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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, May 6, 1818
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ffmir - ruKK ti'EMXG post. WEDNESDAY, MAY 1 Literary nolictt Wehava received a variety of new publications, raquettine to exprett ail opinion, in the Evening Port, of their respective merit; but we mutt decline, and leave the task of reviewers to Measr. Piylow & Holly, edi ton of the American MoeStly Magazine, "1" crofeisiouat busioe it is Wc have not the lei l ar necessary to do OH justice to new public tioo. if v bad the will and the ibfdrn!atfn ; it , can, therefore, be - only in brief that we notice them at all. Th firt that present itself, i " Tht Month - If Scientific Journal, containing avquwiiwo m patuial philf npy, tliemutry,ua me ;' an extensive Biaihcniatical correpood - nce, coa - '" ...,.A . IVm. MnrraL A. M. fellow Pi W New - Ytrk Pbilo - pbical Sodety." Tbuwork, we are informed, is in the hand of a man wcH qualified fcr the undertaking, aided by a cmn - y binntion of the lint taletiU in the United Stales. , The gentleman of literary leisure will find hi ac. count in ob - ribing to it, and in extend in circulation to the utmft rxtcrt in hi power - To uffer it to expire for want of encouragement would be a riproach upon our country. Tbe Acaiemifiaii." a tcmi - menthly periodical publication, lately ii.ued by Albert and John W. Picket, and to whicb several gentlemen of the firtt literary pretensions contribute. This work it well calculated for the perutal of those who delight in ay of a graver cast than our newspaper aflbrd. Both these litlie works are . extremely well executed so far at relates to the material, and what i more are crupulouly correct lu their typography. 37k .Vetr - Ioffc Ciy Hall Recorder, fur Janu, ' try, February and March Thit interesting pub. lication ba received our commendations more than once, and we hope' the editor receive all the encouragement hi laborious pertererance merit. We have teen no number that contain, to much valuable matter a the one before us The law proceeding respecting the respective editor of the Advocate and Columbian are both amusing and instructive Election. Mr. Street, the Federal candidate for Congress, from Dutches, it elected by a majority of 45. In the town tf Southampton, D. Crosby had - 218 rote for senator, .VoDtngnie 40, majority 178 In Fast - Hampton, Crosby 104, Moo - tajnie 8. ' , Mr. Coleman, ' The ti lancholy death of the fat panther, as announced some days since, gave rise last eve. ning to cou'iderable diicustion in a club of wiseacres,' of which 1 am au hmorable member The contest was chiefly niaiulnined by Harry Smnkera (one of our top follows) and myself Harry uiri.mul tliattlieovrr - nnxioty of the panther to reali hi brethren at Tammany - Hall be fore the election, was the occaioti of the fatal catastrophe, and that had he waited the regulai trip of the boat the ffliiie tnbe would noi now mourn his lot. - . It was conteii h .1 rimtra by your humble seri aiit, that the said panther actually committed suicide, in a fit of deipair, on heat iug of Gardenier' self - nrmiuu'iou. We both had our aJtuircrs, but not being able to route to Buy deci'ion, we uuaminoul)' 'agreed to refer it to the public, through the me'Uum of your paper. Your's, kc. J. T. P. H. It was suirgrited by one of our Im knowing otic, that he might ha.e btcn twim - l ming to Albany, in order to trjn tht roll tic fore the ue&t nv - ct.iig cftho council, but liuaduM rendered that highly improtable, and llto idea a K'uuled accordingly. J. T. Frauds. Some tnno since, the following appeared in the .National Advocate, fnun a slate meut made by a major Ilogan, appointed by the govcmairnt to cianiuie Into the merits of rer toiu claims maJo upon the trcxiuiy for pretend ed losses d jriog the late war, ou the nortl eru frontier. I bis account of grnu fraud is oul; a specimen of the result of his eiamiuation. From the Si'alionnl .Mvucate. ' Major Hogau, iu a letter to the acting secre tary of war, dated "iJIb Manh, :llt gives an account ot liu. arrival ai r rem a .Mills, and lu invotipiiiig the claims ot the alorctue lioucd persoui ; part his siatenieut i as follow : VNhen I - aine to investigate the claims of i' Sanborn, and otlieif, I discoverfd romethiug was wro'X, uud told Jones I behevtd there was a ' fraud ; be appeared alarmed, and Inld me that be had a handouie speculation in J wished uie to participate in it. I a - ked hi in wh:it it was ; ht said he lonlJ pun hae up all the claims In Uiat quarter, for a tinall sum, and th:t with my aiistaiicc,be cculd makoal'ciituue. believing Jones to he a mot coiisuunnule scoundrel, I dcmtKl it justiti.ble toapicar to fall into br view, with a view of obtaining a mure correct kuowledge of the validity of the claims I bad, m charge, than I could ossibly ascertain in any other manner; although it waa a course of i.iOauct tht I mean approved, yell knew it wa the only source whereby the government would be guarded from imposition ; I dnmej duplicity in Mi itatanct jwlfxable. I void hun i wa leady to investigate the claims lut oi.ue J lo