The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 6, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1818
Page 3
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1 o r MrF of England ltfu,k. of ext. a superfine cloths and 4 , oi Saxony wool Uttdfortll. country trade, jat rSaSm V - uf - toryat Ule, iu Eog - biW. 1 ease bf VC3t l)att5n"!from R'5tc" t ZifoTdU manufactory, London. T, t, w : "iveJ b' the ,ubf r'ber for 0r , ,;hEr oi the above manufactories. . w No. 55 Pine - ftreet. - iTiTTuXLAND for sale . .17 in.a r.ext. Hit I3!h nut. at twelve (YZte. X Te tin Coffee House, will waua7i c "valuable land, 7 mile, fro.., SVdl? lyi - e . east fid - of the road, be - ,he (kiattan village and the new asylum ,wee2 i n bv the corporation ; it join, on now building by V'' ,f,n road. divi - tatt, h about 7a7wilh abundance of nter. lhe lot next in? the dome chain Ir .f,.nr nut ui) in the war, uuu u .v.v " dL. nna nAn rr,cl the tillage a finer wtow. indorfe() a. 2 3 ..r JraS - curyd by bond and mort - t&ee. interest semi - annually. jndipiithle. my 6 1w WASTtl), A snug house at Brooklyn, or in the up ftoomi'Kdile, containing about five acre, of "round ; on which it a h' - use very pleasantly sit - Saltd. commanding a fine view of the Hudson, with convenient nut - building, well, c. Merchandise, st..cks, or , taiinch vessel, between ..a. r(hia riiT. in riciKti :t uira uiolc at Vi anil 80 ton would noi ne uujecieu vo. ny nlv at 3i omn - pimi. ,u" 6 tw kkem;h TUITION. ; 7 r JB. DEeEZE reiectfully informi the pub - ,hc, that he continue to teach French, ac conlins to tlie pr inciple o' the French academy, at fail house No. 29D Greenwich rtreet, between Kd ar.d Uuane, wtere icholan niay, throush wit the day, be attended in clasji ior individually. He alto . net lettoni in town to ut h ludiet orgentlemen a may tind it more convenient to Ira attended at their own house. Trui.slatioi: from different languages dune with accuracy and despatch. , . , . , S B An elegant room to let, with or without !h? )ii'i!es of boarding with the family ; n 'tv i!. Hliove. IUV B Iw A LL owe M rei eueu unci aneiifieil lioriay J. in and rep - jiring the Manhatluu lead and WO'ld D ipei, and cistern or nod pipe, "rleau pumps, by my 6 Iw" SAMUEL STAR KEY, No. 13 Chauibet - ktreet. l'AiHl.G and M A VGLEING, done with f f care, by Mrs. IRksO.N, No. 71 Cross street. may 6 3t IL'ST received and lor rale by JOHN 0 THOMPSON, 128 Pearl street, Supplement to a Treatise on Pleading, con taining a copious collection 01 practical preoe dfuts of plca.liuf? and proceedings in prcoual, ialr and mixed actions, by J. I. nitty, r.sq vith American precedents. may 6 2i AT. GOODRICH & Co. uo. 144 Broadway, . corner of Cedar - ttrtet, and opposite the City - Hotel, have alwayi .'or sale MelUh's map of the United States, done up in iportalde form, with a descriptive book, $10. Do. do. on a smaller sc ale, 1 SO. Mcli - h's new map of the orld, on Mcrcator's srnjectinn, on cloth aud rollers, elegantly colored, 12 dollars. The traveller's directory in th United Slate?, containing a complete li. - t of all the principal road and distances, with other uselul geocrraph - ical information ; and a handsome colored map ( th United Hatea, price 2 dollars, or 2 60 June up ia morocco in the nx kct book form, or 3 dollars in the latter way, aud with two co.ored maps of the United States State Maps of Indiana, Illinois, Minouri, Ala bama, Mississippi, Louuiaua, tc Alto, Atlass - rs o( various kind. The Western Gazetteer or Emigrar'.s Direc tory, by S. Brown, 8vo. price $Z 2 . The Emierant' (uide to the Western and Southern States, by W. Darby, 8vo. price $3. with a map of U. States. The f - trangert Guide in the city of New - York, containing a description of public build - inn, and a variety of infoimation uteful aad 3greeable to visitors in tbe metropolis. nay 6 GRACIE'S. 146 BROADWAY, LIST of Prizes in the Milford and Owego 1 Road Lottery. 1st day's drawing, No. 4150 (1st drawn number) $5000 tl.Wl 500 9699 100 9!J6 100 3.65 100 tSold at GRACIE'S. Draws again to morrow afternoon. The first drawn number entitled to $500. A few tickets adiliars for sale as above my 6 PRAND ROAD LOTTERY, now drawing; l G. ft. TV aitk'8 Lit 01 prizes, 1st draw. TC. - Nos. 46.50 (urst drawn) $5000; 1501,500 - - sum arm aoOii, eacri 100 dots. Md at Waite's. Draws again tomorrow afternoon. . my 6 i - ABfiPS LIST Of PRIZES. YlL'ORD U OWEGO UUAU LOITERY, - 1st dav's drawing No. 4650 ' $5000 JJl 500 3365 100 9816 100 9699 100 ill draw again on Thursday, at 4 o'clock. r. !1. Ticket and Sliares ripaal ,1 tir vvc h lucky office. No. 122 Broadway; where was .d and immediately paid tbe largest prize - v. ui..,, in America, viz. o. 3320 S 100,000 2.000 30,003 19545 12061 100 3 25.000 20,000 20.000 1959C 10323 12129 25,000 8710 15,000 Several of 10.000. 