The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 30, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1818
Page 3
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VnV .t P - t U o'clock, CO hbd "P er" r :: 0 Far Fretgm or rXT: . The brig SYBEJf, Mpi.or.ckcv. , Jf.tiW.1 ' 1 1 ...t river. Apply to fit. at per n. 4RCH k BBnS0N, ,w - 47 South - street. - for CHARLES IW, l The new" coppcr - fasteittd schr SaESTON PACKET, 3.0.1'. , trliHai j - natch. having one Jrto freight enraged and on boar d - Kiirnr. or to . ' SAUL ALLEY, . m 93 Pine - st ' , . II v r YmrA i' "u J ' JSHedptotaffetanbbon. ' 2 difriu - edwhilewUinribboDi 2 do fn.itur figured nbboi lw3,wbU..d J do buckskin suspenders t do odedsUk batches Jo parasol., 19 and 18 inches, figured bor - dcr,ortJcolour, , ., . 1 do leather braces, watch n''boo, garni (undo, uiacssnoe . - lores, engraving, tiring beads, and 3 1 do oranmeoted combl, assorted 2 do muff boxes 1 do leather and cloth suspenders 8 do square briquets SS baits parer hangings with borders, now iaoding from sbippComet. p30 stQ South street. AlblNS. UXIcaika Fresli Malaga Raisins, jueceivedarhy r 30 ' ' 65 Souft - strift ap jo . - rfilN PLATE, 4wc 17U boes J m Plate, as J. sorted 10,000 lbs. India Block Tin 8.000 Ibi. Iroo Wir, assorted from No. i to TO, forVale by ANSON G PHELPS ap30 I8J Frnt ttrect. AN THUJA MOLASiES T r hogsheads first quality Antigua aolawes, J. far retailing, will be landed to morrow at pier no. 30 cast river, aud for tale by TUCKER ft L tURIF.S, ap30 29Sniilh - st. OES. A few casks of Patent and Common Carolina aad Virginia iloes, of IIm Grade manufacture, just received and for lale by ANDERSON tl SHEARER, ap30 iw At No 131 Water ttreet. MILLI:ifcT I 6 - 100 pieies No. J and 4 MillinetN, juM received and for sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, ap30 DtC 14B Pear - street. QATTI.NET P8 3 cases uiieifineiuix'd sat - J tinelts, just received and lor sale by THE COMMISSION COMP.WY, I4J Pcarl - itreet. Also, in Store, 50 caies assorted colours and ! flunlilies. ap 30 DvC CtALCOTTA GOODS. 15 baies Beerbooui J Uurrahi .... . 0 bales blue and red Gilla H!k' . . S do fine Patna Chinti ' 2 cases Lunare Romals for sale by . ap3 HURDftSKVVALI OaBonth - at. C L'M ELL KM I, etc. uos Uum Ellemi, I syllable for the Spanish market - II hales nn.t quality Deer Skins, and 1 hhd. assorted Furs fr sale bv s.p3I iAUL ALLEY. & Pine - st. Ol'M M puncheons Antigua rlum o gtoi xl flavor, landing from hug Edward Byam, at pier No. 9 Nortli River, aurl or salt! by : OOODIIUK U CO. sp 30 44 - luth - sirf - et. KDRY GWiDs ECEIVEDper Mercury and Atlantic, i cases estra super clmhi, blue end black 3 lo women's Cotton Hoi a 1 d' men's do do ' 6 4 Carlisle Ginghams, super Dimity 1 t'unks two green Prints 1 i turnituies, foraie Ivy ap 30 f. KM :msen & co. CANDLES. 50 boars Eastern Mould Can dies, for sale by sp 30 JQ3. USBORN, g South street. HEMP. 6 tons Russia tJi - nip, mmling aud tot sale by GOODH U E Ic CO. ap30 - )4 Stuth - strpft. INDIA HUM'S, fcc. QUANTITY of India Window Blinds Y 100 set Dry Measures Fine, extra fine and common Hair and Wire Seives. t ut sale by CEBRA Si CUMING, ap 30 76 Pearl - st. it III' and WROUGHT NAI,S, assorted si - J tes and qualities, lor sale by CEBRA i CUMING, ap 30 7S Peari - street. NAVAL STORKS 420 bbls. Tar, 135 do Roll Turpentine, 30 do Pitch (flat and for sale by ap3d R. tiV W. DVVENPORTIt CO. CAEA CAS TON GOODS, via: UO 12 cases 4 do 2 di 1 do 3 do I do 1 do " t do - do ' 1 do 4 do 1 do 1 do 20 do t do 1 do icoPd Canton Crapes black do do roPd Nankin do black do da frftie Shawls Mack Unmhltls mii'd Silk do ChaBg'ble Sarsncts do Levantines black da Silk Hdkfs Birds Eve do Col'd Cimriins Sewing Silk, (Italian style) Sine hews Sarsncts. ALSO, Company long and short Yellr - w Nan - kins, for sale by . MARCH LOW, JVM tip Broadway. P FRENCH GOOja ER brig Ann, from Bordeaux 1 case double chain White Levantine I do do do Blue do 1 do double Florence Silk, all white t do 4 - 4 White Tulle Lwe, fine I lo Satin Peelong, for Lining 1 do me u's and women's Sik Hose ' 2 do Satin and Taffeta Fringed Ribbons 2 do hlack Galloons, No. 1 1 - t 1 do Rich Ribbons 1 do 6 - 4 Cashmere Shawls. Also, per several arrivals. 