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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, April 30, 1818
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i! I: V i V, j V; V . v. 4 I - .' ' r; i : 1 1 From the AatiOHuUniMgattxr. OFFICIAL LIST OF ACTS. . " SS. Concerning th towrtj or alhrwanca to CihiiMr vel iu certain cut. .Senile. Apru 4,1818 - : ' : . F or we nn ci 01 vs punuw. , . . iota nru iuiot 40. the reuefo Martin Warner. Senate. AnrilA 1818. 41. Limiting the time for claim being pro - ante J for lauds auUorixed lo be grauted to the inhabitant of New - MaJrid. Senat. Apru v, 1818. 42. To Incorporate a fire hxuraor compiuiv in the - city of Washington. Scnat. Apru if, 1A1R .43. Tor th relief of NarrWui Broutia and there. Home. April 9, 1818. , 44. Confirming the thin of Tobia Rheanw to a tract of land granted lo hiia be the Spanish government House. April 9, 1818. - 4i Concerning the territory of Alabama. - " lions. April 9, 113. - . 40. Waking Bifropriatioin ft the support oi government for the year one thoand eight hundred and eighteen. House, Aprd 1818. ' 47. For the relief of Aslel Clark. Senate, j "April". 1818.. . '. . . 48. For the relief of Sarah Pewees, relict and widow of William Oeweet, deceased, and Uie heirt and legal rfpresentaiive of the said WilJiata Dewee ' Hnus. April 11, 1818. ' 49. For the reliff of ranlrl Puroet, Gibton Clark, and the legal representative ef Hubert Rowi ' House. April II, 1CI8. , 50. To extend the time for locatinj Virginia ftiliUry land warraos, returning surveys thereon to the general land office; and for designating the western boundary line of the Virginia nuitary tract. SenaU. Wpril II, 1818 ' 61. To provide for paying to the Mate of Indiana three per' tent. of the not praeeds ari.ini; ' frorii the sales of tbe United State land within the same. Senate. April 11, 1818. S3. To change the Bane el the diitrirt of Erin, in the state of Ohio Home. April It, 1818. 63. For the relief of John Rodgeri. House. Aprllll. 1818. 54 For the relief of Lemuel II. Osgood. Seuate. April It. 1818. '" ' 65. For the rolitf of general Mom Tortcr. i Hoare. April 13 1818. 66. . To incorporate ihe mexhanic relief society of Alexandria, Senate. April 13, 1818. ' 67. I'O auUiorixe the paymrn' of certain certificates. Home. Arril 13, 18)8. 68.' To repeal part of Ilia art, entitled "an . art lo proviJe for eurve j ing the coasts of tbe United 9atr. Senate. April 14, I8l8 ;. 69. In addition to an ar t, entitled " an art for theerlif f of John Tbompepn." benate. April '14, 1818. . ... . . 60.. Making further appropriation! (or the cooxt ruction of the Cumberland road. House, April 14, 1813. . 61. Regulating tbe staff of the army. Senate. April 14, 1818. 02 For the relief of Michael Jones. Swat. 4pH116, 1818. ... , 6J. Directing tbe manner of appointing Indian ageoU, and coiilmuing tbe act for eiUbliihiug - trading bouiu wilb tbe Indian tribe.' Senate, April 16, 1818. - 64 Fur the relief of the legal repreentative - of George feannn. Houie April 16, 1818. 66. Hegulating the pay and emolumeute ol brevet officer! Senate April 16. 1810. 66. In additiou to an act giving pention to the orphan and widow of penont (lain iu the Sublic or private armed rusel. of Uie United tate.' Senate April 18, 18 18. 67. To upend for a limited time the tale or . forfeiture of land for Udur In completing the payment thereon. Senate April III, IUIB 68. For the relief of beac brim. Senate April 18, 1818. , 69. For (be relief of rhoma Miller and Ste tiheu Bker. House April 18, 1818. 70. For tbe relief of Seth Sprajjue and other. Houm AprU IB, 1IB. 71. Concerning oarigatioa. Senate April 18, ' 1818. - 'v IS. To ertablUh a port of entry and deHverj at Cape Vin eut, at tbe fork of Lake Ontario, and tbe bead of the rireri't. Lawrence. llou?e April 18, 1&I8. 73. To abulirh the port of delirery eitalliih - ad at the mouth of SlaJe't Creek, iu l lie Ual ol North Carolina. Houie April 18, 1818. : 74. Fixing (be lime for the next meeting oi con great. Home April 13, 1818. 75. To enable the people of the Illinot Territory lo form a couttitution and state government, and (or the admisbioa of suih Ute into the uuion on fca equal looting with 'the original states. House April 18, IttlU. 76. For the relief of major - general Jacob Brown. House April 18, 11)1 H. 77. For the r lief of Mary Sullivan. House April III, IU1R. 78. Fixing loo compensation, of the tecretarv of the senate and the clerk uf the bouse of repre - eenlatives, of the clerks employed in their offices, and ef UK liliranan. House April IB, loin, . , 79. la addtttou lo an act to prctiibit the in - troduction of ilav into any porter place witbiu the jurisdiction of the United States, from ami after the first day of January, in the year of our 1 Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight,' and to repeal certain part of the came. Seuate ' AorilaO.1818. . - 90.' For the relief of the hoase of Thomas ' and Jotia Clihord, FJisha Fi'hcr and company, ' Ifexnas Clifford and on, and Thomas Clifford. .ol Tbdadelpbia, and Charlr Wirgman, of Balti. .more. House April St). 18 1 8. 