The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 8, 1936 · Page 23
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 23

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1936
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

BUICK. COMPANY ENGINES BOAS MANY FEATURES Multibeam Headlights A: Adopted as Aid to Safety. Buick this year has produced t«' straight eight, valve-in-hcad motoi which, while being lighter, develo greater horsepower, arc complete! silent and outdo anything ever of fercd by this company before from performance standpoint. The Birum Olson company, 31C North Fcdera avenue handles the local agency, a well as that of the Oldsmobile auto mobile. Outstanding features of the 193' Buick engines which contribute I' their exceptional performance, stam ina and economy are Ajiolite pistons lugged crankshafts, crankshaft tor sional balancers, streamlined com bustion chambers, improved valv mechanism, oil temperature contro on the 60, 80 and 90. improved cool, ing. improved duel downdraft carbu ration, new automatic choke, auto malic heat control, cold idle control vacuumatic spark control and other aids to engine operation. Each is designed for and engineered into the Buick power plants. New Automatic Device. Adding to efficient engine operation and easy starting of the new Buicks are a number of automatic devices. Starting is reduced to its simplest terms by automatic due: control. Solenoid starter engagement, automatic choke, automatic idle control and automatic heat control. The dual control feature hooks up the starting switch with both the foot accelerator pedal and the hand throttle button on the instrument board. The car driver has only to turn the ignition switch and step on the foot accelerator. The engine automatically does the rest. If the driver's feet are engaged, as on a steep hill, the engine may be stalled by pulling out the hand throttle botton. Multibeam Headlights Adopted. Multibeam headlights, a definite safety factor, have been adopted and improved by Buick for the 1936 cars. They consist of wide cross beams for night country or open road driving with provision for dropping the right beam below the eyes of oncoming drivers for passing. The left beam maintains the bright illumination cm the right side of the roart and ditch. The dimming or passing beam switch is a toe button at tnl- left of the driver's foot controls. A red light indicator on the instrument panel informs the driver when his lights are bright. Combined parking and Indicator MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTK, APRIL 8 m(i TWENTY-THREE Deluxe Lafayette Has New Cruising Gear Above is pielun-U 111,- new LaK :1 . V( .(t« with the automatic, rruisin- near, which increases liberally travel nn .-ace in relation to -as and oil consumption anil also reduces engine wear. It is jicnv available on tlu- lrh«c LaMivetH. models of the Nash line. Adoption on the Lafayette marks the*first appearance of this remarkable lactor in car operation economy in the low pric.e ear field. lights located on the lenders are standard equipment on all models and are connected to both the ccun- ry passing and city drivjnj; beams In city driving both headlight beams are dropped eliminating glare in the iyes of oncoming drivers and pedcs- rians. Safety, style and complete com- ort for passengers were governing; actors in the design of tnc solid teel "turret top" Fisher bodies on the 1936 Buicks. Wider, deeper seats, more head ·com and leg room., safety glass, ual windshield wipers, sloping V- ype windshield to eliminate hazard- us reflections, Fisher no-draft vcn- ilation and the one-piece seamless teel roof, are cited among the feat- rs incorporated in the new designs. Evercy moving part of 1936 Buick owcr plant is cushioned in oil from !ie first revolution ct the motir. 'he oil is forced under pressure to 11 main bearings, cam shoft ocar- igs. timing chain, rocker arm laft and bearings assuring lutirica- on that will meet the requirements f increased speeds and greater ower. Dual Windshield Wipers. Dual windshield wipers, mounted t the bottom with the motor under he cowl, give a 30 per cent in- ·case in the swept area, adding to riving safety u n d e r poor weather onditions. Dual inside sun visors. overed with the same material as e one-piece headlining, are stand- ·d on all models. The cowl vcntila- r. v-shaped to conform with the indstream windshield, is hinged at e rear and is equipped with a posi- t'e locking mechanism, employing n eccentric clamp. Other features of the new "turret p" bodies include full-width split- ck seat in certain models, recessed ot rest, tonncau ash receivers, out seats that are adjustable over 4-inch range, slip-spin door Graham Dealer Jay Folsom is dealer for the Graham automobile in this city. Mr. FolsOin will have on display at his garage, situated a( 722 South Federal avenue, the latest models of the Graham when the auto show opens Thursday in nine Mason City garages. handles, double-bitted keys and practically pick-proof locks. A new innovation lies in the lotable locking handle with which the trunks are equipped. The key cannot