The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 4, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1818
Page 4
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' AT.BjlAr cil7.STOCK. . . fS pursuance nf Urn net tnliued, Ak act to X rrsvlU uid iuprov lh 6uMtcof th cit oT Albany,'' passed MarchMUs, l8l8,Uicom - mistkaitn of the nu city iiock, give notice, ku'rniiMab will ba received in tlie city Ot N. York, by Mynderl Van Schaick, Esq, and in tbe city of Albany by the aubseribw nuttl lb 1 Mb day of May next, for tubscriptiout to' e stock, not exceeding two huudrtd aiad Cv inoojaod follaiUariiig biarest at seven per centnm per annum, payable aensi - suiuuully,. nl ou fls th looks ib the city of New York, to ach of tb subscriber! m roMtlvtoath of tlx city of Albany ; and tit one of the lauks ia lh city of Ainy, to all other subscribed, oo the firt day 01 May nil November tlie principal irredeemable - ul ten, year alter the dale of the certificate to t rV realler MUd. . ,. . ' . Tha nibrt ample funds, consisting of the r arced rac.Lt oa IiimIh hoMlofir told by lb COT - mnlu! aw annual UK of iOOOO, end all their unsold lands are pledged, uniU th stock eruated by 1h wi lays i redeems anij paiu. j.. : Tb Urmsmofl favorable for the oorperatiou Wilt b acetyied, thr.t is t,o say, th higne. uiu OlWd in UKxiey, for eviry c" hundred dollars to stock, for Ilia whole o b pari of.thetau. t.k, a may not he applied for, by Ibo baklert f 111 ,ecuriti of th coqioralioo, a preleranro having tot giru to Ihem by tbe act atormaid. ,AuUoriptioaltboakliUick will bepavnbk - a follows; Twaaly - flraperctowlhanrftd - iy ot Jan, aial tba mUoa in three equal wstal. Mentson Ilia tint davof July. August and Sep tember following, with luterett from tb fint of Mar at even per cent. . . - Certificate of tbe Stoc wilJ be delivered on the payment of the but instalment, bearing in - terert froia the first of May " By order of 4he Board ol Coir mittioner. v . , a JOHN. BOOART, Chamberlain, i iu.... i.iiei.1 ifcin frr - Applicatiooa for the aboo Stock will kv?r..:.l h iha uinrrilwr at (lie store nl J. U t. Ilooe b Co. the corner of Wall and Pearl itreetl, . ..M. VA.l Aew Vnrk,An.S8tb, 1018. ao'jadgtfodOUS - ' ' rRKJiLH ACM)rlY. So. 18tf imi - fKrM' - tU:HARI avaUa bimaell of lhi medium to offer tii bat thanke to tlwae parenn and guardian who have intrnited Uai with the caw o! tlir children, aiurinj them and Urn pul - lictlial tli tame oiireiuittioK attenlioo to their ttudieyaud roiufort, and lnirntat.d gejit.a mod of treutmcnt ihall be obttned, that boi met Ibur reueralapproliatloa and pMronajra. ' One of ihn urintii al advantaeei rf tnii etan lUhmeat, wliicli hM already rot with irrraten - r(.ur.iirK;n a.. it tha entire cicliieion of all nut Ui frondi l:uiuare tit the ceneral convenation of tliaecbool.t UvrtfitT U it la b vndmloei Ihmt turn itill be vl'iaUtd hit tveh at intend to beem t'renth Khvltiri. 'cnrnanbip talent ny an Kncliili mnVicr 'Trie number of arhiJarau limitni n ' In atkHtion to the man? rcpert nhlvk inrenrffi Mr. 8. rait riva in ihia city, hr think that the mnrt Uractory are tbe parent! m kim iiNMifnt ftt'hfdari. v . i Aactiiniius ic b - vil, for 'he arcororoodation of f ent!etn - n wfioiceiigagvnibiit preclude oa ealidf altendnnru. . " .rrortrrroiarpry aboirc, from U to 3 o'clock. (ty Tbe - .panih f.ii(tiai;A tauslit in a aepa - r4te'annrtmerit,'fy a Spai.ish )nl - 1'len an W rmliM ' 1 1 '. ' ' "try. ' Notiii i herrby rivn, thattl Hinnuiil ak ciicn for twelve tmtin ol tha .New - York Society 1 4brary,. will be htld at tha lihrary in Nm - ead ttrrct, on Tueailny, th VUlli initunt, Itiii n - n till ta o'clock l. M. Putftd April i - JHw 1UI8 - A. Bl.EECK.KRt. tecr'y. an 15 oodi 1 GO" BOaWEl.Le I.KKH.NK (.ini:ior to and recoraineDded by William & llcury II ax all) tnnsnct vndim and coiumiuion buiineii, I'rtrmhurj, vusmia. i v The occasionally make advanrri upr'n on iinmeattcoiiiirntled tothrirebarga. Kcfi - reme , . V : U . I I .1 . ..Fill. ri a Cmif nib 50 arwIGw t un sjt.f: iS A ery valuable KAHM, nent - F.liw bctlilown, in New - Ji raey, containing 109 acrw, Wjtn every improvement necesaary for a farm Will be aold very rpuonuble, and the term mad necommodatinev or will be rxrimnrd for porprrty In New - Toik. Fosscsi'ian j may be haJ at any time . , , , , " . 3 H. LAWRFAOV ap 17 Stawtm No. 55 Pine.itreet,. - A very profitable r' A KM, of 1 10 acres, twu itdrds under cultivation, thr residue woodland, situate oa the sea shore, a quarter of a mile below tha narrow, on the Slut, n island tide and a short Tide irnni tbe steam boat ferry Uadint;. It cive a very extensive view ol the bay and ea - xironsol Naw - York, within tlie Narrows, and of andy tlook anU ine ocean r or prospect is equalled by none. The title it ttnquettinnabla. Two thirds of the purchase money may romnin ecuredupno the land. Apply to A. V; J). Foun - tain on Iii premises, nr to ; i 'M. W. A. 8EKI.Y, H3 Oreenwirh - ttreet. TO LET, a cooveniei.t mH story home, adjoining the above, with a garden and iibout un acre ol land. I or terms appiy as auuve. mb - 3 eodtf . " i, aitrjuiAX him. sxaasiuk nous. Ir - t , . . TO LET. s - L H ' From the first of Mav next, tlie hou'r b" - - vB by Uie name of the " Mansion llou'e of Murray Hill," ahoal three ana nn nnii miiesirom theeitv : bounded on fie Hart rin Road. The bouse is tonrenimt and