The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 30, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1818
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HYntHni: institution. " - VSELECraod ! ri.ale Classical School I csuuhihed at Hyde Park. fclche oi - tr, state of New - Yik,wler bo dlieitioa ami ' UftTWLtxm ttl Benjanius A1.L.LM, Lt l. D. 'I da iustitutioo is designed to unite ilh a cIm - ticoi aa J. English l - lacauon, the modern hn - I utt rhseical coarse w!tt comprise (be Latic ae) Greek Langotgrv' Ancient .Hisiory and Aiftiouitres. ' The ijislish court will eomrie Eneliib - " Grammar, Elocution. Elements of History, Roe - . totuk,leiarhy, Feuuianinip, tWaxawy auu practical .uaineiuutrcx, ana me out.iu m - tur d t'bilotopi.y, Modern LanMgc wifl comprise th French, Spanish, nnd iuhan. ' . , Mor.d mill miigi mj$ initracliun will be attend - - ed lu. mi I. ii ih luutt orovnr tiuje to iccul : , cute ami bt thus prim ilei ol irtue aod f" - '1' winch o:.t iu direct iu.a u sance um wi, pi future hie.' ' ' .'". i " I he pupilc ofthe Inlitulon will be member " of the Pruitipar' family, u J ondif hn irate ' diaus core awl eorerumcut. Particular atten tion will ha naid i their mr.r - .ls tad manner . 'n goveraincal will o .trier, but niuJ "J P - rental - in aiui hJI tw to give fuwt of order ' and industry, end ii tvirt eonervu em , 'Hie iMfiluli. Will be fsvnssUd with 1 - jbra - r, .vleW Clones, bud :t JrJiotnphu:! ' - .'.... i.:..t. ik I. will be ta tgb?, ai. and familiar ilh II fi atrrt tiiid Unit: - Mprnaeoii in itwral Puil;tr; i - pfiy. - iVte w.ll be tmnidcred ai tarlaol ' i gcwd conduct awl aittntioo to tludj, and roMtt - ,mt tiM ufUtutuaU ii.teretiii(t wmrctt of amiwe - Wn'nJ recreatioo. (C w kimwa tfom eip1 - ritarv that much eieful kaowledjc may be tftw 1 Jnf idtrrtall coUinjauicated.' ' The ttTioi are three fcunilatd dnl!ari per an - oflro; payable qi,arterlT aAjo ipcMed.' . Cldieka! ttuUtaU wuo tiudy thaiuodeni ln - Riacfi, wiU be ciiarged 10 ddllart per quarter etTa for fbe lame. , - r . ' ' The I'dttf oil find rhtir be!i aaJ beddinr. ' ' ''llie oOinWsf rf itudeuti it limited. Gen!l moo therefore who are dtslrooi of placing their - f fooi i the itnututloo, will pleut to m ike ao ear - ' If Pliton - : , Au letter relatire to the intitutioo, dirra - ' d to tn abKrilier, Iljde farlc Pott Office, VwtrhtH Coooty, .M.Y. wiil be prcmpllf nt t,n,ll la. - BENJAMIN ALLtN. The tomnier term will commence on I lie St'th - of Wa. ap 25 - w .i H JHSK ruH S.I I.E. .'" A !t excellent family Ho. e, free from faults, XI well broke to Ute iiame, ami rcic under the ildte. Enquire at 133 Prarl - atreet ap 28 lw HD r LK fAlTl.Nli .MACHINE. rTnilEuWriberbai bvelv invented a Marhim , JL fnrtiie.purimafi of Plaiting Kufflea, fiir whrcli . le.4 nhraiiird a Patent, and bow oaertitiot : wiiilif; Impn li ii at tbe Tontine Coffee Home, ' lie fi't mill iec nA ot May Said marMi.e hai bi Unw! lo pl'iit il'irt ralll"!, f. with ijreai - esiii'diii'ili, nutlnrii and accuracy, end enlirelv h l;f . - the laundreta Iroin thr. Udiuot proceti of ' p!uitus tiitru hv band. It otitlier eoil nor tear h" mill - ?, and nwinx M 1ti portable and limple c"trn''ti'ii), may te oed hy any peron. An ' cxfrlcf e ot iti n preniwed will iniure '. l(iratronire. Prlrc .! 1 Any - r. ft wulriiij to ol.tsio the patent ritjht fer Ueliit'ul N( torn, cnnliave an opportu Dity, a tbe prt wni tre the tint that liave ouVre'i Tor lale m hm ntnle SYLVEfcTrlll W. TALBOT. np ! . " ' ' ' O! the 1'erai of Mjrcli, 1318. Catharine fii !myl - r, J ' . Ailmiuntrulnx,' c f " ot iohn A. uchuyrti aulc, uinjcr Statute, y dr - al. ' N ', fpilKvixirl order and direct, That dlliniir.e , .1 Sthuyltr adotiiuitrulrix of llm good, ilmt - ' ttfls and irMiW o Jul.o A. " bulir, itecried, imhlic notice to the rrditor of the ilwe - nt In briiiB in their elnimi ami dnmndt .iRuiiift ihe rrtaO oi the mid dicwtoiii, on nr htftire Ui tint da? of Mar. in the ier of our Lord eisii - , teen huu.'nd ami nine - teen, by putdnf; up nobtet . u fo tlutt enct in live 01 ur mon puoiie piare. ii, ; the v,uty of Bi:ren, - for tlw paro oi' two nvHitln, ar.d a'lvertiiinv - (lie taoif (f t thelikf - 'iiiof tirai - in a newnpnprr printed and pull - ' lilliril in tf nl Of . - w - J;rey, and in a rv - w - '.York.' ' ' A true transcript from Uie record. ... ' ap Jm JOHS A. Bt)lfl), SurVate. i A YUlINfl Latl from the country, aired 14 ' iu ycra, of oU - udy habits ail chlcil a - tor, wialira a nitustion iu a dry ffood iiore. 'Apiily nt 86 SouUi - at. Rp t7 ST. r.iLVx viiijiu.u. IJOR talc a Pew, eligibly situated in 8t. Paul's Church. Kntpiireal N'o. M Front - slrc - t. ' ap 23 6t fLT ILL b pnid to any prou or p riM whu f T Wilieive inform.U.ii uf lha villain who ' fired the nt ttrooklyn on f iklaj evrning, Yi( April, so livtt they may be brought tojus - . lice, by . . i - - JOHN II. MORRISON, 'apiU 'Iw' ' Tly - Market. t tfl SAU VUKKS rpi ctl'ully iutornnhisiorm . J. ciu turners etwttlie nutiltc. that he hits at . luugth, by the e - w.i.ico tifsomc liiecdt, so far rscortrd from his late niiurlii - . t.v tire, ns tv have HuaiedhishuviiH - ssatAu. 