81.' For the relief of Ueniamin Rim. House t I . Oril WJ, IH1B. I t?. For the relief of Jona. Amorr, tun. and . .1 Y lis . .. . f ... m . .. . ... i rrpr urinatives in i nomns ,. Amory, UB' i UU1, Anril 50. Iflin. w or (He relief of major luring Aiwiw anil u - k . ,,eiu. House April 20. lUia. ..84. I o province, u.. ..i u.rtiioap ih lnws of the United State, and for other purpose. - ue apni zu, joio. 85. To provide toe erectirr additional buUd - tng lor use acconmoOation of Ihe seven l txc olive depart menu. House April SO, 18)8. 80. For the relief of Samuel F. Hooker. SonM April M, 1818. 87. For Ihe relief of John Dillon. House A - prilSO. 1818. 88. Supplementary to (he several act relative to direct taxe and internal duties. House April 83. For transferrins' the claim id the oOice of the commissioner to the third auditor of the treason department. House AnrilSOl 1818 90. To regulato and fix the competualrm of the cileries in the differrnt tiTice. Home April .91. For tbe relUf of volunteer mounted ca - i3 ,,ou" April 20, iniu. . 4 M. lixagthe cinnpensatiin of Indian aeoti andfattoii. Senate April SO, 10l8. 93. To d. f ay the .xnte, 0f th, miiiiia 4. Authoria;og the disposal of certain loU or . public ground la tbe city of Newaicaoi and sown dionue. eenate Aprils), 1810. 95. Makinr (be port of Hath, in ilissnchu - setts, a port of eolrr toe ships or vei el, erw.;,.,. from the Cape of tiood Hojie. and from plares beyond the rem ; nod for establishing collec - tioo district, whererf Belf. - st shall te the port of rntrr.; Houe AprdSO, 1818. 58. Aotlirizinr a sub - criptioo for lite slatitti - ca) annals of A Jam Srybcrt, and trie purchase, of Pilkm's coaimorcial statiiiict. ror.ate, Aiuil SO, 1818. , 67. Hespecting (he organisation of the army, tod tor other parpoee. House, April 30, 181 8. 98. InadJiiion to Lb u act for tiiepouiiuueal of Ojrlai crunwaalMt (be Uni!ed l," and to rft d the acta tbereta meoiaioeu, ArnlxW, 1818. - . . t . ' , 1 . ...... . . .ef fft Isriansai - IniA l 99. To divule tne tiaie e lwm'"l"m.'T two? Judicial district. 8eaat, Apr - xu, ioio. 100. r OT - tbe relief et onn a. House, April 40, 1818. lOL For the relief of capUsa Henry Gsstand captain Bet) jam is Johnson. House, Aprd JW, 1818. ' ' ' , 102. For the relief of Cornels Masco Hou.r, April SO, 1818. ' . 103. For the relief of Joha J bold House, April , 1818.. 1 .. . 104. Fr - r changing the compenjatioo of receSr. er aod register of the land office. House, A - prilSO, 1818. V. 105. For the relief of Jones. Harrison. House, April JO, 1818. ' 106. To establish and alter certain poet - roads. H'Ue, April SO, 18 1 8. 107. To continue in fcrce an act entitled M an act rebtins: to settler on land of Uie United SUtes." Houie. April SO, 1818. 108. Providine for the deposite of wine and distUlrd spirit in public waiehouse. and for otberaurpotea. House. April SO. I8IH. juy. for in react oi mcuaru at. jonnson. Senate. April 20, 1318 110 rtfpecting the surveying and (ale of io pubiic land in the Alubama territory. Senate. April 2J, 1818. 111. To increase the duties on iron in bar and bolt, iron in pig t eastings, nail, and allum. Houie. April 20, 1818. 11S. Concen ing tonnuge and discriminalinir duties in cetUm case. Conate. April 20, 1818. - ' j .115. Making anpronrintiona for the public building, an'l fur f irnisliinjy tlie cipitol and president' house. Hon e. April 20, 1818. 114 To sili ui. t (he claim to lots m the town of Vinceimrs, and for the sale of tbe land appropriated as a common for the use of the iiitinint .lit or the itt town. Siena' e. April 90, 1K18. 115. To increase the pay ol the militia while in uctusl serv ce. and for other purpoe. Ilr,use. April CO, 1818. 116. Forth - relit of John Work. House. JmI 2(J, 1813. 1 17. To incnqiorate the Columbian Insti tute, lor the promotion of arts ana sciences. Houe. April 20. 1819. 1 18. To increase the salaries of the judges of the Circuit Court for the District of Colum bia. Senate. April 20. 1813. 119 For the lelief of the widow and child ren of Jitcob Graeff. deceased. House. April 10, 1818. 20. rot the relief of Deniamin flrdsell, and William .V. Foster. House April 20, 1818 121. For the relief of James Macluy, of the Misoouri territory. House. April 20. 1818 122. to alter and amend an act approveii the third day of .March, one thousand e'uhl hundred and seventeen, entitled, an act to establish a separate territorial government for the eastern part of the Mississippi territory Senate. April 20, 1818 123. Foj the relief of John Hall, late a ma or of mnne. Senate April 20. 1818. fel24. For the relief of Peggy bailey. House. April W, S18. 125. For the relief of Madame l'oidevui. House. April 20. 1818 126. Supplementary to the several acts mak ing appropriations for the year 1818. House. tpriliiu, tola. 127 I o authorise the Secretary of the Trea - mry to reply ot temit certain alien duties therein dcs - iibed. Ben.te April 20, 1318 128 To increase the duties on'certain niauu - fcctured articles impoi - ted into the United stales. House. April 20, 1818. 129. Supplementary to an uct, entitled ' an aet to reirulate the collection of unties on im ports and tonnage,', pmsed the second day of March, one thousand seven hundred and nine ty - nine House. April 20, 1818. 