinct advancing trend late today, influenced by a report from the Farmers' 'National Grain company that domestic stocks of wheat on farms and in country elevators were 50 per cent less than, last year in important sections. Tfie report covered both the whiter and spring - wheat areas of Kansas/ the spring wheat area of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and parts of Nebraska and Colorado. Reductions were ascribed to heavy selling by fanners to- raise tax money "and to unusually heavy livestock feeding. ·Wheat closed firm, 5ft@l^c advance; oats provisions varying -from rise of 2 cents. higher; corn H @ H c up, and lOc decline to a CHICAGO UVESTOCK CHICAGO, irarch IS. CiD -- United States department of agriculture -HOGS 16,000, 3,000 direct: very Blow; iteady to lOc higher than yesterday's average; top 58.35; tum 140-210 Ibs. $3.15g 8.30; 120-320 Ibs. $7.25@8.10; pigs 57.25© 8.00; packing eows S6.40@8.75r light lights 140-160 Ibs. 58.10@8.30; light weight 160200 Its. ?8.15®S. 35; medium -weight 200250 Ibs. ST.80@8.30; heavy -weluht 250-350 Us. 57.10@7.75; packing Bows 275-500 Ibs. £6.4000.83; slaughter pigs 100-130 Ib3.~f7.50 - . TATTLE 7.000; calves' 2,000; better grade iced steers and yearlings strong to 25c higher; lower grades moaUy steady; she stock sharing - steer advance, especially desirable butcher and yearling heifers; bulls steady and vealers 25@50c lower; largely steer run; practically everything In killer flesh; bulk ?T.25@0.25; early top ?10.00; slaughter cattle and .vealers steers good and choice 800-800 Ibs. S8.75@10.75; 000-1100 Ibs. S8.50 ©10.75; 1100-1300 Ibs: ?S.50@10.75; 13001500 Ibs. $8.75@10.75; common and medium 600-1300 Ibs. 50.25WS.-75; heifers good and choice 550-850 Ibs. S8.00©0.75; common and medium $4.25 @ 5.25; low cutter and cutter 53.00® 4.25; bulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice (beel) S4.25@5.75; cutter to medium 53.75^4.75; vealers (mine fed) good and choice S6.50@8.50; medium $6.00@6.50; cull and common 54.00^6.00; stacker and feeder cattle, steers good and choice 5001050 Ibs. S7.25S8.50; common and medium 15.25 57.25. , SHEEP 11,000; fairly active to ZSa higher; advance on fat lambs; early bulk good and choice grades $9.00@9.35; several loads J0.40@9.05; fat ewes mosUy J4.50tf5.00; daughter sheep and lambs, lambs 80 Ibs. down good and choice $0.00659.75; medium 58.00fc9.oo; 91-100 Ibs. medium to choice S7.50@B.50; all weights common 56.25SJ B.OO; ewes QO-150 Ibs. medium to choice 13.5015)5.00; nil weights cull and common 521.00®*. GO; feeding lambs 60-7S Ibs. 57.65 .S-8.25. SOUTH ST. FAW-.tTVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, March 18. LF-- U. 8 department "of agriculture -CATTLE 2,800; run Blow In arriving market opening arou.nd steady; bulk ateera and yearlings S6.50@7.75; all she slock in fairly broad .demand; beef cows 54.255? 6.50; butcher helfera $5.25^20.50; cutters 53 O3.50; practical top medium grade bulls 54.25; bulk down to S3.75; feeders and stockera unchanged. .Calves 3,200; market weak, Improved quality considered; early sales good .grades SB; choice Idnds $8; some bids down to 55.50. HOQS 13,500; market unevenly steady to 10-lSc higher; top 57.80 paid for hulk' desirable hogs 210 Ibs. down; most 220-270 Ib. weights '.· 57.25®7.50; butchers welching B70-325 Ibs. or better largely 57©7.25; bulk- tows around SS; smooth. up to $6.25; Hgh lights mostly 57.60; best pigs $7.75; average tost Tuesday S7.25, weight 238. 8HEEF 1,500; better grades fed western lambs late Tuesday $B.75i@i9; trade today llov/, asking strong prices;' talking weak to lower. mated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 6,000; hogs 23,000; sheep 14,000. -Representative Sales CHICAGO. . March 18. OPI -- Representative sales as selected by the U. S. department of agriculture -- . CATTLE. Steers -- Heifers-21 195 10.85 30 625 8.85 54 1410 10.20 28 . 787 8.4D 21 972 10.00 18 1103 8.00 24 1700 10.00 12 · 775 6.40 20 1206 9.85 Cows -20 1367 9.50 '12 1000 6.50 22. 1282 .' . fl;=5 . 10 -1210 6.00 18 1105 8.75 12 1120 4.60 20 1275 8.00 46 1038 7.60 12 BB6 7.50 14 860 8.75 · · » HOGS. Heavy-- Lights -24 342 7.15 55 197 fl.30 51 293 7.40 59 18S 8.25 68 285 7.45 77 179 :8.2tl 72 270 7.55 65 172 B.30 77 252 7.95 Light. Lights -Mediums-- 47 155 8.20 58 243 7.75 29 148 8.15 60 235 7.S5 67 141 8.10 52 219 8.00 79 211 8.20 67 203 b.lS SHEEP. Native Lambs-- Fed Western -192 . 80 9.50 215 82 9.65 132. 85 9.4D 475 86 9.50 250 75 9.35 890 97 9.40 144 95 9.25 650 99 9.25 83 SO S.15 210 104 ».00 156 77 9.00 Fat Ewes-67 103 8.9,1 23 110 9.00 115 78 8.85 55 136 4.85 65 72 8.-;5 10 127 4.75 113 .78 8.50 70 17 4.85 40 106 8.25 18 190 *-50 91 70 g.OO 28 . 