5.0YV orvin t - - t - J Ctali paid for ai prize)i st en'a m this and all other lotteries, and fo - ;pi bank note, received for ticket. Milford and Outgo iMttry. GILLEi'PIEVf 1 - rf t Lfet of Prizes, 1st day's drawing. , 46i0, 1501, 3565, 9699, 9C18. ' drawn nn mL. tfr.,i... . . " . . . fib' nu snares lor sale at UII.LES - I., 0. 114 Broailwav. i!iil 1 me wiunererciv - tmcjIio prizM will h tsLn TVlA undrawn tirlrM. Jpia tc - morroir at 4 1. M. m Z 1 uoaso Ku:il !Maiiu)g Moiasse loiasses, received per brig e?n, Ri" received per brig Ante - obago,and lor sale by Sir 1 GOODHUE k Co. VTj - M4 South - treet. 1 iLA.XD KUM. - 25 hhd. Salem v iSJ?ndine nd for sale bv "tni OSBORN. 2H Snnth 100 hhds. 130 barrels first 'S for ule hy TUCKER k LAURIES. 29 South street V",. ,:rr7otfca.oD it the ni pi raun - su , UHV UOOX3. I?ANCy plate Cali - 1 Marseilles (JuilliuL'i V coei bupcrtiiie calicoci and chinlzti 4 4, 9 - J:, 0 4 cambtic muslin Cambric jaconeti Plain tunibor'd & cw - ed mulU Pl'iin and toinbor'd book mutlins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black und col'd cambrics Velvet and corde, beaver gloves Kancy cravats, twilled and plain Madrass hJkfr, pint Hair cord cambrics, cotton bulls White ii col'd thread Silk, kid, aad cotton gloves bilk hose, silk floreu - tines 1 Black bouhazeena ' Florence silk, ribbons, galloons Florences, plain au.1 figured Virginia atius, plaid luitrings Fring'd black ilk hkfs Vehet fciiidiuj - p, tapes, hohlim Furniture calicoes, and chintzes 4 - 4, 9 I), 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and U - 4 printud cambric shawls 7 4 4 U - 4 imitation do. U - 4 catisimere do. Uandnnno, l(inee and sistersuy hdkl'a. Pockot hdkis. white anil printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton castimere Strijied Florentines Black ia Mariupollum and steam loom lliirliiiirj royal ntio - White and printed sal een ... a Cotton .brown lioliand SWBiiidown, toilanctts, silk slripts Col (on aud woistcd ho siery Irish linens & sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine and supcriint cus - timercs Yoikflhirt fine and su pertiue cloths London do do upcrfjiie ladies tl.Ttlie Uomtiazctti, r.itioilU Impel ial cordti, vigo - nia casriuii ret Stock inetts, plain and ribb'd Flannel, baizek Fcrretti, worsted bind - in Sliirt buttons, cotton la - 'e Puri netU and souine gauze BUik and white thullr I.Cu Leuo snawii, Eitopil - las Sewing silk, assorted c lors l.inen cambrics Table clotht, d - 4, 7 - 4 ii U - 4 Diapers Furniture Duuitiua - Fancy Leuo, & figured Muslins Cambric Trimmings, & Flounces liibiii kcr Cinghaiiit lioiuidl ltdkfs. Silk Check Ginghams 2 hi 3 col'd Cambric ga 1 merits Oil Cloths Brown Linens Mltiiio Shawls Cotton lihiidanuoes 0 - U col'd strip'd jaconeti Imliu muslins, ic &lc. Received by the lateairivnls und for sale by IIACGER'IT & AUSTEN, lnh24dir2m 17 Fearl - sireet. riiltilNU TOBACCU. bo bbds. good V olil Kn niH naann l etetubuig louacco 30 do prime quality Richmond do y0 do do new do do 1 150 ki zs Manufactured do do of various brands and qualities, for sole by mv 5 DOORMAN ti JOHNSTON. IJICH.UOND Fl.OUll HO blls. vuricty 1. 1 Mil!, suitable lor baker, lor sale by my & DlVIL tlK IHl'NK At CO. OUOTCH GOOD - . 4 casts tUncy llllfcllllS, just received and for sale by HENDERSON & CAIRNS, may 5 l - l Pine - street. AIDER BRAND Y. 30 b..rr.l - , landing und V..' for sale by ANSON C... PHELPS, mv 5 I!I3 Froi't aliei t. I 1A.NA.SA Mli?;oVAIil SUOAKo 1.1 100 bhds. Havana Muscovado Suirars, of good quality, new 011 Pine street u liurl, und for sale reason ably, it (applied lor trill day before storing. Samples inuy be tern aud terms made known, ou application to G. G & S. HOWLAND. Dili 5 No. 77 Wahirgton street. 4.4 'MERINO SHAWLS and MUSLIN "''I. BANDS, for sale by my 5 MARCH fc LOW. 210 Broadway rilWt) cases Leghorns, from 35 to 50, juat J. received und for aale by A. D. UURAND & I'OURDEL, may 5 30 I'ine - street. . JjKirjwot ntu jiil l oai A FEW chaldron of the first quality of Liverpool new pit Coal for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to JOHN VAN I1USSUM, 206 Fulton - st. or At the Yai d, 84 Warren - st. my 5 4i ' I 'RACES, SI1KES, ic. - 2o catks 10 link I ed trace t ham 40 casks deck Spile, from 4 to 8 inches, J ml received p 1 liiu i'en my and mi inie bv HENDERf - ON it CAIRNS, CI Pun; street. IN STORE, 100 cash deck Spikes Irom 4 to 6 inches 10 tons square ti bolt Iron, assorted sizes, entitled to drawback. my 5 CtUlLERY ti HARUWARE - Scaskscatt knives and forks, assorted 4 casks wrought do do ' 5 do wrought knives and forks with pocket aud penknives, scissors and razors 3 da assorted, of scissors, razors, pen and pocket knives 5 trunks Spectacles 8 cask iron Spoon 8 do trunk