10 YVMJ - streU : '' wl.eis ho runtiuues to manufacture rM strip, . OS a principle invented by hmn - lt, aod which - il allowed by all wrte, have triid them, to excel ; ant tliiiur. bitlicrto km wai a tlwy neser, hy . ever u mux use, nmk? the V,e the rainr ., round, and llierelort re - al - r ihe sa of iwiy hone ' Uunccetiar . Tho poit hawr m eds only a 'v'. Klfu ti lo its Me. H .V, ul good clui - acler and re - 1. pr4abc. Wants a iluation la a coiuiIiok 'room or grocory sloru - h write a food hand, i soncwli:it srquiuo'ed witn acconiila, and can 1 cW :i(isfactory rrferrti' rs. A line addrsd to '.V. II. V. and left at this oflW. oral Mersrs. . Barker St Guion, Mo. ZG9 IVarl - jtrrft, will be attnndnd to. ap ti lw" x : , W4N i t.u, . A SMALL K - nfifel House, cootnining 3.or4 21. K Midi, unJ kilcl e, witha xsrdiii, t or 4 rtUcs imB the City Hotel. Apply at No i 4in:rf - twi - r ' ' ' up n 1 w ' - "HKitVEA UA l iS. iOH1 FORI tl r reived narl is bow ' J ViH - nir.i a lanca MSf - rtonntof lnd n aiui Abk ikmh ravera, Castor, llnraws, ami Clul drt - n's Han : all ol hi b Iw is aow ffcrin toi ate rt hir whnlale and retnrl Hat ftore, No. 1? 'dairi'a 'ane. - v ap 14 In 71 1 l - i tl.tV's B.rding aclieol for yout j la iTX die, Niw - tlruuewick, New - Jersey, wd: be r" meiud, after the spring vacation, ot1 MoodMy the 4th of May, when there wiil be va - cancitt for m vcrd jouti? t.ulie. ' Mtiic, Drawing and Dancin by arrprrrreti ; lntn:c:.ri. " - ai)8 2a"3w V " Ll v I'VJ I LKK, luboier and wbw washer, i.ilrm lu auawrou, cuitom - r . he h iriuoved from bi lotoier residence .B HudsKiAlreei, m.d uow live, in ihe new hou lali 1 v built. In Ctupet - itrcet : the Ivt house on the a tsl ide of 11k. way, with hu lin over the door, wtwr h wilt be hapjy to receive, the cow ma - id of those w ho wuh U employ him. apt? 4t 7 - Mll.rOf.DkOWr.UO KOD Lui lEuT f ' Lr,n,n drawing ia this cily, on y. y V ui, jiq vi 1.1:17., lliUsl Pne, n . ... ?0.0fl0 Dollars I 35.000 Pollars k Itl.USO Doliars 10.WJ0 Dollars . iMK) lW,tUi I 5.IHX) Doliart ISAACO. tUI)E?r, J U ah street, b t frw 1 1. kel rrifi.'.iAing ca hand, ahich be wi1. lipoe'0 ta dealer aud othe.s, on (lie nxtt ac ccimocS'ii term. . " ap 21 1 tpLOlR - tSI bbl$. superf. Alexandria Flour. X tor aaie aip7 c. - utn - ue, - t. p87 . UOSJSUUN JONST05. , A LL penone inJUed lo the af of RaC5 XI - IlutUrd, eiquire, law uxna ot uh asi couuty of 'New - York, ntnfr. are re auuleJ Lu Biaka car QMS t to Jaw 1. .juire, prewot rlienffof Um city ami fuiioty el Sew - Yortt, oo or fcelore oe urn uy h brttoraftertbat period the bilti remaininf tw - ta'vl will be put in ion. ' , PCATHWl!?.E HUBBARD, - Feb It gamllMay Admiiutratn. TrontparMmt Pittsburgh, tkrmigh A . tfJCltrk. ' - THE auNcribcr, who bra been enframed Rr aereral year in forwarding mercliandize la different Dirt j of tbe United States, offer hit icrrice to the merchant and trader of i the western date and territories, a agent to transport property of every dcription from the ci y i.f Xew iora to rutsaurxn, hi tneatateot Pennsylvania. t.oods shipped at .New - York, onboard "me wutiii lib "of aloops fur AIIku't, can be delivered at PilUburHi, it is believed, in s abort a time, as by any other route yet Uncovered j the price or transportation for the "bole distance never exceeding six io.'!ar per ct . Proper care bai been taken tj select gentlemen of respectability as agents everai routes coromunicatinj with the Aiicganj river i and where extraordinary ex ri'iiuos are require!, a conluicnlul person tlioroiirhly acquainted with the country, will accompany the goods. All communication on this subject, pot paid, will receive tbe earliest attention of tbe subscriber, who fur approved security will give a credit of aix month on a large proportion of the acoount. - CHAUI.K3 SMYTH. Albany, state of New - York, 3d Feoruarr. is is. Reference to Messrs Satteilees Si Co. and Messrs. I. Hyer.and H. Itankin, New - York. let, 7 2ov OllALil THE time of a smart Black Girl, that can do all kinds of hioe - work and cooking, lucb as is aecenary for a laniilr, or suitable (era roblic house, fcho understands cooking of tyi tfrs, beaisteabs. tic. and would be a valuable acquiailion to any public home , a preference would be given to any person keepias tbe same, mat resides iu tbe country. SjI1 for nooiber reason thnu the want of a master. Kor further particulars, inquire at the corner of Broadway ..j .... i . i . . uuu viiiuti - iueci, njouni cociil. iV. b. bhe issofd at her own request, apfltf . - ' PaOSI'EOTUS FOR rCBMSnino BT IDBSCRimOM A MAP OK MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. 1U1E publication of this Map bus been undertaken with tbe ioiprtusioii. that it wiil ex - bilut inlormalinn, highly hitrrestingatltas event - 'ul crisis , and the valuable Mops which the author has procured, during his sererul tours through Mi xico, in the years itSUB, 1U07, 1812, 1B1U, 1DIS, IUI8, mid l17. ioduce him to heMve that th Map, with even all its imperfections, will be nmch tl.e most perfect which ha appeared before the public. Thin Slap will contain the latest and best in - t'l.rroatiun from the discoveries and possessions of tiio Ami ri an, Sp uiiih, Russian, flritish and KifdcIi travellers and uavi;atort aod r - presen - uii the cluiuil of tfitir respective governments hi ihn N'jrtiiweh;rn coast of America. The .Map Mill include that portion of North tiLi nca, Mhich lir oi twern tbe lthmus oUa - itn, fud tlie4Uth di greeof North Latitude, and 'miu Ihe Mississippi Rivtr westwardly to the Pa ifi' - OtehO. In sue the .Map will be about six by five feet, will bo projected on a scale of - 10 milts to tie iu h, to he delivered to the subscribers at fit - leen dollars - acli. Nate he. ;vlar h7, iniB. ap7tAul vil tiA I O.N 'b i 1 C:il til T:VI EN T. 