Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 17, 1939 · Page 1
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1939
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t K NORTH IOWA'S DAILY PAPER EDITED FOR THE HOME 8Pf Of 10 V* B£S CM* Hitler Puts "Mem Kampf" Into Actions WASHINGTON _ A well ad vised notion has developed inside that Hitler is getting ready to rewrite the rest of "Mein Kampf' by his future actions. H i s . j o i n t gobbling with Hungary of the r e m a i n ! n g Czecho-Stovak- ian morsel opens a d i r e c t w a y t o t h e "Ukraine on the map -- but not d i r e c t as he would have to go. The roads and passes of Euthenia r u n south through Paul MaUon Rumania. Carol's kingdom, they say, will be the next bite. And they would not doubt but what it will be the last Hitler bite for a while. Rumania is edible and nutritious, has everything the Ukraine has and one thing the Ukraine has not -- geographical protection. If Hitler ever takes the Ukraine, as "Mein Kampl" promised, he will have to surround it with a string of steel forts, and defend it eternally against Russia. He could meet his wheat needs in Rumania without the same risk--and probably will. » n f F. R. Not Impressed The president has not been deeply impressed with senatorial opposition to Bill Douglas for the supreme court. White house leg men at the capitol have assured Mr. Roosevelt the securities exchange chairman will be confirmed. The Barley (CIO) amendment was pushed out of the capitol "THt NEWSPAPER THAT MAKES'ALL NORTH IOWANS NIlfiHWRS- JASOFCITJ^IQWA, FRIDA^MARCir H O M E E D I T I O N USOCIATED PRESS AND THIS PAPER INSISTS g^TWO SECTIONS VENTURA MAN'S BODY IS FOUND IN BURNING CAR Vicrim Is Identified as Virgil Sprau, 28; Widow, Child Survive G A R N E R -- Officials Friday identified a charred body found in a wrecked automobile burninc near Highway 18, 5 miles east of Garner Thursday night as that of Virgil Sprau, 28, farmer who lived 4 /a miles south and one mile west of Ventura. Funeral services have been tentatively arranged for bunday afternoon in the Evangel- cal church at Meservey Identification was made by leans ot the license numbers of ie car which county records showed was registered in Sprau's name Sprau's car apparently ailed to negotiate the turn on the ughway, and struck a telegraph pole. Cause of the fire and accident could not be determined SEIZURE Becker of Clear Lake, Frank Benner of Ventura, and Clarence Hartzell, Britt fire marshal. They otified Sheriff L. M. Brower vho with Deputy Elmer K ' . Deputy Elmer Katter' larshal Jim O'Connor and \V S ntchard, Jr., came to the scene nd removed tlie charred ·om the burning wreckage neans of a log chain. Coroner Kenneth Boughlon oC body by windows with a pokei- so quietly also. Britt investigated the Mayor Conklin of Des Moines Backs Liquor-by-rhe-Drink DES MOINES, I/Pi -- An at tempt to legislate the beer-scrv ing waitress and the bar mai put of existence was shouted dowr m the Iowa house Friday Representative A. H. Avery (R) Spencer, sought to amend th house beer bill so that the oper atom of Iowa taverns, restau rants and the like would not b permitted to use women to serv. the beverage .to patrons. Thi Avery proposal was beaten in ; resounding voice vote. While the house went back tt work on the beer bill Fridaj Mayor Mark Conlfling- of De Moines visited the chamber fo the express purpose of trying to ated "I honestly and sincerely believe liquor by the drink- in wel i-ntt,. t « t - J e. . . . ** " 1.1 solution to our liquor proble he said. "The state is in the liquoi business. It sells a man a bottle of liquor and then tells him he must not break the seal or drink m any public place--he must wait until he is in his own !TMm e it is much the same as buyinti a boy a sack of candy, twistinf £,iJ*^i "·'.