69 7.75 45 98 7.50 39 '0 · 7.00 J · ' · - . . . . . . · - . · · . · · . . . ... ' · . Hog Markets My THE ASSOCIATED/ PRESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Wednesday CEDAR RAPIDS-- Prime hogs: Mediums 57.05g)7.25; heavies *S.80@7; lights $7.05® 7.25; packers 55.55®6.15 *'·«» DES MOINES-- 1.100; steady to loc high- ^sPraTU" 81 ^ * 8 - 90 ® 7 -30: prime mediums $6.85(87.25; prime heavies 58.S5Sp7.lo: Eood packers 55.eo®6.25. · » " · « » buui OTTUMWA-- B-lOc higher; 120-150 Ibs. In the corn market, speculative buying for Chicago traders was a .feature. On tha became -prominent as a seller. . CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, March 18. t/TJ -- -Wheat No. 1 hard 79c; No. 5 northern spring 72c; No. 1 mixed (smutty) 78c- Com No. 3 mixed 61c: No. 2 yellow 62% ®'Ac; No. 3 yellow 60®61^c; No. 4 j-el- low 59P60C; No. 5 yellow 57%© : ttc; No. 2 white 63}ic; No. 3 white 61«c; No. 4 white 60\4c. . . ' . Oats No. 2 white 32@32yic; No. 3 white 31V4®32c;. No. 4 white 31Vlc. Timothy seed S8.55@8.70. Clover seed $12@19.50. Lard 9.12; ribs 11.50; -bellies 11.50. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 18.-Barley 30c Oats ....22c Shelled corn, No. 4 43o GrainFufures WEDNESDAY CHAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, ilarch 18. (JFI -High. Low. Close. CORN -Mar. old 82% .6114 '/ .62% new 62% · .62« .62% May old 64% ..63% .64% new .65% .65 .65% July 67^4 .66H .67 WHEAT -Mar. old...... .79% May old 81% .81 VS .81% · new 82% .82% -82T4 July 62l .61% .62% Sept. . 62% .6176 ,62?i OATS -Mar. old ;30% .30% .30% May old 32% .32M. .32% July ..:...... .32% .32% . .32* Sept 32% .32% .32% RYE -Mar. old .. .3754 .37\1 .37% new 40S .40% .40% July 11% -41 ·* 1 ^ LARD-Mar. »·" May : 9.17 9.05 0.15 July 9.32 9.25 fl.32 BELLIES -- ' May "·« July ...; 11.65 11.57 11.57 TRAIN OPEN The food' shares displayed a strong tone in the early dealings Tuesday and such Issues as General Foods . and National Dairy Products moved up to the best levels on the movement. Commission houses were freely recommending the purchase of these Issues. The big operators are said to be still bullish on the utility stocks, especially those concerned with the United Corporation-Consolidated Gas group. Aggressive buying went ahead IB these Issues and -while they sold off with the general list the declines were held to narrow limits. Strength In Fox Film was attributed mostly to short covering. .The directors' meeting, scheduled for. Tuesday, was postponed until today, when It {$ expected that some announcement will be rhade in regard to' the financing plans in addition to the annual statement and dividend action. GENERAL MOTORS LKAIW EAHIAT ADVANCE . ! Advices from the floor of the · exchange early In the day were,-"to the effect that General Motors would /lead the market upward, arid for- a while it appeared a s - I t this would be. the case, .as big blocks of the stock appeared oh the tape at advancing prices on buying credited to one of the prominent operators. Trlco, Products, sponsored by the same Interests, was. a'strong feature accompanied by advices of Increasing, operations at the company's planU. Kruger and Toll \ and International - , Match were still being bought by foreign Interests who beUevoy the companies should benefit by the Improvement In the silver situation. Directors of Wilson and company are scheduled to meet Feb. ZQ, and well informed interests expect the usual quarterly dividend to apply, against accumulations to be .declared. PAINE, WEBBER DISCUSS DOLLAB . With attention focused' on .rising .quotations and dividends, long-pull holders of stocks are prone to overlook the need for considering stock price trends in terms of a stable unlt,bf purchasing power,-Paine, Web- ber.and company point* out in discussing the purchasing power of the dollar In their semi-monthly review, which goes on to fifty: "If a given portfolio-of stocks doubled In price between 1910 and 1019, for examnle, the purchasing price of the holder (neglecting dividends) was unchanged because in the some period the value of money as reflected in general commodity prices *n* been cut in half. Funds received from the sale of these stocks in 1919, aUho twice the original investment made In 1915, -would -have bought only the same amount of merchandise as could have been obtained earlier , In the year with funds then an. hand, LONG PULL HOLDER ** CONSERVES 1*UHCIIASE POWER "Under such circumstances, the long-pull holder bad merely conserved his purchasing power by owning stocks. On the other hand, retention of funds In the form of cosh during that four-year period would have resulted in halving the owner's - purchasing power. Conversely, In a period of rising; value of money, .such as the recent past, the purchasing power of the Investor is actually increased by holding funds In the form of dollars or their near equivalent in high-grade bonds, notes, etc. Thus, since the mid-point of 1929, the value of money has appreciated 26 per cent, whereas, the pr]ce-of average industrial stocks has depreciated some 33 per cent." ; 150-173 Ibs. ?6.B5; 175-220 Ibs. »7.30; 220-280 Ibs. 57.15; 280-300 Ibs. 56.85; 300350 Ibs. 50.55; over 350 Ibs. 56.25; good packers 55.80; fair packers- S4.80. WATERLOO--Prime hogs, '180-220 Ibs. S77.30; 220-250 Ibs. S6.90@7.20; 290-300 Ibs. 58.50(88.80; 300-350 