130. To continue in fun e, from and af ei Uie hirtieth of June, one tliousaad eight tmn dredand nineteen, until the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and twenty - six the fourth paraif - aph of the first section of the nc, entitled "an act to regulate the duties on import and tonm - ge." House. April 20 1818. RESOLUTIONS. 1. For the admission of lb state of Mississippi in.o the union. Senate, Dec. 10, 1817 2' the distribution of certain public documents. Senate, Dec. 23, 1817. 3. Directing a distribution uf certain laws among the members and delegates of territories of the fifteenth Congress. House, Dec. A 1817 4. Directing the procurement of certain laws House, Jan. 22, 1818. 5 - Relative to the distribution of the late e - ilition of the land laws. Senate, March 9, 1813. 6. Directing the Judges of the Supreme Couit to befiimisln d with Wait's statepapers. House, March 13, 1818. 7 Authorizing the transportation of certain documents free of postage. House, March 19, 1818. 8. Directing the publication and distribution of the journal and proceedings of the con vention wlucli formed the present constitution of tbe United States. Senate, March 27, 1813 9. Directing the distribution of the laws of the fourteenth Congress anions the members of the fifteenth Congres. Senate, March 27, 1818 10. Directing the Secretary fur the department of State to prepare an index to the acts and resolution of Congress, after the close of ee y session. House. April 3, ldl8 11.. Requesting the President of the United States to present a sword to Colonel Uichard M. Johnson. Senate, An il 4, 1318 12. Directing medals to be stnick. and, to gether with the thank of Congi ess, presented to Major ueneral il..rrison, and tiovernor She! by, and for other purposes. Seuate, April 4, 1318. 13. Directing the completion of the survey of the waters of the Chesapeake Ray, and for oihcr purposes. House, April 23, 1818. TKBAT1K3. 1. A treaty of peace and fi icndsh ip, made arid concluded at St Louis, ihe 30th day of much, 1317, between the imled States and uie chiefs und warriors of the Menomenee tribi or nation of Indians. KatihVd on the 26th of December, 1317. 2. A treaty of peace and friendship, made and concluded at St - Louis, the 24 ih itav of June, 1817. between the United Stales he O toes tribe of Indians. Ratified on the 26th ol December, 1817. 3. A treaty of peace and friendship, made and concluded at St. Louis, the 2 tli day of June, 1817. between the United States and the chiefs and wai - riors of the Prncarar tribe of Indiana. Ratified on the 26lh of Dec 1817. 4. A treaty, made aikl concluded at tlie Che rokee Airencr, tbe Bill day or July, 1817, be iwecn the United Slates and the chtefe, head men and warriors of lb Cherokee nation east of Uie .Misiisaippi river, and die chiefs, bead men and warriors, of tbe Cberokees on the Arkansas river. Ratified on the 26 th of Decern, her, 1817. , - ' J A tresty of limit between tlie United Slates and Uie Creek n.ilioo of Indiana, eon. eluded and signed at the Creek A gene v. on Funt river, the 22d of Jan. 1818. Ratified Ui iinn ol Much, 1818 OALT & LLMO.No 6000 bushels Lisbon J Salt 3iJ Ma Lemons, Inndin. from ,hip Angelica, at Berlins; slip, and for sale by jS.UUG. ORIS WOLD, . P7 88 fcoatbtreet THURSDAT, AFRIL.30: 'TK$ Colombian, of last evening, if we may gMetat bis meaning, I rather angry at us, for being to ready to acknowledge tha liberal sentiments expressed by Mr Noah ia relation toap - pobtmeots lo afSce. Mr. Noah, we are aware, labored very bard ia his paper of yesterday, as the Columbian observes, to explain away bis words, and shew that be did not mean to jo the length we bad supposed. But, although be, rather churlishly, we tluob, declines to accept our ocknowtedgements, we cannot help repeating them, even taking bis own explanation.' If we understand him, he means to say that " genuint republicans" are not bound to appoint federalist to office, if men can be found equally honest and capable in Ueir own ranks, but, if not, then let selections from the community at Urge be made, without refertnc to their iwli'ic. - Tha ii of sr oik, mil tr txpul ; all ire erer did sui er ex - peel. And f any one of the sections acts apoo this principle, justice demands we should acknowledge their liberality. We understand that commodore Macdnnough is appointed to tbo command of tbe Gurrjre, which is on die eve of departure for Petersburg, to take out Mr. Campbell, as minister to Russia, in (he place of Mr. Piockney. The latter, hav - ng received his nine thousand dollars out - fit, and his nine thousand a year for two years, in Uie whole twenty - seven thousand dollars, cow give way to Mr. Campbell, who, in bis turn, having received similar reward for similar erviic will, we presume, make room for some other jpood republican in this economical government. I'hi reminds u of Air. Jefferson's grand plan of reform, one great feature of which wa the lessening tbe expence of foreign minister. ST. THOMAS, 14th March, 1818. Consulate uf tteU.) Ulati of America. ) It in hereby made known, for the informa tion of the relatives of Mr. JOHN ECKART, Jr. a native of New - Jersey, that be died recently oo board the American schu'r. Flight, on bis passage from Cartliageua lo this port. Further particulars will be communicated ou application