The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 5, 1818 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1818
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jvttr.YutJC. $vuna. furt" TUESDAY, MAY . . : Th of Ui .VolMUnu ite - i - ier, . Havao. to lata Ww. - hars4 . h n at tempt U imposo U pnblio, by tW - rfcmf as .rttri. b tha tialumbtan -, which was only quoted by bint torn th 5. Ilave Journal, paper of ppo.t poKUcfc , Aa expl - ? letter, but not fro me, has written la bl, xlxtliie that tli error in quoting a"1" m ,1..rt J. and wris re - T.tted : but that t lOJ rate, it was not mne. as I wsi thro confined to Dry beJ ; thia, however, h ha pated hT wi'h fiut any DoCc or relriclion cf cl.argei. 1 R.B. Thot ppr which repabBahea' tb j n a utan rmn Ulal Colombian Register, are requested tocormt the trror into which Ibey hav been led, and y it ogM to hart been mailed to the Kaw.Hma Journal, . ?. v ' - .; . ..... , , . ," ' . , :. i - ' " VuthL Further return from distant prt of in dUtrfct, fcvor 111 that Mootagnl. .1, cud KMtor agW Crosby, iud that Wood una Garretem, w electJ.member. of tonjrwf jtintS5 ana Cuioo..; , .:., V m.. Lri. fl.nrr. Burchman. of Solan, which uiUd from New - York ia Juo last, for Jhi We of France, put lute Babia, (St Salvador,; ana on krd nartof her farro' i from thtoco'to Ma . ra&bam tad diicbarjwl tha remainder, amonj aAW - h war lbarta boftbaada of coppr money Thrael wu teiJed tod cooxlemoed, and.tha '. Mntaia took paiaaeo iu the brir Shrive for Ur ' Verpool. The crew, eonabtto of tereo men, - Mr k at - Maraoham, entirely eriitat i hra fire ofthta now remain. The bri Glory, Marti. U lioatafl, from - Mwanham, wa eart fway 10 Ptria Rlter aboot ii weelu iinee, car - . n and fraw sated, reaael lott. . . mmwnw," - " the era of the fleary, who arrived Um forenoon from faria via SU fierre. io Ibe athr. Lyd and Mary. '' . ; ; - :,!' " 4&WTbefoIlowLiisillene were yeiterday ch - ta direct on of the Bank of America. - Tbnmai Buckley;'" fbittp none, - . 0orfe G ntwoW, ', frrrtS Fith, , . FraaciaTbompaon, , Jonathan Goodbne ' John Johoaton " Tbeodorea Bailey, William Buard, Etepbea IVhitory, - . 'JohaT. Lawrence, .Benjamin I riwan, Joaiah Of Hea Hofitaaa leter Crary, jr. Tboan il. Smith, Jonathan I. Coddington cowam.iicaTion. t '. COL. WILLtTTS CfJi IM. a nl.r. iwvW tha umtorl at u A FrienJ o Trath,1 ha very beacvoientty olunteai eJ i.' , ir.,. La Mntmrart a - JsUmMit receotlr n"i , . ... v vt: tJI n - r. n - u!ire to the auovc roa J t1 cUan. Wi tkw be hi onJrtaken to - l. at ..w ia' im ksnla'nre. which an - n ',.A a i aaiair af (v reoientfl no land . 1 - , a oraitt. thai pocxaa J'ion . dJaaVJ iin it In &pU oficert until two third ' of the regumfi were mn1era.l. That uch wm the pnTi'ort cf the law.k iry readny aJojiitcd ; bnt I nnt beg leve to d'.pulo die utu - nt . Kl ,IN I, Wfc UflMi I - M d, conlaioed the number (rpquiraJ by law, to anthortoo itmapptittiiaTenad a in - awc, ,rw thai by pewtiarycoraenuenra, cel. W. ronld not, to that character, have a jmt cliiim. to th landiP,uttioar," On tha conimry', it is in col. Willetl' powe to furniih ample proof,, that bu reziment did actually, at one period, wif irt of 0 coppaniee, containioir opwtiH of 600 men; that a deicripttve 'roll, inclndinr thii number, m by him trafl milted to ynv. Clinton, to rrre a a voucher to teat the identity of the non - com - mitoioned offlcer ami private who ihouU apply 1h ilnrumant H doubtlfW ttill on fii in the office of the ecrtary of tate, nnl t A.. m if a nr ftmihf All t hi, nohil. 1 1 ia l V nuilicw"!...'; . . . .r.Krnlt In rxvmrila this itittemrut nO ,w,..n - - :h ih fru contained in the verv imioiii: ei - mri. taken from the mnnef of the council of ..Jfnfinl. anil introilueed to thaw that only ranUini were comniiuionel and - ntilleJ to receive land for the recruit they had furuuhed Tk. nnrrM - llMlli of this, ii bv no mtzru auntUoii ' ed t but probably laaa couKqueuoe would have . beea alUiched to it, by the wnlcr, baa he uiten I. t hImuI hi innniriM and aaliied fhe vubUc, that above 300 men wero enlirtfd . i i w , rrl 1 Upon a plan rugsea oy coi. ,t . i to axi nl;im mra. b land bonnties. htvin; tuan tried with little efiVV an uociatioo of n..n ...HH ih'inwlvei ia remeJv the e Ti,furoihd money by way of inJuceuient to recruits ana in ut u iqereoi recrT w ,t. it., imili in which ear.h private would o - thrwie have been entitled.; ; Thu the tenni of the latu( were virtually complied with ;lhe . .t a, il... U. ,1 ' ni A ikl tnoum nave um aae F7 " vi .iMii crlbe rsdMtion ef (he fi 5ew.Tork to 1 eoL W. wa left oot of ihe waj - W the man 3 trnuuwuu wim ,,,. - ,oi, and wUl juHiff m