Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 9, 1936 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1936
Page 2
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-Jl TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 9 1936 headquarters said Wednesday night that Emperor Haile Selassie had shaved off his beard to avoid capture by revolting Azebo and Galla tribesmen. The dispatches also asserted that the last vestiges of the emperor's bodyguard are scattering "in panic" following crushing Italian victories. Dcssye, the agency said air surveys showed, "apparently is unpopulated." The emperor's defeat in a recent tattle, the report says, caused "political repercussions" among the tribesmen of "occupied territory, where the natives are awaiting further Italian military measures." Miss Bridget Tobin, 79, Rockwell, Dies ROCKWELL -- Funeral services for Miss Bridget Tobin, 79, were held at Sacred Heart church at 9:30 o'clock Thursday morning. She succumbed following a stroke. Unmarried, she lived with two brothers, John and Michael. STATE NEARING CLOSE OF CAS Defense to Cross Examin Wife of Defendant in Slaying Trial. IOWA CITY, (.-'I')--The stale nca ed the close of its case Thursday the retrial of Louis Clay, 28 yea old Negro charged with murderin George Folsom, Iowa City pionee W. F. Murphy, defense attorne has indicated when the state res he will give Mabel Davis, buxo octaroon who is the state's key wi ness and Clay's former wife, lengthy cross examination. Tells of Slaying. Miss Davis related a second tim her detailed account of the allege slaying. "Louis threw the old ma on the bed and choked him," sh testified. "When he was satisfie the old man was dead he set hi down beside the door." The witness claimed she accom .TRADEHOME. Easter Shoes Choose your Easter shoes from the largest assortment and smartest, newest styles. It voultt take all day to try on every pah in the store! CHILDREN Patent or Whits Straits, Leather Sole- Black, Tan or White Oxfords All Leather Soles NBW Easter Styles In Our Famou "Magic Sole" Goodyear Welts All Sizes and 1 Widths White Kid Confirmation Slippers "Littls Higher" Heels MEN BOYS Boys' Sizes 1 to Leather Soles 12 Styles for Boys Welts 60 Styles for Men Men's Goodyear Welts 20 STYLES 8H WHITES FOR MEN WOMEN Blue, Grey, Patent, White 1.97 26 Styles in Patent Blue Kid Patent Leather 21 Styles in Blue 9 Styles in Grey j Blue Kid White 6 Low-Heel Sandals Patent Leather Blue-White 44 Sport Shoes White, Grey, Tan, Brown EVERY SIZE EVERY WIDTH 18 South Federal Mason City panled Clay to the Folsom home on Christmas eve, 1U33. "Louis made me go to the door and ask to come in and get warm," she said. "When the old man opened the door to lot me in Louis followed me. He held a gun on the old man. Louis then took a piece of rope from his pocket and tied the old man in a chair. He told him we wanted his money." Clay Ransacked House. Miss Davis then testified that Clay ransacked the house, obtained the combination of Folsom's safe, took about 515 in bills, and after the robbery choked Folsom to death. The witness said Folsom pleaded with Clay to spare his life, but the Negro "said he would have to be put out of the way, because he had seen that he was black and I was white, and it would be easy for anyone to identify us." Work Gets Started on Edward Stamp LONDON, (UP)--New Britis postage stamps bearing the portrai of King Edward will be issued b fore the end of the year after a tists have submitted designs fo consideration by a special commi' tee and finally by the king himsel The first issue of the new stamp probably will number about 3,500 000,000, enough to last the postof fice about six months. It has been decided, after severa conferences, that no "mournin stamps" will be issued. In about six months the first coin age bearing the head of the ne' sovereign will be jingling in th pockets of the people. The head o British coins is reversed with eac reign. Thus, while the profile o King George V faced the left tha of King Edward will face the right. "AL" DENIES THAT HE HAS JOINED G. 0. P.; WORDS EATEN BY G.-G. BURN WRECKAGE OF TWA AIRLINER Instruments Stripped Off a Investigations Start to Seek Crash Cause. UNION-TOWN. Pa., (J)--Work ers set fire to the wrecked hulk o the luxury airliner, Sun Racer Thursday after stripping it of brok en instruments and other part needed by investigators trying t determine the cause of the crash which killed 11 persons. WPA employes took measures to irevent the flames from spreading .o the surrounding forest after the orch was applied by William Cun- lingham, a state aeronautics bu- eau inspector. Several hundrtxi ightseers. were, turned away. Fire which. broke out after the isaster Tuesday burned part of ie nine ton Pittsburgh bound iner which tore through. 