The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 2, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1818
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IT I n a A COOPER has removed to ?mrrTivt u i.oODx' EAR has removed mjZSt . - m.I. Mwuen have removed IT a R naMI n OFFICE to Uw uuuuing. - street - ' . cLE - MHiVTS, Veterinary burgeon, tjSrrf M No - 2' W.rwnitict. - s4tFFh' P - yLLMOlNE has removed W tn No 21 Wall - meet, next door to the Manhattan Bant. : - - - i - rrr ... KUCKNOrt. bat removed his nr'viCZlo Uw Uwldings No .VlJl No,54 to37 Wail - street, opposite IIV" from my 2 2w the CityPfM - 1), lUKVU. iiiiiiiu his I'rieiids Fi i the nublic in general tliat he has remo - h; E Line - where he offers for sale SantpaTternl ofl'nper Hangings, just . L """T j"K.h latest arrivals irom ratice, on my 2 Itn tbe mo CARD. BIART and ir lUDITtliTt l,,the honor of informing the ladies and gen - .. 1 r M..Ynik. their last. ruuLtv. wdTplace THIS EVENING ; in the course - . L . .i linrir dances will he perform ed by Mr. Charruaud, and some of hi. and Mr. Hiart'.Dupil... ' m 2 U Auxiliary M'k BMeaiul Common Prayer JiOWt Jvi.eeaji, An extraordinary meeting of the Auxilia ii.m. Vork Bible and Common, Prayer Book Society. i requested by the board of managers on Monuay evening uesi, i o iu iuv vettry room ol I runty cnarcn. Hv order of the board ot'unnagtrs, 1 EDWARD S. COX, . my 2 2t Pretident. U F AO irT The aDimal sermon and collection in aid of tlie lunils 01 me .'New - 1 on; i.vtii - cin .i .his - sionary Sccii ty ol Youngr Men, wiil take place to - inorrow evening in the Urick Cit'jrth iu Brck - aiaa street. The public are already appri - rod. hy the annual report oftlie socifty, cfila extensive opera - tinns during the pait ) c:ir ; and it is hoped, llie assurance of slill grca'cr fcfS.rt, will in. - urc thn aid of tbe Christian community iu the cause of missions i V 3 It iruh Luum. Lauitt, !iku.lims, Dinjirr - i, MI1UMAS SIIFKFIIN, o. C - DepelsUr - st J. Iibs just rertived ctr Alexucnier .Mans field, from BellHst, and IJuMiu Pat kct, fn'in Duliliu, 11'! parkat t i Miij'ri. - ii!,, - a haiuUntui' asso'tme at of Irish ijinnis, ic. ivlncli, nilhhis former assortment, viil be sold on reasonable terms. 4 - 4 and 7 - 0 Linen, in whole and half picccr, fine and conne .rt uit - i;t 3 - 4 Linen, brown and K'each. d 7 - U Lawns, - 1 - 4 Cotton tliiiting Jaconet and Mull Muslins. 7 - 8 Dowlas, 7 - H nn'l 4 - - i IJncn Keinnanti 3 - 4 lilack Linen, 7 - ti t'olcr mi Linen 4 - 4 and 51 Slicctiiigr, Blue and black coloured Thread 'J - 4 Diaiers 7 U boll bleached Linen, very ttronj; H 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diapers, assorted 3 - 1 Linen, in demi pieces Also in More, a few hiuupers of the very first quality Irixh apple Potntocn, forsale. niyJJ lw. CIOI'TON. 15 h.iles prune Upland Cotton I landing from sloop 'Urfale, for tale ly GlllsWOLDi COATKS, my 2 fctt South Mreet. HICHMOAU VI.OUU. AO Qbarrels supeilinc j 33 do. fine; 8 do. AOO i middling, lauding from the schr. Jially - Auu forsale by TROKES, DAVIDSON & Co. my o 106 Front - street. OEIAE TW FneTIRON WlUE, WHITE 0 L.EAV, &c. 4 casks London Seine Twine 3 tuns London White lead, 28 h 561b. krg 5 rln do dry do 10 hhd. Copperas 3 tons Iron Wire, No. 1 to 13 50 tiercrs Whiting Litharge, Spanish Broirn, Venetian Red Red Lead &c. With a general assortment of cables nnd cord age of any izf!, at shortest notice, my 2 lw JONES 4 - CLINCH. RUVI, fcUG - AR ti MOLASbES. 62 punchcous Rum 65 hhds. Mohisses 62 barrels and 6 111118. Sugar, Will be lan led on Monday from the brig Amelia front Antigua, tor s le bv P.OUERT G1LLKS' IE, 112 Front street. Who has al'o for sale, Havana, Porto Rico sort Jamaica Coffee. my 2 BLVCK INDIA SATINS. I case, 18 yard pieces, superior quaLty, juet received and for sale at 150 Broadway, by my ITIILBROOK k PKTERS. Will IE JERiEV CORN. 1400 bushel,, of prime quality, well cured and in shipping order, for sale at 106 Front street. my 2 TRO.'Cr DAVIDSON i Co. UG.Xii. U hhtls. 21 qual. Muscovado, for KJ sale at 3 1 l'ec'.t - shp, liy my 2 R. ii C. W. DAVENPORT CO. i .1 QI.AsiLs. 