The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 1, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1818
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NUMBER 4955 FRIDAY, MAY U 1B1C. NO. 19 WILLIAM STREET. nnpkrci, now lading from sundry ves - 1 )) O foU0wuj5quui.ue.auJ WSS - S - :WiUia,r8haud, 12 3 8 1,2, J 45 Jo f . Miner 45 do George Fletcher, 103 do J,jn Eodert, ,44doD.K - ,H. 8 8 8 8 ,2 1 1 1, 1 1,2 8 53 do r. HO'1 gi w o - ,,j Ar. Jw Hare & Co j0 doR. Hu&hes - Co. . 6.1 do R. Cantor, 45 do F. O. Crcaehaw, 21 do R. Putlnn, B7 do J.& Labby, If 3 8, & lady's twist CI do H. Starr, , It halllb.rolls ?,:Zl,e brand, are well known aud .bDiWd of in tbi . on account of the "hT and uniformity of Uie diifcreut number. by wuicn ui h c01l)iEL,US jjrj B013, piQ 36 Fioot - strect. " - uoMESTIC - OTHER WARES. Anil E subscribers keep constantly on hand an 1 extensive assortment of Uie followta goods, lJulcli and English Brooms Duster, r Counter Br. - Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do Wbitti Wash do Shoe Scrubbing do l'a;i.l Brushes and Sub i'ool Clamps, 4,7, 8 row fumifuie Brushes Horse do Bed Cord, Clothei Lines. Sash Cords, Trace Rope Wrought and Cut IU .:u ...,! limit. Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and rninnu.n On lor Blacksmiths Hall a,:ri Entry MaU Pails and '1 ut)l Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, tewing, wrap - ping, - baieir.g and bull Twine Full Linn Shoe & sadlers Thread Dearborn's Sallan - cei, &c. Which they will sell w linlpsnlp or retail on li - beral ituii. ap28 CEBKA & CUMING, 70 Pearl - street. EOR HALE. AYiaSV rate fast trotting Horse, and a fash ionable Gig, but little used. Also, a light neat one horse waggon. Apply to THOMAS II. THOMAS, ap 13 ' 10 William - street. 'fllli; LEAD." AQUA FORTIS,c 10 tons Ury White Lead t :.ns White Li - ad iu oil, in 28 and 561b keg 5 do Superior Red Lead Sheet Lead, 4 and 5!b ; yellow Black Paints Paris While and Spanish Brown Yello Ochre, Venetian Red. ALSO ON HARD, 9 cases best London Aqua Fortis, (round 1 uppers 1 case Oil of Vitriol ; 1 case Spirits of Salts i or sale oy AT - LNS0 - g k FLEMING, an 20 I No. 16" PraH sUeet. HKJVIiHtlKU TALLOW HlUh.H. A FEW inou.and pounds New - Y. - rk Tallow, and SOOO Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Ai.ply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market, inh 1 1 tf T 110 , vlJt "MB. t CO tt FLOUR. t 4 bhds old Virfinia tobacco 55 Co uir crop do do 1 86 bbls fine flour 15 do middling lo. For salt by VASQUE6, MEURON k CLKEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 7i Washlngtmi - st. HOMtRY, tL.lA:KL, FIXS, Inc. MEN' and women's cotton sUicltings A few bales superfine while fluunel, very wido do do red and yellow do Berlin and military cords Green table covers, different sices Best Loiidou pius, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 mist pins, 1 - 4, 12 and lib Mournin; pins and short whites - White chapel needles, assorted Bras wire No. 34 and 25 Curd wire No. 27 and 3 Hookf and eyes, Thimbles jlUo on hand, En;liih lookinp class plates, unsiWereJ For sals b ATKINSONS L FLEMING, ap 'jfl 3w . 167 Pearl - st. J"OijN"AltRM. WILLINK Ai CO. offer for sale 35 - casfi superior Bengal Indijo . severs I tanks sualts, particularly desirable lor bleachers and puper makers 4 casks hardware A few baits cassimeres and shalloon's, shawls aptfl) ITOL'i; Hundred tos lint quality Nova &o - ' tia Ulster for salu lu lots to suit purchasersApply to WALTER NEXSON, 174 Front - st. comer of Burlinj slip. or to JOHN BYER3, foot of Harrison st. mch 17 .prh River. PLAsTKUOK PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the font of Harhson - siret, North - River, iyVHF.ItE inanuiat lured PluMi r, lorcomi - V .es and oilier pu - poes, may be had - war - ranlej of the first quality, t one dollar and twenty fi t tvtUper luttitl. Pl.e tory is conducted by MK John Tuck - r, who has served a regular apprenticeship tn Ihe mason business, ""bil JOH? BYERS. I A) SPEHM. CiADi.ES, U'l.YL, It. JJ Uotes new Spermaceti randies 10 cadis Bordeaut claret, suitable tor bot - , tlein; 1000 bbls whalebone, in slab .r0 coils cordage, avorfed fizes Clean SU Petersburg hemp and Kentucky heai:cu yarns, in lot? to soi rur - har - - For saU' kX 1IAYDOCK& JENKlsS, P2 lw 152Snulh - t. AMERICAN GOODS. YJ M. F. & Mlh MOTT, No. 106 Pearl strret, rfferl'ir sale the following American cotton aud woollen goods : 5 cases Brown Sliirtinps 4 do bleached do 5 do 3 4 Checks ; 7 do 4 4 da 4 do Cotton Kills 2 do Sewing Thread 2 do KuifMns Vain ; 2 do SittioetU 20 cases Plaids 6 do Blue Stripes ; S d Bed Tickl 1 do Denims; I do Milinets 40 d J Twist and Filling, assorted frnm No. H hale, CaiMllewick. 