The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 7, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1818
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n ..... - - - ". ' T 1 ' , . , - , , Jf - f. . - " ' - . ,.r - . . - , . ' m. .. - . - , - t ' ' '' - ' ' " ' ' " ' T ' " . ''' : ffiBEE N EWYQM.. EVjSNIN(S POST. MJA1BER 4960 THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1 818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. fiiAlWa( end lfnhburg namfarlaud - nnkt", now landing from sundry ve - 1 0" Ju,of the fullowwg qualities and brand , Shells k Wuliamson, 8 bands, 1. 2, 3 T.fcY.MUUrrACo. t baM. 1,2,3 jjJoJ. P'J, . 45 do George Hetcher, 103 do J" Endeiv, ii4 do D. ft. Row, 1 ' 1 I It hi 1, 3 .1. 1 - 1 U.M ft Co.' b 1 do R. Hughes tt Co. 83 ao R. Cantor, ' 45 do F. O. Crembaw, SI do IV. DnBoo, , 87 doJ.kP - Ubby. 8 8 8 J2 ,2 8,XiltdvHtwiti 8, ball lb.rolls 81 do II. Starr. Morten. bo.e brand, are w.U known and "J . . .k.. ..MkL on account of the !W3 mMy of the different number, For,al by wham 1 C0RSELIUS uu jjoiS, ; Vp 20 , ,i ; 38 Front - ttwet ixwiiaTiC OTHER WARES. rfiH obnbefikee conUanOy on nana an L ctteniive aMortnent of tue following f ootli, Dutch Broom Daiier, and EDfclUh Gunny Bag, Pope Head . Crumb Bruthet ' Bellow, funcT. aad common ' ' - Do for Blackimith flail aim Eulry Matt Pail and 'l ulu - Whral - H;irrovw Fine Wire Bievel )u flair do Whip of ever 'de - Kriptiun Seine, sewihg, wrap - piu - , baleing taid bill Twine Fun Line or Counter Brvtlie ' i . . Htrth Croet, finer ud CODHUJO Head do do. do' Cloth do do do WevPtdo ' Wtute Wwh do " Shoe a drubbing do faint Bruihet and Saih TooU f'uruituie Biiwbt Ilone do Bed Cordt, Clothe Line Suh Cordi, Trare Rupe ' Stioe It Sadler Thread Dearborn' Dalian - ce, &c. vrotiflii ami VUi ami Brad Which they Kill red wholesale or ret nil on II lraitrmi. Ci'ClU 4 CUMLG, apX8 . 76 Pearl - lPt. Ort yitUil.YljiTOKACCOUFL.OUll. O hhdsol'i Virginia tobacco - 55 do new crop do do 68 bbl fin dour 1 do aiiddliiir do. For sale br VASQUEi, MF.URON & CLEEMAN, rH7 tr Wo. it HObltHV, FUiXSiKL, PlAti, tic. Ti M K 'A and women' cotton stocking 11 A. A lew bale superfiua while flanuel, very wide do do red and yellow do Berlin and military cord Green table cover, different size Best London pins, 3 1 2, 4, 4 1 - 1,5 mil t pin, 1 - 4, 1 - 2 and lib Mourning pin and short white White cbapol needle, iswted, . Bras wire No, 14 and to Card wire No. 27 aud 33 - ' Hook and eye. Thimble i. Alio tut hand, EneliJl looVlnr glaas plates, OnsilrereJ For .aleby ATKINSOJIB & FLKMING, p20 '3w' ' I6T Pearl - rt. ; "ft.ASTEROir PARIS MANUFACTORY, At tlie fvrt of IiarrisMi - strect, Murth - Kiver. i A f HERE miinutactured Plaster, I'orcorni - V V ce and other ptt'pofei, may ba had, warranted of the first qoalily, al on dollar and Item - tjirt tvUtptr tnuhel. The manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regvlar apprentice - hip to the mason business;, mfttl JOHN BYERS. AMERICAN OOOUa. WM. F. 6 BAMIj. MOTT, No. 16 Pearl street, offer for sale the following Ameri - eaa cotton and woollen good : 5 case Brown Sbirtiog 4 do bleached do . 6 do. 3 - 4 Check ; 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton Ball 2 do Sewing Thread 2 do Knitting Yam : 2 do Sattinett 20 case Plaid 5 do Blue Stripe ! 5 do Bed Tick. 1 do Denims; 1 do Milinet 40 do Twist and Filling, assorted from No. 10 bale Candltwick. 5 to 12 4th mo. 24 2w . ' FHENCH tiOODS. Just received by the Comet, from Havre, Habit ploves, - prunetle shoe Rich figured eattiri and taffeta ribbons - ' Embroidered and plain ailk hose, shawls Sutpenders, fans, artificial flower ' Silk neltt, collcretta, thread hose, and for tale at 140 Pearl - street, by ap 28 . F. II. SHELDON & CO. B EES - WnX. A QUANTITY of Beeswax, for Ie by ii JOHN FLACK, my 1 lw Corner Old - Slip and South st. Air. BAL.Lk.Til Madame uOLtT, No. 7 Nassau - street. HAVE th honor U inform the public in general and the ladies of New - York in par ticular, that they manutacture and have con stantly on hand an assortment of artificial flower. At their store are aln to be found, and to be disposed of by wholesale and retail, Perfumery of every description, among which tr th calebrated Lait FirxvuU, and the most approvi d essence and pomatum for Um com plexion. Tortoise shell comb and thimble A Complete assortment of works dranx. duwli, fichu and bands Umbrellas and parasol ' Merino, knit and velvet ridicule ; silk fichu Stockings and gloves for ladle and gentlemen Ladies' elaitic garters Spring anJ ball silk drnssee Ball do embroidered with chenille and orna - touted with flower ; ailk scarfs l'maelle a:id silk shoe Uraotines, floreoces, tatkw, rafleta, tc. fail in short, every thing connected with the jtoiUte. apta lrn "V hef London White Lead in oil barrels