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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1818
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. BEES - WAX., - . nUANTlTY of Beeswax, 'or isle by i , ,w Corner Old - Slip ahd Snu'h - st. rr , v Vv AlJ E LEAD, iic. iiC. nil 1 J he, London White Lead in oil 30brlidoU7 While Lc:id 8 toM Rd Lad .,.,. 30 barrel Bristol Red Ochre 5 .to Venetian Red ;? ton. hue Litharge Jo SSSflrwchWlow Ochre c s - n Vermillioo 4 Pni Blue, 4001b Cro Yellow; Patent Yellow Spamih Brown, Venetian Red, Vtliow, l Olt.. Black, Unpk ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spirit Turpentine ; Liutseed Oil i . Window Glass, assorted For tale on the lowet terms, for caih or at - f . i l. i , i n : kD CRAFE DRESSES. a FEW eletraot embroidered Nankin Crape A Drese.,a new ,,ide Ju,t recive(1 a"11 for .ale M 150 "ggftoOK h PETERS. .V. ..n u J received 40 ptk.usef. Those. iS together with a lure and general assortment hBfonon band, areoflered lor t.ilc by the pack age or dozen, oo reasonable THUS. WITT, BIT 1 2w No. i72 Pearl street. "UM AM) SUGAR. 7 Punchoont W. I II, Ram 4 Bblt. Sagar, landing this mora n from the iloop Aecnora. at pier No. 25, E Rirer For lalo by UR1SWOLD3 & COATF.8, my 1 68 South street. COPPER BOLTS, RICE, ic A quantity of 3 - 4, 7 - 8, 1 inch and 11 - 4 inch copper bolt. 1200 yards jl raw rarprtin; 14 bales flaxen tail cloth, 2 do. India baftai 30 Mills. Muscovado tugar 20 do. Quercitron bark 107 ticrcei prune rice fc.ralo by GRUWOLDS It COATES, bit 1 68 South - street, tin i MOLASSES, SUUARti COFFEE J 33 tierces J Retailing molauei l.t bl)U ) i boxei white Havana sngar 7 bags superior green coflee The cago of the ship Mary Aim, now landing at I'ine - itreet wharf - For sale by GRISWOLDd & COATES, my 1 b'3 South street. TTlLErHANTOiL.SEAL SKINS FLA K L .Li I he cargo of Ilia ship Sea - Fox, consisting of sea elephant oil, fur and hsir teal skiu - , and mother of peail, is now lauding at Tnwnscnd't wbarf, and lor talc in lots to tuit purchasers, b J. BYERSj or, E. FANNING, my 1 tf No. 29 Burling - slip. CuRtOHATlOM tiiOHt.HTV. r'PO BE leased at public auction, on Werines - L day next, the 6th inst. at the City Hall, 12 o'clock, two lots oi land at Bloorningdale, No. 29 and 30. containing 10 acres and 28 perches, between the bth and 9th avenues, and o3d and 65th streets t the reot payable quarterly. A map of the premises may tie seen, and further particulars known, at the Comptroller's of - Ike, City Hall. my 1 tds INVENTION OF Mil. LE BPRANUH. Superior plan of teaching vritirg, icithout paper. ink, ilalei'or ptneiU rpACHYGRAPHY or the FLYING PEN, Jl and mercantile hand writing, taught in sit lessons by a peculiar aoremement of the pen. This new and approved method lauiht with great aacces ms london, at the University of v;ainonuge, ana recently at Charleston, (3. U.) trill enable any person or whatever age, and notwithstanding anT bad habit thev mav have con tracted to write well, and witn rapidity, after naving received inese lessons. Mr. De 8. will receive pupils nt hit r - ppart mentt, No. 48 Broad stieet, and will attend any it lady or gentleman at their houses. i, Aoademies and boarding schools alto attended. The best references can be given to most respectable persons of this city and Ciuirlrston, as It will be proved by the following letter. Rut the solid utility merits of the system can be best seen in its practical result in those beautiful and Various specimens it has produced, and which nay ce teen at rvir. ut s leucning rooms. FIRST LETTER. CHARLESTON. 9th March, 1818. To the CAr. De Spratieh. StR I beg leave to inform you, that a meeting cfthe committee of the German rrieudly Society's school, was held on the 4th insl. to examine the progress of the scholars in writing, who were pisred under your tjare. It alfrrdsme great pleasure to express lo you, thu unanimous and unequivocal approbation of that committee, and of 20 scholars committed to your charee. There it not one who - has not made considerable improvement", and most of whom have lar exceeded our saost sanguine expectation!. I unite with the committee in returning you many thaiikifor the benefit which the tclmlar have derived from your system of writine. and the indicinus man ner in which they havo been made ncquainted wilh; U - . ' I .. ...mi... M - Plit,lllV!lt . vuiirs, CWC JOHN BACI1MAN, Chairman of the School Committee. SECOND LETTER New - York, 18th April, 1818 To the C'Ae. De Spraneh. bin, r roruthe progress made oy your pupilt in mis cut, and that in a vera hin tim in art of writing, 1 not only unite In the apprnhatioiff y. jvh' mmi.icr n learoin;, wnirn is exprested in tne preceding