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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Wednesday, May 6, 1818
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A LB J AY cm STOCK B puMMC of Uw art aatUkd "AatflU Ji. rerulst ana tmprwrw w dmk" of AHany," passed March tM8 18, th cox mittiotwr of tha jilbany city St oca, gift Bot.ce, tW proposal will b reaivd in th cfty of N. York, ty Myadart Van Scfcakk, Eaq. and la the city of Albany by tb sabcribr wotil th lStb day f Mar nt, for tobacriptioaa to a itock, ot exceeding two hundred aad f a Ibouannd dollars, bearing inUraal tt serea. per castum pr antium, paywbla mi - mmrly( at ooe of th ranks ia lha city of flaw - York, la tack ot th subscriber! at reiida Math of tba dty of Albany ( aad at oo of tb barjkt ia lb city of Albany, to aU otlter tnbacrirwr, oa Uv trst days oi way aad Nevembarj thapriadpal krredeeasabl until tea year after taa data of tba certificate to tt hralter ssrd, ,Tha tto ampla foads, conalftinr of tha ra - r ved reot oa lands hrtof ir tola by tb cor - at . i . r uuvtn .1 .11 (ku . porous ; a annual ui Of jawv, aou w unsold land art pladged, ontu Ua stocE oreateu , by the au4 law m redeemed and pasa. Tha Urm most favorable for tha corporatioaj ir'dl b accepted, that it la sy, tba highest ruaa . offered ia osy, for ovaiy oo hundred dollars ia itock, (or tha whole or lacfa part of tha said iw a, mm j n. j'ivwi , 'j - - - ' of tha stcuritia of the corporation, a preference baring bacn firm to them by Ihe act aLreraid. ffoberriplioostothesaid stock will ba payable as follow : Twenty - fitt percent on tbfirtdy tt Jan, and la rstiJua iathrca aqaal instai - nU oa tba Irs t day of J uly, A ogurt and Sap - 1 tembar Jollowia;, with ioteratt from tha tint of May at seven per cent. Certificate of tha 8tock will ha delivered on tha payment of tha sat iiMtalaent, bearing interest from tha first of May By order of the Board c Commissioner. .JOHN GOGAItT, Chamberlain. Attjaav. Anril (3d. 181ft. - OCT AMicatioo for the abova Stock will be rareived h tha aabacriber at the tlore of J tt P. Uoaa It Co. tberoraer af Wall aad Pearl treet. . M. VAN SCHAICK. ew York, Ap. SSlh, 1818. ' apWdtteodlMIS . - - r 'UL'V'li kfi HL' LlV IUA IUQ aamniaii ' W IVrj.lVH fIVI l'E Iff A W ap wwaiii tw a ftr Mr. SUCHARD availi himwli ol Uu mffiiifB In nfTor lit KmI f hankl tn thoM IMiretltt aad goardtana who have intruttad him with the care of their children, awitring them and tha public that the ttme aaremittink; attention to their atoilice and rooifort, and knirot and senile mode of treatment tliall baobrred, thai haa met their general pproliation and patrooaRa. On of the principal adrnntasci of (bif eital - liihment, which haa already mrl wiiii Krti rn - ronrngtmeat, it the entire airluaion of all but th 1'pfiwh lanenaee i.i the reneral conrenatinn tit the school. Ihtrrfort it it fa fr undrnttxxl that twne triO be admitted but turn o inttndte beeom French tchotart. rrnmsrulup Iniitcht lit aa ;)tliih mailer. The nunihrr of trbotari U limited to to. la addition to the many reert - nt.le reierenrea Mr 8. can fire in Ihii cily, he Itimki that the aioit tauaractory are uia pareau of hia nmrat arholara. AaeveninK Mhonl, forth accommodation of gentieiaea whose anfarmenti preclude an earlier attendance. - For terms arnlr ai above, (mm IS tn 3 o'clock ftT The Spanish Langange tnurtit in a Kpa - rate apartment, ny a jenutmau. aptfl eodw ftr BOdW.Jl. At I.E VIUI.MK (successors tn :md recommended by William It Henry Mai all) tramart vendae and coanmiuioo buiineas, Pelershurt;, (Virginia. They occasionally saake advance onon ron - tignoirnlscoiiioiilted to their charce. Reference in .New - York to Mesve. Campbell at Laurence, and Wia and Sail. Craig mh30eori6w f OH Sjil.K, VajjJ A very valuable FARM, near F.liza - bethtown, in NewJrrtey, containing 109 acres, with every improvement necetary for a farm. Will be sold very reasonable, ami the terms made ccommodating, or will be ex hanged fur porperty in New - Toik. Possession may be bad at any time J. II. LAWRRXCE, ap 17 3tawlm No 55 Pine - street. run iMbCi A verv oro6lable r'ARM. of 1 10 acres, cv 1 . 1 .1 . 1 two iliirds under cultivation, the residue wood land, situate on the. sea shore, a quart ei of a mile below the narrows, on the Btatrn Hand side and a short ride iron the steam boat ferry landing It eivrs a very eitensive view ol the bay ami en vironso' New - York, within the Narrows, and l Sandy Hook and the ocean For prospect i eaiirtfted hv none. The title is unquestionable. Two thirds of the purchase money ray remnin secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Foun tain on the premises, or to VT. A. SEEL.Y. 143 Greeawich - stwet. TO LET. a cooveniei t new S story h'ne, adjouiing the above, with a garden and about an acre 01 land, r or terms appiy as aoove. mh 3 eodtf asonaai hilc mahiios hovsk. OTO LKT, From Hie first nf May next, the house kii'xtaby the name of tha " Mansion House of Mnrrav Hill." about three and an half miles Imis Die city t bounded on the Haruem Road. The bouse is convenient and roomy, and would an swer for a gentleman's summer reaulenre, 1 hoarding school or public house There area bout 4 acre of ground belonging to the premises, divided into a carden. orchard and I twn. There is ileo on the premise