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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, May 2, 1818
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km iinla mania v UU KL entitled M Ait w i ia rev uiaU the collaclioa of luties oo tm pert and uinage," passed th second day of Marco, 0t AXluuiAoa una buuuicu auu uiu. IS it enacted by tho senate and home of re - prtseataUvet of the Uoi ed Suite of America in i - . i r . - r. . l. congress auenDira, i nat, irou sou ur uu patting of this act, uo goods, wares, or merr.nan daw. imported into the United Males, aid tub' ject to an ad valorem duty, thall be admitted to ex - try with the collector of the dulrict into which toe tune are brought, uqIom ine owoe,, oo - tit - nee. or other impoit r ofiuch goods, wares, or aitrthaiidise, thall produce tn tucb collector the invoice thereof; but the tame mall m eep.itit. - d, and remain, in the public warenoute, al .he . - ipenc and ritk of the owner of sucsh good, wart - , or merchandise, nntil tuch invoice be pro duced : frond d, however, I nat in an cases i where tach goods, waree, or msrcbandiie, ih .1) have been imported from a port or piace ouuu - aide the Cape eruood l lope, u tucn invoice or w - voices be not produced in six months, aud from the Cape of Good Hope, or any port or piace beyond the tame, within nine month! from the time ofeucb importation, then the taid goods, ware, or merchandise, thai! be appraised, and the duties estimated thereon, in the manner kereinatter directed : And provided always 'I'bat tbit prohibition thall nut extend to turn goods, war ci, or merchandise, at shall have been taken from a wreck. ' Sec. 1. And be it furtfier enacted, That the tecrelary ofthetreaturyTx), and it hereby, authorised and empowered, if, inliit Judgmeut, the Circumstances und - r which such goods, waret or merchandise, ahull have been imjiorted, or any other circamstaui es connected therewith, reader it expedient, to direct the collector in whose . district inch g - iods, wares, or merctnujdise, may be, to admit Uie tame to entry, on an appraisement duly madelhereof, in the manner hereinafter prescribed! Provided, the ownor, agent, consignee, or importer, of tucb goods, wares, or merchandie, thall flrst pre bond, with lulhcieut sureties, to the United "Hates, to produce totuch collector the invoice of such roods, warts, or merchandise, within eight months, if tbo same were im,ortcd from any port or place on this tide the Cape of Good H ip, and within fifteen months, if from the Cape ol Good Hope, or port or place beyond the same, and to pay any amount ofduty to whirh it thall appear, rv tucn invoice, the taid goods, wares, or merchandise, were sub ject, over and above the amount ol dutiet etti mated on the said appraisement. Sec. 3. .tod be it further enacted, That when an entry shall be made with any collector, of any good", wares, or merchandise, imported into the Coiled Mutes, and suDiecl to au ad valorem duty, the person making tucb eutry thall, if he be owner of such goods, wares, or merchandise, declare the tame oo oath, and ifhebenot the wner, shall declare oo oath the name and resi dence of the ownerol'tuch good, wares, or merchandise. Sec. 4. And be It further enacted, That the ad valorem ratet ,of duty upon goods, ware, and merchandise, thall be estimated by adding twenty per rent, to the actual cost thereof, il imported from the Cape of Good Hope, or from any island, port, or place beyond tho tame, and ten per cent, on the actual cost thereof, if imported from any other place or country, inclu ding all charges, except commissions, outside packages, and insurance. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That, in addition to the oath now required by law to lie taken by my owner, consignee,' agent, or importer, on the eutry of any goods, wares, or merchandise, imported into the United Mates, tuch owner, commute, agent, or importer, shall, on the entry of any goods, wares, or due, to imported, ami subject to au ad valorem duty, de lure on oath that the invoice prodncd ' by him exhibit the true value of such goods., wares, or merchandise, in their actual slat a ol mauulacture, at the place from which the torn'. were imported. Sec. 6. 'And be it further enacted, That when roods, wares, or merchandise imported into the United States, subject to an ad valorem duty, thall be consigned to any person, to be entered by mm, and to be delivered to order, to any other person, tucb goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be deposited aud remain in the public warehouse, at the expuuse and risk of the owner, until tbe person authorised to receive them thall appear aud make the additional oath required by the fifth lection of Ibis act, or (if tUth person shall not reside at the place of such importation) until the invoice of tuch good", wares, and merchmdiio, accompanied by a notarial act of his having taken the taid oatli, shall be produced to the collector in whose district f uch goods, wares, or merchandise, may be : Provided, That, if the proviiiout of this section thall not be complied with in four months from the time of tho importation of such giods, wares, cr merchandise, the same htdl he subject to the appraisement required by this ucl. Sec. 7. And be it fu ther enacted, That when goods, wares, or merchandise, imported, and subject to duty as aforesaid, shall be re - khipped and transported coastwise, fiom one district to another, in the packages in which the same were imported, an invoxe, or a copy of such invoice, vei ified by the addit onal oath required by the fifth section of this act, and ceitified under the official seal of the collec tor with whom the entry on the importation