The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 4, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1818
Page 3
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; PROPOSALS. - - U tetttttav blate - PrMOaj min re i a a. . r.. ,.',, k JlUM Mil. the . - War 5"?" ;T.:il, than s fopo lowing? ra ,'f 100, at fb 1 ucb I ration, do - do da ' 4 qn' rIw do do ooc a week, cm at do . do - 1 Kuj!JForkDerBian,do WrZ,, ' Uo do . pen day 110. . j do do do do do do approved dh rueu - will state lit 'ml pidl ftfllienM '!. - " - - - :, - i - r Hnmital aepaniuei.i a,u fcr fwwJ 'j?r aid UoJPUI .tore., Piiioo with Medicine, rsw Vr, or said arreea concerning the I lliii. furnishing from i.LI. Proposal, will t rt"V "dYof ol tJ tA three Ttwus - d Toad" oft'oue. suuaoie i Slate J rnt - gent. Mi8. New York Stale rjon Office, May 4, toy 4 aiai. ' (. I). DUNHAM CO's ' f H.lirerv Parkajre bale are " "J " - - - . be examined bll ten o'clock , una to marrow momlnr, when the talo will eomi This assortment comprises a great many article, calculated for exportation and e 4. AallMltlin. T ' I commence T UK"" entitled it IV ' ... ntl frimil tin bo accommo - tedwith the terond floor of a hanJtouiB three jor houie, coosi - ting of ao elegant drawiog - TOOL back room and two pantries between, oue . ? Uthri niifiirnuhed. with board. m a very small family, without children, the wbolo ill the Destoruer. App'y u " - itrect, where liiree or fonritady geulleoiei) nay alw be genteelly accomniouaitu. may 4 3r 1 Mviir.i' v I'.itOI'l - IL w r .n - - - T tell oa Wednesday, t 10 o'clock, at ' m ' - a, m ai - Ail IA II V V Kirk C fflercein' L.oof ivooin, am itrcet. larg and aluable auortroent ol'uun - any furniture, cnmiiling of lideboarda, boreaaa, ecreiarK3, v 1 : .rl .fif wftM. mniidflnr nf f " ;l nntl. HarHheiaLdc eaini ; candlesticka enoOer i anteri, turoblert and winet to matcrvt IndtH and eiti. At U o'c lock, 4 elegant reach Ume pie - t:t, rwarmniea.j . i, r:.wi. infonrli - fi fnr th bam will hfl re ceived iinlil 1"Uti.1ay ireviiui ; at which time l j I - I M J aa - . 4TW VUM wwa vft Tb elegantoew packet ichr CARO JiiiLlS A - PACKET, 8. B. VaU, nwter ill uotilivelv tail on VVetlaeedaT. the 6th inrt weather permitting. For freight, or paffafe, having iopenorcoa9inouation, apply on board t Stereun' wharf, or to SAUL ALLEY, nif 4 2t 811 Pine - it. wiftVv C'f applied for in 4 dayO ; 3iiiiTh very mbtlanlial and fart Miling hip CO lt.T, copper fattened and coppered, in 2 yeara old, has a fuU inventory and may be tent (area with very trifling eapeoee she lies at Murray' wharf. For term apply to J HA D'S. PUh.LHSk RJPLEY, CbJrft.R & CO. ' may 4 lw Tk.hri HOPC 130 toot : carriet ' i ioa tun - rli. S vcurt oU. a Artt rate vhk! of her data, and in complete order tore - cuva a cargo; lyug eart tide Peck - elip J will be told reaonHble - - v4pply to it. & C. W. DA VEXPOR T Si CO. ' may 4 ' tor tmlf, tmpktor Charter, - JMv Tlie ibip AMPHION, Hf.ley, mW, 3iia440 ton carpenter' meaiuremeut, in complete order lor a voyage. Apply on board at Murray ' wharf, or to HYER, BREMNER & CO., may 4 3t 131 Front t. 'JVRKS - lSJiiM) SA ()ffiovM bright marie TurLt - Itland AUUU lalt - for wle by TUCKER U LAURIE?, my 4 39 Routli - itrert fPR AKLOAT 4rt0 barrttl tar, received JL per tchoouer Golden - Age, Aderton, niai - ter, (rem Washington. N. C. lor tale by J AM Ed M'BRIUE, fl2 Liberty - it. Whe Uai for talo 10 bhJi. lupcriorold Claret Wine. may 4 3l M wun I r.tvr Ati to J caei couiainuif y 8 - 4,0 - 4. 10 4, 11 - 4, and 1S - 4 counter panes of Cue. superfine and tuper quality, lor wle by O. BELDEN, may 4 4te ' 94ViUiani iL SUGAR and HUM. Q hhdt 30 bbU prime Mufrovado Sntar SI pun's One flavoured Antigua Ram, landing irocj brig Aiarln, pier 13 Kait Hiver, for taj by - my 4 iiUULiM u t. ft tu, 4 souw n VTEVV ORLEANS COTTON. - 8I balee W. 11 Orleans Cotton, for sale by , JONES 4 M EG RATH, " my 4 91 Soqth - elreet. TOWUMO PIECE:. 4 case well 6mih! JL fcngliih t owing Pimcs, received per shi Ann, lor sale a UK Frr nt st.cel, by my IKUH IJAVI UbO.N K CO QOI.K LEATHER. 797 tidei .Merchantable VJ Sole Leather, landing from iloop Lark, mid (Be pier Coealiea - ilip, for tale by GOODHUE 4 CO. my 4 .44 Soutn - itrcet. TJALT1MORE FLOUR. - 200 bbU. Flour, Jt loriaie or - GEO. M. VILSO, . Py 4 130 Watt - rntreet. HORSE FOR SALE. A l LEASANT saddle Horse will be told x a cheap by a gentleman about to leave town Apply at tDh office. my 4 1 OLASSES, RUM, FRUIT, ou: lUhbd 4 do Rom, 4 I'bla Sugar 9,000 Oniures. CM) fine AnnW ' ' nbta T'aniariftda, landing from ichr. Ua - uiiung un, tor sale ry CRISWOLDsfcCOATES. 