The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 5, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. . .... - - - - s . Tlhet'l'lathcJud(etUdM' aisttat ju.lice of th court af common ptcM ia ud forth coon . - 4 . - : ;' tyoi Change TVpeftliai of John LM. TOwlmarO - : - a. m the county ofOrang mpertfuily - abaw""' ai. ' n - - - TH A F your petitioner b wiswi fat fca ip - . u tenant m roniM, together with tb several partlc Brtvi after naased, of Bjh taTSil ' tjodivtded forty eigbik part, the wkote Into torty igt( tqaid part to b divided, ofiiud to fell Vtutt certain tot, tract, iiiece or tmrcal rflend. twt, lying mm nting in im swage tr.h i. tKm aairf Hull a Oratara 1 Wtmutm ma tbe north by the street called lb - gbt rod - traat. m i Nil rut b ilia Um river, on ihr south by ua foroisrty betoogi - g l - irem Welter Bto4tieorc MoaeU, ami M. Um wtMby land furmerly beiotigiaf to ibe CMn . AhdrrpetiiiohKtl)rheiNljJ; ButberfurtVof the tto New - Jersey, fa aaitad m aiores - ld, of' our olhar equal enWivtdrd ; Jbrty eighth par la of th ? ; Thatanek rUbiaso, - at prawoC y patitioser k irfomcd and believe ..Wt wsrtnf the kiDiaofGreni BHta Engird, fa ilto sent Jw foreld, rffow oUr . - i : .k'L Mai m f Kj aaae. "niat Job dtatMK, - ine siateof n - - It aha traed afbretaid, nf wo oiher equal an - .. m r - f l - - ) lit Coleaibia, i thit Kate, aao margaivi. urn w, : la the right of the id Margaret, are eteoAeited ' ajfbrsaid,ofoae tnar qiskl podivviwl. forty - Aadtbat W.ardiP. Uiato. f tha aid eoaD(TofColaWa,aad UiaabeiiH uw. tha rixbtof a aid Eliiabath, afa atoo amaed atofaid, af oaa other aqoat aodirWad tort; Aad that CoratHa Llviaratoa of tha cUy ( Ncw - Tora, feter Vaa 01 uvumh - .an pra - u.t .nnr nttitirJkari uiforiacdaMi bhavati reiideat in waja part of tha kintdooj of Great Britaia, and Peter Kaae, oftbe it ale of Jlew - Jer - ... k. .irtuiitfaa act of tha lefiiUtuf ol the imtiMria theakM traataea, tiia aalate of . IVter Vaa tTrvajfa Ctviogatoa, deceased, af alo aaiaed ai aoxruid, oi toar owar tiii axiinuca Craivhlh narti tfienaf. , i AadUut Alciander JUbarteon, of tha city of New - Yo'b, and rraacea, bi wife, ia the riatit tha laid fraoceft ara aha ariaed at aforeaaid, of , tbe remaiaiotMweaty fooraqnt aauivKMi loriy eAon?0n' r'etkiantr further ahwrth, tLat be b deairou to hare Part rt km made of all and singular the atid abort daacrlbed prcmitet, among the uid levenj ovr.era or proprietor of Ihe iame, accord ng to their aercral and retpeetlre rifliU of. in and o the aaine. Wherttore yant petiliooer prayt that the raid premieet My he divided anong tint aaid at feral i owaera or proprirton, accorliog to their (aid eterai aad mpectire right, by comaiiMioiiert UhaptintedliylhiboioraW court, in pur - maocofthdim;lUiMof tha act. entitled " An act (at tbe partitioa of laodi n Aod your rwti U raef, a io duty boaad, ahad ever pray, fcc. ... ' , JOHN UUtR. ToJuha tUfberrord, SuMaoah Kobiaaoa, Juba 1 Steveaa, Robert t. Livioptoa aad Margamt ' Lit vriie, Edward f. Living'toa aad Klitubeth . . hie wife, Cecelia Lit itoo,raUr VaaBurgb ' Livirptoa, Peter Kaae, Alciooder lUborhon and France bit wife. Yaa wUI be pkaatd to Uke ootica that a Petl - tloa orwhkh tbe preceding i a copy, will be pre tented to tbe honorable Ibe Judge and AttiiiMt JaiticeaoftneCoartof Cobobioii pleat, in awl for tbe coanty of Orange, oa tha I ait Monday o Ma aext, tn he held at the court hnoto la Goatee, in nod for the aaid comHy of Orange, at tea o'dutkiatheloreaooaoftbrtt day, or at tooa - tberrafter a coantel cat be heard, and aa apli - . cation will theretrooa be aade for tba appoint anant of conrainioorrt to make Partition oftie Preiaiaet with the appurtenance lo the laid Peti tion inenlioned and deichbeU, according to the prayer of the aaid PttiUoo, and the direction! ol i an act oftbe lciilatara of tha State of Mew - York, eatiiled " aa act for the parlitioo of laod." DateJ January 10,1818. Arriaader Duer, attorney for pctitioour. Feb 14 lawtlutMay IN CHANCERY. To Iht honorable tba Judges and kttittanl jutiicei of tbe court of common pleat tn and Tor the couaty of Orange THE petition of George D. Wicktmm of the town of Goiben, io tba coanty of Orange, respectfully tlieweth That year petitioner i atlud sa rte tiiHula at tenant ia common of one equal undivided moiety or barf part of all that rariMin trar - i m a or nareel of laaif. attnatB. hr inrand beiac intbt town of Warwick, ia Ine count of Oranae. known and disuiuraiihed at lot aamber two, ia the subdivitiot) of great moan tain lot number fourteen, in tbe patent ol Cheese - cocka.contauunc two hundred and eixteen acre of lurid, or the rtabouta. Aad your petitioner further sbewrUs that be fa Mixed as aforesaid af one aqu d undivided moiety or half part of all that oartaJa other lot. tract, piece or parcel of land. aitnate, lying and being m the taid tows af War wrick, and known aad dittinguiibed a lot number three, in tlie taid tubdiyltioa of great mount ia lot number fourteen, ia tba taid patent of Cbecte - Cock, containing two huacired and thirty acre ef lead ar tharaabout. - 1 And your petitioner far tberatiewatb. that torn person or person, io woar Mtitiooer unknown, b or km totted aforw - aid, oftbe remaining aquai undivided moiety or bair part of each ol Ine above - menuucMd kid at scribed lot, iiiecrs or pnrcwl of had. And roar petiliooer further thewetn, that ba i deurow to have partition matte pi tow ainrataid laad lane laeDt aad hereditament, between roar petit