The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 5, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1818
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. EMM( - POST. NUMBER TUESDAY, MAY. 5, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. . , - . - . t - 1 1 - 1 j 1 1 I n i t .' j r a y ay - i r ,i ; i rw i JLL II if " A M V V M JX; JXUJLl Williamson. 0 hands, 1,2,3 Er.e Fletcher, u 1 108 00 J"" " - o . U ' 8 g Adcrwm. Blair & M'fcy. . 8 12 do JM II" 0 do R. Hugh fc Co. da R Cantor, 45 do F. G. Crenshaw, 31 do R. Pulton, 87 ddJ.fcP. Labby, 8 8 8 U M M t B.AIauVstwist 8,blflb.roll nnravod of OH aar,t' PU.ii(w - t; of th. difereot number W"H CORNELIUS 1U BOIS, 38 Front - treeL my - ...cri, b liiMKR WARES. fTMIE subscribers keep constantly on hand as 1 tsCHtfiircaMorUMutoltlitioirowiJtsyoodi, !' Dutch English Gunny Bsgt, ." Popes Headt l'.naih Brushes SO BmonM " Diater, or Counter ' , Hetrtb Brotbe, Ua - Cf and common (lead do 0 do CloUl do do do Weavers do Wnite Wash do - - Shoe to 8cruhbiug da - Paint Bruslit and Saih Tooll - I Clamps 4,7, 8 row Furnitut Brushes Horse do Bd Cordf, Clothes Line l ' Sasb Cordt, Trace brought and ' Cut - iul Itnuls Bellows, fancy and MMIfUlll l)o for Blacksmitht Hull son Entry Matt rant ana I uot ' Wheel - Barrow Fine Wire Sieve I la Hair rfn . . Whips of every de - tcnpitoa , Seine, suwimr. wrao ping, baiting and bull 1 wine Fish Lines Shoe & gudler Thread Dearborn' Boilao cei, itc. " ' Which they wiH ', ' holeiale of rttail oo li beral terms. tpS8 . 7B Pearl - atrtet. nm HRdtMX TOBACCO ii t LOU 11 0 I fehdt el.l Virginia tobacco ' 65 do mw crop do ' do ft bbla one flour ' IS ilattulillinr do. Forulabv V48QUE4, MEUROM & CLEEMAN, Tab 7 tr No. 7S Wuhioeton.T. HOSIKUY, FLjtJifiKL, P1AS, tie. MLH'S and women! cotton stocking? A few bales superfine wbiU flanael, vr ' ' wide do do red and yellow do Berlin and military cords Green table covers, different sizes Best London pins, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - J, 5 milt pins, 1 - 4, t - t and lib , Moaroinf pin and short whdei Whit rbapal needles, utorted BrawirNo.S4aill5 Card wire No. S7 and 3 J Hook and eyes, Thimble , .Of en hand, EnglUhlookinf rUm plate, milvroJ Fpr .alsTby ATKINSONS k FLEMING, no CO 3w . Ifl7r.ari.rt. "PbASl - fca lit PAWS M ASUFACTORY, At the foot of UarrisonHtraett North - Riser. i"TMERE sasDufacUred Plaster, for corsi - , VV tes and other perpoar. may be had. warranted of the first quality, at nt dollar tuid ttttn - tjfir ccnli par kiahtl. The manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tocker, wbo bus served a regular apprenticeship to the maoa bosines. . mhSI ; JOHM BYER8. AMERICAN tiOOUS. WM. F. et SAMUt MOTT, No. 188 Peart street, offer ior sale4h fcllowing American cotton and woollen good u 5 case Brown blurting 4 do blenched do t 5 do 3 - 4 Checks i 7 do 4 - 4 do . . 4 do Cottosi Balls t do Sewing Thread " t do. Knittinc Yarn S do Sattinettt , SOcaw Plaid ' 5 do Blue Stripe S do Be4 Ticks " 1 do Denims; I do Milinet 40 do Tit and Filling, assorted from No. 10 bales Candle wick. ; ; i U 8 4thsM.Mtw i FRENCH l,OOIS. Just received by tlie t;omet,from Havre, , i "t '. ' ' Habit glove, prunelle ahoe . ' Rich figured satlin and taffeta ribbons . Embroidered and plain silk ho, - shawl Suspenders, fans, artificial GoWers - : Silk nett, coUeretta, thread fcoso,' ml for sue at 140 PearUtreet, by ap 28 F. H SICELDOX tt CO. rf - Ok'i'k - fc - lr KIIU t.A kk.l. Km mrmmm rut. KJ and SO hods Rum, landing irom brig V . i i r v wiie, nna ior saie pniuii. Rtft or gcp. bA;v, aptt 4 Fulton i - rreet: Mr. BALLET U Madame uOQUET, No. 7 Nassan - street. U AVE th honor to iolUrm th public in r - X JL neral and the tadie of New. York in oar. ticulsr, that they manufactare and have con stantly on band an ajsprtaent of artiAaal Cowers. At their store are also to be ibnnd. and to b disposed of by wholeaal and.retaiL Perfumery of every description, among which ar th celebrsied Lmil furmai, and th avxt approved smoc and pomatums tWth om pusion. . . i TortotihU comb and tkimblM " A complete assortmeut of. worltad drenei. Bawls, fichus and bands Umbrellas and tmrasuls Merino, kuitaoj rulvei ridiefde t jilk 8chn - jitackings and gloves for Wit, wad g)Ujmn . liis' clastic prters . ; i . Spriugsnd ball silk drtsst - Bui do. embroidered with cHea'UW mod erU' Bated with Bnwer ; illkKarb CrunsUs and silk shoes . ' " UvantirMM. Oorcnce. satins. tafTatas. etc. ' Wnsbati, every thing connected .with th UMietl. : i pSo I HUT and WROUGHT NAILS, MtorUdsi W c and qualities, for eale by CEsJrU CUMING, P 7&Pttrilre. OATn V cti va .. i nrrrta . Jire i,OR of 4J case Silas, just received n uiiant ana John, rrom caason, coo - Jjn'd Sarmets, larg plaid i "T "acK wanton Crape Kt,t colored do for baD ; fT 6M unit plnin Florentine) , fJjWuTd Dimity hirsneU )r do do Cl2?"'k Crape !r.H for the Nock, serv eleiraat 4(lUck)AjCoiKhow.n3 ! I knUmlng 400 piece white Nankeen - JaBREUESG PEARSON, - l . 