1 case black TaCeta Ribbons 1 do 3 4 Merino Shawls Scarfs 1 do Hit Covers, 105, first quality 1 do Chenill - Cord J do Men's Silk Buttons 1 do Buck - Skin tiloies do Cambric Emb'd Bands, for bottom of dresws 3 casts bhek and Italim CrapA, for sale by A. D. L'L'RAND 4 BOURUEL. P W 30 I'ine - street. BtVHI VZETTS. - 6 baies - or,ed Bomba - ftTtaper ship Atlantic, and fiir sale by . . S. X. L iN UENCE, P - 0 ' 67 PmeUct. T?0Wl her OHlio? p,ec aw'd, 34 to l2Ss. ster - d iJI'i, ' few H,ol ch rase, mst receiv - p3 P. It EJUS EN & CO. 0TTO5.35 balei New Orteant, frtik ONE or two geotlenxa can be accommodated with pleuiant room, end a bed room ad joining, at a moderate rent, mod the occaaioaal tmmovmenioi n erium, u waniea. uiswue. a conunodiout back building, for the storage of furnitMre, Lo&w, tic. to be bad low. Appr to op 30 ft ; No. 154 Broadway. jr - t J O LET, Lii The first floor, conNstin; of two rooma, together with cellar kitchen, pleasantly situated in one of the cross streets west of Broadway, bet ireen St. Paul's Church and Chamber - street. A line left at this office by B o'clock this evening;, statin' real names, number of family and residence, addressed to Y. 1. Q. will receive atten tion. ap 30 It WAM'EL)topurchase,a second hand count - ins - house mahogany DESK. Apply at this office. ap 30 ' WANTED a Mau Servant, o wait upon a gentleman and his wife, and occasionally to tra . - el wilh them. None need apply but such as can bring good recommendations tor honesty, sobriety, and capacity. Enquire at 20, Wall itreet. ap 30 lw wjmti.ii ...... A - 1 t A WOMAN as nurse and seamstress inasrual family. Enquire at No. 3JC Pearl street ... W1 it, ap tir u AN AWAlf from the subscriber on the I7tb JX insL a BLACK BOY. named Peter Rut gert, a?ej 19 fears, Is about b feet, 5 inches hi;h, well, and a plearaat good looking blaclc. lie was dressed in a short olive colored velvet jacket and blue pantaloons Is uppoed to be working about nme of the wharves in this city, or h.n bored by some few people of color. Wuotocver will bring the said servant to his martcr, No. 59, Murray street, or will give information wh. re he may be fouud, shall bo libtt rallv rewarded for their trouble. And all per son are hereby cautioned agairK harboring or employing said sirvaot, as thry will, in u h caw, subject themselves to Uie utmost rior ol the law. K. WHILt - V. apSOlf NEW INVENTION. yHE proprietor ol models for a Machine, X whH his expocted will bo luciatne when cumpletod, is desirous of disposing of an interest in Uie patent rigbt. Any gentleman disjioteo: to purchase, by leaving his addiess at this office, will tie waited on wiui explanations. ao 3!l si . A GEN PEEL private family wishes to tate 2 IJl or 3 gentlemen as peraisimnt boarders, a gentleman and his wd'e, in the upper part of Bro.idw.iy. Apply ai mis omc;e. ap jo iw State of Jftw McCoir.utrelcr's ( Jfiee. DUBUC NOTICE is heredy pw, th - ii en 1 ed nronoinls will be received ut tins filti - e until Mi iidav the 3 - :th of Mov Di ll, lor the i.ur chine of the whole or cf oy partul 340, 47;J 17 - 1011 dollars of the three ter cent. Stock ol thf lunded debt of the United sJac, owned by (his state,, The Stock, if sold, will be transferred on tin first day of July Mt, at which time, tMjment iniikt be ina.Jo by the urchaier or purchasers, ut the Hank of New - Yorn in the city ol" New - York The iron - isa!s will be niiened oa the said 'il day of May urxt und tlie best offer or "ffers uii,' be accepted ;proided the i fT.'ri I c such as shall, consistent with the iiitere - ol the state, warrani the accepmnce of any of them. If any offer or offtra shall lie accepted information thereof shall be immediately communicated to the person or persons to offering ; and it is expected and required that such person nrrn r - sons shall then giK satisfactory security for lit payment at trie time stipulated. ARCH'D M'JNTYRE, Comptroller Albany, April S7, 1H18 ap30 tMS5 al - .LEt. 1 BOARDING SCHOOL. T H1ERE are at present five vacancies in the Kevd. WIl. 1,1AM f(JVf.Ll3Bcliool, in rnnpsburgh, Youbers, w tit - Chester County. His system of rducatioa is such as to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for Colli ge r the Counting H - nii - e within a reatonahlc time. His school issfh - ctjtheoumlxr of Puiiih limited, iiwt tlie treatment of the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful and polite li - icrniure are taugni, rit reek. History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, Latin, French, Kngli - h Grammar, ueogriphy, Mathematics, &c. It i presumed that few Institutions of tlie kind ran offer greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and r - ligious principles, or in correct and gentl. man - iv