ton er and tba said per.oa orpertout akaowa a a - forMtid, acconiiag to tba taver jA and retpeotiva i rtbt of tlie taveral parlies aWvMui, of, iu. and tolbeaame. VVIierefore your petitiouer pray, that all and tingaHtr, the - tiid landt, Unemratt sail bereditsmeata, togetlier with the right, member, privilege and appnrtenuncet Uiereun tofheloncing or in aay trite appertaining, may ba divided by commissioners, to. ba apuuiuted btr thit hnnorahle court,' in purtaance of the pro iisiootof the act entitled an act for I he partition of Luvtt. And your prtitioer tball ever pray, ftc Dated thit aixtb day of Februaiy, one thousand eLdit hundred and eighteen. '.; , . GEORGE I), VICKI1AM. ' Joha arid A!er Duer. Att'ie. Be pirated to fake notice that a petition, of wntcn tne anove i B toj'J, win w prricni - od to tba jadie and aint uat jutticis ef the coort of common tick, in knd lor the coanty of Orangt, at th cnart boots in! Goshen, on the loot Monday of May next, at ton o'clock. ia tbe forenoon of. that day, or. a too tke re - after at cotmtel beard. Aad an an - plicatioa will thereupon be mad to the aaid court for tbe appointmeat of Maamicerv to make partitina of th land, teMntetdJi and bereditn - naenta above detcribed, witk tba appurtenance, aceordiag to the prsytr oftbe taid petition, and in pursuance of the art entitled an act for tbe paruuna oflands. Dated tftn teoruary, ins - vrt are, ace. - . - JNO. ft ALEX. DUER, Att'ie for tha ahatve aaaiad nrtitiaowr. To thenenna nt iw,anna unbnnaia. inlerMted tn the ahovt described lands, or whomsoever eite may cnacern. fb I41aw t)M in .My TYT order of John Garretson, Eequirc. tint y jsdgs ortbe tourt of common plea, ia and Kir tba COOM of Hirkmmnl .,.. .r !0. notia it hereby gisea to all tbe creditor of Christian I. Bedell, of the county aad (lata a leresald, an tntelvent debtor, to appear before me at my office, in Ihe town of Southneid, ia said yv.iiiT, vm yim uiiruaui ooy 01 iiaj next, at t Wl O'clock in tbe afternoon of aaid ila. In h., cause, if any Uiey have, why an assieniaent of , we taiu insoiseni - s etraxe snouia not be male for tbe benefit of all bia creditors, su1 he be dis charged, ."cording to an act of tlie Legislature oftheitaienf "Jew - York, entitled" enact for giving r - lie! in catet of iuaphency" and tbe acts aaentingUieiaoM. Dated Hichoiood county, the'thday of April, A i. 1H18. p7lw5w CHRIS il A.N I. DKUF.LU AGE TEFi. private fimily withes b Uke or 3 gentlemen as pentaneut boarders or a geiitleaMu and bis Wife, in th upper part of Broaaway. Apt ly kl tbit oUCsj. p 30 Iw IT to Un th ba ia ia ce WI - fTRlTV.Y fx CEOLXXSt. Tk ralaa of everv tcienca aat reat ea iU atiUry, - 11 laetntrtive tpertrntnt of Mineral atone tailing each, or ooe boix1rd taneOet, arran - d and dweribad, five poand raore eatenawe col kcttcfltand apacioHita mot atleci, iociadiH aito4prcjoMaloaee. ironi tea to ihtii, by MrTMAWtt, fto. U9 Mraa - t, taw(oi,aBlbfir af iravcla ibnwiib e gold aird diaaaond Miaea, u ium inxi. Truiita an Uiaanoada. Miaa rakexy of Uarbyanire. aad ew descriptive Cata - .ne of Mlaenit, with plate aad aipiaaaiioa of tbe aew kydraalK blowpipe, - apuune hbh . m7m AWfL BfoorWror of Amefhvttioe aad Tepaata f iaor mnm mmm .iniciurj ia Ueiby, aa ta - aaied tWaksgajit rata and urn a. aaau. tavitee, a liana to aead aay aavr ar e kaowaDtodaciHti af Uietr aaaaea to to depoait either lot aaJe ar MCoaog. v r'm f rai. : Tke apnea; Bkibition of Ihi acadaa M Beepewed to tha public a Maaday tbe 181 a Mar Bart. Artist ara renounced to wB4terrr article Iney anlatul lo oner tor exrura tiea, tat ar beiore Saturday, tk May after wkicb aeaw) can be raceived. Beorder ALEXR. ROBERTSO!, teo'ry. 13 ttdfelawtlg.May btitikem Outfit aAcar - ferc, a. DKIt reaaemher. tbatoa the tweoty Aflh iji a it oi a Dm. ia ine tone eecoaa rear of me UHltpendrnce of Ike nailed Male of America, Cdm. M. Biant. of tbe eaid dirtnct, hath deixwit d ia ttii iA i tbe title of a chart, tlie riihi - vbereofbe cloimt at author and proprietor, ia tnr worn a no n rare foiiewmc, 10 wit i A new ejltart of Lai! Horula and the Bahama Baakt, aitendinafroia St SiatonH ittnad tdHa - mna. elhihi(hn the track aad aoendingtof tt tnipamea - uiKxp.ii:auiiQiui tnip r nu - cw. t thin Alnvoei. laiB t artiooner t - atha - rUr, t8l7 i aad tchonner RHriere, ia I8IU I to - cether wiih et of carrentt, tide, Ire and tailing direction for crotaine; tha Bank, by El.twd M. uiunt, aomorof tue Amancaa toaic riiot. la conformity to the act of the coat - rem m the United Stair, eatiiled " an act for tbe encour ajrrawat of learniat;, by aecarmic the copiet of mapscnaiu aaa DooKi loineauiiior ami pro peietnrt of tuch copiee, during the time therein iaeatioBed.T' Aad alao lo.aa act. cnlitkd u an actttapptetaeiitary lo a act, entitled an act for tlie eacconraremrat of leamlae. be lecanne I ha copiet of Mnpt, Chart, and bonkt to tlie author arui propnetort w rocu copiei, nunng ine iioim therein mentioned, and eitending tbe bewfit thereof to the art of oVttsninc, cntrravioe, and icoiog luaioracai oou ower prima." iAMU IJII.Io Clark of the aoatbera dMrict of Hew - York. ap tit lewfiw ' IN CHANCEUY. , Jc4a B. Marray, i ' . - Stale of Kav.York, t Jamet T. Wataoa. IN trartuaaee of a deeretal order of thie ho ao'irabla eoari. made la the above eeaae. will be old at aublle aoedon; at the Tontine Coffee Hoaae, la tbe eity of New - York, under the direst loa of tka robieriber, a one af tha matter of ibis enart, oa Taeeday the teeond day