romy,"atid would aa - iter fur a crntlcman't summer residence, a hoanHi.e school or public house: There are a bout 4 teres of ground beloocing to the premises, divided into a garden, orchard nnil tiwu. .Thrr it alto on tlie premises n stable and rench - lionto, nut - bouses, i.c. and a wt'l of gmid 1 water. The buildins; is handsnmelyi titualed, commanding a beautiful prospect and convenient tn the iHibllo. road. . Aa iuilustriout gardener wou'd lie more than able to pay tlie rent from the fruits ami vecetahlts which lie could raite. - Th nrnnrrt will be rented very reasonable to good tenant for further particulars, enquire bo the premis ', or at no. 7 ivJ jiucn - laue. - ftptSeodU - .. : "JO Iti beveral KeuUeiiien can ie accoui' J m Klated with Hoard, at No. 30 Vesey - st an 1shI2w - Si..l ,S Xm i nrLCtiHDtrOllcr! Office. nUBLlfc NOTICE m !BiOti given, that seal - I m1 nrnnctnlt will ba received at tins li tlM. Cithnf Ma Of xt. for the iur chase of - the wlmle or of any partol 840, 478 17 - 100 d' llar ol the three per cent t Stock of the funded debtol tlie United States, owned by tins ftntr, ' TbeEtnrk, ifaold, will be transfrred on tlie first d.w of Julv iext. at which tinie, - rwymenl mutt hrnidtb; the purchaser or purchasers, at the Hank of New - York tu the city or new - lora. The pmpnsatt will lie opened oil tlie arid t5 h Aav nl 1ay next rnd Uie best offer or rffovs will be accepted ; provided the ff - rs 1 - e u h a shall. coosisteat w h the intersstt of tlie ttale, warrant me acceptance oi any ol them. If any i - ffer or offers shall be acrepted, infor aaauoa uiereoi nu nt imn.1iat!v communi cated to (lie person or persons so offering ; ami it ts expeuei and requiiefl that such person orpr r eat shdll Uien Rive satisfactory security for the Atvcii'is r .s i i tix, comrt'ol'rr. Albany. April x7, 1818. aplui iMgj .1 uousK avjyt s.ii.r.. A 5 excellent family Horse, free from fault, well broke to tlie harness, and racks under 'he (addle Enquire at 13 - i t'rarl - strcet . ap W lw .. f - 7 ANTED to purchase, asecomt band rount - W f M.r - hous mahogany Ur.sK. Apply at tbif of6 W VTEIla M - f Servant, to wail upon a reotleman and hr wife, and tvrasinoal'y to trat wills Lbaw oommsshI kprdv but tnch aa can briisr rood pictmmendatior for hoc est y, sobriety, and. capacity, aquira at S6, Wall wraev. ap w iw i. 4 Mo. tbe and a i : tbf ol ly mg at on diet nud Ut way To n I. lie Mr.t nl tbe t ler tlie be on in at of 1 : n f. CiH rb'LETL lu J A larjo two ator"t rloaae aiel abuilt 10 : of Und, . bolrrtca lb 6 and T aatle atooea - filOODioedai &oad. "or uortinular oquire f. - . , NICKS. Utf Eb I ttt, r iD1M " Near the Frniie. rU ' tioLfiE 'i O lit LLl', '.! ! p;in'i.i about sa - 4BilMiralhevuy' fiaJlTeo tk old pott - road, and dJoinioU houtea of C. k it. Wait. Tb boat b ft ae. iuliimI i. and 111 for a HBall family ; fiaa a t1lcbi and ctllar, 2 parfcre, 3 bfd - rocin, aod r. l t;id rarreu. Thar it a iwall rardta, anJw afciblo lit for ahon and efc. . - toquire next door to Ui ntamiicj, or at 54 Miuden - laoe At a low rent, and o"iou rivcu idime dialtly, tbe large and clrt,int3 tlory brick home 104 Urrcnwifli - Hreoi, repicie wnn rrery Muv - uiienc tr a Urzt family, liluate in taio ol maetbealtby aud Uawot pai'U of tba city : tan; open to Wathiiigtoii - ilreet, comnaiidt fine' view of th HuJou River and Jersey hnre. If an J. the term will be Very aaiy. a aiott of the toouey may remain on aiorl)rae for iUor 12 yeaia Apply at Ao. 1JJ or 14Z reari - Hrvet. - ' ' apio 'JO LE.1K, fur term, Tin kmim miff Inl 'n HI filii f ( rt. eomuinftigtU rni with fire lrei, beildei the kitcbeu, paQlriet, rau.'t. kc. and a wt.ll of good WHltrr. , , KornV, Jte aneiplied trim, eleven year, ol lot No, CO Murray - atreet, in the occopalioo William 1'iiltcrnu, on lenie from ttia tpiaco - J. IV. . illll liliiuni'i fehCSHif No. 44 I'Uic - itreet. ' . TO LET, A ronvement two itory hoote, picani - nlualcd in Clisrlet - etreet.tireenwab a del - rnlile reiidcni - c for a cartinan or uiclianic rem low. for particular enquire at No 09 Murray - itrrtt. ap 14 If MOOS I VKKNON 110 PEL. THE fubrcribxr t.ikei tliit method to in form the public tbat lie baa taken for the emu - teaaon lliat well known tlhud formerly occu - pifd by Uyde, al - out fir milot from tbo City flail, on Ibo BoV.on road, axil mt - nu(o npea u a puldic houe tor the reception ol company, the firt ol May next, a urn aeuemen aiiu ia - will be accommodated with every comfort tk'ipinc' to be expected at inch a boilie, on ml reaiouable terms. Che bet of liquor of every fort will be al - kept ready. t.Z.KA CAI.UVVI.LiLi. N, 0. Wanted a good woman cook. COi.IJ.MHU I'IC'lUHK UAL.LLUY, 144 f OliTOR - STRBET, ' f Roai't Buildine. near Uroadwav.) cnnnoi'iruri and amateur ofllieKine Arli, and to tbe enliehteiird puttlic of Hew lork. 'UK proprii lor of on ixtrniive collectioii of picture', the work of tb mott eminent pruiter?, buvinL' iMtiirrtnd (rum Europe, where hai pun tin in froia the cabinil ol Home, Naplt.'t, Kkirciice, I'urn, Amsterdam and f.i.lidon. at a very roniiderable exprnue, liroixv t txhioil them to tbo ladioiand eeiillemen thiictly and in ii inily. '1 be exbiliition will hcciiinn 'j'huiid:ir, Ifilb of Aiiril. It will be fur uprrior touny yd ofired in tbe U. State, picture If ing; iiu(ioiibtedly oripn - uli coiiiiil - of upward! ui zuu ptcturtf, ty Uie btat mai AibniDM'jn 50 earn, or one dollar per mouth, licuiilmm lOmtlio uiormaf toteven he CaluloKUi'i may be Lad at the Gallery. ' ' '. , Uiliu Tlie tore C I ridtin - Wect. Funu're on iioiie. p4 5w , . run Mist, JlT (Or exchanged for property In tliiscit) A neai CO'imrv mmsc in ine virinny 01 r.u - al'ietlitown, (.n!J ) beautifully situated on tbe 1'iis.t - ruail i al present in the occupation of HWt...