68 South street IJ'iAas CABINET WARE6. - 6 cask com - f - J toftfici. knobt, Jtc, assorted pattern, for ill ,( IE O . t ... ' 11 - . - 1 1 1 j couia - aueei, ny MURDt SF.WALL. l1 OUaatS CO bhd aad I tierce eupcrior M JM1"a VIoIhs, landing from tr.hooner 2".froi Havana, at Fly - Market iVharf.foc S Si b TaLCOTT, jAUY OooUo - 3 trun . V ' do 9 - 3 MnH - a Inri,. nks 6 - 4 Cambric 1 Jacoiiet 8r ?,w' - - 'lotl, ioM rctived per i1 le by llURDfc SEW A LI Atlaa H?1, MUiO. tO mm, 01 aopenor "J"5 8ojth - - - zZ4 Pi in;ie case or ouierwise, triHrt. be Pl.TEIl llEMSn it CO. 0'r - !i!i:0,J'K,l - - 0w0 ld Copper, ar. '"idirom Jamik - a. and for sale by wti , TUCKER b LAIiKIF.S, 7j - No.29Sonth - t. J 5 .M?' hhdi. 1?0 barrel first. Cm - r'rln lied yellow Cora MtaL freab a. TlCtERt LACRJE3, I J Wft B k . I COTTON. 15 htilf priiue Upland ColUto, , landing from !p Regale, .fur tale br ., UftJ.SVVOLDsli COATES, . ' my 4 68 South - itreet pvCHIL'i'REE'b HAMSA few bom of just received and lot sale by tbe tubscriber, 155 my 4 41 vVjEilWI). V. WlLKlNGS. RUM. - 250 fahds Tobago mm 5 bbd new rum UrKtmp and fur aale by - my 4 CiOODHUK k CO. 44 Soutli - st. FhUNr - LLA blftOt - boi CLUiii. lcatu Prunella Slioee 1 do Cloth, lor tale by MARCH ft LOW. my 4 ' 210 Broadway. DEER SKI VS. 6O0u tut. sheared and ta the hair, ttiiniued Bkini 3 bales Hear Skins, iuit rM - lvri nnA fnr faleby . I1ALSEY t SETON, ioy4 4t I7ti Water street. fcW MILI I IA AC r. BOOKSELLERS and other can be supplied with any ouantitv of the nt w Militia Art. jntpulilibed, by applying to Kirk & Merceins, tJoor - fctore, no. tz wall street, or to the tab tcribcr, No. 90 Gold - street, who hat in preM the second edition of the same. Prire tS cnl, neatly put up. WILLIAM A. MERCElM. may 4 St A bunch 1 Ktyt ioil LOST, this morning, in the Broadway or Bowery road, a steel ring, having 6 or 7 mall keys and a watch - key 00 it. The Under elin.ll be well rewarded on leaving them at No. 5 tate - street. my 4 St U('tSKH. Avery mug pair of horees FOR SALE, if applied for soon; they can be seen at Mr. ELLIOT'S stable, corner of Garden and New - streets. Alio, a remarkable lisht family C ARRI .("., built by one of the belt workmrii. my 4 ! tH SALh., - A very f afe and pleaiant youuc saddle HORSE xl tor a lady's ue ; rack principally tinder the saddle, but will trot in harness. Enquire of Mr. TUCKER, at lui stables, corner of J 'ho anO CoM - itrrf. mv4 3t riOAKI'lVU. FOUR or live eentleruen with their familir , or. tea orCfieen single gentlemen, can be cnminodaled with boanjand lodei e at Vnunt Vernon Hotel, about five miles from the city nf New York. on th bank (f the Kail Kirer. anl one of tlie moit nlcasaut situation on the island I be rooms are sotcioui aiid ulry, ra iu lull view of the river ; coach house and stahles Term liberal, and every attention paid, by toe public's humble tei 1 r.r.t. mv4lin tiitinr:ii .EKVUUS OIcEAaF - S. "F all disease incident to mankind, thoie of V J tlw nervous kind are the most cnnmlicatod rnl dillirult to cure A volume would not be rufficient to xint out thoir vari'tui app I bey imitate almost every disease ; nd are pI - Jiin alike in two diiTerenl pvnoiu, or even 111 the same pertnu at rliflen ut time Protcu like, they are continually changing thope. and iiun ever frech attack, the paiieot think h: leli ivmptotos which oe never cxpenrncea oemre. or do they only anrrt ine oooy me minn iikk - wiie lufftn. and i often thereby rendered cl tremely weak and peevish. The low spirits iimorusnes. mtiancnoiy aim sii Hiineis 01 u - ni - per, which generally attend nervous difor lers, induce many to believe Ihnt they are cntiirly dieaa of the mind : but tliii change 01 temper I - rather a cooieqiience ttiau tbecauie ul nervous Diieane. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILF.AI). I decidedly the most and elU' - ariou medicine ever yet discovered for nervous disna - e and shattered constitutions, consumptions. weaknes ot light or ne mory, bopor.hiudrin, trembling of the mind, sexual debility, stnmncb and bowel complaints, and all otlier diieasc a - ri'inii Iroiu a relaxed state of the nervous syatem, wlik'tt aie too often brought on by dissipation iu voutli. and t.'ie erou violation of those rule wiucn prudence (iictaiei.ior tue pretervaiitm 01 health and (lie lavine the rmidalion ot a long aud happy life, with a firm and strong ron - titti lion. Sold by HULL Ai UOWME, 14(3 Pearl street, New - York, and by one vender in every town in the Union. inny 4 m lawliav."