5 to 12 I '"'rr.K, FLOUR, TOBACCO Sc. S4i naus st Oominuo Colf - e ; 51 do green Ha - J, to,mtitle,Hod - rwfcarl;. 31a superfine Kit hiuond lloir hhds i.ld KichnKMid toh.coo do new di dj do do PetersUrc do ' do old do do wh"le "tvd 20 h.xlf tietces Rice 'hs Upland CoKon q wter cj.k Madeira Wine - d bite irt Wirje la hhds. jo - T1 1 ulror quality, in botes of one ", k sit by S.0BERT GILLE. - PIE, 112 Front - street. iOFFFV. Si RUM US l.hrl. fin. .nr. KJ let, and SO hhds Ruui, landing ironi bris r 1 . 1 - r avonie, auu ior saie ny miLii. ivbAKiMbi, or GEO. LACY, ap20 4 Fulton - street. Mr. B.lLLETU Madame OUUJuT, No. 7 Nassau - street, TTAVE the honor to inform the public in ce - M.J. neral and the ladies of New - York iu par ticular, that they manufacture aud have con stantly on baud an assortment of artificial flowers. At their store are also to be found, and to be di;xsed of by wholesale and retail, Perfumery of every descriptiou, among which are the celebrated Lait Virginal, and the most approved essences aud pomatums for the com - plxion. I onoi'e sneu combs and thimbles A complete assortment of worked dresses, thawls, fichus aud bands Umbrellas and parasols Merino, knit and velvet ridicules i silk fichus Stockings aud gloves for ladies and gentlemen Ladies' elastic garters .Spring aud ball silk drewet Ball do. embroidered with chenille and orna' mented with (lowers ; silk scarfs Prunella a: id silk shoes ' Levantine', florences, satin, taffeta?, &c. And iu short, every thins connected with the ladies' toilette. ap25 1m" 1 41 C MCHOLS, td Pearl - street, have just J . received in addition to their former assort ment 4 rases colored Canton crapes 2 do black do. 2 do black sincliews 1 do sarsrets, 2 do black silk hdkl's 2 do fine India book Muslins t do Mull d. 3 do Tamboured and Seeded 2 do Imitation Merino shawl, assorted 1 do handanna hkls. 1 do Uue komals 2 do Maddnuollam and sleuw Loom Shirt t do Madrass Hdkl's. ing 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen , Z Uo brown uo 2 do Cotton Platillas 2 do fancy Cravats, assorted 1 do uhiteJiMns, 2 do cotton Castimerci 1 do fine white nud buff Quillings 2 bales Khodei' Boinhate.lia 1 case RibliMis, assorted 2 casts black, whil" fcc purple Kid Gloves A trunks Furniture Plates, and 4 do superfine Calicoes, which they fcfl'tr for sale at a small auvante lurcatn. ap2()l4t y IX cases of new aud elegant fancy articles, KJ such as Ladies' work boxes and dressing cases, very ele gant Writing desks, elegantly gilt and plain Gilt and painted card racks, Fau racks Fire and candle screens, painted in a superior manner, with gilt and colored babdles Backgamou boards Maline and morocco work baskets Geulleateu's shaving apparatus, Pouches and drensiug cases, complete Morocco and mahogany portable desks 1 A few Russia leather do. very superb Some very elegant portfolios with gilt locks aud pockets Elegantly gilt borders anJ plain Morocco, Russia and roan pocket books, of various descriptions Spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many other articles 100 numerous 10 meuuoo. Fo - jiale wholesale and retail, by Vj - - N. SMITH DAVIES, ap2 No. 151 Broadway. p.htNU NfckV - OllLKANS COTTON. 54 ales prime Upland Cotton, landing Iriim slooti Wave, from Savannah 6:1 bale New - Orleans Cotton, landing from ship Maria Caroline, lor sale by 1UI1, 66 South - slreeL In Store. 109 bales Upland Cotton S9 do Neiv - Orltaits do 32 cerooos Cuba Tobacco 36 boxes Window Glass 6.i oiiies Catalonia Wine 11 pipes O. L. P. Madeira Wine ; has been imported i veers 9 qr. casks Malaga Wine 2000 bemijohns lit tons Swedes Iron, assorted sites. npS7 LK TH KK - GEt VI A N CLA .V. - W Ah B. ft KCEI VE1 per Erin, from Loadon, a quan - X tity of blue, trreen ana red sKius, red roaiu, and prime blue morocco. A - Ml, 2J cases half pint German tumblers, each 100 doz. 20 cases pinu do. do. each 50 do. for saleby JO. S. HARRISON', ap 27 lw W 1'iiic - sireet. MU&ivETs. FOWLING PIECES, He. TOUR THOUsANU MUSKETS, and two F boxes fowling pieces, ealilkd to lichen ture. 4 boxes well assorted glassware 3 reroons Dot ant Indigo, and A few pieoes superfine Cloth, for sate by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap7tin 72 Wasniiitton - strcet. srlOFFEK. FLOUR. TOBACCO, ic - J C4C bags St. Oomii go Cnlf., 51 do green Havana do. entitled 10 oraw naca yii bbls. superfine Ri hnj iid Flour 30 hhds old Richmond Tobacco 15 do new do do IU do do Petersburg lr 7 do old do do 10 whole and 20 half tierces Rice 7 bales Upland Cottnn 8 qr. casks Madeira Wine Rml and lme Port Wine in hhds. Claret of a superior quality, in boxes, for sale