The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 2, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1818
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- ai n f 1 .L? now 7.:: - JOil O Kis, of the following qualitie. ves - aotl fi Sh.dtou & .VilUamson, 8 hands, 1 2,3 44 ii r. i5 do George Kiptcher, i(W Jo John Eoders, H4doD.R.B. J, 2 1 i; it 8 8 1 1 1 1 ,2 tm 8 1 OOJew jdoH. Hughes A; to. do R. Cantor, 45 Uo T. O. Creivhaw, l do R. Pulton, 87 do J. U P. Labby. 8 8 C 19 1. Is It 2 I C, & lady's twi: ,t . . I If i!lMI Ol llti W.MJ ftl JoIl - ctaiT, a ' . . . 8, It hull ID. TolU SandfiSV ft. difcr - t number, byw U CORNELIUS DU BOIS, ' M; .36 Front - street. ' JToMES TtCii OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assoi tmeot of the lollowiu; - goods, T1l)'utfh and English Broom Uusttr, or Counter Bn'he Gunny Bags, Popes Head Crunih Brushe Bellows, fancy and common i Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mat Fails and Tub Wheel - Burrows Fine Wire Sieves iJn Hair - do Whip of every" description Seme, sowing, wrapping, haltiug arid bull I' wine Fish Linn Shot & Sadler Thread Dearborn's Eallun - cei, i.c. Hearth Untsties, lan - rt nnd romiumt Html do do Cloth do do do do Weaver do White Wash do Shoo Al Strltir.js do Paint and S.ih Tool Claud, 4,7, 8 row Furniluie Bru - hes Hone do Bed Cords, Clothes Liuel Sain Cordi, Trace R"l,e Wrriii!?ht and Cut V .... I Hr ,ila Which tltry will cell tvholesale or retail on liberal Uriw. CEBUA A CUMING, na!? 7ti Peirl - strset. 1 1 ' HI I K LEAD, AO.UA FORTIS, ic VV HMons Dry While Le.ul 5 ion White L - ad in oil, in 23 and 59 lb kegs 6 d ) Superior lied I .end Sheet Lead, 4 and 51 li ; yellow Black Paints P.itu While and Spanish Brown Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red. ALSO UN RAMI, 9 rates best Condon Aqu Forlis, ground stoppers 1 : ase Oil of Vitriol ; 1 case Spirits of Salts 1 or sa.'e by ATKINSONS A FLEMING, ap20 2w No. 167 IVarl street. Jf riKUIA I A IVH.1 L CO & t lMLilt. O I MiJ ohl Virginia tobacco 55 ilo new crop do Uo CO bids fine (lour 15 du middling do. For sale by V i - QUKi, MF.URON & CLF.F.MAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 WaEhinft.n - M. llUSlEHi; tL.iXtLt Pl.a,Kc. MEN'S and women's cotton jtocUitigj A few tales superQuo while flonuel, very wiilu do lo . red and yellow uo Berlin ami military cords (Irern tb!e cover's, different siiei Uoit 1ami!ou pin 3 I 4, 4 l - 'i, j mill iius, I I i r I ilk I I'H, I - . .IIIU I iWiiuiuin; pins and short whites White chapel needles, :if orttd ' Bran wire No. 2 1 and ij Card wire No. 27 awl 32 . Hooks auJ eyc Thimhlos .ilso mi luind, Engluh looking (jlaa plate", nnsilvereJ For sals bf ATKINSONS 4i FLF..VUNG, ap2l) 3w 167 Fearl - st. J (JHN ABRM. W1LLINK it CO. olTer for sale 35 cases superior Bengal Indigo Several casks smalls, particularly desirable' for bleachers and paper tuakers ' 4 casks hardware A few bales cassimeres and shalloon's, shawls, spit) i'bAs l'EKOF PARlij M ANUFACTORY, At the foot of Unrrison - street, North - lliver IXTIIERK manufactured fluster, forrorni - V V .es and other purjxes, may be bad. warranted of the first quality, at one dollar and Itrm - t'jjirt ceult per bushel. I'he maniiluctory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular apprenticeship to the mason Lusinei. mhV.1 JOHN BYF.RS. AVIER1CAN (.OlMS. Tt - F. ti SAM L. MOTT, No. 166 Pearl V str tt. dlltr (or sale the fallowing Auicri - car. cotton and wool'en goods : A cas s Broun Shirtings 4 da bleached do 5 do 3 - 4 Checki ; 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 d i Cotton Unlit. 2 do Sowing Thread 2 d j Knitting Yarn, 2 do Sattinetts 20 eases Pliddl 5 do Blue Slri;es i d Bed Ticks 1 do Pcuinit ; I do Miiinets 4J d Twist and Killii.z.aiiorted from No. 10 bales Caudkwick. 5 to 12 lit, A. " 'III till, .fl W FKENCII i.OOIJS. Juit received hv tli Comet, from Havre, Habit irlovM, prunelle shoes Uicli fiu ed sattin and taffeta r bbon Kmbroidered and plain silk hose, shawls Susnenilers. f.m artificial D ..ur: S Ik netts, collcietts, thread hose, and for sue ai itu rcari - street, bv JP23 K. k II. S"HF.I,T)ON CO. CtUFFEK A: KUM. - 54 iil.d - . fine reen c7f. J lee, and sM bhiti Rum, lamhi irom bii I...T. nr from sundry - nil, uuu lor sale v M1CII.KEVRNEY, or GEO. 1,ACY, L2 . 