·*«- ·»«*%$ , ... - ' . f *· "i me JdLK telling him he must not eat themselves'taking before t . h ..9 us e" a; provision permitti C/MHlTllll/Vtlt-"-iir-fi- " /-** 1 1 -- il'i-.v-- The victim was the son of Mr and Mrs. Fred Sprau, who live one mile -north of Meservey He is also survived by ins widow and a 2 -yea'r old : c-Kild, as well as : - . e . had been attending a" sale at the Garner pavilion. He was^a tenant on the Kutzner (arm that few heard it fall. The job was done mainly by house conferees on orders from the house leaders. They just could not see the open - .- ,-- tting un_ r scrupulpus"use"of labor's legitimate rights against the-national defense program. The administration squirmed 3 little in the secret conference of house and senate legislators- before dropping · the amendment First Senator J. Ham Lewis offered a compromise providing that hearings be held before a firm could be disbarred from government contracts on complaint of labor. It was voted down. Then another compromise was put forward applying the disbarment only to companies adjudged by the courts to have been unfair to labor for the past two years. Thj-: too, was voted down. " It was then quite clear the act- ' ministration would either hnv-p tn , _ - ^ · take the amendment as planted Sr^'^f-Jr?^ A TM Sher- with Senator Barkley by CIOs Jonn Lewis, nr else drop the matter as quietly as possible. « * » Would Like Debate House republicans on the conference committee enjoyed the democratic squirming as always. Iney let it be known they would be -delighted to debate the issue openly on the floor of the house despite the fact that their republican colleagues in the senate failed Burma Attacks Proposal tragedy I ,;Jr onkhn . eo '^erred with the 3 I liquor control committee where Mhe-drink bill i s i an - ANN SHERIDAN GIVEN HONORS Declared'to Be Girl With Most "Oomph" in United States proposal was defeated --.« Representative Henry \f Burma (R), A]j iKotl , dec]ared J' adoption-.would mean "no woman could, work in hundreds - of TMur mce restaurants over the Representative John B Herm o e fV D V Camn " Eaid - TM£i p» the Avery idea would mean Joss of jobs in some cases for w 'dows who need the work." Wading throughTM 6 " m^e of amendments, of which proteb°v ,,n° d ?? e ", h a V e not ' et been acted upon, the house approved a charge offered by Representative Howard L£ Cl V; rm . a "_..?.. Davenport, to UNION CHIEFS FILE COMPLAINT Charge Morse With Failure to Negotiate Strike Situation ,, P r? rticipatio11 ° r Frank Weniir U S. department of labor concili ator, in mediation of all three o Mason City's strikes was seen a Hkcly Friday with the announcement by Joe Pease, union business agent, that he had discussed He laundry strike situation will the federal representative Officially MI-. Wenig has been called into only the Schermerhorn , a . nd E - G. Morse produce disagreements. He met Friday morning with Mr. Fea*e to discuss the dairy strike and at that meeting brought up the laundry question. Action by the national labo relations board was awaited in Morse strike lollowinff the ,- wo Complaints with the by Wayne W. Elliott business agent of the PWOC local which called the strike. Makes Charges -i he two counts charge Mr S « Wit , h failure to n=g°«ate ith the elected representative of The failure to negotiate the rnon otficial .said, has been ased on Mr. Morse's ill health Uas been informed I -f , nUl h g °h S WU1 have lo wii * niii Jie has recovered. , JiTli ere_ is no question about ilrt Vlo.-se's bad health," said H J nt .'H a ", 01 ' ne e: fot t!le P r °duce . He has been under a doc- ors care for some time and the oc.or has ordered him ( o take a fe which he will do for a week ; tat ^ the claim Morse's threat to sell the was absolutely without re ' as bcen no to make a substantial record against it. According to evidence presence! one clever saboteur ot a foreign nauon might raise such a labor rumpus in a factory as to prevent the government from getting the best weapons for its defense. Any labor leader who wanted lo could stop any firm from participating in national defense merelv by submitting a change and "some evidence of unfairness to the NLRB The whole Lewis coup failed finally when Barkley's own colleague, Senator Logan o£ Kentucky, yielded to the evidence and the situation. Th only reason there was not a rebellion over Representative Cliff Woodrum's demotion as fiscal leader in the house was because Woodrum told his friends privately to let it slide. The inside story of how he came to be purged is this (pieced together from several sources)Speaker Bankhead and Leader Rayburn called Fiscal Chairman Taylor in and told him he would have to rush the relief appropriation through the house- and into the hands of the senate by March "M Taylor transmitted the order to Woodrum who said: -No. thank you, I will not steamroller." Whereupon Taylor, who is 81 years old and was recently ill, said he would have to take over him- · . ·* -- ..«. ^^i i-iitu 3ii;i -- idan, red-haired cinema beauty as the girl with the most "oomph" of any in these · United States Kunner-up in a field of 12 beauties selected earlier by bal- otmg in 27 of the country's col- Jegcs and universities, was an- Mnn olond , picture hce Faye.. Miss Sheridan was toasted at a y the "Oomph," most .of agreed constitutes a tcll , definable something that the jurors certain in- ···· *iiit twin- rnands male interest. The Earl of 5^-L£ «»«?.« "« femimne beer. Representative A. H MacF-ii- lane ( R ) , Waterloo, tightenedI thVt provision still further in his m Proved amendment to ban youn« corn vend r ors and V TMTM 1 TM* TMP y's ivifn^Wut McFavlane said and the liTM visit^theW'^belr MTV;* a n d then «"* t£ stopped?. 3 ' Pract]ce sh °«« be Preceding the beer battle the !SSS , by - TM e 1 Y° te P«sed a Mil Id allow Iowa cities to three and a half mills pur- for police maintenance fund desirability which served pleasure but c-an- with respcctabil- , bare constitutional of the .membership. majority Closed Shop Involved Mr. Wemg stated the main dit- teronces m the Morse labor dio- pute now ai-e seniority and closed shop. There is little difference bc- wee,, the contending parlies on W a C S ' ENGLISH CHIEF STATES HITLER "BROKE FAITH" Chamberlain States Democracies Will Fight for Liberties , BIRMINGHAM, England -- A ringing assurance that the democracies of the world, including the u£ f- E mpire, will fight for theh UBerties was directed lo AdoU rimer in an address by Neville Uiamberlain, prime minister, ir his home city here Friday night ^" e . r ._ re;a!1 .'. n f statements from s own mouth - - ~ -- ."..£, oia the German dictator'., U W I and pen which made his seizuri °L^. z ! ci)osl ? vakia iWs «'«ek ai S and e -.r ^ "' u complete breach of taitn the prime minister launched what could only be assumed to be a warning that a further encroachment upon Europe by Germany would lead lo war U. S. Part Is Implied While there was no direct allusion to America and its possible 5art in the attempt to curb Hitters territorial aspirations, Mr Chamberlain did defer to "democratic nations not on the European continent" which doubtless could be relied upon for support Referring to his 70th birthday baturday, he expressed hope that us sound health would permit nm to serve a few more years "if vanted." "The tremendous events that lave been taking place have In-own everything else into the ackground." he said. Public Confidence Shocked I feel you will want to hear omethmg of the implications ot Hose events," he said. "One thing s certain. Public confidence has eceived a sharper shock than has eVec';been. admi, it even y the present regime in Ger- "What may be Hie final result annot yet be told but I am sure t must be far-reaching in its re- ults upon the future " Adolf Hitler has torn up the funich agreement on Czechoslo- a,cia m violation of his pledged /prd and a k en the law into his wn hands,' Mr. Chamberlain de- i31 CCl. Chamberlain d e f e n d e d h i s ourse at Munich last September ;sen Czecho-Slovakia was first ismembered. He said he went (here because FRANK O. FITZGERALD Michigan Governor Dies From Influenza PAGE 2 Play Gets Hot in State Cage Tourney PAGE o North lovvans Listed on Winter Honor Roll PAGE 8 said WagCS and lloul ' s - he h^ Pnl " t ^' S tin u e the TMnciliato «aci not been brought into th laundry strike negotiations Mr Pease said that he had not had meeting with managers of th two laundries since Sunday an " it seemed to offer " C ° £ avei ' lin £ the only European mate - . - g P t0 break the - C., tna to"?,!?'''