Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1939 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1939
Page 18
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18 THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 193S) Work of Filling Ice Houses Is Finished E A G L E G R O V E , (#)--The work of filling ice houses along the line of the Chicago and North MASOM Gli'JC Western railroad at various point in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin has been completed. Harry Christian of Minneapolis, Minn., in charge of the work, said the ice much of which was obtained from Clear Lake, was of uniformly good quality, from 14 to 18 inches in thickness. . CHECK FOR ECONOMY n is LOW PRICES EVERY DAY ON EVERYTHING! NATIONAL EVERY ITEM PRICED LOW! THE SEASON'S FINEST FRUITS AND VEGETABLES HEAD LETTUCE Fieah ' Crisp · 3 ^ our c ' io ' e ' RHUBARB "-^iu- Curly Leaf o Pre-Washed Jibs. SAVE! MACARONI! CHEESE I OH COME AGAIN SPAGHETTI MOD WISCONSIN ib. CRACKERS "? APPLE BUTTER CORN MEAL ROLLED OATS FOB ^^° m ' PRESERVES COME AGAIN, BLACKBERRF, TEACIf, flSEAVfUS lOGAXBEBKY CORN COUNTRY BUTTER 22c Pound s SWEET GIRL - FINEST QUALITY PINEAPPLE 8UC g: SE HE PEARS CALIFORNIA BAHTLETIS No. 2Vj Can APRICOTS CHOICE No. 2/j Con SPRY BREACHES I Triple-Creamed SHORTENING ^1 SWEET GIHL--Slices or Halves -No.2'/ 2 ^Q C Cans HONEY BUN . . ,TS°SS RYE BREAD SWEDISH RYE . , NATIONAL I-lb. Loai GRAHAM BREAD NATIONfiL I-Lb. SALADA i PANCAKE BROWN LABEL-BLACK TEA · FLOUR - HAZEL 1/4-Lb. O \ C · 4-Lb. Pkg. . Pkg. [ Green-Iapm. Vylb. Pkg. 1?C Jcane i Maple Syrup, Pt. 23c U. S. No. 1 IDAHO RUSSETS M iVL«32c P G SOAP . . 6 t: 23 DREFT SENSATIONAL NEW SUDS far Washing Finer Things Large 7-Oz. Pko. 23* LUX FLAKES SUPER SUDS 19-0!. Pkg. i^ 17 · · SCOT TISSUE . 3 as 23 C CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 6 Giant NATIONAL'S QUALITY MEATS Open Kettfo Rendered Lard, lb.. 7c Good, Fresh Minced Ham, lb. lOc Perch Fillet, Haddock, Sable Fish,lb..i5c Fresh Pork Pound Hocks . Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman to Appearatl.S.T.C CEDAR FALLS-Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman, to- days most important figures in American concert dance will bring their ensemble to the Iowa State Teachers college for a concert, on Monday, at 8 p. tn. in the auditorium. Brilliant choreographers, as well as soloists, Miss Humphrey and Mr Weidman have-created more than 100 compositions. Many of these though serious in theme, are humorous :n treatment, since both dancers believe that the dance should "amuse, entertain and as tonish" audiences as well a arouse them. Both dancers come Irom thi middle west. Miss Humphrey i a graduate of a Chicago finishing school, and Mr. Weidman hails from Lincoln, Nebr. They met in the dance company of Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn, and after studying in the Denishawn schoo in California, became featured so- losists and toured in the United States and the Orient. Visit at Plymouth PLYMOUTH--Mr. and Mrs E Finch of near Fayette are hei-e visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Pearce Mrs. Finch's parents. Free Delivery ATLAS Free Delivery Meat fit Grocery f7O C( VY-l_i r^*n rr^~- *+ . * . ^^ 629 SIXTH STREET S. W. PHONE 465 CHICKENS, lb RIB BOIL, BEEF, lb. CREAMERY BtJTXER, lb. , P. G. SOAP, 7 Bars for 20r Iflr 23 r Me CHOICE BEEF POT KOAST, lb. . . CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS, lb. 10 LBS. SUGAR LARGE SIZE CATSUP, bottle ... 