a (table and coach house, out - houiei, ate. and a well of good water. The building is handsomely situated, commanding a beautiiul prosiiect and convenient to the public road. An industrious gardener would be more than able to pay the rents from Ihe fruits and vegetables which he could raise. The property will he rented very reasonable to a good tenant. For further particular, enquire on the (iremteea. or at no. 7 raaiaen - iaue. A 13 eodtf PKoa'PECTUS or rvat.isaiitn bt uascRirTioir A M tP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ri'HE publication of this Map haa been under A taken with the impression, that it will ex hi bit inidtmatinn, highly interesting at this eventful crisis . and the valuable Map which the au thor ha procured, during his several tours through Mexico, in the year 1806, 1807, 1811, 18 1 3. 1816, 1816, aod 1817. induce him to hel - .ive that . m .1 ,, . r . : ill k. - ine - 'lap, Wltneveo an its imoenubiiunn, win uc raucn ine most perieci wrucn na appearea fore the public. This Mao will contain the latest and best in formation from the discoveries and n.nesinns of tb American, Spanish, Russian, British and Frenrh travellers and navigator and represen ting the claims of their respective governments on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lie rtetween tbe Isthmus of Da - rien, and the 40th degree ol North Latitude, and from tbe Mississippi River westwardly to the Pacific Ocean. la site the Man will ha about six bv five feet. and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to lie delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollar ach batches. Match 7. 1818. ap7tAnl WHEATOVS ITCH OH TMEMT THE long and successful me of this ointment is a uffirieot recommendation, as it has beea found to be a pleasant safe and certain re - ineuy ior tnat aisagrreable disease io all its sta ebs. it is ior sale in me city or New - York, b ""7.. : " tiiinam - sireel; l. At T - Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane; H. II. SchieflUinit Co. No. 193 I'rarl - strcel; Law reoce al Ketse, No. 195 Pearl - stret Hull A Cowne. 140 reart street ; rl. tt L.. Murr - iv. !ti:t Pearl - treet ; J. M. Hntdhurst 314 Pearl - street ; Jofaa Penford, No.4 Fletiher - street ; Duryee & .Poe, in Pearl - street; John C. Morrison, 01 ly t a 10 L me of pal as no To I he ses of the ing ters 'i the be v cv. Wal Irreenwich - street; John r. irisher, 10C Broad - fence, a large barn and other convenient out - way ; Walter at Seaman, cornet of Cti.t,ber - t I buildings, a good hone twos'ories bigh. with and Broadway, and also inChnthnnj - treet : and four rooms on each floor, elegantly situated on in short it may be procured af most of the Drae Store in this city Also in Philadelphia, of S, yVithercfl it Son ; Georg - Harrell , North 4: Ko - gers, aad almost a 4 lhr .ir - .'ila in the principal lavM sa VmliTti states. Ltarswiir, WI1EAT0.V3 JAUNDICE U1TTER3 be lad at the abort placet. ianMCtn ms sJ T.r,. on to let. y may LJ ' A Una two story, Mouae ad abtwt 10 attraa of laad, belwoea the ad 7 aula stoaea. Bjoomiagdaia Road. Por partscsrfa eqaira - flivaa.mri.iDti.nt aplllm - - Wear Ihe Presnisea. C l HOUbfc I O BK i - tT, 1 SUaatadaboat tS - 4 miles from tba Cily UjuCo tba old post - road, aad djoiomg tba boaiM of G. A R. Wait. The boose ia a aaat - inubed oaa, and Al O a tnaJl family 1 baa a kitcbaa aad cellar, t parlors, 9 bed - rooms aod rood ceiled nrrvU. There ia a small garden, and a stable jit for a bona aod gig loqaire oett door to the premise, or at M Matdea - laiia, ap 13 - . , 1 ...... i ... 1 At a low rect, and possessiosi givea i - aie - dtaiely, the large aod elegant 3 story brick boose Re. - IM Uraeawicorstraei, rvpteta wun Ttrj coorenisca for large (amily, sUuata ia one 01 the moalbaalihy and pleasant part of tba city : and bains orea' to WasbineAoo - street, commands fiaa view af the llodsoaj Rirer and Jersey tbora. If sold, (ba terms will ba vary easy, as most of the money may remain oo mortgage for or IS years Apply at no. i or i rean street. ap!6 1 TO LHA St. foralrrm af vtmrt. ..J' Thahonaeaad lot No. SO Cedar street, containing tit rooms with Are pbrea, besides the lutcneo, pantries, vaults. c. ana a wen 01 gooo raier. for sale, the tmespired lerot, eleven years, of lot no. Otf morray - sireei, in inn occapauw William Pattersjo, oa lease from tha tptsco - Church du St. Lspnt. loonue or i. W. t w. j. muL.i.iuAn, frb S5 Hf No. 44 Pine - street. OTO LET, A convenient two st - ry house, pleasant' Iranuattd in Charlei - strett. Greenwich a desi rable residence wr a canmnn or mecn&nic icm liiw. For parlu ulars enquire at No 59 Murrav - slreeU ap ia 11 eAlOUNT VtR.VON HOI F.L. THE subscriber txkes this metliod to in. form the public that ha has taken for the eruu ing season that well known taud formerly occupied by Dyde, about five miles from the City lialL oa the Boston road, atfl intenuito open it a public howe tor tha receptioo 01 company, the tret of May nest, wbeo retlemen and la dies will ba accommodated with every comfort and elegance to be expected at such a bouse, on the mom rearonahl terms. The hast of liquors of every fort will ba always kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook. apt Im COLUAIWA.M PICTURE GALLERY, 140 rCLTOM'STBEKT, fRosi's liuildiiics near Broadway.) ennnoifseurs and amateurs of the Finn Arts, and to Uie enlightened public of New - York. 