67 SmUi street 1.8 1 Jfe C. NICHOLS. I3f Pearl - streuChave jurt . received iu addition to tbeir former amort - ment 4 cases colored Canton crapes ' 2 do black do. t do black (inchews 1 do sarwieta, 2 do blnrk tilk bdkA ft do noe India book Muskin 1 do Mull do. 3 do Tamboared and Seeded 2 do Imitation Merino shawls, assorted t do bandanna hki. 1 do fine RomaJ t do MaddaKl!m and (team Loon Shirt 5 do Madra Hdkf. . iop t do 4 - 4 Irish Lineu , 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton Platilla 2 do fancy Cravats, assorted 1 do white Jeans, ft do cotton Caatiaeres .1 do fine white and buff Quilting 2 bale Rhode Bonibusctt 1 case Rihhoos, assorted . ' 2 casts black, white fc purple Kid Gloves . 4 trsiik Karmture Plates, and 4 do superfine Calicoes, which they offer for sal at small advance ior ptoUt A KtV t'AALX OO ,Ui. SIX case of new and elegant fancy articles, such as Ladim' work boxes and drafting case, very elegant Writing desk, elegantly gilt and plain Gilt and painted card racks, Fan rack Fire and candle screens, painted in a superior manner, with gilt and colored handle Backgamon boards Malio and morocco work batkats Gentleman's sharing apparatus, Pouches and dressing casas, complete Morocco aud mahogany portable desk A few Russia leather do. very stipirb Some very elegant portfolios with gdt locks and ' pocksts Elegantly gdi border and plain Morocco, Russia and roan. pocket book, of various desenp - . tlOOS , it 1 Spring, wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with , many oilier ar'JCioi 100 numerous 10 meuuon. I or sal wttolesal ana reiau, oy ' N. SMITH UAVlEi, p2.1 . . No 151 Broadway. I! f'.AiND .EvV - OKi..AS3 COTI O.M. KJ 64 bale prime Upland Cotiou, tandiog fnim (loop Wave, from Savannah 63 bale New - Orleans Cotton, landing from ship Maria Caroline, tor sale by . . . rOTT ft M'KINNE, ' ' 1 68 booth - sirett. In Store. 109 bale Upland Cotton 9 do New - trleans do 32 ceroon Cube, Tol.acco 36 bose Window GIhs ii nirw - s CttlahtfiTa Wine II pipe O. L. P. Madeira Wine : has been iinpiirieu 9inii 0 qr. casks Mulaga Wine 2000 Demijohn ' ' 1 1 1 tons S wde Iron, amorted sizes. . apt7 . FOWLING PIECKS. tc. FOUR - THOUSAND MUSKETS, and two boxes fowling pieces, entitled to deben ture. " 4 boxes well assorted glassware 3 ceroon flotaiit Indigo, and A few piece superfine Cloth, for sate by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap7lm H Wasniagton - slrewt. FRENCH GOODS PER bng Ann, from Bonks 1 ease double chain White' Levantine I do do do Blue .' do 1 do doable Florence Silk, all white 2 do 4 - 4 While Tulle Lace, fine 1 do Satin Peelong, for Lining 1 do men's nod women's Silk Hose 2 do Satin and T affeta Fringed Ribbons 2 do black Galloons, No. 1 1 - 2 ' 1 do Rich Ribbons 1 do 6 - 4 Cashmere Shawls. - Alio, per sevrral nrrinJ. - 1 case black Tafft t Riblraus 1 do 3 4 Merino Sbawl Scarfs 1 do Hat Covers, 105, first quality 1 do Cheoill Cord 1 do Men' Silk Buttons ' . 1 do Bucb - Skin Gloves - 1 do Cambric Eotb'd Bands, for bottom ol dree 3 cases black and Italian Crapes, for sale by A. 1. DURAND k BOURDEL, np30 tw 30 Pine - strwit. pi Q CASES CANTON GOODS, yu; JO 12 case col'd Canton Crape 4 da black do do . 2 do col'd Nankin da 1 do , black do do 3 j da Crape Stiawls 1 ao biaca tvamDieis . 1 ;1 1 .4 1 I 20 - t 1 do mis'd Silk do do Chans'ble Sartnet t do . d j , LevaDtio! ', ' do black do do Silk Hdkf do ; Birds Eye do do Col'd Concan do - Sewing Silk, (Italian style) do Siochew do - SarsaeU. ' ' ALSO, CamDinT loas and short Yellow Nan kins, for sate by . , .MARCH LOW, . Dp JU ziuoroauwny. COFFEE, FLOUR, TOBACCO, 4c 346 ban St. IJnmingo. Coffee, 61 do green Havana do. entitled to drawback 373 bhls. superfine Richmond Floor 30 hod old Richmond Tobacco ' 15 do new , do '. do ,18 do do Petersburg , do 7 do ' old do do , , , , . 10 whole and 20 half tierct Rice - 7 bale Upland Cotloa . . . 6 qr. casks Madeira Wine Red and while Port Wine in libd.. - - . I'UmI umrinf oulill. M bulf I. for tal b - ROB'f GILLESPIE, pt9 10t' ' M Froo - . BEES - WaX. A QUANTITY ofBeeewax, for sle by A.7 .. . . JOHN FLACK, myllw . CefnerOId - SlipandSontb - rt. ON DON CLOTH 3, fte. - Laading from ship George, and brig Baccnes from Lon - doo. 4 vr!lolhi. 