200' yards f underbrush some 30 , miles off ourse. Investigators of the commerce epartment opened a hearing Thursday afternoon, at which mountain folk told what they knew bout the crash. At another heav- ng in Pittsburgh Friday testimony /ill be given about the radio beam nd other technical phases. P. G. Richter. Jr., vice president f TWA, said "flight checks" bowed there was "no indication the adio beam is not functioning roperly." Commerce department fficials made similar statements Vednesday. Dennis Mulligan of the com- ierce department was in charge of the Uniontown hearing. Vlrs. George Sedwick, 43,HayfteId,IsDead Mrs. George Sedwick, 43, Hay- eld, died at a Mason City hospital t 5:30 o'clock Wednesday after- oon, following an illness. The body ·as taken to the Boughton funeral ome at Garner. Burlington Debaters Lose. HUTCHINSON, Kans., (If}--Mus- ogee, Oklahoma's No. 1 team clim- ated the Burlington, Iowa, junior llege team in the first round finals f their division in the National Phi ho Pi speech tourney here. Rain Increases Reading. SALINAS,' Cal., (UP)--Reading epends on rain, according to Miss manda Atierson, city librarian. In ebruary, 1935, when there was nly a quarter of an inch of rain- all she lent 7.5S2 books. In Febuary of this year when almost six ches oj rainfall kept people more dor s she loaned 8,748 books. NUMSKUU, DEAR. NOAH=WHE.N A COAL MINER WASHES HIS HAIR, DOES THAT TAKE A 1-DAD OFF HIS MIND? JERRlY SMITH TOUEDO, OHO. DEAR. NOAH-IF A LAUNDRESS BROKE. UP HER HO/v^E, WHERE. WOULTJ THE WASH BOARD? U.E.HIEL^TJE HOUUAMD, MICH. DEAR. NOAH = wou UD A CANNON BAWL. IP. YOU FIRED HER ? MRS. MTUTl-E CROWE--BR^C^ IS TME i. TO 3EH 'N TTJU^. A. 3. KILLiMER Above are pictured the kindly features of one of Mason City's best known citizens. For years and years he's been a democrat. He was a democrat when democrats were scarcer than tie proverbial hen's teeth. He was for years democratic postmaster of Mason City. In and out of season he. has been one of Mason City's outstanding democrats. This week he announced his candidacy for the democratic nomination for the state senate. And what did the reporter of the Mason City Globe-Gazette, that usu- aily reliable paper, do to him? Beneath his picture the Globe- Gazette blandly dubbed him a "republican!" Mr. Killmer declares if he could remain a democrat when being a democrat was about as lonely an occupation as one could have in these diggings, it's a cinch he's making no changes now when the crowd has moved over to the other side of the street. Airport Manager and Passenger Killed When Their Plane Crashes HAMILTON, Ohio. (.T)--A young airport manager, and his passenger were killed Wednesday night when their small two seated open cockpit plane crashed on a farm near here, and Thursday investigators sought to determine the cause. Elmer Threiber, 28, manager of :he North Hamilton field and Fredirick Sherer, 19, were the victims. HERRIOT SEES NO" HELP FROM U,S, : ormer Premier Says French Refusal to Pay War Debt May Be Costly. LYON, France, (.T)--Edouard ierriot expressed the fear Thursday hat France's refusal to pay her war debts to the United States had ost her forever the possibility of American aid against Germany. The former premier, who was 'erthrown by the chamber of deputies in 1932 for holding out for he payment, declared that Presi- ent Roosevelt told him at the white louse in 1933 that he would be happy to aid France in all interna- ional affairs'' if only France had .greed to "pay something" on the :ebt. "Now." declared Herriot, "the Americans are on another planet, '''hey refuse to aid us." The expressed fear that President Loosevelt "will have been, perhaps, he last American president who is avorable to France." Said Herriot: "Who knows vhether he will not see in the white ouse one day some German-Amer- can." The former premier said Mr. Roosevelt told him to "make a ges- ure." But, Herriot added: "I was in an mpossible position before the Uneric^n public, which is composed ot only of employers but of workmen and employes." Davenport Hospital Has 2nd Incubator Baby m Two Days DAVENPORT, OT)--Mr. and Mrs. .oy Beguhn are the parents of a pound, 5 ounce baby boy born hursday at St. Luke's hospital. The ny child was placed in an incu- ator and is reported as doing well. This is the second tiny babv born n Davenport within the last two | ays. a three pound son being born I 7 ednesday to Mr. and Mrs. Carl toeder. Democratic Women to Meet. GREENE--The local democratic women's meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. A. B. Mahnke Thurs- day'afternoon, April 16, when it is proposed to organize a reporter plan group. Mrs. S. B. Dailey of Allison will be the principal speaker on the social security act. RADIO PROGRAM STATION 1VOI, AMES F R I D A Y , Amil. 1(1 7:00 a. m --Malins --"Mary c;u«ta"--Ruin G a l v l n 1;00 p. rn --MoeUrr's Olri Timer." --Composer's nour--Harry Christiansen -- March M Pripnce --Recital--Gtorsc wcilcr TERRELL COLE'S CAREER STORMY in 2 Year Old Boy's Riot Bathroom Brings Calls for Police. NEW ORLEANS, (.·'!')