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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, May 4, 1818
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jv t.n - YobJC erjLXixu post, MONDAY, MAY 4. K".. - 7U tett tltttim. Jrhp H will be expert - ti that w should furuWh our Nader with,' at laMVapMral UlNMotf tha ruU th late )4Ctioa In (Mt city end dMhct. A willing - MM. to gratify their expectations, k never want ing, but, really, we fcr eewelv, Jel qnUe at indifferent tit the inue as w L1 to th contest W have been alternately the wbjeet of reproach to both of the combatant. The AdrecaU latttts upon casing the CliotooUa ticket the federal tickK; and the Columbian, of ths morning, at loudly declares that we hav buried the hatchet of dircord wilh Mr. Noah, and thereupon taunt Mr. tfoah for having made the concoo that there are honorable anfl capabU mea among the fedniIM. ThMUsoii party have carried their amenably ticket by a majority of eearly a . . ... . - u : - e - n f in of UMUtaaa, ana UJeir auuerm i the wardit they have also suoeeeded in electing their candidate t members of congress, and the !.i if., u 4a hm More seated in the oational legidature, by Peter H. Weodover, an excellent Jadg of Russia dock, and Henry Meig, a man learned in Babylonian bricks, and a prodigious auotsr of bibliothecal lore. God Ue the people t Tboee who take more intereet than we do, or can, are referred, far farther particular, to the National Advocate, of thi morning. We have teen a letter from Port - ao - Prince of the Oth April, to a mercantile houae in this city, Which elate that general Boyer, the uccetor to lotion, bit adopted tocb mearare a would ensure tranquility and pmperily to that bland. A considerable force .bad been assembled, and were held in readiness to put dowa any attempt thkt might be mad a pop their libertte by Chris - tophe. Provisions, it wa feared, would b : carte. .' :' - " From Hit Spanish Afawe We have received a file of the Carracoa Courant to the 1 8th April. They contain account of teveral evere battle between the contending arm! on the Spanish Maine, which we have not room for to - day. Ia on of them tti ptaua that "uenerai nnoruio received a alight wound with a lance, bat hi (word immediately tent th wretch wn had given it to him to the mansions of th devil wilb lhe other jacobins." vTh Spanlih troop are ro - pretilr.d to be well (applied with everything except shoes, and the independenU in want of every thing ntcemry to carry on th war. . A - boat 800 prUonen, nwntly black ami tamboe, had arrived at Caraccat and La Guayra, and a - bout 5 or 600 more were expected. The following i an titraet from a Speech of Lotd Cartkreagh, On the lubject ol unrestricted trade. ' from a London paper, of February 1". . Oa Monday, on the inutum ol Lord Castle - reach, the Hwuse of Commons went into a com ma aubiect ol the mallei with Spdiii, relative to Uie abolition of Uu: slave, trade. Hut produced a leng" nened debate, pi iitcipully on u tiiopritt ol granting Wt.U'O. lor ire comple - li. .:f . ....yiia iiiu.U should nd on in own j ( time wlucO demanded ever possible) raurvnaiiueui, anu uie nt'wi rigiu economy, t he nuble Uotd cure a clear expia - jfctioa of the Kroundi on wuicb thene IreiUi a Y 1 - i I .... Were eaterea two, anu m wwui mcj inurt bear in the ecale ol buinunily, and iiuicd That it wai found Impoiiilile t hav tlieiu con - clitik - d mihoulcompeniaUun Spain fur the alled - Srd littw ud injane oo Ittr part. 'J'be uiolioo mt " the committee ibnaid naice torh prorti ion a to tliem ihou d teem neceiiry i ir tne ful - flimeot of the treaty," wai carried by 68 agniail On Wedncaday latt, in ttK! llouieof Cooimoiii wheo the treaty wilbbpttin, reiecitox the iluve trade, wa ander ditcuiuon. tome very itnpor - taat obttervation were aiaiie upon the geur.ral principle of trade with loreiftn power. Mr. Li i tie ton complained ol the bey dattc impo - ed by Spain on HrilubgooUi, and ol variom rvi tricuuni to which our trade wi tubjected in the port ol that country. Lord Caitlereagu, iu rc - ul. auured the Hon. (jentlemaa tliat r - moii - atranci! bad beta mnde on that iurjet t fully ai itrongi lie wa penuaded, he could wiih. Derides, laid his Lordiiiip, " in our commercial ECiUtiocu wan omerc .umrir, we ieu a inu cm li.rr.Hpa hv our own imnorition which orieina ted in time 04 icDoraiH' and prejudice, lie could onlv lament that ttoain was much ks lor ward than other countrn in adoptlue tliuse truths which were bow happily eitablithed, nd which proved that the true interest of every country wa to throw wide open its ports to the unrestrained commerce of other countries." The save unlortuokte prejudices lormeny restrained commerce bctwn tlui country an J Ireland, and between BriUia and other countries. While dehvering tlietc sentiment!, hit Lordship was - ebcered by every member iu the Houie, and Mr. Littleton expressed the bistcit salif fac tion on hearing the general principle avowed by the noble Lord. We trust that the liberal sentiment avowed by Lord t.attlctragb ill reach I be car ol tin ministers ol all toe power ol Lurope. 1 o nar vow poNct which hus hitherto prevailed, htiitea ded only to reitrain their mutoal proerity Ho aentiment in political ecoooniv is more fulla - cioae, than tliat nf imagining that the advantuj;: ol on nation can only bo ronioted iu projw - lioa to tbe degradation of aoolir. How is it puseible that a poor degraded people in one couic . . . . . . .i fry, can ever oe fooa cuuuucn oirj uiiivr. Ones lhe chanarl of trade, five niUlual (acili ties, and eenentl prosperity will be tbe result 'J'be nation which then evinces the ereatest in davtry, ingenuity, and talent, may thus ncjuire oca degree superiority, and a nation will deserve it ( but all of them will be beoeBted in pn portion to their exercise of those radical vir tue. , y ' I Extract of a letter, dated Valparaiso, Fob C, 1818, to a commercial home in Baltimore. 