of such fr"ods, waies.or mere andise, was made, shall be produced at the port to which the same shall be transported, and the same in - p tiotiofsiich goods, wart., or merchandise, shall be made, at if they had been brought direct from a f iroijpi pj. t or place ; and if the invoice, verihcd as alon said, 'hall uut be :o produced, tuch good - , wares or merchandize, shall be deposited and remain iu the public wai - ehou - i. - at the expense and risk nl tho owner thoirof, uulil the invoice, verified and certified in tlw manner above required, shall bo produced; and gttfvls, wares or merchandize, imioitcd and suh - jei t to duty at afotesaid, may be transport! - d cat? t wise, to one or wore diitricts withai the I . Slates. Sec. 8. And be it further enacted. Tint any goods, waret or mercjbandute, imported and subject to duty at aforesaid, and belonging to a person or persons residing, and at the lime ol such importation, being ou tot the Lotted Mates, shall not be admitted to entry, after tix month' from the passage of this act, and if impelled from a port or place oil this tide the Cape of liood ll.ipe, or after fifteen months imni thr aa;e thereof, if imported from the Cape of liood Hope, or any port brymid the tame, unless the invoice of such s.kkIs, waret or men haudize, shll be verified in tbe manner require.! by the fiOh section of this act, lie lure the consul of the United Mates at the poit at which the taid goods wares or merchandize, were shipped, or licfc.r a of tin. United .Vatet io the country in Which the aid p;.rl ii.ay te; aud tuch owner or owners fhall lurthcr d - c iare ou oatti, whether he or they are the. m nu:a turer., m or inpart,offurhs,,l,. wv or m. - .. or are concertitd. due - tly or imhrec tlv, m the profits of any art or trade by which they have b,.rn bmusht to their pre - . !.tsla'ef mimil tare aud if so, he or they h ill lui her swear, ih ,t the pnret charged in V,r, - .id invoice are tli: carreni value r.rt!ir me, at i.e i.lveot Tpi.i.uV i.iuiur - , ai a mm II a lie oi tiny would h. - e re aiiff h i t !eD there sold in the u. sqalco'irseof In.t. : Pro d. - .l, that if il,.r no consul of the I'oited Stass in O r o int v from whence the - hi; - tee it . j ,U1 h fivl.. wir - 's or mcixha i'l.ze. is n.ide, 'he o i!h her - by re quired .hd! I mad , f ie a uotrv p jt vl other . - rfi r duly aiiil - . vtrJ to - id inni'1 r oath', who - - .lE ral h' r 'er .IhII l e s - t,rj:v Co. - n: ,UH - M.nn ,, lmie , nm;,v ,;h tt(e tailed S'tatet, if ibcm be olc iu tuch count ry. . - . - I' See 9. And be H further enacted, That, for the appraisement of goods, wares, or nierchan - dixe. required by thu act, or by any other act conceniinf imports and tonni - ige. the President ot me iviuiea buics, oy tuiu, i and consent of the Senate, shall appoint in each of the ports of Boston, New - York, Philadelphia, Baltimore. Charleston, and New - OrUans, two persons well qualified to peiform that dutv.on the part of the United States, who be. fore they enter thereon, shall severally make oath diligently and faithfully to intpect and examine such foods, wares or merchandize, at the collector may direct, and truly to report, to the best of their knowledge and belief, the true value thereof when purchased, at the place or placet from whence the tame were imported ; and, when any appraisement it to be made in the said principal ports, the two appraisers to auDoiuted therein, together with a respectable resident merchant, chosen by the party in interest, and swom io like manner, to examine and report, thail make tuch appraisement, the said merchant having alto made oath that he hat no direct or indirect interett in the case ; but when any appraisement is to be made in ports other than those above named, two respectable resi dent merchants, selected by the collector, te aether with a retpectable merchant, chosen by the party in interest, who that! have tevr.rally taken the oaths required by tbit section, shall be tbe appraisers : Provided, That in any case where the party in iuterett thall decline or neglect to choose a respectable resident merchant t - i join in tuch appraisement, the collector shall make the selection necestaiy to the due execution of this act, and the appraisement so made by them, or a majority of them, shall be valid and eflec tual in law ; and the Secretary of the Treasury shtll have authority to direct the appraiser! fur any collection district to attend .ny other district for the purpose of appraising any goods, wares, or merchandi - c, imparled Iheiem; and for such service they shall, rcspectivelv, recciie at the rate of five dollars a day whil't engaged therein, mid at the rato ol lire dollars for everi twenty - five miles in going to, and returning from uch di.'trict t which shall form ao part of the salary provided tor by this act. W nd the president of the United Mates is hereby authorized, in the recess of the senate, to appoint the appraiser! of the raid ports, which appointments hall continue in force until tbe end of the next session of congress. Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That any merchant who thall be chojen by the collector, or by the party in interest, to make aoy appraisement required under this act, or uuJer any o ther act respecting imparts and tonnage, and who shall, after due notice of tuch choice ha been (riven, decline or neglect to assist at tucb appraisement, thall be tubject to a fine of not more than fifty dollars, and to the costs of prosecution in any court of the United States hav ing cognizance of the same. acc. II. And hn it lurtlier enacted, That whenHver, in the opinion ol the collector, there thall bo jus t grounds to tuscct (hat goods, waret or merchandise, subject to an ad va!o:eui dutv. uud imported into Ins district, have been invoi cud below the true value of tuch eoods, wares. or merchandise, in their actuid ttatu of manufacture, at tin - place from which thev were iiinmrl ed, such collector shall direct thu tame to be up praised in the manner preserved by the ninth section of this n t : and if the value at which the same shall U! appraised, thall exceed, hy twen - y live per centum, (lie invoice p. ices thereof, hen, in addition to the ten or twenty Per cent um, at the case may be, laid upon correct and r( L'cilar Invoices according to law, there shall be added liliyper cent, on the cppraitcd value ; oo which aggregate uniount. the dutiet ou such goods, wurct or merchandise, shall he cttioia tear bee. 12. And be it further nmcled. That in all caws where the appraised value of any goods, wares, or nierrtiaiiilisr, appraise I under thiswvr .tuy oilier tit 1 1:0111 truing iiupoiis mid loimajre, shall exceed, by less limn ttvuity live per cent uin the invoice value tnereol. tuch upuratted va lue. shall he considered the true value: of such goods, wares or merchandise, upon which the nuiy is io ut esiiinnieu, witn ine uniiitiou oi turn per cent inn at it by law reouiicd : but in all ra ti t u here Ide appraised value thall he less than the invoice value, the duly shall be charged on the invoice value iu the same manner as it no appraisement had been made. eec. 13. And be it further enacted, Thut ant goods, wiTes, or merchandise, suhjm t to an ad valorem duty, und belonging to a person or ier - tout, rtsiding. and at the time ol the Importation thereof bung out of th ' United states, nud which thall he imported in the United f tales, hut for want ol the verification reouircd by the 8th seelioo of thit act not admitted to entry, thall be sulcct to the tume appraisement, and to tin same addition to ti.e appraised value, at are prescribed l.y the eleventh suction ol thit act, in the cae of fraudulent invoice!. See. 14. And be il further enacted, That one half of the duty accruing on the additioual fill) per centum, wliich may bo imposed on any goods, wares, or incichandise, in virtue of the eleventh section of this act, shall bo divided a - inoi' the cnMom - hou - c ofuceri of the port in winch such goods, TV are', or men handle, may he, in the manner prtscri'wd by the act, euti - lied, " an act to regulate tho duties on import! and tonnage," paired on llie second of . VI art h, one thou - au I seven hundred aud ninety - nine. Sec. 1j. And he it fuithcr ei:i.rt( d. That be fore any goods, wate, or men hau lhe, whali may be taken fmui any wreck, "hali be adiiiittcd to eutry, (ho same shall be appraised iu the manner prescribed by thr ninth section of this act ; and tho same proceedings shall alto be had, tf.'hrre a reduction of djties shall he claimed, ou iciiimit of damage which any goods, wares, or iiu'rluudie, imported into the United Mates, had have sustained in the course ol tho voyage, .Sec. 10. And be it fuillier enacted. That 'Ik expense' of appraisement made under this act, hall, in all cases, bo borne by the owner or owners ol the on. Is, wares, nr uierch indie, ap - praistd, rxeep: when the appraisement ordered under tho eleventh scf tion shall i.ol (iceed tin iuvikCe value nl - in h goody, wares, or nie.irhan - liisr, aud ftluie it shall t e made on SiKvIs iUti:i god by tho voyage; and cxci id, ul - o, when the goods, wared, or nieicli - e, appraued, shall nave uren lahcu ironi a wtecx: S'i r. 17. And be it furtln r cn:i ted, That each of ih? appiai'ers who may be appointed under the ninth si rti.ii) of this act, in the several port: therein uainid,' t x( eptin .(W - York, shall re ccive, as a rompi n - atinu lor ln sei ner ', ou - IhouMud five l.uudi'ed .lull ire per annum, and the appraisers fur the port ol Vi w - Vork shall receive each two thtoisiiid dollars per unuuni ; and (he merchants lii may act - a appraisers under (Ins act shatl rec eive lor their service, wlule employed on that dn'y. a c o:nprusatii',ii o live dollars per diem ; ntel the said sum il live dollars tcr dieni, for eac h of the appraisers (wlir - tin r olhcial Appraisers, or selected nirrcNn's hall bo paid to thr collector, by the utun r agc:it of the good", ware", "r nierclKjiler, ao raited by them, respectively, in ail ra - es '!c e uchownir or agent may lie liable to then pi n.e of ?ppr,iiement. before the d - iverv i l uch good", wares, or merchandi - e, liy the , ,. - 'tor. The mini torMinel, sh.ll be lorlh - wi h paid bv such collector io the appT.iers, aed tho amount so ;iaij to '.he oiFu ial appri.ors shall be iu pat satirf i tiou of lh ir s il u y. ice. lit. And l.e it fn tl - i r et'i'cted, I hat lor very er'fir - :C,i - :i nmde iwdre tin. :i t, bulare a roiiMil et fi I ijuj, ,1 'Htrs, such conoid sh ill b eini'l - d l'i di in - oid and receive (iotu the ;crao:i ui . ar.j :ti.; .B1,. (ie 0j Wv (l,ll:,r. V' - c. 1. Wild l. ,t further enacted, Tht ini.,v i rnc, cr merchandise, shad Im vbi.iMi d i , - ntrv ep - n inoice, Ih - 1 ro'.lectne ffliie fori in whiih the ,ame a - - - en'crNi t,:.!t certify tt - h i - ,u,i. n. - .d - r ni ..ffi. - jl ; mS n. of er ni.h iiee of the ralud of 'Ucho. - l - . w ire - , or m". h ii:di - e. shall be dmitt. ,1 o.. ! pa. - t flVn - n'i - . - osiu - thrr. - ot r. ,.! . - .. iri i i th If ,it, a slates, except in corroboratwn of lUuliiuvjke. Bee. 20. And be it further enacted, That any person or persons, who shall count erf tit any certificate or attestation made in pursuance of this act, or use - such certificate or atteta - the same to be counterfeit, shall. upon conviction, thereof, before any court of the United Mates, naving cognisance