! I OST A s"ld Chain ond Seal in or about Li the Post office. The finder by leaving the nuie at tin orate, ihali receive a liberal re ward and the thank ol the owner. may 4 2t PEWS FOR SALE. THE Pewi in the Second Associate Reform l ed Church in Pearl - street, under tlie pasto ral charee of the Rev. Wra. W. Phillips. wiU be sold at Auction, in the Church, tomorrow at IS i'ciocb. may itj .1 OSES ON FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Lecture on the figurative lanxanxe of the Holy Scripture, and the interpretation of it from lite scripture itself ; to which are added four lecture on the relation between the Old and New Testaments, at it it set forth in the Epiatlc to the Hebrews; also, a single lecture on .Natural Evidences of Christianity, by Wm. Jones. euth r of the Catholic Doctrine of the Trinity, be. ; to wnicn 1 preuaeu a inori iicoum ui mm iiir miu wntines ; price 41 75 in board, t dollar bound ; juit received ana lor ie ny my 4 v a. uiUL.e.1, proanway. TO - MORROW AFTERNOON 1 1 rnHKdrawins 01 thesDlendid Millord Owe JL go Road lottery will rotninenre at the Un ion - Hotel, in Ibis city, to morrow aiiernooa in first drawn number, will be entitled to apnte nf 5,000 Dollars and the GRACIE'S anticipate the nleasure as heretofore, "f claiming th - fnsi drawn nniaber, which they will immediately pay to the fortunate adventurer. O. C. GRACIK A CO. now offer foraaie, a few Ticket and Shares, la this Rich lottery, the best terms. 1 here are many valuable, noaunn Prizes, which nut be drawn to - ui'rrow. Adventurers are aHviml to apply at the a - rtu - nate number 146 Broadway, two doors heew Liberty - treel my 4 . mm mmt..wm MI fMM iJirrUIII NEW - YOKK GRAND M A I E LOITERY, MEDICAL ICIBUCK SO. 5 .ITHICH will po itively commroce drtw VV int in thu city on the 1st Tuesday ia Au gut neit. crana prue 01 iv,rw boiiwi .1. in I'Uyi lollra And onlv SS dollar tor a whole ticket, and snares in projjoruoa. . Ticket, also Halve, Quarter, Eighth aad Sii - leenioi, lor aic ai Byk Store and Lottery Office, 85 Cherry, corner of J a met ttreek and bead of New blip. Where the 1 1 luc best prise. 10.000 dollars, in Cue 4ln class, was told ia ouailer and iiism diateiy ,id, all puffs, to the contrary not with standing. Most of lb bank Bote now in arc' latiaa received ia payment for ticket. y 4CH 6.UOO DOLLAR PRIZE!! WILL be awaid - d In the first drawn nam - bertoinortow at 3 o'clock, and it i vary probable the same will be purchated at A L. It t. n 8 Truly Lacky OlDce. N. IW Broadway, Whtcb will be one until tea o'clock this eve ning, to accorMinodatelhoM who wisb to advea ture in toe brilliant scheme of the N Grand Mata - moth Koad LotUey " 1 Trite of 7o,tw0 doilara I of 3S.0II0 dollar t of 10,000 doilara t of 6,000 dot! art 10 of I.OXii) dollar 30 of 600 doilara Cash paid for all arise sol J at A flea's. Correct check books will ha kept, for th e - eaaioahoa of all Tickets gratia. Foretro baak ante aadpriaea u former lott - ne ukea ia payateat ; also arprored proauao - rj otea. . aiy4 DRAWING AT - HAND. ' rpOMOKKOW aftemoou at three o'clock, at J. union Hotel, in William street, commence drawing the Splendid O VV fcUO LO i I x - K I , u aiurn tlie capital rote are, ' Highest priz 70,000 DOLL A RS Beaidei pruet of . 35,000 . , ; . 10.LOO .. . " : t . 5,000 ',. ; , ' ' ... 10 . cf 100 . 30 of " W0 ; Ticket and share lor sale at the Lucky. Lot Icry office of , JUL - A1I LaZARUs, 74 Maiden Lane. Wbrre bave been told in fonuer lotterie, pn ze to tlie amount of a million and a half or do! Ian. Forign Bonk Nntei, Prise in former Lotte ries, and approved pruciMcry botes, will be U' ken in payment for tickets Orders from a diitanrn. enclotintr the cash post paid, will be immediately attended to, and the earliest advice given of tl:eir uccess. A correct check booh it kept at the Lucky Lottery Offi. c, during tlie drawing, which may be caaiimiea an tunes tree 01 expense. iv4lt torJ.irr.RI'OOl (To hail 5'h inyt pobitively.) The coppered and copper fastened iXship HAMILTON, J. Greenouirh, mas ter; wme cotton oro:lie lijjtit Fei;ht, equal to ZkM narrcis, is wanted to complete her car go Two or three cabin passenger can be iiCComnuKiuieci, Apply to MARCH & UENSO.V, my 1 lw AT Snuth - ktreet Fur Fretvht ar ULarltr. The biie bYKKK, capt. Brackett 1 j.1 year old, will cany 1400 barrels lie at pier no. 11, east river. Apply to MARCH & BKNfaON. ap SO lw 47 South - street , It applied lor within 3 or 4 days, the coppered and copper faHlene'l tliip t ttUl lENUEN 314 tons ; aiU well, carries a large cargo, and niavbesent to sea at asmal ex pence, having within 1.' month been new rigged and masted. Apply to P. REM VF.N Si CO. ap 29 26 South - itreet rVAJS - lKU. h A good vctsel, of tlOO to 1)00 barrels, lor a liort voyage, that n ready to re' tuna a - cirgo. - Apply to N. & D. TALCOTT, ap?9 64 Kutitli - street. torJUkUK, l ims elegant copprrcil thip AIlU.Mh H. 1.. l liaiuplin, niittrr, will be ready t, receive a cargo in four dayi, and sad on the 15lb May. For freight or passage, having rery tuperior arromoiodalions, apply on board, at Jones' wbari, or to I'OTT & M'KLNNE, or GRISW OLDS fc CO ATE5. 