olwerrms,. that mt?tit adoption of hi. - K - t f attempt U, te np - t. PMlent ef the U. S. ha by proclama - uoo, beerme; date tbe.SOtb nf April, ordaioed h,i o0blUt aale forth dliporalof certain land. in the ttrritory of Miwouri, be neia ai inn im u ii C I aiim. in & - - a - " - ma uu. in Anruir. OctibrA December. February and April neit, and threw week after mtJioT the aaul aavt. lor me rata oi - land diitrict off t. LouU. Thirty lownihipi hall be offered at each ale, comment); with the no eastern ranee wt of the fifth principal naeridian line, and proceedin: weiterfy. At the teat of juttic for Howard connty, in i..s.i luniMv.m tha lint Mnndav in Septem ber and Novtmber next, and three week after each of the utd day, tor me aie oi laou in w f IImikI muntr. ThirtV toWO - Hp hall be offered at each i&le: The nrt V h.. m annim Litrti flrui in inciuuv J w us in ri - - juatic of the aaid county, a neanv m ma wira ' .....(. r ik. mrvava will admit, and the aecond Immediately eatt of the the am lorm ; eacepunj irora aa w ia . the landi which have beea or may be re - terved by law lor otner purpnac. Eatrarb from Cerratoa Gaiettra, received at tl.i re ytilerday by the Hippomenea iu 16 day from Cnrracoa. . i - From the Currtco Gazelle of Mam za. v ...i nFa,,i Tha Cc'raordinarr Ca racGatU oftb 16U March, contain the WlowinjMirub.taie: - ' A ditpatch from oripuiwr - r' - .,:. - tr - ik Marr - h. to Don Mirnel de Solor - auno at La Junta, acnaainlinj him with the retreatof the mucpenucni irom thiwh m ib. laii.v ia nin him a toon a nonible. wkh thexavalry nnder hi command, for the pur note of punuins; the entioy. . aii,. r ,h nme date, from the tame to the Captain General.' mentioning that he waa vgmjh h a cnv. mat uie lmicnnmciui ii.u abandoned Victoria and Consejo, falling b.cbj toward VilledeCuia. . 71 Another from the tame to the eame, dated a abwve, enrtwwna; O' e with UToiie had re. ,k - riiiMJnaiirt ofTurmrm. in. frtrmi Jf him that tti Cicncrl in Chief hid rti - - pmtii the ImJppfnacnu maracay nu ur .1.4 K:m a naorwri imnii4.attlv AlTavinftt UlCTPa tvj aanav ivmetviii - - o whom hi Exorlpuraued in the aame at ate. .. .. ... . . n l. V I . . . The enrarca itaxeue oi uie 10 n iarvu lan a .lmoirh from rrncral Morillo to the cap .1 i..rim. ilhlad ( k'ua 15th of tlarUi, wilfl a poHcnpiuui irom a uia uo wui - .nk. iKih Ii aiarr, lliat na the I4thhe urpri - ted tUO of the patriott at La Cabrera, of whom . . . . 1 U - . not a iu;le on arnvea bi .aiararay , wikh ,: ko.l ik.'.r miu - 'umiI ftirr. amnuniine to 1300 cavalry, and a unall number ofiofautry. Thete itijr war. in iiirraHinn aiincaau. aoi tnurtu i.r. ui. il l hrimiiar viuraiM. who ataueracu thrm in all direcUoot, after killing upward ol ... - .. .1 f 1 Alt ,iul ahmt Irnm Hu m a BI&BU I I cniouiv, w .a. loadi ol ammumuno. upwaruaoi inw noiw, ... . . 1 lUInM mullituae u tquipajae, mncea auu r "i - Bi wilnout raptnMKtnjt but the tritt lot of 5 alam .n.l a K.nriiU,! funeral Morillo waa tubae - ...nil - inCunuJ tv m women that La Torre bail bvalen them tne same uiy, lorcmg ua w Ml back ou Victoria, lie haJ alto receivea in i.n.n. hv mmc nf kia uartici. that the pain M wrr takif j tlie road to Coroio, on tbrir way t Villa de Cura, and ww therefore going 10 march in euraoit ofthewa, altboorh hi troo.w hid taken no Hod or reti, wim ;na imrauw.., nv!. " to purtue them ai meir neeia na i - Ih.flr'umm, ' ..... ' The poftecrlptom mention, that at oneo - cipca !. . .,.r..: . i ii.. trtih. a - . iiorol Morillo at - III ll.C UIUI uM . ." ,i.,1 link Villa da Cura. duDenuie the paUioUy.wh wtre flyiug Vy the road o( San S rti 1 L il L .. Miiralrv. anil M J una, loiiownuuj uia aui u" i - r..l.....n r,( lij - l.l ImuiL and that the bodv of tht aruiy ai preparing to march in aupport of th van. i Tha troon had been three davt without ant warm food, and by the water and marahea were reUncrU to the iiecf'uy oi gomj irarauuiTO, 1 n.nlilil A letter fiwn Poer' - o Cahrllo gires the follow ' . t r... Da. Bo cacmco, at 11 uaicu nuui viv f .a - a com 1 U t I icooiinoo I Cia, Wltn ine reraaimacrai, " . - . .. ii iha fi.llnmiir dav .Morales nan ni.. iha fnllnniii? dav Morale had a I IH'""1 .. .. li;. I..I, hu.m.m. mpmwn in 1111 ir . iiuu uia u'iii . . . . . i. . . 1 1 .1 .ia. in w . iib - i - A Aaaa. f oar - aaWl.ta Ai tMII Anna Alevxiras. 