letter, but entertain no doubt that it it much superior to any which hat yet b - ea nlMuliu.aJ - niUUIIS la . It was not without much hesitation that 1 ac auired confidence e - otigh in your proposals nauer.nff as they were, to commit to you the juu.on or iwo ooyt. my reliance on your pro - IWions was amply repahl bv the ranid im - provement, wh ch, although it had not exceeded that of your oth r scholars, most surparxed Inv wnnm . . . ... . - ... . j .....oi iKiiiic anucipaiions. - Muccrelr, therefore, do I wish vou belter uimmi rhin )u have yet had in New - York, not merely fgr your own sake, but from a persuasion, that the mure general, your mode of instruction shall a. come, the more it will be approved of. as it catinol but greatly diminish tin labor and time " nave oeen here tor ire employed in the . - - .iMiion oi a grxxl Hand. - , sir, wuu great respect, vour obrdint ervanL K. LIVINGSTON, n.y 1 6t 0 SALE, hoot aiul t'flrm nn Thr.w .rl, In - - w - tu ann count ol eslcbeeicr. fourteen - - imrn .ew - iorit. The farm contains a - Yui on nuiMired acres of excellent land in good a larKe b - .ro and other convenient out - ot Wings. a good h - mse twos'.ories hisN with nltJ'Kfu 00 Mch fl,,,r' !l - ?antlv situated on w bnk of the jst Biver j the titaatioo un - nini.ily beailhy ; tt,e B, isli!jourhood tlie mot jTPectahle ; hondanre of fruit of the best clec - ; scale and shell fi - h in gred variety taken J.?" Fr,i lur'i. - r inforraation apply we subKrioeron the preoiMes. STEPHEN 6. HOFFMAN. ?J 1 1m St SiUhE Tj Lt.T. f0. 434 Pr - I .lovn Ph.. 1 Bancker - rtreet's, a fitft ra'e stand for " ltok - tnnJ A It..: O - - tk , . . """u'.' ri"wu o - 00V. .j. nWJ . - rnv i si" A. A PARTNER WAN I I D. s thai has ahou a,0OD d - liars, wishes tit. kV.Parloer' ' "0i.metR;e tome afe lurra - Hh r? i0' KMn to N K at thii olfi. prtftnVd' 0icP,f:!U A m"a rp WO or three gentlemen of ateady habit, ti . can hc nuxwiDuuHira wi'n no a rain tveri pleasant and healthy situate. u. Terms node rut, i - jiquire atNo. 74 Cuaiiiuci - street may I 4i IN PRESS. BY C. WILEY - CO. No. 3 Wall - street, The Ban In lor Jii'l the Married Man, or the cqriiiinriuiu oi me " tia.anee ol Comlort." my I MV JMLITU ALT. A LAW torthe t.eiii rcrs.ui:zati'jnofthe Mi rxlmaof tlie itateof New - Vurk. p itied April, my 1 C. Wil.EY & CO. FOR eALfc. ; Horse. trot N elegant gij; Horse, trots - fast. To be teen nt Slowley Livery Stable, John - street. my 1 I w r"P WO single gentltmen maybe actoiuiuoda - J. ted tor the sniimer, or a longer period, in a pleasant situation, within twenty minute ride fioin tlieCotfte Mouse, with abed oom and parlour, in a respectable family, where no boarder are Kept. They nay have likewise a room for a niau - serrnnt and the use of a stable and coach - house. They mi?ht either break - fart with the family or have the use of a kitchen to breakfast in tlieir own apartments. For particulars, apply to Mr. BULL, adillcr, Ho. 5 vTBiisireci. my l 2t" HECEA T tUULlLA TlO.VS. THIS day it published, A MILITIA LAW lor the belter nr;anitiOn of the militia of the tUte of New York, p:issed April, 1UIU. The Emigrant's Guide to the Ueittrn and South Western States and Territories, accom na med by a map of the United States, including Louisiana, projected and engraved expressly lor the work ; by Wm. Darby, Lsu The Carpenter's New G uiue, being a complete hook of lines forcarpentry and joii.ery, by Peter it iiiiuisun Jai obson's Sea Laws Curii - r's Theory of the Enrtli Capp't Sermons an I Life Leigh's Travels in Egypt KorsTth't Remark on Italy Rob Rny, with a etossarv of the Scotthh words and pnrasc : toKrlner wittj all the new nd interesting works, ut received and k t sale ly tHAS VALfjN J INr., 1U4 Broadway, Jl door telnw l ine street. Also, for sale as above, a ntt as.ortmtiit fan cv articli - s. rjigraving and copper plate printing execmed witn ueauiess andexpeuilion. HIT 1 HAWTHORNS. TIFTY thousand Enjrlish Kw Wl thorns, for live fencing, I ,te - recciveu Irom Scotland. Gen tlemen wishing to cultivate tins beaut ifiil and lasting - fence, may now have a cheap opportunity. he price usually charged by our nursi rymen has been ti. while these now ottered Tor sale are only two dollars per thousaud. The plants are three years om.oi a inie size, ana in celletit onler. . - , L 1 Also, fjprinir Vetches or Tares, an excellent fodder fir horses and cattle Also. Luzerne, tuint Foin, Trifoil. Kiilt1ij.Ii and American Spring lieat, I'otato Oats, I'er. tian Barley, true Uussian and lare Norfolk Field Turnips, Picrpont's Mangle 'Vurxcl, with a general assortment of Garden, Field and Flower reeds, as u.siial. Catalogues at the store gratis. UM.M i uuiinun.., mTldlr2t 81 Nassau - street. Out humlfd Out, : Ticke t untold 1463road:way: ave on hand onlv 100 Owejro Tickets, which they will sell at 2 e ch in parcels for the accommodation ol adventurers, for approved paper, payable after the completion ot tlie drawing. The drawing commences in this city on Tuesday next, when the tickets advance to 34 dollars. T he first drawn number will be entitled to 15000. SCHEME. I Print - of 70.0K) doilais 1 of o."j,i10 dollars 2 of 10,000 dollars 8 or 5,0(10 dollars 10 of 1,000 dollar 30 or 500 dollar! 