of Sep. tember aeif, at twelve cfowek at noon, an that treat of land joialng on the town of Lowville, and Ivint In tha anaatr of. Lewi, hi tha Mate afore aid, betn - j part af great lot No. of Maeomb't purthate, ana aomprieet all tha lot Know a oa a eenaia plea or map made by David Bronerm and H. Wbtto, m tka year 1P I. from No. HI ta Mt Ineliiaive, eontainuif toalher 11,000 tore of land, witk (he aiitmrlenaneat thereto belong ing or any wlte appertaining. Dated June 50, llir. (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, JySl tawtwritda Jfaeter in Chaacrrr. Tho tale of the above Properly it pottDoned to tlie firit day of May nefct, at tha lauie hour anil place. Uale4.anW.lUlU, . . JAJUka a. iiAmiLiu.v, , - Jan 24 law IMy I Matter ia Chancery Tlie ala of the above proiiertw it poitnoned to the 30th dny nf May, intt at the tame hour and place. Dated may im iisiu. a i a, a a. - a, a a a r wk r JX.IIU A. IIAilMLIU.I, my 4 lawtilt Matter in Chnncery. At a cowrt of chancery beld for Hie ttate - of NewYor k. at the rity of Albany, on ' UK aixicauii, naj w lliart;ii, in inn 3 rmw of our Lord on I ho ui and ight hundrrd and eigbuea. PattTlxl at BY. e 1 ha honorable Jamc Kent, Ltquire, unanreiior. . Tliomai Bascn r. Joseph Aonable aad John Bit ten. appearing by the affidavit ofSamuel S. Gardiner, which 11 filed, that procetofabpena. appear and answer in the abov cause, htth Dean reamiar r tuuea miini me aoove - nameu deleariaut, Joha BiMell. but that tha (aid John rJiaaeU reside at Litchfield, in the state of Con nectkut, out of tha iwritdictie of this court motion of 8. w Jones. Eaouira. solicitor for complainant, it i ordered that the taid John UismII do caum bm appearance to tie entered nan I lion, a variety ol Iruil trees, ana every con ve - his auawer to l filed ia this cause, within lour nirnc a family may require. For terms, which months from the date of thi order, or in default thereof that tbe conwlainaiit't bill of complaint taken nro - conleteo againet him. And it it further ordered, that a copy of hra order be pub lithed, witbin twenty day from the date hereof, on or more of the public aewtpapert printed ihi tate, for the tpaca of eight weekt tuccea - surety, once at least to every week. - A Copy . J8AAU 1 - KIP, rnhgOlawSw Assistant Retisler. IS CHANCERY. . . j i Mate of New - York, tr. IN parsaanc ef an avderof (kit honorable court, bearinr dale the lOlhday of January. 1!II8, will ba anid at tmb to aoctton. nt the I online Coffee Hoot, in tbe - city af New York, under tbe direct too ol tne santrriner, a one m ine master of Ihit court, in $taartte lol$ or parteti, on Itiurtday, the twenty third d - y of July next, at twelve o'clock at nenn, " All uiote certain pie orimrceit and tract ef land, known at the norm usl tecuoa ot ine temo inwusiiip, io tne twelvn lum in Tioga county, nring lot not. t8. 7. U 'fi. JO. Hi. anrt 311. Lot No. . con - laios about eighty m - re kit No. 27, about one hwidred and Ave acmt i lot No. IL 29. U0. and lliirty two, each coataiuina; one hundred and lour acres, Hires Inurths sad Jo roil ol land l rat No, 38 cmtain Oil 3 4 nud nineteen rod. Attn, west rmlfof lot Mo. SJ, whitb ball containt 61 acrrs. . And also lot rtos. I. 3. - 4. 0 sad 7. on the gore lying westerly and adjoining on told nortlieaal. avi - Uon. ana wae aurvtvrd and ad - dad ti taid teclioa to make op a deficiency ia said section,. by a mistake in a farmer survey. Said lott Not. L X, 3. 4 and 6, cnotaioinr about dfty acret each t and lot No. 7 about twenty fire acres. Together with all and lingular, the nrr - OMieioad appertenanre. Dattd April 1:1, I HI 8. JAMES A. HAMILTON. ap 18 lawtdt - Matter in Chancery. REAVER HATS. JOHN FORI) ba rst .received and i now! opening a large aasortment of London and 1 American Bearers, Caitnrv. Roramt, and Chsl drtns Hat I all of wliich be is now offering lor tale at mi wholesale and retail llat Btore. o. 17 Vfaideo - lane. ap 14 Im SAUNUEKB resptctniUy uii(rushitiormera - atter, No. 69, Murray street, or will give in - V, enttomer - i ononis puouc.inas ne naf bi length, by the smtanc l some friendt, tw far " . ." . " r. 7 .". ., WUVTV sw" vurttiunjl iu aaiimtiiiB i iibv m'l'w a. a rwihciiile tnveeted by bimwlf. and wluVl. it allowed by all who bare tried them, to etctl anv thine Mlberto known t a tbe never, c - y ever to long ate, make tba edpe of the mxo" round, and tbrreiorr reuder the use oi any rtene unnecessary. Trie purcnasernreut ooly a tingle lesson as to itt use. ' " - r ap t3 - A HORSK.FOR HALE. . AN excellent family Uorse, free from fsnlta, well broke tn the harness, and rack un der the taddle. Enauire at 113 Pearl - street. ap 28 tw WANTKD a Man oerrsnt, to wait upon a gentleman anJ his wife, and ecrntiooalty to tra . - al with tisam. None need apply b'rt such as can bring good tecommeudaliona for hnnestr, nlinete - , aad capaqity, Eoqiire at W, Wall ufwL anM l - w - . mo mtv ob rn nr.' LJ A Urn two tory. House and about 10 acru of mnd fceiwees the and 7 aailaetoset. UlM - oisgdaie Road, t'er particiilam eoiwire of ., J MtJ.4. Dertoi - - W ap 1 1 Im ffear the rweaiaee. Sitaated about g 3 - 4 mile from tbe City. tka old poat - roaiL and wlioioiog tbe koaM4V of O. A R. Waite. "The tmom fa a oeat Iv flniihed ooe. and It for a email family I bat a kitdma kad cellar, t parlor, 3 Udriuomt, aad t rood ceiled arret. Thar it k mnlt raraeo, aad k liable fit for k bone aud tie;. , loqaire aeit door to thepremu, or M&4Uaideii - uoe. p!3 . - tt - tOKXJlLXOH, TO