me. He replied 'twould take some dajs to collect his witnesses; but in the mean time he wulii d me to become his partner in thr pvii liHse ot the clamiA I told hici that I I141I no tuouy U iuvest in that kind ofburiness, and it aat4culaliou that I wished to have nothing . to do with. He ditcrmiiied to persevere iu pre - i:ii, aud aid b would fumih the money ; he had 20,000 dollars I) tug idle, that lie would employ in lint , au'i it I would ouly join hiii, 1 should hi - ve l(,tKX) dollars t.r a lew week's work. I aaked ln.u in h:t manner he f oi.tem J l: d makiDg su h a bugc sum so sotHi ' 11 replied, oh ! ilainn it, if only join me, I rati make lOO.OOC dollars! I wa liumleotnii k, and a - ked hm how he could do it lie renlicd. be could muster up claims here lo amount. 1 asked bim IkW he could supjort them ? lie' replied, be fc"uld get w.lnrs - t to swear m y thiog t if you will cud joiu ine, I ran manage that matter. I observed to him, you oiiht Ik - caurnt in litis buiner ; lie rolled, I ran m:ke it strong a hell, aod I will d'fy efer Hawr or Uie ckvil biaiself to detect me. I observe !, Ie mii't be a g - 'eat adept iu this business, or el - e hi - would certainly be found out. lie said he was not turaid. l ui r.e bed amnJ if bf would rest a'itbed u - til be had al leat 001 of V c!r Sam's day's income, whr h b estimale - l at flaO.iHHi. 1 told hits I now soi cie - l tht 'hf - ra s wbe Ii vera tabjaitied to Bit, weft of tiiil cj j he J 1 I ant ne he the I ph ng to had aud and iu. and them ttl' .Mr this 200 out the let the of as the of a a I laughed, awl Mid no, not altogether ; but.sTtbe, youmu.ttjot tetany person tee the j per:, here, lacked him, why t It said, bit own claim bo did not care who taw it, but Hitchcock wa not coming to term wiJ til creditor, ami he did not vnU ihtm to know h bad uc a claim. I sus pected they bad other reason for not wishing Iheia teen, ami told Biaioi repucu, wu; ing, that be hid not, arepcU hi own claim, but ha did not want Sanborn" to bo aeen." lack ed him hi reasons ? be be gan to laugh and replied, it wu all fudge t tin was a 1 impeded ; p'reiiioa m February but, when the claim wai (ir. Hanger wiU recoiieci i scaeeu at my im first tbown me) I told Jone I should certainly re port it as och. He teemed alarmed, and replied - OA .' damn it, don't do that, lake the half or llu u fuUe of HyuurteJf. I kit indignant enough at the moment to cane liitn out of my presence, butoo a moment 'l reflection, I recollected I bad only a part of the tecret. I now bad his ac - luiowlenjgmeot that it was a fraudulent account ; but a It was well tupported, it became necessa ry to know bow be bad obtained those affidavit : there was one fat particular, captain James 11. Spencer, who was formerly of the 29ihiufanti v. and is now a judge of the court of common pleat, posunaiier, anu custom - bouse otuccr uuderAIr Salee, (and is Jones' brother - in - law) aod upon nis testimony, l was uauctdio give a certificate that bis claim might be correct, a Spencer bad worn o positively to the facts. Jone then unfolded himself in full confidence, and made the statement I have annexed to my report, in the case of Sanborn, as aleo in the other cases which have returned. In relation to Sanborn's claim, major Hogan continues a iouow I. James R. Spencer i the last and most import witness. When Joucs acknowledged to uie, thathiscbiim was "altogether fudge, I afkedhim Imw h had obtained captain 6pcucer'alfiJvit; aiu, laughing, he had got him fuddled. I told bim captain 6'peucer should teehualfitlavit ; replied, oh ! damn it, doa't show it to him until I ipeak to him, and immediately left me, and brought Spencer to my lodgiugi, when I showed uim uie claim, aud asked him what he knew a - bout it. fie replied, he had sworn to what he knew, and could say nothing further. I then sat down and wrote his affidavit, which be swore to jonestoiu meaner he bad left us, that he was very much alarmed when he first spoke to bim oo uhject,lut soon replied, lmutt go thru nine, can't go batk, and then came over. When I aikrd Juno who the other witucsse were, he re - d, laughing, the v are eucli men a these, ho!J - up the figure at a ruau cut out of paier. 1 tltought it impossible that Hitchcock, whose re putation was good, ,bould lunction such villainy with hi name officially. I expressed mv doubts Jone on this subject, when be observed, he all the judge in that country under his thumb, and could niako them do a he pleased. obrerved, you must writeoff their affidavits. I will get Spencer to swear my paper men I at once determined so to do, aud wrote those iigned John Mill, William Thomas. Au gti'lin btepheus, which Jones immediately signed, by copying thoir signatures in my pretence, took them off, and toon after returned with rigned by Fpencer ai jiulire of the peace. From the Hut Clutter Herald, May 5. The t lection. Vc have not vet received re - n from all the towns, and are therefore unable to give, c rtainty, the result of the election in tins lountv II is conjectured, kowever, that two federalists itid one republican are elected to the Assembly, and that Mr. lompk.ui is re - elected to a seat in