4 Fulton - tfet. Mr. iS.ILLZrtl Madame OOt'tT, Hp No. 7 Nassau - street, A E the honor lo inform the public in ge - in - raj and lha la Jies of New - York in par - "ltt. - , that they ruiiuf;,clure aud have con - ''wly cn hand an assortinont of artilieiul flowers. Attluir store are ata to be found, and to be w - poitd of by wholesale and retail, "iliimery of every ilwription, among which Jfethc nlt bratfj Loit HtsmuL, and tiie di.I iived e - ftuces and iiomatunis for the com - TortoUe - lieH condu and thitnbVs complete aMortuienl if worked dresses, fichus and batidi 1 ubrel!:,, and paraols '.i30' kniland velvet ridicules ; silk fithns j ocim;? an,i ;l0vn, for ladies and gcullemen "' ela,t.c garter. y!? "J ball siik dree m ti'vli60' nloro'Jered with hcniUe and onia - p h finwers ; silk se - arfs a:l silk shoes rJV,,u', Ooren - es al'"S tafT,ta &r. baVi .'bnrt evry ti"S conaedc with the .fadMle. p85 ,m. (j "."i WKUGHT .NAILS, aswrlcd si - d qualilies, tor sale by ,0 - a CEtt&A CUMING, v 76 PetuI - itAut I tC. NICHOLS. 13 Pearl - street, have just I . received in addition to their former assortment 4 cases colored Canton crape 2 do black do. 2 do black sinchews 1 do sarsnets, 2 do black silk hdkls 2 du hue India book Muslins 1 do Mull do. 3 do Tamboured aod Seeded 2 do lunation Merino shawls, assorted 1 do bandanna bkis.. t do line Romals 2 do .ViaddaKllaro and steam Loom Shirt - 2 do Madras tldkfu. ings 8 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen , 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton Platilla 2 do fancy Cravats, assorted 1 do white Jeans, 2 do cotton Casiimerel 1 do fine white and buff Quiltings 2 bales Rhodes' liombui. Its 1 case Ribbons, assorted 2 caies black, white fee purple Kid Gloves 4 trunks Furniture i'lales, anil 1 4 do suuerline Calicoes, which, they offer for sale at asmull advance forcaili. n20 141 SIX cases of new and elegant fancy article, such as Ladies' wprk boxes and dressing1 cases, very elegant Writing desks, elegantly gilt and plain Gilt and painted card rackr, Fan racks ' Fire and camlie screens, painted in a superior manner, with gill aiid Colored handles Barkganiou boards .Valine and morocco work baskets Gentlemen's shaving apparatus, Pouches and dressing cases, complete Morocco and mahogany portable desks A few Russia leather do. very su - ptrb iojie very elegant portfolios with gilt lock and pockets kle;autly gilt borders and plain Morocco, Hus - ia and roan pocket looks, of various descriptions Spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many oilier rr'.idcs too uuaierous to meuliou. For talo wholesale and retail, by N. SMITH LUVIES, ap 51 ' No. 151 Broadway. I T 1'i.AN l & NbvV - ORLLANa COTi u.N. KJ 54 bales prime Upland Cotton, bindin TrnnisliHiu Wave, from Savannah 6 bales New - Orleans Cotton, landing from ship JUna Caroline, tor sale by l'OTT tz M'KINNK, Hi South - street. Li Store. 109 biles Upland Cotton 39 do .Nfi - Orlean do ;J2 reroous Cuba Tobacco 'J6 boxes Window Gla8 C pipes (,'"nT Wine II pipek O. .. P. Madeira Wine ; has been imported 5 years 9 or. cnslis Slaluga Wine 2000 Uvaiijohns lit tons Swede! Iron, assorted sizes. ap 47 - .K I 1 1 K K & li K It t A X . I.A.N - VAItK. Kl'KI I'.I) per Krin, from liulon,a tjnan - It; tit v nl' blue, irrcen and red skins, red roans, and prime blue morocco. ALM), 25 cases half pint German tumblers, each 100 cloz. 20 cases pints do. do. each 50 dz. for salebv r JOa. S. II MIKI.SDN, p 27 lw 67 I'me - street. "MUSKET. KOWLINC PIKCKa. In: IJIOUR - THOUSANU ML'?KKTS, add two boxes fowling pieces, entitled to debenture. 4 boxes well assorted glasewaro a .1. i. ..j. - .. A...a j i.ri..,ufii iiiiiain iimi'i aiiu A lew liitoes sujitrfme Cloth, for snip I y J.C. ZIMMERMAN, Hi71m 74 Wariinton - trfiet. FRENCH CiOOliS 1 )ER brig Ann, from Bordeaux l case etoiiDie cliain vvniie uevannne I do do do Blue do 1 do double Florence Silk, all white 2 do 4 - 4 W lute. Tulle Lace, line 1 do Satin Peelong, for Lining 1 do Dien's and women's Si k Hose 2 do Satin and Taffeta Fringed Ribbons 2 do hlack Galloons, No. 1 12 1 do Rich Ribbons 1 do 6 - 4 Cti'liuitre Shawls. Also, per several arrivals. 1 rase black Tuifeta Ribbons 1 do 3 4 Merino Shawls Scarfs 1 do Hat Covers, I0S, first quality 1 do Chenille Cord 1 do Men's Silk Buttons 1 do Buck - Skin Gloves 1 do Cambric Euib'd Bands, for bottom of drei'es 3 cases black d Italinn Crapes, for sale by A. D. OURANU i HOUROF.L, ap SO 1 w 30 I'iiH - street. 58 CASES CANTON GOOO, vix: 12 cases col'd Canton Crapes 4 do black do do 2 do rol'd Nankin do 1 do black do do 3 do Crape Shawls 1 do black CamMi M 1 do mix'd Silk do 2 do Cli.m - 'ble Sarsnets 2 do do Leva;. tines 1 do black do 4 do SilkHdkfs 1 do Bird Eye di 1 do Col'd Concans 2(1 di Sewing Silk, (Italian style) 2 do Sinchews 1 do Sar - mls. A I. SO, Company long and short Yellow Nan kins, for sale by MARCH it LOW, ap30 210 Broadway. C10FFEE, FLOUR. TOBACCO, Ac '.'46 bas St. Doniiiiio t ofl. e, 51 do green Havana do. entitled to drawbat k 373 hhls. suprrline Richoinnd Flour 30 hhds ohl Ru.'iinotid Tobacco 15 do new do do IK do do Petersburg do 7 do old do do 10 whole and 20 half tit rces Rice 7 bale Upland Colt'm 6 qr. casks Madeira Wine Red and white Port Wine in hhds. Claret of a