LtT. klA.fl At k law rent, and ponamioo riven Unt - diatdly, tbe large and alegaotS ttory brick koom No, M UmuwEhttreM, npjUrta with every cooveoieoce for fc large family, aituata ia one ol lha meet twalthy knd pleawut parte of the city : aud beiog apea to V ai hioj too - tre t, command. a lute view M me nuutoo ruver aou jenc. hor; If told, the term will be very eary, a moat of tka money may remaiii oa mortage for 10 or It year Apply at ro. 1J3 or ivi rean - ttreet. - . aplO iX TO fur rerm o aar, : 3 TLahouieand lot No. 20 Cadar - ttreet, coflUuningtit roomt with Are placet, betidei the kitchea, paiiinei, vkkiu. c. ana a wen oi gow MTll.. Kn a1a. lha anal aired term, eleven yean, of the tot No. 09 Murrav - itreei. in the occupation of vVilUam Pattert - iu, oa into fro a. the Epitco - pal Church duSt.Eiprit. loiiuireof - IT . ai f V v. luuuiunf frhtS rftf No. 44 Ploe - treet. a IX) LET, A convenient two ttory hoote, pleomnt - ly - nutted in Cbarlet - ttreel, Greenw icli a deii - rable letidence foracartnian or wcliaiiic tent low. For particular enquire at No 60 Murray - ttreet. ' ep 14 tf iTi .MOU.Mr VER.NON HOi'EL. lin! S THE (ubK - rilier take tbit method to in form the public tbnt he hat ttken for the entu - ing teatnn that wtll known ttand formerly ecca - iied by Dvde, about five milct from the City Hall, on the Bmton road, acd intend to open it at a public horn for the receptioo of company, on the Sift of May next, when retlemen and la - diot will be accommodated with every comfort and elegance to be eipeded at tucn a borne, an tbe mot rearooable term. The be - t of liquor of every tort will be al - wayt kept ready. N. B. Waated k good woman cook, ant Im C01.UMBUX PICTURE GALLERY, 148 rCLTOff - ITflEXT, fRott't Beililinc. near Broadway.) To connoi - eeurt and amalturt of the Fine Art, and to tbe enlirhtencd public of Mew - York. rpHE proprMorof aoestentive collection of L. pictarea. the work of the moat eminent painter, having jett arrived from Europe, where he bu purchad them from the cabinet ol Rome, Naple. Florence, Pari, Anuterdam and London, at a very considerable el pence, ptopo - e to exhibit them to the ladies and aentleuien of this city and it vicinity. The eihibitkm will bej - inoo Tliertday, 16 th of April. It will be far tuperior to nny at yet offered in the I. State, thn picture beine; nmloobtedly origtnoli comiit - ine; of up wardi ol X00 picture, by tbe belt mutter. Admittioo 50 cent each, or one dollar per month. Hourt from 10 io the morninf to ern in the evening. Catalogue may bo bad at the Gnllery. V - IV L.B.T, The itore 81 Fulton - ttreet. Enquire on tbe iiremiet ap4Sw a1 t OR SAL.K.. irii(Or exchanged for property in thit city) A neat country House in tne vicinity of fell - xabethtown, (N. J ) beautifully situated on the l - ost - roail 1 at present in tlie occupation of Doct. Grant. It containt eight roomt with a piax.a in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - house, milk - room, ami ceiier tnere is also, a coach - houae, ttable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in good repair, about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afford a variety of choice fruit, asparagus,' tie. ana a wen 01 excellent water, with a good pump. Term will be made liberal. Apply to JACKSON it WOOLLKY, ap25 Im . 75 Wall - atreet. MONT - ALTA. For tale or to let, tlie beautiful place caiiMi Mont - Aita, tevan miles from the Uitt Hall, on tha North River, adiouiinc lord Cour (teoay'a. - It coalniut 30 acre of land under ha provemenu with a larro rarden in rood condi are reanonable, and if sold a loog credit given If w uea, apply to Is. ii V. TALCOTT, ap 20 64 Sooth - it ronsjtLE. F.icht lot of ground pleataotly tituated on lac north tide of Staatnn - ttreet, and extending from Mask lo xvorloik - ttreet Alto, lour lot adjoining (hereto, and trontinic on Euej - ttreet, each lot being 25 feet front and rear, by 1 30 feat iu depth. These twelve lot may be purchased at a very moderate price, for cash, and if not dia - poteil ol at private isle before lite 7th dny ol May. they will oa tbat dny be old at public Auc lion, at the Tontine Coffee House, at It o'clock. by Dlitr.CK.Mt. DluoV, with whom a map of tlie ground is loft, for ih intpection of those who may be 'iiipoetd to purcbase, ap io imayi IO Lf T. The ilorei and . room ol tbnt three tt - jrv houses No. 10 and It Broad - ttreet Alto, a good nouse at urernwirn, and one at llariam, with two and a ball acre of ground, near alannatiaaviiie. Apply at as firoadway, or to V11A9. UAHUI. apSIf ... 141 Fmnt - itrcet TO LKT, The following Houses, vif ; Thalwat No. 5 Jolia - itraat Thehntite No. 97. do , . I be bout and ttore No 395 Pearl - ttreet Tbo bouts and itore No. 131 Cherry - tlrert JAMES W. oHAW, fehtl No. 5 Bowery. R' AN AWAY from the suberribernn the l7tb intt. k BLACK BOY. named Peter Rut grrt, aged 19 yean, It about 5 feet, S inches high, well made, and a pleasant good looking brack. . He was dratted in a short olive colored velvet jacket aad biu pantaloon b suppeaed to be working about tome oftbe wharves ia this ci,,, or harbored by soma lew people of color. VVho - oava will hrin lha aaid ueaant In hi. format km where he may ba found, shall be bb nji, r. warded for lhair trwuble. Aad all per employmg taid servant, aa they wilL in tuch I . . , M - - . . ultect themtelve to the Mtmost nyor tha law. R. WH1LEY. kpSOtf tj !;fl A borne and farm on Thmg Neck, the twn and courts of Westchester, fourteen aile from New - York. The farm coutaint a - hoot one hundred acret of e - rcetleat land in good fence, a It rte bira and other convenient out i yr ert of en. of nf ol il building, a good house lam stories hitxts with four rooms on each Soot, elegantly situated on the bants nf tlie East River ; the situation uncommon hltliyt the neighbourhood the moat repctntle ; nbundsrve of fruit of the best ttloc - tkn'; eeale aad aboil flh In rret variety taken before the finuse. For farther mformatioa apply to th subscriber on the premise. STEPHEN B. H0FFMAS. py 1 is TUE SOUXD STeJM B0AHL1XZ. r , i Tba propnetort, witk a 4v - - I ''wofaccommodatiogtbe VYZ. Vpablic, by tkteadiog tbeUn no horwtcb, rnUad making .'