19r I9c 49r 11r COFFEE--Nash's, Folrers, Chocolate Cream, Butternut, lb. 27c FARMERS: We buy .Chickens, Eggs, Veal Calves and Beef and pay cash for them. TOILET SOAP A c Uv e Lath e r for Complexion and Ba(h 3 for 23 C SPRY SHORTENING Triple-Creamed stajs So Kreih and Sweel 3Jk Slc can t^RINSO Washes Ctollies Sparkllnr While Giant 54c United Fruit Co. ,,. Ak 33 East State Street PHONE 748-749 FREE DELIVERY CARLOAD POTATOES IDAHO RUSSETS, U. S. 1 100-lb. S o c k . . . $1»69 Selected IDAHO RUSSETS, 15-Pound Mesh Bogs Texas GRAPEFRUIT, Seedless, Good Size, Dozen California If*. AVOCADOS, 2 f o r . . 25C IDAHO RUSSETS, U. S. 2 'Grade, |S« - f t 100-lb. S a c k . . . ^A4° EARLY OHIO POTATOES, Peck 25c; 100-»b. Sock.. NAVEL ORANGES, Extra Large, *A- Si«e 126's, Doien. . JjFC APPLES, Fancy Wtnesaps, 4 Ibs.. TRY MRS. BARCLAY'S HOME BAKING FRESH PECAN MEATS, Ib 55c APRICOTS, Large, Fancy, Ib.. . No. 10 CHERRIES 49c 15c Kraft's VELVEETA CHEESE, Pkg ...... Maxwell House COFFEE, 1 1 /z-Pound Site Can Occident FLOUR, 49 Ibs. fm »05 NAVY BEANS, 6 Ibs 25c BLACK WALNUT At t_ MEATS, Ib 45C PRUNES, Extra ^tl Large, 2 Ibs. 4j No. 10 PEACHES 39c Kraft's Philadelphia CHEESE, 3 Pkgs.. . . SILK TISSUE PAPER, (1,000 Sheets) 6 Rolls . OMAR FLOUR, 49 Ibs. . $1.45 PINK SALMON, 2-lb. Can 25c MONARCH FINER FOODS See It in Gloss--Buy It in Tin SPECIAL PRICES Monarch BERRIES, Size 2 Can, Packed in Syrup, 2 Cans Monarch COFFEE, Drip or Grind, Ib Monarch FRUIT COCKTAIL, Tall + £~ 17-or. Can t^C Monarch G. Cream Style, Site 2 Can B. CORN, f fk _ 1UC Monarch JUMBO SHRIMP, Can « 1/C Monarch TOMATO JUICE, 20-oz. Con ......... lOc 50-or. Can. . ...... " 25c Monarch APPLE SAUCE, Site 2 Con Yacht Club TUNA, 7-oz. Can ........ ISc Monarch Whole Stringless GREEN BEANS, Size 2 Con, 2 for. . Monarch TOMATOES, Whole Peeled, «1J^«« Siie 2 Can, 2 for Z[)C Monarch SANDWICH SPREAD, . 16-Di. J a r . . . Monarch RED SALMON, Pound, Tai! Can 25c Monarch Orange and Grapefruit JUICE, Sixe 2 Con, 2 for. Monarch BLACK · * _ PEPPER, 2-oi. C a n . . . jC Monarch RED KIDNEY BEANS, ft Siie 2 Can ....... IUC Yacht Club Whole Kernel CORN, - f t Size 2 Can ....... IUC Federal Packing Co. Phone 746 We Deliver $1 Order* 213 N. Fed. Ave. ANNOUNCEMENT We Hove Added a Complete Delicatessen Service to Our Meat Marker With Mrs. Kinney in Charge . . . Carrying a FulJ Line of Home-Baked Bread and Pastry. Open Kettle LARD, lb.. . lOc Beef ROAST, lb. 16c Smoked Country Style SAUSAGE, lb. Fresh Dressed 4O*. CHICKENS, lb 15C End Cut -iX -PORK CHOPS, lb... IOC Brick ond Cream CHEESE, lb 15c --:-- FRESH FISH OF ALL KINDS .--:-H-M-M FRUIT MARKET HEAD LETTUCE, Fancy Heads. .. . CELERY, Large Stalks 5c lOc LEMONS, Dozen GRAPEFRUIT, Large Size, 12 for. ORANGES, Extra Good, Each. . 1 C BANANAS, Good, 5 Ibs. .'. ' 25c POTATOES, Ex. Good., 100 lb. Bag $1.39 APPLES, Fancy, Basket . $1.59 CORN COUNTRY BUTTER, Pound 21 c MR. FARMER: BRING US YOUR EGGS! OYSTER SHELLS, 100-lb. Bag BLOCK SALT, Large Block Morton's SMOKED SALT, Large Con. . SODA CRACKERS, 2-lb. Caddy. PEAS, No. 2 Con LUKE B. 65c $4.79 STOCK SALT, 100-lb. Bag. . . SUGAR, Beet, 100 Ibi Old Hickory /!A-, SMOKED SALT, Can OjrC Graham CRACKERS, « p- 2-ib. Caddy 15C TOMATOES, j.