The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 6, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1818
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- YORK EVENING POST. tfUMKKK 49.59 WEDNESDAY MAY 6, 181C. NO i9 WILLIAM - TiU'KT. THE RxhmMi and LyncUurf manufactured 1096 keei. pow landing frem sundry ve - brsadt: ' ,. . ur;ii;mioa. 8 hands. 1. 2. 3 i5D".T;.' 'b i.ia Miller Co. 1,S,3 M i i 1, i J.t 45cVGorge Fletcher, l08 do Jho Ertders, ,ii Jo D. R. Ko, 12 oo Jesse Har at j, & Co. 63 do R. Cantor, 45 do F. O. Crenshaw, 21 do R. Puttoo, 87 doJ.fcP. LbhJ X 0, k lady's twist 8,balllb.rolls j - r hii market, on account of the JSSS 4. rumbT bjrwoKDUws CORNELIUS DU B013, f 36 Front - street. ",luti( um'HKK WAKtii. IJTJJl C - J i vj L . THF subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the follow loggoodt, 'ijutcfc and Eogtwh Broom , Duster, Counter Brvthet , , Heartfa Brtihes, fan Gunny Bags, Poet Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy aod common Do lor Blacksmiths ' Hall and Entry Mali cy and coaaton Head Ho do Cloth do do do do fail! and I ut Wheel - Barrows Fine Wite Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de icrintion Weaver do White Wah do Shoe & Scrubbing do faint Broslics and Sasb J'ooli ClarM,4,7,8row Furniture Brushes I lone do Bed Cords, Clothei Li net , Sash Cordt, Trare Twpei . . Seine, sewintr. wrap ping, baking and ball Twine Fish. Lines Shoe ic Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballao ces, tic. Wrought and cut Which they will tell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBUA I CUMING, ap J8 76 Pearl - street. O n VIRti LSI A IX) B A CCU hi FLOUR. H hhdi old Virginia tobacco 65 do new crop do do 68 hbli fine flour 15 do saddling do. For tale by VASQUES, MEURON ii CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Wvhiwrton - st. HOSIERY, bliJEL, oif. MEN'S and women' cotton stockings A few bale superfiue whit Manuel, very wide do do red and yellow do Berlin and military cords Green table cover?, different sices Bert London pins, 3 I S, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 mixt pins, 1 - 4, 1 - 2 and lib Mourning pins and rhort whites While ctwpel oeedies, assorted Brass wire No. 24 and 85 ; Card wire No. 27 aud 32 ; Hooks and eyes. Thimbles .4 ho on hand, Enzluh looking glass plates, urisilvereJ For sal. by ATKINSONS ii FLEMING, ap 20 3w . ; 167 fearl - st. ""PLASTER OF PARIS MANUFACTliriY,'" At tl rot or.Harnta - tret, ortb - Kiver. I If HERE manufactured flaster, forcorni - l V in aad other purposes, may be had. warranted ol the first quality, at on dullarand (tven - yire cetUi per btuM. i'lie maoul'artoiy is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who hat served a regular apprenticeship to the masou business. mh2l JOHN BYF.R3. AMERICAN UOOUS. WM. F. & SAML. MOTT, No. 166 Tearl street, offer tor tale the following Ameri caocotton and woollen Roods : 5 cases Brown Shirtings 4 do tileurhed do 5 do 3 - 4 Checks ; 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotloo Nulls 2 do Sewing Thread 2 do Knittinc Yam s t do Satttnntti 20 rarr PUid - 5 do Blue Stripe ; 5 do Bed Tickt 1 do Denims ; I do Miliuett 40 do - Twist and Filling, assorted from No. 10 oles Candltwick. S to 12 4th uo. 34 t" FKKNUi l.OODS. Juat received by the Comet, from Havre, Habit pIovn, pruneile shoes Rich fiired sattin and taffeta ribbona Embroidered ami plain silk hose, aliawli Sixpeniters, fans artificial flower S lknettn, rollerett, thread hose, and for Ble at 140 Pearl - street, bv ap 28 ; P. it H. SHELDON & CO. COFFEE & KUM. - 54blids. fine green coffee, and '.20 hhda Rum, landiof Irom brig i avorite, and for tale by MICH. KEARNEY, or GEO. LACY, "P20 4 Fiiltoo - street. Mr. BALLET ll Madame GOQUET, No. 7 Nanau - street, HAVE the honor to inform the public in general and the ladies of New - York io ur - ticular, that they manofacture and have cou - nnlly on hand an asanrtment of artifirial flowers. AtuVir store arc sdw to be found, and to be fcpoMd of by wholesale and retail, rerlumery of every description, amone which t th r.ltbraled trrinnl, and the most pprored essence and ponatums for the com - fin ion. Torloi Oiell combs aod thiablet A COOIolct WnrlnMil rS BivlrJ i ivsU, fichus aod liands ImbntUat and parasols Mtrino, kaitand velvet ridicules ; silk fichus JVfckinj aod gloves for ladies and gentlemen Indies' tla - tir jprters Sprinrand bail .ilk drewet Ba'l1o. enbroidered with rhenilU m1 nrna. I "d witb Bowers ; silk scarla jIle a - id iilk shoes LMsntine., florencea, tathis, tnfTeta., ftc. . ai HI thorL Abf.r thin mniwtMt wtlk lti l'teitte. auSo 1oi C IMd W ROUGHT NAILS, aswrted si - ad CWslitie. for snle l. B1 CErJUA CUMING, 76 Pearl - streot. OJTOS SILKSanrl NANKEENS. Anen - krIJ'?ire ol 43 case Silks just received fctj"1' and John, irom Canton, con - ck Canton Crapes T?Jit colored do lor ball dresses kM - '1 plain FWrentinca Xwkndkls. 