(.lrnnt. It couUibj eiirht rooms with a put .a in trout 'ii. U i ear, acfiiHl kitchen, waali - house, niilk - riKim, and celUr there is alx, a cnucli - house, stable for two iiorscs, anil other convenient out Uiildinirs, all in jrood repair. about an acre of land, laid out in a liamlme garden ar.d orchard, which afford a variety of cnoicn irmi, unpuragiii, ft - c. ami a wcu or excellent water, with a gnod pump. Term will made liberal. Apply to JACK60N k. WOOLLEY, ap25 lm 75 Wull street. MONT - ALT A. For talo or to let, the bsi.utiful place Uil Mont - Alt, seven suite from th Cits Hall, on the North River, adjoiuiny lord Cour enay's. It crmlains VW acres ol lund under im provement, wilh a large par - den in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, ami every convenience' family may require. For terms, which ire reasonable, and if sold a Innr credit siven if wisueu, apply tu . n u. i r r, ap20 . , 64 south - st. H)H SALE. F.tzht lots of cround pleasantly situated Uie north tide cf Want n - stn cl, ami extendme from Es 1 to Norf dit - streets Also, four lot. adidiiiina tben tn, and Ironiinir on Essex - street. each lot beimla feet front ami rear, by lOfll'eet depth. Th'se ItveKe Jots may be purchased a very moderate (rice, for cash, and il not dis - postvl ol at private s .iu Pelore tlie 1th day ol Mav. Ihtv will on that day be sold at public Auc - tim, at the Tontine G ffee House, a? fio'clork. 'V ULr. c.CKr. K tz B1UHY, willi whom a map tlie around is leit, for Ihn inspection of thou - who may be nispotcu to purchase. up i j iifiay i LKT. Unsal The stores end cellar room cl those Ihrre storv homes No. 10 and i Broad - Street. Also, a good house at Greenwich, aid one at ilarlafm, wild two and a hall ncres of around. near .Ylunhattaaville. Ap!ynt.V RrnHdway, or to CH A!. OAKLEY, apStr 141 iTont street. SZ 7X Lf.T, vij52 The following Houses, vu: he tioute Xo. 05 John - street The house No. 07 do The bouse aed store Nn 395 Pearl - street I'te house and sture Nn. HI Cherry - strert JAMES W. SHAW, feb SI No. 5 llnwerv. AKI UOt.UtriS Jir.UAHU 1TILL be paid to any person or persons who Y T will rive information of the villains who fired the house at Brooklyn on 1 riday evening. 17th April, so that they may be brought to jus tice, by - JOHN II. MORRISflN, apt8 lw Fly - Market. 11 A.N AWAY from the tubtcrilwron the l7lh frrs, aged 19 years, Is about a feet, 5 indies high, 'woll made, and a pleasant gmxl looking black. He wat drened in a short olive colored velvet jirket and blue pantaloons Is supposed to be workmg about some ol tne wnarvrt in irui citv, orh.nbored by tome few people of color, Whosoever will brio; the raid tcrrant to hir ImasU - r, No. 59, Murray street, or will rive he li.rm .n. o where he may be foand, shall be lib rally rewarded for their trouble. Aud til per sons aro hereby cautioned against harboring or employing mil servant, as they wdL in rucb c isc, subject themselves to the u'inot riiror of the law. R. WIIILKT. ap 30 tf Hit.1KiLU LY HUuOKLYJf. r IxHRKb or iost. Gentlemen, can be aocom - Jl rnodaletl. wilh Hoard and Lodging, on reaao.ii.ble terms, by amdvinir al Mra. Suv - dam'a, Fultoo - sL Urook.yn,. about aqvurterojj a muc miai cicara - oaai terry, ap SS It Qui aud and dau T iinr term sual fully soil any and and yf form have well and l,em r and of may en, said will of said c day LN and l imr lit and for of tlie city Hum of of it of s TltR ST.tX BOAT - LiMR. lbs nfoprtetef. wtui a i ', 'vW at acouousortatiiig the f public, byeltendioc thebnt j.o norWM.ii, inieaa aaamaii; ta.eri.ucat will f ahoa, Capt. Lew.aaU route (if found practicable) wiUbecofitinuad during tbt eeejoft, - ' '' ' ' " 'I be hue will m future be from Ne v York to Norwich, a follow : 'J'b Coooeciicat, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - lork every Monday, WUiuria? and i rufay, ut a o'clock, - ia tut n.onHiiir. lor Aew - ilavea. ' Hi fultoii, Capt !.. will leave Hurmtch at o'clock iii Um - iuoruiBifof theiamedaya, touch atA'ermfa depart freia thwica tor Jitvt - llmvtn at o o'cloca. Tlie boat will meet at Airar Uattn, dert Irom thrnce every JSiiMaji, tttwt - fridau. at 7 o'clock ia the evefiirur ibe OiamclicHt lur - Yrm - lV, end tbe r'ulioo lor JfuwlMtidtm and A. mill XllLLlAM HOOKER, No. 202 Waters. T corner of r'ultoo - ftreet. New - Yen k, hav - rrivil a larg uply of tbe real JAPAN nr.ACKIN - d.or Oay i Martin, 97 Hieb Hoi - born, 1Nidon, offcrt th ame, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, orhomocoosnmptioo, on the mott liberal auu auvauiajeous 10 purchaser. Thi inestimable composition, with half the n - labor, proilaceta most brilliant jet black, equal to the hisbest japau varuUh ; aftord. - prculiar nourifhnieut to the leather; it will not the finest linen ; i perfectly frre from any unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtues in climate. . At an inrontrovf rtible proof of the superior excellence of ihm blacking, V has stood the tert commanded tbu