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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, May 1, 1818
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NKfT.ToRK EVENINO POST. FRIDAY. MAT I. W fer ot tMi abla 'i procnr the retail of tbe electioa for oar paper this evsn'ing. The general pinion, however, mcbm to be, that that eetioa of the democratic party, dnoauoated Martlug - BMfl, have carried all their candidate. It la, however, rather ontuir in Mr. Noah to oeak of the actiritv at the federalist. Sack apathy aerer was witnessed. ;' JJothmj caa aore fully shew the enterprise of , ear Jw - Enjtaod brethrea thaa the following fart - A brig of 187 tow to nowfa thts port, owned at the eastward by seTenteea persons, of j . U. nnallnai vf Snap MfY3lAijtJ two esquires, three traders, oos sail - saaker, oos pbysSdaa, cm baker, one rope - Baker, one tay lor, ooe caomci - ma&cr, vum - farmer. . !communitaledfir th Eiening Pott. . rrr rt t .itW mil U.ud lO I D UTUVrWl). SOUS JUivu, 1UIU. Th Salas nfAnfloa this week are "300 ban. the Seaports 13331 r of the imports 5568 are Bengal; Middling Orleans are rather lower, and Bengals and Surats 1 - 4 a J - iperlb. Bowedi and Sea - Islandt are scarce, and in demand Flaxseed hasbeea sold at I lis. bat it is dull. Wheat continues in demand and one - third ad vance, namely 15s lor tamples of fine American has been obtained, and from six to seven thou sand barrels of flour hare been sold chitfly on speculation at 55 shillings a 56 thilliojt 6J, and 67 1, has boen paid for small parcels of ood Phil adelphia ( sour has been also lelling freely a 45 d to its, bt it It now held at 47s. The 5Ui week's average of wheat since the 15th Feb. re ceived to day, is 84s 2d pr Qr. and the interior markets are generally rising ; In our opinion, therefore, it is now quite decided, that the ports will remain open for wheat and flour, till Aug rot ashes, are one shilling lower i tobacco a shade higher j other articles without altera tion. v uor op in lot) at to in. pons remaining open is founded upon the consideration that though we hare only yet got the 5lh return of the first six weeks, yet the ensuing week to the 4tb prox furnishes (be first of the but 6 averages, and the price are ubw centrally higher through the country tbaa in the week for the 5th return. The 1st average must therefore exceed 84s, the 2d as much, the 3d also. Indeed we sse no reason for any of the 0 being lower, but even the lit and 2d being as high as 84, which we consider certain, would render it necessary for the average of the 4 last returns to be as low as 78s. to close the ports, which we consider impossible. We arete. ' HUGHES, DUNCAN k CO. On Iht ieeay of party - rpirit among ut, and Mr. Jtfonroe'i auuming th motto 11 Principle not v. it Nunc, dissidiii elves loegum exagitatl, Nunc, Patriam, demum, pads lux alma revisit. ftrnia otanim imutis armis. remanebat Deterios beltum : Ducordia, civium acerbos, Bseva, animos slue One agitaos nee ponere nxas .Ameates roluil. Deus at, nottri miiaratos, Cootiuult fnrlas mtcmas, saoa reducens Contilia, atque omnts concordi foedere junxit. O fortMialum I tali cui tempore cives Detnleriot remm modei - amen j oti tibi nuper, Vir, nobis kleo semper spectan Je, coleode. tile etenim, m 'liu, quod propositum sapienter 1st tibi none, optatam ad flnrm pottea ducat ; Hon partium studiis, sed moribui ingenioqoe Spectans, qui, le autore, ad bonores promo - veantur. Qood faciens animi prndentii plgnora certa Prsebueris, et cui ben se RetpaMira BJnt. : Exemplaria nempe Imitatus, qute dedit hero, Qui prioceps cervkcibus excutiem juga, nobis Libertate fcui grata dedit. alteriusqu Arbitrio vitam non ducere longias, unde Clarum ills. P atria Pater, ex merito tribuendum Sit nemen, quoaiam bello lundamiua jecit Communis palrits, dux ttreouus, et slabilita Face cupiia, idem bene. Frtrses, coniliiuit rem. Quippa bonos adhibens in consilium studiose, AnscuUans rationi aurse potius populari, Rebus pnrfuit. In metam contendere candem Pe - gas fortiter, et Capitolia ad iostaurata Fompa triumphalis te ascendentem cotnitctur, Latta conipicuum palma, qua te decorarit Clvilii rabies, prius iosuperabile mooitrum. That impartiality by whkh we profess always to be guided, (enf reed by a particular rtquett from Albany,) lejuiret us to republish the fol - . lowing trticle from the Daily Advertiser. COL. WILLETT'S CLAIM. To Ihe Editor of the Albany Daily Advertiser. tir A correspondent of the Evening? Post. who ktfbacribes himself " A Frieud to J uilk e," has undertaken to correct the statement which appeared " in soma of th newspapers," (and probably originated with you,) on the subject of col. YVUieiri rocent application to the legula - ture. The writer Drofostins? to be well acnuaint ed with the nature and Justice of the claim, de clares that he deemed it a duty to remove the " erroneous impressions" which the article .m question was calculated to produce." Out, sir, if I am not altogether deceived in Uie view which was presented of the case In the assembly. i am very comment mat trie explanation" at tempted by a r ntudto Justice" m at once imperfect and deceptive. It is indeod true that by the law of March, 1781, two