Lock 2 do thumb and Norfolk Late he 1 do Banbury and fine plato Locks 3 do plated Bracket 3 do cast Iron Butt 3 do Filts. assorted 2 do Pad Locks 1 do round Bolts 1 do Iron Candlestick 6 do TinedSadlery For sale at very reduced price aud a libe ral credit, by RICHARDS TAYLOR, may 5 5w 145 Pearl alrret. I AMES D'WOLF, Juur. ha. - removtii lioui 57 aJ Front - street to 54 South - street, und or!..rt for sale 51 ceroons outh American Tallow Si ton clean St. Petersburg!) Hemp, few belts hrst quality Kussia I lurk ; tier man Steel in boxes, entitled to draw back. 16000 lbs. Green Coffee do 25 boxes China table setts 172 pieces each 10 nnus pure spirits 1 case Plalilias. my 5 OEINE TWINE, IRON WIRE, WHITE O LEAD, kc. 4 casks London Seine Twine 3 ton London White I - ead, 23 tc 561b. kegs b on no ' dry do 10 hhdt. Copperas 3 tons Iron Wire, No. 1 to 18 50 tierces Whiting Litharge, Spanish Brown, Venetian Red Red Lead Sic. With a general assortment of cable and cord age of any size, at shortest notice, my 2 Iw JONES t CLINCH. O together with a large and sreneMl assortment heiore on hand, areouered for sale by me package or dozen, on reasonable terms, by THOS. WITT, my 1 2r No. 27 Paarl street. UUM, SUGAR A: A10LASSL3. 62 puncheons Rum 55 btidi. Molasses til barrels and 6 bhds Surer. Will be lun lei on Monday from the brig Ame lia from Antigua, lor sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE. 112 Front street. Who has also for tale, Havana, Porto Rico and Jamaica Coffee. my 2 HOLS. A lew casks of Patent and C - mmoci Carolina aud Virginia Hoes, of the Brades manufacture, just receised and for tale by ANDERSON ti SHEARER, ap30 tw At No. 131 Water street. t I3SINIG since 10 o'clock ye'terday, a boy il named. Isaac Ball. a;erl 15 year ; dar cooiiilexion and dark hair, bad 00 a short sailor jacket of mixed rloOi, black cord panialooos and black wool hat. Any perron who. will give information were he may be found to his father, in Varick - street 3 doors from Spnnsj - f treet, wid be suitable rewarded. THOMAS BALL. Master of vessels are cauLooed not tn lake bia ob bowd tbeu Teasels. my 5 St , n'.i.YTKt) to Liu a n:A. vi .1 Kiwi nritiih vetbcl of 200 to iO ittoiii to lal'.e a cargo from this port to Kuigslun, Jaui.iH a, and in. 111 tlicnro to l.tMiiJun. 1'P7 to T. M IXAIIA.N, 17J Vtfr - st. Or to ANDERSON U bUEAKER, 131 Watcr - it Who have for a few puncheon l well flavored old Jamaica Rum. mayo Iw . for I.UJiOA, The ketch M A III A, Ruiiiey ; will sail 011 W ediierday litst, and can accoiunio - 3 or 4 passengers. Apply on board, at pier JNo. o, N. R. or in tV. a. Si S. HOU LAXD, may a , fc" Washington - st. The schr. E.AGLli, llnell, lying in Pci.k - iUp; will tail on PaturJav uext r or ireiht or passage, spulv m boaul, or to JC. ii C. W. D.if tJsPOUT CO, may 5 ' I' lk.:l, 1 . 1 . 1 ij Oi ww fffi .S'ix caliii jiassenjtrs can be haiid - Lr - SOnit lv ne.ciiminnfl:. inA nn hn - .ri? the fine coppered 'British brig POtF.HE, ca)t. An - Irews, to sail for Livt - tpool about the 15th inst. Appiv on D iaiM, at pier no. 18, I., it. or to CALDF.ll, .M'l.EA Si CO. mv 5 1' 57 l'ine - street forts i.k. f (if applied for in 4 days) gulThe very sutatautial and fatt tailiog ship CO lK T, copper f.isltned and coppered, i 2 yearn olJ, has a full inventory and may be tent to sea with very trifling expense ;he lies at Murray s wliart. t or Urau apply to 'JU.USS. I'll LLPS Si CO. or HJPLKY, CL.TtHH CO. may 4 lw , 4Vy The brig HOPE, 130 tons; carries ZHl 100 barrel, 2 years old, a first late vcel of her clajs, and in complete order to re ceive a caio; lying eart side reclc - slip ; will be bold reasonable - 'p I)' to k. a c. iv. ii.ii KJsponr & co. mav 4 bA) The chip AVil'fllON, HsiUey, niaser, 1410 'oua carpenter's nieauicnieiit, in complete order for a voyage. Apply oa board at Murray's wharf, or to IIYKR, BRENNER k CO. - may 4 3t 131 Front st. f ur Lll i.liPOul., I'Yr. t'it Cl li 111, .kit it. n ' tfy ' The coppered uml copper fastened L'J& lip HAMILTON, J Gieenoiiixb, mas ter; !nme coitou oroihe. light Ircilil, equal to 300 burrala, is wan' rd to complete her cargo Two or three cabin p:usengers can be cconiinodateil. Applv to JlAKulI k BRVSON, my 1 Iw 47 Soulh - atrcet. t'ur t'rrtulit nr I'limter, The briif hYRF.X, cant. Ilrackett ; 1 vear old, will curry MOO barrels lies at pier no. 11, cai river. Aiiply to MARCH St BENSON, ap 30 1 47 Miiitli - atreet. rVk J If applied fo Sk?r. coppered and or tvithin 3 or 4 days, the 1 copper fastened tliip LRU T I I'.NDEN. 314 tons 1 saiis well, carries a Urge cargo, and may be sent to sea at a small cxpence, having within 1 - months been new rigged and masted. Apply to 1. KliM.VF.X & CO. ap 29 26 South - street. A good vessel, of li()0 to 900 barrel!!, for a shoit voyage, that is ready to