Conjrress Montagnie's mjority over Mr. Crosby, in county, is supposed to be something like We have no such tiding from the other counties in this dihirict as will warrant iu in luxardinir an opinion as to wliicl. of the two Senatorial candidates are elected. catamount. On Motility the 'Z'm u;t. a strange animal of cons de able size, was taken eif ti e north river, a little below - parta, by hshennen of that place 1 in takiit' - n their netts, tticy discovered the iiionsier entangled with their poles, and succeeded in bringing it on sliuie. From i:s bleeding freely at noise and mouth, and from the appearance its ey - i, it wa, jojged not to luve been long dead. We heard, dist nctly, the cry of hounds, in puruir of game, l!ie preceding evening ; probubdiiy is, that it wx pu sued lo margin of the rivir, and over tiie niount .ins into ihe water. It was b, ought on shore at Sparta, and we find it lias ince been forwaidtd to New - Yuik, to be added to tlie collect inn 111 .heir School of .Nature, the Museum. We reerel lipsmir the opportunity aei - inif it. but from the dc - rcriutiiiu have no doubt it was u caL.inoiuil of tlie large kind It measured six ami a lull del fruin Uie noise lo the end of tlict.iil. This animal (s.ys D, . Vorse) the most dreaded by liUi.tcrs of any of the inhabitants of the forest, u rarely . - ecu lie seems nut calculated for running, b'it leaps with urp iiiiiig agility His favorite food 1 blood, which, like ouier animals 01 tiie cal anul, he takes Ir m the jugular veins of catlle, deer, &c leaving the carcase, r mailer prey lie takes to his den, and he has been known to c:n ry off a child. ue seem 10 uc auurcu uy lire, winch leniies allothei cai niven.tik aii'iinals, uud betray uo fear ot either man or beast. He is found in the middle and northern stales. From fr .Hbany Daily. Idierliier, May 5. 7Ve lection Tlie time was, when tiie con tents f the ballot boxes, at a gen. ral election, were no sooner known, than expresses acre dispatched in every direction, with tidings of the lestilu 111 the dittcrent counties. A lew ho r would then bring to this city infurtna lion from all the adja e l counties., an. I but three or four davs w ere reqtiia - d at farlhckt, to obtain ii IcUigence I10111 almost every part of the stale. Hut in these " pipi. g tunes of peace,' our ele . Hons excite little moie inter est or attention than an ordinary town nieetiittf ll is now the fifth da) since the polls cosed ; and we have obtained no authentic information f. oni even one half tlie towns in tins cuuiuy. Enough, lio' evei. is known for us to si .te, that Uiree of the federal candid .tes fur Assembly, viz. William A. Duer, Wiiliaml) llougbtaliug anil Lome ius 11. Waldron, are dieted by large majority; and that John V.N.Wcs who was nominated by the democratic pa' t has been elected b) ihe federal, sts, lotbe ex elusion of Mr. Ilogan, one rif our candid les We presume Mr Yates friends consider h in frdt.alist. otherwise ll is not posille thev could have called iiIXjII fed. ralists lo stippor, hint. But surely, Mr. Yates is not to blame Like Kidiarel, if even his pol tical cp;ucnis will buckle fortune nn his back, we can see no other way than that, whether he w,ll or no, he must have patience aud endure the load. For ourselves, the election of this gentleman is not source of half ihe mortification to us, that some mat imagine: e wish we might never see w..rse men in the House of Assembly than Mr. V .its There was no oppnsil on to the election of the Adjutant General, as member of Ionic ess. Messis. Strong and MetCalf will nave a luiulsouie muioruv in this county lor Senators t com the neighboring; counties, we have gained out little intelligence, lu the county o. Kens - eU;r, the ederal .icket for assembly aud congress, we learn have succeeded ; aod the union tr ken in the counties of Saratoga and 'jcrwnec - tauv, coui.owl ol hall Irdrrali.U and half rrpob - licaus, we l.o learn have revailrd. Klom Co - uimusaaad Oreeue, we have not beard a tvlla Ifcle. Our obliging corresadent in Red Hook, (Datc'bces s'O ) ha tvu, u returns from a nuns bcrof town ui that county, bat we are unable r from these to draw any coocltuion ai to ILe re suit. .: ' Sior writinsr the above, we - learn that the complete federal tickets in Uutcbet an J coium 01a, nave incceeaeu ur nanuome majoriuei. la the utur county, Mr. fctrone has majoniy over Mr. Iu fnr senator, of about SOU. - wr. Metralf has also a handsome majority over Mr. Austin. . from tht Albany RegUltr, May 5. Election. Vi't have not vet received an effi cial return of the votes of this city and county, hut have learnt enough to warrant a belie that J. V. N. Yatrt. sq. one of republican candidate. i elected a number of Assembly. It is probable mat wr. riogou is ine leoerui caoaidatc mal Dai failed. No opposition wa made to lien. Van Kenttelaer. the candidate forConeres. He is a mau who ba cooioutly bled for hi country, and bis fellow - citix ;m have now given him ao assurance that they are willing to trti.t a man with their liberties in time ot peace, who Im bravely defended theui amid the storm of w ar. How consoling must it be to the feeling of a war - worn patriot, to learn that lie lives iu the Hearts 01 tut country men. MADRID, 17th March, 1C1C, ' Spain end her pmcer. Tbo Ruuian fleet tn long expected, arrived at Cadiz ou the 221 of lust month, it consists of five tail of 74 gun ships, aod three frigates, of which 1 of 44 rated, aud two ot 30. 