do Dry Wiulc Lean StoDsRedLead J bnl Brit.d Red Ochre " 'W Veoetiaa Red ; t ton fine Litharge 'gbed Whiting ck Pari White 2 hbd. Verdigri herces t renrh Yellow Ochre cs Vermillion 'Ciiks PrvHian KUib. 4001b. . Paleat Yellow Pili Brwn, .;eliaIU.L j HOIL. slark Ctrl. WnpMack : Irorv Black : Part.le: Browa i,,TafpHrt,n LiiOsetdOil r u ,w vnd .w GUsa, assorted sV.. he lowest term, for cash of at i,.tllfCllERMERIIORV It SONS, ' pfi - Ll 4J WaT - rwt. POean, Lexboms fio.ii SS to 5J,jusl fter, ed atul for aie1y ' - V U. UU.1AND k nOCRDEL, JKEfV FANCY GUvD SIX caw of new ud elegant fane article, uch a ' Ladiet1 workbose and dreaung cases, rery ale - fni Wriung desk, eleynUy pit and plain Gilt and uainled card rack. Fan rack Fira and candla crcn, painted io a tupcrior manner, wun cm and colored Handle Backf anion board Malina and morocco work baikeU GeutlcmeB ebaving apparatus, ' Pouche and dressing caMi, complete ' Morocco and naabogany purtable desk A few Russia leather do. very superb ' 1 Some very elegant portfolio with gdt lock and JMCKett Elegantly gilt border and plain Morocco, Ro . ia and roan pocket book, of variou descrip tiou . . . t. Spring walk', of Ruria and Morocco, with - many other ar.icle too numerous to mention. For sale wholesale and retail, by . N. SMITH 1MVIES, ap 23 No. 151 Broailway. - Uft.AiNU 4: - S.V.OrlL,tA.!j COTION. 54 bale prime Upland Cotton, landing fronriloop Wave, from Savannah 63 bale iNew - Orlean Cotton, landing from tuipiuaria Caroline, lor aij oy POTT St M'KINNE, 68 boutb - ttrect. In Store. 109 bale Upland Cotton - ' 9 do New - Orlean do ' St ceroon Cuba Tnitacco 36 boxes Window UIks . 6.i nines Catalonia Wine .11 pipes O. L. P. Madeira Wine ;balieen imported 5 rears . , 9 qr.. casks ftjaiaa V iflB 2000 Dentijolmi ll'l loniSwtdtt Iron, assorted sizes, apt" AiUriCEtn, rOL,lM, PlbCKt, Aic. f710UR - THOU4AU MUrKETS, and two A uoaeS fowling 'pieces, entitled ' to doben turn. 4 boxes well aborted glssiware 3 ceroon dul nut Indigo und ...i ' , A few piect superfine Cloth, for salf by J.C.Z1MMER.V1AX, ap 7 1 m J 7tVainin;ton - street. ' 58 CASW CANTON GOODS, vii 12 cases coi'd Canton Crape black do do coi'd Nankin do hUck do do Crape Shawl black Camblets mix'd Silk do Chang'ble Sarsoct do Levantine black do Silk Htlkf Birds Eye do Coi'd Concan Sewing Silk, (Italian tU; Sinchew Sarsnets. ALSO, Corocnnv lorur and short Tallow Nan - kiss, for sale by MARCH LOW, apau Z1U Broadway. hiih Linen, Latent, Mttttingi, J) injurs, it. ' I'llOMAS SUFFERN. No. 6 Depeyster - st. L ha lust received oer Alexander Mans field, from Belfast, and Dublin Packet, from Dublin, 1 12 rackagre compritinc a handsome assortment or Irish Linens, he. which, with hi former assortment, will be sold on reasonable terms. 44 and 7 - 8 Linen, id whole and half pieces, one nod coars aisnrrmeuts 3 - 4 Lioen. brown and breached 7 - 8 Lawns, 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings Jaconet and Mull Muslins. 7 - 8 Dowlas, 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 Linen Remnants 3 - 4 Black Linen, 7 - 8 Cole rain Linen 4 - 4 and 54 Sheetings, Blue and black coloured Linen Thread 3 - 4 Diaper 7 8 half bleached Linen, very strong 6 4 to 10 - 4 Table Dinpert, assorted 3 - 4 Linen, in demi rjiece Also in store, a few hamper of the very first quality Irish apple rotators, lor sale, my S iw rilUBACCO. COTTON k SUGAR. 150 J. hods. Virginia Tobacco BO hales Jal ooa Cotton, surjenor analirv 50 bars double boiled Calcutta Sugar, for sale al 67 South street, by my 5 CAMBRELKJiPCPKAKEU:!, "VCIllLTREE'S HAMS A few boxes ot W Ocbi tree' celenrated r avettevitie Hams, iuat raeived and foraalw bv the subscriber. 155 u roadway. . - , - - , my 4 4t fcuwu, w. iviLMua, ' MN PLA I E, oic 178 boxes Tin Plate, a X sorted . 10.0001b. India Block Tin 8,000 lb. Iron Wire, assorted from No. Ito 18, tor sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, ap JU i(u r roni - sireei. elOFFEE. FLOUR. TOBACCO, Ac - J - J46 bass St. Domingo Coff - e, 51 do green navaua do. enuueo to orawoaca 373 bhl. uprrfiite Richmond Flour 30 hhde old Richmond To'iacco 15 do new do do 18 do do Petersburg . do 7 do . old do do 10 whole and 20 halftkrce Rice 7 bale Upland Cotton 6 qr. cask Madeira Wine Red and while Port Wine inhhdl. Clare) of n superior quality , in boxes, for sale by ROB'T GILLESPIE, ap79 IUI . I n r rum - ii COFFEE tl RU.VI. - 54 tihdt. fine green coffee, and to hhd Ram, landing irom brig Favoritn, and for aale by MICH. KEARNEY, or GEO. LACY, an 20 4 Fulton - street. pHK SWlFTsURE MAIL STAGE Or - FICE, i removed Irom No. 5 to 79 Court - anr!t - t!rft. Northern Hotel. 