re ceive a cargo. Apply to N. tcl). TAf.COTT, - ap 29 61 South - strect. tor HK, Tbe elegant coppered hi; ADONIS, II. L. ( liaiii)iii, ui icter, will bo ready in nceivo a r;iro in lour iUn, and sail 00 the I5'.h May. For freight or iatae. havinz verv uperior eccouiniiHlatioiis, apply on board, at Jones' wharf, or to PO IT k M'K'INNE, or C, RISVN OLDS k. COATF.S. 100 tons plaster of parii on board said chip, for sale us above. an 29 For JMSTr HlhiM, Th ship WLBION, capl. Conway, a fine ship und now nearlv loaded; will ke 100 tous freight if offered immediately Vpplyto GOODHUE C. ap 29 4 1 .South - st iAi.Lull " ANDING 52 i tallow , Ht.MP, Vr. ceroous Soulh - Amcricau In store, clean St. Pctersburh hemp, and Germau steel, entitled todrawbark Forsaleby JAMES D'WoLF.jr. 57 Front - street, . For OPOHTO, The good brig Agenoria, to sail 111 fhjiSc. all this week ; 3 passenge s Call he ac coinmiHUted on moderate te niH, for which, up ply as above, or to the master on board, at pier no 13. up 2d torCLltiLKHWA', 1 Ihe regular packet ship TELE - IfGRAITI, J Fannin - ;, master; is only waiting a fair winJ ; can take a few tons mure Ireiht, and accommodate llltn - trc tmbsengcrs Apply ou board, west fide Fly niarkM wharf, or lo ANSON U. PHKLl'S, ap23 - 1113 Fr0 . t street. f or Cll.iliLf. TO iff. The elegant and fast sailing packet schooner PONTINE, S. Hoyt, master; win most with immediate dispatch, haviu; hall her freight ready to goon board - for remainder. or passage, having commodious accommodations, apply oa Hoard, east side Burling slip, or tj SAUL ALLEY, ap 18 911 Pine - st tor MOulLKnnd HLAKKUt, The fine last sailinjr schr s AN DUS KY, 120 tons, cant. Weeks, (h reru lar trader) ; haviiix 3 - 4ths of her carjo eora?ed and on hoard, will meet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder ol her I - eight, or paae, having handsome arcommodaiiuns, apply ou board, east side Old - slip, or to PETERS A: DERRICK, ap 18 to Co, n'j. s - .iip. for tUCHHlCt: und DEM f. K.I it. - . , The British brig FAVOR1TK, J. uBceman, master, to tail 15lli May. r or passage, apply to GEORGE LACY, No 4 Fulton - slip, A few Horse will be taken on freight, ap 28 tf I"EER SKINS. 5000 lb, sheared and in the J hair, dimmed Skins 3 bales Bear Skins, just received and for ale by 11 ALsKY As SE TON, mv 4 4t 176 Water street. MLOijU. 2oU b is Richmond one Flour, L landing and lor sale by . S. ft E. BLANCH ARD, my S 3t No. 35 Hurling slip. I OV. NIERPANE 3 cases containing 7 - 4, KJ K - 4, 9 - 4, 10 4, 1 4, and 12 - 4 counter panes of fine, suter flue aud snper quality, lor tale by C. & U. BKI.I KN, may 4 41 94 William st. LOW WOOLLIV3. I UST - rec'd per Merc ery and Atlantic, few I truses ot lew prioed Clolh, and Cassioxrits, forsaie by JOS. S. H RHISON, ap Xi v. sme - sveev. rpOBACCO, COTTON A SUGAR. 1501 X Mid. irginia Tobacco ' 1 till I'ak - s JnlfiKin Cotton, superior qticlily 51 bags double bniltd Calcutta Sugar, for salt at 07 foulh - alreet. by ' iny S jt;AMBREI.EXG Is PEARSON. 0' CiriLTRi'0!AlvfoA"ii"w Urn i Ocliillice'sreltbiattd Favetteville Hams, jiibt received aud forsaie by tubieiirx r, 15a Broadway. iny4 4t .U"'' - WILKiNGS. rpi. TLA i L, jcc. 17U bCZ.t 'I init iate, as J sorted 10,000 lbs. India Block Tin li.OOO lbs. Iron Wire, assorted fr - m No. 1 to JS, lor sale by A.N i. ON t;. PHLLl'S, up 30 Front - st net. ' - IlOMAS Sl'FFERN, No. 6 J has jut leeched per Alexander I0 ,1:1s field. IMiu Belfast, n::d Dublin Packet, froui Dublin, II? packages compiling a handsome assortment ci lrili Linen, .Vc. u lnt b, with hi former aitorluu - nt, will bo sold oa ruasouti!c terms. 4 - 4 and 7 - 3 Linec, in whole and h tlfpieces, tin and coa: se auortiuents 3 - 4 Linen, brown nnd bleached 7 - 3 Lawin, 4 - 4 Cotton fclnrting Jaconet and .Mull Muslins. . 7 - 8 Dowlas, urii 4 - 4 Linen Remnants 3 i Black l.i'ien, 7 - 3 Colcraio Liuuu 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 felitetiiigs, Blue and black coloured Linen Thread 3 4 Diapers 7 - U ball bleached Linen, very strong ti 4 to 10 - 4 Table Liapers, assorted 3 - 4 Linen, in dumi pieces AUo in store, a lew hampers of the very first quality trials apple Potatoes, forsale. my 2 Iw. ' II Ail AT'LOAT 4t0 barrels tar, received JL per per fchooner Golden Ale, AJerlon, mas ter, from Washington, N. C. lor sale by JAMES M'BRIDE. M - st. Who has for sale 10 hluL. superior old Clan t Wine. may 4 Jl OK CENT KKWAKi ! ! ! RANAWAY from the subscriber on the 2i instant, an ind nted nnnrentire to tbe shoe making business by ihe name of Simon Reuier, seventeen tears 01 age, about five 'ert 3 or 4 inches high, liirhtcouinlexioii, dark brown hair, dark eje?, and - alien nieukinghasa smile on hi countenance, and grnerully uses a tos f the liiad, wl.ilc spraliiiiu. All persi 11s nre forbid hi'.rboiirmg nr employing sai l apprentice, under the severest pi iialteiol Die law. Any person who wiil securi? snnl apprentice, so that I can obtain bun, sl.rtil rtceivu tl.e above reward, but no chargtd. JAViES HONEYWELL, niy 5 Ct Vo 2!i B - iy r i street r.AU Mr.Dit i.VAI.K D'HUn. - 'O . 