The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 30, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1818
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' , " - : ITr, v.4 TIURSDAYf APRIL 30, 1818. NO. 19 WILLIAM - STREET. , ' NUMIK - li. " ' ' ' ' ...m..... . ' tP .owlaadVigfrein "WT r"; 1 OeVU to,c tl following qualities and bv.toU" 4 WUliamson, 8 hand., 1. 2, 3 4S uo r. a 33 do J. F., j . ac do Georse Fletcher, 103 do Jolrn Eodere, .114 do D. H. Koh, t2? doJneHref 120 do II. Hushes L Co. CI do R. Cantor, 45 do F. C. Crenshaw, 21 do R. I'utton, . ,. 7 doJ.&F.Lbbr CI doH.tu Hearth D rushes, fonts; and conim - in Head do do do Cloth do do do Weaver" do White Wah do . Shoe U Scrubbing do Paint Bnuhes and Swh Tools Ctains,4,7,8row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed CorJi, Clothes Li'iei Sash Cords, Trace Kox Wroiieht and Cut Nails and Brads for sale by apSOS.v 100, 8 C 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 13 8, 1 1 , 1 1, 8. 4: lady's twist o f. Itoirih rnlla Gunny Bags, Popes Hf ads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy rnmftion and llo for Blacksmiths Hull and Entry Mats Pails and i uhs Vhe! - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves l)n Hair do Whips of every de scription Stine. sewinz, wrap pins, bateing and ball 1 wiue Fieh Line Shoe tt sadlers Thread Dearborn's Eallan - ces, &c. li Which they will srll v. hole snlepr rcjHir oi rctnil oil beral teruii. CfcBUA i - umiw, MLNG, ap28 ' 76 Pearl - stnet. A FIR ST rate fast trotting Horse, and a fasli iinil.L - t.iL'. but little iihCd. Also, a lifflit neat one horse wafrpon. Ap ply to TH0 .1A3 H. THOM8, ap 13 It) William - street. HI I E LEAD, AQUA FORT1S, Atc - 111 Inn. Ir Vt'llllK I.eild U tons White Ltad in nil, in 23 and 561b kegs 5 do Superior lied Lead . , hhtet Lead, 4 and 51b ; yellow Black Paints l'aris While and Spanish Brown Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red. 9 cases ALSO OH 11 AMI, "'Tease Oil of Vitriol ; 1 caseSpiriU of Salts 2V nndJOUOnugitiereu nmc, - Ally to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market. mh ii tr " ?k m yiHULMA IOBA CCO Ai fLOUlt O f hlids old Virginia tobacco . 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour is miilillin? do. For sale br VASQUE6, MEURON U CLFEMAN, Ytb 7 tf o. vz v aiiingm - ai. mm k'V'.s - ftiul women's eotton stockings lfX A tew bales superfine white flannel, very wide do do red and yellow do Berlin and military cords Green table covers, different sizes Best Condon pins, 3 l - z, , . i - i, a 1 - 4, 1 - 2 and lit) I Mourning pins and short whites .. White chapel needles, assorted Brass wire No. 24 and 25 Card wire No. 27 and 32 Hooks and eyes, Thimbles .JZio on hand. Eogluh looking glass plates, onsilvereJ For salabv ATKINSONS &l H.r.iiiu, ap20 3w 167 Pearl - st. IOHN ABRM. W1LLINK 41 CO. offer for J sale anni,rmr Return frlrtlffO Several casks smalts, particularly desirable for bleachers and paper makers A ffttlt, hardware . A few bales cassiineres - and shalloon's, shawls. apto I.OUH liuudrrd tons ftrat quality Novaiuo - JL tia Plaster for sale id lots to suit purchas ersApply to WALTER NEX30N, 174 Front - st oruer of Burling - slip, or to JOHN BYERS, foot of Harrison - tt aich 17 North River. PLASTER Or' PAltlb MANUFAC I UKV, . At tl foot of Harrison - street, North - River, iTrHEKE roanuloctuted flatter, lorcorni - V V tes awl other punces, may be bad, aar - Tantnd of the first quality, at one dullar and Ivetf ty Ji re ten U per bushel. . The inanutartory is conducted by Mr. J'ibn Tuckerwho has seiveda regular apprenticeship to the mason business. mh2l JOHN BYERS. SPERM. C.1XDLES, fff.VE, tie. Boxes new Spermaceti randies 10 casks Bordeaux claret, suitable for bot - Ueing - 1000 bbls whalebone, in slab 50 coils cordaee, assorted sizes Clean SL Pctersburr hemp aoJ aTentuck hsBrea yarns, in lots to suit pun liawrj - For sale T 11 A I DOCK ai JKNKINs, apCS lw 152 South - st. AMERICAN ;ooi)S. 1T7M. F. & HA ML MOTT. No. 1C6 Pearl V T street. nfiVr for sale the folljwing Ameri can cotton aad woollen goods : 5 cast s Brown Starting 4 do hbachf d Ho i 5 do 3 - 4 Checks ;7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton BIU 2 do Sewing Thread da KiiittitiR Yarn ; X do Sattinetts 0 raa - s Plaids 5 do Hl.ic trr:ppt ; 5 do Bed Ticks 1 do Denims: I do Mi line ts 40 do T it and Killins. assorted from No ' 10 bales Candltwick. 5 to 12 . mo. 24 Zw norrEF, FLOUR. TOBACCO ate ?4d ':; St Dnruincn CefTe j 51 da green Ha J. rtn. entitled to dim back. - j bh!s. inpr'fin Kirhmrnd fluir bhds. old Richmond tobacco . do new do do d do Tetersbarg do ' fta nLt Ai. A. . 