uic imf. he tdiiidced iruiltv of felon v. and b fin ed in a sum not exceeding tenMwusand ol - lartand imprisoned for a term not exceeding three vears. Sec. 31. And be it further enact d, That no discount ilmlt be allowed on am trocxls. Wares or merchandise, subject to advalorem duty, ad mitted to entry, unless the importer shall ex pressly state, on oatn or atnrmatinn, mat sucn discount has been actually and bona fide al lowed to the owner or owners of such goods, wares, or merchandise, in the payment made for the same. Sec. 22. And be it further enscted, That the collectors of the customs shall be required to cause at least one package at least out of every fif - ypackages.of every invoict of goods, wares, or mei chau - 1 isr. imported into their diiitrii ts, to be opened and examined, and if the same be found not to correspond with the invoice thereof, or to be falsely charged in such invoice, a full iiibpeclion ot all such goods ware, or merchandise, as may be included in the same entry, shall be made ; and it any package it found to contain any article not de scribed in the invoice, the whole package shall he forfeited, and in case such goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be subject to an ad valo rem duty, the same proceedings shall be had and the same penalties shali he incurred, as are p ovidnl in the eleventh tec lion of hi act : Provided. That nothing herein contained shall save from fu fedure any package having in it any articie not di sci ihed us the invoice. Sec. 23. And be it further enacted, That a - ny bond to the United Males entered itilcs fo - 'he pay mi in of dutie., hy a m, reliant hi lr.nir inir to a firm in the name of mic i lir.n - drill eci'iully hind the partner or p. rtncr.s in trade, of the person or persons by whom such bond shall have been executed. Sec 21 And be it further enacted, That in all cases of entry of uiei chatiili - .c for the benefit of drawback, the litnc ol tiien'y days shall be allowed from the date of ilie clearance ol the ship or vessel in which 'he Name shall be laden, fir riving the exportation bonds for the same : Provided, That tin - exporter shall, ir. every other particular, comply with the regulations and htrc'.olbie established for entries of expoi tation fur the benefit of drawback. Vcc. 25. And be it further enacted, That all penalties and forfeitures incurred by force of this act, shall be sued tor, recovered, distributed, and accounted for, in the manner prescri bed by the act, enti led " An act to regulate the collection of duties on imports and ton - uai'e," passed on the second day of March. one thousand seven hundred and ninety - nine, and may be militated or remitted in the manner prescribed by the act, entitled " An act to p. iivide loi mitigating nr remitting the forfeitures, penalties, and disabilities, accruing in certain cases therein mentioned," passed on the third day nf March, one thousand seven hundred and ninetv - aeven. Sec. - Jti And be it further enacted, That tins ac t shall continue in lotcc for the term ol two years from aud after the piasing thereof. 11. Cl.At, Speaker of the II .use of Repre' - utativcs. JOHN UA1L1,AKL, Tresidint of the . - euate pro tempore. April 20, 18 IB - Approved, J.Av - Ki MONROE. .Vf.lf - 1 .i.A tlh;d.V(i '. SA TUKUAY, MAY 2. We ro - publish this evening another of the di? criminating I ws pa sedatthe last seion of con gress, in aid of our commerce. We will ju;t obtervc, that we consider no measure of the government, since ill organization, more truly characteristic of a great and an intelligent and independent nation, than tbe lawt that have beeu recently passed for the protection of A merit au navigation. i The returns of tbo election are not yet com pleated, but enough it ascertained to enable us to say with certainty, that that section of the de mocratic party denominated, for distinction sake, the Marlhng men, have succeeded in their As - enibly ticket, und in a majority of wards, for charter oflicert. Panther. On Tuesday morning last, as tome fihernieii were proceeding to examine their set m ts in tlie Hudson River, a little way below the tounpf Mount Pleasant, uhnut thirty miles from New - York, they discoveted the body of a larie r.iniiitr turning near the nit pole, lu.ving every appearance of being r.;::cntly drowned in nt tempting to swim aiross the river, which is there about three miles wide It was bronchi to this c jty the time day,nnd prcseiitid tn Mr. ccudiler, the proprietor of the museum, who upon skin ning ihc carcase, am! opening the stomach, found in it tome lamb's flesh stilt umligoted, with : considerable piece of the skin, and fine wo"I ad It ( ring to it. The extreme fatness of the beast proved that lie had enjoyed mi excellent op - pctitt, und it is probable Out fur a considerable time past he had beto in the practice ot making bis supH r cn the bet uiiiM .ii the country at forded. His ohirct iu crossing the river mutt re main a sti ret : he probably n t t.itiati - d with the Rockland mutton, and was determined to vary his repast with the pigs and poultry of Wert (.better: he louad the river however much wi der linn his calculation, ami Ins aire nth failii him, be was overwhelmed with the way. t hclure any liien.l, if any tuch he had, cuuld come to his as.i.t.incc. We understand that the property known b th' iivne of the Bdtture, at New Orleans, Wliich b - s so long been in disycte betwe n Kward Li t iugston, esquire, and the corpoiation ot that c ity. is at l ist settled, hy the loruier telling to thr lal ter ,dl his title to the tuinc for the sum of 2aO,lJ0 77ire 77iani f)onri Rruard. We cheer fnl;y incrt the fiUowmg advertisement, hoping it may lead t the defection of