oeing made to ROBERT MONROE HARRISO.V, LonnU of the U. !, of America, at SI, Thomat. ST. THOMAS, 14th March, 1818. Consulate of Ihe U. ) Slalet of .Imerica On the 7th inst. arrived in this harbour, an . merit an sloop named Uie Aslrea, without ei - ilmr Kegiitor, clearance, or any other docu aunt; reported from Amelia Island. She was ommanded by a person named I nomas Calhns, ind claimed by one John Bell, as hi property, ut a numtier of suspicious circumstances injures me to believe tha' she has beeu improperly obtained : I accordingly had her seized, but pre - ious to ihe seizure, tne above named persons left (he Mand. Tbe sloop is about 65 Ions bur then, has her name, the uAlrea of Jtew - York, narked on hi r stern. She will be sold in order o prevent her bottom from being eaten by the worms, and the proceeds nela lor tne rightful iwner, who will please forward me tne neces fj proofs to substantiate his claim to tho vessel. "opy of a letter fi - om Capt H. Coffin, to John Richardson, Liverpool, recc.ved tlie ytli March. Kelly sons, March 5. " I am sorry to inform you of the accident which has brfcl tlie ship Robert Burns. 1 left Liverpool on the 1 1th of last month, for New. Yo.V, and went North about the wind con. tinucd to the South until the 17th. I was then in the long, of 13, when I took a severe gale from the westward, which lasted without any cessation till the 23d. About 9 in the morn - inc I wss boarded by a tremendous sea, which swept every thins by the board, masts, bow sprit and rudder, and every thing else above deck. 1 will not pretend to mention what 1 have lost, but I will just tell you whtt I hive left. I have my windlass, beltrey, and two pumps, one of which was rendered useless eight of my men were washed overboard, three if which fmt in again, and hve were drowned the first step 1 then took was to cut away all Uie lanyards, ami clear the wreck alongside. I found the ship then making a great deal of water in her upper work and five lert water in her hold. I found it necessary lo lighten the ship, which I did by tin owing overboard the cargo, and with what men I had on board, l freed the ship by 10 o'clock next day I had onlv two small spars left on deck, which I rig - ged up for jury masts, and made the best ot 4 " . .... my way lor ireianu. i goi ncai ly imo augo, but ' the wind coming out to the southward. blew me off mar Filling I'o.nt, where the ship now lavs, in a very dangerous situation. I have laid here 43 hours, but blowing so strong, no boat could come near until now. I have just got on short - , and engaged the cutters to tow the ship inlotliu harbour. from Ihe BaUimtre ,'lmericim. April 28. Melancholu .irciiient. On Wednesday nizhl lnt about 1 1 o'clock, the dress of Mrs B!a k burn, wile of Professor Bluc.khurn,ol the A'bury Colleee, caught nre in her criainiier. Mr. ui ica nurn had taken a walk with Professor power ho in hi grief expressed a desire to visit tlie itrave of bis detcnsel friend, whom he bad that dy enterird and (housh inte, the iauiily wait d their return. Mr. B lark hum meanwhile m ployed herself in sewing ; and a her cap and he - out were first wrapped io flames therd is little douht thai the cntidle, by some means caine in . - ontart with her shal, which was made ol cot - ten. Her two daughters, who were engaged in writing in a lower room, slarm - d ly hershneks, Hew to her aid, and resardles ol (heir own nan ft or pain, tore away Lcr buroini clothe Alas! tms filial effort could not rescue their lender mo tlier from her fate she died the foil, i wins day By tlus affectionate struggle to save their parent tne youne ladle hands were severely burned I'licir friends, however, are happy to learn, thai their fil ers will be saved. How true is the vtnerahle maxim " No man knoweth what a riar mav hrinir forth. " Watch herel'oie, for Uie Sun of Mao Cometh at an bour when te think aot! Whilst the writer of this communication is in duliug his sympathy towards ttas amiable and distri - sted family, be think it hi duty to drop a word oi admonition against the use ol sucn arn . les of dreis, as rnuit be worn at Uie peril of hu man lue. FROM OL'R CORRESPONDENT! Patriot Office, i Host. April H. f Tbe new and elegant fast - uiling ship Falcon J. W. Lewis, commander, arrived here last veoing in 8 days from Liverpool. By this vessel we nave received London papers to the evening of tbe 27ib Mnnh, and Liverpool to the 30U. KxtracU follow : fVem BtWt London Jdeaengrr ef March S3. Tbe Bourbons hare followed the example ol other countries in recognising Ihe accession ol tbe present Kiogof Sweden, lie M now ac - knowlrdftd bt every civilised power. This is an sb - sl iuij a ery important one, ia Ihe history of the asonarcluc of urope.. It stands forth as .l' ' a preccdeot and an examf T;,h Imn - t - a lo kinrs and cabinet. . Die. UHU tua of tb indefcasibility of regal rights, fcava hap, BUUW M, w 1 ... . . pily passed away, ana that Use goou or me pw - pl, , acknowledged to be of equal importance milk tbe rigbU of descent - A this principle i a real gain lo popular liberty, and on the other band doe aot encourage any source of anarchy, w most again express our satisfaction wun its recognition. - - - Lssiien. Monk S3. W understand