137 I h:'s. Molasses, ol a ( ty iVI superior cualitv, landing this day Irom 1. o . , . wug r routes a on, i ir Srtin dv WALSH tv GALLAGHER, nv 2 69 South - street. A. I OLA;Ls. - lad nbri retailinz uiola'ses. S landing trom 'np Marj Alm, nt l ine - strett wban, for sale in inis totnit pun hasers, " vin.isociL.US i . OA I KS, .TS Oil South street. TO LEI. Two new four - slery bri k stores, on the west tide of Coflee - House slip, fronting on the Also, the stores No. 37 ?ou'h street and No. a Old - shp, oa the west tide of the hp. Possesion may be had immediately. Apply ttXo. 47 Broadway, or to 3t JONES Si CLINCH. A SMALL FAMILY, wituuut c.uldreii, Csn he ni'i - nmrnnHclcH .. - ill. f n njuse. very pleasantly situated in Pump - Mreet, i:n ouweiy. Apply ai couth street. Lilki'AI1 iu iiuiii'iui' ;nii.'i Corner of Grsnd and Ryn.ler str. - ets, directly . . eppMiit Centre Market. I1L5P. ANDOE re - pectfully informs hi friends and the puhlic in grnernl he lo - .s re wved from corner ot Uroadway nnd Reed St. to n present stand, where lie solicits a continuance jutriinage, and hoprs hy Ins unr. imt eXertlOtll tl Ihakulir 1 articles in his line of twin, ss. Hu rt by to is p nl"'llriect satisuction. B. J. p. A. kerp3 contnntly for sale a V .nnienl ol fi st r ite Tei cugar. Cor - ihii !CeS I'Door 01 kind. &C M . whicli " disposed ol at a moderate udvauce. t Ira IJOARl) wanted by a Kenlleuian and his wi' i.18.? P'esant part ol t - i itv: a situalioi e IOD r""tuiere it but few boarders or a private Ii would he nreferred line I - ft at the u paper, directed to O. P w ill rweive "Wins. 1ST 3t nrtJjy OOLL.1US .1 KD n'lr" frnr P..wles Hook, last Thorsilay WfJ7 'Var?e Skiff Beat, with a sail and 3 rWs. k k ootMde and rrd inside ; the al sTi. iWorn' " Thursday rveni.ig nn'.ther PwJL ' ' "bale b"at, wiih j;ire stern, Fly u. ,i ""'de and outside, a 1n!cri tront ln Dock - The above rtw I'd will Ik UiTc3 ,?C0T'r f "o tt, or fiv "rherf them, by appiyiflta w 159 Fly . Market rpHE bWlFTSURE MAIL STAGE OK - l r ICE, it removed Irom No. 6 to 79 Court - landt - street, northern Hotel. SWIFTSURE MAIL STAGE FOR PHILA DELPHIA. Fare through, five dollars. The Ewiflcure Mail Stage will leave the Office nr. cwiiuureirinn oiage win leave the Office 79 Ceurtlandt - streel, every day (Sundays eptedj at 8 o'clock in the morning, by way lew ark, lodge at Somerville, and ariive at No. exce ol Newar Philadelphia the next day. about one o'clock. r r beats in the above Line, apply at the Off.ce, No. 79 Courtlandt - sireel. All Goods and Bag gage at wit r.RK oi ine owners. rriHy z lw "Hold up the Mirror to A'alure.1' ET those who are afflicted in. she follow - - I - J ine manner, reflect on the cause that produced such havoc upon the " wholesome appetite and powers of life ;" disordered sto - mach, dry cough, weakness in the voice, hoars - ncss, shortness of breath upon the least exercise, and relaxation of tin; whole yj em. i nose am icieu Willi paleness, languor of the eyes, weakness of sight or memory, should take time to consider Linn&'us'g advice, that youth is the important period for training a robut conslition," and that ' notliing is to be d reai led so much as premature excess " The foundation of a happy old age is a good constitution in youth ; temperance and moderation at that age are passports to happy grey hairs. The Coi dial Halm of (.iilead, prepared by Dr. Solomon, Gdead - House, near Livei pool, is universally acknowledged to he pe. uliaily efficacious in all iuwnid wasting, loss of appetite, indigestion, depression of spirits, trem - blingor shaking of the hands or limbs, obstinate coughs, shortness of breath, and consumptive habits. Sold by HULL !i IK) NE, 146 Pearl - sti eet, New - York, and by one vender in every town in the Union. ' my 2 . - 4t ' IMPORTANT TO THE PttJLI. ' rMlE fuhscrihtr b, - - n lenve to inform his X friends and the public that he has taken a room ni me corner ot rr.'iniii - iri tnd t Imth. - ui stretts, a nn " INTF.LLKIENL'E OKFICK." Where liimiliHS m:.v he suiiniie.l with ferv.uits oi every U. s riplioi, ; serv;urs witti pluces j gen uenien viini:g servu!il2, Kr tiaveilim;, Mip plied at tbe s:iirtj"t noli - .e : inerchai.ts will clerk t, and c!erks witb employ ; wet nurses with I laces ; or uiic s wilh jnii:ej men. Kveryin - loimaliou :ikii t. strainers arid others, in his line, wiio win or Mm with a i all. families, beio.ning siilisri iLer - , supplied with servants at one dollar i er annum. Aio, l - ooks posted, Accnouts adjiirtciL Pa pers of every doMTiption, copied with ticatoes?, correclnet', and dUputch Personal a,ll(;iiilan;e, Irom j to 2 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock P V. 11c flatters hiiiisolf that his assiduity and a!tn tiou to business, will gaiu him a ;h irc oi thepub lie patronage. i my 2 Iqi H. I AliKLFOUD. tJh.jVJht.J, IS .IHhlMi. IRANKLIX lltUkE This new, spucious and splendid Itnilding, situated in Uroad way, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the ci'y, at the corner of llej st. is iiciw opened by the subscribe - , tor the re ception ot Loai'dirs. It is tilted, and furiuslied nt a manner not surpassed, for convenience and ele gance, by any p' ivatedwclling i.i the citv. It occ.ip'te.i the most eligible situation, being ential, iu view olth. - Park and ('iiv llall ; ihe upper apaitments (iverlcoUing the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country for a circumference of 50 niilesj including tin - Hook, the Nanows, and the i arbour ; and it in believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or situation ; and no exjxnse having been' spared hy the owner tu make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it utters to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting; the city, the most genteel, pleas n and retired a - partmenU. The choicest of Wine ,.nd Lienors are furnished, and no tiMiihlc or expense will be spared, to make the enlertninnv nt pleasant, rare i.nd excellent. This mablishnii - nt. is intended exclusively fir Private Itoiniing may u.vt; H Mils. IIK . lKli::t). A'OKfil"st'KAM's. Uftfk OCT" "i. 1 1 tl. ol la , ji mm ooini win ouniii in TftrTT9fVsr ruMiuii: tour times a wcek.i A llo.i' wui ie..