The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 5, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1818
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ViS tosi Ustmt,ad effort for - rt carbon tWa AiwrfcaaTallow : 2 6t Fetertborsb Heap, few . - Steel a bote, eatrtled to drew - ... back - ', . ' hToBACCO. COTTON SUGAR 150 '1 hhX Virginia Tobacco ' on bales Jalfooe Cotton, superior quality - w b!b bo,,cd Cakutta Sosar' "ITTaUKMY Of LANGUaGL - s, M JO. VASDBWATW, - uv F. SCHIFFELY, Teftekerand Translator of the rscb,.gkr - it alias and languages. , Jr. 3. gratr fulTor the Pt""0 h" r? nil friends and Urn public in i.V - 1 ,..: return hu sin - SffihT. tF Xm that H ha, lmced teachin th, said le. .t the bore place, where he i ready to receive ladies !tleo,OD the fcBo.imd.yi J boars, TCMBAtV i From 9 to 15 o'clock, A. M. ' L ( From fti .do TflCBSDAT , a to 6 do P. M. ' BATUaPAl l - kntlemes. : ; ,. MOHOA iDAt'i ? A't tbe'iMae hours at above. ft , J ,VfI ita'themmme'r sesson a clntt of lentieinen is attended to every morning, troio 6 to8o'clock. ! I For terms, apply at the Acadjmy. ; rt Mr S. can likewise accomunxlate with board Wgtntlfmen. , . . my S lv OJliLEU H.ilU MJtftUfAWVliV, . , 7d Chathnm - ttreet. THE tuhfcriber returns hi thanks to the public fr their lorroer patronaya in the tjoeefhiilTofcoOf aJ hofX - i for their luture tnpport;'' He likewise iufofttrt them that be bai on bJoda Coitflan't iupiIy of curled hair, manufacture eiprewly for niatrase, on an improvel principle ; aud likewise Rusranteet the hair sold If him to be free from auv Imparo tmcll, being well icourea, oouru mm unwui "j ,u" nafacturedby machinery, has u advantage over auv otlier hair mwunrHcturcd in America its Trv texture aud elasticity making it a saving or . a . . . L U twemT - evt per ceni to me un:ii.w,i . ' .WILLIAM JACKSON, ' N. B. Merchants and too trade in general will find it to their ad vnutase to call u above. 30 bales of hair in its roohitte; 6 bales of Ion hone - tailf ; SwK) lb of Ion; HMr drawn - Jil imnei.C PDil DW uozea nair sieve uonuur, for sale abre4''i v' ' ' my 5 2m ' - il.WG sinct 10 o'ciuck yeslerda y a boy ismed. Luau Bail, acod 15 yearsj daik tooijileii'.o aud ilara hair, nad nn n short tailor jacket ol mued cloth, hluckcord pamaioont ana black wool hat Any person who will give information were he may be found to hit latbrr, in Varick - strret 3 doors from Spring - street, will be suitable rewarded. THOV1A3 BALL. Mailers of vensell are cautioned not to take niin on board their srwl. my 5 8t iTYl)E PARK LS TITU'I IO.. ASELKCT and private Clumical School is established at Hyde Park, Diiichesenun ty, state of w. York, under the direction and in'truclion of BENJAV1LN ALLE.V, L. L. O. . The institution is designed to unite with a clastic n I aid English Education, tbe. modem luttgua - 'The clasiicat coorte will coaiprise the Latin tnd Cieek Languages, Ancient Hiitory and Ge - ernphy, Slythoiogy, Komao and Grecian Aati Qutties. . i " '' The Ergliib course will comprise Enrlith Gjainmer.iJncution, Element of Hiitory, Rh - torick, Geography, Penmunsliip, elimentary and practical Mathematics, and the outlines of Mat - ural Philosophy. ' v Modtm Languages Will comprite the French, Spml'.h and Italian. ' Mernl and religiioe tnstrnctitm wilrbe atten - oVd to, at youth is the most proper time to in - culrate and fix those prim iplcs of virtue and piety, which ought to direct and influence the coo - duct of future life. ' Thej - upils of the Institution will he mPmjen of the rrincipal't family, and under his immediate care and government. Partirulir attention will he paid to their morale and maimers. . The government will be strict, but mild and'pareo - fal its aim shall he to give habit of order and industry, and inspire a generous emulation The institution will be furnished with a Libra ry, Maps, Globes, and select Plu'lophica' Apparatus, - the use of which the popU - Will he txuht, and mad: familiar with the meat important and strikinc experiments ia Natural Phtloso - any... ;rbete .will be considered at rewards - of gnvd conourt anq aiiemion 10 nuoy, ami cnts - stitute one of the most interesting sources ol a - tutemcnt Rtd recreation. It it kujwo trom x. perieace that much useful knowledge may be thuiinridentalry communicated. . The terms are'three hundred dollar per an atua, pRyahle Quarterly waihioe included. . . . Clusical students who study the modern Ian - gQAgs, will be charged 10 dollars per qsjarter ciira mr ine same, r ; . , , The students find their beds naa beddinc. ' The number of students it limited, - Gentle - bkb therefore who are de.iroiis of placing their sons in the institution, will, pleat to make an winy application. ... , . . All lettert relative to (he. institution, addressed to tbe subscriber, Hyde Park Post Ottice, Dutches County N. Y. will he promptly attend - dto. , . , BF.NJAMI.1 ALLEN. The summer term wil' commence n thH 20(h: of May, my 5 5w WIMtll ..... A GOOD frma'e urnnl. fn An . IVbiu il and otber rork of mll rrii Hk.M n K .... 