140 of 100 dollar! 10,000 ticket 5U0 each day finished in twenty days. rnv 1 6,000 DOLLAR PH1ZE ! ! ON Tuetilay n - xt the firs' diawn number in the Milford nnd Uwego Road Lottery will be entitled to a prite of 5,000 DOLLARS. A prize of 10,000 is floating and may be drawn the tame day The Scheme Contain 1 prixe of 70,000 Dollar 1 do 3S,trO0 Dollar 2 do H',000 Dollar 2 - do 5,000 Dollar And a number of 500, 100 tie. A few t ickets and shares for sale at C5 Truly Lucky Office, No. ti Broadway, opposite the City - Hotel. Where tlie following lucky numbers have been sold within a short time. No. 3320 a prise of $100,000 10506 do 30,000 do do do do do 3.000 25,000 25.000 20,000 20,000 12129 19545 20611 10(i53 HCI0 do 15.000 And several of 10,000, 5,000, 2,000 1,000 Sic. Correct check hooht will be kept, for the ex animation of all Tickets gratis. Cash paid lor all pnret told at the Lucky Ufhee. my 1 FRENCH GOODS 13ER brig Ann, from Bordeaux 1 rase double chain White Levantine I do do do Blue do 1 do double Florence Silk, all white 2 do 4 - 4 White Tulle Lace, fine 1 do Satin Peelotig, for Lining 1 do men's and woum - h'i Si k H"se 2 do Satin and 1 affela Fringed Ribbon 2 do black Galloons, No. 1 1 - 2 1 do Rich Ribbons 1 do 6 - 4 Cashmere Shawl Also, per several arrivals. 1 rase black Taffeta Ribbon 1 do 3 4 Merino Shawls Scarfs 1 do Hat Covers, 105, first quality 1 do Chenille Cord 1 do Men's Silk Button 1 do Buck - Skin Glovet 1 do Cambric Emb'd Bands, for bottom ol crese 3 case black and Italiio Crapes, for sale by A. D. DURA NO & BOL'RDEL, ap30 1w 30 line - ttrret. JAM AICA RUM A lew pur btont high prl. and 6ne flavored Jamaica Rum, will tie told in quantities to tuit pnrchaser to cl - tale, by TUCKER & LAURIES, ap 29 - 29 South - ttrei - L OOL HATS. 3 cases superior qualitj men' and boy' Wool Hats, handsome ly trimmed ; for &Je by W, P1LWORTH, 190 WaW ttreet. ap27 5t Nll(H 3(1 cams I - t Ueugtl tin. ito, now I laniini tu and for sale Hy an 23 PETER REM? EN & CO. LO W WOOLLIN?. I UST ree'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a few J trusses of low priced Cloths, and Cassimertt, forsaleby JOS. S. HARRISON, ap 27 67 fine slnvt. 1.4 7INUOW GLA. - 9 500 50 feet lxet V Bristol Window Glass, fro C by 8 to 10 hy 12, just received and 'or sale by I rAIWtillv W JfJr m 71 le"f P.S4 1 1 For Freietj ar Lliarlef. The b'S VYRRN, cpt UracVett 11 year old. will carrv UOO bjfrrls ii ki. no. ii, eat river. Apply W MARCH b BENSON, ap 30 lw 47 fouth au eet. ror i, (Inteuded - as a regular packet.) Lit The new and coniur - t'a - tcoed schr .ii iui,wiu. I ACKET, S. n. Vail, master ; will have immediate desimtrh. having one hall of her freight engaged and going on board For freight, or pastare. haviiir verv elecant ac - couinioUationi, as sha was built particularly for a pacitei, apply on Doard, at Stevens' whart, pier uo. luaii Kivcr. or to SAUL ALLF.T, p30 2t t8 Piiio - st, FttH SALE. If applied Tor within 3 or ir!ay,tlie coppered and copper fastened ship CRU TTEXDEN. 314 tons; sails weU.xarrie a large cargo, and may be sent to sea at a srr.a1 expence, having within 12 uionlli been r.ew rigged and rnaited. Apply to P. ItEM VEN k CO. ap 29 26 South - str. et. iVAMLU, A good vesf. 1, or H00 to 900 barrels, lor a short voyage, that is ready to re teiva a cargo. Apply to N. D. TALCOTT, ap 29 64 South - street For HA t - HE. The elegant coppered ship ADONIS, H. L. Champlin, muter, will be ready to reieive a cargo in four days, and sail on the loin fll&y. t or Irrtght or passage, having very superior nccommoaations, apply on board, at .touts - wn - .ui, or to 1'OTT & M'KI.NNE, or GRI5 WOLDS U COATES. 100 tons platter of pai is on board said ship, for rale as atiovc. an '29 Eur AMSTERDAM, 1 ho ship A LBION, capt. Conway, a fine ship and now nearly loaded; will take 100 tons freight if offered immediately .npply to uuujjuur; a; to. ap 29 ' 41 .Vouth - st . ... f Utt SAi,E Ai .1LC1IO.Y, Jt On iMonday next, 4th May, it not pre - jSMhf f du - poscd of at private calo, the la - t railing coppered ship A KIOSTO. 