4 - 4 frZ ! 7 - 8 4 - 4, 7 - 8. 6 - 1 Crapt Nck. vry elegant i?K.:,,' (le coto0 - 4, 7 - 4, 6 - 4 4 cV . ' CoiK - howt and "Jleoi l!,,fc5 Piece white Nankeens Tl CAMEREXESG S PEARSON, 67 South street. Jet C. MCHOLS. 13? Pearl - lret, Lave just . reccicd io addition to their former arsurt - fuent 4 cairs colored Canton crapet 2 do black do 2 do black tinchews 1 do sarsnets, 2 do bU k silk bdkl't 2 do fine India book Mutlins 1 do Mall do. 3 do '1 amhoured and Seeded 2 do Imitation Merino tliawls, assorted 1 do bandanna hkis t do fine Romalt 2 do MaddKllDi and steam Loom Shirt - 2 do Madras Hdkis. Lng 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen , 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton PtatilU 2 do fancy Cravat, assorted 1 do ufcite Jeaus, 2 do cotton Cauimeret 1 do fine while and buff Quilting 2 bales Rhodes' liombiticlts 1 case Ribbons, assorted 2 cases black, whit) - . J purple Kid Gloves 4 truuks r'uroiture Plates, aod 4 do suerfinr Calicoes, which they offer for sale at a small advance lor cash, no 20 14! jVEIV MALX GO.;). SIX cases of new and elegant fancy article, such as Ladies work boxes and dressing caser, very cle - trnt Writing desks, elegantly gilt and plain Gill and painted rani racks, Fan racks Fire and candle screens, painted in a superior manner, with gilt and colored handle Barkgamon boards Maliue aod morocco work baskets Gentlemen's shaving apparatus. Pouches and dressing rases, complete Morocco and mahogany portable de;ks A few Russia leather do. very supt rb Some very elegant portfolio with gilt lock and pockets Elgruil! gdt borders and plain Morocco, Russia and roan pocket books, of various descriptions spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many other ar'Jcles too numerous to mention. For tale wholesale and retail, by N. SMITH DAVIES, ap 23 No. 151 Broadway. UPLAND k .NE - 01ti.KAd CUT I UN. 54 bale prime Upland Cotton, landing from sloop Wave, from Savannah 63 hale New - Orleans Cotton, landing from ship Diana Caroline, tor sale by rO'l'T & M'KINNE, 56 South - street In Store. 109 bales Upland Cotton t!9 do Aew - Orleans do 32 ceroons Cuba Tobacco 36 boxes Windo Glnss 6.i nines Catalonia Wine 11 pipe O. L. P. Madeira Wine ; lias been imported a vears 9 ur. cask Malaga Wine 2000 Demijohns lit tons Swede Iron, assorted sizes, ap 7 iLrKEI s, FOWL1M, l iECK - N fvo. FOUR - l HOL'aAND MKF.TS, and two boxes fowling pieces, entitled to deben ture. 4 boxes well aborted glassware 3 ceroons flotant Indigo, and ' A few pieces superfine Cloth, for salf by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, apTtm 72 VVanin4tn - street. FRENCH GOODs 1)ER brig Ann, from Bordeaux 1 case double chain White Levantine I do do do Blue do 1 do douiilr Florence Hik, all ahite 2 do 4 - 4 White Tulle l.ce. fine 1 do Satin Plong, lor Lining 1 do men's md wcnicn's Si k Hose 2 do Satin and TahVt.i Kringed Ribbons 2 d' black Galloons, No. 1 1 - 2 1 do Kirh Ribbons 1 do 6 - 4 Cashmere Shawls. Also, per several arrivals. 1 ras. black Tafft ta Ribbons 1 do 3 4 Merino Shawls Scarfs 1 do Hat Covers, 105, first quality 1 do Chenille Cord 1 do Men' Silk Buttons 1 do Dura - Skin Gloves 1 do Cambric Erub'd Bands,' for bottom of dres'es 3 cases black and Italian Crapes, for sale by A. D. DURAND it HOURDEL, ap30 1w 30 I'ine - strwt. 58 CASES CANTON GOODS, vis : 12 cases col'd Canton Crapes black do do col'd Nankin do black do do Crape Shawls black Camblets mix'd Silk do Chang'ble Sartnets do Levantines black do Silk Hdkfs Biids Eye do Col'd Concans Sewing Silk, (Italian style) Sinchew Sartnets. also, ' Company lone and short Yellow Nan kins, for sale by MARCH LOW, apau zio Broadway. (COFFEE, FLOUR. TOBACCO, 4c - J 246 bags St. Domingo Coffee, 51 do green Havana do. entitled to drawback 37'i bhls. superfine Rii hoiond Flour 30 hhds old Richmond Tobacco 15 do new do do 1H do do Petersburg do 7 do old do do 10 whole and 20 half tierces Rice 7 bales Upland Cotton 6 qr. casks Madeira Wine Red and white Port Wine in hhds. . Claret of a superior quality, in boxes, forsak hy ROB'T GILLESPIE, up TV lot ' MX rroni - si. A QUANTITY of Beeswax, for tale by XL JOHN FLACK, inyllw Corner Old - Slip and South - it. ON DON