superior quality, in boxes, for sale by ROB'T GILLESPIE, np29 lOt 1 1 i Kront - st. T CIOFFEK, IT. A. Wli:, A.';. ' ,:ns,1v', CoP' eut. to debenture 200 do tjrem do WMialfchests Hyon Skin T a do 20 do do Ihson do 10 pines L. I. Madeira Wine in do" old Sicily do 2 d i Lil.on do 5 qr. casks old Sherry Wine M do Colmrnar ilo 50 iialf and qr. cak 'do (iron bound) ,'H) qr. cask Midtisa : IiIkIs. Jamaica Rum, 4th Jc 5h proof 200 boxes Bloom Rai'hn f r saV by J.ei J.CODUINGTON, ap 211 I W 504 Front - street. O nHI'fK Lt1IJ. O Tons best F.ns'.oh white lead, ground in oil, in 112, 56 and 2:11b kegs 5 tons dry do. do. For sale by TUCKER Jc Un'RIES, ap 27 29 Sonih rt. bOA RUING. VFFV rentlemcn can be arroinmod tied with Uoart, in a private ("airilr. in a aM part of the city of Jersry. Eoqnire t ttiis oftVe wf II Ins I T EM P. S ton Kustin llen.p. Iimibn - and lXfoix'eby uooirtLJ. a ia ap30 4 1 South - street, ST SATURDAY, MAY 2, 1CIC. NO iJ WILLIAM S TREET. BERGEN ORPIIAN3 COURT, oi n r.rn. ,.r Mf i. ir.irL CathariDe Schuyler, AUminisiralrix, Ac. r ol Johu A. Schuyler Rule, nodur Statute. deceased. THE court order and direct. That Catharine Schuyler administratrix of the roods, chat tel and credits of John A. Schuvler. deceased. give public notice to the creditors of the dece - deut to hnng in theirciaims and demands against the estate ol tlie said decedent, ou or beiore the first day of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen huudred and nineteen, by putting up notices io uiai eueci m uve oi uie mosi puunc places in the county of Bergen, for the space of two months, and advertising the same for the like space of tune in a newspaper printed and pub - lisneu in me stale ol iew - Jersey, nud ui a newspaper priuted and published iuloe city of New - York. A true transcript irom the record. ap 2tl 2io JOHN A. BOYD, Sur'gnte. ST. PAIL'S CHC'HVII. FOR sale a Pew, eligibly' situated in St. Paul's Church. Enquire at No. 42 Front - street. , ap 28 bt RAN AWAY from the subscriber on the l7lh iost. a BLACK BOY, named Peter Rut gers, aged 13 years, Is about 5 feet, 5 inches high, well made, and a plea. - atit good lookir. black. He was dressed iu a short olive colored velvet jacket aud blue pantaloons Is supposed to be working about some of the wharves in this city, or harbored by some few people of color. Whosoever will bring the said servant to his master, o. 59, Murray street, or will give information where he may be found, shall be libe rally rewarded for their trouble. And all per sons are hereby cautioned against harboring or employing said servant, as they will, in such case, subject thi.tmclvej to Ihe utmost rior oi lh law. R. Will LEV. np 30 tf State of JVtir Xmk Cutnptrollcr'i ifiir.r.. IJUBL1C NO I ICI. is hereby given, thai mm! JL cd proposals will he received t thiH nllii e uidii Monday the 2 thnl'Mav next, for the pur t hase of the whole or of nny partoi B40, 4711 17 - 100 dollars ol tlie Hires; per cent Moc k ol the lunded debtol the United States, owned by this si ate, The Stock, if old, will be transferred cn the first day of July next, at which time, payment must be tna'dc by the purchaer or purchasers, at tlie Bank of New - York in the city of New - York. The tiroposnls will be opened on the said i'j'li day ol May next and the het offer or iTe. s w ill be accepted ; provided the li'.irs be such as shall, consistent with the interests ol the state, warrant the acceptance of any of them. If any offer or nlfurs shall be accepted, infor mntion thereof shall be nun ediately communicated to the person or persons so iiUeiing ; mi'l il is expected and required that such person or pi r - sons snail men give saiiainciory security lur u.e payiueiil at ll. lime s - .pnl.ili'd. ARCIl'O AI'IM YRE, Comptroller. Albany, April 27, IKIIt. np;10 tVI25 El r.CT ''OAKlilNti fcCHGHL. T 'HERE are at present liie vacancies in the Ret (I. WIl, ruvv r.l.l,Vi ShIioiiI, in I'hilipsburgh, Yotikcrs, West - Chester County. His system of education is such ns to enable him t i quaiil'y young gcnllcmen lur College or Ihe Counting House within a reat Jlinble tiiun. His school is m ltd, the nuiulx r of I'uoil' liimted, ami the treatment of the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful and polite li terature are taught, vix : Greek, History, ialin, French, English Grammar, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Miitht - matics, &c. It i presumed that few Institutions of the kind can oiler greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, m moral ii.m r - ligious prutiples, or in correct ami geit: manly deportment. The Parnn:ige i:t which the rupils are accomimidated, is commoilioiis, reti red and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New Y'ork is about t'venteen miles ; tT which thereis