the villains who ribbed the Partners and Mechanic! Bank, at Pittsburgh Erimrr nf thr Vilinini. The Farmers and M jidiamct Sintrol Pittsoiirgh, wat er.tcieJ on Vmi l.y nibt, the 6ih of A pul, aud ro'tiiel ot a iy large qoantuy ol its own u - tet, and abont J"KI io.lars iu gold and silver; it is ;.reumed t iai fd;e keys svrie mtde use of to piwure aJ - ni' tam e into the vault, as the doors w.t iouad U' lixkeJ in the morninj. it h the specie which w .i take'i 'here was a nnm'rof (rtiaua Id ice s, which were apparently struck at medal - 1 0'.s ; their V due was about 30 dollars a pcr a gold msslal weighiiii; 29 guineas, pres' nted to ' l. Morein, by Congress, for the battle oi ' ' 'PfcMs WM libewi't taken. Amrrjt the jnjtcs was a cue dollar Dayton note, altered to a fifty, and a Chilicothe, altered to fifty, and endowd vy Armor n ju.. . r rotw u - k; ronduct, there are very strong grounds of snspi - coo iwo penoov, WOO unu wru vi of them called himielf Dr. Pluymart, and the other H. fcmmons. riuyman is tmui and an inch high remarkably straight, slender, with dark hair ; he generally dressed in a fashionable ttyle, with a blue frock coat Emmoni it also tall, but tomewhat thinner in figure. Tbe putlic are requested to be on their guard o receiving notes of this bank, at it has, lor the present, ceased its operalioni, and at the cashier it able to identify a large proportion of the stolen notet. A reward of thru thousand dollari will be given tor the money, or 1000 lor the villains, il broujjht to trial. Pluymart rtated be intended visiting Petersburg!!, iu Virginia. MORGAN NEVILLE, Cotir. From the Baltimire Ameriran, April 30. From South America The schooner Platts - burg, Capt. Partliow, from Uueoos Ayres, came up from below last evening. Captain P. informs that on the 12th Kebroary, the Chilian government made a solemn declaration of independence, wliich the inhabitants of liucnoj Ayrct were preparing to celebrate, by illuminations &c. at tho time of his sailing. On the 1st March the American tominis - ioners had their first audience with the supreme direc tor, and were cordially received. The inhabitants generally were much elated by their arrival. Mr De Ko est came passenger in the Plattsburg, and has proceeded on to Washiulou with dispatches from the commissioners. Thit gcntlcmau came to this country at consul general of the U. Provinces of i'outh America. The political and military state of South America, hai varied but little lor many month! past, with the exception that Ihc army of royalists in ( 'hili, hat been augmented by reinforcements from Europe, and were again making offensive operation!, but nothing was feared from the results. Artigas still remained at his capital ol Purification, ai.d seem to bid defiance to all the Will Id. Tbe fallowing is translated from the Buenos Ay - ret Gazette, of Kib.ailth. X0T.1 HLK OCH KliK.XE. Vai TARAIS.O. The North Aoieriihn sloop of war Ontario, James Riddle, comuiuiider, sailed Irum - i w - Ycm the beginning ol September, nnd touched at iti azils - win net a Rusuan fruato was to sail, bearing passports from all the maritime nntum;, hpr voyage to he of three years duration She may be expected fcom day today. The American corvette tpoke the frigate Ven - ganzd on the tilth, when it wus proposed to let ner past cither to l.iruaorTalcahuaiia, to receive wood and water ; but they refused to let her go int. Valparaiso, saying (lie Royal orders lorbnl hit permitting the n'ock.ide to be broken. The American commander replied, that he would en (cr that il the royal rcmiuandf r had orders to pievent him, be hud orders to enter the port t f Valparaiso. I; so happened, that the next day the Ontario anchored in the harbor. The American captain represents the Venganza and the VeloZ to be in the wont condition, and thut it wat not until their negociatiout coumn need thai t1 ey began to charge their emit, to that he could easily have possessed hiuitt ll of both ol them. I he American corvette carries ?z carronudis of ii pound, and 2 long 18 pouiidirt, with a fine crew and officers. The commander of the English frigate Amphi on has to'd me, that he should put to sea in two or three days, if the Spanish men of war should make (heir appearance, to make them under stand (hat the bloc kade canoot bo continued, since they had permitted the Auiericau corvette t enter. Uated Valparaiso, Jan. 27th. 1813. The above is from the Governor at Valparaiso to the acting Director at St. Jago. From thi Dtrruierntit 1'rrt.i, May 1. . The following are extracts which we bav received ironi our correspondent al s;. l:n -'s. Thcv ire e the news at that island as it wat received day after day, until the 9th of April. St. Thomas, April 1. Ar'ived, a sch. from Ctiniana, and brings news, that the Independant general Marino attacked Caittpano (to windward of Cum.,iia) with his army, but was defeated with the loss ofkcteral hundred men ; it is said h s ptivale baggage fill into the hands of the Koya'ists, and his hat and uniform, Sic. were brought by said vessel to this port and are now on board. April 4. Arrived, a sch. from Porto Cavallu with a paper " signed Noticia sia exegcratinne," (Notice without exaggeration) stating that en Murillo, on the 18th March, near Villa do Ca - ra(2 days march fiom the city of Caraccas) attacked with 4000 regulars, the Independants under Bolivar about 4, - 500 men, inf.ntry ; and 1,iUO cav. - li y, and totally defeated them, with the loss of AOO, and took 7000 head of cattle, llolivar's secretary, kc. and slates it was by some said that llolivar is wounded, and others, that he is killed. April 6. Arrived, asc!i. from Laguira, the captain of informs, tnat on the ISUi March, a battle was