'PHE long and successful use of liiis ointment L is a sulliiient Mconimemlalioii, as it bus .een found to he a pl. - aiant, safe and certain ie - medy fur that ilisati eulde disease, iu all its ttu - let. It fs for sale in the city of New - York, hy J. A. il VV. R. IVt.No. 41 William - street; I. VT ( lark. No. H5 Maiden - Lane t II. II. SchieflVlin Ai Co. No. 193 Ptarl - strcct ; Law - ence U Ktese. No. 19a Pearl - street i Hull 4 bowne, 144 Pearl street ; R. & L. Murray, 3l'J I'earl - street i J. M. Bradhurst. 314 I'enrl - street ; Judo renfnrd, To. 4 r Ii tcher - treet I Duryee & foe. in Pearl - street ; C. Mornjn. UX Greenwich street; J oho P. Fiihrr, 100 Broad ivhv i Walters fieaiuan, cornel of Chiruher - st. mil BrondwaTt and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at mot of the Lrn .flutes io tlim rity Aleo in 1 1 inthrti ipnin, ni a. Wilherrll ft Sous J George Hariell , iVorth il Ko - eets, and almost ail the druggists iu the principal owns in toe i.'uutxi states. . LIKRWUP, WIIEATON'3 JAUNDICE EITTF.RS ms be had at the Mmivp places. i.ui '12 6m - QALUABLF. UESAL ESTATE KOK SALE, in the tin of hkw - yohk. 1 i.IVK lots nl ground in the wt side of Green - 1 wich - strett, between 'estry and Desiir.n - e' - strcets, 25 hy bO. Four do in Ihe rear of the above, fronting on Uie east side of Waihinglen - ttreet, ?5 hy fill. Eight do in the blnck below, between Wash - inou and Wrt - street. 1 Ia Montgomery County. 6000 acre of Land iu Lawrence' purchase, near r at Canada Creek, on th north tide ot the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,16? a. - ret of Land, in the towns of Mount aiorris auu Dayton - In Essex County. ?!!3J acres of Land in tlie town of Barrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1250 acres of land in Casterland, Chatsanit l iirchase. . . la Saratoga County. SSOO acres hi Palmer's pun hase. Enquire at tlie office of the sunscribcr, 34 Ce dar - street. . . ' BEV. ROBINSON. mh!7tf ' FRANCE M'GOWAN, No. IG Fly Maf kct, lei lih.e if the Very liberal encoumre ment be has received unre Ids commencement in business, nnd feeling confident that no exrrti.nis on bis part shnll he wnnting to merit a contin nonce, inlorms hn friend, and the public that un pnim firrxpriK u inn wen avoineii 10 OMnin 11 stuck uf the bet liquors of every df k nptinn which can he ileiierded un for their mint v. Having mni.e nrr.ui ment. while nl Ciiarte. loo, lor a cot.tant supply 01 GREEX TURTLE 111 ii.cir reuion, no will be en a Med to Urnnh 1UD0I an en elient ounhtv. A book w ill l ripened for tuhsrribert to an t'Kl'l ART, to be 00 Uie table every day al piaicii irmr. It - Miro. for private parties, ot a short notice .V O. Soup. Heel bleak, Oyitert, Mutton l H ip ami Relishes at all time. ap:l HATS. TOSIAII WLSO JT furm birfrrendr and Ihe public, that he has removed 'tis hat warehouse to ICO rady, between Maiden aneaud Liberty - street, for the better ai.i.utuJd..ti.Hi of hi retail cuslo rrs : wh - re he has rotistaullv on hand, an cxteo tuve sappiv, irom um nauuraexory, 01 LJunes . f 1 - r . ... a , Beaver lljtt, comprisng every iahi.a and dc - scriplioa of color, quality, and variety of pat ten. the workmanship excellent, and adapted to this nr any other market. He keeps oa hand ( bich he receive regularly, once a week, Irom hi (artorr) a Cc - nslaut supnlv f the Lrsl onat.i, of Geu'lnn's American Leaver Hat, mini - factaro.1 under hi? own inspection, of durahlr siw rxceiirnt matenil - , fioished in tlie neatest v mtwt laditoc utile style. J . W. s.1,0 hx for pat his warehouse, hrge nd re - 'il nlr repleni - hed arsortment of gmtle - - i's fadnooalde lndn Dearer Mats, lelorted with greal eare, astoworkmaoship and quMily. Ukewt - , American nuni.bHiin.1 - r ' ry aeeCTiition Bud kin.L i, , 11,1. . .1.:. . other maikeu mcb 30 if . - 's. : INDfGESTIO.V, ok SOUR STOMACH, ? IS acknowledged bf mtOKaJ writers to bca cots plaint of stubborn kiad,apd'at Q lime very diDkait of cure. Tom i sudicieairy illu - traled sa the disappoisrt mmt bf those wbo uniue - (anattly tuileruuoer it, as tliey, for the most part, ftod UmI afitr baving tried many thing to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to as (for perhaps Um lemauider of life) sucb art idea as caa bt best but palliatq Uie disease, toiler such circumstances, any iie capable of reroo - vine the comuiaint. aiust sarelv be aa article highly deserving the attention of all th ne wbo are sdlicted with it ; twrh a combination it to be met with in DR. MEAD'S A.NT1 - DYSEP - TIC or STOMACH PILLS tbe tvecew ol mhich hu never vet been enualkd. for the cure of dvtuei - tia ia its moat complicated form, such a lusa of ancetite. nauwa. heart bam. flatulea cy, koawmg pam ia too stomach, pain in tlie tide, great costiveaess, paleness ia the countenance, languor, lownet of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo or giddiness, aod disturbed sleep. uhoever applies tntse ;uit u.eaoove oiseaae, arcardimt to the directions, will never be disap pointed, at they bate never been once known lo lad ia producing