Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 18, 1931 · Page 1
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
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( .... - t £ R H I S M E M .J' ART O E P T OF I O W A North loiva's Edited for the Home ME E D I T I O N "THE NEWSPAPER THAT MAKES ALT, NORTH IOWANS NEIGHBORS^ VOL. XXXVII MVB CENTS PER COPY ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE SERVICE . 1931 UNITED PRESS AND INTERNATIONAL NEWS SUPPLEMENTAL SERVICE NO. 138 t/se Ways Dry League Progressives T hot Much Like Anti- Saloon Group. ER. COPY ASSOU1A.-L-liiJJ .n^jnoo jaiiuv*-"^*-' .w*j.»i_. --.-- J.IJ.J.*KJ v_.~ ·. -- -- -- j -- - ^ --· . _ . ^^^^^^« .^^^^^ NEW ILLINOIS PRISON IN FLAMES By CHARLES P. STEWART · A S H I N G T O N , March 18. (CPA) --"The progressives," says Senator William H. King of Utah, "a r e becoming much such an influence as the Anti - S a l o o n league has been in American politics. "To be sure, their program is far more com- Rush for Veterans 'Loans Embarrasses Treasury * 200 MILLIONS TO VIKING BLOWS UP OFF NEWFOUNDLAND BE REQUIRED BY MIDDLE OF APRIL Time Loan Checks Expected-Soon to Be Speeded Up. 1 WASHINGTON, March 18. UP)-- 1 e a g u e's ever was (altho, inci- tr.-.--_r .TWH»O--- dentally, most of them are national prohibitionists! but they seek to accomplish it by the same method---by throwing i ·jTTABHJ-NU'.LUiN, oKiaruu J.Q. v-'-their strength to candidates who W Demands of World war veter- sult them, regardless of party. And ans for loans jj as thrust hefore the --* T -J: «t *i, 0 t iiiro thp. Anti- I treasury the necessity of raising b U l l r L.USM.HI *·** " '-""" J " ~ ~ X" tr , . yet I predict that, like the Anti- Saloon league, they always will be found to be predominantly republican, for their ideals essentially ars un-democratic." Senator King is a democrat and a liberal one; not a conservative. * * * I T WAS not the Salt Lake City solon's intention to criticize the progressives harshly. . . . . . . ,,._· Nevertheless, it is a fact that the progressive movement draws decidedly a larger number of its recruits from the republican rather ' than from the democratic ranks-to the extent, in the last congress ' as an illustration, of at least a half a dozen to one. "Centralization of government! continued the' senator, 'V---that is 'the progressives' first o^ctive. Their present campaign toward it takes :the form of advocacy of federal welfare legislation, whicn, hag :l powerful appeal, especially m a time of Htter, widespreadi.-econ- omic distress, such as today s · This goal Rtt^eg,. the STftTEAWRDS ROAD CONTRACTS Two Paving and One Grail- ing Jobs Held Over by Commission. AMES, March 18. UP)--With the exception of two paving jobs and r .· a grading contract, the state high- L t way commission today awarded con- I ' tracts on a basis of low bids announced yesterday. The commission took no action on two paving projects in Allamakee county and on a grading project in Osceola county. Ceri-o Gordo county--Ten culverts on relocation road 65 west of Rockwell Schaaf and Jakobsen of Lake Park 55,316; also four bridges same highway A. Olson Construction company of Waterloo, $37,211.14. . Hardiu county--One culvert on extension primary 65 in Iowa Falls Wilden Brothers of Iowa Falls, $2, 442. Smoot Makes Larger Estimate of Defici WASHINGTON, March 18. UP)-Senator Smoot of Utah said today ?2pO,000,000 in less than a month. Likewise, Director Ijams of the Veterans Bureau believes that within a short time loan checks will be going out at the rate of 200,000 weekly, a sharp increase, as the new machinery limbers up with use. Secretary Mellon announced yesterday a request by veterans administrator Hines for 5500,000,000 to cover payments on 1,372,006 applications received to March 15. It had been estimated 5300,000,000 would suffice, and 1% per cent treasury certificates were issued to get that sum. Needed. April 11. Hines said, however, the half billion would he needd by April 11. How the $200,000,000 will be raised was not announced. The veterans administrator also told Secretary Mellon $1,000.000,000 would be reqmreo.' to pay all loans- He estimated 75 per cent of the As 500000 adjusted compensation cer- tmcat. ^StagStJ'S $_£ ~^%*%iip fl r tunes assc^TM ?90,000,000 would be required this week to meet loans and- $100,000,000 weekly for the next three. ' Cheeks Speed Up. Bams disclosed that checks were