The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 19, 1934 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 2
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TWO Flap Codes Distributed. ROCKFORD, April 19. -- The Floyd county American .Legion Is presenting to the school children in the county a flag code booklet. The codes are to be presented by the Legion post in their respective communities with fitting ceremonies. Superintendent Edie of the Rudd school ig county Americanism chairman and Attorney W. G. Henke o£ Charles City is state Americanism director. Skin Discomfort Eczema itching, chafing, smarting, etc, yield amazingly to the speciallytffica- «i^^ cious ingredients of · Resinol MASON CITY GLOBE-OAZETTE GILLISPIE BOND CASE IS CLOSED Culbertson and Mrs. Brown Get 5 Year Terms for Part in Theft. MARSHALLTOWN, April 19. (ff --Just a year and a day after the theft of 590,000 in negotiable' bonds from Mrs. Martha Gillispie, aged, Marshalltown recluse, on the morning of April-18, 1933, the main investigation of the case was closed here today with the sentencing of C. C. Culbertson and Mrs. Edna Brown to terms in state institutions. Culbertson signed a plea of guilty APRIL 19 1934 to a county attorney's Information charging him with aiding in concealing stolen property and Judge Carl B. Stlger immediately sentenced him to an indeterminate sentence at Fort Madison penitentiary of not more than five years. Mrs. Brown also pleaded guilty to a similar charge and was given a similar sentence by Judge Stiger. She will be taken to Rockwell City. Both principals will be eligible to parole in about a year, according to County Attorney J, W. Pattie because neither of them has a previous criminal record. Locally the Gillispie bond theft case is now closed, Pattie said, although he added there are a few stray ends which may lead to further investigations elsewhere. 50,000,000 Robins ' ; / Can't Be Wrong / · r DRESS UP - AT ABEL SON, INC. SUITS * TOPCOATS They lead the nation in quality . . . in style . . . in value . . . at 20 We suggest you examine these clothes. You can see that Sterlingworth tailors take pride in their work . . . that Sterling-worth designers are distinctly out-of-the-ordinary . . . that the woolens are several notches higher than you'd expect at S20 . . . $25 . . . $31 . . . §35. No wonder Sterlingworth's popularity is so overwhelming. We say with complete confidence and entire good faith: They're America's greatest values. e ' We're the home of Society Brand Clothes . . . the floes* in the world , . , ?40 up famous Lee of Danbury HATS gjss." super values at W Ask the men who wear them, then follow their advice . . . wear one yourself . . . and you'll be satisfied it's a super hat value. New smart spring colors and shapes . . . all silk lined . . . and Lee of Danbury quality assures value. famous MALLORY hats are ... S4 and $5 S H O E S F O R m e n IN SPRING'S NEWEST STYLE IDEAS Active men . . . hard on their shoes . . . find it almost impossible to go through these Bostonians . . . they like the fine leathers . . . the painstaking cobbling . . . and, of course, the amazing- value. »6 . exclusive with us. QUALITY · S E R V I C E · S A T I S F A C T I O N ABEL SON INC AT NUMBER SEVEN SOUTH FEDERAL Recognizing Russia Was Aid to Peace, Says Lien 'Ancient Cynic' Analyzes Reasons for Failure of Lofty Idealism Urged Upon the World by President Wilson After War. EDITOR'S NOTE--In this second Installment on patriotism and preparedness written by 84 year old Ole O. Lieu, native of Norway but resident of this country for nearly sixty years, attention is given to the world situation with respect to peace and war. Readers may not agree with Mr. Lien's interpretations but they will concede to the writer a remarkable background of Information and native intelligence. The third and final Installment of Mr. Lien's treatise will be presented In the next Issue. By OLE O. LIEN ' * As to the insidious propagand: against adequate preparedness fo defense against brutal aggression that might eventually come, when the ominous and very uncertain world situation is viewed with any clear understanding, it is a surpris ing paradox that the "pacifists" are tho ones who persistently are op posed to peace and safety, while they who advocate sane prepared ness to meet any emergency are the real standard bearers for peaci with honor. The Pharisaical bleating of long faced pacifists is actually more deli terious for the young generation -than the braying of communists anc "red" anarchists. Optical Illusions Fade Away. If the ultra-pacifists, braying