The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 4, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1818
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joy ti . f ww,b .'' 102 J" J1" t - nuirr, - 1 " 1 1,2 It 1ft UU W I. - " - 1 do II. Hughe & Co. &1 do R. Cantor, 45 do F. O. Crcmhnw, "j do R. Pulton, 87 v j. & r. kdby. . . . i . . . 1 1 :i t . i Hi 8 8 8 12 , lady's twUt CAbalflb.rolii Mojtof the above iiram'"'" "" 1 .n ..r.nwvtd of in Hi rstcoont rf. quLldy.and iwibrwlr f AkW """f which the .middies are detigoated. For sal by wnicn uie 1 t;oJt.LIUS DU B013, apSK 38 Front - street. TiuAifcii i At Oi UEK WAKES. n"1Ut:ui''",tetP constantly ou band an L exteiuive assortment of the following foods Dutch and English ' . ... i. i n. Brooms Duster, or Couiitcr Brodies Uearth Pruihes, fan - c'y (Ulli COUKUlfll .lead do do da .Cloth I da do Wearer' do White Wash do Shoe k Scrubbing do faint Brrtslics and Suh fools Clamp!, 4. 7, 8 nw Tumituie Brushes llorto do Bed Cerdt, Clotliea Line! Saili Con!, Trace Jl' . . . ' . Popes Head . Ciuail) Bruthet Bellows, fancy and COI1IIIIOI1 . Do lor Blacksmiths II. ill and Entry Mutt Pailt Hud Tubs W'hfpl - Burrows Fintf Wire Sieve Do Hair do Whips of every rle icripuon Erme. tewintr. wrap pin", balein.; and ball Kiih Lirpi Shot & Sadler Thread learboiu't hallan ces, kc. Wrousul Bnu v - ui nans auu ini' i W hich tiiey will k tvnolpf atf or 'rrtritl OB ! ap8 78 reurl ttrret. Wiil l i. LK.t, Atil'A FOUTIS, Aic 111 Infil l)ru U t - .lr. I Jil ! ton White lail iu ni!, ini'J and 5Glb bt - gi e - i l . i i fihfet JUad, 4 and 51b ; yellow Black Fuiutt J'nris White and Spnuiih Hruwu Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red. ALSO Oil HASiU, 9 red belt Ivjndou Aqua Fortit, groun flappen I caae Oil of Vitriol ; 1 case Spirit! of Salts ) or ialc by ' A l KIN50N3 FLEMING, ip0tr .No. 167 I'tnrl .tuet. Qfy li.Hi.tCCU U. FLVCil. O t hhd old Virlula tobaoco 55 do new cr. do do fiC libit fine floor , 15 !imi l.lllus d. For tale by " i VARaUEy, M EUROS! It CLF.EMAir, Feb tf , Xo. 72 WHthinvton - tt. HU6lt.lir, t'i..lM:L, 'MS.iic. MEN' and womcn'f cotton tlotrkingt A few bale! tuperfiua wbiU flanuol, very wklo'' dif 1 do'; red aiil yellotr do Uoi (in id military cordi brovn tablt covens different izet . Jlot London pin", 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 8,6 milt pint, .. . 1.4, - 3 and lib Mouniioe; pint and thorl tvhitet , , Whin rhapel apdii:t, utortr d Tr. wire No. 24 and 25 .' Card wire No. aiid 3 Hookt and cyc, 'I himblet ,1lso on hand, ' Enlith lookinit gbist platen, nnilvpre.l For lalebT ATKINSONS ii FLEMING,, ap SO 3w . 1 67 Fearl - tt. Jl)'H NTB KM. WILLI K ii CO. oinTf" for tnle 36 catet superior Bengal Indieo Several cnkt snmlts, particularly desirable for Meacher and patter tuakcra 4 catkt hardware ' ' A few baits casriawret and ihalloon't, thawli. apCO , fLS I'EROF PARIS MANUFACTOKV, At Hio font of llarrison - ttrrrt,' Nortb - Kiser rfTllEKE manul.tctarpil Flutter, (orcorni - V V cci and other pnrpofet, may be hnd. wiir - ruled of trie first quality, ut etu dollar and turn - 'l'ie ctnUjier tnuhel. J'hu uianuiui'tory is rouductcd by Mr. John Tuckrr, who bat terred a reg'ilar apprentice. tfaip In the mason basinet. - mhSt JOHN BYER3.' . AMERICAN ttUtt. XXJH. F. & SAML..A10TT,No. 166 Pearl Vf treft.f ffertnrsnletha following Ameri - caacottcn and woollen c,ood : : 5 tau t Brown Shirtings ' - '4 do t Icacheil do - . ' 4 5 do 3 - 4 Checks ; 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton Halls 2 do i - fw:r.j Thread 2 do Knitting Yarn; 3 do Eattinetti 0 casts Plaiilt , 5 do Hlue Stripes ;5 do Bed Ticks 1 do Denims; I iH Milincls . 40 do Tit and Fiilins.attorted from So. ' 10 bales Cundltwick. - 5 to 14 mtn ran. C4 IW lRENCH GOUUS. Just received bv the A Comet, from Havre, ' Habit (flow, pnineile slioe ' Rich fipirexl aattin and taffeta ribbons Embroidered and plain silk hose, shawls Suspenders, fm, artificial flower Sdk nettt, rolleretts, thread hose, arid for pie n ij reart - street, by ' P S3 ' K. & II. S'lfELDOX & CO. nO r EE i: l; U.M. - 64 IJ.dt. lioe erpeu cnf. V - ' fep, and WJ blidt Rum, kindius Irom brig ib, anu lor sale iv MICH. KEARXET, or GEO. la;y, "P20. 