deporlmeut. The Parsonage in which the Pupils aro accommodated, is commodious, retired and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles ; to which there i t always a direct and e - sy rorauunica - 'ion. Forlurtlier particulars application may o - mane to liisnn Hubert Dr. W ilson, Columbia College C. D t "olden, Etq. T. A. Emmet, Esq. - up 30 T. 8. Clarksoti, Esq. C M'Evers. Esq. Wm. Hayard(ijun. Esq. A. Schermerborn, Esq, D.:t::2m7w I US'P receiveii irom iharii nluo. au l lor tittle J by SAMUEL CAMPBELL, No 08 Water street, in the rear ol his dwelling boute in rearl street. REPORTS of CASES arcued and deter mined in the Court of Chancery of the state of south Carolina, trom the ttev.lution to IJecem - ber 11113, in 3 volt, large Bvo ; cash price $Z bound in calf leather : by tlie lion. Henry VVil liam Desauture, senior judge of the Court of Equity, and presiding mdge of the court of Ap peals in Equity in tlie said state. Justitiaest velle omnibus oequumest. The duties of life are more than life. I Bacon's Works, vol. VI. ooooOooto also, iv Rurr. At a moderate rate, the 4 tipper floors ( the (ourstory fire - proof store, No. fR Water street. ap jit i' M1LFVRD AAD uWt.GO ROAD LOTTERY. T ILL commence drawing in th:s citvon I T Tot sday next, when the Tickets will be advanced to 34 dollars. Until then the may be had at the Book - store and Lottery office of I . No. 19 Peck - slip, corner of ater - st At the following rates Whole tickeU $3i Quarters 3 Halves 16 Eighu 4 Sixteenlhs two dollars, SCHEMK. 1 prize of 7o,ooo Dollars 1 of 35,000 Dollars S of 1 0,000 Dollars 2 of 6,000 Dollars 10 of 1,000. Dollars So of 600 Dollars 14o of loo Dollars 32oo of 30 Dollars Prizes in former lotteries, and Eastern, Southern and Northern Bank Notes taken in payment for '1 ickets. A correct Check Book will be kept fur the examination of all tickets gratis. ap 30 HUM. S3 Lhds lirti i.roolorw iuin. lf sale by J ACKSON & W OOLLEY, up 23 75 Will street AlslS JifJ iwxes iitth Bloom Kaisios, landing from sloop Rapid, and mrsxle by p 28 65 South - strrcL COTTON & RICESO bales Bengal Cotton ; and 350 bass Calcutta Rice, entitled to debenture, for saie by P. REMPEN ft t O. p 29 j 26 South strceL FOURTH STREET NOTICE. "rVTOTlCE is berebv eiven to all persons inter - i.1 eated. tliat the Comuussiooers of estimate and assess ment, appointed by the Supreme Court of Judicature of tin state of New - York, to per form certain duties relative - to the opening of Fourth - street from the Bowery road to the sixth avenue, in the eighth ward of the said city, have completed their estimate and assessment as well of the loss and damage sustained over and above the benefit and advantage teceived by the owners of the land aod premises required lor the said improvement, as also ol the tieneut ami aa vantage received by the owners and tiarties in terested ot and in tlie lands and premises not required for the said improvement, end that we the said Commissioners have deposited a true copy of such estimnte and assessment in I ho Clerks office of the city of New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. ,And notice is hereby given to all persona interested that the report ni the Commissioners of estimate and lSHSsment will be preieuted to the Supreme Court ol" Judicature of the state of New - York, at the city hall of the city of New - York, on Friday the 15th day of Mny next, ni the opening of the Court on that day, or as soon then - after as counsel can be heard thereou. Dated, this i!!Hh day ol April, l ut h. rKTr.K II AVYI.3 1 PETER STAGG, Commisiionent JOHN TARGEE. ) ap29 141 fuR HALK. If applied for within 3 or 4 days, the cp - red and copper fastened bhip l UL riENDEN 314 tons; sails well, carries a large cargo, and may be sent to sea at a small ei pence, having within 12 mnnllia been new rigged and masted. Apply to P. REM. SEN k CO. ap 29 26 South - street. H'AMt - .U, k inuvl nf PIMI In nnn hnrrl. . , - - - - Y - fciV - for a thort to) age, that u ready to re ceive a cargo. Apply to N. k D. TALCOTT, np 29 61 Fouth - itreet. ..i. For HAWK, v4fti The elejaat coppered ship ADONIS, lyixjr. if. L. t haiiiplin, muter, will be ready to receite a cargo in four day, and tail on the I5lh May. For Irti'ht or pasinge, having very superior accoiumodatious, apply on board, at Jones' wharf, or to POTT&M'KINE,or G RIS WOLDS k CO.ITES, 100 Ions plaster of parison board said ship, tor tale as alove, ap 29 ForAMbTKRltAM, lM The ship A LBION, capt. Conway, a