(. ew - l ik on Tuesday, a' 9 A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P M ;r'nda. al 9 A. M. nnd Sat'.lrdav, at a P. M. o( each week ; and a boat will leav Albany on Monday, Ued - nesday, 1 liursday, and b itiirdav, at 9 V. M - I b - al.ove ni range iiieir w ill ( ouimence hy the ham (illor't leaving Albany on Monday, the I lib Mav. ut9 . M. and toe Richmond Laving New York on Tu. sda, 'he l JIb at 9 A M. I he Eirc - Kly leave New York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. lor New - burK'i, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and Kri.lav, at 8 A. l. my 2 IN CIIANCr.Ri John U. Murray, vs. State of New - York, ss James T. Watson i. i IN pursuance of a decretal order of this ho - no .mMe court, made in the above cause, will be sold at publie auction, at the Tontine t'nH'ee llntise, in the city of New - York, under the direction ol the subscriber, as our of the masters ol this court, nn Tuesday the second day of September next, at twelve o'clock at nooi , all thru tract of land piining on the town of Lowville, mid lying in the c unl of Lewi., in the stale afore said, being psrt of great lot No. 4 of Mscnmb's purchase, and comprises all the lots known on a certain plan or map nude by Dasid Bi inisnn and U.White, in the year 18 ft, from No 188 to .iM inclusive, containing together I5,K) acres ol land, with the appurtenances thereto belong ing or any wise appertaining Dated June M, isir. (Copy) JAMES A llMILTOV, Jy til .1astcr in Chancery. The side of the above propritj is isistp nied to ll.e brst any oi next at ii. uraiui place. Dated Jan 22. 1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan24 lawtMy! Master in Chaixrry. 'I he sale of the above properly is potf"ned to the 3lith day ol May. int at tlie same nour and plate. Dated May 11 1818 JAMES A. HAMILTON, my 2 lawtds Master in Chanet ry W'f.f.31 St, qSEJ'a!3a FOR ZALK, V LEASE of that r.oted stand, C02 Water st. with tlie privilege of pur. has. ng t the expiration, at one halt in value or, Uie proicnj will be sold, not subject to tbe lease, an in.hi - taidc title given, and possession miy le bad i.n medially. It iron's the Sleam t rry tor brooklynand New - Haven, aud t hj aoy stand in New York lor bLim s. 1 ru.s ai - iily to LAL RENCE K EM g RTF, 250 Teari st. ROHI'.C. COIINLLI.. .'t'Peari st. Or, WM. IIOOKI.R, H '2 V" .Her - sL mv 2 It AlSlN; - 00r.. s " - ! .lalagx Raito', 'ust received and I' t e by lit'RD at - E ALU nry s 65 sjuta - stree S.00 - 3 DOLLARS. nHE first drewo number on Tuesday next JL tbe 5th of May, in the Grand Road Lottery win dc enutiea to iUUU dollars, Mb day $5.(V0 . I 7tb day $10,009 11th do 35.000 1 4 tS do 70.000 Tickets advaAba fn Tuesday to 34 Dollars. At present. Whole Tickets $32 1 Quarters $8 Halves 16 Eighths 4 Sixteenth Two Dollars. At WAITK'S Truly Fortunate Lottery and Exchnnee Office, No. 54 Maiden - lane. Wheie has been sold most of the capital Prises for many years Dat. ainonest lliem the followim:. No. 4892 60,000; 14583 40,000 ; 38706 35.000 ; 6954 30,000 ; 17794 30.000 ; 13091 30,000; 16653 30,000:41340, 17199. and2n31 25,000 each, and 10 of 20,000, 17 of 10,000, 30 ot i,uiu, sc. Cash paid for all Prizes sold at WAITF.'S. my i 2t One nimif eJ Uireeo J'ukctt unsold. rl RACJES 141 Bro(iw:iy,haveon hand only I 100 Oweao Tickets, which thev will tell at $32 each, parceis lor the accuuiuodation of adventurers, or approved paper, payable after the completion ol the drawing I lie draw me com mences in this city on Tuesday next, when ti. k eti will advance to $.U The first drawu num ber will he entitled to $5100 SCHEME - l prize ol .70.000: 1 di 35,000 2 do 10,000 ; 2 do 5,000 ; lOdo 1000 ; 30 do 500; I4U do ltm. Only 10,000 Tickets, 500 euch day. and 20 duysurawiui;. myi KlVE 'THOUSAND DOLLAR '"HOtK who intend to obtain chan es in the L Grand Ho id Lollerc, are n o.inded that the above prize will life drawn NKXT l'(;ES OAs, when I u keta widne ndviin. ed t ijil - l I he Scheme nf this Lottery t onlaius the sidcn did prizes 01 v.'