1 nave been at Gibraltar, and traveilod hither by way of aeviUe - particuUra f m tour, at another time. 1 learned jetenlay tnai oovv. r .L - C...:.K ,mK,uunl tl IVaauinKnn iron uia - .... . have been received ber to the middle of Jan - tiary, a ftienrt ha !mwb met rnuaunp" - - pereoniamingaicuerm arij. - dated Vahington,86ih December, demand - bir th liberty of your townsman Mr.. Meade ; . t ' a .' i. r m.i.t ha ahtailv Ul UlC uiia upjaiwivi - i. I . - i ik dnaniak arovemmetit 1 hop to e Mr. Ervbig in a few day, and if any th ing a ta . J.. i... lk. aarliMt occurs, you iiuui near irviu uic wj 1 i . . A Kaurftlal MAniirV .. H)Wlong will nc lmmcwi pw ian aMaa4taaa tt,llalt Inanlta from wretche likt IH W llUUl V " . , .1 i, ...ii. il'itirMiinr to wttne tne uicac ifc Mmiij - n - . . u:h which mrm tlune American M Hdlltlll wi.ii w - - j V" - . , , , treated ty mem. oome new iii y j - - - occurrcd which wa m reality my onject m t: - ik. alaataatnaW nfWMl AlBCIlat It4!ABtl bf OUT JUMtB IU wv;eaj - ' . . a at r a a . . . a a . mm a. . govemmeot, rerdinana v ll. net grnoiru ' i r l:. rmia Immanie tracta of land ui the Florida a friend ha givw m tho note which ia below, containing an account oi iiioaa caaawui , .nt ii.. ..;.i.a nf tha naiettloil and unap propriated land in Florida, after theee cefon are located, are to be given to a penon of the nana of Vtmi. Variou motive ar anigned for tho grant. Somo do not tcrupla to ay ...... . I 4U. mat tin meaiur naa uen autipicu ...,i:. rik. nlniiturnf atata. Pixarro. who UICIIUBIIW V. HI. 14i f - . thai i ha United State are determined to elie oo tne I luriuaa, rcaoria u uw " grtling rid of the land, a let oDennv 10 ni majeaty' dignity in we event 01 uiair ucwg Ail k. .aiiiji fnn mra nniT lu cahjb ui w erelgnly after the foil had beto all dipoed of. rtUk.n .Mnrwua thlt it & With the VieW of CVt - 1.0. h.n.. Krira r the land. 1 Othen that it i a anafiilntinn of Onii ami Sarmiento. Otben a.n that it ia to cajole th United State out or the inucmnitiea so long ui - u, ui.ou . The duke of Alagoo ha dUpaUhed, it i a.d, . vi - o. - ik. Ilnilatl Matea i and that he proceed by the way of Pari and London : that nil miaaion is to eu ine gram w " i " . Mr Kama mora Conaeauence. and protect hi perwn, he bai been funwhed by the minmer rizarro wunaroumunw, i. ik. .nil. nTlh. miniatcr Onia. . Thil rentleman i brother to th adminiitrator of the . . r c ...I.. KMt - Othce department, aou wmamr aiew ik. Um, th. rnric. aecrelarv of it ale. nt'"" r IKirDHIt Wimi Nlinii lni u. ... , - - .. 1,1 - nf meit neee - ary to justify th. appointment, of ,wew, GalkCRr, ,l joaquio, who fled to '"'lured th. BeVi oincar ; anu 11 appear. u7 u.o ' I Calirra, united lhir torcM to me amount . eaif. UtM an csmikii bciuhhv oaiapnm"! 1 r .. nu Wnf t.i. 1 whU k a - Aiild hwa bean in direct I pUUKliwii.l " ' . Li.i tJt ika nrYivinn. if Ihn Ooutlnrn' - V on wbkli R1 was predicat'd had not oecnrred, or 1tM required two - tlitrdt had not been mnneren. ,Th rnrreetnrs of thfc statement' may eaily be tested by refereoce to th descriptive roll, hy ,l k.. nf land warrant, halted to the indf - lira " " . - kltiala of Col.' WillettV regiment, and tij . . ... 1.1. .....;..; ' teflimorty nremlaw I uisfnc4ori0u of the u the army an IIIM wn p. - n . . mintment, and did in every particular perform . . ., .i....i.iJk. ih..M tha rnnrlu try particular perform A act, th. ronclu tne UUtt ciiruijiij,a tun is irretisiaoi", mat ne .... k'.. rwi rrr. at lb rlCS 01 in wir."i I rloa of th wai1.''! i k.r. rrnlMtaTairrttfUiinfereoC attempted , m , - ,. hnt hia a word immediately to be drawn " that because this location 0"t wbo had gi vca it to him to the . .. . , . Ikimit. 1 ... ..i .i .1 : a tbea mad, Ittt ngM to it couia noi " ed.n This undoubtedly few will be fhunil will li - ct of a rithL or etaim. shall be rerelvrd or and conned of ap - fci tfc. .n,my blrt Wt man) ff " j, au FjUib Transta y gj; inwo ana UrOan.ta ar a - W. authoreJt10' j ,e woun,led. Our lot amount uly to l.jltrty, t,.raneral Morillo rareiveda slishl Tramlalcd ihat none such exists. A presumption that noo such exists. A presumption aponthxprwcoodAott" w. c.'J v".w - v - i - I D .. . . . . . e . - .1 I he lollowiogni atransiauouiTOui un"'( fi - nin Ihi, nrirfnal Soaniah. Cewion of land made by hi catholic, majerty to . th. .tiika aI Alavnn. . "All the uncultivated land, which ha not 1.. k... - i,il in FaO.Vlnrula. and which Gc between the bank of tha riven St. Louita and 6t John, to their entrance in the tea, anu I ha arVatl nfiha n - iilnh nf Florida and the island - . adjacent, within the entrance or mouth of the river irupurloa, in Ue ao degree oi tauiuuc, lowing its left hank to it source, drawini? a line t the bke Matrao, from tnenc uown ny me road of the river St. Johns to tha lak Valde, .lrittio5b - aoothar line from the northern eilre - ,;i. nTiki. iaba. iniha aourca of the river Ana - aina, following iU right bank to it mouth, by the 28 and So degree or lautiiue, anu tomiuuui i.rih, mvi nf the sea. with all the adjacent ialauda. to the mouth of the river Hipnelo. nrian.l, maila he his cainouc matcsiv, to ft.. iAn.1. i. rum a, niviiu. 