most txlenrive sale in all quarters of the globe, lor upwardi of hnlf a ce n - ROOSEVELT - STREET NOTICE. ' NOTICE is hi rtby g'v n to all persons inler - ested, that the commissioners of estimate atretsiueet - u pointed by (he supreme court judicature of tbu stale of New - York, to pur - ceitiiin dutirt relative to the enbrfiuK and iinprovin to part of Roosevelt street, betwre u (lutnvia Lane and Ernnt - tret, in the aaidcity, C"mlcted tbeealunnte and utsruinent, as nf the lost and damage lustuintd, over a hove the benetit and ndvantuKO received, by the owner nf the land and premises required for the sakl improement, a:lsoofthe fit and advantage rece ived of ami in certain lands and pie onset not requiicd for id improvement. And that we the said commiiiiou - have deposited a truit opy of satli etiuiite ntsessiiicnt in tbo clerk's office of the city New York, for tbe inspection of whomsoever It concern. And notice is hereby further siv - that the corrected and revised report nf tbe commissioners of estimate and aetestment, be preieidcd to the supreme court ol judicature ol tl;o state of New - York, at tha city ball tlit city of New York, on Thursday, the seventh day of May next, at the opening ol the court on that day, or as soon thereafter a uiisc l can be nearu uiercon. uaiea imszxu of April, lOin. rtOKEK HTRONO,) JOHN KOKKES, Commissioners. NO.Vll JARVia, S np22 Ut CROaA - 3 TREET NOTICE. IVTOTICE is hereby given to aU iersons inter - ested. that the lommissioners of estimate assessment appointed hv the svlireme cuurt jndicaturo of tlie state i New - York, to per - lorm certain duties relative to me euiarg - mid iini.rovinir Cros street, in the sixll ward of the city oi New - York, have completed iheir estimate and assessment, as well of the lots and dnrnte - e tuMuined over and above the bene - and advantage received by the owners of tin l.ini't and iireimses required lor ttiid improve ment, at nlo ofthe beiielll nut! advantages re ceived by the owners and parties interesled ot in certain lands and premises not required the said improvements. And lhat we the said commissioners have deposited a tin coy ol sucheUimnte and assessment, in the clerk's office of the city of New - York, for tlie inspection whomsoever it may com cm. And notice is berehv further civen, that the irport of the said commissioner of estimate and assessmrut will be presented tn the supreme court of judicature of slate nl ,e w York, at tlie City nail oi me of New York, on Monday, the fourth dav of May next, at the opening ol the court on that day, or as toontherrartcrascoensel can lie heard eon. Dute I this 17th day of April. 1818. JOIIX FORBES. WII.I.IAM TOIIRET, Coaimisiioocts. JOHN L. LAW HENCE. S ap I? 14t HENRY - STREET NOITCE. NOTI CE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the cinuiiiisiinner ot estimate and attctsmcot, appointed hv the supreme court judicature of the itate cf New York, loptr - lorm ce "tain duties relafiie to the rnlaruing, ex - teniling mid improving Uenry - ttrret. between Minton and Grand - streets, in the e.ghth ward ol the city ol New York, have completed their es timate, ami assessment, at well ol tlie loss ami iiiios;o sustained nver and above Uie tvnelit and adruniuKe icceived hv the owners of the land and premiet required lor the laid improvement, at aito oi ine iie.ueiK ami nuvjntage received uy ine iwner and parties interested nl aud in certain ands ami premises not irujired for the said im provement And that we, the said commission er!, have ib pof itcd a true copy of such estimate autl assessment in th clerk's omct, ofthe city New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever may concern i and notice is hereby further given, i hot the report ofllie laid commissioners of es timate and assessment will he presented to the su preme court of ludicaluroof Ihestntoof fi. I ork at the City Hail nl the rity of N. York, on Mow day, the fourth day of May next, nt the npeninx the court cti that day, or as soon thereafter as iansel can tie heard Uicreon. Ualed tins 17th lay nf April, Ifllll. JOHN FORRES, ) Wli.LlAM TORREY, Commissioner IIF.NRY MEIGS, S ap 17 14t FOURTH STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to ail persons interested, that the Ciiuiiiiiwinners of estimate and astrmi'Bt, appointed It) tin rnprciue Court il Jii'hcature ol tne state i .ew - 1 oik, to per form certain duties rel itive to tlie opening nl Fourth street Irom the Bowery road to the sixth nven'ic, in tlie eighth ward ol the said city, have ci aiph t l ilieir estimate and atetmrnt aa well nl the Inst nnd dnmaze unturned over and above the benefit and advantage iece ived by the own er ol the land aod premises required lor tbe said iu.prove.ne3T, as also ol the DcikIH and ad vautug received by the owner and parties in lerested ol and m the laaJi an.l premises Dot re quired fr the said improvement, and that we tne said comraisiioneis nave nepotited a iruc ini.y ol such rstimnte ar.d aesmeiit in trie Clrks oftVe ofthe city of . New - York, for the in. spertion ol whomsoever it mar rencrm. An notice it nereny givoo io a'l eroat mieresteii that the report untie Commissioner of estimate and assessment will be prcrntext to the Supreme nurt of Judicature of the state nf .New - York, at the city hall ot trie city oi Jew - era, on r x - ls the 15th day of May aeat, al t'tc nnenim: nf the