The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 15, 1944 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1944
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -Rules for Students in Russia's Schools OEADERS we believe will fin " an interest in this new set o regulations covering the behavio _o£ students in the senior classes o secondary schools in Russia. Th rules, it is explained, became ef fective with the beginning of th present school year and are de signed to bring about stricter dis cipline and a keener sense of duty honor and responsibility. Ever: student is granted a "student 1 card" which he is required t carry with him at all times. Each card contains the following: "Each student must: 1. Perserveringly and persistent ly master the education objective 3n order to become an educatec and cultured citizen and to con tribute as much good as possibl to the soviet fatherland. 2. Study diligently, attend al classes regularly, and be on tim lor lessons. 3. Obey unquestioningly the 01 ders of the principal of the schoo and the teachers. 4. Come to school clean, combed and neatly dressed. 5. Keep.your desk in schoo clean and neat. 6. Enter the class immediately after the bell and take your place Enter and leave the class only wit the teacher's permission 7. Sit straight during the les son, neither lean nor sprawl- li s ten attentively to the teacher" explanations and students' an swers; do not talk and do not oc eupy yourself with irrelevancies. 8. Guard the honor of you school and your ciass, as your own property. 9. Arise and stand at attentio upon the entrance either of th teacher or the director of th school and on their exit from th class. · 10 -Stand straight when answer ing the teacher, and sit down onl with the teacher's permission When you wish to answer or t ask a question raise your hand, 11. Write down accurately I your record book, or your specia notebook, what is assigned by th teacher for the next lesson an snow your record book to you parents. Prepare all your lessons by yourself. 12. Be respectful to the princi pal and the teachers. In meetin the principal and the teacher away from the school--greet them with a polite bow, boys removing tneir hats. 13. Be polite to older people- be modest and well-behaved in and out of school and in public places 14. Do not use abusive anc coarse expressions; do not smoke -Uo not play games for money or other valuables. 15. Take good care of school property. Be careful with your property as well as with the property of your comrades. 16. Be attentive and obligating to older persons, small children to the weak and the sick; give them your seat in a street car or in a bus, and help them in every wav possible. 17. Obey your parents, help them, and take care of your younger sisters and brothers. 18. Keep your room clean; keep your clothes, shoes, and bed in order. 19. Have your student's card with you at all times; take good care of it, do not give it to anybody, and present it at the request °i * he Principal and the teacher of the school. Looking to Peace THE service clubs of Mason City --Hotary, Lions, Kiwanis, and Business and Professional Women --are doing our community a genuine service by bringing in 4 authorities on world problems for 4 weekly forum programs starting Friday night of this week at the high school auditorium. "Contributors t o ' a New World Order" will be the general theme to be considered, in the series. Each of the visiting speakers comes in as an authority on^some particular Phase of the'general subject Not the least pleasant part of the programs the question and answer period at the conclusion of the principal talks. The premise of the participating clubs is that if the peoples of the world can become conscious of their inlcrrelatedness and get together in a neighborly sort of way, the resultant understanding will take them a long way on the road to durable peace. A like program in other years has proved helpful. The 4 speakers of the series will discuss what the principal powers among the united nations--Russia, China, England and the United States--have to contribute to a new world order. They will not pretend to present any panaceas for permanent peace. It will be to inform rather than convert that they come here. Jop Myth Exploded IT NOW appears that Japan has oversold us on the impregnability of her so-called outer defense system. Tarawa was a terrible test but the Marshalls were a pushover. The Jap air force was knocked out in the first day; the Jap navy ran away from a fight. Jap defenses which had been 25 years in construction fell in 3 days. Now u-e know Japan's ring of Island defenses is very vulnerable --a myth like the invincibility