1 rase Caarimere. extra ttpf 60 barrel refined Salt Petre 60 case AqaForti - - Duplextxtra ' i 1 cas Irish J.inem. for saV by V W VIE BETIIUNE k CO. ny 1 . , 67 5outh - trt. enA WHITE LEAD, tic tic J KJ keg Londos White Lead in oil , JO barrel do Dry White Leaa 8 ton Red Lead ' ; 30 barrel Brutl Red Ochre 20 ilo Venetian Red ; $ tons fine Litharge " 80 boghead Whiting . 60 casts Pari White l t hMs. Verdigris 60 tierc - rench Yellow Ochre 5 keg Vet million 4 cask Prussian Blue, 4001b. Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow Spanisti Brown, . . Venetian Red, I Y.llow, US OIL. Black, i . Verdigris, J . Lampblack ; Ivory Black 1 Purpl Brown ' BrMnUTnrpeotiiLiotssdOiJ AIM kr.vr Window Ulast. assorted For sale on the lowest terms, tor cash or at short credit, by ... PETER 9CHERMERHORN fc 60NS, nyl 243 WateMtreet I 1 EMP 5 tons Russia Hemn, landing aad XI K al by COODHUEJrCO. w 30 44 South - ftreeL IOHN ABRM. WILLINK & CO. offer for j sale vt . Several cask tmalu, particularly desirable or iMHcncnaita paper maaar - 1 ' A f . . W k.nli..u ' A few bait castimere and iballooa's, shawls. ap zu LMBHOlUtRt.U CHAPE OKESsKX. AFfcWelepant cmbraitiered Nankin Crap Dress., a new article, just received and t saie 11 iw Dmauway. oy my I Iw PIIILBROOK fc PETERS. VV M I ED 10 purchase, asscond hand count' tug - bouse maboxaoy DEbK. Apply at this office sr 30 I Ual' ret - eived iroiu Ctiarirstou. and lor sale J by SAMUEL CAMPBELL, No. C8 Water street, in tn rear 01 lis dwelling noose m Pearl itieet, REPORTS ofCAbES argued and detrr - mined in the Court of Clianr ery ol the state of South Carolina, from the Revolution to December 1813, in 3 volt, targe 8vo 1 cash price ft I, boand menu leather; bytbenon. Henry Wil liam Desnuiure, senior juJee of the Coiiit ol Equity, and presiding judge of the Cuurtof Ap peals in Equity in tlie' said state. Justitia est yblleomniliys 03quumest. , The duties of lite re mure than life. Bacon's Works, vol. VI. ooooOvooo ALSO, WHEAT, Liuj At a moderate rate,' tie 4 upper floors f.f Tie tourstory fire - proof tore. No. 8fl Water street. - apaoiw umuiuvii VFF.W gentlemen can be accommodated - :.k u .... r. I :n . A ; I .. ... n Ju . . ar - t part cf the city of Jersey. Enquire at this r,IH. e ap 11 nn tt.Ali:t.l. ilit.iHUIMi. ' FRANKLIN IIOUE. Thi new, pacioti and splcndid'Huilding, situated in Broadway, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner ol uey si. is now opened by the subscriber, ror me re ccption of Uoartfers. It is fitted, and furnished 111 a manner not surpassed, for convenience and ele any private dwelling in the citv. . It occupies the most eligible situation, being centi al, in view of the l'ark and City - Hall ; the upper upurtnienth overlooking the whole town, commtinding a view iif the adjacent country for a circumference or 50 miles, including tin - Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour 1 and it is believed that no House in the country ex cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit uation t and no expense having been spar ed bv the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it otters to ladies and trentlcineii, and families visit mi; the city, the most genteel, pieasim sua retired a partments. The choicest of Wine and Liquors are furnished, and no trouble or expense will be make the entertainment plea sant, rare and excellent. 1 Ins establishment is intended exclusively for Private Hoarding msytD&Ctf MH, HEVUKKSU.'V.. rpHK SWIF'J'SURE MAIL STAGE OF. X KICK, is removed from No. 6 to 79 Court - landt - sirrH, Northern Hotel. SWIFTSURE MAIL STAGE FOR PIJILA - Ur.Lriii.v Fare through, fue dollar. Th Swiftsere Mail blaie will leave the Office No. 79 Courtlandt -, every day (Sundays excepted) at tt o'clock in the niornina:, . by way 01 Newark, iodsre at ttomerville. and rhiladclphia the next day. about one oxioca. For Seats in tlie above Lute, apply at the Office, No. 79 Coertiandl - sireet. All Uoods and tias (ge at the risk of the owners. may 2 1 w : 1 111 A. VI 14lli:UIU'VUV nillUI.' Corner of Grand and Ryncler streets, directly JAMES P. ANDOh respectfully informs his friends aad the public in general he ha re n mrA fwim rAM.i f il RrnB.tarav . nti - in 1IUU1l.ll. ...II. w... bis present stand, where he solicits a continuance or public patronage, and nope ny nis unremitted exertions to orrtnin the best of Liquors and other artirln in his line of business, thereby to render the m'ttrfect satisfaction. N. B. j. r. A. keep cou'ianiiy ior saie a reorral assortment of first rate Teas, Sugar, Cof - lee, spices, uiquors 01 an ainas, uc c which will be all disposed 01 at a moderate advance. my z in ' TEAT DOl.LA US H WA HD. STOLEN rrom t'owles Hook, last lhursday nieht. a laree Skiff Boat, with a tail and 3 oar ( painted black outside aad red inside 1 the paiot much worn. On Thursday evening another Skiff, built like a whale - b. - at, with square item, punted red inside and outside, was itoieu iroro Fly Market Dock The above reward will he paid on the recovery of the two boat, or five 1 11 r .. r . I . I ' uuuurs ior eiuiei uj mem, ny Bppiyins;iu WILLIAM bllVl.VlunS, mv2 6tj 159 Fly Market. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. THE subscriber beg leave to inlorm his friends and tlie iullic thst he has taken a room at the corner of Frankiort and Chntham street, at an INTELLIGENCE OFFICE." Where families may be supplied with servants of every description ; (ervanit with placet; gen tlemen wishing servants, ior travelling, mp plied at the shortest notice ; merchants with clerk s, and clerks with employ ; wet nurses with places ; mechanics with lourneymen. r.very in formation given to sti anger and others, in bis line, who will favor him with a call. t amilic, becoming subscribers, supplied with servant at one dollar per annum. Also, Books posted. Account ad lulled, Pa pers of every description, coined with nsatnes?, correctness, aud ditrh Personal attendance, from 6 to 2 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock P M. He flatters himif that his sssiduity and atten tion to business, will gaiu him a shar of th pub lic patronage. my 2 Im II. PADELFORD. f K. tiKAHAM respecliullv aonouuees hw i.vx latent sou to continue his classical semina ry at No. 1 14 Greeawich street. . incompliance with the wishes of some ot Ins patrons a r renc department has been added to the institution. A lew additional places some of which are yet unengaged, have been occasioned by a recent en - larsement 01 the riass room. nlr. U has we honour to refer lo 1'eter Wilson, L. L. IX ; John M Mason, D. I . ; John R. B. Rmhrers, M. I) JosishOgden Hoflmun, Esq.; Georce, Griffin, Etq. 1 Henry al. Van boiinsen. M. U. ; Wii ham Henderson, Esq. ; Joseph sands, Eiv. ; Gar rit B AbetL Esq. my I 6t MAX HA t T.I jY iCHOOU MA.NHA I IVf.N Female School it at 194 Greenwich - street: Male School, 14!J Chamber - street la tnete school are taught all the tranche' which constitut a useful aad finished education We forbear to descend to particulars ; to offer recommendations, or to mike great promises Our patrons are left lo judge of th modes of! instruction both moral and tcunl'Jic, by the im proremeut of th scholars. eg9 JOHX W. Pl'JKKT. 'Vfl Rh IvbsmI al nuhlip Burtina. m, WmiinM A .w It. ftlh In., mt II. - '.(. 14.11 14 o'clock, two rou 01 iann ai tuoominsiai. xso. 29 aad 30, cnolaining 10 acre and 38 perches, etwees the 8th and 9.h avenues, and c3d and 65th lreet l the rent payarde quarterly. , . i . i ...... - i J r. . ABRpoi ,UC reiuiec uiy vrn, natl lur - ther partkolari known, at the Comptroller's o - ficv. City Ha't. my I Ids flOlTO. 35bU.s ew Or'enis, lor sale VjbT LE UvJl, BAXA&D 4 CO. TO LET, V - J! ' Those two fire proof dwelling Houses, No7T4 and 76 Molt street, aboet lea minutes walk ftom the Coffee House. They will be put in complete repair, and well calculated for sea - tee! tsnjilie. Apply at No. U7 Water - tKL mh'ltf TO LIT, 1; And immediate possessinn aiven. One of Uie lest stands for a Boarding House, in this city, ot it may be converted into office's, if mors grseasle, and s more public and pleasant situ ation it not to be found. Enquire at the office of me cTTnnis: rosi, ap t4 Q 7b Lrf f - r out r huuc feuri, ; The following house house No. 294 Broadway, two door above Washington Hall, with a Coach house in the rear if required Also, a Hire (tory brick house No. 415, in said street. Alto, a new and genteel two story brick house, corner t( Lispeuard and Church - it recti, the terns moderate. For further particulars, apply at 415 K roadway. nihz5tf JO LtT. i A part of the; store, No. 81 Pine - street. A npiy an tue premise. ap 17 WANTED, iu a small respectable family, a middle aged woman, well acquainted with plain cooking, wathiug and ironing. tsh must produce a reference from bcr last place for her honesty and sobriety. There would be no objection to a Scotch or Welch woman. En quire at this office. ap59 tt r FOit 6 ALE, THE time of a smart Black Girl, that can do all Kinds of Jiuuie - work and cookinz. sin. h ssi m - cessar) (bralamily, or suitable ins piiilir. housM. She understands conking of oys tt - rs, henlsteaks, Ale. and would be a valuable acquisition to any public house, npreferenie would be gtveu to any person keeping the same, tliat resides in the country. Sold for no other reason