regiments were ordered to be roi'ml wpoo land bonrrtics, for the protection cf the frontier. ;' that Uie a, t provided, that the ofli - t i. cenaiacouOitioosnot mentioned by Mr. Coleman's corretpondent, be entitled to lora - e a specific number of acres, for their individual benefit;" that "Col. Willetl was apnointed, to the common.! n .r.i.. troops rtus r.u,d," but on. 0I th. regSmenti I, U rsiW, by virtu, of the act ; and that h. With which he acquitted himielf." U ' denied however, that he ever " becam. authoriied," ai m unw uy inn r ntnti to J ustice," to call upon uie lira lor me performance cf its con irci." or umi - loeiaiius were uuured to him trj uw cmrw mum 01 uie liatUte," except Upon a cnuncy which Lever hardened. This, sir, will be plain to the understanding of wnj uu vno wui iaee ine trouble to look into the law, and at the same time examine th. proceedings of the council of appointment ewwequent pM it. The council were authnnr, i to p yejnf the officers to the rrimeels directed to be in to a raised, aiaaeAraw vacancies shaedd happen, Is mpjim oUmts but it was dacUred, "thsta lisulseant - catoa! ao1 a major, should not U " eomeiiisssiielfd," enUI a number of men equal to two - thirds of the regiment should be matured. Warrant wr to be issued in the first in - stance to the coeMdsued officers, to enlist the men ; and if salhciant number should not be raised before the first of A o gust next eJUr the passing of lb act, the Governor was authorised to form th. aua raised, icto aa independent corps a he shoald think proper. The faith of the fete was then ctedred to the ofiVers, non - com misskaed omcers aed pri rales, composing tuck regiment r eerps ; that the legislature would grant to such omceis as shoald be " fmmuiun - mled.n and to such aun - commiseioned oflkers and privates, who should eufiet ie the said regiments, and who shoald continue to serve for three sears, unless sooner dismissed or discharged, and to the legal representatives of such as shook! di while m service, certain specified quan tities of unappropriated lands ; and such pro - vmoos were made for the locations and sur vey of the lands, as enabled any person entitled to them to locate under certain restrictions and reservations, such lands as ha should select to be granted to him. The land thus granted was declared H to be m lien of every bounty allow ance, half pay or emolument whatsoever, tn the part of the state" the levies to be raised under the act were to be armed, accoutred and paid, at the expense of the United States and mastered by such person and in such manner as Congress, or lbs commander in chief of the army of the United States should direct. The men not baviner been raised or mustered within the Ume limited, a subsequent act ex tended the period of enlistment fur the pur pose of enabling the officers to receive thrir commissions and to entitle them to the tountv, in case the men were recruited within the enlarged term i and in May, 1784. an act was passed " for granting certain lands promised to be given as bounty lands by laws of this state. by which it was in substance enacted that whenever any person entitled to grants of land by virtue of the law referred to, should produce a certificate from the surveyor general to certain commissioners therein nmed that such person was entitled to the quantity described intheeei'tificate t those commissioner were required to isue letter patent to such person lor Uie land. From this view of the statutes, it is clear that the bountv of unaliDronriated land could be claimed nly by such officers who should be entitled to receive their commission - 1 witlif in tn e several times limited for enlistments, and who should continue to serve for the pe riods fiom time to time prescribed, unless sooner dismissed or discharged, and that the field ofheers could not be "eammiHitmatcd" until a number of men equal to two thirds of a regiment had been mustered. It ia equally clear that if the requisi; e number of men hud been mustered, and Col Willett had thereup on received nis rommimon as commandant either of a regiment, or of an independent corps formed from the men actually mustered the manner contemplated by the act he would immediately have been authorized to have located the lands which he should have elected to have grsnted to him ; and upon ex hibiting the certificate of the surveyor general the commissioners, he would have been immediately entitled to receive his letters pa tent. The question therefore naturally presente itself why did he not make his location file description of the land selected by him, or obtain his certificate in the manner prescribed by the laws ? A reference to the proce dines of the council of Appointment may perhaps enable us to answer the quention, anil to shew upou wnat foundation the claim ol Col. Willett rest. It appears from the minutes of the Council, that on the 23lh of April, Marinus Willett, F.sq. was appointed Lieut, Col. com' mandant of one, and John M'Kinttry, Esq. of the other, of the reiriments to b raitrdon boun ties of unappropriated land. The other field officers, the captains and subalterns, were also at the same time appomttd for both. On the list of .March, 1783, it