1. - 1 IU . J w muvuiu irii. none necanppiy unless iney uiiuj m niuiaciory recomineiidatmn IrOm their Ine. place, ;.lo such a one good wares will h.ii.1 . l t rt r ii - . . " - , "I'P'y m r ranaun siretv. JV W LOTTERY OFFICE, 114 laairivi D GILLESPIE Informs his friecde and the . pablic that he hat opened a Lottery and Exchange 'Office, 114 Broadway, oppo - Ue City Hotel, where he offers for sale lload rrxet?, which Mtery commanoee drawitrf ibis ifterTMMh at 4 o'clockfirst draw nomher eo - uwm to miwi ootiase r there being also a fioauog pri - e of 10,000 dollar?, may alse be drawn. i owe mat wuq to purchase, better apply eonuabove. . , . myj $ a 'pniS atcmoon, a 4 o'clock, the Grand Road A Lottery will commence drawing, and the w drawn nnmrer will be eoUtled to 6,000 - WLI.ARS, which may be obUin - d at " r. ivai i ts Truly Fortunate Lottery - v.uun - vrw e, no, a4 iwaiden - lane. . Highest Prizes, , 7i,ooo Dollars I , lo,ooo Dollar , - 35,000 Dollars I Dollars Sf Ticket 34jQuarter 48 50 - I7t.htht 45 r. Sixteenth $tli a5jP for " rr,et ,oW WAlTITS. . "Till: LUCKY MOMENT ! ! ! A ' toYlorU preciwlv the Wla at thi Mil rd tnd Oweo Koad Lotlerr will he o - ttthe Union HoUl, in WiUians street, - ijre'h:t the first drawa auasher (whsch rtsithenow,.. n p,,w ofFiveThoe EwtTlN he sold at ALLEN'S Truly f fre. No. n Broadway. i n .0 fh Grand Piiiet of 1 Fnse of 7H,000 dollars 1 of 35.000 dollar of 10,000 dollar of 5,000 dollars S.JOof 1,000 dollars ST1.8 mailer deanmioatioB. kttstl. w prii oW l ' - helacky office, as ri , highest prizes ever sold m Asne - J .. . ONE CEIIT REWARD Mli - f RASA WAY from the abecriber Ob the id instant; an indented apprentice to the shoe - tnakuig biuioeM by the earn of Bimoe Remer, inches high, light complexion, dark brown hair, dark eye, and wbea toeekiag bat a wnile on hit countenance, and generally ases a tots of the 1. - ..J .l.U .ru - bVmd All - . I harbouring or employing laid apprentice, under who will tecore taid apprentice, to that I can obtain bim, tball receive the above reward, but my 6 2t No. 29 Bayard street EAU Mi - .DICINALE D'HUSSON rTl HE Eau Mtdkinale it be simple extract of J a plant wnote prowniet were before un known in medicine. Il hat tbe most sinerular ana aimon iniaiuiiie mnaenre over tne gout, o( 1 i . - Il " . wuicn ii relieves we severesipainin a lew hours, and commooly carries off the most violent paroxysms in two or three days. The astonishing relief obtained by a multitude of sufferers in this country and iu Europe ; and the great reputa tion ii iiui rnpiiiij ncijuirea nrr prooit 01 lit CX - traorrliimrT efficacy in that distase. A small nar - eel of Ibis meflicine just rereived and for tale by HULL I JJOVViNK, Daoccrrr, my 5 tw - 148 fearl - ttreet. SFJNE TVVI.E, 1RO.N WIRE, WHITE LEAD, &e. ' - - - 4 casks London Seine Twine ' 3 tons London White lead, 18 b 561b. keg 5 do do dry do ., . ' 10 hhds. Copperas r ' 3 tons Iron wire, Jfo. 1 to 18 " . - 50 tierces Whiting , - v ijithar;r, Spanish Brotm, Venetian Red ' Red Lead tic. - With a general assortment of cablet and cordage of uny size, at shorteM notice. my21w JONEdsV CLINCH. ToACK i.M)lA SATINS. 1 o - e, 13 yard MJ piece - , superior quality, just received and for sale at lnO Bro'tw.ty, by mv2 PHILRKOOK & PKTERS. VliU 'E JLKSEV CwR.N. 14iAJ hufhels, 7? of prime cji)ajtj - , well cured autl in fine shipping order, for alo at IOC r root street. niy2 . TROKKri, DAVIDSON Is Co. it Oi.AbbLa. - l.'iVlihds. Milurr, ol a very ...V I superior yunliiy, Inmiing this day from brig Frances Aw, for tale by WALSH & GALLAGHER. ' mv 2 66 South - street. :l .1 111 .Amr H .'i litwa r4nttinir timlaawa. a I laii'tin; from ship Mary Almy, at Pine - street wnart, tor sale in lots to smi pnri pasert, hy GUIS WOLDS ti i OATES, a cms C il a Uif z no ch'uhi Ff.r - j;is U. W. KOitKKS .t CO. VTO. 23: Pearl street, have just received from Ll Liverpool, and offer for ale on reasonable terms ' "8 hhd'r EARTHENWARE, . Containing a jrctit variety of blue printed, wil low, lustre ware, fir. my l tw lUULb. Ju?t received 40 package. Those, O together wiln n lare nno general assortment before on hand, arc ottered for salo by the pack age or uosua, on rcastname term, ay Tmic WITT M IIV. nil J , my I 2ur No. ?72 l'arl - street. RUM, MJGAK : .vIOLASStb. 