4 Fidton - tt - ret, Mr. UjiLLKTU tVadam iU4Ut.T, ' ' ' No. 7 Napao - itrept, IT AVE the honor to hi form the public in re X neral and the la lies of New - York m par - "ur, itiai u,y mannfar turc and have c - mi. taU oa Iwnd au aetortmciit of artifirial flower). At Ihf ir toro art alo to be (wind, and to bt - .pn - tuol hy wboletalt and retaU, l'rfuatert if tverr ilewriDtion. aman? which r Hit c, Ubrated Lai I'irainal, and Um romt Nyrovcu tUw'ucej and pomatums for Uia com - rioa. . ' - TVloi't hell combs and thimldrt complete ayortaiont of worked dresses, hrhutandbaodt Vtjbrtlbu and iiarafoli ro, kuit and velvet riiliculc ; silk fichus , aod ;la - j for ladits and eutltmen Jt' ela,lic yirtecs CU oa. embroidervl with rheniUt an J oraa - - MwiShUower,: Pdksrarfs rrnaelle a:i d silk rh - wt ntinw, nc - . ntinv taffeta?", tc. I ai ih.iT, eTer. - g conned! with the C , WKOUUHT .NAILS, auortedti' . . MqJitits, lor salt by n CEbRA A CUBING, E NI3W0aK EVENING PO 1&C. MCIIOLS. i3i Fearl.street.Wie iu.t J. received iu addition lu their former anuit - uwnl . . t , , 4 ctues colored Canton crapes .' 9 do black doi 2 doblui k tiiahcws 1 do taishett, S'l iblntk tilkfcukft 2 du tine India book irluthns . 1 do Mull do. 3 do Tamboured and Sep'Ied 2 do Imitatiuu Merino tliawlt, assorted 1 do bandanna liklt., 1 do fine Rotnals t do Maddapollani and steatu Loom Shirt - 2 do Madratt Hdkfs. fines m .1. A A I L. t : st .1 - I I L 9 iiv men uwea , uu uruwa av 2 du Cotton flutillat 2 do fancy CravaU, aiorled 1 rlu wfciteJeHM, 2 do cotton Cauiinerea 1 do fine while and buff Quillings 2 billet Rhodes' tioiuhaselts 1 casv Ribbons, utiorled 2 CdM't black, white k purple Kid Glovea 4 (ranks Furniture riatci, and ' ' 4 do laperiine Calicoes, winch they offer for saivai a tiiiuu auvauce lurcahn. hp 20141 AirF f - IACr UUolt. SIX casts of new und elrgant faacy articles such as Ladies' work boxes and dressing case;, very ele - Writing desks, elegantly ?ilt and plain Gilt and painted card rack, Fan racks r ire ami candle screens, painted iu a sopenor manner, with gilt and colui td banulci Backjanaon boards .Maline and morocco work barkets GtntleaiM'sthario apparatus, i Pouches and dreading cauf, complete Morocco nod mahogany purUible dtrks A fcw Rotsia leatlicrdo. very supirb - Soaie very elegant portfolios with gilt locks and pockets EUgautly gilt borders and plain Morocco, Itui ia and roan poc ket books, of various le rip lions Spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many other ar.icles too nunuroui to uieutun. For s&le wholesale and retail, by N. SMITH UAVIF.S, ap 33 No. 151 Broadway. UI'l.AM fSE - OaLEAAa CclTt4),. 54 bnlet prirnu Uiiland Cotton, landing from sloi.D Wave, from hnvannah 63 bales New - Orkant C'.ttnn, landins; from ship Maria Caroline, for sale by I'OTT k M'KIJJNE, 66 South'Slreit. In titor. 100 brdi s Upland Cotton it du ISt - w - Orb am do .12 rcrcont Culm Tobacco .30 hox Window Glass ' i.i piict ('iitalonTu Wine II jiiptiO. L. P. Madeira Wine ; has been imported 5 venrt 'J ur. caiiks Malaga Wine ()() Dcniijolinn li t tous Swcdet Iron, assorted sites. ap27 VUfKhl, F.OWt - IAiG I'lElEo, c. FOCR - niOL - 'iAMJ ML'sKETH, ami two bojtts fowling piece, tutitlid to deben ture. . 4 boxes woll assorted glassware 3 cerocnt tlotanl Indigo, and - A few pieces sniierllnp CMh, for salti by ' J. C. ZIMMERMAN, np7lm 74 Watninston - itrwt. FRENCH GOOUS PER brig Ann, from Pordeaua 1 case double clmiu White Levantine I do do do Blue ' do 1 du double Florence bilk, nil white . "' 2 do 4 - 4 White Tulle Luce, Cue I do Saliu tVeloog, for Lining 1 do men's and women's Si k Hoe 2 do Satin und Tnffetu Fringed Ribbons 2 do black Galloons, No. 112 1 do Rich Ribbons 1 do 6 - 4 Catbmere Shawls. Alio, per severnl arrivals. 1 casp black Tnffcla Ribbons 1 do 3 4 Merino Shawls Scarfs 1 do Hat Covers, 1U5, first quality 1 do Chenille Cord 1 do Men's Silk Buttons 1 do Buck - Skin Gloves , 1 do Cambric Eiub'd Bands, for bottom ol ., , dresH ' - 3 cases bhtck and Itali mCranrt. for ale by - A. L). ItL'KAM) & HOUrUJF.L, an 30 lw JO rinetrwt. 58 C - ISES CAN 1'UN GOODS, vi : 12 cawscol'd Canton Crape , 4 do blrk do do 2 do colM Nankin ' do ; 1 do bUck do do 1 3 do t'rapehlinwls 1 do black Citaihlclt ' ! do mis'd Pik do ' , 2 do Chan - blc SarsneH ' , 2 Ho do ! Levautiuc 1 t do Idack ' do 4 do SiiklMkfi , . 1 do Birds Eye do ' I do Col'd Ciincan " 2D do Sewing Silk, (Italian style) 2 do Sincheivs ' ' 1 do b.trruets. ' - ' ' ALSO, Company king and tbnrt Yel!"w Nankins, for tale by MARCH k LOW, p30 210 Broadway. COFFEE, FLOUR, TOBACCO, Ac - t bags St Domingo Coflje, 51 do green Havana do. i nulled to drawback 37J libit. Superfine Ri(hmond Floor 30 bhdt old Richmond Tobacco 15 do new do do 13 do d.i Petersburg do 7 do old do do 10 v hole and 20 half tierces Rice 7 balet Upland Cotton 6 gr. cask Madeira Wine Rel and while Port Wine in hbdt. Claret of a superior qual.ty, in boxe. fnriale bv ROB'T GILLESPIE, "np23 IQt 112 Front st. ClOFFt.E, TEA. WMF, UK) bags Java Coffee i , ,0 debentfllB ' 200 do Green do S f.O halfchests Hyson Skin Tea do 20 do do Hyson da 10 ewes