1(1. VVU.V 1 - ." - " " " ii an ik. nnriili'miail laiuls which have onl already been granted in t lonua, romprueu ne t.r ik. rivra Pfntido to the west of tho erulph of Mexico and Uw nvera Amaru ja aou di. vooib, pn... I a it, niitlM in the lea to the eantward ; to the northward the t ne oi aemnrciatwo wim k. RititM nf Amarica. and to the south ward hj the Gulph of .Venco, mciuuing an tne deaart islands on the coast. Jfi - am the Concord. (Man ) Gaietle, May 2 vn,.A.i, Wa hava aean a new model wro. ...if ... w - - ii ...n. .nn a,hu h nmmi to be of some coo ii.,r, ami ii aiil to be tha invention of cay t Artimaa Wheeler. 01 tnit town. ninnnim1 k..l iiffiimt nnnnrtnnitv to examine it so m ..i.l, a. In rin a - rilition of it that WOUld UU1. J " . - I Jo it justice we are inclined to think il a new nn.i imiinriant inventioo. more uru'jui.iii iu . ., of an action with an enemv. It has one kirv.1 Ihrfin h which tha charere. pass, that is ol . l . 1 L. common length., also seven snort ones, noi naiu.ii i.unrrv than anfficiant to contain a chare each , thse hav a pan auacnea to uicm u comam powder for priming, and are kept perfectly tight by a' ilide that cover, them : theae barrels arc In mnva rirrnlarlv round, nmr the lock. whKh i. also of naw consiruciiou j aucr unng the flrtt charge, the half cocking move - by a aa f h nrmiin f Thii 17UU 11 hilt litllO hfa - VW.B.w va. P." " " , . . , t at.. v. jw.a rnnfl aulian J - katfatJ Iraa.l ing news, Vecaired as U would appear from - . w,kh .;,, jlUi, m0ro time than to load U WIHCU rrfjmit iiviio iuihu ihu m" . .l.a.i K..'iTrai mm i . rifle it can ba JtireJ 9 fxpwlitiouRly .... ' . ... . - :n k. rnn.riani In enrk Ilia nieca and take .. ik. . i0ik Tirinillrr Morales marched! . .1 .. 1 .. . . , - . 1 Sli - Ul, UUlll Uie IVISU r e ujiuiaiji U arith ihraa rnmnuiiel of drasoona. I B .... . r ik. I7,.n and threa of the Valencia m;i:.;. a..,t waa fcllowed bv Calzada witl 200(i men. On the 1.1th tha - eneral in chief left that place with 2 - tO hussars uu ngnt tu - unurj, wi, r ,ka Union, tha two Navarra. ac - IMUWVU v - ' - romnanied by Percira, commandant of Valeo - 1 . . .. . . 1 . f .k. knll.lint, nf iklkl From llit Boston Palladium I ... . . - .1.1.1. I mantiotl Of th fievil. Willi inanniirrjn - yt e cannoi, ,t uina la a novr.i uocirmo, ii ttThm command of the army nas now utmir - ciseol the power wiuci in to adult tnat briradiar La Torre, wao goes in pur - tei to ,f fetter man n; tha noo - etiforcemetrt - of a ... ,,. . . R. a natural order of lnr ,ilut char d - nxed I...! ij w - .l y - '. ... ........ j aaiouiiu'iT ,...., ka The lovers of si cred now exptriem el a rare trehtonTueway cveuiu', in the porkirmaoce 01 an or.norio n,.vi.i..n H ill, aaint wun uia taicmsoi nr. 1 lipp. The hall contstineil nearly one thousand 1 - .. 1;,. fin.l - enilciuru. manv hundred applied for it bout sucres?. I ni. nrriiinsiani a uut ir.nilnut and Iru.teoa of H.e ilaiulr Snrirlv. to make antilicatiiNi l. .Mr fnr hi, a,,rtaneo t.i - .1 renetilion ol tm iciia .4 .oila.1 rnrhattln at - lauata: tint iicrti i.... - - - ... . , ,h.?w..J?..rinro.n,wi of 300 men and ititfi 'iV . ' " Irompoit with hi. rouvenicoc. ; which reue.t "'"'"i'0 kind., t. comply til I. a 1.1a u. ..un,, itfc. r ,ai r - main in town one dav looser mornit.Titconim'nceaana.ucK upou M ,0 gratif. drove them back m ctmfu..M upon Rch, n ordr to ,. j(1B(rf thft?, who could not 1.,.... .1 .lint, in una laucr int auwmi 1 : . . ...... IWH l,i""v.. ... or tht thila - lrlpkit, American Ctn ftnet. 1TEPI B! 1C OF HAVII. oaoaa or ths bv - VU a - wiii W UlMe who iire wtr.vcr.5 ,; i J. nun at vltte jsaiaonni . - . . - - PrKthcSa April. iJthjcarof the itdcpendcpce of HXif. f ExtracVof a lreved by the W Fjtiairy Jmk. Ptltr fairer. I'rt'Ucnl i llayti. commence the exer - the nation ha dclega r tmitatinir the tood all the action of our IU. . I.. - . ..t ..II. iImiawml u wn n'lim . i ititi&Lrioua nreurccMw. ,, ... ol wit . BHr wiik joo bravo men waiting tor p,.,, anfTering hiinumty, on those wno, a k:na ;..Mflil nkiilMl ka Ika vnrriiiiMtanraa oil m . . l.. . ii. K... n,.l nf s nmnipiit nf lit the cas. and we may account for iha delay, ly lbe,m . ' Apra 18. V dulgence t whei efwre wc have thought fit to use xr.utn raiue wrni to wuu wain, i w i th. arrival, from La Kuyra ana rucrui pjced agreeably to i ecei en p - incipm anu tartnination oj lite revolutionary contest, ado - i : j.. . .i.,i imnortint new. , m thr mrit ot our lan - a. nv ...... ... i f.K..iii aiiNtce ,,i.vtn. - . - i iiu, in . - ui..... 