nfitis"' nne !'"P now nearl) loaded ; will takt 100 tons freight if offered immediately pj.lyto ijyJVuHVtu K lyU. ap 29 41 ionth - tt. iir SAfAAJVAH, v'viS 1 ne fa3t ,aili"? packet ship RISING 5&ZST.i I ES, Swiuburn, master j will ios - ilively tail on Tue - day next with such freieht and ;atsogers as mry oar the has very elc - s;aut accommodations - apply on boaid at Fly - tuai ket whart (wei - t de ) or to GMSWOLUS k COATES, ap29 C8S - o'h - ft. II . MulIu n., 1 all, 1au II nl lira. j2j,viou,iy ui - ufcu ui m iriv.ue sitir, iiii - l;, . ..tiliug coiMiered ship AKIOSIU, 256 tons, iu:t I Him the carpenter's hnnds, having had a . r. . . i k 1 , thorout"n repair , t:es ai ui.cior - n. wnari, in. iv. ready to receive a cargo, aud can he sent to sea at a trifling exeusc. iuveutory to be seen at the countiug houe cf ap23 LE ROY. BAYARD fc CO. FvR SALe., Tl,. t,ri iini - V 13(1 toost carries XiJidllOO barr?l. 2 voaiS old. first rate kM nf her tii, and in compUUt order to re - ceive a cargo : lying eat tide fecn - tup I wui ue sold reasonable - ripply to R U C. W. DA VE.KPOR T Ss CO. ap 28 ' S ' tor HAk A.VAH. v44v The fast sailing packet brig1 LE - !Sl'i"if V I , U Wood, master, is now loading ut Murray's - wharf, and having her cargo pi incipully engaged, will positively sail on Thursday ' lor remainder of freight or pas sage, apply on board, or to 1HO. BARRON, ap 28 4t 136 Front - street. For UtLltUIVt. and D sir R.i nA, tne iirniKii ong t Avuuur,, J. Bccmait, master, to a: il 15tU May. - For passage, apply to - GEORGE LACY, No 4 Fulton - slip. A few Horses will be taken on freight, ap 28 tf lA..Ut UKMf, ke. LANDING 52 ceroons South - American tallow In store, clean St. Petersburg!! hemp, and German steel, entitled to drawback For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. 57 Front - street. For OPORTO, X Hie good brig Agenoria, to sail in all this weex j pissengei s can be ac commodated on moderate terms, for winch, ap ply aa above, or to the master on board, at pier no 13. ap28 For At.iV - ORLt.AAii, The ship WOODBINE, J. Willet, master, will sail on the 6Ui May For ireight or passage, apply on board at Fly - Market wharf, or to JONES & MEG RATH, ap27 83 6oulh - t. tor ( HA lil.SlVJf, tWNk The regular packet ship TELE - JygGRAPH, J annuig, master ; is only wailing a fair wind ; can take a few tons more freight, and accommodate 10 more passengers. Apply on board, west tide Fly - market wharf, or to asui u. I'lir.ui's, ap 23 183 Front - street. ForGKEtjrOCK, ill The ship FANNY, W. W. Foreman, master, is positively intended to sail for Greenock 00 Tuetday tha 6th May, weather permitting For freight or passage, having good ci - ommodalions, apply to captain Foreman, on joara, east side Fly - market whart, or to JOII3 GRAHAM It CO. N. B. No freight will be taken in the above ship unless engaged 00 or before Tuetdav the 28 h inst. ap 23 tf For CHARLKiTVA - , r 'p?ant and fast sailing packet Jgyschoooer TONTINE, 8. Hoyt, master; will meet with immediate dupatch, having half her ireignt ready to go on board lor remainder, or panage, having commodious accommodations, apply ou ooard, eatt side Burling thp, or l - SAUL ALLEY, ap 18 98 Pine - t. For MOHiLK and BLAKF.LX, The fine last sailing scbr SANDUS KY, via tons, capt. Weeks, fa regu lar tinder) ; having 3 - 4tb of her cargo engaged and on loard, will meet wilh immediate dispatch. For the remainder of her freight, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply - on board, east side Old flip, or to PETERS it HER RICK", ' apIS 9 Coenties - sJip. I A KCH 50 kegs while starch landing, lor kj sate dt JACKSOJCh iVOOLLET, ap 23 7 - . Wall.. "YSNABURGS 11 bales Flaxen Osaaborg', ol good quality, mM received and lor sale BOOKMAN it JOHNSTON, p 27 ... ' PACKAGE SALE I ' Ot tOSJtos OOOBS IT S.LTIMORK.. ' ON MONDAY, May 4th, at II o'ciock, we shall sell Uie entire importation ol ag&alle - man retiring Irom trade consisting of ' )f PACKAGES BRITISH DRY - 4 J Vf GOOD?, inittortwl by fht bte ships. APPLETON & UALL, . ap 29 2t Auctiiieeri. 