Court on tiiatd'iy, or al toon thereafter as counsel can be heard l hereon. Dated, this 2Jth day of Apnl, !. . It. I r.iV IJ VTS.3 ( i'El'KR fcTAGG, Couuainioncrt. JOHN TAKGLE. ) ap29 I U BEAVER HATS. TOHN FORDJias nt rrreirej and i now si ooeoief a mrse assortment of Londii Aaarriraa Heaver, Castirs. Rurasas, skI Chi siren'' Hat ; all of which be ia MS affori. rbr tale at hi wnoeataM aad reuul uai store, no, til I or l of as tn 17 iVlaidea - laae. ap 14 lot NCM BCRCH arIdlAXlAlt;tAMAIIfTJ.V - TBKKK TIMIte A Wist. . ; :'.. t - t I EAVES Newbargb eve - ViScrtaid Tliursday luoroinps, at ,Tr'r' "'U ior o'clock, run tiirougb MoaHooicry, lilooiningbtt'gh, monlicaiio, oy White Lake. Coercion, Mount Fleataot, Great Ceod.CloaoK.riiul,Occa, libit a, and Oe - acva, toCananduijua. Retuminc Ira' ts Canamtaigna every moo - day, Wednesdav .rid Friday niorninEatthr ('cluck, and arnVc at Newjwrgli, thctiuru day in time to take the Steam - boat whicii arrive m ew - lo:Hlie luliowine; monmir - .jrj awe it trptttti that ut ail Umtt what tlu ttuav - luaJt alter their Uityt of riuwwg, thai tliit fine ssiVi a'ier M at la meet tlioa The whole rMite Will be iierfjmed in Hirer day, from tbe first of Mav, unt il the flrst of NoTcnioer - anu irom iue nrs. ui - rMi'vi""' until tbe flfirenth of December, ai d from tbe fifteenth of March un ilths Crat of May, in fiiur dav - - apl from the 15lii i). cember, mi - tlie fifteenth of March theaame line will be roiitiiiiied to tbe citv of .New - York ami run fiom thence to Canai daicua in linu - days. . Puenirers trkvcllinir from Ncw - Yi - lk to Canawiaiirua. Niairara or Riifi'alo, can lea e N York in tbe evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaifrua in tin ec daya a dialanrr of tlirec hundred mih . Tbe line is well furnished with eood. new earriaire i irood bnrsea, ana careful and experienced driver Everyatten - tiou will be paid to render tlie paaaage of the traveller aaie, easy and expeaitmu j anu u i believed that the aeconimodatione on this line are canal tn anv line in the state. fX7 KAKK rrom .ewburgli to cananoaitrua FOURTF.F.N DOLLARS. N. U. A b'anch of the same line runs three ' . , . - , i times a wee - k Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line run from Oweiro Tinira Foint; thence through Newtown and Fainted I'ost, to Batli, fcc. ... V BAGGAGE, a usual, at Uie rik ofthe owners. , David Godfrey, Blooiumeburgli, K. (J. St. John. Mount 1'lehSdiit. I L. A: R . Maiiiung, Cbtiiango, J. Proprie - Lutbcr Gere, lll.ii a, tors. Samuel Cireenhff, Geoora, j Oliver t'hclp, Laiiiiii, J mb 14 dCin . I Ml Ut .EH I ION. ok SOUR 8'iO.UACH, 6 ai knovvledaed by medical writers to be a compluintol HUUbom kind, ami at un nines vers iiiui. un oi one. i in, buuiicio.j trated in tne dicMMiointiucnt of those who muor ...... .i.n..... i. Ar ...... 'li.:. ...ri;..; itltia. unately suffer un Jer it, as tbcj , lor the most part, Ibid that after li.nins tried munv things to liUlc no purpose, tf.ey are at lust obliged to use (lor ieniaia lite reiiiainiier oi niei tucn ariu - jc a, can at best but palliate thediseac - Uiilertuch ircuinstanres. any medicine caimbluof reuei vies the conii'laiiit, must surelv lie au nrticit higuly deserving tbu attention ol all tinse who are alllicted with it : sue h acomlunation is to he met wilh in DR. MEAD'S ANTl - DYEI' TIC or STOMACH FILLS the suecess ol which has never vet been equalled, for the cure dyspepsia ia it! most complicated form, such loss oi api elite, nauea. neuri nurn, uaiuieo - cv, knawing pain in the ttomacn, pain in tne sine, great costivem ts, pannes mine coume - nanre, languor, lowliest of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pills in theunove disease, arcordins tn the directions, wid never be disnp - lioinlfd, ns they have ne.ver been once known to fail in pronucmi: a r.ulicbl anil permanent cure. Tit use of a tinele hex will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will must effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely !v neutral. xuit tne aem, nut rtyenr reeling that morbid sl.ite ol tbe tec ret ions whii b gives rise to it, and at the same time will restore the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which it absolutely neccttiirv to the well lieing of the animal economy. Frice one dollar per box. Fornln bv JOH. C. MORRISON, Druggist, . No. liill Greenwich - street. Where mav he had. wholesale and retail, a latj;e nnd general asuortrmnt of genuine Drut and Medicines : frurgeous Instruments; Apotne rary's Glat Ware? ; English and American Patent Medicine!.. Also, Dyer's and Fuller's article. Medicine Clie.U, fee. On liberal terms. mhS5 Vm ouiMicr or bew - vorii, i. BE it reuiKii.hered, That on the second day of April, in the forty second car of the imle - pendenc e of the Ui tied Slates of America, Wit liaiu Jel.nsou, of the said district, hath deposited in this effirethe titie of a hook, the livht whe reof be rbiims as author, in the words and figure fol - kiwinj. to wit : " Reports of cnes adjudged in the court ol Chancery of New - York : by William Johnson, Counsellor at Law, vol. Il ; containing the cases Irom Juuuary, 1816, to September, 1UI7, inclu sive." In conformity to the act nf the conzrrss ofthe United Stn'es, entitled. M An act for the encou ragement nt learning, by securing the copies ol maps, dimi and hooks, to tne autnor and pro prietor