10 whole d 20 half tierces Rice bs'es L'plaral Cotton qiarttr rks Madeira Wii R. d and white port Wine ia V - laret of a smirnor quali'y, in boxes of one ;MoMJeby ..e T.OBERT GILLESPIE, ;s - UtFPcnt - strctt. COFFEE ii RUM. 54 hbds. Coe green coffee, and SO fahds Rum, landing from brig Favorite, and for tale by ' - . ...... uiru rriDun .1; ..I nl W.knlb.a1i nnil Mlail i'2 I are the ' - . ' 1 - . aiul n.m.liim. frtl Ihn rim, 1 3appiOVBU EUUUUI win )vyi(u.iH. 2 1 ' ' ... t . .1 . t 11 Tortoue neu conios anu mimuies A complete assortment of worked dresses, ' ii d shawls, fichus and banda 1 fcC J. ment n IVII bn mvbl VI GEO. LACY, up 20 4 f ul ton - street. WCl, l - 1 .,.r., 1 I. B - l,totfS,r account of the al, J. w 7r. designated. For talc by - NEL1(J DU D01gf b7 . 36 Front - itreet, apSO - iLVTic nTHUK. WARES. mil 13 subscribers eP comUiMj on hand an T extensive aisortmeatof tue folio w5 goods, ,lDutch and English Broom" ... Ouster, or Counter Mr. BALLET Ac JtadtuM O0q.UET, - No. 7 Nassau - street, HAVE the honor to iuforoi the public io genera) and the ladies of New - York in par ticular, that they manufacture ana nave coo - ttanUy on hand ao assortment of artificial Bowers. At their store are atse to De found, ana io oe iiniorciias auu itarasoiv Merino, knit and velvet ridicule ; wx ncnus NICHOLS. I3J Pearl - street, have just ruceived in addition to their lornier assort 4 cases colored Canton crapet 9 An hlurlc do. 2 do hlark sinchews 1 do kuisnets, 2 do hlacK shk noais 2 do fine ladia book Muslins ' , 1 do Mull do. 3 do Tamboured and SeeSed 2 do Imitation Merino shawls, nanorted 1 do rtandannhki. 1 do Hue Houmis J do Maddapollum and steam uoow - - 2 do Madrass Hdkfa. P do 4 - 4 Irish Linen , 2 do brown do ' 2 do Cotton Platillas 2 do fancy Cravats, assorted - 1 do while Jeans, zuocouuu 1 Ho fine white and bufl Quiltiuas 2 bales Rhoilos' UonibasetU 1 case Rililiims assorted 2 cases black, wliiti' it purple Eld Ulovct 4 trunks Furniture l - ;ites, ami A An urn'rlme Calicoes, which they Offer for sale at n small advance (or cash. ai.aO I4t SIX cases of new and elegant lancy arucies, such as Ladies work boses and dressing cates, very ele - dint Writin? desks, elmntly gilt and plain (Jilt aud paiutcd card racks, Fan racks Muliue and morocco work teKrl , Gentlcmeu's shaviug apparatus, Pouches and dressing cae?, compleie ia anu roan putnc uwrb, w. - r ' . ... Pnrln wallets, of llussia anu Morocco, wim a a mauy other articles too numerous to mention. For sale wnotesaie anu remii, ny N.oMiril i)AVIF.S, pl3 No. 151 Broadway. , . . .il ar - rPi i Ml i.WUI ,Mil3 lUl K'i. U 54 bales prime Upland Cotton, landicg from sloop Wave, from Savannah 63 bales New - Orleans Cotton, ship Maria Caroline, fn, sale by landing from 56 South - street In Store. 109 hales Upland Cotton 29 do Ncw - Oriean do 32 ceroons Cuba Tohacco 36 boxes Window Glass At ffnlaliliTa WtnA yjJ .... ...... I .iiirti FOR SALE, The property at Brooklyn, belonging lo lh estate ol Uary Ludlow, deceased, couam. - ini; of a new three etory brick house ami lot of Sround, a store house, formerly occupied a a I itlillery, a imall fraaie building aad lot of ground, and two vacant luti adjoiiucg Uie above premises. This property ii situated within a lew rod ofthe steam - boat tarry, on the road to Pierpont's Distillery, and extendi from the bill to the river. .,.. Alto to let, from the first of May next, lb bouse and lands e the hill, iu lint rear of ilie a - bove described premises. The house is well a dapted for a private family or fora public houe YVJS "T min Ji ary eii.Ive and view ottha cflebrated Lait firsituit, and the mot rity, the Last River and Uay of ew - or Tiit grounds surrounding the hoase (about five acres oi iBoajarein a uignsiaieui muuu. For teruis, apply to - . , CEO. W. MORTO.N, hihSltf No,aWilliHru - st. '1'u Lfc'l, At a low rent, a three story Stockiugs and gloves tir ladies and gentieaicn i eiiing in Aorfolk - st. Enquire of Iauies' eiasuc garicri , Spring and ball silk drcpyes Ball do. embroiaerea wnn cneniue anu oroa' menled with flowers i silk scarfs Prunella av.d lk shoes ' Levantines, florenccf, safuw, taffetas, &c Levantines, Oorenccssatuianmac. mil 26 El) : N. COX, brick 96 Wall - street. 