and bleating t h e i r propaganda for "peace at any price," really look for a miUenium of world peace they must see mirages in the universe o" stars; but the optical illusions wil fade in a chilly atmosphere of stern reality. Dreams and visions wil vanish in dark and threatening storm clouds, and all the peace prop aganda end in ignominious failure. The '"heart of the world" that President Wilson spoke so feelingly about when he made such a gallant but disastrous attempt to get the United States to Join the league of nations, is in no mood at present to accept the "peace panacea," concocted and advertised by our conceited society reformers: Why Wilson Idealism Failed. The so-called "heart of the world' was so badly infected by a spirit of hatred, revenge, fear, jealousy, greed and the lust of grabbing at the expense of the vanquished, that it was in no condition to take President Wilson's idealistic visions of world peace by mandates seriously. "A war to end war, and make the world safe for democracy" were fine phrases and sounded sonorious- ly in oratorical gestures. But the great war for democracy did not make the world safe for the 'democrats," who were then in power; but it paved the way for more absolute dictatorships than "the world has ever seen. Oldtlmerg Were Pikers. The rod of dictatorial power Is now swung with such a brutal despotism that tie .tyrants of ancient history would have turned black with envy. Mussolini and Pilsudski are now thoroughly outdistanced by Germany's superman, Hitler, for he holds the sway over the German people so completely that they dance like puppets in a play when he starts the music for Germany's- supreme place in the sun. There is an obvious reason for this abject submission to despotic rule by a great people. They must stand together, awaiting "Der Tag," when they are ready to strike again for revenge and German superiority in power and prestige. Hitler, having hyonotized the masses so effectively that they follow his supreme dictatorial mandate in submissive obedience to his call, is preaching a German gospel of peace in grandiloquent phrases, while he is, as secretly as possible, preparing for war with France and Poland. No wonder that Europe is watching with anxious apprehensions. There is dynamite enough piled up, or stored away, in Europe now to blow up the precarious system of civilization. The Way to Avoid Wars. Fear of the dreadful consequences of another world slaughter carnival may hold the demons of destruction in leash for some time, but the "heart of the world" is so torn, scratched and irritated that the Ladies Sewing society will never succeed in patching and mending it so as to function in harmony with the movement for universal peace. Wars can be avoided, or localized within certain areas, if able and farseeing statesmen and dependable leaders in the world of thought and activity are placed at the helm. But as long as nations grope in the darkness of fear, hatred, revenge, envy and general uncertainty as to future eventualities, the shrewdest statesmen and the most astute diplomats may fail dismally in their endeavors to prevent a world catastrophe. The terrible lesson of the World war has appearently been of little avail as to changing the old "heart of the world." World Armed to the Teeth. The continental powers of Europe are now more thoroughly armed and prepared for a new world explosion than in the summer of 1914-except, maybe, Germany, whose notorious dictator, Hitler, is at present feverishly engaged in building up a new machinery for an effective world festival of slaughter. This is, for the present, the chaotic and precarious situation in Europe; but Asia, too, has threatening clouds, hanging low and heavy over a great area of the vast continent of different races and creeds. Japan, the man-eating: tiger of Asia and the hungry shark of the Pacific, is planning a "Jap" dictatorship for the control of that vast continent; and, by implication, she declares a "Monroe doctrine" of her own to police Asia, and when she has "Japanized" China into a military monster of enormous man power. Japan, as commander in chief of the whole crosseyed oriental outfit, might eventually be strong enough to sweep all white people out of Asia. "History Repeats Itself." It is an old saying: "History repeats itself," and, turning back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries when the inhuman monsters, Genghis Kahn, and the supreme demon of destruction, Tamerlane, came near to overrunning Europe with their fanatical hordes. Tamerlane left an "artistic" and highly attractive