The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 4, 1945 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

IS THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 1845 Mother, 4 Children Burn as Gas Spilled From Lamp Ignites Union pity, Mich., (£"--A 26 year old mother and 4 of her children,, the oldest 8 years old, diad n ~T\r TTi--r~ Wednesday o£ burns suffered reeved Yank Bathes when gasoline spilled from a lamp ccvcu * allft - UdlllCS ignited and set fire to their single- story frame home southeast of here. The dead:-Mrs. Irene Crystal Kehoe; Patricia, 8; Tommy, 6; Morris, Jr., 3, and Douglas, age 2 months. Henry Kehoe, 4, was reported in serious condition from burns. The father, Morris Kehoe, 37, STRAND It'll Slay You With Laffsf NOW SHOWING B1YGUOT 8CMPHOWM UYNEHAZJUD · WHERETO GO · · WHAT TO DO · DANCE AT Fun for Everyone SCANDINAVIANS Fri. CHUCK HALL Sat., Sun. BOB BERKEY and His Musical Gems Thurs.Jan. 11 Late Bus Every Fri. - Sat. Mamie Gerlach Irt Don Strickland Sat. and Sun. Bob Berkey Tues., Jan. 9 who was treated for burns, said the flames caught window curtains and spread so rapidly Mrs. Kehoe and 3 children were trapped in a corner of the living room. Kehoe managed to lead them outside, but the 2 month old infant in its crib could not be reached. for Gaping Visitors Camp Bowie, Tex., (U.PJ--S/Sgt. Richard Earle thinks he should get a medal for devotion to duty. He says he doesn't mind suffering the wear, tear and horror of the battlefield. But he thinks things went alittle too far when he was forced to spend the day demonstrating how the GI washes for gaping visitors at Camp Bowie. L A KIT Clf ··'liM JUr ENDS THURSDAY PRI. and SAT. "Call of the Jungle" with Ann . Corio Co-Hit "Mystery Man" with Win. Boyd Plus Disney Cartoon Weisemnller Johnny Sheffield STATE NOW--ENDS SATURDAY with Al '"Fuzzy" St. John GHOST CECIL THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY VINCENT PRICE. JUDITHAmrogm , -- Added -PARAMOUNT NETT3 CARTOON COMEnr KOBOT BOMB! MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE HOGS ACTIVE, FULLY STEADY Top of 5 Cents Below Ceiling Paid in Chicago Chicago, (JP) -- The hog market Thursday was fairly active and fully steady. Top was at $14.70, or 5 cents below the ceiling. Salable hog receipts were 18,000, or 2,000 more than expected. Packers received 10,000 more hogs direct. (WFA) -- Salable hogs 18,000; total 28,000; fairly active market, fully steady; good and choice barrows and gilts 130 Ibs. and over $14.60-14.70, top $14.70; few fat 150-180 Ibs. $14-14.60; sows steady at S14 ceiling; complete clearance. Salable cattle 9,000; total 9,000; salable calves, 1,000; total 1,000; fed steers and yearlings steady to weak; choice kinds very scarce- bulk $13.25-15.75; top around $17; heifers steady. Largely cow run; good kind steady, other beet cows and canners and cutters weak, 25 cents lower; bulls scarce and steady; vealers unchanged active at $15.50 down; stockers and feeder cattle slow at $1-12 mostly. Salable sheep 8,000; total 8,500; opened active, fully steady to shade higher, however, no good and choice fed wooled western lambs sold early, best bid $15.40; medium and good native and fed lambs sold early, best bid $15.40; medium and good native and fed lambs S14-15; load largely medium 68 Ib. weight at inside price; 2 loads good and choice, largely good grade clipped lambs fall shorn pelts $14.60; medium and good yearling wethers $12.2512.50; aged ewes scarce. Local Livestock BOOS _ MASON CITY-- For Thursday Steady. Good light lights .......... 140-150 S1140 , s .......... «4-H»aMo Good tight lights .......... 160-170 $1290 Good light lights .......... 170-180 $13 40 £°S iVlw T?!".* .......... 180-200 IlLlS Good light lights .......... 200-220 514.10 Good med. wt. butchers . . 220-240 S14 10 Good med. wt. butchers .. 240-270 su'lo Good med. wt. butchers .. 