1 - . . . rhernMCimenol iojicm - iniucttoo ta equally ue 1 - . r;P.l Intelligence .i - . .11 nnannrn who are not .tatnetl b tarvintf of nolire: h. oWrve. - it hi eridetit w, t . nena'tvof death - idbvthistodrawa line e, distinct frrther opera'. iona bail tancn piace , i n is lavor is exicnucu, ui im. m. . " ' . . a . . . P.k, nt. hr faVe - Ta mil III r - ISirssiuii I S lr Ifl w IJUUI IV Ul - " - - rL"SlaKrSr Cmeral Morillo M U" dip.ine, . he, fur debt ahall , - t 't i - . imonal wl. the 1 TJZ'iT meat ta a particular nation. "i um pro 1 1 - - . . , . "w j a - .. - n - ; litta. a troops were supplied wiUi every thing - except jl nin uiirriru, u . . !... I nu.riwt f.r rimini. nn the air. About 800 lb U. S. b wa i'te r.:r " .vTiLTa,, - w .i Mmhoe. had - B' - .Col.ofa.. leva, . . - - TT"' .r" ' ' , alko taw Wul nW mat ma rfimn w , - - ' ... k. ..ninreLonfurmah na" .ecu. I v sxr.avi.iafl mil dv i m ici oi c chicikv ,ci i . r .t.... mJ.n at'i.i: receive the benefit of il. nnc ih w. ill consider himelf own mi to contunn vt uir U - a, never relp - "to hi faults, and prevent u. for the futa - efrom employing. jut severity Declarm that nothing ahall ever divert u. fnom ine great t wauhfulnea over h public order, the rwpecidue to the laws, and cral Jackson, irom ou oww, "" - liui, . ... ... mr,WtA v.rtfrom the Main, repona uic h"v. , , ..a MinH rurui LHHJV . Vii:ii .A hi. arm, and fata death by a pike through the body . thU may be premature v 5i L.i. - r..t;..r. nfr.ohvar. ul - ' nf cornea ii piin.""" - - - . tinifh. Maw ft noon. "BOYtlt By the President t The Secretary General, - v t nrtne eapfonnin '" men from tMiJJ - .. raa ilViM.I IU 1UII1 IIIIII t f J. A - a aalr, at ttenina"!!..! CiTt DfOCUre lQt those paper, or would forward them. .. FROM OUn CORRliPONDEST. TjCBce of the Daily Advertiser, Doston, ? a of i r.l.n. Tracv. day from yiinvvw, 1 ' . .. . ' . London, leit, 31st March, ship t.rtenon, rv. of and for Piew - Voi a, in in oi " a J I . . .ki I'Wim. Todd. Philadelphia, 7Tu a K - iih f Nantucket, for Bo. 3U1 , ata u,iu,i , - - - ton brig Alfred, of nn tor uoston, , r r BrtM m w nra. s a a rii iiviai venus, dwjiiii . - . r : M.u.i.i JiinRuim. Noves. dolor Liowna, .u. ." - I" V 'Bl ..,,.1. dot brig Apollo,. Kice, oi notion, . ' . D . . n r m.I fir.. Rnal.n. phia, do I crig nope, ieng, . - do; .hip RcHnulns, for Norfolk, do. Left at ... a 1 . at llaMiltAil. tmi Y . Cowe.3!st aiarcn, snip uta. iin.."i - - u ' cJ.. ill. in lat 43. 28. Ion 39, lorn vpwwi rr" . ' n . brig Sally, Eame from Livenool, for Boston - April 16ih, lat 4a, 04, ionS ii, from Havre, for Philadelphia, SO day out ; same r.u .hi, larva klanda of ice. and run to 1 1 UIC. U H ...... - - - . . th. annthward SOleacue, before we were clear i.icA li in. 51. briylcentof Al - I - I - Ul' kar.l rnllhl Dot leUITl Where exaourm, . . , bound. 23th, lat 42, 50, long 59, br liero, oi rm I iahnn. iiavs OUI. nil well. IDUVTUWUNiiiwi. , - .. no i ad n't. bnsr Phoib. l roc - ter, of and for Marhlehead, 42 days from the Isle of May. i;ame in tne u. rapi. i . late master of the bri Increase ol ilartilchead, rs . Kap aatif il - r in th Bar of Uiscav. . .a a C iL. Ia etn.l mi drove Uowq lo me douobi oi m wnj - i i .1 i nil MarrK. in izhl of land nnu HLiUllUnidl Ul - ' V - . . blowing a gale from tho westward, crew taken nff by ft Urenaan tnip anu wmu t col. Talbot. Wm. C. Gray, eq Mr. Hall, Mr. Bitlle, Mr. Browniupr. T.. km ivilitpltf favoured Ihe Z.I11 lor, with Lloyd' and other shipping lit, to the nih of Mareh. from which we have made the following extract. ' ' . . i WT a.ilaff KflMn. UIWOIUI ... i . a.ll M.Hitrratiean t.nsrita.on i """"" - " r,L: i: rv.. Portimouth, Marcn a i, arnvea XnM.Vr.rU I 2', A f. IVilllKI UBU1J. ijih.iiuv... Antwerp, Marrh 18, arrived Margaret, Rohbin. ... . '.' v a.l..k 17 arrived I annV t nariea'ini. i,.nn", im - Blond. Savannah! tucharin wupuuny, Falmouth Soto, arnvea uamua, - Vnrk. Pialthelv 84th. arrived Liverpool fra der. Hams, Savannah DAmterdam I7h arr. terson. from tharletion for HamNre, armed off - aaVO.I Ua,!.Mal l' fl. HTriVCU ft 11611 W - - . . MOTCr. atVaUla IIC1VWV wf - - I iii, Ilallannen. Baltimore. Mar.eille. 