1 he Ku&sran crews are to be car ried lo Uie lialUr, aud they were engaging traus ports to carry them; several American trier chantmen were sought, but having an eye to the gooa Jatm ot this legitimate government, they have begged to be excused, as the royal treasury is in a low state. Those Russian ships of war, according to the opinion of the best in formed men, will coil as niuoh or more than thev could be built for ; and now that they are in Spain, the probability is, that they will be sent into clock at Cadiz, and there Cnuh their voyage with the dead rot : for as there arc uo means to fit out a tingle ship, aud seamen not to be had if there money to pay them ; it 1 not possible to conceive how they can be tcot to tea ; here' among the persona uear the court, it it laid, that two ol the fngnte are to be sent to Lima ; but this design, however earnestly intended, appears to be subject to the same difficulties that is. lb entire absence of money and at to credit, they have tried Holland ana England, both of whom wui lend to r ranee, but not to spam 1 and un let they can five some other securities than the prospect which South America presents, it is ot to be imagined where it can be had. I iuformod you when I wrote you from wileesi - ras, ol the new syiletaof commercial policy by which certain port have been opened under liberal regulation. I enclose you a copy of the regulations directed by the ministry here to be established ; they have been issued for some time itsocms, but they meet with extraordinary opposition iu some ol the faiored port ; a circumstance which you will understand wheu 1 tell you, that the chamber! of commerce in all Uie mercantile cities are composed of tho principal merchants of the place, aud that their authori ty it very extensive ; it 1 indeed such in the very Uiature of the institution, that they can render mo wnoie nugatory, wi.k n men ol experience nere, are not oacicwaru in anlicinatiue : a something in rnrrobonlion, it apjiears that al - uioun uiose regulations have heeo tome time issued, that they are not carried into execution ;tuy where, nor is it certain that they ever will. Regulations for the commerce of the free pot It of apam. 1. The foreign goods, produce and effect ol lawful commerce which may arrive at the ports of entry in Soaiu, wider whatsoever friendly nag, snail ue admitted to deposit Iree cl all duties. 2. The deposit may continue for one year, for said - articles, aud durmg that period may be ex ported lo any foreign port Tree of duties, aud for ?paoi. - .h America paying tho duties established by Iho tariff of that country J. After the year, those articles which may not have been exported, shall be considered as mrodured for home consumption, and shall pay the duties conformuble to the tariff for (roods of wli.uever deicruiliou thrv maybe; and the tame to taUe place with all such goods as the owner or iwiiers may wnh to introduce during the period of their d posit. 4. All tliot - e articles which may have bem in roduced for home consumption, cannot be ex (Hvrted without an express liceuce from govern' taint. The government will provide at their own expense convenient and safe stores for goods to drpotitrd with proper separation of the article, and will retain tlie key ol sau stores. 6. t'n the importation and eiiortatioo ot all article for deposit, the owners - hall be t to the pre'ciitatioii of corkrts, aod to the rxaini ntdam of the articles in the same form as is pi a t'sed with bonded maiuiests, and a regular ac count be kept in separate registers ol the tame. 7. At a coim - cmalion or the expenses of stores and Hirers, said articles shall pay on their entry for deposit two per cent, on their value, whirl, t'lall be ri euluted by a tinu", denominated tariff nl deposits, with tlie necmsary explanations, and no part ol atd two perceut. shall be returned on exportation. I) During the (iaie that the eoodt are in de posit, trans cr from one rcrttm to another shull be permitted nt often at rrnuired without any duties being said exacted, giving uotice however of traiitler to the ruatoui nucie. 9. Allforeiiiu as well a national merchants. ami their vcis - lt (hall etnoy the right f deposit m nnnui anv preiercnrc one to li.c - niner. 