monument to his satanic memory by a tower containing 90,000 human skulls. A real invasion of Europe by Asiatic barbarians took place in the fifth century when the savage hordes of Attilas, the "scourge of God," as he was called, swept over Italy and into France with death and horrible destruction in their wake. But at Challons the Asiatic monster met his nemesis when the Roman chieftain, Aetios, inflicted such a terrible slaughter upon Attilas' demon hordes that hundreds of them were slain. That effective disaster for the savage invaders decided the future destiny of white civilization to be the ruler and master of human society, Whut Has Yellow Man In Mind? Whether the yellow and brown races of the orient want to try conclusion with the united poivers of the Occident is problematical. The Japanese doctrine, "Asia for the Asians," seems to be the oriental power propaganda for a united Asia under the military leadership of Japan, with all her machinery of conquest behind her for a showdown. But the Nipponese lust of power by brutal aggression is receiving a serious jolt by the growing power and organization of Soviet Russia's "red armies," concentrating dangerously near the Japanese sphere of conquests. The "Mos- cowvite red armies" will be quite a different force to contend with than the armies of the czar, in 1904. Russian Recognition Shrewd. We notice that the land-grabbing Japan has at present drawn in her lorns, and the recognition of Russia by the United States was a shrewd national and international move by President Roosevelt to snap a ring h the rooting nose of the greedy aggressor. . The only nation that actually lates Uncle Sam is the notorious :reaty violator and treacherous Machiarellian schemer, Japan. She has with sovereign contempt broken every paragraph embodied in international agreements. Blocked by Wilson. When President Wilson, one of the 'Big Four," at the peace conference n Paris, blocked Japan's attempt to grab a fat slice of Chinese "meat' as her share of the spoils to be divided by the victors, the Nipponese hatred and animosity was especially turned against Uncle Sam. Japan is anxious to get even with the United States for interfering with the Nipponese plans of conquest and expansion. But Uncle Sam is strong enough to defy the Japanese peril in the Pacific if he keeps his powder dry and his navy in adequate fighting condition. Any weakening of the United States' naval power would be a monstrous mistake, and President Roosevelt will be on his guard to protect American prestige and honor. (Last Installment Next Issue) Mitchell Club Presents 3 Act Play in Protivin PROTIVIN, April 19.--The Dra- matic'club of Mitchell gave a three act play in the Protivin gymnasium. A large crowd attended. The name was "Kam ne muze cert, nastrci 5abn" in the Bohemian, which translated means, "Where the Devil Can't Go, He Sends the Old Jady." In the cast were: Jaroslav Turdik, Marie Turdikova, Frances Zaruba, John Orth, Joseph Vulk, Aiina Donnerova, Jerry Pajer, Bessie Laga and Mary Kordosova. Gall Stone Colic Avoid operation If possible. Treat the cause In a sensible, painless. Inexpensive way at home. Write Hyme Drug Co.. 18-37 No. Fourth St.. Minneapolis. Minn., for a ncognlzed practicing specialist's prescrtp* Ion on (Ivor and gall bladder trouble for Iterature and treatment which has Been giving gratifying results for 28 years. Sold under money back guarantee. Clip this out NOW--Advertisement 3 Iowa Cities Get Carloads of Pork for Feeding Needy DES MOINES, April 19. UK- Three carloads of smoked porlc totaling 98,700 pounds, have been delivered to Ottumwa, Cedar Rapids and Waterloo for redistribution among the needy, W. J. Albers, Iowa distributor of the Federal Surplus Relief corporation, said today. Three other carloads are expected in the near future for delivery in Des Moines, Sioux City and Council Bluffs. Albers said, with a possible allotment of an extra carload for Iowa. , ' .'I \ What SHE TOLD WORN OUT HUSBAND CHE could have reproached him *^ for his fits of temper--his "all in complaints. But wisely she saw in hisfrequent colds, his "fagged out," "on edge" condition the verv trouble she herself had whipped. Constipation! The very morning af- fcJs *»:te T r t a k i n g NR |Jfc, v'-y (Nature's Retn- ·B ·/ edy). as she ad* ·I * vised, he felt like _^TM / himself again-keenly alert, peppy, cheerful. NR--the safe, dependable, all-. vegetable laiatii-e and corrective--works gently., thoroughly, stimulates the eliminative tracttoeomplete.regular functioning. Non-habit- forming. 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