2a0 ton just from the carpenter's hand.", having had l iliornugh repair ; hci ut Keclor - l. wharf, N. K ready to receive a cargo, and can be sent to sea at a trifling expeuse. Inventory to be seen at tilt counting houte l ap 28 LP. ROY. BAYARD fc CO. f'OHSAI.r., Thobrig HOPE, 130 tons; carries 1 100 barrels, 2 years old, a first rate vumI of ber t - ixn, and in complete order to re ceive a cargo; lying east side feck - slip ; will be raid reasttnalile Anlf to It. & C. rV. DAVEXFORTU CO. ap 28 for SAVAMAH. v I lie fast sailing brig LK uVANT, I) Wood, master, is now load ing at At urrayVwharf, and havinir her cai cro principally engaged, will poaititely sail on lliursday l or remainder of freiirht or pas sage, apply on board, or to THO Il VilRON, ap 28 4t 1.J6 F. ont - street f or tih.liblCE and ltr..HtR.inA, The British brig FAVORITE, J. Becman, master, to sail 15th May. Pur passage, apply to , GEORGE LACY, No 4 Fulton - slip, A few Horses will be taken on freight, ap 28 tf l At LOIt', HE Alt, te. f AN DING 51! ceroous South - American mJk tallow In store, clean St. Petcrsburgh hemp, and German steel, entitled to drawback Porsaleby JAMES D' WOLF, jr. 57 Kront - strt - oL For OI'OliTV, 1 he good brig Agenoria, to sail in ail tins ween j passengers can be ac commodated on moderate terms, for which, apply as above, or to the master on board, at pier no 1 ' ap 2S ror Jik.W - ORLt.AMti, The ship WOODBINE, J. Willet, sli. master, will sail ou the 6lh .May For li eigtil or passage, apply on board at Fly - Mar ket wharf, or to JONES St MEG RATH, ap 27 1U Mmlh - st. For CllA RLEt 1VM, iU The regular packet ship TELE - A.f:RAI'H. J Fanuing, master ; is only auMi a fair wind ; can take a few lout more irrietitlaud accommodate I0mr pascuers. Apply on board, weu side Fly - markrt wharf, or lo ANSON G. PHELPS, ap 23 1U3 Front - street. or OREEMOCK, The ship FANNY, W. VV Foremaa, master, is potitirelu intended lo tad for Gncoock ou Tuetday the 5Ui May, weather permitting For freight or passage, having gond accommodatioon, apply to captain Fireman, ou board, east tide r ty - markel wharl, or to JOHN GRAHA'd CO. N. B. No freight will be taken in the above ship unlet engaged on or before Tuesday the - 28th iust. ap 23 tf for CHARLETOM, The elegant and fast railing packet schooner T ?l I IN fc, 9. Hoyt, master; wdl meet with immediate dispatch, having hall her freight ready to go on board for remainder, or passage, having commodious accommodations, apply on board, east side Burling slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, ap18 98 Pine - st. For MoniLEand BLAKELY, The fiue last sailing schr SANDUSKY, 120 tout, capt. Weeks, (a regu lar trader") ; having; 3 - 4ths of her carro en raped aud oo hoard, will meet wilh immediate dispatch. For the remainder of her freight, or passage, rO French Silkt and Ptper Hangingt. 9 rases sortd plain taffeta ritibooa ' 2 dj fringed while sattin ribbons 1 do men's black and white silk gloves 2 do garniture figured ribbons 1 do black and coloured braids 1 do tulle lace worked with i - ilk, whit and black lace veilrj ic. S do green and changeable lerantiues 1 do - buckskin suspenders 2 do oiled silk hat cases 2 do para.ol, 19 and 18 inches, figured herders, assorted colours 1 do leather braces, watch ribbons, garniture do. black shoe Imiws, short while kid gloves, tugr! vnn;, string beads, and 3 cartoons utioriea moons. . 1 do ornamented combs, assorted 2 do sn ifT Holes' 1 do and clctb suspenders ti do square briquets xj Dales nater nanirinzs. witti bnrrli - rs. now landing from snip Comet, and for sate by I t. I LK. Ilr..vi9I..T .V I II. P 30 Vti South sreet, KAI.MN'S 100 casks Fresh Malaga Raiiin imt received and tor sale by HURD SEWALL, ap 30 oi SouOi - i - treet. 'IMN PLATE, Ate 173 boxes I'm Piute, at J. sorted 10,000 lbs. India Block Tin tS.lXW lbs. Iron Wire, Assorted fmm No. 1 to 18, lor tale by AN SON ti. I'll ELI'S, np.iii iiu r rmi sirert. AAKWA .VUhA.SSt.S, I fl hogsheads firt quality Antigua aolasses. 1 f lir retailing, will be landed to morrow at pier no. JO cast river, and for sain by TUCKERS Lll'KlES, ap 30 29 ?outh - st. HOES. A lew casks ol Patent and ('oniinon Carolina and Virginia Hoes, of thn Brades uianulncture, jiM received and for sale liy ANLIEKbON t! MILAKEK, np30 2w At No 131 Water street i, IKLINLT'rS UK) pie.. s No. 3 and 4 LT.l Millinetts, - just received nnd for tale hy THE COMMISSION COMPANY", np30 l4C 143 Penri - slrcet. O tin tts, iii't received nnd fur sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, I - lit I'earl - strcc l. ANn, in Store, 20 case assorted colours nnd qualities. tip 'JO D.VC t tAl.i.U 11 A GOUUa 15 bales iktruoum V. Gurralis 6 bale blue and red Gilla Hilkft 2 do line fatna Chintx 2 rates Lin, e Itonmls for sule by ftp 30 .IIU RD & SEWALL, 5 ioiith - st. VU.M KLLK.V1I, tc. - 2i boxes Gum EUl - ui, vl tuitahle for the Spanish market 1 1 bales firt qunlity Deer Skins, nnd 1 Mid. assorted Furs fur sale bv up 30 AUL ALLEY. 