10. The eoodt, produce, tlie foreixn effects may be taken out ct tiled - p nit for the commerce of tiie Hpanish Americas, wnenever it is wished to teud them to those roui. tries in vetelt and registers agreeably to law, without p - ying any dutiet ol entry ; hut ttey shall he subiecl lo tlie payment 01 Uiose duties estahlishe'l fur Uie 0.111 - incce ni'the Spanish Anciiih. II. I Ins cllrctN and colonial pr - vtm - p or our A - mericas thai' likewise enjoy the eii p .sit in our xrtt. frte ol duties, ihn they c - iue dirsri Irniu those co'intries, and may be exported like - vie tree of dutiet to any other country during one year with the exception of tome few, l which mentio i will he ui ol berealttr alter the term ol eme year they shall be considered at in - tro liu til lor home - ronsuiuption, end shall pay tlie duties i ttalilishrd ' y t.uiri, unlet a iniiritiiiie war should like place, in which it should he ne - cessury to attr this di - positiHi, or that the go vt iiiuu iit lor partn ular motives !' u;.l tl.iuk proper to make this measure more exteas.ive Ii', d ild, stiver, echini al, and indigo of our meiiis. si. all n , t Ih rp irted to any loreig'i eou - itiy trom ti e iit Iree ol dutiet, liuttlial py thotc ol the tariifuf iiiiportatien and exportation. 1UCHMOXD, May 1. Our climate sti'l ron'inuet unusually cold On Wednesday, me ha.l ice and a whit frost. t he gardens and on hards have suffered considerably by the viiia:iou of tl.e cold siiell. Many af the potatoes, besns, an J early tender vegeta bles havs tieen ni;i ed off. Atleast 9 lOlhs of 'he ttrawbi rries, peac h, cherry and other fruit 'ite, in exposed, iiave been withered in the blosmm. We otserve, by the S. Carolina .iver, that the cotion crop ha received consi derable injury. BOSTON, May 4 Com Maedonoo'h Int arrived in town to take command il fie ingale G jern - re. Weander - - taud that this ship it destined to take out to St. Petertl'ur;h, Mr. I ampbell. Hit - newly appointed minister to the Court of Russia. Mox -, April 25 Fjirly nn last Saliirttax morning, a snow storm set in from the Eastward, which con tinued without inlermis ion till Sunday afie - uoon. It is supposed more s .ow fell iathis storm than ux any during the Winter. ' FROM OVA WRREIPOXDENT; Telegraph office, - Baltimore, May 3. Arrived, brig Mary - Ann, Depeau, 45 day from Peruambuco. Left there March 17, ship irii,m. from Philadelulua : sloop Morning star, do; brig Aurora, Holoo; Ctu. Ward, N York ; Ruing eun, do ; chr Louisa, of do for RioGran - de; biig Aba, of Salem, sailed for Bahia 2 days before ; iclir Iris, sailed for NYoik 4 days be fore. April Kin, spoke brig Agent, 5 dayslrom A lexandria. Sfil, on the roaM, tpoke ihip Geo, Washington, Lee, 60 day from Buenos Ajres for Philadelphia. TheMarv - Ann experienced ataccefioo'of gales from N W and 3 W since 91h April. American arriving at Pcrnaml uco, are treated with much suspicion in consequence of some misunderstanding between the American consul and the government of that place. Brig Phillippa, Lyell, 31 day Iroin Kmgsmn, Jam. The P. experienced very rough weallier, wa blown off the coast to the A E and remained lOdays. Drig Samuel, Brrmwell, SI day from St. Ja - . . . . ..... mi nr t L . go. April 'iZ, lat 32 loo i3 JU, ipoae vng nu srelliea. 22 day from Porto Cavello for Charles ton. 24th, lat 33 Ion 74 15, tpoke ship .tiannus, Tarr, 12 day from NOrlrans for Liverpool. Spoke lehi Coquette, 5 days from Alexandria. Experienced a great deal of bad weather on the coast. Brig James Monroe, Crooker, 22 day from St. Croix, (Has End.) Lell bngavm. Iienry, taking in cargo ; sclir William, York, of Portland ; (hip Morgiana, taking iu ; brig Ana, Trowbridge, for N Haven in 10 days ; brig Glea ner, Jones, 8 days ; Charles, Foot, of Bath, for Button in 3 days ; brig Nautilus, Rich, do 3 Jays; Jane, M'Lelcan, Portland for do 15 days; Merrbant, Fairfield, Kennebuuk, waiting cargo; schr Milo, Allen, Bristol 4 dayt ; brig Fortuna, Wilmington, taking iu cariro. April 20, lat 32 30 Ion "I 30, ioke schr Commerce, Kelly. AUKRIKU, Yesterday morninz, by the Rev. John M'Dnw - ell, Mr. James C. Harn - s, of Kentucky, to Mis .Maria a. Smith, ol tlliahctli I'otvn, t... J.) DIED. Yesterday morninz at 9 o'clock, Mr. - Benj. C rower. The relatit9 end friends of the faiuil y are requested to attend hit funeral at C o'cloc k, this alternoou, from hi late residence, No. 2.i0 Greenwich - itreet ATiCYJVW POST MAUUtK, LIST. CLEARED. Ketch Maria, Rainey, Lisbon Iluwland. Brig George & Sutan, Richardson, Salem u alley a nufel Schr Tho. Jefferson, Gray, Snowhill Patty 61 llittv, Com'is, Clurlc - bton Packet, Vail, Caitiue Charleston Saul Alley Savannah Ronton A'ioop Wave, Sanders, Agcnora, vvilliamx, L.ibT Et'EMA'G, Prig llopr - , O'Brien. 10 day - from Havnna with uiolas.i s, u"ar aud coCte. to F. Pomeroy Pasti ngers. l)un P. A. Canes, Don Jot. Maria arcia, uud capt. John Lozane. Lett, Apnl 24, brig tea Hand, Wheeler, for New - York, in 1 1 bhleih. Keating. Portland 20 : barah .Maria. Cole, Bottoo 7 ; schr. 2,'alout, Miller, N York, 8; brig Juno, Bradbury, Boston 2 jtchr. General nntli, lievon, lor iririte, in 10; schr. Hiram. Gale, Newport 10; ship Admittance .put arrived from Baltimore ; Sagadahock, Knapp, Bos - Inu uncertain ; Couimeice, Evelefti, NYnrk 10; Floreutc, Ketson N Orleans 5; Benjamin, Free man ; hnz Augusta, I ruuaut, ol tintton, o dayt from Cadiz - bad been brought to on the 1 . : 1 iei:. , i. . : i . 