I. P. Madeira Wine 10 d old Sicily do 2u do Lisbon do 60 qr. cask old Sherry W in bo do Cohnensr rlo 50 halfand qr. cask do (iroo boucd) 30 qr. cask Malaga , 30 hhds. Jamaica llum, 411. k 5h proof 200 boxes Ulooin Raiiin f r sale by J.AjJ.ConDINGTON, art 28 tw f rnnt - irp 8 mint: Tons bett F.o;li - h white lead, ground intnl, . iu 112, 56 and 2Ulb keg i tons dry do. do. For salt by TUCKER &L.JURIE5, ,p27 m g Soulh - rf. BOARDING 4 FEW gentlemen can he rcoromodtrr 4'1 with Board, ma pnvatc lawiiy, iu a pirm - trt part of tho city of Jry. Luqoir t Uii ap n im BEFS - WAX. A QUANTITY of Beeswax, n sate by JOHN FI.AC'K, royllw Corner Old - Slip and So'h - st. 10NIX)N CLOTH Sc - LarHiag fro J ship George, aad brig Bacchas irom Loo 3 cases Cloths, 1 case Caswimere, extra tupT 50 barrp Is refmpd Salt Petre SO case Aqua Fortit Duplex extra 1 cast Irish ElnpPS roc s1 br D1VIE BETHUHECO. By 1 - 67 South - tref. - Monday CANTON El LKS and N A N KEEN 3. A a entire invoice of 43 rates Silks, iutt received per all in William hud John, from Canton, lou - sittiug of X Uan'il bartnets, large fluids ' JieasyMack Canton Cropet . ' ' 1 lstte light eclored do lor ball drewes ' Black, BgM ami plain Floreiitinet . i Black tnill'd IJiiuity Sarthets voioreu cio do . Silk lldkls. 4 - 4, 7 - 8, 6 - X barrd - . do 7 - U . - 4 t'ie'd Datuatk Crapes Crape Shawls, tt - 4, 7 - 4, C - l Do. 4 - 4. for the Nprk. vi r lrpt,t Kich Silk bhatvls, ()ove colour) 8 - 4, 7 - 4, 6 - 4 Do do (black) 6 - 4 t Cenrhows i a:, t 4 catr containing 400 piece white Nanktent lor aaie oj ' - CAMBRELENG K PEARSON, .. my 1 67 South slnet. tlllsKKY kc alihda. Philadelphia Hye w v wn.sicpy 150 boxes first quality Brown Soap 100 do Hill Boston Chocolate - 10 chest llvsrm Skin Tea for tale by JACKSON tc WOOLLKY, my 1 3t ' 75 Wall street. HE.UP. o tons Kusu Heuiii. landing uud for sale by GOODHUE I CO. p30 44 Sulh - lrept. F4 kt WHITE LEAD, a;t. iu:. J J Vr kees London W bite Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Leac 8 tuns Red Lead - SO barrels Bristol lied Ochre SO do Venetian Red ; 2 tons fine Litharge tU hosglwriid Whiting OO cask Paris White ; 2 hhd. Verdigris 50 liercn t rem b Yelluiv Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 cask Pru'iari Bine, 4001b.' Crouie Yrfllow; Patent Yellow Spanisli Brown, Vrnetiau Kcd, I Yclio - , KlS OIL. Black, i Verdirit, J liHiiip'iiiHek i Ivory Black ; Purple Erown Spirits Turpentine ; Linttccd Oil 400 host s Wiudow C;ii. assorted Fur s.i !e on the Ion est terms, for cuth or at shirt credit, by PETER SCHERJlEIinORV St SONS, my I 1J Watpr - stiwt ;. i ho 1 1) an t. it ck. i ft: dr lsi:s A FLW elegant embroidered Nankin Crape XJk. Dresse - .a new article, just r.ctneu and (or side at 1 jO Broadway, hv my Uw PIIILKKOOIC k PF.TF.R3 INVENTION MR. IE Sl'RA.NuM. Svperior plan of ttachiiii: ttritir.g, ttitluut puptrf ' ink. tlatet or 'I'ACHYGKAI'IJY or tlx - FLYING PEN, X. ami mercantile hand writine. tuunhl in six lessons by a pf cull ir wovemenient ol the pen. ' This new and ainroved luediod Inuht with great success in London, at the Unhtuily of Lyftninriigr, and recently at Charleston, (a. will enable any person ol bnteer agf, and notwithstanding any boil habit tln'V mnv have con tracted to write well, and with rapidity, after having received these lesions. Mr. IJ S. will receive pupi's at hit pppart mend, No. 48 Broad strePt, and will attend any lady or gentle jian at their housts. Aoadeinies nnd hoarding si lioolt alsoattei.ued. The best reference can be riven to most res pectable persons of this cily and Charleston, a it will be proved by the following letteit. But tte solid utility merits of the system en he best seen in its practical result in those beautiful and various specimens it hat produced, and which may ot tetnutivir. nets teatnmg rooms. r IKS I LKT l CHARLESTON. 9;li Mnrc 1818. To die CAr. Oe Soroush. Sir I bee leave to inform vou, that a meeting ol me committee ol fiie Oerinun r nt uuiy socie - iv's scnool, was lielrl on tne4tn inn. lo examine iLe progress of the scholars in writing, who were p.uceri under youreare It alfordsme great piens - ore lo i xnress to, vou. tne unnmniout ana une quivocal approbation of that committee, and of scholar romimtteu to jourcnaige. i uere it not one who has not made considerable improve ments, and most of whom nave far exceeded our moit sanguine expectations. I unite with the coouiiiltee in returning you runny thnnks for the DCiienii wiiu u me scnoiart nave uentcn nom your syitein of writing, and the judicious manner in which they have hern made Acquainted with it. Hespectlully, youis, Kc. , JOHN BACHMAN, , Chairman tf the School Committee. SECOND