* 1 ' 35 b .1f n no a BProach to us for settlement ^f «i,» strike," -., settlement o£ the said C. M. Lyons, presi- 13 SEEK ACTION ON CHAIN BILL Dean Is Among 1 3 to Sign Request to Call Bill From Committee DES MOINES, W-- Thirteen iowa senators served notice Friday they will attempt to withdraw the chain store tax bill from sifting committee Monday morning a . , n f , v , ? igned a request for a call of the house," under which no other business can be con=id- ered until every senator is present to vote on a motion to take the bill out of committee and place it 30 Die When Czech Troops Resist Nazis WARSAW. Wi_The newspaper ^ri^ ar « a ^ «?»rted Fri- more than 30 soldiers killed when ~ the German Silesia i NERVOUSNESS IN CENTERS SHOWN German Expansion Is Cause of Bursts of Wall Street Selling NEW YORK, P) _ Growing nervousness in money centers over .the German expansion in Europe was apparent Friday in heavy bursts of selling in security markets and action of foreign cur- TT'V ,, In Wal1 i!trec «- many stocks fell SI to S5. ' - on the calendar. ^Senators signing Eldora Man Dies in Jail After Arrest as Car Is Ditched M A R S H A L L T O W N. IP)~ Herman Zielske nfi r\F T?] j died f^'*-'^ 1 -. au, oE Eldora night following an accident^a ^ C , k ,i n ^ h ^_ ll£ and Albert Rail ing coal , been haul - said, and thv «. P - , s a , an they uere put under arrest by Town Marshall Hensley of Oilman ° Nei.n Neither man was believed to k- P t ke lost consciou - os consciousness after he was brought to jail and dfed ot a "*"" 11 'TM"the request Echvard Breen (D). Fort Dodge; I ' CRES' ; D J 1aw ( R ) ? Pocaliontas- Ed- Pctroleu \V3JV? VrKr, /r»* ^...: ~ ~ - - ...- v ' ward Vrba ( D ) , Cresco- C Colfax ? f f , i t h R - ClarksviUe: EaVlDean (D),. Mason City: G. R. Hill (R) Clarion,- A. Claire Dewey (R) Washington; Carl O. Sjulin (R Hamburg; A. E. Augustine (D) Oskalopsa; William S. Beardsley (* ' n W Vl !!g inia ; L- H. Doran (K), Boone: Lester Gillette (D) tostona, and Boss Mowry (R), The legislature has held public for oth supporters and opponents o£ the bill which would tax chain store operators up to SnoO for each establishment they v Ou ' \. i.-Pi -- T|._ m company f!,ed P « gas a n d min ='-a' claim p thus increasing (he amount of Onion county land it has under control to 19.SR8 arr^ irT Sfi "Had Saved Peace" when it was announced that I was going there, there was not a vn,TM ,. aised in critici5nv , heude : DALADIER ASKS MORE POWERS i Declares, "It Is Vital W Act With Same Rapidity as Dictators" , PARIS, .(#)_ Premier Daladier introduced a bill in the chamber of deputies Friday night demanding unprecedented decree powers pleading that "it is vital for th with the same rapid' terms I was able to secure at Munich were not the terms I would have desired. But I was dealing with a problem that existed ever since the treaty of Versailles--a situation that ought to have been settled long ago After all, the first objective of my visit was achieved. The peace of Europe was saved." Fugitive Flees in Blizzard to Mountains nation to act .... ity as dictators.' The premier refused to disclose what he proposed to do with the powers, which would give him virtual dictatorial authority for more than eight months. "The measures which I propose :n take are military measures," Oaladier told the chamber. "Per- laps 1 will state some of my intentions before the chamber committee, but certainly not here. The chamber began debate on the situation arising from Germany's bloodless conquest of Czecho-Slovakia, once part of France's collective security structure. A vote of confidence conferring the full powers asked by the Dala- dier government was expected to conclude the debate. Vienna and Brunn Cheer Adolf Hitler Thousands "Hell" Fuehrer After Trip Through New Areas VIENNA, (!P)~Adolf Hitler arrived at Vienna at 5 p. m . (10 a m., C. S. T.) Friday after a two- day journey through his new protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. A special train brought him from Brunn, Moravia. He was cheered by thousands as he entered the Hotel Imperial 15 minutes later. He went immediately to his room on the first floor white the crowd shouted repeatedly "seie hcil!"