seems, that ' the govern or laid before the council the returns of their levies, together with such other information as he ha I received on the subject, in order, as the said levies did not amount lo a nffictent number to compote a rrjrimrnf on the continental etlabluh - ment, that it might be determined by the council which of the ofictn vtre. entitled to commissions, and that the governor might be enabled to form luem into an independent corps agreeably to the directions of the law." It was therefore rerolv rd, that ret uns should be made to the council by the muster - matter, and such other persons as had received aud muttered any of the men re cruited i and that the "commanding officer" of the said levies should lay before them " a descriptive roll, noting deaths, desertions, and other caiunllies." On the 57th of June, the re turns were made to th council, and the follow ing is a literal transcript fain their minutes of th preceedingi, which took place upon that oc cation. " Whereas it appear to the Council from the return of the muster master, Jacob Lan sing; that not any of tbe officers appointed to recruit the two regiment on bounties or unappropriated Ian I, have enlisted and mustered the number of men which would have entitled them to commission, agreeable to the act of the legislature, in that case made and provid ed, (captain James Cannon, lieutenant Pliny Moore and Rial Bingham, who have duly en listed the compliment asvpned them, excepted ) And whereas, the oflicer of the levies raised for the defence of the state, who on inch failure was appointed to r. emit for the said regiment, Aor mrreattd the number of recru u of nai l regiment, so as that the same are equal to .ire rompamet on the continental establishment, and it is become necessary that tlif same be arranged into a corps and officered scconlingly." "Kesolved, therefore, That Job Wright. Jonathan Hiercy, Peter H Tierce, Aim eon Newell, and James Cannon, be captains of the said five companies : That Abraham Ten Lyck, rliny Moore, Rial Hingrnm, Josiah Kichard - son ami John Thornton, be lieutenants of Uie said companies : And that lchabod Andrew, Witter Jolin.wn, Jesse Hubble, John C. tliaver ami Gideon Cowlct, be entijjns of the said five companies : That Moses Willard be surgeon's mate, and T.lias an Uunsclmtten inn. Esquire, major of the said corps and their commissions respectively, bear date ti e lirsl day ol Janua ry last, except those of the lieutenant Moore and Bingham, and of capt. Cannon, which an to bear date at the time when they had com pleted their respective compliments of men to entitle them thereto. Thus, then, it appear 1 That but three of the officer, alio had been appointed bv warrant to recruit for the two regiments, ever enlisted the number of men requisite to entitle them to their commis sions and to the bounty in unappropriated lands. 2 That although those officers, who upon the failure of other in recruiting that number. ere appointed for the purpose, had inrreated trie number of recruits yet the levies actually raiea ana mustered by tbe onicer oi ooui regiment, were only equal tore eompaniei (less than - two third of a regiment") on the wmuntmai eslablisbraent : 3. That they were arrinfrd into a corps un - utr ,,IC command ot a major, at which time u'eocr were first ' nmmunonrd," and that the commissions of all exceptinr those who had become entitled to the bounty, were dated after the expiration of that period, within which the law limited their right to obtain It is evident, therefore, that CO. Willett meet have acted, and received pay from the United - gUtesesrhisepperaAsKfu. . Ilecoaldaot bave received his cewansrien, or have bare entitled to Uie bounty, oflinappropriated mad, because the levies under his command never amoumed to ire lairi a rrguaen," sad consequently thr is do ground whatsoever, for the Leotwe castapon the Assembly, by M a Friend to Justice," or for impulia: to the stale, at he has done a faithless disregard to the fulfilment of its con That the merits and service or Col. Willett entitle him to the gratitude of his coootry, no man living caa'denv but his appeal was made to the iostice of the leeislatore. not to its favor. He bed already partakes largely of that bounty winch mat extended 10 ail me ocicers anu mi - diers of the line of tliii state, in ti e continental service at the close of the war, a gratuity which was granted not in lieu of the lands which he received from Congress, as "a Friend to Justice" reDresents but. in addition to them ; and to have allowed his recent claim as a matter ol favor, would have beta at ooce to hate admitted an equal right to a double portion of the public botintv. ia ever oflicer who udoo the reductioo ol tne corps in wriicft lie was nrst couiruisMoaeu, was fortunnte enough to be recalled - uito uai scr vice ; nod to have said that Col. Willetl was en titled to a hiebsr reward, thao anv other individ ual of the same rank who served througout the war. A FRIES U TO TRUTH Extract of a letter written by a gentlemen in Buenos Ayres, to hi Irieud iu this city, uaied Feb. 7. 