.oon Dollars j io,ooo I inliars 35,noo Dollars lo.o - o li All to he drawn previous to tnc sixtt enth day oi dr.twnu. Tickets $31 Quar'ers ift Halves II I t.i - htlis 4 Sixteenths 'IVo Doilars. For aale hv "R. WA1TE, iun. 1U0 Broai'way. may 1 2i .'Oil nz apply !' .kl - !.h V:i I mi l.u. U I Olh' e, An. 1.2 I'.ioauwav, opposite tl: Ol ;y Hotel. I he drawihs wih comini in e nt - xt I u - ' - d Tbe tirat drawn muiilier wi 1 1 nlil c the h dikr t a prize ol 5,00(i DOi,LAHS. A prize of ilO.WKii - flia'ing. i 'The Scheme ' 'on: 'ins 1 prize ol 'll.O'lo Dollars 1 do 3.i,0t'0 Dollars 2 do H',U;0 Dotlnrs 2 do 5,iKiO Dollars And a number ol 511O. IikIVc Cflsh paid lor j rues sold .it Vi'.ENS' mv2 tor .i I . .x ' The fa. - t sailing pat id '. - hip KI.SING 5 TJt TT.S. Swiiiliiirn. m: - - ter: tn sail pommely on Sunday, wind ami we aiiei re. njit ting. A litilomore freight can or taken, if ap plied for uniiieihal. ly ; and - cc ral paasiuei - ran he very haudiomelv af 1 omii' dated, by ap ply ing on board w ! side " !v V1ar.(i t( or to uiiam Lin a t ks. my I 6H Suith - fi. tor t It UHn,l , Trt t - '.I C K I. - u plv 1 f The copntnd i d copper fattened snip ri t Mil. 1 ti.M, j s,i evin Mign, mas ters some Co toil nr 11 In lig!.V liti,.' In, eipi;:! to SUO barrcli, is warned o complete her Ca - go I wo or three c .bill p. - sengeis Can be ccomiTiudatcd. Applv to MAU H k. I5KNS i, mvl lw 4 South - street. far t'ri - i - kt or Vhurln, The l" - ijf - YRKN, llrackett j I year old, wi.i c.ii ry 1400 t.,rrels liesal no. II, e.f iver. Apjdy 10 MAltUll 8c HK'SU.l, ap 30 lw 47 o'lib strcet r 1 i ! 1 r t If ajiplied f.:r i:hiil 3 or 4 days, the i5u - i:.c..;.p rid a'ul copper faslenc . ship lit; I I KM)E :U4 toii ; sails well, carries la.e ci'iM. and m., be .(nt to sea alasmal. ej.t.xc. liaving within I months been new ' 'tit; e - l Mi.d mauled Allplv to I'. REM S'EN Si CO 26 Soulh - str, ct. i.p ':9 tt.iMtt), KJ. - i A vessf I, u' 800 to S00 barrels, Su,TiUi'"r a - sl""1 loya - e, that is reatiy to re - i tn e a ;aigo. Apiny to N . k 1). TALCOT T, ap 29 61 i.o:h street. tor I l.i Hit., I lie elegant coppered slop AUU.M9, Maikall. L. haoipliu, mister, will bo ready 11 receive a 1 aigo 111 tour day - , and 'ail on llie I5!h May. lor freighter passage, having very - uui - rior uccouiuiodatious, apply on board, at Jones' wharf, or to POTT el M'KINNE, or GRISWOLD.S k COATES. 100 tons plaster of paris ou board taid 'hip, lor talc as above. ap 29 tor - . 5 t.HD.iM, 1 I be snip .ILIilO.irf, capl. oonway, a - ' fine ship and now nearly loaded ; w.ll aK. 100 Ions height il off.Teil immediately .Vpply to GOODHUE & CO. an 29 41 .South - : t. rOtt W ; t. .1 , .ttVJ IO , On Monday next, 4th May, il uat pre fa viously ill - posed ol at private sale, llie l ( - i . - .iiiini: ropirred thip . K!OS i tl, v .0 tons, just ii oils the carpenter's baud", Imving had a ihoroogh repair ; lies at Rector - st. wharf, N 1 rt ady to receive a cargo, and can be sent to set at a trilling expense. Inveuiory to be seen at the counting home of an 28 Lf KPY. IJAYARD 4: CO. tH a.ii.r, its. The lin IIOHK. 1:10 '...! ' - irries &L 1 100 barrels. 2 years old, :". - t rate ve - i of her size, and in coiiii let rdir to re ceive rargo : lyin - evt s'de 1'n.k - slij) ; Will be old reasonable .tpi ly ft ii i . n i.irr.siojirsi co. ap 28 LANDING 52 ceroon tallow i. store, clean St. Petatsbu German steel, entitled to d . w' For sale by JAVIK ? !' h - American i h' - aip, and OLF, jr. it ; 'uiit - ftr.M't. rv,, m - ii ijT i R The ffood brig Xgcoi ia, to in .an mis ween ; j gc s ca:i ne .:c - c.uiiiii'nlati - d on mixlif a e ic m, fir whicli, ap ply as above, or to the ma te, on board, at pier no ap US or A t H' - U.kAS'S, Jtf The slup 'VOOi'r - .IVE. J W:i! t, m - jmi& ma.ler. will tli.l u Ihe 5ih Ma For eignt or i - as - ng' - , a;., ly ou board at My - Market wharf, or to JONES tl VEGKATH, ap27 :;3 jou'h - st tor It . . Si O.Y, s?iv The e ;n ar pai t - I j!;,j TELE - JSjtSiGR PH. "J Fanain. ni - 'er; is mly wai'ifi - fai' w 'd : i an tai e a few tr.n rourc l'n - .lii, and scr.ooimo.1 ,te 1(1 ! pass. it. Apoly .n bond, wc id r m:t. wlnrf, or to ' ANSON (. HELPS, P Z I .J '.. :.t street. I AM AI - . - A lit !. lew p iM hi on - l iili prf. ar.l fi ,e rl - vr - d Jam lii.s Ruru, v I n.'s. - ld la Q'lsnliUcS to sai' nreiiasers ! ( 1 s V, by TUCKER& tlES, ap 23 W Uvt'u - stji.tL Far.CTIJRLESTOX, Fi The elegant and fa.t packet schooner TONTINE, S. Hoyt, masturj will meet With immediate dispatch, having half tier ireigm ready to go on hoard for rem uoder, or passage, having commodious accommodatbns, apply oa board, east side Curling slip, or tj SAUL ALLEY, ap 18 98 Pine - st. t or .WutiiLt: and BUiKKlA , Tbe tine last sailing schr eA.S DUSKY, 120 tons, cant. Weeks (a regu lar wader) ; having 3 4ths of her caigo engaged and on board, will moet with immediate dispatch. Foe the remainder of her li - eight, or pa?saje, having haudwoic a.'Comnio.l;uioiis, apply ou board, east side Old - slip, or to PETERS & HER RICK. apl8 "9 ( 'oi