. - "Mitha FnUon, Caiit. Uw.aad tha route (J found prcliCa.bJe) will be coatiaued dvuiiuc lb aeatoo. ' . - i, The line, wiJI ia futara ba from New - York to fiorwkb, a follow t. lbs Conaactkut, Lapt. Booker, wiU itartiNew - iork every MtmdM. WmUyaiat aad iVmVrji, at o'clock, to Ibe m Mf.lUaia. .The Fulton. Capt ,jZ.ili Ui. JV'mocA at 6 - o'clock ia the wruiBg oi tbe tame day, teach at A" tr - LoWm and depart irom tbence for A H ottn at o o'clock. Tbe boat will meet at Xvw rfeien, mA Hiim irnaa Uirnca everv MutuiaM. If Unit - aWvaiul Wn. at 7 o'clock in Uif e.enine tbe loscUcat M.Ytm t art, aaa tb Fultoa for Xtw - LtndannA Atnv - uk. , - mn ii WILLIAM 1IO0HCR, Ho. JiOi auv - ti. corner of Fultoo - tireet, New - York, bar - , ing received a large (apply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day & Martin, 97 Hifh Hol - born. London, offer the tame, in wholesale or retail, for ciportation, or borne comumptioa, an term the mott liberal aad advantageou to pur - cba - ert. .. . - it '' ' . ThH in et tunable compo - ition, with naif tn - tual labor, produce a mott brilliant jot Mack, fully equal to the highert japan varnish r aftardi peculiar nourishment to tbe leather; it will not toil tbe fioeit linen ; it erfectly free from any unuteatant tmell and will retain it virtue in any climate. At an incontrovertible proof of the ropenor excellence of thit blacking, it hat ttood tbe tctt and roma - anded the moat exl entire tale in all quartort of lb globe, for upward of half a eta - 1 tury. Feb 18 j R008EVKLT - BTREET NOTICE. NOTICE ii hereby given to all p - rtont inter - etted. thai the coiuniiiiionert of etlimate and awcMmeot. ai pointed by the tupreue court judicature ol the ttate m itw - iora, in per - form certain dutie relative to the enlnrKinc and improving a part of Rootevelt ttreet, betweeu Batavia Lane aad Front - itreet, in tbe taid city, have completed tbe eMimate and aiteumtnt, a well of tbe low and damage tuttained, over and above the benefit and advantage received, by the owner of tbe land and premier required for tbe aid improvement, at alio oftbe oenrni ana aavaiunge receiveu oi anu ui inui landt and premitet not required for laid im urovament And that we tlie taid comauiiion - have drpotited a true eopy of toch eitimate and aitettanent lathe clerk office of tbe city New Vork.forthelntpectionof whomsoever it may concern. And notice it hereby further civ - that tbe corrected and revised report of the taidcommittionenof estimate and aaieiiment, will be prete tiled to the tupreme coort of judicature oftbe itate of New - York, at th city hall the city of New - York, oa Thursday, ,tfie seventh day of May next, at the opening or tbe laid court oo that day, or a toon th reader a counsel can be heard thereon. Dated this fid day of April, 1818. iiwLir.n ci nunu,i JOH.V FORBCS, Comnituooert. NOAH JABVI3, ap 14t FOURTH bTREET NO I ICE. NO I ICE is hereby given to nil persons interested, that the Commissioner of estimate and asses ment, appointed by the Supreme Court Judicature oftbe itate of New - York, to per form certain duties rel it i ve to tbe opening ol Fourth - ttreet from tbe Bowery road to the sixth avenue, in the eighth ward ol the said city, have completed their estimate ana sttestmeni at wen tne lost and iinmage tutiainea over ana timu k.n.fll .nH ftrlvmiiji? ri4 - ivfl bv the own ers of Ibe land and premises required lor the said improvement, as aio oi tne ueneni ana aa vantage received by the owners and parties interested ol and in tho Inndt and premises not re quired for tbe taid improvement, and that we tbe taid sjommitsioneri nave aepoaiieu a irnc nnr af sach estimate and aFsesrmeut in tha f'.l. - rki nnw - a oftbe city of New - York, for Ibe in inectionof whomsoever it may etneern. And notice l hereby civen 10 all pertona interested that the report of the Commissioner of rstimate and astestment will he pre em ted to the Suprome Court of Judicature of the state of New - York, at the city halloftne city of ,ew - York, oo r niiay the 15th dav of May next, at tho opening of the Court on thatdiy, or at toon thereafter - .coun sel can be beard thereon. Dated, tins 2Jlh day of Al'lll, 18IH. , , . rf.i rnvsr.o, - . PETKR STAGG, Couimitiiotier. JOHN TARGEE. ap n Ui INVENTIUN OF MR. lit bPRA.NGH. Superior plan of trathint fcrMxg, mllumt paper, true, juiea ar ncneitv TACHYGHAI'IIY or the FLYING PEN, and mercantile band writing, taught in six lessons by a peculiar moveineswot of the pen. ' This new and approved method taught with rreat auccestia lindon, at the University ef Cambridge, and recently at Cbarlettoa, (8. C.) will enable any person oi whatever age, ana not withstanding any bad habit tliev may nave coo tracted to write well, and with rapidity, after having received these