1 aWIFTSURE MAIL STAGE FOR PHILA DELPHIA. Fare through, five dollar. The Swiftsure Mail Stage will lease the Office No. 79 Courtlandt - etreet, every day (Sunday excepted) at 8 o'clock in the morning, by way oi Newark, lodge at Somerville. and arrive at I'htUdtuuua I tie eext day, auout one oxioca. For Seal io the above Lioe, a poly at tlie Olfice, No. 79 Courtlandt - oreet. All Good aud lag - gage at the risk o( tbe owners. mtSlw 4 .do 2 do 1 do 3 do 1 do 1 do 2 do 2 do 1 do 4 do 1 do t do 20 d 2 do 1 do FROSPECTLS for rrnusniNG it ctscRirri A M AP OF MEXICO A.VD Lut'ISIAA. I'UE publication ol this Map hat been umler - 1 taken with the imprt - ssion, that it will ex - hihil iniormatioa, highly interesting at eventful crisis, and tl valuable Maps which the author has procured, durine his several tonr thmush Mexico, ii. I he tears 1806, 1807, 1812, 1813, 1815, 1816, and 1817. in1 e him to helivt that (he Map, with even all its imperfections, will I much the most perfect which ba appeared before the public. . This Map will contain the latest and belt ia - formation from the discoveries and possession of Ute American, Spanish, Russian, British and French trarcltrr and aavigator and represeo - lio th claim of their reiec'ive gevcrnawnts on the Northwestern coast of America. 71m Map will include that portion of North America, which lie Between the hlhmasofDa - riea, and the 4tth degree oi North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westward! to the Pa ilk Ocean. . ' . la sire the Map wi:i be about ais by five f.', ami wiH be tvosected on a scale of 40 mils t" fi Inch, to be delivered to the abcribcr at Ol - lee doilar - r.cb. Nalcbea, Marc57, 1C18. ap tAnl 171 LEPHANTOilSEALSKINSic PEARL. JLU I he cargo of Ibc ship Bsa - Fox, corrnsting of asm alephaulod, for and hair seal skint, and mother of penrL is now landing at TnwoMnd' wharf, and for tale in lot to toit purchaser, by J. BYER3; or, ' E. FANNING, y 1 tf . j No. 29 Miirliog - slip. SUGAR. 34 hlids. 2d qnaU Muscovado, fo ale at 35 Ceck - alip, br my 2 R. : C. W, DAVENPORT CO. I OHN ABKU VWLUNK U CO. offer rur I ' sale ' rim MnMi'nr RmmI tnitlA Several cask smalls, parlicurarly desirable or u eKiwn nnu paper mancrs . A mmka Iihn(iim A few baits castiaere and thalloon', thawla ap zu - - . ptANDLtj 50 boxes Eastern Mouid Cao - J die, for sle by ap 3l JOS. OSBORN. 58 8outli - tree. A very mug pair of none FOR SALE, if ap - xa pueU for soon; they can be seen at Mr. ELLIOT'S (tables, corner of Garden and New streets. ' ' " . Also, a remarlrahl light family CARRIAGE, built br onenf (he best workmen. my4lw TO LET, CnaS The store No. 20 Wall - street. : Potte ion may be had immediately Apply at No. 18. ap 1 tf TO Lh. From the first of Mav next, the two 3 atory brick House. No. 492 and 494 Green wich - gt. in excellent repair, with or without stables in the rear; and will be let on very rea sonable term. Alao, to Let or Lease, from 1st May next, a very convenient Dwelling House, opposite Love lane, near the 2 - mile stone, Bowery, at present occupied by Trofcssnr Arlra'm. It is well adapted for one or two families, having two kilcnen, 8 rooms, pantries, vaults, a ta. ble'and coach house, a well of good water, and two cisterns. The carden i very larer. and well stocked wah fruit trees and shrubbery, and may be taken possession or immediately For terms, apply to H VLSEY k G09MAN, '31 Olri - slip, or to GEO. GOSMAN, ap 29 . 496 Kreenwich - street. ' Utt. lit r.i J'H CA' H h. i Hi, By Wm. Wirt, Fjo. $4 00. 'TIIIE publisher deems it unnecestary to say JL any tliiuir hi favor of the merits of this work, uuileutiu? hiinelf with mentioning that the first edition of 2ot0 cojiics were all diiposcd of m a few montlu. I he 2d improved edition lor sale by ROB. M'DERMUT, ap 2i Uw fii Pearl - st. fjrjn tOU b.i LH OH IO L t.i ML, LoUio the 5, 6, 8, and 10 VVitrds; many oi which are on regulated and paved streets. No money will bo required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and thr - e story house, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. . LA ND1NG AT RED HOOK. An excellentatand for business, with ten acras of land, pleasantly ntuated, with a wnaxi, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never fail in r stream, upon Which 20 nallsmay bo erecieu, wiia a auiucieiicy oi waierioreacn. - Apply at No. 2 Greenwich - (treeL j an 13 tf X JV LtT, 4j For one or more years, the following Houses at Harsenville,near the five mile stone, Blooaunrdaie road. A pleasantl) situated and convenient two story House and Stable, with aGaiden and lour a - cres ol land. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two ttory House and Stable, with a large Garden and three acres ot land, both of the above place are well docked with different kind of choice Fruit - tree. Alto A oleasantlv situated and convenient two dory House, with a Stable and two acres of I.. I L .r IWIU fur IIIUICI uuhluioiivbijuiisw JACOB HAR8EN, ap28 1m Near the premises. J O LET, A very convenient house, with about hall an acre of ground, about a mile from lb city, adjoining the bouse occupied by Mr. More - wood, betwixt Greenwich and the Broadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 tf Hudson - square, BERGEN ORPHANS COURT. Of the Term of March, 1818. Catharine Schuyler, Administratrix, aVc. f ol John A. bcbuyler Rule, under Statute. deceased. rp HE court order and direct, Thnt Catharine X ' Schuyler administratrix of the goods, chat tels and credit! o: John A. Schuyler, decerned, give public notice to the creditors or the decedent to bring in their claims and demand against the estate ot the said dtcedent, on or before the first rlav of May, ia the year of our Lord eigh teen hundred and nineteen, by putting up notices it... . r. . : - '.t.Y m.i,li .Jr.. i - the county of Bergen, for the space of two months, and advcrtisinc the tame lor tne like space of tune io a newspaper printed and published in the stale of New - Jersey, and in a nws - aper printed and published in tue city ol Jtw ork. A true transcript from the record. ap 28 2ra JOHN A. BOYD, Sur'gate. Stvtt of jYew Jerk ComplroUerU tJU( DUBLlC NOTICE is hereby given, that e. seal IT ed proposals will be received at this office until Monday the 2j0i of Mav next, for Ibe pur chase of the whole or of any part of 840, 478 17 - 100 dollars of the three per cent Mock ol tlie landed debt of the United slates, owned by this state, The Slock, If sold, will be transferred no the first day of July next, at which time, payment must be made by the purchaser or pn reinsert, at the Bank of New - York in the city of New - York. The ororjosalt will be opened on the s id 25th day of May rx it aud the Lest offer or i ffer will be accepted s provided Ibe ff rs he soi h as shall. consistent with the interests of the state, warrant the acceptance of any of the in. If any offer or offers shall be accepted, information thereof shall be immediately communi cated to the person or persons so Gift - ring ; and il is expected and required that such person or persons shall then give satisfactory security for the payment at the lime st.poMctl. AliAsii'i' tri. i i at, comptroller Albany, April 87, 1818. ap30 4M25 G SAUNDERS resptctfully inlortns his former . customers aad the public, that be bas at length, by the amrttaace nf snma frteons, so far recovered from hit late tni'lortane by fire, at to have returned bit business al No. 18 Wall - street ; where he con'inue to manufacture rat - strops no a principle invented py nnnwii, ana wmcn it r.ilnwed by all who have tried them, to exec aev thing hitherto known: a they never, by evrr o long , make tlie edge of the rator, and IherHr.r render me ute or any none uniKCi ?ry. I he purchaser needs only a Mngie letsoo as tn its use. .ap Stl MB UWKtlt O CKAPEORESSF.S. ( - tanl f - mbriidered Nankin Crape Drrs'.a new article, jatt received aad for aale at 1 50 Broa.lsvay, by a my 1 lw PU1LBR00K fc PETERS. JO n TO LET, ii)tV Those two fire proof dwelling House, No. 74 and 76 Molt street, about ten minute walk from the Coffee Hoaie. They will be put in compete repair, and well calculated for genteel families. Apply at No. 137 Watr - treet. mhlltf . 'JVtKT, . Ann immediate nosseuion riven. One of tU besf stands for n Boarding House: la this :.t. :a . a . i - uy, urn may ue converted into otuce's, il more agreeable, aud a more public and pleasant situation is not to be frwftid. Enquire at the office of the EwniiMt Post, ap 14 TO LiT, A part of the atore.No. 81 Pine - street Apply on the premise. ap 17 1 FOR SALE, THE time of a smart Black Girl, that can do all kinds of house - work and cooking, luth as is nrcessar for a family, or suitable lor a public house. She understands cooking of oyr trrt, bealsleaks, fee. and would boa valuable acquisition to any public boose, a preference would be given to any person keening the fame, that reside in the country. Sold lor no other reason than the want of a master. For further particular, inquire at the corner oi Broad wny uu vrjuu - sireci, itinuni OOC1HI. - N. - B. She it sold at her own requett. '" ' ap9tf cheap Cash grocery s i ore. Corner of Grand and Rynder streets, directly ' opposite Centre Market. TAMES P. ANDOe. respectfully inform his tl friends and the public in general he ha re moved from corner oi Broadway and Reed - tt. to in present stand, where he solicits a in'i'iiblic paironue, and hopes by bit unremitted exertions to obtain the best of Liquor and other article in hi line of hiisintas, thereby to rentier me mosi perfect suusinc lion. N. B. J. P. A. keep constantly for tale a f eoerul assortment of tint rate Tens, Sugar, Cof - ler, Apices, Liquors of all kinds, &c tic. which will he all disposed of at a moderate advance, my 2lro raotjrKcrnt or the HEMPSTEAD ACADEMY. The