n'ie' - slip. For it.MUCt: unit ItKMt.lUtiJ, , the llntish brig FAVDItllK. .1. "iBcenian, master, to sail 15lh May. For passage, apply to GEOKGK LACY, No. 4 FuUon - sli;). A few Horses will he taken on freight, ap 28 tf KUM, MOLASKs tic ;b0 puucbeuDS line flavoured Tobago Rum 42 do retailing Moiusses, received per brig Benjamin 190 puuVbeons Rum, received per brig Antelope, from 'Tobago, and for sale oy GOODHUE & Co. my 1 t South - street. II. W. KOOERS tJ - CO. T O. 2J5 Pearl sin et, have.iust received from i.l Liverpool, and offer lor sale on reasonable terms ITu 'l EARTHENWARE, 8 hbd'. Cci.l. ini - 'g a great variety of blue printed, wil - tow, Iu '.I - - ware. nr. my i iw ?'1aTT'.N tl' - Kand SAN KEENS. Anen V iir - j in.ii - e el - Ij cae Silk", lust received pet lip S i! lain airl John, Iroiu Canton, ton - SUI t'f ol X iiair'.l iri'.r'in Is, lurge pl iidy Heavy bb'.cK Chnt' ii t.rape Ltie b'l l rl .ii"! do lor ball diesses lilack, I' - ' ! .!! .l on Floa - i.tincs II!. n k twi'l'J Din - i'y S .wi'li I Inloied .1 Llvk oilii IMais 4 - 1, 6 - 4 X barrd ito 1 I i'd D..tliH k Cii'pes Crape Mia'.vi, 8 - 4, 7 - 4. C - 4 Do. for iui! Neck, lerv depar t llici rilli . - iaawl", (Dove coloui ) :; - 4, 7 - 4, C - 4 Do do (nbicl' 1 6 - 4 : 1 lain; and 4 c - ires containing. 400 pii.i wi.lte Naiilieelis for sale uy CAMIIRLLENG .V PKA R'ON, mv I b" ho.dii street. . Ul.tCvA' kc 8hloi PiTiiud ei ph ia'ltyc VT Wii.skey 150 boxes first quality llvo - .m S.:ip luU do Hills ISoston Cliocola'c 10 chesu Hvson Skin Tt - f 'i - sale hy JACKrON i WOOLI.F.V, " mv 1 M 7 5 Wall su e. t. i HMKi.t tLOI'M - , iJ ship Oeorg, ai.d bii :'. - Landing Haldol Irom Mom 1. n - 3 c.mes t.'loth', 1 ran: i ':w iiiicrc, extra supl 50 burri l relined halt IVirt. 50 cases Aqua l - 'or'is Duplex i xtr:i 1 case Llli Linei S for aaa by DDii: LLIHUNF.'i t t). iy 1 oT South tri t. ItrM.Ss - W.X. QUANTITY olTlcesw ax, lor sale by JOHN FLAt K, A in, I lw Clorni r Ol l - bp ur.d Smiih st. 5(iO VHT1K LEAD, ,Vc. He. lui;s London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do L'ry While Lead 8 tons Rt - d Ltud "ill barrels Brisb.l Red Ochre 20 do Venetian Rrd ; 2 tons line Litharge 80 honhead W biting 60. casks Pari Whte ; 2 hhds. Verdigris j0 Here s t rtneli Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 c.uLs I'liis - uii llue, 4001b. Croint Yellow; P.iteut Yellow Sj'a lib lif.wu, neli.ui Red, Y, bow, INOIL. Mi.. I., I Vim d un's, ) L.tmp..ia k ; I eri Black ; Purple Brown S ii ns I'm ii. ndni ; Linlsei d Oil 400 b - xes - mil 'W ti ass, assorted For sale .in the luxes! terms, for cuMi oral sh "rl credo, by PETER sCIIEIiMF.itHORN K SON'S, my 1 v4.1 W. it er street. .... - t t:iiAPK IWES&ES. A' Fr.W i iiyp it embr - idiMcd Nankin Crape Dress?, a n w article, just rvceived and lor e.n!; at 150 l!r adway, by myllw PIIII.LUOOK rs - n:TF.R3. sJ sj tngt (her wiui a U rge mal k"::n rai assortment before, en hand, hn. iilb ted f. ,r stile hy the package or ibjzea, on icasonable terMis, by TtlOS WITT, mv 1 2w "27 J s'er.rl street. I 1 CI AM) MXiAH. - i liiiuiieous W.I. I , Rum 4 llbls. iuar, landing this morn - ir' from tli' sloop A';n.ora, at pier No. 25, E. R.vcr - For sale b, - GRli'WOM)S is COATF..'', mvl 6 I So.lth slreit. ,t I lEi'il.A NT ulL,SLAL sKlNS k PEARL. 4 I hecargoil (',' Sn - Fov, consisting nl .i a elapii irilcif, far an J haii seal 'kin, and mollicr of pe .' I, ii now landing nt 'Town: end's v. hur!, and for sale iu lots to suit purchasers, by J. f'.YEltn; or, E. FANNING, mv I tf No. 29 Hurlinsr - slip. I.O.'v WOOLLIa. I UST ree'd per Mercury anil Atlantic, a few . trusses of low priced Cloth", an ! Cit - micri t, forsale by JOS. S. HARRIS! IX, ap 27 67 Piiiu - atrrct. I'lN PLA TE, He Mi laDxis 'Tin Plate, as sort. I KMiiHUIn. India Mock Tin 8.00b lin. Imu Wire, asserted from No. 1 to 18, lor sale by ANbON .. PIIELI , npJO 18J Front - f'reet. Uld.3. - lew casks of Patent mid C iUiiiiou t'aroiinanu t Vrgtriiii Iloes, oi the liiades ruruiulaclure, lust rpr eiven snu lor saa: ny ' . . I . II - , . .'.It - . l ANDERSON .V SHE ACER, np30 w At No. 131 Water street. BiJMIi TTS. 6 bales assorted lloiiiba - zctts, g.Hid colours, and low charge, just itce.vcdper ship Atlantic, and for sale by S. A. LA .VIITACE, ap 33 lw 67 Pine - eet. WM. s.ii.t:. j txjii A house and lanu on Thrng's Neck, in Mi. - Iwn ttll'l eouniy Ol ti(,'i nesier. ni'irireii mi ei irom New - YriiU. 'The farm emit uns a - : out one liti' dred h rei c.f exo ib iit lat. l i.i good le iiie, a lare barn and other conei i - nt out - iiililt', n g - vi ! hu two stories bih. With I .ur I'soius on ic'l fl inr, elegantly nt'iated ou the oanks oi th" Kat Piver ; the ri'u.i'i'.ri m - . o.inii ii.iy ln - 'ilthy; ti.e r( - ighbourh - i'. ! tb - j n.'jt r sjieetabls ; abundance, ol Imilcf tin: la; 'I - l - c - li .n ; scale and shell fi - li in urctil y.inety l iken before tlie fi - .'ise. For ( inf.iriuali'jfi api'ly to tbe suV. r.i i mn tbi p. reiiic. STEPHEN U. HOFFMAN. my I I m m - it'l I .....!.. ,.,.llr,niun tn, .t7 l.s ,t - tl lf It . ff i I - I i.,ir.i:,i.i.iirir.ira l'inz.T ! nod, in a piewant sil.i.tiin, within twenty ri.if.uic6 ri - .c 1...... theColl - e. It i.. w. - li a b. A m m at.d jii'.our. ill a ri s. - eciao't; nmnn ... , - ..!.' I - .. mi, .ami iMarrterS arc Kepi. I !!'