issued' much faster between March 7 and March 15 than in the preceding week, with a total of about 1GU,- 000 against 100,000. He expressed ie belief 200,000 would go out weekly unless "the brakes are ap- The increased loan value of cer- - - · · ^ more from ificates, Ijams said, has brot more applications for certificates from veterans who previously had not rcLcrtii-io vYiivj i* iv.u-.iij -ought to obtain compensation for heir war service. There also have been more requests for disability allowances, he said. 2 MISSIONARIES SLAIN IN SLEEP Chinese Servants Suspected of Killing American Women. PEIPING, China, March 18. UP)-Mrs. Vera Mosebar White, Battle Ground, Wash., and Mrs. Victoria. Marian Miller, whose mother Hvcs I in Spokane, Wash., were slain in their sleep Sunday night at Yun- Mayor Faces 10 Counts in N. Y. Charges Accusations Brot by Committee Made Public. ALBANY, N. Y., March 18. UP)-Charges preferred against the administration of Mayor James J. Walker of New York City by the City Affairs committee, made public by Governor Roosevelt today, allege misfeasance in office in 10 specific cases. The charges said that the mayor had managed his office in the government of the city "in _a wasteful and incompetent fashion." The charges were contained in a letter to which was attached a memorandum containing allegations of failure to act in instances involving the board of standard and appeals, the department of licenses, condemnation proceedings, health department, director of budget, department of hospitals, the dock department and the sinking fund commission, recalcitrant officials and the grand jury, magistrates' courts, FOR INCREASE IN Discussion of A t h l ' e t i c Situation Dropped for Time. D BS MOINES, March 18. (IP)-The legislative investigating committee turned today to a consideration of conditions at the University of Iowa hospital. Leaving testimony on the university athletic situation dangling, the 6ommittee called Dr. Arthur Erskine of Cedar Rapids, representing a committee of the Iowa Medical association. He presented a report endeavoring to show that purchasers of hospital supplies had been uneconomical until recently but the committee turned his testimony to Word of Fate of Ship Crew Three Men Picked Up From Ice Floe by Rescue Ship. ST JOHNS, N. F., March 18. (/T) --A storm whipping across Nova Scotia today plagued a world seeking definite word concerning the fate of the sealing ship Viking and OPTIONAL DRILL HOLDS INTEREST OF LEGISLATORS Torgeson, Sponsor Bill, Speaks in Defense. D ES MOINES, March'l8. (.W--Tho question of optional military training in Iowa's state aided edu cational institutions occupied the at tention o£ the house today. The bill under discussion was sponsored by Representatives S. R. Torgeson, Worth, and H. C. Patti son, Jefferson. Opening for proper ents of the measure, Representative Torgeson said tho question was strictly an educational one ana asked tliat it be discussed wholly on itn merits. He said the compulsory feature in educational training was not necessary to national defense and had been recognized by some' military men as a disadvantage. Notes Legion Favor. He stated, however, that soma American Legion officials favored universal military training and added that outside of the officials of land grant educational institutions which have a financial interest in the question, he knew of few other colleges which favored compulsory training. In opening for opponents of the bill, Representative Hugh Tamisca said that the Iowa .commander of tne American Legion, had nexer expressed himself. as: in favor of universal 'military;twining: Outlining the military curricula at Iowa State college and the University of Iowa, the speaker said he had found no dissent among persons who had taken the course as to its value. As to his own experience, he said, he preferred the military to physical training. Discounts MERCHANT DEAD J. E. IGOU PIONEER MERCHANT, DIES AT HOME id Long Career as Retailer;' 1 Reared at Eldora. itr company of 144. A brief wireless spent in military training, which he characterized as a training in leadership. He said many educators believe much good comes from compulsory training. Declaring that he had received said LIU-CIS ."» had been picked up from an ice floe by the sealer Boethic, bringing the list of those known to have been saved to 124. Three others, including Harry Sargent, Boston explorer, were picked up last nieht by the steamer Sagona. Saved by Boethic. *Those saved by the Boethic today were: "Johnson, Kean and Best," according to the wireless word. They are believed to be W. Johnson, master-watch, of Conception Bay Alfred Kean, mate^ of Brookfield, N. mmittee turnea nis Lesniuuiij' ·.