1818. . As far as I can ascertain at present. Valparai so is blockadod by a frcale and Hire, small res sell, and another vessel cruiziu; between that port and Coiuimbo. Two Engliih vessels have recently forced the blockade and rot into Valpa raiso, and done well. They had munition! of war and dry roods. The last mads from Chili state, that irom 3 to 4000 troops had embarked at Lima, and suppos ed to be destined to rsuilorre I alrahuano mat lb Indians in the cause of the royalists had forc ed O'Hijftpns (whoe force consisted of about T500 men) to retire from belore that place, and that ban Martin was Dear forming a junction with O. H. with a force ol 5000 men. Talcabuano has always remained in possesion of the royalists, and is said to be a strong place ituated about six degrees to the southward of Valparaiso. It is conjectured that the patriots will attack them before they are relieved. The Chilian government have recently made a communication to the government of Buenos At res, slatiug the danger that rrssels will mcur ou the coast, and recommends to th consuls and merchants of this place, to send their merchan dise tter land to them, ia which case they promised a reduction of duties. The royalists have bco rapturing som En glish vessels on the other side of the continent, and a British frigate tailed from her to Lima on that account ; the captain of which, it is stated, was cavilearly treated by that government, and the prise nut nilored. Extract of a letter to a gentleman in Baltimore, dated St. Pierre;, Mart. April J. " The former Gazette which I ten to Wash ington, contains an ordinance permitting French resielt to bring dour from the United states un til the end of October next ; consequently will be prohibited in American bottoms after the 2Iit imt the Ume granted by proclamation. Other reports are in circulation, that may materially affect our commerce, for instance, that the ordinance issued at Guadaloupe, is to b followed by imilar regulations here ; that, orders all foreign ers, naturalised or not, to desert from all and every kind of commerce in 3 months. 3d, that a perton is appointed through whom all American cargoes are to be told, and for which he is lo receive one per cent on t he cargo, whether he sells it or not, in case it is sold. Now, as iu mo t case, our captains do not speak the language; they are compelled to employ some per sou to do their business, and a choice certainly ought to be left to themselves. If forced into the hands of a privileged or patented broker, he ditpotet to hit favorites and accommodates them at tho expense of the proprietor, or at least be hat the power to do so. That this last regula tion will take place, I have good reason lo be lieve; at soon as it does, or I can obtain positive information, our government shall be advued that the commerce may be informed." tx tract of a letter from a gentleman on board the United States ship Congress, to his frieud in Westchester, dated Harbor of Rio Janeiro, Jan. 30, 1813, " We arrived here on the e - - euing of the 21iih, after a long passage of 55 days, in which we ei peri.nced our full share of head winds and calm ; and had not the good fortune to speak a tingle American veitel. Oar passage from the Knualor, which we crossed on the (6lh, hat heeu pleasant. The usual ceremonies, on thin great event, were not omitted. 1 be old ludicrous Neptune boarding us in great style, com ulainiug bitterly ol the duttintu ol in road.', iu these regions, producing a dryness in ha throat It and his family, were treated to a few bottlet but to be brief on this sublime subject, the wholu Itutinest was conducted with the utmost order and decorum. The Portuguese still hold pot - tewioa of Monte Video, on the La Plata, and the talk is, that they intend to hold it ; anj are laud ing on more troops for that purpose Feb. 7. We sail to - morrow for St. Catha - riucs. Yesterday I taw the greatest event (in Ihe estimation of the vulgar) that has ever taken plac on tbit side of the water ; no lost than th - r . i ii n . f i. i e crowoinr oi me rnut: nezeiu. i nnvo um lima anil rniin In raw Ikat I kth.l .Mil MT .11 u r.n.. i . i - . . l. i e o u Mil Ui glCBt VIIKI UtiMHIUI IU UIO IKIUW Ul UI1 gama; aud was amused with the show, as ' would b at a good farce. Every respect and atleulion is paid lo us by the Portuguese autho rities, and by the commanders of vessels of war in port, sc Extract of a letter to a merchant in this, dated Havana, the l ltli April, l:t 18 " It is too certain that our crops of coffee are this year miserable, and have f.dlen so far short of all calculation that I do net believe bv the ensuing month there will remain a suf ficiency for our own consumption. This carlv scarcity, when the Kumpean ma kets du not appear to be plentifully supplied, gives me hopes i hat our next years crop will command a good sale. F.xlract of a letter from the upper part of De laware, dated April 24 " In consequence of the late frosts and high winds, our prospects of a favorable wheat crop are entirely destroyed. In addition to the above, we learn by a res peclable gentleman from Lancaster countv. that owing lo the same causes, not more than one half the usual quantity of grain will be raued Uiis year ui that country. From the National Intelligeneer, Jlpril 29. 