LETTER. . New - Yorli, I8L1 April, 1818 . To th. C'no. Ut Soranzli. Sir Frhmthe progress made by your pupils in this city, and that in a very short lime in the art of writing, I not only unite in the approbation of voiir manner i f IckcMinr. wh'ch is exnretsed in the preceding letter, but entertain no doubt that it is much superior to any which has yet bi - eu uiimouced among u. It was not without much h sitation that 1 ac auired confidence enouehlin vour proposals as they were, to commit to you the tuition of two boy. My reliance on your pro fessions was amply repaid by the rapid im provement, wh en, althouKlt it bad not exceed ed that of your oth r scholar, most surpassed my most sanguine anticipation. Sincerely, therefore, do I wish vou better success than yol, hlve ye, niMi j New - York, not merely for your ovn giike, but from a per.uaion, that the more general, your mode nf instruction aha!) be enmo, th more it will be approved of, as it cannot but gn atly diminish the labor and time wliicn have been heretofore employ eu in me acqniiition of a good hand. 1 am, air, witb great respect, your otx dint servant U. Ll 1AUS 1 Ui my 1 6t 1ST. HALL'S CHURCH. T70R sale a Pew, eligibly situated in St. JL Paul's Chui - ch. Emuiire at No. 4'i font street. an 28 6t A GEN 1 EEL privata funiiy withes to takt 2 or 3 giHitloaieo permanent boarder, or ageatlcniao and bis wife, in the upper part of Broadway. Apply al tins olhce. ap 30 I w 1 U3T received irom Charleston, and for tale J bySAViUEL CAMPBELL, No. LC Water street, in toe rear ol Ins dwelling n"Uie m l ean street, KKPOR I S of CASES argued and deter mined in the Court of Chancery ol llie state ol Soalh Carolina, Irom the Revolution to lecpin - ner 11113, in3 volt, (urge Hvo; cash price ftl, lwiud in call leather ; by the hnn. Henry Wil liam Detnii'u.'P, aemor iudse of the Coort ol Equity, and preai linsiude ol the Court of Ap peals in Equity in the taid tlate. Jutlilia est telle ominous ceouamm. The duties ol h:e nrc more than life. Baron's Works vol. VI. ootoOuocO CI JLSK JV HEAT, (mE At a moderate rate. t 4 upper floors of me fourttory fire - proof store, No. HH Water l reel. tii' toil 3.1 LE. ill A home and farm n Throe's Neck, in the town ami cour ts of Westchester, fourteen Miles irom New - York. The farm contain - bout one hundred acre of excellent land in good tenet. arge .bam and other convenient outbidding, a good house Iwos.'ones huh, with (our room on path floor, ele - an tit titualedoo the haak of Ihe East River ; the tiluation uncommonly b'aithy ; the neighbourhood the m"t ret pec table ; atuodance ol Iruit of the bett selection i scale and still fi - h in great variety taken lufoie the hoate. F lurth r information ap!y toUiesubtcri'icronth P'mite. STEPHEN B. JJOFniA. j y 1 Im may 4, m; .;; , ?v lit, "': Tl!0p, two fire nrorY dnellinir IIihivl NoT74 and 76Molt etreel, about len uiiiiut - i walk from tlieCeffee Ihis. : Tby will be put in complete repair, uud well calculated for genteel family. Apply at No. 137 Wuler - treet. mh i ur !.... f tAoaJ! - And munediate Doieuion eiven. One of Lbe bPt stimds lot a Boarding Huute, in thu cuy, oru miy oe ciMiverted into f.Uut's, i! nuxe ngreeabie, and a inure i.uMic and nleatunl situ utiorl is not to be found. Enquiie at the cflice of ina cver.i.iti rnti, ap4 (S3 . lo l.c! j j, one ur mure ytars, The following houses - - bou.e No. 294 T Broadway, two doors above Wliinglnn Hall, with a coach house in the if riuircd Also. a three 'lory brick hout No. 415, in said street. Also, a new and geateel two story brick home, corner of Liipenxrd und Clmrch - tlrerts, the terms iiiouerat. I or lurlher particular?, apply at 415 Hroadwav. nilii.lli TO l.hT, ; m - - f . t . . tit ... . . til - i pan oi ine store, .10. oi rnie - nireci. Apply on the premises ap 7 WAN I KD, in a small respectable family, a uidulo aged woman, well acquainted with plain cooking, washing nnd ironing. She nmt produce a reference Irooi her lad - place lor her honesty and sobriety. There would be no objection to a Scotch or Web h wouiati. Faquirs at this office. ap 29 tl FOR SALE, rivMF. time ofa smart black Girl, that Cm JL do all kinds of houe - uork and conking, sue h nt is nrressary lor a lamily, or suitable lor u public house, hhe understands no!, wig toys ten, beattteakf, tic. and would be valuulile ai quHitiuu lo any public r.ouve , a prciereure would be giteu to uny person keeping the. same, that resides in tho country. Sold or no oilier reuton than the want of u ni i'ter. For further particulars, iuquice at the corner nl Bt .udtvay und Griid ttr - ef. Mount Sx iil, N B. She it told nt her own lequett. aptf tf PHOSI'ECl