7 Superfine Luttns, Uiaptrt and bheehnfi. linens, diapers and aheeuDgs, just received from auction, and for sle by juh.i iJ., . p29 St f.i Maiden - Hne. T AR4tTL'RPEN I INE. - 3iW hrreU Tr, aud 90 do soft Turptntir.t , n float and for sale cy a. 11. - , ap29 2t Brooklyn, or la? outh stn - t - t l.'HESH LEMONS - - '50 tx.kes ot lir,h Lis r bon and Sicily Lemons, in prune order, lor tale oy jusii. jiininauA, Hp 29 2t ' No. 8 Guvenieiirs lane. AM Alt' A RDM. A lew pumheuns high prf. and hiio lUvor - d Jamaica Hum, uill he sold in quantities to suit purchaser to c ! s.kle, by TUCKER ft LAUttlES, - nr 29 - 49 Soulli - strt HlllKlHMN HA! If'r.t An im.irt - Jjf uieid ol Dearborn's Patent Scales, with or ivilhaut irames, witching ironi juo 10 iuuu 10s just received, for sale by ap g9 N. k D. TALCOTT, 64 gouth tt. aO'iL HATS. 3 cases suerior qualitv V T men's and hoy's Wool I lain, nanusome ly liiimiied lor sule by W. 1ULWORTH, p27 5t 190 Watrr stieet. .1'U lict Bciigal ludigo, low I lunding and lor sale hy np i8 PETER RF.MSF.N i CO, 1OFFEK. IEA. V.I.NF, tc 10 halfchcsts Hyson Skin Tea do 20 do do Hyson do 10 pipes L. P. Mudtira Wine 10 dj old Sicily do v 20 do Lisbon do . 60 qr. caski old Sherry Wine 50 do Colmenar do 50 half and qr. casks do (iron bound) 3d qr. cakt Malaga 30 hhds. Jamaii n Rum, 4th H 6th proof 200 boxes Bloom Ranim fir pa!c by J. k J. COI'DINliTO.V, ap 28 Iw 204 Front - ttrcet. 1 lAV'ANA MOLASSES. 18J hhds and Id j tierces, landing this day in front of the sub - tviiuerssiorr, lur tnie ov G.G. ttS. HOVVLAND, ap 23 77 Wavliiiialoii - ttrret. oUGAKAi. TEA. 50 bugt Call utln susar k5 8 qr. B hall and I whole chests Ilohta Tea landing, and lor rule by JOS. OSBORN, up 23 Sll South - slreet.' I.iRE.NfH GOODS. Jutt received by tlie . Comet, from Havre, Habit glovi - d, pninelle shoes Rich figured sattin and talll - ta (ibbons Emliroidc - rcd and plain silk hone, shawls Suspenders fins, artificial (lowers S.Ik netts. collerett. thread hose, and for sale ai 140 Pearl - strcct, by ap 2S 1. & II MIKI.UUiN ti w. I VM k TF1 10 hhds Boston rum, and 15 IV bales lft and 'H sort hop", lauding and for ale at 67 South - street, by ap 28 Of MBRELENG & PEARSON. I,HUK pifies Cognac Bramly,(SiiH;rioriiuli - a tyo, ) lutt received and for sale bv np 1!7 (ir.u. w. I'Akmii. C1.INION - lILKi 102 cases coutaiumg crapes, black, colored and white do nankin 28 tile Sanocts, black, figM, grernand cross barred Aiuchews, black, changeable, green and blue Florentines, 30 inch black Concans, aseorted colours and while Satins, M chop, colored Crape shwls, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 Levantines, assorted colours Baudkcccliiefs, 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled do - c.Njw chow, colored arid figured Scwint silks, ivsortcd and black Piiinees. ribbons assorted just received and for sale at 67 SotiMi - strret, lr CAMli R&LEJYQ k PEA RSOftr. ap 23 LI ANION CA.MBI.hlfc, fct. cusucun - ton Cam Me tt, and 2 do Grtien Sarsnets and fc.whcws, for sale by P, HEM Sr. V 6i CO. ap 2"J 20 Houtll street. KAIelNS. - 300tKixes Ireth Bloom Raisins, to be landed (his diy, for sale by HURDft SEW ALL, np 99 65 gnuth - strett. riOFFEE, FLOUR. 'JOBACCO, 4c - .J 246 bags St. Domingo Coffee, 61 do green Havana do. entitled to drawback 373 Mill so per fine Richmond Flour 30 hhds old Richmond Tobacco 15 do new do do 18 do do Petersburg do 7 do old do do - 10 whole and 20 half tierces Rice 7 bales Upland Cotton 6 qr. casks Madeira Wine Red und while Port Wine in hhds. Claret of n superior qiinldy, In boxes, for sale by ROB'T GILLESPIE, ap?9 lOt 11 Front - it. f I,D COPPER. - 4IKI0 His. old Copper, for W sule by 10 I T h fvi'Ki.'N.Tir np 29 - , No. Stl South - st. MA mi A I TAX SCHOOL. MANHATTAN Female School is at Greenwich - street : Mala School, Chamber - street. 194 148 In these rrhools are taught all the brioche which constitute a useful and finished education. We forbear to descend to particulars ; to offer recommendations or to mike great promises. Our patrons are left to judge of the modes ol instruction both moral and tncnt'Jie, by tbe im provement of the scholar. ALBERT P1CKKT, ap 29 JOILY IV. PlCKh T. TX1RK ic MEK.CE1N, ti Wall - street, have J.V. just received and put in prru, OBSERVATIONS On Lord Bathursi's Speech in the House of Peers on the 18th March, 1817, addressed by kafoi.koh to Lord Liverpool, on the 7th day of October. 1817. " 1 approve Ihete ohservitions I deWre that ihey may re puced uriore irieeyes 01 me sove reigo and the people of England. (Signed) NAPOLEON. Lonewood. 9th October. 1317." Also, Mandeville, the 4th and lust volume, by William (iodwin. ap r lATlNIJOW (il.ASS. - 500 4.0 net boxes V V Bristol Window Glass, froi 6 by 8 to 10 by Iz, tutt received ana tor sale ly HURDi SEWALL, 65 booth itreeL ap24 UEACH'DSHIK'l lNlis. U cases hieach ed Shirtings ' I do fine Cotton Balls Received and fur snle by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, ao 27 ! it c 14H Pearl street. A. BUO rf .V H Hi TIj OH. M: Cases superior 7 - 8 brown shirtings, this day received and for sale by Tbe Comminion company, ap?7 D&C 148 Pearl - si IO.dJO.H MUSTAKD. 