by ROB'T GIL1.E - P1E, np29 101 Hi r root - . K ClOKKt.t, TLA. WIM - - :. ' 1 ':,,,a Cfct I ctit to debenture 200 do Green do S HO halfcliests Hysoo Skin Tea do 2o lo do Hysnn do 10 j ipes L. P. Madeira Wine 10 do old Sicily do U0 d i Lisbon do 60 qr. cask old Sherry W ine All ln Oalinrnnr do 50 half ami qr. o - ks do (iron lKund) 30 qr. casks Mulbga 30 hhds. Jamaica Kum , 4lh H 5h proof 200 boxes Bloom IUi;in frsa!e by', np 2!J 1w 204 Fnwit - 'treft. JXJLI - .T, For one or more ears, the ftillowin: Houmts at Harsenville.noar the five mile stone, BloomiaiiJ .:c r'.rtd. i.leas.iutl. itu - .led anJ convenient two story House and Stable, wiili a Garden and lour a - errs of land. AIms A nlenssntlv situated and convenient tiO'lory House and SlahliN wiUia I iree Garden and thr.;e acres 01 land, hotn 01 llie arve piarr, are well stocked with differvot kmos ofchcite Fruit trees. Also A pleasoiliy siluntel and convenient two storv House, with a Stable end two acres 01 land. For furthtr paitirnlar erjnuire - f JACOB IIARSEN, pM 1m iNf.afJw prr m;es. Tt LK I', The neat 2 - ilory hrlck HOL'SF - fii - iIim1 in we mnoern - yw, sa urcmwiui - mwi, near Hanverlv - treet. Also, a two story liobse, brick front, coraer oil tlaertly and W hiugto - street require 01 JOaS I1AC.15RTY, p"5 lw 167 Peart - sL tX)R HALE. The propertv at Brooklyn, beloneiwt lo Uie estate ol Cai Ludlow, deceased, camut - ing nf a new three story brick house and lot of grouiiu, a store noute, lormeriy oi cupied as a distillery, a small frame building and lot ol grouud, and two vacant lots adjoining Uie above premises. This property is situated within a tew rods of the steam - boat ferry, on Die road to Pierponfs Distillery, and extends from the hill to Uie river. ' Also to let, from the first of Msy next, the house and lands on the hill, in the rear of the a - hove described premises. The bouse is well a - dapted lor a private lauiily or for a public bouse. The situation, from its elevated position, commands a very extensive and beauUlul view 01 the city, Uie East River antl Bay or New - York. The grounds surrounding the house (about five acres of land) are in a high state of cultivation. For terms, apply to GEO. W. MORTON, mh 21 tf No. 5! William t. Lit H is? PA THICK He.JHYt By Wo. Wirt, Esq. $4 00. fllHE publisher deems it unnecessary te say JL any thing in favor of the merits of this work, contenting himself with mentioning that the first edition of 2500 r.tpies were all disposed of in a few months. The 2J improved edition for sale ly ap 25 3w ROB. M'DERMUT, 222 Pearl - st. FHUSFKCIUS r THE HEMPSTEAD ACADEMY. The Rev. timothy, clowks, a.m. Principal. - DllllOltUO - HAVING purchased that large and commodious building in the village of Hempstead, Queens County, lately occupied by Mr. George Howe!, the subscriber proposes to open au Academy therein, on Monday, the 27 ih instant, ful boarding young gentlemen tind instructing them in any oflhoie branches of tciem 6 and literature usually comprehended in an academical course. That every srholarmay be under the constant and iuuni diat" superintendence of the Principal, none will be admitted into this academy as at d. ids but llicise who are also boarders. A very few students Hum Uie viliajse, or its immediute vi( iuily, will be the only exception to this rule. If, however, the number ol students should ex ceed the means ol accommodation in the acade my, bourdiuay bo procured in private families in the neighbourhood. Should the public patronnge be extended to this institution sufficiently to warrant the measure, additional teachers will be procured. The year will be divided into two terms of tuition. '1 he summer term will commence the last Monday in April, and will continue twenty - three weeks. The winter term will commeuce the last Monday in October, aud will likewise continue twenty three weeks. This arrangement will leave a vacation ol about Unee weeks after each lei in. The price of boarding, tuition, randies and lutl, both in school and rooms, will be 100 dollars each term. But, two or mre scholars sent by 1he same person, the children ol clergymen, or those who art intended lor the ministry (ol any denomination) will be boarded and instructed for i'Jil each per term. Iu all cases, a deduc tion of 5 per cent will be made lor pujuncut in aavauce. books, wasmiig, niemiing, anu uny necessary article ol clothing, will be lurmsti - ed by the subscriber at the most reduced prices. A cot, mattrass or i.ea, ana Leaning, to or. iur - nished by each studcut. The patrons ol this institution may be assured that its system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rules ol the academy must be strictly