l s for rrEMbiiiMti nt scniRiPTroiv AMAPi - F MKX CO V IJ LOUIMANA. ' I 'HE pul.lieatioii ol this Map b .s beeu uniler - I taken with the iiupietniuu, that it will ex hi I 'it in'oriiiati'Hi. biehly int. retting at I his event - lul cniis, - iid the v.ilu.iole olaps wlucb the nil - tliorlijH procure, I, duruu bis evi rultnint llin.uli M. - xit.i. i. tie cnrs 1IIH6, lli(l7,' 1812, lilill, IC15, LUC, und lb 17. induce bun lo bed ivr thai heMnp, tvilheven all its imperfection, will be much the luosl perfect which has a.pea ri d before the pu.Mic. - j'hia iViap will contain Ihe latest uud best information iroiu the di'cuerii s und potetiiniit ol the American Spaniib, Uusnian, Biitub and Fieuch travelers and navigators und represeu - ting (lit" claiius of their respective governuienU on Hie Nortiitvertt rn couM of Auiericd. The Mivji will include that portion of North America, nhirh lies nelwren the lilnnm nl Du - rien, and tlie - l.'Jth degree oi North Latitude, and from the Musissippi River wetwurdly totlie i'ai nic Oct an. In izr lue ,lap will bn about six by Cve feel, and will be nioiected n a M ale of 40 miles to the int h, to tie delivered lu the subscribers allji - teeu doliari'ntb. Natchp. March 7. ll. ap7 tAul WHEATOiN'b ITCH OINTMENT'. MHE long and successful ue of this ointment J. is tuihcicnt recommendation, as it has nepn found to be a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that ditngrreablp disease in a1! It ita - 5es. It, it for sale in the city of New - York, hy . A. tl MtrTCj tot, No. 41 Willinm - streeti 1. U T. Clark, No. b5 Maiden - Lana II. H. ScUiefitlink Co. No. 193 Pearl street ; Law - lence tV: Keest. No. 19a Pearl - street : Hull k Ibin - ne, 140 Peurl street ; K. ii L. Murny, 313 Pearl - ttreet J. M. Bradhurst, :II4 Penrl - strect ; John renlord, IMo T r leti ber - rlret Duryee ,V I'oe. in Pearl - street: J hn C. Morriton. tl;i; Greenwich street ; John P. Fither, 100 tlrnad way : WnlterSi Senman. cornel of Chamber l. and Broad ivay, and aln in Cbatharn - irtrept ; and in short it may be proruied at mrat of the Drug Stores in this ci'y Alto in Philadelphia, of S. Withered k Sons t George Hanell , North k. Ro gers, and almost ad the druggists in the principal towns in thu United Slates. W II EATON'S Va UN DICE BITTERS mai he had at the abnvp nhcrs. Ion 22 tint BALUAHLE REAL' kl l. I'tHl aALE, IS TIIK CITV Or NKW IOKK. OIVF. loll ol ground on th wett tide of Green - V1 wi. h - itrei t, fx tween Veitry und Deibros - ses stn - e'a, 25 by BO. Four do in the rear of the above, fronting on thepatt iilvnf Waihinston - ttreet, 85 by HO. ' l ight do in the Mock below, between Washington and Wpst - strpei. i In Mootgnmery County. . C000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near East Canada Creek, on tht noith side ol the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,162 s - ret of Land, iu tho towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Eex County. 7832 acres nf Land in the town of Bnrrymnre. In the County of Ijcwit. 1250 acres ol land in Casterland, Cha sennit Purchase. In Saratoga County. 3600 acres in Palmer's purchase. Enquire at the oflice of the sui.scriher, 31 Ce dar street. DEV. ROBINSON. mhi7lf MRANLTS M'GOWAN. o. I'.'C Fly Mar. C kiit. seniiblo of Ihe very lilwrsl cncourige' n. Nil be has received tuire hit commencement in buttnet!, and feeling confident Hint no etr rlj. in on bit part shall he wanting to merit n ennlin uancr, inform bit friends and the public that no pains orrxiience has been avoided to obtain a stock of the best liquor of every description, which can he det tended on for their purity. Having: mailt arriifionaents. while at Charles ton, for a cor.Mant supply oi" GREEN TURTLE in their season, he will he enabled to lurnish soup nf an excellent Quality. A book will be opened for subscribers to an ORDINARY, to be on the table every day at a ttnttd hour. Roomt. for private parties, at a thort notice N. B. Soup, Beef - Steaks Oyitcrs, Mutton (.'ho p and Relishes at all tunc. ap23 ELECT BOARDING SCHOOL rpHERE are at present rive vacancies in (be 1 Uevd. WILLIAM POWELL'S S boot, in Pbibpsburuh, You ken, West - Chester Counry. ILsvlem of education is such a to Pliable him lo qualify young gentlemen for Colli ge or the Counting If onte within a iHouable time. His school is select, the ntfblw r of l'ii il limited, and th trealment of Hi most hlN ral kind. The lollowuig brtnrbes of awful and polite li terature are Uugbl, vix : (.ireek, History. Latin, French, Kpg!ih Grammar, Ciniqiotition, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Mathematics, &c Hi, nrenirned that few Instiliilinns ol the kind can ofier greater advantages, whether they regard intriKti n in general literature, in mural and r.'iigious principle, or in correct and geutleunn - lv deportment. The t'artroae in which Uie Pupils art acconimislateil, is comroodiout, ruli - rnt and pleasantly situated. Its dittance froro Nw York is ubout teventpon miles ; to whicb there ii alwavs direct snd ety rommunica - floa. For further partkui - rs application may i - j - . . llih"p Ihd.ari Dr. Wilton, Columbia . t'olteije C. It Cblden, Esq. T, A. r meet, Eiq. ap33 i'. flra,ver, ' Win. 