lessons. Mr. Da 8. will receive nuoilt kt hi tPPtrt meats. No. 48 Broad - tired, and will alteud aay lady or gentleman at their hour. ' Academies and nostiiin scnnoitaitoBiienaeo. Tbe I et references can be riven to most res pectable person of this city and Charleston, a it will be proved by the following letters. ' But the tolid utility merits of the lyitera con be bett teen la lis practical result in umve oeiumui too various specimens it bat produred, and which may be seen it Mr. De 8 teaching roomt. - rirvoi i.e. i i Lit. CHARLESTON, 9th March, 1818. T$ the CAe. fr Sprmith, 8 ik I bet leave to inform you. that a meetinc oftbe committee of the German It rieodly Socie - ty't tcnool, was neio on the 4tn intt. to examine he nroere of the tcbolart in writing, who were placed under your care. It afford me great pleas ure io express to you. tne unanimous ana une quivocal apiirobatina of that committee, and of tt tcbolsrt committed to jour charge. There is not one who has not made considerable Improve meats, aad mott of whom have far exceeded our Btott timet ine expectations." I unite with the comniittee in returning you many thank for tbe beaehui wiisth tan tcbolart nave dented irpm your tystern of writing, and tbe judicious man ner iu wimco tre - y nave oeen made acquainted wild it. Kespcc unity, yours, tve JOHN BACHMAN, t Chairman of the School Committee. . bLCOMD LETTER. . New - York. I8t!i April, 1818 7k Clit. Ot Saransk. Sin Flora the iiruzrest made by your pupils in thit rily.and tbat in n very short lime in the an oi writing, i six oniy unite in tne approoanon of your wanner f teaching, which it expressed in the preceding Jitter, but enteitain no nouni that it is much superior to any which has jet ben mirmiuced among ui. It was not without much hesitation that 1 ac quired confidence enough in your proposals flatterine as they were, to commit to ; - ou the tuition of two boys. My relianceon your pro fettions was amply repaiM by the rapid im provement, wh'ch, althoiiL'h it had not exceed - el that of your olht r scholars, most surpassed my moat santnnne anticipations, ili.cerely therefore, do I wish you better suecet than yaa nave yet bad m New - Yore, not mercy tor your own take, but from a persuasion, that th more reneraL your mode of mtiructsun shall become, the more it will he approved, of, as it cannot but gtvatly the labor and tm which have been heretofore employed in th ... .. . . f 04 acquisition ot a gooa nanu. I am, ir, with greit respect, your obrdint tervinL IX. UVLNCSTON. p j 1 fit rtrwaikoki and cAvawoIiakk ktAfHTaar TBtKU TOIM A Will. ' - - IMVIAIteWOurKntree - nx feundar. Taeeday, ? and Ibartday morainct, at - in 1 " Uirae crot, rwv iinMf,u k.i . . ainuanttanrh MoBltreHdk by W hite Lake, Co - necum, Mouat Flrasaat, Ureat Beod, Cbenaro r irrt, Uvrega, iimca, aou we - oesa, twCaaandaiiBa. Ratuiaii ewleare Canandaiirua every M dav. - Wedneadav and Friday morniniri at three o'clock, and arrive at Rewburgh, the third day in time to take the sieam - ooais wnicn arrive in New - Yoik Oie following moniin - . fTT Ii ma ae ervtrled OuU ttall limuMvhen iht Mtia bvaii alter their iy e rttwntng, fAaf hnt teiU oiler to u to mret Hum. The whole route will be perfomed in three davs. from tbe first of May. until tlie firtt of Kovembrr and from ti e first of November until the fifteenth of December, aiul ftum the fifteenth of March uni it the first of May; in .ur day and from tlie 1 Jth Dt c ember, until tlie fifteenth ofMarcb the same line will be coi.tinurd to the city'of New - York and run from tlvcnce to Canandaigua in fUirrlnyt. Patteneers travelluig: from lrw - vork to Canandaiirua. Niairara or Buffalo, can leai e N York in the even in j - tleam - boata, and arrive in v - ' . . Canandaigua intlirtedayt a dictancr of three hundred miki." The line it well nirnisiiea with good.: new carriage i good horses, and careful and experienced driver Every atten tion will be paid lo render tlie pauugeofthe traveller safe, easy and expeditim i and it believed that tbe accommodation on tl: it line are enual to any line in .the ttate. (ff FAKE from New burgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch t - f tlie tame line run three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Alto, a ine runs from Oweiro Tioga Point, tbence through Newtown arid Paimed Pott, to Bath, ate. V BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk oftbe owner. . David Godfrey, Bloominnburgh, E. C St. John. Mount I'leataut, L. ii R. Manning, Chenango, IProprie Luther Gere, Ithica, ( tor. Sarooel Greenliff, Geneva, I ' Oliver Pbelpt, Lantiag, J mb 14 il6m INDIGESTION, on, SOUR STOMACH, S acknowledged by medical writcrt to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all time very difficult of cure. Tliitit tuoiciently illustrated ia tbeditappointment of those wbo anlor tunately sufferuuder it, a they, for the most part, find that after havina - tried many thine! to little or no purpose, tfiey are at last obliged to use i tor perhaps the remainder of life) sucb articles nt ran at bett but palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of remo ving the complaint, tnuti surely ne aa aritcie highly deserving the attention of all those wbo are afflicted with tt j tucn acommnatton iito ne met With in UK. MEAD'S AN 11 - DX - t.r - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the mccet nf which has never vet been equalled, for the cure of dyspepsia io itt mott complicated form, such at lost of