Ibs. ; 56.30S-8.60; good packers S5.65©6. CHICAGO, ilarch IS. COMBINED HOQ RECEIPTS. DBS MOINES. March 18. UP--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards andTT packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the' 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 10,500, compa'rcd with 23,300 a week ago. Generally steady to lOc higher, spots 15c up; most buyers aggressive; bulk 170-230 Iba. ?7.15@7.50; choice 180-210 Ib. welghtj up to 57.60 and slightly higher at some stations; most 240-280.Ib. weights S8.80O7.30; 280-320 Ibs. $6.50®7. ounn.ou. quotations for good and choice: Light lights 140-160 Jbi., 56.7007.50; light weights, 160-180 Ins., »7.10(37.60, 180-200 Ibs. $7.20@7.CO; medium weights ±00-220 Iba. 57.2007.60; 220-250- Ibs. S7.05@7.50; heavy weights, 250-2BO Ibs. S6.75©7.30; 2BII- 350 Iba. S6.50ffl7.05.' ' Good packing BOWS, 275-350 Ibs. SS.asS 1 6.40; 350-425 Ibs. 55.G00S; 425-550 Ibs. " OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, Starch 18. tfll--tJ, S. department -of agriculture-HOGS 14,000 Including 132 direct; slow; Bght hoga steady to Ipc lower; medium anrt Jtrong weight butchers 10-30C lower; ton f7.85; bulk 170-220 Ib. weights *7.40@7.0.'i; 120-260 Ibs. 57.2007.40; 260-325 Ibs. 56.flOST r.20; packing sown S0.10S6.35; average cost FuMday 57.33, weight 286. , , _^ CATTLE 4,300, 300 calves; most killing classes strong to 25c higher; heavy beef bulls weak; stockera and feeders scare?, Iteady; fed steers and.yearlings mostly 57® 5.50; choice 1,097 Ibs. 59.85; heifers mostly J6.257.50; bulk' beef cowa 54.256-5.50; tutter grades J3S3.75; medium bulls 53.7.1 ©4; practical top vealers 57.50; few 58; t e w l o i s stockera and feeders 57® 8. SHEEP ' 12,000; lambs uneven, opened Itrong to 25c higher to shippers; closing lull with bids by packers 25-500 lower. Iheep strong; feeders unevenly higher; early (ales fed wooled lambs 82-94 Ibs. to ship- pen 58.8509.2S, latter top: packers bidding Costly around 58.65; one load of fed clipped kmbs 121 Ibs. 57.50; .two cars of clippers 19 Ibs. 58; ewe top $5; mixed fat and feed- be lambs early to deal era 53.7509. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. siotrx CITY, itarcti isT ca-u. s. dr- artment of agriculture-CATTLE 2,000; calves 100; active, beef fteers and yearlings strong to 25c higher; tat she. stock strong; other classes little thanged; few loads pood steers and year- Ings $3.7500; bulk ST. 25 SB. 50; smf.II (bowing better en-do heifers 57 5038.2;,; nost beef cows 54.25(25.50; majority sau- lago hulls 53.75@4; choice vealers 17.50; icattering lots stockers 57.EO down. HOGS 13,000, Including 275 billed thru: jarly trade steady to lOc lower; mostly tn ihlppers for 160-250 Ib. butchers; 'ate trade lull, talking unevenly lower; packing sown Mly steady; most 380-220 jb. l-j!chers 57.40 lfT.60; top 57.60; 220-250 Ibs. *7.25®7.50; packing sows mostly 16.25^6.50, SHEEP 3,500, active to shippers. 25c llgher; number loads medium and strong reCgbt wwfled. lambs 50.25; somo held nward 59.50; few clipped lamba 58.50; 'other llasces scarce, quoted about steady, fat iweH salable 54.85 down; feeding lambs 18.25 down. HOQ FUTURES. CHICAGO, March 18. /Pl--Hog futures: Bidding 58.25 for light hogs,, 57.75 for mediums and 57.50 for heavies to arrive tomorrow: Grade Offered Bid LIGHTS-- .8.75 8.00 .8.50 g.OO CORN-Mar. old new May old...., new... July Sept. WHEAT-Mar. old.... new... May old.... ' ' new... July ^.. Sept OATS-Mar. old.... new... May old new... July ....... Sept. ....... RYE-Mar.' old new... May .old... new... Sept LARD-Mar. May July ...... BELLIES-May July : Close Yr. Ago. April May (last half) Sept. (first half) Sept. (last half) . MEDIUMS-- · April May HEAVIES-- ·,. May Sept. (first half) Sept. (last half) . .. .86'A .. 1.04% 1.08VS 1.06V1 1.08% .42% .43% . -43% .42% .05% ..10.17 . .10.37 ..10.57 ..12.05 ..13.07 Close Yes'd'y. .611/4 .6151 .64% .66%, .79^4 .7954 .82% .62 tt .30'A .32 "A .32 % .3214 .32% .37',4 .39% .4014 .41 B.22 0.25 · 0.37 11.45 11.55 LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER Open Today. .62% .62 V, .63% .65 '.66 Vi .79V4 .82% .61% .61% .30 Vi .32 « .32 Vi .32% .37 Vi .40 Vi .11 S.07 · 9.30 CHAIN MARKET REVIEW WHEAT--The situation In wheat In the latter part of the session, was exactly the opposite of that prevailing yesterday. Today wheat, after slipping slightly at the start to a new low for the crop in September and near If for the July,, held steady until the last hour, when a strong, turn at, Winnipeg and a run In corn brot in sufficient short covering to close wheat at about the best of the day. There was not much in the news to Influence the trend, so .the market appears to have been governed for'the most part by pit conditions. Exports reported as 100,000 Manitobaa In all positions. The farm board was credited with offering No. 2 hard winter at the gulf at about ISc under Chicago old May. The No. 2 hard afloat was reported as offered at equal to 74^6c cif the United Kingdom. .Buenos Aires did not