be removed unless the lid is locked. Mohair. Broadcloth or Bedford cloth upholstery is obtainable in the new Buicks. Springs used in the cushions and seat backs are known as the "luxury" type, a.nd are individually wrapped in burlap. SIGNALS ON HI Automatic Installation May Be Recommended by Safety Group. DES MOINES, (.T)--W. Earl Hall, president of the Iowa state safety council, announced Wednesday that the council's managing board at an early meeting will consider a proposal to recommend an extensive program of automatic signal installation in Iowa, The proposed recommendation to the state highway commission and the Iowa railroad commission advocates the automatic signals for important r a i l . r o a d crossings throughout the state in places where there is no immediate prospect for overhead or underpass crossings. Might Save Many. "While permanent construction is favored in all cases where it is feasible, there is a growing desire to provide immediate protection against 90 mile an hour trains in as many places as possible," Hall explained. "Automatic signals at crossings where motorists arc most exposed tn danger might save many lives in Ihe interim before permanent grade separation can be had." iliilde in Other Slates. Hall said attention has been focused on this approach to the problem by several other states including Illinois, which he said at this time is engaged in an automatic signal program involving an expenditure of half a million dollars. "A comparable investment in Iowa would eliminate hazards at several hundred danger spots," he said. Here's Real News We have token over the north part of our building, formerly occupied by the Central Battery Electric Company, and built a new addition thereto. Increased demands for real Plymouth service prompted us to do this ond we are now proud to announce that we have the largest service department between Des Moines and Minneapolis for servicing Dodge-Plymouth motor cars and Dodge Brothers trucks. A complete stock of parts is maintained and a new Dodge wrecker put into service. You are invited to inspect our new department recently opened and we will be happy to show you around. Let us show you time-saving devices that only can be found in the most modern service stations in the United States. Come and s?e for yourself why you should make our service department your headquarters for your car. We have specialists for all makes and models and you are invited to make use of our.facilities. Now we wifi make this visit most interest-ina ; ^* one of the many cash prizes we are "Why I Should Let Lapiner's ! In fact, you may win for the b e s t Setter on , v ° J U Y ~ T H I S IS A FREE OFFER WITH N0 STRINGS ATTACHED. ANYONE CAN ENTER -- THIS CONTEST OPEN TO ALL -- NO AGE LIMIT, First Prize - - - $200 Credit on New Dodge or Plymouth Second Prize - $175 Credit on New Dodge or Plymouth Third Prize - - $150 Credit on New Dodge or Plymouth Fourth Prize - $125 Credit on New Dodge or Plymouth Fifth Prize - - $100 Credit on New Dodge or Plymouth Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth Prizes - $50 Credit on Used Car Extra prize for promptness--$10.00 in cash. All letters to remain the property of the Lapiner Motor Company and none w.ll be returned. The decision of the judges will be final. Fancincss will not count. Just write a letter telling Why Lapiner's should service your cor." A visit to our service department will convince you. Remember this contest open to all ond you have nothing to buy. Mail or leave all letters at the Lapiner Motor Company, 125 South Delaware Avenue, Mason City, Iowa. DODGE-PLMOUTH MOTOR CARS 125 South Delaware -- Phone 1138 DODGE BROTHERS COMMERCIAL CARS AND TRUCKS IMPROVED FORD WILL BE IN CAR DISPLAY 1936 V-8's Have Conservative Streamlining, No Radical Changes. .Ford V-S cars for 103G, presenting a number of detail improvements and refinements but no radical changes, will be on display at the automobile show at the Wagner Motor company. 202 First street southeast, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Body lines which strike a new note in conservative streamlining, a new treatment of the interiors and three important refinements in chassis engineering summarize the principal improvements in the 1B3C car. The 85 horsepower V-8 engine, ot which more than 2.000,000 arc in operation, is unaltered. Of the three principal chassis improvements, one--improved steering --is aimed at greater ease of safety of operation. It is estimated steering effort has been reduced more than 25 per cent. Two others tend to greater comfort. One is the use of newly designed steel wheels which lessen the unsprung weight of the car by nearly 20 pounds and thus provide greater riding comfort. The other is an improved transmission, using quiet helical gears in first speed and reverse, as well as in second and high. Has New Front End. A new front end treatment gives added distinction to the body lines. The hood is longer, extending gracefully over the attractive new radia- tor'grille. With its vertical slots and more accentuated "vcc." as well as its smoothly rounded lower edge which blends with the