complied with, by every scholar. (7 - FOKF.IuNElLs, desirous of acquiring a grammatical knowledge of the English language, will be admitted as hoarders into the Hempstead Academy. Private apartmeuts and separate ta hies will he furnished on tlie most reasonable terms, and uvery facility will be afforded to a speedy aud. tnoruugn acquaintance wiin in language. For tlie information of strangers it may be stated, thst Hempstead is a pl asant ullage and post town, remaraable for Its healthiness, only twenty oi: miles east of the city ol New - York ;. that it eryjoys the advantage 01' public worship in the Pre myterian, Episcopal, and Methodist forms ; and that a stage runs from Uie city three times a we t k, on one of the best rouds in America. Parents desirous 01 placing their children at school, or foreigners wishing to be instructed in (he English language, are respecti'ully requested to visit Uie suom rilier, at Hempstead, where Um f will receive fuller iiilbrinatKn respecting the protiosed institution. TIMOTHY CLOWES. ! Hempstead, April 3, I8IU. - 7 - The subscriber hereby declares bis unqualified approbation of the establishment prtpo - I by the llevd. Mr. Clowes. Convinced as he ih ol Mr. Clowes' ample qualifications, both of t te head at d the heart, for suierinteiiding such an institution, he dots not hesitate to recommend to public confidence, and his academy to public patronnge. SETH HART, Ret tor o.St. Geo. Church. Hempstead. Hempstead, 3d April, 1818. 0J - The above prospectus meets w ilb my hearty concurrence. CHARLES WEBSTER, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, ltenis(ead. A hag lettered " Hempstead Academy" will he felt at G. C. Langdim's Long - Island Sit ans - Boat Hotel, for communications with any person attached to the institution. A Female department is connected with tlie Academy. Young Ladies to be bearded in Uie vi!age up 7 P:tawC2wtf tUU 0.1 l.h OH TO LEA at., Lots in Uie 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards; many ol which lire ou regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. ' Several two and thrte story houses, on which s great part of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT ItEI) HOOK. An excellent stand for business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON snd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, aud a never failing stream, uix n which 20 nulls may be erected, with a sufficiency of water fnreach. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich strret. ian 13 If JU LEV, And possession given immediately, the elegmit seat late the residence of gen Jno. A Schuyler, dec situated on the hanks of the l'saic 1 iver, opposite the village of Belleville, in this slate. There are on the preini - ei a good barn, carriage - house and other out houses, all in good order. The garden is extensive and planted with every thing proper lor the season, and has in it a quantity of the best fruit trees of ali descriptions. Any portion of laud may be had by the tenant that may Enquire of CA1UERI.XE SCHUYLER, On the premises. Barbadoes neck, (Vew - Jme) J April 2", 1818. n. n The above premises together with alljweJ adapted for one or two families, having tlieo'hcr dwelling house and lands of thelateltwo kitchens, 8 rooms, pantries, vault, a ta - gen. Jno. A. schuylcr, will thortly be offered jble and coach house, a well of good water, and tor sale. ap Za 01 Tcs LET. At a low rent, a three story brick d cuing in Norfolk - - Enquire of fcl: .V UUX, mh 26 96 WiUUtreet H'UITE LEA I). O Tods bet English while lead, ground ia oil, in 1 12, 56 and 231b kegs 5 too dry (Liv, d.i. For sal by TL'CKEJ14;MURIES, ap27 29 outlj - L l.iNTON blLKS 102 cases containing v crapes, pihck, colored and while do nankin 28 tale Aartnets, blac k, fig'd, green and cross barred Mnchews, black, changeable, green and blue Florentines, 30 mch Mack Concaus, assorted colours anil white fialius, 1st chop, colored Crap sbawls,'7 - 4 and 8 - 4 Lsvautines, assorted colours Handkerchiefs, 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled do. - chow chow, colored aud figured Sewing silks, assorted and black Pooiees, rihbons assorted - just received and for sale at 67 Soulh - strect, by CAMURELEAU it FEARSC..Y. an 28 KEM II t.(HMS. Just received bv the ;omet, from Havre. Habit gloves, prunelle shoes Rich figured sattin and tad eta ribbons Kmbroiilered and plain silk hose, shawls Suspenders, fans, artificial flowers Silk netts, colleretts, thread hose, and for sale at 140 Pcarl - strert, by ap 88 P. k H SHELDON CO. DRY GOODS. FANCY plate Calicoes Superfine calicoes and chintses 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 cambric muslins Cambric jaconets Plain tambor'd k sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black and col'd cambrics . Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and ptain Madras lidkfs, pins ' Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls White A col'd threads silk, kid, aud cotton gloves Silk hose, silk floren - tines Black booilmzeens Florence silk, ribbons, galloons Florences, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid lustriugs Fring'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chintzes Marseilles Quillings, roval rihha White and printed sat - eeus Cotton brown hollands Swansdowu, toilunetts, silk stripes Cotton and woisted ho sierv Irish linens & sheetings buttons, bed licks Fine and superfine cas time res Yoikshire fine and su lierfine cloths Loudon do do: Superfine ladies cloths Bombatetts, ratinells Imperial cords, vijo - nia cassimeres Stork inetls, plain aud nub'd Flannels, baizes Ferrells, worsted bind iocs Shirt buttons, cotton lace Paris netts and souffle gauze Black and white thullr lace Leno snawls, Estopil - las Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 & 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Oimities Fancy Leno, k figured Muslins 4 4, 9 b, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 4 printed cambric shawls Cambric Trimmings, It 7.4 i - 8 - 4 imitation do. r lounres Seersucker Gingbams Romall Hdkls. . Silk Check Cinghams 23 col'd Cuiubisc garments OH Cloths Brown Liuens Merino Shawls U 4 cassiinere do. Bandanno, loiiuee and sinlersoy hdkl's. Pocket hdkls. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities ' Jeans, cotton cassimetc stnied 1 loreotines Cotton baudannoe' lllta k 30 MadapoBum and steam 8 - 8 col'd sirip'd jaco - netts . loom turnings Iudia muslins, ire. tic. Received by the late arrivals and for sale by I1ACjVjK1I r AU511. - , ndl 24 dicim 187 Pearl - street. f ft. SEYMOUR and Mr. M'OOWAN (late iX teachers ol .Mathematics at V arren Acu - deruj) jiropose teaching irorn the first of May, at the old established school room, No 35Alotl - street, a complete course or Lneli'h Kducation, compreheodinj - the following branches, to wit ; Beading, Writing, Arithmetic, English iram - mar ana composition, beograpliy witn the use ol (he Globes and Maps, Gei nietry, Mensuration, Surveying, Guaging, Navigation, Lunar Olwer - vations, Algebra, fcherlcs, Conic Sections, Natural Philosophy, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Optics, tec. Ac. Astronomy and Fluxions. Meisrs. SEYMOUR tC M'GOWA.1, confiding in their approved acquirements, diligence anu ca 1 icih - c, iiu tit kiv e run ptiiiviat - iiuii iu those who may patronize their institution. Reference to Professors Wilson and Adruin, Colem - bia College. ap 23 lw A PERSON well acquainted wiih the Clothiers business, who understands the suiverintcnd - ance of a wool Carding Machine, and can give resiectabl references, will meet liiteral encouragement, by applying at No. 205 Fulton - street, New - York. A mau with a family will be pre - lerred, who can be furnished with a dwelling, Aic. adjacent to (he works. ap29. 1 w BOARDING. EIGHT or nine gentlemen can he accommodated with genteel board, at No. 97 John street The situation is pleasant. apiS lw WANTED, in a small resjiectabla uuiily, a middle agtd woman, well acquainted with plain cooking, washing and ironing, the must produce a referc - nc from her but place for her honesty an J sobriety. I here would be no objection lo a Scotch or Welch woman. Enquire at this office. ap 29 If FOR SALE or 'TO LET. Anil imuuuinn rivii tin lat of May. a .uj . . " . , new and convenient House of the basement plan, tinished in Uie best possible manner, situated in 1'i arl - street, near the Battery, and adjoining Uie new house ol' Mr. Gracies. tor particulars enquire of ROBERT R. HUNTER. No. 135 Greenwich, corner of Lpierty - strect. ap 28 2v JA tUR HALE, A small farm, situated in one of the centre counties 01 Uus slate. I bis farm lie on the hanks of a lake, and within a mile of a flourishing and lieaulilul villuee. On it are aeood tarn. house, ba 0, Aic also a large nnd well built d wel; ling bouse, entirely new. I he tituaiion ni trie d veiling house for bvauty of prospect, ic. is surpassed oy lew if any other scitea for building in the interior 01 the slate. 