62 puncheons Rum ft5 hlids. Molasses 14 ' 62 barrels and 6 hhds. Sugar, Will tie Inn (led on Mondny from the brie Ame lia front Antigua, lor sale by ' 112 Front street. Who hns also for tale. Havana. Porto Rico and Jamaica Coffee. my 2 H 0S. A lewcaks of Patent and Common Carolina aud Virginia Hoes, of tbe tirades manufacture, Just received and for sale by AiXur.KSua siit,Antii, up 30 2w At No. 1.11 Water street. v HiCHMOMU H.OUU. OQQbarrels superfine;' 33 Jo. fine; 8 do. sjOO'i middlinn, landing from the schr. Sally - Ann for sale by ' TRUKLS,'DA IIO. K Uo. mv2 ' 106 Front - street I ilMKl) wanted by a gentieman and hi wiie I) in a iilcaiaot part ot the u(y: a situation where there is but few boarders, or a private .imiiy, would. ne prelirretl. A line lelt at the tfiice of this paper, directed to O. P will receive Htlejitinn. my 2 31 I 'WO or three gentlemen of steady haoits, !an be accnmniodated with board in a very pleasant and healthy situation. Tcrmt moderate. Emiuire at No 74 Chamher - ttreet. 1 may I 4l - FUR eALt.. N' elegant gig Horse, trots fast. To be teen . L. i i c.i.1. i ..i. i niv I DRV GOODa - tANC Y Plata ChV . coes : ' - r - .i Supt rfine calicoes and ! chinlrct - i 4 4, 0 - 8 6 4 cambric . muslin - . Camiiric jaconet ' Plain tambor'd A serf ed shjIIs - w ' Haia - aad ' tambor'd book muslins 1 3 - 4, 4 4 ahd6 - 4 cambric gingaarat . - . Black and col'd cam - ' nrir ; - Velvets and cords, bea - ' yer gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and plain ' ' . , Mivlrats hdkft, pint Hair cord cambrics, cotton b.ittt White lc col'd threadt lilk, kid, and cotton ' K'ovet . Silk hose, tilk floren - tinet , . . . Black bomhazeeni Florence tilk, ribbons, (KlloOttl - Florence, plain and figured . , Virginia satins, plaid . lustrings - . - - Fring'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, , bobbin , v Furniture calicoes, and chintse 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 aad 8 - 4 printed cambric ' shawls 7 - 4 A 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 - 4 cassiwere do. Baodanno, longee and tistertoy hdkft. Pocket hdkfs.. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton castimere Stri)ed Florentines Black do Madapollum and steam Marseilles Quitting; royal ribh White and printed tat - ' eent Cotton rtrown bollanils wnnsdown, toilanettt, tilk stripes '' Cotton and wonted ho siery Irish linens A sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine and superfine cat - tinteret Yorkshire fine and su perfine cloths London do do' .Superfine ladiet cloths Boiunniettt, ratinetts Imperial cords, vigo - nia cossimeret Stockinette, plain' and ritili'd Flannels, baize Ferretts, worsted bind inzt Sblrt buttons, cottou lace Pari nettt and soufllo cause Black and white thulk - laoe Lena anawlt, Ettopil - l. i ' - Sewing tilk, assorted ei lors Ijnea cambrics Table ckxht, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 ft 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Fancy Lena, k figured Muslin - - Cambric Trimmings, A I loaacet Seersucker Gingbamt Romall Hdkft. Silk Check Gingham t & 3 col'd Cambric garment Oil Cloth Brown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton bandannoei 9 - 8 col'd lrip'd jtco - nettt India sssnlin. Ac &c. loom shirting Received by tbe late arrivals and for sale by tlAljUa.n.11 A' AUOlt.'i mh24dicfm - 167 Tearl - street. WHIsKEY. Illbhd. Pliilad. rye whiskey, landing frost tear Fair - Trader, at Old - clip, for sale by . . - JACKSON ft WOOLLET. . ap28 75 WaU - tret. NAVAL STORES. 420 bbh. Tar, 135 do Soft Turpentioe, 30 do Pitch, afl - iat end for sale by ap30 R. ft C.W.DAVENPORT A CO. INDIA RLlNDS.ftc. A QUANTITY of India Window Blind 100 set Dry Mearare Fine, extra fine and common Hair and Wire Seive. For sale by ap 30 78 rri - L riOTT0X. - 4J bale prime LVland Uotloa, , GiUSWOLbS tt COATE3, t. , my 4 ; ' Ki i - , - 68 Boetsi ttrtet. rCHlLTREE'9 HAMS. A lew boxes of W fchi tree's celebrated rnvettevi le rlait. just received aad for sale hy the subscriber! 1 oroaaway. . my4 4t EiiWD. W. WILKlNGS. I VM.2M) iibds Tobago rum i 5 Uhda new JLav rum landing and for sale by - my 4 GOODHL'E tt CO. 44 Sorth - at. PKUNKLLA lBhOLb U CLOTH. I caee X Prnnella aboes 1 do Cloth, for tale by , , MARCH ft LOW, my 4 410 Broadway. flEER SKINS. 6U0U ibe. sheared aodui the J bair. It iiomed Skint 3 bales Bear Skins, jnst received and for saierjy , - t .ilAWr.tssLlu.i, my a at - ....... . - j0 water street. Oi4buhli bright coarse Tnrks - Itland alt (or ! b TUCKER ft I.AURIE3, - tO HouOi - slraei. ' my 4 rjl AR AFLOA i' 4tiO barret tar, received JL per schooner Golden - Age, Adertou, mat ter, from Washington, . C. lor sal by " . JA Vlr;3 .M'fiHIUfc, 83 Liberty - sL Who hat for sale 10 hhds. superior old Claret Wine. may 4 31 flOUfl I'ERPASES 3caie containing 7 - 4, V 8 - 4.9 - 4, 14, 11 - 4, and 15 - 4 comiter panes of fine, superfine and super quality, tor sale by - C. it U. tirJL.Ub, may4 4t" 94WUIiamst. QUGAR nd KUM. - 8 bhdt 30 bblt prime O MiiH'orado Sugar t 31 pun's line flavoured Antigua Rum, landing from nriz Anielia, pier 13 River, for sale by uiy t w wvyi'i'ii. n vw. n "miiii - - ii VT'EW ORI.KAN4 CO ("I ON. 81 bain N L Orleans Cott - m, for tale by ' JONES MEGRATIT, my 4 1 : ' 9 rV)ulh - treet. I.OWLLNti PIECE. 