Rev. TiMornv r low as, a.m. Principal. - ovoOooq - HAVING purchased that large. and commodious building in tlie village of Henitead, Queen County, lately occupied by Mr. George Howel, the subscriber to open aa Academy tliereio, on Monday, tlie 27 lb instant, for Itoardiiur youue Keidleoien and inttrurtinu them in any of those branches of science and liteia - lure usually comprehended in an academical course. That every scholar may be under the constant and immediate iiierinteudance of Die Principal, uone will he aduiitUd into Hut academy as stu dent but those who are alto boarder. Avery few students from the village, or it immediate vicinity, will be the only exception Io thi rule. II, however, the number of ttudent should ex ceed the mean of accommodation in the acade my, board may Iso procured in private fauiilie in I lie neighbourhood. j bhould the public patroaaee be extended to thit institution sufficiently to warrant tlie mea sure, additional leachera will be procured. The year will be divided into two term of tuition. The tumuicr term will commence the last Monday in April, and will continue twenty - three week. The winter term wilt cofiiraence the last Monday in October, and will likewise coathiue twenty three weeks. Thi arranee - event will leave a vacation of about three weeks after each trm. The price of boarding, tuition, candle and fuel, both in chool aud room, will be 100 dol lar aach term. - But, two or nor scholars tent oy to same person, the children of clergymen, or those who are intended for the ministry (of any denomination; will be boarded) and Instructed for $90 each per term, la all cases, a deduction of 6 per cent. wiJI be made for pawneot in aovance. Bonus, wastilnc, menlintT. and any necessary anicie oi cwinirur. will be lurnun ed by Ibe tubsenbtr at the moat reduced mice. A cot, mattraa or bed, and bedding, to be fur - iiiBiieu uy eacn siuocni. 1 be natrons of tins institution may be assured that its system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rule of Ihe academy mutt be itrictly complied wi'h, by every scholar. OCT FOREIGNERS, desirous of acquiring a grammatical knowledge of lb English language, will be admitted as boarder into the Hempstead Academy, rnvale apartment and sepoi ute la ble wilt be furnished on the mod reasonable terms, and every facility will be afforded to a speedy and thorough acquaintance Willi the language. For the information of stranger it may be tta - ted,tbat Hempstead it a pleasant village and pott town, remarkable for ill heallhinett, only twenty one mile east of the city ol New - York $ that il enjoy Ihe advantage of public worship in Ihe Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Methodist form ; and that a (tage run from Um city three time a week, on one or ibe beit roadt in America. farentt detirou of placing their children at school, or foreigner wishing Io bef instructed in the English language, are respectfully requested to visit tlie subscriber, at Hempstead, where they will receive fuller information respectful tlie proposed institution. ' IIAlUlrll CMJWfcJJ. Hemiistead, April 3, 1813. ftV Ihetubtcriber hereby declare hi un qualified approbation of Ihe ettablisliment prox - sed by the Revd. Mr. Clowes. Convinced at he it ol Mr. Clowet' ample qualification!, both of tne nean ar.o (lie neart, for iuieniitending such an inttilution, he doe not heiitate to recommend him to Hiblic confidence, and hi academy to puuuc patronage. BblH tlAltl, Ket tor oi bt. Ceo. Church, ilemptUad. Hempstead, 3d Aprils 1818. tfr I he above protnectu meet with my hearty concurrence. CHARLES WEBSTER, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Hemuttead. A bag lettered " Hempstead Academy' will be left at G. C. Langdon't Loog - lsland Steam - Boat Hotel, for communication! with any person at tached to the institution. A Female department i connected with the Academy. Youoe Ladiet to be boarded in the village. ap 7 rjawmawir WAN I ED, 10 a small respectable lamiiy. a middle aged woman, well acquainted with plain cooking, washing and ironing. Sb mutt produce a reference from her last place for her honesty anJ sobriety. There would be no ohjectinn lo a Scotch, or Welch woman. En quire at this omce. ap 29 tf WHEATOM' ITCH OINTMENT. ''PHE loos and turcetiful ute of thi ointment J. 111 tuHicient ieconnendation. at it hat been found to be a pleasant tafe aud certain re medy for lint diiagreeable disease in all it tta - get. It is for tale in Ihe city nf New - York, by A. K w. it. fost no. 4) Wi.liam - itrert: I. il T Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; H. II. Schieffelin Al Co. No. 193 Pearl - street t Lawrence Ac Kee, No. 195 Pearl - street 1 Hull A Howne, 141. Pearl street 1 R. Ac L. Mu - ray, 313 Pearl - street : J M. BnulhursL 314 Pearl - street ; John Penford, No 4 Fletcher - street ; Duryre tl l or, in iVari - strei - l; Job C Morrison, vhs, (jreenwicb street: John P. Fisher. 