'Wie owner intending reiuoving to .r.w - yrk, will sell this prert) lor less than cost. uion a lone c redit aii s'HmI se curity, or will exchange it tor lands, giiotis, ice. rcr luruer particulars, enquire ! n v. a it. wiuk, i - .sqrs. Law Buildings, Nassau - street, New - York, ap 15 Pirn :tf TO I.KT. From the first of May next, the two 3 story brick Houes, No. 492 and 434 Green - wii h - st. in excellent repa.r, with or wiJmut stables in the rear, and will be let on very res. koiuhlc terms. ' Also, to Let or I .ease, from 1st May next, a very convenient uweinng House, opposite Le lane, near the 2 - mile stone, Bowery, at nresent occupied bv Professor Admin. It is two 1 interns. The garden a ve y urge, ana well stocked w th fmit tree and shrubbery. and iay be taken possession of immediately Por teruns, apply to HiLSEY ti GOSMN, 31 Old - shp, or to GEO GOSV1AV, n 29 496 s.reena irh - street fcO .iuWAU. i FEW gentlemen can be srcommodMed A. with Board, in private family, in a plcu - am part of tbe city of Jcney. tuquire at this eftce r!ll REMOVAL Tp J. A. GUTT WALDT, has removed from No. 44 ta No. 75 Vaiden - lane, where he contin ues to manufacture his PIANO - FORTES on an entire new and improved construction, the result of niau y years close application aud study, for which be now lias obtained letters patent. On examination by connoisseurs of music, he flat ters nimseu that they will meet with Weir approbation, and merit public patronage ; and he fuels proud, Uiat his piano - fortes have met with Uie unanimous approval of Uie most eaiiuent pro lessors ol music; the following testimonials of wnicn tney kindly have granted bun, to meet the public eye : We, the subscribers, professors of music, do certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. A. Guttwaldt's piano - fortes, which, for ingenu ity ecu excellence cl workmanship and unilorm brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to public patioaage. Messrs. Gdles, EUtnue, Rd. weeiz, inibauit, unarles Udlert." IO LE I , on the same premises, a j large and commodious store and back room aJjoiuing, with or without a frout cellar. AYOUNU healthy woman, with a full breast of Milk, wisht.e to take d child lo nurse, in ennseuueuce of the loss of her own. Enauire at na narmnii - streel. ntiXolw EOi HALE. AHORSE, well broke to the harness, and paces under the saddle, price 200 dollars. Enquire at ihaws stable, in. Liberty - street, near Broadway. ap 25 lw OI'ATEEL liuARUIAU. tlltANKLlN HOUSE This new, spacious L and splendid Building, situated in Broad way, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at Uie corner or Iey at. 1 now opened by the subscriber, for the re ception of Boarders. It is fitted, aud will be lununhed 111 a man ner not surpassed, for convenience and elc' irance. bv anv private dwelling in the citv. It occupies the most eligible situation, being central, in view ot the ram anu city - Hall j the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view ot Die adjacent country for a circumference ot 50 miles, including the Hook, the Narrows, and Uie Harbour 1 and it is believed that nu House 111 the country ex cells it, eiUier for elegance of structure ur sit' uation ; and no exix ns having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete lor Ike purpose, in . every respect, it oiler to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleasant and retired a. partments. The choicest of Wine and Liquors are lurnishod, and no trouble or expense will be make the entertainment plea - ant, rare and excellent. 1 lit eslabiiaiinieiu is intended exclusively for Private Hoarding lei) 4 DC II MKS. IIL.MIKKSOX LttE lA'&UHAAL., kc. fjCr'Tlie UNION INSURANCE COMPANY, incorporated by Uie Ltgulutiat vf tht Mate of ew lore, with a charier ol unlimited duraliou. for making LIFE INSURANCES and granting AN.uillLS, will commence business on the first day of AJayuext, at no. 69 W all - street. 1 he more piomuient obi sets embraced by this company, (although they are prepared to enter on lavorable terms into all contracts in any snape couuecieu wiin in views or their institu tion,) are as follows : 1 ' To llit labonna clau of Ih community, to Jilt - tliamci, lo Cleric tnpullieaud jrtrate fficti, to, Clergymen, loProeuurtvn Colleges, to Military mm, aud all olaer jwssesseu ol fixed incomes, which will terminate with their own ilvk, they ouer a secure man ol providing lor their mmi - Ues, by citing - apart small portion of their annual savings to that purpose. 