270-300 S14 10 "·""·-- -" ·- ------- Good med. wt. butchers . Gocd med. wt. butchers Good sou Good sow Good son Good sou Gocd sow 300-330814:10 Good sow 330-360 814.10 ±70-300 S13.S5 300-330 S13.55 · · · · 330-360 $13.55 · 360-WO $13.55 -tCO-450 S13.55 450-500 SI3.35 CATTtE MASON CITY--For Thursday J»°od steers and heifers - ... S13.05-14.5o Med. steers and heifers tlOCO-1100 Com. steers and heifers .... s 7.00-9 CO Good to choice cows S 9.00-10.00 j?"J- COW5 $8.00-9.00 t-OTO. COWS t ^ f H I ? 1 ^ ! Bulcher bulls .. llo M 11 nn Boiogna bwjs. b»\7".:.": s " m - J r o Bologna.bulls, medium s 7.00- a!co Cutters, heavy .... . . S f i _ 5 Q - 7 f m Cutters, light ::. .. $ 6 0 0 - 6 5 0 Canners. heavy ...'..'." s 500. eaa Cmnert, light S too-5 00 JJiKcy. s «;«t calves S12.00-I3.0a Calves, gd. to choice 135-190 SlLOO-12.00 Calves, fair to gocd. 130-130 * 9.00-10.00 Calves, common to (air s 7 50- 8.50 Ca]ves - TM" JtMd'wn SBEEP " MASON CITY--I-or Thursday Genuine sn. lambs, ga. to ch. J13.50-14.25 cS U iamb S " **· Ined ' to xa - SH.OO-IJ.SO Fed rwes. good Vo'ciwce":: X txi?4TS ffimmn** _.».^_ _ J^T: T * I J common Buck* ewes '. * '.IS- Hides and Wool --Jvej Ed. to choice 140-190 Sli.OO-lZCO Quotation, forrtlsh.a by Wolf Bros, Inc.. ,, ,, . * » F«»' Street So«Uiw«« Bull hides From Jo Ibs. up ... . !D £ From IS Ibs. down . .. ill Horsehldes .....".".','.".".".' W 00 Bong to Be Wed Soon After Sweetheart Is Graduated Jan. 26 Poplar, Wis., (U.PJ--Maj. Richard Rnwirr 4-Ti TM -, -II i _ ^ iicture adorned the nose' of his P-38 lighter plane, will be married soon after her graduation from Superior Teachers' college Jan. 26, the bride-to-be revealed Thursday. Bong, eri route home on leave from his 2nd tour of duty in thi south Pacific, told reporters in Washington W e d n e s d a y that Youll have to ask her," when questioned about rumors of his forthcoming wedding Miss Vattendahl, 21 year old college senior, said the wedding would take place at the Concordia Lutheran church at Superior. Jerry Bong, sister of the major will act as maid of honor, and another sister, Melda, will be one of the bridesmaids. ·* ^ he J 4 - ^ ear old Bon g is cr ed- Jted officially with shooting down 40 enemy planes in combat, the last half dozen of them since he landed in the Philippines Oct 27. Cement Price Increase Is Authorized by OPA Chicago, (U.R) -- Cement manu- .ac.urers In Wisconsin, Illinois. Indiana, western Kentucky, North and South Dakota, Minnesota owa and eastern Missouri have een granted an increase not to exceed 20 cents a barrel in their resent maximum prices, the office of price administration announced. The increase, which becomes effective Jan. 8, applies to all types of Portland cement, except white cement, and includes masonry cement and other-special types. It does not affect producers of ready-mixed concrete, concrete products or other products in which cement is used. BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN yOU HAVENT NAMED L ONEBEELERECVYET,' WHO ODULD STACK UP TO THE OUTLAWS OF MY DIME NCNEL DAYS/ HE WAS SO TOUGH l AN'MEAN HE USED TO SLEEP OM AH SHAKE TH BARFOCVA SAWDUST OUT ANDI'LLTELL YOU ABOUT SHORT FUSEBEELER.7 ·SLIVERS \ADULD KEEP HiM FROM RESTING COMFORTABLY/ US MORE ABOUT l\^ HIM, KA CBTPTOQCOm-A eryptofnm A L V J V TD W P A L T W Q V T A L V J P J FCZ. F N A A L T W U T W Q DP -- D L C U V D H V C J V . Q PPZ B CU V D T A Midwest Livestock (THURSDAY'S PRICES) Trend Good Butchers--' HO-150 Ibs 150-lHMbs 160-170 Ibs. .... . Albert Lea Minn. Steady 200-220 ibs 220-2W Ibs ....... ... 2*J-27fl Ibs ........ 270-330 Ibs 300-330 Ibs 330-360 Ibs Good Packing Sows 210-300 Ibs ........ 300-330 Ibs ....... 330-350 Ibs ......... 360-soo Ibj 400-450 Ibs ....... 