44 The blockade of tbe port of Chili, extending a well to ships of war a to merchant ships, was declared by the viceroy of Lima in March last, and of th lb Briluh commodore Bowles, of the Amphioo, was well acquaint, d when at Lias. He, however, had a good excuse lor entering Valparaiso a second lime, having promised te return Mr. Torre, the deputy, whom be carried from this country. But be bad no ocea - j. to mak use M this pretext, not finding any Teasel off this port, when he returned from L m. u mhurwu wvni uu . io Uie ltoCkliilirr qtiadron th other day, and oommodor liowlee aUted to th commander of the Venganxa, Ioo Tama Cabrera, that as he had utfUred an A. nencaa sbipoi war, the Unlano, caplaia Bid - dle, to paw unmolested, he could not coOMder a blockade existing wilh regard to government - - ' - T. (nil Ik. Ilia .uuU - 1 1 that gorenimeut veseels bound to Chili would not be caoiestal unless be received orders from Chili to the contrary, 'itie commsdore then rtquc?'. - d that the British ships now hem, being iroo - rant of the btockade whoa they entered, nucl t Do altowed to proceed wilUrut uuklrance. Th - s wV not granted, bat Don Tomas promised not to capture s - eveli houua here, cqt to inform them of the blockade and warn them oft Th Aaphioa then, rtturued. 1 bare wondered why the Voiganxmhatl captord atom sbfps, and now beuev the eommaader of her to be on of the LiUtmlet, and that he soiaeUmes purposely allows them to escape him. i V' - l On the 29th tilt, arrived ncre, we anip ue - vant, eapt Carr, 102 day from Woe ton, wim a arre tjuantity of quicasiivrr ano acre ouicr article report to be bound w uis n. tioaat with all except the quicksilver, winch they endeavor to ell here, me cpanisn qiuulron off thi port, now consisting of eight vessels came very near bringing thi vessel to, being very nearly within gun - ahot of her, but opt. Biddle sent out hi boaU and towed her in. , ' ' On the 3d hut. th pnvaUer Fortuna, (o nvrly Catalma) sailed on a cruise, and on the day following entered thi port tbe Spanish briar MerceUe, alia Sacta, a prize to the pri vate Chileno. (fiirmerly Adeline.) - Che wai captured in fct. M 1 - 3. near tbe coait, bound from Guayaquil to Aries, via Pisco, laden with rice, cocoa, atigar, tobacco, cigars, Lima bat, (entiles. Ac. and about 14 bale ordinary dry good, valued in all here. At 30,000 Tbe Dnxemaster and five of the s earn en belong b vessels from the United t tales now bere, and eapt Biddle had them ent on board the Ontario, that they might be returned to the vessels which they had quitted. lie oiu uie aanae with aome who had shipped on board the privateer Fortuna, and thus render au act of jus tice to the American masur and owner, which would not be done if the Ontario wa not here. The sending national ship to this section of the globe, is bifhly important to our country and it commerce, and highly credita ble to Uie government Frm tli Uulon Daily A ittr titer, May 2. By th arrival of tbe ship Hebrus,' 19 dayi from 1 orl - au - i rince, w leara that presulent reUon died March ti - We areindeMcJ to Mr, Hooper lor L'Abeille Haytienn of April 3, from whi h we nave translated toe rouowmg nigh' wrought and extravagant panegyrick : roar - AU - piUMCE, April 3 - ' M Fifteen h year of the indepeodence of liar ti Alesandrr I'ctiou, president of Hayti, has Onuhed his course f b X9lh of March was tne last of bis life. Pitiless death has cut oft our lather, our friend, our comforter, oue of the irmst rapports of our country. No loss was ever so keenly felt. Our hearts torn wilh griel, will for a long time bleed with th sad shock which ba reached tbem. In vain do w resume ill pen which twenty time has fallen from our hands in vain do wa attempt to trac the dread' lul spectacle of which w have been the wit. nesses j we can offer but an imerfect picture of it, the truth of this deplorable event, so far sui passes the imagination, that no hnman effort can completely develop the character of it. If w wrot only lor lb inhabitant or tb capital cJ this republic, w should thin a it useless to de scribe what they, as we'l as ourselve - have seen. becaur in this melancholy situation, the mind laboun in vain to find image sufhcieutly forcible to i fress the solvations of the heart, but gratitude unpoari on ui th duty of commanicalinc oar regret to all our fellow citizens, and to consecrate forever the memory of our benefactor. It I in the attempt to fulfil this painful obligation Ihot we undertake to trace these lines which will ba rather the work of sentiment than our reason. " No, there is no perfect happiness for man on earth, it is bat one step from proserity to tb tomb. N either greatness ol sou I, nor all Ui social virtues can secure him from his fate. . After having triumphed over tb greatest difficulties, m th moment of receiving lb reward of his labours, his WAtchingi, and his sacrifices, and a he is enjoying th CDectacle or th happiness which b bus procured for his lellow - men, the sacred Are wLith animated him, that celcttial eucuca which survives the destruction of matter, returns In lhe bosom of tbe infinite Being who