show much change. ' That market will be closed tomorrow, wheat under present surroundings becomes easily oversold. CORN--Corn was on . the upgrade most of the day. Relatively ^imall receipts and a fairly steady cash market were factors. Shipping sales showed a decided Improvement over recent days, and were N75.0QO bushels. Bookings to arrive were* 33.000 bushels including 25.000 from other terminals. The market was likely oversold yesterday and when shorts covered today, on strength of wheat, -prices moved to the beat of the day. The greatest part ot Illinois and Indiana had fairly good snow or rain today, but this was not much of a. factor. We are still friendly to corn oh recessions. Liverpool due %c higher. RAILS HEAVY AS OTHERS ADVANCE Output Gains in Steel Mills Favor Cause of Higher ; Prices. NEW YORK, March 18 .'.UPI--Further gains in steel.mill output and eleetric ( power production favored the cause of high prices's stock market. i ' · , The list remained; in a' condition of sensltive'balance between a buoyant tendency in the utilities'and in-, dustrialg 'and continued heaviness' of the rails. The fail shares dragged the list lower again for a time, but the list was inclined to work higher after mid-day. Trading, however, w a s sluggish. / · · · . , . Rise .Point or Two. . Shares rising a point, or two included U. S. Steel," American Can; Bethlehem Steel, American Rolling Mill, Byers, McKeesport, v Consolidated Gas, American and Foreign Power, American 'Water Works, Public Service of New Jersey, Sears-: Roebuck, Eastman, du Pont,\Case, Johns Manville, Fox, General theaters and Loew's..Several of the rails broke to new low ground for 1931 in the morning, but made some recovery later. Union Pacific and New Haven recovered, losses of'about 3 and 2' points. Atchison dropped 2, then more than regained its loss.. New York Central sold off about 2 to record another minimum, then recovered. American Telephone and Westinghouse Electric were under pressure.for a time, but rebounded. An encouraging ..item in the weekly steel trade reviews was the report by "Steel" that a leading U. S. steel subsidiary will increase prices for bars, plates and shapes 51 a ton after lApril. . Comparison Good. The weekly report of the electric power consumption, covering the second week of March, showed a reduction of only 32-5 per.cent from a year ago, the best comparison so far this year. Freight car loadings, as "reported from the first week of March, showed a substantial rise from the preceding holiday week. Call money was again abundant, and quoted at 1 per cent in the outside market. The bond market turned hesitant, hpwever, .on a Washington report that veteran loan demands were exceeding expectations and the treasury may have to sell another large offering of notes or bills shortly. STOCK LIST NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, March, 18. Final Quotations. Reduc 102 '.i i Kennecott Kresge Kroger Llgg t My B Loew's Loose Wlies Lorlllard Louis G E A Mack Math Alkali May D .S Maytag McK Rob Hex Sea. Oil S3 Mid Cont Oil iaa'4 M K T 119 Mi Am Wat Wks 72 S 39 Air Allegheny Al Ch Dye 154% Allls Chal Mfg 301.) Am Can 125% Am Coml Al - 12 Am For Pow 47% Am Intl 20 =i Am oco 23 Am Pow L ' 5S',i Am : Rad St Sao 2QVi Am Roll Mill 3231 Am Sm, i Ret 52 Am Steel Pdrs 27*1 Am Sug Ref 28 te 26% 34*4 881i 58*. 53« MAD LAUGHTER A Thrilling Mystery Story By MILES BOKTON ' -k T i T Aid Tob^B Curb Market NEW YORK, March IS. IJFI--Industrials and specialties were again tbe features of a dull curb market today. Utilities logged along indifferently and, oils traded f a at welt spaced intervals, showing a downward tendency. Announcement that the government ·wan- planning to Buy new service plane! gavo aircraft issues a turn, notably Douglas which, made another new high. Mead. Johnson advanced several points. General Theaters Eciulpment preferred was strong and there were higher qnotatlons for Fox Theaters "A." Metals were firm. Ford Limited attracted little speculative attention. The rather large Increase in crude oil output was reflected In scattering declines among the petroleum shares, but trading in the group was very quiet. Gulf was . heavy; other leaders made small changes. , · Electric Bond and Share met resistance at levels slightly above 58. American Superpower, Niagara Hudson, United Light "A ' anrt St. Regis Paper were steady. The call money renewal rate on the curs was 2 per cent. _^ Anaconda Andes Cop ARn ol 111 B Atchison All Ret Auburn: Aviation Corp B O Barnsdall A Bendlx Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn Burr Add Cal Hecla Can .Dry, Can Pac Case Cerro de Pasco Ches O Chic at-,W Chic Gt W n'f C N W C R'l '£ P ' Chrsler ' Coca-'Cote' Col Fuel Ir Col G E'' . Col Graphb Coml Solv Comwlth So Congoleum Consol Gas Contl Can Contl Ins Cont..Mot Corn .Prod Cudahy Curtlss Wr Drug Inc^. Du Pont Eastman "El Pow i L Erie Flak Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl El Gen Foods Gen Motors 3en Pub Ser Gillette Gobel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Gran Paige Gran by Gt No Ry pf fllJ£ Gt N I Ore ctf 21 ?