'MIE Eau Midiiieiiie l - hi simple x tract of L a pi. .lit whose pic pi Hits iveru belore 1111 known in innlirine M das l:.e most and almost ininliil - le iniluenre over the gout, o which it relieve the severest pain in a lew hour, aid i'"ii,iii"iily tarries off tbe inosl violent ia - roxjsras in ,voor tlire days. The .istoniiiiiis teliei obtained l y auiul'itnde of sufferers in this country ni:d in F.urope ; and the great repula - ti'in it ha rapidly ai'iiuirtd at - priol ol nsex - traordina - y etiicaey in that dn.ene. A small pared uf this medicine iut rre. - ived unit 'or ale b) HULL i BOWNl, DmxiiisTS my 5 lw I ti I'em'i si, 'ret. .XKlf LOTlEliY QFPiCt', 114 III10AHW A V. GILLESPIE informs hi friends and Ihe public that he has opened a Lottery and Exchange Oifire, 114 Rroad.vay, opposite City Hotel, vlicic he oilers lor sale MiliWil Road I'ickiits, which lottery continences draw ng this aftemoou at 4 o'clock first drawn number en - tilled to 5O0O dollars ; there being abo a floating prize of 10,000 dollars, may aba bf drawn. Those that wiJi to purchase, better apply toon as above. ni cy 5 31 A ' A 1) K v Y'O i KLAN Gl i 0 KtT, AT MO. 36 VANOMVATFR. NEAR UtAXt - IT BY F. MjllFFF.LV Teacher and I r - nslntor of tbe frknih. cer Mai, irAi.iAis and xsm isH lauirnaue A I R. S dab fni lor the uatronatfe be bus re .11 ceived I'oin Ins Iriendi - and ihti public in general, takes this opportunity to return his sin ce.e ilianks, and to infirm them, thai he has commenced lent hi, a Ihe said Innuti ies at t'l above idace, vhere lie is ready to receive liuiies and geiitlt men, on the following day and hours, viz : LADIES. M. M. HATfllDAt 8 ' GENTLEMEN. MOKDAX'S i tvr.DNKsnAv's At the same hours as abov FRIDAf'j S N. B. During the summer season a class nt gentlemen is attended lo every niornii.g Irom 6 to 8 o'clock. For t rms. nnnlv at the Academy. Mr. S ran likewise accommodate with board a few gentlemem my 5 Iw HYDE - PARK I NaT! PUTION. A1 SELECT and private Classical School is established nt Hyde I'nrlt, Dutchess coun ty. state ol New - Yoik, under the direction and instruction ol BENJAMIN ALLEN, L. L. I). The institution is designed to unite with a clas sical and hnghsh bducation, the modem langua ges The classical course will comprise the Latin and Greek Languas, Ancient History and Geography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Anti outties. The English course will comprise English Grammer. Lloculion, Klemc - nts of Hutory, Rhe loricU, Geography, Penmanship, elementary and practical .Mathematics, and the outline 01 nat ural Philosophy. - Modi rn Language will comprise the French, fpinlsli and Italian. .' Morul and religious Instruction will be attended to, as youth is the most proper time lo in - culrate and fix those principles ofvirtue and pie - tv, which ought to direct and influence the conduct of future life. The pupils of the Institution will be members of the Principal's family, and under his immedi ate rate and government, rarticular attciiiion will be paid to their morals and manners. The government will he strict, but mild and paren tal - its aim sha I be to give habits ol order and indnvtry, and inspire a generous emulation. I he ms'i uti'.n wid be furnished with a Libra ry, tlaps, Globes, and selei t Philosophical Apparatus, the use of which the pupils will be taught, and made laminar witn the molt import ant and striking exiieriments in Natural I'niloso piiy. These will be considered as reward of good conduct and attention to study, and con stitute one of tbe most interesting sources ol a ruusement and recreation. It is kn jwn from ex peril ni e that much useiul knowledge may be thin incn'icntaliy (ominuiucaied. The terms arc three hundred dollar per an num. payable ouaiterfy washing included. Cla - siral student who study the modern lan - gu igu, will be charged 10 dollars per quarter exira tor - he mie. 1'he student nn I their beds and bedding. '1 he number of students is limited. Gentle men therefore who are detirous ol pi icing their uiii 111 .li - insiiiutii - ii, niii iicac iu uiuau an early application. 1.. i - . : . - :....'