100 tons plaster of pari on board laid ihip, lor rale hi above. ap 29 bur AMUt KtWjiM, Ti3& x The ship LUIO.V, capt. Conway, a iiMitI - th'pHud now nearly loadeJ; will Uuu 100 toui freight if ollered iinaimliately tppjy to OOUDML'fc a UO. ap it 41 6outh - t. iAi LUit, tli.jVt, mie. 1 ANDING 62 ceroons South - American JLi tallow - In store, clean Bt. l'Rtrbureh hemp, aud German steel, entitled to drawback Forsaleby JAMES D' WOLF, Jr. 67 Front - street. For OPOKTO, The good brig Agenoria, to sail in iiiiaH this week i J iMftSseiipe - can be ac commodated on oioderaie terms, fr wliich, ap ply a above, or to the master on board, at pier no 13. - p23 ror .VftW - Ux..W - VA, Th. .i.;.. ivrinnmM - r vviiim tfrfl.y miiifr. will sail on the filh May For freight or pawnee, apply on board at Fly - Mar kct wharf, or to JONES & MEGRATH, ap 27 HI .Vomli - .L v4it The regular junket ship' TELE - jiJGRAi'lI, J Fanning, muter ; is only ....i'U J li Aw?. I A. lair winti : ran .nan a u w ion mnrn freight, and ao commodate 111 mare paasenzcr Apply ou board, west side Fly - inarli4 wharf, to ANiON G. PHELPS, or ap xj 183 Front - street. ror CUAHI.I. TOA, Jt& The elegant and fust sailing packet Jg&& schooner T'WTINE, S. Hoyt, master; will meet with immediate dispatch, having hall her freight ready to goon board for remainder, or pawage, having commodious accommodation, apply on board, east side Bnrlmg slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, ap 13 08 I'iue - sL n. for MOuILE mnd BLAKEl., Jk The fine lait sailing schr SANDU3 ISVlfV. 120 too, rapt. Week, (a rcgu in - trader) ; having 3 - 4ths of her cargo engaged and on board, wUI meet withimmedrata dirratch. F or th remainder of her freight, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board, east side Old slip, or to PETERS Si HERRICK, ap 18 Jf9 Coen'ies - slip. or BLRblCt nnd DKMrRAKA, Ae The British brig FAV0R1TK, J itijii Beeman, matter, to tail 15th May. l - or patiage, apply to GEORf.F, LACY, No 4 Fulton - slip, A few Hone will be taken on freight, ap 28 tf Ul vi AND rUGAK.. 7 Puncheont W.I. Rum 4 libit. Sugar, landing this morn ing Irom the sloop Agenora, at pier No. 25, E. ruver t or sale by GRIoW'OLDS Si COATES, my 1 68 South itrect. '7' LEI'H ANT OIL.SEAL SKI.Na r PEARL. - I i The cargo of th ihip Sea - Fox, roniiting of sea elephant oil, fur and hair seal kiof, and mother of pearl, is now landing at TownreucPi wuari, ana tor tale in lot to suit purchasers, by J. UitKa ; or, E. FANNING, my 1 tf No. 29 Hurling - ilip, WW WOOLLINS. I UST ree'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a fe ,f trusses ol low priced Cloths, and Caimertt. for sale by JUS. B. IIAKKIbU.Y, 67 Pine - ntrect. ap zt 'I 'IN PLATE, aCc - 173 boxr Tin I'lile, at A sorted 10,000 lb. India Block Tin 8,000 lb. Iroa Wire, asaorled from No. 1 to 18. lor tale by ANSON G. PHKLP - S ap30 ItU Front street. CUG4K. 34 hhds. 2J qual. Muscovado, lor tale at 35 Packlip, by art R. if '. W. 1J 4VENFORT CO. 1)OMB ZE1TS. - 6 baic assort, d Homba - MJ tetta, good colour, and low charire, just received per snip Atlantic, and fr aale by 8. A. LA WHENCE, ap 30 lw 67 Pine - street. AlaNa. I00eak 1 reh Malaga Raisin, jau receivea ana roe aie cy ay f 65 SauUntreet. UUM and MOLAesES, 7 puacbeoa Windward Island Hum, and 6 bbd. Molasses, - Laadisx frost the bru; Aolelope, from Tobaro. ai Ibe foot of Broad - sireeL For sale by awvavjbia a - bsuwui Uj 1 tJSotjth - ttreeC Iruli LvuM, Latent, STteettngi, Diftri, !' r lHOMAa SUFFERS. No. Depeytter - et J - bat Just received per . Alexander Man field, from BeUMt, aad Dublin Packet, from Dublin, Hi pack! comprising a baadtoote astortnient of Irish Linens, to. which, with bis former auortment, will be told ou reatcuaute lerma. . . . 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen, ia whole and calf pieces, . fine, r.ndcuane Miorttrieat 5 - 4 Linaa, brown and liieacbed 7 - U Lawn, 4 - 4 Cottoa Sliirtu gt Jaconet and Mull Mutliu. 7 - 4 Dowla, 7 - 4 aad 4 - 4 Linen Ksmaanta - 3 - 4 I: lack Linen, 7 - 8 Coleraia Luita . 