'ITIHE CAUfKN I ER'i NEW GUIDE, be - ins a complete book of lines for carpen - 1 Iniuers. treatitis fullv on practical geo - - .ory and pracUce well eaplained And in short, every thing connected with the ry, eishly.four copper. hes' toilette. aPZ3 i,iiii. mnm observations and calculi - ladies' liont ou the slrtuglb of liuibtr, by Peter Nicbol - Laws of the Sea, with references to maritime commerce during peace and war, from the Ger man of Frederick J. Jacobson, advocate, ai tons, 1815, by Wm. Frick, counai llor at law. Cuvier'n theory of the earth, to which is auU ed Ihe Geology of North America, by profcuor Samuel L. Mitchill. All the recent works of Wm. Cobbett, tq. A great variety of iuterestinj books lor youug persons. Elegant Maps of the United States, mounted on rollersjust received and for sale by ELIAS VALEM IMS, 104 Broadway, 3d door beiow Pine t ap24 for sale by ap 2i 3w A HORSE. Bv Wm. WuL Esu. 00. rflllE publisher deems it umiecesbary to say JL any thing iu favor of the merits of this work, contenting himself with mentioning that the first ediliou of 2500 copies were all disposed of in a few months. The 2d improved cdiCon ROB. M'DEK.VIUT, lii Pearl - st. a Voiiiuiifaithv wuinau. Willi a lull brraal A. of Milk, wishes to take a child to i.urse, in Fire and candle screen,, painted in a superior c;;us.,uence of the loss of her own. t manner, with gilt and colored handles HarniaD street. ap flacksamon boards FUR&.1LK. 3 IW well broke to llie harness, and paces under the saddle, price 200 dollars Eimuire at ihawa stable, in iiineny - sireci, best London Auua ForUs, ground 1 .Mofocco and mahogany purtablo de?ks near Broadway. "I' - J lv 4TKIVSON3 Jr FLEMING, No. 167 Pearl - street. V Liviiivi'l I'jtk.L.UW U H lUAo A FEW thou ind pounoM New - York Tallow, Afew Russia leatlitr do. very supiro u, v iiHH:lMi.Thrteor four Ceil Some very elegant portfolios with gilt locks and JTJ t',eniell can be gtnteelly accommod.i ed Dockets . I m.:,i. .,mnrnl noard and lideinir. orbourU ... a . ' MM . It .s . u . on reasonable terms, at so 160 Broadwav. P ot A LAD. is wanted, for a term ol yeara, in a r m - m. nffire. Nfi 114 Hroaiiwav. one would be preferred who has been in an office, good recommendation win ue rnjuuu.. apS7 - . . moiPtncs or thk uriirn'i'i in a l : a l ) E ?.i The Rev. timoth clowks, a. . l'rincipal - oooOooa - HAVING purchased that large ana commu of Heroi aleud rlinna hn.l.liris? io the viihue Queens Couniy, lately occupied by Mr. George Howel, the subscnoer iooa nn n ilicrcin. ou Mor.iljv. the 27lh initaiit, Io I boarding young geiiiiKniea ana uiauuLniii, in any of those brunches of science and iiteia. lure usually tumi'imcum.!. u . - a . ii .n . i . . ivi. .nnMnivv.. - v. ... i i II pipes u. u. r. wiauci. - f,, every gcho.armay be under ilia consiaui sale by imnorted 5 vears 9 qr. casks Malaga Wine 2000 Demijohns . 11H tons Swedes Iron, assorted sixes, an S7 ap 27 lw 'MllfiCRTS. FOWLING PIECES, sVc. Fl ture - J03. S. HARRISON, 67 Pine - street. IOUR - THOU4ANU WUJhtlS, anu two boxes fowling pieces, entitled to deben 4 boxes well assorted gla - sware 3 rerooes llotant Indigo, and tp71m It Wasmnton - street. HOARDING, a ITW vdnllpmen can be i. with Board, in a private latm.y, in a piea. - ant part of the city of Jersey, tnquire at wis olhVe . ap 11 lsa T4 TO J.t. I, Ift'fl Arxt noesiim iriven immediately, jn, ...... . . . . . i. oUo - mt i - :.t bite the residence of cen Jimi. in 1. FT. it esiv has every cooveoieoce lor a ir6 -,. lower Dart ia ahelvrd for a dry g.iod or hardware store, and Will be rented with the house, or separate r or particulars appiy u ap23 lw 48 Wall - street. TO LET, . ...... fh fnllowinx . . . 1 r 11 r iiitr in iiiuig ,esih " - UrfAl , ... ' - r. .u .1.,,,. lluuaes el iursrnviiic,sH:ar vue uve 1 BUMKDioedale road. . ,, ... . pleasaotlv sitevted an l convenient two story Hoes - and Stable, with a Garden and four Aiso A pleasantly situated and convtment two .lory Hunsearad Stable, wilhlarce uanien wk. (hree acres ol land, I.Mh J Uie above p.t;es a - well stocked with diflrrini kwds ofcbcKe t ruil - rees. . . - . Also A pleasantly xfualed and coarenicM Iwo story Ilouae, with a Mel.Je atd twa acres ol ap?8 la and iinmediule soperiuteiidance of Uie f no;ipai, none will be admitted into this acaa.iuiy students but those who are also boarders. A very few students from Ihe villuge, or its immediate vicinitv. will be Uie only exception to tins i uie. I E ATHEK ii GERMAN GLAA'a - W AliE. li however, the number ol students should ex .a a 1 at r ...nnn..i.wl uii. lit tt. Isf'ltllR w. Artnw a x. - .i m iutiUMi sa (iiimii I rftAtmt iii nisniuisi 11 hsjiaiusiuvuwiiwsi as w It Gtv o 'Z,r7 red skin red my. board may be procured iu private fainiiie, roans, and prime blue morocco. Should the public patronage be extended to auu, ... . Uiis institution sufliciently to warrant the mea - 25 caaee half pint German tumblers, eucn t additional teachers will be procured. 