^. Can 7C MILLER, U. S. A., Mgr. FEDERAL FRUIT VEGETABLE MARKET Low Prices! -- Good Quality! FROM GROWER TO YOU North Federal -- Across From the Hanford PHONE 542 Butter Coffee Tomato Juice, Corn, Green Beans sTML 3 N O . 2 c an 6c Pfk«krh0C Del Monte No. 21/2 C a n . . . 16c * *-«»Virc» Heavy Syrup Doz. Cans. . . $1.85 *%*«! Country Lb. MAlV Maxwell -r ft House 2'/2-lb. Can 5TMC Heavy Syrup No. 2Vi Can ISc Del Monte, Dozen Cans $2.10 leaf Lard Hams Hormel's Carload daho ' Russets, 100 Ibs. $1.45; Pk. Minnesota . . . . 100 Ibs. $1.10 Apples Winesops Roman Beauties.. .Bu. Box yJltOj Large, Full Juice, tlf* Sunkisr or Florida. . . Doz. M^C Grapefruit Jis 6 f o r l9c Celery sLt °i e ; lOc Lemons ; s u 7klst : Do ,23c Spinach^ 3 H,,.14c Mustard Greens, Kale, Turnips, Beets c Buneh sc Asparagus Bu nchl5c Cucumbers EflC hlOc Flour otr ury ' s . or 49 , b , $1.49 FRESH G R E E N BEANS -- R H U B A R B Jonquil Flowers , anch lOc FARMERS:We Pay Highest Prices For Eggs-Cash or Trade SAY/ TfllS IS T-HE BEST MATLESS MAL I'VC EVCR TASTED / For tasty Lenten dishes, see (he unusual recipeiontriii package! If Will Pay You to Use the G-G Classified Ads CARY GROCERY 1454 North Federal Phone 1038 FREE DELIVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS *resh CARROTS, bunch . . Good Size HEAD LETTUCE Fresh No. 1 Grade BUTTER, lb. 10 Ibs. SUGAR . . . Large Size DREFT . Fancy Whole Kernel CORN, No. 2 can Sonny Hubbard FLOUR, 49 lb. bag Soda CRACKERS, 2 lb. box So 5r ?,2r 49r 21r 12c $1.19 15c Large Sweet Juicy ORANGES, 2 doz Extra Fancy Wnesap APPLES, 5 lb. bag Golden Bantam CORN, 4 -- No. 2 cans . . Navy BEANS, 6 Ite. . Large Size OXYDOL . Omar FLOUR, 5 Ibs Old Style Dutch Sugrar COOKIES, 2 Ibs. . MACARONI or SPAGHETTI, 5 lb. box . 35c 29c 29c 25r 19r ?,5r 21c 25c MASH'S COFFEE , t 28c COFFEE 28c Lonhorn CHEESE, lb. 1Q» I Ui. | WE ALSO HAVE FRESH AND COIJJ MEAT SERV-ALL FRUIT GROCERY No. 1 18th and So. Federal No. 2 . 6th and So. Federal GRAPEFRUIT BUTTER c c n t r y Lb . 2Sc EGGS Doz. i6c APPlES, Extra ' Fine ONIONS iol';9c Crystal White SOAP -i r CHIPS, Z--lOc noxes .. IDC 35c PIPE anfl 2 cans UNION LEADER 25c Streamline COFFEE, lb. 17c Fancy PEAS, CORN, flc can or 3 for 25c CELERY, Bunch ... lOc Mcd. Size COBBLERS, Pk. lOc; sack 64c SWEET POTATOES, 8 Ibs. for 25c Sunkist ORANGES, Each Ic WE ARE PAYING HIGHEST PRICES FOR EGGS- CASH OR TRADE -- S3.00 ORDERS DELIVERED FREE Thompson-ONeil Co. 'S8? r SERVICE GROCERS '»«!« FOR FRIDAY SATURDAY MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE _...._ _.,,.. 2 Ibs. Free Carrots Calif., Lge. Bunch Gr. Onions Large Bunch Radishes Large Bunch RUSSET POTATOES U. S. No. I -- o A 15 lb. peck ...... jQ MEATS Bacon -- lowana or Jlelrose, lb. . . . Beef Roasts, Chuck, lb. .. 18c Pork Roasts, -| O Loin Ends. Ih. ... IOC Veal Shoulders, Milk Fed 20c Vegetable -irt Shortening, lb. .. IUC Fresh Killed Hens Jones Sausage GRAPEFRUIT Texas Seedless, O Lge. 80 size, doz. J Sunkist Oranges 220 Size, Finest f Quality, doz I ftlrs. Barclay's -1 A Home Made'Bread IUC MAGIC WASHER Large Economy o -I RITZ CRAX, 23c Miller's Banquet Potatoes Fancy Selected Russets, Finest Baking, 10 lb. bag 32c · v:

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