.. ...... , . ... I. ... All letters relative to tlie institution, addreu - ed to the subscriber, Hyde Park Post Office, Dutchess County N. Y. will be prcmptlv attended to. " BENJAMIS ALLEN. Tne summer terra wil' commence on the 21(Ii, of May, mv 5 5wB ft FOR SALE, ul A small farm, situated in one of Ihe cen tre counties ol this sta'e. This farm lie ou the banks of a lake, and within a mile of a dourisb - ing and beautilul village On il are a good f - m house, barn, iVc loa large and wf 11 built dwe'J line hnue. entirety new. The situation t n - e d telling house for U auly of prosiet f, Ar. isar - passrri liy lew if ary other scites for buildii - g ' I. , . r - l . - ti... Jitfru, mi uw inierior 01 uie piuie. wn wwwv, reiU. ying to New - Hork, win sen iui y, - ..j fnr uitm II, n rn,l - a li.l.J credit OT. g"d SC - rurity, or wiil exchange it for lands, goods, Aic. For further pailiciilars, s. - innireni ' . n ...'lUlf'l rnM II l. Ci It. ILIi - i iV - v, " - - - i" " Law Building, Satuu - rtrcrt, New York, ap 15 fin Ct &5" . POGER. JiTi.'.iaturt PultUr, .U n ui'ived to An 174 Fwlou street, wuel .! ol KriMaHny. - - liny 5 r. - wf y - DOCTOu e I' ALD1NU lias r moved to - I'l Ll.ekinaii - ttictt, between William and .Mns,.iii - iii - is ' my 5 it ( DR. HI I CtlCOCK has leuiovcd 49 f erry street to 3'JO tireeuwuh street. !HV5it Iruui c. & 1 . lll l 1 LMORL nave remote.) to No. lit) Front - street, where tney iutend con - fineiug tl cmsehes to cum o.iuion business, and will uiuke litieral advances on good conignel tlu - iu, for sale. my 5 2w Hr" Mr. a ir. pwuDl'S OR - i - I OUIO is posi limed to Thursday night the 7lh inst. may 5 T.i RE.vtuV.iL. rVT .1 PAH Vlll I It - T kna Mi. led lo rullon - slrcel, No. 93, next door to the lorner ol Williani - street. - may 4 ?t LCT 4'he New - York Firemen luturai.i v Can - p my have removed bom No. 06 to No. 64 Wall - trtet. may 4 lw t PL I Lit DK WM T, bus removed hi lllhi e to No. 30 Lilu - ny - street, a lew doors a - b.ive Wil'i.iin - striet, nnv4 lilt. tt MACKU MILNE CO. vi d to No. 61 PiiH' - it.vef. bate rcuio - iniiv 4 OCT JOHN R. SCOT I, removed bis of - lice, u43 Pint '.rei t. mity 4 2w Mrs. WADE has removed tm No. 15 Court land street, a pleasant unit central situation, ami her house is now ready for (lie rei ep - li ui ol Honiden. mv 4 lw Pi I'll. M:U,rO im it - Ill Veil I the north wi si corner of t.recowi. b a id Liberty streets, nearly niiosito bu lurmer my 4 1 w JIEAHY i.O'l 1 li k remuvi d lioiu No. 11 Pearl - btretl, roruer of l aie - btrcet. M9 1. COPAR'I'NERSHIP. HEW J.uTT and ,TlI.lDDfXJ8 HUI.HMAJf having formed a connnrtioii inbu sines - , under ihe firm of LOTT & rillKRM N, have opened a bandcnnie assortment of dry good., which tbry ofldr f.,r fale hy the puce or pack age, for ca;h or approved credit, bt No. 17 1 IVarl - slrect, c omer of I'ii.e - rti eet. HENRY LOT V, mv4 fit 'I IIXDHEL'f SHERMAN. 11 l. tj. .. tins isinoved In So. :U Broadway, third Imu - u above the ho ottal irate. ' mv 2 Iw tl .' Si.tlULL GtK'DY I.A It. ha: ninond to No. ill, Maiden l.ann. niy 2 31 3.y - j (i. H 1. IflLD vl.l II, hae leimmd Uieir OFFICE to Law l.uildingi No. 2, Nassau - street, mv 2 Iw lfc"7" J. LEMLNI, Veieiineri Currcuii, removed In No. 27 v urri - 11 street. mv 2 Iw lt . - I'l.PUEN 1 LE.MOTnT. I..,a rcuioied Ins Ifice to No. - I V all - nric - l, next dooi to 'be iliii, h.ittiin Bnik nit 2 Iw t W vi. G. lit. 1: irom No. , BUCK NOR bus removed In i4 to 37 Wall sl.cct, opp - He 111 V 'J 2w the ( ily hiinU. notice. ftr ABKAHAM BI LL has niiiovcd l,i business lo u in w store in Fulton - street, u few doors irom Pearl - street my I Iw (CT THOMAS PHOENIX has removed Ins dice from No. 11 Murray, to No. (iH Chnthinti street. up 2' IDI ftrT. A. EM M ET, k EM M ET A: WHITE, have removed their office to No. 25 Pine - streel. ap 30 2w fLr1 UA li) SMI I ll.jun. has removed bis i - ouiiting - room to 312 I'eai l - iU eet. - ny t 2w J OI1N t.AiVVILi.lAM C. MUi.i.lGAN, have removed their ohVe to 42 l iiie slieet. in the building lately occupied as the olli. eof the r.veuii.g I i - i my 4 .it. Ji.lKR D. I'UIH, Ol' inlorm In friend, und the nut - lie in general that lie tins remo ved bis Utih'il - tcry Ware House from No. I!5 to No. 6 - 1 .Maiden Lene where he ofii - i lor sale sow; e egnn' patterns of I'nper Ha.,! - .iii',, ju - t received by the laiust mrivals from i'nmcr, on (lie iai,ii re isonnlile teiiu. my v lui IIOitHL I - OR SALE PLEASANT saihlle Ifira wi.l be sold . t en 11 by n genlleuiau about to leave tot n Apply ut tins illice. my 4 ii ' A 'Jr. hi 1 It A Itlll.VU. IUANKI.IX HOUSE This new, np..ciotis anil bplendiil lltiilding, situated in Broad way, the great utul fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of Dct st. is now opened by the subscriber, fur the reception of Hoarders. It is lilted, and ftimibheil 111 a manner not surpassed, for convenience uml ele gance, by any pi ivatc dwelliui in the cilv. It occupies the most eligible situation, bring central, ill view ut tit Park and tJity I - all ; the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country for a circumference of 50 miles, including tin Hook, the N a. iows, und