appetite, nauwa, heait burn,1 flatulency, knawing pain in tbe stomach, pain in the tide, great cottivene, pulene ia the countenance, languor, fowni - t of ipirits. pais In the brad, virtigo or giddiness, anddiaturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pills in the above disease, according tn tbe direction, will never b disappointed, a they have never been once known to ran in producing a radical ana permanent carw. Tbe use of a riiutl box wiH convince tbe mott unbelieving of their efficacy. They will mmt effectually remove alltournes of tlie stomach, not merely by neutralising the acid, but by cor recting that morbid ttate ol tlie lecretiont whkb eivet rise to it. and at the same time will restore lotnedehililnted organs of digestion, thai tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well being of tbe animal economy. Price one dollar per box. r or sale by JOHN C. MORKISON, Druggist, No. 188 Greenwich - street. Where may he had, wholesale aad retail. large and central assortment of genuine Drag and Meilictnet : eurgeont loilrumenti; Apolhe cary'i Glat Ware ; English and American Fa. tei.t Medicines. Alto, Dyer's and Fuller aiti ciet, AJedicioe Cbest. e.c. ua liberal term, mh 95 tm oemKRa DisrnicT or wkw - iobic. i, LJE it remembered, Tbat on (lie second day I M oi April, in tlie lorry econnyearortbe Intie pendence of the United States of America. Wil liam Jcbnton, of the taid district, hath deposited in thit omcc tbe nlle ol a book, the right whereat beclAims at author, in tbe wordt and figure fol lowing, to wrt : " Report of case adjudged in the court of tynanrery oi new - 1 r,k : ny wimam Jonuton, Counsellor at Law, vol. II ; containing the cases from January, 1816, to September, 1817, inclu sive." , , . In conformity to the act nf the congret oftbe united states, entitled " An act lor the encouragement of learning, by securing tbe copiee ql maps, chart and books, to the author end pro prietors of tuck copiet daring the time therein mentioned ;" end alto to an act, entitled, " An act, tupplemeutary to aa act, entitled, an act for the encouragement nf learning, by securing the copies of maps, charlt and books, lotbe authors aud proprietor! of tec h copies, during the timet therein mentioned, and extending the benefit! thereof to tbe arts of designing, engraving, and eicning nitioricai anaoiaer prinn." , , JAMES DILL. Clerk of th toathero district of New - York. plJ 4W , .. iL The hoots and groundt belonciiur to the estate of John Shaw, tituated on the eighth avenue. On the premise are an excellent double houte, atahle, coach and ice bouse, with every thing r.lsn requisite for sucb an establishment, ft it presumed any ouier description it unnecessa ry, at those incimea to rent will view the place Alto, the larse fire proof store in tlm rear ol houses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - ttreet ; where there it foi ale tome old Madera Wine, by th Demyobn. - - For further particulars, apply to ' , . . Ann m. phaw, 11 Pearl - ttreeL Jan 29 "R DE ANGELI5, f rmeriy practitioner ol Wj ivieaicine inttie. military notpitarirriaD lea, and ad ant ted a member of Che Medical So ciety of New - York, where he hat resided since the year 1798; and hi reputation and ucce in practice, is now etiarmtited in ue knowledge ui tbe nablia bv aenr tO veart exueriesw - fi. rnatin. uet to be consulted at bit office, No. tit Water - street, opposite Crane harf. ' In Klieumatic and Venereal cases. Dr. De An gelit ha been wonderfully lucres! u I ; und tlie mott terniMe eiieccs oi uinee disorder have frequently bees cured by him in a short space ot u ne wiuioui inconvenience so ine patient. . vFQtirBciiontj uiccrt in sne inroat and palate, stiffne of the lotutt, pain in the limbt. eruption of tbe tkin, together with u aunrerout train of evil, arising from neglect or improperly treating of the mostinsHliout ol maladies, have given way io nit mooe oi treatment in en almost incredible manner. His extraordinary tuccest it, in a great ocasure attributable to hit welt knowo Antirheumatic and Anti - 3philic Syrup, ' wbtcb, whilst uy eradH - nte every (orm of disease, rtt - tore me emsriaxea paueni io vigor, and health, nplfi in ' ;pri.iftajMyii ' LEPS ITCH OIXTMEXT, V1TARRANTED no iufallibl remedy at one f f application, may be used with perfect safety on Wants n wsek old, not containing a particle ol BSrcury,rr any dangeroat ingredient whatever, and not arcompnnied witk th - vt oflen - tire smeU which attend the application of other remedies. Th ahosre medicinei are prepared ami sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Matdea - Lkne, and told by 8. CARLE, cornet of Fulton and Water - streets. Druggists and conn try lora - keeptrs supplied oa liberal Urns. Jan 29. UI b h t a I iUiilig ptbSe taam kw to tftijjtfjAS. DOCTOR HORNE. formerl, rftU ctty 0f 4.' tawmberof tbe tVnlty of pbyti. aad turgerv there. b. .. IT, repat soma ocr,auoa abja. of AIERCURyT rash, indiscriminate, aad anobab. tire Of inmla alurhi. sands art .annually - nercnriali - ed out of eoce. Thdievrelmvuvievi1,J - resulu cbiefly to this source. "w7!f that a youeg auao, the hopes of hi cemtr 7i tbe durltog of hi pveatt, should be aastefij . way tnm ail tbe prospects and eajcWitW hto tbeooquericei of one tiiigwaed and by a disease not ia iu ow?BatWfaTd?,?A hicb only prom so from Bcgiect or btaimenO A gflemr,u IL'", tient) aow.rtrfectiy hearty 'and wenSVP: anderpnyitcianior general practice. ai.7 and rrtieatedly taliyat. d ; when recoijlIT? Ur. M.lDy a gettleman of this city) kiTr - were carirs. and bit Herb ilnn;.. rfJr.r"" hit frien!t deciered he could cot noiiij. .. m ro month tongr. Thoutand xM,,WBV.1, know with what ease and tafe'v li ir,.Bt, cafes the severest etises. and conTSrw.. ,V? ' - ttio. The Doctort plan (adv.rUti) faTT cewary to guard tlie public against in I.... . men ury, ami other fatal d. hiiions, beld (nth Pertont, tiiereiore, Having eonfracJtd TT vat disorder, or iufcung fateerDtLn ' atliuoniiltednot to temper with their riY tioo,or ccnceal the disorder, till rtTrcovI" ry ; otherihaviiig tlie remam of ta uldc.IT or oiner un unu - : vi uie risnori, a wll .. . 