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 Sheetings, Blue and black coloured Linen Thread HA Diaper 7 U hall bleached Linen, very strong .04 to 10 - 4 Table Dispell, bworted - iLinen, iu dcrni pieces Also in store, a ft w hamper of lb very firat quality Irish apple Potato, for sale, my t lw "10l Ty.M. 15 huJes prim Upland Cotton, Undiog I'rniu sloop Regale, for tale by v GR14W my t 68 South street. K UM, MOLAv - aM tic w8U puuibvoat due A . at ii 42 do retniiiog Molasiei, received per brig , venjBiniii 190 puncheons Rum, received per brig Ante lope, from Tobngo, aud lor sale by UUlOIIVb Vn. my 1 44 South street. OEINL TvvlNE, IRO. VvluE, W1U1E O LEAD, Sic. 4 casks London Seine Twine 3 tons Undjn White Ud, '.'0 et 561b. kegs 5 do do dry do 10 hil ls. Cnpperu 3 tons Iron Wire, No. 1 to 111 - 50 tierces Whiting Litharge, Spaoish OrowO, Venetian Red Red Lead Sic. With a gen' - ial auortment nf cablet and cord uge oi any size, at shortest notice. myglw JONES CLINCH. Bi.ACK INDIA STIN'd. 1 cae, 18yaid liicccs, superior qual.ty, Jmt received and lor sale at 150 Broadway, by my 8 1'H I LB ROOK Si PETERS. 1 1 111 1 h JEitohk CtiRN. 1400 bushels, t Y of prima nullity, well cured and in fine shipping order, for alc at 106 Front street, my 2 TROKES. DAVIDSON I Co. ,t Ui.ASSEa. I3i bhiU. MoI - ik, ol a very .VI superior quality, landing this day from brig r rmicc Ann, lr tale uv WALSH as GALLAGHER, my 2 bC Snutli - slrs - el. 1 OLASc - LS. - 150 bods letuilius molasses, ill lunriii - .t: fiom ship Mary A I my, at fiue street ttharf, for sule in lots to suit purrhiiter, y jivic s jLttis m s ji i r.o, my t 6!l South street, U. V.. ROGERS it CO. NO. 235 Poiulnivi t. have iuit received from Liverpool, and offer for aale on reasonable terms 'hhd'rl EARTHENWARE, Contrtining a great variety of blue printed, wit low, lusire ware, ate. my 1 1 w yjliOKS. Just reieivtd 40 packages. Those, O together with a larga and general assortment iHtlore ou liand, areonereu lor saie ny tne acit nee or doien, on rtatonable terms, by . b THOS. WITT, mv 1 Sw No. i'72 I'earl - street. ltL" VI. SUOAIl K iIUL.AaSt.S. d puitclMoni Rum iS hhils. Molasset 62 barrels and 6 hhi't. Surer. Will be leJi ii Monday from the brig Ame lia from Autiguu, lor sale by lVUUt,Ul tilL.L.r.31 ir 112 Front strict. Who hat also fnr tale. Havana, i'orto Rico and Jamaica CoflVe. my i I I OES A lew enskt of Pateut Slid Common XI Carolina aud Virginia Hoet, of the Brudes maoulucture, jusl received and for sale by ANDERSON M SHEARER, ap30 2w At No. 131 Water - street RJCUMOAU t'LOUR. ID Q barrels iierfine; 31 do. line: 8 do SOtJ) x middlings, landing from the (cbr, SallvAan Sir tale by i: TROKES, DAVIDSON & Co. my 2 106 Front - itreet. I lOAKO wanlnii by a ecnlleiiiau and bis wiie I) in a pita sunt part of the city: a situation where there is but few boarders, or a private laini v. would be nrrlcrrcil. a lino I - it mine office of this ptiper, directed lo O. P Will receive attention. my z ot IMlOllTANl TO THE PUBLIC. TIIE tubsciibtr fx as leave to inform his X iiiends und the public that he ha taken a at lite corner of Frank lort and Chath tin tre - ts,asan INTELLIGENCE OFFICE." Where lamilii's may ba supplied wilh servants or every di senption ; tervani witii place ; gen tlemen wi.hine tervauts. fur travelling, - sup plied at tlie shortest notice ; merchault with clerk i, and clerks with employ ; wet uurtet with i' aces : uieckooiriwith journeymen. Every in formation giveu lo stianrers and others, in his hue. vilm Kill lavor him with a call. Families, becoming suhserilicr?, supplied with servant at one dollar per annum. Alto, Books posted. Account adiuited, Pa pen ol every description, copied with neatness, correctness, and UispaU'ii rersonai aiTeuoance from 5 lo S o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock P M. He flatters hia.self that his asci laity and atten tioo to business, will gain him a ill J re ol the pub lic patronage, my Sim If. PADF.I.FORD. it I R. GRAHAM respectfully uniiouncca bis i.V.1 intention lo continue bit classical aeiniua - ryatNo. 113 Greenwich street. In coiupliaore sv itb tlie withe of some of his patrons, a French department has been added to the institution. A lew additional places, tome of which are yet unengaged, have been occasioned by a recent enlargement of the classroom. Mr. G bat the honour to refer to Peter Wilson, L. L. D. ; John M Mason, D. D. ; John K. o. Kodger, .VI. U Jotiah Ogdrn Hoffman, Esq. ; George Griffin Esq. t Henrv M. Van Soiinnen. M. D. I Wil ham Henderson, Eiq. ; Jowph Sands, Esq. ; Gar ni B. Abeel, tsq. my i ot A PARTNER WAN I ED. 4 M AN that ha about 5,000 d liars, wishes r a partner, to commence some safe tort a live business. Address lo N B at thisofiiie with real oame and capital. A (ingle man would be preferred. my i at 'j'WOor three gentlemen of