4 tas well liaisheii V English Fovlii g I'ieces, received per ihi Ann, for tale at lftt Front stici - t, l ; mv 4 ThOKKS. DAVIDSON ft CO.. OOLE I.KATIIr R - 7'J7 tide Merchantahle kj bole l:uth r, initiiwg'liom tloop lrK, mid die pier Cuentict - slip, for 'ale hy goodhuh ft co.. ; my 4 44 South trei t. B" "' ALTIMo1IeFLOUB3TS00 libit". Flour for tale by , GEO. M. WILSON, my 4 1J0 Water street. HOltSK I'Olt SILK. A PLEASANT saddle Horse will be sold XV cheap by gentleman about to leave town Apply at th!":'irire. my 4 MOLASfcEb, Rlit, FRUIT, AiC 10 hhue Molaw l; 4 do 11 n in, 4 hbls Sugar "0.000 Oranges. 600 Pine Aid!cs 2 bolt I amarinds, lauding from tchr. Un ion, at Uuriing slip, lor tale ny G RI5 WOLDS ft COATES. my 4 ' C!t Snutli street. BHAbbC.VBOKi WARKb. U cask commodes, knobs, &c. assorted patterns, Kir sale at 63 bouth - street, ny n.y 4 HUKDft SKWAI.Ij. UOLAabl'.S.r - bOhhdsaiifi I tierce superior Hhvana Molasses, Inndins from schooner Union, from Uavana, at Fiy - .Market Vhnrf, for sale by 1 . - N ft D. TALCOT i , mv 4 - ' oa oouTii - sireei. DRY GUODs 3 trunks 6 - 4 Cambrics ; I do 9 - 0 nnd 6 4 India Jaconets 1 cae sup. Cloths, just received per Atlan tic, and for sale by HURO & SEW ALL mv4 " 01 5ouin street BENGAL LDl(iO. - - ao cases, 01 superior oualitv. bv the siucle case or otherwise, tor sale at tO 8outh - stret, by - my 4 rMr.K. Hbibr. es.h "LD COPPKR. - 400O IDs. Old Coppet. ar - V7 rived irom Jamaica, and lor tale rv tucker ft lauries, mr4 - ' No. B9 South - st ClOltX iVILAL. 100 hbds. M0 liarrel hrst 1 oualitv kilo 'tried velluw Corn Meal, fresii from the Mills, fofsilehy TlUatllfi UAUlllM?, my 4 29 outh street. UU.V1 AND .SUGAR. 7 Puncheons W. I. Ram 4 Bblt. Hn - rnr, landiug this moni - in; trom the sloop Ageuora, at pier No. 25, E River r or sale by GRI5WOLDS & COATES, myl 611 South street EI.LI HAN I OlL,EALKli6i fF.ARL. The canro of the ship Sea - Fox, contistintr ot .R elephant oil, fur and hair seal skin;, and - mother of pearl, is now landing at Townsand's wharf, and lor tale in lott to uit parchaert, by J. BYERS; or, . v E. FANNING, my 1 tf . ' No. 29 Burling - tlip. L.OW WOOLLiNS. IUST ree'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a few trasses oflow priced Cloths, and Castimeret. tor tale hy v jua. o. tiKKiau.i, ap 7 - - i - 67 Pine - street ' I MN PLATE, ftc178 boxet Tm Plate, at X. torted ' 10.000 IImj. India Block Tin . 8,000 Ibt. Iron Wire, assorted fmm No. 1 to 18, tor tale hy A'lSO - ,i n rHKLrJ', ap30 ' ' 1 - 183 Front street. sUGAR - 34 hbds. 24 quaL Muscovado, So k . sale at 3h Feck - tbp, by ' my 2 R. ft ('. W, DAVENPORT lc CO. TOMB 1ZETTS. - 6 baiet assort d Bombs AJ zelts, goud colours, and low chargejust receiyeuper tliip Atlantic, and tor sale by . A ,5. A. LA rVRE.NCB, ap 30 Iw - - . ' ' 67 Pincstreet. L AlaiNS. IU0 casks Fresii Malaga Raisins, X. t juit received and tor tale by - I1URD lc SE iVALL, may 2 '"''. 6i South - ttreet HUM and MOLASSES, 7 puncheons Wind ward Island Rum, and ' , e L1..1 - - i ' " ' ' Landing from the brig' Antelope, from, Tobago, at the foot of Broad - sireeL For sale i.y , my 1 23 biuth - stret irtsA Lincni, Letrat, Alutlxngt, Dtaperi, lc 'I HOMAS Sl'FFFRN, No" 6 Depeysler - tt I hat lust received per ' Alexander Mans field, from Belfast, and Dublin Packet, from Dublin, lit iiarkagf comprising a haudtoine asso'toient of Irisa Linens, iic'. which, with hi former assortment, will be told on reasonable terms.' '. 4 - 4 and 7 - 3 Linen, in whole acd half pieces, ' one ana oiarte assortments 3 - 4 Linen, brown and bleac hed 7 - 8 Lawns, 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings Jaconet and Moll Maslint. 