ol such copies during the times therein inentioced ;" and also to an act, entitled, ' An art, suppli - menlary to an act, entitled, no act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of map, , harts and books, to the authors and proprietors ol such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the artaol designing, engraving, and u ning Historical anaoiner print. " JAMr.9 DILL, Clerk of (he southern district of New - York op 13 4w iVl.r.i .U m.UU.UtAXiOLK. The house and grounds belonzine tn tlie etlalo of John Shaw, situated on theeighth ave nue. On the premise are an excellent double nuse, stank, coach and ice house, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment, ft it presumed any other description is unnecessa ry, as tnose Inclined to rent will view the Dim e mi,.., sue ihihc uitj iiiuui aiure iu uie rearoi A 1 1 . . C. . - C r houses 1 1 and I J rearlslrtet ; where there is feu ale tome old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. or luruier particulars, aopiv io ANN M. SHAW, Jan 29, 11 Pearl - street DR. DE ANGELIS, formerly practitioner ol Medicine in tlie military Hospitals of Nap les, and admitted a member ol the .Medical So riety of NHW - York, where be hat resided since the year 17911, and hit reputation and success in practice, is no iv establish, d in Uie knowledge tlie purine by near SO vears exiienem r. ronliii ucs to be consult, d at his office, No. 2 i i Water street, oritaivite Crane wharf. In uheuiiinlic and Venereal cases. Dr. Do An, ici has hi "n wonderfully successful ; nnd tlie most terrible effects nt those disorder have lr - quently been cured by bim in a short space ol ti ue wiuiuui inconvenience io tne patient. vcs.ruciion. uicers in tne tbroat and e stillhess of the joints, pains in tlie limbs, eruptions ol the skin, together with a numerous train of evil, arisinc In. in neglect or improperly trentie of the most i: Mi'ioas of nialadies, have given way w nn more 1,1 treatment in an almost lorn rtihl,. manner. His extraordinary success is. in a sreat itn - urn no riiiui;iinr io ni wei Known Antl ni.Mimaiic and Antijphiln: Syrups, which, wiuisi iney eraiiienic every lorm ol disease, res - ion; in em ii t aea paue - ni io vigor, and health. ap io im LKf?S ITCH OLYTMEAT. WARRANTED an infallible remedy ntont appliratiun, may be used wilb'pertVd atovytio infants a weak old, net contmu - a? paiticl ol mBfcury.rr any dangerous ingredient witatcver. anil not arcnm pained with that oflbsi sive smell whicii attends the appUcalioa of other rem, lies. The axove medmnrs are prepared and sold at LEE'S Mcdieme Stivre - , No. 46 Maiden - Lam rl sold by S. CARLE, cornei of Fulton and v aler - streela. Drugvlitj and coaulry store - keepers soriBliad oa bbcral termi. Jan 29 6 'a, hi ' S the at 0 at 1 fOSTCOACH LINE ro P111LADELPS1A 1 ' ' ti wir o rvi.e - k f , r .A l - rXlsW i I IsirOKTAST T1 VA.SSfcVUF.RS. 1 ' tin co'lrtctiirfi wilh tlie rntc1ikie Wfe. " PARTNEllbllll' DISSOLVED, ANDOFPO S1TION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Fort CoacUt with every coo VenieiK e fur pas eger and batage, Sunn THR.OIV.H IX ONE DAY - TIhs Fosl C - mch will start Irom the Cent be W I6M erji (ie e, old No. 1 Court tarxt - street, N. tork.ev nwiimo. (Sundays evceotcdl at naif past o'cloi'k, by w.iv r.f Newaik, New - Cruoswicb, Fni.rrioa, Trenton ami t5risio!t and arrive ut ; I'Mb.cTetpIiIa the same hi" ei noon, at S o'ekek. The new Steam boat Line Inilastry will start from New - V.ork evtry momir, SiaxUys ex - cepted, at 10 o'clock in the Steam Hoat Afabiu - loeleat Treutou, ui.d artiv at iphia, it bieamJLiqat, next luoruing at 10 o'clock. Fare S duliurt. ; ' P, S. Fwsseugrrs are r quested to, call and take Iheir seat at the dice Old No. 1 Ciurt - lawlt - street, New - York. United States Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, wilh cveiy convenience for passengers - and baggage, oa rings. The U. S. aiuil coactiwill tlurt front coach oilice, old No. 1 Courtlandt - tlreet, New York, eicry day at 3 o'clock, F. .M. and arrive Philadelphia neat nmrning at 6 o'clock. Only patseiigen admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to TII03. WHll FIELD, at the old established Coach, Stofre and Steam Hoal office, at tlie obi No. 1 Courllandt - stieet, tbe second olLce from Broad way, New - York t or to A. 'J'. GOODRICH fc'CO. No. 124 Ltroadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - Yuk. rt - All goods and baggage at the risk ofthe owner. JOSEPH f.V ON, SONS Si CO. N. D Espressos sent to any part of the Con '1'llO.MAo WHITFIELD. ap il it). - ' J' CliAiaE. AI U. - I CliAiAo will leave New - York eve - . ry day (Sunday excepted) at half past 5 in the moruinc by way of Newark, only six putserl gets admitted, nn'd arrive in Philadelphia the tame evening. Fare through, fii; The new Steam Bout Line Experioent, will leave New - York every day f Sandfly excepted) half past 3n', in the Steam Boat Alulan - 1, and arrive at Philadelphia the next dayat 4 o'clock, by the Steam liaat .tl'FNA from Bristol. For Seats iu the alwive lines, apply at the Pott Chaise Stage and Strain Boat Office, 1 18 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel. (j7 All goods aod baggage at the riique of Hie owner. JOHN N.CDMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK ti SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON it HOWELL, Philadelphia ff. B. r Tjireitu tent to cmyjxtrt of the L'nion, apC ,VOiiTU Hit KH bTK.iM BOATS. 