steady habits, X can be arcoromodatt it wtih board io a very pleasant and heaiihy rate. Fxiuire at No situation. Terms mode O 74 Chiimbcr slteet. may I 4l MANHATTAN SCHOUU MANHAT TAN Female School is at 194 Greenwich - street: Male School, 148 Chaaiber - trt. In these school t are laught all the branches which constitute a useful and finished eduratsoa. We tot hear to descend to particular ; to offer recommendations, or to mike great promises. Our patrons are left to judge of the mode of instruction both mora; and leunl'Jt, by loo im provement of the scholar. ALRF.flT PICKET, 9 JOHN W. PICKET. FUR. SALE. 4 N elegant gig Horse, irots fast. To be teen X at siowieyt Livery ctaoie, jonsMiri. my 1 lw ' t'llKPCiRjtTIO.f PUOPERTT, rnn av naUie aMetiost. oa Wedne - I j.. i k. ih . Mia t:it HaJU t o'clock, two lot of land at Bioomingo". and 30, contaioinf 10 acre ad tL. nth rv bib aveaoe. and tvJd aad 65th ttreeU j die rent payable oaarterty. a - r nnmaM maw ba see, aad far ther particlars knowB, at On) Captre41ers of. cr,UryHH nyltdi fi7 Dr. O. A. COOPER baa retnfJ (e No. 325 Broadway, third buuae Uxva tue bos pitalgale. . ' any t Im itr SAUrJa.GlXlDlfcAKhajrais.oved to No. 81, Maiden Laos. - avySSt ftr p. G. fc J. HILDRE'l H, havs removed their OFFICE to Ltw KuiUiugt No. t, Nassao - street. my lw U3r J. CLEMEN l a, Vclenn..ry Surtooo, removed to No. 37 Warren street. . . ay lw , lilt at r.PULN P LEMUINE haresoved hu.tfke toNo. 21 Wall - street, next door to the ftiuahalian Hank. luy x iw HI VV.Vi. G. BLCKNOR ha removed hi like from No. 54 to 37 Wall (treet, opposite int my bank. mtSzw SUflCE. ft - T - ABRAHAM Cl l.i. ba removed hit buswes to a new store iu Fullou - stni - t. a few doors irom Penrl - strerl my I lw ftTr - THOMAS 1 llOf.M haa nnnnd his (Itku frum No. 11 Murruy, to No 08 Chatham rei. an IS ltM Cr7T. A. EM AI ET. & E VI ,1 ET At WHITE. have removed their office to No. 25 Piae - itrt 30 2w OJr iiA.ll) a.VtrtJ.iuu. iu removed hi counting - room lo 312 I cocl - itrret. my 1 Sw ' 1JE1I.R D. TURCOT inioim bit friends . and the iubiic in eeneral tliui ho has remo. ved his Cpholitery Ware Homsh from No. U5 to no. t. muiden L,ane where he olleii for tale fimi! elegim paltems of I nrx r llaiciegt, just rifelved liy the lait nrrival from France, oa incmnsi reasonauie term. my x ire Auxiliary .vesr - lu - fc fiiWt mid CVwason Prmytr fTr' An xtriorUnrv meelinr nf the Auailia ry New - Yoik Biblo and Common Prayer Book Society, is requested by tbs boaid of mauagrn on Monday evei.u.g i.eit, at u oVIuck, in the vestry room of Trimly church. By Older of th board of manager, EDWARD N. COX, my 2 tt President. ff I O LE I , Halil Two new four - stary brick stores, on the wc.tside of Coffee - Houie ilip, fronting ou the slip. Also, the floret No. 37 South - street and No. 29 Old - slip, on the west side of the slip. Possesion may be had immediately. Apply at No. 47 Broadway, or to aiy2 .It ' JOVES & CLINCH. fri$l A ,AI - ' - FAMILY, without ttuldren, il2cin be accommodated with p.irt of a house, very plentantly aitualedin Pumn street, near the Botvury. Apply at 3J South street. my x .it JS'OUTH UIVEU STEAMBOATS. A i5f 0O 0 Ihe 1 1th of May, fi, ,iv the lloatt will commence A Boat will ieain New - York on Tuesday, at 9 A. M ( Wednesday, at 5 P. M. ; Friday. l 9 A. M. nndattirday, at r, M. ol rncit week I and a boat will leave Albai:y on MiwidHV, Wed - deiday, Thin iday, and Saturday, :t9A. M The above arr.u aement will commfiice by Ihe Chancellor' leaving Albany on Monday, the I Hh May. nt 9 A. M. and ti.e Richmond li avina New York o:i 'l urtday, the 12th at 9 A. M. Iherire - Hy leaves iew - orK on I uesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New burgh, and returns on Monday, WetJiitiduv nnd Friday, at 8 A.M. my 2 STLAM - BOAT FIRE - FLV. sTP ft7" This boat will com nv.uc running between New lork and Newburgli, on jfrv I uesday. the 14th April. She will leavn si vv .! b .1 Q.I I .. .. York every Tuesday. Tliurt UN j biiu w iuiuj . b. v n i... nuu tf iiurau at 0 A. M. aud Nswburcb oa Monday, weduetdny and t riday, at U A. M. ap 1 1 . IMIF. SWIFTSURE MAIL STAGE OF X KICK, it removed from No. 5 lo 79 Court landt - slreel, Korlhern Hi. l. SVAIFI'SURE MAIL STAGE FOR PHILADELPHIA. . Fare Ihrouch. live dollar. The St i;e willle ive Ihe OlbVe No. 79 Courlluiiill - stm l, every day (Sundays excepted; ai it o'clock in lite morning, ny way oi Newark, lodge at Somurviile. and arrive at I'hilndi. I4ua Ihe rcit day. alxnit one oVI'k - U. For Seats in the above Line, apply at the OAire, No. 79 Courtlnndt - sirect. All Goods and Hag - W nt Ihe rik of (lie owner. nmy $ 1 w