The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 4, 1937 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
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Thursday, March 4, 1937
Page 15
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;MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 4 · 1937 FIFTEEN Mason City's Calendar Marcn 5.--Inter-church Christian Education institutes at Methodist church in Clear Lake. March 6--Monthly meeting U. C. T., People's Gas and Electric auditorium, 6:30 supper. March 8--Mason City school election. March 18-20--Convention of North Central division of Iowa State .Teachers association. March 16-17--High school operetta, "Vagabond King," to be given at school auditorium at 8 p. m. Here In Mason City A. F. rinucno, harbor shop, has been moved from 408 S. Fed. to 123'A S. Fed.--The old Chocolate. Shop. The Veterans of Foreign Wars will hold a fish fry at the V. F. W. hall on March 16. Ralph Wilson has been selected as the program chairman. It was announced that $5 prizes will be offered to tn: persons getting the highest scores in auction and contract bridge. Robert Hamilton, William Suter and Harrison Kohl, all of Mason City, have been' initiated into Chi Delta, local fraternity at Drake university, Des Moines, where they are students. Chi Delta, the oldest organization on the Drake campus, was founded in 1907. The fraternity went off the campus in June, 1334, but '.lie original charter is still held. The alumni chapter had charge of the banquet and initiation and pledging ceremonies whicit followed. Fifty alumni attended. F. K. Fockler of the Jefferson Transporation company was in Minneapolis Tuesday on business. Dies of Fractured Skull When Struck by Loading Basket DES MOINES, (/P)--Forest Trent, 25, died of a fractured skull wh^n a loading basket filled with dog food fell 18 feet striking him on the hjead. The.accident occurred at the General Laboratories, Inc., where Trent was employed; Company officials said the basket, weighing 300 pounds, reached the second floor when a hook to which it was attached gave way. McKinley Center Will * Hear Music by Pupils The McKinley community center, which is jointly sponsored by the McKinley P. T. A. and the Y. M. C. A,, will meet at 7:30 o'clock Friday evening. Musical numbers will be furnished by pupils of McKinley school with the program in charge of the teachers and Miss Marie Kober, principal. At the Hospitals Joe Speral, 222 Fifteenth street northeast, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Wednesday following treatment. Ardith Stevens, Plymouth, was admitted to the Park hospital Wednesday for treatment. Robert Kimbal, 421 Fifteenth street northwest, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Wednesday following treatment for injuries received in an automobile accident Nov. 26, 1936, Mrs. Ernest Carr, Clear Lake, was dismissed from the Park hospital Wednesday following a minor operation. - Martin John Faktor, 220'A First street southwest, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Thursday following a minor operation. Mrs. Sam Raizes, 908 Adams avenue northwest, was dismissed from the Parlc hospital Wednesday following treatment. Ole Halsne, Clear Lake, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Wednesday for treatment. Martin Monson, Rake, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Wednesday for treatment. James Armstrong, Clear Lake, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Wednesday for a major operation. Donald Houcrof.fer, 146 Fifteenth street northwest, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Wednesday for a major operation. Mrs. Harry Dunbar and i n f a n t daughter, 421 Fifteenth street northwest, were dismissed from the Mercy hospital Wednesday. Mrs. Clifford Pierce and infant son, 23'f Sixth street southwest, were dismissed from the Mercy hospital Thursday, FORBES RATES MASON CITY AS "SALES HIGH-SPOT SAFETY COUNCIL HAS 250 SIGNED UP AS MEMBERS Drive Continuing Among Business Institutions and Civic Groups. Something like 250 memberships for the