100 dor. Ti,e year will be divided Uio two terms ol on ninia dn. do each 50 dox. for ;i.n Tin - aiiiumrr term will commence Uie last Monday io April, aud will continue twenty - three weeks. The wiuter term will cornnieoi.e the last Monday in October, aud will likewise ronlinue tweutv three weeks. Thia nrrau mciit will leave a vacaUou ol alioul three weeks alti - r each term. The price of boarding, tuition, candles and furl, ttnlh in school ui.d rooms, will be 100 dol lars each term. But. two or m're scholars sent k. l. num. Ih 4'hildren ol turcvuieii or thiise who are Mutinied lor the ministry (ol any denouiuiation) will be boaided ana uiiuuci .l fur nrli ir term. In all cases, a d - .duc ..r,nfKi - ..ri lion of 6 percent, will be made lor pameni u acroroinoiateni , ... ., and anv uTHim brtir.le of clotliinj. will be luniun ed by Uie subscriber at tue most reduced prices . ii ...u:. .. . n k. I.,.. A cot, mallrass or nto, anu ucuumg, .:cku.l .w ..h atnil. nl. Tlie patrons of this iustitotioe may be assured that its system 01 illacipuoe win w the must be strictly i - e ,i atl. o ruica ui ure w ...luij act. The rules ol aa:ailemy A. Schuyler, rite situated on me mM" : " complied wiih, by every scholar. v - .Xn riviT. ormosite the Tillaire ot none - a - S - riiKl K.NKKS.ileairouvof acquiring ville, in this state. There are on the prenu e grammatical know leds ol the fcngiisn language. a irood barn, carriaee house and otner um wni d aomuiea as uuarueia uii m. A.t houses all in imod order. The parden is ex - Academy. Private aparUueuts and separate ta taffL ith .every W proper lor the aeason, sod lias init a quantity ofthe " ihot3oueil ' mluc with the lan - hit trtiic iren or an ucscniwii t i . - linn of land mav be had by the tenant that may be required, Enniire of ' UATtItKl.r. acnuiu - 'H On the premic. Barbadoes neclc, (New - Joraey,) j April 27, 1S13. 5 . . V n The above premises together with all the other dwelling - house and lands ol the late gen. Jno. A. Schuyler, will shortly be ottered for sale. ap2S6t as VI fl k's ihe information of stranscrs it may be shy ted.tbat ilewpste:id is a pleasant tiilage and post a..u.i. n.n.iirLatilF. lor ita healthiaeas, only twen ty 00c miles east of tt city ol .New - York ; that it enjovsthe advantage of public worship in the 1'rest.ytenan, M Hcjpai, ami nieuiouiii . and that a stage Ami iruro the city three times a week, on one of Uie bet( roe.s in America. Parents desirous of placing their children at chol, or foreigners wishing 10 I iuslrucled iu the English language, are re.pc tiuily requested lo visit tlie Miis.rvr, at Hempstead, where 1 hey will receive luder iufornuu n respecting iiit The lar - e 3 - story litk bouse 78 Pearl - proposed Listilution TIMOTHY CLOWES. Hempstead, April 3, 1818. ft - i - Tl subscn tier berenv declares bis un qualified spprobation of Ihe estahlisliinent proposed by the Kevd. Mr. Clowes Convinced asbe is ol Mr. Clowes ample qualifications, both ot Ibe head end tlie heatl, Kr supennienaios; w u so institution, he does not hesitate to reeoumienri him to public confidence, and his academy to public itronge. si,iniiii Rector ot fct. Geo. Church, HempsUad. tlempstead, 3d April, lalH. 1 he above prospectus ejects with my be.i.yceerreoce wrnTFo Pastor ofthe Presbyterian Church, HempsUad. A l.o - k ttrred " HempsteaJ Aeaneeajw will h - .t at G t:. ltngdon's Long Ulaad Sieam - Boat Hotel, for coit.tsiai.icitious aiUisu.y rsoo at - . 1. . ... f I.. iiMliliilina t a iv... ,u t... ptnun.t (a eonaected witll tne Afiemy jrJ. A.GUTrWALDT.hasremovedlrom Ke. 44 ta Ho. 73 .Vaiden - lne, where ha cunlin. uea to manufacture his HANO - FORTEd on an entire new and improved construction, the result of aiaoy ytnn close application and study, for which he now has obtained letters patent. On esamiuaUoo by couuoLueors of music, be flat ten himself that t:iry will meet with Ineir approbation, and merit public patronage ; and he eels proud, that bis piaco - fortes have met with the unanimous approval of 111 moat eminent pro festers of music; the following testimonials ol which they kindly have granted him, to meet the public eye :. We, thu aubtcribers, professors of muaic, to certify, that wo have carefully examined Mr. J. A.Guttwaldt's piano - fortes, which, lor ingenu. ilv'end eacellence of workmanahip and uniform brilliancy ol lone, we aeserveuiy recommcyj io public patronage. Messrs. Uilles, t.lienne, ltd, )lectz, fJ. l nibault, Charles uillert." fT TO LE.T, on the same premises, a iljufl large and