CLOTHS, tic Landing from ship Ueorge, and brig BaccDus iroui juoo - don, A . f?lnih. 1 mt Ciuimrre. extra suof 50 barrels refined Salt Petre 50 cases Aqua Fortit - Duplex extra 1 case Irish Linen", for ta'" v DIV IE BETHlfNE It CO. my 1 57 South - sireet. tff WHITE LEAD, jc tic. tj J KJ ke London White Lead io oil 30 barrels do Dry While Leao 8 tons Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre 90 do Venetian Red ; 2 ton fine Litharge ; 80 bosbtad Witi,,g 60 casks Pari While ; 2 hhds. Verdign 50 tierce rench Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Verroiilion 4 casks Prusian Blue, 4001V Crome Yellow; Patent YeiJow Spanish Brown, Venetian Red, Yellow, IS OIL. Klack, I Ve'digris, J Laiupolack ; Ivory B!ack : Purple Brown Sj''riTurm;nline ; Lintsetd Oil 400 boxes WjiKfiw Git, assorted For sale on the iotretl teruis, for cash or at sh rt rredit, by PETER SCH ERMERIIORV k SONS, mr 1 243 Water - ttreeL HKMP. 5 ton Russia Hrmp; landn it and for sale by GOODri V K ). p 30 44 Soutb - slrcct. 4 do 2 do 1 do 3 do 1 do 1 do 2 do 2 do 1 do 4 do I do 1 do 20 d o 2 do 1 do LEniANTOIL.SEALSKINSl PEARL Xi The car?o of the thir'Sea - Fox. consiitins of sea elephant oil, fur and hair teal skint, and moiaer ol pearl, is uow landing at Tow Mend's wharf, and lor sale m lot to suit purchasers, by J. VERS j or, E. FANNING, my I tf No. 23 Borling - slip. lOMIIAZETT3. - 6 bales assorted llumba XJ xett,"gt)od colours, and low charee. iust recetveu per ship Atlantic, and m sale by a. A. LiA n KKNCri, ap 30 lw. 67 Pine - street. yUUAK. - 34 hhds. lid quat. Muscovado, foj kj tale at lfc recR - Hii, hy my 2 K. U C. W. DAVENPORT ic CO. I OH A AUK VI. WILLI NK 6i CO. offer lor I sale 35 cases superior Bengal Indigo Several cask smalls, particularly desirable ior niearners ann paper niaxers 4 casks hardware A few bales cauimeret and shalloon's, shawls ap 20 CANDLES. 50 boxes Eastern Mould Cuo dlrs, for sxle by ap 30 JOS. OS BORN, 211 South street. YYAN I ED a Man Servant, to wail upoua v v gentieoian ana nit wile, and occatuioauy to travel with them. None need apply but such as can bring good recominendatious for honesty, sobriety, and capacity; Enquire at 26, Wall street. ap30Iw ji Lunch of Kett hit. Us I , this morning, m the liroadway or JLi Bowery road, a steel ring, having 6 or 7 small keys and a sratrh - kty on it The finder shall be well rewarded on leaving them nt No. 5 Stato - atrei t. v my 4 3t A very sr.n pair of hordes FOR SALE, if ap lu. ilied for toon ; thry can be seen at Mr. ELLIOT'S stables, comer ef Garden and New. streets. hunt lv one of the best workmen. my 4 Iw TO LET, ISl! The store No. tSO Wall - street. Posses sion may be lind immediately A pjily at No. 18. hp i ii TO l.KT. From the first of May next, the two 3 story brxk Houe, No. 49ii and 494 Green wkli - st. in excellent rep:ir, with or without stables in the rear, and will be let on very rea soimhle terms. Also, to Let or Iase, from 1st May next, a very convenient Dwelling House, opposite Love lane, near the 2 - m tie stone, flowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrain. It is weil adapted for one or two families, having two kitchens, H rooms, pantries, vaults, a sta ble and coach house, a u ell of good water, and iwoi i.sterns. The harden in vey larire, and well stocked w'.tli fruit trees and shrubbery, and may be taken possession of immediately. tor terms, apply to HVLSEY fc GOSMAN, 31 Old - slip, or to GEO GOSMAN, ap 2i 496 tirrniwich - street Lite, ijb iAlHH.K iit.. u By Wm. Wirt, Esq. 4 00. . r fill E publisher deems it unnecessary to say JL any thing in favor of the merits of this work, contenting himsell with meuuouing that the first tdiliou of 2600 copies were all disposed of in a few moullu. The 2d improved edition lor sale by ROB. .M'DEK.dL'T, ap 25 3w Vii Prarl - st. tOli liALb OH IV LEAUti, Lots in the 5, 6, 8, and 10 Wards: many ol Hlnch are on regulated and peved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. nuusr.o. Several two and three story houses, en which a great pari oi ttie money remain on mortgage LiA.tUliHU AT Itt - U tlUOB.. An excellent stand lor business, wilh ten acres ol land, pleasuntly situated, with a wharf, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOi.EN MANUFACTORY, Near New - tlavcn. with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon winch 20 mill may be erccieu, wim a sumcienry oi Maieriortacn. Apply at ' 1N0. Z Ureeowirh street, jail 13 tf JO Lt.T, For one or more vean. the foilowine lione t at llartenville, near the five mile stunt, nlo 'iningdaie road. A plraantl situited and ronvei.ient two sto. ry ILiutv and Stable, with a Garden aud four a i ret of hind. Alto A nleasantlv situated and convenient two tti.rj House and Stable, with a Inrge Garden and three acres ol land, both ol the above placet are well Hocked with dinerent kiudt ol choice Fruit trees. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient wo story House, with a Stable and Iwo acres of land, for further particular eoquue of JACOB HARSEN, ap?8 1m Near the premises. tfJfL TO LET, IniS A very convenient hou. - e, with about hail an acre of ground, about a mile from th' city, adjoiuiug the houte occupied by - ir. More - wood, betwixt Greenwich and the Broauwaj road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, , mh 25 tf Hiid - on - tqiiare. BERGEN ORPllANo CUUIil Ol the Term of March. IC18. Catharine Schuvler, Adminitlralrix, 4 c f ol John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute. deceased. V rpHE court order and direct, That Catharine L Schuyler adminmratnx ol the goods, chat tels and credits o John A. Schuyler, dettased, ire public notice tolhe rrditor of tlie decedent to bring in theirclairus and demands again! the estate ol the said decedent, on or Ivftire the first day ol' May, in Ihe 5 ear of our Lord eign - teen hundred aud nineteen, by putting up notice to that effect in five of the most public places in the county of Bergen, tor the space 01 two months, and advertising the same lor the like pace of time in a newspaper pri.itrd and puli - lisjied m lite stale 01 ,ew - Jersey, annul a newspaper printed and publtihcd in the city of New - Vork. A true transcript from the record. upg82n JOHN A. HOlD. Sur'gut. SI tie of .Vir ik Von.plnlkr't I'Jfitc. PUBLIC NOTICE l he. - tby given, tout sealed urt'P - itils will ue nt eived at this r.fTu e until Monday the 2 thof MaV next, for the pur chase of the whole or of oy part ol 840, 473 17 - 100 dollar of the three per rent fVt ol llie funded debtol tue Uuitt - d States, cwiitd by tlrs state, The Stock, if sold, will be transferred n thf first day of July next, at which time, payment uuit t inide by the purchmer or iwiRliMert, at the Hank ut New - York in the city o" New - Y - rk. J Th nrorvnal will lie orx neel oil tlie s .id 25'h day of Slav next and the net n&r or flee wid he accepted : provided tlie on - rs be such as shall, consistent wi.'b the interests of the state, warrant tlie nrctptaiice of any of them. If any offer or cC'ert tball be accepted, infor mation thereof shall hr immediately communi - rated to the person or eroii s offering ; aod it is expected and requi'ed th.ti tucb perton or person shall then give satisfactory security for the pal Bient at tt' time ttipo'ated. AKCH'D M'IN'TYRE, Comptroller Albany, April.27, 1818. apau uz tSR TO LET, Mluif Those two fire proof dwelling Hoetes, Mo. 74 and 76 Mott street, about ten minutes walk from the Coffee House. They will lie put in complete repair, and weil calculated for genteel families. Apply at No. 137 Water - street rah 1 1 tf ' t 'JO LEI, And immediate oossessinn eiven. One of the best stands for a Boarding House, in thit city, or it tuav be converted into oltk e's. il'moi agreeable, aud a more public and pleasant situ ation is ot to be found. Enquire at the office of int Mnnf rosi, ap iA ' . ' 'J it Jvr une ur more cur. The lollowms houses home No. ?!4 Broadway, two doors above Wasoinston Hall. with a coacii house in the rear if required Also, three story brick hou - e No. 415. in said street. Also, a new and genteel two story brick house, comer of Lispenard and Church - streets, the terms moderate. For further particulars, apply at eio nrfaoway. nihtall f'O L T, A part of the store. No. 81 Pine - street. Apply on the premises. ap 17 WAN I hi), iu a small retectable family, a middle aged woman, well acquainted with plaia cookiug, washing and ironing, t - he must produce a reference from her Iat place for her hooelty anJ sobriety. Thero would be no objection to a Scotch or Welch woman. En quire at this ollice. ap29 tf FOR SALE. rTWE time of a smart Klack Girl, that can - L do an kind of house - work aud cooKing, such as is ncrenar) foralaiuily, orsui'sble lora public bouse. She understuiids rooking of oysters, beafsteaks, tie. and would I a valuable acquitilion Io any pnblic houte , a pre'ercm e would be given to any pers on keeping the smiie, that resides in the country. Sold for no other reason than the want of a muster. For further particulars, inquire at the corner ol Broadway muu wraiiu - iiret:, jviuuill cocitl. N. B. She is sold at her own request. aptf IMfORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. 