7 - 8 Dowla, 7 - S and 41 Linen Remnants 3 - 4 Black Linen, 7 - 8 Colerain Linen 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 Sheetings, Blue and black coluared Linen Thread 3 - 4 Diapert - 7 8 half bleached Linen, very strong 6 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diapers, assorted 3 - 4 Linea, in demi pieces Also in store, a lew ham pert of the very first quality insn apple rotaiovs, tor sale, my x Iw "tOl'TON. 15 bJes prime Upland Cottoo, landing irons tioop tvegiin - , ir aie ny GRJSVVOLJ)S ft COATr.3, my I C3 boatb street. RUM, MOLASSES ftc 280 pnacbeoot fine favoared Tobago Rem - 42 do retailing Molasses, received per brig Bcnjamiu 190 Duarheoot Rum. received per brie Ante lope, from Tobago, aad for sh rjr , - ., uuuuiiiiiaui. - ny 1 44 Soetb - ltreet i ' : , t Tux CILtMLEHTOX.' vt ! V The elegant new packet tchr C A RO - iHliLlNA - PACKET, &. b. Vail, tnaitar : wiU pontively sail on Wednesday, the 6 ill fot weather permitting. ": For freight, or paseaga, bruir riperior commoiUUuns. apply en beard, at Stevtu' wharf, er to - ' " - i' . . .... CAUL ALLET, mi 4 2t :. .r' pfi fine - t. wll ' , X applied for in 4 dayt) .J " Imb The vary substantia! and fast sailing: shin CO.vlhT, oppr fastened and coppered,. Is 2 ytart oia, i a rail inventory aud may b tent to tea 'with very trifling expense sh lies at Murray's wharf. For terms apply to 7 1IA I flu. PHF.LPS Si CO. or HIl'LEY, CtJfThR ft CO. : may 4 Iw The bri - HOPE, 130 tons; carries llOObarriK 2 years old, a first rate vessel of her class, and in complete order to re ceive a cargo; lying eai.1 side Peck - slip ; will be sold reasonable ypplyto Ji. K t . IF. UJl V&ffl'UM U W. ' may 4 For Aafr, t'rtightor CAorer, The ship AM PHION, HaUey, master. 440 tons carpenters measurement. In complete order for a voyage. Apply on board at iViurray't wharf, or to HYER, BREMNER ft CO. . may 4 3t 131 Front - st. tor Lll'h.HfOOI.t (To sail 5th Inst, pokitively ) i Tne coppered and copper fiitened Lshin H AMILTON. J. Greenoucrh. mas ter; Mime cotton oroihe - light freight, equal to .lf) tifireel ia w&nteA fn rnmolrte Iter ell'. go Two or three cabin passengers can be jccoininouaieu, Appiv 10 i ; . MAlitH ft P.ENSON, my 1 lw 47 Soirth - street. ' tor Fretclil or Uutrtrr, T," briS SY,lK, clJt - Braclirtt Stittfl 1 year old, will carry U00 btrrfls - lic pier no. 1 1, cast river. Applv to . .. MARCH ft BlirfSON, ap SO lw ' 47 South - street FOH MLE. If applied for within 3 or 4 ilnj s.thc coppered nnd copper fastened ship UtU t iT.NDKV. 314 tons i nails well, carries a large tuto, ami may hesrnt tiiica ul a small e pence, bavm luiluii w nionlhs been new ringed and masted. Apply to ' P. REM. SEN Si CO. ap S9 Soutli - strt ct. A good vessel, of 8(10 to 900 barrels, for a thort voyage, that is ready to re - tin e a cargo. Apply to N. 4. 1). TALCOTT, j ap 29 ' 61 South - street . FarlUmH, t1 'io r!'rffnDt coppered ship ADONIS, 3JLtfIl E. Chauiplin, miller, will be reaUy to receive a cargo in lour days, and sail on the 15th May. For freighter pasflijre, bavin? rery superior accommodations, apply on board, at Jonea' wharf, or to POTTSM'KISi - Vror GRISWOLDS ft COATES. 100 tons plaster of paris on board said ship, lor alf ns abov. su 'JU For .IMS'l'r.HUvtM, TK il.ii. 4l.limV. funl IW. icaab fine ship and now nearly loaded will take 100 tons freight if offered immediately Wpplyto - UUOUHUKU,,ri ap 29 ' 41 amui - ." . , TAtsLViV. HUM?, A. T ANDING 61 ceroons bouth - American aVi tallow In store, clean 5t. Pelersbnrgh hemp, and (jerman steel, entitled to drawback For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street. . " .For OPOHTO. K004' '""'8' Agenoria, to nail in ASCall this week 3 pussengos can be ac conimodatedon mixlerale terms, for which, ap ply as above, or to Uie matter on board, at pier no 15. : ap !W ForCHAKLr.StVX, The regular packet ship TELEGRAPH, J Fanning, master; is only ailing a fur wind can take a few tons more freight, and accommodate 10 more passengers. Apply on boaid, west side r ly - manet whan, or 10 ANSON U. PHF.LPS, ap23 183 Front - street. ' for CU.1 HLLalVJT, TKm Jtlsxrant fttwi fjtil uilirtr snfalr ail schooner 1 OTINE, S. Hoyt'matter : will meet with immediate dispatch, haviogr half her freight ri ady to go on board for remaiuder, or passage, having commodious accommodations, apply on board, east tide Burling slip, or to SAUL ALLEY,.. ap 18 . 98 Pine - tt. ,' Fr MitnlLEmnd OLAKEht, Ibe fine last tailiug tchr SANDL'S KY, 120 ton, rapt. Weeks, (a regu lar trailer) ; having 3 - 4lht of bar cargo engaged and on board, will meet with Immediate dispatch For the remainder ol her freight, or passage, having haodrtma accommodations, apply on board, east side Old - slip, or to . , PETERS ft HF.RRICK, ap 18 29 Coenlina - slip, . . For HF.HHICr. ami DKMh HA HA lAXv 'tis. d - :.: - i. I. - : t - 1 vrviyi - i - L" i l"Vnwnnn. master, to sail 15th May. For passage, apply to ' GEORGE LACT, . ! " No 4 Fulton slip. A few Horses will be taken on freight, ap 28 tf BOARDING T)OUR or five eentlemen with their families, V or, ten or afieen single gentlemen, ran be accommodated with board and lodging at Mount Vernon Hotel, abont five miles from the city ot Aew l ork, on th bank of the r.att Hirer, ami one of the most pleasant situations on the island, I he rooms are spitcious and airy, having a full view of the river ; coach house and stables Terms liberal, and every attention paid, !y the public's humble servant, EZRA CALDWEl.L.i my4im r OST A fold Chain and Seal in or about Li the Post nnVe.' The finder by leaving Oi same r.t this Mure, stiati receive sy liberal Te' ward and the thanks of tbe owner. ' ' ,may 4 2t . . i. - . 