of the Maginot line. The way a task- force pounded Paramushiro 4 miles offshore without Japan's land guns even scoring a hit, was another tipoff that Japan's defenses are tissue paper. Japan is long o.n manpower and cruelty, but short of ships, planes, and guns everywhere. ANOTHER FINNISH TRACK STAR! Look Out Below What kind of democracy do w have anyway if we have to as ume that in a 16 year period onl. one man capable of presidentia leadership can be developed? * * * The invasion of the Marshalls will go down in history as one o America's most amazing militar exploits. * * * -ohn Bricker-s physica nV~r"il s are a^zingly sim liar to those of the last Ohio presi dent, Warren G. Harding. YourRealth By Logan Gendening, M. D SEASONAL COUGHS These late winter, early sprine days are marked for most of u8 not so much by the finding o£ th tost crocus or the umbrations o of wfnt *° g as the ha iST°ver hn, i? 7J"' Around »ost of tin households open to me during thi wnnlTJ i e i^ eme sente nce is tha wonderful line in one of Sine Lardner's plays in which the cur? tain rises on a room in · , , magazines must getting plenty of competition TM 8 P ati ^ts who f r.oi voices as a "suit f colds and influenza. KaTV d 2 cfo l s are Pestered as to hat to do about these disabilities here is one certain answer. Locai emecues are of limited value 3ver treatment may prolong oughs and hoarsenesj But you y i l be well again, bfethern and /V 36 1 atient - Time " Persephone her nz-?, readS ,, 0 l er a " the ( - mng hills, and hangs her infant lossoms on the trees, and the gfad arth caressed by murmuring howers wakes like a bride to deck erself with flowers-you wlu be TM agam ' That CDU S h will disl % e t r over TM sht ~ The whisper M 6e gone and you will leap and lout and clash your cymbals and he great hills will echo back your In the meantime let us look at he villain ol the piece. For your hromc coughing and your hoarse- ess all originate in your larynx ° V O i f b ° X ' that thi "g ^ the of your neck, your Adam's x ls a c °m- structure. There are car- lages on the outside and inside re all sor ts O f strings and knobs --the true vocal cords and the V ° C i C0rds with a holl ° w them, and crevices all in nd around these structures, so «.£ ! r, em , nants of "that cold," * th +l f lu ' ' or ' : ' hat bronchitis" et in these clefts and alcoves and ecesses and nooks and they pavvn and breed and brew and mull m a sluggish fashion and Jiey - a r e very hard to get out. They sulk in these caves and oigns and foxholes and pillboxes nd defy even the swab of the aryngologist. But in the course « time they all stew enough in ir own meanness to kill them- elves off and a few breaths of ice natural warm air instead of cy irritating air, will complete the laughter and you will ge t back o normal. That is why the trip o Florida or Arizona, New Mex- co or California if your conscience vill permit it in these days, really oes the trick. ,r' A ; rvalued fl ' i£ TMi of mine Dr Vo f. recognized what .he called ii ?l ea ~ : U was a Bronchitis allowed by cough anrt hoarseness nd the feature which distin- uishcd it and made it a special nV-i y n! Vas t h a t U di(!n ' t Set well ntil the patient went to a warm limate. For the stay-at-home there re- mams the gargle. Now I do not njoy knocking an old pal nor yreckmg an ancient tradition, and y u , comfort out o£ a less you ' but fact " «·«.«,» avw, WUL me Ii 5 the gargle is a hypocrite, a onny and a title-trapper. There s another structure called the piglottis, which is a kind of ar V Ia f" ou s M anchored to the ack of the tongue which immedi- tely covers over the larynx and 11 its contents as soon as any quid gets into the throat. If you ·ant to know how n gargle would eel if ii got to where trouble , jusl swallow some water "the vrong way." If the sore throat higher up in the pharynx the argle is ail right. Pros and Cons interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges Better Say It With Bonds Clear Lake Mirror: It b r i n a tears to one's eyes to even think of the cruelties that have been visited upon our heroes of Bataan and Corregidor. We can call them names and make faces at them but the element of time and distance gives them an advantage that words can't overcome. Wit} the announcement coming at the height of the 4th war loan drive we can all makfe just a little more sacrifice and buy just a few more bonds or stamps. This would be the best answer to the Japanese and probably do more to hurry their punishment than anything else. This "Comfortable War" Kewane'e, 111., Star-Courier: By their lack of response to the 4th war loan, many Americans have deserved the Ickes rebuke thai too many are fighting "a comfortable