commotiious store and back room Jjoiuuig, with or wiUsout a I root ceuar. ipli In - isaug Ladies W be beared in theijiauly r 7 P3awC:atf rrAt JO Li.T, The store and cellar room ol those three storv houses No. 10 and 12 Broad - street Also, a good house at Greenwich, and one at rlarixiu, wnn two ana a nan acre in ground, near Mauhattanville. Apply at 5 Broadway Of to SJHAS. lAKb.I, p2tf l4trront - ir. JJM - jxj let. i'hK house No. 95 John - street Tiie house No. 87 do The house and store .No 335 rearl - street The house aud store No 131 Cberry - strfet JA.Tlf.9 W. BIIAVV, fed 21 No.6 bowery. JSM JO Li.T. tlfiil Those two fire proof dellins Houcs, No. 74 and 76 Molt sir ret, about ten iiiii.uirt waik tri'in the Coffee Hiuse. i h - y will tie put i complete repair, and wellrnli ia u lor geu 1 . . . . . ... .n IMF. . . teel Appiy airio. Ui waier - siretru mh i 1 tf Ju Lt.T or a.iLt.. That convenient three story brick house comer of Broadway and Urocuie street., A two storv frame hiuse. with six lots ground, in Broadway, lietweeu Bleecker am rrinc - e - sirteu. AL,hU. Phe store, w ith a vault and cellar, minor ol Chamber and m - auiam - siieeis, r.nquiu; ui M 21 tlstMay No. 4 Bow bug Green JXJ Lt.T. A brick Stable, in Lumber street. En iniie at No 69 Greenwich - street. pv4tl TO Lt.T. , Anrl ifrmciliate nusission eiven. One .( die beat stamla lor a Boarding House, in this city, or it may be converted into clucr's, u own hi.iI a innre iiublic Blid lileasulit situ ation is nut to be l.iund. Enquire at Ihe cftice of the Evuiii Post, P To fir one or more yturr, The lollowing bouses home No. 8U4 Broadway, two doors above wast.mgioo nan, with a coarh house iu the rear if retaued Also, . .1.,... ai.inr hru a house No. 415. in said street. Also, a new and genteel iwo siory orica uouw. ,nni ul l.lnieimrd anil vnuri - ii - n:s, im tenas moderate. or luraier parucuiars, appiy at nth Hrotntway. nin - Si " " TO Lt.T, r liSt The store No. 20 Wall - street. TosseS' sioa may be had immediately Apply ot No. 18, ai) I tl TO LET. A verv convenient house, with about li.i.l nn acre of grouud, about a mile from Uie ( ily, adjoiuuig the house occupitd cy iir. .viore - wood, betwixt Greeuwich and the BrouJway road. Apply to juil.v k. ;uivivai, mh 25 If lluil. - oii - qiiare. P.TIXT nurt f tbr nun c. No. 81 Pine - street. jy , ... Apply on the prenuses. ap 7 stf HIOM - AI.IA. SiCli For salo or to let, Uie beautiful place culled . Mimt - Alta, seven miles from Uie City Hall, on the North River, adjoining fold Lour teuay's. It coniains zip acres oi tanu uuuer im provement, witu a large garden in gooo conui - lion, a variety of fruit trees, and every convenience a famiiv may require. - For terms, which arc rcamiuiible. and if sold a louz credit given if wUbed, apply to IN. o U. lAblUI I, ap 20 64 SouUi - st. tOH SA LE. . .... . . 1 - 1 1 1 ai .... t.lehi lots 01 atrounn yieasanuy siiuacea jutJie north side of Stunton - street, and extending (run Essex to orftk - streeu Also, lour 101s adioining thereto, and tronliug 00 usex - sirert, each lot neiiig S3 nits irvm anu rear, uf ivm ;.. ,( - ,.ili. I hVe twelve lots mav be purc hased at a very moderate price, for cash, anu if not dis puted ol at privuVe sale belore me nn nay 01 May, (bey will on that day be sold at public Auction, at the Ti - ntine Crfee Home, at Ho'cluc k. hy BCfcr.tyKr.riat uiDUi,wun wnmn a m.iV nl tbe t. round is lelt, for (lie inspection ol tbosc who may be disposed to purctiui. ap 15 tuiay7 7 O J.F.J'. The house in Hudson - square, lately occupied bv John It. Murray, Esq. It is sp r.Lnua anil eleirnnt. and possessea 01 every rc - n unite convenience. PosseskaMl may be had . .. . , ... - iromeuiaieiy or terms, appiy 10 MAJOR Si GILLESPIE, 79 fun stairsl Pine - street. K. R. The above nronertv will be b'd to any one desirous to purchase, and tlie pay ment made convenient. ' or Halt or to Lei. n. . 1 a I. l . ...I u rilwr at lilorimiiigdale, near tbe 5 mile s"oe, situated . 1 1 lnka of Ihe North River. The House it modern built, 50 leet front with terraced piasxas aud couvenieul oat hoeses, all receutly painted, ai.d in complete order. The grounds are highly cultivated, the eardco extensive and good aiid Uiere are ou the place a great variety of shrubs, fruit and forest trees, and a pump of excellent waler. For terms, which will be reasonable, pptyto A.CAWlta.itor, I 1 ,m 67 l ine - street. ft) tt iS . .' OR TO LEA HE. . . n . .. . n n t.n .J. . H iUnjij "u m trie o, n, ana 1 vr . of which are ou reguiated and paveo screew. rao money will be required enact wo years, 11 auiu, interest excepted. nucr t.o. Several two and tbrt e story hottses, en which a treat part of the money remain on mortgage. a " iii.u - e i 1 ii fll LJi'Vl An erllent stand for business, with ten seres of land, pleasautly situated, wilii a wuan, r fVooi.rv MANUFACTORY, Ksr a a v.. win. . - ' , - , Near New - Haven, witn euacresoi iau.i, never failing stream, opon which 80 tulls may be erected, wiUi a sacicsency or waaer Apple at No. S Greenwich street, tan 13 tf ; I fcisitf TO LET, - " . ar. rrt Tl. .11 1 .inr uricK noaae f" - - iml - i - - :. . ma pMit - strect, suiU'.He tor a petacn. j - . 