9!l Pinr - st. I JUM 20 punciieont AiHigua Hum good I t, flavor, lundinc irnm inu r., I ward Hyatu, ut pier no. v orw mvtr, ami or snte oy uuuliiiuk fc t;u. ap 30 44 hnuth - tirer - t lit DRY GOOD'S CCFIVED per Mercury and Atlantic, 2 canes extra super cln'hs, blue and black 3 d" women's Cotton Hose 1 do men's do do 6 - 4 Carlisle Ginghams, tuner Dimity 2 tiunks two Rreen Prints 1 do Furnitures, forsalu by ap 3t f. REVfSEN fc CO. c AN DLLS. 50 boxes Eaiteiu Mould Can - dle.s, for tale by ap 30 JOS. OSItORN. 21) South ttreet. I EMI'. 6 tout Russia Hemp, InndniK and II for tale by GOODHUE CO. ap 30 14 Stiuth - strcet. INDIA BLISHS, &c. A QUANTITY of India Window Blinds 100 set Dry Measures - Fine, extra fine and common Hair nnd Wire seivcs. r or tale by CF.BRA& CUMING, ap 30 76 I'earl - st. TUI'atid WROUGH T NAILS, usorled i - KJ zes and qualities, for sale liy CEllRA CUMING, 76 Peail - streot. ap 30 58 CASES CANTON GOOPS, viz; 12 rases col'd Canton Crape ' 4 do black do do 2 do coi'd Nankin do 1 do blark do do 3 do Crnpe Shnwlt I do black Cnmblet 1 do mix'd Silk do 2 do Chang'ble Sarsnett 2 do do Levantines 1 do blnck do 4 do SilkHdkf 1 do. Birds Eye do 1 do CoI'd Conrnn 20 do Sewing Silk, (Italian style) 2 do Sinchew " 1 do Sarsnet. ALSO, Company long and short Yellnw Nankins, for sale by MARCH LOW, ap30 210 Broadway. B" OMB ZKTTS. - 6 bale assorted liomba - zetts, good colours, and low charge, just received per ship Atlantic, and fur sale by H. A. LA V HENCE, ap 30 lw 67 Pine - street. ROWLING PIECES. ic 5 case contain ins Fowline Piece att'd, 34 to 128s. ster ling, with a lew Pistols in each case, just recti T - ed r Mercury, and lor tale by apJiO P. REM3EN It CO. AO EN l Er.L private family wishes to take 2 or 3 gentlemen a permanent boarders, or a gentleman and his wife, in the tipper part of Bro.idway. Apply at this office. ap30lw JUST received irom Charlestcu, and for tale by SAMUEL CAMPBELL, No. 88 Water street, in tne rear of hit dwelling houe iu Pearl street, REPORTS of CASES argued and deter mined in the Court of Chancery ol the state ol South Carolina, from the Revolution to December 1813, in 3 volt, large Kvo ; cash price $71, hound in calf leather ; by tlie bnn. Henry William Detauture, senior judge of the Court ol Equity, and pr tiding judge of tlie Court of Appeals in Equity in tlie taid ttate. Juttitia est velle omnibus eequumest. The duties of life are more than life. Bacon's Works, vol. VI. ooooUoofo ALSO, JO REMT, At a moderrte rate, the 4 up T floor !l W ater i ttreet. ap30 Iw FOURTH STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the Commissioners of estimate and assessment, appointed by tlie Supreme Court of Judicature of the state ofNew - sork, to perform certain duties rel dive to tlie opening of Fourth - street from tlie Bowery road to tlie sixth avenue, in the eighth ward of the taid city, have campltUd their estimate and atsetsmeut at well if tlie lost and damage sustained over and above i the benefit and advantage received hy the own ers of the land and premises required lor tlie said improverueat, as also ol Uie benefit and advantage received by the owners and parties interested ol and in the landt and premises not required for tlie taid improvement, and that we the said Commission' rs have deposited a true cinr of tech estimate and assessment in the fterli offirsi of the citv of New - York, for the io i met ion of whomsoever it may concern. And notice it hereby given to all persons interested that the report of the Commissioners of estimate and Mtrstmrot will be presented io me . - upiemc ( ourt of Judicature of the state of New - York, at the city hall of the city of New - York, oo t riday the 15th day of May acxt, al the opening of the Court on that day, or at soon thereafter as counsel can he beard thereon. Dated, Uih 29th day f April, 1818 PETER HA WES, ) PETER 5TAGO, CoujiBitiioftcn. rfOHN TARGEE. ) mmng nanujonie accom moaauons, apply on,fJ lour story fire - proof store, No. Wisy VIM cui't Ul W PETERS & MERRICK, ap18 29 Coenti.t - slip, VT A V AL STORES - 420 bbls iar, IN 135 do Sod 1 urpentine, 30 do Pitch, afl.iat and for sale by aptlo K. C W. DAVENPORT CO. piO I TON. 35 bale. New Orleans for sale J by LE ROY, BAYAR.U CO, ap30 tCJ IVf RCH 50. kegs whit starch landing, for tale by JACK SOX (t WOOLLKX, 7 W all - st. ap 28 li landing fromtlooii Rapid, and 'crtale by 1IUKU U SKY AL.L., ap23 65 Soulh - ttreet. ( NSNABURGS 11 bales Flaxeo Osnaburrs, KJ of good quality, tost received and tor sale by BOORM. BOORMaN ii