is tli principle of it. retioo, the virtuous fetion, has only received her below the reward of his good actions, in terminating a life, alas, too short lor us, and it is iu tb grave tliat he receives it ; it is in this funeral monument that he fees our love, our gratitude i it is io this aocuiah of our souis, our regrets, oar tears, which fill ap tb measure of it. . Beloved father, if from the depth of the tomb, thou still rrgardert us, enjoy tbe ineffable pleasure of feeing a whole pcoplo offer Io thy memory a homage which no mortal hai received before thee, and by whic h its riucerily, its extent and its purity, elevates thee above the tovercigns of the eartb, and would render thee au object of worship, if divinity was not above humanity. Thy Ida was that of a sensible be neficent man, directed by justice ; all thy medi tations were directed to the good and happiness of thy brethren - Virtue was thy idol ; friends were gained by thee, by an Infinite foodness and singular clemency. Thou h. - t done nil for thy country, and it was thy with to do still more for her. Alas, nothing more is wanting to make thy name immortul, it uies to the temple ol riory, time will never efface it, and the people of which thou wert the father will never cease to be proud oi oaving naa tnre for a chief. "uu tne siu oi Aiaivn be was seized with a fever. The most unremitted care were lavish ed upon him ; but he refused the remedies which were presented to him, he would not even take any nourishment, notwithstanding the most earn est solicitations ol his family and friends, and on tb S9lh of th ram mouth, at 4 o'clock in tbe morning, be expired in that calm of th soul which characterizes an irreproachable man. Tbe mournful sound of the bells which had not trock th air during the illness of th father of bis country, announced at day - light that be was taken from our love. Th report ofcaunoo at interval soon confirmed thii event, so deplorable and afflicting to every heart. Tbe alarm wa geueral. Citizens and strangers have prewed in crowds to the governmeut. Palrneae of fare, deep melancholy, a dark silence, were tb first .ignsoTtb affliction of all hi'artr. IVople pas cd and reimned ia the street without any de sign or object, the slat of every ooe seeniod to be a dehnum, an alienation of mind. Tears did not yrt flow, the depression of soul was too great for the eye to be yet moistened with tears: sharp cnes alooe rent the air, and declared the poig nant grief. In this state of feHaj, nature wanted strength, or rather slio as b tide herself, and th suffering was mora severe when returned within the limits ol human semibility. At this moment we became sensible of the wlvde extent of our lots Our semei could hardly support it, we have no cxprenioni to define it. A new trial was reserved for our despairing hearts and our (inking courage. The body of his excellency (he prevalent of llavli, on being oprced, pre sented no sonucioo ol a violent death. Hn mor tal remain were placed on funeral bed In the council chamber, with all the pomp suited to the occasion." tie. The funeral ceremony which took place on the Slct is particularly described, but we h .ve - . L OT, . . not room to copy u ai irnirui. i uc wrucrou - crve. "Never wa human being more la mented than the President of Hayti. The an - nal of rations do not furnish such an exam pie. It is the most exact truth to aay, that all the citizen of the republic have exhibited marks of a profound grief in these days or dew - solution, and that strangers also have mingled weir regret our. Tliey as well as we wear the funeral crape they do not less honor me memory of our r.luttnous chief - and it wa they who were the first to aay, lu A are lett your Waihinglun ." On the 3tnh of March. Pierre Rover. Gene, tal of DiviMun, commandart of the guard of uie govemm nt, waj chosen by tbe 'eBate, rreaident i.r Hayti. On the 1st of Ap: il the citizene took the oath to the new President, and oh the opening of the Senate the president of that body made an address to the President of L'arti, in reply to whklthe made a Speech. n.. , t. L ih.:in iryn. - ThI oancr contain a number of official papers reUUng to his deals, ana ue snsiaiuiiow w ceor. :; '. - ' V. . s , A fnnte. brir and ach. were ntling, ano nearly ready to sail on a cruise. ' ' In comequenee of tne oeaui of rcin.i, ... Embarro wa laid on all vessel In P. two porta for a week. Gen. Boyee wa cbceen President. It wae expected mat viiriuiu .v. - n, . Af ilie event of Pet km tr w4a n w ws - - - w - - death, and march gint Fort - ad - Prince. Tlie place wa well prepared, anu reaoy so revn - fiim,hould be attack it. .: . ' ' i ' i From the Norfolk IJeoald, AfriX 2. The British cb. Jfatchlew, without either captain or mate, arrived lre on Monday last in charge of the pilot who boarded her off the Cape. Tbe only person on board, when he came up, were a lad named Reuben Jones and three negro seaman. From Jonee we learn the following fact relative to the above vessel : She ail from Antigua i waa owned It, commanded bjr a eapt Taylor, and i last from Laguira, where she took in a ca go principally of coffee and some sugar, besides about $1500 in specie, and was bound from there to St. Thomas. Just aa thechoonr wa ready to tail from Uguira, the captain having occaion to go ashore for the purpos of settling ome business, the mate; who shipped by the name of Skittercom, and two white sailors, (names not known) slipped the cable ana put to ica, leaving the captain on shore. They then made known their