war." This is the last lap of the 4th war loan campaign, and the response is lagging at 77 per rent so far. Big money from banks, trust funds, and corpora- lions will undoubtedly rescue the 4th war loan from failure, but '£" bond quotas for individual purchasers are sadly off. It's. No Hoax This Time Indianola Tribune: In World war anti-German propaganda was put out by our, government to ·ouse our fighting spirit. Much of it was proved untrue after the var. Undoubtedly propaganda for similar purpose has been put out y the government in this war. Jut there is too much authentic nd corroborative evidence to lassify the story of the Jap atro- ities as a hoax. Better Increase Your Bonds Estherville News: Better in- rease your war bond quota, be- ause it is reported that autos will ost 40 per cent more, when they're vailable again, than they were in 941. No better way to m a k e money than to pay for a car with /ar bond savings and to pocket he carrying charges of a loan or nstallment buying. The War Is Taken to Germany Sioux City Journal: No quarter f Berlin has escaped the bombs, nd for the first time in many vars the fighting has been carried 0 the Germans on their own soil, he lesson is there for them, if hey can get it through their thick kulls. Vhat Hitler Forgels Marshallto\vn Times-Republican- The trouble with Hitler's belated irades against bolshevism is that mat he had hoped to foist upon le world would have been many mes worse. Editorial of Day THREE EDITORS PASS OX! Ward Barnes in Eagle Grove »gle: Within the past few weeks, owa lost 3 outstanding and influ- ntial newspaper editors; James Rhodes of Newton, Vic Lovejoy f Jefferson and W. H. Prewitt of orest City. Rhodes was a vigorous utspoken speaker and writer and yas seriously considered at one me by his party as a candidate or the U. S. senate. We approve reference to Mr. Rhodes by W arl Hall of the Mason City Globe- Gazette. Hall says, "Jim was a nan it was safe to disagree with " He was just that. He had his own igorous opinions, but had a high egard for the man who might old opposite views. Mr. Lovejoy of Jefferson was a mdly, human writer. For more ban a quarter o£ a century the sad column on his Jefferson Bee vas captioned, "Seasonable Ser- nons." For these weekly sermons, IK took a text from everv con- eivable form of human activity ocal, state, national and foreign! r hey were sermons in the truest ·snse. Mr. Prewitt had been publishing he Forest City Summit since 1915 nd had rich newspaper experi- nce in the weekly field before he vent to Forest City. He was a ery methodical editor and pub- sher, his paper always going to ress on time, no matter how nuch news and advertising matter ad to be left out. His opinions on he events of his day were widely opied and universally approved. The newspaper profession loses ^hen men o£ this type pass on. hey simply cannot be replaced. r Did You Know? By Frederic }. Hoskin CDIIOK'S .VOTE--Sejder. .r.iHo, IbtmiclYes at this tervlc* for qv«»U«n» of tact--not counsel--thonK jjra their fell aam« mud kddrMi not iaelfti* S cents for return port,,.. Ad.rm Globe.Gazette' Internitlon B a r tin, Fr.derJc J. Hsikla, Director, W«rtilD| Ion. D. C. IIoxv many nersons usually take part in the pilgrimage to Mecca? The average is about 100,000. Where are the most American eagles to be found? Florida. How did Ihf meter originate? It is the 10-miilionth part of the distance from the pole to the equator. Who was chosen as successor to Judas, the betrayer of Jesus? Matthias. Where Is Hangtown, CaL? The community is now known as Placerville and is the county seat of Eldorado county. Where will the Phillies and Yankees train this year? The Phillies at Wilmington, Del. the Yankees at Atlantic City. Can dogs be trained to be friendly with cats? It properly trained most dogs get along amicably with cats. What is the name of the Russian congress? Is there a president ol Bussia? It is called "the supreme soviet or council. There is no president ol Russia. What is the most important crop srown in the United States? Corn. What does Lloyd's Register in elude? It contains detailed information about the seagoing ships of all nations, classified according to s worthiness. What makes'cork so light? Millions of air-filied cells held together with natural gum or resin. As a general rule, do men or women live longer? The life expectancy of women is almost 5 years more. Bid Itobert Louis Stevenson write anything- o f note during hi stay at Saranac, N. Y.? Most of The Master of Ballantrae was xvritten in the cottage on the outskirts of the village during the winter 1887-8. Are monkeys native to all parts of the world? They occur on all the continents except Australia. Do the Chinese employ the swas- tica as a symbol? It means to the Chinese, 10 OOC ages or things. What is the highest score that can be made In the army intelligence tests? One hundred and fifty. What portion of the expense of a charitable organization goes toward overhead? From 6 to 7 per cent. Has the Mount"Rushmore Memorial in South Dakota been completed? Yes. How many Christmas packages were sent to the men overseas? Some 20 million. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEAHS AGO '" The Traveling Men's Protective association will meet this evening at the office of the secretary, C. H. 3elo, in the Commercial block for the purpose of transacting business and to elect officers for the ensuing year. In the shakeup among the Rock Island officials it is slated that Trainmaster Beacam will have charge of the entire Iowa division instead of the one division as now. THIRTY YEARS AGO For the second time in the records of the sheriff's office in Cerro Gordo county have the fees exceeded the salaries of the office. They amount to S350 more than ast year and are 5500 more than the year before that. Cerro Gordo county's mile of concrete road, on the Clear Lake lighway, near Emery, is bringing the county and Mason City widespread advertising. TWENTY YEARS AGO The first of the 5 children of VIr. and Mrs. Robert W. Clack, -tear Lakb, to be born in the Jnited States is Roderick Whittier Clack, born Wednesday morning at the Park hospital. The other children are natives of China where air. Clack has been stationed in the interests oE the Y. M. C. A. State Capitol, Des Moines, (/P)-A. restraining order to prevent the %'orthern Sugar corporation from dumping refuse from its plant at Mason City into Lime creek was ssued today by the state board of health. TEN YEARS AGO Judging by newspaper reports of hfs actions, we wonder if Hitler is not the first German the steriliza- ion commission of that country should bring before it. If he is not a moron, are there any?--O'Brien bounty Bell. Members of the Mason City, Voman's club met at the First Methodist church Tuesday afternoon for the February general irogram which included a talk by Dr. T. A. Burke and a song recital by Mrs. B. Raymond Weston. Clover Couplets By Roy Murroy of Buffalo Center 1UEST DAY Zola Bell of Des Moines 0 A SOLDIER Ycnr ?eo!hrs[ hands ier«net?- r«t. vpon yocr Milled And quiet breast T»or countenance with peace I* »l«t. The lect that once wild manlf Mrlde. Traveled life'* pathway by my side I.ic «UI1 Tor all the rest of time, low gallantly yoo march array. With head held high and enlnrs rav ou Icll as that *pr!n)tlime day 1 fctl the jpark of lite within. That God's release has alwavs been. And far above the battle's din. Yoqr lonl h»» paocd herond to him. WBo died Klmieir that we mi|tcl win reeaam from treed and vice and tin. ^OBSERVING Inventions Wanted recently carried a. little item here announcing an invention by D. W. Walters, Regional Director of Smaller War Plants Corporation, 226 West Jackson, Chicago, lor inventions to help in peace and in war. I have a note from his oflice saying that the call passed along at that time throughout the nation brought in more than 500 inventions. Many of them have been transmitted to the war department for further evaluation.. "Some of them are definitely going to help shorten the war and save lives," said this letter. " B o m b s , torpedoes, mines, planes and new bazooks are a few of the many devices included in the inventions. Microscopic yarns made oj chicken feathers find a new place in the war effort. A transmitter and receiver that can be carried in a vest pocket that can send and receive code, and the cost?--about a dollar. Hundreds ol items for civilian use are among the many ideas received!" "Our job is to act as liaison between the inventor and the war department," said Mr. Walters "to speefl up these inventions and get them into .the hands o£ the proper officials. , "The inventor has been of great assistance to the war effort. There is a lot of good in all ideas, and where would America be today without her Edisons, Franklins, Pultons and many others? "We never can tell when we'll get a good one. All ideas with merit are passed on to the proper war agency and with their acceptance the iriventor gets the production he hopes for." --V-Berlin's "Cellar Sickness" interested in a memo- um from a medical adviser to the German ministry o£ health outlining treatment for an epidemic in Berlin of what is called "cellar sickness" This was quoted in a Swedish newspaper. According to the Swedish item, the sickness is caused by long hours in shelters during raids and it resembles "Spanish flu." First aid posts have been set up throughout Berlin to deal with the epidemic, the report added --V-Information, Please! 