--Two year old Terrell Cole's one boy riot in the bathroom of his home here brought calls for police and firemen but it was just another episode in his brief but stormy career. He told his mother, Mrs. Henry Harrison Cole, as he locked himself in Wednesday that he wanted to run water over the floor to create a flood, to wash himself with all the washcloths in the room and brush his teeth with all the toothbrushes. A'obody could get him out until Fireman Clarence L. Evans crashed in the bathroom door. The door hit Terrell on the head and he started crying-. Nobody could stop his tears until Evans took him outside and showed him the fire engine. A week ago, Mrs. Cole said, doctors had to be called to remove IS pebbles he pushed up bis nose experimentally. Two weeks ago a woman drove her automobile into a tree to avoid hitting him. And before that, she added, Terrell and his brother, Curtis, aged 3, scared relatives they were visiting by locking themselves in a bathroom and turning on both the water and the gas. Curtis opened the door that time. Complains Because Boys Threw Sticks of Dynamite at Car DAVENPORT. (.« _ A motorist Wednesday evening complained to police that "some kids threw sticks at my car, and at others too." He was angry. However, he had reason to be gravely concerned. Police upon investigation could not find 'the boys, but they did find the sticks- dynamite. The lads had found it behind a billboard. Hindenburg Reports Engine Difficulty on Its Flight to Berlin BORDEAUX, France, (.11-- Havas (French) News Agency reported Thursday night that the new German zeppelin, Hindenburg, had signaled that it was haviing grave engine difficulty over the Moroccan coast. The agency said the Hindenburg had asked emergency authorisation to fly over France. The Hindenburg is on the way back to Germany after a flight to Brazil. French authorities, it was announced, immediately granted the authorization. Frimmel Chairman of Kossuth's Soil Group ALGONA--Township committeemen met Tueday at Algona and selected a pennanent county committee for the new soil conservation program for the county. W. J. Frimmel, Wesley, was elected chairman of the committee with G. D. Wel- housan, Titonka, vice chairman. Robert Loss of Algona was elected secretary and treasurer. Other members included 0. L. Thorsand. Swea City. John Zcller, Bode and Deal Fretz. Lakota. Wednesday some 80 township members attended the appraisal school of instruction at the Legion hall. Vienna Fostering Old Tapestry Work VIENNA, UP)--Vienna's Imperial Palace not only contains the famous unique collection of over 900 ancient Gobelin tapestries, but a section of the palace is devoted to the manufacturing of new tapestries. Here the old tradition of this delicate art is continued, _and Austria's foremost painters, "such as Paris von Gueterslc-h, Andri and Kossak, furnish the designs from which skilled hands produce real color symphonies by means of woolen threads. The looms measure up to 10 feet in breadth. On these looms two giant tapes- tries which will be exhibited at tlw next "Triennale" in Venice are attracting particular attention. The first, after a draft by Guetersloh, is destined for the reception hall in the Chancery; it will measure 12 by 36 feet. Cobbler Sticks to Last 73 Vrs. LIMERICK, Me.. (UP)--Samuel Sawyer Knight, 92 year old shoe maker and oldest resident of the town,. still occupies the room in which he was born. He has been in the shoe repairing business for more than 7u years and is stil actively employed. For refusing to shave off his moustache, a guardsman in the British army was sentenced to 10 days in the guardhouse. Three Boys Rescued as Boat Overturns MOLINE, III., ;P)--Three Moline boys, John Quinones, 15, Gerald Haynie, 16, and Gayland Starkweather, 15, went joyriding in a row boat in the Mississippi late Wednesday. In attempting to turn around in the raging rapids, the boat overturned. They swam a considerable distance to the remnants of an abandoned windam and were rescued sometime later after a bridge tender heard their cries for help. You Can Buy Your Easter Suit or Topcoat on Our Budget Charge Plan . ; . No Extra Cost $5 at time of purchase . . . balance divided over a period of ten weeks. QUALITY · S E R V I C E · S A T I S F A C T I O N ABEL SON INC. AT NUMBER S E V E N SOUTH FEDERAL ' BUY "DECKER'S" HAM ... FOR EASTER ALL DECKER MEATS ARE U. S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED IOWANA AND READY-TO-SiRVE H A M S Decker's lowana Smoked Ham is easy to prepare--parboiling is unnecessary. It is GENUINE HICKORY-SMOKED, mildly sugar-cured and mellowed. A rich, tender, flavorful ham that fairly melts in your mouth. Decker's lowana Hams are carefully selected from choice corn-fed porkers, slowly cured and smoked by the most approved and time tested me{hods. A real source of mealtime joy. Decker's Vacuum Cooked Ready-fo-Serve Hams are SO convenient, just season your favorite way and heat through. Economical too, there is no work, no waste, no surplus bone or fat. There is an extra flavor and richness in this fine ham, a result of an exclusive Decker feature--GENUINE HICKORY WOOD SMOKING. Keep a few cans on your reserve shelf for unexpected guests. :DELICIOUS BACON FOR EASTER BREAKFAST: IOWANA SLICED BACON WHOLE IOWANA BACON Cured naturally in its own juices, smoked slowly over Genuine Hickory wood. Savory and sweet, with a mild flavor distinctly its own. It's economical to buy it by the whole or half piece. It's always fresh and full- flavored when cut from the slab. ill

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