intentions to June and the three black, (who belonged to the captain ;) they said they were resolved to proceed to the U. states, were they proposed to wnuggle the cargo ashore, and after elling it, divide the proceeds and the captain' money equally mrtnv all hands. Alter being out 33 days, and their stock of provisions entirely exhausted, iney arnveu id Hampton Roads oo Sunday afternoon, where, in consequence of being becalmed, they cam to anchor. Th mate appeared to be very auxioui lo get a conveyance ap to Norton, to procure, at he said, boat to muzzl th cargo ashore, th schooner' boat having been left wilh th captain at Laguira; and th next morning he encased a (mail boat, in which he and his two colleague embarked with the specie, but meet ine - lhe iteam boat Virginia, soon after they left the achr, they all thre got on board of her and proceeded on to Baltimore. The vessel and car go have bean taken possession of by th British consul. from th Aaim InltUigenetr, May I APPOINTMENTS. Mad by th president, with tbe concurrence of tne senate. Victor Adolphos Sasn - roo, consul of the Unit ed Slat at Nice, in lb kinrdom of Sardinia. John firewater, collector lor tb district M Perth An, boy, and inspector of the revenue lor the port (hereof. tieorz Washington Campbell, or J ennessee, envoy eitraordinary and annular plenipotentiary of th United Slates to Russia. Samuel Hodres - jun. of Massachusetts, consul of th United States for th Cap de Verd Islands. James Schee, of Delaware, consul of the U. States for Genoa. Alexander M'Rne, of Virginia, cotual of the United State for Amsterdam. C. A. Murray, consul of th United States for Gollcoburg. HARTFORD, May 2. More countrrfrMins - Ten dollar and two dol lar counterfeit notes of the Middlctown Bank, have lately appeared in circulation. Th en graving and paper appear as well as in genu ine and the fillinc up and tignHtures are ex tremely well imitated, lhe ten dollar notei are payable at th Mechanic's Bank in the city of New - York, dated January 1, 1817. SAVANNAH, April 21 The brier Lydia, captain Reed, cleared at the cusioovnouM) this day lor urcenocx, Donnen 208 tuns, has a cargo worth over 90,000. t ire .' op - m .'About hall past c o'clock; last night, our citizens were again arouied by the cry of fire I it proved to be the livery stables be longing to Mr. Daniel Remshart, situate in the weat part of the city, The flames had so far pro - gref ed before ussntance could be rendered, and the wind being high, the stables, together with the out - buildings, and Mr. Remsbart's dwelling, (a two - story bouse) and two other dwelung - nou were consumed ma snort time. Atone Urn. ui. Ikmivht Ik m. knl m rtf tk nnth.f1Ut nar! of the town would have been destroyed ; but, owuiz to the perseverance and activity of our ci lizeui, the flames were arrested. Mr. Adam Cope's house (tbe only one saved in tlie block; neaped the devouring flames twice, aye three limes, was it on fire, and yet wasreioued, at though tbe out - buiMinr beUn?iiii to th dwell ing wer contumed, and the flames not more than twenty feet off! Had Mr. Cope's house been burnt, God only knows where the fir would nave ended ; we ihould, in all probability, have witnessed sue b a scene as was exhibited in the year '96. But what is still more distressing, iip - ht or ten horses that were ui the stables, pe ruhid in the (lames ! It was really affecting to every observer, who was not dead lo the noble! sympathies of the soul, to witness the shocking ictit. We have not been able to ascertain how lhe fire originated - various opiuiom are afloat on th tulijert. We would, however, humbly su geat, that vigilance be observed uu the part ol our iiolire. We believe that we have amoogjl us incendiaries. Havre de firact, (.W ) April 30. CreaAaitfc!jKt - Oatlie?9th iust. it computed that the almost incredible number o nearly fire suuiurrit of bernngs, besides a grejt uumber of shad, were taken in tlie vicinity ol this towu. We saw two different haul;, each ol which, we are informed by those acquainted with the fishing, coutaiued 300,10 ) fine herrings and a considerable number of inammom shad But th cold weather bas driven the remainder away, and but little is doing at preieut. We heartily with them a snr rrtum, which we bope will soon lake place, as the sun is brgifming to " ieep through th cloud and laugh the storm away. BOSTON, May 1, Erpcrtatiim of ire We are happy to bear that our enlerpriziog townsman, Frederick Tudor, Ym. d m obtained Irom th r renrh governoient the exclutiie privilege of supplying the inland of Guaualoiipe and Martinique with ire, lor ten yean, crmmencing on tlie Grt of Jan. 1820 The u of tliis article bas been introduced at hospitals, and w bop it will have the happy ef. feet of counteraclint the fatal diseases of tropical climates. Mrs. Iavion, of on of tbe Ixndoo theAtres, is eXcted to accept aa er.gigemcat at the New lork theatre. PaoviBxxrx, fa. i.) May 1. ,On Tuesday bet, arrived at tliit port, brig Ranibler. Ilctlieriuirton, 97 days from Canton, with teas, nankins, Sic. Lcfi Canton, on tbe 16th of January but, in cn with the ships Trumbull, Aborn, of Providence, and Sug. of Baltimore Left at Canton, ships llram. b'cattcrgood, to sailor Philadelphia, in 2 day ; Phenix, tor do. in IU .lays ; farag - on, for Bos ton, in fidkvs; zephyr.ot fiotidence.ror eu - rope, unc, cnicorn, oi uaiumore, ana raci - - - . - .. . fick, of Philadelphia, Ut arrived passed in the river, a ship from Salem, last fiom Mat. - via. Passed .'xacoa, in co with the Tmmhul' nd Stag, the 2 Jib of January, and parted c. itix of February, ia the Strain of Sunda. The brig Rambled left tlu pott, Uie 9th of ' " in ir and a - Thr d OH tbe eoas or after a passage of 8i e September, and arrived at Canton, lt of ue - eetnber, a M.ageor68da,hdl.idlng4d.v. at the Sandwich lsland - haviiig perform ert vovaKC round tlie world in yyn daw ! Serm month and IU day oi tne Ume, belay in port.,.. ,. ..' CHAltLESTON, April ti: ' Report actual win (or wert yssuf. Cotton Sea island. 