Uiat ene of the expedsvul fallen trpoo by the Spanish govtirnment to enable it to fit out the Russian squadron, to allow the merchants permission to ship oo board two Usousand tons of Merchandize, at low duties, toe receipts of which, it was ex pected, would afford considerable aid. J oe xact destination is not told to the merchants, but they are given to understand, that tho force will be so overwhelming, that to whatever point of tbe ultramarine dominion it is bcund, resis - tanc on the part of (be Patriot must be vain. The scheme, however, doe not meet wun sap - port. The fate of .VoTillo' expedition, much larger lhan any spam can now seua out, is ooi forgotten. The Spanish Clergy murmnra good deal. They think that the benedictions of Heaven on tbe fiisuaoo.Rusian enterprise cannot be secured, unless the Heretical character a taken from tha ships by a solemn baptism, which ceremony, it is thought, will take place previous to their putting to sea. JMarcii Tl. We rive tbe following as tb report in tbe city, without meaning to pledge ourselves for its au thenticity : " Tkteily, one oVfoe. There is much talk here of a financial plan in contemplation, by which stock debentures are to be ie - ued, una alto stork notes, as a circulating medium. According to this plan, debenture at a fixed rate are to be issued, which, at any riven time, say two or three years, the bolder may have converted into stock, without being liable to any depreciation that uiay take place between the issue ol' the debenture and bis demand to have it converted into stock. The stock notes proceed upon this principle i if a person wishes to borrow any giv en sum of money upon his stork, he pledges hi flock, and will receive Uie sum wanted in stock notes, which may be paid away in the tame manner as a bank note." LIVERPOOL, March SR. Sale of American sweet flour were effected to - day, at late quotation ; sour is 1 a 2s dearer. Cotton bas experienced a steady, but not animated demand, and last week's prices, with few exceptions, fully supported. Carolina rice goes off very steadily at unvaried rates. Little dune in turpentine. Tar but little enquired for. Leaf tobacco l - 2d per lb dearer. Fncei at Gibraltar Mnreh2. Beans, white, 4 sale : brimstone, roll 3 SO no demand ; beeswax, 36 a 37 saleable when pure ; cocoa, Carac none and wanted ; do Trin 3 1 a 32 ; cotton, Pemm 46 a 47 ; candles, sperm 46 large parcels arrived dull : indigo, Span, 1 50 partial tales; Bengal 1 35 do ; bides, B A 15 at 16 50 ; lead, Span 4 75 a 5; cloves 95; cassia 36; nutmegs 1 25 ;' ginger 9 a 10 dull ; tobacco, Km 1 1 ; Virg9; negro head 12 50; tea, gunp 125; by - son 90; logwood, bay I 25 dull. hxchange on London 0 days 54 1 - 2; Spanish dollars 13 4 per ct prem. from the Botlon Palladium of April 28. The princess of Wales bas commenced a suit against the assignees or tbe Duke of Brunswick, for 15,000 lent by her to her brother. Pay ment was resisted on the idea that Uie bonds were not in Uie hand - writing of the late duke I he Londou papers mention that Hcruadotte, now king of Sweden, does not live with his wile, His lady is sister to Joseph Bonaparte's wife, and laughter of M. Clery, a respectable merchant. he resides at Paris. Trade to British America Tha following bill is be lore tne tiriurn parliament : Be it enacted. That from and after Uie it shall, and may be lawful, in any Brili - h built chip or vessel, owned and navigated according to law, or in any sbip or vessel belonging to the subjects of any sovereign or (tat in amity with his majesty, to import into such ports as shall be specially appointed lor (oat purpose by hu ma jetty, within tbe province of Nora - Scotia or ,ew - Bruoswick, Uie following articles, videli cet, scantling, planks, staves, headin;, boards, shingles, hoops, or squared timber of any sort : horses, neat cattle, sheep, ho;s, poultry, or li - e tock of any sort; breaJ, biscuit, flour, peas, beans, potatoes, wheat, rice, oats, barley or grain of any tort ; pitch, tar, turpentine, fruits and seeds. Provided, That none of the aforesaid articles shall be imported into Uie said ports to to be specially appointed, in foreign vessels, unless the aid articles shall be ol tlie growth, produce or manufacture of the country to which the vessel importing the same shall belong. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful tore - export any of the said article to any of bis majesty's possessions, in any British - built sbip or vessel, and navigated according to law. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful in any British sbip or vessel, or in any ship or renel belonging to Uie subjects of any sovereign or state io amity with his majesty, to export from the said port so to be appointed for that purpose, to any country belonging lo any nvereigu or stale in amity with bis majesty, any gypsum, grind - stones, or other produce or ma - uufaclure of tbe said provinces, and also any produce or mauufacture of Uie United Kingdom, or of his majesty's colonies or plantations in the West Indies, or any good whatever, which shall have been legally imported into Uie said provinces ; any thing in any law to the contrary notwithstanding. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for his majesty, by and with the advice ol his privy council, to make such rules and regulation for the imortation and exportation ofgood and commodities, as aforesaid, at the said ports, with such penalties and forfeitures for the breach thereof, as shall seem tit and necessary to bis majesty, by and with the advice a - foresaid. od be it further enacted, That this act shall - ontinue in force during Uie space of from and alter the From the National InteiUgenrtr. General Pcgrara is elected a repreuntatire to congress from irginia, to supply the vacancy occasioned by Uie resignation of col P. Good - yu. SAVAVHAH, April SO The Weather.. On Friday night last we experienced a very sudden and severe change of weather. I'n Saturday last Ihe thermonietre stood at 75 - on Suuday at C3 ; and this day it food at the freezing point. V'e have seen several persons from the country, who inform us that tbe cotton which wa up, is compieltly destroyed. Indet - d, we have good autbVtrity for saying that ice Uie eighth of an inch thick was seen this morning. GENEV A, (N.Y.) April t2. Snov Storm. On Saturday Uie IRih inst. it cowed with little intcnniion Uie whole day. and most of Ihe time violently. Considerable snow also drceoded oo Sunday and Monday, and had not the greater part melted as it reached the ground, or soon thereafter, excellent sleighing would have been the result. Buenos Ayres CapL Pease, who sajL - ed 9lh Feb. informs, that a royal eipeditkra of oiwu men, nad embarked Iron Lima to attack the patriots in Chili. Tbo patriot sensral San Martin, hauVrooceolrated bis forces (about 5000 regular, and about the are number of raw troop :) and was waitius the attack of Uie ene my. The patriots bad evacuated the coast of t bill, v alpararso excepted, that place they were preparing to evacuate. The hsu oi th ex. - little, it wslI wppostd, woald bedeci - sir. '. It as consulerea oouoi . . . . . . . bethei Gen'. Saa Mai tin could defcrid himself. The Baton Avres government had sent troops to lie opposite srd of the river for lb purpos of sUlacking Ortegas, who 'me rtilj at war with th rort - gnese. . Fait imprisonment. At the last Lancaster assizes, held at Liverpool, two actions for illegal detention were tried. Tbe first was Lawtou vs. Miller, tbe chief officer of Ui Liverpool police. The plea wa that Lawtou, who was about to proceed to New - York, was an artificer. Tbe icoood case wa Broadburtt vs. Uie same. Broadhurst was Is accompany Lawtoo. After a trial of considerable length, tho jury returned a verdict for the plaintiffs 250 damages, and 40 shillings cost, in each case. - Cem. Ado. MARRIED, At Flushing, (L. 1) on Monday evening last, by the Revd. Mr. Buckley, Mr. G. Cook, merchant, of Troy, to Miss Anu Cornell. aavv;a'o posr marwe list CLEARED. Brig Mechanic, Kay, Trinidad de Cuda B Malibran New - Bedford Portland Snowhill Schr Sally, Edward, . Traveller. Doyle. . Hennetla, Shotwell, Friendship, Baker, , F.xeelleot. Snow Do Rochester Sloop Nancy, Mitchell , Providence Do. Boston Providence, Brown, , , Manilla. Bulkier. . Steam boat Connecticut, Bunker, . N Haven British brie: Antelope, Garrison, 23 days from Tobago, with rum and molasses, to I' J Nevius. C Raymond, and J Garrison. AprililJ, lat 23 55. long 64 35, spoke Uie V S. sloop of I war Hornet, 12 days from New York. 23d, lat 26, long 70, spoke sch Adventure, of Salem. leiiong nesoiuuon, sterling, mr new sura., uncertain. Scb New - Orleans. Smith, 5 days from Charleston, with cotton, logwood and orange juice, to Vandewater Si Wheeler, u uasseti. MrBruen, Piltier Sc Morel, and 1 ijingnon. On Sunday last, to the southward of Barnegat. spoke ship George Wasliington.from Rio de la f lata bound to Philadelphia tne day Deiore passed the sloop Borealis. Sch Lady Washington, 7 days from Luoec, with plaster, to Ward & Bishop. Schr Ranger, Lake, 2 days from Norfolk, with shingles, to J Wood. Left, sloop CoustituUon, Lefort, to sail 59th lor It York. Sloop Antoinette, Gillet, 20 days from Ber muda, with molasses to Meserole & Webster, and Tucker & Laurie. bloop Comet, Bradley, 4 days from Boston, with merchandize, to sundries. BELOW, A ship supposed to be the James Monroe, from Liverpool. 1 RKlrlLD LAST KVEJVUVli, Sloop B. D.Jones. Cahoone, 2 days from New port 'with rum. to Burrill & Cahoone. tchr. tally, uouia, iu anys irom taenioo, with naval stores and staves, lo S. Dickinson. bloop Excellent, enow, 6 days from earannab, in ballast, to tbe master, 14 passengers. stoop fauy, seymour, o uays irom oavan nah. with cedar timber, to the master. sloop nlot, Lndicott, 4 days irom t'hiiadei - prna, with lumber to a. ampoeii. Sloop Huntress, Beecher, 1(J hours from new Ilaicn. with uroduce. to the captain. The brie Argo, Hunt, arrived at New - Haven oo Tuesday, in 17 days from St. Croix, with sugar and rum, raised ship sea t ox, at anchor yesterday alter noon at Frocs Neck. sioop win. s uanus, irom minora, u. wiui corn, to T. Buckley Ac boo. BELOW. British brig Benjamin, fmmToba go, via Philadelphia, to Goodhue IB Co. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Patriot, ) Boston, April 28. Arrived, brig Charles, 15 days from St Croix. Left, 10th inst. brig Sally, Clarkson, for Wilmington i sch William, York, I'ortland Ship Francis & Sarah, Wimlow, 70 days from Bremen, and 30 from Ramsgate. Left at Bremen. 