CHEAP CAall GROCERY SiOrtE, Corner of Grand und Rynder streets, directly eptiosile Centre Market. JAMlP. ANDOr. resccllully inform hi friend and tlie pabtic in general he lias m moved from comer ol Broadway and Reed st. to his present stand, where he tolicil a continuance of public patrouagt, and hope by hi unremitted exertion to obtain the best of Liquors and otlier articles in bis line of busin - is, thereby to render ttie m'isiriect satisuciion. N. 0. J. P. A. keeps constantly for tale a general assortment of first rate Teat, Sugar, Coffee, Spices, Liquort ol all kinds, ate Air. which will be nil disposed ol at a moderate advance, my 8 Im TEN DOLLARS REWARD. STOLEN from l'..wlet Hook, last Thursday D night, a lair Skiff Boat, with a sail and 3 oars painted black outside and red Inside l the paint much worn. On Thursday evening another Skiff, built like a whale boat, with square stern, p.iinied red inside und outside, was ttolea irom Fly Market Dih k. 'The above retva - d will be paid on the rerovery of the two boats, or five dollars lorettner oi meru, ny applying to WILLIAM SIMMONS, myt6lt 159 Fly Market 6.000 DOLLARS nHHF. first drawn number on Tuesday licit X the 6th of May, in the Grand Road Lottery a ill be entitled to 5000 dollars, ith day 15,000 I 7th day Uth do 35.000 14ti do 70.0U0 Ticketi advance on Tnetday to 34 Dollars. At present. Whole Tickets 32 I quarters f 8 Halves 16 Eolith ' 4 Sixteenth Two Dollar. At WAITE'3 Truly Fortunate lottery and Exchange Office, No. 54 Maids n lane. Where has been told most of tlie capital Prise for many vcar oast, amoncst them the follow inc. No. 4:m jtOO.OOO; U5K3 40,000; 387u6 35.000 1 6954 3D.000 ; 17794 3,0Ul I3WI 30.000 t 16653 30.000: 41346. 17199, aadtofJI (5,000 ea. h, and 10 of 20,000, 17 of 10,000, 30 of .s.t), e:c. Cash paid for all Prize told at WAITE'3 my tit UKNl'EEL ROAHDINU. r4RANKMK IIOU - E This new, spacwu V and tnlendid BuiUlinr. situated in Broad ay, tlie great and fashionable street dividing lecentreofthechy, at the comer of Dry at w the is now oi by tlie turjscrioer, - ior ws eentiftii of Roarden, It is fitted, ana lurnisnea in a manner and ele not aurpaated, for convenience Bance, by any private dwelling in Uie city. It occupie. Uie mort eligible situauon, oewg central, in view of the Park ami City - Hall ; the upper apartment overlooking the whole town, commanding a view f tl.e adjacent country r.... ; ..mfrrenceof 50 miles, including the Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour and it - believed that no House in the country x - eell it, either for elegance of tructnre or situation i and bo exprne having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, t oiler to ladies and rentlemen, and families v'uitmg Uit cityi the most genteel, pleasant and retired , ml t - - I r ptrtmerrc. i lie cnosc t oi vv me ana Loquor are furnished, and no trouble or expense will be maxeth ei:tertainmentpii tant, rare and excellent This establishment it intended exclusively for Private Board mg msy I U4.iv tf jwi - BsVAUtrtsy - v. PUBLIC SALES: , Bg MILLS, MLViXW & CO. ; WJuediy, At 1 1 o'clock, la front oi their - lor. 200 deU Jobutof oid L. I'. Tcaanfle wine having laid lor iota y stars in liie Wtst - lodiaa, h has acqut - red a fine a at flavor. Twenty buMt CUrtt , of suutjrior quality. Thursday. Athalrpt9oVlock,t their auction itort, ' No. 148 fdil street, a general aatortaaatof Frenab and Eagliih dryg wdt. - , F'liay, At half past II o'cl k, front of tlieif aoctioa store, 70 caaks Cut nails. .tfw RHhE ton Ot.lLOIMj, .. TH E proprietor of the southern marble qua rise, near King' - Bridge, give aoGce, that they have ou hand, and are reserving, at the ' h'tngBride Marbi md lAm - mr4, soot of Bcach - etreet, on the Had - oa river, an exietwiva stock of marble lor building, of the foUowiac de - ' tcnpisont, tu : Ashlar ' Coping, Foundation Stoaa Chimuey - Placet Facing Columns Watortablt SUps Platformt SillS Linleb . Arrbea Also Lime rf the best quality. fT - A constant supply of the above materials ' - my be ctslculated Uioo ; and those desirous of purrhasiog, or making engagemeHs will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Feb 11 At th Yard. JM.VJi '' Jslt W i UK. CfT The Stockholder are rent td to meet at Uie bnitk on Tut - aday the 12th of May next, to chooatt thirteen direciora fur the ensuing year. . . liie poll will ba opened at eleven o'clock and clone at three o'clock. By ordi r of th board of director. CHA9. WILKES, Chr. apSa tMavia . ' ilc anal txchmg ici. XT Tbs rubscribsn hare formed aco - part - nwship, at stack and exchange brokers, under In firm of Daysaport k