.' o - - 7 " r oiB fir h man servant end the use u. a st HHe and c - v h .use. They n.ifft.t - J'la - c..i - ill, ti - f or haw me use - i ....." . 1 1. .. : fi. ipnivn milt tiurnts. r or or pa .1 .,, ,nn io?Ir. L'JLl, laddlcr, No. 2 my I 2t Wall street. NOTICE. ft - Jr ABRAHAM BI LL has re - coved hit busmess to n new store in r'ultua - street. a few doors Irom Pearl - street. my I lw OCT THOM AS PHOEMX has r. moved his ifnce fi i from No. 11 Murray, to No. 68 Chntharu - strttt. apX'J lot (ty3 T. A. EM MET, & EMMET ii W II1TE, have rcuiored their to No. 25 Pine - street. ap 30 2w fir U Ay lit 6.V1IH. run. his removed his counting - room to 3 12 Pearl - street. mv l iw GRAHAM rcsreitiully announces bis intention to continue his classical semina ry at vo. H2 Creeiiwicii street, lucompliance ilb thn wishes of some ol his patrons, a French ne - pariiuciit lias tieen added to the institution. A lew additional places, some of which are yet unengaged, hav e heeo occaiiiHird by a recent eu - li - rgenient oi Hie class room. Mr. G has the innnur tj refer to IVier Wilson, L. L l. ; John M Masin, D. D. ; John R. Ii. Rodgeis, M. D ; Josiah Oden Hollmiui, F.s'i George Grifiin, r.sq ; tieiuy M. tan Suhngen, M. D. ; Wil h.nm llnideison, Esq. ; Joseph Sands, Es i.;Gar - rit K. Abu I. Ku. mv I 6t ' J - INVKM'lo.N iF MR. I E PRA(IL Superior pljn of Irmhim tcritvr.i:, uilhout paper, ttt. i.its or bhiciU. '1 "ACII YG RATH Y er Hit FLYING TEN, I and mercantile hand writm. taurrbt in six lesions by a iec.uliar moveincim lit of the pen. i nn new ami approved method taught with real SllCCeSS ill Lniulue.. !il (he. IT,,. it Cambridgi. and rrci - ntlv al Charleston, f S. C.I will enable any x - rsnn of whatever age, nnd Dot - withstanding uuy had hnhit they may hnve contracted to write wi ll, nnd with rapidity, after li.mi'H received th. - st: lessons. Mr. Ib.'S. will receive pupil at his pppart meiits. No. 48 llroad die et, and will attcnj any lady or gentleman at then bouses. AchIi mies and hoarding schools also attended. The Ixsl reli reiices can be given to most res - leclaiie persons ol tins cily and l.liarb ston, as it will he proved by the liilloning letters. But tbe solid utility merits of the system Can he best seen iu its practical result in tin st beautiful and various spei i.uens it has pioduieri, mid win. b may uc seen iii :r. in 9 teuiiiiug rooms. Fills T l.l.'TI HI. CHAR I TO. 9:li March, 1818 To the liv. lie .Miur;.. - .'.. Pin I ben . - .iv - to i. lorrii you, tint a meeting ol Ihe Coin 1,1(1. e ol the ( I' rn ndly Socie ty's k Iih.iI, tv.i held on the 4?ii to examine In ufr, - s ol tl.e silio'a's in wriliiiit, who were plan d 11 (leryoiirt.iri' It airnriue great plens - ure In 1 xpress to you, the unanimous and Une Cj'iivoii'l approbation of titnt (omuultce, and . 'ti scliolnrs oiiiiiiiilcil t ) ycnri hurw. I line is not "in - w ho has not uiadi ciisider.ibli! irnprnve inenls, and most of w hoiti have I in xi ceded our most sanguine ex pet tati.ns. I unite with ll.e committee in returning you m my thanks lor the l.cai Ills Hluih the scholars have d - rited Hem your system ot writing, and the judicious manner in whu 11 tiiey hnve bein made iict'tiaiuted with it. 11. ptctluiiy, yours, ;c. JOHN HACK MAN, Chairman of tin? .Srl.nol Comniiitci'. SECOND. LETTER New - York, t lilts April, 18)8 To Ihe Vhv Dt Hjirauph, Sia Firm tl.e progress made by your pupil' in this ' ity, and 1l1.1t 111 a ir ry slmrt tuoe iu tl.e - il l wril.i ir, I nt only unite in the iii iiiol alion of your manner of leaciiinir, winch is expressed 111 the I'rei (ling I. lt( r, but 1 lileil illl no tloul.l that it is much superior to any which has yet to en introduced among us. It was not without much In sitation that I ac - iiircd coi.fidcnce eeougliiii your proposals attenng us they were, to commit to you the tuit'on of tw o boys. My reliant v on your pro fessioiis was amply repaid by the rapid im provement, wh eh, although it hail not exceeded that of your nth. r scholars, most surpassed my most sanguine anticipations. .Sincerely, therefore, do I wish you better success than you have yet had in New - Yoik, not merely for your own sake, but Irom a perfusion, thai mi lt 1 ore general, your mode of instruction shall Ii conic, the more it will be approved of, us it cannot hut I'rvaUy diminish tin lahprnnd time have been heretofore employed in the acquisition of a good hand. lam, sir, Willi