fiMilit near Villa dc Caia , - in which Rolivar was dcteated, with the loss of 500 men his papers, baggage, 4.C. confirms the account that gen. Merino was defeated at the at tack he made with his detachment, consisting or aooui cut; men, on i arnpuno I leave it to you to believe of the foregoing as much as von think proper. I hmc cornered with many people here about the indep, n - dants in Vein zucia, and am strengthened in my opinion, that the 6'panlards will lose these beautiful provinces, und that the colon ici! people will finally get possession of them and their government. Apiir. It is confidently repotted here that admiral Brvon is n e - te - 1 by llolivar, and wdl pmba - bly lose his read. A great many adventurers from Europe, ouch as for ; erly f .tight in the Peninsula for tin - re - establishment of Verdi - ntnid. c. aud for the diliveranre of K'ance from Ihinaparte, luve joined llolivar to assist hint to deliver Vcuexiiela from Ferdinand (lliii the world goes ) April 9. This mornirijr arrived a schr. from Lafuira, with the oihui.,1 account oflhe w th the Royalists at Villa de Cob. the Indcpend'iii's are stated to hxv - been l.iOO cavalry and 2U0 infantry ; that tin y 1 sUdu nun in dead a d wound, d, be - des a number cf prisoners coming in momentarily. Morilln says in the official acc tint ina Gazette of Caiaccas, im.le. date of the 27th lilt, that several of Lis. ofT;c? s arc wounded, and an English Col. U.M.ncI killed om rortobeilo the l.i ac oiitits stale that the lii.lependauts in the .Vnilii Seas have landed it., in the te ntnrie of I'.r.aiiu snd have donr great damage to the Roy .lists P S An American frigate it i si. id has been seen off die south tide of At Domingo. From the Washington City Gai tie, April 30. The prcidint of th' - United Slates, n. are in - lonn d, will set out to - day foe a thorl vi - it to o vinia. From the Boston Daily Advertiser. April GO. The ship Union, liitclnnqfs, which ar - ived at this port yesterday li on Calcutta has bromjlit InUllienc - to January 2, nmch istrr than before .'errived e ve received, th tmgh Mr. Tcpl.tT, a file of papers t th, a - testcUte. They aie fi led with di - tai'a of mi - litary movements, v - lucli it is i n'ii. - i!,le t r us to notice, 1 1 a tlio, space, in an n:'e:'igible manner, on Account of the deulury ttaiure of the war. The MahrxtU war, tgainxt the Tea - ihwa, was considered as nearly terminated by the dispersion of tbe force of the Utter, but there it no intell gence from tbii quarter later man aireaay receivea nerc iram iwi""j' Holkar had taken tne neia w tuppon mc Peishwa. with a laree army, and a strong Bri tish force under Lieut. Cen. Hyslop, and Maj Gen. Malcolm proceeded against him. They brought nim to action Dec. 21, and completely def ated him. The British loss amounted to 400 or 500 men, and that of the enemy is stated at 3000 men, with all his artillery amount - to 40 pieces and baggage. Two victories had been also obtained over the Rajah of Nagpore who hail followed the example of Uie f tswa. un me lo.n oi uec. Gen. Uoveton defeated the Rajah, dispersed his army, took his whole artillery, nnd enter - ed Kairpore. Dec. 19. brig Gen. H.irdyman defeated another army of the Nagpore Itajah, near Jubqulport, and captured 4 pieces ot artillery. No decisive event had occurred in the expe dition against the P:tidarees. The main lorce was still employed in this quarter. It was reported about the 1st of January, that an army of JJirmahs was preparing to in - vaue the British territory on the iylliet frontier, and that 15,000 men were assembled. Some precautionary mcasui es wei e thought naccs - iary, but it was ascertain.! that this as sembling of men was occasioned by a dispute between two rival Rajahs, and that no hostili ty against the British were meditated. From the Charleston Courier. JS'eie system of ttachme Penmanship Those who have Irom curiosity, or other motives, visi ted the scene of instruction, have been equally Jelighled and astonished at the results of this new sydem, as taught by tbe Chevalier lr Spranh. The rapidity of Improvement is inconceivable to auy but the learner or spectator I he practical effects exhibit, better than any lescription, the hijrh merit and utility of thi - mode ot teaching this neecssar a ipiiremcnt. - The mo"t remarkable fact is, the shortness of time in which the whole praitice of an art is (aught, whiih formerly cost years in the acipii - j.ticn. The quick change, also, from the wont possible modo of baud writing to the test, surpasses eveiy thing of the sort of which it was possible to eutertain a conc eption. . It more ra mbles a consequence of magic, than any result of human art. It attests that the Chevaliers sys tem must he full of genius. We are, iu short, so much in the habit of see ing lessons in the art communicated alter tome considerable time and labour, that the present no thnd must be as fully entitled to the claim of originality, as to that of solid practical utility. A planol teaching, which, commencing with the learner, conducts him with so much ease, and after a few lessons only, to a complete knowledge of the practice oi writing ; and this - , not in the case merely of youu persons, hut of individual: whose muse les h ive become still or rigid with a jc, u wormy ol all commendation, as well as of general patronage. But, a was before sa"l, tbe solid utility and merit of the system, cati be t'e - tieen its practical results m those beatititul and various specimens it hs produced in tin pleasure of every learner, who has taken lessons of the Chevalier De Spraugh. PHILADELPHIA, May 1. On Thursday lnt, Chester Bailey, Esu. agenl for the mails, left this city, with Alexander and i Iare, in custody, lor Baltimore, where thev are o he tried for the robbery of the mail near lla - v ic de Grace. ' Fire! Last night, between 10 and 11 o'clock a fire broke out iu the stables at the corner ol Ilia k Hone alley and l.a'atia court, and before he lire could be got under, the stables were en - irely uonsumed, and the tavern occupied by Mr I oyle, and several other buildings reccivedcom - elerable injury. The roof of the range of stores on Black Horse alley, occupied by Me. - srs Lisle, vv eir A; t o. was several timet on fire, but by the exertions and activity displayed on this, as on all stmitar occasions, by our fire and hose companies, it was soon extinguished. SAVANNAH. April 2? 