100 Urosd way : Walter .V Seaman, rornt 1 of Chamber si. aud Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at mt ef tlie Drux More in this iiy Also in Philidelphia, of 8. Wiiherell A S - xis ; George Harrell , North At Ko cera, and almost a I the dmgguls in Us principal lownt ia the United State. I.IKBWUK, WHEATON'3 JAUNDICE BITTFRS may be bad at tlie above places. jai.22Cm HOES. A few raski.of IVent "nel Comrorw Carolina ae( Virginia H - e, of the Bradct manufacture, received aad (or a - le by 'iNDERSOJI I - SHEARER, ap 30 2 At No. 131 YYnter - ttrtct. 1 it HYDE - PARKLNST1TUTION. ASELr.CT and private Classical School is established at Hyde Park, Dutchess county, state of New - York, under lha direction and instruction ol nrNJAMIM A 1. 1. TV. I.. I.. O. - If The institntion it designed to unite with a clas sical ana lciisb Education, the modern langua ge. I he classical course will comprise the Latin and Greek Latutuaees. Ancient Hnlorv and Ge ography, Mythology, Roman aud Grecian Auti - qurtie. i . . , , .. ,. , . the rjiglisb course wilt enmpris Enflish Grnmmer, Elocution, Element of History, Rhe - tortt'k. Geography, I'enmanthip, elrmeoiary nud practical Mathematics, aud the outline of Natural Philosophy Modern Language will comprise the French, Spanish and Italian, . . Moral and relwioua Instruction will he atten (led to, a youth i the most proper time to inculcate and fix those principles of virtue and pie Iv, which ought lo direct and influence the conduct ol future life. . f . . , . .. , Thej'Upil of Ibe Institution will be members of the Principal' family, aad under his iiiunrdi - ate care ami goveramenl. Particular attention will be paid lo Iheir meruit end manner.. Tn government will be strict, but mild and parental - it aim shall be to give habits of order and industry, and inspire a geaerne emulation. ; The institution will be furnished with a Library, Map, Globes, and select Philosophical Apparatus, th us of which tlie pupils will he launi. sua ooac laminar wun ine moil mipon ant and itrikinx exierimenti in Natural Pbiloto phy. These will be considered at reward of gontt conduct and attention to study, and con sinoie one oi u.e most lntrrettirg sources ol a - munment and recusation. IH known from ox - perienre that much utelul knowledge may be uiut incidentally roinmuurraUd. The terms are three hundred dollar per on num, payable quarterly washing iucludml. Clasaical itudent who ttudv Ihe modern Ian gu age, will be charged 10 dollar per quarter earns tor uie tame. The ttudentt find their bedt and beddinc. The number of ttudentt is limited. Gentle men therefore who are de.irou of placinc their oa in the institution, will please to uako an eany application. All letter relative to the inttilution, address ed lo tlie subscriber, Hyde Park Post Uflice, Dutches County N. V. will be uruinutly atleud - in io. ucnjAMiiX AL.L.1.1V. i. - ...... ....j.. . - The anmmer term wil commence on the 20th. of May, v1y5 5w . FUH SALE, A mall farm, tituated io one of the cen tre countiet of tliit state. Thit farm tie on the hank of a lake, and wilhin a mile of a flourishing awl beautilul villagv. ' On it are asood mrn. house, barn, tic. alo a large and well built dwei; ling house, entirely mw. The situation of tlie d veliioc bouse for b. auly of urosoect Ac. is sur passed by lew if any other scites for building in (he iulertor ol the state. Hhe owner intending removing to New - York, will tell II. is pmprrty for let limn cost, ujion a long credit on good security, or will exchange it for lands, goods, iic.'. For further Particular, enquir of 11 u.v k. tsKim vviuk, r.sqr. Law Uuiktiogt, Nassau - ttreet, New York. ap 15 CU CUtiLLD HA I It JltAjYV FACTO HX, 76 Cbalham - ilreet. ' THE subscriber returns hi thank to the . pulilic for their lorur patronage in the linb of hi profession, and hopes for their future support. He likewise in (or mi them that he hat on hand a constant tupply of curled hair, mnnu factored expressly for matratte, on an improved principle ( and likewise guarantees th hair sold by him to be free from any impure rsaell, - being well scoured, boiled and baked, and buiiig ma nufactured by machinery, ha an advantage over any other hair manolarturrd in America - - ilt rery texture and elasticity making It a saving of tweury - nve per ccut to tn purcriasrr. . WILLI A. VI JACKSO.'Y. IV. B. Merchants and Ihe trad in general will Aud it to their ad rantnee to call as above. 