1 o capitalun, the oiler tbe safe investment and cerlaui improvement of their surplus in come lo Uie beuclit of their descendants. To mamtd men, the offer a provision to their tcidovi, by an appropriation to that parpos id small annual sums, during Use continuance of the marriage, and on the samo principle Uiey offer lo lue autgnen of bankrupt tttaltt, and Uie pur chasers of properly, subject to the right of dover, a mode of extinguishing that claim, by giviug an equivalent ior me surrender ol the rights of the wile. I'o parent. Uiey present a mode of endowing their miaul children, allordiug to them, if Uiey reach a certain age, a much larrer sum compar ed with Uie original premium, than can be ac quired by any mode of accumulation at interest. I o t ingle persons, who mar faava no heirs. they offer tbe means of greatly increasing their annual income through the purcbaso of hi an nuities. I'o young people, of active employment, whose exertions aud earniegs must diminish with their increasing years, they olfera support for the decline of life, by payments of comparatively small amount, whil Iheir season of industry shall coo linue. Th Company ba provided Tables calm lated upon true principles from Uie most correct data, which at the same time combine the safety ur the onice, and th interest oi th customer Of Ih results of these Tables some specimens are subjoined, from which the advantages to tbe holders ot Ccutracts wiih them may be estimated. A healthy person, of Uie age of twenty - seveu years, by an annual payment oi itco 97 - 100 dollars during his life, may secure to bis heirs tbe sum of One Hundred UulivM, or a larger amount by a proportionate premium. A Hutltand, aged Uiirty, whose wile's eg i twenty - tiv, may, by Uie annual paymeut ol 7ti30 - i00 Uollart, while both uve, secure to his widow lite sum ol On Hundred UMun, which the company will exchange for au equi valent annuity, if required. At tht one of fifty an auouity lor Ihe remain der of the hie may lie bought for about ten and a quarter ytar't purdiate, or at Ihe rale of nine und 3 - 4 tar rent on the sum uivesud. A father may, by the ysneut of one hun dred Uollart at Hit birtn ol a child, secure lo that child, when it shall reach Uta age of twenly - oni years, the sum of tix hundred and forty - one dtl - lart. from tht age of ticmty - one, an annual payment of Eleven 18 - 100 Uollart till th age of t'tfly, will secure lo ihe party an annuity of One llutulrea uollart lor lb residue 01 uu er tier life. If a erton holding a Poliry of l ife Inruranee for any period beyond one ytai should Isel dei. rous lo relinquish it, th cisiny wdl be ready at all times to treat for a re - purchase. An adeavalenortvm of the Cupilalif thit Com - panyittelayaTltyfhurler, and may te inertated, if ot canon teqiitrt, jor me mrwe uj g,,jc m luranrt unt .innuitiet, ona tTurt .. rroi t - ttatetcithm the state f AtV - lork, of live value of at Icail ffly per cent abort the amount Inantd. The C apital thett let apart and teciirid, hcether ictfh the mreumulation of premium, tan lit mtde IimoU for no other fusses tf the Institution than tknte anting from Hi Life Pol iciei and auiuites. th'ti affording to the Customer Uie most tubtUiiduil security. Written applications for !osuraoce and annu ities, ststirg U19 name, e hnd place of birth and r - cf Ih party will U r. - li'"l and tutwersrireo irrparMory to openir.z colicie on th day ab .. named. AL:LA LAWRENCE, FretideaL JAMES RENWICK, Actuary, a? 11 Dl - C!m l. p t - : ,v . . 1 Washington, 8th April, I818.I 07 Proposal will be received at this Department, uuUI first August next, lo furnish by contract From one to six millions of brick From one to two million of cubic feet of building stone r rom ten thousand to fifty thousand bushel of stone lime. To be delivered In good order at Mobile, Lake Pootchartrain, River Mississippi, and Lake Ba - ratana the time when the first delivery jo be made, and the quantity which can he delivered in each month succeeding Uie first delivery, must be slated with the terms. PrtiKsbis will also be received for from fifty to one hundred carpenters; lor from one hundred to one hundred and titty masons ; and from two hundred to three hundred laborers, to proceed to Mobile and Louisiana, to construct builifings of various descriptions at Uie before mentioned pis - res. It would be preferable to have Uie misous, careiiteis, and laborers lurnished and acoBipsn - ed by master workmen. Arrangements would be made tor mploy the ersons engaged lo execute Uie work, train July lo November, at those positions embraced in u.e beiore iiieo'ionea pieces, which border ujn the Gull ol Mexico bngagtmenis would not be made lor a snoner period than eight months. Salislactory security would be reuuired lor the raithlul periormance 01 any contract that may be msde. . Tbe trrms up - ' on which workmanship aud labor would bpei lormeu, must be siieu in tne propcsais. ' . J. ts, BWITT, Brigadier General and Chicl Faigioeer. The printers of the Portland Gazette, U. M.t the Centinel m d Patriot, Bosti n t Uie Evening Pott and the Columbian, New - York j Uie dim - monwealUi, Pittsbergii, Peon. ; lh Reporter, Lexington, Ken.; and