1 " isi ui nprii urar .apv .Tints, uy a uuai wiiii i men armed with muskc - tt, and robbed of annul 700 dollars amount of property, and the pus'tu gert ill treated the capt. of the boat said he wat a Under lo Com. Aury. April V4, 111 tlpni 01 tbe Moro Castle, wa brought to by the U, S. brig Knterprize, and requested to report liicm all well. Schr Reaper. Blanchard, 3 day from Baltimore, with uuahogtiuy and dour, to Larue, Pal. im r Co. BOSTON, May 4 - Arrived, brig Spartan, Knnwlet, 50 day from St. Salvador. LeltnoA - meriran veelt. Brie Prince Eugene, bright, tailed 12th Feb for Rio Janeiro ; brig George, Bakh, taiied 5th March fordo; chr Penguip. Taylor, arriver1 5ih Fe'i. from Gibraltar, a:.d sailed again forGibraltar 5th March. The crew ol Ihe Penguin mutinied 9,h Feb. near t.'ie B - cas Key, and coufined the olfirers below, and severe - ' ly ivuuiidrd the captain. The 1 ffici rt f ' r the safety of their live nod property, irive each pi the mutineer jllH), the long boat, 11ml whatever they wished, if thev would leave the vessel, which they accepted, i bey arrived at Priiiambui a, were apirt bended Hud confiu - d. The Spartan sailt d 12th March and on the 16lh, by contrary ww.ds, was again off the bar, and saw an Alum - em ship aud brig goii.g in. 'Hie hrie Waraler, Uu kinson. 24 days from New - Orleans, aud 2 1 from the Balile, arrived off MnrbU head Neck yesterday morning, and being very thick, anchored ; soon after parted the cable and vvt tit on a 1 dg! of ro k got out the cither ate hir ahead, with af is" aore of people from shire, and hove h r off, hut Hiding she did not bring up, but dragticd it, and l arlul of uemj driven upin a more dangi rout ledge, rut thu ca - rtle and run her on the sand bench oirlarbl - head Neck, where she lay tight, aod it wat supposed all the cargo would be taken out bef ore the next tide. ' THJiATIIE. The entertainment adverliicd for this evening are necrsarily pottponed, Mr. PHILHTS not bavi. g arrived in town. .iiKKIcA. Ml,: - hLM, NEW Y O K K INSI'I 1 UTION. ttt TlllSevenini; (if the weather it pleasant) a select Band will peri'nrm at tlie Museum. A variety of New Music hat been got up by Mr. Hoi noli, lead r this band i exclusively altarh - i d to the .Mueum, and the puhlic will not he dis appointed ot having a rich treat, not only at re - laiet to the arrangement of the Music, hut alto the great addition' I the .sluseuru At aiual the il - luniinaii' n will b" brilliant mv 6 Itt IU AlOvKO. lit JOHN KEYSER bat removed to No 213 f ront 'rret niy 6 6t IjTII Dr. li.lXlr - K hat removed to No. 109 - street Wautml ui above, 1 quantity of leeches. mv G4t NOTICE. 07 - Tbe subscribers have formed a connexion in the Dry - Good business under the firm of Dayton H i)lis!eJ, at the store formerly occupied by .Mr. Aaron Smith. No. '9 Broadway, cor ner if FuliiMi - s'rett, where thejr "tfer tor tale a general assortment of lancy good on reasonable terms. C. W. DAYTON, my 6 Dt T. OLMsTEO. .i L.1RD. Jy3 Mr. WIM'E has the honor of making known t the Ladies and Geutletn n of the city of N. York, hbat bis Grand Ball will take place on Friday evening next, at Mr. Moes RofT's Ball Room, Newark Tickets oue dollar each, to be had at the bar of the Hotel, mi? C 3t .V'ei. 1 erit Chamtier rf Commerce. T At an election for officers for the ensa ing year, held alh inst. the following gentle men were duly elected : Cornelius Ray, Esq. President William Hayard, Esq 1st V President. Archibald t.racie, Esq. 2d do. Henrj - I. Wyekorl', Esq Treasurer. Mr John Piittard, Secretary. The fi illum ing gentlemen were appointed tn serve on the monthly committee, to adjust and determine all mercantile lispuies that may be referred to them : Messrs. John IV son en Graves, John Graham, Goold Hoyt, David S. Kennedy. my 6 Uieir carpet tore to o. I3t uroauway. o. Franklin House, w here they have just o octtite ipened of line and oner lor eaie a nauutouc uoui and superfine ingrain carpeting, 01 uie ticwett patterns. l.ikcwisc, on nauu, Venetian stair - carpeting, table covers, Hearth rugs, door mats, kc. Patent floor cloth for en trie and hall variety of patterns aud widths, my 6 3t MUTUAL iXSURjSXCE CCMff. - rAl' OF THE CITY OFA' - l OKA. V The President and Directors give notice that a dividend of four and a half per cent, on the capital stock of this Company, for six months, will be made on Uie inn inst. aim naid 011 demand to the stockholders or their attornies, at No. 52 Wall - street. mv6 Im JOHN PINTAnD.Sec'ry Lontinuuimn if sood Ituk. TP The Grauti Road Lottery commenced drawing yesterday, and the first drawn number bein: entitled Ui tiie capital prure of five thousand dollars, wa old by Robert Waite. juu. 13C Broadway, to a merchant in this city. Thut are the anticipation, expectation probabilitiet and predictions of M Truly Lucky" completely frustrated by a single turn of the wbeel in favor of the office of R. Waite, jun. There were no prizes of $1000 drawn yetter - day, as erroneously stated by " Truly Lucky my 6 ( Two Prizes of one thousand dollars so.d at ALLEN'S Truly Luciiy Office, No. 122 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel one of them was yesterday paid. Adventurers are requested to examine their numbers, as one ot the above is held by some fortunate person as yet unknown, his name not having been re gistered at the time ui sale. my o THE FRANKLIN FIRE INSURANCE J. COMPANY have their Office at iNo. 41 Wall - street; where they ure ready to receive applications