1 er complaint of a delicate nature ia n" "t'0 - 1'1 remember poiterify, wd' dn jJJJJ" to their consciences, by tnakinr annii.. - to Dr. H. at Li old an.l - re.pB0K lislimmt, No. 64 Water - ttreet, fou7hrl of Old - tlip, to obtain tlmt promiit atsui JIT lone calculated to prevent aisclOTum7AidJ" let me claim your teriou UraVpB 'T tuperncial curt it no cur at all; unlet tnlbl. tiaessit radically done, you will ccrtaialy tai. the disorder break out again with redoubled ? lirnity. at ome luture period ; perbai, tbea wii too late for renirrfy. Dua't you oKttHl the sUectt miserable; mutilatod heioes, even a bit of now on their face f Ttitnnl beseech yoa. Dr. H'. character for tkill and truhiu.. t. rily being universally known in thit city. ZT 1U04, guarantee to patient tbat delicacy atuUs. ciecy hitherto unknown, and having coanned ki practice foryear past, exclurively to Ihecareol diseatct of the blood systuni. they uiar safely cal. rnlate on the mott dectdtd advaotuet im, ulting Dr. H. - ."m con - Gleet eradicated in twt or three weeks - Strictures removed without boueiet nr .n er instrun - ent ; and all ilcbilitie ( likewu afi old ulcerations, fistula's sic. - .... A plurality of obVs are prorided, tnd to tits, ated Uiat patients are nut exoosed tnax - k ott... observation. Open till half past 0 ia tbe eveaiag. All pctsout concerned are invited to be fr. .1 calling, knd tpeaking with Dr. H. which it tn of cost. And nere Ibe Doctor cannot avoid to txpression of gratitude for innumerable reriun. mendations, and for tbe decided preference (it it pretsmed withjuttcauic) loog given bis by judicious public. ' - 1 is. i. aii leiiert man oe post paid, Dr. Buchanan. Angt7 lv KLl fUEK JS.AF ADA IMtOiil - 3JJwT. T"R. EVANS' tnperist roemoa ot curing a cer tain Disease, ithow uaiver. ''wily acknowledrd in this city ; hi mode of trenuocal i perfectljr mild, late, ti - peaiuou. and ftiscbarg reatonable. In every u stance he warrant k cart, ana will return tbe pay u doe niH harCirn ajrrfths. locoorraci. . im .u - lu:.. mmmjm wijw I aa. - liiere ar many persons in thit city and itsvW cinity, laboring under vanout chronic diseas. tuch a cancer, oia mveieraia ulcers, tcroful or kingt evil, fistulas, disease of tl urethra, Biaoaer ana miuuira, wiu wwiMicaiea cotwpiainu of a, certain nature, bilious and other obtra lions, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider incu. bo - pitalt in Europe IS veers, under soma of tit first Eurgeont and IWticiani in the world, aai niade tuuee outunats; uiscb - ui on constant irtxri for 30 veart. Oct It ICP Th tubtcriber bavins; receoi)y rtturosd from England witbaa important improvtwentek lb artificial tpring LEO. be take this method of wf ortning bit friends and tbe public, tbat a9 tnose wna ar so tmwrtunat a to b In want ot I leg, or arm, thty ran be accomaiodtled by applying at No. 77 Barclay - itreat, New - York. JaOTZ s,.. WM. rUR VIS. ' frt - WHEATON It DA VI3, Fancy Cbaif Mantfkc, turers, No. 153 Fulton - ttrseS opposite St. Paul Church after for tale, wholesale im retail, a larg and elegant at orlment of Curb! Mnple, plain painted knd omamest ed in gold nrbronte, Bambof, Plain and Gilt Ball, Rocking, Sewing, and Coavtrtt - tioo Chain. Sofai. beUtes, Lounceea, ftluiic Etoolt, tc. - urdt - r tromaoy part ot the continent execaiea with ueatnrtsand dispatch. . . ' - ' ' t Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented - A - rir nr.vvr. itnnM. . FRUMEnTO, No. 1 VVll - tret,J" - f . turned from Italy, las the honour to yaw Ibe gentlemen, that be cot and dresses baw the latest style, and in a mat ner to a to op - ittotherbitiognoroy. He bM for tale a qutau - ty of RAZOlld oftha firtt quality, if ? not please oatnai, the purchaters aie as " : ' to return, them, and receive tbe money. He likewise procured ntery fine hone, aad rrff; to rettore raxor to a very keen edge eon soot inty noi cui ne win receive icwu - i Those gentlemen wbo may plea to kooaf ! with their patronage, aaay - depead on tu particular and respectful al tendance. N. B.Gentlnnen whoiubrcribe byVfl' ter will have their raxort, Ac. kept excluiivtiy P. S. A food journeyman, wasted. , Appty , at above. r - mnnu POH 6J.V ' ".'mm'rJ THE CIRCULATING LIBRART, li 1 ton - street, near Broadway, eootirtmc " extensive and chosen collection ef brtoryjW" vela, cyge biography, romance, aovei - s teles, pluy, reviews, aBgarine,ic. ; CatWiaesroay rexmoed at the library, whicb it opea for nbecrihars, at oaal. roh4tf - - NEW - YORK t PRINTED AXD fUBLISEZD MICHAEL BVRJaiJIMkCO. No. 49 VVittxABt - ernwrrv orroiT t Uahk CorrRK - MociK raulr, tuey can cosisuniT w curaa im generail by applying at Dr. E V ANS'S Medical Store. N. o I'r.k.alin. havini practised in lJ..i.. . ...... ....... i .,, ,; n

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