13th Feb ship Plato, Smith, for Bal timore about the middle of March. Sailed from Ra'msgate, with Uie Mary - Ann, Cox, for Charleston ; barque Gideon, Coffin, for New - York. Iftship Komulns, Peters. Norfolk. Spoken and left on tbe Brazil Bank by the Gnlden Farmer, reb u, ships Richmond, Far,7u0bbls oil Lydia, Sealy, 70. Jan. 18, ship Gen. Lincoln, Chase, 250. - brig Indus, Joy, 80. 10th, ships William, 1'addock, 250 In ) , Coffin, 300. 28th, Samuel, Coffin, 550. Dec 1, , Wilcock, 70. 25th, Martha, West, 700 Leo, Joy, 250. Jan. 20, Tarquin, none ; brig Julm, Manter, late Wendell, of Boston, 800. Hotam' Hole, April 27. Arrived, brig Mermaid, Bryan, 17 days from St Thomas. Left, April 8. brig Lluba, Wink ley, of Portsmouth, for N York, 2 days Sail ed in co. with sch Alonzo, Smith, for Bonair; brig Ocean, Moison, of Boston, loading for the Levant, to sail in 12 days , - brig Unity, Holmes, of Kennebunk, for Portavina, 4 days; sch Mars, Prior, of Newport, unc cargo, not sold i sch Renown, Eldridge, of Falmouth) for Philadelphia in 12 days ; sell Molly, Kcele, or Noifilk in 1 ; barque Ossipium, stout, of Norfolk, for St Croix in 4. spoke lat 39 10, long 69 30, ship Evergreen, Ratlibone, of N York, bound to Liverpen. FHOM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Philadelphia Union,? April 29. 5 Arrived, ship Tenessee, Oliver, 12 dav from N Orleans. Left I2tli inst. ship John WaUon, of Philadelphia, for Liverpool in 14 days ship Caroline, Sen - ill, for Philadelphia, 8 days ; brig Rebecca t Hannah, George, unc ; brigs Argo, Dill, for St. Thomas, Mary. New - York, next day ; Alexander, of N York, 5 days and about 200 others. Passed, 10 miles below the town, ship Ohio, Toby, from Philadelphia, and 17 others, bound up. 16th, left the Bulize. 17th. spoke brig Brittania, 8 days from N Orleans for Gibraltar, all wellsaw a ship ashore on Uie Maranilla retf. The sch. Huntress, Matthews, hence for Mobile, had reached N. Orleans, after having been carried int6 Gulvez ton by the patriots. BOaTON, April S3. Arrived, ship Liver pool Packet, Prince, 30 dars from Liverpool. Spoke, 5th inst. lat 44 69, "long 29 30, ship Ro bert Edwards, 10 days Irom Cowes for Charles ton. Ship George Porter, Foster, 30 days from Liverpool On tbe 31st ult. Tutrar Light N by W 2 leagues, spoke brij; Sally, from Liverpool for Boston. Lat 50, long 13 40, ship Jane, Drum mond, from Livt rpoul lor Savannah. Ship Falcon, Lewis, ?6 days from Liverpool. Sailed 30th Marcli, aad not cu the 27 Ui, as reported yeslerdny. We have been politely favored by Capt. Lewis with the following, as well as a list ol the vessels which sailed on tbe I6tli and 27th, which have been reported : The ship Mohawk, Gray, for Baltimore, failed S3ta March ; ships Reaper, York, for Philadelphia I and E.'iz.itietli, M'lmoh, for Savannah, sailed 29U, .March. Sailed 30th March in co with ships Margaret, M'Lellan for B'ston ; Howard, , New York ; Maria, Duplex, do; Georgia, Low, Savannah ; barque Spartan, Coffin, do ; brig New Orleans Packet, , N Orleans; ships Canton, and Justina, for N York, were ready for lea, and most probably sailed on the 30' b March. Left at Liverpool, 30th March, ships Abie. ail, Brown, for Boston, lOtb April; Hamilton. Ba'h - gate, do do ; bri - ; Poacher, Malcolm, do do, ships Amity, Stanton, N York 1st April; Caroline - Ann, Reeves, do oo; Hercules, Macey, do lOlhi Ann - Maria, Vaite, do 20th; ships Dra per, Lorenzo, Mount Vernon, and Edwin Bolton, all for N York, soon ; Nancv for Philadelphia, ready for sea; Kensington, dotooa, Hibernia, do do ; 2wsrd, for Ba!limcrt Bocerfai t rw - Webber, for Charleston few H. . M'Kown, foe Savannah do; William, Pnrrii' ton, for Wilmingtosj dot brig Alliance, ColveV for fl Orleans do ; ships Flora, from N Orlean arrived March 9th t Liverpool Trader. 112 Savannah going in 30Ui ; Robert, do do 3lst!z Tbe Falcon bring Liverpool papers lo March 3n and London to March 23. She has rrforrned her voyage from hence and back in 79 duvT took lat 41 40, long 4, scbr Vigilant, iJLZ from N York for Dublin. April 2 ,(b. chr aft1 ...... I - ca l, it r V. A. the Backs. 1 Sbip Henry, Knox, 34 day from Gibralia, Left 24th ult. ship Charlotte, of Provisoes. l' ' , ...... - - wm in it rani Bly. just nr. from Norfolk t John fc Hsinah. At! kin, for Boston in 4 day ; Onslo. H.n , Charleston 4 days ; Pedlar, Eldridze, for IndiaT schr Nancy, of New Haven, waiting rareo - A merican, Lincoln, discb. ; Susannah, GibBsdo schr Adrians, sailed 24tb for.N York ; lflih i , 43 50, long 51 30, spoke scbr President, had hu1; 400 fish. Saw much ice on and about the hb. au i. At m i. ha . ..i. ""iUBns:i, &u, v - .wc urig varavan. 9 Hays from Boston for Havre. 25th, lat 4 m iu 67 40, scbr Kebecre, 2 days from Beverly fo? tne oanxs. zom, iape Ann, w by m io les. - ; schr Columbia, 10 day from St Johns, E. iW ida. .. . . - - "if iur Brig Hero, Sou lb worth, 24 days from a leans, and 24 days from the Balis. 