-. ireu rveii.", "·«*.", «- · discussion of treatment of indi- p.,,and a _ Newfoundlander known men- siecp ^u^^jr "-o--- -- ,,. expected the treasury deficit to nanfu. it was learned today. They than present estimates were missionaries of the Seventh The | Day Adventist mierion. mnuu UJ . that department, chairman of the senate finance committee estimated the deficit would be $500,000,000. "Taps" Gas Main, Dies. PERRY, March 18. W)--While attempting to "tap" a gas mam, Francis DeSart, 2T, employe of a local gas company, was asphyxiated yesterday. He was working in a hole four feet deep. jay -rt.uveuLio\* iin.ji)iw*« The crime was attributed to Chii nese servants ut the mission who had been discharged. The husbands of the women had gone on businesj im * AUNT HET By Robert Guillen "Marriage ain't changec Henry' much, except now he eats at the drag store with his wife instead o' eatin' at the restaurant alone." and the police department. "He has failed properly to administer the government of the city of New York in the interests of the people," the charges said of Mayor Walker. "He has ignored conditions of inefficiency and corruption and if under public pressure he has initiated investigations, he has allowed such investigations to lapse without report or result. He has appointed unworthy men to public office and kept in office unworthy men subject by law to his removal. '"His conduct in the office of mayor since he took office on Jan. 1 1930 has been incompetent, inefficient and futile with the result that the local machinery of government has failed to function properly and the administration of the city has been brot into disrepute." gent patients. Asks More Money Dr. Erskine pleaded for increased appropriations so that the hospital could be operated at full capacity. He said that only two-thirds of the beds are filled and that there is a large waiting list of indigent patients.- This situation, he asserted, has created a lack of clinical material and is hampering training of medical students. to Tallfu, 150 ratles away. . 1LCU ,,,,,,.,,,,., ,, A message to the United States £ fflce and kept in of£ice unworthy legation here from Consul Harry i . . . . ^_ ,., *.,oi ·· Stevens brot word of the killings. The skulls of both women had been fractured oy hatchets Two children of Mr. and Mrs. White were not molested. Yunnonfu authorities w e r e searching for the assailants but had made no arrests. . only as Best who was assisting the three Americans--Varick Fnssell, New York, A. G. Penrod,' New York, and Sargent--in the making of sound-movies among the sealers. With these additional rescues the jt of missing, still numbering 20, includes Frissell, Penrod, W. J. Roach, chief engineer, and three engineers, six firemen, seven sealers and one stowaway. Return Thru Strait. J E. IGOU, 71, pioneer merchant ' and a former member of the Damon-Igou company, died at his home 403 Pennsylvania avenue iHKoanni v -- i southeast, Wednesday forenoon. He He declared that only 3 per cent had been ill several weeks ^ of the total classroom h o u r s w e r e ^ .^"^ervlc^ ^J^ Holy Family Catholic church with the Rev. P. S. O'Connor in charge. Mr. Igou was a member o£ St. Joseph's church. The body will be taken from the Meyer funeral home to the home Thursday where it will lie in state until time of the service. Hal Four Sons. Mr. Igou is survived by his wife, four sons, George Igou, Rapid City, S. Dak.; Thomas Igou, Dca Momes; LeRoy Igou and Jesse Igou, both of Mason City. A brother lives in Los Angeles. Mr. Igou was born and spent the first 42 years of his life in Eldora When ho was 13 years old hi; father died. Two years later the death of ,his mother left him am his brother to look out for them selves. He obtained a job with, a man who ran a dairy farm on the edg o£ Eldora. After milking was ove military training- at the University of Iowa, Representative Stanley Watts, Van Buren, asserted he had received no preparation from that experience for the almost two years he spent in the World war. It was a contention of Representative H. F. Garrett, Wayne, that military training was an Important factor