1.. s.. ,1,. kai ut a hxht garret o a naUiltsasr sired store. Fcsessoai ime - tnquir; - . .v v. g'.oac - stwet, oexi Bread street. TO LET ' The GLOBE TAVERN, No. 143 Wa - ter - U eet. The situation of this houee, and its accommodations, justly render tt an object well worm ue attention of any person ol aeep. ing a lucrative public bouse. U will be let, fur untied or uuturauhi - d, and immediate possession given. Apply at No 137 Water - street. Bih 17 tl . k V f f i & t . e. ii L - L , I,' If 'Ii - lkl To lie let. the hoa and erounds frontine on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate of uic into cKinuei KiiuiEao, una ai present ottu' Vnm : t : - i miiu uivrr vi uiuiaia vuuuirv ui ivi ivr.r lumber uitrchant, foot of N. Moore - street, er of i . rmaiiLL, in tne Uank of.ew - Iork. fehitf TO LKT, The spacious 4 story fire proof store, at li.e foot of Liberty - street, lately occupied by Messrs. J. Murray Jr Sons. Possession to be given' on the first May neat For terms, apply U MAJOR & GILLESPIE, ap 9 79 (up stuiru) Pme - Sli eet, tun b.i Ll. OH JULt.J, A large two storv. House ni d about 10 ai rta of laud, between Ihrf 6 and 7 mile stones. BloumiOKdaie Koad. ror particulars enquire Ol ilCKo Ue.rr.1 3 I r.K, nplllin Near ihr Premises, tr fc HOUsE I O BL LbT. ItXnaeJ Situated about 23 - 4 miles Ii cm the City lidil, on the old poat - road, and adjoining the houses of G. R. Waite. The bouse is a neat ly finished one, and fit for a small family t has kitchen and cellar, 2 parlors, 3 bud - rutins, am 2 cood ceiled carrots. There is a small garden ud a stable fit for a hor and gig. Inquire next door to the premises, or at 64 Maidcu - lane, ap 13 t OJiX.iLt.OH JO LhT, At a low rent, aud rxwicssiou given immo diauiv, the large aud elegant 3 story brick house No. 104 Crecuwich - stretM, replete with every convenience for a large fumdy, situate in one ol the most heallhv aud pleasant parts of the city i aud being open to Waihington - street, commands .. . .. .. I.. i , a lino view ol tne riuusoo niver anu jersey fhoic. If told, the terms will be very easy, as most of the money may remain on mortgage for 10 or 12 years Apply at At. 1X1 or in l ean street. - ap iu 7V LET. The House No. 7U Broud - strret, w ith the iillic t - , slore - Iiouse, anu siauies coniiRuoua, anu apt eriaiiiing thereto. TO LEASE. Vir a tpnn of vrara. in lots or parcels, tha pari of Rose Hill situate on Ihe 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues, nu the - .'3d, 24th, 25th, .'Gth, St'tli, SUth, and 2fth Hreelt, whicli beicngf io mrs. auu ivo gets, r or particular, apply t JAMEi A. HAMILTON mh. 13 tf No 3 Law Knilc ics ton DALK. fhe two - story brluk front Home and Lot ,. 33 Cherry - street ror terms, tic. apply at 7n fearl - street. niar J iKX - L JO LLASb. for a term jeors, IlTlSi The house and lot No. 20 Cedur street. jt7T.niii ais rooms with fire places, liesicles (he kitchen, pantries, vauiu. in. auu a icn vi juvu . I . ' K or sale, the unexpired term, eleven years, oi the lot No. 69 Merraystrect, inU.e occupation of W llliam Paturs.111, on lease from tlie Episco pal Ctiuicbda Bt. Esprit, loiiuireoi . J. W. k W. C. MULLIGAN, frh25 dtf - - ; No. 44 Pine - street TO BE SOLD At public vendue, on Uie nrrmlses, on Monday, the lourlb duy ol ltiay, (ii nol previously disfxised of at pnvule sale) Uie farm Hbereuu the subscriber now resides situate in New - Ro - chlle lonlaining about sixty acres of excel - U - nt hind remarkublv well wooded and water eda tolerable good house and barn (hereon nithin hall a mile oi a nieinouiai ana uapusi Mueling, an Episcopal Church, an Acndemy and Pieshyteriiui Meeting ore and a hall miles irom a public landing, where market boats ply wtekly to and Irom Mew - York Post Oflke K ithiu a mile. It it a desirable situation for tbe gi - ntleoieu and former. Any further description is deemed anneressary. as none will buy Without r or lurther ipinrinatloii enquire of ELIJAH WARD, Nn. 25 Bowery, Or tbe subscriber, on Ihe premises ; who