450-SOO IbS ....... I 500-550 Ibs ...... · ' l i o Austin. Steady fio.eo Sll.GO 512.10 $12.60 514.00 514.10 514.10 $14.10 S14.10 S13.93 S13.95 $13.55 S 13.53 $13.55 S13.55 S13.55 $13.55 Waterloo Steady - S12.SO S13.55 $13.35 $14.05 $14.05 $14.05 514.05 $13.85 $13.85 313.60 S13.6D S13.60 $13.EO $13.60 $13.50 Cedar Rapids Steady $12.80 J13.30 SI 3.90 $14.10 $14.10 *14.10 514.10 $13 JO $13.90 $13.31 S13.55 $13.55 $13.5) $13.53 $13.45 INDUSTRIALS, RAILS ADVANCE BREAK SHARPLY Many Other Leaders Unable to Make Gain New Tort, (#)--Assorted rails ana industrials continued their climb to new 7 year peaks in Thursday's stock market but many leaders were unable to surmount profit cashing handicaps. While plus marks -were well distributed near' the close, laggards were plentiful. Transfers w e r e around 1,800,000 shares against 2 - * 4,23- 4.7S , , s a s i.oo- 2.00 163,510 Wednesday. * "- ' *" In front the greater part of the proceedings w e r e Bethlehem, Great Northern, Southern Railway, Goodyear, Hiram Walker, Eastman Kodak, Anaconda, Union Carbide and Woolworth. Frequent stumblers included U. S. Steel, Sears Roebuck, Douglas Aircraft' Westinghouse, Southern Pacific IT. S. Hubber and American Smelt- "·ig. Bonds generally tilted forward. Produce MASON CITY--Far Thursday (Cash quotation!! by E. G. Morse) Eggs, current receipts . 27c "--- -- heavy breeds 23c ing. -,--, ..,,.,,,,..._ m * 3 . ^, cuara T . Bong, the nation's top air ace SP" 11 ^, heavy breeds 23c ··nd Marjorie Vatten'dahl whose Le Sh°rn springs, 2 Its. over 21c iicture adorned the nose of his Heavy hens 20c 14c H. AND E. BOWLING Women'! XeagBe Won 1st SncJ 3rd w C Tot tron. Clwner, I 439 4SS 4SS 1=3 JIM v ' , FrnU . A - «0 493 6M 81 KM F. Klerer 1TO; H. Beardon 331. Men's League ,, . Wt " 1 Ijt In*' 3rd H.C. Tot. Btl,y ROM 1 528 i»l «4 ]S 2 1875 Ewer* Boofmt 2 611 589 IG3 234 1949 Alice Duer Miller wrote "The White Cliffs of Dover" in her New York apartment which overlooks the East river. Heavy hens Hens, under 4 Ibs 17c Cocks All No. 2 poultry, 3c less Merchant Quotations Eggs, at retail Butter, Iowa State Brand 49c Butter, Corn Country . Butter, Brookfield 49c CHICAGO FOliLTBV (Tlm-jday Market) Chlcajo, (JT_(W. F. A.)--Live poultry firm. Receipts s trucJcs, 1 car. prices CHICAGO PRODUCE (Thursday Market) Cfcieaco. (;p)--Butter, firm, receipts 256.176. Market unchanged. EgEs, receipts 7.323. Firm. U. S. extras «.l to 44.6c: U. S. standards 39.6c; current receipts 39.6. CHICAGO POTATOES (Thursday Market) Chlcjr.o. W--(W. F. A.)--Potatoes: Arrival 54; on track 149: total U. S. shipments 934; old! stocks, offerings very light: demand good, market firm at ceiling ior best stock. Idaho Russet Burbanks T3. S. No. 1, $3.57. Colorado Red McClurej U. S. Jfo. 1. $3.42. North Dakota Buss Triumphs Commercials. $2.80 Cob- Wen, U. S. No. 1. S3.01; Florida 50 Ib sacks. Bliss Triumphs. U. S. No. 1, $2.60f{" FORK PRODUCE (Tfcqrjday Market) New York. W--Butter «o JSS; firm. Prices unchanged at ceiling. Cheese 606.231. Nominal, no quotations. Eggs 32,563. Krrn. current genera] wholesale prices follow: Mixed colors- Extras. No. 1 to No. 4, 45 Ibs. and over 44.8®47.3c: medium. 40 to 44 Ibs «2Jc- standard No. 1 to No. 4, 43 Ibs. and over 413c; current receipts 42.3c; dirties 43 Ibs., 41Jc; checks 38.5639C. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS Tharsd*j Market) CSicajo, l?)-(W. F. A.)--Officially estimated salable livestock receipts for Friday: Hogs 12.000; 3,000. cattle 2.000; aheep Sheriff Closes Pool Halls in Texas; Says War Effort Hampered Ballinger, Tex., (^--Sheriff J. L. Moreland has ordered all pool halls in Runnels county closed immediately, declaring "men who frequent them hamper the -war effort when labor is so scarce." Pubic pool halls are illegal in Texas, but recreation clubs which feature pool and billiards have operated openly for years. GRAIN PRICES Some of Losses Are Recovered Near Close Chicaffo, ()--Lagging buying interest, profit cashing and a weaker cash corn market caused gram futures prices to break