CeiTo Gordo county safety council have been obtained thus far in the campaign, T. W. Vorhies, c h a i r m a n , announced Thursday. The drive was being continued among business institutions and civic organizations by representatives of the council. Among the largest bloeks turned in were 33 from the junior division of the Chamber of Commerce, 38 from the police department and 15 from Jacob E. Decker and Sons. Those wishing to join the council may make use of the following blank, which may be brought to the office of the safety council campaign in the First National bank building: APPLICATION FOR. MEMBERSHIP Cerro Gordo County Safety Council. (Chartered by Iowa State Safety Council) In making this application for membership in the Cerro- Gordo County Safety Council I understand that I will be binding myself to the following solemn pledge: 1. To d r i v e c a r e f u l l y and at reasonable speed. 2. To observe all traffic signals and slop signs. 3. To refrain f r n m passinc on hills. 4. To lake curves cautiously and on the right side, 5 To signal my intentions before lurn- tng or stopping, 6 To lake nothing for granted with regard lo the oilier rtriver, 1. To (jive strict attention to my d r i v - ing and to drive only when 'physic- a l l y and mentally fit. 8 To have my car inspected at icast twice a year for brakes, lights and other safety features. 9, To guard (he safely of all children . as J would t h a t of my own. 10 To look upon the safely of my passengers as my personal Irust and responsibility. ' I I . To be ns courteous En my car as I am in my home. 12 To obey all rules of safety In my home and at my work and as a pedestrian on the streets. "A H U M A N LIKE Is MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FEW SECONDS 1 MIGHT SAVE BY HURRYING" Sign Address Driver's license number WILLIAMS FINED $100 IN COURT Held on Reckless Driving Charge; Others Fined for Intoxication. Harold Williams, 2082 Carolina avenue northeast, was fined S100 and costs Thursday by Police Judge Morris Laird · on a charge of reckless driving. Williams was arrested by police at 3 o'clock Thursday morning at Twelfth street and South Federal avenue. James K. Fish, Atlantic, who was riding with Williams at the time of arrest, was fined SIO and costs on a charge of intoxication. Dan Coyle, Rockford, was fined 510 and costs on a similar charge. He was arrested at Eighth street and South Federal avenue at 1:30 o'clock Thursday morning. Raymond Di.xon Bennett, Leav- cnworth, Kans., and Russell Sage McAllister, local bell-hop, were each fined S25 and costs on charges of intoxication. McAllister was arrested at 2:20 o'clock Thursday morning in the business district and Bennett was taken from an incoming bus Wednesday morning. If Ruptured Cut This Out 'and mall it with name and address to W. 5. Rice, Inc., 3fi7W Main St., Adams N. Y. You will receive absolutely tree and no obligation a g e n u i n e battle of Lymphol and f u l l particulars of the amazing support with which L-ymphol is used for control of reducible Rupture t h a t is brine£nfi a nc\v case, comfort nnrJ freedom lo thousands who have suffered for years, No m a t t e r how bad the r u p t u r e , tf reducible, how long you h a v e hart it, or how hard tn hold; no matter how many kinds of trusses you have worn, Tct nothing prevent you from writing today. W h e t h e r you are lall and I h i n . short and Mo tit or have a larpn rupture, this marvelous s u p p o r t w i l l so lend In control Die ruptured parls t h a f j'oci should he as frc.f. to u-ork at. a n y occupation 35 t h o u g h you had n e v e r hecn rupuirert. T*l Ihta rombincd Method fnr red u c i b l e r u p t u r e w i t h o u t any moncv risk. W. S. nice. Inc.. 3fi7W' Main St'. Adams, Jtf- Y. Write today. 