(. Gt W Sugar 914 Grig Grun 5=j -Hahn s Hartman B Houston Hudson Hupp III Cent Ind Ref Int Comb Eng Inll Har Int Nick Can I T £ T Johns Manv Mont Ward Mot Wheel Nash ' Nat His Nat Ci'. P*s A Mat Hairy Nat Pow A L Nat Tea N Y Central NY NH . H Nor ft W No Am No Pac Oliver P Otta St Pao G E Packard Para Pub Pathe Penkk Ford Penn Phil Pet Pills .Fl Proc Gam Pub. Ser N J Pullman 24 *i ..Radio lOl'.i Had K O 2614 Reading Rera .Jtand Reo .l Rep Stl Hey Tob B . 3*oy Dutch St £. San F Sears R' .Shell U Simmons ; 'Sinclair · Skelly So Pac So Fr Sug So Rail Stand Brds St G t K St Oil Cal St Oil N J St Oil N Y Stew Warn Stone Web Sftide Superior Oil Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Union Cafb Un Pac U n i t Alrc Unit Clg Unit Corp ' Unit G S U . S Ind Ale U S Rub U S Smelt U S Steel Ut P i Lgt A Vanadium Wabash Ward Bak A Warn Fix W Mary West Air West E t Mfg Willys Ov Wool worth Wrigley. Yell Tr'. Young S A 40 20 36-K a 17' 33'A 19 2««. IS-', 391,1 1'f, 187 Vt · 1894 202 37*, 42 , 117 .23 37 58 15 H, 10 V, 11W 10H 109 Vi 58 Vi 1 84 IS 48.14 23% 111W fiSM, 198 ·SGK 51 53 M, 10 H 75 *i ipa 16 8 57% 29 y, 37 62 *i 55% 45 V, 9 ·ton IS'i 20 54!* 22 H U K 74 . 4 5651 18% 37 « 76V. W 44 S8K 12 Vi 35 69 « 95 VI 52% ?9 % 74 14% 8% 22 VS 51 Vi 38% 3G 59/i SM 1SV6 13% 9Vt 10D3i 52 20VS- 86 T4 45% 46-14 - 2 2 U 2011, 47 VI 24'/I I'.i 30S 52 Vi 55% 60 VI 188 · 6V6 30 H 37 70 '.4 24 147 K 29Ti 10 34 V4 891-i 6% 64ft 78 VI 14 25-1 (Continued From Comic Pace). ly. There's a decayed sort of wharf, close by, which looks very much as tho the safes had been hauled or rolled across it Now comes .the deduction. We have already, you will remember, deduced the existence of a. motor-boat of sorts. Now it was high water yesterday . evening at about half-past six. At that time the motor-boat could have lain alongside the wharf. I suggest that, in fact, she did so, and that the cases were loaded on to her. If she was big enough to carry them, she was certainly big enough to cross the North Sea in fine weather. "Look how neatly that disposes of the difficulty of opening the cases. Once out of sight of land, her crew could get busy with their oxy-acetylene flames without the slightest fear of attracting attention. Orlce they were open, and the stones' removed, all that remained to be done was to pitch them~7 overboard. I think you'll agree that I was right when I said that they would never Bb seen again. As for the lorry, the energetic Pollard is wasting his time, I fancy. It had done its job as soon as the r safes were unloaded. It was driven to yoiir'romautic Suffolk lane and abandoned, mainly as a convenient way of getting rid of it, but, incidentally, with the idea of drawing a red herring across the trail." For some moments Sir Edric made rib reply. "Your imagination seems as brick as ever, Dick," he said at last. "I don't deny that your theory is possible, even probable, but it ;seems to me that there are precious few facts to support it. Of course I'll make Inquiries all along the riverside, and I'll have a sharp watch kept on every motor-boat, or small steamer for that matter, entering the port, for I take it that they'll--come back some time. I confess that I'm glad I brot you back to London." "Since- you tiragged me back, I'm going to stay for a few nights," remarked Dick. "If I've earned a good mark this afternoon, may I be rewarded with an opportunity of indulging my idle curiosity? I'd like to have a look at that place in Hatton Garden tomorrow morning. I'd say this evening, but it's already too dark to see properly."' "Yes, I suppose you can go along if you want to," replied Sir Edric. "The placets full of policemen: you'd better take one of my carda. and they'll let you in. Pollard's in Suffolk, as I told you, so there's no fear of you being arrested at sight." (TO BE CONTINUED) in. the Auditor's office on or before noon of the eleventh day of May, A. D. 1931, or such road will be established without reference thereto. Dated this ninth day of March, A. D.'1931. ARTHUR HARRIS, County Auditor, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. FREDERICKSBURG MAN SUCCUMBS Rites for G. W. Richardson Will Be Held Thursday at Home, Church. FREDERICKSBURG, March 18. Funeral services for George W. Richardson, 48, who died last night, will be held at 2:30 o'clock tomor- rpw afternoon at the home and later at the Methodist church. Burial will be in Rose Hill cemetery. Mr. Richardson died from pneumonia. He was'seriously ill'two weeks and i yesterday afternoon suffered an at- , tack of double pneumonia. He is ·! survived by his widow and four . children, the youngest of whom is ) a year old and the oldest 19 years \ of age. He engaged in the truck- j ing business the past four years. ,. JOHNSON KILLED AS GAR UPSETS Lime Springs Man Is Victim of Accident; One Other Slightly Hurt. LIME SPRINGS, March 18.