lor Insurance. The CAPITAL STOCK of Haifa Million of Dollati, is all subscribed and paid, or taliMacto rily secured' DIHF.CTOR8. Elisha Tibbiti. Philip Brntber, Henry 1 Wycaoff, George Uriswold, Win. Hayard, Jr. John T. Lawrence, James Boorman, Bciij. L. Swan, John 1. PiJiner, Thomas Franklin, James Walsh, Stephen Whitney, Jos. P. M'Kiniie, Perez Jones, John Adimi, 1'homns Uuckley. ELU1IA I1BBIT8, President. J. WOKTH1NGTON, Sec'ry. may 6 Im FOR HALE. Tbe schr. EVENING POST, burthen about 1 10 Ions, pilot - boat built, ropper - cu aud copper fastened ; built in 1817 ; hat ju?t been hove out aod caulked, and can be sent to sea at small expense if not previously told, will beoncred at puhlic auction on Tuesday next at the Touline Coffee House For particulars apply to FRD. GEBHARD, 93 Greeuwictl - tt. On hand, A box very superior Dutch thirling linen Black gulloont may 6 3t For CHARLES I OA", Lit 1 he elegant new packet schooner .CIIAIU.tSlON fACKM, S.U. Vail, master, will positively tail to - morrow, weather permitting, ror freight or passage, having superior accommodulious, apply on board, at Stevens' wharl, or to SAUL ALLEY, mav i 98 Pine - trtt. FK.1 ?H TEArs Ai CA? - dV Bl HurFMi) aid Gi.ass. and fRlNKLix and M1STURH. FRIDAY, at bah pat. 10 o'clock, in front of the ftoreof.vlr John Jacob Astur, No. 141 Oreenvt ich - street, betwea u Courtla.,dt and l.i - lerty streets, the entire risrgo of tent jutt arrived in the ship William and John, Capt. Blakemau, irom Canton, coositling o , viz : 3 23T I ooohah'cUlS 'J9j chest 1 2 112 hull chests flj ton Tea 271 boxrt 370 chests 1 100 half Young Hyson 4IK) boxes 21 HI cliesti Hyion Skin 30 chests 1 100 half Imperial 200 boxes' 15 chetts 100 10 - catty boxes I 25 boxes contain Gun - Powdcr ing each 20 can i utters 21b each l H72 bundles Catia. Catalogues on Wednesday, and the teat may be examined at tbe ttore on Tliund iy and Friday morning previou to the tale. The above tea are ail fresh and of a very superior quality. Terni" made known at the time of sale. my 6 INDIA SUGAR ti COTTON. 'THE cargo of the ship Ramdolollday, from A. Calcutta, will commence landing tin day, at pier No. i, IN. River It consists ui India Sugar, white and graiued I'idia Cotton, Some Pig Tin, Shellack, and Phtna Goat Skin Which, if not told by Saturday next, will then be offered for tale cn the wharf, by Hoffman & Glass, at 12 o'clock Apply to mav 6 3t IU) OBERT LENOX. 'PHOMAS DIXON, 77 Pine - ttrett, offers for J. sale on liberal terms, of recent importation, to close invoice. 6 bale very low assorted cloth 2 case Saxony Cloth and Catsiroeres 1 bale Venetian carps - ting, 2 - 4 and 5 - 8 1 do Wiltou rugt, shell, basket aud assorted 2 cases stipei'l. cloths, assorted 2 do Oowlas's 9 do extra Carlisle ginghams 4 do superfine, i do stupe. 1 do lustre 1 bale red and white flannel 3 do Bennet't patent drab cords. 2 cases black and blue superfiucs - 1 do black Bmnbazeent. . And, of former importations, 2 bales flannel., assorted ; I nalrsx an - skius 6 do Sagathy's, or blue and white kersejs , 2 do blue kersey - 6 do coating 2 case worsted bote 30 b ile Que assorted cloth 16 do low do do Bedsteads, with Bennet'i joint. mv 6 2t I MN sLA I E, TEA eic. laO boat liu J plate, assorted 12,000 pounds India block Tin 8,000 do Iron Wire, assorted 1,500 do old Copper 40 chest HyK,n skin Tea, for tale by ANSON G. PHELPS, my 6 lt3 Front street, V I CLASSES. 60hhdsaud I tieice retailing .1 Havana Molasses, landing from schri 'n - ion, capt. Ells from Havana, at Burluig - ilip, West pier, lor ale by S & D. TALCOTT, mv 6 64 South - sir - et. G. ti S. HOW LAND, 77 Washington st. J . offer for tale 60 boxes brow n Havana Sugar. AU baas Race Ginger 7 pipes old Sherry Wine 2 do do Lisbon d'i, 12 boxes Chrct 400 oval Deuiijohn, 5 casks Antimony 100 bblt ground Camwocd 10 ton Liguumvitae 3 rases Toys, 6 kegs Vermillion 400 lodia round floor Mat 20 labt India blocai Tiu a bhds brst quality Qu - . - rritron Bark Writing, Wrapiang Mid Printing Paper A mall invoice i Calcutta good, just received, roi.iisttrg of B aius, Sarmaht, .Vlamo die, Uurrabt and Checks. . my 6 tt PRIKST S ROOT bav removed NEW HARDWARE STORE. r "UmZ subseribrr have ucw open and for sale jl one 01 Uie most extensive and complete assortment 01 bardw sin mad outlery to be loand in tlie city, consisting of Gun by the case 1 bell metal kettle Hoes, uticrtcdio casks A unit, vice, trace chain, scythes and sickle Gcraiun and cast steel Mill, pit andcross - rut saws Frying paut, shovel and tpadc 1 Wallle irons, filesof all kinds, steelyards Drawing knives, curry comb, ihoe knivct Cotl'ee mills, locks in every variety , Thumb latches, butts andscrews lirass wires, psnnel and band saws Pocket books, ink pot VValkden' genuine ink - powder Slatet, buttons, plated and common saddlery Iron, plated, brats and japan'd caqdleitickt Japau'd Wares, Spectacles, combs knives and folks, Pen, pocket and two blade knivet Razors and scissors, sheep shears Straw knives, brail cock Nail and ihoe hammers, gimblets Pack and pound pins, razor hones, awl blades Shoe pincers aod nippers Plated cruet frame, lancet Razor cases and strops, shovel and long Brati andiron, stand and toilet glasse Hair tiften, screw augor Club axet, sledges, bellows pipes Castings of all kind Genuine Enghili blistered tteel, be. ke. ftc All at reduced prices and the roott extended credit. Merchanti from the toutttern and west - ' ern itate will liiid this tock wortliy their atten - ' tioo, a thegoodi are laid in on tbe very hett ' lernit, aud will be old in qunntitiet to tuit rur. chasert. F. B. W hVl H ROP & C0. my 6 3t No. 131 Pearl - street ' f ADRA&S HL'KFS. ic. 4 truu"Utrtttl IV L Madras bdkis. entitled to debenture. 