always a direct and e.y couiiuuiiica - tio.i. For further particular applicati m uutv he mane ro Hi shon llohart Or. Wilson, Columbia Collette T. S. ClnrUson, Esq. C M'F.vers, Esq. Win. bayard, jun. F.sq. A. Schermerh'orn, Esq. I).VC2m7w C. I Colden, Esq. , A. r.mniet, Esq, p 30 FOUR'JH SI REi.T NO I ICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persous interested, that the Coiuimssiouers of evtiinate and assessmt nt, appointed by the Supreme Court ol Judicature ol u.e. state ol e torn, io per - i on n certain duties rel ilive to Die peninu of Fourlh - strett Irom the Bowery road to the sixth aveuue, iu ihe eighth want ol the said city, hste completed Hit iresuruate and assessment a well of the los anil damage sustained over ami above the benefit and advantage received by the own ers of the land and piemises required hr the said improvement, us niso oi me neueni nnn u vantage received by the owners and parties interested ol and in the land and premises not re quired for the said improvement, and that ue the said Commistiou, is bate deposited a true copy of such estimate and asset - intent in tt.e Clerk t.nVe. ol the city of New - York, lor Hit! inspection of whomsoever it may cencern. And notice Is hereby given to nil persons interested thai the report ol the Commissioners o estimate aud asesmeiit will be presented to the Supreme t.oiirl ol Judicature or the state ol .ew 1 ork, al the city hall of the city of New - York, on Friday the 15th day ot May next, at the opening of Hie Court on that day, or as soon thereatteras coun sel ran he. heard thereon. Uated, thi WUth day ol Apul, IICU. PETER HAWF.S ) PETER STAGG, Commissioners, JOHN TARGEE. y ap29 14t 4 GEN 1 F.I - L private family whites to lake 2 X or 3 gentlemen as permanent boarders, or a gentleman and his wile, iu the upper part ol broajway. Apply at this olhcc. apJOlw I UST received from Charleston, and for sale .1 by SAiL EL CA 11 br.LL, iSo. till Wuih street, intne rear ol" his dwelling house in IVail street. REPOil I Sol CAsL? argued and deter mined it - the I ourt of Cl.aneert nl the state ol South Car linn, Irom the Revolution lo Oecem - her IH1J, in 3 vols, large bvo ; cash price f ll hound iu call leather ; by Ihe turn. Henry W il iiaio OeiHii - u e, senior jutiee ol tlie I ourt ol Equity, and prtsiiiiug iude oi the Couit of Ap peals in Equity in the said state. Justitiaest telle ouinihus (fquumest. 1 he duties of li.'e nre more lima life. - Bacon's Works, vol. VI. OUOoOtlO'O ALH - , IO Hf.AT, At a unMlerate rate, i' - .t 4 npner floors . f tin: lour story lire - prool store, No. bfl VValer street. ap JO Iw Vi.1HPI.G I.V HHOUKLYX. f rHKEb or foil: Gentlemen, can be accom - JL moil.tetl, wiih Ikiard and lU;iiig, on reano. able terms, bv applving al Mm. Suv - dam's, Fiilton - st T.rook vn, about a quarter of a mile irum Sieam - I'oat teiry. ap 28 Iw fH t oil S.1I.E, A new stone HOUSE and FARM, con - 'a.tiiii; 3i arresj, situate on the west bank of the Pa - aic River, jelj.iintug the ftrni ol tierard Rtdfrrs, Fax. 'I h! laoj is of excellent quality iih! ia good order, w,ih wood eoouli on it (ir the u of the plat e. TiU urexceptionatle. Enquire of Jo - ej i C. Ilornblow - r, Newark, or of the si.UfCfiber, oo Iho P 23 41 JOHN TAYLOR. TO Lt.T, Those Iwb fire liroof dwellinir lloiiir. No. 1 4 and 76 Molt street, aliout ten iBinutes walk from the Coffee lloute. Tbey will he put iu coutpletu repair, and well calculated for genteel families. Apply at No. 137 Water - streeL rob I tf And iinmr!mlM !(. li rivn Onai of the best itunds tor a Boarding House, in tin city, or it may be converted into oi&ce's, if more agreeable, und a more public and pleasant situation it not to be found. Enquire at the oflice of the Eveninic Post. an 24 To lj jiirvM or snore eart, The lolliwin; houses house No. 294 Broadway, two doors ahote Washington Hall, with a coach house us Ihe rear if required Also, a three story brick house No. 415, in said street. Also, a new and genteel two story brick house, cornel of Lispenard and Church - si reels, the leruts nioilerate. ror lurtiier particulars, apply at 415 Broadway. mh 25 V jo i, t.r. The store No. 20 Wall - street. Posses sion way be had immediately Apply at No. I'd. ap I li J O LET, i A very convenient hon. - c, with about hall an acre of ground, about a mile from the city, adjoimug the house occupied by Mr. More wood, betwixt Greenwich and the Uroadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 tf Hudson - square. iiciei TO lt. T. JJ A part of the store, So. 81 I'ine - street. Apply on the premises. ap 17 rOK SALE, riJIE time t f a smart lilacli Girl, - that can JL do all kinds of htu?e - work ainl cooking, such as is necessury lor a i:mily , or suitable tor n public, house. Hie understands, tooliing ol oys (en, bealsleaks, iic. and would be a valuai'le acquisition to any public hou.e , a pn - lerciii e would tic given hi any person keeping the same, thut resittt a in the c JUi.try. Sohl nr no other reason than the want of a master. For further particulars, inquire at the corner o( Broadway and Gr nd street, Mount Social. N B. She is soid at her own request. apfi tf PROSPECTLa fox ri'hi.isiiiMi bv i.rr.stmrTioy A MAl'tiK MKXiCO .l) LOUISIANA. ' I "HE piihlicHtioti ol this iup has been under - 1 taken with the inqiri sion. that it will ex information, highly int. resting at (hi eventful crisis, and the valuable Maps which tin; nu Ihor has procured, ilunn,: his sfi - ral torn tiinnish M - ico, in tie years KiuC, B.D7, li!2, Iiii3. I!!15, I li 1 1, ami 11117. inouce imn to belt.ive Hint the Aln p, with even ;:li its inipt ifectioiis. Will he much the most perlect which has n he - fore HlO pulilic. 'This Map will contain the latest and best ir - formation Irniu tlie discoverii s and w si "sioi" ol Ihe American, Spanish, Russian, Briiirh ami French travellers and but igaiort Mi'l h pres - n - liiiK Hit; claims ol tin ir iepteti;e e neri.iuenlt on the Northwestern const of Ainericit. The Map will include that portion of North America, ninth lies in I n't en I lie l - ll.unis of Da - neii, and l.e4iliii degree ol .North Latitude, ami from the Mississippi River wcttwardly to the Pacific Ot ean. In size the VI an will be about six by five feet, And will be projected tm a st ale of 40 miles to ! the inch, to he tlelivereJ lo lue - suhsctiui is al hi teen dollars rich. Notches. March 7, 1HR. ap7tAul vi,;vi - ONS ITCH OIN TMENT TM1E l.i - iu Hiet successful use of this oiiitinent JL is a suttit ient recommendation, as il ha een found to he a pleasant, sale and certain re - metiy for that disagreeable tti - tasi in all its states. It i l"r sale in the ciiy of New - York, hy J. A. A - W. R. font, i'o 41 William - street; I. K T Clark, No. H5 1 lideii - Lane ; H. H. St hiefli lin .V Co. No. It J Pearl street; Lnw - leiice .V K. ee, No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hull A li iwii. , l l'i Pearl stri ct ; R. i: L. Murray, 313 i't arl sirt t t : J M. fOiidliurst. 314 Pearl - street ; John Penttird, No 4 Fie l her - ilrect ; Duryee Ai roe, in 1 enrl - treet; J "Im C. Morrison. 1 It: t Gret nwieh slr - et ; John P. Fisher, 1 00 Broad way : Walteri: Socman, cornel of Chamher - st. niti Broiniway , 'and nlso in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at most ol the Drug Stores in this t i'y Also in Philadelphia, of S. W ithcrell : Sons ; George llariell , .orth 6T llo - ers, and nlmost ad 'he drtigi;it in the piincipul towns in the l.'inted Stall s. WHEA TON'S JAUNDICE BIT'I EPS may be hail at the above places. jan22bm BALUAHLE REnl. Es'l'A I I. r I IR ? ALE, IN TUK IITV OF NKW VIII1X. ,"MVE lotsol ground on the west side of Green - V wich - t - treet, between Vestry and Desbros - ses - streets, 25 hy lid. 'our do in the rear of the above, fronting on the east side of Washington - street, 25 by lid. Light do in the block below, between Washington and W'est - stree'r. In Montgomery County. COOO acre ot Land in Lawrence' purchase. near East Cnuada Creek, on the north side of the .XohawK . In Franklin County. 1.1, 162 acres of Laud, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton, In Essex County. 71132 acres of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the Count v of Lewi. 1250 acres of land in C isterlaud, Chussanis Pun base. In Sari toga County. 2600 acre in Palmer's purchase. Enquiie nt the office of the subscriber, 34 Cedar street. BEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf 1 RANCIS M'GOW AN. No. tT, Fly Market. seHiaihle of the very liberal encourage - na nt be has rereivttl since his c'linmcnceiiicnt in hu .inc. - , and f"eling contident that no exertions on hi part shall be wanting In merit a contin ii nice, inlorms Ins friends and the public the! no pain orexpence has hren avoided to obtain a stock of the iM'St liquors of every description, which ran he depended on lor llieir purity. Having made arrangt mcnts, while nt Charleston, lor a constant supply ol lilt El N TURTLE in their season, he will lie enabled to lurnish soup of an excellent quality. - v i iott in ue enn inr suiisrriocr io an UKI iRDiVARY, to be on Ihe table every days staled hour. a Rooms, for private parlies, at a short hotice N. B. Sonp. Ihef Steaks, Oysters, Aluttor hop and Relishes at all times. In ap 23 I ll 'jliSK HlH S.I K. A N excellent family lbi. se, free from fauln, II. well hrtke to the harness, and rack;; me tier the saddre Enquire at 13u Pearl - street, ap 23 Iw KUFF I.E PLAITING MACHINE. in ei intt - nted a Machine I lor the purpose t. I'h.iung ('.LrH - s, r""rwincii he has obt'tii.ed a P