JOHNSTON, p 27 PiEAKBORN'S BALA !SCErJ. An assort J ment ol Dearborn't Patent Scales, with or without iranses, weiebins from 300 to 1500 lbs. iust received, (or sale hy ap t tf N. hi. I). J AI .UO TT, 64 South - tt. ! AIS1NS. 300 brae fresh Bloom Raisins, 1 1 to be landed this d iy, lor tale t y HURD ti HEW ALL, ' 63 Sootb - ttreeL apt? ap 29 14t . STEAM - BOAT F171T: FLY. m (rr This boat com - ft 1 ni'.ncv runoing between New knT - - Jr? xoik and Newlmrgh, on mi&SisMSJ Tuesday, the U'h April. tl.t wilt iet .tw - York every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. and Newbuieh on .nunu.iv, v cductday and t rulay, at U A. Al. ap 1 1 HtiAtililAG .V l - AHA. FIlHKEh or four Gentlemen, can be accom X rnndatel, with Board and Lodging, on reasonable terms, by applying at Mrs. Suy - dam's, Fuluin - st Brooklyn, about a quarter of a nine irom Steatn - Uoal letT) - . ap iw A I.HAj t Hi P STVi K. N pursuance of the act entitled " An act to M. regulate aud improve 111 finances of the city us rin,any," osel March (4th, 1 3 in, the coui - miisiouers of the Ibauy city stock, give notice, that projioial, iill he recivd in Uiecityof N. Yuri:, by Myndert Van Schaick, Esq. and in th city of Albkuy by the tubscriber uutrl tho 15th day of May ucxt, liir lubscriptiotis to a stock, uoi exceeding two huudred and five thousand dollars, bearing iulercM at teve u per centum per anuutn, payable scuii aunualiy, at one ol the bank in the city of New Yoik, to such ot the sulwTiben as reside south of the city of Albauy ; and at one of the baukt in the ci!y of Albany, lo all other subscribers, on the firt days of May and November; the principal irredeemable uu - Ul ten years alter the date of the certificalet lo be hereafter i tueJ. The moit ample ftind ronsistine of the reserved reuts on land, b rcUf .re tot J by the cor - ration ; au aauual lax of f llOOt), and all their unsold lauds are pledged, until the slock cre ated by the taid law it redeemed and paid. The terms nxx - t favorable for the corporation will be ni.cepttd. that is to si v. tlin ln - tiil lum dfercd in nimiry, for every one Im.i Irei! dollars in vto k, lor the whole or such part of the said tiK'k, as may not bo applied lor, by the holders of the securities of the corporation, a prrleruice having lieeu given to them by the a t aloretuid. iilvcripti.n') (o the said stock will be pava' I as follows: l'weiilyrie per cent on llie fiit cl T of June, and the re:iJuo in three npial intal - aientt ou the llivl day ol July, AugiKt nnd S( - teilibrr lollnning, with intrie.d from the lirsl ol vinv nt seven per cent. Ceilitii nles of the Stork will be delivered on (he pay ment of Hie tiial instalment, lituring in - tcrrst lioin the first of May By order of the Bnnrd ol Commissioners. JOHN BUG ART, ChiunU rltiin. Albany, April 53d, llilH. Or - Aplica(iont for the above Stock will be rec eived hy the subscriber at the store of J V P Hone U Co. the corner of Wall and P. ai l trr.ett. New M. VAN SCHAICK. t, Ap. 2! i,li Uli np'29d2leo, LAW RLlLDIMdS. Two nlfirrs in Law buildings No. 3, to be rented limn the Ant of .Way next. Ap ply al No f9 Broadway. ap27 Iw Fillt HA I.E. A new stone IIoU.iK nrnl FAKI, con laming 22 acres, situate on the wot bank of the Passaic River, adjoining tho farm ol Gerard Rutgers, Esq, The land is of excellent nitalily and in good order, with wood enough on it lor the use of the place. Title unexceptionable Lnquire of Joseph C. Ilornblnwcr, Lt.ii. Newark, or of the subscriber, on the premise. ap29 4t JOHN TAYLOR. ONE or lw genlii mi n run be a( coiuuindaled with a pleusiinl room, and a bed r - Mirn nil - joining, at a moderate rent, und the occasional employment oi a servant, u wauled. LiKrwise, a coinuimtiousbacK puiiuiiie, lor tlie (tornice m lurmiure, noxcs, kc. to De ban low. Apply lo l. iiisor. l l.ti, ap30 2t No. 154 Broadway ,J AN I LDlopun hw - e, a second hand rounl - v T ing - houie mahogany DESK. Apply at tlusolhce. sip 30 YVAN t'LDa Mm Servant, to wait upon a T y gentleman ami Ins wife, tin 1 oi. ,'isimially to travel wilh llieni. JVon need apply but sin Ii as can bring good recommendations lor hoiimty, sotirioty, aud capacity. Enquiro nt SM, Hall street. np .10 I w wanted, V WOMAN nt nurse und seamstress in a (mull family. Enquire at No. 338 Pearl street, ap 30 .It UAN A WAV fmiu the subscriber on the l7lh inst. a BLACK BOY, named I'cltr Rut - gen, aged 19 years, Is aliout 5 foct, 5 inches high, well made, and a pleasant good lookicg black. lie was dressed iu a short olive colored velvet jacket aud blue pantaloons Is supposed lo be working about tome of the wharves in this city, or harbored by some few people of color. Whosoever will bring tht laid tervanl to hit master, No. 59, Murray ttreet, or will give information where lie may be found, shall be liberally rewarded for their trouble. And all persons are hereby cautioned against harboring or employing taid servant, as they will, in such case, subject themselves to the utmost rigor ol the law. R. WIIILEY. ap30tf NEW INVENTION. "I'tlE proprietor oi models lor a Machine, L wliii Ii ii expected will be luciative when completed, is desirous of disposing of nn interest in the patent right. Any gentleman diioelto pun base, by leaving hit address at this oflice, will tx - waited oo with explanations. ap J0 2i Si tte of M'tir )r Complrotltr'i lJJlec. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby Riven, that sealed proposals ill be reriived al this office until Monday tlie 2 jlh of May next, f - r the pur i hae of the whole or of any part ol 841), 473 17 - 100 dollars of the three per rent. Stork ol the lundrd debt of tlie United States, owned by thn state, The Stock, if told, will he transferred on the first day of July next, at which time, payment must be made by the purchaser or purchasers, at the Bank of New - York in the city of New - York The proposal will be opened on tlie t.iid 25h day of May next and the best olTer or flert will be accepted ; proiided the ortVrt be tin b at shall, consilient with the interests of the itate, warrant the acceptance of any of them. If any offer or offers shall be accepted, infor mation thereof shall be immediately communi rated to the person or ieriont so offering ; nnd il it expected and required that such person or per sons snail men give latittaclory security lor u payment at the time stipulated. ARCII'D M'JN'I'YRE, Comptroller Albany, April 57, 1818. apJO IV125 SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. "INHERE are tl pn - sent live vacancies In the I Revd. WILLIAM POrt ELL'S School, in Fhilipsbureji, VonWers, West - Clseirltr tiinty His system of education is such asloenab.e him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting House within a reasonable t;in - - . His irhool is select, tbe cumber of 'upilslim:ttd, and the treatment of the moil liberal kind. The following (.ranches of useful sod poJ.te literature ura tauchl. viz : (reek, I ''",or3's... Latin, CoiiiKilion, French. iVr'1"n' Relish Grammar, Anil metre, Geography, I Mathematics, Ke lt i presumed that few Institution ol the kind can offer greater advantage, whether they regard tmtnirtion in eeneral literature, in moral and rligiout principles, or in correct and gentli manly deportment. The Parsonage in which the Punts are accommodated, it commodious, retired and pleasantly situated. Itt distance from New York it about sever teen oiiles ; to which there is always a direct and easy rosrimnrjica turn. Forfurilier particular app'.icwticn muy be made to Bithoii Hobart T. S.Clark ton, Esq C M' Ever. Em. Dr. W'ilton, Columbia tMlege C. D. Golden, Esq. . Ts A. Fmmet, Esq. ap30 Wm. Mayard, jun. Esq. A. scberiDrriioro, D:C2bi7w I On fPUBLIC SALES. Bg MILLS, MLTiXitr Si CO. Saturday, At 12 o'clock, 41)0 dozen iresh imported Chip. Flats aud baEds of a iiiperior quality. Mouday Dry goods. Weduesday, At 1 1 o'clock, in front ol their store. 200 demi - jolius of old L. P. Teaanlle wine having lakl ur utus jinn iii cue vt esi - iuoii t, it nas acqm - ccu a no nui navor. Tweuty boles Claret wine, of superior quality. , .HAHUl.L tOR HULULSU, kc. TI I E proprietors of the southern marble qua 1 ries, near King's - Bridee. rive notice, that they hare on hand, and are receiving, at the KingU - Rrtdgt Marble and Lime - lord, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an cxttm - ivt) slock of marble lor buiiJiog, of the Allowing de scriptions, viz : Athlar 'Coping Foundation Stone) Chimney - Piece Facicgs Col urn u Watertable Stei Platforms Sills, Lintels Arc ho Also Lime of (he best quality. fr - A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upou ; nnd those desirous o purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Feb II At the Yard. OCT THOMAS PHOENIX has . wot.: hi) cilice from No. 11 Murray, to No 68 l.' - trert. n 29 lOt UAMK VF MFW - Y' Rh'. try The Slot kholders are reques ed to meet at the bank on Tuesday the I'itn of May next, to choose thirteen director for th ensuing; The poll will be opened at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. By order of the board of director, CHAS. W II.KKS, Cishr. ap 28 tMav 12 tilock mid t xc flange lffirt fTT The subscribers hare loaned Co - part nership, at stock and exchange brokers, under the linn of Davenport ii Cammaun - Office No. 27 YVall - itrect. Jmn A. Darcnporl, Henry I. Cammatm. Government and stale stocks, corporation stork, bank and in - uraace stocks, purchased and sold on commission. The various bank notes, net current at th banks, purchased nt asurtll discount. Premium paid for bn&nish dollars. ap29 Iw i Davenport k Cwnrmtnn. L' A gentleman and ia - !y wi - h lioard in a fenteel private family where tlierr are nn small children (hey would liutujdi a room an! be viijirij to live lu a plain style l be term - must be reasonallo. .fdrest W It. at this office. i29 3t fli'W Htl'IO dTf MR. k. 