68 a 70 cnU per poond ; hortstaplc,32a 33. J r Kica fnme, f ti a 1 - Z cent, aeciwa . - y . . - ... . Dl:i.,.ii.:. t lour Camoeo, t,iup.; n s 1 ' aruiRtfl. n!. are rv reneral that the spring trade i by no mean so brisk as was :lnsil Mnmt HMeriolious of British Coods maybe booklet 40 per cent, on the sterling cost t torn lew article pay ramer ueuer, w which may be cbused matoi uemoazcue. E - IA.. - n1 Pn f .arra eccaeaions lo th stock in market of thee articles, have rendered ale n a t st.. of th former very Heavy, ana uepreaecw w ljsvw va mm w - swi Birn airain taken a atr rt eale have been efiectifd at $o U i - J . ana n.. been tored for $6 1 - 4 A large portion of die crop is eatimated to be already at marxet , ' ... a a . a i - Co Cotton About two nunarea naiea ui oc, ral.nla vrliirh Mine to market thi week krnmrht mi, h rliMl nuntations i and it u said .k. nn mpiuI nnHrp anme neeuliar circum - stances, wa oia at at 73 cema. vipiaima now mo v in if off. at the quotation of the past and present wee. Freight Cotton to ureal uriiain, fa a so per lb. Arrived on Saturday. U 8. brie Saranac, r.nt P.ltnn Xfi luum from St. Marvs. Put in here to procure provisions for the aquadron at that port - Tbe IT S hip John Adam. Com Henley, and ch. Lynx. Lieut, ttiaaison were sti.l at St. Marv. Two day previous to the - I - :i... , rt.i:k Aj - unp uiiinir. iiif niuii'Uuui ifciiEdii .ft coming down the River, upset during a heavy . . . i j oi.. ....... mow. ana iw - o men were urowueu. w kniinri from St. .Marva to Fernandina. With pro visions for the V. 8. stmops statianed there. ... i . . i. f - i.ttfpri I smii ainn jonann ar neinrit;ii H.i'ma Hnmhuaor . .Iiina NeuhlirvTHirt Good - q , - y - j rich, London Aristides, Curter, luverpool i ... ... . , . . feaii, nevman, uoston t Dr.g aamca .unc Unit rmvulnii - , . arh Ann. Dark. New - Or - leans; Canton, Brightman, Newport ; sloop ! 1..t . .... V I - 1 1 uanica, I uiinan, new aura.. Th hriir I'atliarine. IVillmmann. from New Orleans, and ach. Leandc - r, from Baltimore, were in th omng last evening. NOTICE. Tbe friends and relatives of captain Correy, a citizen of the United Stales, are hereby in formed, that he lost his vessel near th Phillipine Islands lhat be afterwards arrived at Manilla, got the command of a vessel UaJing to Acapul co, and died on his return at the Marianm Islands. It could not be ascertained what vessel he commanded, nor what part of the United States he was from : but should his heirs or re presentatives bo able to recognize him by this information, they may hear something to their ad - antage by applying at th Custom House, Bat. timore. ariLMJtu fnsr marme list CLEARED. Ship Agricola, Darke, Liverpool Beiah Strong son Schr Tontine, Hoyt, Oporto S Alley Sloop A nn Johnston, Jones, Nurtblk I.ydia, Nickersou, uoston li enrietta, Moore, New Brunswick U Mil Wit THIS fOMA.'.VUOA, Sliip Ontario, De Pevster, 110 day from Canton, with teas, (ilk, &c. to 1' 11 Smith, owner, Thomas k Martin, J A Snyder, and H C Milier Left, hip Thoma Scattertrool, for Philadelphia in 6 or 8 (lay i brig Rambler, of Providence, 5 day i ships PhcrniX, of Philadel phia Zephyr, of Providi - nce.juat arrived from the .Sandwich Ltlands i Paragon, of Boston brig Alexander, of Boston, unc ship Unicorn, of Baltimore, just arrived from Uatavia ; Pacific, from Philadelphia, just arrived I - lv - ing - Fish, of Boston, unc i Stapff, of Pliiladel - plua, in a few day. The brig Vancouver, of Itoston. sailed 5 davs bctoi - e. bhip 1 rumbull. of Providence, to sail to sail in a few day. Unc Ihppomenes, Bourne, IS davs from Curracoa, with hide, indigo, mahogany, kc to T & P etagg, 1 U Uraves, and A Uemare Left no Ameriran vessels The sch TeU - praph, sailed 4 clay before. Brig Hibernia, Graham, S8 days from Dublin, with dry goods, to F Thompson, Hicks, Lawrence & Co. U Pcarsall, W Barley, R M 'CI in lock, J M'Uride, P M'Laughlin, Kelly Si M'Brnle, H M'Vickar, and to order. Passengers, Messrs Richardson, Kimley, llickey, Jesup, Andrew Hvnie, lady and family 24 in the stewage. April 6th, lat 43 33, long 32 J. spoke brig Hannah, fom Pkiladelpliia, bound to Horde u.t, out 30 day. Brig Bordeaux. Butman, 27 day from Bordeaux, with brandy and dry goods, to Palmer k Hamilton, PA Lugniitr, Le Roy, Bayard A. Co. Gurdon S. Mumfurd, R M Lawrence, Rhind SiTurnbull, ft Desoby, Keloy, Lay Si Chouron, L 4i.iudam,Pletier & Morel, UUlioffi r V Ball, Caze u k Condtim, F k A Krunel, S L Frelat, F Jenkins St Mm, F Depau, G Rozat, J B las - sala Bouland D Capous, P Laruassetier, C M Sifflet, C I) Colden, A Bourgnet k Co. Cur - cier !c Raviaies, T W Mejnie, Bey lard, ju.i. PassenKera, P Rfzo, J Laburde, A Goudnt. ailed in co. with brig1 Shepherdess, of New - Haven, for Palermo. April 10, lat 44, long SO, spoke two ships, one from London and one from Liverpool, did not earn their names. Brig Cannon, Delano, 104 days from Hamburg with harda - are, dry goods, be. to J. miUi, A Hubble. C & fl Meir, C Maize k Sons, J. J Astor. H. Favre, G. Asior k Co. C utm .n. Brothers k K unn, J W