itenl, and now ffers it lor public inspection at the Tontine O file Hoa - e, ihe lirt aad "ctnd ot May Said machine has let. found lo plait shut rnffl - ... Ate. with great expedition, nentness and curacy, and etiintly r lieves the lanndre'S from the tt'lious prote s ol plaitins tlum bv hand. It neither soils nor tears the rufflt , and owing to its portable and snnpie construction, nny rc uetl by any (a rson, nu experi. - nce of its i.fility.ilii prisumed wiilmsure iisialrtmage. I'nte;."" - ' Any p - rs n wMiw; to ..Vain the patent nght ;Truit - tre. for Ihe IM - eW. York, ran bava i.n oppor w - A.. A pleasantly ituated Pity the present xre me Br.l thai hat been ollered for saie in thi - te ciLiEvrER W.TALBOT. I op 23 ft I R. SEYMOUR and Mr M't.OW AN (late It 1 teat her of Mathematics at Warren Academy) propose teaching Irons the first of May, attheoldei - taldishcd school room, No 35Mott - street, a complete course of English Education, comprehending the following branches, to wit : Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Grain - mar and Composition, Geography with the use oi the Glib aud Map. Geometry, Mensuration, Surveying, Guagmg, Navigation, Lunar Observations, Algebra, fcpherlrs. Conic Sections, Natural Philon.phy, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, vpiiL - s, c. c. Astniflomy and t luxions. Messr. SEYMOUR V M'GOW AN, confiding iu their approved acquirements, diligence hui.,mcihC) uopeiogive tun sansiaciion io nose uo may patronize Iht ir institution. Re - terenceto Professor W ilscn and Adrain.Colem - bia College. an 29 t'ERSO.X U - ellat .iiuinl.l u illitl l'l.,tl..ra 2 business, who understands the superintendence ofa wool Carding Machine, amrcan give respectable references, will meet liberal encouragement, by apply jng at No. 205 Fulton - street, New - York. A man with a family will be preferred, who can be fumir - bed with a dwelling, lie, aiijaceni t; the works. np29 !w$ BOAROI.NG. 7i IG H r or nine gentlemen c an he acrommo - M - A adieo with genteel lioard. at No. 97 Jolm street 'I be situation is pleasant. ap29 Iw WAX TEH, iu a small respectable Umlly, a middle aged woman, well acquuiutid with plain cooking, washing and ironing. Hie must produce a relerence Irom her last place lor her honesty auJ sobriety. There would be no objection to a Scotch or Welch woman. En quire at this office. ap29 If FOJiSALK urOOLt.T. And imsscfsion given tlie 1st ol May, a new ami convenient House of tlie basement plan. finished in tlie best possible manner, aituuted in Pearl - street, near the Itntlery, and adjoining the new imuse oi ivir. urane. For particulars enquire of ROBERT R. HUNTER, No. 13 Greenwich, corner of Liherty - strtcl ap 2H 2W. 1. 1 Ml J I I. Miil A small Inriii. situated in one ol the ecu - tie ciiunties oi this state. This l.irin lies on the bank of a lake, ami within a mile of ll 'urih - ing ami heuuiilul village On it are atttaul lam. house, bain, Uv al - oa large ainl well built dwel; ling house, entirely new. I lie situation ol the d veiling home lor beauty of prosjM 1 1, Ac. is surpassed hy lew if S'jy other scitt - s lor building ir. the inieinir ol the stale. 'r)a - owner inieiuhng ri - iiiovii g lo iNew - l ork, will sell this pniril) for less than t est, upon a lone' t icdit on gooilse - t nriiy, or will exthunge it tor lands, iimhIs, 4.c. Tor lurther particulars, enipure of H I . oi R. SEDGWICK. E'tirs. Law Buildings, Nassau - street, Nt w Y'tak. R 15 Pirn Ctt TO Lr. y, uiil from the unci ol .May next, the two 3 ony br.c'i Hoie, No. 4'.'2init 4'.M Grcrn - wi. Ii - hl. in excellent repair, with or without dallies iu the rear, and will he lei on very rea. - iiinahle terinK. Ali, to Let oi Lease, from 1st May next, a veiy convenient Dwelling House, opposite Lite lane, near ihe 2 - mile stunr, llnwcry, at present occupied by Professtir Adiain. It is w e:l adapted for one or Iwo families, two kitchens, H rooms, panti ie., vault, a sta ble e.hd coach house, a well of Rood water, and IwocUieriiK. The garden ia ve - y large, and well slocked w th fruit trees and shrubbery, and may be taken possession of immediately For tei ma, apply to ' HALSEY t GOSMAN, ol Old - sbp, or to CEO GOSMAN, ap 29 '19b tireenwicli - street. H)R .i.r.. The property al Brooklyn, beloniiiiie lo tin - estate ol t - ai v l.udhnv, dei eased, . mhist - tuts ol a new three story brick house and jot of ground, a store house, formerly occupied as a distillery, u small frame building and lot ol ground, und two vacant lots ndioming thn above premises. 'This property is ulna i d within n lew roils of the stcam - hoat try, on the roailto Pierpoiit' Distillery, and extends from tlie hill to the river. Also to let, Irom tint first of May next, the hou.e and lands on Ihe hill, in the rear of Ihe a - hove descrihetl pr, moes. 