than the want of a master. For further particulars, inquire at the corner o( Broadway una larana - sirevi, mount aoriai. N. B. She is sold at hor own request. up 9 tf PROSPECTUS FOR rOBLISRIilO BT SDBfCRIPTIOir A M AP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ' I 'HE publication of UiitiMup hat been under L taken with th impression, that it will ex hihit inlonnation, highly int resting at ti.ia eveot - lul critit , and the valuable Maps which the au - thor lias procured, durniirhieveral tours thrnuph iexico, in ine years ibuo, iou, ioiz, iuij, 1315, 1816, and 1817. induce him to bnleivethat (be Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the most pcrlect which ha appeared before the puhlicl This Map will contain the latest and best information from the discoveries and possessions of the American. Spanish, Russian, British and French travellers and navigatois and representing Ibe claims of their resieciive goveruuieuti oo the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lies net ween the Isthmus of Da - hen, and lhe4llth degree of North Latitude, and from th Mississippi Kiver westwardly to the Pacini: Ocean. In size the Map will be about six bv fire feet. and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fifteen dollars sch. Natrhes. March 7. 1818. np7tAu1 tVHEAlON'S ITCH OINTMENT. " THE loot nd successful use of this ointment X 1 is a sufficient recommendation, as it has nera found to be a pleasant, safe and certain re - meoyinr nisi atsegreeaoieaitesse man its sia Jes.i. A ts tor saie in the cfty ot xew - i ork, tiy . A. to W. R, Post, No. 41 William - street I. tl T Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane i 11. il. SchieCilinto Co. No. 193 Pearl - street i Law rence toJCeest. No. 195 Pearl - streets Hull k Rowne, 146 Pearl - street ; R. to L. Murray. 313 Pearl - street J.M. Bradhnrst, 314 Pearl - street ; John renlont, no. 4 r letrher - street i uuryee K Pot, in Pearl - street; John C. Morrison, 1118 Greenwich street i John P. Fisher, 106 Broadway s Walterto Seaman, cornel of Chamber - st. ana Broadway, and also in Chatham - street i and in short it may be procured at most of the Drug Store in this city Also in Philadelphia, of S. Withered k Sons ; George Harrell , North ti Ro eers, and almost at the druggist in the priucipal town in the United Hates. ' MKr.HIIB, WII EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above place. fan 21 6m BALUABLE REtfL Eo'f A I'K FOR 6 ALE, lit TUB CITT OP HKW TORK. liIVE kil of ground on the west side of Green - r wkh - streel, between Vestry and Desbro tet - ttreeu, t5 by 80. Four do iu the rear of the above, fronting on the east tide of Wasbinsjtoo - street, 15 by 80. Eight do in th block below, between Washington and West - ttreett. In Montcnmery County. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near East Caaadu Cretk, on the north side of the oioiiswK. In Franklin County. 15,162 acre of Land, in the town of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Essex County. 7832 acret of Land in th town of Barrymore. I the County of Iewi. 1350 acre of land in Cutterland, Cbattanit Purchase. In Saratoga County. 1600 acre In Palmer' purchase. Enquire at the office of ids suutcriber, 34 Ce dar - street. BEV. ROBINSOy. mh '7 tf FHANUls M'GOWAN. No. 12b Fly Market, sensible of the ry liberal encourage, ment he hat received tince hi commencement in business, and feeling confident that no exertions on his part shall be wantinz to merit a contin uance, informs hit friends and the public that no pains or ex pence bat been avoided lo obtain a slock of the best liquors of every description, widen ran e depended on lor their purity. Having mails arrangement, while at Charleston, for content supply ol GREEN TURTLE in their season, lie will he enabled to furnish soup of an excellent quality. A book will he opened for ubcrihert to sn ORDINARY, to U on the table every days! a staled hour. Rooms, ior private parties, at a short notice N. B. Soup. Beefsteaks, Oysters, Muttoa Cb and Relishes at all time. ap3 SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL T 'HERE are at pn ot five vacancies in the Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in rhi.ipshnrh, Yon Iters, West - Chester County. ilis system of education is sucli as to enable him to qualify vuung gentlesnen for College ot the Counting liouw! within a reasonable lium. His it - lion! is select, tiie number of PeinU limited, ami tlie treatment of the most liber.! kind. The following branches of useful and polite li terature are taught, vu Greek, History, Composition, Writing, Aritlimelic. iatin, French. English