will xive an iudisputable title for Ihe same. rriinuii: uirtlic iiiiMiA niiiib New - RorMIe, April S3, 1D1K. ap 22 10t ' TO LET, A convenient two story house, pleasant ly situated in Charles - street, Greenwich a desirable resilience lor a cartmna or mechanic reut low. For particulars enquire at Ao 59 Murray street. ap 14 tl IOUN P VERNON HO I EL, TIIE subscrilier takes Uiis method lo in - vw the public that he has taken for Ibe ensn ins; season that well known stand formerly occupied by Dyde, about five miles from Uie City Hall, nn the Uoston road, acu inteuus 10 open 11 as a public bouse for the reception of company, ou the first of May next, wlicu gctlemen and la dies will be accommodated with every comfort and elegance to be expected at such a bouse, 00 the mut reasonable terms. The beat of liquors of every tort will be al ways kept ready. CA.llll.l,L. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook. - ap 2 lm ' COLUMBIAN PICTURE 1.ALLERY7 146 n7LTO TitrxT, ritnaaa lluildiliara. near Broadway. To counoisseurs and amateurs of Uie Fine Arts, ami to the enlightened public of New - York ritHK uronrii tor of au extensive collection ot I pictures, the woiks of the most eminent iKiuib - rs. havine iutt arrived from Euroie, wbeie he has purchased tlitui from Uie lahioets ol Rome. Naples, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam aad l.outon. at a verv considerable tX penes, propo ses to exhibit then to the ladies and eeiillcoien of this city and iu i iiuty. 1 tie exhibition will begin on Thursday, ItJin 01 April, atiwiuoe iar suiMUiortoany ns yet offered in the U. States, the pictures being oarlouliledly oripnois consist mg of upwards ol 200 pictures, by U best mas ters. . . , Arirniia 00 SO cents eacn. or one "" f" r..j in in ilia nuiruinc to seven 111 VI I ill. . , ir. Uie evening. Catalogues may be bad ut Ue Gallery. . ifTiJJ The store 61 Fult - sreet. Enquire o the premiwts. ' , . Iri " 'to LET, 'J From the finl of May eext, a front roent - V14 th ammd floor, tngelher with Uie in room oa the p . mtreta upper lofts. Eoqeire No. 167 P.I stretu nua ia h l) It SALIC Or exchanged for property in this city) - Sf". .,tr llcmae an the vicinity of fcli - - f - K.i, (SlJ 1 beautifully skuattd on the IU5l"w' ' .e aT ... ..i , t nreseat in the oeeupstwn of ,..a r.nnt. It contains eight rooms with a in front and rear, a ifood kitchen, waata. milk - room, and teller there is elo. a eh - laouse. suble for two liorsest and oUicr rnnveiiient out baildinrs, all in gW repair, .Knot an sere of land, laid out in a handsome garden and orcbard, which afford variety of choice fruit,Mparsgvs, V0 - and well ol ex - eeUent water. wiUi a irood pump. Terms w ill be made liberal. Apply to JAC&iON Si WOOLLET, a?5 1ia "S AVall street. Juipiirtwr IVpannito;, i Washington. BU. A Dril. I8I8.( fry - Proposals will tm reciiived at this De paument, until first August next, to furuuh by contract Krotnooe to sn millions of buck Frosnooe to two millions of cubic fett of boil ing stone - t row tea thousand to fifty thousand bushels Of sUPclime. .. . : To he delivered ia good order al JMoMle, Pontkliarirain, River Miasisnpi i, and Laka Ba, raUria the time when the first delivery can Do nuila. and tl uuantit wliich can be deliverea in each month succeeding (lie first delivery, twist be slated with Hie terms. ... ... I'roiioaals will also be received lor irons nuy to one hundred carpniters; lor Imaa one lionoreu to ,im hundred and Hit v masons I and from two - hundred to three hundred Uborers, to proceed to Mobile and Louisiana, to construcl buildings oi arioas descriptions at the belore naeiiuoneu pi Ces. H would be preieruoie io nave uc mmmw aiwiit aad laborers lurnisliedand acompao wd by uiuster workmen. Arrangements woukl be made losmpwy " perwms cna.srM v - - cute the woik, Irom July to November, at those positions embraced in the teior ineouoaea pia - ces, which lxrdi r upon the Gull ol Mexico bngsgciaenu would noi lie maue lor a snorter, prrifid limn eight month. Satiaiactory security would be reauireaior ine isiuiiui ptiinrsunuio u t - any contract that may be made. The teims up - m which workmanship aad labor would be per. lormed, must be st.trd in uie proposals. J. SJ. SDU I, Brigadier General and Chief Engineer. Tlie print rs ol ti e Portland Gauttr, D. M. ; the Ceutmel aid Patriot, Boslr.u j the Evening Post and the Columbian, ftrw lorn ; the commonwealth, Pittsburgh, Penn.f the Reporter, Lexington, Ken.; aud Uie Gaxette, JStw - Or - leans, will please to insert toe foregoing for one mouth and forward their accounts to the Eugi