'MRS. I'MtDr - 1 Oratorio will take place mi Ttie - tlay next, the S'h May in - the French Episcopal t.'l.urcli, siuiute in I'iiie - street, under the dii - eninn of this gentleman - , iismsU - .'. by an American Young Lid), and a, gentleman, both vrmarkable fo; their musical powers, who will sing the two celebr ted pieces composed by syr. Peer, the music master of the King of France, and selected f omlii Oratorio, entitled the Caivary, or Magdalen at ihr JmiIoJ (lie i rou. anil v. ttttrt tenrt. Mis. Parti ie will ti. g a piece adapted to her voice, composed for the occasion, by Mr. Mo - ran. Mr Pai die and other Artists and Amatrur, will sing some beautiful pieces, which will bo made known hereafter ap 29 31" iNOIICE. fcSr The to - partnership of A H. Lau.eiice h Co. it this day iiiuolved by mutual consent. The uasollltd business of the concern will be attended to by A H. Laurence A. II. LAURENCE. A - A LAURENCE. J NO BENSON, . The business will be continued, after (he 1st of May next, by A. II Laurence mil A N. Lau rence under the old firm of A. H. LAURKNCtt It CO nt No. tti V illiaui street, opposite the riincnu.e. new i urn, jum nprii, loio. up 30 6t rr - T. a. em!Tet7&"emmet u white. have remove J their ofHce to No. 25 Pine - street. ap 30 2w tr'T" '1 he annual lutrtinf of the Free School Society ;f New York, will be held at the Trus tees Room in Chatham street, on second - day (Monday) next, at 11 o'clock A. M. The poll lor the eiectiuu of Trusted lor the ensuing year. will open al 111 and chisent 12 o'clock. Kvord, r. ll.ULLl 91 Lit tv a i, Sec ry. 4ihiiin 10 3t (rV - A stated metine of the Trustees ol Co lumbia Cullege will be held on Mondat next, th 4th of May, at 10 o'clock, A. M. io the college CLEMENT C. MOORE, Clerk. np30 3t rj - Notice is hereby givea to the itorhhold - art ul the West Chester Turnpike Road Company, that an election will he held on the third Monday of May next, at trn o'clock in the lore - noon, at the house ol David Wood. Intt Keeper, at Mamaronnrk, for the purpose of choosing thirteen Dimlors for the said company. np 30 NO I ICE neet of en frt - The consignees of goods on lioard ship Atlantic, from Liverpool, are requetted to send tneir permits on board immediately, at all rod tor which permits nre ant received on F rtday, will tie tent to the public ttore. ap 30 It QZ' The Directors of the NfW - Yrk intutu - lion lor (lie instruction of the deal and dumb, announce to the public that it will be o)ened on the M - cond Monday of May next, under the su - lrintendance oi the Revd. A.O. Stansbary. Applications for admission are requested to be made at the institution, comer of Chatham and :iiatfl.r trertl or nt Nn. 10 fl., ttfeet. JOHN B. ROMEVN, 1st Vice Prei't JOHN B. SCOTT, Sec'ry. Those ieioni who have ubsrriplion papers in, their banilt, are reqin tied to retuin them lo the Treasurer, at toon as Ihry have executed what appears to them to ue their duty. up 30 , - io, l'r,aturr ol the New - York luilitu - lioo'f, - - th instruction of the Deaf and Dumb, acknowledges the receipt of Tw Hundred and Pifly Dollars from 1 RICHARD VAR1CK, Esq. And Fifty Dtillars irom JOHN MURRAY, Jan. Esq. .VAMU.i J TAX SCHOOL. MV1' AMI A I I .IN Female School is at 194 ireenwich - tlreet : Male School, 143 Cl.a.nber - strect. lo these schools ar tangbt all tlie - brwche which cotislitnle a useful and finished daratioa. We fort .ear to descend to Jitrticulart ; to offer recommendations, or to mikt great promise. Our patrons are left to judge of the mode of nstrucliuQ both moral and teiaitific, by tbe im provement of th scholar. .iisisr.itt rtAfJ. w29 JOHX IT. FlCKr T. KIKK MERCE1N, 22 Wah - street, Utt just received and put to press, OBSERVATIONS Lord Batlnrtt's Speech la tbe Hoese or Peer, on the I8tn March, 1817, addressee by xroi.a'o to lrd Liverpool, on Us 7th day of October. 18 17. . " I approve these observation I desire max they may be placed before lhey of the ovf - Longwood, tb Orloher, 11 7 - " Also, .Vaudeville, fhe4Hi and lt rolumeJ by WiliismOe - lwin. P" ; '11 iv: "'41', i - 'Y V U - - .( - 5.,: l! t i ? , I V it i 5 ' - r - . It!. - . "I IU;, ! t: ' i 11; i r n ' - i - ; i f I J . . . I 1

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