4 !aes orsl qol - u. r.;. 1 Muini, at,..nt iu - h bni contain - ing C doien of l - 4lb bidilof. for sale by TUCKER LAUIUF.3, Bpt5 3 South street. er f BROWN STOUT. il U ntkt brown stoot. of sa exceUeot qnabty for family nW, for ssdel hy,IW . rrt apjS o: Coffee - Hotse slip. 8 WRITS HAD. Tons best EngUth hios lead, rtvs&l la oU, in 1 l i, 66 and Ub kg . : - S tons dry do. d - For tale by . . , TUCKER it LWURIES, ap27 " - 29?outh - r LOW, WOO!.US. I UST ree'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a lew tl tnitses of kW priced Cloths and Casaimens, lor tale by JOS. 3. HARRISON, npz o rutn - iirwt. 1 1A TON S1I.KS, kc. oScastsCautonsUk goods, contitting of . Black sarsnets (rolled) Chinriiihl do Damask, aud eichroid'd crape shawls, 6 - 4 7 - 8 noa 0 - 4 4 - 4 black fringed and twil'd bdkfs. Black andc3,ored sciciriE silks do do Cftntoii cralfS, now Innding, lor tale Ky FETER REVISE. o CO. SB soutn - street. ALSO 10 cases giod chowa romals. - p28 I RICHMOND FLuliR. 166 bbls suierliue a.1 4 ao nue 30 do X miillincs. landine from schr Ritina: Slates, and lor .'! ut H6 Fr nt street, by pr;i 1 HtJKr, u..t iiihtt. ez t'O. M OL.ASSES, SIGAR ft COFFEE, Slid hluls i Sri tierces good Retailing Molasses. 13 bhl.. S 6 boxes White Il.ivana Sugar i do Brown do do 7 bags Cotf. e. Landing I ruin ship Mary Aliny. for sale by ap29 6ft South strtct Ol.l Cut fKK, HltiSr - SA CAS IHROIL. 9 casks cont..ioing old copper and brass. Also, a quantity ol Castor Oil, in bottles, landing from the schr. Perseverance, from Ja maica, and lor sale ry TUCKER ft LAURIE, ap S9 S9 Sonlli stie't. I IAVA.SA MUaCOVADO - - 1JG A K. - j. LJ. 100 hhds. pnuic qut - .lity Havana Muiro - vadosugars, landing tMi day at pier An. 10, Ent Uiver, trom shii Mary Almy, tor tale hy u. u at) uuui.Au, 77 Washington - strett. Also landing in front of their More, 130 hhds. 13 Retailing Molastel. IIHNA Sli Ki An entire iuvuict of Can J tou Silks, cousitting cf Colored Cru pes Col'd and black Hdlu's ; Black Sinclieivs Black and Checked neti, scwiiia Silks, assorted. Also, it caes Double Florence, imitation of French. And 4 do ass'd sewing Silks, jiitl received and for saierty I1UKU c tf.w aci p29 65 South st AMI I L I NAIL - , (or sale CEBRA ic CUMING, 76 IVnrl - slreet. up 22 STEAM - BOAT FIRE FLY. rwv OO" This boat will com - tSii m'.nce running bet ween New - SBmJSLf York and Nr - whurgh, on J4ii, I UMday. the 14th April She will u - uve Nt w - York every Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday, nt 9 A. M. and Newhurgh on Monday, Wednesday aud rnuay, at II A. M. ap 1 1 HujtRblMi L rHooXLtA. f IHItEb or four Gentlemen, cm be actum - JL modutcd, with Board and IxxlgiiiL', m reasonable terms, by applying at Mrs. Siiy. dam's, Fnlton - Ht Brooklyn, uhout a ijuartcr of a mile trom Sleam - Iloat terry. ap 28 lw ALHAAV CFli b JUt K. IN pursuance of the act entitled " An act to regulate aud improve the finances of Uie city nl Albany," passed March 24th, 1810, the com - miMionvrs of the Albany city stock, give notice, that proiKisals will he received in the city of N York, by Myndort Van Schaick, E - - q. and inthi - city of Albany by the subscriber until U10 1 ith day of May next, for subscriptions to a itock, not exceeding two hundred and live thousand dollars, bearing interest at seven per centum per annum, payable semi - annually, at one ol the banks in the city of New - York, lo such ol the subscribers as reside south of (he city of Albany ; and at one of (he banks in the city of Albany, to all other subscribers, on tha first days of May and November 1 the principal irredeemable until (en years alter tlie date of tbe certificates to bs hereafter issued. The tnott ample funds consisting of (he re served rents on landi heretofore sold by the cor - porntiou ; an annual tax of $11000, and all their unsold lands are pledged, until the slock created hy (he said law is redeemed and paid. 1 he terms most favorable for the corporation wi.H be accepted, that is to say, the highest sum offered in money, for every one hundred dollar in stock, for tlie whole or such part of (he said stock, as Biay not be applied for, by the holders of tlie securities of (he corporation, a preference having been given to lhm by the act aforesaid. subscriptions to the la. u siocx win ne