'fHE sulncrilicr hgs leave to inform hi s menus ami the punc tnnt lie na taken a room at the corner of Frankfort and Chatham - streets, near Tammany Ha!l, as an INTEL LIGENt.K OFFICE." Where lamilie nmy lie supplied with servants ol every det. riplion ; servants witn places ; gentlemen withing servants, for (ravelling, tupplied ut the sti rtet notice ; iiiercbanls wilh clerks, and clerk with employt wet nurses witb pi ices; mechanics win, journejmen. Every information given to stran - gc - rsaud others, in his line, who will favor liiiu wilh a call. Families, becoming sutxrrihert, supplied wilb servants at one dollar per annum. Alto, Books potted. Accounts adjutod, Tapers of every (letrriptinp, copied siilh neatness, corrcctuess, and ditpntch. Perronnl altcndame, from 5 Io 2 o'olock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock P M. He flatten himself that his assiduity and atten tion to business, will gaiu him a share of the public patronage. my 2 Im ; . H. PADF.LFORD. R. GRAHAM rcspei liully aiiiiONuo's bit XvX intention to ontinue hi classical semina ry at No. 1 12 Greenwich street. Incompliaiire with the withes of some of his natron, a French department has been added to the institution. A lew additional places, some of which are yet uneujrsgcd, have been occasioned by a recent en - laigen,eut of the classroom. Mr. G has the honour to refer Io Peter Wilton. L. L. I). John m. mason, V. U. John K. It. Rk! - ers, M. D Josiah Ojilen Hoflman, ro.. ; G - urgtt GriTin r.sq. ; penry Ai. van Solumeii, M. D. ; vv, liam I lenderson, Esq. ; Joteph Sands, Es. ; Gar ru p. oeet, r.tq. my I fit MAJtUAt'TAJt ttLUOOL. TANHA r i WN Female School is at 194 IvX Grreuwich - street : 3 Chamber - street. School, 148 In these schools are taught all the branches which constitute a useful mid finished education We forbear to desceud to particulars ; to offer recommendations, or to make great promises, Our patrons are left to judge of Ihe modes of instruct 100 both moral and tcirnlijic, by the im provesncut of the scholars. ALBERT PIVKFT. ap 29 Jut IX W. HICK I - T. EMIiUUlDfJinJ) L'HAFk OHESsES. FEWeiecint embroidered Nankin Crai JL Dreste., a new article, just received and r sale at loo Broadway, ny my llw PHILBROOK h PETERS. ,f AS i'ED to purchase, a second band count T T iug - house maluigany DESK. Apply at Uinomce ap 30 I LSI received Irom Cbarktloo, and 1. r sale .1 by SAMUEL CAMPBELL, Nn. 88 Water treet, in ttie rear 01 bit dwelling house in Pearl - treet, REPORTS of CASES amued and deter mined in Die Court of C'hnnrery 01 the state of south Car dina, from the Revolution to Decem ber 1UI3, 10 3 vols, large Uvo ; cub price fi, bound in call leather ; by the Henry Wil - liam Detauture, senior judge of the Court ol Equity, and prr tiding judge of ttie Court of Appeals in Equity in the said state. Juttiliaest telle omnibus requumest. J be duties ol hie are more than life. I Bacon's Works, vol. VI. 0000O0000 ffTt ALSO, JO JtfCAT, fcjjuij At a moderate rate, the 4 upper floors - if me fourtlory fire - proof store, No. 88 Water street apJIIIw rpHE SWIKTSURE MAIl'.' b TAGE - OF - J. FICE, is removed Irom No. 5 to 79 Court - lar.dt - ireet, Northitm Hotel. SWIKTSURE MAIL a I AGE FOR PHILADELPHIA. Fare through, five dollars. The Swnlsure Mail titage will leave the Office No. 79 Courtlandt - street, every day (Sundays excepted) at h o'clock in the morning, by way ol iSewaik, lodge at Somerrille, and arrive at Philadelphia the i.ext day. about one o'clock. for Seats in tlie above Line, apply at the" Office, No. 79 Courtlandl - sireet. All Goods and Hag - gage at the rik oi the owner. may 2 1 CHEAP CAH GROCERY SI ORE, Corner ol Grand end Ryndcr - streets, directly opposite Centre Market. JAME3P. AN DOE r.pectrully informs his friends and the public in general lie bus removed fmm comer ol Broadway and Reed - st. to his present stand, wlre he solicits a Continuance o public patronage, and hopes by his unrniit ted exertion to otjta n the bert of Liquors nud other arm let 111 nit nae 01 nutim - st, thereby to render the most rfect sntitfacfiou. N. B. J. P. A. keen con'lantly for tile a feneral assortment of first rate Tea, Sugar, Cof - lee, pice, Liquors 01 an kiuri, Ate A:c which will be all dirposed of at a moderate advance, my 2 Im TEX DOLLARS REWARD. JTOLE.V from Powles Hook, last Thursday O nichl, a larire Skiff Boat, with a sail and 3 oars t painted black outside and red inside : 'he pain much worn. On I hursday evening another fkirT, built like a woale boa. with square stern. p onied red inside and outside, was stolen from 'lv Market Dock. 1 he above rrwi'd will be paid 0,1 the recovery of the two foal, or five dollars for either of thetL. bv nnnlrinetn WILLIAM SIMMONS, rov2ClI 159 Fly Market. KLMVFK HATS. yoiiv rnoii k. . ....e irt enl i now uiii. r ui is mum i - . - - - - - - - - - i ,1 opening a forge i.t.rtint of l.Vn an 1 a American Beaver, Ckl r, Rira.hs end C.'