Grammar, ijeoraphy, Mathematics, tor. It is presumed that few Institutions of the kind ran offer greater advantages, whetlier they regard inilructim in general literal are, in moral and riligitius principles, or in correct ar d gentlemanly deiwrtmeot. The Parson ne in which the Puiih are accommodated, is commndioe, retired ami pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles t to which there n always a direct and communka - tioa. For further particulars application may lie maoe to Bun - n Hobart T. S CTarkson, Eq. C M'Evers, rjq. Wni. tsyard, jun Esq. A. bcbertuerlwn, Esq. Da.'C2a7w Dr. WiUoo, Columbia Colieye C. D. Coiden, Esq. T. A. Emmet, Eiq. sp30 I IV 1 K SEYMOUR and Mr. M'COWAN (late IvX teacners of Mathematics at Warren Aia - uemy; propose teacliicg I mm the oral or may, ttbeoldeatablished school room. No. 3Mott - street, a complete course of Englidi Educalios, comprehending the following brsachts, to wit: Reading, Writing, Arithmeiir, ljiglisii tiraiu - marand Composition, Geography with the use 01 the Globes and Maps, Geometry, Meusuration, Surveying, Gsaging, Navigalioo, Lunar Obser vations, Algebra, fciher!c, Coiuc Section, natural Philosophy, Hydrostntic. Pneumatics, Optics, c. 4rc. Astronomy and Fluxion. Messrs. SEYMOUR to M'GOWAN, confiding in their ajiproved acquirements, diligence - ra .ni rem.,:, mii, IU 1 Ut SttllMaCMUn to those v, ho may patronise their institution. Re - fertneeto Professor Wilson and Adrain. Columbia College. aj9 A I fc - KSO wrllacuuainled with the CloUuers businew, who understands the superintend - aace Of wool Carding Machine, and can give respectable reference, will meet liberal encouragement, by applying at No. 205 Fulton - street, new - 1 oik. a mau Willi a family will be preferred, wbo can be fumi'hed with a dwelling, &C. anjacenl to the works. ap29 Iwj HOARDING. . ITMGHT or nine gentlemen can be nrrommo - u" i .1 . u.:.i. 1...1 i i .i. rm . i u.wn w,u, cineei uuuru, a no.yi juiin street The siluatii.n is pleasant, up "9 Iw TO Lt.'f, Tbe store No. 20 Wall - ttrvet. Posse siou may be bad immediately Apply at No. 18. Ul i it rUli AAltE, A small farm, situated in one of thecen tiu count ins ol tint state. This farm liesonithe bunks of a luke, and within a mile of is tioiirish ing and beautilul villsee. On it are a eood farn. house, bain, toe. aloa large and well built dwet ling house, entirely new. The situation of th d veliire bousu lor beauty of nroti t, Ar. utur passed iy lew if any oilier scites for building in the interior ot the state. ' 'Witt owner intending removing lo new - York, will sell this property ior less uisu rnsr, ujvun s mng r.roiiit on goort security, or will exchubge it for lands, goods, toe. fur lurliier pariicuiars, enquire ni If. D. to it. SEDGWICK, F,qrt. ' Law Buildings, Nstsau - ttrtvt, New - York ap 15 Plm Ctf TO J.KT, From the first of May next, the two 3 tioi - y brick Houses, No. 492 and 4YJ4 Oren - wich - st. in excellent repair, with or without stable in the rear, and will be let on very rea lanable term. . ' Also, to lt or lyase, fium 1st May next, a very convenient Dwelling House, . opposite Love lane, near the 8 - mile stone. Bowery, st present occupied by Professor Adrain. : It i well adapted tor one or two families, having two kitchens, o rooms, pantries, vaults, a table and coach house,a well of gotxl water, and two extern. The garden is vary large, Slid well slocked with truit trees and ahrubbery, and may be taken pustetaiou of iinniedtutely For terms, apply to H.tLSEY A GOSMAN, 31 Old sl p, or to GEO GU3MAN, , ap 29 496 f'.reenu kh - atreet lAe. ot t'.iTHlcK dit..ti, U Wru. Wirt. Kso. 4 OIL - ' riHE pttblitbr deems it uiuiecessarr to say JL atry thing in savor of the merits of this work, CooteuUW htnuslf vrith mentioning that the firit edllion of 25U0 cotrfa were all disposed of in a few mouths. The 2d improved edition for tale by ROB. M'DERMUT, ap 25 Sw 222 Pearl - st EOji AALE Oit iOLEAot, Lottin the 5. 6. 