398 HELPED IN CERRO GORDO Age Assistance Commission Sent $5,953 for Month of January. Three hundred ninety-eight persons in Cerro Gordo county received assistance in January from the Iowa Old Age assistance commission. This totaled .?5,f)53, with an average of $14.96. For the slate, 157 applications were rejected with the largest number, 47, based on lack of citizenship. There were 7!) certificates canceled in January. Thirty- two of these wore because the applicants became inmates of an institution. Payments made in North Iowa counties for January were: Bremer 187 Butler Chickasaw . Clay Clayton . . . . Emmet . , , , Fayette Floyd Franklin , , , Hancock ... Hardin .... Howard . . . . Humboldt . Kossuth ... Mitchell ... Palo Alto .. Pncahonlas . Winnebago . Winneshiek Worth .219 .177 .152 .274 .10P. .353 ~246 .179 .127 .257 .151 .137 .225 . I f i 2 .Ififi .13(i .141 .Hfi . 7.-) Wright .' .'l85 2,665 3.12R 2,555 2,209 3,805 1,584 5,165 3,610 2,619 1,838 3,644 2,167 1,919 s.inn 2,319 2,365 1,5)58 2,022 2,125 1,033 2,693 $14.2!) 14.27 14.44 14.53 14.22 14.G7 14.39 14.G7 14.6i 14.47 14.18 14.35 14.01 14.IS 14.31 14.25 14.40 14.34 14.55 14.15 14.50 Mrs. Inez Kinney Tells of Trip Through Temple Ruin Kulkulcan Impresses Her Most of Group Near Uxmal, Yucatan. me romos were lound hidden in Mrs. Inez Kinney's description the interior, one on top of the oth- of her trip through the ruins of er ',, th " e tombs--the last appar- the temples at Uxmal, promised to P. ' y tne tomb of an emperor or Globe-Gazette readers in Wed- , gn P. nest - In this tomb were nesday's issue, is printed here be- £ou "°- 3 a " e ornaments, beads, etc., low--a vivid portrayal of the rem- ^ nd a Dea UU~ful vase of alabaster, n n n l c r\f an AmavT/^« r.;ir;i;v.,i: nn A shaft or tunnel leads from this nanls of an American civilization about which scientists have been ~ -~ -- ~* *-"·"*- **.m. u ^, able to determine relatively little: J. ome distance away. (Surprising, (Notable is the dateline on the t n e "umber of old, Mosaic, cerc- ieller. It was mailed in the Mex- mor » a l laws revealed here.) 'can capital last Monday and rr. , , ,, , ·eached the Globe-Gazette Thurs- A ] ? C "'" lc Is '.^orcil. day morning ) About three miles from this y B ' ETOUU is one called Old Chichen t-'J.*, and here are found quite a num- March 1, 1D37. her of small temples and several Amigos Queridos: quite large--among which is the You note the Mexican influence. Temple of the Three Lintels. Really believe that if I were to Three lintels over three doors are live here a year or two I should carved with hieroglyphics and the begin to talk and understand the entire building is most beautifully language. I get by but there is carved and sculptured. This temple so little need to use it, for every- was restored by Dr. Paul Martin where one finds someone who of the University of Chicago speaks English, there is very little The interior ot most of the opportunity-'to use the Spanish, temples was decorated by mural Mostly English is spoken as I paintings in colors--much of speak Spanish though some pro- which is now obliterated by time nounce very well an(i l h E elements. The colors ot i · 'L Iourth Sunday since red, green, blue, yellow and brown leaving Mason City: One spent in predominate. ihiri^M 63 " 5 ' l n'? inn Y u c a t a n anci Among the smaller temples of (his m Mexico City Came on from Old Chichen are the temples ot the Progreso on the Ward liner "Ori- Mestizos, (dedication said to be ^-^£-5.2 iliHiii In the zeal to uncover fresh facts, findings and opinions, concerning the mysterious inhabitants of the so-called Pre Columbian or Pre Historic eras, the business of writing has been neglected. I believe there was mention of a letter covering the experience among the ruins. One encouraging ;, ,,· , f e a t u r e of this experience may be i, e Oraclc ' Magician, etc., the getting some very nice views with N u n n c r yi the House of the Turtles, the little old Brownie No. 3. H lc .. Iious . e o£ lhe Dove s and the Kukulcan Most Impressive. The Temple of Kukalcan is probably the most impressive of- -- A fine legend is told of the though House of the Dwarf and the guides nr thn" iwViT, ».""