a radical and permanent care. The umtoI a single box will convince the most unbelieriag of their efiiiacy. Tliey will most effectually amove all tourrx - s of the stomach, not merely by neutralizing trie acid, but hy correcting that morbid state ol the secretions which eives rise to it. and at tbe same time will restore to Site debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour wtdtb is absolutely necessary to tbe well betoK of titss animal economy. Price one dollar per box. Forsaleby - JOHN C. MORRISON, Druggist, No. lBUGreenwich - street. Where may he had, wholesale and retail, a large and general assortment of genuine Drogi - Y . i c i a ' . A .... ami itjeuicujr . curgntvu iniiiuisvut, Atic cart's Ulast Ware ; English and American Pa. tent Medicines. Also, Dyer's and r oller's uiti' cles, Medicine Chcits, tic. On liberal terms, uih 25 3tn sooTnans district or sxw - iuts, as. )E it remeinbercd, That on the second day 1 J of April, in the forty second jeaof the Independence of the United states of America. WiJ liain Ji hnson, of the said district, hath deposited in tins odke the title of u book, the riht whereol he claims at author, iu the words and figures lol lowi&s. to wit : " Reports of caet adjudged in tl.e court of Chancery of New - York : by William Johnson, Counsellor ut Law, ol. II; containing the tasei from January, JUltJ, to September, 1JW, inciu sire." In conformity to the act of the congress of (he United btuiei, entitled, M An act lor the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of innps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the timet tlierein mrntiooed ;" and also to an act, entitled, " An act, supplementary to an act, entitled, an act for tne encouragement oi learning, oy securing uie copies of maps, charts and hooks, to the authors aod proprietors of such copies, during the tunes therein mentioned, and exteudinz the benefits Uiereol to Uie arts or dc - sieiunK. engraving, anil Ketcmng historical and other prints." JAie.3 D4L.U, Clerk of the southern district of New - York, op 13 4w 'Itil. Rev. SAMUEL AO I I . Juur. contiu 1 ues hi SHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES at III I Fulton - street. I he particular design of this institution is to furnish tbe bell auvuotazes lor proseculinK u court e of uieful study, beyoud the common rudi ments ol Knowledge. 1 be course of study is at follow : Englirh Grammar, ViUiiiietic and hither hrunches ol Mathematics Geography and Aslnmoiny, uiMtioric, Logic una uompofiuon, Ancient and Me.dern Hintory, Natural und Moral Philosophy, Flemtnls ot ('h)iiiiitry, and Evidences of Natural und Revealed Religion. Tlie second quarter will commence on l'hurt - l.iv. Mhv 7th. The school will then be under the cure of Mr. and Mr. Nott, and tlie number il mitn s tie limited to lortv. Thost; iv t,o detiL'n to attend the school will Cnd a mautlrtt aiivaninge in neing present ni tne tomu.t:iicemtnt oi Uie quarier.liiat they may eu - ter uoon their studies in classes I lie terms ot tuition are Uttcen a mar per quarter. Three or four young ladies ran be aCcommo - ilatrrt with board in Mr. Ntitt's familv. Fr further informntion, retereuce may be hud to nny ol the following pcrsims. turn. ur. llomeyu, Itev. sir. sprinr, nevo. Mr. VV hell lev. Kev. Mr. M'Clelland. Mr. Johu Mumlonl, Mr. Juoathrtu Little, Mr Peter .uilimv, Mr llensnelaer Havens, Mr. Zecbariah a:w,, Mr. David L. Dodge, Henry W. War ner, F - q. ap Ct JX) l.t l .1 f ULOOMIKU l.1 Lh, The liouse and grounds belonging lo the estate of Jolin thaw, situated on theeuhth avenue. On the premise are an excellent double nouse, stable, coach orvd ice house, with every thin: else requisite for tuch an establishment. : ik piesttmeu any oilier Description is unneteiia - rv. alhoM inclined to rent will view the place. Also, the Urge fire proof store in the rear of houtei'll and U Pearl - street ; where there is for sale tome oid Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. f or further particulars, apply to A.x.s ns. cnjin, . Jan 29 II Pearl - street. MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE, f W. FORBES, No. 00 Broadway, one door 7 . abova Wall - street, respectfully inlorms hu rrieudi aod the public that be contiuues to maou laeture silver lea and tablo felt?, church plate, spoons, forks, ladle, waiters, urns, siphons, Cb knives, iic. kc. of the latest auu mmt elegaut patterns, of tho nnt quality of stiver and upe ner workmanship, at Uio lowest prices lor earn All orders executed in a masterly uiauuer, and warranted in all Kt least equal to nny ar ti' lc of silver manufactured or told iu thu cily. ; . lo addition to hi own manufactures, he bason hand an atsorlmcutcf rich plated and fancy hard ware, which he will dot pote of very low, con futing of camllcstitkf, eako baskets, castors. boltlc castor, snnlhVrs nnd trays, plated on sleel, a very supeuor article; elegaut pen ixKkct and Miortunmrj knives, with a variety ol artirles not ennnirrateu. meh 30 1 in l"All DE ANLF.I.IS, formerly practitioner ol J le,Ii uie 11, tlie military ltoiitali.r INao les, and ad.uitted a lue.nilter ol the Medical So ciely cf Ni - tv - York, whe.e he h.s rendc - d since Ihe year I :.t, and lot repututioo and meet - - 111 practice, 1 now et.ttliiied in tbe know ledge ol Ue public t;y near 2l ve.irs rxrieuee, continues