pmyaon at follows: Twenty five per" ceut on the find day of June, and the reridua in three eo,nal instal ments on the first davof Jul. August and Sep tember following, with interest from the first of( M ay at seven per cent. Certificates of the Slock will he delivered on the payment of the last instalment, hearing in terest Irom the urst ol May By order of (he Board nl Commissioner. JOHN BOG ART, Chamberlain. Albany, April 23d. 1CIH. 07 - Application! for the above Stock will be rtrived by (he subscriber at the store of J. ft P llooe ft Co. the corner of Wall and Peari street. M. VAN SCHAICK, New - York, Ap. 2TJth, 1818. ap9d2teodt.Vll5 LA if BLILDIAGS. Two offices in Law Building No. 3, lo be rented from (he first of M ay nexL Ap ply at No. 69 Broadway. ap27 lw rrvni To.LET. HIS The neat t - story brick HOUSE, llo - iihid in the modern style, in Greenwich - street, near Ilatnersly - streeL Abo, a two story house, brick front, corser of llsmcrsly and Washington - street Enquire of ' JOHN HAGERTY, ap25 lw 167 Perl - st. TO Lt.T. From the first of May next, the two 3 story bnck Houses, No. 492 and 494 Green - wirh - st. in excellent repair, with or without stables in the rear, and will be let on very reasonable terms. Also, to lt or Lease, from 1st May next, a very convenient Dwelling House, opposite Iviv line, near the 2 - mile stone. Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adnin. It is well adapted for one or two families, having two kitchens. 8 rooms, pantries, vauns, a liable nod coach house, a well of good water, ami two cisterns. The garden is very Urge, snd well stocked with fruit trees and shrubhery, and may be taken possession of immediately For terms upnly to I1I5EY ft GOSMAN, 31 Old si p, or to GEO GOSMAN, 8py) 496 Green wicU - street FOH SAL., M - 'f) A niw stone HOUSE and FARM, con - Ituoi - g 32 acres, situate 00 the west bank of the .. r, : ..lliin nv Iba farm tj ClmnrA fMPu: nun, - . Riil - crs, Esq. Tb laud is of excellent quality sod to good order, wiOi wood enough oe U for the use of the place. Title anexc(tieaabla. - - . Enquire of Joseph C. lIoral4ower, Lq. Newark, or of the subscriber, oa tbe premises. p29 4f JOHN TAYLOR. UtiANDV. 4 pipes Cogaar. brandy, lape 13 rior qeality, jt received ami far sate by UE.U, W. I .I.CJ I , p?9 S5 Pt street. 'PrjBLlG SALES. By jstixs, ay'it co. - " ' Fiiday, " - - , - .. At 11 oVkck, 3d0 reums Frmn b priBliog pa per, at a credit ol 60 diss. buttit:s BMJ be ecu at the auctiuu room. 1 1 - . . ... i Saturilay, At 12 o'clock, 41X1 dot. a in sh imported Chip Flats and bands ofasuiierior quality. loo uy Dry guod. Wnliiediy, At 1 1 o'clock, in front ol ihi ir More, 200 deml - johut ol old L. P. Teac - rilfe wine - haviug laid for some years in the Wei Indi - s i h't acqui red a line nut flavor. Twenty boxes Claret wine, ol inferior qiraiiiy. MARBLL tUli Ht.ll.OlMJ, kt HMIIE proprietor ol the southern m.irbl qua JL ries, nenr King's - Bridge, gi e notirs, that they have ou hand, and arc receiving, at the King1! Bridge Mnrblt and i.tme - iard, foot of Bi - ach - street, on the Hudtnn river, an ex'ennve stock cf marble lor buildiug, of tbe following de - srriptuins viz ; Atlilnr Watortable Coping Foundation Stone Chimuey - Pieces Facings Columns Steps Pltlforsat Sills Lintels Arches Also Lime of the best quality. rr?' A constant supply of the above material! may be calculated opoo ; and those dirous of pu rotating, or making engagements Will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 ' Atthe Yard. iflice'fri THOMAS PHOENIX has removed hie office from No. 11 Hurray, to No. 68 Chsthsm - street. ap29 lOt ft7 - a. s. GARDINER has removed hi ap27 4t cities to No. 13 Wall - sireet. BANK OF AFW Y RK. Cj - The Stockholders are recjurs.ed tomeet atthe bank on Tuesday the 12Ui nf May next, to choose thirteen du - ectors for the ensuing year. , ' ' The poll will be opened at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. ' ' V By order of the board of directors , CHAS. WTLKKc, Cshr. an 28 tMav 12 ' block aud Krchange Ofice. XT" The subscribers have formed a co - partnership, at rtock and exchange brokers uudet the firm of DareDport k Cammann Office No. 27 Wall - ttrtct. Junn A. Datvnptrl, Henry I. Cammann. Govtrnmenl and state stocks, corporation ttock, bank and insurance stocks, purcbassd and so,l ou comminion. The various bank notes not current at tbe banks, purchased at a small discount. Premium paid for Sp.viih dollar. ap 29 I w llarrnport k Cammann. Ly A