10th, , arnvea i - .i T.mler. Sldnev. New Orlean. ueai mn mcZ : .1 ..i ..iiu,i fnr the river, the Diana ray, from Leghorn, p, nci "1, - ;, 1.... ',sr,a . - a. at T M r. ft F I H 9 to . n u Mak R W hn1 a tevere fail r'Ml?UlJW" vv.e a w. - .., . . . .ale nf wind all day from the S W to N W which .111, I I IkaWIKI thxv. still conlinoet nut ni uie muiVt hdhertorodeto .aiety. , Wi understand that the l)uke" of Wellinsttn may certainly he expected in tnglaud ia uie r a U rounem ii . t:. Cnntilloo, who hat neen nrreaira m . - I, btk r .In aa Kaaaia ra a. of firing oa the uuac, wna loniwrij .. - - ., - v - . made an attempt on the Hf of hia Col el at tl hing. tie i. 30 year, of age, , 01 """"r"1""7 courage andfcrociouwiem. Jt n certain tbnt the )lothd luongin in dcirioui, - - in waa lihnrallv oaid. for it 1. known that he Vt much money. t Pan,. R. t. - 1. ik. inf. nri - mmta from 1'nria. Ihe valuation of the debt to be liquidated, it IihuIi - ..1 il.. nmiiiint to tne euoriuou, imm thousand eten humtred million of ftauc. r.u waa. March 27 la blew a violent gale yesterday afternoon r ,.. vrfh Tho tmerican .hip Robert lilllll in, liwi - " - . " . " I n.t..,..j. and Tontine. Turley, drove foul of each other, the former sprung 1... k..uiwnrii rarricl wv her head, and re ceived other trifline; damages, aod i come in. to harbour, the Robert Edwards, cut her cable and has recovered it again, mc .iiiicr.v... brij; Cannon waa obliged to cut her cable and run into harbour. FROM OUR CORRESPOXDEXT. Patriot Office, ) Itnalnn. M 1 V S. I i ..i. r - .n.i r; rover. 12 dav. from Annrui ...n.... - - , - - - Matanzas. Lett I'Jth tilt, .hip Len. Jackson, Taylor, for Gibraltar and a market, in 6daya t Fox,Hastelt, lor ft lorn, "aw "s - F Hih mi ,i:iv : iiusv. liar - i.nariiy, ni,iM - - ... r - .m w.rr.ii ditch . flrotticrs. Smith, for iv...... t,.i:..m. Three Siatcrs. finm Savan ll.licil IUrtV.llW , - ... n'ah, jut arr.ved j schs Fame, Symonds, from ;liai'lcton ducll; Jane, uiis, ut " ' "'"' i,. i c...i.i - n an.h A henna, l.riliun. iu na,.. .i i vv - ' . - for New - York. rpoke on the 2Ui itlt lat 3U, .nff ro, sliip Maria, PaiurielJ, Irom - ayoroox 18 Iioiim out, for Martinique i and brnc Catn arine. AH hours out for do. The brig Mentor, Carr, sailed from Matanxas about 4 days pre VHI11,. .... hngl'ah ahip Cnltimbia, SO days from Mver - ponl. Spoke nothing. .. . ' . . . . .1 I i)l .I.... Hri? H',ne, llill. irom isiiiuuii auu j, u.j fiom the lViwn. spore nouung. lli ig Spartan. Knnwles. St falvador 50 clay, ii..;.. r.laekmer. 4i (lavs from M Jam. de 'erds. Left ch . Rice, of - ' . . .. . . .i. - u: u I. tna. tne ii. e m iu, i aiiiu ruiuiii'niiiii ' ' - - " - j . - Jov. for nnlucketa iocti d ml iail. d fir the . - . a . I . A ft - aa .th Vrtss. i im iu - en r Minn .iiciuor. rrcr . n.a a at a. ft i. a min. aailed Honsvisu vn tiarcn. i nai 1 - leof ' ay aboil' the 2 I of March, ship Fair e, i i..t.... ...t'.iiLr f,,r .alt ahin Minerva. Col - fin. from Nantucket, bad touched ofT - t. Jago a a . t . . i c Vaicli, and proceeaca lor tne ooiun ocaa ar,. Ukt fnim llnnavitita. where the left .hip JohnJav, from Nantucket, on awhali g 1 . ' . . v. i 1 1. ...... voage, wnit n snip nan ciicricin,ni ira.j gales on the passage, and lost a lad named Hiee n. and one boat, and in going into Bo - on . i .i.. l . nt n.tviata, alrucK ana rem.inru on mc nmi - u : . u .h ik .mdtrefl the ahin an much. ui n in wv.. it i - i " r r ' that ti.e C iptain was fearful of proceeding on i i c .: . 1 . the voyage, ana wouiu aaii vjt .ibiiikmi ui co. wiUi ah Lima, Plakeu,about 25th March. ch P.eket Pnwler. i riv, from St. F.US - tatia. Left ach. Fair Play, Dunbar, for Bos - in inn, 12 it.vai Mar w k .N'anrv. N York in 10 t brig Sally, if Kitiery, fir Porumoutli i . . i i , i ,l,,p , odd, Bain, lew laya nau moi blown oti the coast ana nuier. Sell Nancy - Ann, Clark. 17 U - y. from AJatan zas. .ok I ino - an. 1 1.l from N York. - Sch Cornelia. Pierce, 18 dav. from Guada. loupe. Sch Favourite, Shaw, Honduras 22 days. rt. r - :i - t.u tn. .wr . ska nf A? ner. Ilia: i. a.i.y - s.... - i - - aorj from the ISth day of April, to the 2d day .r vr.a IR:R . y .K. I. .lln.i'ia Hiaeaara. Uitroed 1 ; contumptioa 14 ; roovuiaioa 2 ; cramp in tire stomach I ; diarrhoea I ; dropsy 4; dropsy ia Um bead 3 ; lever, hectic 1 ; fever, ty - 3: tui oom a . jv"" ,' - .j AffiG.City inspect, O. Satard.y .renins lat, bv tbe Retr. Mr c. V1 - Wil iamilc UlC. to hiwu, I rey, ntr. lie, both of tlii city. KV&ftUfV POUT MARUfB llST: Ship Hamilton, Gr.enoujh, LSjeoI Rl;r.i6tate:8wiuburo Savannah . : p. uoston Bng I'oipnin, tvean, , Haraoa lartnr C Co. . I IttliaKa. l . Schr Fanny fc My,lUll. nK,hmond I J,frr u"67 . Naw - London Sloop Morgan,, , , N..Mcket V.'r: - - ' Providence Rim iCI THIS FOflCAOfJA. - . . . - . - , !..,!.. i iva from at Pierre., Martinique, with and .ugar to J M LowryofN York, and P Brad ley, Thila - delphia, where the veisei w m, ip - - - ahoVtof water tc. . Le (t ship R l J I bo"?' wwim. . "a LWl - rl her as. ofliatruon ine iwu wi "i - ." - - r r,U anH drifted ashore. She had been got - ff with no other damage than baying unhung ner rudder ; brig Chauncey, now, of N York, arn - ,ed .arne dTy, from Paria, and wa. to ail m ft ur'tll? .On Saturday, lat 37. long . 