to he cori - t.lti d nt his cflicc, No. Sii Water - t - erl, oppnsile ( rane .hl.:f. In Rheumatic and enereal cases, Dr. Dei An - eeli has been wondenully snctvulul ; und the nnl tt - inl lo elferts ol liio duHinkr have ire - ipitntly Ineii cured by h,m in a rlnjrt space of 11 re wt?nnui inconvenience 10 ine patient. ULs1ruc.11.ini, ulcer in the Uiroat and palate. liflnr ss of the pijnts, imin in tbe li mhv eruptiou i tne lain, 'griiier wi'n a numerous tram 01 evil - , arise from neglect r improperly treating ol l ie 010 insidious ol maladies, have Kit en way (o hi mode of treatment ia an almost incredible m incer. Ill extraordinary success is, in a great Measure nttrihutulihi to hi well known Anli - rhiimatic and Anti - Sphilic Syiups, which, wlult they eradicate every lorm of dutease, r tore the em " ialed patient lo vigor, aud heallli. apl6 lm li iti - r A ? UtSfUciwu LF.CS itch 01yT.vE.vr, WARR ANTED an infallible remedy at on applinticn, enay be used with perfect tajetyoo inl.tnti a week old, not cootiD - n; pactic ! ol mercury ,cr any Jao. - eroiis injrreiirat whatever, and not accompanied mth tbt often si ve smell whie k attends the applicatiou of other rem die. Tbe nhovs medicine are prepared ind sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, md sold by S. CARLE, comci of Fultoa and yatcr - treets Detvgists aDd(coantry slore - kecpen snpplicd on liberal terms. Jaa S9 s in tmmtrm'mtftm nwm ji minnni " t ' ' - : V i n k ru Ll Twenty - fire mile land carnage. TiaNw - Bruruwitk and Treatoo. to new pott coaches .. . J - Ite. rood stages, 4 60 Do. forecastle or deck natteosers - 3 60 Connected by the steam bo tsOLlVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The steam boat Olive Branch wdl leave New - York every day. Ban - davt excepted, from lh nortli side of the Butte - ' ..... ... . i ry, at 11 o'clock A. M, raneogers win uxipc at Treuton. and Uka the steam - boat Philadel phia, to as lu arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock Utenext uiorum;;, ui time lo Uka Uio union Line Baltimore sleam - tHals. Thi line ha, a coniiM. - tioa with the liest bouts on the Delaware and Cherapeak to Norfolk ; is alio those of the North River and sound; ami their several arrivals are clrnialcil to cause Utile, if any delay. This is a rpeedy and certainly the most convenient rout, as Uie passengers will leave New - York after the bunks odco. aod arrive in Phila delphia before the hour of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the laud carria; being much lest than by auy other route between the two cities. " For teats io the above line apply to WILLIAM B JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat OiDce, in Mar' kel field street, north side of the Battery, be tweeo Ureiawich Si Washington - streets, or to The CAP 1 AIM on board. . (KT All jood and baggage at tbe risk of the owner. - op The proprietors, with a view of accommodating the public, by extending the line to Norwich, intentf making Ihe experiment with Ihe Fultuu, Capt. Law, and this route (if found practicuhle) will U continued during the season. The line will in future be from New - York to Norwich, a fellows: 'Ihe Connecticut, Capt, Bunker, will leave New - i ork every Monday, Wtdttudau and Friday, nt 8 o'clock, iu the inornimc. lor New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt Law. will leave Auricick at 6 o'clock in Uie morning ol thestuue days, touch at .Vtic - Luiifun aud depart I rum theocn for jVtm - farti at li o'clock. The boats will meet at JVtxc Jlartn, and depart from Uirnce every Monday, H ediut day and t'ru!ay,ll o'clock ia the evening the Counectiuui lor A'ttt - York, and the Fulton for Siew - Linuiun and J oruscn. nih 1 . WILi.i VM, li. iXU ...ii. - . - . - t. corner of Fullon - stmet, New - York, hav ing received a large supply of the real JAPAN IIL.ACKI.U, ol Day M martin, vi mgn hoi - born, Loudoo, offers the same, in whole ale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption, ou terms the most liberal aod advantageous to pur chasers. This inestimable composition, with half the u - sual labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to Ihe highest japan varuLb ; affords peculiar nourishment lo Ihe leather ; it will not soil the find linen ; is perfectly free from any uuplcasant smell ; and wdl rclaiu its virtues In any climate. As un iiicontrorertime prooi oi tne superior excellence of this bl'rckiu;, it has stood Iho test and commanded the nio.t extensive sale in all quarters ol lbs globe, for upwards of half a century. ' Feb 16 ROOH E V F.LT - STR EET NOTICE. TVTOTICE i hereby eiven to all p. - rtons inter L1 t ried, that the commissioners of estimate and Bi"ef in ut, appoiuled by the upreme court vf judicature ol the state of New - York, to pci - foiin certain duties relative to the enlarging and improving a part of Kuonevelt street, beiweeu D.itavia Lane and Kront - slrctt, io the said city, have completed tlie estimate and assessment, as well of the loss and damage sustained, over and alioYu the lienelit and advantage receiv ed, by the owners ol Ihe land and premise re. quired lor the aia improvement, as also 01 ine Deni al anil aatitiHge reo iveu 01 ami incenam land and' premii - . - s not required for laid iru - urnvement And that we ihe said commission ers have drw - ileil