1'rivat accounts from the Conjrtst Frigate, wnuh bore our three Commissioners, Kodoey Graham, and B'.and, to tbe Srulh, and which was. at the last dales, at Rio Janeiro, represen the conduct of Uie Portuguese authorities to our Commissioners, not to have been marked by any very friendly leeling or Hospitable deportmeo On tli. contrary, it is suggested that they were received with a sort of iudUTereoce, amouating early to radeness. Some difficulty arose, too, between th officers of the Congress and the government, respecting a seaman of th frigate, required to be delivered up at a Portuguese citi - sen t in which Captain .Sinclair is said to have exhibited the spirit which belongs to our naval r - haras - fr. Of these occurrences we nav beard only from general report, and knrw oou.ig oft the particulars : nor, perhaps, if we did, would tJiey be sufficiently important to narrate. If they are, we shall no doubt bar them ia time. la newer te som enquiries, tod to present mutates, it saay be proper W remark, that the i.i. Bmvwii men! at 13ohnel Geore Gibson, at Commissary, does hot interfere with tbe office of j Cadlender Irvine, tsq. wno m iomim - wiy era! of army pure bases, stationed at Philadelphia. , . Tbcfothing, eamp equipage, tic. tar tbe army, are supplied through Mr. Irviue, and Colonel Gibson is Commissary for army subsistence, to supersede the present mode of supplying rations to tbe troops by Contractors. Tench Kiugold, ofthuci'y, bat been appointed by tbe pretident, to be marshal for Uie District of Columbia, in the place of Wafhiugtoa Boyd, resigned. LIST OJ' LXDIAJf AGEltTS, Appointed by the president under the act passed at the late session of congress, and couGrmed by the tenate. ' DaviJ B. .tfitchdl, agent to the Creek naiion. John McKee, ageut to tbe Choctaw oatiou. R. J. Me!gs, agent to the Cherokee nation. , Henry Sherborne, agent to the Chickasaw nation. Thomas Forsyth, agent to Missouri territory. John Johnson, agent to Fort Wayne and Piqua William Prince, agent to Vincenues. Richard Graham, agent to Illinois territory. Reuben Lewis, agent to .frkamas. Nicholas Boilvin, agent to Prairie du Cbien. John Jamison, agent to Natchitoches. Charles Jouett, agent to Chicago. John Bowyer, agent to Green Hay. Alexander Wolcott, jr. agent to the Lakes. Jacob Tipton, agent to Mirhilimackinac. SUPERINTENDEJVT it FACTORS To the United 8lates' trading houses, appointed as aforesaid. Thomas L. McKeuney, superintendent of In dian trade, Georgetown, O. C. George C. Sibley, factor, Osage trading bouse, Missouri. Michael FJey, assistant. John W. Johnson, faetor, Prairie du Chicu, S. W. Territory. Robert B. Rett, assistant. Isaac Rawlingt, jr. Factor, Chickasaw "Blnfli, Tennessee. Matthew Irwin, factor, Green Bay. Jacob B. Varnum, factor, Chicago. John Fowler, factor, Sulphur Fork, county of Natchitoches. George S. Game, factor, Choctaw trading haute, Mississippi. Benjamin Lverett, assistant. Daniel Hughes, factor, fort Mitchell, Georgia. From the n'athington City Oatttte, April 27. Motion to the Plata We learn that the South American commissioners have transmitted despatches to the President of the U - nited States, dated at Rio Janeiro, which were submitted to the cabinet on Satui day last. Letter received in thi city, by the ame opportunity and from the same quarter, are said to contain unfavorable accounts relative to the affairs of the patriot at Buenos Ayres. This in likely enough i any thing through such an interested medium as that of the Portu guese royalists, respecting the revolution in the South, may be justly suspected. We would as soon credit Morillo's bulletins, as in formation, on that topic, collected in the neigh borhood of the BrazUlian court. BOSTON, April 29. We are indebted to a gentleman who arrived in town yesterday, in the Mermaid, from Si. Thomas, for a hie Of the ist. 1 homas I idenda,' to the 3d imt. These papers contain tome account of late military events on the Spanish Main, but nothing important further than we have received from other sources. The bat'.les which took place near Calaboza, Feb. 20, ap pear not to have been decisive, although it is evident that the advance of Uie army of Bolivar was checked, and the alarm which had ditiuietd the royalists at Cararcas and Laguira subsided. March 5, it is stated that Uohvnr was still at Calabosa, and that Paez, with 4000 men, was with hun. Morillo, with Moralttaud 1opei, at the head of 400 men was at Ortix, near Villa de Cura. Calrada, another royalist general, with 1000 men, was about three leagues from Cala - bora. Another battle was expected. Thero is no account of any military movemeats subse quent to this date, but the inhabitants of Laguira and Caraccas wero agah in great alarm. This ttat. of things give an additional probability lo the report mentioned in Monday's papei', received via Guadaloupe, of successes gained by Bolivar about the end of March. A letter received by Mr. Hooper from his cor respondent at Gibraltar, dated March 14, mentions that our squadron was still up the Mreights, and that no intelligence had been recc'u cd from it. Mr. Shalcr was at Marseilles, Feb. 18, and expected to tail on the 27th ia the P tacock, which arrived there on the loth, lor Messina. A Portuguese squadron of