Cammann OIGcs No. 27 WaU - ret. Jonn A , Datrnptrt, Iltniy 1. Cammann, Corernment and itats itocki, corporation slot k, bank and insurance stock, purchased tod rold on comaitskm. Tlie various bank notes, not enrrsot at tbs , banks, purchased at a small discount. - Premium paid for Spanish dollar. ap29 lw iJarenporl 4r Carxnw. ORATORIO, rrr MR. k MKS. PARDI'S Oratorio will take place on Tuesday next, the 5th May, in the French Episcopal Church, situate in Pine - street, under the direction of this gentleman, asiiste,' by an Ametiean Ynunr Lady, and gentleman, both remarkable fur their musical power, who will king the two celebrated places computed by Mr. i'aer. the mutic master of the King of France, and selected fomhia ' Oratorio, entitled tlie Caivary, or Magdalen mi thtfaol of At Cron, and St. Prter's Tutri. Mrs. 1'ardiewill sins: a piece adapted to her voice, composed for the occasion, by Mr Mo ran. Mr Psi die and other Artists and Amateurs. wilUing some beaut ful piece, which will bw made known hereafter. ap t9 5t 1 Soiict. : r bCT Tbeio - parinrnhiu of A H. Laaeac) ft Co. t this day dissolved by mutual corneal. The unsettled business of the coacero will bs attended to by A II. Laurence A. II. LAURENCE. A. N LAURENCE. J NO. BENSON. v The bnsineti will be continued, after th 1st of - at CO at No. S8 William - street, opposite the Post Office. New York, 30th April, 1818. np3U f't "OCT" '""'ic is hereby given to the stocklioU - ers it Uie vvest ciieater 1 urnpike itoad compa ny, that an election will l held oo the third Monday of May next, at ten o'clock ia the fore noon, at Ihe bouse of David Wood, Ina Keeper, at Mamaroneck, for tlie purpose of ( boosing thirteen Directors for the said company. . ap Jii irr - The Directors of the New - York Uistita - tinuToe the i nit ruction of the deaf and dumb, aa - nouace to the public that it will be opened oa ihe second Monday ol May next, under th ssj - perinleiHlance ol the Revd. A.O. Stanabory. Apiuscaiioni for admission are requested in oa muds at th institution, corner of Chatham aad ' Chamber streets, or at No. 10 Fix - street. JOHN B. ROMEVN, lt Vict Prest JOHN B. SCOTT, Sec'ry. Those tsoat who have subscription ptpertia llieir handt, are requttti d to return litem lo lbs) Treasurer, at toon a they have executed what appears to then to be their duty. ap3Q ! - The Subscribers have foraaed a cotUMxioa in th wholesale grocery and comni ta business, under lbs firm of Palmer Smdltr, at 104 Front siroet ' JOiKPH PALMER, my I 9t WILLIAM 8. SAIDLtTR. ry iNUl ICE I hereby given lo Use stock, holder of the Associates of tlie Jersey Company, that a dividend bat been declared ot two dollais per ih ire on the capital ttock of th company, which will be paid on the 13th ia - slant, at No. IKI Broadsvay. . HARRY CALDWELL, Treaiurtr. my 1 3w CDPARTNFR6H1P. ft WUIiam H. RHnton, LXarlrt Turn,' (ofihe late firm of Ma - at Town,) aad John fienaan, (late of the firta or A. H. Lowreav It Co ) have roonerted tliemselves la business as Stock and Exchsnga Broker, at No. 44 Wall - street, under the firm of KOBINSON, TOWN h BENSON, my 1 lw vlAKlMt. I vUKANCr.. frt - The Offk .f the Uni' - n Infursnc Company, is anw open, at No 66 WaH - sireel, and appllcaUons for Marine Risk ill bereceived from 10 o'clock A. M. lo 3 P. M. sr.y I Sw Jit tiibKILi. L LfcWir h.wrsi u'td lolo p - rtnersbip wilh hit brother HOR 41 IO G. LEWIS, the sommissioa businres will be rosy liaised s - Sderllie firss.ofO.fc H. LEWIS. NW - lurl,,l.lM.M.BRi. t HORATIO O. LEWIS linl'th Philanthropic Oecsri. rrj The member of th British Pbilanthro - oseSarieiy ar hereby svotiOed, tnl as cosw quence of tr. Lary baiag abosst toretaov froam st John' Halt, Frankiurt - trrwet, lha ateetkigs of Ibe society will io future be ti4 at Mr. Hsdg - kmsoo's bhakspear Hotel, exxisee nfFaltoond Naaau - tra eta, wher tney a re rMwested Is at tend on Monday next, 4th of May. The chair will ba Ukea at 8 o'clock precisely. By order oi Ibe society, my 1 3t J. DAVIS, Preaident. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! THOSE who inlesvd laobula chaece ia the Grand Road Lottery, are reminded that the above prise wiH be drawn NEXT TUES DAY, whea Ticket wm oe aovstKeo w 'e The Schosae of this Lottery contain tb lea - did prizes of M , , - IVj.1 70,000 isonars i 35,000 IMIars lo.ow An to he drawn pravlosj to the sixieenHi day of drawing. , , 0.r. S. H ' ftileeathsTwoDoll - rorsala hy . tumtt. . a. vvaj i j - t r . .!' ' r IM': ' - ;'r I . ' - V;Ui. f 1 ' .' t i I i J - ' ; 1 ; Hi ' , I ' - I - I. l" li )' ; ; 1.! 7 ? f, ' I I? . V: 1

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