--"hail victory"--and ' want to see 'our fuehrer!" Then he appeared on a balcony and gave the nazi salute. CHEERED BY MANV IN TRIP TO BRUNN BERLIN, OT_Tbe "German island" city of Brunn, alive with swastikas and a lieiling population, greeted triumphant Adolf Hitler Friday in his heavily guarded sweep through the Moravian section of his new protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The newly made citizens of Germany who form 30 per cent of the city's population cheered wildly as the. fuehrer arrived from Prague by train. Behind him Hitler left secret police engaged in a cleanup of ['undesirable elements," arresting Czech leaders, social welfare groups and others In the proud old city which, until Tuesday, was the capital of the Czecho-Slovak republic. Dr. Emil Hacha, president ot the republic, Thursday night with complete trust" in Hitler, tool; the responsibility for placing "the destiny of the Czech nation and Czech state in'.the hands .of the fuehrer of the German nation." Under the nazi anti-Semitic restrictions, Jewish-owned stores were taken over by administrators pending the time when they could be sold to non-Jews. Slovak Protection Different In Berlin, meanwhile, Wilhelm- strasse circles said Hitler and his advisers were planning a dilfei-ent land of protection for Slovakia than they have established in the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Hitler assumed protection over Slovakia Thursday but officials, while not giving any details, said there was a vital difference between the -protection" the fuehrer agreed to give Dr. Joseph Tiso premier of Slovakia, and the pro- WELLES STATES CZECH COUP IS 'LAWLESSNESS' Statement, Approved by F. R., Bitterly Condemns Germany EUROPE AT A GLANCE" By The Associated Press Washington -- United States government condemns' German occupation of Czecho-Slovakia a* ' wanton lawlessness" and act of "arbitrary force " London--Britain calls home Beiliii ambassador for report on Hitlers absorption o£ Czecho- to make important foreign policy statement Friday night 1 ans--Daladier asks powers to rule France by decree tn strengthen French defense in view of quick German expan- SIDE). Brunn, Moravia--Hitler under heavy military guard reviews tank parade in newly- won protectorate, then departs for Vienna. Prague--Reports of s move- territory among anti-nuzis and Jews increase: secret nazi police clean up undesirable elements" in capital of former Czccho-Slo- vakia; non-Jews take o v e r Jewish-owned stores. Berlin---Hitfer ments in cc with secrecy Bucharest--United Slates legation gets report American cameraman was killed in Czech- Ukrainian fighting in ChuH t-arpatho-Uki-aine capital " ' · WASHINGTON, (\p) _ ?he United . States govern-' menfc expressed Friday its 4° 3 nr em ? at ) 0n " of Germany's ry foVe'TM" iS -~ SS " anc l "aijbi-" K r h,- i ' - f u g i u v e killer, fled hiough a driving blizzard toward the lugged mountains west of here Friday while snow-shoed sheriff posses, state troopers and fores nrS SerSt V e , kk l d ' in pursuit with orders to take him "dead or alive - uurand, convicted poacher, eran woodsman and a crat vith either rifle or b o ^ a n d row, was armed with two Ions- range hunting rifles, carried a quantity of ammunition and was bv,ous y determined not to be afcen alive. a vet- 2 Are Arrested in Holdup of Deaf-Mute DES MO1NES. (JF)--L slice Friday arrested Mol 2 ARE KIDNAPED, TIED AND SHOT Victims Are Found Dead, Face to Face, Near Florida Highway MILTON, Fla.. (^--Kidnaped by a filling station robber, two men were found shot to death Friday 200 yards off a highway tied together face to face. Sheriff Joseph T. Allen identified the victims as Clifford T Mann and Charles "Wilkinson, both of Montgomery, Ala. He said evidence indicated they had been tied together and killed at the spot There were bullet wounds through the heads, the breasts and the back?. . 