·""Vu lhe dcclare that these old legends are der nVmori \,. f t T '" .V stl11 an influence among the na?l r ,u an , 1ed _ m t, clo £ e competitors tivcs. The steps up the pyramid to iu ~" "~~i «vv" · l fC , I Ch °w TM*TM°TM -- *··*"·-*· *-^'·'H vu mi a for the honor. The Temple ot Ku- kulcan is said to have been dedicated to the bearded, blond god (called Quetzalcoall in the Aztec) who visited the country, lauHht tv, i . - j V · ' the people a "better way of liv- 5 tepS IS a n n l d for !l dls ing," better methods of aericul- J??,TM' » the descent is "'most as lure, etc., and went away ptom"s- d ' mc ! lU as th = ascent. Once up ing to return. This tradition per- U 1 e , Vlew ls tremendous. Facing the sisted in the soul ot the Mayan TM a fr of the Dwarf is the great Aztec and Incan at the time of the ? uadra n6'e ot the Nunnery. To the Spanish conquest and persists to- on a n 'mmense terrace and day. Because of this t r a d i t i o n the p y ralrlid '. s .the palace of the . conquistadores met with little re sistance u n t i l it became apparent t h a t the famous leaders ........ n i v . inniiju^ iiitiucrii T " · " -- -..·- were not gods but human hcincs House of the Turtles. The Ball =,,.»,,-,,,,, ;,.. , .... .. . . f a Cou| . t js between the House of the Ct - * i v 1 1 U 4 1 I I I 1 1 U U l l l U j actuated by greed, cruelty and the intent to loot and plunder. This -*) ^i I H V . J T L W U I , LI lH itCQ J. 1CCL" the Plumed Serpent--the god of earth and sky " - - ..-- ~ jvmiiv, MI*; O U U I J I L U I U U reclining figure of Chac Mobl and the " - - - · -- J -vim- i l i V J V J l CIJll_i the Red Tiger and some are found in the museums .at IT " " Mexico City. In the above these figure^ bones t h o u g h t to t,. ,,,,,,,,, ul lll[;1 , priests or rulers. A great view of the surrounding country is had Temple [Magnificent. House of the Deer and the Osario or the House of Tombs, and a few less noteworthy. In the Temple of the Tombs were found hidden in tomb to the smaller cenote, Xtoloc, ers. The ruins at Uxmal are superb though little lias been done in the line of restoration. The tangle of jungle and debris has becn cleared away and some helps in getting about the ruins added. The principle ruins here are the governor's palace, the Palace of the Dwarf or Ball court. Legends Influence Natives. the Palace of the Dwarf are tseep, precarious and many. To climb them under the rnys of a tropical sun is a feat. A chain fastened to governor. A l i t t l e farther back is the Temple of the Doves and to the right nnd q u i t e near is the and the Uunnery. Alf conviction came too late to save tllese buildings · are exquisitely the nations from complete subjec- c arvcd and much is well pre- l l o n - served. The same gods arc dc- A m °ng many gotis, Kulkulcan P'cted, the story of the warriors (Quetzalcoall) became corrupted the priests, the rulers, the events, oy confusion and as time elapsed, CU M S nll l ceremonies are similar tlie white, bearded god became lo those of Chichen Il?.a'--with also the god of rain, Itzamna, who s'ight differences. It was in the is represented by the reclining fig- Palace of the Governor t h a i John "i!" 6 ' nT _ JM °° 1 ' t n e Red Tiger, L. Stevens lived when on his visit ' 2nt--the god of i n 1R'I2. His volumes are great the god of war, books to read. Archcoloffical Studies. Treasure Offerings. The light thrown on the riddle One negohates 91 steps up the of these truly marvelous civilizn- pyrarmd to the temple. Space will lions by archeologists is appreci- not permit a description of this able and growing. While there is temple or lhe many others. Hicr- somc conflict of opinion, the slorl oglyphics and carvings are multi- ics of these scientists are fasc'inat- nhrmMo I", , datc al ' e "ndeci- ing and e n l i g h t e n i n g . A good start ?irv in P 11C Pictl "' c h n s boc " m a t i c alld ^ nutlook en- n v r n m f r l ~ I n , a - , f n C r a l Way " Thc c °U'"'fi'"e. Merely a meager un- m h , p · , U ,' U °, VCr a n mnel- - ricrslanding reveals n making ar- moie ancient, temple and hcru tistic conception of desigir a tech- were found the sculptured reclin- nique marked by skill! grace and boaiil.y; a devotion to rlefail bordering on the i n f i n i t e , and the engineering and astronomical of knowledge