'pHE pmpriitorof anexteniive collection of pictures, the work of the most eminent painters, having just arrived from Kurope, where ha purchased them from the cabinets 01 Rome, Naples, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and London, at a very considerable ex pence, propo to exhibit them to the ladies and centlemen this city and its vicinity. The exhibition will bean on Thursday. 16th of April. It will tie for snprrinr to any a yet offered in the U. btotet, pictures being undoubtedly original consiM - of upwards ol 2U0 pictures, by the best mus Admission SO cent each, or one dollnr per month. Hours from 10 in the mornin ; to seven the evcoinc. Catalogue may be had at the Gallery. S The store 6 1 Fulton - street. Enquire on .temis - s. ap 4 5w PUH H.1LK. (trr exchanged for property in this ritv) A neat country House m the vicinity of K.ii - xahethtown, (N. J ) beautifully aituated on Die Post - road i at present in the occupation of Doct. Grant. It contain eight room with a piazza in front and icar, a good kitchen, wash house, milk - room, and cellcr there u also, a coach - house, stable for two horse, ami other convenient out building, all in good repair, about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afford a variety of choice fruit, asparagus, ate. and a well of ex cellent water, with a good pump. Term will made liberal. Apply to JACKSON Si WOOLLET, ap 25 Im 75 Wall street. S3l MONT - ALTA. For tale or to let, the beautiful place culled Mont - Ana, seven miles from the City nan, 00 me Norm mver, adjoining lord Cour enay s. It contains 30 acres of land tinder im iwnvement. with a large garden in rood condi tion, a variety nf fruit trees, and every conve nience a lamiiy may require, r or terms, which are reasonable, and if soli a long credit given if wisnca, apply to ft. K V. TALCOTT, ap SO 64 South - it. fOK.S.4.rV. Eight lot nf ground pleasantly situated on Ute north side ofStaoton - ttreet, and extending 'Mm Cssex to ivortolsl - ttreet Also, lour loti adjoining thereto, and fronting on Essex - street, each lot being 15 feel front and rear, hy MM) feet in depth. These twelve lots may he purchased at a very moderate price, for cash, and if not dis posed of at private sale before Ilia 7th day of may, ineywiiiontnatnay re sold at public Auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, at If o'clock. by bLr.KCKKK to BIBB Y, with whom a map of the ground is lelt, for the inspection of those who may be disposed to purchase. ap 13 tmay i 'JO LKT. insJi The store and cellar mom of those three storv house So. 10 and 12 Broad - street. Also, a good house at Greenwich, and one at Harlam, with twn and a half hcres nf ground, near Manhattanville. Apply at uj Broadway. or to t,ni9. tiMiLi, apftf 141 Front - street TO LKl The following llnunes, vii: The bouse No. PS John - street The house No. 07 do 'he house and store No 395 Pearl - atrrrt The bouse and store No. 131 Cherry - street JAMES W. 11 AW, fell 1 1 No. 5 Bowery. RAN AWAY from the subscriber oo the ITth Inst, a BLACK BOY. uamed Peter Rut - grt, aged IV years, Is about 5 feet inches high, well made, and a pleasant good looking black. He was dressed iu a short olive colored velvet jacket and blue pantaloooa Is supposed to be working about some ofthe wharves in this city, or harbored by some few people of color. Whosoever 'will bring tbe said servant to bis master, No. 69, Murray street, or wdl give in formation where be may be fouod, shall be libe rally rewarded for their treuble. And all per soot are hereby cautioned againt harboring or employing said servant as thev will, in such case, subject themselves to tbe utmost rigor of the law. H. W HILLI. ap30tf FOR SALE, A house and farm nn Throe's Neck, in the town aod county of Westchester, fourteen i auim miles Iron. New - York. The farm cootain m bout one hundred acre ofexcellent land in good the hanks Of the !. K.n. . tKa nn commonly healthy ; tfie neighbourhood the mo - t respectable ; abundance of fruit ofthe best st.lcc - lion : si ale and shell Bh in great variety taken btloie the houe. For further information apply to tlie subscriber on ibe premise. ' STEPHEN B. HOFFMAN. my 1 Im A .im. mg yf and rd, land er and of may en, iniu will of said day and of 01 tlie er the Tilt SOU JVD STEJM BOAT - UAH. CT 'J 1e proprietor, with a "W I view of aecoouiiodaiiiig the "aiBBB' - hw t.uilm timt haa r. - . . a Mnrwicb, inUsxJ making the Faltoa, (.apt. Law.aao ai. i:cit this rout (if found practicable) will oa caatisaed doriag tba season. The haa will ia future ba from New York to Norwich, as follow : '1 ba Connecticut, Capt. Banker, will leave New - 1 ork every Maniag, WUnudaa and t'rtdaa, at 8 o lock, io the mrirning, lor New - Hatea. The Fulton, Cant Law, will leave tiarwk at 0 o'clock in the morning of the same days, toncb at A'twLandim and depart from thence for Art llaatn at 8 o'clock. Tba boat will meet at ffoa Hattn, aad depart from thence every Jtandag, li t1 nil - dag and t'ndoy, at 7 o'clock ia the eveoiujc - U Connecticut lor Jfem I ark, and the Fulton lor ATew - Lnuhn and AmrA. mbl7 w ILI.IAM IWOKLlt, s. SW ..aur - kt w Comer r uiioo - tirwx - new I orm, 1 corner of Fullon - street, New - York, hav - receivea a large supply 01 ins 1 real j fai a t a rt a V9 I HLAtUXto, 01 way rn, OOm, llOHUUn, OlMrra Ul muv, ,14 wuukvmuw v. retail, lor exportation, or nome consumption, 00 term tha most liberal and advantageous to pur chaser. This inestimable composition, with half the n sual labor, produce a most brilliant jet black, folly equal to tha highest japan varnif h ; albrJ. peculiar nourishmeut to tha leather f it will not soil tha finest bono ; is perfectly free from any nnuleasant smell: and will retain its virtues in r anv climate. As an incontrovertible proof of tha tnperior excellence or this Marking, it has stood the lei aod commanded the most extensive sale in all quarters of the globe, for upwards of half a ceo - tury. Feb 1 ROOSF.VELT - STRCKT NOTICE. TVTOTICE is herthy aiven to all persons inter JN rsted, that Ihe commissioners of estimate and asressment. appointed h Ihe supreme court judicature of the stale of New - York, to per - form certain duties relative tn the enlarging and improving a part of Roosevelt street, between Uatavia Lane and Front - street, in the said ci'v. have completed the estimate aiid assessment, as well of Ihe lose and damage sustained, over above the benefit and advantage receiv by the owner of the land and premises re - ouired for the said improvement, s also of the I benefit and advantage recti ved of and in certain I and premises not required for said iui - urovenoent. And that we the said commission have deposited a true aopy nf such estimate assessment in the clerk's cilice of the city New York, for the inspection of whomsoever it concern. And notice is hereby further giv that the corrected an J revised report nf the cnmniissionera 01 eiuinitie ana assessment, be nrrseiited tn the iimrrme court of mdi - cature of the state of iew - Y - rk, at the city hall the city of New York, on Thursday, the se venth day of May next, at the opening ol the court on that day, or a oon thereafter as counsel can oe heard tliereon. Dated tins rzd of April, 1818. rttittr.rt oiiwmi.j JOHN FORBK8, Commissioner. NOAH JARVIS, S apSS I4t FOURTH STREET MMICK. flCE is hereby given to all person inter ested, that the Commissioners of estimate assewinr - nt, appointed by the Supreme Court I Judicature of the state of New York, to per - 1 mrni certain amies rentive to me opening 01 Fourth - street from the Bowery road to the sixth I avenue, In the eighth ward or Ihe said city, have I completed their estimate and assessment as well 1 ine tos nun damage sustained over ana aoove 1 bene lit and advantage received hy the own - 1 ofthe land and premise required for the said I ! 1 improvement, a also 01 me neneuc and aa - 1 and Medicmes : Surgeons Instruments; Apnthe - vantage received by tlie owners and parties in - tary's Glass Ware ; English and American Pate rested ot and in tba lands and premise not re - 1 lent Medicines. Also, Dyer's and Fuller's aiti - quiiea lor ine said improvement, ana mat we said Commissioners have deposited a true copy of such estimate and assessment in the Clerks office of Ihe city of New - York, for tbe inspection nf whomsoever it may it ncrrn. And notice Is hereby given to all person interested that Ihe report ol the Commissioner 01 estimate and assessment will be presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state 01 new - 1 orli, at the citv hall of the city ol fte w - York, on r nria y the lath day of May next, at the opening nf the trie ouetiiiic n i tie i i " ' I ETER HA WES. ) PETER STAGG, Cotnmituonrn. JOHN TA KG EE ap39 14t INVEv ilON OF MR. I - E SPRANUH. Superior plan of teathint wrilixg, without paper, 'lACHYGKAPHY or Ihe FLYING TEN, JL and mercantile hand writing, taught in six lessons by a peculiar moveruement ol Ihe pen. This new and approved method taught with great success in London, at the University ol Cambridge, and recently at Charleston, (S. C.) I win cuamc auj iicnon w wiinirver as,e, ami no - 1 withstanding unv had habit thev may have con tracted to write well, and with rapidity, after naving receivea tnese lessons. vi r lies, will receive nunis at hi apnart ments, No. 48 Bioad street, aod will attend any lady or gentleman at their house. Aeadtniie hnd hoarriiug schools also attended The best references can he riven lo most res lectatiie persons ot mis city and Charleston, i it will be proved by the following letter. But Ihe (olid utility merit of the system can be best seen in its practical result in those beautiiul and various specimens It ha produced, and which may oe teen at nir. ue s. leacbing rooms. r ini t.r. r i r.n. CH AR, ESTON. 9tb March, 1318. To tlie Chv. Ue Soranch. Sir I beg leave to inform voo, that a meetiruz of the committee of tbe German friendly Socie ty's sriiooi, was neio on ine 4in Inst, io examine lie progress 01 ine scnomr in wnung, wno were placed under your ear t affords me great plea - qmraM rbaiWor Sceoffl'Vn ' ' - .Nrw - Yk every day, Sun - id scholars committed to yourrharge. IVre is PiSS - "hTi.75i . JSl L. J." I r ' da" epted, from th, north side of th Batte - .u.l nne who ha. not m.d.ron.iderrhla imom.e - the P"1"10 "I ne"Ti con," r! at 1 1 o'clk A. M. Passengers will lodire not one who has not made considerable improve ments, and most of whom have tar exceeded our most sanguine expectation. I unite with the comoiittee in returning you many thanks for the heiirnt wbicn ibe scholar have denied irnra your system of writing, and the judicious man V i. Uhiri. 