'nyard, juo. Eq. A. ScermcrLorn, Ltq. UC?m1if NQ MR. SEYMOUR and Mr M'GOVt AN f:.i teacher ol Malhemalii'S at Warra,! Aca - demv ) iirnpote leuibir irom Hie but nf Muv. at the old tstaidished scboxi! room, No, iJillott - street, a complete course of Euiih'h 1 docalipu, 'ompiiheiMling tlie followinx brincbrt, lo wit : Reading, Writing Amlimeiic, Lng itli tiraui maraud Compotit ion, Geogiapby with the use mill and M.ip,Getinelry, Mensuration, Surveying, Guagiug, Narigalion, Lunar Oter - vationt, Algebra, Spl.etlcs. Conic Sections, N - iur, iiunHipiiy, Hydrostatic, fneuruatics, ptic, c. Ac. Astronomy and Fluiiou. Mektrs. SEYMOUR Ai M'GOWAN, confi - uuig ut mcir aiproved acquiprmentt, di ltuie. . c, iiu(eiuf;iii tun taut rac turn io those who may patronise their institution - . Re - lereiireto Professors WiImo aiul Adishi.Cnlnnv hi a Col lue. r.pVUlw AI'EUSON wellueou!;Utled wiib tl.eClotiiier buiues, who uinLrstaoilt the tuptrititend - sin e ol a wool Carding Mchmc, and can give respertubie referencps, will meet liberal encour - agement, by applying at No. V)6 l'ultnn - lrtt, New - Yiirk. A niau with a frtmily will lie pre. ferred, win can be fuioiditd with a ilwelhng, fcc. uiijaeent ti the wik. . ap29 Iwt koardim;. b. Mc, ii i orinne gentlemen ran tie aecoaamo dated miiIi gpoteel ii oard. at No. U7 Juhu. I he sil nation i pbmtwnt. api!) lw 'lO J.t.T, Xaiil The stort No. 20 .Walt - street. Possession may be hud iouiiediuttly Apply at No. lii. hp 1 tf ' fftt 0 ML kjfjjEjij A small farm, silunled in one r( t!,c centre counties of this state. T'bit farm lie on toe bantu of a iuke, atid wil'jin a luiSe of u tl iiri.b - ing mid beuutilul village. On it are a eooil l,.rn. bnute, nam, tic nboa large 'nnd well huulutn I. ling iinute, enmeiy new. I i.u otnaini hi .l.c d vel'ing house lor bruuly of t, ic: it sur passed by lew if any other tcil, t lor budilirg in lit iiifffrinr nl' tl.i. .InlA . 'l...u . .u. r in., lulinit removing to Nc.w - Vurk, will sell (l.i pn rty for tin than cott, ujoii a long reilil on good se - , uriU, or will exchange it lor lundi, goods, 4.C. For further pari b ulars, enquire of II I), tc R. SEDGWICK, F.tqrs. ' Liw lliiililin;'!, Nassau - street, Nor - York.' np IS Pirn Ctl TO l.hT, t. e . . ..." . i nom inr iiihl ui ii.iy iiesi, iiic iwu 3 stmy brick Doilies, No. 4Vi! ami 4V4 Green - wi ii - st. in excellent reii nr, with or without stables in the rear, ami wilt be lei on very rea - stoiublc terms. AUo, to Let or Lease, from 1st May orxt, a vciy convenient Dwelling House, opposite Leialie, nc - r the !i mile stone, ni.wtiy, ut pi eaeiit occupied by Professor Admin. It in well uilupled lor one or two families, two kucliciifc, tl rooms, pantries, vaults, a stable and coach lioine, a well of gnntl water, and two i iilenm. The garden is ve - y Urge, and wellstocLeit w ill fruit tires and tlmthbcry, und may be taken (KiMCktioii of immediately Fur terms, apply to . H .LSEY k COWMAN, 31 Old - si p, or to CKO tiOsMAN, ap 29 4lJ6 t.rePiiwich.street. , Life of frfHl A )irnt, ' ' By Wm. Wirt, Fid. 4 00. r"WNHE publUher deems it unnecetiary to say M. any thing iu favor of th merits of thi woik, contenting hitn - 'lf with menlioning that ho licit edition of 2a0O cnpmt were all Ui'potod oi in a tew nioiithi. Th 2J improved edition !or - .lany ROB. M'JJERV'UT, ap i 3w 2i Pearl - tt. ffth. t(JH J.lLfc Oil Ju l.t..tnt., Hir "!l Lois in Uir 6. 6. ft. and 10 VN'ur J.i oi which nre on regulated and paved sheet. N money will be rrquircd under ten yean, if told, interest excepted. ' iiuus'r.s. Several two and Uiree story houses, on which a gruut t'Url of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent siaiul for iiusiiu st, Willi ten acrf.t of bind, pleasantly situuted, witn a wharf, sloro houtu and barn. CO I' I ON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of laud, nnd never failing stream, upon w bu b 20 mill may bt erected, with a sutAcieucy of water for eacli. Apply st ISO. lrenwicn llreet. tun 1:1 If JUI.ET,, And possession given immediately, the elegant seat lute tlie resilience of gen Jim. A. Schuyler, dec situuted on the banks ol the Passaic river, opposite the village of Hclle - ville, in this state. 