1ST CS CHCOURAoaODaOWM LOTTKHIXS NEW - YOHK GRAND tS I'A I E LOT1ERY, MEDICAL SCICncE SO. 5. ZTIIICH will po - ilively draw s' y ing in uus city on uie isi I aetaaj in nv gust next - Grand prize of 100,000 dollar Second do 50.00O dUar And only 26 dollars for a whole ticket, aod snare in projwtlon. For particular toe nceree. TicktU, also Uaives, (quarters, F.iglitln and Six - , teenlbs, for sale at Book Store sod lottery Office, 85 Cherry, cor ner w jaiceisiit'i, u w" - ..r - Where tbe 2 - i hisbestpriw, 10,OtHJ dollars, id k. k ... ms.iA in fluarlert and iniaM diatriy i - afd, all pen., to tbe ootrary aotwith - staodins. Most ol ibe bsnk notes bjw ia circo - lati - ceived ia payment for ticket. y3t ' .. - .tf - V . . Qr.' '3. PAftKUURsT. Deulut. La h.nw ycu i to Fulton - ttrect, No. ii, next diKir to - the corner of Williata - ttrMt . may 4 - t (tr The iSew - Vork Firrmea Imuhuh e Company have removed from No. 56 to No. 54 Wall - street - ' mar 4 lw tt 4'Llr.K E WITT - has resaored bit Office to Ho. 30 Liberty - street, a few doers a - bov WiUis0 - stret, may 4 lOt. M MACKIE, MILNE a CO. have removed to No. 61 Pine - streeA. . mav 4 (O JOHN "K. SCOT V, has removed his of - fice, to 43 Piae - sreet.. , - sway 4 2w . Mrs. WAUfci has removed re No. 15 Conrtlanrt ttrt, a pleasant aad ceotral sites - non, nmi her house it now reedy tor ttse recep - tifn nt Honrder - . t - snas'4 Iw Vt UR. iVLlUO.V has luunvcd to Ibe north west comir of (irnenwirh and Liberty streets. nearly onpositeiiis former residence. my 4 lv .if'. JOHN W. ft 'WILLIAM C. MULLIGAN, I have remuvrd their ofBee to 42 Piie - streef, in the huihiing lutely occupied at tbe cSlce of the (.vcning roil. my 4 3f. - UF.SHt LWIl lias removed from No. 219 to 171 1 eail - strcet, comer of Ptno - strcet . COPARTNERSHIP. ' K ,V 11RVR.Y LOTT and THADDEUS SHKllMAX having formed a connection inbu juies, tinJertlie Crmor LOTT ft cHERMAN, hve opeued a hatidinuic asmrtment i4 dry goods, which they olTsr for sale by th piece or package, for cash or approved credit, at No. 171 ftsrl - ttrtst, corner of Pine - street. . ... r i : HENRY LOTT, - ' mr4 6t THADDEIW SHERMAN.' - Jr Itr.ti. si.COOPt.H ha r moved. to So. Broadway, third bouse above, th hospital gate.) my. - Iw i US' AiVl U Kl. S. GOOD V KA 1C has removed to No. til. Maiden Lane. nyC3t It? ' G. ft J. IIILDRETH, have removed their OF1 ICE to Law buildings No. 2, Nassau utrect. . niv 2 lw (Jr J. I LLMKM I'S, Veleniihry Buvgeon, removed to no. 37 warren tired, mv ii Iw 4jt S I'KPHEN P I.KMt'lNt. hns removed hit otfice to No. 21 Wall - street, next door to the l nnlia tt:in JtsaiiK. ' my 2 lw 1f WM. G. BVCKiSOIt ha reiuovcd bis oflii - e. trom No. 5 to 37 Wall street, opposite iik l ny unnk. mSfw N0 1 1CE. fjr ABRAHAM lie I.L ha removed hi nuiinoss to a new store in t ullon - ttreel, a few doort from I earl - street. , ' my 1 lw 07 - THOMAS PHOENIX has removed hit rflae from No. t Murray, lo No 63 Cbntham - sin - es. ' ppxJ lot Of T. A. EM M ET, ft EM VIE'I ft Will IF hav removed thtir office to No. 20 Pine - street. ap 302w - - . . ft - UAH I) SMITH, hm. has removed I rounting - nxim to 312 1'cftrl - slrret. my I 2w l)ili.ll l 1'URCOr iiiiorni Ms iritndt A and the public in cenernl that be ha renin vtd hi Upholstery Ware House from No. Ii to No. GJ Maiden Laoewhere he otters for tide tome elrgan' patterns of Paper Hat tings. Just rccivtd by the Intest arrivals from Fram e, on the most rnsonahle terms. . my2 1iu ttt A myelins? of the Nah Ynrlc triali tlmi - rrant Association will be held on the 6th init at 7 o'clr.rk, at Harmony Hall. my?2 j. w. islULiLilUAIf, Hec'ry. Ot - M.i aulile Insurance Couinanv of New York. Incorporated during tlia late tession of the Legislature of this ttute,' being organized and havins comment ed business, it ready te receive applicatiims, on Marine Kitques, at their oi&ce, no. 4j wan - street. . . may 4 2w IL ' A unall geutvel lainily cui be ao'ouimo - dated with Uie second floor of a handsome three itorv house, rontisting of an elegant drawing. room, back room and two pantries between, one large rooiirli for a bed, unfurnished, with board, in a very rmttll family, without children, the whole in the best order. Apply at No. bi Dey - treet, where three or four steady gentlemen may alo ne genteelly accommouated. . , may 4 3!" f a TO LET, . ; Two new fbiir - slery brick stores, op the est tide of CoOieo - IJouse slip, frouUug on Ui dip - ..... , , k . .'