11J. k.v. "i.: "ZIZ? 2.Hit n ILrJfr., . ' " nth it Respectfully, yours, fcc. JOHN BACHMAN, Chairman or the school Committee. SECOND LETTER. New - York, 18th April, 1818 7b the Chr. Oe Svrawrh. Sir From the progres made bv vonr pupil in this city, and that 10 a very short time iu the an oi writing, not oniy unite in me appronauon 01 your manner 01 teaciung, which is expressed in (he preceding letter, but entertain - ido.M that it is much superior lo any winch has yet bt eo introduced among us. It wa not without much hesitation that 1 ac quired confidence enough in your proposal, flattering as they were, to commit to vou the tuition of two boys. My reliance on your pro fession wat amply repaid by the rapid im provement, which, although it bad not exceeded that of your otti r scholars, most sttrpasaed my most aangume anticipation. Sincerely, uierciorr, oo iwnu ytki npirr hicccti man you have yei had in New - York, not merely for your own take, but from a permiasinn, that tlie - I i . f - ..... I more general, your mode or instruction shall b - come, the more it will be approvrd of, aa it cannot but gr - atly diminiah tin labor and tsne which have been heretofore employed in tlie acquisition of a good hand. 1 m, ir, with great resnert votir obedint acrvant B. LIV1NCSTOX. try I Gi 5KVBMGH and CAArDAICrAltt - ITACaT raaaa Tina a waaa." - I IfiAVKS.Newburgheve - Cw - 1IJ ry a.mdayi J utsday, StrvSeW - t Thursday vtonuas, al ' ihree o'clock, run through Vlontimtry, - B.'oomUMjhurgh, MooUceliOj ry White lake, Cotirctoa, Mount Pleaaant, Oreat Bend,CiiwangoPuint,Owega, llhka, andua - acta, irCananr!aiua. "" RetUTii'g leave Canandaigua every Monday, Wetliienlay at Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrive at Newburjrb, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - Yoik the following mominp;. rj" It maw It trptcttd that at alt htnu vhtn the $tmam buoit alter their dayt uf running, tliul tliis tint will alter aa at tamrtl iheia. Tlie whole route will be perfomed in three day, from the first of May, until the first of Kovember ami from the hrst ot November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of I March unil the fint of Ma?, in fmr day ami fiom the lilli December, until the fifteenth of.Murcli the same line will be continued to the city of .New - York and run fi - om thrnre to Cn:.lji(pia in four days. Passenger travelling from xvrw - lork to Canaml:iigiia, Niagara or flufl'ulo, can leave York in the evening steam - boats, ami arrive m Canandaigiia in three days a (hutanrc of three 1 A - A m:ia. IMIHUI tU 111(11. H. lit 19 - The line is well tiirnuiieu wit) wdi new carriages good horses, and c,reflj, und experienced driver F.very atten - tion ill be paid to render the passage of the traveller afe. easy and expeditious ; and it U believed that the accommodation on this line are equal to any line in the state. trr rAKE from Kewburgh to Ciinanaaigu FOLR1T.F.N DOLLARS. N. U. A b'anch of the tune line run three limes a week from Ithaca to Auburn. AUo, a line run from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown aod Painted Post, to Bath, AtC. BAGGAGE, as uual, at the rik of the owner. David Godfrey. BlonmingburKh,") K. C r!t. Jolm. Muuni feasant, i L. U R. Manning, Chenango, tProprie - Luthcr Gere. Itlnca. i tors. Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 d6ia IMIlGKSilON, oh hOUR STOMACH, IS acknowledged by. medical writers to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all times very difficult nf cure. This is sufficiently illustrated 10 liiedisapiointmeut of those who unfortunately suffer under it, as they, for Ihe most part, find that after having tried many things to little or no purKse, they are at last obliged to use (for perhaiHi the remainder of life) such articles as can at best but palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, any nieilirine capable of remo ving tlie complaint, must surely n an article highly deserving Ihe attention of all th e who are afflicted with it ; such a combination is to he met with in DR. MEAD'S A. T1 - UY SEPTIC or STOMACH PILLS the success of which has never vet been eaunlkd. for the cure of dysreiia in it most complicated form, such as los of appetite, nauiea, heart burn, flatulen cy, knawins paio in tbe stomach, nam in tlie side, great costiveoess, paleness in the countenance, Inngunr. lowness of spirits, pain in tlie head, virtij;o or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pill in the above disease, according to tbe directions, will never be disap pointed, as they have never been once kuown to fail in producing a radical and permanent cure. The use of a single box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will mt effectually remove all rournei of the stomach, not merely by neutralizing the acid, but by cor recting that moruid stale ot ihetecretioos which giTe rise tn it. and at the same time will restore to ihedehililated orgaus of digestion, that tone I and vigour wtucn is absolutely necessary 10 tlie well being of tbe animal economy. Price one dollar per box. For sale by JOHN C. MORRISON, Druggist. no. ltiuureenwich - atreet. Where may be fiBd. wholesale and