8. aiMl 10 Wards i sassy ol winch are on regulbted and paved streets. No money will be required under tea lean, if told, inieretx excepted. nuuar.a. Several two and three slorv houses, on which a great pari ol me money remain oo mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for business, with ten acret ol laud, pleasantly titualed, with a wuarl, storehouse and barn. COTTON sad WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acret of land, and a oever failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply ai no, z uretnwich tret. ' Jan 13 tf O JU LkT, For one or more tear, the followini House at Harsenvilk!,oear the five mile Stone, Uloooitngomie road. A cleasantlt tttuated and convenient two I to ry tlou and Stable, with a Garden and four a - ere of land. Alio A pleasantly situated and convenient two story House and Stable, with a large Garden and three acres ol land, both of the above placet are well stocked with different kinds ol choice Fruit - tree. Also A plesiantly situated and convenient two story House, with a Stable aad two acre of land. For further particular enquire ol JACOB HARSEN, . ap28 Im Near the premise. T O LE'l . A very convenient bouse, wKh about hail acre of rrouod, about a mil from th city, adjoining lh boas occupied by Mr. More - Wood, betwixt isreeawicn anu me orewuwsy road. Apply lo JOHN R. MURRAY, mhSStf HuiUrw - square. AN DLLS 50 boxes Eastern Moald Can - die, for ! by spat) iw. tianuriis, ia rwwnn - etreet. BERGEN ORPHANS COURT. Of the Term of March, 1818. ', Catharine Schuyler, ... Administratrix, Ac. f " ' of John A. bcbayler Rule, under Btstute. ,! deceased. 1 THE court order and direct. That Catharine Schuyler administratrix of th good, chat tel and credit o John A. Schuyler, deceased. give public notice to the creditors of the dece dent to brine in theirciaim ana oemana agtutsi Um estate ol the id decedent, oo or before the first day of May, in tlie year of our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen, by patting up notice to that effect in live of the most public plat mi tlia count - of beruen. tor the spar ot two niitha. and ailvartisinr lite aame ior Ih like space of tim in a newspaper printed and ! Iistied to tbe stal ol irw - Jersey, ssnis a rj - P r pnuted and published in in ciyr tn etw :oVk. A troe troac,ript from the record. ap2f!2m JDHV A. BOY l. SurVato. UINI6 w - - r , IIUSLIC NOTICE i he.cby given, lual I a . . A. .ill ha received at this fcffl. e ur.til Moodiy II - 2ithf May """otv' ftL' ?!" chase of the whole or of any part ol 840, 47H 17 - 1IS0 dollars Of Ovtl rce. per int. Mock of the funded debt of tlie L aired States, owned by this state The Stock, if solil. will be transferred nt Ibe first day of July next, at which time, payment 1. made hv the Durcuawr ot purchasers. at the Bank of New. York in tlie city of New - York. Tlie prop"alt will he op - ned ou the t .id S5ih duv of Mav next and Um best oCer or "Uert will he accepted ; provided the cfR - rs be soch at shall, corrtUtotit with the interest of tbe state, warrant the acceptance of any of tttem. ' . If any offer or offers shaJi be accepted, information tliereof shall be immediately coraruuiri - rsted to Ibe person orpersous so ofleriog l euiit is expected and reuuirrd tliat such persoa or per sons shall tlien give satisfactory ecarity for lb psysnent at ine time ttiptnatea. ARCH'D M1NTYRE, Comptroller Albeey, AprrJ,57( 1B18. - ej30 tMJS Fuiineer Department, I . ' Washington, blii April, IUI8.1 ' - Proposal will be received at this De partment, until first August Beat, to. fsraish by contract , From one to six million of brick t From one to two million of cubic fret of bull - dinaj ttone i torn ten thou seed to fifty thousand bushelsof stone line. To be delivered in food order at Mobile. Lake Pontcharlrain, River Mississippi, and Lake Ba - rataria the lime ahen the first delivery can bo made, and the quantity which can be deuvcied in each mouth surceeding the first delivery, wutt be tinted with tlie termit. Proposals will also be received for from fifty to on hundred carpenteri ; for Irom one hundred to oue hundred and filty masons j and from two hundred to three hundred laborers, lopeoceed to Mobile aud Looisisns, to construct buildings of variout descriptions at the before mentioned place. It would be prele ralde lo have the mssons, cariwuters, and laborers lurnithedand acompaB - ted by master workmen. Arrangement would he made to employ the person engaued lo - ' cute th work, irom Jly to November, at thote position embraced in the oeore sueoiiooea p. a - ces. which border upon the Gulf ol Mexico.". rjigagemelit would not ue maoe ior a snorter period than eight month.' Satisfactory security would be reauired tor ine laimiui periorreant e oi any imtrart that may be made. 