30 bales of hair in it rough state 1 6 bale of long horae - lailt ; StJOO lbs of long hair drawn 3(1 iochea, clubbed ( 600 doxon hair tieve bottoms. r or aale at above. ' ' my 6 2m ACADEMY UK LANCUAGr.a, . at no. 30 vaanawavrn, aaaa pkabl it. BY F. SCHlrFELY. Teacher and Translator of the ntktica, mav, Italia and F.aoMSU languatte it R. S. eratrfnl for the uatronase he ha tr ill ceived from hi friend and Ihe public in srenerak take Uu opiioriuniiy to return ins sin cere thanks, and to inform them, that he ha commenced tetclnne the said Inncu tirei ut the aoove place, where he it ready to receive uiniet and gentlemen, on the following aayt aud noun, vitt LADIES. Inosf.nlv'i From 9 to l2o'clock, A. M. tm7Rdati dotlg s do r. M. Al'M Gl GENTLEMEN. intnairi t.vl, - 1 WI0I ksdat'i At the'ame hoar a above. VaiDA at'i ) N. H. During the dimmer eeaion a class of I gentlemen is attended to every morning irom 6 to 8o'clock. . . - . For terms, apply at Ihe Academy. Mr. 6. can likewise accoaimodule with board a few gentlemen. my a lw. KAU MEDICINALE D'HUSSON. rpHE Eau Mtdicinalu is he simple extract of n IJIUill WJHJVtl "HO iitiwi, wm - known in medic ine. It has the most singular aud almost infallible b.flaence over the gout, of which it relieve tlie seven stp.iinin afew hours, and commonly carrie off tlie most violent paroxysms in two o.r three days. The astonishing relief obtained by a mqltitude of lufferers in this country and in Europe ; and the great reputation it ha rapidly acquired are proofs of itt ex - traordinary efficacy in that disease. A srutll par eel of thit medicine just received and for sale by HULL It BOVVNE, DncooitT, ray 5 Iw 146 Pearl itreet. OEJVTAfcA HUAKlJI.Va. PRAKKUN HOU - F Thi new, paelru and splendid Ouildinp, tituated in Broadway, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the comer of Dey at nuw ooened nr tue suutcrioer, tor mc ro ceplioh of Boarder. ' It ia fitted, ami furnllied m a manner not aiirnasted. for convenience and ele gance. by any private dwelling in the city. It ocenniea tlie mmrt eligible ltuation,' bemg central, in view ofthe Park and Ciiy - Hall I the upper apartment oyerlonxing tne wboi comrnamling a view uf the adjacent cotintry for a of 50 mile, Including - the Hook, tlie Na row, and die harbour j n.t it is believed that no House in the country e - cells it, either for elegance 01 r - .ure uationj and no expne ed by the owner to make it complete fir the purpose, in every rej.v i..t:L ...A ntlemeii.aiHlfiniiliesvrtitingtl.e cut . U.e most genteel, pi"'" and retire.l a - nartmCllU Hi Clioicesi pi tTincanu i.iur. ire rurniahed, and no trouble or expeuso Il be snired.'o make Uie entertainment plea - ait rare nod excellent TVra ealaWrUiment mtended exclusively Csr Private rloardiriir may D1C H MK:. IlE!Mjfcil?U.v HOUSE FOR SALE. . PLEASANT saddle Horse will he told heap by a frenUemu about to lave town Apply atuiiioftce. . any 4 FOR SALE. A N rletrant gtg Horse, trots fast. 1 o be seen im ... " I r - - it w. at t owlcy Livery Slablc. John - itreeL j 1 lw I dar on tn PROPOSALS. OCT The agent of Ihe blate - Prisoo, will receive proposals untill the 21st iustaol, for fun.ib. ink for one year from the lit 01 June eat. thd - convkts coobned therein, with the following ra - ' rions, 10 oe oenvereo ai ue oiate - rrston, al ilier coot 1 actors expense daily, or at ucblinuvtan shall be screed open, via, . , , 18 01. Cocoa shells, for every 100 rati, as, ''' 3 peck Pol atoe . do do do. . do ' . ,, 4 quart Salt, do , do , do do . - . 12 do Bean or Pras, do do . do . , , ' 3 ox. Proper, 1 do do do , .do 1 - 21 1. nl 1. tdlied Fish per man, once a wrpek. 1 gallon Vinegar per 100 rations, t'o do. do 1 - vlb tMted i rimel'ork per man. do do' do " I lb. Kjef.our 1 - do do perdT" 6 ox. Imlinn - '. 1 ' do do do do " "' 1 - 2 gill Mi.liMe . do' do - do. do.' .; The above to be of good qealily and approved hy the agent, when delivered. . Bed i nt aue tseosd, tlie reason of which, the agent will Ut lo whomsoever nay contrac t. .... ... , ALSO. r . . Propotal will be received, unb'll (he 51st Inst, for furniihing the Hospital dtpartment' of anid Prison with Medicine, Food, aud Hospital store, lor one year from the 1st t.f June aex.1, agreeably to an act Of the legislature, txmcrrning the ' Stale Prison, pasted the 1 51 hot April 1817. - v ALSO, - ,'. . - Propotal will be received, for furniihing from two lo threa Thousand loads of one, suitable for building ao additional wall to the Stair Pris - ou - . . AJ.I.X. lUr lj, jr. Agent. New Tork State Prison OSce, filay 4. 