retail, a large and general assortment of genuine Drugs cies, medicine Clieits, lie. Un liberal terms. mh T5 2m SOUTHER DISTRICT OF RF.W - TORK, IS, BE it remembered, That on Ihe second day of Anril. in the forty second v ear of thelnde pendence of the United States of America, Wil liam Jcrnsm. ofthe said district, hath demsited in tin 0II11 e the title of a book, the right whereol lie claims as author, in the words and figures fol lowing, to wit u,. , . . . . ,. - i Counsellor at Law, vol. II s containing tlie rases from January, 1816, to September, H!I7, inclu sive." In conformity to the ar.tof the congress ofthe United Stales, entitled At act for the encou ragement of learning, hy securing the copies of maps, chart and boom, to the author and pro. ZlSJrZ ; and also to an act, entitled, "An mentarv to an act. entitled, an act for prietors oi su mentioned act, supplementary tn an act, entitled, an act for ine encouragement or learning, by securing tbe copies of maps, c harts and book, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, aod etcoing nistoricai anaoiner prints." JA.V1E.3 UfL.1 Clerk of (he southern district of New - York p!3 4w (Tl O t.Kl .1t HJ.UO.MLWO UA L K. The house and grounds belonging to the estate of John Shaw, situated on the eighth ave nue. On the premises are an excellent double bouse, stable, coach aod ire house, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment It is presumed any other description is unnecessa ry, as those inclined to rent will view tbe place. A so. the Urge hie proof (tore in the rear ol booses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street : where there is foi sale some old Madera Wine, hy the Demijohn. r or lurtner particular, appiy to ArtN M. SHAW, Jan gJ II Pearl - street rkR. DE ANGELIS, formerly practitioner of t - f iTieuicioe mine military ri"piiaisoi .nap 1 1.. .a;,, .a . k. .i,J c' cjM r ,.. hat rMlded .:... PH!l inn PHIA Th. oil.. ues to ne consulted at n.t omce, 10. Z Water - .ireei. nnnnaiia P. ' '. - I ' ' . . Id Kheumatic and Venereal raw.. Or. n. . eelis has been wonderfully successful: and 11.. most terrible effects ol those disorder have Ire. Mueatly been cured b, bun in a short space of U o without inconvenience to Ihe patient. Obstructions, ulcers in the throat and naUt. iiffIl!uf - '.J0'?'nLntliel,mhs'rtpltheir several arrivals are calculated to cause " """'i toneorer wiui a numerous train Ol evils arising rrota neglect or improperly treating I - r.t.' .?. ""Bl ut uia uiu - i i . - iuioui oi niainaies, nave given wav . L : . l . r . . .. . . . ... V uui. ibuur ni ireaiment in an armosl incredlble manner. His extraordioary success is. in a rreatl neasure attributable lo bis well known Anti. rtienmatic and Aoti - Stpiiilic Svruix. whirh.l I 1 I y any other tore Ihe emaciated patient to vigor, and health ap io in - LF.EfS ITCH OIXTMEXT, WARRANTED an mfallible reme - lv at one ff application, may be sued with perfect lately on lutant a wee old. not rontAin.rur particle ol mrrcurvranv daii'erona inredient . . . .. whatever, ami not a com tranied srith that olfen - ave smell which attends tlie applicatioo of other remedies. The above medicines are prepired and sold at tr.r.'s IVIedKtne store, 43 Maiden - Lane. and sold by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton and Water - streets. Drugjists and country storr - Vecpers supplied on liberal tenni. " Jan ?9 aaaaiia - aa i srj POST COACH LIKE roa PHILADELPHIA t wat or rowxti - vtoo , f HPOUTA VT TO r Ait ROGERS. No connection with the post chaise lice. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ASD OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Post Coarht with every convenience for paMonger nd baggage, on Springs I'll ROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Coach office, old No. 1 Courtlund - street, N. York, every rooming, (Sundays excepted) at half past five o'clork, hy way of Newark, New - Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia fie rnme f - fieiuocn, at 5 o'clock. The new Stenra Boat Line Induitry will start from New - Yoik every morning, Sundays excepted, at Ifl o'clock in the Steam Boat Alalan - fu, hx'gent Tr. - ntnn, and arrive at Philadtlphia, in a Strain Boat, next morning at 10 o'thxk. Fare 5 dollars. P. o. Passengers are requested 1o call und lake Uwir seats at the office Old No. 1 Court - ianrlt - street, New York. United States Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimc - re and Washington City, with every convenience for passepcrrs and baggage, iu springs ' The U. S. mail roach will stmt from the couch nftice, old No. 1 Courtianilt - street, New York, eiery day at 2 o'clock, P. M. nnd arrive at Philadt Ipdia next mn.iiig at 6 o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. For sp&tsinthe above named Lines, apply In THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Crach, flae ami Steam Boat nftice, at the old So. I Courtlandt - sticet, the; second office from Bmadway, New - York ; or to A. T. GOOD - KICH St CO. No. J24 Broadway, comer oiCe - dar - strrt, Mew - York. 07" A!I goods and bag;sge at the risk of the owiwr. JOSEPH LYON, SONS & CO. N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Continent, by THO.lAS WHITFIELD. ap Tl CliAinh. A. ry di I CliAi. - r. vili leave Aew - Vurk eve - day (Sunday excepted) at half past 5 ia tlie morning ny way 01 nf warK, only six passengers admitted, and arrive in Philadcl) 111a the same evening. Fare through, $H The new Steam Boat I .me Experiment, n il! leave New - York every dy (Sunday excepted) at hnlf rait SnVr - k, in the Steam Boat Atalau - ta, and arrive at l'hiladel4 ia the next day at 4 o'clock, by the Stram Bont iETN A from Bristol. . For Seats in the above lines, apply at the Post Chaise Stage and Steam Boat Office, 1 18 Broad way, opposite the City Hotel. fjT" All goods and baggage at the risque of tlie owner. JOHN N. GUMMING, Newark. JOHN :K to SON'S. Princeton. STOCKTON to HOW ELL, Philadelphia. ff. B. Krpruttt tent to any part of ihe Luton. api; tfOHTH Jilr Ui STKJIM hUJttH. The Chancellor Livingston will leave New York in Saturday, the 28th i.iM. at 5 P.M. There will he a boat leave New York ever) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 5 P.M. and Albany on same days at 9 A nih ?5 fll. until lurther notice. LAM LOA'I rOKt - AI.E. (Cy For sale, a well finish - hed Steam Boat, of small ize, with 2 cabins, and tal . ,i m t uiniru w carry conTenieni - ly about sixty passengers Her hull is of the oest limner, and sue is copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to be put into a line ol running immroiaieiy. one "taws out tinny - two ii.rhesof water, and from the advantageous con struction other machinery, can be worked at one ball the daily expense of steam - boats in general She will be sold a great bargain, if applied lot shortly. Enquire at No. 48 Wall - street, of mhJOtf ISAAC G. OGDEN t CO. SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, yoa rniLAnEi.rniA, (KJ" Leave New - York eve v morning (Sunday's ex , , cepted) at K o'clock, and ar rive m Philadelphia next av t'i dinner Tlie publii k house are good, and reasonable in their charge. The drive r. horses nnd conch es are not interior to any others now running be tween these 'wo cities. I be beautiiul country, and the excellence oi ine roads on this rout, con nec,ed - aT. - - fort, and reasonable "P?0" n .'"J'1 . ,fonr' ,n.du;:eIue,nt to "'. ' ,n P"n d.R,:,rted. Prefer. ence. he strictest attention will he observed hy the proprietor in giving general satisfaction. All bagzase and packages will go at the risk of the owner unless insured and receipted lor by tbe clerk of said office. Stage fare only 5, with a generous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting r or seat apply ai rvonnern note), no. iy Courtlandt - slreet, new - torn. liYOiM, bOA H, Ic CD. ap I Proprietors. A70Jv LLYk. g r jc1; . .ILADLLiHIA Tweutt - fire mile land carriage, via New - Brunswick and I renloo. In new post coaches 5 Do. good stages, 4 50 Do. lorecastle or deck passenger 3 50 ito on mru V r. i li . 1 . dvi a 1 at Trenton, and take th steam - boat Philadel - I . . 1)1. 1 . I - - - . IA 1 I . .. I. 1 pma, 10 as 10 arrive iu riiiiHueiunia ai io i - iin - a the next morning, iu time to take the - Union I Line Baltimore stexm - hoal. This line ha, a connection with th. best bds I on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; .1.. ik. nr th - wi, u: ....1 c.n,i . .n.l i:,.i. :r. ,1,1. - ,f'. . 7 V , , ,u This u a siMed am certain! Ihr miwl rnn. . j ... . a a Ih. iTmnriri wtll NttST - ....t,... ............. York after the banks open, and arrive in Phila - delphia be torn the hours of burners, without fa - tt?ue in travelling or want of sleeo. the land route between the two cities For scat in the above hoe apply to VILLI tM B JQUES. At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - ki tQe.'d street north siije of the Batten, be tween Greenwich to Washington - streets, or to The CAP I AIN on hoard OO" All goods and at tlie risk ofthe owner. ap 4 pi SAUNDERS respectfully nfrrmsbis fVnier 1VJ. rustomers and the public. Uiat he has at h - ngth, bv tt.e aMitaice of some friends so far I I c I l,.. I. .... . m.uirir inprn in, nir?i'i hi - t ur - r, m iu hate resumed bis lioini - 5 at o. Ill Wall lre - l ; where be con'iuue n minitfticlure raxor strop on a princiyls invented hy r.pnif - IC, and wlikh is allowed bv ail who hire trirtl them, to eic.r.1 anything hitherto known; r ly never, hy ever so ions uc. m!te tlie edge of the ritor round, and thtn 'orc rcr.'I . - r the use of any hone unmrearv. The piirc!iacr needs cn!y ain'c letsoa at to its ute. ap 23 0;l I . 3Cjn aar. - , ., - 11 - I 1 ditearalBf piblic kio how ta di, ) - uiBer. DOCTORTioRXE fonjtl, ofthe city of London, a member of t'i frB,y oQiv,., and wrgery there, ,uUZ Jy to repeat some 00.1' tie abe of MLRCUR rash, indiscriminate, and tm.wah Ced use theroof, !., U0' - tivo of iifinite iwl.: - 1 . .luc' amis are. annually mercorialired out ofi,? . eoce. The diaeaae we have in view m,el iu V 1 tal result chiefly to this source. VVha . Vf' that a young man, the hope 0f his cJLpi,jrl the darling rftiT way (rem ail the prospeci. and enjoynuor 1 V by the connivence, Jf one unrxaVidlf,,, and by a di.e,e not in iu owna"urem"i which only prove o from neglect cr reatnieut" A gentleman, (late I)r 5fE?" tient) now perfectly hearty ,0(J well, Launder physK - ian. of ger,e,at practice,' ai, ,!a and rciatedly.id1va.d; when recominc& Dr. 11. (by a gentleman of thi, city) huflU were curious, and hi fiesh droppio. frZ .f00 hi fntnil