'Pbe teims up on which work insDihip end labor would beptr - lormcu, must te suieu in ine proposal. . J.G.SWIFT, '"t Brigadier General and Chief Engineer. Tbe printer ot the Portland Gktette, D. M. the Ccntinel and Patriot, Both a ; the Evening Pott and tbe Culsmbiau, New York l lb Com monwenllli, Pitttnurgh, Penn. the Reporter, Lexington, Ken.; and the Gatettr, New - Orleans, will please to Insert the fbmgoing lor 00 otolith ami forward llir account lo the i.ngi m er Depnrtmeril. pl31m .S HI ILK. 07 All persons having miv claims sptinil'th awigu of the Into film of W kiting to W si roe, upon tzchttnge uccounli, ars hereby notified that unless such claims be presented before the T$lh day of Mar next: lh subscriber' will consider them uutri, and will not return any fucul In (lis hands for taa purpose of aeetiug them. - . ji ap 10 3W rl. W. VV AKIVEK. , .VOTlCL ttr The master and owners of vessels be longing to the titiei of Albany ami Troy, with to hire a basin, for a number Of years, on I he North Riverside of this city, lor Ibe actsrume - dation of these vessels exclusively, fur whit b a liberal compensation will ne srveii. I be tubscrt - her ar a eominiltre appoioted lb the purpos f receiving proisttl for the same. . And the proprirlmt of tl.e wharves on the North Kiver aie reciuesied to hand lo their proposals toeithrr of Ihe subscriber, stating the tituation and their terms, respectively. . - . ! . M. B. A note addressed to either of th sob - scriticrs, left at Joseph C. Cooper's, Leot's Pa - sin, or at 11. to L. Reed', Coentiet Slip, will ba attended to. New - York, 25th April, 1818. HtRNUM WHirPLI GEORGE MONTF.ATH. PETER DONNUXKi ' K1CIID. H. FITCH. II. BUfallNEI.L. . CURDoNGRANTk , p251m ; . , - e t.nytuud tiwt JJuiut, Jt. l, 0C Letter for lit Hrttsnnta Majesty's fat ket Duke, of York, Will b received ' at ih Poet Omcc, till Wednesdty sfti noon, the fills of May. T. W. MOORE, Agent, s npar . ' : - . - . . The simtrirunlntutonrt Comipang. , 07" Tbe Stockholder ar nolilvd. that the anxual election ear Director will be h.M at Hie ofCce, oo Tuesday, Ih ISUiday of May nest The poll will os at 12 and close at 2 o'clock. By order of the President and Diret ! m, ap 87 - P. HOY T, S':'rf. AsIki to Tattrn Kerjnri and Orocm. ftr - Licenses to Tavern Keeper sod Gro - cersfrom the .Mayor and Cnmmiwinner of Ex cise, will ne Issued al the Alayor Ulac la the Cii Hall, between Ibe boor cf Im and on o'clock, ou the vrJ dsvs. at l for the differ. . est wards ia sutcesiioo, iu , list order follcwipg, u : 1st ward ' on the 5th May ' 2d do do " 6th do ' 3d do do 7th ' da - 4th d do 8lhit 9th do f 6th do . do ' llthto Hthdm - . 6ih do do ,. 13th to 14th do . . 7th do. do 15ih to lotli do t 8th do du 18tb to 9th do do 20th ' do . 10th do do '2lstto2fd do' All persons who know of any ohncth nt a - gamst tli granting of licenses In any of those who now hold them, are respectfully requested to give ii, formation t tbe Mayor's ODWe, before the time for granting them a above snce - tinnt'd I and those ceatlcmen whebsve label pains lo investigate tins subject, aad rosnider it of suflk w.inol. arc particularly irvitcdto assist in furnishing all. the information ia their P0,r' By order' ' ' J. SiDtLL, f. M. Ap7tf ' ' UEtlOVAL. rrr If. SMITH DAV1ES has mnvJ his chemical petfums tntnufactonr and warebeuva from No. 136 Broadway, oo door earth of Li - berty - trt, on tbe west td of Croadwsy. inch 27 - M.MOVAL.. .... 07 J A. GUT rw ALU I , has removed front No. 44 to No. 75 Afatdtn - lane, where he coo tineas to manuiittfur fot f I ANO - F011T13 oo an satire new and unproved construction, tbe result efmaur years close application and study, for which ke now ha obtained tetter paluL On eaamiaation by cooruMseeors of music, he "slurs himself that they will st wkb their approbation, and rneril pubhc patronag I Slid be iael pro ad, that his piaoo - frl bat mtl with thsi unaoMuous approval ot the most teiisveat ro. faaaort of music lh folhing teslimou - al of which they kindly have gi anted him, to mtst thpublicy . W, the suliscriber, profotsort or music, 6o certify, that ws bsv cart fully amud Mr. JU A. Guiiwaldl's pisoo - fwtes, which, ttr mganu - ily aad sxcaUeoceof workman.btp aud mui - io bnOiancv of time, ws deservedly recommend ta aut bc palromge. Messrs, Gill, F.tieune, Kd. . . r. t t I. f - L , - .1 1 .n - ' ' .Vleeu, v. i piuauii, iiwin vinrrv. ' f , s TO LET, on the am prrnuses aLT wrr and com mo. uo us slur Itml back rooua adjouuig, with r Without b frout Cellar. ' p 2a lu) , . IT OAKD k LOUtlNU. Three or twir f . tlemen.caitbe genteelly aeconutiod l with permanent. Board ami Lodging, or board ithout I'Ktaiing on res eon kbit terras, at No. ISO Itroadwav. . ap 25 I eTu LE I . At alow rent, a three ctory brick dwelling in NorfoIk - L Ervquire of ' A .. LLI : r. t,U., jnh 26 96 WalUtreeL QF0H SALE or TO t.EJ - . And pewsewioo r MT' new a&d convenient House of Hie b.sesw - nl pJa, mnsbed in tr - best po.bK. "r "'" Peari ureet, near Ih f altory, and adjoining the new bouse of Mr. Graesr. HUNTER, : 5o. ISSGreenwicK, owwerof Librty - ttrt. . p2w .. . - -

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