a true enpy of such olimate and assessment in tlie clerk's oUice of the cily of New York, for theinpe lion of whomsoever it may concern. And notice 11 lierehy lurtlier siv - en, that tlie corrected and revised report of the said commissioner of estimate and assessment, will be preteiiUdto the supreme court of judicature of the state nfNew - Yoik, at the city hall of the city of New York, on Thursday, the s - ventti day of May next, at the oieoing of the said court on that day, or at toon therealier at counsel can be heard thereon. . Dated this till day of April, 1818. ROGER STRONG,! JOHN FORBES, Commissioners. NOAH JARV1S, S ap22 14t CROSS - STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons inter csted, that the tomiuissionert of estimate and asse'sinenl appointed by the supreme court ofjndtcature of the state ol New - York, to perform certain duties relative to the enlarging and improving Cro - tre.t, in the sixth ward of tlie city of New - York, have completed their estimate and aietinent, ns well of the loss and diiruage sustained over and above the 1 ene - Dt and advantage received hy the owners of the lands and premise required lor said improvement, asa'io of the benefit and advantages received by the owner and purties interested ot and ineer'.iin lands and premises not required lorthe taid improvements. And that we the said comiuissinntr have deposited a true copy ol sucb estimate and ases - iu nt, in tl.e clerk's of fice ot Uie city ol new - forK, lor Uie ii.iim - c.iod of whomsoever it may concern. And notice i herot.r further given, that tbe report of the said commistioncrsol'eftimalcand as,utment will be presented to the ttipreme court of judicature ol Ihe state of New York, at the City Hall of the city of New York, on Monday, the fourth day of .nay ni xu ai ine oiieains 01 me court on mat day, or as oon thereullerascounsel can be heard llicieon. Duteiltlns I7liidjy of April. lblU. JOHN FORBES. WILLIAM TURKEY, Commissioner. JOHN L. LAW RE.NCE. J np 17 I4t ' HENRY - STREET NOi ICE. XTOTIC'b i hereby riven to ail ivrson inter Ll eted, that Ihe MiiHLissiociers of estimate and asMtMucnl, R pr - inted iiv tho supreme court 01 judicature of the s'.ttr of ;ew York, to perform certain duties relative to the enlarging, cx lending and improving Henry - street, between t iinton and uranrl - itn - et, in the eighth ward o the nty ol.ew Tork, liuve rnmiileted tlieiret limate and asm soit - nt, as well ol the - loss and dam .ge sustained over and above the heneht and advantage received hy th. - oh ner 01 the land aud prcuiie required lor the said iiniirovemeot. als.i of Uie lieneCI and advar,tHe received bv the owners and parties inten - .led of and iu certain land and pieim - o not req ined lor the taid im - proveiueiH. - Anu mat we, the laidcomraisxion - rs, have depoiiicl a true - rf such ettimate and aM.. - nii - ii( in ll.e clcrkVoflic. ftha citv of New - York, lor the inspection of whomsoever 11 may concern ; nati noin is hervhy ItirtbargiV' en, that the r Mirtofthcf - iidcominiionerolei timate and assessment h ill h prctented to the su preuteconrt of juihcaturt of tlrttntenf N. Y'ork at the City ol the city of N. York, on Man day, the lourth day of May next, al thie opening nl the court on that diy, or at toon llterearter a c note! can l heard Hereon. Dated tins l"lh day of April. lHI.'i. JOHN FOilltES. ) wi i.LI A M TURRET, Comnjiisieaen HENRY MEIGS, S p 17 Ut D L P U I A . . j roll COACH LINE io PHILADZLPhU .''. Pf rowuw - Hoo . IMrORTAST TO AilK0lR. Nn mrlArlino rilh Ihe Dost chaise Kne. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO - . . BITION REVIVED. - A NEW Line of Post Coucht witbevery con X. lenience for uassenser and bap gage, on Spring THROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach wiil start from Ui Coach of fice, old No. 1 Courlland - street, N. York, every morning, (Sunday excepted) at half past five o'clock:, by way if Newark, aew - Bmnswita, rrinceion, Trenton auu onsioi, anu srm ai Philadelphia the same afternoon, al 5 o'clock. i he new Hteam Bout Line Industry will tlrt from New - York every moruing, Sundays excepted, at 10 o'clock 10 the bteam Boat Atalau - . " . .... . ...... 1 I. I.' . ia, loogeat Trenton, ami arrive ai riuiautipuia, in aSteam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. are 5 dollars. P. H. Fasscozers are reqiiesfed to call and lake (heir scat at the clfice Old No. 1 Cou't - landt - street. New - York. ' United Slates Mall t - oscn, lor rr.naueipnia, Baltimore and Washington Cily, with every convenience for passtugers and baggage, on springs. The U. S. mad coat h will start from Uie coach olure, old Mo. 1 Uourtlaodt - street, ew York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. aod arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Ouly 0 nassenxers admitted. For teats in Urn above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estai.lished Coach, fit age anj Steam Boat office, at the old No. I Courtlandt - stieet, the second office frcm broauwav, new - TorK ; or to A. T. uvtJU' RICH k CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Ce dar - slreet. New - York. 03rAil goods and baggage at the rink of tbe owner. biu.i, su.ia w. N. B Expresses ent to any purl of the Con THOMA3 WHITFIELD. . np 21 s'OaT CliAlSE. 