Schmidt k Co. F Richards. II . - 1 Hunters, 1) M'Cormick, J Piatt, Leona. d & Vam'.ewater, G & T Vever, Le Roy, Bayard k Co. Pott k M'hVmne, J Gray, I. T Dlutre, and the master. April 3, lat 45 50. long 23 56, saw the barque Gideoa bound to Voi k. April IS, spoke ship Ellen 9 day Irom N York dr Bristol. April 19. spoke brig Centra, of Rennebuuk, 24 dUy Amsterdam, bound to Virginia. Schr. Clarissa, Buit,adays from Washington, NC with turpentine to A. 11. Van BokkehU and D. k 1. S. Brainardv Sch. Union, Turrit, 2 daya from Norfolk, with shingles, to J k C Siguine. hchr. Ariadne, teu Ueton, 40 day from Gibraltar, to Griswolds & C - oatet, with wine, fruit and quicksilver to J. Goidju, Gordon S. Mom Ud, A P Klj, A P Edwards, J Relpb, GliC - ilowland. Passenger. A Morgan. April 12, lat 34, 1 1, loog 42, 4, W. spok brig 'ienna, Cock, 1 1 dan from Baltimore for Bueoos Ayres. .p. 18, lat 33, 31, len 46, 39, spoke a ship from Bordeaux for Baltimore, blowing fresh could ovl Uarn her uam. Ap. 25, iat 42, 1 1, loo 58, 40, ;nke brig Mechanic, 9 diys from Baltimore for Liverpool floop Challenge, Murray, 4 days from Georgetown and 2 from lhe Capes, to W. R, Hitchcock b Co., carman od shot, and merchandize to G. Banker, B. Deforest and Irving 1 Smith. May ti, lat. Cape May, spok schr. LortBZA, Crorn, tJ days from Tarks Island for lesundria - Lloop lmira Atwood. 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, tit J Mage. - and J M' Bride. '. Sloop Thames, Tolorn 7 daj - from Charleston wiih cotton, to W R Oik. StLOW 1 ship. " 4RMVED LAST rtVWt?.. : Shin Aon, Croeker, days from UT'J dry eom, hanlarr,fcc. lo J. liii. fi. Daimuer is Co. E. RuJ bias, uimnop, k Williams; P. Haswsji. Msu L "A ?Z wot, J.Jenkins, Troke., 1).tc trt - ton, Uicfcson hi Uray, wns o " r." V Ma?sh b Brooks, Adams t Blaciwdl, Lai nbert Rrmher.. P. Heart il Son, B. si II. H'B'!. R. Bach, , H.'t O. Barclav, trarys b Ral'cockj Jcock, H. Jackson, f. Uixon, '9Jr ssll, i. B. Adams b Co. J. MBnde( J. B F. Bnbeock as au L..H n. iiunu f. u. . n k. n Rodger. J. Cooper b vo. n. y T Aspinw all te Sou, l. t. K n. 1 "! " - f. L Chester, T b W. Delavan b Co. A. W. Keuroey, Hepburn b Prmre, It iP" J. Tavlor b Sons, Smedes b Canbcw, n. t - w a - Co It Schoneld, J. b N. Haieht, ftlara b Lms - ley, Van Ueisou, Stephens a; w. i""i" ratlunson, ri. Menancas, n iv. - . Hew it, D. Bethune b Co. R. Gillespie, 1 J Seal lb, .Gore. M. Shipley. J. W. Schmidt b Co.b.l. Tobias b Co. Wells b Upsou, Fish b OnoneB, Rowland b Braine, J. Wilson. G. Binpley, L. C. b T. Hainmerslcy, S. Brown, T. Lewis, R. rrarsaii, J.J. Aslor, and lo ord. - r. Passencers, Mrs. Casey, 4chillreo and serviint, H.T. Uilkes, Lsu. J. Glo ver, Esq. and 11 In the steerage, apoac, apru y, lat. 41, long, on, crig Hibernia, from Dublio, for ,erv - Vork. x7ih, on" Smih Shoal of rantucket, hip Jauo, from Liverpool for Philnlelphia,.who inl'onned of havini; spoken on the lath, on the Banks, ship racihe, o days irom icw - ior, iw Liverpool. i . Shin Masrnet. Oeden, 37 davs from Liverpool, wilh dry eools, ic. to IV. Vernon, owner, fc. Uotls - sliun J. ioitn, tt. rarainsoo, u. wai,:,. Wheely, Fellows b Voune, C. b I. U'oll. - , T. Marsh, Robertson b Kelso, Major b Gillespie, Sands, Snooner b Sends, V. W. b 1 - L. Chester, J. Giiapou, J. Wiphan, T. b VV. Proctor, S. Corp, G. Cogill, Willis b White, R. Leg - gell, J. L. Bowne, R. H. Sager, B. W. Rogers b Co. Doremus b Vauderpoil, Sbermau, Sure! b Co. R. Hulliday, G. Bingley, Shipman b Lord, T. b B Demill, Olis b Swan, Hicks b Lord, II. W. Adcock te UO. Arnmaee a stms, n. o. Norwood, VV. Marks, R. Sccfuld, J. W. Schmidt b Co. T. Seailh, D. Duuliam, A. b G. Sinedes b Canficld, J. trooper b Go. B.b H. Haiplil, Wiuthrop, Rogers b Williams, Rogers, Winthrop b Co. Lumber! b Brothers, J. Crquluirt, C. Si - sonmey, G. Rinsley, S. b J. ll - idson, A. V an Irst, T. Wardle, Morlnner b Hook, S. Brown, Sharp b Tullle, Tredwell b Kissam. N. Rogers b Son, G. Aspiuwall b Son, J. Dixon, F. Triplcr, and J. b J. Cox. Passengers, Mrssis. W. Drviilson, W . Davidson jr. J. liour.lcl, Mis. Lady, Mrs. Baxter, Miss Larry, and iOin lhe sieerate. Ship Edward of Baltimore had arrived. OiT Point Liuas, was bourded by a Pilot Boal, who informed us he hail put a pilo'l on board ship Hornet, of I'hilad. the day before. Spoke, April 7. Ih. 4.1, 7, long.33, a brig lOdavifrom Dublin lor Ncw - Vork. HI, lat! 42, long. 00, brig Garland, Parsons, from Boston, lor Si. Pelorsburg, eul 4 day. 22, lat. 42, i0, Ion. CI, brig Cnlculiu, 4 davs fioin Boston for Isle ol France. ZS.offNnulucket Shoals, brig Hazard, from Calcutta tor Boston. Brig Orleans, Vail, from N. Orleans, 12 days from the Balizr, wilh cotton, tobacco and wine, to Vandewaler, Whei - lcrb Co. Jan. Scott, lliplvr, Center b Co. and others. Passengers, Messrs. Woodhiill, Brisbau, Davis, cvill, :pt. J. E. Brown, Mrs. Bryan and 3 childreu, and IC in lhe sleeraee. Snoke 10 miles below the cilv, ship Union, from Havre. Al Plaquemin,brig Louisiana, ol Motion ; sclir. lbalclier, ueriian, oi m. sora, Irom Apaluchirola, and brig Tritou, of Cohassett. The biiif leader, and bri Alert, bolh lor Kew - Vork, tailed dav before. Left, April 16, ship Ma - sv, Shaw, for i. York, in 3 days; brig Joseph, Morris, for do. ; Fredouia, Mix, fol do. in 3 ; brig Savnnuah Parket, for do. iu 10 : ship Caroline, Serrill, for Philad. iu 10 : brig Alesandrew, for Bordrauz. in 3 davs. The slim Emily, Robinson lor Europe ; and brig Actress, for do. sailed Sdays rone. lAd. . fecir. Para iron. Thaver, 3 da vs from Baltimore, with merchandize. to'L'lloiuiiiedieubbBrown, ok ners. Schr. Golden Are. Adderton, days from Wash ington, K. C. wiili cotlou and naval stores, lo Blount b Jackson, and others. Sailed in co. with schr Clarissa, and several other vrsseli for New Vork Schr. Sarah Ann, Pnrrott, 5 days from Fredericksburg, wilh corn, lo Pape bTriplctt. Sloop Rreale, Andrews, iOdays from Savannah, with cotton, to B. Desobry, F. W ade, Peter b Harrison, J. Blagg, De Rhani b De De Lessen, and ti. l nomas. Sloon Cordelia. Rockwell. 