surprising. Highways to three more cities near Uxmal are being constructed, and t h e country a b o u t Uxmal i: c l n t t e d ' debris. ruins of the ancient Americans to those of Rome, Greece and Egypt and the a r t i s t i c expression of from the Temple of Kulkulcan ii"~ ~"~ ,"·"","":" "'',' ··"··y" 11 "' La Via Sagarda, a rock ballasted ',"?," r '. re -^ (o " c P e ?P |es docs nol highway of perhaps a quarter of SU re 'i m «'e comparison, a mile, leads from this lempte to , hm ?, , u l ° the Sacred Well--the larger of the l s s Iwo Cenotes at Chichen Itxa 1 The urge to loll the legend of the Sacred Well must be curbed. Suffice to say that some of the f i n d i n g s from the well, substantiating thn story told by the natives, may be seen at the Pcabody museum, some sightseeing on of Mexico then on to California over the western Con Carinos, Inez Kinney. roule. Service Store Manager Back From Week's School John J. Thompson, m a n a g e r of cago. The Sacred Well is said to be more than a hundred fnet across, 70 feet down to the water u t nn . . ""!·«-. , j i t i i , ,,. i I I I M I I I J M H I , IllrlmlUUl Ol h 7 n ' d P G P ' Bm '" " 1C Gootlycar Service store at 121 v i n n = i 'n° Sl rlnw : vs ' sh ''ubbery, Delaware avenue northeast, has mes and the remains of a wall, returned from A k r o n , Ohio, when' » v » h°, ml : 1 ' cly Plcasinfi to the he attended a week's sales school eye but extremely impressive-- at the Goodyear Tire and R u b b e r i-ither awesome. The smaller Ce- company's factories, note is called Xtoloc. D u r i n g Ml .. Thompson's Akron visit he witnessed Goodyear's . V.i V .u ,·; L " B witnessed lioodye; B n',- c n j p l . a °. f th f Warriors is Life Guard lube demonstration in gnificent, having been restored which tires equipped with these the Carneg,.! foundation under lubes are driven down roadways the supervision of Ear] Morris, the tires purposely blown out by who has written some informing dynamite caps, exploded when the r,?r, i 'S| Cr % 2 , bo , oks on th!s car is doin S 65 m i l e s an llour a "d Ji n lhe Temple of the Jaguars, over, and the tube, instead of co- Ball Court, the Court of Pil- ing flat instantly as in an ordinary lars, the Market, the Temple ol Puncture or blowout, retains air Puro, the Temple of the Tables until the car can be brought to a are the more important of this s -ifc stop on lhe road. group. The city of Chiehen ItTM -s thought to date from the fourth FARM ROYS' BARRACKS :o the twelfth centuries. The con- Room accommodations for I Of) t r n l group consists of t h n Cnracnl short course men studenls at or Observatory, lhe Nunnery, the Michigan State college are pro- House of the Dark Writing, lhe videri in a new barracks, first Casa Colorada or the Red House, of its kind on the campus, which the House of the Panels, the opened this winter LOCAL BAND TO PLAY AT NORTH CENTRAL GROUP Minneapolis Symphony and Carleton Band Among Other Features. The Mason City high school band has been scheduled as one ot the outstanding musical organizations, together with the Minneapolis Symphony and the Carleton college symphonic band, to play at the North Central Music educators conference in Minneapolis. Carleton L. Stewart has becn engaged to speak on the program. Fifteen hundred music teachers and executives from 10 northwest and middle west states will assemble April 4 to 9, inclusive, for the sixth biennial meeting of the conference. They will attend concerts, choral festivals, and music clinics conducted by nationally famous band, orchestra and chorus leaders, hear and observe competitions, demonstrations and lectures, and participate in forum discussions of latest developments in music education technique. To Conduct Clinic. The conference registration will be drawn from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Presiding at the general sessions will be Mrs. Carol M., Pitts, director ol music in the Omaha, Nebraska, Central high school and president of the conference. The Minnesota Bandmasters' association will conduct its annual band and orchestra clinic in conjunction