lhe arbour ; and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or situation ; and no expense having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it offers to ladies and gentlemen, and lam ilies visiting the city, the most genteel, plea nit and mired a - partments. The choicest of Wineand Liquors are furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared, to make the entei laiiim. nt plea sant, rare Mid excellent. This establishment 1 intended exclusively for Private Hoarding may 2 D&Ctf MUs HKMlEkSON. JfuHTU iiH H J EAM - tiOA J .S. (O - Ou the I llh ol May, me boats will cou.menie running lour times a week, as follow : A Uuai nin ivavn New - Ybrk on Tuesday, at 9 A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M. ; Friday, at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at 5 P. M. of each week : and a boat will leave Albany on Monday, Wed nesday, 1 nursday, arm talurday, at 'J A. m The above arrangement will commence hy Ihe Chancellor's leaving Albany on Monday, the I Ith May, at MA. ftl. and the llichinouil tvavii.g New 1 ork on 1 u soay, (he ivth at U A. .vi. The Fire - Fly leaves Niw - York nn Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New burgh, and return 011 Monday, Wednesday aud iriday, atUA..ti. uiy STEAM - BOAT FIRE FLY. - - ri - fc - I . ' ' I 'i.tJ' I in' in runuin. bet ivi - cfl New 4 - ,i. it r - 1 rua iiujv wtu - wui York and Newbuigh, on Tuesday, Ihe Mill April. - She will iave New - York every Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday, at tf A. M. and Newnurgn on Alund ,y, Wediiitday and riday, una. ap li CUIlLED HA I It MAKUt'A CTOJi F, 76 Chatham - street. fpiIE subscriber returns his thanks to trie L nublic for llieir fnrnirr patronage in the line of his prolcssiori, and lioprt lor their future support. He likewise inioriui mmi uivi no nas On band a COIISiani aupi.y - " , m.iuu - larture.l exprewly for matrasses, on an improved principle ; an - l likewise tuarantees cue sold by hiui to be free from at.y impure smell, being II ...... I I I,,jl anrl lu.ln - ..... w r u p, u 1. . " , . . .. . v. . - oiil'iclured by macbinery, has an advantage over any other hair mamifai lured in Auienca its very trxture and claU('ity making it a saving of twculy - five per cent In trie purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSON. N. B. Merchants and the trade in general will find it to their advantage to rail as alxive. 33 bale of hair in its rough state ; 6 bales of Ion;; Iwi - e - tail ; 2000 lbs of long hair drawn 30 roc hes, ubbed ; GOO dozeu hair sieve botioms. For rale as above. rsv 5 2 n PUBLIC SALES. BY HOFFMAN ft (XASB. To - morrow (Thursday,). .' At half past 9 o'clock, at Uirii'auction room a general assortment of dry goods, among which are, 1 case blk. rich tafl'eU garnimi e t box cambric ; I case blk Ufl'rta ribbons; 3, 4, 6, and 12, col. Ufleia ribbons, 6 and 12 i 1 box best double green, blk and fancy coloured florence 1 case Icvanline ahawlai, 3 - 4 ft 4 - 4 fancy silk Inltf. ; 1 box seWinj;silk) 3 cases containing book, jaconet, and fancy muslin t 1 do sattinetts , 2 do best nun thread t 1 do. leather gloves ; 1 do bordered cravat 1 trunk coitou hose, white and brown half I rose t 1 case fancy silk shawls ; white jean 1 dimities, fancy trimmings ; mens white and black: silk do ; 1 case white and black crapes 1 merino slmwU ; superior green florence ; silk glove. By MILLS, Ml.YlO.V & CO. Thursday, At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction tore, No. 143 1'rail (treet, a general assort meoi of Frcimli and English drygood ; among which are. 3 bales middling cloths, blue, black, green and brown ;2 do uiix'd Bedford cord ; 1 case Mur - , seilhs vesting ; 3 trunks cambric muslin; 4 ca - ccsrhangnble aud green levantine; X do No. 5 aud 12 rich fig'd taffeta and satin ribbon ; I do linen cambru s ; I do bandanna lidkt ; 1 IruolC suer deer skin glove ; 1 do dorentine vestmgs ; 1 case super white cotton hose ; I do steam loon rl.ii linn S 1 do paper lans : 1 do 2U inch cotton umbrellas ; 1 rase glased kid habit gloves; I do piuueile shoes ; 1 do counting house gilt boxes ; 1 docollarett ; 1 do sewing silk and twist; I da muslin cravats 1 1 do horn and shell combs ;2do mixed cassinett 1 1 do bandanna; I nale Cat - cu ta rlnulz ; I case pi us in boxes 1 1 do lindon uiarseiih vesting; ) do jaconets ; mulls and book muslins ; I do ainchams; 1 do habit and long kid und beaver aloves ; I tru.ik pocket hkfk Friday, At half past II o'rl xk, front of their auction store, 70 catks cut nails ;30 kegs black, yellow, and green London Puints, in oils .H.UiULh tOH HULDLW, Ae. f Wy H K proprietors of the southern marble qua ' JL rics, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that tin y have nn hand, and are receiving, tit the h'mis - Hrittffr Mm lie and Lime - lard, foot of Keai h - rtrri't, 011 the Hiidaou river, tm extensive tlnck of uiai bin lor ImiMiug, of the following de - iriplions, tit i A.dilar Coping Foundation Stone Chimuey - Piece Facing Coluuin WuterUble Steps l'l.itiorms hill", Lintel An lies Al - o J.imc rf Ihe best quality. X'f A oiisiit supply of the above materials in.iy I'CiakiiJ.itnl upon; nnd those desirous of purch:uiiiin - , cr niukiug tugagements, will apply (t EZRA LUDLOW, Feb II At Ihe Yard. DISSOLUTION of I orAKT.tEi.blllP. !iH'on - n i f III - ; j .III ol l'.,puin J .In. rinilh, tin him of Smith, IS uhek ird . Co. 1 dissen t! 