snarply Thursday but some of the losses were recovered when short covering brought on a minor rally just-before'the close. At the finish wheat was H to lower than Wednesday's dose May ¥1.66%-%. Corn was off JA to 'is. May $1.121,4. Oats were unchanged to V 4 lower,- May R S "' a £ '4 *? ^ lQWer ' .16» 8 -3i. Barley was off 24 to 1, May S1.16. CHICAGO CASH GEAtN (Thursday Morninr) ' K °- - "* oats. ! Ko. S yei- . .T-.i nominal: : No. 3 malting S1.35K. per hunilr '!d weight: Tim- nominal; red clover^ seed veet d ° vcr S"-S nomi- nominal. Mason City Grain MASON CITY-- For Thursday No. 2 white oats. 32 IDS 70c No. 2 shelled com. old No. 2 shelled corn, new si. 02 WHEAT CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE (Thnrsdij. Market) (ft-- ' High ......... 1.6654 ......... 1.59 Close Sept OATS-- Eent. 1.17 Sept BARLEY-- . 1. 58V. 1,57V. . 1,12 1.11 il . .63'; .63 !i -617k 1.15 1.1251 J.58 1-11% .62 I.I6M 1.13 HOSPITAL C A R E OF CASUALTIES IS UNEXCELLED Soldiers, Sailors in Pacific Get Service Available to Wealthy By EDGAR BICE BURROUGHS Written for United Press , An Island Base in The Pacific, (U.PJ--This isn't a story of "bombs bursting in air," or of high heroism. It is a report to the fathers and mothers, the brothers and sisters, the sweethearts and wives whose men are casualties in army and navy hospitals. If a casually lives long enough to get into the hands of the medical corps his chances of survival are pretty close to 100%. I write that after spending a day in a navy hospital here. Perhaps you would like to have your man back where the family doctor in whom you have so much confidence, and who may have brought him into the world, could look after him with that fine humanity and sympathy which has made the family doctor beloved. Don't worry. He is getting these things arid more. Walking through ward after ward all day until my feet were worn off to the ankles, I saw that same fine humanity and sympathy evidenced by the nurses and the corpsmen. They are wonderful. The nurses, trained and efficient, also bring that spiritual lift that only a line American eirl can bring to American boys whose recent feminine contacts have leen with bare feet or sbuffline sandals or tabi. And the corpsmen. Of the many things the boys call them I heard only one that is printable--"bedpan commandos." This is 'an appellation of affection, as is "pill- rollers" in the army. Your men are getting not only expert and sympathetic nursing, but the best surgical and medical service that any nation can provide. I was shown one boy who had been suffering the agonies of sciatica. The nurse proudly exhibited him as the first patient to have had a certain operation performed on him. He was her prize exhibit. I am sorry that I cannot give you a very intelligent description of the operation, but here is the gist of it: Between the 2 vertebrae that were pinching the sciatic nerve, the surgeon inserted a gadget consisting of a couple of silver plates and ball bearings. The pain was instantly relieved, never to return. Unless his parents are wealthy, the chances are that in civilian life he would never have had this operation. Then there was the man with a gangrenous Ite. He had asked to meet me, and I found him in a private cubicle with a corpsman in attendance. Ordinarily, he would have certainly lost his leg or, possibly, his life. But they are going to save his leff and probably all his toes as well. The corpsman was so proud of what they had accomplished that he damn near burst. He wanted me to wait half an hour until they removed the ice pack so that I could see the Itg. If you have men in army or navy hospitals, thank God that they are not at home, for they could not get better surgical and medical service there or anywhere else in the world. And don't worry about them. The nurses, the corpsmen, the Red Cross girls, the Gray Ladies