three frigates and some smaller vessels was cruising in the Mediterra nean. Inclosed to Uns letter was a spaoiih order, directing the mode in which goods may be admitted at all the principal ports, eighteen of which are enumerated, free or duty, provided they be placed in depotite in government store, and re - exported in one year. Th ouly charge is 2 per cent ad valorem for storage. Dstboit, April 3. Mr. Collins and party, who in lice, last left this place with shoe - i, x. for the troop s at Chicago and Green Bay, returned on Monday last, having suffered much fiom Uie severity of the weather and great depth of snow several of his pack horses died on the way. He informs that the war belt had passed through the Wi - ncbago, ack, Fox, and Kickapoo nations. On his retu n, about 180 miles from Green fl .y, he met fifteen chiefs of th. - se tribes, as mes - s - . - liters to others. The mercury at Green Bay had been during the winter thir'tj - fivc degrees below zero. S.avahxah, April 21. In pursuance of Division orders, the fi. st regiment of Georgia militia wei e yesteiday pa - rad. d and a draft therefrom of 64 men, exclusive offfi ers, was made. James l - awrence, was drawn captain 1 1'homas Jones, lieutenant ; and S. W. Nichols, ensign. The detachment will take up the line of march, for the frontier of our state, early on Thursday morning next. PHILADELPHIA, April 30. Mr. J. Wain, of this city, just arrived in the ship Natchet, from Katavia, it the bearer of dispatches Irom Baron Van Der Capellen, governor of the island of J sva, to Uie Dutch Charge des Affaires at tho seat of government. BUFFALO, AprilSl. Snow. There commenced a fall of snow in this and Uie adjacent towns on Friday night last, which continued throughout Saturday. The ground has continued covered with 6 or 8 inches of mow since. From Ihe Meut - Tork Gatelte. We have pleasure in staUog, that the Directors of Ui York and Jersey Steam - Boat Ferry Company, with view to promote pleasure travelling by Uie way of Powlet - Hook, have re - tolved to reduce their rates of ferriage on plea - tare carnages, &c. during tbe summer season, about 33 and 1 - 3 per cent, and a further dedac - tioa upon carriages going and returning Uie same way. This arrangement is to commence on th Grst day of May next ; the boats to commence running at sunrise, and to run ever half hour unti! after sentet. Parties of pleasure to Newark. Elisabeth town. Peterson, and other places ia New - Jersey, will FJ accommodated by this plan. From the London Time. An inquiry, which took place in the committee of way and ae?a last night, led tot nply which would have beau of considerable i.(oi - tance, had not the same thing been declared by ministers on a preceding occasion. ' It was asked, whether this country was to guarantee the repayment of th loan now advancing by certain private speculators to foreigu powers, and Use answer was strongly and decidedly in th negative. This, tertamly, so far as it goes, is Must and proper. It may be here right to add a few words in explanation ol mete ioan, tneir a - mount, aod the coneqncm es resulting uooi them. The first is to Pru - sia. of 3,000,000 sterling ; this may, we believe, be toidered as nearly sctUod. The second, to France, is in a more early t - ige : its amount much larger, be - ins abrut 34.000.000 sterling : and its object is to enable that country lo liquidate the claims of its creditors, and pay up the contributinui ; the consequence ol which will be the removal ol the army of occupation. Much of the money for this purpose will unquestionably go from Fnsland : and heuea Uie apprehrnion (not resulting either from the foreign relations of the state, or its finamial concerns,) that the bank wUl not be able to resume its ta;h payments. Paragraph from an old newspaper, printed a - bove 125 years ago. CYrtaine fi.olisli youm; Men have lately brought aboute a new Change in Fashione. They have begun to Lslen their Shoe t and Kn'e Hand) with BuckUt, instead of titbbandt, wherewithe t' - eir forefathers were well content, and moreover found them more easy and conven.ent, and surely every reasonable Man win own tiiey were more dec erne and moucsie, than Uiose new fangled, vnteemly Clurpt or Buckles, as they call them, which will go and tez the (ones of these vain Coxcombs beyonde sufferance, and make them repents of their Pride and Folly. We hope all grave and honourable persons will wilhholJe their cnuntcuance Irom such eil. initiate and immodette ornaments. It belongeth to the reverend clergy lo tell these thoughUesse youths in a solemne manner, that such things are forbidden in scripture. ITinillHUI', Yesterday, at St. Marks Church, by the Rtv Mr. Creighton, the Ilevd Joshua M. R"gert, of in a n a 111 1 i unu. Lewis i.ouniv. is. I . to .viiss cuzu s run cisRiilley. HFEjYING POST .MARINE LlbT. CI, LA RED. Brig Telegraph, Munro, Charleston Angenora, Martin, Uporto Sclir Triumph, Lee, Bath Ja. iywoir.jun Eliza and Nancy, Soule, Boston Maitha, Pattingall, Boston Mary, Nicholson, Boston Three Friends, Rider, Boton. Golden Pbeasnnt, Creighton, Baltimore. Polly, Young. Well - fleet. Sloop Venus, Havens, Norwich Alonto, Westcott, Providence Eagle Sharp, North, Kingston, Rl Owner, Post, Middletown - Henry, Hai.d, Norfolk URUIVt.u THIS FORE.VOth, British brig Benjamin. Robinson. 