oeer lhiHiliuent. an 13 lu UANKOFNEW - iORK. fjy - TV presnlent and directors give antic, that a dividend i f four aud a half per cent oi, the capital stuck of Wm bank, will be marie on Uie 1st d..y of May nt xt, for the pericd of six months front the 1st November It 1 7, to the lsl of May 18111, payable to the stockholders at the Bunk on demand. By order ol Uie board of directors. ap I0tm2 CHAS. WII.KES, Cnsbiir. NO I ICE. 7 All persons having any claims against the assignee of the late firm of Whiting li Watson, upc.u txcliangt account), are hereby notified that unless such claims be presented before the 15th day of May next, the subscriber will consider tl. m ui itnltd and will not retain any funds la his hands lor the purpose of meeting them. . 16 3w II. W. WARNER. bile, aud lor s;il, NOTICE, v (7 - The subscribers have formed a coeriec - tii.n fur the purpose of transacting t omii.iaaioii ' Business, under the firm ulS. and f V HITTE MORE, and will for the present do busmessat Ko. 60 South and 129 Pearl - slreeti I ami will constantly kesip lor sate a general assortment ol Cotton 11 nd Woolen C'ards.of the manufacture of ii,. utm .nw.York .MaiiufacluriiiaCnBipaay. Just received, per sett, bandusky, ItoiB' mo U bales Jer cuius 1 i ' ' tt sacks Snake Hoot of prime quel. 2 do Beeswax. HAML. WniTTF.MORE, - ap t lm T1MO. WHITTEMORE. Jjj - Mrs. t.ALLOP having taken the liouao No 21 Broadway, now in Uia occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, oil era from the Ut of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. T he pleasaninessof Uie situation needs ao comment. mh 24 tf , ' NOTICE. (tt The masters and owners of vessels belonging lo ihe cities of Albany and Troy, with In hire a basin, Io number ol' years, on Ihe North River side of (his citv. for Ibe accommo dation of these vessels eicfuaively, for whir li s liberal cerupiusation will he civeo. J'he subscribers are a committee apiioinled for tbe purpose of receiving proposals lor the suie. And 1hi propnelurs of the wharves 00 Ihe North Rivrr are reouesled to bund in their proposals to either of ihe suhtcriburs, stating tbe situation and their terms, respectively. ........ N. B. A nole addressed to cither of the sub - scriheis, lelt at Joseph C. Coope r's, Lent's Ba sin, or at It. K li. Uicd's, voeuties sup, wpi uo attended to New - York, 55th April, IRIK. . K .RNUM WHlPpr.F,' ' 1 HORC.EMONTF.ATH. ' PETER DONNELLY. RICIID. H. FITCH, B. BUSIINELU CURDON GRANT. " n ap 5 lmJ tor tngland rta t Jabax, .V, . CTi' letters for His liritannio Maeiitv's Paiket Duke of Yin k, will be received at the Pol Office, till Wednesday aft 01 noon, the 6tU of May. . : T. W. MOOKE, Agent. ap 27 . ' ' The Jimeruan imuratue Covijiaiijf. rrv 1 he Sto. tl.1tM1 rs are notified, that th - aniiuul election lor Dire tors will Le held at the oHW, en Tuesday, the 12th day of May rest. The poll will open at izana f Kisnti 1 o - ewcaj, ' Br ordefof the Piesidriitand Plrm - tors, ep 7 p. HtYT. Bee'ry. (TV - Tlie creditors 01 irs. sYDNEs HtNV - I are renuettud to meet at Uie elfice of M. Blake, No 3 Law btiildinga, 00 xuuayc - i nia next, betweea tbe boors ol 10 and 3 oVlorkr - - tbe same day, for the cf recsititie" dividends 00 a final stttleaieet ol ber estaifc. ce New - Xvik, April "a . , ' GEOUGE GIBBS.) asees. JOsllUA fcUCOR,, 7 apg7tM2 jtitssrs5 it Tu ciae. will Cuv n'r hark. 0 tne " eut wardsin teccesnon, w vis: ,t ward 2d 00 3.1 eki 4th do Mil do th do 7th do ftth do Ull do 10th do on die do do do do do do do do do ' a KTi - Lictnsts lo Tavem he. ps" "V BC. III Wavor ard C.miiii"ioea 1.1.X - eis irotn the .Mayor aru w Ul beissueo at ""j oam i,twen the bour. Vi!I llall.ltween I rlitvs. ana wir un j nays. fiiwiu. UhT unKi i" ao 6th ' May th t do 7h ' do lltb k Ofh do llthii 1tb do 13lh4t I4tbd . !5thaM Ifl'h do 18th It 19th do 20th y . eXo Slat bKA do .1 11 erantine of liceosee teeny ua a - who now bJW tLe.u, are ivspectfelly reqsMSied t . - rir.a u.r,t arenarticularlv invited lo wa uv.i,i. . 1 - , . I. , 1 - assist in luioistiing au toe laiuraiaiiuas - Ap7t( DJ Oiuca, J. SI DELL, r. M. uEaiOVaL rm m aviiTtl HAV1E3 has removed rits cbiirl mmuiactor, T!Z7 fsosnNa. 136 Broaawav, caw - 7 - berty - strswt, ess Use west stoe ei t - - each 71 - " a. - .v.. at, open at 10 and close at t 'cloca. le bardof diror 5EWB0LP, Cattr. VlilLC, " to xive inlormatioe - at ine aiayoi a v" - , for? tl time for .ranting thew as above - ine - t,o,K; and those 5ViS . tl. 1 :i m '':. W ... Mi t , 'VI a ' 1 . it i ' M ill . r': 1 ?',. - .1 . 1 ;

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