with the conference meeting. William Allen Abbot, director of the South high school band of Minneapolis, is association president. A high light of the convention program will be a special concert by the nationally known Minneapolis Symphony orchestra in Northrop Memorial auditorium on the University of Minnesota campus, Monday evening, April 5. Several other important convention activities will be in Northrop auditorium. On Sunday afternoon the opening day, a choir festival will lake place with several hundred members of Minneapolis and St. Paul church choirs singing under the direction ot Rupert Sircom, president of the Twin Cities Choirmasters' association. There also will be the North Central Choral festival, under the auspices ot thi North Central division ot the Nat i o n a l School Vocal association, the North Central high school solo singing competition, conducted by the National School Vocal association; and the band and orchestra concert on Friday night. To Hear Rands. Organizations which will be heard t h a t night will be the Mason City, Iowa, high school band, the Carlelon college symphonic band of Northfield, Minn., and a clinic orchestra composed of selected Minneapolis high school instrumentalists. This concert will be under the auspices of the Minnesota Bandmasters' association. Tuesday, A p r i l 6, will be St Paul day and Wednesday, Minneapolis day, w h e n teaching methods employed in the two cities w i l l be demonstrated in programs in the twin cities. Superintendent of Schools, Carroll R. Reed of Minneapolis is general c h a i r m a n of the convention committee, with, Superintendent P a u l S. Amindon of St. Paul associate general c h a i r m a n . T. P Giddmgs, director of music in the Minneapolis p u b l i c schools, and Miss M a t h i l d a Heck, director of music in the St. Paul schools, arc vice c h a i r m a n and associate vice c h a i r m a n , respectively. Asst. Supt Dean M. Schweickhard of Minneapolis, is directing chairman. lowever, the taxpayer must include in his gross income the rentals received. Your Federal Income Tax No. 22 Deductions for Contrl- hutions. The revenue act provides for "a reasonable allowance for the exhaustion, wear and tear of property used in the trade or business i n c l u d i n g a reasonable allowance lor obsolescence." For convenience, such allowance usually is referred to as depreciation Tn claiming a deduction for depreciation several f u n d a m e n t a l principles must be observed The deduction must be confined to property a c t u a l l y used in trade, business, profession, a n d to improvements on real property, other t h a n property used by the taxpayer ns his personal residence. Tn general, it applies | n the taxpayer's c a p i t a l assets--buildings machinery, etc.--the cost of which cannot be deducted as a business expense. A lawyer, docior, or other professional man may not charge off as a current expense the cost of a library user! wholly in his profession, this being a capital expenditure and the library a capital asset, but he may deduct an allowance for depreciation based upon the useful life of the library. If part of n professional man's residence is used by him /or office purposes, a proportionate amount of the depreciation sus- t a i n e d may be deducted, based generally on the ratio of the number of rooms used for such pur- nosrs to t h e l o t a ] n u m b e r of rooms in the building. The same principle applies if a taxpayer rents (o others a portion of bis residence. Under such conditions, Safety Talk Given by W. Earl Hall in News Flash at Cecil Appearing in the Iowa Wews Mashes which are showing at the -ecu through Friday, is W. Earl Jail, managing editor of the ^lobe-Gazette and president of the owa state Safety Council, who is ncluded because he was awarded _he C. I. T. foundation $500 award for the best safety editorial o! IDSfi. Mr. Hall is pictured and giving a safely talk. WHY THEY LIVE Bindweed roots, some of them 25 to 30 feet long, are a storehouse of food for the p l a n t . MAGAZINE RATES BUSINESS GAINS OVER LAST YEAR Community