8i?i "P" Chancellor Living - fl ' Bp, ston will leave New - York 3??aliw - on Saturday, the 58th iasl. i't325S3T2i:at 5 P. M. There will be a boat leave New V m k even Tuesday, '1 hursdav nnd fjaiurony. alar. vi. and Mtiany on sauae days a v n. m. until lurtner notice. mh j STEAM BOAT FOR SALE. r - r - .v ft - For tale, a well finih iww I - bed Steam Boat, of small fieiM ii2i..isf sit?! with t cabins, tin! ca jpytf .leTTa ciliated to carry convenient - uooul sixty passengers Her hull is of the best limber, and she is copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to he put into a line nf running immediately, she draws but thnty - two Dchetuf water, and from the adiaiitaueouscon - stiuclion of her machinery, can be worked at out hall Ihcdfiily espen - e of ttenm - boatt in general filie will tie told a greul nartum, il applied Inr lortly. Eiiqune al.'i.IIJ W 'itl - f reel, nl iuh20tf ISAAC G. OGDfcN x. CO. SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, VOH ritU.AHt.LIMUA, "rrzTA iCT ceave ftw.,ork moinini; (iinilai'sei ceptcdj at Uo'clni k, and nr - rive in I'hiludclLl.ia nc - xl "TI to dinner. 'be puhlick houses are rood, and rrasonnl.Ie in Iheir charges. Thediiveri, horses mid coaches are not inferior to any others now running between these two cities. The beautiful country, and the excellence of the road on this rnut, con nected wnn inr saieiy, comiort, and reasonable eieiicr. are l.tleived to he strong inducement! to iraveifers in giving this line a ilecitled prefer ence. The ttrictest attentioa will be observed hy the proprictori in giving general atislat.ti - n. All D.iggairr and packas - js will an at the rule : the owner unless insured and receipted for by the iera oi said omce. r Sf Stage tare only $5, with a generous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to tiavel at their isure, may erasce the Coach nn reasonnbb terms exclusively to themselves, by applying om ay previous io starting. for scats apply at northern Hotel, Ko. 79 Courtlandt - tlreet, New - York. LYO.X, SU.S, Jt CO. ap 2 Proprietors. e t u i. 1 L A D E L, l' il 1 A . ' Tweutv - Cve mile land , carriage, via New Brunswick and Trenton. In uewost coaches $5 Do. good stages, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck passengers ' 3 50 Connected by the steam boats OLIVE B RANCH and PHILADELPHIA. Tho steam boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Son - da rs excepted, from the uorth tide of the Ball. ry, at 11 o'clock A. M. Passeujcrs w.U tnlg at Treuton, aad take the steam - boat I'hiladel I bia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock he next morning, iu lima to lake the Liiiott Line Bullimore steam - boats. Thu line ha a connection with the be - t beats on the Delaware and Cheratieake to Norfolk ; as also those of tbe North River and Sound; and their several nrnvali are calculated to cause little, if any delay. 1 his it a speedy and certainly th most con venirid rout, as the passengers will leave New York alter th banks opeu, ar.d arrive in Phila dcluhia before the hour of business, without fa. tiguo in travelling or want of ilorp, the hud carriage being much lest than by any other route ticlweeu the two c ities. For seat in tbe above tine apply to ' WILLI M U JAQUES. AtUis onm i.ns strain UnatUflne. in Mar kelhid tlreet, north of the Battery, be twern Gmenwicli H V.iahiiM;inn - trret, or to The CAPTAIN nn heard f7 - All good and baggage at th risk of the owner. np 4 1 SAUNDEUS rcspicltullv inloriiMhisloimer XJ. customers ardu.e punlic.that be has at length, dv me asilnace ul some Inends, so far recovered from his late mi. - fortune fiy lire, as to have resumed h - .s business at No. 18 Wall - street where ha contiunet to manufacture razor trrp pa a principle invented by bin. tel.', aud vrhieb is allowed by all who bve tried Ihem, to excel anything hitherto knowu; a they 'never, ly ever so long use,, mak ; tlie edge of tlie ra' Piuud, and liieTetore fenilv - r the use of any. hone sanecessary. The purchaser nceJi oa'.jf a single lesson u to it vie. ap Ti Jioaitl"i iJ - fia ' tal a hi It ry or. er to to nf a li I i I , i A sUacartsiaS paU - ..BT how ta biajtA i 1 taa tattonlbat dil&t .... . .' J' JL ,of be City of la,k,D; a:, . ViS? d surgery there, deem it Lis da - ) v$Jc ,v toreiseAlacoieooscrvations ca pg) toe ebuse cf AIERCUrtvT a fei&l i"0,,'iMte, nqo4" tea - 've of ialn te 4.ischief.S aoa. sands arc bhaoally luereannbzed out of J - x, s T t. diaeaie we have iu vice owe it f. chiefly to tliit toerce. nat : . a young man, the hopes of bit cooatrv Uie durhug of bis parents, should be ustdeJ I. way irom nU U.e prospect aad eojoymenr bytbeconsetuentesofone uncaar.1.rf and by a disease not in id owa nature fatal lj l.ich only prove to from ni - lect er imnrnrf.. ' A gentlemarrtlate Dr! $??V. u.:um v. jmcviij iirar - r anu well. rlSH is... ' kader phj sn - ians of geneij practice, ix and rcpe iled'y alivati d ; when recoamc - idT: Lr. II. (cy a gentleman of thit city) hi hZ ' wtre caiivut, and hit fJeth droppin - frou, qT. ftiendr ltUectarert he comd not poiilblv,.'"' two iuoiiII: longer. sow - with wbbt e. IU longer. - Thousands ejKriracntall! ih what ease and satety Itt: It , v cuks the severrst c;tej, and confirm! the ene.,; tatioe. The Doctor' plan (adverU - ine) uTt cesnary to gcuH the public against theln,,, Fersoirv, therefore, having cootracUid a vale disorder, or auspectinar latent K r adiuonishtd not to tamper with their coastiia tiou, or cocceal the disorder, til) pa.