7S, .pok ipWiliam,o..Richmond, fro - ; ae'nouno to Norm k. 4ii nay oui. ' M, poke chr , 4 day. from Bermuda, for PLilarl.lnhia ' ' - ' ' r.i ,i On.iik 17 itaw from' Havre. with dry goods, Fish & GrineU; and one brig '51.., .u:. r. .kin Fannv!: Foreman, pllJ oaueu uiw ....r - - n. i v for Greenock; brig Mechanic, ior rw.o 'w . ship BelS.KUvW. , n i .. k lVkthnenth. 16 USV. frtim SCO. I clCKrai'". . j B.rracoa, with hides, akina, nicaragu wood, coffee, indiRO, tie. to J. & C. &fuine, U M Piexotto, K 3 llallett, A Bdl, A Demma, B J . 1 A A naaal 1Q lit 1 1l a AnriTlS ta the Tlart, U street, ano i s - rjur, Sch Plly and Sylvia;' Weeks, 5 . n - n..k....".. Wi tiui Richmond, wiinnouranu y"ti - u, ,u .. - t Thompson, and others - , , . Sloop Packet, , o aav troni m'ii""i with cotton, to J Magee it Co l M'Bride, and DeRhamfc Deleerl. sioop nmura, York, sailed a few hours belore. - SALEM. May l. - Arnved, acor Adventure, u.n 00 .1.. (mm r:iia Uenrv Left, Xu iiwi.wi, " . - " - . 1 ull. ichrs Jane. Fi b, Baltimore, or iu uays ; lay - Flower, Lane, Gloucester, 25 ; J - fgie, Mitchell, NewburvportjUor iu; ntute, ' - hurv, Boston, uncertain; Favorite, rousianu. Salem, do; brig Agenona, cole, 1 ura - s uumu, 6 days; Planter, Bigfjs of Bostoo, 30 daysfiwm Trieste, just arrived, leaay. cpoB, lat. 35, Ion 70, brig Clarissa, from Providence for Havana, xilh, lat 411, so, ion 00, ou, 1 a: rmm St. ln.tatia for Boston lU, JIIUF"., .iv... . , Ten days since, a brig from Lisbon for IN. Tor. ... .ii - as, .1. . rMM I1.min!ra.. Acnr. oaiiy, snen, w uj . d.: w x'll.n. nf Kannebunk. and ship Pderim, Brown, touched 6th April, and aailed i Ii, 3 rr7 - The public is respectfully informed, that Mrt'hilinrM ia enzaeed lor few nights, and will make hi. appearance this evening. - On Wednesday evening, May 6, Fill b presented, the comic opera of the CABINET. - ! '' - n.i...i. Mr. Philinns . In which character he will Jnfj "The BeaatifuJ .. ... ... i ... Mh.. iiim, ni uiri - Jlatd," anu"irpittB, - . rov ," The Bird Lnet, with Mis. Johnron ; and Ihe Duet " With a friend aod a wile," with Mr. Darley ; and also introduce the Ballad of " Evelecn's Bower," Whimsiculo, , Mr. Hilson Peter . tfarnca Florette, '" Mi. Johnwn Towhicn Wtll nentinen, uie i.u vi TUV si IIT WALKER. Bnmnn. lYlf. MtllOn Performance to commence at a quaiic - i - 1 seven o'clock. ri - .V KOG1.R - . Mtmuture Painter, hat ii. Nn I7J PulLun - almet. wet lide ol ltlUUI.1. v . - w. - . ... ft Broadway. may a iwt lutc.Tiirt SPAl.DI.Nti baa removed lo NiTol Betkman - itrtiet, between William and .naaan - trel.. . i - - nu Ml tCMCIICK has removed from . . . . ft ... OIU. ',pt. . I A9 r err iiim w wi,.iii..i. my i St . v x m r i KMORt have removed J. in r...t .ir..t aWrt thee intend enn - fineing themselve. to com mission businc.l, and will make liberal advance, on goous i;u,iri.iici them, lor sale. i mj rt - v tie. x - Mm. Rl )I's4 Otti 1'ORIO I postponed to Thursday night the 7th mL' may 5 3t " ' " DlsbOLUilOtiF COPARTNEK6IUP. - - - ' ' ' 7 rVaAtf ?roi, Jiftijf 5, 1815. ft - Tha annual atarlKHi tor Director!' nf IkV rititution will be held on Tuesday the 2d day of J una next, at the Banking House, between - - a a - l tnebourtoi luaouzo cioLK. Bv orderof the Board of Directors, - . . G. B. VROOM, Canh'r. mayS tj2 2V 4 uUrMU anal Ler Di yjj, rrv W ill be old at public auction on Tburm - dav the 7th iust. at No. 7 Chatham - street, to commence at nan past o - cioca, a large collection of Marble and wMabastor Vase., Groups and Figure, juit imported from Florence j a mongwmtnara . rt. rM.M nammade. Cleonatraa. I nr - r lias Rom, EN of Canovo, Tho Muses, Female DHncerlrom tiercaianeuiu, uaui.uwn, oic. Some of th uoova are exetuieu oy in nrtt maafera. way 5 3t ! A CsitW. . u. TtTAUT xan ClIARBt.'Aim respectfully inform the ladies and gentlemen Of till City, tnat vii,sj." vi uia bxq aea,tBer last oaiuruaj t.unig, uic 'rauaing Ball u noalP0"611 unlil Tueaday evening, 5, . ll. nM .r.i.. :... . . . inst in the Aemoiy iiuumui u uuy notu, l : .1.. lna, fnr the season 1 in theeniiraa.r ai'Hig uiciM, ... vi the evening, several fancy dance will be dan - eetl by Mr. Uiarruauu anu uia tnipiis, ana nr. Biart' pupil. ' ' ' a " MILLtt. MIN'I'Oi At CO. will tell to - morrow at U o'clock, in front of their .action .tore, 200 demiiohn. L. F. Tenenlfe wine, old end of superior quality, bi ving lain some year, in the Wt.t Indie, and acouirtd a fine nwf fl.yor. Also, "i20 boxes wperior Claret Wine. ' ' my 5 ' !' "'' a', 1 ftr .! TO I'HJ ii 1 ru m "iPae. wai boarded bv a Patriot priva M - - .J Wn.r , vw,n . . In... r.. TV. ft. or to ! teer, and treated politely. Passenger., Capt 1 . . T.Washir.gton'.t. Iter, uiu imicu i.n - .i - - i , and Mr may 5 Atanabur', of Balt imore, Capt. Tennia, biiicaiiani. . ich Bright Phirbus, Smith. 