44 da vs from Tobago via tbe Delaware, where she put in in distress, having loll her suits, and short of wetrr, with rum, and molasses, to Goodhue Si Co. landed 4 passengers, at Delaware, BtLUW - l ship. 1RHIVLU LAST EVEM.VG, Packet thin James Monroe. Watkinson. 34 days from Liverpool, with dry goods, e.c. to I wngiii ooo, r i nompson, jer. i nnnipson, and H Marshall, owners. U liina'ev. T Wrieht. J Mowatt, jr. B bl H Haight, S I - Tobias U Co. G II Newbold, Lambert li Brothers, J Under I. ill H Co. I Wigham, Hicks A Lord, J N llaiiht, J Wrigley, II Haddcn, Marsh Brooks, S Rhodes. Sbinman Si Lord. J Graham. Marx k Lintley, B .VI Brown, B J nekton, B Mongers at Co. J Hood, jr. J DCrcv. l'" - ., AustinJAndrt - wt 1 - Co. G Cozgill, J & W Delay an & Co King bi Hillhoute, J ('arrow, II Hemltirks. Kip iiln - grahani, W 45 RMott, T Sesrlh, If M'Clintock, ft T et 1 1 waiver, A van ess, i Vn - elaud, A & G Smedes (l Canfit Id, J Berry, G VVragg, J I Roosevelt tl S - on, K Dodshon(Tl Bach, HK TolerACo. J B Pafcrson, R Thotnpsoa A Ogt - bury, J Cauldwell It Hon Adams St lilai kwell, Hyde It Nevins, Smith, M'C'all Ai Co. J Givno, L C St T Hanicrtly, R H Snger, J Atpinwall Son, J T Dolan, D L Dodce, M L Hyde, T Richards J WooChead, R Kingthtnd li Co W WtiTL Chester, G Chaace, Duryec bl Elliot, P Ludlow, J tO Tredivell, J North W Bryce, I, Tomes, J Taylor Son, Rogers, WinlhropAt Co. WW Hyer, UF Babcock, Hart & Naaaro.J Cooper & Co. J Dixon, H Van Waggenao, VV C Holly, Hephuin Si vrinre, Otis 4: buan, J Glover jr. Armilnge St Witts, and lo order - Passengers, Messrs. S I Tobias, lady, son, and servant, T Smith, J Scholhcld, J Millar, J Graham and terv't, J Grcig and srrv't, J Bruce, K Beverege, Marcus Jacob, J Hay jr. and 15 in the steerage. Schr Patriot, Snow, 4 days from Barnstable. Schr Greyhound, Hoadley, 28 days from Laguira,' via New - Huven, with coffee and hides, to karthaus, Reinicke & Co. Sloop Bray, Sears, 13 days from Boston, with Gib and new rum, to the matter. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia, April 30. S Arrived, sch Catharine, Cobb, 9 days from Boston. Sch Roll a, Lausett, 8 days frem New - bury port. Sch .retas, Prince, 8 days from Portland. A'liip B. Rush, Wilberger, Savannah, went to sea 28th ; ship Lancaster, West, Liverpool ; and brig Com. Barry, Kay, 29th, (yesterday.) blnn Little Cherub, M Keever, of this pott, from Savannah for Liverpool, was all we 1 19lh inst. lat. 36, long 67, out 5 days. Shipwreck. The sch Pandora, of Baltimore, T. fweeney, master, bound from Norfolk to N York, sai ed on the 2d inst. and got as far a Egif - Harbor, in 30 hours, with a sttfT S. W. wind. On the night of the 4th, the wind shift ed to N. E. and b.ew with great violence, and on Uie morning of the 5th, two hours before dav - hght, she was drove on shore, 15 miles S of Cape llenlop n, and in a few minutes the vessel with her contents were lost hands sa ved with much difficulty. BOSTON, April Si. Arrived, sloop Delight, Perry, from N York. Ship Francis K Sarah, Winslow, 74 day J from Bremen, and 30 from Raiueate. Sailed from Ramsgate. (Eng.) March 87 Ui in co with 2' sail lelt at Ramsgate, ship Romulus, Peter, for Norfolk to sail in J days : ship Averick. Mao - love, for Lnnd - w. The Galen, Tracy, for Bos - , ton, sailed 24 hours before the Francis Si Sarah. March 31st. Srilly bearing NE by E. 65 miles, spoke ship Integrity, of I', 145 fays from Canton for Cowes, all well. April 18th, middle or the I, rand Hank, Tell in with 18 large Islands of ice. In the Francis et Sarah came ois - songer, Capt. Andrew Harradn, (late master of tne bug sapero, oi caiem.; wrucn was upset on Uie 19th Dec. last in the Ouli h Stream, on her passage from Salem to Martinique ; his mate and one seaman alto, a teaman, Idle belonging to tbe ship Brilliant, olThilade!tiia, wrecked in the Weser in Junuary. Ach Mermaid, Hryau, 17 davs from St. Tho mas. Left at St. Thomas, April 8, sloop ange - noria, Williams, for N York, in 4 days brig Elisha, Winkley, of Portsmouth, N. II. for V York, in 3 days. Spoke, lat. 53 Id, lone. 69 30. ship Evergreen, Rathbone, from N York, for Liverpool. Sloop Trim, Eurnham, 23 days from St. Eus - talia. TT UAI Ui SMITH, jun. has removed hu countiog - ruou to 3li Peari - strect. my 1 gw XS" I hm subscribers have ku uie J ronneaioa in the wholei&l irrarei - v anil mmmi.ann huni - nmm. nn,l th. f.m r j; j. v.v. - tni Front street. JOSEPH P AL V1ER,' myl3t WILLIAM 8. 