great respect, your oln dint servant II. LI v l.vtio I ti.S. my I In an tout: TU Lt.T. No. 434 Pearl - strict, between Clint - bain and lian' k' - r - stieel's, a li st rate stand lor the wholesale and retail dry good business. l' 1 - sessioii can be had immediately. Apply as a - boe. mv I 2t law jinutiAr;. tffjft Two offices in Law Liuildiug. No. 3, to Aiajjbo rented fiom Ihe first of - Uay next. Apply at No 69 Uroadway. ap 27 lw A PART. Lit. WAN 1 i - .D. A MAN that has about 5,000 d . liars, wishes a lull tier, 1 1 commence s' - me sale lu ra - live bu - niiesr. Address to N U. at this olli. e with real name and capital. A single, man would be preferred. my I 31 'I'WOor three gentlemen of steady habits, 1 can be aec'imiiiodated with board in a very pleasant and healthy situation. 'Terms moderate. Enquire at No 74 Chamber stieet. may 1 4t .D.W7.I I 'PAX M'HOO,. M AMI AT IV N Female School is at Greenwich - street : Male e'ebool, 191 148 CharasV'T - st rcet. In these school" aro taught Ml the branches whicli constitute a useful and finished education. We forbear to descend to particulars ; to offer recommendations, or to mike great promi - a - .s. Oiii patrons are left to judge of the modes of iiitructioii both mural and irteiitfict by tlie improvement of the scholars. A Llit'KT PICKET. ap 29 JOII.Y IV. riCK - T. ""IKK a - .MEitCEIN, 22 Wnli itreet. have V just received and put so press, OH.S..RVATI()N'S On Lord Ilathurst's Spree h in the House of Pet rs, on the 18th March. 1817, addretsnd by MAroi.rosj i - t Lord Liverpool, 011 the 7thdny ofOi tolier, 1817. " I approve, these observations I desire that they may be placet! bciore tbe eyes of the sovereign and the people of Englund. (Sicned) NAPOLEON. LonL'W eoil. yib October. 1817." Also, Mandeville, the 4lh and last volume, by 181:1m t'adwin. npv'J FOR fcALE. A N e - V cant tig Horse, trots fast. To be seen Z.V at sluwleys Livery Stable, John street, my I lw Litl'()tU 1 TOS PHOI' fT. TIO HE leased nl public auction, m Wednes 1 day nt - xt.t'ie li'h iust. at the City Hall, 12 ovioe h. I'.vo mis 01 mint ai nrooirjii.K'iair, ...... 29 and 30, ( ontainit g 10 acres imd SHiches, ,'wee - ii Uie ulh ui.d 9Hi avenues, and 03d and 65th streets ; the rent payable quarterly. A niapof the premis. s may seen, arid mr trpaiticulars kiu.v.11, at the Comptroller s of - tberin bee, City Hall. my I Ms ri iu.mui' HKk r I. V. (jj - This boat will mm - CI - tn' uce running between New iriy .Yirk and VewhurRb, on - J - iscWj Tuesday, the 14lh April. - - .v. - w - York every Tuesday, 1 l.urs - .i - y and r - altirdsy, at 9 A. M and .Sewhurgh on Midday, W ediiescay and Friday, al 8 A. al. ap II tinlt!i Philanthropic Haei'H. Xf The members ol the Hrnuh l'bilanthro - recfcexie - 'y are hereby notnie.i, inwitnconse - iaer, e of Mr. Lacy being about lo remove from t. John's Man, r nuimori - sireee, uie meeiings ui'.it. y win iu iuiui c or iir.i m ,,ir. iiou - - . .... , . . . tiDsou'e, s.riaK - - peare I iolel, corner o! t ulloaand Na lau - strcrts, where they are requested to at lead nn Monday next, 4th of May. The cLair will he taken at 8 o'clock precisely, liy order i f tlie society, my 1 J. DAVIS, president. PrJBLTC SALES, By MILLS, Ml V iOJf Jfe CO. Monday, . Half past IX o'clock, at their auction room, a large and valuable assortment of French and . English dry goods, among which aie, rich sl gured satin and Uriels r.bhons in sarniture. high changeable, green and levantinea, , double florrnces, thulle Lxe, irory and wood stuk fans, black tioreiitine v. sii.'g, bandanno hdkfs. white cotton bote, cotton umbrellas, linen bedtick, huckaback, towelling, steam loom shirtings, health rugs, assorted cloths, cassimcres, cords, 1 trunk mens best round seam wo idstock gloves assorted colors, and a number of other articles. Wednesd'ey, At 1 1 o'clock, in front nl their store, 200 demi johns of old L. P. Trneriffe wine having laid for some years in the West - Indies, it has acquired a fiua nut flavor. Twenty boxes Claret wine, of superior quality.! .V.tHHi.t. tOH HULblXU, at. FWy 1 1 E proprietors of the southern marbla qua JL rics, ne ar King's - llridge, give notice, that they have 00 hand, and are receiving, at tuts A'l - igV Bridge Marble mid Lime - lard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stoc k of marble lor building, of tbe following descriptions, vis : Ashlar I Coping Waterfalls Foundation Stone Steps Chimney - Pieces Platforms Facings Sills, Lintels Columus Arches Also Lime of the nest quality. fT - " A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA Ll'DLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. IUAK (tf JNFIf 1 KA'. ffj The i'loi kliolders are requested to meet ai the bank on Tuesday the 12'h of May next, to choose thirteen director for the ensuing y ear. 