The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 4, 1945 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

16 THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 1945 Red Demands gn Poland Unpopular Denver--Although Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., has given conditional state department approval to Russia's claims for part ot pre-war Polish territory, the American people are not yet ready to indorse Russia's purported plans. Results of a nation-wide survey of the opinions of civilian adults, comprising a representative but miniature American population were released by the National Opinion Research Center, University of Denver. Sixty per cent think "Russia will want more territory after the war than she had before the war started," but only 32 per cent think "Russia should have more . territory." And while 40 per cent believe the United States and the other united nations should allow Russia to get part of Poland. 38 per cent--almost as many--think this country and the other allies should "try to stop her from getting it." Since the identical questions were first asked in November, 1943, there has been a slight increase in the percentage ol persons holding that Russia should have more territory. Trained NORC interviewers first "Do you think Russia will want more territory .after the war than she had before the war started?" ., 1943 1944 * es 59% '60% No 24 22 Undecided ....;,.; 17 jg . . 100% 100% If only persons with opinions are considered, those of college back- MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ground are less inclined to the view that Russia will want more territory than are those whose education ended in high school or grade school. In 1943, those who exepcted Russia to want more territory were asked: "What territory do yon think Eussia will jvant?" At that time, Poland or a part of it was mentioned by 24 per cent, the Balkans by 9 per cent, Finland by 8 per cent and the Baltic states by 8 per cent. The second question asked of all types of Americans reads: "Do you think Russia should have more territory than she had before the war?" 1943 1944 Yes 27% 32% No 56 51 Undecided ..... 17 17 100% 100% These comments show what is in the minds ot those favoring more territory for Russia: "It would have cost us, if it hadn't been for Russia," says a 35 year old Cleveland housewife. "She should have a slice off of- Germany," declares a Kansas boiler man. "5 h e just wants outlets to the sea for strategic reasons and commercials purposes," is the view of the president of an automobile, dis- THE FLOUR Of BAKING tributing agency in Youngstov/n Ohio. Opponents of more territory for the soviet union, although they don't express their reasons as readily, probably h o l d attitudes similar to that of a retired coal miner in St. Joseph, Mo.: "She. don't need no more territory; she has plenty," Finally, interviewers w e r e asked: · "If Russia wants some land that belonged to Poland before the war, do you think the U. S. and other allied countries should try to stop her from getting it?" 1943 1941 Yes 39% 38% No 38 40 Undecided 23 · 22 100% 100% It should be noted that over fifth of the persons interviewed are undecided on this last question --considerably more than on the first 2 questions, and more persons than on m o s t opinion surveys are undecided on all these 3 questions on Russia. Rhode Island, most densely populated of the 48 states, has 667 persons per square mile. HIGHEST FKE-WAB QUAUTY A Delicious Treat with Poultry or Meat RESOLVE TO SAVE AT AP IN 1945! 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Investigating the loss of the cash from.a pint glass jar in the family home, detectives questioned a 16 year old boy, a mem- oer of the family which reported the loss. They found him in possession of a new automobile, a new ring, and $75 in cash, of which his parents were unaware. The boy's story: He had found the jar in the cellar sawdust where it had been hidden and thought the treasure had been delivered with the fuel load. Daughter of Editor at Manly Joins Staff Manly -- Miss Beverly Culver, who has been employed at Minneapolis for the past 7 months following her graduation from the Manly high school, and has accepted a position in the' Signal office at Manly, and will work with her father, Editor R. A, Culver, until next fall when she has other plans. , O. O. Mclntyre at one time was Florenz Ziegfeld's press agent. NfeClark's SALADDRESSING J/PfJ «gQA/« PLEDGED TO ft you're p«t 45 · · youl! we! remember the erxynxxn prices you paid for icxne groceries · · and otrwr merchandise, too. · fight after World War I. Most of trie increase came after the fighting slopped. Worlcing together, we've done a better job thii time . . the schedule below gives · companion ot prices in 1920 and now. But there's still danger eheed · . we'll do our part to noid Gu9trous fft- Batiofi bjr setting et estafafafced ceilinoi of \t*. Ytw'petl e to checV cerKng price IMs at this and every other itar,( end nek* sure you pey no xore. - FOOD PRICES--THEN AND NOW This fable is Intended only to show pr j ce comparison, and does not mean that every item listed is available right aS the moment. Shipments of all these items are received from time to tune, however, and when in stock are offered at not more than the ceiling prices shown. COMMODITY UNIT ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR ....... ____ Lge. Sack CHOCOLATE CREAM COFFEE ....... 