.il - j dren's HaU : all o which he is reiw o!iv i in; t r ale a his wholuaaM ajid retail Hat bl ue. No. 17 Maiden - lane. af 14 U. ii PROPOSALS. (t"T - Theaceat ix the blnte - Priton, will rt ceive propotaltuntill tlte 2lt instant, for furnishing for one year fnm t tm 1st o June next the convicts coulWd therein, with the lollowing ra - tionr, to be delivered at the bt ate - Prison, ai the contractors expenrt daily, or at such time I at shall be agreed a poo. vis. in os. t.ocoa shells, for every 100 rations, 3 pecks Potatoes do do do do 4 quarts Salt, do do do do It do Beans or Peat, do do do 3 ot. PeptH - r, dn do do do l - 2lb salted Fih per man, once a week, 1 gallon Vinegar per 100 rations, do do do l - i!lb sailed prime Pork per man, do do do 1 lb Rye flour do do per day 6 Indian do do do do 1;2 gill Mclatses do do do do The above 10 heofeond nunlitv and nnrnved by the agent, when delivered. Betl'it not pirn - tiened, ttie reason n which, the agial will stale to whomsoever may rout met. A I. M. Proposals will be received, untill the 2lst inst. for fiiruithinc the Hosnital deuartment of aaiil Prison wilh Medicine, Food, and Hn pital store, cute the work, In.m July to November, at (hose lor one year Iron, the 1st id Jui.e ntxl, agrrea pimtKms rmbrared in tl lielort n.enticnrd pla - bly to an act ol the Legislature, concerning the re. wl.i h lHrdr upon he Gull of Mexico oivB iiisoo, patten me ininoi April mil. ALSO, Proposals will be received, (or furnishing fmm two to three Thousand load of ttoi.e, tuitable lor building an additional wall In the Nate Prison. ALEX. CtFFlN, jr. Agent New York State Priton Office, May 4. 18 18. niy4dtiul B.1XK ! - ' AFU' - Y iliK. fXj The Sic khoUlera arc reqitemed to meet tlllie bank on luesday the I'Jtli of May next. to choose thirteen directors for the ensuing year. The poll will be opened at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. By order of the board of directors, CIIAS. ILKES, Casltr. ap 28 tMay 12 NO I ICE. f(p - The to - partiii rihip of A H. Laurence & Co. is Ibis diy dissolve J hy mutual comenl. 1'he uiiettled buin si of the concern will be at tended to by A II. Laurence A. II. LACKEINl E, A. . LAURENCE, J NO. BENSON. The htitinest will be continued, after the tit of May next, by A. H. Lauren. and A. N. Lau rence under (he old firm of A. II. LAURENCE at CO ht No. M V illiam - street, oppmite the rost ciiik e. new fork, JUtn April, iuiu. ap306t fC7 - Notice it hereby civi - n to the tlorkhoM - ers of tlie West Chester l ornpike Road Compa ny, that an election will lie held on the thud Monday ol .May next, at ten o'clock in the lore - noii. at tne house ol David Wood. Inn Keener. at Mamaroneck, Icr the purpose of choosing mi' io o iiraicin ior me iiuo company. ap jii ir7" Tlie Direi ton o! lliu iNcw - Vurk insniu - tiou ior the instruction of the ileal and dumb, announce to the public that it will be opened on the second Monday of May neat, under the su - pennteiioaiire ol llni Kevil. A O. atiinttiury. Applications for nduii - tion are requested to be made at the invitation, corner of Chatham and Chamber streets, or at No. It) Pine - street. JOHN H. KOl EV N, 11 Vice Pres't JOHN B. SCO I T. fee'rv. Those iiersoiis who have tuhscrintinn nane.r in their hands, are requested toietu.ulhem to tlie 1 rcasurer, as soon as they have executed what appears to them to be their duty. npUO 03r NOTICE it hereby given to lb .lock holders ol'tbe Aisociatt - s ut tlie Jeney Compa ny, that a dividend ha been declared ol twi dollars per share on the raiulal stra k of the v.uiuFanr, woo n win ir iiaia op ine izin lu slant, at No. IK I Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL, Treasurer, my 1 3w CtJPARJ'NERSiiil . Ctfr H'ilttam II. Kubinwn. harlrt Tinrn. (ol the late firm of H'ne it 'I own,) and Jum nation, (late ol tne lirm nf A. II. Lawrence U Co.) have connected themselves in butiuest, at Mock and Exchange Brokers, at No. 44 Wall street, under the firm of ROBINSON, TOWN h BENSON, my 1 Iw MARINE I i - l'ikANCi . 