streamlined curve of the inner portions of the fenders, grille contributes a Latest Chevrolet Standard Coach Above is pictured the 11136 Chevrolet standard coach, one of the many ears which will be displayed during the individual auto show which will open Thursday and continue through Saturday. note of smartness which is distinctive and new. Fenders are streamlined, a wide fiarc inward giving them an impos ing appearance. Louvres arc of new design. Horns are recessed in the fender aprons back of small round grilles beneath the streamlined headlamps. The welded steel body is low and wide, with flowing rear quarter lines. Finish is an extremely durable Ford-dcvclopcd baked enamel, and comes in five colors--Cordoba tan, black, gunmctal, Washington blue and gray vineyard green, with appropriate striping. The latter two colors are new. The new wheels have 12 !i inch hubcaps with centers of polished rustless steel. Thirteen Body Types. Thirteen body types are available, ten w i t h deluxe appointments and three without. These are: Deluxe: Three window coupe, five window coupe, roa.dstcr with rumble seat, phaeton, cabriolet with rumble seat, convertible sedan, tudor sedan, fordor srclan, tudor touring sedan, fordor touring sedan. Without deluxe a p p o i n t m e n t s : Five window coupe, tndor and fordor sedans. These arc offered to either black rr gunmetal. Interiors «f the no\v cars, especial- ly luxurious in the deluxe types, reveal a distinctly modern treatment. The color motif is a rich gray, with which the tape of the upholstery fabrics harmonizes. The passenger space is commodious, unusual roominess being provided for by the location of the V-S engine forward over the front axle Phaeton, convertible sedan, fordor and fordor touring sedans are full six passenger size. Additional elbow room in the back seat of the fordor and fordor touring sedans is furnished by recessing the arm rests. Scat cushions are deeply pillowed and set off with new piping. A wide choice of upholstery on deluxe cars is available. Has Many Accessories. Deluxe car panels are fitted with 100 mile speedometer, with trip mileage recorder, ammeter, water temperature indicator, electric fuel gage, and electric oil 'gage, as well as a cigar lighter, tilting asn tray and glove compartment. The ash tray may be removed and a Ford radio installed upon special order. Attractiveness of the interiors is enhanced by more ornamental door and window mouldings and new style hardware. Mouldings and instrument panel in all cars are f i n - i ishcd in gray metallic pyroxylin. All body types are equipped with clear vision ventilation. Safety glass is standard in windshields and all doors and windows. Aside from these improvements, the chassis is unchanged, the outstanding feature being the proper combination of three important engineering principles of design to provide what is termed the "confer- poise" ride. These nre Improved spring suspension, correct car balance and proper passenger weight distribution. Harding Association Will Meet Thursday Harding Parent-Teacher association will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the school with Mrs. C. R. Marsh as speaker. Mrs. Marsh will talk on "The Home as a Cultural and Spiritual Center." All six grades will participate in a demonstration of work done in the English classes. Betty Grecnlee will give a tap dance and there will be music by Harding orchestra, led by W. A. Sloror, to demonstrate Mr. Storer's new book. T STORY for people who want to pick the right low-priced car! (READING TIME, 31 SECOA'DS) What is the only low-priced car with NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES? CHEVROLET-- the only complete low-priced car! What is the only low-pricerl car with SOLID STEEL OAT-PIECE TURRET TOP? CHEVROLET--Ihc only complete low-priced car'. "What is the only low-priced car with IMPROATED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION RIDE*? CUE) RO'LET--llie only complete low-priced car! What is Ihe only low-priced car with GENUINE FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION? CUE} ROLET--lhe only complete low-priced car! What is tie only low-priced car with HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE-EV-HEAD ENGINE? CHE} ROLET-- the only complete low-priced car! What is the only low-priced car wilh SHOCKPROOF STEERING*? CHEVROLET--the only complete law-priced car! THEREFORE, THE BEST CAR TO BUY IN 1936 IS ALL THESE FEATURES AT CHEVROLET'S LOW PRICES $,| Q!? AND UP. T.ia prirr nf ,\nr Slnmlord Cnupr nt flint. TT J*) Mir. irilh Inim/Hrs, spare life nml tirr hrk. ihr lift prjn- is $-11 oiiilitinwl. "Knrr-Artiml im Mash-r M,,,!,-ls nnly. f?0 additional. 1'ricrs yiittrtl in tllis ndrrrlitrmrnt an- list at Hint. Mich., anil s,il,jri-l la churifr irillmut notice. Chnrnlrl Motor (im/Mnv, Detroit, Michigan. FOR ECONOMIC*!. TRANSPORTATION A GENERAL MOTORS VALUK G E N E R A L M O T O R S I N S T A L L M E N T P L A N - M O N T I U . Y P A Y M E N T S T O S U I T Y O U R P U R S E IS SOUTH W A S H I N G T O N AVE. MASON C I T Y , I O W A e P H O N E f i 6 5

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