1 Ifa 40/50 SIZE PRUNES ........... ] Ib' BEET GRANULATED SUGAR ......... 5 Ibs POST TOAST1ES ................... U-ox. Pkg. SWANSDOWN CAKE F L O U R . . . . Lee Pkq CRISCO , ...................... ;;; 3 |bs. HERSHEY'S COCOA .7 ........... 8-oz Pkq EVAPORATED MILK _____ .......... ' Toll Can GELATIN DESSERT .......... . Pkg SEEDLESS RAISINS ......... ' " " 2 Ibs c - - ............... . . APRICOTS .......... . ............ Ho. Z '/ 2 Can PURE LEAF LARD ................ . I lb. PRICE $4.15 60c 34c 1.50 18c 42c 1.17 25e 19c 13c 50c 45e 45c 30c 1920 (49 Ibs.) COMMUNITY CEILING PRICE NOW $2.70 (50 Ibs.) 33c (bag) 17c 36c l O c 32c 75c 12c l i e 6c 72e 30c 34c 19c RINSO.. Lge. Pkg. SPECIAL . ITALIAN PRUNES Jack Sprat Choice No. 10 Con 45c GOLD DUST SCOURING POWDER PACKAGE Pure Preserves }£,*£: 29c WAFFLE MIX, D u f f ' s . . . . t 4 _ o z p kg ··.·: 19e PANCAKE FLOUR, Jack Sprat; 3-ib. 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JACOBSON Nora Springs W. S. KELSEV Rudd WM. YERKES Roekford ED MARONEY , Swaledale D. S. MABB Thornton BOWEN GRCPP Sheffield SOLBERG SON Doogherty W. H. DIETRICH Qsagc KLUNGSON'S Carpenter ART WHITE Thompson 0Neil Co. "ft" SERVICE GROCERS "»TM BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS -Wax Beans Green Peas ...27c Spinach Blueberries _ NO POINTS Butter, Clear Lake, Ib. Grapefruit, Tex. Seedlessr 4 for SALADA TEA LAN-0-SHEEN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, 16 oz. can BLENDED JUICE, K oz. can ORANGE JUICE, 16 oz. can 31c 49c 55c BEEF ROAST os» CHUCK, 3 points, lb. £OC POKK ROASTS, Loin o«r . End, 4 points, lb U t C SPARE RIBS, ol 3 points, lb 6iiC VEAL HOAST, «)- Shoulder, 3 points^ Ib. L I C. LAMB ROAST, ' nn Shoulder, 3 points, Ib. J C Fresh DRESSED CHICKENS DARK SYRUP, 5 Ib. jar LIGHT SYRUP, 5 Ib. jar STRAIN HONEY, 5 Ib. jar ITALIAN PRUNES, No. 10 cans RINSO, Large package Homemade BREAD 45c 23c lie PLEASE Have Your Ration Books With You When Making Purchases. Have Stamps Ready When Delivery Is Made. BELOW IS A QUOTATION FROM THE FOOD RATIONING QUOTE:- KEFRESENTAI1VE- It is not and never has been permissible tor a retailer to nccept customers stamps unless he makes a delivery o£ the rationed goods at the time he takes them. It is not and never has been legal to deliver rationed foods to consumers and' pick up the ration stamps later. CLARENCE TURNER, Food Rationing Representative. F R E E DEUV£i*Y U"*~f FOOD STORE L|tt5 H. FEDERL-WfOI/fiPARKING fOr-PHOME. «0 , CHICKENS -- GEESE -- TURKEYS Herring, Pound . FROZEN FISH Gorton's Perch Fillets, Pound. We 47c Northern Pike Fillers, Pound Gorton's Whiting Fillets. P o u n d . . . SHRIMP - OYSTERS - SPICED HERRING HALIBUT STEAK ........... |b. 49^ SALMON STEAK .......... . . . Jb. 47c BIRDS-EYE FROSTED FOODS BUTTER GROUND BEEF 4 Points. Pound se PORK SAUSAGE 3 Points. Braunschweiger A-l Grade. , No Points. Pound PORK CHOPS End Cut. 5 Points. Pound. . . BEEF POT ROAST A Grade. 3 Points. Pound. 26c Lt N CH MEAT. Cudahy's. i^T 3 Points 12-oz. Can 3*C E Grade Beef Standing R!B ROAST 7 in. cut, 7 points. Pound 29c A Grade BEEF RIBS I Point. Pound Noodles Garfield Cello. 12-ci. Cello Pkg.. ISc TOMATO SOUP Campbell's. tlja 3 Cans J . / C FLOUR Pillsbury's Best. 50-lb. Bag 5 Northern TISSUE 17c RAISINS Thompson Seedless. 2-lb. Pkg ......... KETCHUP Monarch or Heinz. f*g _ 30 Points. 14 01... .fcjC SAUERKRAUT Bulk. « - Quort 15C Cudahy's CHILI CON CARNE With Beans. 2 Cans Clinton PUDDINGS Assorted Flavors. 2 for lie READ JACK SPRAT AD FOR MORE SPECIALT FANCY WASHINGTON WINESAP APPLES 20-Pound Box CALIFORNIA CARROTS 2 Bunches BIG MAC HEAD LETTUCE 2 for 29c RADISHES -- ONIONS -- SWEET POTATOES RUTABAGAS -- PASCAL CELERY ' IT'S ILLEGAL TO CHARGE POINTS Points must be paid at time or sale or delivery. Flease help us (o save time and trouble by having your points ready at time of sale ____^ or delivery. THANK YOU. GOOD LUCK VEGtUBlf SHORTINING Crescent Macaroni, 3 for 21c lb. 32c No Points Lan-o-Sheen 49c Ranch House Pancake Flour, !·· 3-lb. Pkg Z1C Electrcne Omar Wonder Flour, 5 Ibs 19c 29c

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