1 here are on the premises a good barn, carriagc - bouae and other out houxej.kll in good order. The garden j ex - teiihivc and plunted with every tiling proper lor the season, and has in it a quantity o Uie best fruit tree of all descriptions. Any por tion of laud may be had by the tenant that uiay be required, r.nqu ro nt CAI11LIU.M - : iMJilUlbr - K. On the premises. . Ilarbadoe neck, (Vew - Jersev,) April 27, 1818. J K. II. The above premises together with all Ibc oilier dw boiues and lands of the late gcu. Jno. A. &cbuler, w ill shortly be ollcrol lorsaie. . ap - a vi . J$M TO LET, IsxuJ Foronor more years, the following tUu.ei at llaienville,Dtar the five mile slouc, Bloooiinsdaie rond. , pU unanth d and convenient two story 1 finite and Stable, with a Garden uud four a res ol land. lu. a .l..M,tt,r ailnntrt iinfl efnrrnlent two tory House snd Stable, with a large Gnrden unit llire ncrpt oi i.inu, ootnT'i ioeoeir (,,mc are well stocked wiUi different kiud ofclicic L b... I,uu r iuii'ut,ri. Alto A pleasantly situated and convenient two story Houe, with a Stable and two ucretol miiUt for iuiuh., I'ttiii. u,ni" .,.o".v JACOB IIARSEN, oplll Im Near tlie ,remies. - MM. Ill l.l.T. aiu A very cooveuitnt houie, with about rt nr.. tfrmitifl ulmilt a mile frnlll tllC HAM U mw. - - - city, adjoining Ihe hou - e occupied by Mr. More - wood, Del w: ai i,rowicB auu ium road. Apply to., . JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 tf Hudwui - tqiiar. dTAS D L t o. 50 boaet Lfctiern Awuld Cu - Vp'' '"JOS! OaBORN, 28 SouU, slrcet. BEKGEN O R P H A X A CO U i I T. Oi tl Tens of March, IBIu. Calhnrire M.uiler, 1 Adminittratriv. tc f m - i - u , ol John A. tcbsyler Rule, under Statuta. - deceased. 1 riSHEcourl order aad direct. That CaOiarine I ,, . ...... . ..i - ,....l..i,ii nf It trnodt. rtlit - telt and credits o' Joi n A., dectnsed ..ii. r. In llj. - pilil..rft nf'ttufc ttpCff. ive puinic noiKu mi' J,.n( (0 triug m their claims and demand agarat i irie en.iie wi , - , . - fir.t day of May. in Use 1 ear of our lv,r4 eigit - the etbite of Ihe said dtcedrni, on cr nciote vnc lee n lion1 ou m - u hhi,, wj , . ... . - .. in ii,...i uttVct ta five ol t.e M public il e in ti rounly ofBergrn, (of Uit spare of Its UKUitiit, and advertisiirg Uie Same lor tne liKe paceoi" time in a new - paper f nrbtd aad pub - liti.ed in tle sfnt of N w - Jersev, snd in a fsi - .... I . l ....i:.. i ii.. .J .m.. paiier pniiwu aj'i fmiiviicu iu iiic w, York. A true transcript from the record. tpnSa JOHN A. BOKD.Sur'gate. BVli ' 19 WILLIAM bTHEET. f t - uriiwer Jiep&rtrutui, , . Irytii.iiitloa.S'.h April, 18 8. COT" Prjpotalt viilt bt received at this partmpnt, until Hist Aegast neat, to lurnith b contract , - - i . . FitKoone to six minir.nt of brick v ' "' From one to two sa i I Hon of cubic feet of bail - . ding stont rum ten thousand" to f.My tbousand buthtlsef ' tore lime, ; . . 4 To bedelivprtri ia good order at MohiV.Lakt P. nt uurti.un, Rir Mittixippi. ar.d Lake D - rulnria - the tune tthrn the first tkliteiy run be made, atid the (luantitv tvbicb can he delivered . iu each uioi.Ui tuccteiuiig tlie first dclivi ry, uitiit be stated fvilh t.;e tern.s. Frvposal will also be received for from fifty to out hundred carpenters ) lor Ire m one hundred ' (o one hundred Bed lilt V oiasodsi and from two bundri'd lo'tireH hundred labortrs, to proceed to .Moinle and L. uitjurjn, to construct builduig vi various rietcrii ttonsal the before mentioned pl - ' ce. it would be iTeir Mi)h to huve riit uiasntu curpeniers, ai d uUrer luruisntdaiid acou.po - , led by muster worknuu. Ariangejacnit w uld be mane to employ the i.rrsoiM tnged lo exe - ' cult the w'nrk, ltohi uly to Noveutt er, at tLosi - otittrns euibraci.d )'i tl.t beiore meutioi.ed pla - . cs, winch border upon tie Gull ol Mexico ' igrniPtiu wonia rr,t oe miuie lor a snorter peruxl vlibii elbt mouths. Salitlactory Sc only w ould he recuireil K.r the laitblul periurmani e ol any Contract that mr,y beuisde. Ihe tern, up. - - en which wrrktssorliip aud labor woi.ld be per - I'viiucd, mutt lu staled in tie uioik ihI,. , j:g' swift, - Erigadier General snd Chief Engineer., , The printers of t! Fotll.ind Gazette, I. M.; tire Onliiiel and Patriot, Uottim ; the Evoeise ll'oktaiid il.u Colarubitvn, New - York ;.tl Cum - , j nionwetiltb, I'il!t titgh, i eioi. ; tlie Reporter, l.rsir.gtr.u, hen.; end trie uazette, .ew - ur - le - ii, will pleat to iaiert the loiegawg tor one moiitli und forward their accounts to tl.t Lagi - iii rr iVrn'tmrnt. apl3lui " ,sIICE. ry All persons - having any claim ngainsttht ':i?ijre