'The house is well a - tlapted lor a piivide Inmily or for a public house. I he silic.ilii n, irom it elevated fMisition, com - mnnds a very extensive ami beautilul view ol tlie city, the East River nnd Bay of New - York. I lie grounds surrounding the house (about live acres ol hind) are in a high stale of ullivutiou. For terms, apply to CEO. W. MORTON, mh211f No. 59 William st. By Wm. Wirt, Eni. $4 00. TBI HE puidirher deems it unnecessary to say J. any thing in favor of the merits of this work, ronleiiliiig himself with mentioning that the first edition of 2500 copies were all disposed of in a few monllis. 'The 21 inir.ived edibou for sale bv ROB. M'DEIIMUT, aii 2. flw Hi IVarl st. tUU SALh UJiTO J.KASr., till Lotsin the 5. 6. ft. and 10 Wards, ninny ol which are on reguli.ted - d streets. No money will be requited under ten years, if tool, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story house, on which a great perl of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT REO HuOK. An exct Unit 'land for husine, with ten acres of laud, pleasantly fituated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON - nd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Nt?ar New - Haven, with sof land, anda never failing stream, upon which 20 mills muy lie erected, with a sufficiency of tt ater for each. Apply sit No. 2 Grecuwirh street. an 13 If I O LKT, A - .t - - ' :...t - .. 1.. tot, iMp - scs.M'iti iiveu IllllllCllUlt iv, the elegant seat la'e tlie residenre of gen J no. A Schuyler, dec situated on the hanks of the Passaic i it er, opposite the village of Belleville, io thin state. 'I here are on the prrnii - .es a good barn, carriage - bouse and other out houses, all in good order. The garden is extensive taint planted Willi every thing' proper lor the seaiion, anil b - t in it a quantity oi ihe best fruit trees of all descriptions. Any portion of land may be had by tue tenant that may be requi. cd. Enquire' of CAT1IEKINK A'CIM.'YLEIt, On the premise. Burba - lues neck, (w - J - - rry,) April 27. JSI3. i N. B. The above preni ses together Willi all theother tl elhng Insures anil Israls ol the lale gen. Jno. A. Schuyler, tt ill shortly be oIKred for sale. ? l r.) LET, For one or n.ore years, the following liou - is ut Jlarsent ille, uear lue live u.ile slta.e, Rjiioiiiinifda.e rod. A t lcasantlt situ.ttcd and convenient two do ry House and Stable, with a Garden und four a - t rt of l.'.td. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two story House and Stable, with a large Garden and three acres ol land, Ihum ol trie above places are well slocked wilh d die rent kiud of choice aiitl convenient Mory Houe, wilb a Sti.ble and Iwo acrtsol lan'L or further ol JACOB HArttEN, ?23 ln 'car the premises, i Engineer I partiueui, Washmgtou. 8lh April, I8I8. . ' Proposals will be received at thi Vt' . parlmeot, uutil first August next, to furnish by contract From one to six millions of brick From one to two million of cubic feet of bail ding done i torn ten thousand to fifty thousand bushels of stone lime. To be delivered in good older at Mobile, Lake Poiitchartrain, River Mississippi, and Lake Ba - ratnna the lime when the first delivery can be made, and Ihe quantity which ao he delivered in each month uci ceding the first delivery, must be slated with the term. Prooat will also he received for from fifty ' toon' hundred carpenters; lor Ironi one bundled to one hundred and tilty masons; and from two - hundred to three hundred laborers, to proceed to Mobile and Louisiana, to construct buildings of various descriptions at the before mentioned places. It would be preferable to have tlie masons, carpenters, and laborers lurnishedand acoinpan - icd by master workmen. Arrangements would be made to employ ihe persons engaged to exe cute the work, Irom July to November, at those positions embraced in the he lore mentioned pm ' ces, which border upon. Ihe Gull ol Mrxno Engagements would not be made for a (hotter period than eight month. Satisfactory security would be reumred lor the taillilul perrnrn.aiM e ui any contract that may be made. The trims up on which workmanship and labor would be per formed, must be si.ieu id ihe proposal. J. G. SWIFT, Brigadier General nnd Chiel Engineer. The printers nl the Portland Gaiette, I). M. ; the Cent inel nnd Patriot, Bust n ; the Evening Post nnd tlx; Columbian, New York ; the Commonwealth, Pittsburgh, Perm. ; Ihe Reporter, Lexington, Ken.; and the Gazette. New Orleans, will please to insert the loregoiog lor one mouth and forward their accounts lo the I tigi - neer I Vt'nriTr.ept. ap 13 Im Ml TIC E. . fj' ' All persons having any claims agtiinst th assii;nee of ihe late firm of Whiting Ai Walsou, upon tzclitiur ncrvutitt, arc hereby uotifiedtbat