in preparedness, which he said was insurance for peace. He added that military training kept college boys from idle pursuits and diciplined their habits. U. S. Will Not Need to Help in Work of Drafting Naval Pact - WASHINGTON, March 18. /P-- A3 a result of a long transAtlantic telephone tween edical students. Bowring Krotners, i^ia., uwueia ^ ipate jn He contended that a 25 per cent the viking which exploded and sank Franco . crease in the appropriation would off L a Barbe Island Sunday night, conversation today be, ^ooretary Stimson and Am- i^aaador Dawes and Senator Dwight W. Morrow in London, the secretary said it would now appear unnecessary for the United States to partic- . ** - - . i - _ « J _.^ C k : « ~ f T*r. in the morning he was required to gather up a number of cows from residents in Eldora to herd with Kcturn Thru strait. gary for t ne United States to p a r c Bowring Brothers, Ltd., owners of . t(j jn tne work o£ drafting tho .,, trsir'no- mVit^Vi pvoloded and sank 1 w ,,,, -rfniinn vm*mi o/»rnrrt tha cattle of his employer during the day on the prairie outside town. | Came to Mason City. . Finally Mr. Igou obtained a job with F. M. Pettey in his general store at Eldora with whom he remained for 21 years. Later he took SOUND OF GUNS AND RIOTING IS HEARD IN WALLS State M i l i t i a Called; Leopold Brot From Old Prison. TOLIET, 111., March 18. UP»--State- j ville prison was afire this afternoon, and rioting and gunfire were heard within the walls. Warden Henry C. Hill, speeding to the new penitentiary from his office in the old prison across the river after an alarm, found tha prison in flames and disorder within. Newspapermen were ejected from the gates by armed guards. They heard rioting and shooting, Leopold Brot In. Nathan Leopold, Jr., one of tho two boy slayers of Bobby Franks, had just arrived at Stateville with a group of 19 prisoners being transferred from the other prison when the rioting began. The convicts were safely brot within the gates. The outbreak was the second major disturbance in the twin penitentiaries in a week, two convicts having been killed and two shot at the 75 year old stone prison lost Saturday. The Stateville prison was acclaimed one of tho world's finest penal institutions when completed about seven years ago. Its four cheese-box cell houses are grouped, about a central, circular dining hall, connected by covered passageways. It was constructed of concrete and stone blocks, and was regarded as being thoroly fireproof. CftU State MUiila«' l . v , . : : Warden Hill' called' t or, ttte' ;«jfl iff. . militia this afternoon? The*northern Illinois regiments have been un* der orders to be ready tor emergency service since Saturday's uprising, and should be in Joliet by tonight. Word came from the prison gates that dining hall, kitchen and laundry were destroyed by the flames. Structures alone survived, everything within being charred ruins. The walls of the penitentiary swarmed with armed guards and a sinister thunder of shouts from, tho convicts was punctuated by the sharp bark of guns from tha ;owers. Scores of highway and city police surrounded the prison, guarding against any escape. Billows of smoke rose above the walls and tho flare of the burning buildings could be seen, from outside. None Thot Killed. One newspaperman who managed to get within the prison walls saw 50 guards charge into a mob of 100 rioting convicts, tossing tear gas bombs before them and driving the .prisoners into their cells. Not a shot was fired by tho charging guards, and so far as is known no one has been killed or wounded. It was believed all the prisoners had been forced into their cells. Brig. Gen. John J. Garrity left Chicago to take charge of the national guard troops at the prison, taking with him companies E, F, G and H of the 125th infantry. Oth- .(Turn lo r-BK« *· Column 2). over the management of -Italian naval accord. BOY CONFESSES SLAYING 2 MEN Undersized New York Youth of 18 Got $54 in Holdups. NEW YORK, March 18. CD--An undersized, 18 year old boy, confessed to police early today that he had slain two men within the past 10 days in holdups in Connecticut and New Jersey. He netted $54. Rosario Bruno was quoted By police as admitting that he and two confederates shot down Nick Legelis March 9 in a lunch wagon. Several days later, he said, he alone killed Harry Weller, an attendant in a gasoline station because he was "desnerately in need of money.' Markets at a Glance NEW YORK Stocks--Firm; rails rally from new low. I Bonds--Irregular; U. S. governments sag. Curb--Firm; active shares advance slightly. Butter--Easier. Foreign exchanges --- Irregular; sterling higher. Cotton--Higher; trafle buying. CHICAGO Wheat--Firm; dry northwest and bullish South Dakota reports. Corn--Firm; forecast unfavorable weather. Cattle--Irregular; hog, steady to higher. increuse »** n*.