. . , I - ' Aire, th stores No. 37 outb.street aud No. 29 Old - tlip, on thewest side of the slip. - Postestion may be bad immediately. 'Apply tt No. 47 Bread way, or to ' v DTZ Jl ' ' JONS.S K Ul.t..'lt. . . A SMALL FAMILY, without children. can be accommodated with r part of a house, very pleasantly situated in Pump - ttret near ine uowery. , Apply at Si - oulu - ttrett. my x m GAMAGK A COOPER I f 7 ILL sell - on Wednesday, at Id o'clock, V V - Kirk ft Mercein't l - oor Room, 20 Wall street, a large and valuable assortment of malm. 5 any f irniture, cuniisting ol sideboards, hurtatit, secretaries, dining, work mid card tables ; alsn, an in void of plated ware, consisting of tea pots, sugar dishe and c am ; candlestick, snuffers and Trays, Ac. Ae. rich Lndw cut class decanters, tumblers and wines to match t India and Liverpool dining rettt I English aud F rench tea sett. At 12 o'clock, 4 elegant French lime pie ces, (warranted.; . N - B. Good mlcaded for th tale wiU be re. ceived until Tuesday previous.; at which time the gooils mav be d' - Hvered. . iny4 21 AVH'flI ItlVEK STEAM BOATS. frt - OnUi 1 1th of Msy, life U'lnil will V'MHVCmV :,.if running four timet a week, 4Byt IO1I0WS ! A H'ml will leave New - York on Tuesday, lit 9 A. M : Wednesday, at 5PM.: Fndav. at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at 5 P.M. of each week ; unci a boat will leave Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. M The above arrangement will commence hy the Chancellor's leaving Albany on Mxiday, ' the I Itb May, at 9 A. M. and the Richmond leaving Hew i org on i M'lnny, ine mn at A.m. The Fire - Fly leaves New.YoTk on Tnesds, Thursday and Saturday, .at 9 A. M. for - New - hurgh, and retorns oa Monday, Wednesday and r riflny, at n a. an. . roy dl'EAM - BOA I' Fl RE - FLY. ft5r - This boat wnl com mcncerannine between iw York and Newburgh, - fcn Tnesdav. tbe 14th Anvil Sue wih iikvn w - Ynrk every Toesdjy, Tbert - day and Saturday, at 9 A. M. and Newburgh oe Monday, Wednesday and f noay, ai o n. m Pit ' fsEW MILITIA ACT. BOOKSELLERS and others can be upp.itd with any quantity of the new Militia Art iu't puhliibe - l. by applying to Kirk ft Jf1, uL ci v - 1 IV nil .IreeL or to the lub - weihr". .Ho' 8:1 GoM - street, who has in pres thetecoodedifi'in.of the same. MlolJAJl A. mnivuii. may 4 2t . . . - A bunch of Keyi m. . LOST, this morning, m th Broadway or Bowery road, a steel ring, having 6 or 7 small keys and a watrh - ky oa it Tbe finder hU be well rewarded oa leaving tbesn at No. 5 State - etrset my 4 3t H'HiSKH. A rery snot pair of horse FOR SALE, if ap ils. plied for soon ; they can be wa at Mr. ELL10T8 sublet, eorner of Garden aad liew - streets. Also, a rcmarkthle fight family CARRIAGE, built by on of tkt best workxMO, my 4 lw .TUJ3LIC SALEJS: A 1 Bf MILLS, MUfTOtt & CO. . r " ''. ' Wednesday, At 1 1 o'clock. !n front of their store. 200 demi johns oC.U L. 1'. Taanff wine having laid lor some years m Use W est - lndict, it ha acqui red a one nut flavor. Twenty boas Claret wsae, of superier quality. . , . - .. . i ' . v . , : iDersaay, - 4 At half past 9 o'clock. t their auction store. No. 4H Pearl street a Keoeral assortment of Frcaab aad English dryg mds i among which are. 3 bale middling cloths,llae, tibsck, greea aati brown j 2 do mix'd Bedford cord ; I esse Marseilles vesting 1 3 trunk cambric saaslia 4 ea - te chaogabl and greea leranlioe! too No. S aad 12 rich fig'd taffeta and tstin nbhoes 1 1 do liaea cambric 1 do bandaana hdkis i 1 trnk saper deer skin (lores 1 1 do Horeutine. vestiogs i I case snper white cotton how ; I do s tea us louea shirting 1 do paper fan t I do 28 inch cottoa smbrellas, and a nsmherof other articles. nday. At half past II oVIxk. front of their aactioa store, 70 casks cut nails 1 30 kegt black, yellow, and green London Paints, in oils. ' ' JH.1H.UlE FUH bVILUlMJ, Ac. TH E proprietor of the southern marble qua 1 fiats, star Kinz's - Bndre, give notice, that thy have on hand, and ar receiving, at tiie Atng' - ifnvre Mamie ma fcime - fere, sow st Beach - street, on the Hudson - river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of tbe following de scriptions, vis t ' ' Ashtar Copin; . - Fouu.latlon Stone 4 Chimusy - Pleces , Facing ( Column! - , Watertable ' " 8'P . , Platformi . Sills, Linttlt Arches . ,i - Also Lima of tbe best quality. 