( recoV ; othershuving U reuiamt of aa eld ea" impurities of the biooil, a3 j. complaint of a delirato aaturo, i, sex. should remember postenty, aud do iusiiT. their consciences, by makiag atliriiX! Dr. - H. at hi old acd reirSri! I.!.1? lishiint, No. 64 Wator - .treet, forr rWM WeU Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assiitance a lone calculated tb prevent disclosure. And ker lei me eisum jvir rcnuua iiiieruun . Kf irnulw. supeiiicial cure is no cure at all ; unless thel.t. sinessis radically done, you will certainty ha',,, t!it disorder bleak out aguin witii redoubled un - mly, ut some future pi rind ; perbai then will be too late for remedy. Don't you olea Bret ia the streets iiiiscrabSr, mutilated beingt, wdiioot even a bit nt nose cn Lheir ! Tan wanii. beseech voj. " Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn foj,.' .i j i - .o.ji .mi. miij .ui.ii ui iiiucily, tine KM, guarantee to iatie4iti that deljcacy aad ir. reeyhitberlo w.knnwo, ami having conaned hit practice lor jtart past, exclusively to tbecireoi iliseatet of liic blood systom, they may saJe!ycal - ulate on jho moat decided adviintaget tu cn. suiting IK. il. . - , Gleela Jradicafed intw or three V Stiii tuitsymoviiil wilUoui bougiei or any other iiialruineiit and all debditiett ukcwlse ail u;d ulLfcratiout,, lisUila's ti.; . . a plurality oi ooices are prorided, od sot'.t. nled tliut palienUaro not expired to each other's ohtf rvatsoti. Open till half past 6 in the evening. , Al! pel toot concerned arc invited to he free ia ailing, and speHkiog willi'Dr. H. which Is tree of cost. And here tbe Doctor cannot avoid ti, txprestion of gratitude for innumerable reoora mend itiniis, and lor the decided preference (it ja, presumed with just cause) long given bim by tudiciout public. . ' . , . N. B. AU letters must be post paid. . , : ' Dr. Buchanan. Aug7 AliTULii UJCA AA l j oii LvFUi. tiua: DR. EVANS' S - IH - rill .method o'corijg a ces tain Disease, fstif.w ufiiver - sally ar.knowledtcd in (his city t his mode ol trevimen is perfectly mild, sale, ei peuiuous. aad his chars. reasonable, in every n. stance ne warrants a cur, ami will return tlie payii'h does not perionn jgrswab to contract. 1 1 1. .In, wriw, ata.M I . n iiere are many person in (bis ity aad it ti. unity, laborirg under various chronic diwates, uch as cancers, old inveterate utcers, scroiula or kings evil, nttuia. disease j ol Uie ttretUra, bladder and kulniti, oid compbeated cooiplaiali of a certain nature, bilious and other oUtruc. lions, rlicumatuai, Ac. which they consider ioco - able, iney cr.n ewiiuiinv iwnuea un genera l T a t.plyin? at Dr. EVANS'S .Medical fetor. Aa . lei k - slio. havinx practised in exte'jsivi in Europe 12 yearn, under some of Hi first Surgeons nnd Physicians in the world, ant ipiidc those obstinate disease ii constant study for SO years. ' , Oct It f! The suliscriber havlns recently r turned from England with an important improvenienton the artificial spring LEG, be takes this method of informing hu friends and the public, tbat all those who are to unlortunate as to be In want el leg, or arm, they can le accommodated by ap. ply iiig at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jftngg WM, PURVIS. - teSSSOaaa. (v - WHEAT ON k DA T&SZZZS! VIS, Fancy Chair Manufac turera, .No. 153 FultiKi - streeit opposite St. rani Chart oiler for (ale, wholesale n4 retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, phun painted and oruamtnl ed in gold It bmnrr. Bamboo, Print and Gilt Balls, Rock - fa. Q .. - ..I.... J raaa.aiVUsfcav I2iiC - .? tion Chair, boia. Settees, l.oungecs. Music Stools, fcr. Orders from any part of th continent execttid with nenUiersajiJ iliatrh. , , . ; Old Chair repaired, painted aad omaineoiee. mhti , . a? if nnF.ssLYn nnoM., i F RUM E.N TO, No. I Wall - street, Jodw V . turned Iron. Itnlr. hat the honour to infarta the gentlemen, that l.e cuts aad dreasc narri the latest tty te, and in a max her to a to or it to the phisiognomy. He hartbr sale a .UB'' ty of KAZOItS ol tlie first, quality, h '"l - not please on trial, the purchasers ate at hwriy i . .i 1 1 . i . . 1 1 v Hass - S u iriuiu uiriil, aim iciCili; uichivusi - likew ise proem ed a very fine hone, aad engae" to restoie razors lo a very keenedgt and sav10 they not cut he will receive no. rtrcompem - 'j - Those centlemen who may pieae to boeof W" with their patronage, may depend on the oa" particular and respectful attendance. ' ' " N. II. Geutlcmen whotubscribo bytheqatw - ter will have their nuors, ic. kepi xe!un"J lor Uiemselvcs. , . - . , ' i Is P. S. A good journeyman wanted. WJ a ahm e. mb 6 !Ll ton iA . - - r - l strsiir nnr - iii.aTt i: i.inRARY. I30rai 1 ton - street, near Broadway, ronsislmg w extensive and rhoica. collet uon oi ihm"ji yels, voya - s, biography, romances, no Cfctalogties may bo examined at the liuiw." whu - .'i is np - n tor subscribers, as usuai. , nih4f . NEW - YORK: - PRINTED AND PUBLISHED t MICHAEL SVJirHAX k CO 49 WiLUAW - tTRKrT orroilTk ' bvi CorrEF - HociK 1X6. r ssssmssi aa 1 ev i a ' faMSl s. - .nM II S

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