0 The OuY e ol the Union Inturaure Com pany, is now open, at No. 56 Wall slierL and applications foi Murine Riks will be nxcived from 10 o'clock A. M. to 3 P. M. jiny I 2w 1t litUKU.L. L LEtla havuu .icred into partnership with his brother HOR t'l'IO (i. LCWia, the commission business will be con tinued under the firm of U.ti 11. LEWIS. New - York, lslMuy, IUIH. UAKRIEL It. LEtMS, mvl Iw HORATIO (i. LEW Id ifr Mercantile Insurance Comimiiv ol V York, incorNirat(d during the late seion of the Legislature of this ttale," brink organised and having commenr ed business, is ready Io re eivr applications, on Marine Ritques, at their office, No. 4J VN all - street. may 4 "w AG EN TELL private family whes to lak 2 it 3 gentlemen as permanent boarders, or a gentleman and his wife, in tha upper part ut BroaJway. Apply at this ollice. ap30lw EUli itALf - , Avery safe and plearnut young saddle HORSE for a lady' use; rack iiriucinally under the saddle, but will ttot in hanirtt. Enquire ol Air. PUCKER, at his stables, comer cf John andGold - slreels. ' my4 3 BALUAbLE REAL EaTA I E r OR SALE, IB TMB (111 OF MKW tORK. IyiVE lorsol ground en the west side of Green - ' wich - street, between Veslry and Detbros - es - stn - eis, 25 by U0. four do in the rear or tne nrove, rrnnttng on literati side of Washinglon - tlreet, 25 hy ltd. right io in tne hiock ikjiow. between wasn - ngton aiui Wel - street. In IvlontgomerT County. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence' purchase. near East Canada Crr - ek, on tlie north side ut the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15.162 acres of Laud, in the town of Mount Morris and Dayton. In tek tounry. 7832 acres of Land in tlie lowoof Barryraore. In the County of Lewis. 1250 acres of land in Casterlaud, Cliastnnis Purchase. In Saratoga Counrv. 2600 acres in Palmer' purchase. Enquire at tl ollice oflhe u rtcribrr, 31 Ce - dar - street. . .,, KfcV . llUl.l.VD". mh 17 tf .IRANCI M't.WN. No. !2ft Fly Mar - ' ket, seinible of the very liliertl enn.ur..fe - IllCnt 11': IIHJ Ce e t O i" imi - 'mwunm - ii hir - "ie, and reeling conmieni iiiai n (tuu'.m on bit PlM hal be wanlll f In Uierit a C'tillll uanrr, iotor an hit frind and the public tl tt no paint orexpenre bst btn avonhdto obtain a stock of the best lirirfs of tv rf dcrnption, wha h can bedcirded on for their purity. Having maile arrnngemva's, wfiie hi Charle - ton, lor a mutant snpp'y ot GREEN TURT.'.I". their sea - on, he will be enabled to fu.Tiish ! vtip of an excellent quality. j A book w ill beoiie.iid lor si.Writi, rs to an ORDINARY, to be no llic table every day at . , , . tti.ed b"ur. Koorris. fcr ;t! vale pi r ties, at a short nofl' - e B. S,p, Reef - Steak. Oritift. Multun Cb - tr and Relishes at at) tune. ep23 ' fjiglioei llepnr , Wasluigton, bit, April, IU U. 07" Propotals will be received at tbi De paruuent, until first Attgutt next, to lariiith by totittart From one to six nnlli"C of brick From one to two millions of cubic feet of bail dins; stone r roin ten thousand b. filly thbuiand bushels of stone lime. To be delivered in good order at Mobile, Lake Pontcliarlrnin, Kiver Missistippi, and Lake Ba rataria Ibc time when the first fltintiy can le, and the quantity which cau lie driiverexl m each montli succeedicg Uiehrtt delivery, must be stated with the term. Proposals will ais be received for from fifty toon, hundred carp, liters lor in m one hundred to one hundred and filly ons n and Irnni two hundred to three hundred laborers, Io proceed to Mobile and I.'hiim jna, t. construct buildings or various drscriptioiisal the lm lore mentioned pla cet. l would be pn lerable to bate tlie luatont. carientera, and lahnreri lumithrdand accn.psn - ied by matter workmen. Arrangements Wuulrf be made totniplny the persons engagefl to exe - Engxai men! would not be mtuU lor a thoitcr piriud ttinu eight months. ati'acloiy security ' would l - e rtouirrd Icr the raillnul pertoruiance of any rontrai t that may to': ruade. The temn up. on which workmanship and labor would leper - loimea, must oe si.iea in tne piopiiaai. J. u. swir r, Brigadier General nnd Chiel F - ngineer. The printers of Ihe Portland OmeUe, D. M. t the Cciituiel ai d Patriot, Botl. j tltc Fveiun Pott and the Coluiubiim, New Y rf. : ti, (.mu - inonweallh, I'ilttbutgh, I'enn. ; the Reporltr, Lexiugtrn, Ken.; aud the (ini. - lte, .New Or - luan, will pirate to inter! the I'oKgoing lor one lii'.nlti and loiward their accounlt to the Engi necr Department. ap 13 lin NMilCK. T - " All peisons having any claim assiml the astirner f the late fit in of V hi r i. V, i.i.on, - upon trchnngt atrovuli. are bert h) notilie I that