8AIDLER. J THEATRE, For the benefit ol Mrs. Parker. On Friday evening, May 1. will he presfni.j THE FALLS OF CLYDE Ud Kenisiurc, Mr. pfi(fh . r aruier Lufirld, n . u ' cdward knneld, ll,,U4ft Ellen Enfield, M. J'jJ In the course ol the drama, Mr. and Mrs P ker will introduce a Scotch Slrathtney anH Hfgbland Fling, accompanied on ihecotZS Bagpipe. " To which will bcaddrd, a Dew Ballet and., n direction of Mr. Parker, ctned FLORA'S BIRTH DAY OR, THE HRtr Of MAT ' "7; eft In which the will introduce the favorite sonnr The Tambourine Roundelav, and the Skin tiing Rope Hornpipe After the Ballet Mrs. Parker will dance the celebrated' Broad Sword Hornnino. The evening's entertainments lo eonclude ;n. LAAL.i.AUjiil3 AT LOCKSMITHS "Irs. Parker commence at a quarter pa Performance to seven o'clock. frt - NOTICE is hereby given to li.. .,.T7 holders ofthe Associates of the Jeisey Couina ny.that adisidend ha been declared en tV dollar Dirthare on Uie canitid ttnri, , company, which will be, paid on the j(h ji Biaill, ill lu. i i uiuou HAUitx CAi.uwtLL, Treasurer, my 1 3w copartnership; ft7 - William H. Kobinton, CharlnT. - . (ol the late firm of Hones U Town,) and Jfc Benson, (late ofllie firm of A. 11. liJZ. ,JT Co ) have connected themselves in business as Stuck and F'.xrhane Brokers, at No. 44 Wall - street, under the lirni of ROBINSON, TOWN h BENSON, my 1 Iw MARINE lfURACE7 The Olfice of the Onion Insurance Con - pauy, it now open, at No. 66 Wall - itreetaiwi applications for Marine Risks will be receitnl from 10 o'clock A. M. lo 3 P. M. my I 2ir GABRIEL, L. LEW la bavih, e,ered into partoenhip with hi brother HORATIO G. tiLEWlS, tbe tommistion butintet will be coo tinucd under tbe firm of G. Ai ti. LEWIS. New - York, 1st May, lbTU. GABRIEL L. LEWIS, my 1 lw HORATIO G. LF.WIS. tirttith Philanthropic Soeiey. fX7 The members of the British 1'bilanthro pic rkiciely are hereby notified, that iu consequence of Mr. Lacy being about to remove frees it. John's Hall, Fraiikfurt - ttreet, th meelinp of the society will in future bo held at Mr. Hodg. kinsou's, Shakspeare Hotel, corner of Fulton auil Nassau - streets, where they are requested to at. tendon Monday next, 4th of May. The chair will be takeu at 8 o'clock precisely. By order of the society, my 1 3t J. DAVIS, President. XT MR. VAMJEKLYN respectfully re - quests tboie gentl emeu who subscribed on boo. dred dollars each to his panorama stablithiBeiit now building, lo meet at the City - Hotel, to - mor row evening, at hall past 7 o'clock, lor the par - pose of appointing trustees, agreeably to the pro - virions of his prospectus. my I 21 NOTICE. 03 - ABRAHAM Br.LL ha removed hit busmen to a new store ia Fulton - street, a few doors irom Pearl - street. my 1 lw I R - GRAHAM respeitiully announces hit Lv A intent ion to continue his classical teniiaa - iy hi So. 112 Greenwich street Incompliance with the wishes ot some of his patrons, a Preach department has been added to Uie insntuuoo. A lew additional places, some of which are yet unengaged, have been occasioned by a recent ea largemint 01 the clats room. Mr. O bastbtl honour to refer to IVier Wilson, L. L l - Wofc M. Maton, D. D. ; John R. B. Rodgers, M. D.jj Josiaht'gden llonmon, r.tq. ; weorao uiiuig,. Etq. ; Henry M. Van Z.ilinasr, M. U. ; w ham Headcrton, Esq. ; Joteph Sands, Esq. ;&sj. at li. Abeel, "'J ' For SAVANNAH, , The fast tailing packet snip KIIAU CSTIES, Swinburo, master; to nil - ostiively on Sunday, wind and weather permitting. A little more freight can be taken, if applied for immediately ; and several passeojm can he very handsomely accommodated, by applying on board west side Kly Market wl. or lo GRISn'OLDSUCOATES, my 1 6B South - tt. For LH t.RtOul., IT a sail Sth inst. Dosith ely.l The coppered and copper fastened shin HAMILTON. J. Greenoueh. iw ter ; some coiton or o;he. light freight, equu to 900 barrels, i wanted to complete her car iro Two or three cabin passenger can b r - , accommodated. Apply to MARCH bl BESON, my 1 lw 47 South - street II UM, MOLASSES tie. 60 puncheons fine 11 flavoured Tobago num . 42 do retaiung Molasses, received per brig Benjamin 190 puncheons Rum, received per brig Antelope, from Tobago, and for sale by my I 44 Soulh - itreet. rt W. ROl.s rt.S bL CO. NO. 235 Pearl stnt, have just received fr Liverpool, and offer lor tale on reaaonsws lermt MrV.Mi EARTHENWARE, Containing a great variety of blue printed, ir low, lustre ware, eic. my " v . . vm uii c - u ...i m a v 1 1 rru - . Adc 1 im iB.nif - . 11 a'X .ana ftiiita. iutt reccireo ir ship William and John, from Canton, listing of X barr'd Sarsnets, large plaids Heavv black Canton Crapes Lustie light colored do lor ball drcttes Black, fig'd and plain Florentines Black twill'd Dimity S irsrett Colored do do Black Silk Hdkl't. 4 - 4, 7 - 3, 6 - 4 X barrd do 7 - 8 ' Fig'd Damask Crapes Crape Shawls, 8 - 4, 7 - 4, C - 4 Do. 4 - 4, lor the Neck, very elega . . Rich Silk Shawls, (Dove colour) 8 - 4, 1 Do do (black) 6 - 4 : Conchowt ; and . 4 cases containing 400 piece white Naoxeo - for sale by CAMBRELENG St PEAR:05, my 1 67 South street WHlsKK.Y He 8 hhds. PhiiadelpTda Bj vvh.skey 1 JO boxes first quality Brown Soap " 100 do Hill Boston Chocolate 10 chests Hyson ? - kin Tei - fbrsal ny JACKaON i WOOls my 1 3t 75 Wall street LONDON CLOTH Arc - Landing jroei ship George, aud brig Bacchus irom 3 cases Cloths, 1 case Cassimere, extra tV 50 barrels r. fnwd Salt Petre 60 cases Aqua Fortis Duplex extra , 1 case Irish Lineo, for ':''(. r L rO DIVTE BETHl'NECO. iriT 1 . 57 Sootb - eUert - l ... Wind I") L'M and MOLAoar - s, - puncucv - r L ward Island Ruin, and Landmgfrom the brig Antelope, froa iTobag. a, the foot of lfZfftfhB. , my 1 E. Ham, Ian - Jin " j morning irom sloop Comet, at Buriing aip. J - k - moraing irom Md ,or "le ifoORMAN k JOHNSTOW, . 1 57 fcouih - treet.

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