declared he could u?"" i two months longer. I hoiuaods ex, hnow with what eaaeaml .afety i TiV J cites tlie severest case, and conrlr. .. .1. r0' - tulion The Doctor' plan f adveeT..01"1' - cessary to guaid Uie public against the Vhal . mercury, and other fatal delusions, 1"? Persons, therefore, having contracted . vata disorder, or suspecting latent poison v2! adinonuhtdaot lo tauaier vritli Iheir eoaLi - . tion, or conceal Ihe disorder, tUI SLU' ry 1 otherhaviiie the remauis of . ..Tr or oUier impuritie of UK blood, asw.ii . Ca? er complaint ol a delicate nature i i' tex. should remerulK - r posterity, aad' j .eiur to their consciences, by makiri .'I?' to Dr. H. at hi old and respecuit'r8Uo lishment, Jfo. 64 Water - rtreet, WiZtf o( Ol.l - artp, to obtain that prompt lone calculated to prevent dTsclosVre i' - let uie :lairo jour seriou ttenrion - lR,aKTf2 a supc. ficial ture is no cure at all ; aokmbZ sines 1 raihcally done, 3011 will certainlyhall thr disortler break out again with redoubled ngnity, at some future period ; ptrhans the. H - u betoolatefor remedy Don' fon urnmiiuiuciiiuK, uuiiiaieo ueinea. win . vt n a hit ol note on liitir fkc r "!), beseech you. " wvmK Dr. IP, character for skill and stubborn uu ;niy being umvereally known in this citv 11)04, guarantee to patients that deJicacs lA crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined hia iractice for years past, exclusively torLCBMAr liseasea of the blood systam, Uiey mavsf.iwlr.i ulate on the most decided advantai in rTJ" idling Dr. H. "WW Gleet eradicated in twe or lha l - Stricture remoted without bougioraiiotbI er in. - trument ; and all deliilitusi liku:.. old ulcerations, fistula' air. A piurality of nthce re provided, aad to sit, itud that patients are not exposed toeach other. ..i.r.iaiivu. ' - u mi unit past v in ine evening All perous concerned are invited to be free Ming, and sneaking with Dr.H. which .. of cost. And heir the Doctor cannot am.l k. expression of gratitude for innumerable mrndations and for the decided preference (it it pieiMiueu won juii cause; long given bin bva uuivii'ua I ru 1 1 1 1 v a n.B. aii letter mutt ba post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug Vt lv Js t.UHLH tyL w4i.Kt.HY A OR l.Vtuai. Til 1 - Dfa. EVANS' saperiM metiod of curing a certain Disease, is now universally acknowledged io this city ; his mode oftreatmrol is perfectly mild, safe. ei - 'vuuious. ana Discnargis reasonable. In every u itanr e he warratiti a cure, and will return the pay ifb nun not periorm agreeable 10 contract. 1 .... ...I. lu Mi'n . ).. .1 1 There are many person in this city and it vi cinity, laboring under varum chronic disease. uch a cancrrt, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula . or kings evil, fistulas, disease of the a re thr, bladder and ludniet, old complicated complaiata of a certain nature, biliou and other obstruc tions, rheumatism, Ac. wnicb tbey consider ine - rable, they can certainly be cured (in general) . ly applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9, Peck - slip, having practised in extelisiva hospital in Europe It years, under some of the nrst Surgeon and Physicians in the world, and made Uioe noiiinate Disease oil constant study or years. twi IT' The subscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvident on the artificial spring LEG, he takes this method of informing bis friends and the public, thai all mose wno are so uniortonate as to b In want of a leg, or arm, they can he accommodated by ap plying at no. n uarriay - street Iw York. Jan tt WM. TURVIS. OCT WHEATON ft DA VIS, Fancy Chair Manifac : turer. No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St. Pauls Church offer for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant af ' tortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament ed in gold h bronte. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chair. Sofa. Settees, Loungers, Music Stools, fee. urders iromaoy part or the continent execute with ii' - atnens and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. mh 9 vrif nri.'i'ivr vrmu . AFRU.ME.NTO, No. 1 Wall - 'ret,Just re - . turned from Italy, I as the honour to inl'orpl Ihe gentlemen, that he cuts and drrsres bairia tl latest tyle, and in a marnrr o at to adopt it lo the phisintiicniy. He has for sale a quantity of RAZORS ofthe first quality, if they d not please on trail, lb purchasers aie ai irnerij to rrturo tln - m, and receive tbe money. H ha likewise procured a very fine bona, aad engage In rr.ln.n - MHin tt . r keen erle.and shiMIld thty not rut he will receive no rccom pence.; Those gentlemen who may please to honor bira wilh their patronage, may depend on the most pa - ticular and respectful attendance. N. K. (ientlcmen who subscribe bythe quarter will have their raiors, Ac. kept exclusively lor themselves. . P. 3. A good journeyman wanted. APPT a aiov. mh B tt tlOAKPlt. . FFW genilemen - bji be accommodated . with Board, in a private lamiiy. ia a pleat - art pnrt of the city of Jersey. Enquire at Ini t.Ci. - e up c to TON. 33 hale. Aew Clrleaus, bv LE ROY, BAY ARU w ap 3) ,hV - VORK: PRIXTED AM PUBLISHED MICHAEL fiULYn AM ff. ' 49 Willi AW - TawFv orrosiT TE o. NVK CurrES - Honss. mm 51 3aIiaofiT

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