8poke 21s inst. lat 30, Ion 71, brig Domestic, Barney days from St Jago for N York. 23d, lat 40 'C 71, brig A nn, Newcomb, 33 days from for NYork. X BALTiMoat, April 28. Arrived t;n t - ... Eldred, 40 days from Lisbon. Left tj,ere lfJ? March, ship Cordelia, for Philadclphai soon brig Pizarro, of Hartford, (Con.)j bri'g Ma' - rina, for Philadelphia, next days t and 3oUier Americans at quarantine. Lat 33, long 67 spoke sch Sea bcrpant, from Uemerara, for N York. Brig Octavitis, Chandler, 23 days from fit Pierres, (Mart ) Lat 32 84, long r930, spoke sch Jackson, Probit, from Ia Guayra for New. York. The importation of flour m American vessels, prohibited in Martinique aftlie 25th rtpru. , Steam - boat Virginia, Fnrguson, from ITar. folk. Spoke scb Charles K. Mallory, in Hampton Roads, bonnd to Norf .Ik, 14 days fromA Jsgo. Spoke ch PUttsburgh, below Smith's Point, bound up, 54 day trom Buenos Avres The steam boat brought up captains Furlong, Dariel and Smith, of this place, and or 3 others who were pas ngers in C. K. Mallory from St Jago ; she saded 12th inst. in to. with brig Samuel for Baltimore. Also Mr. De Forrest aRd 2 or 3 other gentlemen, passengers m tne riuttsonrgn. CHARLESTON, April 21 - - Arrived, brig Kingston. Bachelor, 90 days from Antwerp and 64 lom Flushing. - On the 21st alt. lat it 10, long 29 spoke British ship Cornwall, from Bengal, bound (o Liverpool. uieared, senr nevr - uneans, omitn, lor new - York. Tbe sbip Cambrian, from Honduras ; schr a, known; and the sloop Catharine, from New - York, bound in, were at anchor off the Bar last eveninx. BALTIMORE, April 27 - Arrired, sloop J. lia, Boardmnn, 7 days from New - London. Sloop Packet, VVadsworth, from Elizabeth City, ii. C. & 7 days from Ocracock Bar. 0a Monday last, lat 36 long 74, fell in with the sloop Union, Hopkins, from Wilmington, N. C. bound lo this port, with a cargo of staves having lost her rudder and half full of water ; with much difficulty took off the captain and crew and brought them in, and lelt Uie vessel in a sinking condition. Schr , Taber, belonging to N. York, with a cargo of corn, from York river, bound to Charleston, got ashore upon tbe rip - raps, la the blow on Thursday niht last, and had not got off ytsterday morning. . ... FIIU'ls A '111) E JL JLJLAUtX JL JLlXLl. l - ' , - . For Ihe benefit of Mrs. Parker. Ou Friday evening, May 1, will be presented, THE FALLS OF CLYDE. Kenmure, Mr. Pritch ti r'armcr Enfield, Robertson Edward Enlit Id, Hilson Ellen Enfield, Mrs. Harnts In the course of the drama, Mr. and Mrs. Pah ker will introduce a Scotch strathspey and Highland Fling, accompanied on Ih Scotch Bagpipe. To which will be added, a aew Ballet, under (bt direction of Mr. Parker, called, FLORA'S BIRTH DAT, OR, THK FIRST OF MAT Henry, Mr. Parker Flora, - Mr. Parker In which tlie will introduce the favorite song of Tlie Tambourine Rouadelav, and th Skip , pin; Rope Hornpipe. After Uie Ballet Mrs. Parker will dance th celebrated Broad Sword Hornpipe. The evening's entertainments to conclude with LOVE LAUGHS AT LOCKSMITHS. Risk, Mr. Hilson Lydia, Mr. Parker Perlormanc to commence at a quarter past seven o'clock. . , NOTICE. (t - Theto - partnership of A. H. Laurence ft Co. is this day dissolved by mutual coasent - The unsettled bu'ines of the concern will be attended to by A. H. Laurence ' . A. H. LAURENCE, A. N. LAURENCE, v JNO. BENSON, " . Tbe business will b continued, afftr the 1st sf May next, by A. H. Laurence and A. 'N. Las - rente under the old firm of A. H. LAUREtfc fc CO at No. 28 William - street, opposite tbe Pest Office. New York, 30th April, 1818. up 30 6t "07" T. A. EM VIET, ft EMMET it WHITE, have removed their office to No. 25 Pine - street ap30 2w rrr - Tlie annual meeting of the Free School Society of New - York, vrufbe held at tbe Trustee Room in Chathnm - treet, on second - day (Monday) next, at II o'clock A. M, Tb po" lor Uie election of Tru - tee for the ensuing ye i will open at 10 and clow at 12 o'clock. By order. L1NDLEY MURRAY, Sec'ry. 4thmo30 3t - itV - A stated meeting of tbe Trustees of Columbia College will be held on Monday oext. 4tb of May, at 10 o'clock, A. M. in the eokf. CLEMENT C. MOORE, Clerk. ap3t)'Jt .tnrsboW - er of the West Chester Turnpike Rose tF ny, that an election will he beld on lbs v Monday ofMav nextut ten o'clock in noon, at the house of David Wood, Ii - 2S at Mamaroneck, for the purpose of choosm thirteen Directors for tbe said company - . i sp 30 : NO I ICE .j,!, (KT The conrignees of goods oa board snv Atlantic, from Liverpool, ore requested r their permits on board immediately, as ??" for which permit are not received on ' ""J wil be sent to the public store. PL (Tr The Directors of the New - iorK ti oufor the instrm tion of the deaf and durno, T .l ... i.i. - - .k - it will ooeneo (he second Monday of May next, JrI!'" perinten.tance ol the Revd. A.O. SUnshurJ Applications for admission are quesico . made at tbe ioiUtution, corner of Chthira s Chamber Ureets, or at No. 10 FrM treet . JOHN BROMEYN, 1st Vice PresT - JOHN B.SCOTT, Sec'ry. nD.nm Those rons who have subscnptioapspt" their hands, are requested to returstbeni Treasurer, as soon as they bare executed w appears to them (9 be their duty. ap 30 " V The Treasurer of th. - - Ju tion for the instruction of Ih. . Deaf nd Du - acknowledge, tbe Mceipt of Two Hundred ana my Dollars from chard And Fifty Mhr. - - MURRAY, J

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