3 days from Eden - ton, with fish, to the mister. May 2, lat 37, IS, kng74,57, snokesehr. Gen. A. Jackson, from N. Vork lor Wilmington same day, soke achr. Gen. Brown, bound to Washington city. Sloop Alligator, Hart, 36 hours from Norfolk, wilh shingles, to J. b C. Seguine. The new sloop Packet, Daskom, 12 hour from iVorw alk, a tt It 40 passengers. Sloop Consiilulioii, La Forge, 34 hour from Norfolk, wiih molasses and shingles, lo J. b C. U'uUh b Gallneher. and C R. Duffie. 21 passeiiRers. Sailed iuco. with slooi Aligalor lor iV'W - ork. Prr brir Orleant. Xne - Orlems, April 16 Ar. ship Ohio, Toby, Philad.; schr. Romeo, Herire, Mobile. Cleared, ship Calheriue, Daws, Lisbon; brig Mentor, tireenlHim, umrauar ; srnr. oruiua, aiiwu., Havana l tiir haps ud sliio Le Camibe, aivd At la nte. Nam : bries Lucille, Havre ; Desire, Nanls; Hetlor, Liverpool; Adrle, Nants; schr; Indusliy, Boston ; . ship Erin, Liverpool, to sail I7h - . Mil Plil. briM llvnolite. Ganter. Nants; Silkworm, Rogers, Amsterduin ; galliot Experi ment, t.hase. JMew - l one. a . - f l A C.i - muI hrw Pliwa. Vales, l.ivernnnh Maripiia Wellington, KiOin;, do; Eliza, Thompson, London Cl'd, brig. Warbler, Dirkinson, Boston ; Pere de r anullc, Borrteaux ; srnr. win f.ray, Trallan, Gibrallur : Sally Ann, Hinili, M York ; sloop Buck. Wheeler, Wnaliiiicton Cilv nn7 a Enlered. shin New - York Packet, Pnl mi - r, Bordeaux ; blips Hero, Girandel, Havana ; Horace, Hubbard, do; Bulah, Morgan, Boston. U d, brigs iaanois, laurel, uorucani , erfl. Vrv. Amsterdam. Ar. veaierilar. airainboat Krnttickv.from Louis ville left there 29th March. Met the Vesuvius on the 30th. IS miles below Louisville. Ou lhe .iu, nas.ed the Jaines Monroe. 4 miles below Shawnee Town. April 4, met the Washington 320 miles above Nairbes ; 24 hour alter ards met lhe lhe .Etna. April C, me! tlie Franklin, 4t miles tx low Matches. Same day at half past 8, met the Governor Shelbv, 118 mile below Mntchrs. The Ohio wa high 'and rising passed a number ol boats on their way down. Tlie Constitution steam boat had passed the roouth of Ohio (for St. Louis) 4 or 5 days before the Kentucky entered the Mississippi. BuLTtMOBS, May 2 Arrived sch Jane, Fish, 23 day from Cape Henry, Hayti. Brie? Homer. Thorn, 12 days from Port - au Prince. Left, sch Petion, Ahley, for N York in a few day Attractive, for Havana, 3 days i Sallv. Matthew. N York, 20 : Wm. & Man', Baker, do do j James, (late Ba - tlett) in 8 days tiie sloop Illinois, Bates, of N York, sailed 4 day before for Naples ; &cl Reindeer, of Eden - ton, sailed 4 days before for N York. Pasaen - e - er. Mr L. M. Riwtli, of N York. Sch PLilieni, Johnson, 18 days from St. Thomas. Sch Amphion, Mill, 19 day from Cape Henry, llayti. Arrived, sch. Col Ramsey, Coward, 7 days from Havana. Sailed in co. with bng James, Coulter, for Philadelphia, parted 4 dav out ; brig Mary - Ann, Selby,ofdu fur Orleans ; ship P. Mainline, i;iiaries;on. s - ett snip t,enerai Smith, of Haiti nore, for Leghorn in 8 days ; bnx Mary. Stanobury, of do unc i ship Benja mm, Trueman. from Baltimore, ar. 4 days be fore and sold her cargo several other. Pas. - d a brig and sch. in tlie bay, bound up. - Flour. 20 dolls. BOSI O.V, May 1 Arrived, ship Hbres, Perkins, 19 days from Port au Prince. I.e!l April 12th, brig Mercury, Covington, for L'os too: schr Janes, (late Bartiett, deceased,) of Ply mouth ; brig Jerome, of Hartlord. just arrived ; senr AttiarUe. IIixon,or Jew - Xorx ; brig ra - triot. Rich, bavaaoati;echr Petion, of Baltimore. Sailed ia co, with schr Polly ar aaty, of Newport. It Y6 tC loug "3 22, was boaidfd by Patriot privateer, aid treated politely. Patten - xers. Mr. Turner and child, of New - York. Biia Act. Sabin, from Copenhagen, via Cork, 7 j u.ys fmta the latter place. Spoke Aprd I8lh lat ss iv, loo 03 9a schr Vamer, jny nct o Mist t. iiascotgwe, n. nww - C.., . i A.lcock i Co. Mpe. k .Oakley, )V. WeymM. it r. i ,. - i tiUmur ir. Jaines lliomsou D K. a a - t . l.w from Wihninirtob for BermcdaAntil tiw i.. 33 50, km 60 30, ship Pecaboatas, Howliuvd"! Bostoo, 3 day from Charieatoa for Liverpool - . Same dy, schr 6ectorvl2 day from iWdad for Aleiandria. ' ' Mnrv Ir Ebza, Kinimnn. 59 day from Mu... and 38 from CnoraJUr. Left at Mesbiaa. ahi. 1 Ann, Davis, of Gloucestor, discharging br,5 Adamant. (Jnvell. rVons Le - hnrn. mi j J T J m ' ' IVTTQ Tlie United Etates ship Washington. I'n.u:. United elate Ene aiieVBpatti. were at Menu,.' The (loop of war Peacock, had m one toMarseiU - le for the America CooioJ. lhe Wash;..,.. was to return home about (he 1st of April iSdo!! oc Tuesday las, lat 62 I t, long C9 Briush bri" Ann, etrwan, iron i nnicaa lor foirland. Brig Nautilus, Rich, 18 days from St. Croixj. l - eit brigs Jane, Mc Lellan, or Portland, oncer . Wm. SoTitb, do do. Khr , York forPort! land, io few day ; sloop Ajn, ofBristoh R for New - York in 50. , h L NORFOLK, April 29. Arrived. chr CWi. - K. Mallory, Davis, 17 day fmuj St Jaeod Cuba. Sailed in co. with brig 8mnel, forBal - timore. Ob Friday last, in lut. 34 