--Ed F. Johnson, local resident, was killed and Leslie Decker was slightly injured when the auto in which they were riding turned over 10 miles west of here Monday night. The accident was blamed on a defective steering- gear. The car went into a ditch. Floyd Parperson, who was also in the car, was not injured. Mr. Johnson, who is a carpenter and contractor, is survived by his wife and six children. Mr. Decker was driving: the car. CHICAGO STOCKS. . CHICAGO.' March'18. (fl) Cent Pub Ser A 19VI Midland Un pf 20 X Cities Service -IDVi " ' ~ ' Gr Lakes Alrc 4V4 Grigsby-Grunow o 7 /* Insult Ut Inv 45% Kell Switch li% Llbby McNeill ll}i Majestic H'hold Mid-West Dili 24 Vi M-W Ut 6 pfd 100 Nat Stand Quaker Oats Std Dredging SMInlte Swift Co Swilt Inll U S Gypsum Utll Ind Zenith 33 « 159 4(4 K 29 « 38% 47 4','j PRODUCE Bond Market SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office «in ' Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS . ..9.60 ..9.25 ..9.50 ..0.00 7.75 B.35 8.75 MISCELLANEOUS , ' POTATO MARKET. CHICAGO, March 18. UK--U. S. department of agriculture--Potatoes 105, on track 230, total TJ.' S. shipments 840; stronger trading moderate; sacked per hundred weight, Wisconsin round whites $1.45 to $1.60, mostly $1.55 to $1.60; Minnesota round whites $1.3b to 51.45; Idaho Russets No. 1, $1.65 to $1.75;. mostly ?1.70@1.75; few best $1.85, No. 2, $1.40 to $1.45. CHICAGO POULTRY. CHICAGO, March 18.. ;JB--Poultry--alive, 1 car, 22 trucks; steady; fowls 23c; broilers l%c, 2 Ibs. 36 to 38c; Leghorn broiiers 30 to 32c; roosters 15 l ,4c;, turkeys 25c; ducka 20 to 23c; geese 15c. NEWCYORK SUGAR. NEW YORK, March 18. l/Pl-- Raw sugar 3.23c to 3.4QC. Raw futures 1 point higher. Refined .unchanged a$ 4.40C. HAY MAKKF.T. CHICAGO, March IB. {jn--nay--JO cars, unchanged. MINNEAPOLIS FI.OUB. MINNEAPOLIS, March 18. . W-- Flour unchanged. Shipments 23,900. Bran 18.50; standard middlings TOLEDO SKEDS. TOLEDO, March 18. LIT--Clover seed cash October $13.50; December $13.75. -SlINNEArOMS GRAIN MINNEAPOLIS, March 18. (P1--Wheat 114 cars compared to 105 a year ago; unchanged; cash: No. 1 northern 73V4@77Hc; No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent protein 74VS@7714c; No. 1 darn hard Montana 14 per cent protein 73«c; to arrive 72Wc; No. 1 amber durum 70VK3 73Vic; No. 2 amber durum 63Vi871vic; No. 1 red durum 63Vlc; May 7SVic; July ease; Sept.'61%c. Corn--No. 3 yellow 53%®56%c. Oata--No. 3 white 28J4@28')4c. Barley 32fflS2c. Rye--No. 1, 34H@38«c. Flax--No. 1, Jl.53K5pl.58U. HI-YCAGERSTO PLAY INTOURNEY Teams of North Iowa to Meet at Cedar Falls Gymnasium to Determine Meet. CEDA FALLS, March 18. CSV- Fifteen teams have entered the Northeast Iowa Hi-Y basketball tournament and six entries have been received for the ^Torch club tournament, both to be held here on March 21. Class A entries in the Hi-Y tourney are Charles City, Clarksville, Cedar Falls; East Waterloo, Jesup, LaPorte City, Teachers college high and West Waterloo. Class B entries include Hudson, Dunkerton, Janes- vUle, New Hartford, Orange Township, Parkersburg and Shell Roc.'f Class A and class B champions wi'l meet in the final game. Teams entered in the Torch club play are Cedar Heights, New Hartford, Ffnchford, Hudson. Parkersburg and Orange Township. CITY, March 18.-Cash Quotations by E. O. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) IBe POULTRV Stags j I3c Heavy hens, 4% Iba ...14c Light hens lie Old cocks, heavy 9c Ducks ,12c Geese ,....:... 7c Merchants .Quotations.' Eggs, in trade ..- '....20c Eggs, cash I8c Butter, Plymouth .', 37c Butter,-Clear Lake ...33c Butter, State Brand 30c Butter, dairy ; .30c Potatoes 35c and 40o a pecK CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAQO, March 38. (-Pi--Butter 4.653; unsettled; creamery extras (92 score) 28V4c; standards (00 score carlots) 28ye; extra firsts (90-31 score) 27V4®28c; first* (88-80 score) 2854©27c; seconds (83-87 score) 24Va @25c. Eggs 14.475; easy; extra , firsts 21'Ac; fresh graded firsts 18H®IOV4c; ordinary firsts 18c; storage packed -firsts 21VSc; storage-packed extras 22c. ' PRODUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, March 18. (,p)--Egg futures closed: Storage packed, March 21Vic; do April 22@22Hc; refrigerator standards, Nov. 25lie. Butler futures closed: Frest- standards, June 28 t ,$c; storage standards, March 25%c: do, Nov. 31c. NEW YORK. March .18. MV-The bond market wavered today. Price changes were narrow and divided about-evenly between gains and declines. Foreign obligations showed a rising tendency which did not go very far. .German 5Via of 1965, one of the most active, made another good gain. French If were fractionally higher and the -French 7',4s cased off. Peruvian 6s of 1000 were active. Issues with conversion or stock purchase privileges reflected the cross currents of the share market. Baltimore and Ohio 4V;3 ol 1063 and Atchison 4'/4o o( 1048 followed the corresponding stocks downward! I^iutaro Nitrate 6s, one of the most active Issues of Ine group, Jumped 3 points. General Theaters 6s. and International