look after -their every comfort--and the physicians and surgeons are such as you could not possibly afford unless you are very rich. , Mrs. John Thomas Jenkins, a Gray Lady who looks very cute in her uniform, made it possible for me to visit the hospital. I was supposed to lift the boys' morale and give them some laughs, but the idea boomeranged. The,boys did ail that to me. They were a cheerful, wonderful bunch. Miss Christine H e r m a n of 1.16 1.10 T h e California-Arizona citrus industry is facing rapidly increasing competition from Florida and Texas. In 1920 the 2 western states produced 71 per cent of the crop in 1930 only 55 per cent, and by 1940 their tonnage had dropped to 47 per cent of the nation's citrus crop. Quality Assures Results Practical livestock men agree that regardless of the quality of livestock, good results cannot be expected if the feed is poor; but if the quality of the livestock is good, profitable re-. suits are assured somewhat in ' proportion to the quality and .quantity of their feed. B I G G A I N Q U A L I T Y FEEDS are made to combine the best in the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals required for vigorous health, rapid growth and top production from all livestock and poultry; and to supply quality at a price that will enable you to get the most in profits from your livestock and poultry. Ask your dealer for a BIG GAIN catalogue. BIG GAIN PRODUCTS, West Union, Iowa · Washington, D. C., a Red Cross girl, took me by the hand and led me around. She being exceedingly pulehritudinous, I was not hard to lead. And then there was another beauteous Red Cross girl--Josephine Jack of Beatrice, Nebr., whose father is a close friend of the last of my schoolday friends, Bert Weston, who, like me, is older than God. It's a small world. Here ^ There Rake--Elvin Haugen son of Mr and Mrs. J. T. Haugen, left for Des Moines where he entered the navy air corps. Nashua^-Mr. and Mrs. E. C Zwanziger celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary Sunday with their 5 children and their families present. Rake--Harold Lee of Ransom 111., is visiting at the Sclmer and Howard Sorenson homes Plymouth--Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Heinselman had as their guest their son, Norman, of the army' for a short furlough. Rake--Miss Mardelle Quamme daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Quamme, .began her new duties as assistant postmaster at the post- office to replace Mrs. Tryg Haugen who has been temporary assistant the past 4 months. LaUmer--Miss Shirley Plagge of Mason City visited recently at the Harry, Muhlenbrucfc home. Plymouth-- Ensign Frances Chilson of the WAVEs spent a short JEM? ChTlso P n a . rentS ' ^ "* Pop ejoy--Marion Simpson, who recently returned from England and Edward Simpson of North Carolina, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Simpson and the former's wife. Mrs. Marion Simpson and 2 daughters i Wodeu--Ted Bode of' Ceylon Minn., were recent guests of relatives here. Mrs. Bode and Marilyn returned home with him after spending last week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz T Gerd_es, and family. Garner--Mr, and Mrs. James Choder of Forest City are the parents of a daughter, Henee Marie corn at the Care-Others home Dec. 30. ' . Kensett--Warren Auestad, who is employed in Detroit, Mich., and Mr.and Mrs. Walter Stock and son of Des Moines were visitors in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Auestad in Kensett the past week. Joice--Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kindervag Bobbie and Richard of pevil's Lake, N. Dak., were recent guests at the parental John Ferley home. Alta Vista--Mr. and Mrs. Joe Frantzen, and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Frantzen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hilsman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hilsman, Mr. and