o( tht late til mol Whiting li Wahou, nj'ou ixclmigr peroiiij, are hrrnby notified that Holm Ml h i Inims bo pretruted befort the I5tlt day nf May next, the subscriber will consider them ot trllliit. and will not retain any iuujs in bis hands lor tho purpott of aieelinj then. p 16 3w H.W.WARNER. NOJ'ICE. ; r ftV The matters nnd owner of vessel be longing to the cities of Albrny and Troy, with to lure abuswi, loia nuaitier of years, on tlie Neith River sidt.ol tins city, for tlie accommo dation ol these vcvel, exclusively, for whii ha liberal canipcnsatiau will he given. The tubte ri - beis &ie a cou.u.iltr ni'tH' d for tlie purpose ofreceitiiiL' proposals tor lh tame. And the proprietors ol the whi nes on the North Hiver ore requested to hand iu theis proposals to tidier of the subscribers, itnting llu situation and their terms, respectively. . - , i. U. A not addretsPil to either of the sub. M'ribers, Jolt al Jo'rph C. Cooper's, Lent's lis - iii, of nt R. ti L. Keed'S, Coeiitiel Slip, will bo - atlrnilpd to . J - . i i , New - YotV,2i,j'Arri, l018 - B - RNI'.M VVHIl'PL tittirt EIwON IEATH, rr.i r it, iiursnr ul,i. .KICHD FITCH, , ,. Ii. IU): - . 11. SELL, CUKOON GRANT. ' ' ' ! ap 25 lm tor t.ngiiiiid ti Uobjut, Jf,tt. - t fy letters for Hit liritaiuiic Mutesty't Packet Ihike of York, wtll be rceeivetl at the PoM OtHce, till Wednesday afte - noon, tlitCth, of May. T, W. MOORE, AirenL apr - - Jie jtfiu Intmiantt Vmnuani$. . 00 - 1hebtoi;ki..ill, r, nre npUlied. Ihrit the iiiwual e lee I ion lor Director will be IT. id at th orii", on I'uptday, the 12th day of May next. Tho poll will npen at 12 and dote at 2 o'clock. fly oider of ti e President and Diroclort, ap 7 . P. HOYT, Sev'ry. Aahct lu Tavtrn Krrptn and (Jrocrr: I .t...A i. 'Iki.u. k' a, n r. urn! f.rn - :eriroin Ihe ay or and Cnuimisr inner of Ex - lp, will luMtbUcd si tne ni ay or t uince, in met l it.. 11 All I...I.lm II, d twiaira tit tf.J, Ufid nllt, o,r ! I,,, il, t evcrnl iluvr. snd lor the differ ent wards in sutctssiot, in Use order iollvwing', . . . 1st ward tin do du , do . do ilo do , do on the 61b May 6th ' do 7th do flth k 0H d 11th He pith do Ultik 14th do ' 15th & loth do mink Will do i'Uth ' . ' do 21st & 22d do 2d 3d 4ih 6lh 61 h 7th l!th lull do do do, do , .do. do do ilo' i t Mill do do All persoui who kuow of any obkctiiHii gsintl the gl lulling of license to any of llewei ii, I, o mnv Iii, 1.1 tl, iii. am letuei tfullt rpnneilid f A i,i,v ii.lkrmnl ijin nt ft, Ukfiir1, Ollu - e. Im. lure the time for granting (I. tru as abovp - roc.n - tionid; and thote. gent.'einen who bate taken pauis to inveitjgab tins tutijei f, and cuiitider it ol tullii It lit moment, nrc ptirucuiany invneu io assist iu (umidiiug all the inforuitlioa lu their power. ... iy oiaer, . ' ... . EI DELL, T. M,' Ap27 tl liE.HOVAL,. . ,., U N. SMI TH DAVTFii ha rsmoved hit ki - niical nnii'uina manufactory and warchout Irom No. 136 Broadway, one wor north of Li bcrty - street. on Hit wedsidt ol Broadway. nn h 27 ' ' ' ' ' Tr' J A. OUT I'WAIJ) I ,hasrmoedlmai No. 44 to No. 75 .saidsn - lMnp, where he coutia - uet In manulaoture bit l'IANO - FORT S on an eotiienew and iinnrotpd coottructioo, the restilt of maoy years clott application nd study, foe" whiih he now has obtained Itliprs j aiem. vn ( cxauiiuatinii by counouseur of mii'ic, b flatten himself that they will nieet with their approbation, and merit public patronage ; and Da b'elt proud, that but piaiio - fcUs bavt aist with tht unruimious approval of the ssosl smmeot pre feor of rnuticj the following lettimomal of which they kindly granted bun, to (test the pnhheeye: ' . . . Wm. ihr ubtcribuv. proiestor of mo - ic, do certify, thai w hav Carefully exaaiiued Mr. J. A. Guttwaldl' piano - nines, vnsn, tor nigsnw - .iJ iud i xcellenct of workman - hip and onitmss brilliancy of ton, w detervolly rtcotnattud to public palroxage - .Messr. t,ille, Lticnn, Kd. V;eet,C Tbibault, Chkrlet Gilitrt." ' JT'K TO LET, on tht saoit prrmiset, lar - s and coinmouious stort and back i, with or without a front cellar. ' hptr. Im " I kO vllO &v LOUl.lNll - I breeor tour ueii - I B 1 1 M . n man liA, or.n.1mmlit hrrHmmnit, m.i. wiUi permanent. Board and Lodging;, or board wiiiKutc murfiug on rcawmauie iei ni, si um 16(1 Uroadwav. ap 25 Ul fZ . To LET, kJiyjJ At a & rsnt, a three ttory brie. dwelling; in Norfolk - st. Enquire of EO: N. COX, mh 26 96 Will - street. Ti FOR MLR TO LKT. .ii . . ... .1,. ii .,r Mi?. t tiiii Ann poe - - im pi,". new house d Mr. G' I - v'fr'''R'(X'; R. HUNTER, No. .VC.reeawkb, ccraxofLit)rfJ - trtw apSCSw , . . : - j' r . V.; 1 ; , i i

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