Telephone 4Vis, were higher. - .. . United States government obligations were heavy. Trailing In them was very narrow. Railroad obligations were generally lower in sympathy with rail stocks but most of the declines were moderate.'St. Louis San Francisco 4~«s of 1978. SU Paul SB of 2000, and Chicago and Northwestern 4^3 were active and lower. New York, Chicago and St. Louis 4',4s of 1078. Pennsylvania aeries D 4'As and the general 4V4s of 1965 showed varied degrees of firmness. Industrial bonds were steady. Public uUl- ity Issues held firm on limited sales. CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS NEW YORK, March 18. IvTI--United States government bonds closed:, Liberty 3',4», 101.29. First 4«s 102.24. Fourth ,4VSs 103.29. . ' , Treasury 4Vis 112.4. Ah P P Co 11 Am Gas El 81 Am Sup Pow 18H Am Car i Fdy 35 V4 Am Metal - 22',4 Am Zc Ld Sm 6% Ar £ Co B (III) 1% Assoc Dry Gda 27 Baldwin Lo 26W Brlgga Mfg Co 21VS Burns Bros A 15^v Best Co 45?i Burr Add Mach 29 Bush Terminal 27 v Butte Cop Zc 1-% Calif Packing 44 Com Credit 2114 Coml Solvents 19 li Cont Motors 4Vh Cont Oil ^ 9% Cream of Wht 33 Curtlss Wr pfd 7i Endl Johnson 37 "* First Kali Sirs 55 Flak Rubber/- U Hershey Ch Co 09 Hous Oil (new) 1UJ, Indian Ref - 4 NEW YORK CURB QUOTATIONS Am For P Co 29 H ,NIag St Hud Am Gas El 1SH " Ark Nat Gas A 5% Asaoc G . E A 23 Can Marconi 3^i B . Kelvinator Corp 15i Lambert Co 85 Liquid Garb Cp 52 Louisiana 'oil 4 Mathlcson Alk 26 UcK nobb 1314 Muns Wear Inc 28 Vi Nev Cons Cop 13 U Oils Steel 1-1 V t Pathe Exchange 2Vs Pflisbury Flour 35 Pure Oil Co 0 Purity Bak Cp 54 !4 Heading Co 74 Reo Grande Oil 7?w Reo Motors 8% Schulte Re Sirs 10 So Cal Edison 52'.4 Standard Brds 20 Superior Oil iVi Telauto Corp 21 Tobacco Prod 3 Si U S Real Im 33 Vanadium 69 Wabash Ry 16-11 Western Myld 16 . Western Union 134',{ WrlKley Jr Co 7S'/ t Legal Notices NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL In District Court, January Term, 1931. STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4075 To All Whom It May Concern: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last "Will and Testament of W. P. Henderson, deceased, dated June 11, 1915, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday the 13th day of April, 1931, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, before the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 2 o'«lock p. m. of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to. appear, and show cause, if any they have, why said insfru- ment should tnot be probated 'and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason City, Iowa, March 16, 1931. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk of District Court; By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL RITES HELD FOR MRS, G. H. STOKES Iowa Falls Woman Formerly n y Lived'Near Hampton;, *'» in England. IOWA FALLS, March 18.--' funeral services for Mrs. George Stokes, a resident of this section since 1892, were held at the Chris- * tian church yesterday, Mrs. L. H.. . L Sours, the resident pastor, officiating. Mrs. Stokes was born in Spald- , ing, England, Aug. 21, 1852. In May, 1873, she was married, to Mr. Stokes who died 11 years ago. 'Of the 11 children born to- Mr. and Mrs. Stokes, seven survive, John W. of Decatur, HI., Samuel B. of Hampton, Ernest H. of Des Moines, Martin L. of Mason City, George H., Mrs. Mary Hermanson and Mrs. Addie Brown of this city. Mr. and Mra. Stokes came to America in 1883 and after a residence of nine years in Canada, located on a farm south of Hampton in 1892. In 1915 they moved to Bradford where they made their home until the death of Mr. Stokes. Since 1922 she made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Addie Brown. NEW YORK FRODVCE. NEW YORK, -March 18. uei--EgEa 51.548; unsettled. Mixed colors, regular packed, closely selected heavy 23KiJ24c; citra 22U @23c; extra first 21V4®21«c; first 21(gi 21V!c; seconds 2 0 K @ 2 0 H c ; medium firsts 20(3:20Vic; storage packed, closely selected heavy 23U@24c; extras first 22^@23c; llrst 22®22Vlc; medium firsts 20W@21c; nearby hennery brown, regular packed, extra 23)i@2Jc; extra firsts 22K4B2.1C. Nearby and nearby western hennery whites, closely selected extras 25^-6'^c; do, average extr a24c; nearby white medium* 22(f23c. . . ' i Butter 14,005; easier. Creamery, higher than extra 20i4®!30c; extra (02 score) 29c; first (80-01 score) 27®28^ic.. Poultry---Dressed steady. HIDES quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. 80S Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides ............ $1.50-52.00 Cured beef hides ......... ,. Green beef hides KANSAS CITV PRODUCE. · KANSAS CITY, March 18. (/D-- EEBS. {-1.95. Hens 16{H8c. Other produce unchanged. % NEW YORK rotlLTBV. NEW YORK, March 18. nt-- Poultry- Live Irregular; chickens by freight 10@21c: express 21®30c; broilers freight. 