the Gazette, New Orleans, will please to insert the foregoing for on month and forward their accounts to the Kngi - i.t er Department. ap 13 lm BANK tF NEW - YOHK. TV? president aud directors give notice, thai a dividt nd of four and a half per rent ou the cupilal stock offhe bank, will le made oath 1st day of May next, for lie neri'id of six months, from the lsl November 1817, to the 1st ol May 1818, payable to tho stockholders ut the Bank on demand. By order of the board of directors, ap I6tm2 CHAH, WiLKE, Cashier. NO I ICE. rr? All porsou having any claims sgainst the assignee ol Ihe lutefiiuiof Whiting W atson, uHn eschatigt arctrunts, are hereby notified Uiat unless such claims be proscnlrd beiore the 1 5th day of May next, the subscriber will consider tbem as ttttltd, and will not retain any fuudl in his hands for Ihe purpose of meeting them. ap 16 3w . rt. w. NOTICE. - ftjm Tl - e subscribers have formed a connec tion lor the purpose of transuding oniiuissioa Business, under Ihe firm olS. and T WHI'PTK . MORE, nnd will for Uie present do business at No. 60 South and 129 Pearl - streets ami will constantly keen lor fate a tenerul assortment of Cotton and Woolen Casus, ol tbe junnnft.rture of the lute New - Yoitt Maoului luring Company. Just received, per senr. Bandusay, iruui uo bile, and lor sale, 13 bales Ueer BKins 1 22 sacks buake Root of prime quel. 2 do Beeswax. SAML. WIIITTEMORE, ap 1 1m HMO. WH1 TTEMORK. 23 Mrs. GALLOP having - taken the house No. 31 Broadway, now in th occupancy of Mr, John I. Glover, oilers from the 1st of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. .The pleasantness of the ki tuatioii needs no comment. mh 24 tf - "' i,i NOTICE. - ' - 1 - - . - , PI ...I . rJ ..Ja. I. IkMinig to Uie Cities it Albewy and Troy, wish loniresDSJin, ior si neiniirr sss years, on uie North River side of I hi ciitv for the accommo dation of these vessels exclusively, for whit ha liberalcemprosatinn will be tlfi - Th subrrri - " beis are a comniillee aipoinled for Ihe purpose of receiving proposals for the same. . And tbe proprietors of tbe wharves on the North River are requested to hand ia their proposals lo either of Ihe subscribers, stating Ihe situaUon and their terms, respectively. ts. B. A note addressed to either of In snh - scribers, lell l Joseph C. Coupe r's, - Lent's Basin, or at R. oi L. Reed's, Coin ties Slip, wilt b attended to ' New - York, 25th April, Iflin. r BaRNUM WHIPPLE, , GEORGE MONTEATH, ' PETER DONMf LLY, R1CHD. II. FI1CH,' - B. BUSHNELL, GURDON GRANT. pl5 1m tor En lutid tia Halifax, N. i. rrf Letter for His Britannic Majesty' Packet Duke of York, will be received 'at the Post Office, till Wednesday afternoon, the CUi of May. ,T. W. iiOOKE, Agent. ap 'XI 'The American Insurance Company. 0 - 'Jlieblorkhiildfrs are nolili.d, (hat Ihe annual election fr Directors will be rHd at the oflice, on Tuesday, tbe 12Ui day of May next. The - poll will open M 12 sad lose at 2 o'clock. By order of Ih President and I lirsrfir, ap 27 P. HOYT. SsK'ry. It - T - The creditors 01 .Mr. bVDNF.V HEW ITT are requested to meet at Uie office of Mr. HI nke. yo J Law ztuildiogs, on sauayoi may next, bttweeu tbe hours of 10 and 3 o'clock of Ihe same dav. for lb" rut - note of receiving Uieit dividmdtoau final settlement of lr estate. New - York, April 7, IHIK. , (iM)l(GE GIBBS, s - j - - JOaliUA SfcCOR,, AW'B'" - np 27 tMy2 .Yotic to Tuttm Ktepert and .'vrr. fj - Licenses to '1 aveni Ke K' - (" ceuiromtbe Vayor and C'Bmis,nii ei t Lx - - le, will be issued al Ihe Muyor's t'lfo e, in Ihe City Hall, between the hou - s of b - n .! "o o'clock, or. th teral days, and lor th difler - ent wards in succession, ia ehe order following. 1st d st 4lh 51b cm 7lh 8lh Vtb 5th May Cth do 7li do lilbeV 0i do 1 Mb IVtli do l.Kh i. 141b do 5ihlt IhtUdo lath u 19 - do 20th M ward on tbe do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do tilth 2lst&t2ii do All persons who, know of any olxecti - r.s a - t vbiiisI It.e crantuic of lteene to any of tuns who now hold them, are rrspeclfull) requested give information at the MayorS OoVe, lie lore Ihe lime Ik graetiinr, tliem as aU vv - meo - Honed; and those geeUtsu - o who haw t.ken ans lo inveslihte this suh.ies't, awl consider it of sulfit t ot ue.ii.eQt, are parsknlitrly invited to assist ui iuiui,hing ah the lolormtltvo in Uitir power. C voider, J. SI DELL, F. M. ApgTtf .' REMOVAL. - Cf N.'tlTH DWIES has removed hi chemical pttfum mufaclory aaJ wan bouse irem No. 133 HrwaJway. one wotmib - uerl : - jtret, cc the west lid cl BroaJaay - mch 27 NOTICE - . . ... dof0i"Cr6. 5ElYBOX4..QV, ??3 ; do k e

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