1. The country which raises the most cotton iff«. Russia, United States, Egypt, India. 2. A phrase coined by Washing-' ton newspapermen, "the white house spokesman," refers to the speaker of the house, president's secretary, president, president of the senate. 3. Pet cats which grow (o be the largest are: Persian, Maltese, Angora, Manx. Answers--1. United States. ' President. 3. Angora. Rereoling No Secrets can imagine that censor, as well as the parents, of Capt. Clark M. Thaler oE Norfolk, Nebr., was left just a bit in the dark when he read a let'ter to the captain's parents dated "Who Cares" and giving "Ditto" as the place ot origin. And in the body of the letter was this: "After leaving where we were we loft for here and not knowing we were coming from there to here we could not tell it we would arrive here or not, but nevertheless we are here and not there. "The weather here is just as it is at this season, but of course urJake the weather we had before we came here. "From there to here is just as far as-from here to there. I feel just as I .should for this kind of weather here, but of course I felt all right there for the kind of weather there, so there is nothing to be alarmed about. The way we came here is just the way everyone comes from there to here. · "In short, where I am is where I am." A headline writer in the Christian Science Monitor made a guess that the place of ori«in might be the famed Shangri La. _V-Strange Football Gome ·^"^ wish I could have seen it ·-- the football game reported recently held clan-' desttnely in Holland between a team made up of Dutch patriot outlaws and--a team of Dutch police. The Day's Bouquet _ _ . . , , To THE 94 YOUNG PEOFLf^Vl WHO RECEIVED THEIR DIPLOMAS FROM THE HAMIL-lill TON SCHOOL OF COMMERCIpl SUNDAY AFTERNOON IN A3N S .\$1 IMPRESSIVE SERVICE AT THJrttf FIHST METHODIST CHURCH * The list included only 2 younf^ men, both of whom received thei:£-, diplomas in absentia because; r / they are in service. All are tlicYfl| better prepared for their part ir'i'j war and in peace "J.'i Mason City Globe-Gazette An A. W. LIE NEWBFAFEK Issue Every Week D,y bjftSt ' f i 121-123 East State Street. Ttlecbaaii Tuesday _ February IS, 1M P. LOOM IS . . . . PiblUher W. EAU, HALL . Muulni Editor I ENOCH A. NOKEM . . c»" Editor i IJLOrD L. CEEE . A«r«rtli« I" Entered u second-clui matter , 17, 1MO, «t the DoitoaJce it Uucn ' Iowa, under the act ot March 3 1«7S~ MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS -- Th^'i Associated Press [j exclusively entitle/' to the uso for republlcation ot all Mn ! f dispatches credited to it or not othencisl'i. ,i credited in this paper and also the loci."?! uewj publislied herein V f SUBSCRIPTION KATES » ?l Mason City and clear tjke by year, S1''H "Taion City and CJear .Lake by weei '«i J OutsU. 100 Mil, Zone-Pe/year «KB mnyifh* =; «^n. t M ~«.*u_ ».«. · * '."_Mil n ,. 1 · o »i?,l. d ° Mason Citr and Clear Within 108 Miles of Maj Outside of th. Carrier - Maseii Citjr and Clear Ijk Per year by carrier Per weefc by carrier Per year by mail By mail 6 months By mail 3 months By mail l month HE CEinAINtf PUT IT ON THE UNE...IFI 60«Wa.TLLGETTHt: BUSINESS... AND TU DESERVE rr.' BUT rVE'eOTTO SEE KATHY... THE POOR KID MAY BE.. COUU GET THERE IN THREE .. .K BACK BE FORE... KEY'S IN THE IGMT10N...THAT semes IT' IF YOU COUIP ONLY GIVE ME A TWO-WY BKS. JUST TO GO TO RELPM ANP FIND OUT Ail. fUGHT OFHCERS OF SQUAPRON 32 REPORT AT ONCE TO HEADQUARTERS' CANT 8E CONE, LT. SMITH .'WE'RE ONANI6HT-AND- PAY BOMBING SCHEDULE HSSL Pl£AS£ REMAIN ON CALL/ i eoess -Axjae Riaux SOYS- ILL OOTUE OlSUES-OUST LEAVE TUE 6OT WS ALL HAVS T!3 HELD AROUND THE SOME DAY VJBLU LEAHM TO K BIG MOUTHS SHUT WUEM Vj AW/ G£E ( SIS - WASWfJ' OlSUES (S MO JOB FOR VOOKIS MEM-TO BE COIN ITS A WO MAMS VJOCv: ' 5--* HEV.'LOOKY/ MAIL.'A LETTCR BETW AND A. LETTER FOR ME.* HAD/IS THIS THE 8:48 COACH, BEARIMG HER. GRACE, TELL HER THE ROYAL GUARD OH, 00 THWEET, "mWEET FELLA/ i. . * AND WILLTH' 7 rWWDSnwp C CAPW1KJ WITH HERW TH'COACH? HER TD CAMEU3T ORDERS, Q6KT HAS HDD£N oirroir CAMELOt- IMPOSZAKT ERRAND... ETW~TELL ME-'OfD TENNY ASKVOU THEN HE DIDNT.' PHEW/-AND' 1STHATA LQ4OOFP MYCHSST' I THOUGHT SUEE WlTH THAT LS^TM^' lw»Ka!mu»£3$te5f; ARE YOU GOOMY? MASTER BRABFORD -LET US FIEE -WHILE WE CAN.' GET BA.CK ! I'LL HftNfcLE THIS THING MY OWN WAY-' DON'T y OPEN VO WASTE PRECIOUS \ EASSl AH' TIME TELurj' MB SHUT vo' *tOt/F' KHQ\f/! A CIRCLE 15 IfJTA 3bO DEGREES, SEE? HALF A QKIS IS ISO IT READS FROM ZEffO D£Cff££S OfJ TOP TO TH' RI6HT- - - HVAffS AH AZIMUTH O WHY. TH WING'S A DEAD CtfJCH!

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