30, Ions - ly blowing a gale, lost John Steward, a seaman be longing to Baltimore, overboard. . Tbesthr CephUe, Taber, (before rrnorte astiore on the rip rapt, with a cargo of corn, Dta. bably got off with the high tide yesterday aa the loop Union, Middleton, which had reaVeat down to her relief has come op, having taken out niri ofherrar - 'n. She hnluilainrvlr.rf..l HOLMES'S HOLE, April 89. Passe? Iv ship Apollo, DSiggett. from the SoDtb r.uKariuvvu, win, iiw uuw. vn. . . ' , . . . i f. . . saiiea, icnr sjiive - oramu, r owier, from New York for Annapoli, N. S. . , . . SAVANNAIL April 24 Below. Danish brir Nordbury, A Itman, irom Havana bound to Him burgh, put in in diitress. Cleared, sliip I nomas uinoont, Brewer Lit pool ; Sally, Hent'ly, do ; bri Lydia, Reed, reenoik i sloop Alanra, Dowzick, NY ork t:HARLESTON. Anril 25 Arri.i li.:. Susan, fof New - York,) Iteling, Livertiool, 70 ila - .s. 'l he Susan was on the Coast orEsrop 30 dayf, during which time she eirrreoctdcoji. slant and tevt - re gnles from the westward. Brits Arcthuja, Holmes, New - York. 14 Hay. On the 12th int about 10 miles south of Cane Henry, ipoke brig Jol.n fcmilh, or Bristol, R. 1, la days Irom Havana bound to Bristol benna away fnr the Cut port, will) the lots of her rod. oer nnu n - uaj. PitiLADKLFuf a, May 3. Arrived. shioRutK & Mary, Uinwn, 44 davs from Cadix. Left it Cadiz, I Kill March, ship Mohawk, Wliittier a. f . J n . S ana i - uir American, crown, oi Baltimore. bound to Russia, with Ru - sian seamen i brigs Emeline, Gibson, for Baltimore, unc; Cornelia, Griswold, for New Yoik, in 15 dais; Poiton, Knowles, next clay Albert, fcnow', of Boston, from the Sireights, in ballast , - Comet, of Bot - ton, from Gibraltar, ordered oil. oailed in co. with sch Dolphin, IJui jriis, of Plymouth, for N Orleans. April 16, lat 36, long 63, spoke brir Vnrincr, Willis, Sj days from Lisbon for Phi - ladelpliia. A'liin Geortre Wasliington, Yardsley,70 day from Buenos Ayres. Suited teveral days before the Pli.Hsburjjli, (arrived.; Aprd iuili, spoke brig Sally.Whceler, IB days from Castine, fcr Dominica, leaky. OH the Delaware, spoke sloop triendnhip, Howard, fmin Newburvport, lor Alexandria, and obtained a supply ol pro. visions. " Sch Fly, 10 Jays from Barnstable. , Sch Cumberland, Eldredge, 16 day from Antigua. . Schr. True American, Eeybert, 45 hours from New - York. Sloop Lively, Hall, 11 days from Providence. Sloop Aurora, Barnard, 5 dav from Nan tucket Cleared, idip Rotolhes, Merry, N. Tork. THEATRE. On Monday evening, May 4, will be prmittd, THE WILL Pull THE DEED. - . Old Harebrniu, Mr. Barae Harry Hnrebrain, priickard Vlntto, Ililsoo Acorn, Robertson, Mis Manley. Miss Wheatleri To which will be added, a new Ballet, under the direction of Mr. Parker, called, - F L O K A 'S BIRTH DAT. Henrv, Mr. Parker Mora". Mr. Parker in winch she will introduce the favorite song of The Tambourine Roundelay, and tbe Skipping llojic Hornpipe. The evening's entertainments to conclude wit! THE lSN - KEEPEft'3 DAUGHTER. Moncton, Robertso Richard, Hilton . laiyr, Mr. Darley i. Performance to commence at a quarter past even o'clock. - Q3 - The public i respectfully informed, that Mr. Pbilipp is enraged lor a lew nights, and will shortly make his appearance. REMOVAL. (p - J. PARKHURST, Dentist, ha rem. redto Fulton - street, No. 93, next door to the corner of William - itrec - t. may 4 tt ft - T" The New - York firemen Insurance Com pany bate removed from No. 56 to No. 64 Wall - '.rt - et may iw 1 Pa'.l - t U '. WITT, haa removed hi Office to No. 30 Liberty - street, a few door a - bove Yvniians - etrscr, may wiu. tit MAt K.IE. MILNE U CO. bare retao - may 4 veil to No. 61 Pine - street. (r JOH - N R. SCOT 1', ha removed his ol ce, to 43 l'inc - srect. ' mny 4 gw want' l.. Nn. li Courtlnnd itreet, a pleasant and central situation, and her bouse is now ready for the rectp - non ol Wnurders. - may iw tit ItH NFll.SO V has reiBi.vert In lhe north west corner of Greenwich and Liberty streets, nearly opposite bis former residence. mv4iui JOHN W. k WILLIAM C. MULLIGAN, J have removed their office to 44 Pine - street, ia the building lately occupied as the once or uw r.venniK iom. y - - . Jtfi.Slil lAJl I nasreuoveuiio S19 lo 171 Pearl - sUcet, corner of Pioe - itrMt. t r ........ . J . V .. .i .. sa. COPARTNERSHIP. "., - , ZfB VRY LOTT and THADDEV3 siimss, under Uie firm of LOTT & SHEttMAJji have oened a handsome assortment of dry f0a which Uiey offer lor sale by tne piece w rr age, for cash or approved credit, at f71 1'earl street, corner of Pioe - street. HENRY LOTT, - ' my 4 6t THADDEH8 SHERMAN. ttt A meeting of the New York l".Jt rrl.,t Association will be held oo tbe 6th inst. at 7 o'clock, at Harmony Hall. V, DiyzZt i. vv. MULLiuaw, c - - (ry Mercantile Insorance Compony of New - Tori, Incorporated during Uie lte,c,VJ"J2 ieeisiaiure oi una naie, ociur having commeored buriness. redy to applications, on marine oiues No. 43 Wall - strecL may 4 t - . i:.. . ik aurMrrtber leMr. Vanderlyn' Rotunda for th exhibition ol riuw - ramic Views (now budding on the P near th Nw - York lotUtution.) hU at th W Hotel, oa Saturday evening, May i.1Blu u Valentine Molt was called to the chair. Resolved, that Ave trustees be .appotn.ea, w th purpow of receiving U '"' property, according to Mr. Vand.rlyn' pr StRived, that Doctor Valentine JlfoU, Cad - wallader D. Coldeo, Augustus Wynkoop, UBrooaie, and James A. Udlhouse, esa." beidtruuees. Augastas Wynkoop, fcry; ' say4 It

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