10Si CliAlSE will leave New - York every day (Sunday excepted) ut hull' past 5 in tile moruine by way of Newark, only six passenger admitted, and arrive in Philadelphia the same evening. Fare thiough, $8 ' T he new Steam Boat Line Experiment, will leave New - York every day f Sunday excepted) t h.df past S o'clock, in the Stemu Boat Alalan - ta, and arrive at Pl.iladelpt'ia tlie next day at 4 o'clock, hy the Steam Boat A. rn A Irom Bristol. For Seats in the above lines, apply at tlie Post Chaise Stage und Steam Boat Olhce, 1 18 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel. (7 - All good and baggage at the risque of the owner. JOHN N. GUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK ft SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON li HOWELL, Philadelphia. JS. B. Exprtuts tail lo any pari of the L'uitm. aP8 JtfiltTU Ulk EIl BOATS. . The Chancellor Livingston will leave New - York ton Saturday, tbeSUth inst. rJnt 5 P. M. There will be a boat leave New York every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, al 5 P. M - and Albany on same days at 0 A. M. until further notice. uih s j STEAM BOAT FOR SALE. (rt - For sale, a well finish - led Steam Boat, of mal! he size, with 1 cabins, ond cal culated to carry convenient. ly about sixty riiMtiigers - Her hull is of Ihe best limner, ami she is copper bottomed up to tbe bends, prepared To be put into a line ol runtime immediately. She drawa but thii - tv - tivo inches of water, and from tlie advantageous con - ilruclionolliermar.hinenr, can be worked at one half the daily expense of steam - boa'.s in general. Mie will be sold agreut nurgni 11 applied for shortly. Enquire at No. JU Wall - street, of mil 2DH 13AAU U. UUDr.M ti LU. SWIFT - SURE MAIL COACHES, KlR ruIl.ADKI.PUIA, 0 r.n ui,,.i..iik imnuill e - . Jeep ted) at ItoVlock, aud ar rive in 1 hiludeipliia next y lo dinner. The puhlick houses are cood. and reasonable in their charges. J hodruers, horses and coaches are not inferior to any otliers now runnicg between tl.ese two cities. Tbe beautiful rounlry. nnd the excellence of Uie roads on this rout, connected with - the safety, comfort, aud reasonable xpciices, are lieleivtd lo be slron inducements to travellers in giving this line a decided prtler ence. The stricteit attention will be observed by theproprietoi in giving general fatiitactlon. All baggage and packages will go at the risk ol the owner unles insured and receipted for by the clerk of laid office. Stare tare only So. with a eencron allowance f baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may innge Ihe Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. For seat acnlv at No. 5 Courtlandt - streeL New - York. LYON, SON'S, At CO. apt . Proprietors. NXWBVRGH and CAISAlOAIUVA M AU. - StA(.lC' THRU .IME8 A WEEK. I EAVES Newburgh eve - I.J ry Sunday, Tuesday, nnd 'I hursday morninss, at three o'clock, runs through Montgomery, Bloominghurgh, Moolicello, hy While Lake, Coshocton. Mount Pleasant Great Bend. Chenaniro Point. Owesa. It hie a. and Ge neva, tr - Caoanduigua. . Returning leaves Canuflilaiirua every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following moniini - . XT' 7( moy be expected that al all hmieu ften tlie itram - lx nti alter Ihetr e.rys c running, Hull this lum utu alter to at fa meet lietn. . The whole route will be perfomed in three day, from tlie first of May, until the first of November and from the hrst of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, mi til tlie fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New.York and run from thence to Canandaigita in four tlav. FasiCiiger travelling from New - York to Canamlaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, enn leave N York in uie evening strum - boats, and arrive in Caliandaigtia in three davs a distance - of three hundred nidi . The line is well furnished with good, new carriage ; good hones, and caretui anu experienced driver Every atten tion will be paid to render tlie passage of the traveller sale, easy ami expeditious ; and it is believed that the accommodation on this line - are iual lo any line in the ttate. fU - FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A twancli of the tame line runs three times a week tioin Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line run trom uwegn rioga Point, thence through Newtown and Panned Post, to UaUi, tc. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk oftlie owners. David Godfrey, Blocmiejhurgh.T K. C. St. Join,, Mount 1'leatai.t. . L. ti R. Manning, Chenango, t.rroprie. l.nCi r nr. In.;. - , ' . ' , ...... ,., , IUI. fcamuel r,ieer!ifj; Geneva, I Oliver Phelps, Laming, ' J mh 14 iCm AdiKalBStaKj:aioMwtoe - i: : 1 : ! i I I worn xuiaesXhai diit - . . ,;7?. r f - Jul - Oftbe city of ll?.,i. rncaibM of the (acuity U Zyl andsargery there. deL.i ty to repeat some ootervJ, "1 rash, indiscnmiaa, ej bed use thereof, haaUceo i?i live of ii.rlr.ii - fSt - sands ure annually niercurialued oil r W ence. ThdLa J I. - ,.. Clil f ex. 1 tal results chiefly to thu wrS. wT?f .iU tbal a young man, the hope of hu countrtp,,r: the Jailing 01 hi pareaU, ri,ould be .n - T?' .... . . .v .u.via na enioyxaent.7iT by the conseqweoce of one UlariTu, md by a disease not in iu owaY! rT : V which only prove to from neglect or i treatmenL A giatkmae. B(Rt, jgruWIt tient) now perfectly hearty well i,E cylinder physician of geaerJ practice 'T and rr.twUytuhvut.d; whei ireofi X Cr. II'. (by a - gcoUeman' J were canouv and his flesh droppin - rL,b h .'riends he could noYrLbf?.ffte,i two month longer. Thoosaw? ' ,Uri know with what ese Tlii catei the severest eases, and cw,",j" - J t,3 lution. The Doctor'. pl.. (advertj?415 - ceuary to guard the public against th - VJ bu mercury, and other fatal delusions, uk ? Persons, tlreforc. hav;D.Z?. :worth. a admonished not to tamper with ,1, It lioison. 