** »*f ±"~c ~ . improve the hospital 50 per cent ·He also expressed the view that a limit of 500 medical students should be set by the board of education Prices Differed Dr Erskine's committee report set forth that bids for supplies were not always opened simultaneously and that late bidda'rs were informed of prices. He sought to show, according to Attorney Denis Kelleher, that' altho the. market had not changed, prices differed in 1928 and 1930. . , Methods in the department of Frank Humeston, university purchasing agent, had tended to nullify competitive bidding, Dr. Erskine | claimed. He read letters, however from university officials, expressing the belief that the law always had been complied with. Co-operation of Robert Neff, hospital supenn tendent, has greatly improved con ditions, Dr. Erskine said. Interested in Economy He declared that Neff is interest ed in economy and that he has no criticism to offer of his work. He told the committee that he believes as a result that the hospital is getting full value from Its purchaser? of supplies at present. Senator W. S .Baird of Council Bluffa interrupted the witness fre- (Tom to Vno 4, Colbmn 1). First commercial production of ! rubber has begun in the United States. That ought to put some snap into the situation.--Omaha World- Herald. . BEVERLY HILLS, Cal., March 18. Well yesterday was the seventeenth of Ireland. Of all the nationalities that have helped to root the Indians out over here, the Irish are the only ones that have made enough impression on everybody till they celebrate their holiday. And say did you know that during all this depression over the world and all countries having revolutions and changing leaders, why old Ireland has come thru the best of all of 'em. When you are laying out your European trip this spring, don't overlook the old Emerald Isle. It's got 'em all beat for beauty, romance, humor and hospitality, and the best horses In the world. "Shamus." You Can't Guess This! DID YOU KNOW? the branch "store in Eldora of T. R. Glanville. He worked there three! years. . i In 1901 he came to Mason City where he entered the firm of T. R. Glanville and company, with Mr. Glanville and C. W. Damon, who had just come here from Omaha. Then he and Mr. Damon bought the Glanville interests and in 1908 moved to the present location of the store. He had not been active in the store for the past two years. WeA "IOWA WEATHER Generally fair, slightly coldef in tho cast and extreme south portions Wednesday night. Thursday partly cloudy with somewhat warmer in tho extreme west portion, LOCAL STATISTICS Globe-Gazette weather figures for 24 hour period ending at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning: Maximum Tuesday 4(1 Above Minimum in Night 28 Above At 8 A. M. Wednesday 29 Above Except that there was an absence of wind, Tuesday could be listed as the "typical March day." St. Louis Beauty Not to Face Murder Trial] NICE, March 18. (-?!*)--Magistrate i nsnia iia LUC ^pn-ai An.**.-** *-«j. -Vachier indicated today at the close Sun in the morning, clouds by noon. It . » * *·!.._*. ...... _- l _ n .1 rt« f\t ~\fr-rt [ rT*n.«n/»..n f , 1 1-A Tint" 1 f\VU AT1Oll[?h tO b f i {Turn to I'ns» * Column 1). ® 1IU Watch This Space of his* first examination of Mrs. Charlotte Nash Nixon-Nirdlinger that the former St. Louis beauty would not be charged with first degree murder for the slaying of her husband in their apartment here a week ago. lowan Killed In Accident. LIME SPRINGS, March 18. (.TO-Ed F. Johnson, 52, contractor and carpenter,- waa killed in an automobile accident Monday nignt when the stearing gear of the car broke, sending it into a ditch. Leslie Decker, driver o£ the car, suffered slight injuries. out I lit uiiu itiv" *""|-» ·«·« -- -- j Temperature not low enough to be called cold nor high enougn to be classified as warm. Wednesday opened cloudy, wind in northwest and an appearance of imminent snow or rain.

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