28. was a cashier for the iaii5 Life Insurance com- nd Wilkinson, 23 was a pro for the tectorate he invoked Czechs. Hungary Occupies Rulhcnia. Orthodox characteristics of a protectorate, such as the taking over of foreign affairs and military defense, were visible in the case of Bohemia and. Moravia. Hungary's occupation of Car- patho-Ukraine, the third element of the Czecho-Slovak republic, was regarded as accomplished. Hitler was expected in Vienna late Friday. There was some doubt as to whether he would go to Bratislava, Slovak capital. With the approval of President Roosevelt, Acting Secretary Sf State Welles issued a formal s t a t e m e n t in which he spoke o f Germany's a b s orption of most of Czechoslovakia as a "temporary ex- tinguishment of the liberties ot a free and independent people with whom, from Ihe day whcn the rep u b l i c o C Czecho-Slovak. , ia attained its ndcpcndence. tl,c people of the united States have maintained specially close and friendly relations. WELLES 7 Y/£ Weather FORECAST IOWA: Considerable cloudiness Friday night and Saturday, light snow probable in extreme west portion; not so cold Friday night, rising; temperature Satur- MINNESOTA: Parity ctoudy Friday nlgM and Saturday; not so cold Friday ni B ht, risinc temperature Saturday. IOWA SHIPPERS' FORECAST for Friday night: Norlh- ern half, zc rd; southern half, IN MASON CITY fic? 10be " Ga2CUe w e a t n c r s'alis- 3ttumwa, Friday morning. Glass- i ord reported to Oltumwa police' CORNiNc o - r l - u i'' v " v( JT » -- The body o i l it is that comes bravely up Fifth avenue this St. Patrick's day with the old ones from Ireland and the young of them lively as and Monsignor Michael J. Lavclle vicar general of the archdiocese of New York and rector of St Patrick's cathedral, leads the pro- grandfathers themselves who came out of Donegal, Kerry, Armagh and Cork, Limerick and Leitrim and County Down to the- _ . -·|J'--lQllJI and fnendly relations. The new world across the sea never to forget their Celtic heritage ami and of the pledged, .word and. ioi them, free for the day from work, do honor to Eire's patron saint, Padraic the Great Civilizer. With unfurled banners of Wclies declared: "It is manifest that acts of wanton lawlessness and of arbitrary f orcc are threatening world peace, and the very structure of modern civilization." The acting secretary of state made hr s statement after conferring with the president and he said his statement had received the chief executives approval 'This government" he Kaid founded upon and dedicated l,\ the principles of h u m a n liberty and of democracy, cannot refrain from making known this coun- wys condemnation of the acts" ot (jcrmany. Earlier, the president told a press conference thai European developments demonstrated the need for a revision of the. American neutrality act, at this session of congress. Hr.f rr i ?? osevclt wou| d not go into detail. Heretofore, there have been reports that the administration would prefer greater freedom ot flexibihty ,,, i m p as i ng arms embargoes m event of foreign wars. Statement Is Given Welles" statement follows' ,'7 h e , £ O V e m m t m t of tlle United j-States has O n frequent occasion-; Mated its conviction that only I tnrough international support of , 3 program of order based upon i .y-r? 1 " Woriri pc;u -' c be a-^urc-d. I ms government, founded upon , and dedicated to the principles o£ human liberty and of democracy cannot refrain from making known this country's condemnation of the acts which have resulted in the temporary extinguishment of the liberties of a free and independent people with whom, from the day when flie republic ot Czechoslovakia attained its independence, the people of the United States

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