'i he i iinciriis nl Hie ti. iu will be i.ljutlcd by lhe suliw ribers, and the business ia lul uf" In. - ci - mliii led under Ihe linn of 6. and &. Ulatirha tt, nl No. 35 Burling slip JiaBWf Hlahchnrit, mv 5 2w - Elulia Hlanrliurd OR - VIOUIO, Iiu Ute llundtl and Hoydn Society. t,t 1 lie i nuiiiiiltee of tbe ll.indel nn.l Haydn . - ociety give noli. e. that tbe u - soriptinn fists ior an oratorio this month, u ill l closed on this 16th inst iiitardurto their lorming an pinion, w hether the amount lubscribed will defruy the) probable ex pence. Until the 10th inst. the) subscription lis's will lie left at Messrs. Sword?, No. 1U Pearl strert; at Mr. Dubois' Music Sinn - , Broadway, nnd at Mr. Goodrich's, corner - f Krnad's - Hv and Cedar - streit, Messrs Kirk tc MERCr INS, 22 Wall street, East burns i Co. coiner 01 fine and Broadway, and Gsib's Music slnrc, 2,1 Maiden lahe my 5 1 Ifi'h my . COLUMBIA COLLEGE, May s ,X As n new calalogue is about lo be made il the imoks belonging to the l.ibrnryof Colum bia Collrec, per., us having in their possession hooks beloiiging I jsaiil Library are requested lo return tin: same without delay, tn tne subscriber, at In chamber, No. 4 College (ire en. niyjnt WILLIAM HAKIUS. Mtrclwnli Hunk May Ct IU10. n'r The annual eler lion lor Directors of this institution will ha held 011 Tuesday the 21 dar of June next, at (ha Banking House, batwecu the hours of III and 2 o'clw k. By order of the Board of Directors) G. B. VROOM, CasU'r. mnvfi t2 yii tin Patrout und l.ottrt of thi t'int Arlt. (Ly VV ill be sold at public auction on Thursday the 7lh inst. at Nn. 7 Chatham - street, to commence at half pat len o'clock, a large col - lertion of Marble and 1lalatcr Vases, Group and Figures, just unpolled from Florence; a - mong which are I ho Giace., Ganimcde, Cleopatra, Lucre - lias Rein, Kbi of Canovo, The Muses, Female Dtmerfrom Herculniieum, Bar hnnals, Kc Some of the aboyo are executed by the Unit uia.lera. mav jf 3 II r A small s - cnleel family can be accommo - Jaied vith the second floor of a handsome three it. - ry house, consisting of an elegant drawing - room, back room and two pantries between, ou large enough fur a bed, unfurnished, with board, in a very small family, without children, the whole in the beit order. Apply at No. 63 I ley - street, where three or four tt ady geullemta. may alio be genteelly accommodated. may 4 3t FOIl SALE. AN elegant gig Horse, Iroi fast. To be eea at Slowleys Livery Stable, John - street, mv 1 Iw HOARDING. (70UR or five gnntleiuen with Iheir families, V or, ten or (ineen ingle gentlemen, ten bo accommodated with board and lodging at Mount Vernon Hoiel, about five milrs from the city of New York, on th bank of the rasi itnrr, um one of the most pleasant situations on Ihe island. The room are spacious nnd airy, having a lull view of Ihe river ; roach bouse and slablt 1 erms liberal, and every atteuliou paiu. ny uie public's humble si - ivant my 4 Ira EZRA CALDWELL. WAN I ED. GOOD female aeivaut, to do the Cooking .nH work of a nn .11 family, where i to be eootfier help. None need apply unle Uiey . nn hrini' a satisfactory recommendation from their lust place ;lo such a one good wage will lie paid. Apply at 13 Franklin street. my 5 1ST 17 XMIlllSAGStlCSOWS LOTTr.RIK. NEW - VOrtK 1. RAND Hi' A I E LOTTERY, MKUICAt, tosses ao & VV 7 Hit. 11 will positively commence draw ing in tlas city on the Ut luesday in Au gust next. I, rand prize or IOU.UUU dollar Second do 50,000 dellar And only 26 dollar for a whole ticket, and shares in proportion. For iiartii ularee shreme. Tickets, also H i'ves. Quarter. Eightl: and Six teenths, tor aie at ' oli Stoie ai.J Loiter Oifae, Clierry, cor ner 01 Jfca - i , t reet, and heaJ "i .lew f - . VV nere ll.e 2 . highest prue, 10 OuO dollars, in the 4m t'lu. was 4d in quarters :.nd uume - Jute.y all pufl. to tbe contrary nolwitn - - s'ai.dmg. Most ot ilie bsnk note now U SlTCtt - laiu - i. i.rtivvd tn pajmeiit for ticket, rny 4 3t it , tj ! r ! - 4 II. 1 S ..! v. I "I ' - il 1 . 1 1' 1 mi k ,1 " ? V 4. 1 hi, m. l . j 1 i 1 ti'' M I! 'i ' i

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