One of Best in United States, Says Periodical. Right now Mason City is one of the best places in the United States for concentrating sales efforts, for collections and other aggressive operations of business, according to the March 1 issue of Forhps Magazine. M:ison City is a sales high-spot, (he magazine says, or, rather, an i m p o r t a n t part of one of the five outstanding sales-spots in the 'Inited States today. Neighboring cities which are included in the same "spot" are Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, Springfield, Decatur, Aurora. Quincy, Moline, Bloomington, Champaign and Urbana, 111., Adrian, Detroit, Lansing, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, Mich., Gary and Hammond, Ind., Davenport, Dubuque and Muscatine. The four other high-spots center around Los Angeles, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Cleveland. All of these districts are chosen for special mention by Forbes because in them business is farther ahead of last year than in any other territories which contains 1,000,000 nr more population. For the territory which includes Mason City, the median gain over last year has recently been 3!) per cent. Other nations change their cabinets to get the government in proper working order, but Japan simply changes its diet. -- H a r t ford Couranl. HENRY FIELD Store Will Open in Mason City AT 211 NORTH FEDERAL AVE. Saturday, March 6 Commencing Saturday we w i l l have a Complete Line of F I E L D Seeds for Farmers, Garden and Flower Seeds, Nursery Stock, Baby Chicks, Poultry Supplies, and Feeds. We will have a Big Stock of Reliable Seeds. Buy Seed You Can Trust -- From Henry Field. Specials for Saturday Only RED CLOVER Fancy Iowa- Minnesota Grown Bushel .25 G e n u i n e A. B. Lyman's G R I M M Sealed Bags, Bushel Iowa-Nebraska GRIMM Top Grade, Per Bushel . .., .55 Sweet CLOVER While Blossom, Fancy, Bushel Easy Loading Facilities Here COME IN AND BUY YOUR GARDEN SEED EARLY Red Clover SUBSTITUTES FORMULA "D" K t l c l b l c fir Sl.r.ll pur anre G o v e r n - ment pr act i c e payments. Cuts (.ec-rt- i i i C r n s t , y e t p r a c t i c a l f o r r c j r u l a r r n l a l i n t i . 60 Ibs. per bu.. . $13.95 GOOD BUT CHEAP P e r m . i n r n l pal»rr, inly, 1 c J n v r r s and :i crassrs. K l i g l h l r . for SI per i r r e p a y m e n t s . So\v I b u s h e l I n ;P,j acrns. Priced, per bu. at only BUY MILLER BABY CHICKS THIS SEASON Hatched by one of the OLDEST and LARGEST Hatcheries in the UNITED STATES. All our BABY CHICKS are from IOWA and MISSOURI INSPECTED and BLOOD TESTED flocks. VISIT OUR STORE--SEE THESE BABY CHICKS We have the following Varieties of BABY CHICKS on display now. White, Barred and Buff Plymouth Rocks, Single Comb R. !. Reds, Buff Orpingtons, White Wyandottes, S. C. White Leghorns, New Hampshires and Heavy Assorted. HIGHEST QUALITY -- LOWEST PRICES DELIVERY now or any time you wish this season. POULTRY EQUIPMENT We also carry a full line of JAMESWAY BROODERS, FEEDERS and FOUNTAINS, also POULTRY FEEDS, and POULTRY REMEDIES. Make OUR STORE your HEADQUARTERS when ip Mason City. FIELD'S PRIVATE BLEND COFFEE Buy 4 Pounds for $1.00 and Get One Pound Free Saturday I don't care what kind of coffee you're using now and I don't care how expensive it is. I know you'll find my private blend has finer flavor, more aroma, is richer, more delicious and goes farther in every way. You can't lose anything on the deal by ordering 4 pounds right now. Yon write your own guarantee. I Want Every One of You Folks to Try My Private Blend! My private blend of coffee is made-to-order for me a n d my customers. Thousands of you already know its flavor and won't use any other kind. If you haven't tried it already, try 4 Ibs. r i g h t away--and you'll never "shop" for coffee again. NOTK: The ivomtn folk. Ijkt lhe ·I'lh. lack fnr maklnr loivrl*. aprnn*. ha(4 and hundred* tr cither mefu) tlihifi fnr the home. HENRY FIELD 21 1 North Federal Ave. Next Door North of Decker Bros. Sporring Goods Store Mason City, Iowa ·iV

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