Mrs Tom Reynolds, the latter couple of near Lourdes, went to Elma Tuesday where they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wally Fair. Clarion--George Weiner, of the navy, who was graduated at Norfolk, Va., last month, completed a visit with his wife at the home of her mother, Mrs. George Coats. He will report at Richmond, Va. for advanced Deisel training. Dupmont--Miss Velma Sorenson,, Highland Park, 111,, who has been spending the holidays with her parents, Mayor and Mrs T. M. Sorenson and daughter, Evelyn, has been a victim' of the mumps the past few days. Bleservey--Miss Marian Brown left for Pella, to resume college work. S t a c y v i l l e -- T . Sgt. Arthur Scnmitt of Mount Vernon, and Mrs. Leo Blake of Rochester, spent the holidays at the Peter Schmitt home. Stacyville--Miss June Pettit underwent an appendectomy at Nissen hospital, Osage, Friday. J. R. DORSET AUCTIONEER Phone 2592 Highest Prices Paid for Furs Open Until 12:00 P. M. S. B. Myrick Son 309 6th Street S. W. COMPLETE . AYRSHIRE DISPERSAL Divinf sal a, Jh». C h»Tto t In '" "" herd. . *« h~ 1. *«,«,,, ,,, 1h ,« ««, M U t o n . «« s now ma « 4 ,,,, btlltt ' s ~ bom , ffi IM3 . - . a*au tatsln" M *"««rt cilt. All c°od ones; nicely st»ljbt; with . r 'C««..- Od. 4th. Cr»,«r " ' Imp. Cui.lfi.fl T'V.rr -- A1U Cresl DON'T LET DP Boeing B-79 suinFonuss HELP BUILD TO BEAT THE JAPS $185.00 Average monfhly for 48 hrs. per week at inside- factory work under best conditions. TRANSPORTATION PAID To Seattle, Washington Men end Women Needed Now You ore vitally needed for this important war job. You will be paid while training. Boeing Representative Interviewing NOW UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Wor Manpower Commission 19 3ri St. N. E.. Majon Cltf, U. Jin. ^, 5 And 6 Don** «ppiy ij wormnt in cJKn- ti*l ir.duitry or ·gncultere BOEING . , w «t*. ri '' }"** h '""»: « r 'd to -CapUln.' ALSO BOGS, FEED. SEEDS, A TM L I N E OP TEACTOa POWEB PAEM MRS. ELEANOR HARVEY TERMS: Cish. Nolhinc to be removed until settled for . ,, _ *· B Ladies Aid Will Serre loncl) AacUcnter. Qatar Toilleoe -- Clert. Natiot»l Bwk of W»t«r!o. CLOSING OUT SALE! The following described property will be sold at public auction without reserve at what is known as the old Cooley place, 4 miles west of the Rock Island depot in Forest City, on Monday, January 8 Sale Commences at 12:30 P. M. 100 -- HEAD LIVESTOCK -- 100 - OF CATT 1 11 -- 20 Head of ]»ilk Cows, Including a Holsteins. 4 Guernseys, 1 Jersey and 18 Shorthorns -- some milking now and others to freshen soon. 13 Head of White Face Cows-- some with calf at side; 10 Head of Shorthorn Steers com- tae 2 years old; g Head of ShfiHhorn Springing Heifers, coming i years old; 20 Head of Muted Yearlings; 1 Purebred White Face Ball, coming 3 years old; 1 Purebred White Face Bull, coming J years old; 18 White Face Calves, 1 month to 6 months old. 2 Head of SHEEP -- 2 Head HORSES 1.400 Bushels Corn; 800 Bushels Oats; 8 Tons Mixed Hay in Barn; 230 Bales Mixed Hay -- Some Household Goods FARM MACHINERY -- 1 F-12 TRACTOR ON STEEL WITH CULTIVATOR - 1 John Deere Con, Binder; 1 two-bottoS U-In. International Tractor Plow; 2 McCormick-Deerine Moxrers; 1 Single Row Corn Plow; 1 Steel Wheel Wagon with .£ ?°ni J sl « 1 , Wh « Wagon Truck; 1 10-tt. International Power Binder; 1 John Deere Elevator, new this fall, all steel; I Oil Burning Tank Beater; 1 Rock Island Corn Planter; 1 Dump ?£ e: A 2 °' w , heel Dkk; 1 Wood Saw = l E^tric Emery Stand with 1 h. p. electric motor. 10x10 Brooder House -- Almost New Set of Harness -And Other Articles Too Numerous to Mention. TERMS--Cash, or m»ke arrangements with yonr banker. No property to be removed until settled for. Fredrickson Hanson, Owners B. A. Keemtsma, AncL Forest City Bank Trust Co., Clerk

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