6 case Lungee Romallt 3 bales Coitas, and a general assortment of Canton tilk goods, for sale by ISAAC S. HONE, my 6 2t 47 Fulloo iireet PA if . AT FLOOR CLOiHs. A CONSIGNMENT of first quality patent floor cloths, of various patterns, in sheets of 21 by GO feet, without a seam, just received tad for rale at 115 Front - street, by CURTIS, JKO.M.MEI.IN & CO. A person employed to fit the cloth to roams and entries, if required. Any Dumber of yard sold. may 6 3n BRITISH DRYGOUIS, OF THE LATEST latFORTATlOSg. LONDON luperuie clotlil and caiiimeres Yorkshire do do Fine aud low priced flannel, assorted colore . Bouibazett, black and colar'd Black boruhazeens Cotton cord and velvets ' ' 7 - 8 black arsui:tts Furniture diuiitiea 6 4 cambric do - Imitation Russia sheeting - Brown linens Chintz and plate furniture Shawl and Britannia Hdkfs. Madras and pocket do 9 (I Irish'd shirtings 7 - 8 and 9 - 8 steam loom do ( .'ol ton hosiery Common and fine calicoes Giugbam Black cotion ferrets, kc. The above are offered for tale by the package, on liberal terms, at No. 1)15 Pearl ttreet, by my 0 ti juii.i iAiuunssu9. IL'SKETS. 1000 Muskets with Bayonets, i.TX entitled to debenture, lor sale by 11URD at SEWALL, 65 South - street. my 6 ' Ull. A GOODS black Sinchew. coloured : and black Crape, Black and checked Sartnet Fancy add black lidkli. Assorted sewing Silks Biue Nankeens, for side by UURDfcSEWALL, my 6 65 South - sireet . WEI. La k UPSON, 155 Pearl - slrett, have received by late arrtvalt, . Fine ivory, self - tip and real buck - handle knives aud forks Fine penknives, holster pistols, fine gun lock ' English silver watches, plated spoons, tc. ic. oir HASP, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hook L, and shear steel With a large and general assortment of hard ware, best snemetd ana mrmingnam piaieu ware, for sale low. On consignment, received per Ann from Liver. pool, 150 boxettin platet. my 6 UUSSIA sIlKEI ING. 50 pieces yard wide Russia Sheeting, of a fine quality, for talc at 180 Front ttreet, by mveiw sii.rtifc.Ti V I ESS and PIUME PORK. 34 and an balf iV I barrelt, tnid to be a very superior lot, will be sold from the vessel at the lowest market price. Apply to my o xunr.i.itjjs ueDuio. WJti SEALSKINS. Hair teal skins, for sale by CLARK, MOORE S CO. 3t 41 South - it mv 6 ENGLISH BEAVER HA IS. - 3 caset London Beaver Hats, tust received, aod for tale by TUCKER St LAC R1ES, my 07 s poptn - street. 7VT E. HUM. 25 hhrtt. Salem Rum, lauding 1N at middle pier, Coentiet - ilip, and for tale , by JOSEPH OSBORN, . my 6 28 South ttreet. SHEET MALAGA H'A E, kc Jl twenty gallon cask sweet Malaga win 100 lioxes bloom raisins 37 ca;ks toft shelled almonds, landing this morning, from tcbr. Ariadne, at Fly - market what f for tale by G. G. ti S. HOWL AND, may C 77 Wahington - t. 1 MOLiSSES. JL O 0 hhds. Havana molasse of superior quality, landing at Pine - street wharf 45 do English Maud do, landing at W hitehall, from sloop Constellation, for tale by WALSH k GALLAGHER, A r. r o...e - i ' may o 00 oouui - ." A YOUNG mau acquainted with doinj w n ;n o. .. . . v. . .:.,. imib st icti with .In ... I J . a .M.nil .... n - K.nt. UI " - .... m n.i.'iv .tin. Hi IV. t (UI, ' thi t itv ; hit present object is not compeasa iiou. tveierenc e naa 01 Jir. s. iiouai., Mechanict' Bank. mv 6 tit ASIUWLLOST. RBTWEEN'Courtlandt and Murray - streett - 11 .ir:.,.i ...... SI...I 11. finder will confer a favor by leavioz i at No. 39 Courtlandt - tlreet, and 11 required will receive rewaru - my o WiVIM A VITIIA I ION'. IN a wholesale and retail drygood ttore, as salesman, a youiig married, man, who D been rt - gularl bred to the butineit ; or. wou uiidertaae the out - door businett of a wbp,c hnud. Th. most resnectable relerence win given as to character and ability. A line fhreci ed to H. I. H. and left at this office, will be i mediately atieoded to. my 8 lw esA. The subscriber otters tor sail - dence in the town or FarfieW, state ft CaTnTTectirut. It is pleasanihj - tituated, o h Boston road, about half a mile from l - 0"Z' p. uud. 55 mile, fr m New York, "J),(?S New Haven. Tbehowe and out - hooje arein exCHlieot repair. 1 he iruii yaro 1. VirVic. with a variety of peaches ilffi! r...r. .n.l itrawberne. There are IB the view y academies for the education of yotrth sexes, rrom one I 'rtx acres ot ee - j - at the option of tlie purchaser, can ho l' thebou - e, aadthe P'cl"V''!l. .nrtV td ran remain 00 inter, - ! For Urm W' IS C M ELY. E - q. 76 John street, N. 1 o '.Mo the Hi,. JONATHAN 8TURGES, Fair - DAVID EtT.

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