32c; press . fowls freight 23!?'25c; express 23f?27c; rooster* freight 1-lc; expreap 15tf?lGc; turkeys freight 28c; express I ·I2c; ducks freight 13321c; express 25c. Knute Rockne Fears Grid Over Emphasis CHICAGO, March i!8. UF-- Talk of overemphasis in football has made a silent man out of the one and only Knute Rockne. When a reporter spied the famous Notre -Dame coach in Chicago this week, he rushed up to find out the reason. "I came up here to buy a football," Coach Rockne said, "and I'm going back to South Bend to show it to the boys later this week, I'm not going to speak above a whisper during: spring prnctice lest I am accused of overemphasis." utmr ·..**«* r~.^,*«mi«*i. "- .:'·--'' "~? '." ··:'"' .""',* /.^y Deforest Radio Durant Motor 2H Elsler ,E1 5% El Bd Stl 5Sld Ford Mo of Eng 18% Fox Theaters A Svi Humble Oil S7V4 Nat Pub Ser A 10% CHICAGO STOCKS Aub Auto Co 202 Morgan Llto Ben AVI Corp 2274 -28% No Am Avlat Pennroad Corp Sheaffer Pen S O Ind S O Ky Trans Air T United Qas Un I. P A Utll P i L Vacuum Oil Walgreen Drug Borg-War Corp Butler Bros Cont Chi Corp Cord Company Gt Lakes Airc Grlgsby-Grunow 8-S 1054 Leather Nat Standard Quaker Oats Unit Corp U '3 Gypsum 0% ·10 33 22% 4% 10 K 32 ! 12V4 56% 20% G',4 Vt Utll Ind Corp 8% 5% U S Rad Tele MINNEAI'OXIS STOCK Ft Bk 3k Corp 22H MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET CASH SALES Flax 153% to 158S ' OMAHA CHAIN. OMAHA. March 18. (,!1---Wheat--Hard No. I, 71c; No. 2, 70®70V5c; durum No. 2, 64c; durum, smutty No. 2, 6flc. Com--Yellow No. 2. 56c; No. 3. 54c; mixed No. 2, 53c; No. 3, 51ij'53c. Oats--White No. 3, 30@30Vic. In District Court, · January Term, 1931. STATE OP IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4067 To AH Whqm It May Concern: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, That instruments of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Agnes Williams, k deceased, dated Aug. 19, 1921, Codicil dated July 15, 1922, and Codicil dated Feb. 4; 1930, having been filed, opened and read, Monday the 13th day of April, 1931, is fixed for hearing proof, of same at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, before the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 2 o'clock p. m. of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, · and show cause, if any they have, why said instruments should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased, and Two (2) Codicils thereto. Dated at Mason City; Iowa, March 17, 1931. . , S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk of District Court. By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. WHEAT SUPPLIES LESS THAN THOT March 1 Amount in Hands of Producers Half That of Last Year. CHICAGO, March 18. CZP)--Sup- plies of wheat held by producers on March 1 were much below expectations of the Farmers National Grain corporation, a government sponsored co-operative sales agency, it was announced here. The report revealed that only about half as much grain is being held on farms and in elevators in Kansas, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Montana and parts of Nebraska and Colorado as at this Umo last year. Reasons for the decrease were given as heavy selling by grain farmers to raise money to meet spring taxes, and unusually heavy feeding KANSAS CITY CHAIN. KANSAS CITY, March' 18. c/Pl--Wheat-- 48 cars; unchanged; No. 2 dark hard 72t,ic: No. 3, 70©71c; No. 2 hard 70©71c; No. 3 nominally 60@71%c; No. 2 red nominally 72S?73c; No. 3 nominally 70@72c. Com--32 cars; unchanged to ?ic lower; No. 2 white 57c; No. 3. SMffSBc; No. 2 yellow 57c; No. 3, 54956V1C; No. 2 mixed 54c: Noi 3, 52'41J53c. Oala--1 car; unchanged: No. 2 white nominally 33©33V4c; No. 3, 33c.- Short Course to Be Held GRAND RAPIDS, Minn., March 18. (IP)--The annual farmers' short courae at the North Central school of agriculture will be held two dnys instead of three this spring, it has been announced here. The course will be held March'25 and 26. with farmers from all sections of TUsra and northern St. Louis county in attendance. . ., . . . . . . , , . . . 1-. ,'l'««»/n«i.«\o aonntn*tf\*?^ ., l . . . ... ' . T . . . ... NOTICE To Willis A. Balrcock, William Hnm- hlin, and to Whom It May Concern: The Commissioner appointed to locate a road sixty-six feet wide commencing- at; the northwest corner of Section 19, Township 96, Range 20, West of the Fifth P. M. and running east (the center line of the proposed road being the north line of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 19, Township 96, Range 20) and terminating at the ) ortheast corner of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section IS. Township 96^, Rans;e 20, has re- -inrtcd tn favor of the fstnblishmcnt 'hereof, and nil objections thereto. DO YOU NEED MONEY? Our personal loan department offers good service and reasonable terms. C. E. Brooks Co. 203I/, iHt.Nnll. Bk. Bldtf., Ph. '480 LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for llnted or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange Investment Department FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mason City is

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