77ie erupt We hare teen a letter from May River, (b. C.) dated April 20, to a gentleman in this city, which stales, that, " The frost of last i'ght (Sunday night last,) has been a dreadful scourge to the cotton planter in this part of outh - Carolina. At far as the Euhaw I have :ieard that it has been equally fatal there tlit - veniug I have had three applications lor cotton - etd I am one of thik - e who have suffered 41 i' res of cotton of mine was up and putting out t ic third leal, yesterday, was fair and promising o day withered and blighted to its roots. I understand from a gentleman who resides near Ooo'jliali hie, that all the cotton io that neigh - Ihii Iio kI is killed, and that iu the vicinity of Eu - naw the inhabitants were visited with a most severe hail - storm, on Friday night last. The hail we, j 4 inches in circumference ; that three of 'hem filled a half pint tumbler; that wherever they struck the Pride of ludia tree, the bark was torn off. Coltou seed will be in great demand no question." We dread to hear from the interior of the country, for we fear thr frost has done great in jury, as vegetation was far advaucid. Cimcinrati, April 15. 77ie Vermont Pilgrims. On Saturday afternoon last these miserable looking men, women and children, passed through the skirts of this place, and encamped in the woods, about a mile from town. The Mayor and Counc 1, h - vinir authentic information of their affliction by the small - pox, and of their etreme filthl - ness, very wi.,i ly, bv a committee, requested them to pass by at as gr at a distance - from town as convenience wouid permit. I)ii; the whole of Stinnay ctn iosi y led columns of citizens and people from the ur - i minding' country to see them. The road from Cincinnati in the direction of these way - firing Pilgrims, was almost literally clioaked' with passengers, e - cli with anxious eye, press, i g fit - ward for a peep at the seat of filth. Pea - , however, returned with " bowels of compjs - s on" fur them. The society consists of abcu fo:ty.five persons, including children, of which there is a in - eat number. Their thedocical reason for thus wandering about the conn ry without a home, and without scarcely anv of the necessaries of life, was readily and wil - fVl c - V - n . ' it i imit :it mo - I rf nreti - A nl the ancient patriarchs and fjcx.d men of old,' say they Hut the basis of their religion, 'hey biemid unwilling to disclose. Perhaps they have been s; bdued and tie trescheiotu, - ly gnve. - iied b strong and natural iticlina'inn to hate every thing bordering upon indiul.t. It may not be. W e suspect it. 'i . ". i. .i .) . .: . .a i . .. . . . Many of them are interesting and handsome, and iniglit, perhaps, if separated the cloud ot n'lioi uiice and sttj.crsiition and mdolenc - tin t confines t!icm, become useful and honorable members of society. Reared up in their present situation we que - t ion tlitir usefulness to themselves, to society, or to God. They may, like their parents, excite curiosity anil contempt. H e could not learn, for it was unknown to tl - .em - . Ives, where tiieir t'avclhng will end. They bave takrn water passage iiei e, and it is v?iy probable we see them no more. - a source of no rerret. Capt. Drown, frsm the Isle of France, informs Jl.d about the 1st January, the British frigate - Vlagicieuue, C'a.'l. Purria, seized several vestelf under pit teuce of their having brou - bl ioto tbe xii'i.y pronibittd goods although pecial permits were granted bv the custom - home, and tbe j i article placed la the custom - house stora. Th. Rolla, of Baltimore, wax amoue the number zed, bat afterwards released. MARRIED, : At Franklin, Ohio, on Uie 13th Anril. v. George Baldwin De Peyxter, to Miss Belinda nuioun. On tbe 20th ult. in St. John's Church. Can... daigua, by tbe Revd. Hcury U. Ouderdonk William M'Crackan, Esq. of New - Haven. tA Tim maty u. jciunu, uaugmer oi ine late Jeremiah V. Jenkins, Esq. DIED, This morning, of a lingering illneis. Caotain Thomas Skinner, in tbe 64th year ol his a"e His friend - and acquaintance, and the member of the Marine Society, are respectfully invited (o attend his funeral to - morrow afternoon, from bis late residence No. 69 Spring - street. &rt:riJfti rtisr marws list CLEARED, Steam - Boat Connecticut, Bunker, N. Haven Ship Kiting States, bwinbtirn, favimiah Griswoldi k Coatet Fanny, Forman Greenock John Graham Cantoa Huntress, Mather Belle Savage, Russell, Wcodb'ne, Willet i H Smith Liverpool " nusscll 'ivaunah - NOrleans Bailey & Pui,e p... my Brig Cutnm' rcc, Daggett, uncaiis, suiiin, Schr Sandusky, Weeks, iicrrick Lively, Pierce, Hn.inn Sloop Aui' - rica, 'tinwnod, Portland Lord .Nelson, duller, Newport Patriot, Crosby, Nantucket William, Savery, Warcham. Herald, Chalher, Hartford Urban a Wa - hhurn. Urbana, Virginia, (eiieral Jackson, Shaw, II ait lord J.iv. Thompson, Norfolk hi'Donougti, Coit, New Loadoa J t: Hi J HIS FOBFMiuJ. British brig Amelia, Humphreys, 19 dayt rom Antigua, with rum, sugar and tuo lasses to R. Gillcpie. Sprite nc - lluiig. Schr ?al!v An i, Wotlitm, j davt from Rich - inond.,wilh tabaccoHnd llour io A Frceland, C. Dubois, G It I Mime, U M iklycrt, Trokes, Davidson 1 Co Wilton Si 'I hniiijisou, T Irvine, Smith, Ulanchard Si Cn, C Oakley & Brothers. Boorinun At Johnson. Pas'ei' in the river hound up, tchrt Thames an J Only Daughter, and sloop i iignm. sauen in ro witn a ong ana z tchrt bound to Boston. On Saturday, off Barueeat. spoke British tchr Caroline, from Jamaica, (or Ihiladcipiiia. The thip Rambler, hat arrived at Providence, ( R. I.) from Canton. 