unless such laims be presruted belurn the I5tb , day of May nrxt, the subscriber will too - ider (hem oi iritlrd, hud will not retain any foods ia his hands lor th purpose of meeting tlem. "p 16 aw H. W. WARNER. NOIItET 0 - The roater and owner of vessels be - !on - n g lo the ulies of Albany and 'Troy, wiib In hire a he.sin, lor a number ol year, on tho Soi Ih River side ol this city, for the accommo dation of these vessels exclusively, lor whit ha liberal i eiiiptiisnf ion wilt he git en. I he suhsi ri ders me a i "ii.niilit e , pointed lor Uie Purposit ol rt ecu mg prupoiuls or the same And tint proprietor ol tin w hart ci on the North River aie rciiues'i d to nanti in ineir proposuis loeiiner of ihesubstrihcrs, slating the situation nnd their trims, respectively. X. II. n note addressed to either Ol ine un - - crilu is, It'll al Joseph C. Cooper's, Lent's lla nn, or i.t R. tV L. Reed's. Coeuties Slip, will b attt ndt it to INetv - Yurk, 25th April. lKtfl. II .K.M'.tl tt II IPPLF., ;r.oiu;E moxtfaTh. PETER DONNELLY. RICH 1 1 II FITCH, B. RUMINELL. GURIHiN GRANT. ap 25 Ira for tniiliind tut Halifax, A'. S. fX7 Letter for Hi Britannic Majesty' Pat ket Duke of York, wdl be received' at the Post Office, till Wednesday aftr nooti, the 6lll of May. T. W. A10ORE, Agent. ap 27 J he simtiirnn Insui anee Company. 05" The Stockholder are noliht d, "ihut tho aiinuul election lor Directors will be held al the office, nu Tuesday, Uie 12th day of May next. The poll will open al 12 and t lore nt 2 o'clock. fy order of Ihe President and Diret tors, ap 27 P. HOYT, Scc'ry. A otter to Tuvtm Artten and Urcerrt. (t - Liccnsi.s In 'Tat ern Keepers und Gro cers from Ihe Mayor arid Commissioner of Excise, will be issued at lite Mayor's Office, in the City Hall, between Ihe hours or ten and one o't fock, on the several days, aod Inr lite different wards in succession, in Use order following, vu : 1st ward on the fith May 2d do do 6th do 3d do do 7th do 4th do do Rth & 9th do 5th do do 1 1th A: 12th do f.lh do do 13' hi: 14th do 7th do do 15th ti loth do fllh do do 1Hthtl9thdo 9th do do 20th do 10th do do st&22l do All persons who know of any obis cti'Sis a - gamsl Ihe granting of licenses to any ot those who now hold them, are respectfully requested In give iiifoimatioo hi the Mayor's Office, be - fun' the time for granting them as abov, - men - tiofied ; and those gentlemen who have taken pains to investigate this subject, nnd consider it ol uhV it lit liMunent, lire partit ularly invited to assist in luimshiiia all the inforuitiion in their N xitver. Lf order, J. SI DELL, F. M. Ap27tl kc.viiiVal.. If N. SMITH DAVIES has removed hi chemical pm funic naoufactory aud warehouse from No. '.m Broadway, one door north of Liberty - street, ou lb west side of BroaJway. rnch 27 .NOTICE (er - The Annual election for Directors of the flank of Aruehcn, will lie held al the Bank, on Miuiday the 4th day ol May next. 'Ihe mII will open at It) and i lose at 2 o't lot k. By older of the board ol director GEO. NEWBO.I), Cash. "ap CO . If I A . ( i U T I W A L 1) T, has relnovetl (roaj No. 44 to No. 75 Waidr.n - lane, where he t ontui - ues to uianufai lure hj PIANO - FORTES oo aa entire new and imroved construction, the result ol many years close application and study, for whit h he now has obtained letters patent. Oo. examinatiofi by connoisseurs of music, lie flatters himwll that lliry will meet with tbeir ap - nrobalion, ami merit public patronage ; and ha feels prouJ, that bis piano - lortes have met witb. ihe unanimous approval of Uie ml e Da in cut pro fessors of music; the following tesliaiontal of which they kindly have granted him, to meet the public ey : We, tlie subscribers, pmfessnri of music, An certify, that w have tarelully examined Mr. J. A. Gutlwaldl' piano - lortes, which, lor ingenuity ami excellence ol workmanship aud uniform. brilliancy of lone, we deservedly reenmmeud to public patronage. Messrs. Gdle Ltirune, Rd. iVi eac tz, U. I tnbaulL, Charles GiUert." tffl. TO LET, oo the tame premises, a l&iX 'arSe sul commouious store and back rootu adjoining, with or without a front cellar. ap25 Im OAUD k LOLK.IM.. Threo or lour en - tlemeu, can be g. nteelly iiccoinmoda etl with permanent, lioard ami Lodging, or board without lodging on reasonable Icrm, at No 16J llinadwav. r 23 4t' I - U.l, . At a low rent, a three story brick U tiling in Norfolk - !. Enquire ol t.M : X. COX, 96 SVall - st - ert. nm - f , AN DLLS. 5" "se Eastern Jo. w cui - ulf h ( JOd! OS BORN, 23 South ttreeL - i ; - i I Hi.: V t I . !:. - 4. ; ir . V r 1 i I ' i ' - . ".III" I'," . fj f. i t i A , - , 4 it s r ' i - ;' - !: ' i i V - .V, V i '. n; ... ti , f r : i ,, 7f;.v;; - ft ' s . , - i i i i ft I - lb

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