'The poll will e opened at eleven o'clock: and close at three o'clock. lly order of the board of directors, CHAS. W ILKES, Cshr. np ?3 tMav 12 Mock and Exchange IJfice. rXjJ The sul st riders have loiuird a co - psrt - ner. - liip, as stock and exchange brokers, under the firm of I tavenport & Cainmanu Olfice No. 27 Wall - street. Jonn A. Darenport, Hairy I. Cammann. Govrrnmcnt and state stocks, corporation stiM k, bank and imuraace stoc ks, purchased and - old on commission. 'The various dank notes, not current at the banks, puichasrd at a small discount. Prcmii:ui paid for Spatiieh dollars. np29 lw Daren port k Cammann. oka nnio 07' MR. k MRS PARDPS Oratorio will take pLce on Tuesday next, the 5th May. in the French Episcopal Church, situate in Pine - street, under the direction of this gentleman, assisted by un Amu ienn Young Lady, and at gentleman, both 1 1 into kuhic for their musical pouers, who w ill sing the two celebrated pieces composed by Mr. Pair, the music master of the King of France, and selected fi omnia Oialoi 10. entitled the Ualvary. - or JVagaaien at iic fiiuloftltt Cross, and St. i'tltr'e Teun. Mrs. t'ardiewill sinir a niece ail spied toner voice, composed for tlie occasion, by Mr. Mo - ran. Mr Tai die. and other Artists ami Aniateura, will sing some beautiful pieces, which will be made known hereafter. ap 29 5t ISO I ICE. (rf7 - The 1 o - parim rstun of A H. Laurence) V. Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The tiiiseltled business nf the concern will be attended to hv A H.LsureiKH A. II. LAURENCE, A. it. LAURENCE, I JNO JJENbON, The business will be continued, after Ihe 1st of May next, by A. If. Laurence aud A N. Laurence und'i ll.e old firm of A. II. LAUREiSCK At CO at No. 28 Wilham - street, opposite the Post Office. New York, 30th April, 1818. up 30 6j P3r"Tlie annual met ling ol the Free School society of .Sew - York, will be held at the Trustees Room in Chatham stn et, on second - dar (Monday) next, at 1 1 o'clock A. M. Tbe poll lor th election ol Tru - tees lor thn ensuin; year, willope - n at Iti 'nit close at Ito'clork. Hv order. LINDLEY MLRRAY.Sec'ry. 4 limo Ml 3t J - Jj - A slated me eting of Ihe Trustees ol Co - liimbia College will be held on Monday next, the) 4th of May, nt 10 o'clock, A. M. in Ihe college. CLEMENT C. MOORE, Clerk. np30 3t (7 - oIm (1 is hereby Riven to llie stockholders ol Ihu West Chester 'Turnpike Road Company, that nn election will he held on the third Monday ofMnv next, t ten o'clock id the lore - noon, nt the house of David Wood. Inn Keeper, nt Mamnrnnock, for the purpose of choosing thirteen Directors for (he said company. up 30 'The Directors of the New - York limitation lor the instruction of the deaf aud dumb, oa - nMMice to the public that il will be opened oa the second Monday of May next, under the ssj - ierin(ciidatice ol the Htvd. A.O Stansbnry. Applications fur admission are requested to be at the institution, corner of Chatham and Chamber s'rerta, or nt No. 10 Pine - street. JOHN B. ROMEYN, 1st Vice Pres't. JOHN U.SCOTT, Sec'ry. Those erons who have rubsrription papers in their hnnds, are reipn slid tn return them to the 1'reasurcr, as soon as they have executed what appears tu tin in to, be their duty. up IV) fry The Subscribers have formed a coonexiea iu the wholesale grocery and coinmi sion business, under the linn of I'almer t Satdler, at 104 Frout street. JOoEPH PALMER, my I 3t WILLIAM S. PAIPLFR. frt - NOTI E is berel.r given 10 the stock - bold, rs ofthe Associates of Ihe Jersey Company, that a dividend has been declared 01 two dollais prr share on the capital stock ol tbe tompany, win - h will In paid oa tlie lilh instant, at No. IK I Uroadway. HARRY CALDWELL, Treasurer. my I 3w - COPARTNERSHIP. IVillian tl. H' - btnum, CharU Tmeru ("f llie late firm ol llon - s ti I own.) and John nensm. flute ol tbe firm of A. 11. Lawreoae Ii Co ) have connected themselves in business, aa Mora and r.xriiange oroaers, ai no. 4 - 1 wan - street, under the firm of KOBISO.I, lUWJ ot BLJiSU. my 1 lw ' MARINE ls. - U0.ANCE. 0 The Office of tlie Uni n Insurance Com pany, is now oevn. at No. 06 W all - street, and applications for Marine Risks ill be received from 10 o'clock A. M. to 3 P. M. n.y 1 2w til G.Atirilr.L L LEvMa hntme e.iered into partnership with his brotla - r HORATIO G. LEWIS, the coiumissiou busimss will be con tinued under tbe frrool tS.U IL LEWI3. New Y ork, lit May, 1818. leABmi - .l. I.. LF.WI3. mvl lw HORA TIO G. LEWIS. ilf MR. VA.xDEhLiN r - pvi(aUj re - lK.. eemilomr - n wIm, slibr - nbed oo hun dred doll irs each to bis panorama eslaM - shaveet now building, to meet at the City - Hel, to - morrow evening, at half past 7 o'clock for the por - posc of appointing trustees, afrceably to the pro - I ITl - ni. v w j.. w - e 1 e . - , ' ': K l' i.'t .. - .'. I i. V, i ! H X:

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