1HHIFKP LAST EVE IXC, , Ship Itauidalolelay, Brown, from Calcutta, and 95 days from Isle of I'rauee, with cotton, tugar, skins; kr. Io R. Lenox. Left at the latter place, ship Clinton, jiistnr. from N York; shipltollaChilds, for Baltimore in li days. Ship Fisher Ames, tailed on the Ulh Janfor Copenhaten. April 24, lal 36, Ion oi), esperienced n severe hurricane, tnetnoct suthlciily veering from S E. to N. W. stripped ills vessel of every tail that was set. The gale laticd 3 hours ; 3 sail were in sieht at the time, one of which, a ship of about 3d0 tons wat ennely dismasted. Next day spoke slier Cumberland, ii days Antigua for Philadelphia, had lost all her sails and some spars. Brig Adela, Kirilaud. 15 days fr. Havana, with molasses it fruit, to L. k C. De Forest. Left brigs Ann. Elclridce. Providence, uncer; Marv, Brew ster, for New Yolk, 2Jd April; Lucy, Shackl'ord, Boston 9; Friendship, Wardwell, for Bristol R. I. fust Aiud; Hope, O'Urvan, for New York, 24th April ; .Vptuiir, iNorris, eport 4, ; Sampsou. Henfield, for New Orleans lew clays ; Alonro, Brown, Savaiuuih, first wind; Olive - Brnnch, Kelly, Bristol do ; Perseverance, Miller, Newport, (i; Marv, Archer, uncer repairiut; ; Cliarlcs - and - Ellen, I ptno ; I'nllns, Paterson, Boston, uncr ; ships Commerce, Eveleth, for f - ew York, 26lb April ; htei hnif. Norton, one ; schrs Felix, Snge, N. London, 3 ; Zealous, Mi'.'.ev, uncer disci). ; ai4 Brig Mnrv, James, 5 days from WilmingtoD, N C. wild staves, to II. C Rossiter Seh Iris, CoResluill, (..') days fiom Pernanibuco, wilh sugar, molasses Hiid hides, toU. Cogeeshall, Vasques, .Meoroo & Cleemaii, and W. Farrell. Left, March 14, ship Sachem, lYunell, for Philad. Hirer.; brigs Rising Sun, Whitehead, for New - York, in 3 weeks ; Gen. Ward, t - a kett, tor do is ! weeks ; schr l.ouisn, M'Leod, of do. for liahia ; sloop Morning Star, Hii);hrs of Philadi I. uncer. SHil;e nothing. Schr Arabella, Godfrey, 21 d.tys from Porto Rico, with tugar, copper,' molasses nud fruit, to . lulhiran. Left brig Fair American, lor Portsmouth, N. H. in 10; brig Eagle, for Baltimore 10 Schr Union, Huhbrll, liidavs from Havana, wits molasses, nun, sugar and tobacco, to N. it D. Tal - c olt, J Bioindepee, Griswolds & Coates, L. il C. De Forest, and S. L. Shellon. Brig Alonxo, of Philad. sailed ill ro. Sloop Caty, Carpenter, 4 days from Havre - de - tirare, Md. with coal, to E. Smith - Apiil 28, off Chingotcasne, ioke sloop Uarslow, 6duyslfxn Portsmouth for Norfolk. ' Sloop ,ancy, Gramsby, 2 days from rhiladeV phia, with merchandize, to P. Griui, owner, J. Colvill ii Son, C. Oakley Brothers, Strong llnvens, Smith il Bailev , P. L J. S. CraJv, Dyer, Bremuer &i Co. A. G. Phelps, and others. Oil t up May, spoke sloop Kover.and schr. Jersey. The elegant new Parkel sloop Parn'on, (intcud - ed as a regular packet), 10 hours from New - Haven, with rum and molasses, to Shipman k Loru,J. Hunt, and the master. Sloop Eagle, Edunrds, 5 days from Boston. Sloop Victory, llawley, 6 days from B"n, with plaisteraiid merchandize, bound to Cattaill - BOSTON, April 29. Arrived, ship Unioo, Hitchii gs, 9S days from Calcutta. Lett at Calcutta, Jan. 12th, thip Holofern, Swett, for th coast of Coroniandel, Mauritius and Boston, U 3 or 4 days ; ships Columbus Robbim, of Plymouth, for Botlon in 7 dayt ; Gentoo, Osgood, of Salem, loading; brig Naiad, Preston, dodo. Spoke in the river, bound tip, Jan. 13lb, thiol Braganza. Newcomb, of N York, last from Ba - tavia ; Friendship, Pintl. last troro Penang ; 14th Et'ex Ju'iior, llinn.aii, from N York, Io0 dayt; brig Braraiu, Bat. helder, from Giu'W.'A1' ih.v t. Spoke, April 14th, lat 33 25, long 60 30, hrti Victory, of and lor iS Y ork, (rom CHARLESTON, April S4. Arrived, sloop Retriev, Norton, Matunzni, 16 dayt. Sailea in co. with schr Milo, Tohuan, (of Bath) for fl. York. Left at Matanxas, thip Gen Jackton, Taylor, for Enrojie, loading; brigs Pomona. Hedge, for Boston, to sail in 3 davt ; Cieopalra, r I r tr i as A t . x - hf i All earner, lor I rovmence, it, i in o aavs , cy t Vary, Clark, for Boston; in 6 or 7 dsy . " Sloop Express Hammett, Savannah Saw the U. S. brig Saranac, nt anchor off iy - bee. Tha Steam boat t:iiaj!cst&D, arrived at savannah on Thursday morning. . . Below thip Corsair. Sutto.l, from Sio'k. RtLTiwoar. April 30 Arrived sch Pllu1, burg, Ptrtiow 15 clays from Buenos Avres. Sailed in co. with the P. A, sch Tu,cIL cruize Left at Buenos Ayrcs. ship Wooarop, rwns cn uaiiimorc, loauing iosaii t - brig Co'umbus, of vYork, to sail neiit dsy v Chili; ship American, of Kennebunk, nc The ships Manhattan, and Augustus, of fje - York were lying in Etsituda. The ship ln' tis and brig Catharine, tailed in Feb. for l - York, THEATRE. On Saturday evening, May C, will be presented, ISABELLA, as - """" Isabella, ' M - Broe' To which will he added OSCAR ANDMALINA. cT?of Prii.hard .rL'. Mrs. Parker In the course of the Ballet, Mr. and Mra - ljf ker will introduce a Scotch Strathspey ani Highland Flins, accompaiuedon tbe Sooun Higt.lacd Bagpipe. .MrtA Pcrfonnance comajtneeat a qarT" seven o'clock.

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