5 day. from Sa - mv 5 11 I - - m - - . a m - nnd r.ritu - h vessel ol 200 ta 9 - - A W a r - w n. inks a rar?o from this nnrt i Km alon, Jamaica, anil from lhanca to London. Or to SbERSON & SHEARER,' . ur.. 01 "aier - ti. Who have for nl a few pincheon ofwu. flavored old Jamaica Rom.' ' may 5 1w mv 5 lw for Li0jV,. - v Tk. An.1 a. nainev s wn ih,i WaiWutav next, and ran acmrnmA. dat 3 or 4 pawenjer.. - ' Apflv oaboard, at (iu ' rlf'6iJ - VGrOA.A'. C. The Khr. EAGLE, Rniftll, lying ia D.l. .lin will will nn ?ntnnlB ninit. annah. with cotton, to jr .... - - v. .. - ...w. ta,WiKetchum&Wee:l.and,,w Rapelye fit CO. ten a . - - , . Green, for New - York, next day. Pamngern, may 6 - J ' - . Mesara. Jave At uuyon. rw""""."""i . rch Nancy, Kelly, 4 day from Phdadelphia, , Six cabin passenger can be band. withnim,whii;kcy,moaasc,oil,tic.toLHom - XJaomelv accommodated on bpurd the medicu k Brown,, Dunlium It Auchmclosa, f,ne coppered British brig POfEBE, capt An - Beers & Woodhull, A . Phelps, Strong ami drew, to .ail for Liverpool about the ilStk Haven.. H XV Field, GGkS I lowland, Bogert jMgt App)y on board, at pier no. 18, E. R. or k Kneeiand and other.; ' . td i .. ' i C ALDER, M'LEA ft CO. Ob IVIItCiail ... - t , 57 Pme - iret Tha auhntanlial sloop VY M. HEKRY; ill taaat with desoatch. t For frcitht 01 aiM) bbls. or passage, having good accooiao - dat'ions lie at 4itrpheo wharf, apply lo . VM. J. FURMANitCo, 1 my5eod3t 230 Front afreet CJCOTCII GOOD - . 4 case fancy Muslin, just received and lor saie ny , J HENDERSON ft CAIRX3, may 5 81 Fine streat. I Rti I.MIA TOBACCO. liO bhds.. giaxt old Richmond and Petenburg Tobacco 30 do prime quality Richmond do 1150 k?g. Manufactnred do dorvat10l brands and qualitiea, for .ale by ' my 5 BOOKMAN & JOHS3TQl. 1CHMOND FLOUR 80 bbla. variety Mill,uiUbl for bakers, for sale by : a mvir Hi.THilNt: & CO. wXw4 Young Her W1ku, from - IN g&SU reet. ' lexandria for Lisbon. THEATRE 1IDER BRANUVW TOirti, lanains aw VJ lot tale by . . 183 Front treet KAJAA MUaCOVAUODtJUAItO - j 1 100 hhd. Havana Mascorado fcar, if sood quality, now on Pine street wharf, and tor ia'e reatoo amy. u appiwa w j - storing. Sample, may be een d ttnai axaas knowonarpGl&8. HOWLAND. mh 5 No. 7T Va.hiiriow 'treet - - - " im i " a I I I I I "af a A MERINO SHAWL18 ana iMuoao., tVr.Q. BANDS, for sale b "' - ' my 5 MARCH h LOW. tlO Broadway. O. ftS. HOWLAltD, 71 WMningtoa - - . effer for ale ' kl ' 60 boxes brown Havana Sugar. . - 40 hag Race Ginger . ,.. ,., ., y't 7 pines eld Sherry Wm . , t do do Lisbon do, 12 boxes Claret fc 400 oval Demijolins, 5 cask. AMlowny ; llkO bbla rround Camwood - ' ' 10 toas Lignumvita ' 3 cae Toy., kegs Vermillion 400 India ronud floor MaU . 20 .labs India block Tin , . , '. 3ii hhd. fintt quality Quercilron Bark , ' Writing, Wrapping and Printing Paper , - A .mall invoice of Calcutta goooa,nst - ed, conristing of Baitas, Sanoahs, - .MaJBOOoiea, Gurraha and Check.. '' ' - friWO cases Leglmms, from 35 to 40, jus' JL received and for tale by .. ' rrutv 5' frt - Inconsequence of the itealhof Capuin piiAC'fcS, Joluv Smith, Ihe lira of 5 - tsVA, Bimruknrti tt C. The concern of the tirm will he A. D.'DURAN1 fit HUUKiibL, : v tr, - ,' 30 Pme - atreci. Litrpml new pit Coal ., .4 "k "FEW clialdron of the first quW verpool newpltCoal - fortale,lnlot to SUitrrWe"dvXN BU3SUM. - . . ii U ' ? ' 'rtQfl Pulton - st. or my 5 4t At'S4eV1d,84Wrrer. - it., i. bPHCEa. Ac - XOcaak trace chain. . ' r J trac, . ...a . 11 . .... 1 - v.n. I.A. 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J7a (Ae Ifflrufel on Hffyai oci. - . tt I he committee of the Handel and Haydn Society give notice, lhat the . senption taai . 1 I L te. til L.A r l . r m n Aim thai for aa oratorio una taunui, 16th mst in order to their forming an opinion, whether f he amount subscribed will defray the lt.i:i ft . IHth mat th. prnbaDie expeoca ua iubscription Ust. will be left at Metsrj. Swords', . . .en u...i .tr..t. at Mr. Dalx.iV Music Store, Broadway, and at Mr. Goodrkh', corner of Broadway ana teaar - .ireei. mv s tir m mv : W H7 rqnet, elder .Spencer U. Cats, from I ral credit, by Alexaadna, Will, oy UlVine,uaiii,CT , . .1 half na,t 7 o'clock tit thai mT 5 tn acrniun w . . ..... - . r t.rar. mnn. Wafhtoetnn - HaH. ' may 5 ' COLUMfcU COL.LLGU May S - J a l .U.ft aa mmm - AJ ia ahont to ba made a. . e.llnana 1 . X nmm ... - . ... . rT:. 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