1818. , i my 4dtia2t - - . ..: . - . " BAJYK OF AFH' - V.HK. fjTT The i'totkhoMer art requested to meet attl.e bank on Tuesday the I2tli of May next, to choose thirteen director for the ensuing year. ' - , . The poll will be opened at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. . By order of the board of direotor, 1 . CHAS, AvlLKIU, Caalir.c ap 28 (May 12 lt!7" Notice it hereby uiven to Ibe sturkhold - er of Ihe Weil Chvtler Turupike Road Com pony, that an eluction will le Ktld on Ihe third Monday of Mav next, at (en o'cloek in 'the lore - noon, at the house of David Wood, Inn Keeper, at Maiunronerk, for the purpote 01' thooting tkirteefi Diroclort for thu taid comjieuy. ap j - .. ' 'i'he Diruttor o.' tba New - York inslilu - v'ii iui 111c iijvirm ui titr iicni una uutviii Ma" nounce lo Ihe public that it will be opened on lha second Monday of May next, ondee Ihe to - nerinlendnm - e 01 Hie Kevd. A. O. htansbnry. il..m. T..m tUM I . .1.. rii.. J.. J t. . ApiNtcaUopl ior.aduutasoaare rvoni'tled lobr made at (be institution, corner of Chaihara aad Chauiber streets, oral No. 10 Pine - ttrret. jutirM u. Ku.vir.yn, j,t vice rres't. JOHN IL SCOTT, fee'ry. - . . Those penoni who have tubtcrintlon baneri In ' Iheir Innds, are requtattd to return Uwm to the Treasurer, 0 t)n a lliey have executed what - aptart to tbem to h Iheirduiy. . - ap 30 irr NO'J ICE it hereby given to the locl(. hUStim nfthd AtlociUit ol Ui Jertey Company, that a dividend ha beta dvctarrd of two dojlai psrsb ii on the capital tock ot', the , company, wlAHi will be paid i the IttU in , iani, at o. ihi wroadwi.y, ... - j, HARRY CALDWELL, Treasurer. , my 1 3w . COPARi NEKSrilP, - t . (7 - IVMmn JU. hubumn. L'harlrt Ttnt - n. (ol iias lute firm of lionet U Town,) nod John iftiisMi, (late ol Uie firm of A. II. Lnwreiu U , Co.) have eonnerlcd tl.l - in a Um', as, stock una! Echai Bsokuft, at JSo. 44 Wall tlreet, uiHlor ihe firiu nf . . .. KOUJNSON,.T0WN as BENSO?. my 1 lw ' - t ' MARINE INr - 'Ult AACE. ' '' - 0r - The Oftk.e of dm Union Intarnace Com pany, is uow open, Bl !Mo. 69 tvall street, and applirHliotis for Marina Hi'ks will be received from IO o'clock A. M. 10 3 P. M. mr I tw ' ' Hi titUltihi, L. LEVvIa bavlnit enU red iniopHrliHirship with his broilitr J.IORATIO G. LEWIH. the coniiuission busim a will be con tinued uuuVr (be hni, of G. V 1). LEWIS. New - York, 1st May, 1UI1). , ,. , GABRIFL I - LEWIS, , mvl lw " HORATIO . LEWIS. QZy Mercantile limirance Compnay of New York, incorporated during Ihe late session of the Legislature of thi (tale, being organised and having corn tne need buvme - it, i ready to receive applicntioas, on Marina Kisques, at tbtirofSco, No. 4J WaM - ttreet . n S n"y 4 2w.: - a ' - . - ' Sl'tAM - bUAf FIME - r LY. Or tm t)ont win com - nxnee running; between New York and Vewhursb, on 1 Tuesday. tb 14th April.' - .' She win a)iwYork every Tuesday, Thursday nad f atunUy. al 9 A. M. and Newhuricb on Monday, Wedneaday and Friday, t U A. Al. ap 11 ' AOhTU HIFLH STMM - BOATS. ... GCr Ou tbe I ith v( way, iLTIImI. Mill i. lms; running four time a week, . tf , 11 fMIM a iinui wni leave Nuw - Yuik 00 Tnestlar. at 0 A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M. 1 Friday, at V A. M. end Saturday, at 5 P. M. of each week , and a boat will leave Albany on Moodtiy, Wed nesday, Ihurtduy, and Saturday, al V A. wi . I'he above arrangement will couitnence by tlte Chanrellor't leaving Albany nn Monday, tie Kb May. it 9 A. M. and tin Kichmood leavitg New York on Toitday, the 12th at V A.M. Th rire - riy reave rvew - lork 00 luewmy, Tliuewlar and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for hew - " n.irgh,arvt return olondyr Wedoelday end Friday, at 8 A - M. mf it - r 6 ALU ABLE RIAL r.oTA'f'K KOK bALt, t - IVE lot of ground on Ihe west ideofGrew, I1 - wich - itreel, tweea Vestry and Desuro - ses slreels. 26 by 80. . . aa I. raMaaw'taa' M iA f our do ia Uie rear 01 ine uo, the east side of WashingloD - street, 25hy W. FJahtdolntheblock btlow, between Tr - . iagtou and West - street. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence' purchase. near r.ail tanaaa vm u tho Mohan k. . ' lo Franklin Couaty. 15,162 acresof Laud, ia the town of Mount Morna and Daylon. ... In Ewri County. ' .ru ni lnA ia IK (nun nf Rnrrvmore. ' InlheCoantv of Lewis. 'T 1250 acre of land ia Caaierland, Cbassaiu Purchase. . ..(..: In Sarntoea County. . - , S600 acres in Parmer' purchase. Enquire at tbeadice of lb (utocriber, 34 Ce - - treeL . . DEV. sTOBlN50N. enh 17 tf 1tKA.M.S M'GOWAN. No. i26 ly Mar - krt. srriisible f th - very liberal eacburage - unt be hat received sirare his cmarneorrasret 10 businrss, and feeling conboVnt that no eKrti me bis par, shall bs. wanting lo ou - rit a coctii - uance, tiilnrmt nit inenas ana tne rmoiK rum w pain or el pence ha hcea avoided lo obtain stock of Ut tt hqtmr of every oVyipin. wl.k b rao bdtirnVrl 00 (or their rry. j Having mar' arriii?tmeot, bl1' 'irS - rs'p ton, for acotstant supply of CKEENTl tbeir ea ., rie wi" rr oup of an excellent qualiry. to . A lonk will be opened Tja. a ORDINARY, to b oa U tabs sJtrery - ay art N B. SP. Href Steaks, Oystrs, MutUsai Chop, ami Rstlishc ai all time, aptt . - ' I I: - i I

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