1 WI, tioi:, or co - jccal duordet till na.s . l,u ry ; otiienbuviftg the remain, r . .rl'v - or other impurities of the blood a ri C8' er complaint of a delicate autuiy. ?' sex. sLould remember posterity V Ja eitflr lo their coBWieotei, by makiteHc to Dr. lishinenf of Old - slip, to obtain that toromnt .S? " lone calculated lb prevent dUclwure T. T k " let me claim your senou atteatiiii? , ' a superficial cure it no cure at all ; oalesi ir 1 r tiBessi radically done, you will ccrtaiDh " (he disorder break out again with redouhli !' Iignity. at tome future period ; perhatw tl7w wuV be too fate for remedy. Don't you often 17 U:e ttrecU miserable, mutilated beirt - t eveu a bit of nose on their liice f Tkke'Jlt - I beeecn you. c warcuv. ur. it's, character lor still and stubborn i - u.. gn'y being universally known ia thii city. 11)04, guarantee to patient that delicacy It ' ciccy hitherto unknown, and having conu7f Z' practice lr years mft, exclu.ively to carei? 1hi,es of the blood syst - m. tliey wtot&lrut Gleets eradicated in tw or three wetki Stricture n moved withoui bougie or any til er instrument and nil drbi.'iliesi likea - ieu old ulceration, fistula's tit. , j, A plurality of ouicet are prnrided, and to lit, ated that patients are not exposed toeacb otiHft observation. Open till hall past 9 in the evenic A I! persons Com rrue.r.tiK invited to h r,V. calling, and sneuki with Dr. H. wliicb. i iref! ui tun. nnu ui re tpe Locior cannni avoid Hi. expression of graliludu for innumerable recc. mendaliobt, aud for tlie decided preference (it a presumed with just cause) Ions eiven him I.. judicious public. , 11 . o. nn letters mnsi tie post paid. ' I ' Dr. Buchanan. - ' Aug7 1 ' y.utiEK quack &nr jvoh Lvrtiri - DR. EVAN5' soperiw .method of curing a err. tain Diseaae. isnotruni - .. tally ackiiow (edged ia this cur ; msmocie oilrcatmeai 11 reneciiy nuij, tafc, ei - ptuiuous. and Bit chargi reasonable. In every u. Mance oe irnrrnol a enr. and wilj return the pay If he .iu not ienorm agreeall 10 com rat l. ... 1 mi u. eiet (ccretv always otiumL 1 here ore many persons in Ibis citv a - rl itU cinity, laboring under various chrouie diseasi, ucli at cancers old inveterate ulcers, tcrofult or Kings en. iMiaiu, uunKi 01 tne uretnrt,! bladder and kidniet, old complicated complkiul of a certain nature, oiuout ana other obstnu - lions, rheumatism, kc. which they consider i rable, they can wrtajniy be cured (in geoenl) ny appiviuat".i.,rtLtc o oieaicai store, jh, 1 9, IVck - slip, baving practised in extdiais hospital it; Europe 12 years, under tome of as first feurieon auJ rnyuciant in tbe world. 1 made lliose obttiuate diseases hi constant sts) lor M year. urt II The subrcribcr having recently rtturmi irom rjigianu with an important improvement. the artificial spriuz Ll:G, he take this nutted ol iidoiuiiii hu friends and the public, that all those who are ib unfortunate as to be In want si a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at no. 1 Barclay - street, lw - york. Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. ftJ - W II EATON I DA VIS, Fancy Chair Maaufkc tarer. No. 153 Fulton - ltt, opposite St. Pauls enures oner for sale, wholesale as retail, a largeandelegMt ts - tortrueot of Curld Maple, plain painted and omasaeir ed in gold tc broare, Banbos, Plain and Gilt Balk, Roes - inj;, Sewing, and Court we ti .ir Chain. Sofa. StUtw, Loungecs Music Slool, lie. - v' Orders from uny part of the contirent execotei with neatness and dianafrh. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamenltd. niov ' JVt If DitESSLYG ROOM. FRUMEATO, No. 1 Wall - street. H"" ' ; the gciitlemen, th.rt he cut aud drese bJ the latetl yle, and ia n inai nrr o a to ttwjf , it to the phimognomy. He ha for ale "' j ty of RAZORS of the first quality, if t wy not please on trial, the purchaser aie at 10 reiurn them, and receive uie money - likcwire procured a very fine br.e, swy",. 1 to icsloie razor to a very keen edge and sbou - " ; lliey not cut he will receive no ecompe'' - J" Those gentlemen Who may please to bonr i. with tlieir patronage, maydtpend on then" j (tarticulur and reiclful attendance. N. H. Gentlemen who subrcribe by,nev"r ter will have their razors, AC. kept satcl""'; for tl. - rmselves. , . - ,t P. fe. A good journeyman wanted. FW a above. " " 'PHE CIRCULATING LIBRARi.' - 'r 1 ton - street, near Broadway, consistuH . . . j I...: l,.,. - ..f lilttorV. viieiitoc nun euuitn um - - j, vels, voysL'i - s, bingenphy. rcmancet, no - tales, plays, review, mazarines, Sc. Catai.Tgue.may I examined at the uurw, wiik 11 1 t'pen ior i'rfiscriuci, lull 4 U - 1 .VEW' - YORK : PRIXTEl AyU FCBUSUED ., - ,.i.w nTrT'tt a M A CO No. 9 WiixiAM - sTimtT - oyrotiTi Ttc ItltK COFPEK - IIOSK tr - i

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