unlets such claims be prent nlid before tb 16th day of May next, the ml ( Tiber will rminiiM - r them at trill d, anil will not retain any Ititidi iu hit hands lor the purjwe of meeting them. ap 16 3W II. W. VARr.K. NOTICE. ft" The masters and owners nf vettrls ne longing to ihe cities of .Albany and Tro), with to hire n batin, lora numlier of years, on the oi th River tide oftlmcilv. for the ncr.ommo - daliou of these vessels exclusively, hr whn h a liberal comHiisrition will be ien. The tiibtcri - bert lite a committee ai pou ted for the purps . ofrtceiving proi'oiiilt lor the tame. And Ihe piopriib.rt ol (he whnrvrs on the North River are requested to iiano in ineir pr..r"aisijenner of the tubfiribert, talmg the tituatiuu and their termt, npectively N. B. A note add retu d to either of the suh rrihers, Ml al Joseph (' CoH - r's Lent', Hit - tin, or nl R k L. lUed'i. Coeutiet clip, will be attend! d to New - York, 2ith April. 1818. B ,RNLM VHU'PI.I til.OKi.E MONTEATU, PETf R HOiNHXY, RICHIi II. FUUL. II. liUSII.V ELL, GUllDON GRANT. ap 2"i 1 m tor Liigfiind ru tlvlijur, ji'. . fXj Letter fiir His lliitioinir. Majesty's) Packet Duke ol Yoik, w,U be received at tha Post Office, till Wednei1ay afle noon, the 6lU of May. T. W. .VOOKK, Agent p27 J lie ml inert can Iniuiame Lvtiim, y Or TbehtiM kl.'ddi r ore n.itit" d. Hi l Ihe election ior Directors will le held at Ihe oni - e, on I ueviav, tne ii'Ui any oi .tiay next. The poll will on al Ii and at 2 o'clock. . liy order ol Ife President nnd I Mrc lir, ap 27 I' lltVT. 8'ry. Anirr it 7'nrmi Ket fieri and lirutm. !rr Licenses to I aei" 'and 'ro - cers irom the Major nnd Coinnii. i"ner ol'Ex - ; ir, will be isrued at the Major' Office, m the City Hall, b. tw. en Ihe hour of ten and nnu n't lock, on the teieral tl.iy, aud lor the ililfer - eni wards in suctession, in the order follow ing, vis : M 2d 3d 4lh 5th bill 7th Hih 9th wnrd do do do do do do do do nn the do 5th Msy 6th do 7th do 8th h Oth do 11th hi l2thdo Ijibi. 14'bdo 15ih Irish do Dllh hi Itflh do itOU, do ' do do do do do do do do loth do 21st ft 22d do All pertom whn know nf any obiei ii. n a gainst the g muling of lireuset to an o thosd who now hold Ibem, bin respw llully reuueited to giie iiilnruintion at Ihe May r' Orln c, lie. lore tlie I line lor grunling them - nien - fioned ; and those grnllciueu who have taken paint to investigate this tubjec I, and l omidi r it I ufii( ient Diemenf. are particularly invited to assist in lurntthing all tlie information in their power. uy order, i. El DELL, T. M. Apg7tl nr.i.ui in. ; if N. SMITH DAVIES has removed hie hrmiral perfume manufactory and wars hnuss) from No. 136 Broadway, ooe door north ol Li - berty - ttt eet, on tlie west side of Broadway, m. h 27 REMUfAL. rfJ A. GUT TWALD V, has removed Irom No. 44 to No. 75 .Vaidcn - lane, whrr he contin ues to manularture Ins I IANO - FORl E" on an entire new aod improved coottructioo, tlie remit of many years ctoe applicatioo aud tludr, for which he uow has nblaineJ Irtlcri pat cot. On examination by t.ajiioi:e'.r of mii'ic, he flat - ' ters himself that they will mett with their approbation, ami merit public patronage ; and be feels proud, that Ins phon - lnrte have mtt with (he unanimous appmvslof th' oint erooei.t pro fn on of iiiiim! h fo'lowli.r te;inMKoalt of w - lucri thev kiielly have grante.l (am, to meet llu - nuhhc ere : " We, the ml riber. prfracr of nmi , do cerffv, thai we hve carrlnlly cvamineil Mr. J, . Cu'i waiib't - foilt, svb h, tor ingenu ity a - t't t xie.uoL' . worrmaiitnin sua uuil rm brilhanct ol 'one, we 'le - crreJIv reoimrueiid to pu'ibc pfalroaje. Merrr Utile. Elieuos, Rd. Mee C 'I hilraiilt, Chaelet CJillert." vj 'TO LET, on the same premises, a ij - iS I t fi - vml cr.mniJinu store and back ruuiu a.ijo.i.n g, with or without a frvut cellar. m 2S In. Bti tKO UIDCING. Tlirrci, t,i,r ,.el tlrmm, can be g. nteelly acromiraMl . l wit'i permknenl. Hoard and IxKljj - n.g, o. board witlnmt ldg.iig on re - itoiiabic tr - mis, at No. 160 IVnndway. k 141 r. i L"i 'Ii At aljw rent, a thne tm - y brick awcllin? in Not folk - st. EiKjm - e nf ED : X. COX, mh 2C 9c" WJl - street. jjrv. FOR SAL K or Lf.T. i - ' - vl Alt'"oi e ten te lt rfM u,, sr ) ro.ivcnKi.l Hooe vi" baw.nteot iv, a plan. .... I I . .itM!.lwl in tim.'ieil in tne nest pu - i:. - w - - - - IVer'i. - eet, .tear lv PM.ery, - ml aojomiagtos) nv h - aise oi'iir. U'liif. Fir m olars inquire of :f K'U.EKT R. HUNTER, itCratacUi, corner cf Liberty - tuect. ap iS 2 - v - '

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