07 - A constant supply of th abov taaterialt may be calculated upon ; and those dirous of purchasing, pr maklnr; engagements, will apply to ' EZRA LUDLOW. Febir ' ' At the Yard. - PRAiPOSALb. (r7 The agent of the tosate - Prison, will re - I'litu proposals until) the 2lt instant, for furnish - . u lor one year fmm the 1st ot Jane next tbe coorirt confiiud therein, with the Inllowing rations, to be delivered at the State - Prisen, at the contiiiitori expense daily, or at ucb timet tt ball tie egieed upon. vis,. I II ot. Cocoa shells, lor every 100 rations, 3 picks Potatoes do do do do - 4 quuilt Salt, do do do do 12 do Bvunt or Peat, do do. - do .. . oz. Pcperr . do do do do , . D 7II t.Jleil Fifh per iiinn, once a week, I gallon Vinegar - r 100 rations, do do do. " 1 - vDj snltrd prime Pork "per nun, do do do 1 lb Rye lioar do do per day . . 6 i'Z linrian " ' 4tto do do do ' 1 - 2 gill M'.lawcs ''do "do do do " The above lo be of good quality and approved by the ext nt, uhen delivered. Beef it not men - tiened, tnv renton of which, the agent will ttata to vthomsocvrr may contract. ' ALSO, Prnpesals will he reccivtd. untill the Sill init. for furnishing the I lotpital department ol taid i ttsun wnn WKiicine, rood, mm itoipnai scores, tor one jeartiom ht 1st ot June next, ngreea - htv le nn act ol the Irf - riilature. cuirernine lb State Prison, pasted the 13th of April 1817., Proposals will be received, lor furnishing front. two to three Tliuuud load of stone, suitable for building an additional wall to the State Prison. ALFX. COFFIN, jr. Agent. New York State Prison Office, May 4, 1818. ' my 4 d trull .. BAMK OF tiFW'Y' RK. try The 6'tm klmlder are reqiies ed to meet at the bank on Tuesday the 12th of May next, . ...... , . to cnoote thirteen oircciur lor uie ensuing; year. ' The poll will ke opened at de en o'clock, and close at three o'clock. ., By order of the hoard of directors, , CHAg. WILKES, Caihr.' ap 38 tMsv 12 blork and t.Trhangt I'Jjut. TCp" Th tulncribers havo foinied a co - parU nerrJiip, at stock and exchange broker, under lha firm of Davsnport ft Cammanu OlOc No. 27 Wall - street. Jotm A. Darenporl, , , , Henry 1. Cammann. ' Government and ttate stocks, corporation tot k, bank and insurance stocks, purchased and raid oa comsiissloa. i Th various hank not, not current at the hanks, purchased at a small discount, ' ' Premium pttd (or &panib don art. ftp 29 Iw 4 hacetiftorl lc Cawmann. ,'.. ' NO I ICE. frtr Tbe ro - partnersliis) of A. II. Itaareact) ft Co. is this Aj dissolves) by nastual consent. The Uiisettled businet of th concern will be attended to by A II. Kaureact ' - ... ... A.H. LAURENCE. ', ... . ,r. ... A?N. LAURENCE, - i ' JNO. BENbON, Tbe business will he continued, after Uie 1st of May next, by A. II - Laurence and A. NLa rem e under the old firm of A. II. LAURENCE it CO at No. 28 William - street, opposite the Pott Offii e. Ntsr York, 30th April, 1818. . apJO 61 , . . - ' 1 (15 Notice is hereby give to the stoc - khold - ers of the West Chester Turnrike Road Company, that an election will be held on the third Monday of Mav next at ten o'clock ia the fore, noon, at the boas of Dnvld Wood, Ion - Keeper, at - Mamarorwrk, for the pvrpo of choosing thirteen Dinctonrfor the taid company. P30 ' ' "" ' " ' Q3 The Dirwlorsoftlie Ntw - Yurk tbsiita - tionfor the iostactinn of Uie deaf and dumb, aa - nouoce to the public that it will be opeued ot the second Monday of May next, ander th iu - (erintemltoce h( the Revd. A. O. Sttnibory. Application for admission are requested to be nutdeftttbe institution, corner of Chatham tad Chamlier streets, or at Nn. 10 Pine - street, i JOHN B. ROMEYN, 1st Vic Preit , JOHN B. SCOTT, SecVy. Those per loot who have subscription papers ia their haadt, are requested to refute theia to the Treatarer, at soon as they have executed what appears to them to be theu - duty. .."P1. - NOI'ICE is hereby gitva to the tot k. IKHdrrt mine ASSOCiaiSS Ol lire rtrj . - .vyw - oy, that a dividend be hern d. - clsrerf ot twe dnllai prshre am the cpitl stock ol th com(uiy, whkh will be paid oe th 12th ia - turn, m .oi j . ilAKRY CALDWELL Treatarer. i . myHw ' , COPARTNERSHIP. . ty - IFMam H. jl"winn, LharUl Tarn, (of Uie late firm of II out ti lown.) and Jokn Hrntwn. ( late of tbe firm of A. Ii. Lawreat ft Co.) hav conaectcd tbsruselve to business, a block and LSiiiange aroaers, atxso. 44 vran - street under the firm o( . , ROBINSON, TOWN k BENSON. : my 1 Iw ' MARINE INSURANCE. 0& The Office of the Uoi .n Insuraoc Com - pany, u now rpen, at No. 66 Wall - street and applications for Marine Riki will be receutd front 10 o'clock A. M. to 3 P. M. sr.y 1 tw W O tBttlEL L. LEWIS having entered Into irtoenhip with ais brother HORATIO G. LEWIS, tbe commirsion busincs will be co ticued BRdertlie firm of G.ft H. LEWIS. New - York, IK Msy, 1818. GABRIEL L. LEWIS, stytlw IWRAIIOG. LEWIS. FOH HALE, nBev A eery safe and pleasant y.unCJJl IIOR - C foraUdy'susei racks priacipsUy ander the ddK but wUl trot in barn. Enquire of Vir. TUCKER, at hi rabUs, eoraer of Johsi amiGolJ - street. '

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