gt'iitli - uiMu and !' y with board in a pen I eel private family where there are no small children thry would furnish a room and be) willing to live in n plain tiy le Thp term must be reasonable ddrcts W R. nl tint office. ap29 :lt ' t)HA 'fOHHi. (C7 MR. & M R3. PARDI'S Oratorio will take plucc on Tuciday next, the 5th May, in the French Episcopal Church, situate in Pine - street, under the direction of this gentleman, assisted by an American Young Lady, and a gentleman, both remarkable for their musical powers, who will sing the two celebr ted piece composed by Mr. I'aer, the music master nt the King or France, and selected f omhis Oratorio entitled the Calvary, or Magdalen tf li foot of the Cross, and tit. Peter'M 'lean. Mrs. I'ardie will sing a piece adapted to her voice, composed for the occasion, by Mr. Mo - ran. . Mr Pardie and other Artiata and Amateurs, wilding some beautiful piece, which will be made known hereafter. ' ap 29 St Al lUvATE la - nily ol tki hrti respeciability, wuhes to obtain two or three gsutlemen as permanent boarders. Tbe situation is airy aod near the Ci'y - Hall. For a larr froot room hnodsonicly furnithed, sicht dollars iter week if separate rooms an required, they can have lnm. A hue directed to II. 1. with name and where to be fouud, and left at Ibis office, will be attended to. A genteel respectable young lady, who wishes to reside in a private family, who can pay ouly small sum fir board, and would make herself utelul by attesting with her ueedle in Lh family, would hear of a situation bv directinc a line to D. 11 - and leaving it at this office, wilh muse and lbs place at which to be called on. . ap 84 end3l I I H. SEYMOUR and Mr MWIoVV AN ('lata IVJ teachers of Mathematics at Warren Academy) propose leaching irom the first of May, at the old established school rutin, No 35 Mot t - street, a complete course of Eiiklith Education. comprehriuling tlie following branches lowitl 1 .4 - '.; L neauiiiK, siriiuig. stnnimeiic, r.ugiiio wain - mar ana Com 0011 ion. Grorranbv with (he ass ol the l,,bw and Mss, Geometry, Measuration, Surveying, uuaging, navigation, Lunar unser - valiofir, Algebra, Spherics, Conic Sectioos, Na tural Philosophy, Hydrostatics Pneumatics, Optics, AC. Ac. Astronomy and r lexiuos. Messrs SEYMOUR ii M'GOWAN, confl. ding in their approved acquirement, diligence and experience, ootogi full sntisfsction to those who may patronise lhir institution. Re - fcreureto Professors W1I100 and AdrHin.Colim - hia Collie. np29 1w At'ERSON wrllacouaiiited wilh tl sCoOiwrs business, who uliaerttandi tb suiieriateiid - nee of a wool Carding Machine, aad caa give reipectaoie reierences will meet unerai ucour - agement, by applying at No. t0& Faltna - street, .ew - ioric. a man wim a laouiy wiu 1 preferred, who cant furnt'bcsl with telhag, tic. ailja to the works. ap29 lt BOARDING. EIGHT or nine gentlemen ran be arromnto - dated with genteel board, at No. 87 Jona - street. 1 he situation is plfasmt. p9 WANTED, m a o. - ll retpertabl laeidf. middle aged woman, well acquainted with plain cooking, washing and ironing, sha ' must produce a. reference from her lat place for her honesty and sobriety. Inhere would be no objecUosi lo a Scotch or Wekrn woman. m - qnire at this offif. ap29 tf - wo. HO iMS 2 Two pleasant BED ROOMS to Let, in Broadway, suiiabli - for single g - otleme,oa mo derate terms Inquire at this omca. . - n fit - V - eFVR HALE or IXj Lk'l. And possession givra tbe 1st of May, a nr ad convenient Hotise of tbe baKmesrt plan. finished in the best possible tasoner, situated in fear I - street, near Ihe Battery, and adjoining Uie sew bouse of Mr - Gractes, For partic ulars enquire of ROBERT R. HUNTER, No. 135 Greenwich, comer of Lirterty - streeL ap 28 2w tOR ZAI.r, . A small farm, situated ia one of the cen tra counties of this state. This (arm bet oa the banks ot a lake, aod witbin a mil of a tl ensuing end beautiful villagr On it are a rood lam faotssie, barn, ftc lo a large aad well bwiH dwrtj hog Douse, entirely new. 1 he Mieauoa os ina d veiling house for beauty of proepect, fc. hssir - pisMd by lew if asy other scltr lor namg ta the saUnor of the state, 'hhe owner inteodtos; mnoviog to New - York, will sell this property for Jess than cost, upoa a fowg credit na t'f0," t urity, or will exchange it for lands food For ItirUier particulars, eoire II ). R. SEDGVAICK. Esy. Law Huildirtrs Naseae - rtreet, Nw - Xtk. ap 15 Plm Ctf

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